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Miki09: fun fact: there are only 5 players using Bash, 2 players using clojure, 3players using D

Miki09: in the event

Miki09: So I think Im gonna rewrite my code to D to get "Cherry on the cake" achievvment

Westicles: this isn't a contest

Miki09: hmm

Miki09: so I cant get any achievments from it?

Westicles: you can ask thib, but I would guess not

Miki09: ok thanks

StevenV: this is a contest I think

Westicles: nah, it is a code event

StevenV: it is shown in the contest CP points, which should be a contest

StevenV: you can check that in your profile ranking

Miki09: But its not in "contests" tab

Westicles: code golf gets CP

StevenV: are you saying about green it?

StevenV: I am saying green-circle, it is in the contests tab.

Miki09: I mean contests tab in "compete"

StevenV: check your profile CP ranking

Westicles: the "start N events" achievement didn't increment like it does with a contest

StevenV: hmm

StevenV: I am confused now :D

Miki09: me too

Westicles: best to send a notarized letter to CG headquarters and ask

StevenV: :.

StevenV: I would say this is a contest, but how it impact achivement and ranking system is still in question.

Miki09: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Default avatar.png demoo: Hello, World

StevenV: ohio

StevenV: xin chao


eulerscheZahl: guess who ran out of free dynos again

StevenV: dynos, what is this?

eulerscheZahl: you need this to host a website on heroku

eulerscheZahl: 1 dyno = 1h of uptime. you get 550 per month

StevenV: ah

StevenV: thanks

Westicles: oh dear. how will I check if my Probability for Dummies puzzle has been done already?

Default avatar.png can anyone help me?

DaNinja: unlikely

Default avatar.png i am new to java and i am stuck on one of the easiest puzzles

DaNinja: whats the problem?

Default avatar.png Aditya19: hey

Default avatar.png Aditya19: What's up party people

eulerscheZahl: you didn't reply fast enough, so GumBox left?

DaNinja: guess so

iggy12345: what does Automated 1 Coding mean?

iggy12345: does anybody know?

DaNinja: coding is saved for use in releasing apps

iggy12345: after I play it?

DaNinja: after using CI on it, it is saved in your autos

DaNinja: and can olny be used for app releases

iggy12345: but I never used CI on it, I played Training, then Coding, Then Refactoring

iggy12345: My hand ends up with 1 CI and 4 Tech Debt

iggy12345: my program doesn't detect that I can release app #10 which contains 4 Coding and 4 CI, because Coding is no longer in my hand

DaNinja: so instead of playing it, output WAIT if you want to use it for release

iggy12345: I wanted to play it

iggy12345: apparently I can use it for release even though it's not in my hand

iggy12345: I think it's a bug

eulerscheZahl: no it's not a bug

eulerscheZahl: that's the whole point of automating cards

eulerscheZahl: you might have used RANDOM to automate something

DaNinja: ah gold at last, that was a struggle...

iggy12345: my program can't output RANDOM I took it out

eulerscheZahl: share a replay if you want answers


eulerscheZahl: a certain frame to look at?

eulerscheZahl: the timeout i guess

iggy12345: I'm looking at frame 69

iggy12345: starting from frame 66

eulerscheZahl: frame 57: you print RANDOM. that's how you automate

eulerscheZahl: the timeout: you have 2 shoddy skills. you need 8 in total. can't release

iggy12345: I'm working on the timeout part, but I'm trying to figure out the whole code thing

iggy12345: is this information given in a frame that I can access from stdin?

iggy12345: how do I know that it's automated?

iggy12345: oh I see it

iggy12345: nvm

iggy12345: okay, so I don't get, why do I need 8 shoddy skills?

iggy12345: do I have to double up on shoddy skills to release an application?

eulerscheZahl: you need 8 skills. shoddy or the right ones for your application

eulerscheZahl: can be 8 right skills or 8 shoddy or 4+4 or whatever

eulerscheZahl: 8 in total. less shoddy = less technical debt

iggy12345: I had 2 daily routine stored tho, so that should give me enough? Plus the 1 CI in my hand?

eulerscheZahl: but you don't have them automated

eulerscheZahl: only hand + automated matters for release

iggy12345: then what's the point of permanent daily routine and architecture study then?

iggy12345: also, where is any of this documented?

eulerscheZahl: that you have more cards in your hand while starting the turn (architecture) or that you can pick cards from the neighboring desks when moving (daily routine)

eulerscheZahl: and it's written in the statement

eulerscheZahl: "DAILY_ROUTINE (2). This is a permanent skill: once played, it stays active until the team has released one application. After moving, the team can get their new skill card from a desk one step away. If you play many cards, their effects will add up."

iggy12345: okay, that I get

iggy12345: but where's the whole automated stuff at?

eulerscheZahl: in the viewer?

eulerscheZahl: or statement?

iggy12345: the statement

eulerscheZahl: ctrl+F, "automate"

iggy12345: where does it say that only automated and hand count for releases?

DaNinja: in the CI section

eulerscheZahl: i agree that it could be more explicit

iggy12345: but the Daily routine says the same lingo as the CI section "Stays active until the team has released an application"

eulerscheZahl: if you speak Japanese, go to they often explain it better

iggy12345: I do not speak japanese lol

jacek: more understandable than statement ;v

eulerscheZahl: actually your quote is for routine and architecture. not for integration

eulerscheZahl: look closely

iggy12345: I know it is, but it's similar to continouous integration, which is what I said

eulerscheZahl: if you are the alt account of ceg, that's something you have to tell us

DaNinja: :D

jacek: Oo

iggy12345: I'm not? who's ceg

eulerscheZahl: another user who likes to ask the chat instead of reading the statement

iggy12345: I read the statement!

DaNinja: Bruno looing good for legend!

DaNinja: *looking

eulerscheZahl: yes, he did it

jacek: :tada:

ael-bekk: let's all submit our codes again to beat the boss

eulerscheZahl: your boss is too weak jacek

eulerscheZahl: 39 already, see what you've done

jacek: i put weaking timer

Default avatar.png gfhnpkv: s1 has a good state machine tutorial?

eulerscheZahl: digraph {

   s1 -> s2


eulerscheZahl: graphviz state machine starting with s1

Default avatar.png putibuzu: Hello :)

jacek: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png IsaicRobert: hi

Illedan: hi

wediaklup: hi

eulerscheZahl: hi

Nerchio: hi

Illedan: 2 => 2.5 either broke my bot. Or the game is too random :(

Nerchio: its random

Nerchio: but it might have broken your bot too

DomiKo: hi

wediaklup: hi

YurkovAS: hi

aCat: hi

jacek: c-c-c-combo breaker

Sheeesh---: FATALITY

eulerscheZahl: can we please ban jacek when we know the final day of the chat?

jacek: and when is the final day of the chat

eulerscheZahl: no idea

jacek: so ill never get banned

StevenV: which will replace this chat?

jacek: discord

StevenV: :(

Nerchio: my bot just lost 28 games in a row :joy:

Illedan: Todays contest: Gain the most Technical debt possible before bowwow finishes the game xD

Illedan: Max at 38 now :thinking:

Illedan: 49 :tada:


Illedan: Like I almost win xD

darkhorse64: I need to rewrite everything. Can we extend the challenge ?

eulerscheZahl: you can make it your own challenge afterwards

darkhorse64: just kidding

BrunoFelthes: finally legend... now.. just want to read the PM

aCat: congratz Bruno :-)

BrunoFelthes: I think that i is the first time that i cant build a search engine that do not works :/

struct: grats bruno

Shivzee: sadge

jwpapi: hows the codeclash score calculated?

Default avatar.png hassanlprogrammerhahah: :worried:

jacek: for score i bet its trueskill algorithm

struct: huge lead from 1st to 2nd

struct: ah i missread

struct: I thought it was 29 instead of 25

eulerscheZahl: you surely need some sleep

struct: I just slept 10 hours euler

struct: maybe its not enough

Astrobytes: sleep for 3 days straight post-contest struct ;)

struct: I just wont come back

Astrobytes: well, that's an option too I suppose

eulerscheZahl: sometimes i'm not sure how serious struct is with such statements

eulerscheZahl: don't take the whole legend or delete too serious. stay with us, please

Astrobytes: Agreed. His trolling is so well-honed it's difficult to say

struct: Well its just hard for me to cope with it mentally

Astrobytes: don't stress it man

eulerscheZahl: it's just a game after all

Astrobytes: ^ not worth torturing yourself over

eulerscheZahl: do you remember the 5% discussion from last year? i don't remember the exact words, something like "not over-dramatize it, not calling it a contest". i hate to bring this up, but i think i should remind you

struct: I said that?

struct: :p

Astrobytes: something along those lines :D

eulerscheZahl: G-Rom did

Astrobytes: on discord

Astrobytes: During the Big Discussion

eulerscheZahl: written discussion that i was somehow expecting to take place on voice

Astrobytes: Yeah.

struct: ah

Default avatar.png Mengshang: gn.

Astrobytes: was part of the fun vs competition thing

Default avatar.png Mengshang: :joy:

Default avatar.png hassanlprogrammerhahah: :flag_iq:

Default avatar.png Mengshang: :flag_cn:

Default avatar.png Mengshang: I love it.

jacek: w00t

_Royale: eulerscheZahl :scream:

Astrobytes: :rofl:

struct: is that ice cream?

Astrobytes: Looks like it

Default avatar.png nacharov: IceFrog :joy:


struct: On this frame, I should have used continuous right?

struct: instead of waiting and completing

Astrobytes: I have no idea about this game any more

eulerscheZahl: oh dear

eulerscheZahl: i hope it's just hibernating

Astrobytes: not sure toads hibernate cryogenically

eulerscheZahl: and yes struct: definitely automate the bonus

eulerscheZahl: but i'm fine. must be either daiver or ranarama in that picture

Astrobytes: lol

struct: thanks

struct: now to change that without breaking the test

struct: rest*

actualCoderTrevor: Does it hurt your CP / ranking to join a contest but not participate?

struct: yes

struct: yes and no

actualCoderTrevor: Oh no I better get cracking

struct: Older contests will give less points for everyone

struct: so everyone will lose points

eulerscheZahl: it's not about joining. it's about not playing. you will lose CP for not participating regardless of registration state

actualCoderTrevor: Okay thanks for that explanation :)

actualCoderTrevor: *those explanations

therealbeef: but doesn't it use only the result from your best 3 contests for ranking?

MSmits: yes, but your best 3 all get worse

MSmits: (with each missed contest)

therealbeef: isn't that regardless of joining

MSmits: yes regardless

MSmits: but your new result might replace one of the ones that got worse

MSmits: if you do join

Default avatar.png MrAZF: hey guys

MSmits: it will for me for sure

MSmits: havent had a good contestresult in a long time

therealbeef: i've never had a good one hehe

Astrobytes: and you missed at least one

Default avatar.png MrAZF: I have a question

MSmits: i missed the last one and the witch one

MSmits: i did oceans and pacman seriously, not sure if there were any others lately

therealbeef: what made you get hooked for the current one?

Astrobytes: you did the photosynthesis one right?

MSmits: oh right that one too

MSmits: but i was like 100th there

MSmits: oceans/pacman i had a better result

MSmits: i am not sure therealbeef

Astrobytes: sheer willpower and determination I think ;)

MSmits: yeah i think so

MSmits: i liked the probability part, but my new bot is a mc bot and it's not yet better

MSmits: so no more fancy probability calculus, just FastRand(x)

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: you also get CP when the game comes back as a multiplayer. case closed

struct: oh my

struct: top 11 gold

struct: There is hope

Astrobytes: you can do it!

jacek: you need more probability stuff

Astrobytes: or moar random

Razovsky: clock is ticking

Razovsky: jacek the gold boss is your code

Razovsky: i dont understand sht to what it does

Razovsky: nothing seems logic yet it wins

Razovsky: XD

Astrobytes: Magic ;)

jacek: i dont understand it either

Illedan: Me neither

struct: You dont need to understand

emh: my sim+heuristic can only do around 50 games per turn so the win ratios are not statistically significant. I failed to optimize prematurely. might have more bugs also, already rooted out quite a few

struct: 50 games until end?

emh: yes

struct: how long is the average game?

emh: let me check

emh: I think it's quite high, like 200

jacek: thats max limit

struct: too long to get decent results imo

struct: but I can be wrong

Westicles: what's the best c++ rand, something with intrinsics?

emh: I'm not sure but my turns might be 2x though, so 200 means 100

emh: because I've got "++" two places

emh: I don't even understand my own code hehe


therealbeef: define best

eulerscheZahl: fast, equal distribution

therealbeef: thats two criteria

eulerscheZahl: and in no obvious order


eulerscheZahl: 1,2,3,4,5,... would also fit the first 2 criteria

Westicles: okay thanks, I tried Xoroshiro and it didn't make much difference vs. <random>

Astrobytes: thats the one in the article struct

struct: ah :p

Astrobytes: amongst others

jacek: for simulation this game maybe java random would be best

Westicles: I mean, it is probably 5x faster but I'm not rng limited

Sheeesh---: when you use CI it goes to discard ?

Sheeesh---: can someone remind me

Sheeesh---: i'm losing braincells

kovi: sure it goes

kovi: i mean first played

struct: it goes to played cards first but yeah

Sheeesh---: thank you

BrunoFelthes: The CI goes to played_hand and then to discard, and the other card goes to your automated

eulerscheZahl: but when you CI on another CI, one goes to automated

emh: hmm.. I calculated the average game length in a different way and now it looks like it's.. surprise... 42. 42.9 to be exact. while averaging on move phases it looks like 13.9. but these numbers ignore all the skipped phases

emh: must be something wrong

MSmits: 13.9 seems fine

BrunoFelthes: at least at legend, it is 5/6 turn preparing, and others 5/6 finishing

struct: your heuristics are doing a good job then

BrunoFelthes: at least, it it my heuristic... preparing for 5 turns, and go crazy for 5

MSmits: more like go crazy for 11 days tbh :P

emh: without the heuristic the average move phases is 93

BrunoFelthes: huhuhua, yes.. this contest, made me crazy.. my MC did not worked, i'm very frustated...

struct: Sounds about right emh

struct: I can try my MC if you want

struct: to check how many move phases I get

MSmits: my MC didnt work either, i've given up

struct: same

MSmits: well it did work, but far from beating my other bot

struct: yeah it had around 30% win rate

struct: so not great

MSmits: did a full sim check, it worked perfectly

MSmits: i just dont know what heuristics to use

MSmits: it requires understanding the game

MSmits: which i barely do

BrunoFelthes: what are you using MSmits?

MSmits: my best bot is a full search

MSmits: of turn 1

emh: struct if you feel like it

BrunoFelthes: me to MSmits

emh: but don't waste time so close to end of contest

BrunoFelthes: but for the first move, I have a opening book for the first 5 turn... it is giant

MSmits: does it help a lot?

BrunoFelthes: i think yes

struct: its fine emh it will take me 2 minutes

MSmits: I might improve mine

BrunoFelthes: i have a map from the player and me and the cards that i need to opening to get 4 bonus

MSmits: i have just a few moves

MSmits: oh I see

MSmits: I just take 5 in the first few turns and automate bonus, after that it's done by eval

BrunoFelthes: in general, the game starts is equals...

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: i do see why its helpful

BrunoFelthes: WoW, ValGrowth assumes the leadership... Japan is dominating codingame

BrunoFelthes: Are they know each other?

struct: emh 1000 games from the start

struct: until a player reaches score 5

struct: number of phases that equal MOVE

struct: 105.018

struct: average

MSmits: btw struct, i started using assert today, quite useful

MSmits: saved some time finding bugs

struct: good :p

struct: yeah

IvesL: is there any promo among japanese?

therealbeef: there's real prizes

IvesL: where

struct: for this contest

therealbeef: not just a t-shirt

IvesL: where is the info


struct: scroll

struct: ups thats ide

emh: struct thank you

emh: you don't have heuristic?

struct: a few

struct: like not making usless moves

struct: here IvesL

IvesL: oh i totally missed it last week

IvesL: but how will the prize be allocated

IvesL: cuz in kaggle, iirc, only american can receive prize, not sure if it applies similarly here

struct: no idea

struct: maybe some countries are not eligible

IvesL: CodinGame & Societe Generale employees are not eligible to these prizes.

IvesL: do CG employees actually participate?

IvesL: never seen one on leaderboard

MSmits: yeah they do

MSmits: they usually dont rank very high, but they do

emh: damnit I don't understand.. I printed the move phases per game and histogrammed it and they are all 16 or more (except one 11) how can the average be lower than 16. must be a calc bug

jacek: SG Sebatien is in low gold

MSmits: emh do you take into account the start of the search?

MSmits: on average your search does not start in the beginning of the game

emh: I'm just doing the first move now

MSmits: ah ok

IvesL: omg

IvesL: they are so young, i feel so old

IvesL: really impressive people

jacek: oO

MSmits: who are you talking about?

MSmits: can't be me, I was around in the last millenium

IvesL: the japanese leading

MSmits: oh ok

jacek: must be the diet

emh: ahh grrrrrrrr found the bug. was incrementing total in two places

therealbeef: mostly surprised by the small amount of french in the top of the ranking; usually the top is >50% french i think

therealbeef: *number

MSmits: around 50% average

emh: 24.26 move phases on average

MSmits: did you have a bug?

Nerchio: japan is strong lately in events

emh: yes in the move phase average calc

MSmits: ah ok

emh: but you said 13.9 is how it should be?

emh: so 24 is way too high

MSmits: i am not sure what you are measuring. I am just looking at top games

MSmits: they are not 24 turns long

emh: I count move phases for both players. are we on the same page?

MSmits: ohhh

MSmits: i count them as 1

emh: ahh ok

MSmits: problem solved

emh: nice

Default avatar.png HPQ123: hello worl

Astrobytes: d

MSmits: if you fail on hello world, programming is not for you :P

Astrobytes: :rofl:

MSmits: but hi HPQ123

MSmits: well I had a tiny improvement on my bot

MSmits: found a simbug with asserts

MSmits: small one

MSmits: at most it's 1 or 2 ranks prolly

Astrobytes: asserts ftw

jacek: print("dupa") debugging is the best

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: nice

Nerchio: lol xd

Nerchio: i like print("wtf")

MSmits: i do this

MSmits: (as well)

Nerchio: or print("i am here") XD

MSmits: yep have done

Nerchio: well debugging is a little bit of a pain on codingame

struct: mines are more like

struct: WHY?????????????

aCat: "i am here 1" "I am here 2" "I am here 3"

MSmits: i did that too struct

Astrobytes: cerr << "here", cerr << "here2", cerr << <expletives>

Astrobytes: etc etc

aCat: used it a lot to know where it blows up :joy_cat:

struct: test 1 test 2 test 3

MSmits: man, you guys are making me feel really unoriginal here

Astrobytes: sometimes I use a random word like "wombat" for instance

struct: who MSmits?

struct: ah

aCat: but usually i use some number of xe'es

MSmits: all of you, literally everything you guys just posted i have used in debug :P

aCat: or "xxxx" "yyy" "aaa 1"

Astrobytes: aCat hahaha yes

_Royale: "here1" "here2" then "here1.1" between?

Astrobytes: hm, versioning. Might have to use that next time

Westicles: no europeans in the top5, wow

Westicles: ok nvm

aCat: Rolyale - YES! that happens also :D

_Royale: :joy:

eulerscheZahl: Nerchio 06:08ᴾᴹ japan is strong lately in events

we should take our revenge by infiltrating atcoder optim contests

Nerchio: euler i dont even know what that is haha

Nerchio: but feel free to infiltrate :joy:

eulerscheZahl: this was their last: sliding puzzle to build a large tree

eulerscheZahl: optimize by tree size. if you find a max size tree, optimize by taking the fewest steps (spoiler: they did find optimal trees)

eulerscheZahl: click the play button

eulerscheZahl: you can also play manually with your arrow keys

struct: getting beaten here is enough for me

Nerchio: euler your 1 turn search is doing alright top17

eulerscheZahl: finished my submit around 30, drifted to 13th

eulerscheZahl: now dropping again

eulerscheZahl: rock paper scissors is strong with me


eulerscheZahl: and mr xo hates me

Nerchio: I had a lot of losses around top50 against him when I was climbing in gold

Nerchio: it makes sense now that he is in legend :P

Nerchio: I have a winning winratio vs Val :joy:

Nerchio: number 1

Nerchio: nice game

eulerscheZahl: i'll just park my bot where it is and end the contest right here and there

Nerchio: i did the same

eulerscheZahl: and cheer for the boss to annoy a few more

Nerchio: :joy: for others to feel the same suffering?

Nerchio: honestly I think it wasn't even the boss, just a couple of decent bots in the top with randomness of the game

eulerscheZahl: because they can randomly drift above me if they promote

jacek: :no_mouth:

Default avatar.png galuso: help

Default avatar.png galuso: dunno how to solve the following problem:

Default avatar.png galuso: given input (0example): Groot am I

Default avatar.png galuso: esxpected output (example); I am Groot

wediaklup: You could split the input by " " and then iterate backwards over it and print the words

struct: how to handle anxiety?

eulerscheZahl: this chat can't give psychological or medical advice, we are not doctors

Astrobytes: it's not easy struct

Astrobytes: I can, from experience

Astrobytes: but everyone is different

ael-bekk: we need more people that beat's the boss to submit there code

Astrobytes: I ended up needing medication for mine struct, helped a ton

Nerchio: i started running, helped a ton :D

struct: maybe I should start cycling again

darkhorse64: take it easy, cook a cake, mow grass

Astrobytes: Yeah, lots of ways to do it

MSmits: definitely a good idea strut

struct: But I cant yet, my leg is stil la bit injured

MSmits: struct

MSmits: walking helps if you can do that

Astrobytes: If you get that release from cycling then do it

MSmits: I actually had a doctor advise me on the cycling

Nerchio: beating euler in challenges also seems to help

eulerscheZahl: not me

eulerscheZahl: i hate myself, i submitted again :(

Astrobytes: I'm not allowed to cycle any more :(

eulerscheZahl: i'm even bad at quitting

MSmits: that sucks astro :(

Astrobytes: lol, cause toads never quit ;)

eulerscheZahl: your bone density?

Astrobytes: yes

Astrobytes: It's more regarding the spinal part, sadly

struct: :/

struct: Are you able to do any sport?

Astrobytes: walking/running/cycling were my things

Astrobytes: Not if it involves standing up for long periods or stresses my spien struct

Astrobytes: *spine

Astrobytes: it really sucks

Astrobytes: I miss hiking and camping a lot

eulerscheZahl: any hope that it gets better?

eulerscheZahl: i remember you were waiting for a doctors appointment really long

Astrobytes: Possible. At the rate our health service is going I might die of old age first :rofl:

Astrobytes: Still waiting for that particular one! Had a lot of others since though

eulerscheZahl: let's invite you to Germany. and then call an ambulance for something minor and get you checked in the process

Astrobytes: hahaha health tourism

Nerchio: germany health care is :100:

eulerscheZahl: i've read a story of an American travelling to Japan for a heart surgery

Astrobytes: *healthcare tourism

eulerscheZahl: while in the US they are like "i broke my arm. but don't call an ambulance, i can't pay that"

Astrobytes: Sometimes certain specialists are only available in one or more select country so some folks have no choice but to travel, if they can

Astrobytes: Yes euler, horrific

Astrobytes: Monetization of healthcare is one of the most evil things we have ever come up with as a species

struct: what happens if I go visit the us and break an arm?

Nerchio: I think our species can do worse Astrobytes :joy:

Crosility: Had to take my child to the hospital for a 104 degree F (40C) fever, a few months ago. Before she turned 2. It cost me ~400 USD WITH insurance. Trust me, America healthcare sucks.

eulerscheZahl: no idea if my German health insurance would cover that

Astrobytes: Your travel health insurance will kick in struct, if not, you will have a huge bill

Astrobytes: Nerchio: well, yes, but the point still stands

Nerchio: you are from US? you have an UK flag

Astrobytes: I'm Scottish, in the UK

eulerscheZahl: yet somehow a lot of people in the US are against mandatory health insurance

eulerscheZahl: also those who would benefit

Astrobytes: It's a "paying for poor people/immigrants" issue euler

Astrobytes: remember, anything left of centre-right in US is "communist" to them

a-Rye: So, our ambulance rides alone sometimes cost $4,000 - $8,000, depending on what the needs are. We have government healthcare, but it's slow to catch on. I'm on Medicaid myself and pay the premium when I make too much money.

ael-bekk: the boss's score is higher now :disappointed:

Astrobytes: Terrible situation a-Rye

a-Rye: One time, my mom drove school bus to take a football player to the hospital, so it wouldn't cost anything. She regularly drove the busses for school events and offered it over paying for an ambulance

Nerchio: damn legend is 50+ already :eyes:

Nerchio: nvm

Nerchio: wrong game

a-Rye: Meh, it's getting better Astrobytes lol. It could be worse than just paying a lot of money.

Astrobytes: I guess. I have some friends who do that "informal ambulance" thing with their own van

a-Rye: Also, if anyone has ideas for character comments in video games, feel free to drop a comment on my playground. I'm adding some basic code to help with generating character messages for game dev tutorial type stuff.

a-Rye: I need some funny, serious, catchy, or whatever type messages that NPCs might say to a warrior/hero/traveler

DrunkeyCPP: how do I know if I just played coding the previous turn? that is how do I know if I can play 2 cards this time

Astrobytes: I'll take a look tomorrow a-Rye

eulerscheZahl: hasta la vista baby

Astrobytes: also "groovy!"

a-Rye: Thanks Astrobytes! I'm being really lazy on here since I started working again

struct: DrunkeyCPP I just check which action I outputed

eulerscheZahl: i can relate, was more active when i was still in university

Astrobytes: I think a lot of us are lazy on here these days

eulerscheZahl: coding a bot after coding at work is exhausting. the community feeling of the contest definitely helps

eulerscheZahl: when you started, it's not even that hard to keep going for me. the first step to get into it is the hard part

a-Rye: I see all this chat about the card game and want to look at it, but yeah I'm too tired after work to really put in any effort. Still, it's fun to see others doing it

DrunkeyCPP: struct you store your last move in a global?

eulerscheZahl: k4ng0u just 0.02 behind the boss

struct: I just increase my moves allowed DrunkeyCPP when i output it

eulerscheZahl: should i store if i have to THROW 1 or 2 cards? :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: do i somehow get that in input (current number of cards)?

DomiKo: nope

eulerscheZahl: right, opponent might have given one to me

DomiKo: you always have to throw 2 cards, so you can count how many times you got throw phase

eulerscheZahl: current == throw, last != throw => 2

eulerscheZahl: i think i should add this

DomiKo: yeah

a-Rye: Done and done, eulerscheZahl has "Hasta la vista, baby" under "eZ"

a-Rye: and Astrobytes has "groovy" under "aB". Thanks!

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: Fame has found me at last

eulerscheZahl: context?

eulerscheZahl: what did i sign up to?

Astrobytes: lol, nothing

Astrobytes: You gave a suggestion for a game character (NPC) speech

Astrobytes: For a-Rye's python tutorial playground on techio

a-Rye: lol sorry, just a mention in my playground. Nothing serious!

mpt: I can comprehend something in the Green Circle event. When trying to release an app I get "incorrect input" even though I think it is valid. If there is an app that requires 2 skills with a value of 5 and I have 5 bonus cards in hand I should always be able to release it, no? The C++ sample kit also seems to agree with that.


  • cannot

a-Rye: And no real name either, hence the identifiers "eZ" and "aB"

The_Duck: mpt is it the 5th app? that requires you to use no shoddy skills

struct: mpt replay?

Astrobytes: ^ your anonymity is safe R**** *******

mpt: Thank you The_Duck! That is probably it.

struct: it should be yeah

mpt: Cheers. Kinda misleading sample code tbh. :D

Astrobytes: the C++ starter?

mpt: yea

Astrobytes: yeah, it is a bit misleading

struct: nice I bet the boss 2

struct: I promoted some1

IvesL: giving 1 skill card to opponent or discarding 2 skill card at admin is a better choice?

Astrobytes: depends on the skill cards and situation at the time

kovi: also dont forget, that sooner or later you have to pay the admin toll

struct: dont forget to pay the mod toll aswell

Illedan: Don't need to pay admin

Illedan: If you finish all applications before passing

eulerscheZahl: "^ your anonymity is safe R**** *******" the number of asterisks adds up :scream:

Astrobytes: we all did RAIC

eulerscheZahl: true

struct: I didnt

eulerscheZahl: your clear name for a tshirt

Astrobytes: Yup

struct: how many games should I do to tell if a version is better?

eulerscheZahl: offline testing is fairly useless for me

Astrobytes: still waiting to hear back re. RAIC prize situation btw, from db f or nnovich, I suspect they'll hear something through the week

eulerscheZahl: i see a strong rock paper scissors effect

eulerscheZahl: in this case it's ok to ping dbf ;)

Astrobytes: lol

jacek: hm?

eulerscheZahl: you were not pinged

a-Rye: ooh, there's Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard (from Big Bang Theory tv show) on the Code Wars! Just a more complex Rock Paper Scissors algorithm.

struct: I think its also here

Astrobytes: yeah there's a puzzle somewhere


eulerscheZahl: i wouldn't call that an algorithm

eulerscheZahl: more like a relations table

struct: its more like an AI

eulerscheZahl: true AI

Astrobytes: :D

a-Rye: Oh thanks struct ! I thought there was one here too, but I didn't want to misspeak. Also didn't want to take the time to check, so thanks for the link!

Astrobytes: Laziness FTW :D

struct: np is not like I can code with my 4 threads busy

eulerscheZahl: you can't check with my puzzle search

eulerscheZahl: ran out of dynos again

jacek: youre so cheap

Astrobytes: that, she, said

eulerscheZahl: in germany credit cards aren't that common. i don't have one and it's the only payment method accepted by heroku

struct: jacek I just dont upgrade because I get almost the same performance that I get on CG

struct: same arch

Astrobytes: The only payment option is credit card? Weird. Excludes me too then.

jacek: Astrobytes did you know england won world cup in 1966

eulerscheZahl: vs germany

struct: arent there prepaid credit cards?

Astrobytes: jacek: shut up

struct: Maybe not

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: hetzner has cheap hosting, starting at 4-5 € per month

jacek: struct yeah i made bigger model but it just plateus

eulerscheZahl: i would still have to register a domain

Astrobytes: Honestly, it's all the English talk about because they have nothing else to brag about in football

struct: jacek dont say that

struct: Nobody knew

struct: ...

jacek: i revealed your secret

struct: thanks

a-Rye: I love how global CG is

Astrobytes: heh heh, it's quite diverse

eulerscheZahl: but with disproportional French/European fraction

Astrobytes: True. Lots from ex/current French colonies though

MSmits: not today

MSmits: disproportional Japanese :P

Astrobytes: hehehe

eulerscheZahl: :D

jacek: and lots of ex britain colonies eh

Astrobytes: I'm Scottish jacek

Astrobytes: and not a Unionist

eulerscheZahl: no genuinely don't know what that means

jacek: so braveheart of you

Astrobytes: I'm Scottish republican (not in the US sense) as in pro-independence for Scotland (and unity for Ireland, independence for Wales)

Astrobytes: Unionists want the UK/Great Britain

MSmits: does Northern Ireland want to be one with the rest of Ireland?

Astrobytes: The opinions are heading in that direction now, post-brexit. Remember, neither NI or Scotland voted for it

Astrobytes: *nor

MSmits: ah I see

eulerscheZahl: oh, that's some complicated match-up

PatrickMcGinnisII: not sure if i should call this luck or skill

Astrobytes: If it's reproduceable it's skill, otherwise luck

Astrobytes: :P

Default avatar.png Glyptod0n: I think I'm going crazy, I'm just not seeing how this app can be released: Application(id=27, card_needed=[0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 4, 4]) While I have: HAND 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 and AUTOMATED 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Michael_Howard: Either shoddy or bonuses

The_Duck: yeah you can release with 2 good and 6 shoddy skills

Default avatar.png Glyptod0n: oh wait nvm; thanks guys

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh great, now I'm 19th in silver and have to submit, y is it so stressful?

Default avatar.png COCIMINO: Hi all, i solve the puzzle but don't understand the mechanism :joy:

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm gonna push keelhaul into gold

PatrickMcGinnisII: who else needs a push?

eulerscheZahl: he's staff, he probably has a button to push himself

Astrobytes: in case of emergency last day non-gold: break glass and press red button

Astrobytes: he improved a lot tho

BugKiller_328: hi

BugKiller_328: Can I use external library when I make program here?

BugKiller_328: for example use numpy in python

eulerscheZahl: numpy is supported

Astrobytes: <faq link here>


eulerscheZahl: haha

Astrobytes: :D

BugKiller_328: thank you

emh: I give up. no Legend for me

PatrickMcGinnisII: push me up Astrobytes

JoeFather: where can i find some tasty asbestos

jacek: oO

eulerscheZahl: in the garden shack of my mom

struct: aCat destroying me, gl

Astrobytes: the old pub near my local shopping centre

eulerscheZahl: at university we had 2 identical looking buildings. then they teared one of them down because of asbestos

aCat: sorry

Astrobytes: Patrick++

aCat: it is so concrete around the boss

struct: its fine, if you are close at the end ill submit

Astrobytes: Had the same at school euler

aCat: I'm trying various chancges since 12 hours

aCat: I was winning against the boss - but nearly never played with him

aCat: this vesrion seems worse agains boss

aCat: but is finally in top6

eulerscheZahl: and in the gym in school we suddenly had plastic cover the whole ceiling

jacek: 4 wins in a row

aCat: so maybe I had bad luck in IDE ;]

Astrobytes: this town is full of asbestos (the bad kind), probably why it's so run down

aCat: oh man, I wil go pry to RNGsus

Astrobytes: :D

aCat: also - I was tewaking against people I was losing

aCat: and before I ship my improvements they were usually in legend ;]

aCat: so I was losing heavily against everyone else

aCat: ;p

bi0phaz3: It's nice to still see familiar names after not being on this site for years

Astrobytes: crusty old users never leave

jacek: until the chat is gone

Astrobytes: aye :(

Illedan: :(


eulerscheZahl: you have some weird obsession about sharing toad

eulerscheZahl: i like it

jacek: :innocent:

Astrobytes: :D

iggy12345: why is it that when I send parameters from matches that I had in the arena to my ide, either the bug disappears, or it turns out that I win when I play?

eulerscheZahl: random opponents or random you?

iggy12345: oh true, I guess if I did use random that might change it a bit

jacek: manipulating random eh

jacek: is it bad that RANDOM uses the game's random instance?

iggy12345: wait, if I seed the rng, does that effect the opponent's rng too?

eulerscheZahl: of course not

eulerscheZahl: that would be horrible

eulerscheZahl: does the RANDOM command of the game even use random?

jacek: public MoveAction createMoveAction(Game game, GamePlayer player) {

       int zoneId=(player.getZoneId() + 1 + game.getRandom().nextInt(Config.ZONES_COUNT-1)) % Config.ZONES_COUNT;
       return new MoveAction(zoneId, zoneId);

eulerscheZahl: just round it myself. you are right

eulerscheZahl: found

eulerscheZahl: game.getRandom().nextInt(Config.ZONES_COUNT-1)) % Config.ZONES_COUNT

eulerscheZahl: what's that modulo good for?

mpt: In the Green Circle event, is the number of skill cards left on the locations not part of the input?

eulerscheZahl: no. add up all the cards in hand, discard, ... to get it

struct: they are not you need to check the cards given and subtract

struct: but watch out for the passive skills

mpt: hmkay, thanks

struct: like architecture and daily routine

eulerscheZahl: the permanent skills that aren't permanet

Astrobytes: hehehe

Default avatar.png DarkHunter98: hello

jacek: :upside_down:

struct: 12 hours left o.o

aCat: and 4 minutes!!!

aCat: they may be important ;]

Astrobytes: and just under 30 seconds

Astrobytes: 5

Astrobytes: 3

Astrobytes: 0

emh: ok I'm having a glass of white and watching the birds outside and the clock tick

jacek: white? oO

emh: wine

Astrobytes: sounds good to me emh

JoeFather: oO

JoeFather: Oo

Astrobytes: struct: take a lil break, get some fresh air, return reinvigorated

jacek: dont jacek here

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: not when jacek is here to do the jaceking

emh: I figure to win I need to either learn probability theory or optimize the hell out of my bot

emh: but I don't feel like it

jacek: who needs probability in this game :unamused;

jacek: :unamused:

iggy12345: are the applications always the same for each game? If not, are they always the same in regards to the number assigned?

aCat: they are the same

aCat: I mean there is pool of 28 apps

jacek: app id 3 is the same in all games

aCat: and you have random 12 of them in every game

eulerscheZahl: there can only be 28. binom(8, 2)

eulerscheZahl: but they are given in the order in which they are drawn, if anyone still wants to reverse the RNG

iggy12345: I'm just thinking of devising a way to choose which apps I go for instead of computing a turn distance

emh: I deactivated my sim and use pure heuristic so at least I have a decent placement in Gold for the end

Astrobytes: oh the sim didn't work out?

emh: nope

emh: I think it's too slow to have enough games to decide what is better

Astrobytes: keep it for the multiplayer version

emh: yeah

Astrobytes: that's what I'll do with my half-written sim code

iggy12345: dang it, my bot is losing to somebody that's still just using RANDOM from the beginner code

JoeFather: sussy

JoeFather: good bye

Michael_Howard: Helpful hints and roasts please! As P1: As P2:

Michael_Howard: Highest finish is Gold #6 (twice)

Michael_Howard: No sleep till legend. And I have work tomorrow. :persevere:

Michael_Howard: I will get Swift into legend if it kills me.

The_Duck: in game 1, stacking 2 DR is kinda weird, I've never seen anyone else do that. Then on frame 20 you should automate a bonus rather than taking training. Frame 31 you throw away a CI which you should instead use to automate another bonus. similarly frame 53 maybe consider moving to 7 and automating a bonus

emh: wow I've been climbing from rank 20+ to rank 10 due to submits

BrunoFelthes: man, the interface is horrible, to see this decisions

Michael_Howard: Thanks The_Duck - will check that out. :duck:

BrunoFelthes: Michael_Howard, as player 2, to get legend, I was more greed... at turn 23 for ex, you should move close and delivery an app instead of loop to the training and discard two cards.. but you won this game, why are you looking for advise?

MSmits: well thats it for me. Out of ideas. I tried everything I could think of, but stuck bottom legend. I think I should count myself really lucky I was able to get past jacekboss

aCat: oh yeah

aCat: I'm still below :(

Illedan: You can do it!

aCat: I am trying!

aCat: thx for support Ille ^^

jacek: :innocent:

Darleanow: hey everyone

Darleanow: i had a question about tower-dereference

Darleanow: when a tower is already placed so you can't build another on top of it

Darleanow: how can you know if u got the error message

Darleanow: Darleanow: Tile (6/4) is occupied by another tower already

emh: Darleanow usually you don't know in the code when you get an error, so you need to validate your placement by your code

Astrobytes: ahhh battles now back at regular contest speed :D

Astrobytes: maybe not regular contest last day speed but ... hey :D

aCat: yeah submit is awful

elderlybeginner: Anyone eager to drop me some tips? It's would be nice to add a few ifs to heuristics and jump into gold. here is an example battle:

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: lol boss be churning out those apps and racking up the technical debt

Default avatar.png putibuzu: @elderlybeginner try to get automated bonuses, i.e. use CI on bonuses, hold back a little bit on the release for the first few turns

elderlybeginner: thanks, I will look into that

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: gl!

IvesL: how can the boss get 5th app with so many debts

Illedan: Luck

IvesL: it has less automated cards than mine

IvesL: and 4times more debt than mine

IvesL: but that shouldnt just be luck, because i can only win 5% of the game

struct: so much lag


PatrickMcGinnisII: ^ elderlybeginner

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm, invalid paste

PatrickMcGinnisII: elderlybeginner do more CI than arch study, basically

PatrickMcGinnisII: and try to do arch study on turn 0 as player 0...then CI should come naturally next

elderlybeginner: PatrickMcGinnisII here is another one:

PatrickMcGinnisII: elderlybeginner try arch on turn 0, whole things will unfold differently

PatrickMcGinnisII: I onlt take debt of 3 or less until score is 3, then I'll take more ... waiting on releases can get u automated earlier

elderlybeginner: arch disapper with releases, I only play it when score == 4

Sheeesh---: you can't play training after training?

elderlybeginner: I'm going with debt < 5, that's not big difference, but I will check

struct: you can

PatrickMcGinnisII: I shoudl talk less, my rank keeps going down

PatrickMcGinnisII: i've done like 4 puzzles during this Event

Default avatar.png i need help

Default avatar.png mentally and codingly

Sheeesh---: you're not alone buddy

aCat: definitely not alone...

Default avatar.png There is no Spoon - Episode 1 - java any help?

struct: There is a contest going I cant help you today sorry

struct: I remember I solved that puzzle first on paper though, but this was like 5 years ago

Astrobytes: welcome to codingasylum! I mean codingame! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Astrobytes: we're all crazy cause of the contest

Astrobytes: it's a tough time to ask for advice on puzzles

Default avatar.png also btw but my name in a mc server address or join and do /join GumBoxPVP

Astrobytes: Yeah no we won't do that

Default avatar.png ;(

Astrobytes: I mean, a lot of us are adults

Default avatar.png i only earnt $10

Default avatar.png i need more

Astrobytes: go elsewhere

Default avatar.png $10 isnt gonna keep me alive

struct: stop spamming

Sheeesh---: well that that escalated quickly

Default avatar.png im spamming?

Astrobytes: Yes.

struct: Well maybe its not spamming but keep conversation related to programming

Default avatar.png if you say so....

Astrobytes: Sheeesh---: interwebz :D

Astrobytes: It's spamming about your own content so spam confirmed

Default avatar.png i rlly need help why did they make it so hard

Default avatar.png its only like the third thing

aCat: yes Shun_PI please go to legend!

Default avatar.png Kayafu: : try to use two-dimensional arrays and nested loops :)

struct: noo dont

struct: I had good win rate vs him

aCat: I have terrible

Default avatar.png Kayafu i dont even know what i must do

struct: also kha o must go to legend

struct: he beats me so hard

aCat: and since 4 hours I randomly change contsnatns in code

Default avatar.png i gtg anyways...

struct: everyone is beating me now o.o

aCat: any normal changes that seams very reasonable simply does not work :(

Illedan: Tell me about it

aCat: oh - winstreak

struct: losstreak :D

aCat: damn below gold boss is so thick

Default avatar.png Kayafu: any tips to beat the gold league boss ? :sweat_smile:

aCat: be better than him and/or those around him

aCat: the first is simpler

Illedan: Need to beat all

aCat: but you will have no chance playing against him because of hardcore concrete below

aCat: bad struct :(

struct: sry

aCat: so random here really

struct: yeah

aCat: this game is awfully random and rock/paper./scissor

aCat: so pray to matchmaker

DomiKo: I still don't know how to play it

Donotalo: this is a frustrating game for me

Donotalo: i don't understand what's a good strategy

struct: Push the boss down

struct: Im still waiting for recurse NN to beat the boss 100-0

struct: and promote me

struct: :)

aCat: sounds like a plan

Astrobytes: lol what

struct: or maybe daporan

struct: Someone has to be hiding

Donotalo: even the problem description is hard to decipher

Astrobytes: ain't seen no recurse action round here for a while, I mean he has little recurse to deal with anyway

Donotalo: i needed 7-8 days to understand it properly

struct: recurse was online

struct: 2 days before contest

Astrobytes: oh really?

struct: but he didnt type

struct: my recurse alert allerted me

struct: "jacek"

Astrobytes: quietly monitoring things :D

Astrobytes: lol struct

Astrobytes: fucking 5th

struct: mado take me with you

Astrobytes: fking sorry

aCat: cat is losing again

aCat: and winning again

aCat: can't we just throw dices

Astrobytes: hsss meow

aCat: the same level of competitiveness

Astrobytes: lol

struct: its painful

struct: because I cant even tell what my bot does

struct: Sometimes is just luck

aCat: struct you are constantly submitting or parking bot and hoping for push?

struct: dont know yety

struct: im trying to improve the bot

struct: but no sucess

struct: doesnt help that I need like 1 hour to get to the top

Illedan: A bunch of local games testing to find 60 % winrate, barely climbs. Changes 1 param randomly by myself. Straight to top 20 -.-

Astrobytes: to 24?

Illedan: Hopefully this crashes back down to gold

Astrobytes: (the param)

DomiKo: LOL

DomiKo: how

DomiKo: I'm stuck at dead last too Illedan :/

Illedan: I had 1 testgame, looked better than the previous one => yolo submit

Illedan: xD

Illedan: Param was

  • (5 - player.Score) * 3;

Astrobytes: yolo submits ftw

Illedan: The 3 was a 2

Astrobytes: :D

Illedan: Scoring of the number of bonus cards

Illedan: In draw + discard + played + hand

Illedan: As long as it stays above euler

Astrobytes: hehehe

Astrobytes: separately scoring or all together?

aCat: BTW - UCB1 helped you instead of random choice in flat MC Ille?

struct: Try submiting random in legend

Illedan: No aCat

Illedan: trainwreck

aCat: good to know

Illedan: This is my 2 day old code

struct: are you using MC aCat?

Illedan: with fresh param

Illedan: and bugfix

aCat: I was suspecting it but who knows

aCat: yeah

struct: I tried but failed

aCat: best optimized c# bits I can

Illedan: I had a megabug where my enemy had no cards. It was worse to give him all his cards as a draw pile -.-

aCat: I have nothing better

Astrobytes: aCat: there is no evolutionary algorithm to work well in this game? I am shocked and appalled! :D

aCat: ...

aCat: I try whatever has a chance of working

Astrobytes: :kissing_cat:

aCat: BTW I personally rarely use GA on CG

Astrobytes: just winding you up ;)

Astrobytes: RHEA only has a few applications here

Astrobytes: other EAs have applications elsewhere, not sure about on CG

Astrobytes: but they sure are interesting

Astrobytes: (here == CG not this contest)

aCat: I understood

aCat: hope other reading people also ;p

Astrobytes: hah

Astrobytes: DomiKo knows these things

struct: ok 3 top 10 players submited

struct: I guess I wait

aCat: I was trying to find the old version that was winning with you

aCat: :P

struct: so i am gona lose vs you 3 now?

struct: i was alread ylosing vs the other 2

aCat: no I'm not a robot - i just want to go to legend :(

Illedan: 0.05 above euler :D

Astrobytes: he's gonna love or hate that when he reads the chat log tomorrow :D

Illedan: I'm not done yet

Astrobytes: :D

Illedan: He has more time left than me

Astrobytes: True, one benefit to his sleeping patterns.

aCat: ok, good - 4/20

aCat: if less I'm resubmitting - middle gold is deadly ;p

Astrobytes: that's 16/20 won?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Astrobytes u were up to like 4th silver, u just keep submitting?

aCat: actually this was 20/24

Astrobytes: Yes Patrick, but it's not the same

aCat: but yeah, base condition is 16/20

Astrobytes: aCat gotcha

aCat: ok, go for a walk

aCat: I sent version from 13 hours, maybe it will work now ;p

Astrobytes: lol, gl

struct: a win vs me = :hammer:

Astrobytes: :D

bobth: ** **

Crosility: I don't know how they considered 1D spreadsheet. to be an EASY puzzle. There are medium puzzles way easier than that.

Crosility: But it's done. Finally... Haha.

Astrobytes: I think by 'easy' it depends on how you approach it, ie. the optimal solution is 'easy'

Astrobytes: (don't ask me details, I don't remember, and my brain is mush right now from this contest)

Crosility: Even the top submitted solutions in C.. at least. Use either enums, or deep recursive functions. Stuff a beginner will probably struggle heavily with. And I understand. Kill it boss! :D

Astrobytes: don't think I did that puzzle tbh

Crosility: You aren't listed on a followed player on my list who did it :P

struct: lol my bot

struct: (FLT_MAX)*probability;

struct: I wonder what could go wrong

struct: :D

Astrobytes: added to TODO_LIST

Astrobytes: struct :D

Crosility: Haha. Is that essentially max_random();?

Astrobytes: genius mistake. I think we've both probably made that one a few times over the years :D


struct: as you can see frame 44

struct: he goes to training

struct: because it might have a slim chance to win

struct: let me get the %

struct: 0.0047619

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: I mean, if you're gonna work with numbers like that, at least clamp to some reasonable value

Crosility: When you're taking into account cases than happen less than 1/10,000 of the time..

Crosility: I think you might be optimizing the wrong thing :P

struct: 1.0 = 100%

Astrobytes: yes I got that :D

struct: so it was 0.4% not bad

Astrobytes: == fking awful

struct: now I made it flt max only if opponnet has score of 5

Crosility: Aw, sorry, you said that was the %. Okay, .4% chance. Maaayybbbee worth it. 1/250... so meh'

struct: yeah Crosility but i was ahead in the game

struct: the game should be a victory

Crosility: I saw.

Crosility: I just watched it, 5x4. Boss got 1 out at the very beginning, early into the match.

Crosility: In other news, is "Puzzle of the week" still a thing?

Astrobytes: can't seem to get higher than 5th silver, should I yolo into the night?

Astrobytes: Not stressing about it but gold would be preferable :D

struct: your call

struct: I will stay up

Crosility: You want that gold... right?

Astrobytes: struct: all I will say is don't let it get to you

Astrobytes: Crosility: heheh yeah, I'll probably eat something again then stay up for a bit, not all night though

Default avatar.png Niicide: you should stay up mate

Default avatar.png Niicide: go all in

struct: :pray:

Astrobytes: Once I've had a munch I'll take it from there.

aCat: :pray::pray:

Astrobytes: this contest shamed me tbh :D

struct: Worse odds than lottery

Astrobytes: lol

TimeEngineer: Wow I pushed you so much aCat

struct: push me to TimeEngineer :p

TimeEngineer: We are quite even struct :p

struct: true

oidrissi: Coming guys need some help push me ty

oidrissi: Just kidding 30 gold it is

struct: its still a good rank oidrissi

Astrobytes: it's a feckin hard contest

oidrissi: Im competitive, legend is still achievable

Astrobytes: we're all competitive, why we're here right? :D

struct: petition to bring back fog

Astrobytes: hahaha

aCat: TimeEngineer thank you very much :kissing_cat:

Astrobytes: did you get in?

Crosility: Hex Grid + Fog!!

aCat: not yet :(

TimeEngineer: I run again

struct: thanks

Michael_Howard: Gold #5, 1.3 points from boss. What are my chances if I park there? :confounded:

TimeEngineer: :thinking:

struct: Im scared and im at .6

Michael_Howard: I miss sleep.

emh: people improved. bumped me down from 10 to 27

emh: 28

TimeEngineer: Sorry :grin:

theycallmedavid: I'm starting to understand the game

struct: day 12, I'm still trying to understand the rules.

aCat: ^^

Darleanow: i gave up

Darleanow: this makes no sense imo

Darleanow: or either explained very badly

actualCoderTrevor: I'm glad to hear it's not just me

struct: Finally my bot knows how to open the game

struct: :P


struct: the start looks decent right?

The_Duck: yeah!

ael-bekk: we need mooooore submissions in arena to get the boss down a little

The_Duck: opening 2 as blue does seem to be out of fashion (though I think it's not terrible)

struct: What is the trend now The_Duck?

The_Duck: blue always opens 5 afaik

struct: interesting

struct: I think my bot does better with it aswell

struct: I will try both, thanks :)

actualCoderTrevor: I thought I could at least get out of wood 2 today if I tried but it's not looking good :(

struct: Takes a lot of time to understand the rules actualCoderTrevor

struct: The game is pretty hard

actualCoderTrevor: Yeah I took a few cracks at it earlier in the week but kept getting turned off by not understanding the rules

emh: struct if you move from 2 to 4 by skipping 3 you block opponent from CI. I'm gonna try a submit your way to see if it's better for me or not

emh: but changing my heuristic the average game length went up

struct: I'm going to submit too

TimeEngineer: Who fed the boss :'(

Astrobytes: what happened to chilling and watching the league burn emh? :D

emh: haha I couldn't sleep

TimeEngineer: 9/5 against the boss not bad :D

Astrobytes: :D

struct: at least this bot reaches the top fast

Crosility: Did he get bigger/evolve?

Astrobytes: lol, feeding him with points

Astrobytes: *it

Astrobytes: anthropomorphized boss ai's... :|

Crosility: Lol. You really went there.

Crosility: It must keep growing!

Astrobytes: Wait for a rogue CG staff member to email everyone that Gold Boss is sentient and be placed on leave

Crosility: I really need to solve Mars Lander 2. Because I want to do the optimization challenge for it. But dang - making a decent decision tree for it is proving to be fairly difficult.

Crosility: LMAO. Google reference?

struct: nice 2 wins vs boss

Astrobytes: indeed Crosility

aCat: :+1;

Astrobytes: gogogo struct

struct: ill stay here pressing submit all night

struct: if its what it takes

Astrobytes: haha

TimeEngineer: What a hero

Crosility: Gotta mind the sentient AI's emotions. It has been submitting cards by the thousands/sec. Don't want to upset the delicate balance.

Astrobytes: gotta say, my patience coefficient is not what it was several hours ago

Astrobytes: *personal patience coefficient

struct: so close yet so far

struct: .36

Astrobytes: oof

struct: TimeEngineer you said you had good win rate vs the boss?

Astrobytes: beat the boss and push all your opponents above it

aCat: yep ;p

aCat: please

Astrobytes: victory will follow

struct: I have 2 - 4 against boss

Astrobytes: lol aCat

struct: rest are draws

Astrobytes: fixit

aCat: mo versions that beat boss more loses with other players ;p

struct: I dont even know

Default avatar.png putibuzu: I feel like there are way too few games to actually determine which bot is better since there is just so much randomness

struct: Multiple games are needed

Astrobytes: story of my whole contest

struct: too much rng

struct: Im playing 400 games per bot locally

struct: It takes forever

struct: the current bot has 54.6% vs 40%+-

struct: against the previous

struct: and same rank lol

struct: But I think this one is stronger

struct: It climbed way faster

Default avatar.png putibuzu: that is a good sign, I hope youll make it

struct: Now I need to figure why I lose this


struct: lol

struct: from my view is just rng

Default avatar.png putibuzu: opponent has 4 automated bonus, that seems to help a lot for the last release

struct: me too

struct: Maybe I should have went to training

struct: to draw more cards or something

Default avatar.png putibuzu: ah right, didn't see sorry

Default avatar.png putibuzu: yeah maybe

struct: its fine

Default avatar.png putibuzu: this game is confusing

Astrobytes: no shit :D

Astrobytes: when you think you get it... nope

struct: So now we have a dilemma on who will submit

struct: we are all so close to the boss

aCat: i will probably soon

struct: wait

**Astrobytes not included

struct: 2 coming

aCat: ok, thx

struct: Not my submit

struct: is just two top 10 players submited

struct: Lets go Michael_Howard

elderlybeginner: when to play DAILY_ROUTINE?

struct: I think I only play it at the start

struct: when I land on 2

struct: or if I have nothing else to play

aCat: ok, some ideas why not to submit?

struct: wdym?

aCat: ah they still compute, ok, wait

struct: yeah

aCat: and I'm pushed a little

struct: I would wait

aCat: were waiting many hours struct

struct: If Im far away from the boss when they finish

aCat: but good advise

struct: and you are close

struct: ill submit

Astrobytes: The nobility!

Astrobytes: another submit with 20 (ie 10) straight wins, bet it ends up halfway down silver

struct: astro post a replay

struct: also what search are you doing?

Astrobytes: im past caring mate, gonna go bed after this one finishes :D

struct: ifs?

struct: ah ok

Astrobytes: yeah if forest

struct: cant help much then :p

Astrobytes: couldn't be assed to finish my sim in silver, thought the ifs would see me through to gold

elderlybeginner: I'm stuck with ifs around silver 80

Astrobytes: elderlybeginner: my same code can be at 5th or 55th

struct: aCat i would wait

struct: 2 top 10 submited again

aCat: you are reading my mind :*

Astrobytes: top part of silver is all the same score (roughly) and breaking through all of that is not something I succeed at right now :D

elderlybeginner: nop, there's huge gap beteween 5 and 55 in silver

Astrobytes: fix a bug, fix something that beats players x, y, and z, lose against a, b, c, d, e, f, g

emh: struct your 2xDR trick didn't work for me so I reverted it

emh: or maybe it's just getting harder idk

struct: what is my 2x DR?

emh: the replay you showed

elderlybeginner: and i still have no idea how to handle CI with ifs.

elderlybeginner: I mead DAILY, not CI

Astrobytes: elderlybeginner: ok the points have changed a little but honestly, same code

Kellthazar: elderlybeginner I'm trying to do that right now :D

Astrobytes: maybe I'll stay up a liiitle bit longer

kouin: is it harder to get in legend when youre not like the first 25 people to get in, or it doesnt matter?

struct: it shouldnt matter kouin

struct: this time it was only 9 at the start

Astrobytes: it usually becomes increasingly difficult if you have a sub optimal bot

struct: in these types of contests I guess its harder

struct: where rng plays a huge role

Astrobytes: yeah

elderlybeginner: Astrobytes, you're 3 points to the boss. There will be no miracle :joy:

Astrobytes: im not waiting for a fucking push I'm trying to fix my bugs :P

elderlybeginner: I find this contest to be top annoying

Astrobytes: yes it's very, very, very, annoying :D

Astrobytes: but, weirdly addictive

elderlybeginner: seems like you found something :joy:

Astrobytes: don't bet on it, I've had plenty starts like that which end in complete fails

struct: Daporan reCurse we need help in gold

Astrobytes: hahaha

aCat: found small bug

struct: o.o

struct: only .22

struct: 6 hours left

Astrobytes: - 9 minutes

Michael_Howard: How much should I worry about getting a captcha? If I in imminent danger of a submission timeout?

Astrobytes: no, just wait a lil bit in between times

struct: also you can run out of submits and get a cooldown

struct: watch out

Astrobytes: I've had them for days since spamming to get out of bronze

Astrobytes: just don't get carried away

struct: hmm new account almost 100% win rate on bronze

struct: who can it be

Astrobytes: what's the name?

struct: Unix10 10

struct: no space

struct: might be nothing

aCat: like 1h without any game for my bot

aCat: terrible

khanglovesIT: i found some bot programming difficult. is there any bot programming fits with me (a noob :))) )?

struct: khanglovesIT what do you know about programming?

khanglovesIT: i know some concepts, but when i look at the instructions, there are a lot of variables, and I cannot keep track all of them.

struct: mad pod racing includes an entry tutorial, but the game after is quite difficult

struct: Line Racing might be one of the simpler ones I guess

khanglovesIT: i have done mad pod racing to bronze league, it is understandable.

khanglovesIT: can you show me the link to line racing


khanglovesIT: thanks a lot

struct: .15

struct: Please

struct: :pray: RNG

Astrobytes: *RNGsus

eulerscheZahl: on the door to legend

Astrobytes: omg I'm still awake and you've just got up

Astrobytes: definitely going to sleep now, that's it :D

emh: hitting the ice shots cactus and lime to celebrate struct going to Legend

emh: soon

struct: I hope I make it

struct: Today was a big improvement anyways

struct: from 60 to 10th to 1st*

emh: if you give me a good strat to get a lil' bit higher I'll keep resubmitting until I bump you up

Astrobytes: indeed

eulerscheZahl: maybe i'm still up as well?

struct: I dont believe it euler

Bob_Rocks: euler is still here

eulerscheZahl: we all know it's not he case :D

Astrobytes: why do I highly doubt that euler :thinking:

Astrobytes: lol

struct: emh I think most strategies you already know of

struct: most work I did today was make my bot start releasing later

struct: and improve the opening

emh: I keep track of opponent debt increase and try to match it

struct: I decided to watch replays

emh: and also some other conditions

struct: I have nothing of that kind

eulerscheZahl: go struct, you can make it to legend. by just sitting it out

struct: Only thing I keep track of opponent is his score and is position

struct: Nah euler I cant go to sleep likes this

struct: anxiety won't let me

emh: "I was halfway to Legend when the shots began to take hold"

struct: I tried to add some probabilities to opponent but only made it worse

struct: I tried the MC everyone mentioned, it sucked

struct: at least for me

emh: for me too

emh: I recently found a bug, it was rerelasing old apps

emh: Windows update style

Astrobytes: was about to say, MicroSoft strat

Westicles: euler needs to win so he can sell the phone and buy dynos

Astrobytes: :D

emh: what he need dynos for?

emh: on Heroku?

Westicles: yah

emh: I was envisioning a hydro plant

Astrobytes: He's opening Heroku Park

emh: frog friendly

Astrobytes: Can't do that without Dyno DNA

emh: like Jurassic or Xerox?

Astrobytes: Jurassic

emh: hehe

struct: PLEASE

emh: ok I'll submit struct just in case I meet you on one of the initial 20 battles

struct: submit a broken bot then lol

struct: Dont want to risk :p

struct: im joking

struct: you dont need to submit

emh: I did anyway. no hit

struct: oh aCat is coming

struct: please dont hit me aCat

aCat: nice

aCat: and I have one more thing to code ;]

emh: ohhhh wowowwowowo

emh: so high on so low battes

emh: gz aCat

struct: why did I lose points with a draw?

struct: what

Astrobytes: you stuck a rocket up your bots ass or something aCat? :D

aCat: if you draw with lower rank

struct: ...

aCat: you lose points

aCat: kind of ;p

aCat: I mean I know one thing that helped

aCat: and other I hope didnt broke :P

Astrobytes: such is the way of bug fixing/adding 'functionality' :P

aCat: back on #3 :(

Default avatar.png WissarutKongjamnien: oh oh oh

Westicles: you guys need to pop out and watch the sun rise. the world is full of old people saying hi to each other

Astrobytes: huh. Round here there might be a dazed junkie or recently awoken drunk wandering around

Astrobytes: ugh. Almost broad daylight and I'm almost fully awake again, gonna try sleeping. See ya's

emh: Astrobytes I pinged u on discord I lost the invite

struct: gn astro

Astrobytes: good luck aCat and struct!

struct: thanks

aCat: thank you :kissing_cat:

Astrobytes: emh: no worries mate I'll send it again later for you

emh: ok

struct: damn aCat

eulerscheZahl: taking the promotion all for himself?

eulerscheZahl: how selfish of him

aCat: :(

eulerscheZahl: and a crab and a toad right next to it

struct: The boss :scream:

eulerscheZahl: we should add a "no pets" sign to legend

aCat: i'm still 0.25 off

aCat: like frogs?

eulerscheZahl: that was before the sign obviously

aCat: xD

struct: This damn boss

struct: just get close enough Ill push you after

eulerscheZahl: i think aCat should resubmit right away, this submit isn't going anywhere

struct: :/

eulerscheZahl: i like to give bad advice

aCat: but I'm working on something

aCat: will submit with improve

struct: does the improve beats the boss?

eulerscheZahl: and i want to submit and test something. but i'm too scared of not climbing up to my current rank anymore :(

struct: :pray:

emh: my surfer got his Norwegian flag using Happn

emh: what we gonna do while waiting out the last 4 hours of the Green Circle guys?

emh: is anyone still coding bots?

Sheeesh---: 4 hours more and i'm gonna complete 24 h without sleep

emh: is there stilll hope?

Sheeesh---: yes

Sheeesh---: one variable can change a ton

emh: really?

emh: I changed so many variables

emh: none seem to fit

Sheeesh---: did you try removing some ?

emh: yes I removed a whole block of code

emh: it was for the better

struct: to submit or not

struct: that is the question for me

struct: ...

Sheeesh---: just keep on trying 4 hours left

emh: the block I removed was greedy initialization of next move, according to most needed card for apps

emh: struct just submit. live large take a risk

emh: how long did it take you to climb there?

struct: like 15 miuntes

struct: maybe less

emh: ok then submit

emh: you will have more chance if you keep resubmitting until deadline

eulerscheZahl: you go first emh

emh: why?

emh: I've resubmitted many times

emh: I'm stable around 28th

eulerscheZahl: ok, then you've proved to be brave enough

eulerscheZahl: proven

struct: Im doing it

emh: yesssss

struct: If I dont get it I hope acat does

emh: let's have excitement

struct: only 1 loss

struct: I guess it counts as 2

eulerscheZahl: in 2h frenchies will wake up and give you some more chances

emh: struct

struct: thanks

emh: "if I see a little bird who is flying low on golden wings then I pluck him down with my hands" this is a Norwegian song I'm listening to (Vamp - Liten fuggel)

struct: I think I heard it before

struct: not this mix though

struct: The video one

emh: ok. the fatboy song it suddenly hit me when I was thinking your name

struct: lossstreak

aCat: :(

The_Duck: man the match servers are not very fast right now huh

Default avatar.png Kayafu: We don't get the number of cards left on each place of the board as an input, right ? Or did I missed it ?

The_Duck: that's right

aCat: we dont

The_Duck: you can compute it from the other inputs

aCat: you have to compute

Default avatar.png Kayafu: ok

Default avatar.png Kayafu: thanks :)

The_Duck: don't forget to account for permanent architecture study and daily routine cards

Default avatar.png Kayafu: ok, thank you :)

struct: COME COME ON

struct: Euler how much did you pay your brother to stop me?

eulerscheZahl: i denied him from TCO finals

struct: Come on aCat help me out

Default avatar.png HenroLST: lmao whats happening

struct: HenroLST Im trying to get to legend on the contest

Default avatar.png HenroLST: ah

Default avatar.png HenroLST: whoa hows the text red

struct: Just write the persons name

eulerscheZahl: when you get mentioned

eulerscheZahl: red HenroLST

Default avatar.png HenroLST: ah cool

Default avatar.png HenroLST: fancy red

Default avatar.png HenroLST: quick c++ question, what would be the fastest way to cout a certain amount of decimal places?

struct: setprecision

eulerscheZahl: << std::setPrecision()

eulerscheZahl: struct knows the spelling better i think

aCat: trying struct

struct: std::setprecision(12)

struct: or w/e number

aCat: but I have one more thing to ship

struct: omg

aCat: and out of ideas then...

struct: My ideas are changing a number by 0.05

eulerscheZahl: and just place that inside your stream cout << setprecision(5) << number

struct: pressing arrow up and enter

Default avatar.png HenroLST: but doesnt that also effect the amount depending on the whole numbers?

Default avatar.png HenroLST: like setprecision(3) would be 2.43 and 12.3?

Rikus: as player 0, is it better to go to Daily+Daily or Continuous+Automate bonus?

eulerscheZahl: true, no trailing 0 that way

The_Duck: Rikus automated bonus

struct: you can also do fprintf it is easier

Default avatar.png HenroLST: ok ill look at it, thanks all!

Rikus: ty, I have it that way. Asked because the gold boss does the opposite and it got me wondering

The_Duck: it's also an OK opening, but the top bots seem to start CI as player 0

struct: top players strategy are completely different

struct: my strategy is ancient by now

struct: The go for training on 2nd or 3rd turn

struct: I guess its a way to manage draw/discard pile

eulerscheZahl: aCat just making it worse

Default avatar.png HenroLST: oh shoot the events ending

aCat: my bot you mean?

Default avatar.png HenroLST: thats awkward i was gonna do it but put it off :sweat_smile:

eulerscheZahl: yes. losing more to boss than to struct

struct: it happens :p

eulerscheZahl: timer started blinking already

struct: its not personal

jacek: :upside_down:

struct: no AI hiding this time?

jacek: i made my last submit yesterday

struct: not you

struct: In general

The_Duck: jacek are you gonna write up how you trained your bot?

struct: is royale also NN?

eulerscheZahl: we will know soon. i bet yes

struct: yeah its likely

actualCoderTrevor: How can you tell if a desk is empty before moving to it? Is there a way?

jacek: i am

eulerscheZahl: sum up the cards that you and opponent have actualCoderTrevor

struct: you need to check the cards inputs actualCoderTrevor

Default avatar.png HenroLST: random question, does anyone have tips for how to learn a language?

actualCoderTrevor: Oh and there's only 5 cards for each skill I see. Thanks!

struct: be carefull that you need to take into account players architecture anddaily routine

struct: and subtract those aswell

aCat: no

aCat: only autos

struct: you dont?

aCat: ...

aCat: they are just action used and counters

eulerscheZahl: aCat is wrong

struct: you need to subtract from them aswell acat

struct: or you will think the table still has it

eulerscheZahl: semi-permanent are not on disk and come to your discard on app release

aCat: hmmm

actualCoderTrevor: I didn't need to keep track of those at Wood 2 :upside_down:

aCat: weird

eulerscheZahl: i haven't implemented that either :D

aCat: ;p

actualCoderTrevor: But I just got promoted! First time I've been happy about making it to Wood 1. What a tough game.

eulerscheZahl: but at least i know it's wrong

eulerscheZahl: now i'm too scared to submit and lose my rank

eulerscheZahl: someone push me down so i can submit

aCat: If I climbed to legend I will do this for you euler :-)

struct: I have no idea if I should keep submiting or not

struct: ...

eulerscheZahl: wait for fr to wake up

Sheeesh---: isn't there a full reset euler ?

aCat: uhh, I forgot wich version was the fast one

Sheeesh---: in legend

eulerscheZahl: not fully

Sheeesh---: wdym ?

eulerscheZahl: your current rank will be used as seeding for match making

jacek: :scream:

Sheeesh---: i see

eulerscheZahl: you still get a top of games to stabilize. but initial placement matters