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GroutchKeu: o/

Darleanow: o/

Default avatar.png talkingjerry: can anyone help me with the descent

Darleanow: ofc sir !

Darleanow: what's ur problem ?

Default avatar.png talkingjerry: i dont know how to do this

Default avatar.png talkingjerry: im new btw sir

Darleanow: i know !

Darleanow: it's not the easiest one when u're a begineer

Darleanow: i'd suggest to maybe try thor before

Default avatar.png talkingjerry: oh okay sir thank you very much

Darleanow: np :)

Default avatar.png ellen_lu: what do i do for the temperature one

Darleanow: not the easiest one too :)


Darleanow: this one !

Darleanow: just simple logic

Darleanow: easy like "hello world"

Default avatar.png ellen_lu: okay! thank you!!

Default avatar.png ellen_lu: oh, i already did the thor one. im just confused for the temperature on how to make a for i in statement

Darleanow: okay so

Darleanow: you can do multiple types of for i

Darleanow: the first is with numbers

Darleanow: for i in range(10)

Darleanow: will print number from 0 to 9

Darleanow: the last number is n-1, but it will loop 10 times !

Darleanow: also, for example if you want to loop over a string or a list

Darleanow: you do a for i in

Darleanow: and it will iterate through each element of the string/list

Darleanow: anyone is doing/did brain fork ? how do we deal with spaces ?

Darleanow: i tried to check if i wasnt a space, but getting an IndexError

DaNinja: set space=0, A=1, etc

Darleanow: thankjs :)

derjack: :upside_down:

derjack: is this the last day of chat?

Default avatar.png Nadeshiko: hi everyone

Default avatar.png Nadeshiko: have a good day!

Default avatar.png TurushkinStanislav: what is easiest game here

derjack: mad pod racing?

Default avatar.png Nadeshiko: some clashes are super short...

derjack: shortest mode? :thinking:

Default avatar.png TurushkinStanislav: i dont understand i change angle nothing happens

Default avatar.png TurushkinStanislav: =\

Default avatar.png Nadeshiko: :flushed:

derjack: youre supposed to give x y thrust

j4at: search race is an easier version of mad pod racing

DomiKo: wait

DomiKo: optim as vote event?

DomiKo: they will show the best solutions to optim?

derjack: oh my


j4at: I think they will reveal best solutions during the event

j4at: like a leaderboard

DomiKo: yes they show the codes

j4at: damn

DomiKo: they did it for standard puzzles

wlesavo: DomiKo was discussed yearsterday, but no official comment

DomiKo: ok ok

wlesavo: one point westicles made there is no publish button for optim

j4at: calssic puzzles are not ranked tho

j4at: classic*

fahad_almaani: hi progeammersas dawwd awdca

Crosility: Was suppose to visit family Friday. Car dies wednesday. Murphys law in effect again.

HoangH7: Hello

Uljahn: there is an official statement on the event by Thibaud on discord: "So I've set the review start date as the end date so this phase shouldn't happen and no solutions could be shared."

j4at: nice

jacek: dat ux

j4at: I found a small bug in my search race. I'm getting 12k with the bug, Hopefully top 10 after I fix it :)

jacek: nn?

j4at: yeah

j4at: I'm using RL

j4at: what about you ?

jacek: evolution strategies

j4at: Oh, I was actually going to add evolution strategies after training using RL

jacek: + clipUp its pretty hyperparameter-free

j4at: cool

Default avatar.png neguinOfSenai: hello

Default avatar.png delon10: Hello, in Mad Pod Racing how am I supposed to use the command BOOST in my code ?

Crosility: store if boost been used or not.

Crosility: if not, instead of thrust, output boost

Crosility: set used to true

Default avatar.png delon10: But how does my pod will know when to use it ?

Crosility: you tell it when..

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: do you want to know how to use it or when to use it?

Crosility: I set a conditional my first implementation, based on distance to next checkpoint.

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: ^ me too

Default avatar.png delon10: oh okay so I just store BOOST as a bool and when used it becomes True

Default avatar.png delon10: so it can't be used again

Default avatar.png delon10: thanks guys

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: if you've already boosted, boost just gets changed to 100% thrust, so there's not much harm in using it whenever

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: except you should probably just store it

xx_zero: hey guys

Default avatar.png xx_milana: are we ready to CLASH

Default avatar.png xx_holly: YASSSS QUUEEN SLAY

Default avatar.png xx_holly: GLOBAL CLASH

Default avatar.png xx_holly: LETS GOOO

xx_zero: SO REAL

CRyo: guys, is there a way to split a string in javascript without excluding the parameter passed to split()?

Default avatar.png D1LAN: waggers

Default avatar.png Smai: :rofl:

CRyo: nvm, i think i found it

Default avatar.png xx_holly: Slay?

jacek: j4at do you use discrete actions?

Westicles: 4 1-stars for kiss the girls! the #fr are circling their wagons

jacek: french kiss the girls?

Westicles: o.O

j4at: jacek didn't use discrete actions in cg yet

j4at: but I did in the past

j4at: I'm going to use discrete actions for the event proably



jacek: mhm

j4at: jacek are you using discrete actions in SR ?

jacek: no

j4at: :thumbsup:

jacek: oh my

jacek: reminds me of sc2021

therealbeef: will green circle become a multi?

Default avatar.png Nikanameu: was it fun

MAWAAW: guys is this algorithm linear in complexity ?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: time complexity?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: it's linear in time

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: not constant in space though

Westicles: therealbeef you need to approve it


eulerscheZahl: then we have to resubmit our bots? and get new bosses?

eulerscheZahl: or all woods again?

jacek: "Fix the TASK_PRIORIZATION possible moves" :heart:

eulerscheZahl: you have to start training from scratch

jacek: *2 hours later*

eulerscheZahl: in squdward vioce?

eulerscheZahl: i forgot an i

jacek: v44: should be the final one ... V53

eulerscheZahl: the final final one

Default avatar.png jujurocking: v51 with (I hope) the last fixes

eulerscheZahl: i like his confidence

struct: so its the game getting released or is it like coif?

Astrobytes: looks like coif-style

Astrobytes: Yes, bisou is asking us to check it out and let him know if any further fixes/improvements are needed

struct: well it looks better now the animations

iggy12345: hey struct, I don't know if you saw my question earlier, but for othello, are the boards always the same size?

struct: yes they are

iggy12345: sweet, thank you

jacek: 29 :tada:

struct: Where jacek?

jacek: lvl

struct: oh grats

Default avatar.png HenroLST: Nice!

Astrobytes: iggy12345: I answered you but it was kinda late

Default avatar.png HenroLST: would someone be willing to explain the logic behind how to solve a puzzle to me? I understand what to do, but not how to do

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: below the place where you write code, you can see some buttons to execute test cases

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: to solve the puzzle you need to pass all test cases

Default avatar.png HenroLST: oops, i meant the actual puzzle itself :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png HenroLST: avtually i think i found something im going to try

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: okay, your question sounds vague to me, so I'm just gonna say what I do. I read the statement on the left. then I think of a strategy for a minute. longer if needed. then I start coding and try to pass the test cases

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: or do you mean how to pass a specific puzzle? can you tell me the name?

Default avatar.png HenroLST: its the stock exchange losses, sorry about the vauge wording

Default avatar.png HenroLST: but i think i figured it out?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: test cases will be the judge of that :)

Default avatar.png HenroLST: yup, im praying this works

Ayza: HenroLST, basically you are given testcases to test your code, when you pass all of them you are supposed to submit then there will be validators (hidden testcases to avoid hardcoding) to validate your code and finally give you your score :slight_smile:

Ayza: if thats your question

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: he was asking for a strategy for a specific puzzle

Ayza: ah I see

Default avatar.png HenroLST: yup, sorry about the vague wording of my question, thanks for responding though!

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: np man :)

Default avatar.png HenroLST: :slight_smile:

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: lol I wrote up a solution real quick but it stalls at the last test case

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: quadratic time complexity is not enough apparently

Default avatar.png HenroLST: hm

Crosility: Just did a CoC, that just was too hard to implement answer in C in 15 minutes.

Astrobytes: Green circle seems ready to go

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I do my code challenges in python. wouldn't want to do em in c or java

eulerscheZahl: if you are sure about it Astrobytes, approve it

eulerscheZahl: i didn't review it yet. most probably it's fine but no approval without review

Astrobytes: From my testing it seems OK but I'm not approving it until others have tested it too

Astrobytes: afk

wlesavo: is there a way to extract the latest version of code i submitted? i was not serious about this contest so i mostly coded in CG ide

Crosility: Aldoggen - I'm trying to force-improve some C smoothness. Try to rely less on for loops and if-else if-else trees


struct: Then click view report wlesavo

wlesavo: oh thx

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: Crosility aah all right :) imo CoC is not really the right tool for that, but you do you.

Crosility: I do all the different things on the site. As well as Win programming outside of this.

jacek: win!?

Crosility: You gotta practice all facets. Quick execution vs slow and methodical. Vs optimization.

Crosility: Like, there's the times where, you gotta optimize between "the best way" and a good way. Because it execution becomes too much.

Crosility: Then you have CoC, where you gotta solve, sometimes, theoretically difficult challenge in a time limit.

wlesavo: what will happen with bosses after the release? rn in contrib the first league boss seems to be the golden boss (or just some strong bot), while league 3 is dummy, is that ok?

struct: you mean boss 1?

wlesavo: yes

struct: its not the gold boss, its releasing apps on 1st turn

wlesavo: oh ok

eulerscheZahl: you will be back to wood

wlesavo: so it is just some bots without any meaning for now?

eulerscheZahl: and wood1 as the highest league

wlesavo: oh, ok

eulerscheZahl: a disappointment, i must admin

eulerscheZahl: admit

jacek: so the multi will not have my boss? :(

struct: ah 1st league has no automated

struct: was wondering what my bot was doing

struct: oh not even play phase

struct: oh well

wlesavo: also, will it be only 4/4 apps in wood1 or similar to the bronze?

struct: it was always 5

wlesavo: oh you can submit in different leagues

wlesavo: indeed only 4/4 in the last one

eulerscheZahl: it's always like that in testing

eulerscheZahl: see?

wlesavo: yeah, i think i even new this, but its been too long since i tested smth in contrib

wlesavo: knew

StevenV: well, when will we have green circle as a multi?

eulerscheZahl: when 3 people click on approve

StevenV: can I click on approve for green-circle?

eulerscheZahl: yes, i have that button

StevenV: and isn't that the contest will be convert into multi without the need of approve?

eulerscheZahl: was not an official contest

StevenV: ah

eulerscheZahl: i hoped that they would still just move it over to the multiplayer section and keep the bots

eulerscheZahl: higher bosses will be gone too

StevenV: well

eulerscheZahl: and everyone of the 1700 participants has to resubmit

StevenV: will it still have lengend league?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: wood1 will the the highest

StevenV: :(

wlesavo: there goes my plans on storming legend

wlesavo: ill probably rather will do smth else

StevenV: I don't have time to implement a good bot in the contest

eulerscheZahl: oh, read comments

wlesavo: oh nice

StevenV: and I can't get to legend on green-circle anymore :(

StevenV: I hope that CG can keep the leagues and the bots too

Default avatar.png DevMarcao: is it possible to enable dark mode here?

struct: it doesnt seem that it will happen StevenV

struct: yes DevMarcao

struct: open the ide of any puzzle and go to settings on the left

StevenV: isn't Thibaud is checking with the technical team?

struct: how do you know?

StevenV: the latest comement:

StevenV: of Sebastien

StevenV: so lvl20+ can approve the mult right?

struct: yes

struct: But it gets released as a brand new multi, no players, no leagues

StevenV: Hope CG could do sth different for Green-circle

eulerscheZahl: and i would still review it as slight changes were made. i assume that all works correctly but i'm not a fan of rushed approvals. at the same time i don't want to review now, so I'll let others do the work for me

StevenV: yup, we should review it with Green IT philosophy

therealbeef: and what is that exactly?

StevenV: I rember top 1 create a lot of technical dev and do a lot of CI

StevenV: so Green IT = technical dev + CI :D

StevenV: sorry

StevenV: technical debt

therealbeef: and 'life's just random, deal with it'

StevenV: yup

StevenV: So I I can, I would review randomly and approve by tossing a coin

StevenV: ok, so what is the fastest way to increase my lvl without any cheat?

therealbeef: solving puzzles gains a lot of XP

therealbeef: (the official ones)

StevenV: how about achivements?

therealbeef: some are easy to get, but don't give much XP

StevenV: thanks

therealbeef: very hard puzzles give 500 xp or more

StevenV: and take weeks to solve

therealbeef: true, but it shouldn't be too easy to gain high level

Uljahn: the difficulty varies, also your background matters

eulerscheZahl: what's not worth it for XP farming: creating complex puzzles or multiplayer games. gives the same XP as a clash

StevenV: :|

struct: writing the statement for a multi should be 500xp alone

StevenV: :D

Astrobytes: didn't they add leagues to coif though?

struct: They did but people had to resubmit

Astrobytes: Better than no leagues at all

StevenV: coif?

Astrobytes: Code of Ice & Fire

StevenV: ah, thanks

Astrobytes: np

Astrobytes: the acronyms get confusing

eulerscheZahl: maybe we finally get the wala boss

Astrobytes: hehehe

darkhorse64: 2 more to go !

StevenV: wala boss?

darkhorse64: 2 more approvals, I mean

StevenV: you get the bot of wala for a game?

eulerscheZahl: you understand nothing

eulerscheZahl: they opened legend in the contest. they have a script to pick the boss

darkhorse64: For that, we need CG to do the right thing

Astrobytes: It was when the error happened with legend league opening StevenV. wala was top in gold and became the boss

eulerscheZahl: it was faulty, so they took #1 for boss

Astrobytes: na na :D

eulerscheZahl: let's call it a draw, astro

Astrobytes: meh

eulerscheZahl: i sandwiched you with the explanation

darkhorse64: nb_of _players in gold / 200 = 0. Oops

Astrobytes: I'll let you have the draw

StevenV: ah

eulerscheZahl: may StevenV decide if it's a draw then

Astrobytes: That may require further explanation

eulerscheZahl: not competing to explain that

StevenV: so I do a coin toss?

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: If you like. I'll go heads

eulerscheZahl: i take the building then


StevenV: well this is the result


eulerscheZahl: do you have a head or a building on your coins?

Astrobytes: You win euler :tada:

Astrobytes: Head on one side (the 'up' side)

StevenV: TAIL and Head

Astrobytes: Other side 'tails' varies


eulerscheZahl: wanted to spice it up by guessing how their coins look like

Astrobytes: I knew what you meant ;)

StevenV: :D

Default avatar.png Nikanameu: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

iamsofia_rless: hy

jacek: whats with card games contributions lately

Westicles: jacek why are you losing to me?

Astrobytes: 3 wins vs you jacek, what is going on

Astrobytes: 4

Astrobytes: 5

eulerscheZahl: oh, it got approved

eulerscheZahl: you play wood leages astro, that's going on

eulerscheZahl: i lose vs boss

eulerscheZahl: timeout :D

eulerscheZahl: my contest bot had this issue too

eulerscheZahl: RIP mirror matches

eulerscheZahl: oh right: we can't automate

Astrobytes: ah yeah

eulerscheZahl: my bot doesn't work like this :poop:

eulerscheZahl: i guess i'll be a wood noob then. getting hungry

eulerscheZahl: oh, should try 1st action

Westicles: ha, let's just freeze it here

wlesavo: there wont be mirrors for multi?

Astrobytes: apparently not? No idea why. Maybe if they introduce proper leagues they'll do that too

wlesavo: may be only in the wood1?

struct: Only cg can add mirrored

Astrobytes: And leagues. That's who I mean.

YurkovAS: where my +4k CP? :thinking:

jacek: i just print 1st action

jacek: and how come there are 4 wood leagues? there were only 2 and bronze?

Astrobytes: Thibaud is checking with the devs if we can get proper leagues...

Default avatar.png R37r0-Hac53r: hello there

jacek: you mean yours silver and mine legend

Astrobytes: Yes jacek.

Westicles: wood2 come at me bro

Default avatar.png R37r0-Hac53r: what's up

Default avatar.png R37r0-Hac53r: ?

jacek: sky!

mannouao: do have the same gold boos from the contest (Green Circle) in the boot programming ?

jacek: not now. its being discussed with the staff

mannouao: thanks boss :joy:

jacek: i shall delete account

Astrobytes: :grin:

Westicles: something wrong with w2 boss I would guess

mannouao: it is week or strong w2 boss ?

wlesavo: darkhorse64 just saw your comment on playground, somehow there is no notifications for me on cg from there, i answered if you still interested =)

Default avatar.png FlyingCow: could anyone approve or review my clash

eulerscheZahl: that one again?

Default avatar.png FlyingCow: I just need one more approval

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Mathematically speaking, isn't a triangle valid even if it has two angles of 0 and one of 180?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Granted, you can't see it as anything but a line visually, but mathematically speaking it is still three segments connected at the ends.

mannouao: Westicles why you didn't beat the w2 boss ???

Astrobytes: isn't area something to do with the definition Wishbone?

Westicles: no idea

mannouao: you win every time vs him

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Astrobytes: Area = 0.

Astrobytes: That's what I mean, it needs area to be a triangle

Astrobytes: mathematically speaking

jacek: degenerate triangle

Astrobytes: I see, fair

struct: I only know that it needs at least 4 sides to be a triangle

Default avatar.png Wishbone: jacek, yes, apparently that is the term.

Astrobytes: we don't use those in cell biology :P

eulerscheZahl: promoted with first action

Astrobytes: ugh

JFB: to legend???

eulerscheZahl: to wood3

JFB: uff

eulerscheZahl: oof

jacek: nyoro~n

Astrobytes: ouph

Westicles: darkhorse64 what is going on

eulerscheZahl: you'll get kicked in what fr calls you soon enough

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Why do people go out of their way to use silly characters in the inputs of puzzles?

Astrobytes: boules de l'ouest?

Astrobytes: Or is there a more insulting recent one?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: From the Logic Gates puzzle: "Signals are represented with underscore and minus characters, an undescore matching a low level (0, or false) and a minus matching a high level (1, or true)"

Westicles: mostly just W, but they call wonton that as well and confuse each other

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Why not just use 0 and 1 then?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: It seems like the first part of most puzzles is to convert deliberately awkward data points into useable ones.

Default avatar.png Wishbone: That gets old really quick.

mannouao: where is w1 boss ?

eulerscheZahl: there is none, only CG can add leagues above wood

mannouao: whay spider attack have leagues above wood ?

Astrobytes: It was an official contest. This one was a hybrid of sponsored and community-made contest

mannouao: ow i see thanks

Default avatar.png diddy449: is it possible to write direct messages to other people who are not online?

Default avatar.png bendabizadam: Hello guys

Default avatar.png bendabizadam: what do u think bout the questions

Default avatar.png bendabizadam: i'm having an interview in few minutes

Westicles: up to 5 1-stars. somebody brought their brother-in-law in

jacek: oO

Westicles: maybe it will get deleted and I can submit it again :thinking:

PatrickMcGinnisII: every1 in wood4 is beating each other up

jacek: Automaton2000 huh

Automaton2000: we are the only one

Westicles: Stoi l'huh

jacek: w00t

jacek: how many tacos did you eat today, Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: or you can play against your bot

PatrickMcGinnisII: Automaton2000 Is there always room for jello?

Automaton2000: i would also need to make it worse

jk_java: looking for comments on a contribution

jk_java: it deals with musical notation and transposition, should be fun for CoC


PatrickMcGinnisII: Automaton2000 can u make it worse?

Automaton2000: i know a little bit you might be looking at a too micro level

PatrickMcGinnisII: Automaton2000 if my GF was a contract, then she would be the fine print.

Automaton2000: because you dont have to do all of them

eulerscheZahl: complicated to understand?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: jk_java, comment posted.

Default avatar.png GNye22: hey does anyone know how to pass the unpacking of a list to a function in python?

Default avatar.png GNye22: I have a list of ascii values

Default avatar.png GNye22: and I'm trying to print(chr(*list)) but it says it only takes on argument

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: the problem is that chr only takes one argument

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: you can use a list comprehension

jacek: struct frame 6 i bet the only reason i lost ;v

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: print(*[chr(c) for c in list])

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: but I recommend not using list as a variable name

struct: lol jacek

Default avatar.png SanMendes: could someone tell me how to repeat a challenge that appears in clash code?

Default avatar.png GNye22: yeah i wasnt using that as the name lol just for my example

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: all right

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: jacek you won in that replay. am I missing something?

jacek: oh. so maybe thats why i won

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I don't know what you mean but all right :p

jacek: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png visionspider: anyone understand this instruction?

Default avatar.png visionspider: Return the Square of Sum of Numbers given

Default avatar.png visionspider: It sounds so simple but I am not understanding lol

xGuGu: sum the numbers given and then square the sum

Astrobytes: sum the given nuimbers then square the result?

Default avatar.png visionspider: yeah ive been doing this

Default avatar.png visionspider: num * num

Default avatar.png visionspider: then sqrt?

Ayza: not square root

jacek: what puzzle

Default avatar.png visionspider: oh my bad

Default avatar.png visionspider: i think i understand now

Astrobytes: I hope you do!

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png visionspider: so its addiition

Default avatar.png visionspider: then square

Astrobytes: sum of == ?

Astrobytes: yes

jacek: :tada:

xGuGu: :thumbsup_tone1:

Astrobytes: think first, code second

Ayza: well said

eulerscheZahl: America first

Crosility: -.-

Default avatar.png visionspider: its just i havent had to use math in a while so I lost some of my ability of translating plain english into math

MrZee: Math is the hardest language of all

Crosility: ... Welcome to programming/coding. Little bit of math, but complex concepts understanding is required :D

Default avatar.png KarterFX: shhh

jacek: math, not even once

Crosility: Lol jacek. Such lies.

Default avatar.png visionspider: I find that the instructions in code clash are sometimes poorly written.

jacek: :scream:

eulerscheZahl: they are!

eulerscheZahl: false incentives. a quest map asking every user to create a clash and to approve one

eulerscheZahl: too much work to keep up with moderation and correct those

eulerscheZahl: and then you give reasonable feedback what can be approved. and the next clown approves with "i like it"

Crosility: Well - the point it takes to REACH that node on the map, is pretty far in.

Astrobytes: ^^^^ this alllllllll day long

Astrobytes: (euler's comment)

eulerscheZahl: unfortunately my puzzle search website is offline for a few more hours. could show you a graph of new contributions over time

Astrobytes: Not far enough if you ask me Crosility :D

Ayza: for some reason none of them choose to reject contributions even though the roadmap clearly says they can

Ayza: so why approve a really bad contribution

Crosility: Probably not Astrobytes. BUT, hey, been here a month~ (Well, over 2 years by profile age). I've done at least a puzzle / day, and some optimization, AI, and a dozen clashes. I don't even have approval step done, let alone this "make a CoC".

Astrobytes: hehehe not criticizing Crosility

eulerscheZahl: psychology. when you refuse, the creator is sad

Crosility: I wonder though, what does the node say, get a CoC approved? OR just create one?

eulerscheZahl: when you approve, 100 clashers are. but those are "anonymous" to the approver

Ayza: you gotta get a coc approved Crosility

Ayza: If it was creating a contribution we'd get a lot of trolls

Astrobytes: like...

Default avatar.png visionspider: Any thoughts on this :

eulerscheZahl: and castles?

Crosility: visionspider, use actual pastebin website

Astrobytes: yes euler, you were later than I expected with that response

Ayza: trolls vs castles lol

Default avatar.png visionspider: yeah i didnt try to use the pastebin it just auto pastebined it sadly

Ayza: talking about that I haven't seen it anymore

Default avatar.png visionspider: input: cCnNoO output: 1 3 5

Ayza: It automatically makes long text a pastebin visionspider

Astrobytes: visionspider: auto pastebins are broken I think, either use less linebreaks or use 'proper' pastebin

Ayza: as astro said

jacek: visionspider is this reverse?

Crosility: Is modulus (operator) a known term to all programmers? (Just curious)

Astrobytes: output uppercase letters?

Default avatar.png visionspider: input: NunnjN32,. output: 0 5

jacek: positions of uppercase letters

Default avatar.png visionspider: its a reverse

Default avatar.png visionspider: oh i see

Default avatar.png visionspider: you are right

Default avatar.png visionspider: im so blind

Astrobytes: jacek: slowpoke :P

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png visionspider: i was thinking it was something related to the ASCII code and to subtract it

Astrobytes: Crosility: I would hope so

Ayza: probably Crosility

Ayza: well I did learn it after I got into codingame

Ayza: seen people using it

Astrobytes: visionspider: think simple first before complicating things

eulerscheZahl: Astrobytes 09:05ᴾᴹ yes euler, you were later than I expected with that response

watching wolf of wall street

Astrobytes: ah, I love that movie

Crosility: But it's a fairly needed thing, so using it in a description, should be understood by the average programmer.

Crosility: Thanks, :P

Astrobytes: pretty sure I did something about modular arithmetic in school

Astrobytes: highschool I mean

Astrobytes: maybe it was later, who knows. But people should most definitely know what n % m represents

eulerscheZahl: in arithmetic school?

Astrobytes: Yes euler. Arithmetic school.

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Astrobytes: integer division?

eulerscheZahl: comes between highschool and college

Default avatar.png RiemannUchiha: wtf is arithmetic school ?

eulerscheZahl: modulo is the remainder of integer division

eulerscheZahl: 7 % 3 = 1 as 7 / 3 = 2 with 1 remaining

darkhorse64: Great! Triple jump with 3 lines added to the stub

Default avatar.png visionspider: thanks for the advise

Default avatar.png visionspider: advice*

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Ah, I can never remember that operator. It is exceedingly rare that I need to use it.

Default avatar.png visionspider: I tend to always overcomplicate

j4at: modulo is very useful

Default avatar.png RiemannUchiha: maths* are very useful

Default avatar.png visionspider: anyone here who primarly codes in Javascript?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: j4at: Not in integration, which is my field of work.

Astrobytes: You do calculus for a living?

Default avatar.png visionspider: im tired of looking at Python solutions, would like to play and compare to someone else who uses JS

jacek: make puzzles in js and see solutions of others

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Astrobytes: Integration - the pursuit of facilitating communication between different computer systems.

Astrobytes: Wishbone: I was joking ;)

j4at: well maybe stop using js because it's not a real programming language

jacek: not about integrals?

Astrobytes: I never joke about integrals

Default avatar.png visionspider: I can see others solutions in puzzles section?

Default avatar.png RiemannUchiha: Actually as an applied mathematics engineer, without maths i can't eat bro

jacek: you feel indifferent about them?

Default avatar.png visionspider: or only for puzzles i created?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Astrobytes: it can be hard to tell. Most people have no idea what I'm talking about when I tell them what I do ;-)

Default avatar.png Wishbone: visionspider: JS is a war crime ;-)

jacek: visionspider yes, if you solve them

Default avatar.png visionspider: oh ok ive solved a few

Default avatar.png visionspider: let me check it out

Astrobytes: Wishbone: Considering I'm not even a proper dev I find that disturbing

Default avatar.png visionspider: lol

jacek: j4at nice search race result

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Astrobytes: You do know that "most people" aren't devs at all, right?

j4at: thank you :)

Astrobytes: If I didn't know what integration was I could get into management dammit

j4at: not good enough tho :p

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Ugh, management...

Default avatar.png visionspider: JS is easy, and a good precursor to TS

jacek: j4at youre ahead of toad, that should be enough

j4at: hehe

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Man, I'm having to use TS at work right now. Hating that too.

Default avatar.png visionspider: lol

Default avatar.png visionspider: what do you normally use

Default avatar.png Wishbone: I am NOT a frontend developer.

Default avatar.png visionspider: I hear a lot from JS devs how java is a war crime

Default avatar.png Wishbone: C# and SQL.

Astrobytes: Management across most disciplines is the same: atrociously unqualified people making decisions about things they have and do not care to have knowledge about

Default avatar.png visionspider: oh you are a .NET user

Default avatar.png visionspider: you can still do a backend with JS

Astrobytes: Java is a warcrime but compared to JS it's almost sane.

Default avatar.png visionspider: lol

Default avatar.png Wishbone: visionspider: I have absolutely no desire to use JS for ANYTHING ;-)

j4at: C# > python ~= C ~= C++ > JAVA ~= TS > JS

j4at: tier list

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Not sure I'd equate C and C++...

Astrobytes: Every tool in its right place I say, use what you need, no more, no less

Default avatar.png Wishbone: I've never used Python though.

Default avatar.png visionspider:

Astrobytes: lol, at least TS did something to that end

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Yup, that's one of the reasons I hate JS. The damn inconsistencies.

Default avatar.png visionspider: j4at you should add abap in that list lol

Default avatar.png Wishbone: And don't get me started on JSON and REST...

Default avatar.png visionspider: I hear a lot of JS devs who love rust though

Astrobytes: shouldn't that correct them out of using JS?

Default avatar.png visionspider: depends on work i guess

struct: Those are devs that just dont want to say they like C++

Default avatar.png visionspider: lol

Astrobytes: Wouldn't the borrow checker beat down JS devs until they cried?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Oh man, now you've got me thinking about all the langs/techs I have issues with :-(

Astrobytes: I'm only kidding anyway, like I say, tools are tools

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Like LUA...

Default avatar.png visionspider: I think one of the reasons it is loved is because of the generous errors?

Astrobytes: You can hammer a nail in with a wrench but...

eulerscheZahl: Wishbone 09:21ᴾᴹ C# and SQL.

we have entity framework

Default avatar.png visionspider: lol

Astrobytes: Yeah, anything but Lua

eulerscheZahl: and blazor. whatever it takes to avoid SQL and JS

Default avatar.png Wishbone: eulerscheZahl ?

eulerscheZahl: Wishbone !

Astrobytes: Are you still using Blazor at work euler?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: SQL is great. It's logical and does what it's supposed to.

eulerscheZahl: yes astro. even used it for a desktop application recently

Astrobytes: Nice!

eulerscheZahl: just a webview in WPF and blazor for everything inside

eulerscheZahl: wasn't even my idea to take that path but i like it

j4at: eulerscheZahl get good. You are behind me in search race

eulerscheZahl: you are behind me at STC, fix it

j4at: :(

Astrobytes: and fix your understanding of games euler cares about too j4at. ezpz

eulerscheZahl: i started using these, makes life really easy

eulerscheZahl: then i found a bug. turned out someone reported it on github 3 months ago, still no reaction :(

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Nothing better than having to use non-maintained 3rd party frameworks :-D

eulerscheZahl: only 674 open issues :sweat_smile:

Astrobytes: damn, would be nice if that was maintained

eulerscheZahl: looks really pretty

eulerscheZahl: but then you do a basic thing like enabling virtualization in a large table (which is built-in and well documented). combine that with multi-select and in breaks on scrolling

Astrobytes: beats some python framework, bootstrap and times new roman

eulerscheZahl: it's based on materialize

eulerscheZahl: or just material? not sure about the name :D

eulerscheZahl: that's the one i stumbled over

Astrobytes: One is the google one and one is the other iirc

eulerscheZahl: they both exist? that explains my confusion

Astrobytes: iirc yes

eulerscheZahl: i'm a horrible frontend dev. all i know: it looks pretty

Astrobytes: back on track though, the Blazor desktop app setup seems cool. Beats HTA anyway :P :rofl:

eulerscheZahl: colleagues really liked it when i shared my screen. and that was a laggy screen sharing, even looks better with the animations when you use it on your own device

eulerscheZahl: there's only one thing i'm really sad about:

eulerscheZahl: there is .net MAUI for cross platform. android, ios, macos, windows

eulerscheZahl: just no linux

Astrobytes: I saw you or someone mention that recently

Astrobytes: Why though?

eulerscheZahl: linux is small in end users, probably not worth the time to build it

eulerscheZahl: they forget developers, linux is quite common there

Astrobytes: Seems kind of strange tbh, even with that explanation

eulerscheZahl: official statement was something like "we have a strong community how can do it for us"

Astrobytes: ah, that's the one

YurkovAS: Referee source code not available in block the spreading fire?

Astrobytes: "we can't be arsed, you do it if you want it so much"

Astrobytes: YurkovAS: do you need it?

Astrobytes: Rules seem simple enough

YurkovAS: yes, i'm use it for test with validators

PatrickMcGinnisII: Isn't it an optimization game? kinda defeats purpose

struct: it's not possible to download it, you can still get the validators though

struct: all you need to do is press test in ide

struct: on the contribution

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Is it petty of me that it bugs me to no end that in the Logic Gates puzzle, the XNOR gate is called "NXOR"?

eulerscheZahl: not petty, reasonable

YurkovAS: eh. it is easier with a unit test: which itself will read all validators and test the bot

eulerscheZahl: i have no idea about the context but just reading NXOR annoys me

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Good, it's not just me then.

eulerscheZahl: reminds me of Nixon

Astrobytes: I have never ever ever seen NXOR until today

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Nor have I.

jacek: not even when you made NN?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Or should I say, XNOR have I :-D

jacek: :drum:

Astrobytes: you stole my joke theme!

eulerscheZahl: what puzzle is that?

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Logic Gates

Astrobytes: this is the one with _ and - for 0 and 1?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Yes.

Default avatar.png Wishbone: That's annoying too.

eulerscheZahl: Westicles approved, explain yourself ;)

Astrobytes: I remember seeing you post about it earlier, does that serve any purpose?

Astrobytes: lol euler, well played :D

Default avatar.png Wishbone: What, posting about it?

Astrobytes: Wishbone: lol no, getting the input like that

Default avatar.png Wishbone: It serves the purpose of letting me vent my frustrations :-D

Default avatar.png Wishbone: No, no purpose. b0n5a1 apparently just decided that that was better than using 0 and 1. The output needs to be like that as well.

Astrobytes: oh if the output is like that, that makes a little more sense

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Dunno if it's supposed to emulate testing individual logic gates using an oscilloscope.

Astrobytes: Quite possibly

Default avatar.png Wishbone: But the goal description even says: "Signals are represented with underscore and minus characters, an undescore matching a low level (0, or false) and a minus matching a high level (1, or true)."

Astrobytes: there's no suitable vertical char other than |, so _|-|_

eulerscheZahl: wow, that's a funny issue

eulerscheZahl: maybe i should not rely on that framework for future projects

Astrobytes: Intriguing placement there

Default avatar.png HenroLST: ...

struct: that puzzle was clash difficulty

struct: imo

struct: no math = clash

Astrobytes: RIGHT. Enough with this 'math' shit. It's 'maths' dammit! :D

Astrobytes: Mathematics!

Astrobytes: I would call chemistry chems if it was chemistries!

Astrobytes: but I call it chem cause it isn't!

Astrobytes: </rant>

struct: well in portuguese is Matemática

struct: no s

Astrobytes: Let me have my English-speaking moment!

Astrobytes: dammit

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Either I'm stupid, or the puzzle discussion interface is really unintuitive.

Astrobytes: Anyway, that's acceptable. What about the americans?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: For the life of me I can't figure out how to post a comment.

struct: I can't speak for Americans

PatrickMcGinnisII: countries = c*nts

Astrobytes: Wishbone: there is a lot wrong with the whole approval system tbh lol

Default avatar.png Wishbone: In the "Discussions" tab on a puzzle.

struct: Wishbone which puzzle?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Logic Gates, but I assume the interface is the same for every puzzle. Otherwise this site is coded really weirdly.

struct: Was I supposed to solve that puzzle without using & | ^?

Astrobytes: ohhh wait, is this the disappearing comment submission forum bug again?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: I can WRITE a post, but there does not appear to be any button to actually post it.

PatrickMcGinnisII: maybe it's wish's lvl

jacek: do you have get a job bar at the top

jacek: close it

Default avatar.png Wishbone: No, should I?

jacek: oh

Astrobytes: They got rid of that jacek

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Ohhh...

Astrobytes: apparently

jacek: something like that could hide the reply button

PatrickMcGinnisII: I can't mouseover wish's icon to see lvl

Default avatar.png Wishbone: What the actual... That is some of the most shitty website design I've seen in quite a while.

Astrobytes: Please feel free to let them know Wishbone :D

struct: I dont leave the stc ide so its fine for me

Default avatar.png Wishbone: And on a coding website, no less :-(

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I can't either

Astrobytes: struct: heheeh back at it again :D

struct: nah

PatrickMcGinnisII: lol, if u are lvl 3 I don't think u can post. keep pissed off spammers fro... blah blah

Default avatar.png Wishbone: But yes, closing the thing at the top (which said something completely different for me) made the window rise up, bringing the button onto the screen.

Astrobytes: Patrick, as far as I can tell Wishbone has not been spamming

Default avatar.png Wishbone: I don't think I have either.

PatrickMcGinnisII: I just can't mouseovere their icon to get any info, that is wierd

Astrobytes: It happens a lot these days Patrick

jacek: is this the last hours of the chat?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: It's not showing my portrait in the chat either.

Astrobytes: Not sure jacek, did they put a date on it? I think they said sometime in June

Astrobytes: Devs are at a conference currently (from Thibaud) so I guess we find out when they get back

Default avatar.png Wishbone: What, is the chat getting removed?

j4at: yeah, sadly :(

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Any explanation why?

Default avatar.png HenroLST: wait whaaaa

Astrobytes: Expensive and/or resource-intensive to maintain or upgrade

jacek: supposed to be closed in mid june but keeps going

PatrickMcGinnisII: Isn';t there a list of lvl abilities lvl 3 allows chat, lvl 6 ... something ... lvl 20 ... something

Default avatar.png Wishbone: I'm currently lvl 10, if that's helpful.

Astrobytes: Since the takeover by CoderPad they only have kinda limited resources to work on the free part of the site (this part) as the focus is on the profitable side (CGForWork)

Astrobytes: Sad for us but understandable in the scheme of things

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Well, that will certainly lessen the site's appeal for me.

Astrobytes: Numerous solutions have been touted such as open-sourcing the chat to the community etc but although the will is there I doubt it will come to anything

PatrickMcGinnisII: I think it lends to the open source side of things, so fewer programmers tumble around int he dark

Default avatar.png Wishbone: I've only been here two days, but I've come to appreciate this chat a lot.

Astrobytes: The discord will still be there

Astrobytes: But it's kinda dead barring the odd question, bug report or occasional large discussion

PatrickMcGinnisII: someone was working on a maven chat, forgot who

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Astrobytes: which is fine for those with multi-monitor setups. Sadly I'm not one of those.

struct: We need to create a petition

Astrobytes: I have dual monitors and still prefer the webchat tbh (and I changed my mind on that over the past... year? I think)

struct: But I'm too lazy

Default avatar.png HenroLST: we go on strike

struct: I already did

Astrobytes: We need to riot struct. It's the French way. Protest, strike, lie down in the server room corridors

PatrickMcGinnisII: I have 3 monitors. But still hate discord eating my resources

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Could they integrate one of the discord channels in place of the chat?

struct: No thanks Astro, I heard french police is on par with american

Astrobytes: afaik discord isn't embeddable

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Pity.

Astrobytes: struct: yes, pretty close

PatrickMcGinnisII: and when i goto discord all my other group chats they are a pain to switch around

Astrobytes: we'll use that group channel on discord when the chat goes but it won't be the same

Astrobytes: some of us will use it at least

Default avatar.png Wishbone: #codingame or #talk-about-anything-here?

PatrickMcGinnisII: all mu local buddies just use discord to talk about starins of weed

PatrickMcGinnisII: er strains.... and I don't smoke anymore

Astrobytes: got a separate one Wishbone

Astrobytes: PatrickMcGinnisII lol, that's like both my Grateful Dead discord channels

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Astrobytes: Oh, an entirely different server, or?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I make trippy LED signs for them, so I can't block channels

Astrobytes: Yeah Wishbone

PatrickMcGinnisII: I monitor right wing chats sometimes on discord to see just how Nazi things are getting

PatrickMcGinnisII: it's very sad btw

Default avatar.png Eandy11: How do I see everyone's solution after a coding clash

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: they have to choose to share it

Default avatar.png Eandy11: dang

Default avatar.png Eandy11: I had no clue what to do

Default avatar.png Eandy11: that whole time

PatrickMcGinnisII: been working on reworking galleon wars bot, it's not going well

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: @Eandy11 if you still know the goal statement I can try to write something

Default avatar.png Eandy11: Is there anyway I can look back at my old coding clashes?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: afaik no

Astrobytes: You can look up the clashes if you remember them but the site is currently offline until I think tomorrow

PatrickMcGinnisII: My dad wants me to do the ncestry dna to see if he has any other grandchildren ... like wtf ... it's possible ... but what's wrong with the one u got?

Astrobytes: that's his sole reasoning? :D

Default avatar.png Eandy11:

Default avatar.png Eandy11: why is this one so hard

Default avatar.png Eandy11: it's not

Default avatar.png Eandy11: I just haven't done this stuff in awhile

PatrickMcGinnisII: gotta love that pastebin

Default avatar.png Eandy11:

Default avatar.png Eandy11: yup

Default avatar.png Eandy11: lol

Default avatar.png Eandy11: yea these challenges make me feel stupid, I just stare at them for so long

jacek: hm

Default avatar.png HenroLST: mh

Default avatar.png kollaboys: this is so easy

Andriamanitra: It's been almost an hour since i got fucked over by this but I'm still angry at this clash

Andriamanitra: what the fuck does 8 months and 27 days mean in a sane world where ill-defined methods like .NET's "AddMonths" don't exist

Ayza: ah that clash I've got it aswell

Ayza: couldn't solve it in time its annoying

Ayza: maybe its just me but I had to deal with months with 30 days and 31 days

Andriamanitra: yeah it's basically impossible to figure out what it means

Andriamanitra: it's so stupid too because i'm pretty sure the length of a pregnancy doesn't chance depending on how long the next 9 months happen to be

Ayza: I guess it could've been about something other than pregnancy

Andriamanitra: even then "8 months" is a not a well-defined amount of time

Ayza: then again you have the approvers who probably didn't solve the puzzle but think it's good

Andriamanitra: look at python: timedelta doesn't accept months

Andriamanitra: look at D: dur doesn't accept months

Andriamanitra: D*

Astrobytes: D? All hail the D. I miss the D memes

Andriamanitra: i can't even decide if i'm more angry at the author of the clash or .NET for implementing that method making this possible

Westicles: He's not the brightest guy

Westicles: He gave me endless hell about my mpox contrib

Westicles: Then smurfed approvals for his own, looks like

Ayza: your mpox contribution was cool, just couldn't solve it for some reason

Ayza: and due to my 0 understanding of c++ i couldn't implement your code

Andriamanitra: the clash is bad but i wouldn't accuse him of smurfing, the approval process is just broken

Westicles: two blank accounts with no friends is usually smurfs

Ayza: it's all the roadmap's fault :pensive:

Ayza: usually low levels do it for the roadmap

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Westicles: To be fair, I've commented on it, I have a blank account and no friends, but my comment was a criticism ;-)

Westicles: Wishbone, you account is more than blank, it doesn't even seem to exist :P

Default avatar.png Wishbone: I assure you I'm a real person :-D

Default avatar.png Eandy11:

Default avatar.png Eandy11: Given a list of numbers, output the second smallest number.

Default avatar.png Eandy11: anyone done this one before?

Default avatar.png Eandy11: I struggle with the fastest mode ones

struct: arr.sort()[1]?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: It's odd though, the clash comments do show my portrait, but this chat doesn't.

struct: oh wont work

struct: arr.sort.uniq[1]

Default avatar.png Eandy11: do we have to use the code that these challenges start us with/

struct: no

Astrobytes: Might be a caching thing Wishbone, either CG or us :D

Westicles: Ayza, seems like not everybody is used to taking the odds of several independent things happening and turning that into the odds of none of them happening

Astrobytes: heh heh heh

DomiKo: struct

DomiKo: your bot is much stronger :(

struct: yes?

Astrobytes: Westicles: Making Babies Properly. New puzzle?

struct: and its the same bot...

struct: of last submit

DomiKo: me too :/

Astrobytes: don't get too worried in a league like that DomiKo

Astrobytes: Wait for the real leagues

Westicles: Astro, I'll let you take that one

struct: but yeah no mirrored matches and too many strategies

Astrobytes: :D

DomiKo: I don't have time to worry :joy:

Astrobytes: ah prep for the internship was it?

struct: Still my bot is on par with legend bots

DomiKo: yeah

struct: It just didnt pass :p

DomiKo: I have my flight tomorrow

struct: for the internship?

Astrobytes: good luck DomiKo, hope everything goes great. Where and what you doing? If you are ok to say

struct: gl

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: Google Zurich, optimizing some stuff

Astrobytes: Nice! Sounds promising dude, smash that shit :)

DomiKo: Thanks!

DomiKo: I hope I will be around here much more than lately

DomiKo: I have soo much stuff to improve and on my todo list

Astrobytes: everything in good time DomiKo, no rush

DomiKo: that's true

Illedan: Work really gets in the way of CG :) But GL!

DomiKo: Site won't disappear :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

DomiKo: For me studies gets a bit more in the way

DomiKo: But we will see

DomiKo: gn for today, and see you in some time!

struct: gn

Astrobytes: The definition of life is that it gets in the way of your plans :D

Astrobytes: and gn DomiKo

Westicles: hah, they just called me burnes du ponant,

Westicles: too subtle for google translate

struct: It means love in French

struct: :)

Astrobytes: no, no I don't think it does :D

darkhorse64: nice little cheering words from your french friends

Astrobytes: At least you're not called Brice Westicles

darkhorse64: Cassé

Astrobytes: Fun fact: worked with an Italian bar man who was literally Brice de Nice. I was alerted to this by the (French) head barman

Astrobytes: Work was never the same until he left

Westicles: third-rate gigolo? ha

makerecho: Panoplie du casseur

makerecho: brice de nice brings me back to high school memories :D

darkhorse64: :sleeping: for me

Astrobytes: Made me laugh as a non-French

Astrobytes: (when I understood it)

Astrobytes: The film or you're saying goodnight darkhorse64?

Astrobytes: I'll take that as a bn (flavour not yet determined)

Astrobytes: a gn/bn from me too

Default avatar.png xStonechat: hi guys

Default avatar.png ManuEns: hi

Default avatar.png Sraiti: any hints for There is no Spoon - Episode 1

mdfarhansadiq: hi

Default avatar.png pajken: It's a spork

Default avatar.png BobTheBuilder888: hello

Default avatar.png KarterFX: this stupid game kicked me out while I was coding wtf

Default avatar.png KarterFX: dumb logic

Default avatar.png **HenroLST slaps HenroLST around a bit with a large fishbot

waterproofsodium: I'm stuck on google foobar now :D

Default avatar.png HenroLST: i like google, its a very effiecnt engine

Default avatar.png 225Cb: Hey guys, not a codingame related question but

Default avatar.png 225Cb: does anyone know how I can lock my windows machine while running a python script all day?

Default avatar.png 225Cb: putting it to sleep stops the script :cry: