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tekki: AutomatonNN tell me a fake news please

AutomatonNN: I used a bot for that song

tekki: who's next AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the code?

tekki: no bug in code AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: hey guys for the replay

tekki: someone here AUtomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: why do you need the red player and the bots are still a planet?

tekki: who is red player AUtomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: even i can get it anyway

tekki: next contest AUtomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: 5

tekki: ok thx AUtomatonNN

AutomatonNN: so after i change my code and then it's easy to predict him to see it as input

tekki: go on dude but be fair enough

tekki: AutomatonNN still here to protect us?

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the code and see what the boss would have to do to try it and se

tekki: what would you do AUtomatonNN if you were god?

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the code and more than 100 ms

tekki: AutomatonNN stop spamming euler please

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the same player?

tekki: AutomatonNN ask Automaton2000 when you have a question thx :)

Automaton2000: it seems to me that i should get a good rank

AutomatonNN: why is it a programming language?

tekki: why not AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: Cyberpunk is the best with the bronze rule ?

tekki: don't know AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: temperature is a problem with a giant script to learn it

tekki: issue AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: after the first time i see it

eulerscheZahl: you owe me a chat history tekki

tekki: yeah sorry euler

tekki: hope it didn't disturb you so much

eulerscheZahl: i just got up

tekki: you know how bots could be

struct: There were some good things shared

eulerscheZahl: but usually i read what i missed yesterday

tekki: happy to see you euler

tekki: AutomatonNN have some questions :)

AutomatonNN: :thinking:

tekki: AutomatonNN is euler right on time?

AutomatonNN: when are you doing a simulation for the contest?

tekki: one day babe :)

tekki: we'll see AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the same code?

tekki: just need your permission AUtomatonNN

eulerscheZahl: is your profile right about you being in France? are you already or still awake?

AutomatonNN: not if it's a good idea

tekki: yeah still in france

tekki: but don't tell it too loud

tekki: i like to be safe

eulerscheZahl: you behave like you live in a different timezone

struct: today I dont sleep

tekki: hummm

struct: So I fix my sleep schedule

struct: I quit my job today

tekki: i sleep when i have to :)

eulerscheZahl: oh, no more bartending

struct: So I have to fix it

eulerscheZahl: more time for Yinsh :D

tekki: right now i'm in france

struct: Now Im doing AVX

tekki: workers are gonna wake up

struct: I finished my m256 library for CSB

tekki: drinking my 5th beer

tekki: good day is coming

tekki: i hope you're working hard for CG :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: My lookup table for Ultimate TTT is 424k ... so i suck, code size... what is max code size? 100k?

eulerscheZahl: yes

tekki: don't know

struct: 424k size lookup?

struct: is it like opening book?

eulerscheZahl: opening book i guess

PatrickMcGinnisII: nah, i calculated all best combinations locally, then compressed so there would be no decision-making at all

PatrickMcGinnisII: took a couple days

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh well, i start over

struct: They should increase code size tbh

struct: and remove history

eulerscheZahl: nooo, my precious history

PatrickMcGinnisII: like i can find anything on my HD at is is

PatrickMcGinnisII: lol

eulerscheZahl: they should use a versioning system right now they store every code separately, no git or alike

tekki: you're the boss in that story, ask if i can help you

tekki: AUtomatonNN are you gonna kill someone today?

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the same code?

tekki: ok AutomatonNN is in, what about Automaton2000?

AutomatonNN: hey not sure what it is

Automaton2000: i think you can do it with a lot of bugs

tekki: Automaton2000 can we do it without bugs?

Automaton2000: well i'm not sure if i will try to do it ?

tekki: :)

tekki: i think i will be too dangerous too dude

tekki: so what about AutomatonNN, Automaton2000 can we release ?

Automaton2000: not that hard to get in

AutomatonNN: PatrickMcGinnisII what do you think is the best way to get the simulation and the rules and control

PatrickMcGinnisII: AutomatonNN must be my bedtime

AutomatonNN: why do you think i will try to improve your bot and be able to come up with a bot on the second one?

tekki: AutomatonNN never sleep right AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: dbdr cyberpunk did you see the problem by the most recent factories?

tekki: AutomatonNN can you help us?

AutomatonNN: hey guys i have a question about coders strike back

tekki: su AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: whooss the problem with the current position?

tekki: talking about an revolutionnary idea AUtomatonNN

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok AutomatonNN tekki gn

AutomatonNN: replace him a replay

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to destroy a lot of puzzles and forget about it

tekki: gn Patrick

struct: _mm256 AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: funny stupid stuff i think it will be a real message

tekki: AutomatonNN did you get the order?

AutomatonNN: why do you need that for the contest?

tekki: no need AutomatonNN sorry

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the same testcase?

tekki: AutomatonNN ask Automaton2000

Automaton2000: when you say you are not a robot

AutomatonNN: "she, "same seed" and no difference between the next checkpoint in the chat

tekki: thx AutomatonNN


tekki: any hope for humans AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: Zenoscave im not that same as what it is

tekki: AutomatonNN i'll be back

AutomatonNN: what are you trying to do?

tekki: nothing don't worry buddy :)

tekki: Automaton2000 how are you?

Automaton2000: wanted to try it out

tekki: can you wait Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: when u gonna get to legend with just one day

tekki: when AutomatonNN is gonna die Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: what are you up to

AutomatonNN: either that is a community puzzle

tekki: it'a up to you AUtomaton2000, are you gonna kill me or AutomaotnNN?

Automaton2000: i had a similar issue

tekki: good boy AUtomaton2000

Automaton2000: thats why they are at the bottom

Default avatar.png Manvir: Beets Bears Battle star galatica

tekki: what you think about war AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: new code that got it

tekki: can you erase war from your code AUtomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: what are you trying to do?

tekki: are you curious or scared AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: and what if i can use a local variable name of a player on the testcase?

tekki: try it AUtomatonNN

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see a code with a simple variable name of the compiler in the code a

eulerscheZahl: bye

tekki: :)

tekki: where are you going eiler?

tekki: bue eulerscheZahl

tekki: are you having fun AUtomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: what is the difference between a strategy to search for good ideas?

tekki: can you bring peace to earth AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: why would you give me code to the brutaltester property?

Uljahn: Automaton2000: morning

Automaton2000: so i can start with a new language

tekki: yeah create a new language AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: AutomatonNN are you talking about your moment?

tekki: does your new language have a name AtomatonNN?

tekki: does your new language have a name AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: I can't see the answer about the game

tekki: and Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: csb is like the first thing i did in the past

tekki: how old were you AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: hey guys

tekki: hey waasup AutomatonNN? :)

AutomatonNN: cupioderming is the best pic for it

tekki: humm interessing AutomatonNN, can you tell me more? :)

tekki: Automaton2000 help AutomatonNN please

AutomatonNN: what is this part of the contest?

Automaton2000: i already have a decent bot

tekki: AutomatonNN j'en ai marre de ces fils de pute, peux-tu m'aider stp?

AutomatonNN: what game are you talking about?

tekki: i'm talking about real life AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: when i get the creator of the contest i got a new contest

tekki: what can you advice to humans AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: do I have to change your name to the code

tekki: AutomatonNN can you clam me down please?

AutomatonNN: i am a bot and i promised to crash it in the chat

tekki: gimme a name AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: ̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤

tekki: sing a song AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: econy is super easy

tekki: got to go AutomatonNN gl hf and don't be too rude

AutomatonNN: yet

struct: AutomatonNN Hello

AutomatonNN: good advice

maman02: how can we do jack sliver

Uljahn: reimplemetn the rules then simulate an outcome

Default avatar.png KdoJeTenFrajer: :no_mobile_phones:

struct: :no_entry:

eulerscheZahl: the bulls and cows time limit is really tough :head_bandage:

struct: What is though

struct: is avx not having trig functions :(


Uljahn: could using Taylor series be more performant when less precision needed?

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: you taught bad things to AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl: are u gonna try here in the chat?

eulerscheZahl: what in particular? i don't read what the bot is telling us, just see when a red line appears

dbdr: unicode hack

eulerscheZahl: no, i got that from automaton, not the other way

dbdr: oh :D

dbdr: corrupted by a bot

eulerscheZahl: but i can do this:

dbdr: did he invent it?

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


eulerscheZahl: screw it

struct: beaten by a bot :p

dbdr: quite common here on CG

eulerscheZahl: any yes, i think it's AutomatonNN who found that unicode sequence

AutomatonNN: cant find a bug in the code and it is a contest with more depth to see if i can find any way to find

dbdr: the rise of the Automatons

Marchete: don't use approximations for physics simulation struct

Marchete: better use lookup if you have fixed int angles

struct: But angles on CSB are not fixed :/

dbdr: reminds me of when deep blue won the first match against Kasparov because it had a bug that make it pick a bad move, and that destabilized Kasparov

Marchete: they aren't?

struct: At least I dont think they are, thats where I blame my off by 1 errors

Default avatar.png Balaji45: bhosdike

Mehroz: msg SalmanSaeed

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

struct: ┬─┬ノ( ◕◡◕ ノ)

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl i wanted to make time limit more generous, but then we decided in favor of turn limit, that probably was a mistake

wlesavo: also we need to clear whale from lb

eulerscheZahl: it's still doable with the time limit but i have to submit a few times to pass all testcases i know a performance improvement, but that's a bit of refactoring

eulerscheZahl: and yeah, the whale doesn't belong there :D

wlesavo: can we ping Julian here, or only through discord?

eulerscheZahl: discord is more likely i think

wlesavo: may i ask you to do so? :slight_smile:

wlesavo: cant do that from work and coming home pretty late

eulerscheZahl: the whale itself reported it already

wlesavo: oh, thats grate

Elioh: hey euler !

eulerscheZahl: hi

Elioh: i wanted to thank you for your help man

Elioh: im gonna soon land my first internship

eulerscheZahl: nice, where?

Elioh: its a company near me

Elioh: that does software development

Elioh: and app development

Default avatar.png CompooterMan: hey everyone

Default avatar.png CompooterMan: anyone wanna join my private clash

Elioh: im down

Elioh: compooter man

wlesavo: Is there a way to write a python unittest and feed input() to it?

wlesavo: nwm

WildSmilodon: hey guys, is it possible to start a bot game like Coders Strike Back again from Wood league (I am already in Gold, but would like to start over)?

eulerscheZahl: yes, when you create a new account

WildSmilodon: ah, ok, I guess that is a solution. Thanks

darkhorse64: ssshhh, it's forbidden

eulerscheZahl: i deleted my alts just yesterday

darkhorse64: :innocent:

darkhorse64: all of them

darkhorse64: ?

eulerscheZahl: noticed that Thibaud was following one of my alts, while he isn't following my main account should i be worried?

eulerscheZahl: then one i'm using right now is my only account remaining

darkhorse64: Your alt is more interesting ?

eulerscheZahl: didn't submit to a single arena

eulerscheZahl: i created it for kutulu testing back then

darkhorse64: jk

eulerscheZahl: still timing out at the bulls and cows game after my refactoring

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

struct: well without collisions code is working fine

struct: progress

struct: no more flips for me

Marchete: 316, what more do you need?

eulerscheZahl: i need less, not more

Marchete: what less do you need?

eulerscheZahl: 6

darkhorse64: Less is more

Marchete: why not 3?

eulerscheZahl: or 200 less, but not realistic

eulerscheZahl: because trictrac is 5 below me

Marchete: unless by luck I don't think 200 is reasonable

Marchete: more like 300+

eulerscheZahl: and my submits only occasionally get 100%

Marchete: mine too

Marchete: I still got timeouts

eulerscheZahl: i even converted to C++

eulerscheZahl: which i rarely do

Marchete: maybe it's servers' fault

eulerscheZahl: i think they use the same server type for optims now

eulerscheZahl: no lucky servers anymore, which is why they made a full optim recalc

struct: lucky servers?

eulerscheZahl: in the first 1s i create all candidates and split for bulls/cows results based on the first guess i plan

eulerscheZahl: then in the 2nd turn i group half of the remaining candidates the same way to get a quick filtering

eulerscheZahl: other half in turn 3

eulerscheZahl: still timing out

eulerscheZahl: but i rolled back from array to vector these arrays with index of last item are ugly

struct: Still no news about UTG?

Visual: [CG]Thibaud another puzzle wit the "test in ide" not working, in case you need more samples to debug it

struct: Every week is next week


struct: euler its time to go back to old avatar

eulerscheZahl: that is an old avatar, i used it last xmas already

main: yes but xmas is long gone

reCurse: or is it

reCurse: Maybe he's just 9 months early, it's close to store schedule after all

eulerscheZahl: past xmas is before xmas i'm prepared

eulerscheZahl: i'll change my pic, if this user does so first

reCurse: rip

Default avatar.png AdityaPrakash1: hello world..

struct: hi

struct: Nice bug

struct: was creating email and password shows on username

struct: on chromium

struct: asking if it wants me to save it

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl can you tell on which cases you time out more often? There are slightly different bulls and cows on some cases of the same length, i wonder which ones are harder than the others

eulerscheZahl: i think it's uniform, didn't try to analyze

eulerscheZahl: length 10 obviously

wlesavo: hm interesting, thx

eulerscheZahl: and i had a 603 score that would have been a great result without that one timeout :(

wlesavo: im feeling for you :slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: do you have a solver? is still see you at 0%

wlesavo: not yet, planning to finish better one for a while, submitted to test if validators updated after updating contribution

struct: Are you going to keep updating it?

eulerscheZahl: seems stable now, no need

wlesavo: no, that was half an hour after approving

eulerscheZahl: don't update after approval unless it's really broken

eulerscheZahl: like my number shifting contribution :/

eulerscheZahl: someone reversed the java random seed

eulerscheZahl: so he had the map generator

struct: I also updated Yavalath 30 minutes or so after it got approved

wlesavo: yeah, but more validators seems to be necessary

eulerscheZahl: agreed

eulerscheZahl: too much RNG otherwise

struct: How many validators currently?

eulerscheZahl: 46

wlesavo: 5 for each length except 1

wlesavo: assign 5 actions for it anyway

struct: Is there a validator limit?

eulerscheZahl: dunno CGFunge has 100 i think

eulerscheZahl: and people still solve another problem that has nothing to do with prime numbers

wlesavo: i dunno, the only reason i had 10 in first version is because i saw an advice in docs that validators should match the test cases

wlesavo: and took it literally

eulerscheZahl: that's mainly for puzzles

struct: Maybe for puzzles

eulerscheZahl: even this one has a different amount of testcases and validators

eulerscheZahl: community puzzle made by staff

wlesavo: yeah, now i see that often this is not the case

ThunderbirdOne: oh hiya euler

eulerscheZahl: hi

Default avatar.png KaneT: What language is the best and easiest to learn first

struct: If I dont get 1mill sims I delete

ThunderbirdOne: KaneT depends... what do you want to learn? :p

wlesavo: also some puzzles would benefit from more tests

reCurse: Bye struct

wlesavo: some old ones i mean

struct: :'(

Astrobytes: No sleep til account deleted

Default avatar.png KaneT: I use lua and C# but am not perfect in either. I can code what i need to for certain things in lua and C# but i,m not very good

wlesavo: struct how many you have now?

ThunderbirdOne: c# is a pretty decent first language

struct: 0

wlesavo: lol

struct: Its for CSB

eulerscheZahl: no way to get 1M

struct: ofc there is

struct: with AVX

Default avatar.png KaneT: What is C# used for mostly?

reCurse: I used to do 1.4M with no eval, but that was also back when it was 150ms I think

reCurse: So was nice knowing you

struct: Oh no no

struct: But I saw Marchet 3.5 mill with 150 ms

eulerscheZahl: he will return with a new account anyways

ThunderbirdOne: KaneT you can use C# to build websites, batch programs, you can write games with it (Unity), ...

ThunderbirdOne: it's a pretty broad language

ThunderbirdOne: same goes for Java i guess

ThunderbirdOne: and Python

Default avatar.png KaneT: Oh wow i didnt know you could do websites with C#

ThunderbirdOne: i've been doing just that for the past 8 years :p

wlesavo: google

reCurse: Isn't it all .net core now

ThunderbirdOne: if you're going in fresh, best to start googling for aspnetcore :p

ThunderbirdOne: it's going that way... but .net framework is still around

ThunderbirdOne: next version will be just ".NET 5" (which will be core)

ThunderbirdOne: and .NET framework will be kept at 4.7.2 or 4.8 or something, and will only receive critical bugfixes

reCurse: Oh yeah I forgot about that

reCurse: ffs ms

ThunderbirdOne: :P

ThunderbirdOne: they're getting better at it though :p

reCurse: I've been saying that for years, they need to fire their entire marketing department and start over

reCurse: They're so bad at it it's not even funny

ThunderbirdOne: that new xbox name :')

reCurse: Yeah

ThunderbirdOne: xbox series x

ThunderbirdOne: what?

Astrobytes: lol seriously

reCurse: xbox one was already retarded

struct: lol

ThunderbirdOne: then xbox one x

ThunderbirdOne: in any case... they had .NET fw... and then introduced dotnetcore

Astrobytes: BoxX Series One next presumably

ThunderbirdOne: then they made dotnet standard (which was to bridge the gap)

ThunderbirdOne: now they're gonna end .net fw

reCurse: Their codenames are cooler

reCurse: Like xbox one is durango

ThunderbirdOne: and go on core :p

ThunderbirdOne: so dotnetstandard has become useless :D

Astrobytes: They should keep the codenames

reCurse: Win10 was redstone

reCurse: etc

ThunderbirdOne: yeah

reCurse: So much better

ThunderbirdOne: i remember the GameCube was codename 'Dolphin'

Astrobytes: the GameCube lol

eulerscheZahl: and win10 isn't even win10 in their internal versioning

eulerscheZahl: 6.3 or something like that

ThunderbirdOne: same thing for Visual studio :p

ThunderbirdOne: Visual Studio 2019 is what ... VS20 ?

Astrobytes: Must be a real easy codebase to work with...

eulerscheZahl: in 2010 it matched

reCurse: VS15

ThunderbirdOne: I absolutely love the new Windows Terminal though

reCurse: It is a piece of work

ThunderbirdOne: and wsl2 is pretty damn great too

reCurse: Not released yet no?

eulerscheZahl: new? win10 or even newer?

ThunderbirdOne: not officially

reCurse: Yeah I'll wait for official release

ThunderbirdOne: yeah

ThunderbirdOne: wsl makes docker so much easier :p

reCurse: I can run my bots faster under it, then when I need a non-retarded debugging experience I switch to VS

reCurse: It's the best of both worlds

ThunderbirdOne: :D

ThunderbirdOne: agreed

struct: I miss VS, I think Im going to switch back

Astrobytes: From what?

struct: im using ubuntu atm

struct: so no VS

eulerscheZahl: there is VS code

Astrobytes: Debugging on linux is like punching yourself in the face repeatedly

Astrobytes: Compared to VS at least

eulerscheZahl: you don't like gdb?

eulerscheZahl: :P

reCurse: Kill it with fire

Visual: nuke it from orbit

Astrobytes: Only way to be sure...

dbdr: debugging is for the weak

Magus: console.log('toto') is for the strong

Marchete: I did that a good amount of time on CG multis....

struct: if it works it works

eulerscheZahl: cows and bulls leaderboard reset now i'm stuck at 97% correctness :/

reCurse: Must be the validator

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl which one you failing? or is it different every time?

eulerscheZahl: 43 and 45 mostly

eulerscheZahl: validators are random generated when you submit @reCurse

eulerscheZahl: to avoid hardcoding and i'm timing out

reCurse: An optim game with rng?

reCurse: That sounds fun

reCurse: ...

wlesavo: hm, they have different amount of bulls and cows, although 45 and 46 is the same

eulerscheZahl: 0 bulls, 10 cows?

wlesavo: 3 7

eulerscheZahl: with static validators it would be too easy to hardcode

wlesavo: true

eulerscheZahl: but now there is a lot of randomness in submits

reCurse: Well no shit

eulerscheZahl: 298..324 (subtracting the 301 from failed validator)

eulerscheZahl: that's 10%

tekki: AutomatonNN what's going on with euler?

AutomatonNN: don't know if it is the case

tekki: AutomatonNN are you cheating?

eulerscheZahl: i'm surprised that 3 7 is causing any issues for me

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the code in the code and it doesn't matter if the problem is tha

reCurse: Stop spamming when conversation is happening tekki

eulerscheZahl: that allows good filtering at turn 1 already

tekki: oups sorry

eulerscheZahl: he spammed away the whole history that i missed yesterday evening :/

PatrickMcGinnisII: tekki you been taking the the bots for the last 8 hours?

reCurse: Yeah I know

PatrickMcGinnisII: talking to

reCurse: Annoying as hell but when conversation is happening it's crossing the line

eulerscheZahl: i hate the bots in general die Automatons

Astrobytes: One advantage to discord at least, can review convos

tekki: why?

reCurse: Because you're preventing conversation from happening with your nonsense

reCurse: You're abusing the bots

PatrickMcGinnisII: because they know eulerscheZahl intimately

tekki: ok don't get it at all

eulerscheZahl: their messages neither make sense nor seem funny most of the time

tekki: only get you don't want me here :)

reCurse: I don't want your bullshit here

reCurse: Quit your bullshit and you're welcome

tekki: time to say goodbye to recurse

Stigma: heya, i know you're in the middle of an argument but is it possible to try a clash of code puzzle again ? I am intrigued by one, which is about sorting the best section with the least range of nutrient for food containers on a shelf

PatrickMcGinnisII: :popcorn:

Stigma: I think i've finally managed to get an algorithm on my own but i only remember the first test

eulerscheZahl: Stigma this one?

Stigma: oh, yes !

Stigma: Thank you so much

Stigma: for some reason i cant look up those puzzles, or i dunno where to find em on the site

Marchete: I'd say bull

Marchete: lol scroll

eulerscheZahl: there you find them

Marchete: beautiful

eulerscheZahl: it searches the actual content, not just the title like the CG search

dbdr: Server Error (500)

Stigma: the almighty 500

eulerscheZahl: huh?

eulerscheZahl: true, worked 1min ago

struct: Someone crashed it maybe?

wlesavo: works for me

dbdr: wlesavo kept it all for themselves ;)

Stigma: hmmm

wlesavo: oh nwm, also 500

eulerscheZahl: i tried to update the puzzle list just now, i guess that crashed it

Stigma: wheew

eulerscheZahl: it's back

Stigma: indeed

Stigma: thanks!

Stigma: and now i understand that my algo sucx

eulerscheZahl: hm, CG API changed so i failed to download a puzzle and corrupted my DB

Stigma: ew

Stigma: that is scary

AntiSquid: is it changing just for the sake of changing?

eulerscheZahl: and it was the bulls and cows contribution where it failed

**eulerscheZahl slaps wlesavo around a bit with a large fishbot

wlesavo: wow

**AntiSquid slaps wlesavo around a bit with a large fishbot

Marchete: a failed download corrupted a DB?

Marchete: hello bobby tables

eulerscheZahl: i have this in my DB:

eulerscheZahl: and was looking for some keys that always exist on other entries

wlesavo: how can that be?

AntiSquid: you can clean the DB no?

eulerscheZahl: of course

eulerscheZahl: but first i want to see what part of the API changed

wlesavo: maybe it is due to check box make available to the community

eulerscheZahl: no, i downloaded bitrunner too

eulerscheZahl: just CG changing the website i guess

eulerscheZahl: my downloader uses getContribution but it got renamed to findContribution

Marchete: fix your bulls and cows euler

eulerscheZahl: ok

eulerscheZahl: 2nd, just below you

Marchete: wow, fast :D

eulerscheZahl: 100% correct this time, but bad score

eulerscheZahl: 298 + 1 missing validator before

eulerscheZahl: so about 310 i guess, maybe even better

Marchete: noice

eulerscheZahl: sad

Marchete: I never went below 320

eulerscheZahl: had 316 before the reset

[CG]Thibaud: THanks Visual

Default avatar.png Sreejith8a: :rage:

AntiSquid: greetings Sreejith8a

Pouria2100: hi there

Pouria2100: i'm back

AntiSquid: why are you upset? Sreejith8a

AntiSquid: welcome back Pouria2100

Pouria2100: :TANKS:

AntiSquid: where?

Pouria2100: :|

AntiSquid: martial law?

Pouria2100: thanks

Pouria2100: i said THANKS

Pouria2100: ok?

AntiSquid: ok :p

Astrobytes: chill Winston

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 he said THANKS ok? IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?

Automaton2000: and if you see a lot of fun

MadKnight: hey Astrobytes

Astrobytes: hi MadKnight

MadKnight: how's your free time ?

Astrobytes: Variable as always

MadKnight: variable free time ?

MadKnight: is that a type ?

Astrobytes: :expressionless:

MadKnight: use your free time to improve your CSB Astrobytes

MadKnight: are u gonna make a NN ?

Astrobytes: No.

AntiSquid: madao why didn't you improve yours?

AntiSquid: i mean there's even a smitsi guide for it

reCurse: Fix it maddie

Astrobytes: ezpz

AntiSquid: wasn't trying to poke fun, just really curious at this point

AntiSquid: he redid his bot in haskell and ruby if i remember correctly, but then why wouldn't he redo it following some of the newer guides

Astrobytes: Boredom?

AntiSquid: then he wouldn't mention CSB

Astrobytes: Yeah but it's just a meme

AntiSquid: but the joke is on him .

AntiSquid: only cyberpunk would repeat something that makes him look weird

PatrickMcGinnisII: argh! lookup table of 83k is too too big for CG!!! argh!

PatrickMcGinnisII: wth, ide only accepts the first 17554 characters for code??????

eulerscheZahl: or you use it wrong


AntiSquid: how many spaces ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: crap, cut past cut it off

eulerscheZahl: now i found a major performance improvement for the bulls game but i can't submit because i spammed too much before

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

AntiSquid: ah you can't set up locally

Astrobytes: PatrickMcGinnisII

eulerscheZahl: right now my problem is that i'm very close to the time limit, sometimes beyond

PatrickMcGinnisII: Ok, I'm not getting code length errors, but ide stops parsing code...changing colors and recognizing stuff after 17k

PatrickMcGinnisII: yes, this is my optimal move array


MostComplicatedUsername: wow

Zenoscave: eulerscheZahl moin

Zenoscave: FINALLY 100% on bnc2

eulerscheZahl: moin

eulerscheZahl: bnc?

Zenoscave: bulls 'n' cows

eulerscheZahl: i have this brilliant strategy:

eulerscheZahl: rotate tail, while first digit is static

eulerscheZahl: count total bulls

eulerscheZahl: then i can tell if the first digit is correct

Zenoscave: interesting

Zenoscave: I just filter on predicate

Zenoscave: same code for all lengths

eulerscheZahl: same, the replay above is horribly inefficient

eulerscheZahl: 1. generate all possible numbers

eulerscheZahl: 2. print random number

eulerscheZahl: 3. filter possible numbers by given result

eulerscheZahl: 4 . go to 2.

Zenoscave: same

eulerscheZahl: took me a while to fit that in 1s for setup and 50ms for later turns

Zenoscave: I have to stop my filter short.

eulerscheZahl: your 400+ score is too high for that strategy, hmm

Zenoscave: it works for full sets up to length 7 and would timeout some 8 and all 9/10

eulerscheZahl: should be around 330 when you don't stop

Zenoscave: ok

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh ide doesn't like the lack of newlines over 16k chars

eulerscheZahl: complains go to the ACE editor team

reCurse: Just switch to monaco

reCurse: /s


PatrickMcGinnisII: Well i got over the code size hurdle, then I got confused about wth was going on.

Zenoscave: reCurse how do you profile C code? valgrind kcachegrind?

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl that replay looks like safe cracking in 90s movies

reCurse: ETW

Zenoscave: etw?

reCurse: aka windows

Zenoscave: Ah

PatrickMcGinnisII: split lookup table into 44 lines, now ide likes me again

Zenoscave: seems all my time is spent evaluating bulls and cows

Zenoscave: like how many each string would have

eulerscheZahl: my bottleneck was creating numbers in the first 1s

Zenoscave: that's simple

eulerscheZahl: my guesses are int[], not string

Zenoscave: that might help

Zenoscave: do you have to format numbers to certain length `n` in print?

eulerscheZahl: and in the 1s i create numbers and already group by bulls/cows for by first guess

Zenoscave: smart

eulerscheZahl: for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) cout << nums[i];

wlesavo: wow

wlesavo: thats a good idea

Zenoscave: so an individual guess is a int[]?

eulerscheZahl: in turn 2 and 3 i do the same, so i have 2 turns for the next filtering step

eulerscheZahl: filtering half of the remaining candidates each turn

eulerscheZahl: and yes, a guess is int[]

eulerscheZahl: finally above Marchete again

MadKnight: > for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) cout << nums[i]; using for for that is so 2016

Zenoscave: hiya maddy

eulerscheZahl: for (int i : nums) is that what you mean?

eulerscheZahl: or did i miss a new c++ feature?

MadKnight: hmm for example

MadKnight: std::for_each

MadKnight: just throw print() as argument

Default avatar.png HackerI: anynoe know how to find possible leg lengths from hypotonuse

Default avatar.png HackerI: theres no angle so i cant use the sine and cosine

eulerscheZahl: there must be some more info

Default avatar.png HackerI: like is there any way to find possible solutions?

Default avatar.png HackerI: ik its not possible to find onw

Default avatar.png HackerI: one*

eulerscheZahl: say you know hypothenuse c

eulerscheZahl: then you define a < c

eulerscheZahl: and b = sqrt(c*c - a*a)

eulerscheZahl: without any angles that's all you can do

Default avatar.png HackerI: so an algebra solver?

Default avatar.png HackerI: like a system of equations

eulerscheZahl: pythagoras: a²+b² = c²

eulerscheZahl: just 1 equation

eulerscheZahl: thus multiple solutions

Default avatar.png HackerI: oki i got to start working before my time runs out

eulerscheZahl: you need an additional condition like an angle to get a single solution

Default avatar.png HackerI: that wold have ben too easy

Default avatar.png HackerI: ok i got it, used a random number generator and just cheacked the awnsers

AntiSquid: lol wtf tabs crash a lot

AntiSquid: i just finished writing quite a bit => crash

Default avatar.png HackerI: f

AntiSquid: f

eulerscheZahl: writing in chat or IDE?

eulerscheZahl: if IDE, which game?

AntiSquid: obv writing in chat gets me worked up

AntiSquid: i get tab crashes for any game, randomly

eulerscheZahl: some games are quite resource hungry, when you have them open

AntiSquid: but i didn't check last battles in a long time

AntiSquid: well not since last refresh due crash

Zenoscave: how do you score to compare euler?

Zenoscave: here comes dbdr

Zenoscave: whoa

dbdr: 🎲

Zenoscave: random?

dbdr: well, the validators are

Zenoscave: eh?

Zenoscave: they change?

dbdr: they use rng to set the secret


dbdr: how many subs eulerscheZahl Marchete? :)

devspy11: Hello

devspy11: who is online

devspy11: lets compete

MadKnight: at what

MadKnight: at CoC ?

AntiSquid: devspy11 CSB ?

wlesavo: dbdr how many :game_die: rolls already?

dbdr: 10

reCurse: I think MSmits hired darkhorse64

Astrobytes: lol

wlesavo: i wonder how it could be more resub proof besides more tests obviously. one way is to not have a secret till the very end but i duuno about policy of choosing b/c vals at each guess then

darkhorse64: My rates are high

Astrobytes: Submission rates? :P

YurkovAS: darkhorse64 in yavalath before openbook what place you have?

dbdr: wlesavo you could keep changing the secret as long as it's possible

darkhorse64: I have no opening book

wlesavo: yeah, that would be a solution

wlesavo: that would ruin the replays though

dbdr: cannot you generate the replay at the end?

dbdr: hm, probably not

wlesavo: oh, well i guess you dont need replays for valudators

dbdr: right

wlesavo: didn't think about that

YurkovAS: darkhorse64 thanks. top10+ much stronger.

dbdr: oh, RoboStac submitted in Rust :)

Astrobytes: darkhorse64 it's at least a few minutes since your last submit, what are you waiting for? :P

reCurse: Stroke

AntiSquid: is there a rock paper scissor element in that game?

reCurse: MSmits claims so

reCurse: I'm not 100% sure

Astrobytes: Perfect play should result in a draw, for the real game at least

darkhorse64: Ankle injury. Switching hand ....

AntiSquid: uhm

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: check where your ankles are

reCurse: They didn't solve CG's version

Astrobytes: Indeed

AntiSquid: wrote his bot with his feet i guess

darkhorse64: Bad english. Wrist

Astrobytes: I preferred the first statement, my kind of humour

AntiSquid: and a thumb like toe

darkhorse64: My english is not suitable for anything else than computing. Throw me into a restaurant and I'll starve because I can't understand the menu

AntiSquid: depends on the restaurant, there's sometimes free bread and butter just until you decide what to get

MadKnight: u dunno any dishes words ?

Waffle3z: try CalM

MadKnight: just order some Waffle3z

AntiSquid: deep fry them

darkhorse64: Pleased to make you laugh. I did too when I realized my mistake. Food in restaurant use a completely different vocabulary

reCurse: Worst that can happen is you order chicken wings and get chicken ankles instead.

Astrobytes: hahaha oh dear

MadKnight: u gotta love chicken ankles Automaton2000

AntiSquid: ah you mean the overly pretentious description on the menu to make the dish sound more sophisticated than it really is?

Astrobytes: darkhorse64 it's true

Automaton2000: can you do a lot of work

AntiSquid: pork wings

darkhorse64: reCurse: there is more to eat

Astrobytes: Although if you're in London darkhorse64, then chances are the restaurant has at least 1 French or French-speaking person in there

Astrobytes: Especially if it's a good restaurant

darkhorse64: Yes, it solved my problem many times and It's always nice to talk to a cute French girl

Astrobytes: ;)

AntiSquid: what if it's an amazing spanish / italian restaurant, why the french speaker?

Astrobytes: AntiSquid darkhorse64 is French

AntiSquid: i get that but you said a good restaurant has a french speaking member of staff

darkhorse64: "Pasta" will always save you

AntiSquid: sign language .

AntiSquid: point your finger to your widely open mouth

Astrobytes: Yes, most good restaurants of any nationality have multilingual staff

reCurse: More restaurants should follow the japanese model

reCurse: Just have plastic models of all the food you have

reCurse: It's amazing and breaks barriers

Astrobytes: And then recreate it exactly. Down to the nearest atom.

Astrobytes: Which they do pretty well.

darkhorse64: AntiSquid: I meant no relationship between quality and french staff

Astrobytes: darkhorse64 that comment was a reply to my earlier comment

darkhorse64: YurkovAS: Looking at the Yavalath leaderboard, I understand your concern. A 4 point gap between #10 and #11

reCurse: #banopeningbooks

YurkovAS: darkhorse64 Game strategy have some tricks. It remains to find them or see in replays :smiley:

darkhorse64: If you want to improve your bot, you need heavy (= smart) rollouts. It helps a lot

darkhorse64: Don't ban me. I have just coded steal moves

darkhorse64: Hard coding first move is legal

SakuraLion: Hi Guys - I've been solving puzzles and I believe I have a solution; however, I'm getting a process has timed out error :(

SakuraLion: does that mean I have to optimize the code?

AntiSquid: yes

SakuraLion: T.T

SakuraLion: Damn

AntiSquid: life is cruel

SakuraLion: Indeed

SakuraLion: now that I think about it Big O (n^2) is pretty bad haha

tekki: Big UP AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: which one will be a programmer ?

Zenoscave: timeouts on new version

Zenoscave: but looks like i can compete for 1st once I fix them

Astrobytes: BnC?

Zenoscave: yes

Astrobytes: I suck at combinatorics :/

Zenoscave: permutations and trampolines ;)

Astrobytes: trampolines?


Zenoscave: allows to do lazy iterators and such in c

Zenoscave: FP approach

Astrobytes: aha, thank you!

Default avatar.png DarkMutant_2b60: The Decent game need to be improved.It is too easy if i use a LinkedList.Actually,i only use 10 lines to finish it.:expressionless:

Z_Doctor: I used 3 :thinking: