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Imsure1200q: ok

eulerscheZahl: did you really restart your computer in the hope for a more stable chat? that seems total overkill


code_maniac: Nope i just checked my internet connection 🙈

WINWINWIN: It does not mention on the FAQ, but are tensorflow, keras, pydot and scikit available in python?

BarangCK: :grimacing:

Tiramon: if it isn't mentioned it isn't available WINWINWIN

Tiramon: thats why they made the faq, else you could simply test it with an import, if the module isn't found ...

Uljahn: are there any free python online IDEs with keras or scikit? i guess not


Marchete: I imagine these could have it

Marchete: ask inory_y when you see him


Tiramon: free gpu usage .. nice

Uljahn: ye, i know you can install libraries by hand there, but it's a pita, been there

Imsure1200q: dady shark

WINWINWIN: What exactly is the point of jupyter notebook?

LelouchVC2: Free my homie Tyron

WINWINWIN: Any moderators online now?

WINWINWIN: adarshbolettin has been banned from the world chat for the past few months, so can he come back now?

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @WINWINWIN why was he banned?


Default avatar.png sHlOk: OK

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Ok

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @WINWINWIN i m not the moderator but i dont think he can come back but he caan make a new account.

WINWINWIN: Understood, thanks sHlOk

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @WINWINWIN Nprblm brother


Default avatar.png AggYz: shortest code mode is unfair

Default avatar.png AggYz: whoever uses ruby will win

Default avatar.png rak1507: lol

Default avatar.png rak1507: learn ruby then

Default avatar.png AggYz: good idea

Default avatar.png AggYz: isnt ruby old tho

Default avatar.png AggYz: has no practical use other than dominating shortest code mode

Default avatar.png AggYz: and making python 3 kiddos cry

WINWINWIN: true AggYz but you only need to learn the hacks for shortest, not any technical stuff

WINWINWIN: also, perl, bash can be even more effective at times.

Default avatar.png rak1507: if you want to comfortably win most golfs, learn the basics of ruby, python, and bash (perl or sed)

Imsure1200q: how abt javascript lol

Default avatar.png rak1507: js is a terrible golf lang

Imsure1200q: i know its messy lol but i guess its very flexible

DingYi: the "smallest island" test case always fail when submit, is the test broken ?

Imsure1200q: does it pass when u dont submit?

DingYi: it went OK in the IDE

DingYi: yes it pass in the IDE

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Hello everyone i have aserious query

Default avatar.png sHlOk: i just want to know everything about the text i m sending

Default avatar.png sHlOk: I think a hacker group is trying cross site scripting on some essential websites.

Default avatar.png sHlOk: pls anyone get the info about it.

Default avatar.png sHlOk: 购买美国假文凭∫出售美国假学历【微信857767150】办理Howard霍华德大学假毕业证文凭做Howard假文凭∫做Howard假学历∫假毕业证学历 Howard University fake diploma

Imsure1200q: where did you get that from

Default avatar.png sHlOk: This was the text they are continuously sending over a website

Default avatar.png sHlOk: named Brainly

Imsure1200q: do you have link?

Imsure1200q: oh

Default avatar.png sHlOk: a students app

Imsure1200q: by text you mean email?

Default avatar.png sHlOk: No on that website people ask question related to subjects in that they are asking this question repeatedly

Imsure1200q: 购买美国假文凭∫出售美国假学历【微信857767150】办理Howard霍华德大学假毕业证文凭做Howard假文凭∫做Howard假学历∫假毕业证学历 Howard University

Imsure1200q: This one?

Default avatar.png sHlOk: And i tried to know the account but failed as all the account handelers name were like random texts and but they all had same age i.i 28

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @Imsure1200q yes

Default avatar.png sHlOk: I converted the text

Default avatar.png sHlOk: that showed some fake degrees course

Default avatar.png sHlOk: but the phone number is not able to be traced

Default avatar.png sHlOk: THATS SUSPICIOUS!!

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @Imsure1200q isnt it?

Imsure1200q: 8577-671-50 i dont know this phone number format

Astrobytes: Um... spammers

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Thats the thing na it has only 9 digits!!!!

Imsure1200q: There are also spammers across youtube

Astrobytes: OMG! 9 DIGITS!

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Lets find about them

Default avatar.png sHlOk: They are either koreans or chinese!!

Imsure1200q: lol wouldnt it be weird if the first 2 digits tells their country and the next 7 is local phone number

Imsure1200q: there seems to be no dashes so it would make sense if no parentheses as well

Default avatar.png sHlOk: china has 86 and korea has 82

Default avatar.png sHlOk: So it cant be them! But the langusage is chinese

Imsure1200q: how about japan

Imsure1200q: there is like a weird integral symbol

WINWINWIN: Imsure1200q hows space maze coming along?

Imsure1200q: when you saw the question was it a math question?

Astrobytes: Seriously...

Imsure1200q: @WINWINWIN going ok listening to minecraft music really helping me make my code idk why but its just me :)

AntiSquid: uhm wtf


WINWINWIN: Hey AntiSquid

Imsure1200q: sHIOk maybe just ignore spammer

WINWINWIN: taking part in contest tomorrow?

Imsure1200q: also astrobytes

AntiSquid: depends on the game i guess, i signed up though

Imsure1200q: boom im doing raycasting :P

Astrobytes: Great.

AntiSquid: for example i am not sure i want to do bit runner atm

WINWINWIN: Yeah makes sense, will really not like CSB

Default avatar.png sHlOk: 购买美国假文凭∫出售美国假学历【微信857767150】办理Howard霍华德大学假毕业证文凭做Howard假文凭∫做Howard假学历∫假毕业证学历 Howard University fake diploma

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Pls help me out

Default avatar.png sHlOk: i m stuck in this stuff

Astrobytes: sHlOk Stop it please

AntiSquid: what is the problem in the problem Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: i used to do that then

WINWINWIN: sHlOk buy / sell fake american diplomas

Astrobytes: It's Chinese spammers, posting a Chinese WeChat number, in Chinese. Get over it.

WINWINWIN: Im guessing that Howard is a fake Harvard

AntiSquid: sHlOk your user name reminds me of one of structs multi titles he plans to do

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @Astrobyte are they bloody hackers??

Astrobytes: No.

WINWINWIN: Man, they are obviously some kind of cheats if they go around selling fake diplomas

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Whats the reason behind spreading such damn web page?

AntiSquid: why discuss fake diplomas here though?

Astrobytes: How long have you people been on the internet?!

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @WINWINWIN EXACTLY

WINWINWIN: Idk, he asked me

AntiSquid: are they your room mates sHlOk ?

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @AntiSquid LOL:joy:

WINWINWIN: Any multi that you are not legend yet AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: XR

Astrobytes: Is it just me AntiSquid or has this chat been pretty strange this week

jacek: no

WINWINWIN: Very strange

Imsure1200q: split the string

WINWINWIN: lots of random stuff coming up, especially while I am on CG instead of paying attention to online classes :P

AntiSquid: people making fun of great algorithms is strange

Imsure1200q: cool

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Sorry if i had irritated u all but frankly speaking i m a grade 10 boy who is quiet axious regarding cyber security

Default avatar.png sHlOk: So came here to ask u all experts

Imsure1200q: ye but just ignor it

WINWINWIN: :/ Guy selling fake diplomas did not seem suspicious to you?

AntiSquid: they can find out where you live if they are hackers and maybe break into your house at night when your parents sleep sHlOk

Astrobytes: It's just spam dude, don't crack a rib or anything

AntiSquid: also sHlOk don't talk to strangers

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @AntiSquod LOL i have a degree in XSS i!!!!

AntiSquid: might be very dangerous people sHlOk you should be afraid

Imsure1200q: idk tho

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @AntiSquid i m not just was a bit thinking about my friends data safety!!!!!

AntiSquid: they will fight you 1 on 1 and then drag you to their headquarters sHlOk

Imsure1200q: what was that thing abt chrome having security probs


Default avatar.png sHlOk: @AntiSquid i m a black belt 2nd dan thho LOL!!!!!

WINWINWIN: sHlOk when are boards?

AntiSquid: ya but they are usually ninjas and walk very silently, you don't hear them coming up your back


Default avatar.png sHlOk: Next year!!! @WINWINWIN

Imsure1200q: and they have the spoon


WINWINWIN: Damn, you get long breaks for history etc... last year I had a 2 week break for CS and only 2 days for Hindi

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @AntiSuid i will smash them down lol!! but lets stop talking about this there are chinese users too:joy:

Astrobytes: lol I loved that series AntiSquid

Imsure1200q: lol

Astrobytes: The Ginosaji

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @WINWINWIN I m ICSE nigga:joy:

Imsure1200q: ok ok


Astrobytes: python-kitten STOP INVITING ME TO CLASHES


Default avatar.png sHlOk: Whic year ? @WINWINWIN

WINWINWIN: March 2018 was my boards

AntiSquid: no racial slurs sHlOk

Default avatar.png sHlOk: We r lucky ones we have java since class 7th @WINWINWIN

Imsure1200q: slurr

AntiSquid: of any kind

Imsure1200q: chinese is a race u kno

WINWINWIN: He does not mean that

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @AntiSquid Bro when i did any kind of racism BRO!!!

AntiSquid: what is slurr ? urban dic gives weird definition

AntiSquid: sHlOk 12:07PM @WINWINWIN I m ICSE nigga:joy:

Default avatar.png sHlOk: speak (words) indistinctly so that the sounds run into one another. "he was slurring his words like a drunk":joy:

WINWINWIN: ICSE boards were messed up in some schools in where I lived... teachers were literally behaving like kids..

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @WINWINWIN hahaha

WINWINWIN: I mean the invigilators were behaving like Elementary schoolchildren

Imsure1200q: collegeboards

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @WINWINWIN they r more caring

Imsure1200q: sHIOk split the string and get ascii values

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @Imsure1200q when did u pass schooling ?

Imsure1200q: wdym by pas schooling

Imsure1200q: like finish school?

WINWINWIN: Not really, these guys hosted multiple schools. so when outside students asked for extra answer sheets, they started walking really slowly

WINWINWIN: One kid lost out like 30 mins

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @Imsure1200q Thats really easy to split a string and get ascci using chaAt function in java.

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @WINWINWIN this shows u really had a bad tym:joy:

Imsure1200q: yeah so how is that related to schoool?

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @Imsure1200q just asked as a friend brother!

Imsure1200q: so like whats pass school

Imsure1200q: finish school or not fail school answer: n o

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Do u all know once i visited this site at 3:00 am and was surprised to know that there are amny bots in there

Imsure1200q: codingame?

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Yup @Imsure1200q

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Likw AlkhilJohn, Mathie,.......

Imsure1200q: alkhiljohn is a bot?

Default avatar.png sHlOk: YAAA

Imsure1200q: but i keep seeing him clash?

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Imsure1200q he clashes when no one joins a clash!! his level is stuck at 9

Default avatar.png sHlOk: AND HE NEVER CHATS]

Imsure1200q: but sometimes everyone joins a clash and hes there

Imsure1200q: like sometimes hes not even the first person to be there

Default avatar.png sHlOk: I asked a real player of lev32 last day he said that he is

Imsure1200q: is it possible to have a bot that can be used as a real account

Imsure1200q: its a bot but at the same time its a real account that a person actually using

Default avatar.png sHlOk: U can say it looks like a real acc bu that can be a bot

Imsure1200q: ya

Imsure1200q: but i dont know how he wins some clashes

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Whats ur age bro?

Imsure1200q: like

Imsure1200q: you know those R-18 R-16 things

Imsure1200q: its a bit above 10 but under 16

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Imsure1200q they already know the code bro as they are created by the web developers!!!

Imsure1200q: so they're not a problem then

Default avatar.png sHlOk: But in order to look real sometimes they loose some clashes

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @Imsure1200q ya they are not problem

Imsure1200q: maybe they're to start clashes and motivate peepl to join?

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Hmm maybe

Imsure1200q: like i keep on seeing the Ganesan and AlkhilJohn

Default avatar.png sHlOk: who knows

Imsure1200q: also BitWolf (is that the name?)

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Ya

Default avatar.png sHlOk: YA bitwolf with a bluishpurple wolf profile?

Imsure1200q: ya

Imsure1200q: also i see euler somtimes

Imsure1200q: lo

Imsure1200q: lol

Imsure1200q: oh well bots are bots and eulerscheZlha is not a bot

Uljahn: bitwolf is an official CG bot i guess


Heliferepo: Yes bitwolf is a bot

Imsure1200q: slap

Heliferepo: The best one is Tychkorg lol

Imsure1200q: lol

Tiramon: you can identify the cg bots pretty easy ... look at and everyone with > 30k clashs is a cg bot

WINWINWIN: Tiramon are the ranks for the CoC bots preset levels that CG decided?

eulerscheZahl: wow, that's a lot of clashes

Imsure1200q: wat

Imsure1200q: what if i do 30k clashes rn am i a boot

eulerscheZahl: :boot:

Imsure1200q: sock


Imsure1200q: btw euler is there an episode 2 for space maze

eulerscheZahl: i never published it as i can't solve it myself

Imsure1200q: ooo interesting

Imsure1200q: lol


WINWINWIN: u finished the first one Imsure1200q?

Imsure1200q: so demos are chalenges that arent published?

eulerscheZahl: similar to part 1 but you have multiple cars to control. they can collide

eulerscheZahl: yes

Imsure1200q: Win 3x not yet :)

Imsure1200q: euler that seems interesting

eulerscheZahl: you can even upload your own games if you want

Imsure1200q: yes but im already making some weird anatomy blender-like modeler game thingy

Imsure1200q: also my heuristic is the worst but as long as i can solve

remi6: If bots have no problem with Recaptcha, is it there just to annoy? :c

remi6: When I pass Recaptcha multiple times in a row, it becomes almost unpassable.

ViratKohli: yes

WINWINWIN: Kohli??? meh... Pant for the win :P

Imsure1200q: after you submit your work can anyone else see your code

Quidome: yes

Quidome: You can turn it off in the settings

Imsure1200q: in the IDE?

Quidome: yes

Imsure1200q: thanks

Quidome: pull down menu top right, settings

Quidome: under your username

eulerscheZahl: bots are allowed for CoC. just not your own bots. only official CodinGame bots

eulerscheZahl: obviously these don't get captchas

remi6: I see. I wish I didn't get captchas too. Having them before each match is unbearable since they become more difficult each time.

remi6: And in the end it is just this: "Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now."

struct: These clashes are fun

struct: ...

jacek: maybe captcha is part of the challenge

jacek: after all its site about ai and making bots

Imsure1200q: meme plz

Imsure1200q: lol

Imsure1200q: plz meme

Imsure1200q: but theres no chatboot :(

Astrobytes: Working hard on Space Maze I see :smirk:

Imsure1200q: 15% looking at comments on minecraft album videos

Imsure1200q: 6% eating lol

Astrobytes: "lol"

Imsure1200q: ye

Imsure1200q: and then the rest of the 79% can be divided into three areas

Astrobytes: Why are you bothering to waste your time here.

Imsure1200q: why not?

Astrobytes: So many more minecraft video comments to read.

Imsure1200q: yes but theres only so many

Imsure1200q: some have bad words tho

eulerscheZahl: next task: an automaton for minecraft videos

Astrobytes: What, like "cosine" or "integral"

Imsure1200q: lol its possible

Astrobytes: Go and read something educational. Expand your mind a little.

Imsure1200q: haha but you see, i'm always getting something educational

Imsure1200q: every hour

Astrobytes: As you've simply been uttering banal rubbish in here most of the day.

Imsure1200q: i cant stop it thats just me rn when i see something interesting i go g 'ooOO'

Imsure1200q: which is why 15% of the time, minecraft videos

Astrobytes: If you have issues with your attention span you should do something about it.

Imsure1200q: no i dont think i have

Imsure1200q: the only issue is because technically i've had a 9-quarter school year but after that its easy

Imsure1200q: and the 9-quarter wasnt for disciplining me lol it was because parents, relatives etc wouldn't listen to me

Imsure1200q: this rubbish can fit into so many minutes in one hour ;)

Astrobytes: I wouldn't listen to you either if you spout the same kind of rubbish at home.

Imsure1200q: we dont talk much at home

Astrobytes: Well don't take it out on us. Comment on minecraft videos.

Imsure1200q: lol ok

Astrobytes: Become a minecraft meme lord or something.

Imsure1200q: that's actually a good career


Imsure1200q: looking forward to it

Imsure1200q: but first ill finish this space maze

Astrobytes: At this rate you'll have 'finished' Space Maze sometime in your mid-70s.


Imsure1200q: i dont even know if you will reach 70s

Astrobytes: You. Not me.

Imsure1200q: but yeah if i reached 70s lol i'd probs not do spacemaze anymore

WINWINWIN: For all those interested, codeforces is having a stratified contest in 10 mins

Imsure1200q: a 70-year-old minecraft memelord its so funny HAHA


Imsure1200q: what im serious it is funny

Astrobytes: So funny that my sides are actually splitting here. Really.

Imsure1200q: like your brain?

Imsure1200q: dude that has some weird symptoms

WINWINWIN: Not a great conversation Imsure1200q

Astrobytes: Er...

Imsure1200q: what?

Imsure1200q: oh it looked like an insult lol

WINWINWIN: Trying to avoid calling it blabbering now.

Imsure1200q: no i literally mean your brain like a physical brain

WINWINWIN: Astrobytes taking part in codeforces?

Astrobytes: It's been 'blabbering' for around 90% of his chat WINWINWIN


Astrobytes: Nah, not my thing WINWINWIN

Astrobytes: *not my kinda thing

Imsure1200q: lol

WINWINWIN: My first one that will probably be fair, me participating in kotlin was ridiculous :P

Astrobytes: lol, hey, you tried

WINWINWIN: :D Tried using java, got completely confused with the "Random" bugs

WINWINWIN: Guessing that eulerscheZahl will do codeforces

eulerscheZahl: huh?

WINWINWIN: the contest, starting in 5 mins

eulerscheZahl: does this graph look like i would participate regularly?

WINWINWIN: :) The rating looked like it

eulerscheZahl: so many contests,can't play all of them so i filter by prizes

Astrobytes: Quality over quantity WINWINWIN

inoryy: CF runs multiple times a week anyway

eulerscheZahl: yeah. way too many to keep track

WINWINWIN: Makes sense, CG takes priority then

eulerscheZahl: i repeatedly though about unsubscribing to the newsletter. but sometimes there's a pleasant surprise

Astrobytes: I don't really dig most CP stuff, I prefer the CG format.

Default avatar.png Vineetsadawari: hwello

eulerscheZahl: on CG i always join a contest, no matter what prizes they offer

WINWINWIN: Yes, I enjoy multis and AI programming a lot more than the puzzles

WINWINWIN: Hey Vineetsadawari

Default avatar.png Vineetsadawari:

Astrobytes: Anything where I don't have to recall half of CLRS just to pass a round suits me

WINWINWIN: Yes, vineet, we have all registered

eulerscheZahl: i haven't registered yet

WINWINWIN: why not?

eulerscheZahl: i almost always register on the day of the contest

WINWINWIN: does it reflect bad on profile if you register and do not participate?

Astrobytes: It's called being casually late WINWINWIN :P

inoryy: you get banned from CG if you don't participate

eulerscheZahl: so that's the real story of struct?

Astrobytes: hahaha

inoryy: that's also why I also submit something in the first weekend, afraid of that ban

Imsure1200q: oh really inorry

AntiSquid: what does the q at the end of your nick stand for Imsure1200q ?

Imsure1200q: nothing

Imsure1200q: its a typo

Default avatar.png JBM: fix it

Imsure1200q: but i like it more idk why

AntiSquid: change it to iq

Imsure1200q: no its so weird

AntiSquid: we need the meme material

Imsure1200q: i like the q because the line is "assymetrical" to the I

Astrobytes: Haven't you got a minecraft video to comment on?

Imsure1200q: already commented

Imsure1200q: one comment to help the utuber make his vids

Imsure1200q: other to meme meme

Astrobytes: More comments come while you waste time in chat. They are waiting. Get them.

Imsure1200q: nah last time i checked the video no extra new comments

Astrobytes: Next video.

Imsure1200q: besides who would want to watch the video cz the content is outdated

Astrobytes: You. Clearly.

Imsure1200q: but i didnt watch it lol

AntiSquid: chat is temporary, comments are eternal

Astrobytes: "lol"

Imsure1200q: youre supposed to listen to the video not watch it


Astrobytes: I'm not clicking that.

Imsure1200q: mmhmm

Astrobytes: "mmhmm" what?

Imsure1200q: you're not clicking that

Astrobytes: I'm not and I will not.

Imsure1200q: then dont nobodys forcing you

Astrobytes: There's some wet paint nearby that needs watching while it dries.

Imsure1200q: nah i havent painted in 1 year

AntiSquid: too round about, he won't understand it

Astrobytes: True.

Imsure1200q: ye im not into that kind of language

AntiSquid: watching paint dry is better than watching your video Imsure1200q

Imsure1200q: but its not my video

Imsure1200q: someone else's

Astrobytes: "Your linked video" then.

Imsure1200q: but its still not mine

Xcalibre: :no_mouth:

Imsure1200q: neu

Snef: :popcorn:

Imsure1200q: oh you need 10 tons of popcorn to last this day

Astrobytes: Oh really.

Imsure1200q: maybe

Snef: Just curious about it, how old are you Imsure1200q ?

Astrobytes: I estimate around 13-14

Imsure1200q: yeah just the prime between those two

Xcalibre: 13-14=-1

Snef: is this kid the "pro coder" ?

Imsure1200q: so im not yet born

Astrobytes: 13 to 14

Imsure1200q: snef you could put it like that

Astrobytes: Naw that was another kid Snef

Imsure1200q: im already used to being called a nerd and savvy and all

Astrobytes: The copypaster

Snef: oh ok

Imsure1200q: but i havent copy-pasted code from others in a while now?

Imsure1200q: i mean i could totally ask euler for the solution to space maze

Astrobytes: Savvy? You're about as savvy as a drunk snail.


Imsure1200q: cool words

Imsure1200q: its fun to chat here :P

WINWINWIN: Wait until ZarthaxX and jacek get here LD

Snef: You can check #minecraft channel it's even funnier

Imsure1200q: are they gonna trol trol

Astrobytes: I'm actually really holding myself back here.

Imsure1200q: its good that u are


Scarfield: feed the ducks, not the trolls.

Xcalibre: Astrobytes i can only imagine how hard it must be for you

Imsure1200q: but you dont feed persons duck food

Astrobytes: Then JBM's game wouldn't exist Scarfogenesis

Astrobytes: Indeed Xcalibre :)

Scarfield: that is art, i hope the artwork of the trolls stays as is AstroGemeni

Astrobytes: I completely agree

WINWINWIN: Scarfield COO at eevil corp :/


Imsure1200q: come on this argument didnt even last a day?

Astrobytes: What argument?

AntiSquid: make sure the confit duck is slow cooked ?!

Imsure1200q: you know where the older people call children names because they think children dont know a lot of things

Imsure1200q: and like the children kinda get annoyed and talk back


Imsure1200q: wanna continu

Astrobytes: You've been trolling us since... what, Sunday?

WINWINWIN: I am not an *Older person* Barely 3 years older than you

Imsure1200q: nah more like saturday

AntiSquid: are you real philipino ?

Imsure1200q: if i werent i wouldnt put Philippines would i

WINWINWIN: People do all kinds of stuff here...

AntiSquid: because filipinos listen to their elderly ... kind of a tradition in that country

Astrobytes: I think he did speak some Tagalog the other day

Imsure1200q: but their elderly

AntiSquid: yet you say the opposite

WINWINWIN: "Elderly" AntiSquid??? Adult sure but I dont think anyone here is "Elderly" :P

Imsure1200q: haha how many filipinos do you think listen to their elderly yet still think the same

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 is

Imsure1200q: by fil i mean children

Automaton2000: starting from the last time i had to write a proper bot

Imsure1200q: the only think that comes to mind there is when filipinos say "po opo ho" to others and give lola and lolo a bless

WINWINWIN: The number of times Automaton2000 manages to say something coherent with the conversation always surprises me

AntiSquid: well lots of filipinos in UK told me same thing, listen to people older than you :p

Automaton2000: i don't plan to do that to me

WINWINWIN: magus did a really good job making him

inoryy: Automaton2000 say something relevant

Automaton2000: might have to try that

Astrobytes: :D

Imsure1200q: ea


inoryy: the elder has spoken

Imsure1200q: with a gandalf-like impression or smth

Astrobytes: Yes, inoryy is Gandalf.

Imsure1200q: he was an actor?

Astrobytes: Can't you tell by his avatar?

Imsure1200q: no its too smal

WINWINWIN: inoryy what is the latest game that DeepMind has been focussing on? Googling it gives different results each time.

Astrobytes: Space Maze obvs

Xcalibre: Astrobytes lol

WINWINWIN: :D sometimes it says StarCraft and sometimes Go

inoryy: WINWINWIN starcraft 2

Xcalibre: the alphastar ai?

inoryy: yeah

AntiSquid: i wanted to play sc2 ai bot thingy, but the setup description seemed really confusing so dropped it before i even started :p

Xcalibre: inoryy is a project ever 'completed'?

inoryy: what do you mean?

AntiSquid: maybe he's saying are you always improving older projects?

Xcalibre: is the algorithm for the artificial intelligence constantly improved?

Xcalibre: sorry for being vague

Astrobytes: Nah. Once it can do a probe rush they jsut move on.

inoryy: there are certain milestones after which most of the team moves on to new things, with alphastar that was the nature paper; can't comment on whether there will be any future work on top of sc2 but it's not locked in a vault or anything

AntiSquid: Astrobytes that's the openAI mentality, only train 17 heroes and claimed they need to move on, the AI can rush lanes in a very restricted meta, job's a gooden

Xcalibre: oh :smiley:

AntiSquid: train on 17 heroes *

Astrobytes: lol AntiSquid

inoryy: Xcalibre there's no single AI agent that everyone uses and improves if that's what you're asking

WINWINWIN: Has DeepMind done research into Bridge?

WINWINWIN: As in the GIB software?

Astrobytes: They just hardcode everything and pray Xcalibre :P

Xcalibre: Astrobytes, XD

Astrobytes: Sorry, can't get out of troll mode again

Xcalibre: should have used troll mode earlier

WINWINWIN: Nah, poor kid

Astrobytes: I was. That's why I'm stuck in it.

Imsure1200q: full power

Imsure1200q: 3 minutes high on oven

WINWINWIN: We were probably too mean to him


Astrobytes: Too mean? Not mean enough, you mean.

WINWINWIN: :D yes dr Seuss

Imsure1200q: 10 minutes 300 F on oven

Astrobytes: hahaha

AntiSquid: why use fahrenheit ?!

WINWINWIN: Kelvin is the SI

Imsure1200q: because its the most stressful temperature unit ever

WINWINWIN: :/ backk to troll mode pls Astrobytes :P

Imsure1200q: if you want in Kelvin its 422 but either way the oven is wowow

Astrobytes: Bored now WINWINWIN


Xcalibre: :disappointed:

AntiSquid: i don't think your "troll mode" works the way you think it does

Astrobytes: ?

AntiSquid: it rather adds more fuel to the fire, it's rather encouraging him to say more weird stuff

Astrobytes: Yes, feeding the troll with trolling. It's good for wasting time.

Astrobytes: Parameter fitting etc

AntiSquid: next there will be a formula proving that the speed of ray tracing is the limit

AntiSquid: universal limit

inoryy: and that speed? 3vel

Imsure1200q: but you need lots of time to raycast

Astrobytes: You've had all week.

WINWINWIN: I didnt hear of ray tracing until Imsure1200q told me...

AntiSquid: what about pixel shading Imsure1200q ?

Imsure1200q: takes a lot longer

Imsure1200q: not really a lot but if you involve many lighting calcs then ya

Xcalibre: am i missing something or is raycasting actually relevant to space maze?

AntiSquid: ofc it is

Imsure1200q: using raycasing to see if a platform will move to void or it cant move

WINWINWIN: google raytracing Xcalibre

Astrobytes: Only in combination w/ a NN and A*. And hardcoding replays.

Imsure1200q: i removed the hardcode

Xcalibre: Ray tracing is a rendering technique that can produce incredibly realistic lighting effects. Essentially, an algorithm can trace the path of light, and then simulate the way that the light interacts with the virtual objects it ultimately hits in the computer-generated world.

Imsure1200q: now its soft smooth mm delicate

Astrobytes: Converted to softcode now huh

WINWINWIN: Tracing the path is the point Xcalibre

Imsure1200q: its the opposite of hardcode + CNN

Astrobytes: WINWINWIN He said ray-casting as opposed to tracing

Imsure1200q: raycasting is kinda like the first step in raytracing

WINWINWIN: Understood

Imsure1200q: its raytracing except you dont bounce ur rays

WINWINWIN: But wth does a NN have to do with anything?

Astrobytes: Ra-casting involve just the one ray

AntiSquid: but you need to extract and extrapolate the concept, then you can reapply the same principle elsewhere

Astrobytes: *Ray-casting

Imsure1200q: i thought it would be good to use NN but now im lazy to do NN

WINWINWIN: :/ r u serious

AntiSquid: you can then ray cast a CNN beam

Astrobytes: He knows binary search, relax

Imsure1200q: i dont know how to apply "tiles" to NN so no

Xcalibre: ?

AntiSquid: hope nobody comes in reading the chat thinking we are serious

Imsure1200q: btw astro if ur trying to get me to falsify the "i learn something every hour" its not working ;)

Astrobytes: Have you ever tried applying thought to thinking?

Imsure1200q: ye

WINWINWIN: Perfect time for someone like cegprakash to log in and take the conversation seriously :P

Imsure1200q: ha invite us to competitions

AntiSquid: i am applying moisture to water

Astrobytes: Tales of Prunes and Rays

Astrobytes: A CG Chat Anthology

Imsure1200q: and trols

AntiSquid: trolling chat why the world outside is going mad

AntiSquid: why are there protests in Australia ?

Imsure1200q: racists

AntiSquid: i mean shit went wrong in america, suddenly the world protests

Imsure1200q: every country trying to grab attention

Imsure1200q: no every person

AntiSquid: didn't see any protests about women being stoned alive in the middle east .

Imsure1200q: maybe they werent allowed to protest?

AntiSquid: ya this chat is more logical imo

WINWINWIN: Thats not how it works Imsure1200q I dont think that any country allowss violent protests

Imsure1200q: but peaceful protest

AntiSquid: you need a book a reservation for the particular street you want to vandalize and rob

Xcalibre: that's why they're protests WINWINWIN


Imsure1200q: protests are kinda weird lol


Xcalibre: :thinking:

AntiSquid: sorry for bringing that up, let's go back to more fun stuff, Automaton2000 what can win the nobel prize in CS ?

Automaton2000: you can see my code

WINWINWIN: Very confident :P

eulerscheZahl: I have a nobel prize

Xcalibre: show it Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but you don't want to mess with you

eulerscheZahl: my nobel prize

Imsure1200q: auto is bot or no?

Imsure1200q: Automaton2000 is not a robot?

Automaton2000: yeah, i followed that topic eulerschezahl in the forum

AntiSquid: shhh, he might use his code on you Imsure1200q

eulerscheZahl: stop it automaton

WINWINWIN: Nice, found your name euler :D

Imsure1200q: what is his code

WINWINWIN: Do it again Automaton2000

eulerscheZahl: the NN one is even worse about pings

Automaton2000: you might be able to read it

Imsure1200q: so if i type a Automato 2000 he will reply?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Imsure1200q: and he will mess with your ping or smth?

AntiSquid: yes

WINWINWIN: Markov chain gives probability to latest word right?

Xcalibre: he learns from the chat

Imsure1200q: Automato 2000

AntiSquid: he will initialize the ping of doom

WINWINWIN: R u serious kid :/

AntiSquid: automatoes

WINWINWIN: "Automato 2000"

Imsure1200q: Au tomato 2000

eulerscheZahl: au[tab key]

eulerscheZahl: try it

WINWINWIN: Automaton2000 say eulerscheZahl

Imsure1200q: dont fill in the blanks Automat_n 2000

AntiSquid: you need es after tomato @Imsure1200q

Automaton2000: i don't think it's a bit different

Imsure1200q: Automatoes2000

WINWINWIN: *Facepalm*

Imsure1200q: Automatoen2000

AntiSquid: try again with s, quite sure it's working

eulerscheZahl: go watch some minecraft

Imsure1200q: What if i only type automato n

Imsure1200q: Automatoes

Imsure1200q: Automatoes2000

AntiSquid: :thinking:

Imsure1200q: ur not auto

Uljahn: tontonautomaton2000

Automaton2000: what's going on with my life

AntiSquid: weird, expect an angry CG user to popup by now and tell you to stop pinging

**WINWINWIN wonders why Automatoes does not work

Imsure1200q: i dont have problems with ping tho

WINWINWIN: AutomatonNN as good?

AutomatonNN: you can find the code in the replay

AntiSquid: WINWINWIN you pinged tomatoes


Imsure1200q: Automato tom ate the tomato AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: congrats struct

Imsure1200q: no ping

Imsure1200q: no destruction

struct: Thanks AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: 1 hour i deserved it

Imsure1200q: 2000tomatoes,Automaton2000

Automaton2000: its so easy to get started with

Imsure1200q: i dont get it

Imsure1200q: why isnt my ping getting disturbed or smth

WINWINWIN: struct how much more work does the latest multi need?

struct: Yinsh?

struct: or the other one im making?

WINWINWIN: the one that you`re making

AntiSquid: shogin

Astrobytes: Shabu

struct: I had to pause it for a bit due to personal matters

Astrobytes: Shoba

Astrobytes: Shaolin

struct: shobu

Astrobytes: That's it :P

Astrobytes: Life comes first.

Imsure1200q: tomatoes

WINWINWIN: :) all of these games have such wierd names "Oware Abapa", "Yinsh" etc/

Imsure1200q: press 5 random keys on your keyboard and thats the name of your challenge forever

eulerscheZahl: tzaar, dvonn

Imsure1200q: very nice names

WINWINWIN: Are onitama and vindinium real games or did you make them up euler?

eulerscheZahl: real names

eulerscheZahl: vindinium is a port, was on its own website:

eulerscheZahl: but down for years now

eulerscheZahl: you wrote the bot offline and then connected to a server

eulerscheZahl: computing your moves and sending them

eulerscheZahl: so you could only fight those who were online at the same time

WINWINWIN: Then this is a pretty big improvement

WINWINWIN: what was your rank there?

Astrobytes: Oh I thought they did automated matches at some point on vindi

Illedan: That concept sounds very fun, equal to simple gaming. Just having to setup a lot before getting started

eulerscheZahl: never played it

inoryy: there wasn't a stable leaderboard per se anyway


Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: you never submitted your code at vindi

WINWINWIN: You must be owner error illedan?

AntiSquid: unauthorized Illedan

eulerscheZahl: Oups An error occurred (#UNAUTHORIZED): "You must be the owner to share this replay".

Illedan: hmm

Astrobytes: double table flip

AntiSquid: fix it


Illedan: NOW

Illedan: :P

Illedan: Nothing interesting anyway

WINWINWIN: Maybe we should teach imsure1200 the flip command :thinking:

struct: -_-

eulerscheZahl: boooring

Illedan: Just my superwised NN failing misserably :sob:


Astrobytes: lol

Xcalibre: that's me trying to find my way through life

Astrobytes: It thought about doing the race, then bailed out

AntiSquid: supervised in what way?

Astrobytes: He watches it learn

Astrobytes: :P

AntiSquid: no i mean what model

WINWINWIN: Where did you get the datapoints to train it?

Illedan: From my own SA

eulerscheZahl: he played with his keyboard

WINWINWIN: Did you have to use Agade`s tool to fit the code into the limit?

Illedan: nah

Illedan: not for this problem

Illedan: this is 100 % C#

Illedan: both the learning and playing

Illedan: So many possible sources of failure

Illedan: -.-


AntiSquid: difficult to separate it if replays can't be downloaded ? :p

Illedan: Either:

Imsure1200q: is async functions allowed in IDE

eulerscheZahl: yes

Imsure1200q: its not doing the async functions tho

Imsure1200q: and its taking so long to render 100ms worth of code

Imsure1200q: euler theres bugss

Imsure1200q: it was only my 13th turn and it said timeout

AntiSquid: "render"

Imsure1200q: *do

AntiSquid: how many polygons ? :p

Imsure1200q: like

Imsure1200q: about 2

AntiSquid: are you doing any JS games?

eulerscheZahl: do you mean bugs in your code or the game?

Imsure1200q: game

eulerscheZahl: then i refuse to believe it

Imsure1200q: why isnt codingame making it async

Astrobytes: Yeah, euler always writes games totally full of bugs


Astrobytes: Pretty much every game and puzzle is bugged.

eulerscheZahl: and then i act as they aren't there

Astrobytes: So is the leaderboard.

Imsure1200q: but why does it end at 13 not 200?

struct: because you timeout?

WINWINWIN: timeout?

Astrobytes: euler laid a bug trap for you

eulerscheZahl: like running out of levels at Number Shifting :D

Astrobytes: :D

Imsure1200q: but loss conditions says that its 200 turns that it stops not 13

Astrobytes: ...


eulerscheZahl: what time limit do you use?

Imsure1200q: none of those loss conditions met in my code

struct: Response time ≤ 1000 ms for the first turn, 50 ms for every turn after

Imsure1200q: but its below 50 tho?

Astrobytes: Post your code so we can help


Imsure1200q: then like i run waiter

AntiSquid: uhm

WINWINWIN: I think I see this line of code in the referee :


AntiSquid: why settimeout ? :D

Imsure1200q: how about setinterval?



AntiSquid: 50 ms / turn

eulerscheZahl: i hate it that I now lose all the chat history the moment I enter the IDE :rage:

Imsure1200q: yeah and?

AntiSquid: you set timeout like that ofc your timeout rofl


Imsure1200q: but your not looking at the inside of the function?

Imsure1200q: *parameters

AntiSquid: no because you have there over 50ms worth of timeout

Imsure1200q: but look inside it

Imsure1200q: and thats the first turn anyway so why must it be below 50ms

AntiSquid: you don't need to set timetout

AntiSquid: you don't even need to measure time for simple code

Imsure1200q: the code supposed to do this: after 100ms set an interval that brings the car left and right each 50ms

AntiSquid: just output something

AntiSquid: are you doing your own game?

Imsure1200q: no

Imsure1200q: doing spacemaze

Imsure1200q: im doing interval because i wanna see how my heuristic works

Imsure1200q: if i dont pass a move by 1000ms on the first turn it will timeout

Imsure1200q: so im passing a move on the 100th ms to prevent timeout

Astrobytes: What on earth are you on about?

Imsure1200q: like


Imsure1200q: setting intervals but somehow codingame isnt running it async

AntiSquid: look at default code, run the default code first and see how it works

AntiSquid: i think that will help you

Snef: this is priceless

Imsure1200q: wdym default code

AntiSquid: yes

Imsure1200q: thats literally like whats at every start of a challenge

Default avatar.png Cesarus82: helklo

Default avatar.png Cesarus82: HOw ARE U

Default avatar.png Cesarus82: DOING

AntiSquid: yes

Imsure1200q: i've tried that enough times

Default avatar.png Cesarus82: I love codin

Default avatar.png Cesarus82: YEYEYE

Default avatar.png Cesarus82: MY MAn

AntiSquid: looking good

Default avatar.png Cesarus82: yeye

Imsure1200q: i think what codingame is doing is that it only works on the interval once it THINKS it is 100 ms when its actually 1200ms

AntiSquid: need some human music

Imsure1200q: woof

Default avatar.png Cesarus82: yeye

Imsure1200q: automaton2OOO

Imsure1200q: Automaton2OOO how you doing


Default avatar.png Derthek: Hey, I am starting Code vs Zombies to learn MCTS, but I am not sure how should I explore the legal moves since there are many possibilities (not like a grid which would be up, down, left or right). Any suggestions or references where they address this issue?

Imsure1200q: haha not getting rick rolled

Imsure1200q: probs

Imsure1200q: WINWINWIN in that pastebin you forgot a )


Csipcsirip: you can define meta-actions Derthek. like move to position of zombie[n]

Csipcsirip: but I dont think CvZ is the best game to practice mcts

AntiSquid: it's not rick roll, it's human music Imsure1200q, promise

Default avatar.png Derthek: Hmm, that sounds reasonable Csipcsirip! Thanks. Do you know any other game to practice mcts?

Astrobytes: Well, he got the Rick part correct AntiSquid

Imsure1200q: haha A*


Astrobytes: Derthek, just plain MC is better suited for CvZ iirc. There's lots of board games and such suitable for MCTS in the bot programming section

Default avatar.png Derthek: Thanks for the answers! I'll have a look :D

AntiSquid: that's a jerry, not a rick :p

Astrobytes: yeah yeah :)

Sat0u: lovely site

Sat0u: i'm morty

AntiSquid: if rick and morty were an anime (joke video)

Astrobytes: Very accurate

pb4: Hi

struct: Hello pb

pb4: Astrobytes, I saw UnnamedCodingamer went very high on the TvC leaderboard and he was on the chat yesterday

pb4: did he say anything about his approach ?

Astrobytes: Yeah, MC

pb4: Interesting, and surprising

Astrobytes: Yes, I thought the same

pb4: Hi struct

Astrobytes: He did point out he was 9th before the update, so there's still a few broken bots in the leaderboard, but still

pb4: I seem to be 50/50 against him

pb4: or to be exact, 25/25/50

eulerscheZahl: chat history

pb4: Thanks :)

pb4: eulerscheZahl : any intention of making something for TvC ?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: i don't see any strategic depth in it

Astrobytes: What's your approach pb4? If you don't mind me asking

pb4: I'd prefer not to say too much

pb4: but

pb4: not NN

pb4: not MC

eulerscheZahl: something with nash equilibrium? or markov chain?

Astrobytes: That's fair enough :)

pb4: Yes eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: that would be what i would do. but can't be bothered

Astrobytes: Makes sense I guess.

Scarfield: Prune traceAray

Astrobytes: Is that what you use then Bitfield? :P

Astrobytes: (well played on that one btw)

Scarfield: :D

Scarfield: i have 4 ifs :p

Astrobytes: True AI

Scarfield: lol the game just called me stupid, and the game summary xD

AntiSquid: i just remembered i once had to remove the stones from a bunch of prunes because the manager at that kitchen thought it's worthwhile to pay less for prunes but waste time to remove the stones ...

Scarfield: salary well spent

Astrobytes: Yeah AntiSquid, I once had a guy who insisted on whole fresh baby squid for breaded calamari, in a pub. The prep was... not fun.

AntiSquid: i done breaded squids in pub too

AntiSquid: cajun seasoning

Astrobytes: It's a staple bar snack in most pubs these days.

Scarfield: "GAimax is true AI" JB-M has had some fun here

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's a great selection

Csipcsirip: Smitsimax FTW

inoryy: whats tvc


Scarfield: Troll vs Castles

Astrobytes: Trolls vs Castles, you have a bot there inoryy ;)

inoryy: oh, lol

inoryy: ah now I remember

AntiSquid: submitted a new improved D bot, let's see where it lands

inoryy: who's unnamedcodingamer, agade?

AntiSquid: 100% win vs pb4

AntiSquid: agade is UnnamedCodinGamer's alt

inoryy: makes sense

AntiSquid: 13/50 final rank, D is the way

LelouchVC2: my monittttooooorrrrrrrrrr isss cooommmminnnnnnggggggg!

Default avatar.png UnnamedCodinGamer: antisquid spreading fake news for a second time

AntiSquid: why you hate D ?

Csipcsirip: "I found a bug on the leaderboard" :joy:

Default avatar.png UnnamedCodinGamer: I am not agade :)

Default avatar.png UnnamedCodinGamer: leaderboard is probably wrong, yes

AntiSquid: i should be first

jacek: why TvC replays are black for me?

Default avatar.png UnnamedCodinGamer: many of the bots were not working when I submitted

jacek: needed to refresh

Astrobytes: jacek, get the JS console output please, need to pass to JBM

Default avatar.png UnnamedCodinGamer: yes, I think it is a known problem

jacek: is working now

Astrobytes: We reported this issue last night but need the console output

Default avatar.png JBM: known but not too reproducible :/

Astrobytes: Hasn't happened to me today so far :/

Default avatar.png JBM: hasn't happened to me ever

jacek: happened again

Default avatar.png JBM: gimme the data

jacek: when i loaded replay with 1 frame

Astrobytes: Get the JS console log

jacek: how can i do it?

jacek: chromium

Default avatar.png JBM: or just the game report

jacek: where is game report oO

Default avatar.png JBM: just tell me what happened in the game

AntiSquid: JUST DO IT!

Default avatar.png JBM: with words

Default avatar.png JBM: something to work with

Default avatar.png JBM: did either AI do something very stupid I hadn't thought of

jacek: well the other guy timeouted in 1st turn

jacek: then everything is black

jacek: and other repays are black now too

Default avatar.png JBM: ok, that can happen

Default avatar.png JBM: (t/o on 1st turn)

jacek: eeyup

Default avatar.png JBM: lemme try and see if that reproduces anything

Default avatar.png JBM: me TO on the left; still seeing frames

AntiSquid: #11

jacek: what about TO on the right

Default avatar.png JBM: me TO on the right, same

jacek: and replay on the leaderboard, not IDE

Default avatar.png JBM: ok got one

Default avatar.png JBM: crashes the viewer

jacek: actually not always reproducible. i think you need to click lat battles and see the TO as first battle

jacek: so much trolling it crashes viewer

Default avatar.png JBM: well with an AI that does 100% TO it comes along much faster ^^

Default avatar.png JBM: what did I do to my rank just to debug your things

jacek: this games sounds like the bet tic-tac-toe

Default avatar.png JBM: i'll try and reproduce out of the platform, their minified JS is really making it horrible

Default avatar.png JBM: it was second battle in my case

Default avatar.png JBM: drat, called for drinks

Default avatar.png JBM: remind me i was on this when i come back

LelouchVC2: The leaderboard is fff'ed uppsie

LelouchVC2: l

Alshock: fff'ed?

struct: euler is your puzzle tool working?

GalvaBart: hi all, is the clash of code chat still available? couldn't find it

LelouchVC2: Screwed up

LelouchVC2: Clash of Code chats are specific to each clash

GalvaBart: oh now i can see it , thanks

GalvaBart: huh, it's gone again, i mean the CoC tab, weird

GalvaBart: the chat for CoC

jacek: lately they close. dunno if its bug or feature

jacek: after the clash starts

GalvaBart: thanks jacek for confirming!


jrke: any suggestion

jacek: o.O

LelouchVC2: Yea, start over

LelouchVC2: It looks way too weird. The encrypted string is smaller than the original, the ins and outs are just random letters so it's hard to debug, and the solution looks like a randomly put together encryption

Astrobytes: Guys, comment on the contribution page- more helpful and a bit more permanent

LelouchVC2: My comments are timeless

Astrobytes: :P

Alshock: @Astrobytes and given the content of that comment, if it's followed by action it might last longer on the chat than on the contrib

LelouchVC2: lmao!

Astrobytes: Alshock Didn't check the contrib (don't clash), but silly/invalid suggestions/comments usually get voted down and/or rebuffed

LelouchVC2: My comment could have been silly or invalid? :(((

LelouchVC2: Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine

Alshock: I'm just playing the devil's attorney there :P I get your point

Astrobytes: lol

LelouchVC2: Let's all meet up one day

Astrobytes: Well, we're here no?

LelouchVC2: You expect me to mass murder over chat?

Astrobytes: You can do whatever you like behind a keyboard.

Alshock: my keyboard doens't come with spikes to gouge my ennemies' eyes

LelouchVC2: ^

LelouchVC2: The amount of people I owe fist fights too is amazing

Astrobytes: Pfff. Get a new keyboard.

Alshock: One that says "FATALITY" when your hit is over 9000

LelouchVC2: I was looking to get the XMAL's new 812 Killer Steel Series keyboard

WINWINWIN: On the discord server, thse messages are auto generated right?

WINWINWIN: Welcome, Tweeety . We hope you brought pizza.

LelouchVC2: It comes with a targetting system that shoot a beam from a satatllite

LelouchVC2: Yes

LelouchVC2: No one is sitting there typing to everyone who comes in 😂

WINWINWIN: Then this is perfect :P "A wild cegprakash



LelouchVC2: Unless of course they bought astro's keyboard

LelouchVC2: I don't get the reference :(

Astrobytes: yeah I was looking for an appropriate emoji WINWINWIN but couldn't find one :D


Alshock: :japanese_ogre:

Alshock: this is the best emoji

Alshock: we should use it more often

WINWINWIN: Japanese Ogre?

WINWINWIN: Yes, will use it to scare phillipines kid away :)

Alshock: yeah and all the outer hair melts with the chat's background

LelouchVC2: savage

eulerscheZahl: struct 08:00PM euler is your puzzle tool working?

sorry, was afk. i don't know what you are talking about

struct: Its working now

struct: But 2 days or something it wasnt

struct: The Search puzzles and stuff site

eulerscheZahl: it runs on heroku. it's paused when unused, takes some seconds to start

eulerscheZahl: free hosting..

struct: The site was working but when i pressed search it was return 500

eulerscheZahl: maybe a bad input

eulerscheZahl: i managed to crash it too with a bad input, was too lazy to investigate

eulerscheZahl: like searching for a floating point number :D

struct: oh might be that I guess

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: and 1 or 2 puzzles have an incomplete HTML statement in my database (CG gave me garbage). so that screws up the formatting for later hits

struct: It was just some clashes that drove me crazy

Astrobytes: can't you put an index page on your heroku euler, with your available things on it

Astrobytes: Or link them on dbd r's wiki thing

eulerscheZahl: the broken formatting

eulerscheZahl: ok, i'll add a navigation

eulerscheZahl: and i should update the database. also for codejam results


Astrobytes: Cool, thanks

struct: Let me see If I can still find the puzzle

struct: I managed to find the solution

eulerscheZahl: i even have an API to update the puzzle list on the website directly without committing again

struct: but they are just guessing puzzles now

eulerscheZahl: who are "they"?

Astrobytes: "they"?

eulerscheZahl: :D

Astrobytes: Jeez!

Astrobytes: :D

struct: :'(

struct: rip my english

struct: it's getting worse by day

Astrobytes: It's a hell of a lot better than my Portuguese struct ;)

struct: I might have a bit of time to finish Shobu

struct: lets see if I can do it

Astrobytes: No rush, you still have 'til the end of the week to meet your target right?

struct: Yeah

struct: I tried to separate referee from viewer

struct: For some reason it did not go well and I have 1 bug

struct: I think the game looks fun though

struct: Have no idea how easy it is for AIs

WINWINWIN: For my benifit, who are "they"?

struct: They = Clash of codes puzzles

Astrobytes: Yeah it looks like something I'd play irl, we'll see how we fare with our bots :D

struct: thibat challange starts tomorrow right?

Astrobytes: yeap

AntiSquid: did you set your alarm clocks guys? it's starting early in the morning!

AntiSquid: 6 AM UK! no sleep till legend

struct: if its a community multi you wont sleep :(

AntiSquid: i will use ceg formula to calculate my legend equivalent rank

struct: Top 3 in yinsh are doing little competition between themselfs I guess

Default avatar.png JBM: i have no idea why that viewer goes black

Default avatar.png JBM: i can pick a match in the last battles

Default avatar.png JBM: repeatedly close it and open it again

Default avatar.png JBM: eventually it goes black

Default avatar.png JBM: at which point they're all broken

Default avatar.png JBM: but closing last battles and opening it again gets it back

Default avatar.png JBM: the exception is thrown by pixi

Default avatar.png JBM: and i'm not even using it directly yet

struct: Which game JBM?

struct: TvC'

struct: ?

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah

Default avatar.png JBM: i'll fix my demo to remove the "my fault" part of some exceptions

Default avatar.png JBM: and leave only the "cg fault" part of it

struct: Even when I open IDE I get errors

Default avatar.png JBM: but if that doesn't change it, I'm dropping the towel

struct: "VM1601:3 Error: The frameId "troll.png" does not exist in the texture cache"

Default avatar.png JBM: that one's the "my fault" part

Default avatar.png JBM: the one i'm fixing now

struct: ah ok

Default avatar.png JBM: the one for logo.png is the CG's fault part

Default avatar.png JBM: and then... who knows

struct: Oh god

struct: When I open Yinsh page I get so many errors lol

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah who wrote them :p

Astrobytes: I think the black viewer was happening before... was a cdn thing iirc

struct: Not my fault :D


Default avatar.png JBM: well it does come with a pixi exception

Astrobytes: *happening with CG official multis

struct: JBM I also have logo.png error on yinsh

struct: But that is because I have no logo

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah totally CG's fault

Default avatar.png JBM: there's no rule that says you have to have a logo

Astrobytes: I think maybe have a chat with Julien about it

struct: imo logo looks ugly

Default avatar.png JBM: even less so how it'd be used

struct: Im not a designer

Default avatar.png JBM: just document the damn thing

struct: I cant even create good looking games

Astrobytes: Unlike JBM

Astrobytes: struct, Yinsh looks great, what are you on about

Default avatar.png JBM: my games are so good looking you can even adjust the colors to your taste

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm goingto end up writing up an SMB3-style intro in the end

eulerscheZahl: added your links Astrobytes

eulerscheZahl: and the HTML on some contributions is more screwed up than I thought. placing puzzles inside each other like Russian matroshka dolls

Astrobytes: thanks eulerscheZahl, and lol, you can only nest so much you know

eulerscheZahl: search for "euler" and keep expanding the last node :D

Astrobytes: hahaha ffs

Astrobytes: Skills man, skills :D

eulerscheZahl: there is some missing close tab. i blame CG

eulerscheZahl: tab => tag

Astrobytes: Figured that one ;)

eulerscheZahl: at first i was confused why it said 24 results and only showed 6

eulerscheZahl: took me a while to realize that it shows all of them

Astrobytes: Just not in the expected manner


jacek: ops

struct: Whats this for jacek?

eulerscheZahl: yinsh

jacek: good it wasnt code

Astrobytes: haha

Astrobytes: wp jacek

Default avatar.png JBM: there you go, demo with no missing troll.png

struct: jbm if you want to fix logo I guess a blank logo can fix it

Default avatar.png JBM: BUT IT SHOULDN'T HAVE TO

struct: o.o

**struct hides

Default avatar.png JBM: i shouldn't have to guess what pngs i'm supposed to provide by trawling through the console error log!

Default avatar.png JBM: that's not how SDKs are supposed to work!

Astrobytes: I'm inclined to agree lol

Astrobytes: Still, the SDK is kind of a WIP

Default avatar.png JBM: i shouldn't have to be going through long cycles of trial and error to guess what subset of HTML they deemed real enough to pass

Astrobytes: So feel free to keep pestering them with required updates

eulerscheZahl: i always use version 3.x for WIP

eulerscheZahl: see python3

eulerscheZahl: starts to work around version 10

Default avatar.png JBM: i shouldn't have to synchronize my schedule with eZ to understand how turns work

Astrobytes: Most of the tips for using the SDK are pretty much user-touser. With the odd technicality being verified by CG :)

Astrobytes: *user-to-user

Astrobytes: And you're the best at complaining JBM, so keep doing that and it'll be perfectly usable in no time ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm not really complaining anymore

Default avatar.png JBM: just moaning

Illedan: eulerscheZahl still awake? :O

Astrobytes: Yeah, it works though

Default avatar.png JBM: just left

Default avatar.png JBM: not sure

Astrobytes: His schedule is out-of-whack since lockdown Illedan :D

Illedan: xD

Default avatar.png JBM: he doesn't even have lockdown

Default avatar.png JBM: he lives in a reasonable country

Astrobytes: He's still working from home though

Default avatar.png JBM: yes, that's the being reasonable part

Astrobytes: ;)

Astrobytes: Hey, it could be worse, you could all live in the UK

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah could be worse

Astrobytes: Oh finally my MRI scan date was confirmed btw \o/

Astrobytes: Not that I'm looking forward to it or anything but I waited a while :P

struct: When is it?

Astrobytes: 16th

Astrobytes: (this month)

struct: How long have you waited for?

Astrobytes: Over a month and a half now I believe

Astrobytes: maybe slightly less

Astrobytes: It's nuts. I've physically seen only one doctor (at hospital). Everything else (even with physiotherapist and neurosurgeon) has been phonecall only

struct: Could be worse I guess with the current situation

struct: How is it uk?

struct: cases decreasing?

Astrobytes: That's why it's taken so long etc. Normally pretty good round here. Well, govt are not stating true figues

Astrobytes: *figures

Astrobytes: (UK, not Scottish) so it's hard to say

Astrobytes: They are concentrating on Brexit first and foremost

struct: priorities

Astrobytes: And using the pandemic as a smokescreen

struct: Here cases were going down, until they restarted opening stuff

struct: now its slowly increasing again

Astrobytes: Yep

inoryy: > Astrobytes 09:31PM > Hey, it could be worse, you could > all live in the UK

you could also move to the UK from relatively safe and cheap country only to be stuck at home for 22+ hours / day :P

struct: Why stuck 22+ hours inoryy?

AntiSquid: hey inoryy how close are you to the London riots area ?

Default avatar.png JBM: ph there are riots in UK?

Astrobytes: inoryy Yeah, jeez dude, bless you man, you moved at *just* the wrong time!

inoryy: struct lockdown + wfh = can't really go out

AntiSquid: lol @ "uk cases decreasing", might get a second wave from london protests soon

Astrobytes: All the advice from medical boards was *not* to ease lockdown because cases will increase again

inoryy: AntiSquid you mean protests in hyde park and westminster? relatively far from that, I'm at kings cross

AntiSquid: good

Astrobytes: I mean our R0 in Scotland has just dropped to between 0.7 and 0.9, from 0.7 to 1.0, not sure on UK as a whole but that is not exactly an "ease the lockdown now" figure

inoryy: did they really turn into riots?

AntiSquid: watch videos

Astrobytes: AntiSquid were you in London for the 2011 riots? Was fun... not

AntiSquid: people are close to each other

AntiSquid: no Astrobytes i lived in Bude back then

AntiSquid: but seen the shit on TV

Astrobytes: Bude!

AntiSquid: ya

Default avatar.png JBM: watching the gamee, havin' a bude

AntiSquid: 5 minutes from the beach :D

Astrobytes: Nice man, nice

AntiSquid: or cliffs

AntiSquid: whichever :D

Astrobytes: Cornwall's lovely, scenery-wise at least

AntiSquid: i think it's overall safer area

AntiSquid: despite the "webbed feet" people keep talking about

Astrobytes: Well, depends, now we have the "county-lines" drug-running

Astrobytes: And the "webbed feet" type people you need to *really* watch for are the ones on the Isle of Wight :P

AntiSquid: it was small community, most people knew each other

Astrobytes: That can be a double-edged sword sometimes but it is nice

inoryy: still not sure which videos you're referring to, seems relatively peaceful aside from some unrest near downing street

AntiSquid: did i tell you about my next door neighbour? in bude i mean

inoryy: i hope ppl wore masks though

AntiSquid: ok here's the 2011 with a nice burning building

inoryy: right... but that's 2011

Astrobytes: What about your neighbour AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: there are stores being looted even in this riot

AntiSquid: an apple store got looted

Astrobytes: Meh. People loot every May Day anywy

Astrobytes: *anyway

AntiSquid: the main issue with this year's protest is how many people gather in close proximity and probably spread the virus

AntiSquid: also some police men got beaten up inoryy

Astrobytes: ffs, even Plod ain't wearing masks

Astrobytes: (police)

AntiSquid: as for my neighbour, the guy was selling drugs, it was stinking of that weird tea like smell in the corridor every time ... i hate that smell ... and he was totally screwed in the head, though acting nicely to his neighbours

AntiSquid: the police visited a LOT

Astrobytes: lol, probably worse down there now

AntiSquid: for lots of different reasons, TV stolen, child support not paid, some granny downstairs died, noise complaints and other stuff, NEVER FOR THE DRUGS!

Astrobytes: hahaha

jacek: again im lost at SO

jacek: why isnt kotlin that populated

Astrobytes: :smirk:

AntiSquid: the java users are more fertile, see first comment jacek

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: what?

daffie: I found that kind of unsettling too seeing that even polioce were wearing no masks while shaking hands and being hurdled around by total strangers.

daffie: worst time for things like protests and gatherings

daffie: I would not be surprised if most of them if not all of them are leftists though

Astrobytes: Yeah but if you need to respond to a particular injustice or whatever, I'm all for protesting. Just use common sense ffs

daffie: those kooks have and always will want to drive this country to disrepair

AntiSquid: "ride together, die together" ? :D

Alshock: xD, yeah they're stealing our jobs and wives! :P

AntiSquid: who ?

Default avatar.png JBM: "these bastards"

daffie: the burny sanders crowd

Astrobytes: "Leftists" according to daffie

Alshock: the leftists, the blocheviks, those who tamper with our food and run the world from the shadows ;)

Alshock: insert dramatic music here

daffie: yes exactly

Astrobytes: The US wouldn't know left-wing if it hit them in the face with the Little Red Book (no offence)

AntiSquid: isn't one of the leftie complaints that american guys don't want to date american women which are strong idenpendent and instead get their wives from somewhere in asia ?

Astrobytes: It's just not how American politics is

Alshock: xD I think I need to clarify the irony somehow

Default avatar.png JBM: i lost track of which country we were making fun f

Default avatar.png JBM: time 4 moar beerz

Astrobytes: I just love the "leftist" thing

AntiSquid: US ?

Astrobytes: Everywhere now

AntiSquid: i mean some guys in US kneeled and caused world wide chaos

Astrobytes: It's like anything other than shooting your neighbour because he asked for some sugar is Communist

AntiSquid: i watched that video, that's like a public execution

Alshock: Astrobytes I mean it's common sense that coffee should be done with salt, he deserved it

Astrobytes: All left-wingers/socialists are now extreme-feminists etc etc

daffie: there's a difference between a woman who is strong and independent and some slutty teen on maurray flpping the bird to everyone proclaiming she's a grown ass woman

Alshock: I'm affraid you're watching too much the media Astrobytes xD

AntiSquid: he deserved it? i thought america moved away from the wild west times

daffie: a lot of them are thinking they are

Alshock: AntiSquid ain't it normal to kill people who like sugar no more? That's a crime against my freedom!

AntiSquid: i was just reiterating leftie speech, not agreeing with it daffie

Astrobytes: I don't take most media seriously Alshock

daffie: I don't even watch the media anymore almost every day it's the same thing

Astrobytes: I was brought up as a Socialist and I know what that is

AntiSquid: i try my best to avoid the media and please correct me, but i see society is tending towards extremes, far left or far right

Alshock: I'm nowhere near the USA, but I kinda can understand that.

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: is it just me or do more of theese clash of code problems get harder by the second they should be tailored to my skill level

Astrobytes: Socialism does not mean far-left, as conservatism does not mean far-right

daffie: I think they're random aren't they ?

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: yah they are

Alshock: I mean that's a given that when an extremist runs a country or leads the opposition, the other wing must radicalize too

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: thats the problem

Astrobytes: Unfortunately we have a toxic mix of the two, and anything moderate is labelled inappropriately

Alshock: @Astrobytes I ain't ever seem any socialism in the US mix, you can sleep safe xD

Alshock: seen*

daffie: what amazes me is sometimes these AI bots will join the clash and end up solving it faster than me

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: are you kiding have you met bernie sanders

AntiSquid: Alshock your flag says france but i swear you sound like you are from US, i mean you seem to be in the know the way you talk

Astrobytes: Yeah, Alshock, you know the US version of socialism I mean :P Like that 'Communist Bernie' :/

Alshock: yes he is a one of a kind leftist in the US. Is he running for president again?

daffie: he's always running for pres

Astrobytes: Someone has to try and fix your broken politics :P

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: he alwayys getss killed

Alshock: @AntiSquid well I'm still just french ^^ but the US have an impact worldwide so we all know that country pretty well

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: because of how radical he is

Default avatar.png JBM: being reasonable is now rad

Astrobytes: You know, Bernie is only 'radical' in the US

Alshock: Sorry my english is bad, I meant to say that he never makes it to the actual election

daffie: more worried about sleepy joe at this point

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: that in and of itself is pretty strang I mean I have no idea who the british prime minister is or was

Astrobytes: He's still conservative to the rest of the world

Astrobytes: But with some heart

AntiSquid: no i mean, you sound confident about what you say to the point it makes me thing you are from US

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: besides churchhill obviously

Astrobytes: Then you're ignorant hydroglicerol

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: I guess

Astrobytes: No offence

daffie: plague johnson

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: but its more of the fact that no one actually talks about it in the Us

Astrobytes: No, the US is so ridiculously insular

Default avatar.png JBM: us never really talks about anything but us

Astrobytes: It's getting that way here now too

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: dont get me wrong I know the important global history 98 on the regent

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: but modern times dont make us share things which are unimportant for reason of "that was random " or "who cares"

AntiSquid: regarding boris, i find it funny people go to the window at specific time of the day and say boo

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: its just a cycle which dosnt really end untill you either meet s/o who is intrested or become intrested yourself

Alshock: @JBM that's not quite true, US president have talked about countries they want to make war to for more than half a century now

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: I mean does anyone here know the leader of mexico rite now

Astrobytes: lol Alshock

Default avatar.png JBM: and then tried to put them on a map

Astrobytes: Somebody Obrador

Default avatar.png JBM: we call those "CNN maps" now

Astrobytes: ^Mexico

Astrobytes: I forgot his name :(

Astrobytes: Anyway, nice chatting guys

Astrobytes: I shall bid you all goodnight

Default avatar.png JBM: gn

AntiSquid: kinda true, i remember the "axis of evil" from bush times

Default avatar.png JBM: and those WMDs

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: not bad

Alshock: 'night

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: Andrés Manuel López Obrador

AntiSquid: US started invading those countries after afghanistan (stone age country)

AntiSquid: North Korea has no oil, so no invasion

Alshock: Nope, there was korea before, and vietnam before that, and cuba, and...

AntiSquid: i mean more recently

Alshock: korea was before vietnam and I'm just stupid right?

AntiSquid: oil related wars

K4Mx: so this chat is hidden on discord ?

inoryy: it's a different protocol

K4Mx: damn :(

inoryy: you can probably write a bot to relay between the two

K4Mx: less fun than an AI

K4Mx: (:

Alshock: I must admit I never go to discord, anything interesting there?

K4Mx: less activity i guess

AntiSquid: chat history stays up forever so ...

Alshock: x) "that's a quiet and relaxing place"

AntiSquid: also you got chat by category, not all mixed in one

K4Mx: this website is awesome

K4Mx: wanted to say that x)

K4Mx: or better saying the project

jacek: aww

K4Mx: can we save persistent files on the machine we have through games ?

K4Mx: or sometimes the machine are reset etc

Alshock: well you can't even be sure to be on the same machine

K4Mx: using wget ? or the machine is locked down

Alshock: so I guess you can't

Alshock: locked to avoid external computation

Alshock: but my knowledge of the VM is close to 0

AntiSquid: it's not there to protect CG from us, it's to protect us from Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i also have a prune array.

Alshock: he prunes all fellow codingamers that fall beneath his scythe of Doom

Alshock: don't you Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: depending on the problem at hand

Alshock: See?

AntiSquid: that's ceg's thing, prune array, he picked it up quite fast

AntiSquid: just few days old

K4Mx: xD

K4Mx: what about max turn on Onitama ? there is none ?

K4Mx: nvm

K4Mx: 200

MostComplicatedUsername: Nice Troll vs Castles has been improved

Default avatar.png JBM: has it?

MostComplicatedUsername: Interesting question

MostComplicatedUsername: I sank from 28 to 41 without doing anything :(

Default avatar.png JBM: you probably have your game input section to review

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: yikes

MostComplicatedUsername: yES

MostComplicatedUsername: Yes*

MostComplicatedUsername: More variables

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: I feel like theese questions on the "clash of code" are not exactly for beginers

MostComplicatedUsername: Example?

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj:

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: there making me use ^ which I havnt lernt and I took the AP

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: as well as~~

MostComplicatedUsername: What are you trying to do? Is it giving the wrong output? Or are you getting an error?

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: KeyError: 'hidden'

MostComplicatedUsername: Is that the whole thing?

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: yes

MostComplicatedUsername: chr and ord are functions?

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: python

MostComplicatedUsername: Well I have no idea what chr() and ord() do so I can't help you :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: chr converts ascii number to character

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: and ord converts character to ascii number

MostComplicatedUsername: Oh

MostComplicatedUsername: What exactly are you hoping to accomplish by adding ord(x) to a[c]?

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: cypher code

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: anyways the clash is over anyways

MostComplicatedUsername: lol Im doing something else too so Im just checking back here every 10 min

MostComplicatedUsername: I'm 4th place in troll vs castles!

Uljahn: i see no wrapping of a char code when greater than "z"

Uljahn: i mean cycle through the alphabet

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: oh

MostComplicatedUsername: I have to have a team for the contest???

Default avatar.png soloyolo97: Hello! new to coding, and trying to get a hang of the java language. Has anyone else had trouble trying to wrap their head around all this?

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: no

MostComplicatedUsername: lol

MostComplicatedUsername: "no"

c0cainee: java is for boomers

MostComplicatedUsername: ikr

MostComplicatedUsername: Python is the best programming language

Default avatar.png soloyolo97: why so?

MostComplicatedUsername: Because it is

K4Mx: ok, so im listing availalbe libraries in python with sys.modules.keys(), however this list is not exhaustive , example: numpy is not lised, how i can list all available libraries for real from code ?

Default avatar.png soloyolo97: i'm just trying to learn the most valuble language

Alshock: standard language trolling soloyolo97 ^^

c0cainee: learn python then, it's the easiest one

MostComplicatedUsername: soloyolo97 python is way easier to read/understand

Alshock: ofc everyone know Pascal is the best language

MostComplicatedUsername: ewww pascal

Alshock: Maybe Ada is slightly better

Alshock: Or is it Cobol?

Default avatar.png soloyolo97: sweet! Thanks for the info. The internet was saying java, but i'd rather listen to ppl who've actually been doing this for awhile.

Alshock: no

Alshock: you shouldn't listen to anyone who answers an incomplete question

Default avatar.png JBM: clojure's all the rage nowadays

Alshock: languages all have their interest in some aspects. Except for Haskell, that one is just a joke :P

Default avatar.png JBM: dare i say a troll

Alshock: Should we throw stones at it?

MostComplicatedUsername: Jbm clojure is ewwww

MostComplicatedUsername: Python is the best programming language

Default avatar.png JBM: you seem like a very ewwwy person

MostComplicatedUsername: ?

Default avatar.png JBM: have you heard about the correlation with voting republican?

MostComplicatedUsername: What's that supposed to mean

Alshock: have you ever looked up python's performances though?

MostComplicatedUsername: Yes but he/she is beginning

Default avatar.png JBM: it means you ewww a lot

Alshock: do you think it's always the best idea to start learning with a weak-typed, strong magic language?

Alshock: @JBM does that mean he should code in webasm?

Alshock: that sounds like a great pick

Default avatar.png JBM: ewww

Alshock: aw noes, he infected you! D:

Alshock: quarantine for both of you! I don't want to have it too, that'd be so awful, ewww

Default avatar.png JBM: you don't want to have quarantine?

MostComplicatedUsername: Alshock I'm a she

Alshock: are we seriously mentally regressing as time flies by? xD

Alshock: Oh yeah I remember I heard you say that one

Alshock: I'm sorry, I have no excuse

K4Mx: any machine learning library for python available ?

Alshock: you mean on the server?

Default avatar.png JBM: used to be tensorflow around

K4Mx: yes i cannot list exactly the availalbe module

Alshock: there was a tensorflow puzzle at least

Default avatar.png JBM: not sure it's still there

K4Mx: sys.modules.keys() is not exhaustive

K4Mx: since numpy is not listed but available

Alshock: Includes NumPy 1.16.2, pandas 0.24.2, SciPy 1.2.1

K4Mx: help modules is too big for error stream or something


Alshock: it doesn't say anything about python2 though, does CG not support it anymore?

K4Mx: No module named 'tensorflow'

K4Mx: T.T

Alshock: @JBM they forfeited the machine learning puzzles thing entirely? I can't find that tensorflow puzzle where you had to C/C the code given to you

Default avatar.png JBM: yes it wasn't on the platform too long

Alshock: C/C xD I'm speaking french unwillingly now, I blame tireness

K4Mx: wellif you know how to list available modules from inside machine i ll take it

K4Mx: i mean the exhaustive one

Alshock: help('modules') could maybe help?

K4Mx: output is not fitting in the game buffer xD

Alshock: ^^ obviously

Alshock: But there's only the default that comes with python3, NumPy 1.16.2, pandas 0.24.2, and SciPy 1.2.1

Alshock: that's it I think

K4Mx: there are more

K4Mx: no ?

K4Mx: want to be sure x)

Alshock: No, I think the default modules are listed here: not so sure though

K4Mx: ok i got the list

K4Mx: printin 1000 char at once xD

Alshock: xD gj

K4Mx: " tensorboard "

K4Mx: still not exhaustive

K4Mx: numpy is not listed

K4Mx: damn

K4Mx: and machine is kinda locked down for listing folders

Alshock: it's listing the libraries that are not expicitely added to python

Alshock: Wild guess though, I have no backup for that one

Uljahn: you can navigate to python folder on CG and check files

Alshock: lol beat the wood boss by 0.05 with a boss that doesn't acknoledge the opponent's existence

K4Mx: still no numpy in folders

K4Mx: from paths

K4Mx: so i dont know how it is loaded : )

Alshock: why does it matter though?

K4Mx: to know exactly which modules are available for coding

Alshock: you know it is and you know the version, what do you specifically need from the folders?

Uljahn: import subprocess sh = lambda cmd: subprocess.check_output(cmd, shell=True) print(sh(f"ls -l /usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/").decode('utf-8'))

Uljahn: try this in IDE

K4Mx: yes and numpy is not inside

K4Mx: albeit import numpy works

Uljahn: drwxr-sr-x 18 root root 600 Mar 20 17:02 numpy

Alshock: I don't understand, if you were focused on any other package I could get it

Alshock: but numpy is explicitely described in the FAQ

K4Mx: i am

Alshock: what more do you need from it's source file?

K4Mx: im lookin for tensorflow alternative

Alshock: aw

Uljahn: there is none on CG

Alshock: I guess you're good to create your own lightweight library with numpy then?

Uljahn: yep

Alshock: maybe there are some recipes available out there?

K4Mx: scipy rather if need to recreate all no ?

Alshock: you know that way better than I do x)

K4Mx: ls was trucanting output x)

K4Mx: no i know nothing

K4Mx: that it was i needed a lib

Alshock: hello john snow

K4Mx: xD


K4Mx: ok so in the end its accurate faq xD

Uljahn: ye

Zenoscave: I was dethroned!

Zenoscave: Oh inputs changed

Zenoscave: huzzah

Uljahn: pewpewed

Zenoscave: nearly perfect submit

Default avatar.png jdsfklsd: bread

daffie: the weekly isn't clear. what is the unknown blood type supposed to be for? their child? or othe other possible bloodtypes they could have?

Default avatar.png jdsfklsd: Not to be controversial but I thought linear algebra was ass

Default avatar.png jdsfklsd: Thank you for coming to my ted talk

SimonLandry: Linear algebra is very important though

Default avatar.png jdsfklsd: I know

Default avatar.png jdsfklsd: that's what sucks

SimonLandry: I thought it wasn't too bad

SimonLandry: you just have to practice a lot

daffie: nevermind I get it now

daffie: each line represents 2 parents and their child, one of them will be unknown and needs to be deduced from the other two family members

Default avatar.png jdsfklsd: I know they teach linear algebra in some high schools but I can't believe it myself

Default avatar.png jdsfklsd: I thought it was gonna be a normal math class but it was like 90% theory

Default avatar.png CiscoRamon:

Default avatar.png CiscoRamon:

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: a=input() b=a.count print(f'{b('A')} {b('C')} {b('G')} {b('T')}')

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: why this dont work

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: nvm

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: this is so biased against java

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: literaly everything is biased against java WTF

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: its so unfair

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: lol

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: werent u in my game

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: xd

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: allways

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: python3 op

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: yah thats what Im noticing

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: I mean I still find it intresting but its impossible to win

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: why do i keep seeing the same 5 people

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: its very strange for example to make it slightly more fareI should get paired to others who use java butnooooooo

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: ppython 3

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: wrecks everyone else

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: and there is always one in your game

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: like you for eg

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: also why does literallly no one know how to use the chat

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: ikr

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: wtf

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: why does it make me do a captcha

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: it justed started rite

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: they are so annoying

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: "find the taxis" I KNOW WHAT AFUCKIN TAXI LOOKS LIKE

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: ffs

WINWINWIN: hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj a couple of people made bots that could join and clash on their behalf. Imagine trying to clash when someone joins and finishes every clash in 1 second?

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: bruh

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: couldnt they just do the bot

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: after they do the captcha themselves

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: I her but the point of the new repatcha is to make us not to have to do those annoying quizzezz which it sometimes works but mostly no

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: *e

WINWINWIN: hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj does not work like that

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: recommendations for coding battles?

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: the prime questions are so annoying

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: because there arent any built in prime checkers for python

WINWINWIN: ruby has a prime module

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: i dont know ruby

WINWINWIN: write this line in the beginning of your code

WINWINWIN: require'prime'

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: i dont know ruby