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Default avatar.png AndreiVoinea: hi

Oioi: Hi

Oioi: Is there a way to know which puzzles I already made ?

Oioi: More precisely, I would like to know which puzzles I began but didn't end

aCat: It's visible on the top of puzzle page in given category

aCat: but I'm not sure it's visible if you didn't submit (and get something < 100%) ;/

Oioi: ok, I try it, thanks

Oioi: It is visible, thanks again

thibpat: hi :wave: we're live, and we'll continue to work on the Twixt-PP challenge

Default avatar.png roodey75: Hi

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Anyone here good wtih C#/

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: >

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: ?

AntiSquid: so how the hell am i supposed to format the answer for ss_n ?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: ss_n?

AntiSquid: check this crap first : WINWINWIN

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: thanks

Default avatar.png A.F: how to do CODERS STRIKE BACK

Default avatar.png A.F: :grinning:

jrke: yes how to do it gold league

AntiSquid: ask more specific questions if you want help A.F

Uljahn: have you changed the inputs from the silver?

AntiSquid: what do you mean ?

Uljahn: there are new inputs in csb gold

Uljahn: so you should use "restore default code" button

AntiSquid: ah thought you were talking about breach ...

Uljahn: ye, im doing breach now

AntiSquid: i tried applying a different color code, not sure if it worked or how to make it work

Default avatar.png A.F: what? AntiSquid

AntiSquid: yes

Arnav-S: when i console.log('\n') why does it print 2 blank lines

AntiSquid: also ignoring private messages, not interested in a long convo

AntiSquid: A.F read

Default avatar.png A.F: in c ++

Default avatar.png A.F: can you speak persian

jrke: no

Uljahn: nani

Default avatar.png A.F:

Default avatar.png A.F: how to finish this

AntiSquid: click submit inside IDE and close tab, done, finished

jrke: till silver it is easy csb

Default avatar.png A.F: no i can not write this code

AntiSquid: then quit

Default avatar.png A.F: what?

Uljahn: you cant solve multi like a puzzle

Default avatar.png A.F: how to write this code

Uljahn: are you new here?

Default avatar.png A.F: yes

AntiSquid: oh i made progress with that retarded puzzle, got few extra frames, kinda stupid really it doesn't tell you what the output format should be

Uljahn: so you should guess?

AntiSquid: in CSB it tells you what the expected output is A.F

AntiSquid: yes you have to guess that crap Uljahn

Uljahn: A.F: have you solved Onboarding puzzle? try some more easy puzzles first, don't do coders strike back right now

Default avatar.png A.F: what is csb

Uljahn: csb == coders strike back

AntiSquid: the shit you link A.F

SandiIrawan: :flag_cn::thumbsdown:

AntiSquid: Uljahn so basically, was trying different formatting ways after the first output didn't work (single int):

AntiSquid: Standard Error Stream:

AntiSquid: and then realized it just wants an extra step in the sequence

Uljahn: interesting

Default avatar.png A.F: thanks

Uljahn: AntiSquid: is that some updated IDE in breach?

Astrobytes: They've updated the IDE

Astrobytes: CG, that is

Uljahn: indeed

AntiSquid: i don't see any update :/

Uljahn: ctrl+f5?

AntiSquid: looks same as before ?

Astrobytes: clear yer cache

Uljahn: wth it's so alien

Astrobytes: It's actually.... useable! :scream_cat:

AntiSquid: still confused

AntiSquid: i see some slight text formatting change

AntiSquid: how do i change format settings for IDE again?

Uljahn: ctrl+, doesn't work now

Astrobytes: The old one was Ctrl+, the new one is F1

Uljahn: thx

Astrobytes: I like it

Uljahn: ah so it's more VSC now

Astrobytes: yeah

AntiSquid: i click command pallete and nothing pops up :/

Uljahn: noice

AntiSquid: well looks prettier but font is a bit small for my screen

Astrobytes: Settings on the left

Astrobytes: or you can zoom in from the Command Palette

AntiSquid: ya that doesn't pop up

AntiSquid: pressing F1, i get drop down menu, i select command palette, menu disappears

Astrobytes: Can you get to it via right-click?

AntiSquid: getting the drop down menu from there :D

Astrobytes: cool

[CG]SaiksyApo: F1 is the command palette

AntiSquid: it doesn't open up

Astrobytes: Works fine here

AntiSquid: i will just use ctrl +/- for now

Astrobytes: Which browser AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: that doesn't resize all the page anymore, which is good

[CG]SaiksyApo: Astro was talking about the font size setting in the left pane i think

AntiSquid: i tried on opera and firefox Astrobytes

Astrobytes: I'm fine in Opera

Uljahn: ye, there is a new setting

Astrobytes: Yep, and a minimap

AntiSquid: ya was referring to the font size, the one of the left can't be set by number, you have preset some values, so ctrl + or - will do

Astrobytes: There's a zoom in the palette tho

AntiSquid: oh minimap is nice

Astrobytes: yeah, very handy

Uljahn: indentation rulers for the dark theme in python now visible

AntiSquid: btw for the actual visual studio code, i get errors marked in red on the minimap, didn't manage to turn it off although i turned off a lot of red underlining

AntiSquid: happened after a recent upgrade

Astrobytes: Hm, haven't used it for a while

Astrobytes: Nice Uljahn!

jrke: new update for website

AntiSquid: read chat history :p

jrke: :grimacing:

jrke: nice update

AntiSquid: so Breach is a guesswork puzzle, will continue later :/

AntiSquid: 10% lol

Astrobytes: I started doing it cause you were talking about it, what a pain in the ass of a puzzle

AntiSquid: ya it's more annoying than challenging imo

jrke: antisquid where are u from

Astrobytes: Yes. It's really awkward.

AntiSquid: laniakea jrke

AntiSquid: known universe

jrke: ohhh

AntiSquid: yes

AntiSquid: so "little harder" gives me a string and i need to guess what type what int it wants as output


AntiSquid: so now i need to keep guessing if it wants the index or the length or something else ... wow

Astrobytes: It's not really much of a programming puzzle is it

AntiSquid: no

AntiSquid: just if else and guess work really

jrke: hey what's in spring challenge 2020

AntiSquid: but it's in very hard because of poorly done statement with incomplete info

AntiSquid: the statement is the challenge

Astrobytes: Yeah, for real

jrke: hey what's in spring challenge 2020

Uljahn: ban

AntiSquid: don't spam please man :/

jrke: K

AntiSquid: did you click the challenge / had a look at the cover image jrke ?

AntiSquid: that's all the information everyone (officially) gets until the contest starts

AntiSquid: as you can see it's probably a pacman themed game

AntiSquid: see discord channel for more information jrke

Uljahn: those leaks in the past ruined some fun :(

AntiSquid: but everyone knows pacman and cover is pacman, what else to expect?

Astrobytes: He-Man obviously

AntiSquid: (oh and power ups)

Astrobytes: I thought there was a rule about "powerups"

Default avatar.png MSmits: "I have the power!!!!"

Astrobytes: :D

AntiSquid: Space Maze: completed by 3 codingamers, now this looks like headache :o

Default avatar.png MSmits: is that eulers?

AntiSquid: yes

Astrobytes: Yeah

Default avatar.png MSmits: kk

Default avatar.png MSmits: should be fun at least

Astrobytes: Looks beastly af

AntiSquid: but at least it's straight forward

Astrobytes: The instructions are clear, yes

AntiSquid: no fake mobius strip / incomplete statement

Astrobytes: And it's got a little car

AntiSquid: from mean max

Astrobytes: Yeah :)

Default avatar.png MSmits: euler is creative with assets

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: Makes good games tho'

Default avatar.png MSmits: that look good too

Astrobytes: Onitama is lovely looking

Default avatar.png MSmits: this is the only game where i sometimes just look at replays for no apparent reason

Astrobytes: hehehe

Default avatar.png MSmits: param fitting is getting annoying

Default avatar.png MSmits: I found this local maximum where I win kar liso near 80% and the rest is maybe 55-60%

Default avatar.png MSmits: but I know it can be better, but anything i do lowers kar liso winrate by a lot

AntiSquid: how do you fit your params?

Default avatar.png MSmits: cg bench

AntiSquid: i mean the actual param fitting process

Default avatar.png MSmits: just one by one

AntiSquid: aha that's why

Default avatar.png MSmits: i spread

Astrobytes: lol, how annoying

Default avatar.png MSmits: how should i be doing it AntiSquid

AntiSquid: i mean you do it like a linear regression of sorts

AntiSquid: and you need multiple linear regression

Default avatar.png MSmits: yes but i have 8 constants

AntiSquid: well multiple regression i mean

Default avatar.png MSmits: have to look into that I guess

AntiSquid: check dependent variables, interdependent vars etc ...

Astrobytes: That's actually quite a good idea

AntiSquid: independent *

Default avatar.png MSmits: yeah... exploration parameter is independent

Default avatar.png MSmits: the rest is not

AntiSquid: no i mean when you fine tune

Default avatar.png MSmits: oh

AntiSquid: you need to watch out what you fine tune for and how the vars affect each other

Default avatar.png MSmits: thats difficult to do. I also get a lot of variation with the different opponents

Default avatar.png MSmits: I am testing 4

AntiSquid: and the var you fine tune is the dependant var and you need to see what it is dependant on and then see how the vars that it is dependent on are dependent on each other

AntiSquid: and there's a bunch of formulas you need to apply

Default avatar.png MSmits: I'll just use a tool somehow

AntiSquid: it's maths / stats

Astrobytes: You could probably just write one

Default avatar.png MSmits: there must be one

Uljahn: sort of correlation in variation?

Default avatar.png MSmits: yeah i guess it's a kind of correlation

AntiSquid: what tool do you intend to use?

Astrobytes: Excel...

Default avatar.png MSmits: this maybe?

Default avatar.png MSmits: addon for ecel

Default avatar.png MSmits: excel

Astrobytes: Do you know R?

AntiSquid: oh cheat, i thought you are going to write up the entire thing :p

Default avatar.png MSmits: nah this is not my idea of fun. I like the fitting, but I dont want to write my own tools here

Astrobytes: Learn R, you can do anything stats with R

AntiSquid: ok

Default avatar.png MSmits: I do want something simple Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Meh. Go back to your Excel :P

Default avatar.png MSmits: yeah!

Default avatar.png MSmits: mmh, now it wants me to change decimal symbol to do

AntiSquid: well excel became very versatile

Default avatar.png MSmits: t

AntiSquid: all the add ins and plugins and ...

Astrobytes: bloat?

AntiSquid: why call it bloat?

Astrobytes: All the Office stuff is bloated

Astrobytes: I still use it though

AntiSquid: but using the extra stuff is optional

AntiSquid: guess you can use google docs instead less functionalities ?

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's when you need lots of the extra stuff it gets annoying

Astrobytes: I hate Google Docs

Astrobytes: I can live with Office

Default avatar.png MSmits: the online version of microsoft is worse

Default avatar.png MSmits: the browser one i mean

AntiSquid: i find this great:

AntiSquid: more fancy stuff:

Astrobytes: lol someone did a roguelike in Excel

Astrobytes: Very creative

Default avatar.png MSmits: I like how you can do things quick and easy in excel, but the vba code behind it is horrible

Default avatar.png MSmits: sometimes I have to use it

Default avatar.png MSmits: I :cry:

AntiSquid: can't find it right now but there was some interesting pipeline project, reading emails filtering through them, downloading attachments and presenting them in excel ... something like that

Default avatar.png MaciejF: There you are speaking about advanced excel stuff while my most advanced excel project looks like this

Default avatar.png Adnmaster: is it impossible to get to wood 2 in code royale??!!

AntiSquid: that's good, i didn't do much in excel :p

Default avatar.png Adnmaster: im better than the duchess boss, both in leaderboard and test

AntiSquid: what about the other players Adnmaster

Default avatar.png Adnmaster: then why does it say duchess boss is better than everybody?

Default avatar.png Adnmaster: and you have to defeat the duchess boss?

AntiSquid: is your submit at 100%?

Default avatar.png Adnmaster: yes

AntiSquid: is there a promotion timer?

Default avatar.png Adnmaster: yes

AntiSquid: queen 21.78 points you 19.93

AntiSquid: so you are not better than the boss

Default avatar.png Adnmaster: do you get points by killing people?

Default avatar.png Adnmaster: *winning

Default avatar.png Adnmaster: ok thanks

Default avatar.png MSmits: aww dammit look at this

Default avatar.png MSmits: 12:40:54,796 INFO Temporary results (time left estimation : 79 minutes) :

AntiSquid: even the history changed for the IDE

Default avatar.png MSmits: now tric trac is messing me up

AntiSquid: please explain MSmits are you getting better or worse

Default avatar.png MSmits: both

Default avatar.png MSmits: better overall, better vs kar liso, but if i'm below 50% with anyone, they can spam submit and pull me down :P

AntiSquid: ah you raised your win rate vs everyone? hard to tell with just these results

Default avatar.png MSmits: no, i lowered it vs tric trac

Default avatar.png MSmits: i have another version that has 90% winrate vs him, but 30% vs kar liso

Default avatar.png MSmits: it's really annoying

Astrobytes: So close, yet so far!

AntiSquid: so what adjustments did you make now ?

Default avatar.png MSmits: it's just a constant i lowered. Something to do with the master being threatened

Uljahn: is it possible to identify your opponent and use best set of params like kovi did in OoC? :thinking:

Default avatar.png MSmits: hmm not exactly. You can identify types of opponent by looking at choices they make

Default avatar.png MSmits: such as, is this a chain-silencer?

Default avatar.png MSmits: or,does this person always use silence with distance 0

Default avatar.png MSmits: then you can adjust your bot based on that

Default avatar.png MSmits: that wont work for me in onitama though

Default avatar.png MSmits: games are too short, too little information

Uljahn: ah, i see

Nerchio: i swear i spent way too much time on doing basic board manipulation for bandas

Nerchio: xD

Nerchio: shame

Default avatar.png MaciejF: does anyone here use CGBenchmark or CGSpunk?

AntiSquid: yes

AntiSquid: cgspunk doesn't work anymore

AntiSquid: don't have time to help you with cgbenchmark i would ask someone else ... maybe even in #fr chat ?

Default avatar.png LoGos: Ok, thanks. I'll try to make it work

darkhorse64: Nerchio: bitboarding is key for bandas

Nerchio: its about efficiency or just easier board manipulation?

darkhorse64: Efficiency mostly. Once you get used to biboarding, it gets easy too but forget about readable code. Comments highly neededd

Nerchio: ok i will try without bitboards first i dont need to be #1 ;p

darkhorse64: my mcts #5 does purely random rollouts but it does many of them

Nerchio: hehe i just realised how input is given and it wont work for my system :D

Nerchio: i thought maybe opponent move is given or something

darkhorse64: You need to guess it :unamused:

Default avatar.png MSmits: I need to go back to bandas and do a early playout termination version

Default avatar.png MSmits: but too much else to do

Default avatar.png MSmits: btw darkhorse64 I had a new insight about Onitama or fitting constants in general

Default avatar.png MSmits: I was fitting a constant for threatening the opponents master. Trying with 0 (high winrate), trying with score 1000 (high winrate), but with 500 it is bad

Default avatar.png MSmits: So I was thinking, the constant obviously has multiple peaks. Maybe these correspond to different playing strategy

Default avatar.png MSmits: in one strategy you actively hunt for the opponents master, in the other strategy you do not (instead maybe try to take his shrine)

dbdr: can you graph the winrates?

Default avatar.png MSmits: this would explain why a half-way measure would be worse

dbdr: enough data?

Default avatar.png MSmits: I have enough games for each value, but only 3 values for now

Default avatar.png MSmits:

Default avatar.png MSmits: left and right dot have 400 games

Default avatar.png MSmits: middle has 240 games. I stopped it because it was so bad

dbdr: use 1500 to get more than 100% winrate ;)

Default avatar.png MSmits: lol

Default avatar.png MSmits: btw, the 0 version has this:

Default avatar.png MSmits:

Default avatar.png MSmits: the 1000 version has this:

Default avatar.png MSmits: 22:53:27,287 INFO Final results :

ALIM: Hello everyone! Could someone tell me why i dont have 100% success to a problem even though my code passes all testcases?

dbdr: destroying karlis o?

Default avatar.png MSmits: the 0 version destroys him yes

Default avatar.png MSmits: but also weak to tric tac

dbdr: ALIM there is a difference between testcases and validators

ALIM: But what can i do for that?

Default avatar.png MSmits: so basically it seems a bad idea to go after kar liso's master... maybe he defends it well

dbdr: it means your code does not work, in cases not tested by the main testcases

Default avatar.png MSmits: but this is just all theory. My main point is... there's a lot going on here

darkhorse64: Did you found an eval for bandas ?

ALIM: Could you help me with my code? I would highly appreciate that

dbdr: ALIM maybe the name of the validator can help you imagine what kind of situation does not work in

Default avatar.png MSmits: i havent tried yet, but all I can think of for bandas is, count you dudes and count the center dudes for more points

struct: Hi

Default avatar.png MSmits: maybe some way of estimating pushing possibilities

struct: MSmits what happened to yuor avatar?

Default avatar.png MSmits: problem is on your end i think struct

eulerscheZahl: i don'T see it either

eulerscheZahl: problem is on CG end

Default avatar.png MSmits: ah

dbdr: I don't see my own :D

ALIM: I dont know everything seems logical to me

eulerscheZahl: :D

dbdr: but I see MSmits

struct: This new editor seems better

dbdr: I think reload should fix it no?

Default avatar.png MSmits: i see all of you

struct: ctrl f5 did not work

ALIM: I have reloaded several times

Default avatar.png MSmits: :fire: I SEE YOU :fire:

eulerscheZahl: wow, they replaced the editor :o

struct: yes

struct: ctrl mouse wheel

struct: zooms

eulerscheZahl: with monaco

struct: nice

eulerscheZahl: just a few days ago someone said that monaco is way better but will probably never happen

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN having a red panties night

Default avatar.png AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the same specific challenge?

eulerscheZahl: was it recurs e? i'm not sure anymore

kamiathe: hi

MSmits: sounds like re curse

eulerscheZahl: dbdr push the chat logs

kamiathe: is there anyone who know angular 6 pls?

AntiSquid: wrong site to ask imo

AntiSquid: look up a more JS centric site

MSmits: stack overflow

AntiSquid: google for angular 6 tutorials

MSmits: or just stay here and forget about all that webstuff, here's where the fun is

AntiSquid: i think i stopped at angular 4, they were advertising it back then as the final and most sophisticated angular

MSmits: maybe they went downhill after

dbdr: somenody - recurs.e I think

kamiathe: ok thx

AntiSquid: kamiathe see freecodecamp

eulerscheZahl: i just spammed the editor with many lines, still scrolling fine. the old editor got laggy somewhere around 1.5k lines

AntiSquid: they have a live chat server too

MSmits: eulerscheZahl I could kill it by pasting an opening book :P

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: how did you submit it?

eulerscheZahl: your new hotkeys

MSmits: it stayed, I just had to reload the ide

MSmits: not sure where it hanged, maybe i was able to use play to save it

dbdr: eulerscheZahl pushed :)

eulerscheZahl: thanks

eulerscheZahl: reCurse: Just switch to monaco

eulerscheZahl: and my profile pic is broken in your logs

MSmits: is it monaco or monaca?

AntiSquid: your link calls it monaca

dbdr: there's also a hit in Fr channel about rich people living in Monaco :D

struct: Its Monaco

MSmits: now I'm getting confused

AntiSquid: go to that website and argue with those people then


AntiSquid: official docs ... :/

MSmits: maybe these are not the same ?

eulerscheZahl: <div class="monaco-editor" in the HTML

eulerscheZahl: maybe i linked the wrong docs?

MSmits: if you dont know the name of your own product, I thihk you have a bug

struct: "The Monaca Cloud IDE uses Monaco editor."

eulerscheZahl: that explains why ctrl+comma for font size didn't work :D

AntiSquid: it has a diff editor ??

MSmits: ok so monaca uses monaco

MSmits: all we need now is someone named Monica saying that

struct: omfg

Astrobytes: Monica uses monaco for monads

struct: right click editor

struct: or press F1

eulerscheZahl: woohoo

AntiSquid: damn UTG is ridiculously random, completely forgot how bad it is in that regard

MSmits: ow, I learned something new in my AI class!

MSmits: did not think i was going to, in my boundless arrogance

AntiSquid: MSmits

MSmits: they have a topic of knowledge, which deals with logic and how to combine several logical "sentences" and simplify the logic for an AI

MSmits: thanks (?) AntiSquid

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: which page do you see your avatar broken? works for me

AntiSquid: thought you'd be interested in the monica song

dbdr: both old and new


eulerscheZahl: your avatar too

AntiSquid: i see MSmits' avatar as broken


MSmits: yes i know you want me to use that cartoonish einstein

MSmits: you've made that clear

AntiSquid: all shows up correcytly on thatspdns page though

struct: cg fault

Astrobytes: Propositional logic MSmits?

MSmits: yeah and first order logic


AntiSquid: MSmits no, it wouldn't work either way

Astrobytes: You'll enjoy that, it's good

AntiSquid: the chat isn't displaying avatars correctly some times

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Wow, python3 both at the top of CSB

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: just noticed :D

MSmits: it is, I saw the lecture and now need to complete an assignment

eulerscheZahl: WINWINWIN it's a C++ bot

dbdr: eulerscheZahl mine is broken indeed, yours is there for me

eulerscheZahl: with python as a wrapper for the neural network

MSmits: well two actually, i am working ahead, these are harvard lectures and they provide two, not sure which one my teacher will pick so i'll do both

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Ohh :)

eulerscheZahl: has better compression


eulerscheZahl: dbdr i guess mine is cached as i changed it recently?

Astrobytes: Argh, that CS50 guy

dbdr: I need to remember what I do :D

MSmits: you dont like him?

AntiSquid: MSmits

Astrobytes: I find him *intensely* annoying

dbdr: I think it should work, but only if my script runs while the avatar is still available

AntiSquid: i done the CS50 thingy, it felt extremely useless

MSmits: lol.. I think he is a bit annoying, but the flow of the lecture i sgood

MSmits: AntiSquid yeah if you know a lot already then it is. did you also do the assignments?

eulerscheZahl: that's one way to make sure that no avatars get lost :rofl:

dbdr: oh, this is old logs

AntiSquid: uhm i did it years ago MSmits

Astrobytes: At least you got a lecture, when I studied that I had a textbook and an email address if I had any questions lol

dbdr: the new ones work differently, but I have not regenerated the old ones

eulerscheZahl: i see

MSmits: hehe, well the first lecture about search told me nothing new, but the knowledge lecture was interesting

MSmits: I'll point my classmates (5 of them) to CG

eulerscheZahl: are they as crazily dedicated as you?

MSmits: doubt it

eulerscheZahl: let's call it passionate

dbdr: new system uses

MSmits: both work

dbdr: won't disappear :)

dbdr: until my server dies ;)

AntiSquid: i done a bunch of courses on this site: i see they changed layout and have new courses, but from what i remember it's all very superficial

eulerscheZahl: but that's fine, we need no avatars without chatlogs

MSmits: of course, this is what you do before you go into CS at Harvard

MSmits: it's introductory

AntiSquid: superficial stuff?

MSmits: yes

AntiSquid: then i rather skip it

dbdr: true, it's just candy. might fun nice to see people's old avatars though

MSmits: well I need the study credit so i cant. Besides, when you like a subject enough it doesnt matter

MSmits: it's like watching a movie you have already seen

MSmits: you'll still enjoy it

MSmits: if it's good enough ofc

AntiSquid: no i wouldn't

AntiSquid: sorry, but very difficult to rewatch stuff :/

MSmits: ahh ok, but you eat food you like a second time

MSmits: even when it tastes the same

AntiSquid: it never tasts as good as the first time :p

MSmits: depends on the food, sometimes it's bad the first time and it gets better

MSmits: but i will not argue food with a chef

AntiSquid: why? there's no expert when every single person is different

AntiSquid: can't please everyone

MSmits: mmh ok, that's true, but I live off nutrient shakes, I think we can establish objectively that you are right in any discussion by definition

AntiSquid: anyway, i think you can learn more if you follow your own route

MSmits: I agree

MSmits: but no study credits for that

Astrobytes: AntiSquid I keep going back to that stupid fking puzzle

AntiSquid: which one of them?

Astrobytes: lol, this morning's one, Breach

AntiSquid: ah

AntiSquid: so did you guess anything new?

Astrobytes: No I got the first one

Astrobytes: Everything I tried for the second is wrong

AntiSquid: ya i stopped at the upper case lower case string

Astrobytes: Moving on to the third one

AntiSquid: i didn't try character to int

struct: Whats the puzzle about?

AntiSquid: about how good of a guesser you can be

MSmits: sounds like bulls and cows

AntiSquid: no, that requires some brain cells

MSmits: aha

Astrobytes: This is just annoying

AntiSquid: i mean in bulls and cows it's not purely guessing

AntiSquid: you know what your goal is, you kinda have an idea how to reach the goal

eulerscheZahl: breach: input: DEFgHI find the output

eulerscheZahl: no context given what it's about

Astrobytes: You just fumble your way through

MSmits: who approved it?


eulerscheZahl: one of them is here right now :P

MSmits: ah I see

Astrobytes: These sort of puzzles are fine in the CTF format, but imo not suited to a puzzle, not in the way it is currently

Astrobytes: *CG puzzle

MSmits: someone could change the statement

eulerscheZahl: no

AntiSquid: oh Uljahn at 20% he prolly figured out the char thingy

eulerscheZahl: SDK contribution. and private source

MSmits: oh

MSmits: I see, viewer

eulerscheZahl: btw thibaud asked me about your langton bug report if we tried to update the game, sent him the screenshot that i can't update it

MSmits: cool

dbdr: any complaints?

eulerscheZahl: was a little late in my reply as i was "in the office"

AntiSquid: too many, don't want to flood the chat dbdr

MSmits: you mean the same room you are in right now, but with office hat on

dbdr: breach is too hard for you? ;)

AntiSquid: LOL

eulerscheZahl: with office PC connected to my monitor

AntiSquid: has nothing to do with difficulty

MSmits: ah I see

Default avatar.png wlesavo: "in the office" somehow sounds like in a toilet

AntiSquid: should be in a Guess category

MSmits: wlesavo we dont all drop out turds in our cubicle

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: no context, that's the spirit of the puzzle. think like a hacker

eulerscheZahl: i know that that's what the puzzle is about

eulerscheZahl: tried converting to binary

Default avatar.png MartijnH: <-- Breach 100%

eulerscheZahl: (reading as binary i mean)

Astrobytes: Yeah, and I like those kind of problems, but in the context of this as a CG puzzle it feels clunky and awkward

eulerscheZahl: and there were ascii art numbers. was to lazy to parse them

eulerscheZahl: i'm all for breaking the rules to add something unique

AntiSquid: i can spend time and guess it all, but what's the point? might as well play lottery and analyze lottery draws, but analyzing lottery draws feels less pointless

MSmits: how about the reverse engineering puzzle

eulerscheZahl: like "you can do everything online on the CG website" and then came number shifting

dbdr: yes, that was cool

dbdr: extending the scope of what's possible

Default avatar.png Sasetesus: pizzapasta

dbdr: *known to be possible :)

Default avatar.png Sasetesus: mandolino

Default avatar.png MartijnH: Anyway.. if you want some hints on Breach.. send me a pm

AntiSquid: how to ignore it without use of adblocker ?

Astrobytes: lol

dbdr: eulerscheZahl we are good at filling the board while staying at 0 gold :D

eulerscheZahl: something seems wrong with my endgame detection

eulerscheZahl: wanted to harvest at some point

Default avatar.png joeltonyf: Missed Ocean of Code :( how was it?

Quidome: thrilling

Nerchio: ooc was gooood

Default avatar.png joeltonyf: Level of competition very high as it was a month long contest?

Nerchio: i got to legend so not sure about high haha

Default avatar.png joeltonyf: :)

Default avatar.png thomasyuyu: fi

Celal: how can l delete this chat from right absolutely? l want delete absolutely this

Default avatar.png JBM: you want to delete us?

Default avatar.png JBM: nice

ZarthaxX: savage

Astrobytes: Press the arrow, or append ?disableChat to the url

Astrobytes: And good day to you too, sir.

AntiSquid: for a really ferocious way of deleting the chat, install adblock plus origin, minimize this chat and right click on the chat bar and then block element, repeat the right click and block until there's nothing left of the chat bar space

AntiSquid: Celal

Astrobytes: Or just hit that big X in the corner

Astrobytes: Got 2 more btw AntiSquid

AntiSquid: i guess you can request a ban before doing that? maybe that helps Celal ?

AntiSquid: 2 more what Astrobytes ?

Astrobytes: Test cases solved

AntiSquid: lol ... i am trying to fix my UTG

AntiSquid: did you solve the 2nd one ?

Astrobytes: I still can't bear to look at that

Astrobytes: UTG that is

AntiSquid: why do you do it then?

Astrobytes: No, 3rd and 4th

AntiSquid: CR / cystal rush

Astrobytes: Yeah yeah, whatever you wanna call it I still can't face it

AntiSquid: i missread your msg, thought you wrote what is UTG

AntiSquid: it's very random indeed, you need a much stronger bot than the average user to progress otherwise you won't feel any sense of progression

AntiSquid: or rather moreprecise bot

Celal: this chat part hinter me to move my coding part

AntiSquid: i told you how to do it

Astrobytes: So did I

AntiSquid: can you read Celal ?

Celal: l know english not perfekt:innocent:

AntiSquid: ok

Astrobytes: You can hide the chat Celal, the white arrow below

AntiSquid: click the > arrow at the bottom of the chat

Celal: but arrow stay here , for open chat to right

Uljahn: that's more a triangle btw :smirk:

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: celal

Astrobytes: OK, to disable it: add ?disableChat at the end of the URL

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: hey dude how r u

Astrobytes: Details Uljahn, details :P

Uljahn: .chat-wrapper {display: None!important} works for me too

AntiSquid: DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7 translate to him to install adblock plus and block the chat element on the website

Uljahn: also that 3rd testcase in breach made me laugh

Astrobytes: I wasn't laughing

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: celal qaqa deyir adblock yukle

Astrobytes: I figured it out from testcase 4

Uljahn: me too

Astrobytes: :)

AntiSquid: i regret mentioning breach in chat lol

Celal: AntiSquid l won't install that program:grin::joy:

Uljahn: why

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: what are you talking about guys

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: why does he have to install it

Celal: DarkCubeVon ne uzun adin var ay qa

Uljahn: it's nice for those clever cats who can't code

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: ayga tezeyeme hele sdsd

AntiSquid: DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7 he wants to delete the chat from his view lol

AntiSquid: i offered a possibility

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: Baki muhendislikde oxuyuram mende

AntiSquid: tell him to write ?disableChat=true at the end of the URL in his browser

AntiSquid: we are just being helpful DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7

Uljahn: just deal with the chat then :slight_smile:

Celal: ehtiyat tanisim deyilsenki?:joy:

Astrobytes: you don't even need the =true

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: Anti Squid he understands you. if he wants it he'll solve it

AntiSquid: then why the fuck does he nag us about it DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7 ? he asked us for help

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: necenci kursda oxuyursan

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: yoxsa qutarmisan

Celal: 2ci kurs

Celal: sen?

Astrobytes: squid gets my vote for Moderator of the Year

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: AntiSquid i dont know man

AntiSquid: and why does he only understand after you told him a second time?

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: men 1 ci kurs

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: Etibar mlm bize kecir dersi jsdjsjd

Uljahn: also you can delete your account, and start anew, then there is no chat until you're level2 or 3 :smiley:

Celal: Cefer menle mezelenirsen bayaqdan:joy:

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: AntiSquid dude i dont know him

AntiSquid: ya sorry to bother you DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: Celal gaga cefer zad doleme sehv anladin

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: AntiSquid no problem

AntiSquid: and thanks for your help

Celal: AntiSquid thanks for your kindness

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: +

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: was just trying to get rid of you Celal

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: Celal IT de oxuyursan yoxsa komp muhendisliyinde

Celal: Komp muhendisliyi sende komp olmalisan Etibar Legend kecirse dersi

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: heri

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: Eti kecir bizede

AntiSquid: google translate: Celal 04:39 PM If you have a computer engineering course, you should be a computer

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: wth

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: :smiley:

Celal: Foundationla birge ders kecirsizse proqramminq nece kecirsiz?

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: foundation qutarib uje

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: 5 ay filan oldu

Celal: Antisquid l have computer))

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: AntiSquid what's your name

AntiSquid: just call me Sir

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: mene tip verinde bu C de neter inkisaf eliyim

Default avatar.png zj5121: ,i,l

Default avatar.png zj5121: 65

Default avatar.png zj5121: 788888888888787878j vhry78uy7hn

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: sir can you give me some advice . how can i improve my skill on C language

AntiSquid: i use C once in a blue moon, so probably not

Astrobytes: Practice.

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: sorry?

AntiSquid: i rarely use it

Astrobytes: For instance, solving puzzles on here using C, to improve your skills

AntiSquid: use stackoverflow or google to find answers to your C based questions

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: Thank you Astrobytes, thank you AntiSquid

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: yes thats a good idea

AntiSquid: DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7

AntiSquid: i like that site

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: i know another one tutorials point

AntiSquid: and tutorialzine

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: i want to know is there other sites like this

AntiSquid: like codingame ?

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: yes

AntiSquid: yes a lot of them

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: aha

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: can you share with me

Celal: How site is hackerrank? is it a good site?

Celal: it is so hard

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: bize ff veribe ordan isdemek olmur

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: he cetindi

AntiSquid: i share what i find on google

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: exactly



Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: thank you so much sir. God bless you

AntiSquid: which one of the gods?

AntiSquid: i am picky on which diety is allowed to bless me

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: the god is one :)

AntiSquid: i accept one's blessing then

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: i call him as a muslim Allah

Durkin: damn, I really hoping it'd be more zeus vibes

AntiSquid: i am not religious

Default avatar.png DarkCubeVonKirschenwald_2da7: i respect

AntiSquid: for breach 3 and 4 are chemistry tables ? :/

Astrobytes: :tada:

AntiSquid: seriously?

Astrobytes: :zipper_mouth:

AntiSquid: lol they are ...

eulerscheZahl: SPOILER

Uljahn: ban

AntiSquid: retarded puzzle

AntiSquid: it's just guess work

eulerscheZahl: and now: guess why i stopped

Astrobytes: I don't mind the puzzles themselves, but as I said, it seriously does not suit this format

AntiSquid: i only looked at the input because people were talking about it

AntiSquid: and i still remember chemical symbols from school ... but someone with no interest in chemistry would struggle

AntiSquid: the general gist i got from first looking at the puzzle was some CTF related stuff

Astrobytes: Which would be fine if we were in a CTF environment.

Astrobytes: I'm half expecting a steganography testcase where I need to output a full jpeg or something by hand

eulerscheZahl: there is your stegano image:

eulerscheZahl: Challenge 'Filtration Residue' [Crypto]

Astrobytes: I've not been on that site in years, forgotten my details and was with an old email. Might have to re-register, does everything still work?

AntiSquid: doubt it wil lget that exciting, #5 is obviously reverse ascii art :D

eulerscheZahl: a few parts are broken now :(

eulerscheZahl: using legacy technology such as java applets, good luck playing that in your browser

eulerscheZahl: and the forum was dead for a while, seems to be up again

Astrobytes: Ah, shame. Maybe they'll update it one day

AntiSquid: close to figuring #2 out, i bet it's something really lame

AntiSquid: Standard Error Stream:

Astrobytes: I'm close on #6

eulerscheZahl: oh, you solved the ss_f one :o

AntiSquid: did you notice the letters are just a portion of the alpabet ?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: hm, i have an idea...

dbdr: seems you guys love to hate it :)

eulerscheZahl: this was stupid

eulerscheZahl: and the ss_f code solved rs_f too? not sure if i got lucky or if it is the same

alvanrahimli: Hi! Can you suggest some problems to solve for beginners?

dbdr: alvanrahimli there is an "easy" section in puzzles


alvanrahimli: oh thanks, i couln't find that section.

alvanrahimli: <3 <3

Nerchio: lol

Astrobytes: Ah yeah I s ee the ss_f one now

icecream17: oh that puzzle is amazing

AntiSquid: what? which one?

icecream17: Breach


AntiSquid: Astrobytes did you solve #2? think of the dumbest and easiest solution

AntiSquid: icecream17 we were just talking about how stupid it is

Astrobytes: wtf it's the same shit

AntiSquid: same shit as what?

icecream17: It was really hard for me to figure out 1 and 2, but I did it! I don't understand 3 yet though

Astrobytes: AntiSquid the same method to solve rs_f

AntiSquid: lol see what i meant when i said earlier it's dumb?

Astrobytes: Yuuup

AntiSquid: #3 #4 are easy depending on personal preferences IceDemonOfDeath_cdf4

AntiSquid: icecream17

icecream17: I'm gonna try the ascii/unicode for gs_m...

AntiSquid: rs_f isn't solve for me :/

icecream17: Just [redacted]. Really easy

AntiSquid: ah , i didn't add the elif rs_f yet

Astrobytes: that would explain it ;)

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: seriously

icecream17: btw, Did the IDE font change for js?

Astrobytes: No. The IDE changed.

AntiSquid: for everything

AntiSquid: icecream17 tell me the input for #3 or #4 and i can tell you what it is

icecream17: Standard Error Stream: [ 'gs_m: Unauthorized', 'Need Symbol: 114' ]

icecream17: don't me though

icecream17: don't tell

AntiSquid: ok should i describe it?

eulerscheZahl: Fl

eulerscheZahl: that's the answer

icecream17: I'm guessing String.fromCharCode(code)

AntiSquid: it's super heavy

eulerscheZahl: :D

Uljahn: just running test 4 several times gives enough hints

AntiSquid: and artificial

eulerscheZahl: probably won't last long

AntiSquid: but it was my first thought when running #3, i was thinking it can't be that! it can't be that would be ...

eulerscheZahl: 3 and 4 are reverse to each other

eulerscheZahl: oh, was mentioned before

icecream17: Augh, what could it be? So not ascii/unicode...

Astrobytes: Look at 4

icecream17: "In" is it the....

icecream17: crevbqvp gnoyr? (rot13)

icecream17: Va = Vaqvhz Lrnu, V xabj zl ryrzragf

Astrobytes: :zipper_mouth:

icecream17: First try =D

AntiSquid: which one is that?

AntiSquid: #5 ? #7 ?

Astrobytes: 4

AntiSquid: ah lol

AntiSquid: icecream17 heavy spoiler to the entire puzzle: don't overthink, instead of expecting much, expect very little of it

eulerscheZahl: yeah you got it icecream17

eulerscheZahl: have fun finding a copy-paste ready table or typing it yourself

icecream17: Wow. This expert puzzle is harder than some easy puzzles....

AntiSquid: please

Astrobytes: I found a table separated by tabs and spaces, then just find/replaced into a nice format

AntiSquid: when i was in school the bottom ones where called something else

Astrobytes: Lots of changes over the years

AntiSquid: ununquadium for example

Astrobytes: Yeah, they finally found some names

icecream17: Tennessine, Oganesson. [Dysprosium, Oxygen]

eulerscheZahl: i still have a physical version from my days back in school stops at 111 (112 is there but without a name)

AntiSquid: the real challenge is space maze obv, only 3 people solved it wtf ?

AntiSquid: need to do that at some point

eulerscheZahl: we should move it to the easy section so more people try it. then the solver count can go up :thinking:

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: Has it been PotW yet?

eulerscheZahl: i don't think so

AntiSquid: potw ?

eulerscheZahl: puzzle of the week

AntiSquid: ah

eulerscheZahl: took me some guesswork and to get it

Astrobytes: lol, sorry for the confusion

AntiSquid: instantly started thinking of corona patients

mark7: my first line in javascript code is "r=readline" it gives error "r is not defined why??"

eulerscheZahl: var r?

eulerscheZahl: nah, should do without

mark7: it normally works

mark7: I dont know why its not working in power of thor

Astrobytes: Paste your code here mark7

eulerscheZahl: oh, you are the one who invited me to clash of code an hour ago


mark7: eulerscheZahl yer

mark7: yes*

Astrobytes: readline() ?

eulerscheZahl: then i will not open this code

mark7: eulerscheZahl you can open,

eulerscheZahl: now, i'm mad

mark7: Astrobytes that calls the function i want to create refernce to that function

mark7: eulerscheZahl why?

AntiSquid: you could even drop the var

Astrobytes: oh you're codegolfing

AntiSquid: no idea though mark7, ask on discord

mark7: AntiSquid I got it

struct: Thor never goes North

mark7: Bcoz i used that array to variable thing in next line with brackets it was not working

mark7: just adding ';' at the end worked

mark7: struct ?

struct: You are doing the thor puzzle right?

mark7: yes

struct: he never needs to go north

mark7: thanks...

Uljahn: could inviting people to clash be considered a form of harassment? :thinking:

Default avatar.png JBM: certainly

struct: I just cant undersand why there is no option to disable it

eulerscheZahl: and i don't have to be informed every time someone decides to follow me

eulerscheZahl: my last pings, most recent first: CFSFPPFCFCCCWFFFFSFFSSSFFSFWFFFFPFSFWLF...

eulerscheZahl: c=clash, f=follow, s=solution comment, w=puzzle of the week

struct: If I unfollow and follow back, does it ping again?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: but not the unfollow

struct: stil

eulerscheZahl: did it work?

struct: yes

Default avatar.png JBM: people comment solutions?

eulerscheZahl: 3 times?

struct: only pinged 1 time

struct: and only 1 notification

eulerscheZahl: i combined solution comments with comments on comments

eulerscheZahl: as C was taken for CoC

eulerscheZahl: so when i comment on a pending puzzle...

AntiSquid: - ss_con: series, state machine, 1

what format does it require for output :/

Default avatar.png LoGos: Hi eulerscheZahl. Could I ask you which algorithm are you using in Bandas?

eulerscheZahl: monte carlo tree search

Default avatar.png LoGos: me too

eulerscheZahl: others above me do the same but with higher rollout count

eulerscheZahl: some might be minimax

eulerscheZahl: robo has a neural network i think

Default avatar.png LoGos: I just submitted pure mcts and I am just behind you

Default avatar.png LoGos: that sounds nice

AntiSquid: nvm

eulerscheZahl: almost like we had the same idea :D

Default avatar.png LoGos: yeah :laughing:

eulerscheZahl: are you using bitboards?

Default avatar.png LoGos: yes. Bitsets in c++ to be specific

Default avatar.png LoGos: Its easier to start with

eulerscheZahl: i see. again a similarity

Default avatar.png LoGos: Heh. Bandas is such a nice contest to use bitboards

Default avatar.png LoGos: you can do every move with it

eulerscheZahl: i still need a few cycles for one pushing action

eulerscheZahl: when you push many opponents with a single one of your units

Default avatar.png LoGos: same

KobeL: Streaming clash of code over at:


Astrobytes: Output is just one char AntiSquid

AntiSquid: but it says: ss_con: series, state machine, 1

Astrobytes: the 1 is the char count

AntiSquid: so i expect to do a series of outputs :/

Astrobytes: It's the worst statement ever

Astrobytes: Well, it's up there

struct: Yavalath has the worst statement ever

AntiSquid: wait did you solve #6 or not Astrobytes

Astrobytes: No not yet, just come back to it after a break

AntiSquid: maybe one day we have a contest like this ?

AntiSquid: *what a brilliant idea*

struct: I wish they really added timebank :(

Uljahn: AntiSquid: like reverse engineering UTG rules by leaked replays?

eulerscheZahl: or reverse engineering the fantastic bits game engine because the referee wasn't public? :D

AntiSquid: no, something more like breach input is a and you need to output A or b based on other random characters!

struct: So long since I used SDK

struct: First time I see a thing that looks like an ad on CG

AntiSquid: what ad ?


AntiSquid: good it's not a CoC advert?

eulerscheZahl: they are advertising the contest on

eulerscheZahl: and that playground is actually embedded from there

struct: Yeah

struct: Their yuotube video has a few amount of views

struct: 8.4k

eulerscheZahl: not bad

eulerscheZahl: curious about the prizes. might even be a little bigger considering the advertising

AntiSquid: for #6 i think i also need to make the dots green but no idea what exactly i need to look for

Astrobytes: yes AntiSquid, I'm trying a few things rn along those lines

Astrobytes: Well, inbetween my internet cutting out that is

Nerchio: my minmax in bandas is so dumb xD

Illedan: Same eulerscheZahl. Might be the difference between me taking 1 or 3 days off work :P

AntiSquid: well the design is exactly the same as Namco for the pacman they took down, interesting coincidence right? maybe it's sponsored by Namco

struct: Should be announced soon

AntiSquid: if it is big

eulerscheZahl: Illedan why not both?

AntiSquid: Namco Ltd. was a Japanese developer and publisher o

AntiSquid: was nvm

eulerscheZahl: and 2 as well, it's between the other two options

AntiSquid: is it this one?

AntiSquid: if that's the sponsor everyone should change to anime avatar in the spirit of the contest

AntiSquid: there's this pacman contest there:

Nerchio: my minmax was broke i was calling max from a max xD

jacek: aww

Nerchio: now it clearly can see its going to lose ;)

AntiSquid: looks pretty:

Illedan: So 4 days? :P

Illedan: Might as well do all 5 days then ^^

Nerchio: so bandas is not a balanced game right? you might be lost since the start

struct: What is written bellow arcade?


jacek: so is onitama. they both start quite randomly

AntiSquid: bracket

struct: ty

AntiSquid: where did you get that from


Nerchio: lol illedan

Nerchio: 2v10


struct: Interesting the title says (2)

struct: Does it mean there are 2 more?

AntiSquid: it's pacman 2, that's it i think, a very loud game

AntiSquid: bomb jumps woot

AntiSquid: ya completely different from regular pacman

AntiSquid: ghost train lmao

Nerchio: you guys found the challenge?

struct: Im just wondering how 1vs1 pacman works

AntiSquid: uhm, i am just guessing

eulerscheZahl: if we would find it, we wouldn't tell it here but report it

eulerscheZahl: except for Benjamin, he shares replays

AntiSquid: guessing the sponsor is bandainamco since the offer pacman 2 for free atm on steam and they have a contest around the same time

AntiSquid: and pacman 2 has crazy new rules

AntiSquid: but there are no powerups like in the cover image

AntiSquid: so hard to tell exact contest

AntiSquid: maybe they troll us with the cover and it's something else

struct: Risk move

AntiSquid: well then some of my guesses have to be true

AntiSquid: seems like pacman 2 has some sort of velocity, MadKnight are you in?

Nerchio: noooooooooo no velocity pls

aCat: :cry_cat:

aCat: no physics please

struct: So long since a physics game

Uljahn: physics yes!

struct: But it probably wont be

struct: most likely

Astrobytes: BR2K was fun! Can't see them doing a physics one tho

eulerscheZahl: does code royale count as physics?

Astrobytes: Needless physics perhaps :smirk:

AntiSquid: you should play the game, it's really cool

Astrobytes: Code Royale?

AntiSquid: the ghost train btw:

AntiSquid: that's just pacman 2 from steam btw .

Uljahn: at first i thought about training ghost to fight by your side

AntiSquid: lol like pokemans

Astrobytes: 5 players and you swap roles

hozayfeh: Hello

Astrobytes: Hi

struct: It must be championship edition 2

struct: Its free until 10 may

eulerscheZahl: matches with the contest start

eulerscheZahl: the cg contest got delayed...

eulerscheZahl: was that game delayed too?

struct: idk

struct: But contest delay was long ago

Astrobytes: Hard to make a connection since it's the PacMan anniversary anyway

AntiSquid: really cool game though, you need to play it

VadimRusakov: Hello guys! I'm newcomer on this site. Can anyone give me advice, which bot is good to start? I just wanna check, how all it works, not wanna spend all my free time. Thx!

eulerscheZahl: OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required) i don't think so

eulerscheZahl: if you like simple rules, try

Nerchio: give him something interesting please

Nerchio: xD

aCat: Ultimate TTT ?

eulerscheZahl: code of ice and fire is a good compromise between simple and interesting i think

aCat: really>

stacked: how do i just use a text editor instead of a full-blown IDE

aCat: it's overcomplicated for me

eulerscheZahl: mean max is you want a complicated physics engine

Astrobytes: LoCaM :smirk:

stacked: i jsut want text

aCat: Codebusters - always ;-)

eulerscheZahl: fog of war :scream:

aCat: but you don't care

Astrobytes: Vindinium?

eulerscheZahl: so many, just take one of them :D

VadimRusakov: O'k, thanks! (saved)

AntiSquid: imo this is simple, just if-else :

Astrobytes: Just try each one until you find something you like VadimRusakov :)

AntiSquid: other simple interesting: VadimRusakov

aCat: Eventually say what type of programming do you like - or even better - read the rules of the few ones and see what suits you best

aCat: damn - noone mentioned Tron oO

eulerscheZahl: or watch replays

AntiSquid: ya Astrobytes gave best advice, nobody can decide for you what you like

Astrobytes: You did aCat :P

aCat: yes - replays may be even better

aCat: ^^'

aCat: for physics Quiddich may be more fun than madmax

Astrobytes: aka Fantastic Bits

aCat: :* this cat thanks you

Astrobytes: Your a wizard aCat :P

Astrobytes: *You're

Astrobytes: Are you gonna make a game soon aCat?

aCat: btw what was the name for this full graphics puzzle?

aCat: maybe a game, maybe a puzzle but with graphics

Astrobytes: Cool

aCat: what I really want to do is a full-fledged contest

aCat: not a middlesteps ;]

Astrobytes: As long as you prepare and organise everything CG will do it

Astrobytes: So they said, at least

aCat: yeah, so I need a team ;p

Astrobytes: Ask for volunteers/contributers/testers

aCat: Will do

Astrobytes: Maybe post on the Discord and forum

aCat: after I will remind myself SDK, survive contest, and a few deadlines ;p

Astrobytes: Hehe, busy schedule eh :)

aCat: yeah

aCat: Had 5 papers to review for CoG ;p

AntiSquid: acat create duel disks with holograms like in yugioh anime lol

Astrobytes: Only 5 :P Nice

aCat: only

Astrobytes: :D

aCat: damn you bad human beaing

aCat: worst

aCat: they were mostly not good quality ;/

Astrobytes: I was just gonna ask, were they good lol

Astrobytes: Painful experience then

aCat: one was nice, one informative but not much of their own contribution

aCat: rest bleh

Astrobytes: 1/5 is OK. Have you read any scientific journals recently? :P So much crap.

aCat: except the things I was reviewing ;p

aCat: probably not xD

aCat: I should have to catch up on some bunch of papers

aCat: Not ask Radek to read them for me :D

Astrobytes: :D

aCat: (lazy cat)

Astrobytes: Nothing wrong with that :)

Nerchio: unleash the geek was so popular because it was sponsored?

Astrobytes: There was a big prize iirc Nerchio

struct: I can help if you want

Astrobytes: That and it was easy to get started

struct: I still think I remember a few things about sdk

Nerchio: i mean i didnt play but it looks cool

Nerchio: lots of people played too

struct: The only reason I dont use SDK a lot is lack of ideas

Uljahn: there was a private hackathon prior to contest

Nerchio: 7500 contestants and only 90ppl in legend ;o

AntiSquid: oh yeah UTG had good prizes :o

AntiSquid: lol Nerchio that's number of people signed up

aCat: I have nooo problem with ideas ;p

Nerchio: antisquid i know but comparatively to ooc its still small number

AntiSquid: number of arena bots is lower

AntiSquid: and number of people that don't quit in wood / bronze even lower

Nerchio: 2300 ooc / 64 legend

AntiSquid: code a la mode had a humongous legend

Nerchio: and this is like 7500/90

Uljahn: ah those numbers, reminds me of D voting support

Nerchio: i need to try some multiagent game too :p

struct: Still hardest legend to this day

struct: Is bit runner

AntiSquid: botters Nerchio

Uljahn: uttt in python

Nerchio: bit runner is a team game ? what

struct: no

struct: 1vs1

AntiSquid: there are no real team games

struct: Code a la mode is coop

Nerchio: bit runner 2048 by illedan

Nerchio: ah ok was just confusing to look at since 1 guy has 2 colors and the other one the same

Nerchio: im not sure if a 'team game' would be cool or a nightmare

Nerchio: so you get paired with another random bot to 2v2

Nerchio: not really pre-picked teams

struct: Some people would not like it

Astrobytes: Ooof trictrac top in TaD with 43.05 points!

struct: I guess he started using search

Astrobytes: Yes he switched to a minimax the other day

Astrobytes: Are you playing anything atm struct?

struct: no

Astrobytes: Feeling uninspired?

struct: Waiting for contest

Astrobytes: *Waiting for last day of contest :P

struct: I just hope Ill enjoy the contest

Astrobytes: Yeah, you didn't like OOC right. What kind of contest (other than physics-based) would you prefer?

struct: I dont really now, sometime I just struggle with some stuff, I keep trying to do the complicated stuff first

struct: And lose motivation

Astrobytes: Seems you need to stop doing that then

Astrobytes: And work iteratively

aCat: yeah... iteration one - rewrite the game engine ^^'

struct: Probably what I have to do for Yinsh

struct: :(

Astrobytes: Yeah but the point was, optimise after you have something working

struct: My steps step1: write one line step2: optimize it

Astrobytes: That's why you keep getting bogged down and stuck :shrug:

struct: true

Uljahn: my steps: optimize it. no code, just headache

Uljahn: any clues on #6 breach?

Astrobytes: meta-optimisation

Astrobytes: I still haven't got it Uljahn, I'll go back to it tomorrow

Uljahn: the last unsolved

Astrobytes: Well played

RoboStac: which ones 6?

Uljahn: literal lock

RoboStac: oh, that one

Astrobytes: It seems to make sense, then it doesn't

Uljahn: or you mean the breach puzzle :confused:

RoboStac: what have you tried for it so far?

Astrobytes: Trying to get the first colour G, removing all the reds, getting the second colour (the dots I presume) green

Astrobytes: I'm guessing the lowercase ones must be all the same but not so sure for the uppercase ones

RoboStac: the case isn't relevant at all, it's just to allow more colour codes

Oioi: Hi. Did someone do the winamax challenge ?

Astrobytes: By lowercase I'm referring to the second colour in each term of the sequence

Uljahn: second color is often r but sometimes g

Astrobytes: Yes, and the g seems to fit btu not always

Astrobytes: In terms of lighting up the dots

Astrobytes: I gave myself a headache with this earlier

RoboStac: it sounds like you've found everything you need to

Uljahn: also that VO, if V is violet what is O

Astrobytes: OK, I'll revisit it tomorrow with a clearer head ;)

Uljahn: me too

Uljahn: the morning is wiser than the evening as they say here

RoboStac: the O is just an O at the end to signal its open I think (it's not relevant in anyway)

Uljahn: thx

Astrobytes: yeah cheers Robo :+1:

RoboStac: if you get stuck theres a massive hint for that one on the forum too

Uljahn: ouch

Astrobytes: meh, I'd prefer not to :D

Uljahn: ah, there are turns in state machine

Uljahn: jeez

Astrobytes: That was messing me up earlier, that's why I stopped

Uljahn: also i never watched replays, big mistake

AntiSquid: so i was right, there are bloody turns

Uljahn: "you are only expected to output a single character per turn on ss_con" - why don't just put it in the statement

Default avatar.png virgo: Hi

Astrobytes: I figured that out from gs_m Uljahn

Default avatar.png virgo: I've joined today there, and seems great!

Astrobytes: Well, it was a guess that the digit meant the length of char output

AntiSquid: it's all my fault, i advertised that puzzle in the chat :'(

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: Where did you see that statement Uljahn?

Uljahn: discussion tab

struct: Whats next, stenography puzzles?

Astrobytes: Ach you fairy, trying to do it with no forum hints :D

Uljahn: sorry

AntiSquid: ECG prediction puzzle

Uljahn: gn then :)

Astrobytes: yeah I mentioned that earlier struct lol

Astrobytes: I'll forgive you this time Uljahn ;)

Astrobytes: gn

stacked: i lost the room chat

stacked: rip

stacked: :no_mouth:

Nerchio: ?