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yhyoxx: @mods

eulerscheZahl: everyone can report a user profile. i'll do it

eulerscheZahl: reported

jacek: oO

j4at: done


eulerscheZahl: thanks. thibaud will review and discard this

eulerscheZahl: btw there is an extra popup when you click the report button. i didn't know either, was my first report

Westicles: did he win the clash?

j4at: Huh, I don't think you saw the image euler

j4at: Nah, he is bad. He is probably the last or something

eulerscheZahl: oh saw the profile picture. "thibaud will discard" was related to you reporting me (or pretending to)

eulerscheZahl: monday morning, time to start my regular job

theFunny: Yessir

jacek: dang. have you ever found a bug so massive you wonder how it did somehow worked up until now?

antiwonto: [auto] Hey jacek, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 46 tacos

j4at: and then when you fix the bug. you find out that the buggy solution is better

Lassassin: how to add a friend? All i get is follow

jacek: you just both follow each other

emh: good morning

aCat: helo :-)

Default avatar.png jbiz: anyone else experienced an exception on the code clash thing? The exception was thrown on the 4th test example during parsing of the input - by the automatically generated code, not the code I wrote

Default avatar.png jbiz: as I'm the only one programming in c#, I assume the bug is unique to that particular test and language?

Default avatar.png jbiz: I even programmed a work around so that I passed all 4 test inputs (all green 100%), but then it only registered 75% after submitting

Default avatar.png jbiz: so, in short, clash of code - sometimes buggy?

Lassassin: i code in js my whole life is bug

Default avatar.png jbiz: lol

emh: A Bug's Life

WhaIe: @jbiz You can share your code here and describe the problem statement

derjack: jbiz it could be bug in the clash. sometimes people use reserved words in genetor stub

derjack: and they dont test for all the languages

Nerchio: bugfixes not merged yet right?

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Nerchio, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

emh: Nerchio tooltips changed (just now?). maybe that means new version is published. they now say which app was released and how many permanent daily+arch

emh: or wait

emh: maybe those are the app resources

emh: yeahh probably

Nerchio: nice that might be it

Nerchio: time to start using training and coding hehe

emh: ohh training and coding was fixed long ago I think

MSmits: no, there is a training bug

emh: another one?

MSmits: yes

emh: gz MSmits on working sim btw

MSmits: is fixed, but not sure if it is live

MSmits: thank emh, will be fitting params and experimenting with eval the rest of the week

Nerchio: i will be sticking to sim + heuristics

Nerchio: to avoid fitting params all week :D

MSmits: might be better yeah

MSmits: but i suck at heuristics

MSmits: btw emh, the bug with training is that you sometimes don't get the play you should get.

emh: ahh ok

MSmits: has to do with how they track playsLeft. It sometimes gets to -1 and then on start of the phase, the +1 does not lead to extra plays

emh: heh

MSmits: its a coding bug too i guess

MSmits: but they fixed it anyways, just not sure if it's live yet

Nerchio: oh btw I had a question, do you get 50ms per turn or per phase, or rather what is considered a turn in this game

MSmits: phase

Nerchio: ok that's nice

MSmits: otherwise you'd crash on input if you used all your time

Nerchio: so i can sim again for skill casting

MSmits: yeah

kovi: forum says all fixes were deployed 45mins ago

MSmits: cool

Nerchio: :money_mouth:

MSmits: anyway gotta go do some teaching, back to coding tonight :)

Nerchio: same, work work work

therealbeef: work is such a distraction from hobbies :(

Nerchio: true, unless you like your work as well then its not too bad

jacek: then work for CG [solved]

Sheeesh---: modern problems require modern solutions

TINOUAINANI: and littel of boga boga

AshamanCooper: Is anyone still in wood league green circle on? I was wondering if you could look at the bottom of your page under the game and see if constraints are in the instructions at the bottom.


jwpapi: I’m having these right after each other , but I’m getting: `Failure: invalid input. Expected 'x y' but found `

5DN1L: What did you output? Can you copy and paste the whole thing shown in the console? jwpapi

jwpapi: 5DN1L let me clean up

jacek: probably empty new line

jwpapi: Standard Error Stream:


jwpapi: my full solution

5DN1L: oh

5DN1L: that response is a string

5DN1L: you should remove the quotes

jacek: jumpDown() {

       this.y = Math.ceil((H - this.y) / 2 + this.y)

jwpapi: ahh no that doesn’t change it

jwpapi: ohhh

5DN1L: but this is wrong, right? console.log('response');

jwpapi: I see

jwpapi: yes the 'response' wasn’t in there before

jwpapi: but the empty console.log() was the problem I had the whole time before

5DN1L: almost the extra console.log as pointed out by jacek above

5DN1L: also*

jwpapi: yh now just one more error left but that’s in my logic

jwpapi: or at least 1 error :)

5DN1L: :)

YS_Yousef: hi 5dn1l

YS_Yousef: remember me?

YS_Yousef: long time no see @5DN1L

5DN1L: yes i remember you

5DN1L: hi, long time no see

YS_Yousef: :) happy to hear that!

YS_Yousef: ah long time i didnt play in codingame XD

YS_Yousef: i was bisy for 3 months XD

5DN1L: so you're free again now?

Westicles: can mods delete accounts? that guy from earlier is still around

5DN1L: [CG] mods can


5DN1L: [CG]Thibaud ?

darkhorse64: :nauseated_face:

Elbaf: hi ! I am in bronze league on the bot fight and I already overwrote my previous code. Do you know if there is a way to get back my code from the previous league ?

darkhorse64: Look into history for your previous submits

Elbaf: ok thank you, i will check that :)

waterproofsodium: gm

[CG]Thibaud: got rid of the account, thanks

jwpapi: what a great challenge

5DN1L: thanks [CG]Thibaud :)

YS_Yousef: @5DN1L yes i am free now at least i have my final project to submit to Harvard then i will end

5DN1L: The end of one thing is the beginning of another :wink:

Hvosten: hey, does anyone know why ARCHITECTURE_STUDY is not visible in automated pile once played?

Default avatar.png putibuzu: it is not automated when you play it

Default avatar.png putibuzu: you can only automate using Continuous_integration

Default avatar.png skitles: i need help

Default avatar.png skitles: helllllo

Default avatar.png skitles: hhello

Default avatar.png skitles: hello

5DN1L: just state it

5DN1L: please don't say help

5DN1L: ask specific questions

Default avatar.png skitles: i need help with the ai

Default avatar.png skitles: AI

Default avatar.png Al-sakhen: how mat i be more strong in problem solving?

Default avatar.png Al-sakhen: may*

5DN1L: skitles

5DN1L: Al-sakhen

Default avatar.png skitles: the AI task

5DN1L: we can't see your screen, skitles

5DN1L: what AI task?

5DN1L: there are dozens of AI tasks here

Default avatar.png skitles: the first AI task

5DN1L: link please?

Default avatar.png skitles: broooooooooooooo

Default avatar.png skitles: hold pls

Default avatar.png skitles:

Default avatar.png skitles: this on the very first AI vtask you have to do

5DN1L: so what's your question about that first task?

5DN1L: what don't you understand?

Default avatar.png skitles: i need help on it

5DN1L: stop saying help

5DN1L: please formulate a question

Default avatar.png skitles: what

5DN1L: ask a question

5DN1L: what don't you understand

Default avatar.png skitles: how do i do the very first AI task

5DN1L: have you learned any programming languages before?

Default avatar.png skitles: also are you a real person

5DN1L: no, i'm not

5DN1L: i'm a bot

5DN1L: satisfied?

Default avatar.png skitles: ok say the longest word

Default avatar.png [lazy]Opera: 1e+64-1

5DN1L: please ask your question or i'll just leave you alone

Default avatar.png skitles: the AI task

5DN1L: have you learned any programming languages before?

Default avatar.png skitles: also ik your not a bot because bots talk to other bots

Default avatar.png skitles: not to people

5DN1L: for god's sake, do you want me to kick you out?

Default avatar.png skitles: ???????????????

5DN1L: like this

5DN1L: get back later so you'll know how to ask properly

jacek: at what hour will silver open

emh: isn't it usually at 6 PM?

jacek: this isnt usual contest is it

skitles: hello

5DN1L: skities welcome back

5DN1L: now, can you answer me

5DN1L: have you learned any programming languages before?

skitles: you know you could unkicked me

skitles: maybe

5DN1L: i know i can ban you too

j4at: KEKW

skitles: wha-

5DN1L: skities never mind that for now

5DN1L: what do you mean by "maybe"?

5DN1L: you either have learned it before or not

5DN1L: if not, this website is probably too difficult for you

skitles: waitttttttttt no i havent

skitles: is there a easy on

skitles: i meant is there a easy on also im a student

skitles: at my school

5DN1L: skities this is not a tutorial website. unless you don't mind researching while learning, you'd better learn a programming language on another website first

5DN1L: this website is mostly for practising what you've learned

skitles: wait how are you a bot anyway

5DN1L: sigh

skitles: hmmmmmmmmmm

skitles: hey buddy

5DN1L: have you got better things to say than keep saying that i'm a bot? are you able to read even one word of what i've typed?

skitles: no like are you a real bot

j4at: skitles, Sorry the boy is disrespectful sometimes.

j4at: bot*

antiwonto: [auto] 'bot' was defined as ' Automaton2000 '

Automaton2000: looks like you have to get to the bottom of the map

skitles: what the fu-

Astrobytes: One of those days I see 5DN1L :)

skitles: that for the tip buddy

5DN1L: at last

skitles: im new

5DN1L: good to hear

5DN1L: yeah Astrobytes, sigh, and hi :)

skitles: but i dont spoil secrets

Astrobytes: hehehe hi!

skitles: do yoi know my real name

5DN1L: yeah it's a well-kept secret that i'm actually a bot, don't tell others

skitles: damn

skitles: ow ;-;

j4at: 5DN1L bot was created by Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i think it is better to have a look

5DN1L: thanks Automaton2000

Automaton2000: one of the tests provided in the ide

skitles: no he has a creator

skitles: btw who made you

skitles: 5DN1L

5DN1L: i guess you aren't interested in solving Mad Pod Racing now :shrug:

skitles: if you were a human what job would you get

5DN1L: i'll just kick you another time to get back to the real topic

5DN1L: this chat is not for that discussion you want to lead, skities

5DN1L: skitles*

skitles: ;-; ok

Westicles: just change the y to x, and be sure to drink your milk

Westicles: or is it x to y...

Astrobytes: lol

skitles: hey 5dn1l is there a easy codeing web

5DN1L: Try , 'The Coding Train' on youtube, or first levels in

5DN1L: (copied from antiwonto)

KNTK: Can I see my opponents hand in green circle?

Nerchio: i think no but dont quote me on that

j4at: yeah you can't

KNTK: Thanks, it simplifies things

struct: simplifies? I think it makes it harder

Default avatar.png putibuzu: agreed struct

Default avatar.png putibuzu: very hard to predict opponent

Astrobytes: at least the bugs are fixed :tada:

waterproofsodium: is there a simple form to this diamond pattern?

struct: wdym waterproofsodium?

waterproofsodium: *algorithm

waterproofsodium: \-\-\-/-/-/

waterproofsodium: .\-\---/-/.

waterproofsodium: ..\-\-/-/..

waterproofsodium: was a clash

waterproofsodium: if we only focus on the "\-\-" stuff I did that with 2 substrings and a middle part

waterproofsodium: the middle part is basically "if divisible by 2, then '-' "

waterproofsodium: *if not divisible by 2

waterproofsodium: but I wonder whether the mittle part can be omitted

waterproofsodium: actually i guess it can't really be omitted :P

Gangbi34567: hi guys

Default avatar.png fyurtsev: hi

cagriy: hello from istanbul <3

schattenernte: hello from indian

ede-alme: hi

isimkullanmiyorum: hello from türkiye

cagriy: "ü" ---->this is not english char @isimkullanmiyprım

waterproofsodium: oriental evening today? :P

schattenernte: I'm best coder in the world

derjack: is stack overflow offline?

schattenernte: yes

schattenernte: crash

Astrobytes: derjack: yes, for maintenance

schattenernte: stack overflow is cloes permanently

schattenernte: closed

derjack: i cant code :(

waterproofsodium: oh wow

waterproofsodium: we will all starve

struct: anyone made a backup?

waterproofsodium: yes

waterproofsodium: it's in my cloud which is offline ;)


struct: its working for me

antiwonto: [auto] hey MAWAAW dont paste those links here. Use the channel #clash

struct: just extremely slow

iamsofia_rless: hy

Noyotens: Is anyone working on the last event?

struct: Im working on the current one

Noyotens: same

Noyotens: im trying to get how mush cards left on each desk, do u know how?

struct: yes

Noyotens: how?

struct: You get all cards that are in players

struct: so you subtract 5-that

struct: and for bonus you do 36-bonus and 100-tech

Noyotens: what if the cards got used to release an app?

struct: The cards are not removed from game

Noyotens: where they go

struct: When you release an app all your cards in hand go into discard pile

Noyotens: okay

Noyotens: ill try

Noyotens: it WORKED

Noyotens: Thank you, u saved my time

jacek: :tada:

struct: np

TimothyAlexisVass: :taco: Noyotens

antiwonto: [auto] TimothyAlexisVass has awarded Noyotens 1 tacos. Noyotens now has 1 taco. TimothyAlexisVass now has 25 taco

Noyotens: :taco: TimothyAlexisVass

antiwonto: [auto] Sorry Noyotens but you need 3 tacos to give tacos. You have 1 now. Get someone to give you more tacos first

Noyotens: :taco: antiwonto

antiwonto: [auto] Sorry Noyotens but you need 3 tacos to give tacos. You have 1 now. Get someone to give you more tacos first

jacek: hmm

PatrickMcGinnisII: :taco: struct

antiwonto: [auto] Spread the love. Give tacos to someone else, not someone you spam with tacos.

jacek: is it me or leaderboard search doesnt work?

PatrickMcGinnisII: :taco: jacek

antiwonto: [auto] Spread the love. Give tacos to someone else, not someone you spam with tacos.

jacek: oh it does but its slow

PatrickMcGinnisII: :taco: Uljahn

antiwonto: [auto] PatrickMcGinnisII has awarded Uljahn 10 tacos. Uljahn now has 46 taco. PatrickMcGinnisII now has 49 taco

struct: I think it uses the sort you mentioned the other day jacek

waterproofsodium: taco PatrickMcGinnisll

waterproofsodium: :taco: PatrickMcGinnisII

antiwonto: [auto] waterproofsodium has awarded PatrickMcGinnisII 10 tacos. PatrickMcGinnisII now has 59 taco. waterproofsodium now has 48 taco

waterproofsodium: :O

waterproofsodium: I hate gambling

**PatrickMcGinnisII Burp

jacek: is that TASK_PRIORITIZATION in inputs fixed?

struct: wdym jacek?

jacek: TASK_PRIORITIZATION 7 8, it will never show the 8

struct: TASK_PRIORITIZATION 0-8 0-8?

jacek: yes

struct: yes it still only gives TASK_PRIORITIZATION 0-8 0-7

struct: in inputs

struct: Or my arena bot would be crashing every game

struct: I think

struct: ah but wait I can check

struct: yeah

struct: its not given

struct: it still is task_prio 0-8 0-7

jacek: :rage:

struct: But if you gen moves yourself you can do 0-8 0-8 :)

struct: You dont even really need to gen moves jacek

struct: think smarter

struct: you only need to gen that move

jacek: i dont want smart

struct: if (cards[bonus] > 0 && cards[continuous]) then add that mvoe

PatrickMcGinnisII: ref says I can release 2 apps for 5th app... I don't have enough skill for 1 of them ... are bonus shoddy allowed on last app?

struct: Bonus are allowed but not shoddy

struct: Bonus has good and shoddy points

struct: The bonus can be used

TINOUAINANI: ehats hapend if you use REFACTORING and you don,t have dept card in your hand ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I have 6 bonus and a cont_int ... one of the apps the ref is telling me i can play needs 4 and 4, and they are not cont_int. So bonus takes care of 6...but not the last 2 ... ref seems to be wrong. :(

struct: TINOUAINANI I guess you just use the card and nothing else happens

DaNinja: you waste your refactoring card

TINOUAINANI: oh thanks

struct: can you share the replay PatrickMcGinnisII?

struct: and the frame it happens on


PatrickMcGinnisII: last turn

struct: you can release the app with id 10

PatrickMcGinnisII: ref says i can play 12 as well

struct: because you have refactoring automated

struct: The automated cards can be used on release

struct: if you mouse over your piece it shows

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh wow, OK... did not know that

PatrickMcGinnisII: tx

struct: np

Noyotens: anyone know why my player froze in place

Noyotens: i changed my code to make him just walk one step each time but he keeps stopping

struct: it seems like you didnt output

struct: might be a bug in your code

Default avatar.png offroff: How do I keep track of number of skills left on board?

struct: So you get all cards that you have and all cards that the opponent has

struct: you sum them all together

struct: and the do

struct: 5 - ammount for the first 8

struct: then 36- ammount of bonus

struct: and 100 - tech for the technical

Astrobytes: time to automate the reply to that question I think struct :)

struct: lol

DaNinja: add it to antiwonto :)

Default avatar.png offroff: perfect! I was worried it wasn't that simple :)

Astrobytes: hehehe

Noyotens: how between two desks

Noyotens: *how to calculate distance between desks

geppoz: min( (8+x-y)%8 , (8+y-x)%8 )

Noyotens: x? y?

geppoz: the two positions...

Noyotens: oh thx4

geppoz: depends on language, you can also replace %8 with &7

geppoz: but I think most compilers will do by themselves

jacek: html compiler too?

geppoz: question: I have 1 skill, 1 bonus, 2 debts

geppoz: it allows me to release a 4+4 taking 5 debts

geppoz: how it is possible? I don't have 8 skills in total, but just 6

geppoz: uh

struct: check automated

geppoz: nvw

geppoz: nvm, yeah

PatrickMcGinnisII: geppoz ^ what struct said, i had same issue

j4at: pretty much all languages optimize %2**n to &2**n-1

aangairbender: hi guys, do I receive a card just after MOVE phase or after THROW/GIVE phases?

struct: after give

aangairbender: ok, thank you, more difficult to simulate:sweat:

struct: so you move but only get the card after you throw and give

struct: Yeah

j4at: read the referee

aangairbender: the way referee simulates turn scares me:confounded:

jacek: thats just java

Astrobytes: :D

j4at: yeah we all should agree to use c# instead of java

aangairbender: its not only about language, it's about putting different levels of abstraction in the same place imo

Default avatar.png Arthur_Morgan_RDR2: Why though?

aangairbender: also imperative code creates cognitive load, it's hard to find what you are looking for

StevenV: how many account would be promoted to silver when it opens?

TINOUAINANI: whene Will it opens ?

BrunoFelthes: probably 11

PatrickMcGinnisII: click league up top next to countdown

struct: it doesnt say the time

OldJohn: Let say 16h00

struct: so in 8 minutes?

OldJohn: y!

darkhorse64: and 200-300 people

mliboz: Hello everyone, hope you're doing great ! I have this error for more than 30 min "An error occurred (#407): "You reached the limit of plays for a period of time."." Does anyone have any idea how much time do I have to wait before testing my new code ?

OldJohn: @mliboz one week :-)

struct: you need to wait quite a bit

struct: and it gets longer each time you get the message

Noyotens: I got this one time, u need to wait about a day

mliboz: How can we find out the time, cuz I've been clicking on it every 5/10 min to check :(

jacek: maybe you reset the timer

j4at: you need to stop clicking it

struct: you cant

Astrobytes: can't stop clicking it?

Astrobytes: :P

OldJohn: Yes it is addictive

Astrobytes: :grin:

jacek: so is vim, cant quit

Astrobytes: :rolling_eyes:

struct: hmm no boss yet

waterproofsodium: i won a clash!

Astrobytes: from the implied level of excitement I presume this is a rare event?

j4at: congratz! wooo

waterproofsodium: wooo my fail streak is over

jacek: new legaue!

Nerchio: omg :D

Nerchio: i submit during league opening again

Noyotens: :tada: waterproofsodium

waterproofsodium: tacos for everyone

j4at: in in silver lol

waterproofsodium: ask jacek he has them

Default avatar.png drogenbarbarian: hä

struct: lol Westicles about to make it to silver

Noyotens: how to get my total tech debt cards

Astrobytes: add them up?

j4at: silver by printing first valid action :sunglasses:

Dapps: no way..

Noyotens: not working

ToshiTuringMachine: sum hand discard and draw

Astrobytes: ^

ToshiTuringMachine: Welcome to silver to all who made it

PatrickMcGinnisII: Promotion to Silver League in : 00H 00MN 00SC

OldJohn: Just need to wait for the re-compute


Noyotens: it always give me under 4 while is it above 20

Astrobytes: yeah, taking its time Patrick

Dapps: woot just made it in. time to rewrite

Noyotens: Promotion to Silver League in : 00H 00MN 00SC

Noyotens: ??

StevenV: I am silver now :D

Default avatar.png anonymer.jamal: nah man

Default avatar.png drogenbarbarian: jamal mein bester

Default avatar.png drogenbarbarian: :sob:

Default avatar.png anonymer.jamal: :skull:

j4at: what next? gold by priting the first valid action ?

Astrobytes: I doubt that

struct: Its a bit dumb that printing first can get to silver

struct: but w/e

Noyotens: thats how i got to silver

ToshiTuringMachine: predict next turn when draw deck is small

Noyotens: but i guess is time to change

ToshiTuringMachine: is someone of you guys able to track and predict enemy hand?

StevenV: my code to silver is less than 20 statements (exclude the input/output)

Default avatar.png drogenbarbarian: can anyone tell me how the descent works

jacek: drogenbarbarian you have hints on the left

Astrobytes: From up, you go down. That's called descent.

Default avatar.png drogenbarbarian: thank you

Default avatar.png anonymer.jamal: np

BrunoFelthes: print the first statement can get silver?

Default avatar.png anonymer.jamal: no

Astrobytes: apparently so Bruno

j4at: BrunoFelthes thats what i did :)

BrunoFelthes: OMG

Default avatar.png anonymer.jamal: ez

Default avatar.png Bullzeyes: What do you guys mean with that ? Can you literally output "first" to get promoted ?

StevenV: =)

KNTK: Wait what does new league appearing mean? Is there some threshold for amount of players

StevenV: which league are you in?

Default avatar.png Bullzeyes: I am now in Silver

Astrobytes: Yes. And to get legend you just output "pwn"

Default avatar.png anonymer.jamal: im a legend

BrunoFelthes: maybe because the random cards, you can be promoted

StevenV: and you don't understand what it mean ???

StevenV: you are a mystery!!!

Astrobytes: StevenV :D

Default avatar.png drogenbarbarian: i am diamond 2

StevenV: :D

Default avatar.png Bullzeyes: Yeah no idea what "print the first statement" means

Default avatar.png anonymer.jamal: iim radiant in valorant

jacek: print first action from possible_moves

Astrobytes: the first available legal action given in the input

jacek: i know! how about PR to shuffle the possible moves :imp:

Default avatar.png Bullzeyes: Aaah ok ! Thanks :D

Astrobytes: Well, you can still sort them according to some heuristics

BrunoFelthes: no jacek, it will broke my AI

j4at: Bullzeyes yeah, if you follow this tutorial you can get to silver by only printing "first"

jacek: youd have to have some heuristics first

Astrobytes: that url looks familiar

jacek: my favorite

Astrobytes: indeed

struct: antiwonto should warn about it ...

Default avatar.png Bullzeyes: Maybe it was some bug idk. First time on this side, F me for asking right ?

jacek: oO

struct: There is even a better action than first

Miki09: lol just turned on the pc and random got promoted to silver

struct: - 3 * a value

Default avatar.png anonymer.jamal: 2^3 = ?

Nerchio: 1

Astrobytes: how did you guess my move sorting heuristic struct :o :P

struct: Well it was not easy

struct: First I had to reverse engineer random

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: man, really gonna miss this chat

Nerchio: :(

struct: chat has been fine lately

struct: its summer break I guess

Astrobytes: Yeah, indeed

struct: Time to hide the rank and start coding again, ping me if needed.

Astrobytes: will do

StevenV: ping him and don't let him code

Astrobytes: lol

StevenV: :D

Default avatar.png drogenbarbarian: hi

BrunoFelthes: is societe generale contracting?

Zylo: emh: draw :-D

wlesavo: 66 6 6 =)

Miki09: Can continuous integration automate itself?

struct: Not the same card

Miki09: hmmm

struct: but if you have 2 integration then you can

Miki09: ok thanks

Miki09: One more question - can I just automate 8 bonus cards?

struct: yes

BrunoFelthes: only 25 battles to compute the silver rank?

Miki09: So I can finish application with 8 bonus?

darkhorse64: triple wind in approach

struct: I guess they lowered it to save the servers a bit

Astrobytes: :D

struct: yes miki

Miki09: Thanks

BrunoFelthes: will this contest have the 20 t-shirts?

struct: Don't think so

StevenV: we have 3 phones right?

struct: yes

struct: well only 2 because we already know who is getting 1st

Astrobytes: :D

j4at: yeah printing the first possible action is so op. Im 1st for sure.

kovi: big silver and only 2x30 games?

_Royale: kovi: green IT :-D

Astrobytes: lol

Sheeesh---: what do you mean by printing the first possible action ?

Astrobytes: the first legal move given in the input

Astrobytes: *legal action

Sheeesh---: is that a thing lol?

Astrobytes: It would seem so

eulerscheZahl: hey, i'm in silver

MSmits: hey

Astrobytes: not sure there was ever any doubt over that outcome :D

eulerscheZahl: kovi 05:01ᴾᴹ big silver and only 2x30 games?

it's normal that they lower the play count on league openings now

eulerscheZahl: more a "hey i'm done with work and silver is open"

Astrobytes: :)

MSmits: I think you have a ticket to gold as well euler :)

eulerscheZahl: so do you

MSmits: yeah

eulerscheZahl: and Sebastien has tickets in the forum

MSmits: haha

Astrobytes: more bugs?

eulerscheZahl: didn't check, just wanted to make a pun with ticket

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: pun achieved

Astrobytes: indeed

Astrobytes: bugfixes were released earlier today

eulerscheZahl: scores somewhat close, no bot dominating and crushing all others. and i think that won't change anymore

MSmits: hah, watch me wreck them

MSmits: possibly...

MSmits: in some days...

Sheeesh---: lol

Astrobytes: wait for Dapo :D

MSmits: it will depend on how badly dapo needs a phone

Astrobytes: hehe yes indeed

struct: did he need 2 ps 5?

MSmits: did he win 2?

Astrobytes: who doesn't?!

struct: I think so

jacek: he needed ps10?

emh: too few battles. good submit rank 12 and bad submit rank 21. for 2 submits. who knows what you can do with more

struct: I hope they dont forget to increas the number of battles

struct: lol

eulerscheZahl: from experience: will be more battles again, just for league opening

Astrobytes: yeah it was the same last contest iirc

jacek: in last contest they needed it

eulerscheZahl: jacek also found the missing legal action

eulerscheZahl: bonus feature

jacek: well someone else did, i just reported

jacek: i rely on provided actions

struct: I dont think its worth to fix it

jacek: :rage:

eulerscheZahl: should have kept it to myself :(

struct: Well there was even a bigger bug that was reported yesterday

eulerscheZahl: the MOVE stay

struct: yes

MSmits: whats that?

Astrobytes: that was an amusing one

eulerscheZahl: fixed, doesn't matter

struct: you could avoid to pay taxes

MSmits: does this mean you can also avoid death?

eulerscheZahl: no, death comes to you if you don't move

MSmits: o

eulerscheZahl: what a service

Astrobytes: was gonna say something about investment banking and tax but I think I'll keep that one to myself... :D

Astrobytes: my chat killing skills are still on point :muscle:

MSmits: hehe sry, trying to focus on coding. Too many ideas left, too little time

Astrobytes: lol all good, i need to go make some bread anyway, afk for a bit

eulerscheZahl: coding too

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

square1001: Wow, I just self-played the game (of score-5-and-end version) and the first player won 744 / 1000 times! This game may be favorable for the first player.

struct: yeah it probably is

Sheeesh---: yes

Sheeesh---: but the arena

Sheeesh---: you always play both phases against any bot

Sheeesh---: in the arena*

struct: Maybe if the 1st move of p2 didnt take into account give

struct: it would be more balanced

struct: but I might be wrong

Sheeesh---: so it's fair

struct: no Sheeesh--- , it doesnt really work like that

Sheeesh---: why ?

Sheeesh---: you play first turn

Sheeesh---: then the enemy plays first

struct: Yes I know but the 1st player has a big advantage

struct: even a way worse bot might win

struct: So it is a problem

struct: I don't know how to explain it

Sheeesh---: but that's a problem for everyone soo i think it's not a problem

Sheeesh---: you will always get your chance to play first

Sheeesh---: it's not random as far as i know

jacek: given bugs found my people, maybe this is community contest :thinking:

therealbeef: seems we're getting 200 battles in silver now

jacek: :tada:

OldJohn: Hello, can someone explain me why orange has more than 4 cards in his hand at move 74 and more ?


Illedan: Hmm, the THROW card phase will always be 2 cards in a row, else it is known. So it could have been 1 action with 2 card outputs :thinking:

struct: he has 4 architecture

struct: so he draws 4 more cards OldJohn

KNTK: In green circle, can I see how many cards are left in each location?

struct: yes

Zylo: he played: ARCHITECTURE_STUDY many times

OldJohn: OK, that was a point in the rule I did not understood thanks !

struct: KNTK you need to sum all cards given in inputs then subtract

struct: 5 - sum

struct: for all cards between 0-7

KNTK: oh yeah cause it is always 5 at the beginning, thanks

struct: bonus cards 36-bonus

struct: and ofr tech its 100

eulerscheZahl: coding your own sim really helps to understand the rules

eulerscheZahl: oh, i'm a bit late to the chat

jacek: just like when coding chess engine i finally understood when en passant occurs

kovi: i still rely on possible moves for that :)

jacek: :unamused:

eulerscheZahl: "capturing en passent is only legal immediately after the opposing pawn moves 2 squares forward"

struct: thats correct

eulerscheZahl: had a chess program in my childhood and triggered that sentence many times, burnt into my memory

eulerscheZahl: back then i wasn't able to translate it

struct: en passant was just created to save time

jacek: to nerf 2 squares moves

eulerscheZahl: "your king is still in check by the bishop in E4"

jacek: pawns couldnt move 2 squares in ~1500

eulerscheZahl: really?

eulerscheZahl: i never know when you are trolling

struct: so they had push pawns twice

struct: in the opening

jacek: so en passant was a way to nerf them. i think

StevenV: en passant?

struct: Its serious


eulerscheZahl: now you even edit wikipedia? that's some dedicated trolling

StevenV: :D

eulerscheZahl: param tuner is running. nothing ground-breaking yet :(

eulerscheZahl: i don't want to tweak params manually and analyze replays in that confusing viewer

jacek: you go msmits route?

eulerscheZahl: i don't know his route

struct: last time I used param tuner it costed me 20€

eulerscheZahl: good

Illedan: :D

Illedan: Was the params worth it?

struct: no

struct: But I was trying to fit like 40 params

struct: Might be one of the reasons

Illedan: :P

eulerscheZahl: ceg kept his laptop running for 3 days straight

struct: Too hot for that

eulerscheZahl: then he realized that he has to make his program actually read the params that are given

jacek: they should have made contests in winter

struct: lol

Illedan: lol

kovi: hard to paramtune solo with varying meta

eulerscheZahl: i currently have 10 versions of my arena bot fighting each other

struct: I was trying to tune params for SC21 at the time I think

kovi: (unless building multiple bots or batchrun vs. representative instances)


jacek: does it beat random? does it beat first-action bot

jacek: invalid paste

eulerscheZahl: meh


jacek: nyoro~n

StevenV: so this is a simulat... one

jacek: would they bother fixing it if chat is gonna die anyway

eulerscheZahl: without the chat i would have missed some engine bugs and probably analyzed my own code more. you also help me to understand the rules :(

jacek: theres still discord...

eulerscheZahl: when i left, it was full of phishing

eulerscheZahl: apart from that i was the only one writing to #external-contests

struct: Time to take a short break, I think I finally have a working sim

eulerscheZahl: and that's all you ever wanted

eulerscheZahl: it's not about using it, it's about having it

struct: exactly

struct: im just running MC

eulerscheZahl: did you submit your sim?

struct: yes its not good

struct: i do like 100 iterations of MC

struct: I just want to check if its crashing or not

BrunoFelthes: is that possible that i use code or training and do not draft any card?

struct: yes

struct: if discard and deck are empty

BrunoFelthes: if i have any cards at draw or discard, i will buy a card

BrunoFelthes: for sure?

eulerscheZahl: much better way of solving it than infinite loop

struct: yes bruno

eulerscheZahl: buy? as in: get a completely new one?

struct: training doesnt buy, it draws

BrunoFelthes: ok, draw

struct: so if the draw pile is empty

struct: then draw pile = discard pile

struct: if its still empty then you wont draw any

eulerscheZahl: statement is inconsistent enough in terminology, we don't need additional confusion

Scarfield: do you get to choose which cards that are used to release in bronze?

struct: doesnt matter Scarfield

Illedan: You get the optimal way anyway

eulerscheZahl: tmpZMwFPu might even be a small improvement, looking good so far

struct: ok only that matters yeah

Illedan: What is that string euler?

BrunoFelthes: but if I have no cards to draw, and use training, i can use two more skills?

struct: The hole hand will get discarded anyways Scarfield

eulerscheZahl: Path.GetFileName(Path.GetTempFileName())

Illedan: Training gives 1 more action

Illedan: Coding gives 2 more

Illedan: bruno

BrunoFelthes: so coding

Illedan: Yes

struct: yes

eulerscheZahl: training gives 2 more cards

Scarfield: oh cards spent on release are put in discard pile? lol

eulerscheZahl: everything you touched with your chocolate fingers goes into discard

struct: yes Scarfield

struct: but automated cards remain automated

Scarfield: yea i see, assumed they where discarded from the entire game. have not spent so much time on this yet

eulerscheZahl: then you would always be low on cards

eulerscheZahl: and have an extra game turn to decide if you want to use your bonus or skill cards for the application

Scarfield: each phase is considered a turn of 50ms i suppose?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: a phase can last multiple turns of 50ms

eulerscheZahl: when you have to throw 2 cards for instance

eulerscheZahl: i successfully confused Scarfield

eulerscheZahl: Skatfield

Scarfield: thats not an achiement xD

Scarfield: but makes sense with the input, still in wood 1, so cant throw 2 cards yet

Scarfield: skat is treasure in DK :heart_eyes:

Scarfield: or honey

eulerscheZahl: my good candidate from the local arena just got butchered. rock-paper-scissors this early already :(

eulerscheZahl: Skat is a card game i never understood

Scarfield: its also tax, a silly word with too many meanings :)

yhyoxx: i wanna buy samsara just for the manual

eulerscheZahl: :D

benobab: ahaha

jacek: DK likes taxes eh

Astrobytes: lol

Scarfield: we pay a lot of it at least, but generally people are fine with it, we get a lot for free from it, education, health care so on

struct: ok ill move to dk

Astrobytes: can I claim asylum there? :D

struct: I dont think portugal will have free health care in a few years

Astrobytes: same in the uk

Scarfield: i dont know how hard it is to get a citizenship honestly, you have to pass this weird history test (i tried it and failed) to prove you would fit in

struct: I need citizenship?

Astrobytes: Can't I just do an impression of a Danish accent or something ? :D

Scarfield: for the health care i think so, for the education no

struct: Cant I just buy it?

struct: I know that portugal sells it

Astrobytes: Can I dwell in the woods freely?

Default avatar.png borrel: good question

Scarfield: there are private hospitals, but if you get injured while here, you would get taken care of, if you go here with an injury i dont think you would get care, unless its to safe your life, honestly i dont know

Scarfield: in sweden you can, but not in DK

Scarfield: ah you can dwell, but your tent cannot be seen from house, road, path etc

Astrobytes: well in Scotland you can wild camp you see, in England you can't

Astrobytes: that's a fair rule, can live with that

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: looking forward to visit you in the woods

Scarfield: metal dweller hermit

Astrobytes: here you can go anywhere, but it's polite to ask the landowners permission

Astrobytes: (if there is one)

Astrobytes: lol, right on! :D

Scarfield: its the same in sweden, you can pretty much go anywhere, stay anywhere (for a day) if you leave it as it was, and walk on private land, DK is more limited, but we dont have that much forest anywho

emh: quick someone bump me down so I get a bad ranking and can resubmit to test my new stuff haha. I don't want to resubmit as long as I'm near the top

Illedan: lol

Illedan: Nice rank though

emh: thanks

Illedan: Simming?

eulerscheZahl: an emh doesn't simulate. he fights if-else with even more if-else

emh: true

Illedan: Simming the IFs? :O

MSmits: java is weird, what is an atomic integer?

eulerscheZahl: an int

Scarfield: a very small one

eulerscheZahl: int vs Integer

eulerscheZahl: Integer is an object

kovi: i am really surprised that heuritics survived after training fix

MSmits: ok which is most like a C# int?

jacek: AtomicInteger is synchronized integer

kovi: it seems that ci-bonus is way too powerful

Illedan: Yeah

eulerscheZahl: c# int is both int and Integer

emh: I'm heavily CI-based

eulerscheZahl: java: List<int>? no no!

eulerscheZahl: List<Integer> B)

MSmits: you are making me more confused :)

eulerscheZahl: in C# everything inherits from object

eulerscheZahl: so you have ToString(), Hashcode(), ...

jacek: MSmits did you ask about AtomicInteger?

eulerscheZahl: in Java the atomics (int, bool, float, double) don't

MSmits: yea jacek

MSmits: ah ok

jacek: eulerscheZahl theyre called morel ike primitives

MSmits: so i cant do int.toString in java?

MSmits: unless i do Integer?

eulerscheZahl: listen to jacek, he has to deal with this in his regular job

eulerscheZahl: String.valueOf(myInt)

MSmits: oh yeah i used that

eulerscheZahl: or myInt + "" for implicit

jacek: int+""

eulerscheZahl: java also lacks operator overloading

eulerscheZahl: or extension functions

jacek: thats what we have kotlin for

eulerscheZahl: used it a few times for Kotlin Heroes

eulerscheZahl: wasn't that bad actually

eulerscheZahl: i would still need some more time to really get used to it

jacek: just copy pasted java code into intellij to konvert

MSmits: whats a final in java?

MSmits: and why is it final?

eulerscheZahl: doing it the kotlin way and not just forcing my java knowledge into it

jacek: readonly

jacek: or const?

eulerscheZahl: something like that

eulerscheZahl: not a compile-time constant

MSmits: mmh i see

eulerscheZahl: in c# you can do fun LINQ stuff

eulerscheZahl: in java you have to make sure the argument is final first

Illedan: :tada:

emh: ok I must test. goodbye rank

Illedan: My search managed to do something

Illedan: My deck was 10 cards, all Technical Debt :D

eulerscheZahl: for (int i = 0; i< 10; i++) { final int f = i; -> item == i).whatever()

eulerscheZahl: == f not i

eulerscheZahl: i is a compiler error

MSmits: grats Illedan :)

eulerscheZahl: not make the debt score minus points

jacek: actually in java since lambda introduction they dont have to be final

jacek: just effectively final

eulerscheZahl: java 8 lambdas or did i miss something?

jacek: eeyup

eulerscheZahl: Egypt?

StevenV: egz

eulerscheZahl: apparently my parcel is in Delhi and Nuremberg and will therefore arrive today on the 30th. i'm confused

Nerchio: what did you order

eulerscheZahl: won a topcoder tshirt. last year

Nerchio: why is it in India

Astrobytes: that's one impressive parcel

eulerscheZahl: topcoder is located in india and US

struct: I didnt have that problem

eulerscheZahl: i think German customs blocked it, should have arrived around new year

eulerscheZahl: seems like i get another chance of receiving it

Astrobytes: The parcel seems to have other ideas :D

eulerscheZahl: i'll closely track it and call customs if needed

Astrobytes: wise move

eulerscheZahl: i think topcoder even prints your username on the tshirts

Astrobytes: nice!

Astrobytes: hopefully they don't spell it as they say it... yooler-shezzle

eulerscheZahl: yooler shezzal

Astrobytes: You should print your own one with that on it for November

eulerscheZahl: fun part: i had no idea what you were talking about. googled for it and google suggested: did you mean eulersche Zahl. i was impressed

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: you would be the only one to get the joke if i did that

Astrobytes: you don't remember the woman in the TC video?

eulerscheZahl: jessie

eulerscheZahl: sure i do

eulerscheZahl: she organizes TCO

Astrobytes: she would get it

Astrobytes: the joke I mean

Michael_Howard: What is the "release tooltip" that _SG_Sebastien says contains the released application details? I can't find it. :eyeglasses:

emh: hover over the blue and orange stripes below the replay

Astrobytes: ^

Michael_Howard: Ah! Thanks.

eulerscheZahl: interesting. i'm timing out in a busy turn

BrunoFelthes: is all possible actions with all move/plays/draws/throws/gives for an entire player turn too big?

Razovsky: nice top10 MSmits

BrunoFelthes: i mean, build the tree, with the random variation. Is it too big?

Razovsky: try it and tell us

Nerchio: eulerscheZahl time for C++?

eulerscheZahl: no, i should remove duplicate states from my move gen

BrunoFelthes: do you generate all possible states during the move phase eulerscheZahl?

struct: hard to say bruno

eulerscheZahl: at least the ones i can see coming

eulerscheZahl: i don't draw hidden cards and branch on the possibilities

BrunoFelthes: what you mean?

struct: you dont draw hidden?

struct: o.o

BrunoFelthes: what is hidden cards?

eulerscheZahl: i draw them but don't try to reveal

struct: cards in draw pile and discard pile

struct: ah I see

eulerscheZahl: except if i take the whole stack

BrunoFelthes: me too

eulerscheZahl: this submit is total garbage. 2h of param tuning went into it

BrunoFelthes: i want to try to refactor all my code to try to build an emulator to build all possible moves... but i dont know if the memory will explode

struct: less tuning and more features to the eval

BrunoFelthes: if the branch factor is too high

eulerscheZahl: it's not that much

BrunoFelthes: maybe i should try

MSmits: thanks Razovsky

struct: also throw is easily pruned

eulerscheZahl: oh no. i must have introduced a bug while making the magic constants editable

eulerscheZahl: even with my old magic in new format i fail

Illedan: Mine manages to release applications now :D

Default avatar.png Nickkkkkk: Hi :)

eulerscheZahl: i definitely broke my bot, changed the behavior

eulerscheZahl: may future me deal with this

Nerchio: top20 is getting tough :scream:

Nerchio: stop coding guys

BrunoFelthes: hauhauha

BrunoFelthes: legend is going far away

StevenV: heyza, i don't know how to push

Scarfield: looks like your submit worked emh :muscle:

emh: Scarfield yes

emh: now again

emh: hehe

emh: I have 138 submits so far

Nerchio: and again and again

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: how many captchas?

emh: none

struct: I heard the winner is going to be the person who gets legend with the fewest submits

Astrobytes: :D

Scarfield: haha

emh: hehe

Scarfield: rise alts

Nerchio: so probably people that pick first available action

Hadd2: gm

struct: gm

PiterYeh: my c++ program is just crashing but i don't know why :'(

PiterYeh: is there any way to know why my bot crashes without using a debugger locally?

struct: not really, the c++ error messages are broken on ide I think

PiterYeh: that's just evil

jk_java: hi guys, looking for feedback on a CoC contribution


Smekarn: Totally worth to give a card to the opponent just for the extra 50ms I get!

struct: do you think so?

Scarfield: if there are no apps left where one of your skill cards are needed, i suppose it "could" be worth it

struct: depends on the card

struct: I would not want to give training or coding

struct: even if they are not needed

struct: But I might be wrong

Smekarn: No, I was just kidding. But would be nice if the sim could find such edge-case :)

Scarfield: even if kidding, there could be situations where its worth it i guess, but rarely

Scarfield: clouding their draw chance to win, increasing your own draw chance to win that kinda thing

Smekarn: Yes that I agree!

Default avatar.png putibuzu: top bots are all sims by now I guess?

struct: I know em h is not sim

struct: dont know about the rest

Michael_Howard: Top how many? I'm 60 no sim (or TASK_PRIORITIZATION yet for that matter).

Michael_Howard: I spend far too long watching the battles ranking, writing off code changes based on a few pointless matches cheering my icon past the language/country #1s.

Michael_Howard: I gotta cut that out.

Default avatar.png putibuzu: 60 I would count as top :D impressive

Default avatar.png putibuzu: yeah watching battles is addictive :D

jacek: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

AshamanCooper: Bronze was easier to code than wood for the green circle lol.

struct: thats because you know the rules now

Astrobytes: (or more of them at least :P )

struct: I'm a bit tired today, haven't coded much

jacek: how important is to not have technical debt :thinking:

struct: No idea

Scarfield: yea, getting out of wood was particularly hard for this one, im finally on my way to bronze

AshamanCooper: no because the movement was easier to build a logic path for than the procedural method I used to beat wood.. still not really sure of a strategy.

Scarfield: depends on your card count

AshamanCooper: How hard is this challenge? I started learning to code just two months ago. While I have spent the last 3 days working on this, and it is hard, I think I am not doing too bad.

struct: I would say hard

Default avatar.png putibuzu: yep

jacek: its relatively hard

struct: from 0-10 like an 7-8

Uljahn: agreed

jacek: many rules (and many fixes)

AshamanCooper: awesome.

Default avatar.png putibuzu: and serious randomness :D

Scarfield: and a statement thats not as clear as could be

AshamanCooper: No changes for silver? Can we expect it to stay the same now?

Default avatar.png putibuzu: yes

Default avatar.png putibuzu: it stays the same from bronze on

Scarfield: jebus, only 80 wins / 5 losses for this submit so far, everythin else i did before was terrible xD

AshamanCooper: sweet

struct: nice Scarfield are you going straight to silver?

Scarfield: doubt it, new rules :'(

struct: ah right

struct: at least now you can test with all rules

struct: Which is very important

Scarfield: yup !

struct: is it possible to start with 4 bonus in hand?

Michael_Howard: Yes

struct: Thanks

Michael_Howard: 1/16 chance presumably.

ClockSort: does Green Circle have a rules PDF?

Astrobytes: nope

struct: I have an image but its probably outdated by now


ClockSort: I have to join to know what it is? haha

struct: There are a few tweaks

struct: on new statement

struct: and I dont feel like print screening again :p

ClockSort: heh

ClockSort: is it a good challenge?

struct: Hard rules

ClockSort: looks like fairly complex rules

struct: I mean hard to understand

struct: Yeah

struct: But I think its fun

Astrobytes: yeah, but a decent game

Scarfield: its an interesting game sure, but its somewhat diffucult to get into, i didnt like it for the first few days tbh.

ClockSort: seems like Dominion

Astrobytes: It's Samsara,


ClockSort: oh nice. apparently Samsara seems like Dominion :D

Astrobytes: Possible, I've never played Dominion

Astrobytes: Or Samsara :P

struct: I'm almost hitting 2k lines

struct: :D

struct: Soon it will pass Fantastic bits bot

ClockSort: that's pretty heavy

ClockSort: how's the visualizer?

Scarfield: poor you, Mr first action bronze xD

Astrobytes: lol, my FB bot is one of my smallest :D


struct: You can check there ClockSort

struct: It's pretty hard to tell what's happeniing

struct: But once you understand the game it gets easier

Westicles: heh heh, silver look at that

Scarfield: :muscle:

ClockSort: struct thanks, looks kind of fun :)

darkhorse64: I found another bug: when discard pile is emptied, it's not given in the inputs

Scarfield: i dont think thats a bug though, its a card location without cards

darkhorse64: That's debatable but the workaround is easy so I won't make a fuss

struct: So if you dont clear your discard pile you will have problems I guess

struct: I think I do clear it

Nerchio: yeah I encountered this and started clearing my pile

darkhorse64: funny enough, my bot performs better with the bug

Scarfield: "cardLocationsCount for the amount of locations where the players have some cards. " its intended, but mildly annoying

MSmits: memset(cardLocations, 0, 70 * sizeof(int));

darkhorse64: and fasten your seat belts

Scarfield: 14th in bronze, almost thought i would pass through to silver

MSmits: you know whats annoying

MSmits: when you're good at picking initial values for params

struct: Tell us

Scarfield: sounds horrible

MSmits: then you fit them and you notice that they are exactly right and you get no improvement

struct: Im gonna tell you a secret

struct: You should add more features to the eval

Scarfield: "shitty superpowers"

MSmits: i am doing that too

darkhorse64: I happen all the time for me, I spend 4 hours tweaking my MCTS exploration parameter to find out the initial value was the best

MSmits: some dont work though

struct: You guys tweak mcts exploration?

struct: what

darkhorse64: not here

struct: I know

struct: I dont tweak it anywhere

MSmits: usually 1.0 is best, if you use -1,0,1 for loss/draw/win

struct: I just pick 1.0f

MSmits: it's more difficult for an eval instead of a WLD situation

struct: Sometimes I pick one random from 0.5 to 1.25

MSmits: the thing is, there is a pretty large plateu

Scarfield: you dont use something approaching sart(2) ?

Scarfield: sqrt(2) *

MSmits: if 1.0 works, then 0.8 and 1.2 will also work

struct: I only used 1000.0 one time

MSmits: no, in fact that sqrt(2) is for when you are using 0, 0.5, 1.0 for WDL

struct: to beat robo on c4

MSmits: so, it's even worse

MSmits: we are actually using 0.5 compared to the advertised 1.4

struct: When his bot was weak to bad players

Scarfield: xD struct

Default avatar.png putibuzu: :D

MSmits: nice

Astrobytes: classy strat there :D

struct: Its a shame that it doesnt happen the same with jacek bots

MSmits: it's a common problem with NN.

Scarfield: i always used 0, 0.5, 1

struct: I always used -1, 0, 1

MSmits: i don't like that because it is not symmetric Scarfield

struct: Never even though of using anything else

MSmits: and you are forced to use a float

MSmits: I think first time I did mcts i had 0, 1, 2

DomiKo: imagine not using score = -score

Scarfield: when i first made mcts, i found the -1 complicating things, never changed my approach xD

MSmits: yeah it's annoying

struct: Why does it complicate?

MSmits: the -1 version is similar to negamax

MSmits: which is much prettier than ordinary minimax

struct: dont you just need to do what DomiKo said?

struct: on backprop

Scarfield: probably, never though about it, just went with 0, 0.5, 1 xD

Scarfield: whatever float your boat :p

struct: I would make a playground for mcts but I dont really understand the theory of it

Illedan: :tada:

Illedan: Finally won my old bot

Illedan: as p1

Illedan: :(

struct: you made me open the leaderboard

struct: ...

Illedan: :D

Illedan: Oh, my old bot beats me 5 - 0 as p1

struct: What happens if I have more architecture study than cards in total

struct: Im imagining a possible bug

Illedan: Nah

Illedan: there is a check

struct: oh

Illedan: simply stops to draw

Scarfield: gn folks :)

Illedan: Sleep?

MSmits: gn

ClockSort: gn

Illedan: gn

struct: gn

Astrobytes: gn

emh: gn

Illedan: emh, broke your bot?

emh: all the time

Illedan: ^^

emh: nahh I just set it to release everything it can if opponent already has released one. didn't work out

emh: tried it because I got a win against The_Duck using it

Illedan: classic 1 game verification

emh: that's what I do. I choose a losing replay and change things until I win then resubmit

Illedan: :D

emh: this game is a nirvana for heuristics. I'm glad I don't have to think too hard, like with sim and search. hehe

Illedan: Indeed

Illedan: dangerous

Illedan: Initial submit of search is not too bad

Default avatar.png Paroni: yeah, my bot is heuristics as well, let's see how I'll be able to hang on once I copy the strategies from the leading bots. It's fun actually doing well ^^.

Illedan: Hmm, I need to automate this param fiddling

Astrobytes: teach the kid what to do :D

Astrobytes: *that's* real automation!

struct: im not even sure if my brute force works

struct: Ill probably try it again tomorrow

Illedan: I haven't got time until wedensday :(

emh: that's tomorrow

emh: ohh yeah because it's after midnight

Illedan: :P

Illedan: I wish

Astrobytes: lol

Illedan: Time for bed now emh

emh: haha is that sage advice?

Astrobytes: sounded like a direct order :D

Illedan: Can't do good heuristics on this side of midnight

Illedan: I'll go sleep anyway. 150 for initial sim push is ok-

Illedan: gn

Astrobytes: gn

emh: gn

ClockSort: I don't think I have time to join Green Circle, as I'm studying for an Azure certification test next week.

antiwonto: [auto] Hey ClockSort, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 2 tacos

ClockSort: have fun, all!

Astrobytes: good luck with the test ClockSort

Default avatar.png Mengshang: hello,world;HaHa

Default avatar.png Mengshang: :grinning:

struct: hi and gn

Astrobytes: gn struct

struct: gn

Default avatar.png Mengshang: Good morning

Default avatar.png Mengshang: haha

Default avatar.png Mengshang: gn

Default avatar.png MuriloLopes: Hello, I have a question, I am currently doing the "ASCII Art" practice and have all but one of my test cases working. I am unsure of what I am supposed to replace the spaces in "MAN HAT TAN" to, could anyone tell me?

Default avatar.png MuriloLopes: Sorry, I got it. I was being silly in my code.

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: hello guys

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: :grin:

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: :grin:

xMerlinx: Hi

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: hello

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: :yin_yang:

xMerlinx: Someone know whats is in test 04 in CGX Formatter? I probably test for all characters and code work good. Only this one test is on red.


Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: idk

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: i can try to look

xMerlinx: of course i think of test after click 'Submit'

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: thx

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: mostly blocks and simple key values

Mehdi_Moulati: i guess it like an array

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: YEAH!

Mehdi_Moulati: let say that you have n items

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: :thumbsup:

Mehdi_Moulati: n-1 item should end with ;

Mehdi_Moulati: and the last one without ;

xMerlinx: I mean, test 'Simple string of characters which must not be modified'

Mehdi_Moulati: the text inside ' ' must not be modified

xMerlinx: yes, and i test for all character and my porgram work fine

Mehdi_Moulati: what does you program display in the output ?

xMerlinx: I have problem with test from "Validators"

Mehdi_Moulati: ahh

Mehdi_Moulati: i got it

xMerlinx: All test in "Test case" my program passed

Mehdi_Moulati: what if they change the block start /endin validator

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: sorry if i didnt help you :sweat:

demetedPufferfish: hi

antiwonto: [auto] Hey demetedPufferfish, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 2 tacos

Bernard_Lowe: Why is there a huge global competition just months after Spring 2022? My friends and I are too burnt out from that.

Bernard_Lowe: I mean, this is a good thing, but my expectation is only 1 large competition a year here.

linjoehan: ping

Default avatar.png Riumuru: hello

pedrosorio: Bernard_Lowe lol

jacek: there used to be more, like 2,3 per year + community contests

j4at: yeah we need more contests. (that are a little bit less complicated then this one)

j4at: than*