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ironspidey: hi

MadKnight: hihi

Default avatar.png AnSeDra: hi:smiley:

MadKnight: what are u solving ?

Default avatar.png AnSeDra: Clash of Code

MadKnight: why not bot programming ?

Default avatar.png AnSeDra: I want to be able to be sure that I can do well under presure

Marchete: 1bar is a good pressure

Default avatar.png sid12123: hi

jacek: dang, this checkers engine cannot do looped jumps. this is what you get for porting some random engine from github

linjoehan: ha I had the same error in the first version of that game.

ZarthaxX: an icon that is to share the video

Coder613: right then i found your profile but i cant figure out past that


Coder613: got it!!

Coder613: I think I figured it out. Thanks so much ZarthaxX you were very helpful.

ZarthaxX: okey

ZarthaxX: nice :P

ZarthaxX: have fun!

Coder613: thanks you too!

dip10: Hii

jacek: ohai

Default avatar.png sid12123: ohaiyo

Marchete: jacek, do you have some stub code for your jacekmax?

jacek: no :c

jacek: it should be relatively easy to convert mcts into jacekmax

Default avatar.png justacoder: Does anyone know why the "angle" randomly jumps from +INT to -INT in Coders Strike Back?

Default avatar.png justacoder: -7, +2, -27, -28 is the data captured as I pass a point

Default avatar.png justacoder: The +2 seems out of step

MSmits: I am guessing it's between -180 and +180 ?

Default avatar.png justacoder: Yeah. Normally.

MSmits: don't remember exactly, but it should be easy to figure out.

MSmits: also the angle has nothing to do with your position

MSmits: just the direction you're facing

MSmits: so it doesnt matter that you pass a point

MSmits: unless it's making you rotate

Default avatar.png justacoder: That is a good point, no pun intended. I will just track the angle to the next point manually. Thank you.

MSmits: yeah thats possible too. np

thanhhv317: hi

magaiti: if the direction your pod is facing does not coincide with the direction of your velocity vector (which is generally the case in csb), then -7 +2 is a perfectly ordinary sequence of angles to a point

magaiti: i presume -27 -28 are angles to the next point

Default avatar.png JoeFather: any real ppl?

magaiti: im i a joke to you?

magaiti: jk im totally imaginary

jacek: Automaton2000 really?

jacek: :(

magaiti: omg hes ded

magaiti: Automaton2000 where ar u

magaiti: noooo

jacek: just was dead for awhile

MSmits: I can imitate Automaton2000 if you want

MSmits: because the code is in the minimax to get you promoted

MSmits: or I can do AutomatonNN

MSmits: eulerscheZahl do you know how to code the python in the json?

magaiti: Automaton69, just testing

MadKnight: hey guys

MadKnight: quick question on python

MadKnight: so there's [x for x in arr]

MadKnight: but what if i wanna put multiple values per x in arr ?

MadKnight: like [(x+1, x+3) for x in arr]

MadKnight: how can i do that ?

Uljahn: :confused:

MadKnight: Uljahn tell me

MadKnight: u gotta know

MadKnight: u 100% know it

Cybgy: I think you have already did that

Uljahn: ^

MadKnight: that didn't work

MadKnight: that made it an array of iterators

Cybgy: any example

Uljahn: should be a list of tuples

MadKnight: [(x0+1, x0+3), (x1+1, x1+3)]


MadKnight: and i need [x0+1, x0+3, x1+1, x1+3]

Uljahn: so what's your arr?

Cybgy: okay

MadKnight: SPDene i need [2, 4, 3, 5, 4, 6]

Uljahn: itertools.chain?

MadKnight: no i have arr = [1, 2, 3]

MadKnight: and i need to get [2, 4, 3, 5, 4, 6]

Uljahn: try itertools.chain then

MadKnight: isn't that something different ?

MadKnight: how do u suggest me to use itertools ?

MadKnight: chain

Uljahn: ezpz

MadKnight: u want me to turn it into 3 steps ?

SPDene: this might help

Cybgy: :joy:

MadKnight: can't i avoid turning it into multiple steps like [1, 2, 3] -> [(2, 4), (3, 5), (4, 6)] -> [2, 4, 3, 5, 4, 6] ?

Cybgy: You did it #SPDene

MadKnight: is there really no way to avoid the step with [()()()] ?

Cybgy: But still 3 steps

Uljahn: np.array(arr).ravel() :thinking:

MadKnight: that doesn't avoid the step

Cybgy: [y for x in [(m+1,m+3) for m in arr] for y in x]

Cybgy: it works

SPDene: or [x+n for n in [1,3] for x in arr]

SPDene: (i may have messed up the order there)

SPDene: yeah : use [x+n for x in arr for n in [1,3]]

Cybgy: the first sounds good


MikeKlymenko: one who is not sharing code must be cheating for sure using copy-paste from web

Cybgy: ??

MikeKlymenko: that was a general statement - agree of disagree

MikeKlymenko: *or

Cybgy: I disagree

MikeKlymenko: why to hide?

MikeKlymenko: I am talking about Clash of Code

Cybgy: Sometimes it's better to solve it by yourself

MikeKlymenko: problem solving

SPDene: disagree... sometimes i just write terrible code, and don't want people to judge me on it

MikeKlymenko: But you can't see until you have done

Cybgy: :neutral_face:

WINWINWIN: MikeKlymenko there are other reasons why some people don't share. One classic reason is that problems repeat, so they don't want other people to know their solution

WINWINWIN: for example, in a shortest, if I find the best possible solution, I won't want others to know that solution

DomiKo: in reverse too


MikeKlymenko: omg you consider it not like an educational tool but like real-life money competion. This is so lame

Cybgy: Sometimes I felt the need of having an option to save puzzles, but then I realize that there is no need for that at the first place

Astrobytes: If you want education then do puzzles not clashes

MikeKlymenko: best solution to what? life saving problem?

Cybgy: Well said

Astrobytes: clashes are competitive, the clue is in the name

MikeKlymenko: I do both

Astrobytes: oh hey WINWINWIN o/

MikeKlymenko: clashes for programming drills, puzzles for algorithms

Cybgy: Clashes are like random tests

MSmits: MikeKlymenko I also find it illuminating that if there was money to be won, you would consider it normal to be competitive, but as long as there is no money, all should be shared

Astrobytes: Clashes are just for fun, if you want to get serious try bot programming

Cybgy: you must research why you failed

Astrobytes: good point MSmits

MikeKlymenko: I like shares to see alternative to mine solutions, especially in different languages

Cybgy: best way take a screenshot of the puzzle

MSmits: MikeKlymenko many people do share. That doesn't mean all should, it's a personal choice, as it should be

MSmits: in fact, in other parts of this site, you're not even allowed to share code

Cybgy: if that's plausible than there won't be a need of having puzzles

MSmits: so it's not that natural to do so

MikeKlymenko: It makes sense to compete for limited tresources like money, but not in an educational problem

MSmits: it makes sense to you

MSmits: it makes sense to me to also be competitive in things that are just for fun

Cybgy: Well it's there own right

Cybgy: share or not

Cybgy: But it's a good practice to do

MSmits: I respect people who share indeed

Cybgy: Yeah, we can't debate on this topic

Cybgy: it's a choice

MikeKlymenko: fun to hide your solution instead of sharing it? it sounds like a psychological issue

Cybgy: May be

Cybgy: for some

MSmits: MikeKlymenko if you understand competition at all, you know the fun is not in the hiding

MSmits: it's finding the best ways to win

MSmits: and winning

Astrobytes: as SPDene said, sometimes people write atrocious code that they don't want to show, others want to stay competitive, others simply forget to share

Astrobytes: The focus is on solving the task, not "oh I must share my code"

MSmits: yeah the fun is also in the solving

Cybgy: It's kind a rare code that we write sometimes

Cybgy: which even we ourselves don't want to share

MSmits: there are so many ways to compete in games. do you think it's normal for everyone to share all their strategies openly. Or do you think it's normal for people to keep as much of their strategy hidden?

MSmits: I think it's the second in most online competition

MSmits: it only feels different for coding, because code is always so freely shared in other ways

MSmits: like stack overflow and such

MSmits: but it doesn't have to be

Astrobytes: unless you're euler and give it away in chat halfway through the week :P

Cybgy: lol

MSmits: I do this too, often Astrobytes

Astrobytes: ah yes, true

MSmits: only most players will read my stuff and think, meh that sounds like too much work

MikeKlymenko: Ok, I see, probably I have chosen the wrong place to drill coding if you play here in coding with a strategy

MSmits: MikeKlymenko also realize you're talking on CG world chat

MSmits: most of us dont even do clashes

Astrobytes: I can't see how you would form that conclusion but... ok I guess

MSmits: we compete in bot games with 1000 line programs

MikeKlymenko: though I have studied plenty of stuff from others here

Cybgy: Mike don't take it like that

Uljahn: i guess CG is not really an educational platform, but a great opportunity to educate yourself through challenges

MikeKlymenko: it would be a good motivation to attend such places, but no

Astrobytes: You can learn a whole lot on here

MSmits: Uljahn it's pretty educational though

Cybgy: Your wish Mike

MikeKlymenko: yes I agree I had learned indeed

MSmits: it just isn't mandatory to teach others

Astrobytes: No Uljahn described it well I think

MSmits: and thats fine

MikeKlymenko: This just annihilate the idea of this place

MSmits: you're overstating it

Cybgy: This place is about bot fights

MSmits: mostly yeah

Astrobytes: (and puzzles, some only do puzzles)

Cybgy: Which makes it beautiful

Cybgy: Others sites have only words

MSmits: if people shared their bot code it would completely ruin any leaderboard

Cybgy: lol

MSmits: instead people share ideas

Cybgy: I can't dream of that even

MSmits: about strategy

MikeKlymenko: I prefer to do puzzels on othe rsites, I am here only for speeding up codin gin certaing languages by momorizing idioms

MSmits: and it's up to you to code it

Astrobytes: Not sure if clashes are the way to do that, people usually write fast and dirty solutions

MikeKlymenko: I appreciate the idioms I have studied in Clashes

Cybgy: Idioms, oh yeah i got that

MikeKlymenko: That is what I call idioms

MSmits: MikeKlymenko do you honestly find yourself hampered in learning because some dont share? I did maybe 50 clashes for the quests and I found a lot of people that shared and taught me a lot

MikeKlymenko: fast and dirty and short

Astrobytes: I don't see how golfing applies to real world problems

Cybgy: Well it does

Astrobytes: (for the most part)

MSmits: ask Trump

MSmits: :P

Astrobytes: lol

Cybgy: visit NASA

Cybgy: Astro

Astrobytes: Yeah sure

Cybgy: :sweat_smile:

Astrobytes: But that's also about efficiency, not just writing cryptic one liners

Cybgy: lol MSmits

MikeKlymenko: I have realized that C++, C and sometimes Python guys are usaully keen on sharing, while Java and ruby people are hiding for some reasons

Cybgy: That's how you saw that

MSmits: ruby is almost a specialized clash language because it's usually the shortest

MSmits: people who use ruby probably try to be very competitive

Astrobytes: ^

MSmits: dunno about java

Cybgy: Ahhhhhh, ruby

Cybgy: they chokes my python

MSmits: I only tried python anyway , thats the language i learned some stuff for in clashes

MSmits: i dont even look at ruby code

MikeKlymenko: me too

MikeKlymenko: I am curious though they are doing it fast

Einwickler: People who dont share their solutions when winning are a real problem for this community :(

MSmits: MikeKlymenko i recommend you look at some bot arenas if you feel like it, then you will get the real idea of Codingame

Cybgy: Again

Cybgy: @Einwickler

MSmits: clashes are just fluff imho

MikeKlymenko: alright thanks

Cybgy: have a good day

Einwickler: Cybgby ? :thinking:

Cybgy: ??

MSmits: hey Astrobytes, I got 10 seed db to work in Oware, usually done generating on the 40th ply or so. But my bot does way better when i stop at 9

MSmits: because of cache efficiency and the fact that i can spend more time searching

Astrobytes: ah so it wasn't really worth going further after all

Einwickler: you wrote "again" and then "@Einwickler" dont really get what to do with that :D

MSmits: 9 was already an improvement, because i had 8 before, and needed 40 plies to get the 9 finished. The cache change thingy basically got me an extra seed

Astrobytes: Einwickler: I think he was referring to the fact you were echoing the sentiments expressed by Mike in previous messages

MSmits: gonna look at doing it offline soon. See if i can make my meta mcts better with a 20-24 db (realistically)

Astrobytes: Something tells me it should help

MSmits: probably, if only to make the rollouts shorter

MSmits: but i guess also more accurate

Astrobytes: Yes, more accurate

MSmits: I think maybe I should try jacekmax first

MSmits: it seems so easy

MSmits: did you try it Astrobytes ?

MSmits: I think it will take you an hour at most

Astrobytes: was just gonna say, it seems trivial to implement. No not yet, but I plan to at some point

MSmits: ah ok. I am afraid that my eval is not suitable for it, then i try it and it wont be better

MSmits: not looking forward to refitting everything just to come to the conclusion its not better

Astrobytes: This is something to be aware of, considering how much effort jacek went to for his evals

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: my bot has one advantage over jacek

MSmits: it's much faster and searches deeper

MSmits: so the eval can be worse

MSmits: but still

Astrobytes: it's a tradeoff yeah, but whether it's a good one remains to be seen

MSmits: I am making assumptions here, but it's pretty safe to assume a NN eval is extremely slow

Astrobytes: doesn't have to be fast if it's good enough, that tradeoff again

MSmits: yeah

Dartisan: For those who interest, in 15 minutes the online conference on Graph Databases (Neo4J) starts:

jacek: yhm

Shadowtick: meem

Shadowtick: morning everyone

jacek: morning eh?

kiil-code: hi

kiil-code: #killcodeownchat

Shadowtick: I am getting triggered at myself because I can't make the song I want to make

kiil-code: why not

Shadowtick: I don't know why probably because I can't find out a good rhythm or tempo

kiil-code: oh

Astrobytes: try 11/8 @ 200 bpm

Shadowtick: yeah but if you wanna hear how it is rn then I can send you the link kiil-code

kiil-code: ok

MSmits: mmh my jacekmax seems to run bug free, but its bad. I am suspecting a minussign somewhere :P

ZarthaxX: what is a jacekmax? :P

MSmits: it's uct guided minimax

eulerscheZahl: the response to hte superiority of GAimax

kiil-code: dang

ZarthaxX: GAimax?

ZarthaxX: MSmits wait, it's a minmax guided like mcts?


eulerscheZahl: cegprakash: it's negamax

cegprakash: there is nothing called maximax

MSmits: yes ZarthaxX it's very close to what i do with early play out termination

ZarthaxX: so it determines the order in which it explores the childs?

MSmits: where i backpropagate an eval

ZarthaxX: mhmm

kiil-code: ya

ZarthaxX: but it's actually building a tree in memory?

ZarthaxX: not just a dfs minmax

MSmits: the only difference is that instead of adding up all the evals and calculating the average, it keeps taking the minimax value

MSmits: its building a tree yes

kiil-code: ya

MSmits: and using the eval for UCT

MSmits: instead of wins/visits

jacek: its like mcts, but you eval instead of simulation and you overwrite in negamax style

ZarthaxX: so it's like your mcts solver part?

ZarthaxX: okey

kiil-code: sure

MSmits: it's very similar, it took me 10 mins to rewrite

ZarthaxX: and how does it work?

Astrobytes: it goes brrrrrr

MSmits: well you prefer nodes that have a better score, like mcts

MSmits: and you balance exploration with exploitation

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes sometimes i wonder how you got mod :rofl:

jacek: or mk

Astrobytes: me too :D

jacek: almost I got mod

eulerscheZahl: but you refused

ZarthaxX: MSmits yes that'e theorical

jacek: im responsible

ZarthaxX: i just wanted to know practice wise :P

MSmits: you mean how well does it work

Astrobytes: I'm actually really helpful most of the time

MSmits: ah

eulerscheZahl: responsible enough to refuse

MSmits: well its undecided

MSmits: since jacek combines it with a NN

ZarthaxX: oh hell

jacek: it works better for me. vs normal negamax i get 70%+ winrate

MSmits: but that shouldnt matter all that much

jacek: which is alpha beta + iterativ deepening. nothing fancy

ZarthaxX: many users using ML nowdays

MSmits: my EPT also gets that much of a winrate against any of my negamaxes

Astrobytes: yeah that's why I switched from negamax to ept in oware back then

ZarthaxX: okey

ZarthaxX: and what is ept

MSmits: mcts with eval instead of simulation

Astrobytes: early playout termination

MSmits: so instead of -1.0,1 you get an eval

ZarthaxX: ah well so it has a name

MSmits: often there is also a simulation, but its short

ZarthaxX: early player termination ept?

MSmits: ours is 0 length

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: playout

ZarthaxX: i see

MSmits: so you dont play the game out all the way

ZarthaxX: it's necessary in these games hinestly

MSmits: it is

kiil-code: ya

MSmits: the ept thing really does remove any advantage minimax has over mcts i think

ZarthaxX: mmmm

MSmits: because you got an eval

MSmits: well 1 thing maybe

MSmits: minimax is better at TT

ZarthaxX: it still doesnt explore the tree entirely up to one point

ZarthaxX: so maybe you still lose on smth

jacek: int c = i % i; how the hell it didnt crash?

ZarthaxX: lmao

MSmits: it just balance depth and width of the tree is all

MSmits: like mcts

MSmits: how you balance that is a parameter

Default avatar.png anjaniacatus: hello

MSmits: (exploration)

ZarthaxX: i was talking solely about mcts with the ept

ZarthaxX: not the jacekmax thingy

Default avatar.png anjaniacatus: :confused:

jacek: ohai

MSmits: they are really almost the same

ZarthaxX: hi anjaniacatus

ZarthaxX: mmm

MSmits: btw, i even kept in my mcts solver

MSmits: i didnt use the eval to solve

MSmits: because how would you know it's a draw?

jacek: well mcts is meh for trappy games but NN can mitigate that

ZarthaxX: i think it's way different to not gather statistics and do a minmax instead

ZarthaxX: but well

MSmits: i mean

MSmits: ept is similar to jacekmax

MSmits: they both gather statistics

MSmits: its just what they do with the eval exactly is different, but the difference is maybe 10 lines of code

jacek: i think they could be equivalent given appriopately tuned exploration

ZarthaxX: but you backpropagate diff stuff

MSmits: they could be, but the parameters will be different

MSmits: yea ZarthaxX

ZarthaxX: one is acummulating and the other minmaxing

ZarthaxX: i would get to think that it changes

ZarthaxX: but well

MSmits: exactly, but accumulating also leads to some form of minimax

MSmits: it;s just more fuzzy

jacek: that would be handy, if mcts will find refutation its gonna take some time to statistics to be more significant. in minimax it is already done

MSmits: i think maybe oware likes the fuzzy because evaling it is not that easy

MSmits: yeah thats the thing with minimax, it's immediately done, mcts leaves a bit more room for error

MSmits: it averages out

MSmits: both have advantages

ZarthaxX: MSmits i see

MSmits: i honestly dont know which way is better

MSmits: and i bet it depends on the game as well

kiil-code: hi

MSmits: its too bad jacek does his NN thing, but if he did not, there would be another issue

MSmits: i tend to have very fast sims

MSmits: so also unfair comparison

MSmits: maybe if i can really do this jacekmax well we can have an idea which is better, but i need to do a lot of work fitting params =/

jacek: yay for the nonlinearity of eval

MSmits: yea

MSmits: so do you think i should just use an arena, add your +- 0.2 randomness on moves and fit vs myself jacek?>

MSmits: been using cg bench before, just picking 5 opponents

jacek: you could try. i dont know you optimized your params

jacek: how

MSmits: i did self play first in oware, that was bad

MSmits: but i did not do the +- thing

MSmits: i think self play works for a ballpark value

MSmits: at least

MSmits: submitted a version, we'll see what it does

MSmits: i think maybe rank 15 or so

MSmits: o it beat royale

MSmits: twice, 11 wins in a row

MSmits: getting some losses it's not supposed to though, tric trac and renard

MSmits: so not bad at first

MSmits: but needs improvement

kiil-code: hi

MadKnight: hihi

kiil-code: wyd

Unkmar: I am passing up more clashes than participating. So many are awful.

kiil-code: oh dang

kiil-code: the teacher is so annoying

MadKnight: u can play games here at home too, kiil-code

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: if you play clash of code i will haunt your souls

kiil-code: why not

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: lol jk

Default avatar.png Monstrux: guys, im new, hows it going? everyone keeping well?

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: yes

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: i double ass chrome

jacek: oO

CosmicStudios: I'm KIller Chrome

Shadowtick: hello everyone

Shrimpster: Hello World

kiil-code: no you ain't

kiil-code: chill

kiil-code: ok

Default avatar.png dusan0611: Hi, can somebody sovle this puzzle? I cant fint right algorithm.

Default avatar.png dusan0611: *find

kiil-code: sure

Default avatar.png dusan0611: What algorithm i must use to solve it ?

MadKnight: just foreach

MadKnight: just some method

kiil-code: ye\a

kiil-code: ya

jacek: random

kiil-code: ya

jacek: eeyup

kiil-code: hi

Default avatar.png Monstrux: Any1 solve the ASCII art?

Default avatar.png Monstrux: any tips? dont want to see other solutions

kiil-code: me ether

Default avatar.png cosmiccommand: i did the ASCII art

MadKnight: gj

Default avatar.png Monstrux: nice one comic!

kiil-code: ya

thanhhv317: Hi

thanhhv317: Now, here at 10:30PM

jacek: good for you

Default avatar.png AviLevi: .

Default avatar.png colinemonds: why do all the chat tabs that I have already closed keep coming back

eulerscheZahl: known bug

jacek: Automaton2000 where are you?

Automaton2000: and you still have to check that

jacek: yes

Scarfield: jacek2000

eulerscheZahl: and AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: от к post it for the contest

jacek: oO

eulerscheZahl: :(

Scarfield: worked for about a day though

eulerscheZahl: a kick well worth it

Scarfield: "kick the baby"

Scarfield: MadKnight have you heard anything from struct recently?

jacek: maybe AutomatonNN did

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the code in the code command and you will see the link to the pu

eulerscheZahl: i'm tempted to kick again

eulerscheZahl: by the chat moderation rules I hereby give you a fair warning automaton NN

Scarfield: xD

Bubaptik: here have this drama fish <*)))><

Default avatar.png __Nilu__: ;0

jacek: oO



Skeenie: will i get xp for completing it

eulerscheZahl: no Skeenie

MadKnight: eulerscheZahl AutomatonNN does not speak english

AutomatonNN: keep it in the chat

MadKnight: u can't give warnings in a way he cannot understand

MadKnight: u gotta speak Automaton language

YamYohan: :heart_eyes:

MadKnight: Automaton2000, what's your language ?

eulerscheZahl: double negation. so he'll understand any warning, no matter what way?

Automaton2000: i wanna try it out?

eulerscheZahl: and why am i writing "he" instead of "it"?

Astrobytes: I am guilty of the same annoying habit

MadKnight: double negation means u need to give warnings in ways he can understand

Default avatar.png Excetra: Astro are you here all day every day or something

Scarfield: HestroBytes

MadKnight: i think he just has his chat open in the background, Excetra

MadKnight: while working

Default avatar.png Excetra: Ah ok

Astrobytes: I'm usually logged in but my focus is mostly elsewhere during the day Excetra

Astrobytes: Yes, what MadKnight said

Default avatar.png Excetra: Ah right ok

eulerscheZahl: stay focused, than you can answer faster than MK

eulerscheZahl: then*

eulerscheZahl: as we are talking about focus

Astrobytes: just stare at CG chat all day eh

eulerscheZahl: yes. i'm afk cat time

Astrobytes: laters

jacek: now cat time, not frog time

Default avatar.png Excetra: dang these puzzles are hard

MadKnight: it's always Automaton2000 time

Automaton2000: one thing i don't like it

Default avatar.png Excetra: these things hurt my breain

Default avatar.png Excetra: brain

kiil-code: nice



kiil-code: ok ok


kiil-code: its good

DejaVu_081: realy?

Default avatar.png NotSpice: I dig it

DejaVu_081: @kill-code?

DejaVu_081: Did you?

kiil-code: yea

kiil-code: i did

DejaVu_081: I'm so happy now

DejaVu_081: can you click "UPVOTED" button? :D

kiil-code: yea

kiil-code: done

DejaVu_081: thx

kiil-code: np

kiil-code: hi

Default avatar.png Romil: Hello Guys. :)

DejaVu_081: hi

DejaVu_081: what is the validators

Default avatar.png Romil: I solved weekly challenge. :)

Default avatar.png Romil: But I am not satisfied with my approach/code. :(

Default avatar.png Romil: I am wondering.. can I see other's code ?? :no_mouth:

DejaVu_081: did you check my contribute?

kiil-code: ya

DejaVu_081: no

kiil-code: what

DejaVu_081: I asked to Romil

kiil-code: oh

DejaVu_081: :D

Default avatar.png Romil: I don't know what it is and how to see it. :no_mouth:

eulerscheZahl: Romil

h3x: obey the claw

eulerscheZahl: there you can see other solutions in the same language as you used

kiil-code: why should i

Default avatar.png Romil: Thank You very much euler. :D

DejaVu_081: Romil


DejaVu_081: this is my first contribution

Astrobytes: DejaVu_081: Stop it. We know, you posted it many times already. People will see your contribution in the Contributions section.

DejaVu_081: sorry for that

DejaVu_081: I will not do again

Astrobytes: No problem, just be patient and people will review your contribution

kiil-code: wow

kiil-code: mean

kiil-code: nice

kiil-code: i like

DejaVu_081: I am waiting patiently ...

Astrobytes: there are 30 days left to validate

kiil-code: onları dinlemek zorunda değilsin

Astrobytes: stop it kiil-code

kiil-code: what

kiil-code: did i do

eulerscheZahl: i always see repeated sharing of a contribution as a challenge to downvote

Astrobytes: kiil-code: 1. this is World chat, English only. 2. telling him not to listen to us

kiil-code: oooooh

kiil-code: im scared

DejaVu_081: hey hey... please stop. My fold

eulerscheZahl: we know google translate

kiil-code: :joy:

kiil-code: ooh

DejaVu_081: my fault

kiil-code: no its not

DejaVu_081: hey kill-code. stop

kiil-code: اضربني

Astrobytes: as you wish

eulerscheZahl: i saw that coming

Astrobytes: indeed

Scarfield: DejaVu_081 as astro said np, you listened to the reasoning :) you can autocomplete names to ping another user sca -> tab

DejaVu_081: Scarfield Ok I did it

DejaVu_081: thx for everything

Scarfield: :)

Astrobytes: and good luck for your contribution too :)

DejaVu_081: :)

DejaVu_081: Astrobytes Can I learn your views? Or is it forbidden to ask this? If it's forbidden I really don't ask about contribution again :D

Astrobytes: DejaVu_081: I don't do clashes so it wouldn't be fair for me to comment on it unfortunately!

DejaVu_081: 👍🏻

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: The noob just made Mars langing 1

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: Landing' srry for my trash typing

Astrobytes: well done

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: Thanks Astobytes

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: Trying hard

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: and it seem to work

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: BTW have you done "Power of thor - Episode 1"?

Astrobytes: yup

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: i can show my code

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: I actually just used cords

Astrobytes: First: make sure you update thor's position and don't just output the directions

eulerscheZahl: do you update thor's position? missing that is a common problem

eulerscheZahl: :D

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: I made around that XD

eulerscheZahl: ok, share the code

Default avatar.png GGgugge360:

eulerscheZahl: pastebins are back \o/

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: remember to change the player to thorX and thorY

eulerscheZahl: and you are hardcoding

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: kind of

Astrobytes: that will not work at all

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: Gave up on algorythms

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: ooh

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: u didnt change the player to thorX and thorY

eulerscheZahl: if (initialTY > lightY) {System.out.print("N"); initialTY--;}

eulerscheZahl: should be something like this

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: ik ik

Astrobytes: Think about where thor is in relation to the light, and adjust thor accordinly

Astrobytes: *accordingly

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: i juast changed the "initialT" to "thor"

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: including the X and Y

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: ill scan of my whole code for ya

kill-code: hi

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: here

Astrobytes: look at what euler wrote GGgugge360

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: delete everything and use this whole script

Default avatar.png GGgugge360:

Astrobytes: initialTY = thor y

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: initialTY -> thorY

kill-code: hi

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: hi there

kill-code: wyd

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: The GG noob is checking in

eulerscheZahl: Thor has some more hidden testcases that you can't even see

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: here

kill-code: oh

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: use this on the thor test

Default avatar.png GGgugge360:

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: remember to blank everything

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: i copied from start to end

kill-code: me

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: if you want

kill-code: nice

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: did it work?

kill-code: no it pulled me up to a blank screen

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: :/

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: It worked for me..

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: euler did it work for you?

eulerscheZahl: i didn't try it

eulerscheZahl: i have a working solution already

kill-code: cool

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: :dissapointed:

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: :disappointed:

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: (bad typing i know)

eulerscheZahl: i already gave you some code how to solve it

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: want to see my mars lander :worried:

eulerscheZahl: just do the same for the other directions

eulerscheZahl: while (true) {System.out.println("03\n04");}

Astrobytes: no we don't want to see your Mars Lander code

kill-code: why be mean

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: it's ok

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: im still a nooby anyways

jacek: want to see my python?

jacek: :v

Astrobytes: ffs :D

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: ?

kill-code: sure why not

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: sure

eulerscheZahl: can i connect via teamviewer jacek?

Astrobytes: hahaha

jacek: :snake:

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: oh you tricked me

kill-code: same

jacek: disappointed?

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: :joy:

kill-code: lolol

kill-code: lol

kill-code: lmfas

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: not at all

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: :flag_se:

Default avatar.png hey

kill-code: guys

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: ?

kill-code: you what to see my pet bird

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: mk :upside_down:

kill-code: :bird::eagle:

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: :monkey_face::see_no_evil:

kill-code: lol

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: maybe a friendly little doggo

kill-code: ok

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: :wolf:

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: roar

Astrobytes: Yes we have emojis. No, don't keep posting them all

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: ok ok Astro

kill-code: thats not a friendly dog

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: Meh..

kill-code: :bee:

kill-code: busss

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: he can bite sometimes

kill-code: yea

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: but Fluffy tho

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: i got something

kill-code: ok show

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: want to see some weather code?

kill-code: pm me

kill-code: so we wont get him mad

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: go on ur phone and go to a weather site :upside_down:

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: then

kill-code: ok

kill-code: done

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: . . .

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: ur there congrats

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: code that shws the weather

kill-code: lol


magaiti: this is the weather code

kill-code: oh

Astrobytes: man, I've seen that xkcd twice this month

Astrobytes: still funny

eulerscheZahl: i think i only shared this xkcd once this month

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: hmm..

kill-code: "omg still laughing"

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: idk

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: download Desktop goose, the perfect programming partner

Default avatar.png GGgugge360: bye

magaiti: oh yeah good old rubber duck programming

kill-code: wait where are you going

kill-code: ooof

kill-code: hi

kill-code: bye

AntiSquid: fascinating monologue

kill-code: oh

Default avatar.png mo-qam: peepee

kill-code: nice

kill-code: bye

ParticleBeam: Hmm. Can't get the last entry 15 for the weekly puzzle when submitting.

ParticleBeam: Ah. Was a bug. Nvm.

jacek: glad to be helpful

DomiKo: that moment when you found bug in UTTT after like a week...

Astrobytes: don't be silly, there are no bugs in your code. It's the puzzle and/or the leaderboard! :P

Zenoscave: Astro you sound like a level 3

Zenoscave: did you find a bug in Thor too?

jacek: AutomatonNN how many bugs are in your code?

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see a solution for the contest though xD

jacek: xD

Zenoscave: That sounded like a true Ceg answer

Astrobytes: Thor is bugged Zenoscave! They're all bugged!

Zenoscave: lol

DomiKo: AutomatonNN XDDD

AutomatonNN: if next_checkpoint is the problem

Astrobytes: how's it going anyway? Heard you did well in the CTF(s)

Zenoscave: I did decent for only being present for the first half lol

Astrobytes: hey, quality not quantity right

Zenoscave: true

Zenoscave: Gah I am stuck with Coif. I'm so close to legend

Astrobytes: I tried to pick some low hanging fruit but didn't come up with much, too lazy to rewrite my contest code :P

Zenoscave: I might need to

Astrobytes: Nerchio wrote some stuff in his PM for the unofficial "contest", donno if it's any use for you

Zenoscave: link?


Astrobytes: hm, still only one PM lol, at least it's a legend one

Zenoscave: Yeah I had most of that except the banking

MACKEYTH: I'm working on Chess board analyzer

MACKEYTH: Anyone know if King capturing a piece is considered a valid move?

Zenoscave: In chess in general?

MACKEYTH: I know it is in general, but I mean in this specific problem

PatrickMcGinnisII: MACKEYTH it's valid, but most are protected


PatrickMcGinnisII: MACKEYTH stomping on your own pieces was a case that i had problems with, dumb me

MACKEYTH: Oh, hadn't thought of that. Illegal?

MACKEYTH: I assume so

PatrickMcGinnisII: yes, of course

PatrickMcGinnisII: the bishop testcase is a good one to test that, I kept stomping on my own pawn...dumb me

MACKEYTH: No, I can see how you missed it. My initial concept was to map all the checked squares.

PatrickMcGinnisII: i did that at first too, then i realized king could move on same rank/file as a rook and still be in check

Default avatar.png DeeDub: ansible

Allis: I just try all nine moves for the King and it's checkmate if all of them leave the King in check.

Allis: The one that initially tripped me up was to do with how I had implemented "vision" for Rooks and Bishops; they can't see "past" the King, but that doesn't mean the King can move into the square they can't see.

Allis: Because, well, after the King moves there, they can see it.

257832: Hi there !

Majeck: How can I find the puzzle of the week but not from notifications?

Majeck: I have the link I just mean in general

Allis: @Majeck That seems to be the only way, unfortunately. You can search the puzzle name if you happen to remember it, but otherwise you have to dig through old notifications.

Majeck: Oh ok, thanks Allis!

Default avatar.png L810: please help me lol

Default avatar.png XTXMidnightXTX: L810 what's ya problem?

Default avatar.png L810: idk where to even start

PatrickMcGinnisII: 7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh. findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Default avatar.png L810: so on dont panic episode 1... idk where to start

Majeck: If this is your first time on the site I'd recommend an even easier puzzle to get the hang of it

Majeck: Power of Thor for example

Majeck: Or "The Descent" if you want to practice loops

Majeck: In any case if you still want to have a go at Don't Panic Episode 1 I'd recommend first reading and completely understanding the statement, then looking at the pre-built code (for input handling) and also understanding it

Majeck: Play a few test cases with the default code to see what happens and what you need to do

Majeck: And then instead of just directly coding the solution, first, try solving it in paper

KiwiTae: L810 Dont panic is fun :D

Majeck: What I usually do for medium and up puzzles is draw the problem on paper, come up with a human solution pretty quickly (in don't panic it's where to stop the bots) and then see how I can adapt and translate that solution to code

YUHBOI: hello

KiwiTae: hi o/

Majeck: Hey KiwiTae do you plan on streaming for the fall contest?

KiwiTae: >,< there is a contest coming up? hehe

Majeck: Yep, in 22 days, 12 hours and 43 minutes

Majeck: So far all I've been able to gather is that the witches are the same as those from Zelda

KiwiTae: hoho i might join, but prob not much into it, im moving to europe early december, got to wrap up stuf in my office :scream:

Majeck: That's awesome, which country?

KiwiTae: on atlantic coast in France , britanny

KiwiTae: gonna be weird lol I am not sure my french is up to date

KiwiTae: Majeck you gonna stream ? hehe

Majeck: Nah, although I will ask some friend to come over and play

Majeck: *friends

Majeck: We've been pretty secure with quarantine so no risks there

Majeck: Last time we programmed for a contest together was when COIF came out and it was really fun

KiwiTae: oh right you guys have covid pandemic

Majeck: And you don't?

KiwiTae: no, no infections in taiwan :p

KiwiTae: we place everyone in forced quarantine when they land on the island

Majeck: Wow, so life has continued as normal for the last 8 months?

KiwiTae: lol yea bus party , nightclubs ~

Majeck: I'm so jealous of y'all

KiwiTae: just need to wear a mask in public transports but we already do that usually

Majeck: Island countries were playing the pandemic on easy mode hahaha

Majeck: *are I guess

KiwiTae: its cool here if your asked to self isolate th epolice come deliver you snacks ><<

Majeck: That's seriously awesome

Majeck: Well I gtg now but it was nice chatting with y'all

KiwiTae: see y at contest

YUHBOI: whose doing the fall compet