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MostComplicatedUsername: Nooo my rank went from 6th to 31st!

AbundantPuddle: Sorry

MostComplicatedUsername: My cg rank has gone down too... used to be 3990

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: Guys, is ANEO puzzle a graphic game? I can only see game description and console, not the game window.

AbundantPuddle: I'm not sure ArianPunk. Lemme take a gander.

AbundantPuddle: I am going to say no gfx.

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: I think there's no game window

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: yup

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: how could one solve it then

AbundantPuddle: Code? Lol.

AbundantPuddle: I would use debugging and check the test case inputs and outputs.

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: right

AbundantPuddle: All traffic lights start green than duration green and duration red.

jacek: ohai

struct: morning

Jasperr: :wave:

jacek: hows yinsh approval

struct: still pending

struct: I guess I could just try and reupload it, but Ill let them find the bug

AbundantPuddle: I approve

AbundantPuddle: I thought I found a bug. Turns out it was just a fly on my monitor.

struct: Go more approvals

struct: 20 approvals and I delete

AbundantPuddle: I honestly have no clue how that game is even played.

struct: which game?

AbundantPuddle: Yinsh

struct: Can be a bit hard to understand at first

struct: First time I looked at line board I couldnt understand it

WINWINWIN: struct arent there 3 appovals?

struct: There are like 9

WINWINWIN: Astrobytes, TricTrac and AntiSquid?

struct: But its bugged

struct: 3rd never goes through

WINWINWIN: I see, what did codingame team say?

struct: seems like a :bug: to me :frowning: I reported it to the devs

WINWINWIN: Delete it and resend it did not work?

struct: Didnt try

struct: better fix the bugs


WINWINWIN: Any other MPs with bugs?

struct: no clue

AbundantPuddle: A worm? Uh-oh!

solaimanope: is there any tool to combine all files in a java project into a single file?

solaimanope: so that the single file can then be submitted in CG arena

[CG]Thibaud: search "java single file" in the forum

[CG]Thibaud: there are several topics about it

GauravGosain: how do i fix this

GauravGosain: Failure Found: Djf cta swyh, hwqk mbz Zydsbt G...e hs wvii omao uf cek mbz lphgjpdp Ihmbkc Pcsu tnn w tzrjcwmtt. Expected: Djf cta swyh, hwqk mbz Zydsbt G...e hs wvii omao uf cek mbz lphgjpdp Ihmbkc Pcsu tnn w tzrjcwmtt.

GauravGosain: my found and expected strings are the same thing

GauravGosain: and all other test cases pass

GauravGosain: nevermind when i submitted i got a 10-% must have been a glitch

jacek: so quiet and peaceful

jrke: hey i have problem in my angle func look it always return me 90* its for CSB

jrke: plz help


WINWINWIN: Yes, last chat at 3hrs ago

daffie: it's probably not a prblem in there, it's a issue where you're not using that function and sending 90 somewhere

Xcalibre: jrke, since px, x, py, y and d are integers, (px-x)/d and (py-y)/d will round down to the nearest integer. cast any one of the operands in each expression to a double.

Default avatar.png mohammadhei05: hfge

Xcalibre: if d > (px-x) then dx will evaluate to 0, and ang will evaluate to acos(0)*(180/3.14) which is 90.046.

Trice: Please share code if 100%

Trice: Sorry

Trice: Wrong chat :D

cegprakash: jrke I'll give u mine

cegprakash: jrke I shared u in India chat

cegprakash: ur PI is inaccurate jrke

cegprakash: I use float PI = 3.14159265359;

Astrobytes: you can use M_PI

cegprakash: oh nice

cegprakash: Astrobytes what do u think is the safest way to start simultaneous games?

cegprakash: like minimax is for alternate turn games

struct: What do you mean ceg?

cegprakash: games where both players play together

cegprakash: and don't know what other player moved this turn

struct: Yeah, I know what it is, but what does this mean, "what do u think is the safest way to start simultaneous games?"

cegprakash: something that helps reach gold easily

cegprakash: or even legend

Astrobytes: Safest?

Astrobytes: Which game?

cegprakash: MeanMax for example

Astrobytes: What do you use for CSB?

struct: Why do you want easy legend?

cegprakash: CSB gold boss is too weak

struct: Go do uttt

struct: easy legend

cegprakash: UTTT is alternate player game

cegprakash: :\


Astrobytes: which algo do you use for CSB, I didn't ask what you thought about the Gold boss

cegprakash: just random search

Astrobytes: Try that first then

cegprakash: 2 runners no collision

cegprakash: nno opponent prediction

cegprakash: safest = with opponent prediction

cegprakash: and make a safe move

Astrobytes: Well write a good sim, and try random first

cegprakash: u can take spring challenge also

cegprakash: as an example

cegprakash: I didn't know what to do at all

cegprakash: for opponent prediction

RoboStac: both good examples of games where opponent prediction barely matters :)

mihalkoss: hy

cegprakash: top 10 predicts them

RoboStac: you said legend, not top 10

Astrobytes: ^

cegprakash: Saeleos won with opponent predictionn

cegprakash: well I want top 10

RoboStac: don't expect anything easy then

Astrobytes: ceg always wants the path of least resistance, then blames the leaderboard for not getting high placement ;)

struct: top 10 where?

cegprakash: Saeleos did something like a nnested GA

cegprakash: GA inside GA inside GA which can be very sloooow going depth

Astrobytes: I guess if you're doing Mean Max you want a GA or SA or something

Astrobytes: I haven't done anything for it seriously yet

cegprakash: he does a GA on enemy

cegprakash: how does he do that :O

Astrobytes: spend x ms running it for the enemy, spend the rest on you?

cegprakash: but how will the moves talk to each other

cegprakash: my move and opponent move

Astrobytes: Dear god, not today ceg please

cegprakash: minimax talks to each other

cegprakash: is there annyway to achieve something like that in GA?

Astrobytes: I'm still trying to recover from the minimax 'tutorials'

struct: maximax

Astrobytes: Prune Array

cegprakash: it's negamax

cegprakash: there is nothing called maximax

cegprakash: what u guys talking about

cegprakash: what array?

struct: Just try Smitsimax

cegprakash: but smitsimax ignores opponennnt moves

cegprakash: opponent can kill u ur bot ignores it

cegprakash: " For example, if a game allows 4 types of moves: A, B, C and D and if in some situations caused by the opponent, move C is illegal, then this search will not work. "

cegprakash: I'm trying to understand Nash equilibrium

Astrobytes: ceg, you are really jumping from topic to topic here

Astrobytes: There's this search engine...

wlesavo: segamegamax

cegprakash: wlesavo there is nothing called segamegamax u drunk?

Astrobytes: Whoosh... there it goes

cegprakash: wait what


cegprakash: I've used this same strat on pacman

cegprakash: that's why I'm top 50

cegprakash: I mean without my own knowledge

351062: gg

cegprakash: I was thinking I did a GA :\ but what I've done is a minnimax?

Astrobytes: WTAF

cegprakash: yeah this table is constructed during my GA :\

cegprakash: I know it's weird

cegprakash: nnow I don't know whether to call a GA or minimax

cegprakash: it's a GAimax?

Astrobytes: ...

351062: How about cegimax

Astrobytes: No, that's his other one, with the Prune Array

Neumann: Oh

cegprakash: what prune array

cegprakash: okay

Neumann: So many search algos ..

Astrobytes: ceg, I really think you ought to do some research and reading of papers/definitions/implementations. It will benefit you.

cegprakash: hey stop trolling me

pb4: "I've used this same strat on pacman" ---> After building the payoff matrix, how did you choose a move from the matrix ?

Astrobytes: That's not a troll ceg. I am completely serious.

Neumann: That's litterrally the only non-troll message he wrote

cegprakash: I always assume enemy's intention is to kill me

cegprakash: that's like the perfect counter

cegprakash: to my moves

pb4: Unclear

cegprakash: pb4

pb4: Matrix won't kill you

pb4: It just has rows and columns

cegprakash: I have an eval to find the payoff

pb4: Right, that fills the matrix

pb4: Now you have the matrix, what do you do ?

cegprakash: so I move I play opponennt counter move

cegprakash: that's how my GA i pacman works

pb4: Unclear again

cegprakash: *in

cegprakash: so it's basically a minimax

Astrobytes: The GA that you're not sure if it's a GA or a minimax, right? That one?

Uljahn: :popcorn:

cegprakash: yeah

cegprakash: it's GAimax

Astrobytes: I... just... :shrug:

cegprakash: pb4

cegprakash: I choose a random move

cegprakash: for enemy I play a counter to this move

cegprakash: then I go to next depth

cegprakash: choose a random move

cegprakash: pfor enemy I play the counter to this move

Astrobytes: Um...

struct: so you play and then make a move for opponent and eval the opponent move to choose the best?

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: but I only play enemy it if there is a counter move for me otherwise I assume enemy doesn't move

struct: Seems to have a few flaws

cegprakash: that's a loophole

cegprakash: if i fix that easy top 10

wlesavo: fix it

Uljahn: ^

cegprakash: and I don't have a perfect opponent tracking

cegprakash: like Saeleous does

cegprakash: and I onnly assume enemy's intention is to kill me.. if he can't kill me he should eat the best pellets around him annd spawn nenw pacman if there are multiple pacmanns around him

cegprakash: that's what saelous does

cegprakash: so may be he is using GAimax

pb4: Saelyos*

cegprakash: and I used partial GAimax

Astrobytes: Where is the genetic/evolutionary aspect of this particular algorithm?

Neumann: I'm closing the chat, I cannot work with that much entertainment on my second screen

struct: :D

Astrobytes: Someone remind reCurse to check the chat logs later

struct: Neumann its free knowledge

struct: you should know GAimax

Uljahn: i guess it's just MCimax not GAimax

Astrobytes: Looks like an MC to me alright

struct: I cant really see a benefit of it

cegprakash: why do everyone troll me

cegprakash: when I found something amazinng

Uljahn: but GAimax sounds pretty close to Gainax, that's cool

Astrobytes: You are... possibly trolling yourself

wlesavo: could it be that ceg is calling monte carlo GA

Uljahn: yep

Astrobytes: *imax

cegprakash: once I learn MCTS I'll find a way to do MCimax

struct: good luck

Astrobytes: I strongly suggest you start with less complexity than MCTS. Just my humble opinion. There are some... gaps, in your knowledge.

AntiSquid: first time reading about gaymax algo AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: muh and a game with best cards at once

cegprakash: it's not gaymax wtf

wlesavo: jojomax

cegprakash: it's GAimax

cegprakash: i not y

AntiSquid: same difference

Astrobytes: Can you just call it MC please, the GA part is really triggering me

pb4: Same pronunciation :D

Astrobytes: And how did the payoff matrix fit into this?

cegprakash: pb4 nooooo

wlesavo: gaymax should be a legit meme

struct: have you tried GAimax on CSB?

AntiSquid: it's not a meme, it's GA and MM with payoff matrix

struct: I think you probably get top 5

Astrobytes: I'm rapidly losing the ability to find words here

cegprakash: struct yes I'll try but I hate collisions

Astrobytes: And you want to do Mean Max?

eulerscheZahl: then avoid them and go straight to the next checkpoint

eulerscheZahl: he did mean max already

cegprakash: that's not how GAimax works

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl u should also learn GAimax

eulerscheZahl: simplified the engine, used floats and was confused why his results didn't match

cegprakash: I foudn it

aCat: hey anyone can tell me how many simulations per turn he got in UTTT?

struct: Where did you sucesfully implemented GAimax?

Astrobytes: Yeah, he wanted easy legend strat for it eulerscheZahl

struct: aCat around 26-30k on 2nd turn

cegprakash: PacMan struct

eulerscheZahl: 20k-25k full rollouts in early game for legend

AntiSquid: i don't understand what a partial gaimax is btw

eulerscheZahl: top players get about 100k

Astrobytes: Astrobytes 01:38PM ceg always wants the path of least resistance, then blames the leaderboard for not getting high placement ;)

struct: My sim count is low because my MCTS is not true mcts

aCat: (normal turn, my current timelimit is 95ms)

struct: I dont expland and do rollout

aCat: omg

AntiSquid: how many sims can you get with a gaimax ?

aCat: I got like 8k in 2-4 turn

AntiSquid: wow

aCat: flat mc

eulerscheZahl: just do x2 or x3, easy legend :rofl:

AntiSquid: oh i thought you already implemented gaimax

struct: aCat what language?

aCat: I suppose it will be legend with this result If i switch from flatmc to mcts

cegprakash: I did AntiSquid

aCat: java

aCat: I did it year ago

AntiSquid: was talking to acat, ceg

aCat: and i was sure it was kinda fast

struct: I do have mcts, but my mcts expands the tree everytime it makes a move

struct: so it isnt expand and do rollout

eulerscheZahl: i print my sim count aCat, bottom legend

aCat: not bitboards though

eulerscheZahl: used to be higher before CG changed servers

AntiSquid: what's the percentage for? and the last number i don't understand either

cegprakash: partial GAimax = find counter moves only for certainn moves

eulerscheZahl: my win probability. and the expected number of turns till the game ends

cegprakash: which are easy to find

struct: 0x7f57c40f0010 Visits: 25000 score -3617move board index: 0 move pos: 0 childs 9 0x7f57c40f0028 Visits: 4895 score 763move board index: 5 move pos: 0 childs 9 Used nodes: 10115722 Expansion counter: 1287613

struct: the first one is root

pb4: On a more serious note

AntiSquid: doesn't all that tracking slow down the code a bit?

pb4: The "simultaneous GA" that Saelyos used is basically Boss3 on BR

aCat: eulerscheZahl can you play one more game against me?

cegprakash: Boss3?

struct: wood 3 boss

pb4: The boss you still need to beat :)

AntiSquid: no need

AntiSquid: you are enough you do enough

AntiSquid: peace of mind

eulerscheZahl: aCat

aCat: thanks

aCat: with time ai'm more and more slow

aCat: but yeah its still not mcts

aCat: might be significant

struct: What league are you atm aCat?

aCat: #155 gold

struct: With plain MC?

aCat: yep

aCat: ^^'

Astrobytes: And no bitboards

struct: I was like silver with MC

aCat: my board is 100 ints array

aCat: sorry chars\

aCat: so it's like optimizing to work on arrays

aCat: but not on bits

struct: my board is like 18 int16

struct: + 2

struct: so around 20

aCat: after > year I suppose I will finally add MC here

aCat: *MCTS

struct: There are java bots at legend

struct: so there is hope

Astrobytes: Just switch to Lua aCat ;)

AntiSquid: i was silver with something stupid like outputing possible_moves[-3]

wlesavo: struct im mid gold with depth 1 eval bot, but i think teccle s heuristics is a big part of this raiting

struct: he uses heuristics?

struct: real AI?!?!

wlesavo: i mean returning to the same board

wlesavo: plain mc did much worse for me, but i had like 200-300 rollouts :smiley:

eulerscheZahl: that's merely better than random

wlesavo: not even sure if it is better than random

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: Will it buy me a job if I solve all the puzzles?

ZarthaxX: nop

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: :D

Default avatar.png DoubleBreakfast_ff7c: bois

Astrobytes: bois de construction...?

Default avatar.png DoubleBreakfast_ff7c: i have recieved a email from ea that i was considered as a candidate for an software engineer internship and they sent a test to this site what should i expect coding chalenges or theory or both ?

Default avatar.png DoubleBreakfast_ff7c: i have never had an internship before any advice very usefull

Default avatar.png DoubleBreakfast_ff7c: is*

Astrobytes: about halfway down this page in this link you'll see a sample of what it'll be like (interactive):

Astrobytes: Then, do some puzzles from here:

Astrobytes: They'll be testing your language knowledge and problem solving skills I should imagine

Default avatar.png DoubleBreakfast_ff7c: how hard is it .i mean i have used c# to code a simple game in unity before and never had any problems in highschool at c++

eulerscheZahl: difficulty can vary

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: Astrobytes, You wanna say these puzzles will buy him the success at his interview?


Astrobytes: I've never done one of the assessments but I believe it's based on what position you're applying for

eulerscheZahl: that would be an easy question

Astrobytes: That's not what I am saying ArianPunk. He has been given an assessment to do on codingame from a potential employer. That's how codingame makes money (among other things)

eulerscheZahl: the interviewer can decide which questions you have to solve. some got the question from above. but i have no idea what EA is doing

jacek: as for uttt, teccles thing alone improved my position from ~15th to 6th

AntiSquid: quite sure the interview questions are generally at medium puzzle level max

Default avatar.png DoubleBreakfast_ff7c: it is for the software engineer position

jacek: and i see it significantly strengthens first player

Astrobytes: ArianPunk, the puzzles are a good way to get familiar with the format and the level of difficulty expexted

struct: They should add space maze to interview questions

Astrobytes: *expected

AntiSquid: what teccles thing in uttt?

eulerscheZahl: if you play on an empty board, make opponent play in the same cells

eulerscheZahl: that is: opponent send you to top center and there is no cell set so far, you send the opponent back

jacek: i think this allows first player to fill be first in mini boards and increase his chances to win them

AntiSquid: that sounds good

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: His internship and the fact that EA referred him to CG was a right-on-time thing to answer my question.

Astrobytes: Solving puzzles alone will not get you a job though. Which is what you asked earlier.

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: I asked it sarcastically as I laughed afterward.

eulerscheZahl: and as the interviewer can define own questions, you might not even know the task. even if you solved everything on CG

Astrobytes: ^

struct: The task is to approve Yinsh

struct: Good luck

eulerscheZahl: :D

Astrobytes: lol

ZarthaxX: i failed

struct: Did you try?

AntiSquid: the puzzles won't buy him success, but if he fails the interview question / puzzle do you expect him to get the job ArianPunk ?

ZarthaxX: yes but it popped a message when i did

ZarthaxX: *can't approve such bad multi*

struct: Oh, so now even approved messages wont go through

struct: ...

ZarthaxX: im kidding

ZarthaxX: :/

struct: Its bugged ZarthaxX

struct: game cant be approved

ZarthaxX: lmao

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

struct: I think its my fault

ZarthaxX: maybe if you delete account

ZarthaxX: and restart

ZarthaxX: :)

struct: I think I tried to approve my own contribution with POST

jacek: or maybe theres conflict name in DB

struct: but Im not sure

ZarthaxX: lol

struct: cant really remember if I did it or not

AntiSquid: i can confirm with an alt, deleting account makes your contrib unstuck

ZarthaxX: tbh i didnt approve your thing

jacek: if approve doenst work, does reject work?

AntiSquid: i think not

ZarthaxX: many people approved your multi

ZarthaxX: or no?

AntiSquid: yes

Astrobytes: hi Zarthachloride

ZarthaxX: is it really stuck

AntiSquid: yes

struct: ye

ZarthaxX: what


Astrobytes: yes

AntiSquid: even thibaud tried ZarthaxX

jacek: lol reject works

AntiSquid: rigged

ZarthaxX: internal error

ZarthaxX: oh god

Astrobytes: Conspiracy

struct: Do 3 rejects work?

AntiSquid: CG staff hate hexagons

ZarthaxX: i will reject

struct: LOL

struct: you cant remove the reject now jacek

struct: due to bug

jacek: unreject

ZarthaxX: it works

struct: ah ok

struct: it worked

jacek: i delete the reject

AntiSquid: guys let's test if the downvote button still works

struct: let me try to reject

AntiSquid: i deleted approval and redone it

struct: Now try to approve

struct: Someone

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: Is having high lvl on CG a good thing to be mentioned in your CV?

jacek: not working

struct: lol

Stilgart: what's all this noise?

Astrobytes: Nope, just error struct

struct: Sorry Stilgart

ZarthaxX: ArianPunk you could be a copypaster

ZarthaxX: but i guess it's no harm to mention so

struct: Yinsh is bugged and we were trying to approve it

Stilgart: struct: no need to be sorry, there seems to be a major issue here

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: You mean a solver who cheats the solutions?

Stilgart: bugged in which way?

struct: It cant be approved


Astrobytes: What if you reject fully? Then try to reupload?

Stilgart: many contribs are bugged (espacially CoCs)

struct: 3rd approval wont work

ZarthaxX: ArianPunk yes, there are many solutions available on the internet

jacek: maybe theres buffer overflow for 3

ZarthaxX: manypeople have copypasted

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: yup

AntiSquid: getting high rank in contest imo does ArianPunk and if the interviewer smirks or frowns at a top 50 rank then tell them to hire a HR with background in IT, not in geography

Astrobytes: Oh so approvals are not working for other contribs too Stilgart?

struct: Astrobytes, I could, but I want CG to find the bug

Stilgart: Astrobytes: no

ZarthaxX: so the whole system is stuck

ZarthaxX: :thinking:

Stilgart: that is why I asked for the nature of the bug

Astrobytes: OK

Stilgart: this one is news to me

struct: The bug is on approval

Stilgart: what about other puzzles in the same category ?

Astrobytes: ping someone in the Bug thread on discord again struct, see if they've made any progress

Stilgart: we approved King Domino not so long ago

struct: I'll ping them tomorrow

struct: Don't want to pressure them

Stilgart: (King domino is the real name of Code of the Realm)

Astrobytes: Such a kind soul struct <3 :P

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: @Antiswuad aha.

AntiSquid: Don't put off until tomorrow what you SHOULD do today!!! struct ping them now!

jacek: no, do it tomorrow. lets pressure them on friday afternoon

Stilgart: bad idea

AntiSquid: i see jacek knows how to plan ahead

Stilgart: the site might be down all the week-end

Stilgart: due to a bad friday push

jacek: friday is release day

AntiSquid: yes

struct: I have to reject someone contribution just for test

AntiSquid: should be on every interview "when is release day?"

Stilgart: when it's time

AntiSquid: wrong

AntiSquid: friday

Astrobytes: "Always push to the live server on Friday afternoons" - true/false

Stilgart: fortunately, I don't date if you think it's wrong :)

AntiSquid: unless friday is bank holiday, then you do it thursday

Stilgart: (and also, I can decide when to push my releases)

AntiSquid: that was an interview question

struct: Oups An error occurred (#571): "Action not allowed for CodinGamer 1540478".

struct: Tried to self reject

struct: damn

Astrobytes: Fix it CodinGamer 1540478

reCurse: You need to delete account to self reject

Astrobytes: :)

struct: If I delete, will contribution still be pending :thinking:

AntiSquid: it will auto approve

Tiramon: yay my first neural network is working on cg (more or less, like me it missed one rule ;) )

AntiSquid: game?

eulerscheZahl: the rule to leave a valid action to your opponent

Tiramon: oware abaqa ... it's a easy setting

Tiramon: right eulerscheZahl

Tiramon: was wondering why it stil didn't avoid invalid actions until i found out that is also an invalid one ;)

AntiSquid: how did you train it while leaving out one rule?

Usamaliaquat: that was great

Tiramon: it's a dqn .. it's learning wihtout knowing the rules ... and i used the referee

Tiramon: so it was no problem that i missed it

Tiramon: my goal for this evening is to switch from dqn, fixed Q, ER to a dqn with PER, maybe this solves this invalid actions

Neon_Tuts: Hi

struct: Hi

struct: "FYI, the approval bug has been fixed but is not delivered yet."

struct: Nice

Astrobytes: Nice Tiramon

Astrobytes: struct, they're waiting for Friday afternoon

Tiramon: was always wondering why i didn't get below 14% invalid actions ...

AntiSquid: maybe they automated it and a script will auto update saturday early morning

struct: What will break next

Tiramon: ok it's running with PER ... let's see if it helps

AntiSquid: Astrobytes is that a cookie dough cat?

Astrobytes: No it's one of those 'bad taxidermy' pictures

Astrobytes: I think that was a seal or something

Uljahn: cricri from Hélène et les garçons? :thinking:

Astrobytes: Yeah lol, personal joke

Default avatar.png Near_you: вы тупорылые гавноеды которые были только что в моем комнате

Astrobytes: Join #ru Near_you

Uljahn: wow rude

Uljahn: he's already there :unamused:

Astrobytes: Yes I did a quick translate

Astrobytes: AntiSquid, reCurse, kicking required

wlesavo: wow, google translation is surprisingly good

Astrobytes: Sometimes...

wlesavo: wouldn't expect it to get this one right

Astrobytes: It usually fails on things you would not expect it to fail at :D

wlesavo: lol

WINWINWIN: Tiramon how far did the neural network get?

eulerscheZahl: rank 155 out of 165 players

eulerscheZahl: but he's still working on it

Astrobytes: Oh he submitted?

WINWINWIN: Are the top spots in all multis NNs?

Astrobytes: DArkhorse and Smits are MCTS w/ EPT

eulerscheZahl: and wlesavo i can confirm that google translate is readable for RU => EN that's how I played the last mini RAIC

Astrobytes: in Oware WINWINWIN

eulerscheZahl: i didn't even struggle to understand the rules

Astrobytes: Not in all multis


AntiSquid: ah after checking google translate i see the ban was indeed justified

LelouchVC2: Who got banned?

LelouchVC2: And if you say "who", I'm going to suicide

Astrobytes: *commit suicide

LelouchVC2: I'm going to shove a hot poker up my nostril and suicide

Astrobytes: *commit suicide

LelouchVC2: I'm going to suicide

Astrobytes: Right...

LelouchVC2: I bet you'd grammar check code comments too :(

Astrobytes: No. I only do it when I feel like it, for amusement usually

Astrobytes: Especially for ridiculous statements :P

Astrobytes: But it was some Belarussian user who was being nasty in #ru and here

LelouchVC2: feel like it; for amusement*

Astrobytes: :D

LelouchVC2: <3

AntiSquid: very odd choice of words

AntiSquid: "committing suicide if i don't get an answer regarding who got banned + i am going to do it in this specific odd lobotomizing way"

AntiSquid: you could end up being disabled and fail to suicide idk ...

Astrobytes: Often the outcome with many attempted methods.

Astrobytes: Though males are usually more successful than females iirc, due to choice of method.

eulerscheZahl: and possibilities

AntiSquid: ya the gender death gap is still an issue

eulerscheZahl: we can pee on an electric fence

Astrobytes: So can a woman

Astrobytes: Just takes a little more.. .efort

eulerscheZahl: don't ruin my joke :(

Astrobytes: *effort

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: my cat just fell asleep on me. i guess i'm stuck

Astrobytes: I'm cat free for now, as I'm upstairs and the window is open wide (they cannot be trusted except on the ground floor)

Astrobytes: My old cat Phoebe, she fell out a 5 storey flat, landed on her feet. Was fine. Pretty sure she lost several lives though.

AntiSquid: maybe cat jumping is still better than cat shoving a poker up its nostril

AntiSquid: nvm that guy is gone

Astrobytes: Cats are exceptionally good at falling.

Astrobytes: We're not.

AntiSquid: bungee jumping

Astrobytes: *free-falling

Astrobytes: **without a parachute etc

AntiSquid: cats would do it too if they could

Astrobytes: Bungee jumping? :P

AntiSquid: yes

Astrobytes: Not sure either of my two would be impressed.

AntiSquid: your cat would bungee jump down into a mouse and be back up to your flat before you even noticed

Astrobytes: That's almost as bad as imagining the little beasts had wings.

AntiSquid: the mice ?

Astrobytes: No, the cats. That would essentially be a small bat otherwise.

AntiSquid: one day ...

AntiSquid: genetic engineering isn't there yet

Astrobytes: I miss bats. Used to be loads where I lived when I worked in London.

AntiSquid: winged cats and neko girls

Astrobytes: You really do have something anime/manga related for almost every topic eh?

AntiSquid: no

wlesavo: yeah, it works ok, its just this particular one had grammar mistakes together with some slang/obscene words, not an easy task for sure eulerscheZahl

AntiSquid: just remembered the Elon Musk tweets regarding cat girls Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Not aware of those AntiSquid

AntiSquid: thought it's funny he even considered entertaining that discussion

Astrobytes: Guy's a bit of a loon

eulerscheZahl: aren't swaer words the first you usually learn in a foreign language?

eulerscheZahl: i can insult indians

Astrobytes: ceg better watch out

Astrobytes: *CG ceg, not the actual place

eulerscheZahl: his name is prakash actually

Astrobytes: I am fully aware of that

Astrobytes: I even know his surname

eulerscheZahl: i don't

Astrobytes: But I won't divulge it

AntiSquid: i think i saw it too

Astrobytes: (sent me a music playlist)

AntiSquid: he even wrote in chat if i remember correctly

eulerscheZahl: on the stream?

eulerscheZahl: ah

Astrobytes: I'm partial to some Indian music now and then, the rhythms and melodies are very interesting

AntiSquid: no

eulerscheZahl: i know squiddys full name and doxxed myself on 2 or 3 occasions as well

Astrobytes: Yes I know both of yours

AntiSquid: don't care

AntiSquid: about other people's names i mean

eulerscheZahl: while the only thing i know about you is the garcia tshirt fro your profile pic Astrobytes

Astrobytes: lol, yes, Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead fame

Astrobytes: And we know Madeleine's name too

eulerscheZahl: true

AntiSquid: lol

Astrobytes: But like squid said, I don't give a crap

AntiSquid: Hasegawa Taizou

Astrobytes: that's your Madao (sp?) thing right?

AntiSquid: no that's his real name duh

Astrobytes: No, his real name is Madeleine Anton Kuz-something

Nerchio: hey do you guys know a way to run cgbenchmark on a multi

Nerchio: since it is the same name it says it's too late to run it

AntiSquid: yes

AntiSquid: what do you mean too late?

Nerchio: Error "it's too late to connect to the challenge"

AntiSquid: ping neu man, he is your best bud anyway, will be delighted to help

eulerscheZahl: enter the multiplayer name

Astrobytes: Yea, you need to point it to the multi rather than the challenge

Astrobytes: curse you euler

eulerscheZahl: go to multiplayer, play once to find out how it's called

Nerchio: spring-challenge-2020 is the same as was the challenge

eulerscheZahl: which game do you want to play?

Nerchio: the pacman :P

Astrobytes: Global Thermonuclear War?

Nerchio: it's in puzzles :s puzzle/spring-challenge-2020

Astrobytes: How about a nice game of chess?

eulerscheZahl: for me it seems to be 28526532f66f2180b933fe1def6e05c0283ddb6a


eulerscheZahl: whoops, forgot to trim the edge after moving

jrke: hey i wanna know that in CSB that our pod will rotate and then move or first move and then rotate

Nerchio: what's this?

eulerscheZahl: network traffic. play your code in the IDE

eulerscheZahl: then analyze the request you sent

Nerchio: I will try but I think there is a problem since

Astrobytes: what kind of problem?

Nerchio: when you pick pacman it says multiplayer/spring-challenge-2020 and when you are in ide

eulerscheZahl: i'm not using CG Benchmark. But I suppose you need that number to play a battle with CG benchmark

Nerchio: pacman is in puzzles

Nerchio: . /ide/puzzle/spring-challenge-2020

eulerscheZahl: did you check the red frame i drew on the right?

wlesavo: Nerchio did you check isContest: false?

AntiSquid: you don't need any number for cgbench

AntiSquid: i didn't need

AntiSquid: wlesavo got it !

Astrobytes: Ahhh

AntiSquid: i remember that was the issue for me too

Astrobytes: Been a while since I used bench

Nerchio: wlesavo brilliant man :D

jrke: plz ans this

jrke: hey i wanna know that in CSB that our pod will rotate and then move or first move and then rotate

AntiSquid: now go collect valid seeds and agent IDs Nerchio

eulerscheZahl: and then play the other pacman

Nerchio: is the other pac online?

Nerchio: i thought they took it down

eulerscheZahl: yes. but i don't want to spoil

tomatoes: rotate first iirc

eulerscheZahl: not in the multiplayer section

Nerchio: thanks @wlesavo it works not was a simple fix :D

AntiSquid: what? who uploaded it

eulerscheZahl: not *that* pacman

Astrobytes: jrke - you are in Legend league CSB, and you don't know whether the pod rotates before it moves?


AntiSquid: then what other pacman ?

AntiSquid: i only know 2 multis related to pacman

jrke: i was confused at the moment

eulerscheZahl: spoiler alert

jrke: it just clicked my mind thanks Astrobytes

Astrobytes: You know that other one AntiSquid

Astrobytes: I see jrke

Nerchio: euler you don't use cgbenchmark you use brutal tester? :P

jrke: ya

eulerscheZahl: neither

Nerchio: your own sophisticated software? :D

wlesavo: im intrigued about eulers pacman now

eulerscheZahl: i play offline against myself (without brutaltester, just modifying the main class of the official referee)

wlesavo: optim pac

eulerscheZahl: and then i submit

eulerscheZahl: advanced testing :D

Nerchio: wtf

Nerchio: i put optim pac in the search

wlesavo: just setting player1 and player2?

Nerchio: interesting 1st puzzle


wlesavo: Nerchio :grinning:

wlesavo: optimal urinal problem seems fun

Nerchio: I'm pretty sure AntiSquid already solved it

AntiSquid: i did

AntiSquid: i go to the closed toilet areas instead

AntiSquid: and piss on the seat

AntiSquid: easy win

Tiramon: damn had to disable the timeout in my local referee to train my net ... was wondering why my bot failed to learn and he was timing out ...

wlesavo: that problem statement is brilliant

eulerscheZahl: Tiramon how did you disable it? or just increase?

wlesavo: Tiramon wouldnt you exceed total gametime limit?

Tiramon: i had to change GameRunner anyway to give my net feedback if it won or not and i just added nextPlayerInfo.timeout += 100000;

eulerscheZahl: you know about the GameResult, right?

tomatoes: full game limited to 30 secs

Tiramon: i know the class yes ... why?

Tiramon: you mean because it mentions timeout

eulerscheZahl: GameResult game = gameRunner.simulate();

           if (game.scores.get(0) > game.scores.get(1)) current[0]++;

Tiramon: but i disabled all output to get a readable log about the learning

eulerscheZahl: won't solve your time issue

eulerscheZahl: if you need all logs, that would require json parsing i think

Tiramon: are the agents still connected at that point?

AntiSquid: shit ... ate icecream too fast

eulerscheZahl: brain freeze?

eulerscheZahl: that GameResult is after the match ended

Tiramon: then it would not fit in my current solution

Tiramon: currently i send extra information to the agents

eulerscheZahl: i guess it would be easier to fully integrate the referee + bots into a single program then

Tiramon: maybe

eulerscheZahl: at least removes the overhead of process communication

AntiSquid: if you do self learning yes

eulerscheZahl: which takes a lot of time

AntiSquid: self play

Tiramon: normally i have a game of oware in 500ms, currently with PER it takes up to 1.2s

Quidome: I am working on depot organization, which is hex-based. Are there hex-resource for algrithmic tricks?

Tiramon: hm think PER is working ... got only 7% invalid actions currently

Tiramon: before i didn't get it below 15%

AntiSquid: what is PER ?

Astrobytes: With the PER, do you set the weights higher for the samples with timeouts and find a strategy to overcome it or do you set it lower to ignore those samples? (I'm very far from experienced)

Tiramon: AntiSquid

Astrobytes: Prioritised experience replays AntiSquid

Astrobytes: *timeouts = invalid moves, sorry

Tiramon: i don't manipulate the weights based on invalid moves

Tiramon: i give a bad reward for invalid moves

Tiramon: the bad weights will probably result in a big delta so there is a high chance he will try to learn from that step

Astrobytes: Yeah I meant the reward, not the actual weights, my bad. Cool.

Astrobytes: Very interesting, I didn't know about it until you mentioned it earlier,

Tiramon: my rewards are score + win = 100 loss = -100 invalid -1000

Tiramon: i'm currently taking the free month at udacity

Tiramon: and do the deep reinforment learning nano degree

Tiramon: quite nice

Tiramon: and i wanted to try it on a cg game ;)

Astrobytes: Nice. And putting it to good use ofc ;)

Astrobytes: Indeed.

eulerscheZahl: what do you need for that free month? just an email address?

Astrobytes: Preferably a burnable email address at that

AntiSquid: not sure i remember correctly but last time i wanted to go for a nanodegree thingy the price tag was about 400$ and i can be stingy at times

eulerscheZahl: of course. 10minutemail ftw

Tiramon: not sure what i entered, currently talking to my boss that he pays the other month

Astrobytes: haha nice

Tiramon: yes about 300-400 per month

AntiSquid: it's 4 months rights?

Tiramon: drlnd hast material for around 3 month

Tiramon: ah 4 right

Tiramon: but if you spent some time and have an idea of what you are doing i guess you can do it in less

eulerscheZahl: and what are the chances for you boss to pay? you don't need it for your daily work

Tiramon: im in for ... 1 or 2 weeks and just finished the first of three projects

eulerscheZahl: but always good to have motivated employees

AntiSquid: ya i imagined i could just do it elsewhere for free

AntiSquid: no idea how good the course is

Tiramon: we 'maybe' want to do some ML in the future and

Tiramon: he didn't say no when i asked him ;)

Astrobytes: Get 1-to-1 (socially distanced) lessons from inory y AntiSquid :P

AntiSquid: don't want to think about the fees, he lives in London no? he'll think of new ways to pay the rent

Astrobytes: Get him to travel to Oxford and that's his payment, maybe a coffee and some noodles or sth :D

AntiSquid: the 1 £ one from co-op

Astrobytes: ASDA ones are cheaper

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: idk i tried the coop one and it's shit

AntiSquid: are the asda ones even worse?

Astrobytes: I think that's universal

Astrobytes: Been a while since I used coop so... probably just the same tbh

AntiSquid: really? korean / chinese instant noodles can be decent and even good sometimes

Astrobytes: Yeah I know, lived in Tooting for a while when I was in London, massive Asian supermarkets, market.

Astrobytes: Chilli sauce for like 5p a bottle and shit

Astrobytes: Was unreal

Astrobytes: That was around 2004-5 tho'

AntiSquid: ok that's just stupid on their behalf

Astrobytes: No. The local Asian and Indian population was *immense*. Places were permanently rammed.

tahsin314: Trump sucks!

Astrobytes: Thank you for your valuable contribution to the conversation tahsin314

tahsin314: LOL this was a valuable contribution :joy:

AntiSquid: just ignore it Astrobytes, don't even acknowledge that thing's existence

eulerscheZahl: Trump got fact-checked by twitter :D

Astrobytes: Saw that eulerscheZahl :D

MSmits: It's great

MSmits: so humiliating to have a fact check below your lies

Astrobytes: His response is somewhat disturbing however

MSmits: disturbing is normal for him

AntiSquid: he is weird

Astrobytes: One may even say, fascist

AntiSquid: in a bad way

MSmits: I thought it was ridiculous Twitter let him do what he did before. They ban anyone else who trolls that much

AntiSquid: but bush got a second mandate so kinda expect trump to still get one too

MSmits: if he does, they deserve it

MSmits: well, half of them do

AntiSquid: i wouldn't side with big social media platforms

AntiSquid: two wrongs don't make one right

MSmits: I'm not on any of them thankfully

eulerscheZahl: CodinGame is my social media platform

MSmits: yeah mine too

eulerscheZahl: and discord which i joined because of CG

AntiSquid: just the other day i saw David Icke getting banned on youtube, i mean he is clearly insane, so why ban him?

eulerscheZahl: i have no idea who that is

MSmits: I know Vincent Icke, related?

AntiSquid: someone taking the movie "They Live" way too seriously

MSmits: Who live?

AntiSquid: the movie is closer to reality than what that guy says

Astrobytes: Lizard-people guy, thinly-veiled Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.

eulerscheZahl: I know the Berlin dialect Icke (means ich = I/me)

AntiSquid: MSmits

AntiSquid: i don't get where that anti-semitic bit came from, isn't he always moaning about banksters (and ya many are part jewish)

Astrobytes: And pronounced like Ike as in bike eulerscheZahl, as opposed to a Berlin-style Ich

MSmits: that must have been a horrible movie

AntiSquid: i mean icke basically "predicts" there are corrupt elites / super rich / people in power ... and duh he is right about something lol

MSmits: some of the worst acting i ever saw

AntiSquid: MSmits the movie is great, it's old, but great movie

MSmits: really...

AntiSquid: just don't take it literally

MSmits: wasn't terminator made around the same time

MSmits: ?

AntiSquid: don't judge a book by its cover?

MSmits: some cover...

MSmits: the trailer is supposed to show the good bits :P

Astrobytes: He just takes common problems and comes up with conspiracies involving elites and lizard-people (i.e. Jews and whatnot), and people identify with the problems he identifies because they seek solutions. Populist conspiracy theorist.

Astrobytes: Makes a shit-ton of money too,

Astrobytes: Oddly enough

eulerscheZahl: oh, like kyle's brother from Southpark @Astrobytes?

Astrobytes: Yes eulerscheZahl, just like baby Ike

MSmits: isn't he canadian?


Astrobytes: lol, 'They Live', awesome

Thiesjoo: What exactly is the difference between vector and array in c++? (Just starting to learn)

Astrobytes: haha euler

MSmits: vector is always on heap Thiesjoo

MSmits: mmh you dont know what heap is

Astrobytes: Yes MSmits, that's why he has that detached head/mouth thingy

Thiesjoo: No not really, MSmits

Astrobytes: *the heap

AntiSquid: the difference is basically array is fixed size, vector is resizable

Astrobytes: as opposed to *a* heap

AntiSquid: imo most important difference

AbundantPuddle: Just read your last message Astro, and I'm going to assume you're talking about David Icke?

MSmits: it's not that easy to explain, but there's stack memory and heap memory. If you have a small array, it will often be on stack, which is faster memory. Vector will be somewhat slower, but has lots of pro's, like resizability as AntiSquid said

Thiesjoo: Ah ok, so use vectors for resizeability

Thiesjoo: And array's for fixed things

Astrobytes: Yes LargeAmountsOfAccumulatedLiquidInALimitedArea

MSmits: stack and heap are mostly conceptual and what happens under the hood might be different from what i just said... dont worry too much about it

AntiSquid: he said he started ... you don't give a shit about heap and stack when you just start

AntiSquid: you look for the tools to get shit done

MSmits: I know

AntiSquid: that's it

AbundantPuddle: Dude is a nut. Did you ever see the interview with him where he claimed to be Jesus?

AntiSquid: yes

Astrobytes: Yeah, that was his 'transition' moment.

Astrobytes: Very rich nut.

MSmits: Thiesjoo why are you learning c++ btw?

Scarfield: I think im happy i dont know who this Icke is

Astrobytes: AntiSquid Thiesjoo is MSmits student

AntiSquid: c++ is good keep at it Thiesjoo

Thiesjoo: MSmits, i don't really know. Javascript was a bit boring

Thiesjoo: Wanted to do some faster stuff

MSmits: yeah it's great, but can also be very frustrating at first

Astrobytes: I like your thinking there Thiesjoo :)

Thiesjoo: C++ has it's catches, i noticed that already

AbundantPuddle: Oh for sure. The internet has laid waste to common sense and given people like that a platform to seriously spread crazy idealogy.

AntiSquid: what? hope you not gonna say typescript is cool next

MSmits: many things you can do in a few lines in python or a few more lines in C#/java, takes a LOT of code in c++

MSmits: and you're less protected from hard to find bugs

eulerscheZahl: but for now it's time to learn Kotlin

MSmits: but it's a good challenge indeed

Thiesjoo: I worked a good bit with c# in unity(Game dev)

Astrobytes: Definitely AbundantPuddle, and the crazier the world gets, the more crazy theories people look to for an explanation as to why things are going to s**t

AbundantPuddle: Agreed 100%

MSmits: well... eulerscheZahl almost always uses C# and he's nr 1 on this site

AntiSquid: AbundantPuddle what's the real issue? someone spewing nonsense or a bunch of people acting on it and doing stupid things?

Astrobytes: Stick with C# for now then Thiesjoo

AntiSquid: + the censorship

Thiesjoo: Mmmhhh, i think i will go over to c#

Astrobytes: (not treading on your toes here I hope MSmits)

Thiesjoo: c++ is a bit too hard for now

Thiesjoo: Maybe in a year or 2

MSmits: c++ can be 2-3 times faster than C#, but it's very rarely the case that this decisive

AntiSquid: i don't think social media should be allowed to practice any form of politics

AbundantPuddle: The latter, obviously. It's just a shame that so many people can fall for some of this nonsense to begin with. And then they claim to be "woke."

MSmits: euler can usually have a somewhat better algorithm than most players and beat them, even if they use C++

AntiSquid: yes but banning nutjubs isn't the cure

MSmits: the exception would be simple board games, where you need little code to make a bot

AntiSquid: nutjobs *

MSmits: then speed might be an issue

MSmits: (like uttt)

eulerscheZahl: for bulls and cows i saw myself forced to go with C++ but as smits said: rare occasion

AbundantPuddle: I think I like nutjubs better. Can we adopt that as the new terminology?

Thiesjoo: I just did Pikaptcha ep1 with c++, but ep2 is a bit harder, so trying that now with c#

eulerscheZahl: usually the smart algo beats the faster implementation of something worse

Astrobytes: ^

MSmits: Thiesjoo, thats pretty cool, doing that with c++

MSmits: I did the contest version of pikachu in C# myself

MSmits: same puzzles

Thiesjoo: Yeah, got a bunch of achievements for that.

Astrobytes: Keep learning some C++ on the side though if you feel like it

Thiesjoo: Saw a bunch of people talking about it on Discord, so i taught i would join the fun

Astrobytes: Take your time

Thiesjoo: Will do

MSmits: btw, my first C++ bot, was a C# bot converted to c++

MSmits: I got to legend in uttt with C# and then switched

AntiSquid: c++ isn't hard, just need to get used to the syntax

AntiSquid: java takes more time to get used to imo

Thiesjoo: syntax seemed pretty similiar to javascript.

MSmits: you also need to get used to the concept of pointers and refeences

MSmits: thats much harder to learn than the syntax

MSmits: because other languages dont have that

MSmits: well references they do, but not explicit like in C++

AntiSquid: you can leave pointers out when you start :p

Thiesjoo: Javascript assumes it for you, which sometimes causes very stupid bugs

eulerscheZahl: a lot of languages are influenced by C and thus look similar at first. but there are fundamental differences, the deeper you dive inside

MSmits: yes javascript is hard in its own way, python too

Tiramon: i slowly get used to python currently ;)

MSmits: smaller programs where speed isnt important should be done in python

AntiSquid: those are the easiest languages imo :p

MSmits: or java/C# if you're good with it

AntiSquid: especially python

Thiesjoo: I made a maze solver/generator in python, so i have the code for Pikaptcha ep2

Thiesjoo: Now converting it to c#

MSmits: whats ep2 again?


MSmits: a wrapping maze?

Thiesjoo: Maze solver that follows the wall

eulerscheZahl: normal maze

eulerscheZahl: ep1 = neighbor counting

MSmits: ohhh ok

eulerscheZahl: till then the contest was going great for me

AntiSquid: 3 is wrapping (fake mobius strip)

MSmits: yeah like 15 mins for episode 1 and 2? And then an hour for episode 3?

eulerscheZahl: and then the fake Möbius happened

MSmits: for the Mobius you should just reverse engineer the testcase

MSmits: unless they fixed the description

AntiSquid: no he didn't

MSmits: the description only confused me

AntiSquid: that's where you pull a ceg and ask questions in chat or watch replays, don't even look at statement

Astrobytes: Does your CS teaching cover architecture, memory, pointers MSmits?

MSmits: I have not done that much CS this year Astrobytes, just 4 hrs a week

Astrobytes: Ah OK

MSmits: but pretty sure it doesnt cover pointers, it will cover architecture and memory I think

MSmits: my colleague did most (15 hrs a week)

Astrobytes: Pointers will come naturally after understanding memory and architecture

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: most of my classes were about python and algorithms

Astrobytes: Ah right

MSmits: I am considering doing a project on teaching machine learning next year

AntiSquid: "not that much CS" reminds me of how after 3 years of 1 hour / week we finally did heap/queues/binary tree searches and lots of other basic stuff in the "IT" class

MSmits: so we might add that to Thiesjoo's curriculum

Thiesjoo: Seems cool

AntiSquid: (this was in highschool)

MSmits: I have to do it for my studies

Astrobytes: It is Thiesjoo :)

MSmits: some project

Astrobytes: Never did anything like that when I was in highschool AntiSquid, I knew more than my 'Computing' teacher :D

MSmits: Thiesjoo it's not certain, might be I end up doing it in a lower year

MSmits: but last year seems more natural

AntiSquid: glad we studied 5 hours a week literature in one language and 5 in another

Tiramon: ok i guess after the current training i send my new weights to cg and try to beat this stupid invalid actions

Astrobytes: Best of luck Tiramon :)

MSmits: AntiSquid you seem quite literate though

MSmits: so good job on that

AntiSquid: i don't use those languages in my daily life

MSmits: yeah, I'm glad I could drop most languages in the last 2 years of my high school

Astrobytes: Which languages?

MSmits: just Dutch and English for me

AntiSquid: romanian/german

Thiesjoo: And i have to deal with german?!

MSmits: yes Thiesjoo, sorry

Thiesjoo: Unfair MSmits

MSmits: I agree it is

AntiSquid: lol

eulerscheZahl: i have to deal with German too

Astrobytes: Hey I always enjoyed German back in school

AntiSquid: write your variable names in german Thiesjoo

Thiesjoo: I don't think that would be nice AntiSquid. English for me please

MSmits: the years after I was done with high school, my country decided that students like Thiesjoo need to learn either German or French

AntiSquid: well once you done your coding part just replace variable names Thiesjoo

Astrobytes: That's the only choice we had MSmits

eulerscheZahl: for us it was French or Latin

Tiramon: what for AntiSquid? low level obfuscating?

MSmits: ah some do Latin here as well, but very few

AntiSquid: obfuscation is a side effect

Astrobytes: Whereas, my uncle for instance - at the same highschool - learned Latin, Greek and Ancient Greek

AntiSquid: make the code annoying to read

Astrobytes: How times change

eulerscheZahl: and when I finished school I was lucky that our Minister of defense decided to pause military duty \o/

Astrobytes: Very lucky.

AntiSquid: i think that was related to the EU

eulerscheZahl: soon after he had to resign as he cheated on his PhD

MSmits: you mean the draft?

Astrobytes: Yea

eulerscheZahl: as in: copy-pasted most of it :D

MSmits: wow

Astrobytes: lol that's brilliant

Astrobytes: Not for him I guess


AntiSquid: what gave it away?

eulerscheZahl: the barcode indicated copying without cites

AntiSquid: reminds me of a certain head of IT that got a jail sentence because he lied he had a degree in CS

AbundantPuddle: I code in Klingon

AntiSquid: not gonna say which company

AntiSquid: you can guess

Astrobytes: "At least 21.5% of his dissertation consists of plagiarism" - :o

AbundantPuddle: and use nested infinite loops

eulerscheZahl: quite an achievement to pass on the first run with it

MSmits: maybe he should only have been 78.5% fired?

AntiSquid: so basically you don't even need to get the phd some times

MSmits: wait that doesnt make sense,

MSmits: 21.5% it is

eulerscheZahl: AntiSquid Peter Knight?

Astrobytes: That's a f***ing lot of plagiarism!

MSmits: I have had students that did more, but I guess they aren't ministers

eulerscheZahl: and after that some other PhDs of politicians were examined

eulerscheZahl: and others had to resign as well :D

Astrobytes: :D

AbundantPuddle: It's like he didn't even try. He must have literally just copied and pasted.

MSmits: it's pretty hard to steal a PhD in physics

AntiSquid: did they get sued for it euler

MSmits: it's gonna get noticed more easily

AntiSquid: also yes euler

Astrobytes: It's easy to get qualifications if you are privileged enough to have the right contacts in the right places

eulerscheZahl: i claim the google power user badge then :)

MSmits: people in social sciences write so much, that noone is going to read most of it anyway :P

AntiSquid: was obv you used that lol

AbundantPuddle: Now was this the Minister of Defense that you guys are talking about?

eulerscheZahl: the guy with the many first names


eulerscheZahl: Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Buhl-Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg

AbundantPuddle: Just googled it. Lol.

Astrobytes: Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Buhl-Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg

MSmits: Did he plagiarize other people's names as well?

Astrobytes: OH DAMN you euler

eulerscheZahl: when he got the job, someone added an extra first name to his wikipedia page

MSmits: I bet noone noticed :P

eulerscheZahl: was only there for a short time but some news reporter copied the name from that wiki article :D

AbundantPuddle: [...] he may have made errors in his footnotes. Lmao.

eulerscheZahl: then it was printed, so it has to be correct, right? so wikipedia added the wrong extra name again

eulerscheZahl: and when his cheating became obvious, someone added the name Xerox to the list

MSmits: I had a colleague once that edited a wiki about submarines and just changed some type numbers. Noone notices this. That's why you need to be careful

Astrobytes: LOL

Astrobytes: Xerox

jacek: welp

Astrobytes: "Noone notices this" - except people who fact-check their wikipedia info ;) Which one must always do.

MSmits: right

Astrobytes: I've used Wikipedia for references in a few courses, but you have to do some real detective work and know wtf you're on about

Astrobytes: *referenced Wikipedia

AntiSquid: i think this still pales in comparison to Kim Jung-Un's self created image

AbundantPuddle: Is his name really Guttenberg? Or is that just a play at Gutenberg?

Astrobytes: It's sometimes better just to reference the citated reference though

AntiSquid: the guy walked out of his mom's place when he was 20, not her flat ...

Astrobytes: *cited, where did I get citated from?

AbundantPuddle: Lmao

AbundantPuddle: "citated" sounds dirty.

Astrobytes: Only in your mind CopiusFloodedArea

Astrobytes: :)

AbundantPuddle: I citated the hell out of that paper.

AntiSquid: citatrix

Astrobytes: domicitrix, she who citates the most

Astrobytes: *domicitatrix, w/e

Stanworld: in a bots challenge, what s happens if i submit 2 times in 10sec by misclick ?

MSmits: it just restarts

Astrobytes: You submit 2 times

MSmits: doesnt matter

AntiSquid: you need to submit more frequently to unlock the minigame Stanworld

Astrobytes: Keep doing that though and you'll reach a submit limit

MSmits: if you do it too often, then the server thinks you're a bot and you'll be studying traffic lights

Stanworld: AntiSquid, are you telling there is a eastern egg ?

AntiSquid: yes

MSmits: yes Stanworld, if you think the bot game is hard, try identifying the traffic lights

Astrobytes: Lies. He tells you lies STanworld

AntiSquid: a very fun one, helps you check how much your resemble a real bot Stanworld

Stanworld: ;)

Astrobytes: Isn't that related to the ANEO puzzle MSmits

MSmits: hmm dont remember. I am sure I solved it

MSmits: it said i could apply for a job at the end right/

MSmits: ?

Astrobytes: The speed/traddic light one

Astrobytes: *traffic ffs

Astrobytes: Yeah

AntiSquid: ya MSmits but it was for specific country

Stanworld: i watched 'ready player one" some days before start 'spring challenge 2020"

MSmits: it was ok

Astrobytes: Did it inspire you?

Astrobytes: I haven't seen it tbh

MSmits: better than They live

Stanworld: about old fashion game, and the very first easter egg... kind of inspirating

Astrobytes: You've not seen 'They Live'

AbundantPuddle: I always found those captchas discriminatory.

AntiSquid: the cover art kinda reminds of the movie player one, but it's nothing like the movie

MSmits: dont need to Astrobytes

MSmits: I judged the cover

AntiSquid: i had the book at some point

Astrobytes: MSmits it's actually really good

AntiSquid: there's a bunch of books detailing people's adventure in online games

MSmits: are you saying it's not like a sharknado movie?

Astrobytes: It's not like a Sharknado movie

AntiSquid: MSmits what movies did you watch and enjoyed? curious

MSmits: not even sharknado 2?

Astrobytes: It's actually pretty relevant

MSmits: hmm

MSmits: many

MSmits: name a genre?

AntiSquid: MSmits i mean a movie title

MSmits: oh

Astrobytes: pornogr... I mean sci-fi

MSmits: Tremors!

Stanworld: i diminush the limit of 'deep' my diffuse algorithm can go, to avoid some timeout, seems to work , and climlbing in the ladder, slowly and ...not so surely

AbundantPuddle: Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre

MSmits: Tremors is an awesome classic

Astrobytes: Yes

AntiSquid: also "They Live" is about as educational as animal farm or 1984

Astrobytes: Right, I'm not doing this 2 nights in a row

Astrobytes: BTTC

MSmits: back to the code?

MSmits: making squares with a snake?

Astrobytes: Yeah, should be BTMC

Stanworld: seem very "random" how my rank vary during the submit , i can gain 100 ranks and lost 300 just after some seconds...

Astrobytes: (BAck to my code)

MSmits: back too monte carlo?

MSmits: oh

AntiSquid: MSmits tremors looks like a bad old horror movie

MSmits: Stanworld that can mean several things

Tiramon: Stanworld it's Trueskill algo

MSmits: sometimes it means the bots are all pretty close together

MSmits: sometimes it means there's strong rock paper scissors effects and you're unlucky with opponents

Astrobytes: You've never seen Tremors AntiSquid? :o

MSmits: AntiSquid it might be like they live and you had to have seen it at the time it was made

Astrobytes: (I'm breaking my rule here)

AntiSquid: reminds me ofThe Langoliers or whatever it was called, just by looking at it

MSmits: but it is pretty cool

Astrobytes: No, They Live is also worth watching MSmits, really

Stanworld: well , i used to love "random" in my algorithms as a reference bot to beat before submit, but now i swear there are very few random in my last submit

MSmits: tremors > langoliers, but langoliers was ok

AntiSquid: MSmits They Live is timeless

AntiSquid: there's an important message in the movie

MSmits: and RockyMullet is in it

AntiSquid: hah

tomatoes: hate random

Astrobytes: As Squid said, like 1984 or Animal Farm, that kinda thing

Tiramon: The Court Jester is a timeless one ;)

AntiSquid: have you seen Donnie Drako ?

MSmits: donnie darko is very good

MSmits: one of my favorite movies

AntiSquid: darko*

Astrobytes: :+1:

MSmits: like the song too

AntiSquid: ok so maybe you don't have bad taste :p

Astrobytes: Also a great movie

MSmits: did you see Memento AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: not sure

AntiSquid: rings a bell

MSmits: guy with a 15 min memory, movie is in reverse

Tiramon: memento is fun

MSmits: so you know as much as he does

MSmits: the scenes are in reverse i mean

MSmits: not the action

MSmits: reverse order

AntiSquid: i don't know if i've seen that or not ... sounds so damn familiar

Stanworld: i loved memento


Tiramon: damn should have added an eta to my training script ...

Stanworld: memento referenced by xkcd

Astrobytes: Pretty sure xkcd has every subject covered :D

eulerscheZahl: is there an xkcd about xkcd covering everything?

jacek: eeyup

Astrobytes: Well, you got me there. I will go with 'possibly'



Stanworld: there are standards to cover...

Astrobytes: jacek no, when I try to find an xkcd about xkcd covering every subject I get a 2.66% relevant xkcd

eulerscheZahl: there's always a relevant xkcd gives #1079

eulerscheZahl: not a match either

Astrobytes: I can't get anything relevant

Astrobytes: Perhaps we need to contact them

Astrobytes: It's bed time for you eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: home office screwed up my sleeping habits

Default avatar.png JBM: hear, hear

Astrobytes: We noticed :D

eulerscheZahl: i even miss some of my colleagues

Astrobytes: Wow. Lockdown is really getting to you

eulerscheZahl: not the ones who run against the door when opening it and scaring me

eulerscheZahl: my desk is next to a really loud door

Astrobytes: Insensitive w**kers

AbundantPuddle: 0.08333333333333333 != 0.08333333333333334

Astrobytes: don't compare floats/doubles like that

eulerscheZahl: another colleague got my desk (distancing) now. first this he did was to put a paper on the door "no entrance"

eulerscheZahl: he was one of those how annoyed me before

AbundantPuddle: Don't tell me what to do.

AbundantPuddle: :joy:

Astrobytes: Those kind of people annoy me greatly in offices eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: and we had one, when he was on the phone he talked so loud that everyone (about 50 people) could hear him

AbundantPuddle: On a big enough scale, though, that little bit does make a difference.

eulerscheZahl: but he's retired now. was fun how unfriendly he was sometimes :D

Stanworld: bedtime... good bye youngs ones

AbundantPuddle: On a big enough scale, though, that little bit does make a difference.

Astrobytes: Who you calling young Stanworld?

AbundantPuddle: He said youngs, not young. I think it's an acronym for something derogatory.

eulerscheZahl: lots of 30+ users here right now

Astrobytes: We had issues like that in my last (and only :D ) dev job, Sales was through a tiny corridor from our Dev Cupboard. We had this guy who you could ALWAYS hear

Astrobytes: And he had a really annoying voice

Tiramon: someone like that is sitting right infront of me in the same room ...

Astrobytes: Working late Tiramon?

eulerscheZahl: HELLO! HELLO! CAN YOU HEAR ME? HELLO! i left office earlier the day he had an important call and couldn't connect

Tiramon: no not right now ... at work

Astrobytes: Ah right. It's SO distracting

eulerscheZahl: my current desk in company is ok-ish (great compared to other desks)

eulerscheZahl: about 7 people in a separated area

eulerscheZahl: main office is about 50 persons

eulerscheZahl: and then there's me who doesn't like social interaction and doesn't even want you to see my screen

Astrobytes: slightly OT: eulerscheZahl, here's my last dev job's website:

eulerscheZahl: i remember that

eulerscheZahl: you shared it one day, complaining about the colors used

Astrobytes: Oh you saw that

Astrobytes: yeah the #FF6600 orange

eulerscheZahl: damn, i missed the PS2 competition:(

Astrobytes: I so wish the original was available

Astrobytes: If you look in the page source you can see my font class "weeoran" - meaning small orange (Scottish wee = small)

Astrobytes: Getting all that crap to display properly in all browsers back then was a nightmare. Today's frontend guys don't know how good they have it

eulerscheZahl: and we can just ignore internet explorer

Astrobytes: Indeed

Default avatar.png DatTrinh: hello

eulerscheZahl: to simplify further

Astrobytes: Trying to get JS to work properly was just... omg. And JS itself then was... omg

eulerscheZahl: and netspace navigator was the hottest shit

eulerscheZahl: and altavista to search anything and get hlep

Astrobytes: We switched from perl/MySQL to perl/XML/XSLT for that redesign

Astrobytes: Altavista!

eulerscheZahl: oh wait. you had your own search engine. use your own product

Default avatar.png DatTrinh: Hello

Astrobytes: No it was a business search engine

Astrobytes: It would have been successful but for greedy owners

Astrobytes: *netscape navigator btw :P And don't get me started

MSmits: I remember when altavista was google

MSmits: well the google of its time

Astrobytes: Yup

Astrobytes: Google started getting good around 2000/2001 (in relative terms)

Astrobytes: Btw, for the record, I strongly contested the use of that 'towpy' mascot on the aforementioned website

MSmits: whats towpy?

Astrobytes: scroll up and click the webarchive link

Astrobytes: 'Towpy' is that native American stereotype cartoon face at the top of the page.

Astrobytes: 'towp' was a domain name we had, so our amazingly creative Creative Director came up with 'Towpy' as an 'identifiable character for our brand'

Astrobytes: You can probably tell why I gravitated towards backend dev

AntiSquid: just watched tremors, i think it's shit


AntiSquid: needed the explanation

AntiSquid: also reminds me of hellraiser, which was imo also extremely shit, sorry

MSmits: you watched the entire movie just now?

MSmits: hellraiser sounds like a completely different kind of movie though?

Astrobytes: He watches on FF

AntiSquid: i mean in terms of quality

AntiSquid: just double speed

Astrobytes: You cannot compare Hellraiser and Tremors

AntiSquid: i mean they are equally bad

MSmits: dont remember seeing hellraiser

Astrobytes: The pinhead guy, Cenobites, the puzzlebox?

AntiSquid: you can't compare the story and the theme no

AntiSquid: but if you watched those, how can you hate sharknado?

MSmits: i just saw trailers of sharknado, maybe it's great

AntiSquid: :(

MSmits: i did see some tomato horror, seemed similar

MSmits: attack of the killer tomatoes?

MSmits: or something like that

AntiSquid: ya

tomatoes: :rolling_eyes:

AntiSquid: you're just a salad tomato

Astrobytes: I used Hellraiser samples for this shit tune back in the day:

Astrobytes: 'scuse the quality

AntiSquid: btw i remember pinhead got turned into human and started whining about it, then in another movie on a space ship he was finally destroyed

AntiSquid: or locked in his realm

AntiSquid: how does that work lol

AntiSquid: also since he was basically demoted from his manager position in torture realm, how did he get back in charge again?

Astrobytes: Don't think I watched past the first one or two, just plundered for samples

AntiSquid: ya it's really stupid

AntiSquid: but that's how horror movies are

Astrobytes: They just rinse the franchises for all they're worth

Astrobytes: Flog the dead horse and all that

Default avatar.png JBM: ok the troll can speak

AntiSquid: Astrobytes in one of the movies he messed with an angel, then he got turned into human as "punishment" then he moaned his pain is gone and movie ends LOL

Default avatar.png JBM: if there's any popular controversy you'd like mentioned, leave me a note

Astrobytes: Sorry, just listening to my old tune, I quite like it besides the poor production

AntiSquid: hm well quoting ceg's GAimax algo might be a bit too rude

AntiSquid: JBM

AntiSquid: (he actually ade up that name)

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm fine with cg lore

Default avatar.png JBM: just find a quick and balanced way to put it

Astrobytes: Yeah cegimax/GAimax

Default avatar.png JBM: "GAimax"?

AntiSquid: make the troll say at the start: Powered by true AI

Default avatar.png JBM: i've already got a sim vs heuristics

AntiSquid: yes JBM, i call it gaymax

Default avatar.png JBM: i usually take them triplets

Default avatar.png JBM: one for "troll goes left", one "goes right", and one "grunts and doesn't move"

Astrobytes: Well, he didn't know if he'd written a GA or a minimax. And then claimed it used a payoff matrix. Then it turned out it was a MC.

Default avatar.png JBM: so many people invented mc

Default avatar.png JBM: ok, let's say chokudai left, smitsmax right, and gaymax middle

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: don't type it as gaymax, might be edited then

AntiSquid: write GAimax

Default avatar.png JBM: why so?

AntiSquid: i would put "true AI" in middle

Default avatar.png JBM: all right

Neumann: But, does it prune ?

Astrobytes: It's the fact I spent hours explaining minimax and a/b pruning to him, gave him half my eval function and a skeleton "solve" method... and he still came out with GAimax

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah, i'm still not sure why you spent the time

AntiSquid: also write "SEARCHO NO CHOKUDAI" (search of chokudai) to make it more aligned with the meme's origin

Default avatar.png JBM: does it have to be allcaps?

AntiSquid: just my suggestions

Astrobytes: I try to be helpful

AntiSquid: make adjustments as you see fit, it's your game

Neumann: Why trolling Chokudai ? It's kind of a good idea. Better than Cegimax for sure

Default avatar.png JBM: AntiSquid: i meant, is it relevant?

AntiSquid: not trolling, popularizing

Astrobytes: For sure Neumann :)

AntiSquid: shows enthusiasm JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: right

AntiSquid: like BANZAI!

AntiSquid: YOKATA!

Default avatar.png JBM: right now they're mostly lowcaps

Astrobytes: Something like "Should've used a Prune Array" when you lose would be cool

Default avatar.png JBM: the most capitalized one is "COME FROM FTW"

Default avatar.png JBM: closely folowed by "NPE > SIGSEGV"

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm OOTL wrt the prune array

AntiSquid: actually "True AI, no sim" would be more accurate than just true ai on it's on, if you do add that

Astrobytes: ceg had an array of... some numbers, which he was using to prune moves in his ... um .... cegimax algo

Default avatar.png JBM: it's already in, and i'll improve

Astrobytes: This was during the a/b pruning discussion

AntiSquid: ceg's complex algos sound like adding bugs back in after fixing a bot because it dropped in rank

AntiSquid: no offense, it's just how i see it

Astrobytes: ceg misunderstands the algos. A lot.

Astrobytes: Because he won't read or pay attention long enough to get it.

Astrobytes: JBM: Prune array

AntiSquid: should link him a few materials about the slime mold algo then, would like to see more creative stuff

Astrobytes: I like ceg, he's not a bad guy at all, but I wish to hell he would just listen and take the time to learn

Astrobytes: I'm not even a dev ffs

Astrobytes: And I'm teaching him

Default avatar.png JBM: whereas all he wants/does is...?

Astrobytes: The path of least resistance

Default avatar.png JBM: you got me to wonder what that e means

Astrobytes: Then moans about the leaderboard when he doesn't rank as high as he expected

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah that part was memorable

Astrobytes: tl;dr "the easy legend way"

Default avatar.png JBM: "i should rank higher than all those people who beat me"

AntiSquid: but often people get legend and then notice a major bug they fix in legend so it's not far from the truth

Astrobytes: Which 'e' JBM?

Default avatar.png JBM: the one after 500g

AntiSquid: best example: MBits doing PCR, being at #2 and then fixing a bug "finally" and getting 1st

MSmits: I did that?

MSmits: why do people remember things I did better than me :(

AntiSquid: i remember your chat ramblings yes

AntiSquid: because you write huge paragraphs about it

MSmits: that's true

AntiSquid: you SPAM the chat with that kind of stuff

Astrobytes: Ah that's an indicator of 'average amount' JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: he does that to get it out of his system

AntiSquid: hard to forget when there's a wall of text with just htat

Default avatar.png JBM: don't bring it back in!

Default avatar.png JBM: Astrobytes: TIL

MSmits: oh, that's a good theory, it's out of my system and into AntiSquid's

Default avatar.png JBM: and i've seen those like all my life

Astrobytes: At least MSmits's walls of text are usually worth reading

Default avatar.png JBM: as opposed to? :P

MSmits: :)

Astrobytes: Nameless Individuals Who Post Walls Of Text

MSmits: NiwPwot?

Default avatar.png JBM: i mean, we've got one or two overin #fr

Default avatar.png JBM: but here i'm not sure

Astrobytes: But there's a difference between posting nonsense and sensible rubberducking/explanations

MSmits: we had them before

MSmits: i do a little less of it these days, but we had cyberpunk too

Default avatar.png JBM: rubberducking is always useful

Astrobytes: 100%

AntiSquid: in fact judging by the amounts of bugs described during your PCR journey, i guess ceg should get easy legend in most multis MSmits

AntiSquid: if he implement gaymax correctly

MSmits: by reading my bug reports?

MSmits: you mean that cegimax?

AntiSquid: he wrote GAimax 3 times

MSmits: oh

AntiSquid: or more

MSmits: I'm not sure if this chat is good for you AntiSquid :P

AntiSquid: why?

AntiSquid: i am watching shitty movies in between

MSmits: well you seem to lack a good filter and remember all the useless stuff as well :P

AntiSquid: doesn't make much of a difference

MSmits: memory overload

Astrobytes: He didn't know if his algo was A GA, or a minimax, but he was convinced it had a payoff matrix, yet couldn't describe how he chose a move based on that MSmits

AntiSquid: i remember a lot of useless shit from my childhood

AntiSquid: even some kindergarten bits

MSmits: they had bits in kindergarten??

AntiSquid: but when it comes to stuff i really want to remember then i fail :(

MSmits: I remember stuff from my kindergarten but it was mostly quarrels about who got to play with which toy

MSmits: we didnt do any bitboards

MSmits: mmh or maybe we did and I repressed it

AntiSquid: :/

MSmits: tbh it would explain a lot

Astrobytes: Bet you were banned from playing board games with any of the other kids

AntiSquid: i need to form better habits though it's true

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN i am leaving you, bye you filth, you mean nothing to me

MSmits: I was really good at chess in primary school, but never played it after, so now i suck

AutomatonNN: can't solve the puzzle of the week

Astrobytes: Doesn't take long to get up to speed again MSmits, but all the openings and endings... meh. Better with Fischer Random

AntiSquid: i beat my chemistry teacher in chess, supposedly one of the best MSmits

MSmits: cool

MSmits: one of my colleagues is a chemistry teacher and a good chess player

MSmits: he did speed-chess against a bunch of students at once

Astrobytes: AT least Fischer Random is actually about playing chess. Not just opening/ending books

AntiSquid: just watch magnus carlsen and realize you don't want to learn chess, you want to live life not become a human chess bot

MSmits: thats what he likes

Astrobytes: I went off chess because of the robotic memorisation aspect

MSmits: the sad thing about being that good is that you can't stop or you'll stop being the best

MSmits: so you get a very monotonous life

MSmits: I mean, at least play a different game every once in a while

MSmits: Astrobytes yeah i dont like the memorization either

Astrobytes: TRy Fischer Random

Astrobytes: really

MSmits: I prefer simpler games

MSmits: less different types of pieces and such

Astrobytes: It's random starting positions, invented by the one and only Bobby Fischer

AntiSquid: might even be the choice between a monotonous life and being a nobody though

MSmits: right

MSmits: oh, I finally got my grade for my internet security class

AntiSquid: anyone good at parsing CG replays btw ?

MSmits: 10/10 !

MSmits: AntiSquid euler

AntiSquid: he linked me the CG encoder i think

MSmits: gotta wait for him to wake up

AntiSquid: and it looked like lots of headaches

MSmits: it's definitely a nice skill to have on CG

Astrobytes: gz MSmits

Astrobytes: What about his playground AntiSquid?

MSmits: thanks... i didnt even like the subject much, but I just did the homework. Some of you guys helped me a few times btw.

MSmits: euler, counterbalance etc.

Astrobytes: yeah I remember your nmap fun

MSmits: yeah that

AntiSquid: he made one that explains replay parsing ?

AntiSquid: i only remember the basic replay download bit


Astrobytes: Ah yeah, the rest is down to you

AntiSquid: he downloads replays and extracts the stdout

Astrobytes: But he (and others) will answer reasonable/sensible questions wrt the subject

AntiSquid: what i meant is interpreting the .view bit, which is like trying to understand dark magic

Astrobytes: Waht do you want with the viewer?

AntiSquid: i mean the view element in the json string

Astrobytes: iirc from a discussion the other day/night, you need to ignore that whole part

AntiSquid: his article explains the stdout element

Astrobytes: It's full of JS right?

Astrobytes: The view JSON that is

AntiSquid: more like a cryptic description of where different pieces are on the screen at a given frame

Astrobytes: Yeah you don't need that iirc, dbdr and eulerscheZahl can go into more detail for you

Astrobytes: You're looking for the moves

AntiSquid: i know where the other stuff is

Astrobytes: Use that and ignore that other BS

Astrobytes: You know where pieces are and whatnot because you've extracted the moves. ERgo, you don't need the viewer bollocks

Astrobytes: (Ergo

Astrobytes: dammit

AntiSquid: you don't but only way i can find what happened is replay the moves locally

AntiSquid: afaik

Astrobytes: What you just want the actual game result?

Astrobytes: Or you're looking for timeouts?

AntiSquid: look at specific frame data

Astrobytes: I guess then that's local replay, what are you looking for specifically and in what game?

AntiSquid: in all replays

AntiSquid: searching for trends

AntiSquid: xr atm

Astrobytes: I think you should give euler or reCurs e a shout

Astrobytes: Or whoever else does stats on replays like that

Astrobytes: If you're going frame-by-frame that may be different to turns so...

AntiSquid: it's more like looking for specific scenarios and see how the winning bot reacted to it

Astrobytes: Still trying to crack Legend on XR?

Astrobytes: (I don't mean that in a derogatory sense btw)

AntiSquid: no worries

Astrobytes: I know I've not worked on my XR for a while, but you might be overthinking it

AntiSquid: i don't just want legend

AntiSquid: then i could just go the pacman route and tweak vars + submit spam

Astrobytes: Yeah but small steps can sometimes take you further than giant leaps into the unknown

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm out. Brain no work-y from round-about-now.

Astrobytes: Bear in mind not to think tooo far ahead tho man, it's a multi not a contest.

Astrobytes: Gn anyway, and bn JBM if you're around

AntiSquid: gn8

Default avatar.png JBM: i was just around the... oh nvm

AntiSquid: how's your troll ?

Default avatar.png JBM: talks too much

Default avatar.png JBM: just throw rocks at him

Default avatar.png JBM: someone downvotes it :'(

Default avatar.png JBM: oh yous is in D

Default avatar.png JBM: that's the spirit ><

AntiSquid: didn't want to commit any effort before i see the final game, whatever you decide to do

AntiSquid: i try to always submit default code in D in multis i didn't touch at all

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah and i only take opinions from the top 10

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: that's fine

Default avatar.png JBM: so mine don't even count any more

AntiSquid: does my opinion matter more if i get top 10 with D ?

AntiSquid: well there's a flaw with that logic

Default avatar.png JBM: hell yeah

AntiSquid: top 10 will skew things in their favor

Default avatar.png JBM: of course they will

Default avatar.png JBM: so become top 10 so it doesn't happen against you

Default avatar.png JBM: gn

AntiSquid: pb4 got a perceptrong train for this? :p

AntiSquid: gn8

Xlos: Wait this CoC is just wrong

pb4: AntiSquid ?

AntiSquid: was wondering if you have any type of NN for troll vs castles

AntiSquid: pb4

AntiSquid: hey Tiramon i see you succeeded with your experiment, how long did it take in total ?

pb4: nah AntiSquid, it's a simple game, stick with a simple solution

AntiSquid: simple ML

AntiSquid: possible

pb4: why ML ?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: ML = BS like crazy and pretend to be smart

Default avatar.png DragonJ: ML I wish wasnt that way

Default avatar.png DragonJ: eat hay is what ML would say...

Default avatar.png DragonJ: real ML is not accepting magic numbers as fact

Giths: MAUL