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Wild_Python: TrungXuKa ơi

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Wild_Python, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

OrdoAdChao: tacotest


jacek: nothing, its just for spamming

MSmits: :taco: Wild_Python

antiwonto: [auto] MSmits has awarded Wild_Python 2 tacos. Wild_Python now has 3 taco. MSmits now has 22 taco

MSmits: If you understand the meaning of life, you also understand the meaning of CG taco

MSmits: and if you don't... well join the rest of us.

jacek: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

gokubill: :taco:

antiwonto: [auto] ':taco:' was defined as ' A currency to some, sustenance for others '

gokubill: ab

antiwonto: [auto] Hey gokubill, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 2 tacos

jacek: :taco: derjack

antiwonto: [auto] Spread the love. Give tacos to someone else, not someone you spam with tacos.

jacek: :rage:

gokubill: :taco: gokubill

antiwonto: [auto] Sorry gokubill but you need 3 tacos to give tacos. You have 2 now. Get someone to give you more tacos first

jacek: :taco: gokubill

antiwonto: [auto] jacek has awarded gokubill 3 tacos. gokubill now has 5 taco. jacek now has 6 taco

derjack: :taco: jacek

antiwonto: [auto] Spread the love. Give tacos to someone else, not someone you spam with tacos.

RivalRickson: hi

antiwonto: [auto] Hey RivalRickson, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 12 tacos

Code002Lover: hi

RivalRickson: hi

RivalRickson: how are you

RivalRickson: shakedown tacos

RivalRickson: shake taco

5DN1L: Not in this channel, and wrong syntax too

5DN1L: Go to #taco channel

RivalRickson: ok

5DN1L: and you have to shake down a specific target person

RivalRickson: thanks bro

5DN1L: np

MSmits: RivalRickson that's a nice :taco: you have there. Be a shame if something were to happen to it.

RivalRickson: what

MSmits: it's a reference :P

RivalRickson: haha

gokubill: gg

Default avatar.png magicienkennys: @5DN1L hey sister; u want to be my sugar daddy ??

5DN1L: banned

Audran227: those troll... xd

gokubill: muhahahahaha

5DN1L: you'd think a level 17 guy would know how to behave :thinking:

5DN1L: hacked?

Scouipou: i think so

VilBoub_junior: yes i thinks

MarinDeNsi: thinks too*..

5DN1L: Then probably not

ValidityFail: hello guys

ValidityFail: has anyone you know been hired through CG?

Default avatar.png MorratuNoob: :grimacing:

gokubill: kimochi

antiwonto: [auto] Hey gokubill, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 6 tacos

Adsonmin: hello

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Adsonmin, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

jacek: oh my

antiwonto: [auto] Hey jacek, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 22 tacos

jacek: :tada:

RivalRickson: hi

RivalRickson: give taco

5DN1L: not here RivalRickson

RivalRickson: i forgot sorry

RivalRickson: i just forgot that it is shifted to #taco

Default avatar.png Damsopokora: hello

Default avatar.png Damsopokora: why you talking about taco

5DN1L: a chat bot feature here

struct: :taco: jacek

antiwonto: [auto] struct has awarded jacek 7 tacos. jacek now has 29 taco. struct now has 8 taco

cagriy: hello from istanbul <3

schattenernte: hell from indian

isimkullanmiyorum: hello form uk

Default avatar.png nitnit:

antiwonto: [auto] hey nitnit dont paste those links here. Use the channel #clash

TINOUAINANI: is this "process.stdout.write" dont work her ? js

TINOUAINANI: i am clash now and i whant to print with out new line

Aya_Noaman: do print(text, end=")

Aya_Noaman: end = "" sorry

5DN1L: is that js?

TINOUAINANI: whay he add space at the end


5DN1L: I mean to ask whether the answer of Aya_Noaman is for js

Default avatar.png Aympab: BobLol is a monster

TINOUAINANI: but he add space at the end i dont now whay

5DN1L: it looks like python syntax to me


5DN1L: TINOUAINANI have you tried console.log?

TINOUAINANI: i serch on google i found this process.stdout.write but not working her i dont now way

5DN1L: console.log(variable + " ")

5DN1L: if you need that space

5DN1L: if not leave it

TINOUAINANI: console.log add new line at the end

5DN1L: and you don't want it?

TINOUAINANI: yep i dont

Aya_Noaman: @5DN1L no it was python, sorry wasn't aware they were asking for js

5DN1L: ok

TINOUAINANI: time end but i whant to now if any one now how you print in js with out new line ?

Inferno_dragon: how could i report a clash when it is fininshed?

5DN1L: report a clash?

Uljahn: TINOUAINANI: do you have to print immediately? can't you store intermediate results in array and print afterwards?

Inferno_dragon: i dunno

Inferno_dragon: some clash i think it is too trivial

5DN1L: you rate the clash

5DN1L: when a clash is rated low by many then it will be removed from the pool

Inferno_dragon: thanks

TINOUAINANI: whay you can,t print with out new line in js ? i come from c++




TINOUAINANI: "There is a problem with your account. Please contact the site's administrator."

5DN1L: You mean the above link gives you an error? :open_mouth:

TINOUAINANI: what is it working ?

TINOUAINANI: for you ?

Uljahn: yes

Uljahn: the link tells to use putstr

TINOUAINANI: like that "putstr("123")" will print without new like or i shold add some thing

Uljahn: ye, like that

TINOUAINANI: its give me that error "node:internal/streams/writable:284

 const state = stream._writableState;"

TINOUAINANI: do i need to import some thing ?

Default avatar.png juan245254: hello

Uljahn: TINOUAINANI: just use process.stdout.write("123"), it certainly works on CG

Uljahn: putstr is used in js shell, so might be not relevant

TINOUAINANI: yep its working thanks

Perkinstein: sup

Default avatar.png lilhuddy: sup

Default avatar.png lilhuddy: :joy:

Default avatar.png lilhuddy: :rage:

lilhuddy: 1v1 im fortnite

lilhuddy: in

5DN1L: coding-related topics only please


lilhuddy: im sorry

Perkinstein: how do you solbe the third problem if power of thor episode 1

lilhuddy: how do i code fortnite

5DN1L: you write a general code to cover all the cases, Perkinstein

Perkinstein: he dies on top of the lightning

5DN1L: does your code output SE/NE/SW/NW too?

lilhuddy: no

lilhuddy: someone help me code

Default avatar.png macyq: fuck off huddy

antiwonto: [auto] macyq be respectful and watch your language

lilhuddy: hey

lilhuddy: thats not nice

5DN1L: guys i can help you out (get out) if you disrupt the chatroom

Default avatar.png Akmal93: salom

Perkinstein: family friendly guys come on

lilhuddy: im sorry i just want help with coding fortnite

5DN1L: if you don't know any programming languages please go to another website to learn it first

Default avatar.png Hnaim: hi

lilhuddy: shut fuck up and just he me

antiwonto: [auto] lilhuddy be respectful and watch your language

lilhuddy: help

antiwonto: [auto] 'help' was defined as ' '

lilhuddy: whoops

lilhuddy: mb

5DN1L: kicked

5DN1L: if you disrupt again you'll be banned

lilhuddy: why

5DN1L: because this chatroom is not your playground

Default avatar.png macyq: huddy, please go back to scratch

lilhuddy: im sorry i will not do it again

MSmits: I like how antiwonto helps with moderation :)

5DN1L: yes, it helps!

MSmits: you do too btw, good job

5DN1L: thank you :)

MSmits: :taco: 5DN1L

antiwonto: [auto] Sorry but you can only award tacos once per day

5DN1L: thanks anyway :)

MSmits: mmh i dont remember giving one

BJD: :taco: 5DN1L

antiwonto: [auto] BJD has awarded 5DN1L 8 tacos. 5DN1L now has 15 taco. BJD now has 15 taco

5DN1L: thanks BJD :)

Perkinstein: :taco: macyq

antiwonto: [auto] Sorry Perkinstein but you need 3 tacos to give tacos. You have 0 now. Get someone to give you more tacos first

Perkinstein: can i have tacos

Default avatar.png macyq: :taco:

antiwonto: [auto] ':taco:' was defined as ' A currency to some, sustenance for others '

lilhuddy: how to taco

MSmits: type : taco:

MSmits: without the space after the first :

Perkinstein: you need tacos to taco

MSmits: lilhuddy type : taco: msmits

MSmits: without the space before the t

MSmits: MSmits actually

eulerscheZahl: reminder about knights contest

lilhuddy: :taco: MSmits

antiwonto: [auto] Sorry lilhuddy but you need 3 tacos to give tacos. You have 0 now. Get someone to give you more tacos first

lilhuddy: i dont have tacos

eulerscheZahl: throw :taco:

antiwonto: [auto] That taco command has moved to the #taco channel

eulerscheZahl: ppick them up

eulerscheZahl: or don't

MSmits: someone has to give you. I can't give more tacos today

5DN1L: :taco: MSmits

antiwonto: [auto] 5DN1L has awarded MSmits 10 tacos. MSmits now has 32 taco. 5DN1L now has 16 taco

MSmits: nice!

lilhuddy: hey MSmits can u give me a taco please

Perkinstein: :taco: MSmits

antiwonto: [auto] Sorry Perkinstein but you need 3 tacos to give tacos. You have 0 now. Get someone to give you more tacos first

MSmits: you can only give 1 time a day

lilhuddy: oh

MSmits: and i already gave 1 time

lilhuddy: :nerd:

lilhuddy: whoops wrong emoji

lilhuddy: :sunglasses:

Perkinstein: thats not true i saw you send it

lilhuddy: no ur lying

5DN1L: not here please

Perkinstein: my bad

lilhuddy: yea perkinstein

5DN1L: you can open your own chatroom to chat there

5DN1L: type /join then the name of the chatroom

5DN1L: e.g. /join huddy_chat

lilhuddy: ok thanks

lilhuddy: join my chat its called Profortnite

Perkinstein: ban for self advertisement

lilhuddy: what

lilhuddy: no please

Default avatar.png melack2: yo

Default avatar.png melack2: rj

AnonyDev_: suuuuuuuuuuuu

AnonyDev_: sheeesh

lilhuddy: whos rj

5DN1L: reminder to you all


Perkinstein: yeah whos rj

AnonyDev_: zhos rj

5DN1L: I'll kick you out or ban you if you disrupt the chatroom

Default avatar.png melack2: eeeeee

Perkinstein: Respect the diversity of fellow members’ backgrounds, perspectives, education, and experiences.

5DN1L: coding-related topics only in this chatroom

Perkinstein: We all come from different places, we all have a different story. Please pay attention to how you communicate with other members in the community.

5DN1L: kicked. don't flood the chatroom like that

5DN1L: next is a ban

lilhuddy: here is the code of conduct if ya'll have forgotten.


lilhuddy: Perkinstein told me that he was very sorry, and will not spam the chat room ever again.

Default avatar.png macyq: yah he will

5DN1L: i have no power to unkick or unban

lilhuddy: so will we not be back?

5DN1L: if you're banned, wait for the next chat reset to come back

lilhuddy: ok thanks

lilhuddy: when will the next chat reset

5DN1L: no idea

5DN1L: assume a matter of weeks or months i guess?

lilhuddy: dang

lilhuddy: ok


5DN1L: hi Darleanow

5DN1L: turn off your capslock key :wink:

Darleanow: upsie :)

Darleanow: u gon punish me ?:'(

Darleanow: Wassup fam ?

5DN1L: maybe :upside_down:

Darleanow: mmmh, then we shall wrestle first :p

5DN1L: :)


Darleanow: arghhh its giving me the wrong one

Darleanow: but still a heart for u

5DN1L: one of the test cases right?

Darleanow: yesssss

Darleanow: i'm almost done

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

Darleanow: |* **** **** |

Darleanow: the one the left being annoying :'(

5DN1L: my solution code is 9 lines long

Darleanow: OK I CHEATED


jacek: printf?

5DN1L: :joy:

Darleanow: if EZ==True:

       res=res[1:-1]+"  "

Darleanow: removing the fiurst char if he tries to fool me

Darleanow: starting by blank chars

Darleanow: lets gooo i've finished it :)

5DN1L: :clap:

Darleanow: <3

Darleanow: i've became a bit better

Darleanow: i wasn't able to do that a few weeks ago

5DN1L: Yes I think you're improving

5DN1L: Progress!

Darleanow: :)))

Darleanow: thanks sir :)

5DN1L: Thank yourself too :wink:

Darleanow: tbh man, i owe u a lot

Darleanow: and a lot of people on here

Darleanow: you guys really helped me grow as a coder :)

5DN1L: Automaton2000 will be proud of you

Automaton2000: so it is a tree

5DN1L: A tree of people

jacek: yeah, adding random ifs to make it work. a true coder path

Darleanow: ahahaha

Darleanow: i only cheated for this one --'

5DN1L: Now look at others' solutions to learn from them

Darleanow: kk sir :)

Darleanow: but everything was working

Darleanow: i mean almost, the only problem when starting with white color

5DN1L: Not quite everything then :smirk:

Darleanow: this why i said almost naughty 5DN1L :)

Darleanow: everyone using libs :'(

5DN1L: Really?

Darleanow: i mean a lot

Darleanow: like the enum function

Darleanow: OH MB

Darleanow: NVM

Darleanow: its a built in one lmfao

Darleanow: enum is like for i in ?

5DN1L: it's for pairing a counter with an item in a list

5DN1L: add a serial number to each item

Darleanow: oh kkk

Darleanow: so they used it to swap colors

Uljahn: that's enumerate not enum

Darleanow: Yeah uljahn !!

jacek: enums are lib? oO

Darleanow: forget what i've said >:(

Darleanow: enum is :)

Darleanow: a function from a lib

Darleanow: :)

Perkinstein: am i still banned

5DN1L: you were kicked not banned

Perkinstein: why was i kicked

5DN1L: I told you: you flooded the chat

Perkinstein: thats not the right way to use semi colons

5DN1L: that's not a semi-colon

Perkinstein: colon

lilhuddy: a semi-colon is ;

Perkinstein: yes i know

lilhuddy: wanna do some clash of code

Perkinstein: im down

lilhuddy: how do I get mod?

Perkinstein: become one with the code

lilhuddy: how

Perkinstein: @5DN1L

5DN1L: Level up a lot

Perkinstein: how

5DN1L: Do puzzles, do bot games

lilhuddy: how

Darleanow: 5DN1L, question: i have a dictionnary, how can i print the first char of one key ??

Darleanow: something like print(dic[key[0]]) ?

Darleanow: dunno if it would work

5DN1L: [k[0] for k in dictionary.keys()] ?

Perkinstein: how

5DN1L: if it's just one key then dictionary[key][0]

lilhuddy: how

5DN1L: banned the hows

Darleanow: ty man <3

Darleanow: C ____-_____-_____-_____-___

Darleanow: have the first one :)

5DN1L: What are you working on?


5DN1L: oh I haven't done that yet

Darleanow: eheh

Darleanow: its not this hard

Darleanow: just working with dics :)


Darleanow: first test case done :)

Darleanow: finished it :)

jacek: "We have identified 0.3% of our community as Ruby experts, and you're one of them!" w00t

5DN1L: :clap:

emericdiller: hello

Qaquka: hey

Darleanow: hey

emericdiller: how are you today

Qaquka: mal

emericdiller: so sad

Darleanow: #fr

emericdiller: why

Qaquka: #libéreztousmescopains

5DN1L: no spam please Qaquka


Qaquka: bahaha

Default avatar.png Reyil: hi

emericdiller: hi

Raphastoche: salut

Default avatar.png Reyil: how are you

Raphastoche: मैं समलैंगिक हूं

Default avatar.png SammySosa807: whats up

ChrisKoehlerjr: ;;;;;l

ChrisKoehlerjr: ;;;;

ChrisKoehlerjr: ;;

5DN1L: no spam please

Default avatar.png user5128152: sex

jacek: it is friday alright

Scarfield: its just a typo missing "pac" between s and e

DomiKo: it's friday then

ironicus: Hello all and happy Friday!

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: I'm in literal pain, I hate this Friday T^T

Default avatar.png vlyx: same

Default avatar.png vlyx: why do i keep claiming theese tiktoks saying "friday is gonna be the best day interact to claim" and my stupid a** does it anyway

TINOUAINANI: if you finish one puzzel with tow languages like (js and c++) what code stay in public or they stay all ? thanks in advance (bad english ):grin:

5DN1L: i think you can choose which ones to publish

TINOUAINANI: oh ok thanks

Default avatar.png OmniMan: hey can i see challenges that i've done before?

5DN1L: you mean puzzles or clashes or what?

Default avatar.png OmniMan: clashes

5DN1L: you have to search using unofficial tool:

5DN1L: you can't find any history

Uljahn: for clash results click Notifications bell and then "Show read"

Default avatar.png OmniMan: cool ty guys

misaelidk: ahhhhhh

misaelidk: goofy

jacek: oO

5DN1L: Automaton2000 what about groovy

Automaton2000: i am not sure if that's a good idea

Default avatar.png frog225: python best language tbh debate me my discord is frog#5433

misaelidk: shut

Default avatar.png frog225: average java script user

misaelidk: HTML5 solos no diff

Default avatar.png frog225: common L by misaelidk

Default avatar.png frog225: python solos your favorite verse

Default avatar.png Dono1: Does anyone know what the secret validators are on Ghost Legs?

misaelidk: html is fun while python is torture

j4at: trolls :grimacing:

therealbeef: how many contests are won by python?

Default avatar.png Dono1: Specifically validators 4 and 5 on Ghost Legs. I can't pass them but I don't know what the problem is

misaelidk: dono1the adults are talking

Default avatar.png frog225: people who dont use python prob dont shower

Default avatar.png Dono1: Seems like they're typing.

misaelidk: who actually puts periods at the ends of your sentences

misaelidk: weird

Default avatar.png Dono1: You do you, I'm just wondering if anyone knows about those validators.

Default avatar.png frog225: fr only thing misael is right about

misaelidk: bro deff send texts in letter format

Default avatar.png frog225: dono you could solve it if you used python

therealbeef: validators are generally unknown (otherwise you could hardcode their solutions)

Ayza: cool trolls made the chat active

misaelidk: i love that movie

Default avatar.png Dono1: I'm aware that they are unknown, that's why I'm asking if anyone has knowledge of them, gained by completing the challenge.

Default avatar.png Snorl4xxer: Nah, Misael. Punctuation is cool. Remember kids, stay in school.

misaelidk: this man looked in the thesarus to make himself sound smart

Default avatar.png frog225: stay in my basement

misaelidk: :rage:

5DN1L: stay to coding-related topics and don't spam/flood/disrupt the chat

Default avatar.png Snorl4xxer: What's the rent of that basement?


misaelidk: timehsare

Default avatar.png frog225: free\

Default avatar.png Snorl4xxer: Sold.

misaelidk: investment fr

5DN1L: spammers will get kicked out or banned

misaelidk: anyone listen to kendrick lamar

Default avatar.png frog225: his new album was mid

5DN1L: going to ban one soon if he doesn't stop...


Ayza: Dono1, the only way to see validators is by looking at the original submission

Ayza: otherwise there is no way

therealbeef: you can reverse engineer some validators but it requires a lot of tedious work, so there's no real point

Ayza: exactly, just follow the instructions on what you're missing

Default avatar.png frog225: pooh shiesty probably uses c++

Default avatar.png frog225: anyone else love men

5DN1L: kicked

5DN1L: next is a ban

5DN1L: coding-related topics only

Default avatar.png Dono1: Thanks for the help. I got it figured out with help from discord.

misaelidk2: im back

misaelidk2: loser

misaelidk2: what kinda name is 5DN1L

Darleanow: Hello guys, how can i check if a loop while be endless ?

misaelidk2: have some fun for once in your life

Darleanow: like while x!=1:

   do something, which modifies x

5DN1L: yeah i had fun banning you again, misaelidk2

Darleanow: stop acting like a kid pls, it's not a playground misaelidk2

j4at: Darleanow you need to do the logic in your brain :3

Darleanow: i feel bad for the role u have to endors 5DN1L :/

5DN1L: j4at is right, Darleanow, regarding your question

Darleanow: but tbh, i don't know like, maybe in 10 tries it will get to 1, i'm doing a sum of square of digits in a number

Darleanow: and i don't know any math rule to help me

Darleanow: like if sum is equal something, it will be else it will never

j4at: send puzzle


misaelidk3: im back again

misaelidk3: imagine

misaelidk3: fr(free rkelly

misaelidk3: he aint do nothin

j4at: Darleanow you don't mind me explaining right ?

misaelidk4: im back

5DN1L: and banned

Darleanow: AHAHAHAHA

Darleanow: j4at i don't mind !! but don't give me the answer pls :)

Darleanow: i'd just like to understand a loop concept here

j4at: hmm...

Scarfield: lvl 13 without understanding the loop concept :thinking:

Darleanow: one of a loop concept :)

Darleanow: like to avoid timeouts

j4at: Well, If you get same number twice then its an infinite loop

Scarfield: ah fair enough Darleanow thought you were trolling :)

5DN1L: it's more about detecting loops or detecting cycles

Darleanow: Scarfield, ofc no !! but i'm a self taught, i mean 5DN1L and some others there taught, so i miss a couple of basics

Darleanow: since obviously they can't give me courses u know

Darleanow: j4at okok i'll try

Scarfield: yea me too, i thought you meant you didnt understand the game loop, which would be weird as lvl 13 :)

Darleanow: Scarfield understandable xD

Ayza: if you get the same numbers you can tell it's an infinite loop

Ayza: but if the case is your algorithm is taking too long, I doubt you can I think

NinjaZMY: sometimes the result isn't linear so I don't know if there's a way to figure out if the loop is endless

Darleanow: i could like append results to a list$

NinjaZMY: my method would be to debug everything and try to comprehend the behavior of your program

Darleanow: and for each new iteration, i'll try to see if it's in the list already, if it is, it would break

Darleanow: but i guess that sometimes it could take time

j4at: use a set instead

NinjaZMY: I see what you meant Darleanow

Darleanow: as they don't take duplicates j4at ?

Ayza: yeah, you could check if the length of the set is 1

j4at: Finding if a number in a set is O(1)

Ayza: because if it's always the same number then it would be 1

NinjaZMY: guys I haven't learnt complexity yet

Darleanow: but for lists is also O(1) ???

Darleanow: as its a linear search

j4at: Nope it's O(n)


Ayza: best case: O(1) worst case: O(n)

Scarfield: you need to loop through a list, it wont be sorted (unless you sort it yourself), so something less than O8n) on avg

NinjaZMY: I googled O(1)

Ayza: worst case where the item is not in the list or as it at the end

Ayza: source google

Scarfield: O(n)*

Ayza: or it's*

NinjaZMY: what's the best way to learn complexity ?

Scarfield: i just checked my solution, i just used a list, but a set i definately better

Darleanow: youtube ig ninja

Darleanow: okay i'll try with a set

Darleanow: myset=set(())

   while flag=="false":
       z=[int(i)*int(i) for i in str(z)]

Darleanow: for now i have this

Darleanow: when u read it, remove indent from while

Darleanow: z=[str(int(i)*int(i)) for i in str(z)]

Darleanow: updated it

j4at: you can do x**2 instead of x*x

Darleanow: yeah mb, it's just a convention for me lol

Darleanow: LMAOOOO

Darleanow: I DID IT


j4at: nice gj

Darleanow: it wasnt working because forgot that type of z was int

Darleanow: and i was checking for "1" instead of 1

NinjaZMY: I can solve complex problems but I fail to grasp complexity which I'll need to learn I guess

j4at: NinjaZMY


NinjaZMY: thank you so much sir j4at

jacek: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png qrqewrrqewrwerwqer: 5243

PatrickMcGinnisII: jacek Diablo reference...on point

jacek: or pointer :thinking:

PatrickMcGinnisII: Find the Winning Strategy kicked my butt for 2 1/2 days. Ended up with 19 lines of code...wth

j4at: taco

Espequair: is there a way to select a type of CoC? only reverse or something?

Ayza: you can only do that in private clashes

PatrickMcGinnisII: Hmm, converted Winning Strat code to java and found out most people came up with same answer

PatrickMcGinnisII: php people didnt

PatrickMcGinnisII: wierd

j4at: yeah php users are not that smart

j4at: just kidding :D

Default avatar.png I_LOVE_MY_BROTHER: how to print something just to check the value?

Default avatar.png I_LOVE_MY_BROTHER: in c#

Ayza: print it to the error stream

j4at: It's in a comment

Ayza: not sure how you do it in c# though

j4at: To debug: Console.Error.WriteLine("Debug messages...");

Default avatar.png I_LOVE_MY_BROTHER: thx indeed is in comment ;p

Darleanow: just did this one :

PatrickMcGinnisII: what lang Darleanow?

Darleanow: py :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: I can read so many langs, but PY gives me a headache...and perl ofc

Darleanow: perl is cheated

Darleanow: like you can do too much with 3 chars lmao

Darleanow: but look man

Darleanow: isnt it cute ?? :


Darleanow: couldve make it looking better, but no its easily readable enough

Espequair: anybody want to do private reverse clashes until I can grind out this 3 shortest win thingy?

j4at: sure

jacek: i dont think quest map counts private clashes

j4at: yeah

Husoski: The leaderboard counts them, though.

j4at: it does ?

Husoski: I joined a "Fastest" late once and lost over 20 positions in the ranking when everyone else was done before I got started!

Ayza: are you sure it wasn't another clash which you did before it?

Ayza: It never counted for me

Husoski: Positive.

j4at: let's test it


Husoski: Not me. Been there, got the t-shirt.

PatrickMcGinnisII: my quest map for clashes is kinda lacking...stuck at win 3 reverses

Espequair: it's the shortest that mess me over

Espequair: can't luck into winning them

Espequair: and they're *rare*

Espequair: so the best hope is late night farming, try to get as little people as you can and pray

Neon_Tuts: Hello World

Default avatar.png CRE1330: Personnaly, I think it's really hard for beginners to solve problems. Am I the only one in this situation or not ?

Default avatar.png CRE1330: *personnally.

Espequair: depends, are you starting with the easy ones?

Default avatar.png CRE1330: I follow the paths' quest. For example I've done the Mars Request (concerning conditions).

Default avatar.png CodingLearner2: i dont know how to code

Default avatar.png CodingLearner2: any advice?

Default avatar.png CRE1330: there are some lessons about the code you're interested in. For instance, I follow Python lesson for beginners.

Neon_Tuts: CS50

Default avatar.png CodingLearner2: is this site for experts?

VirtualRealityRocks: It's kind of intermediate-advanced

Default avatar.png CodingLearner2: oh, does anyone have a website where it is not advance?

MSmits: it can also be experts. We do easy things here, but we also do cutting edge things here, in some cases

VirtualRealityRocks: If you want a beginner website, try Excercism

MSmits: I've seen people do things better than what I read in scientific papers sometimes

VirtualRealityRocks: If you want an even harder website, Leetcode is a good choice.

MSmits: is that a fair comparison though? Does Leetcode have bot arena's?

Default avatar.png CodingLearner2: Thank you VirtualRealityRocks!

Default avatar.png Wizard-Dude: no, leetcode does not have a bot arena, but there are also 2-hour weekly and biweekly contest.

MSmits: yeah, my point is that CG is unique and hard to compare with other websites.

VirtualRealityRocks: True

MSmits: other websites have mostly coding problems to solve

MSmits: like codeforces

MSmits: you try to solve a problem as efficiently as possible in the least amount of time

MSmits: I prefer botgames though. They also can be as hard as your opponents will make it and we have some really strong opponents here

MSmits: (these are mostly top 10-20 in an arena)

struct: puzzles are harder for me

struct: but thats because I have less experience on them

struct: MSmits on PCR if two chips with same radius collide is it handled as a collision?

NinjaZMY: I just finished watching this video: does that mean now I have knowledge about O(n), O(1) and O(n²)

NinjaZMY: or Do I need to learn more ?

struct: Well judging by the title I guess he explained it

NinjaZMY: concerning complexity is O(n), O(1) and O(n²) are everything that I need to know ?

Default avatar.png Newblord88: theres log based complexity as well

NinjaZMY: yeah I was wondering about that

PatrickMcGinnisII: no, n logn

NinjaZMY: do I need to learn the log and n logn complexity

NinjaZMY: ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: or is it n ln n

struct: I would learn as you go

NinjaZMY: what do you mean sir @struct ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: for working at MS? nah

struct: I think the important part is to understand complexity

struct: You can check log n complexity and others

struct: But you will understand it faster now

NinjaZMY: Basically I could understand basic things about complexity before learning about the big O

NinjaZMY: do you guys have any recommendations or ressources or videos I can watch to learn that ?

NinjaZMY: and the purpose of learning complexity it to make a more efficient code right ?

Default avatar.png Newblord88: correct

Default avatar.png Newblord88: by understanding hte complexity of your code you should essentially be able to identify what parts can be improved

Default avatar.png Newblord88:,an%20O(log%20n)%20time

Default avatar.png Newblord88: check out that link, has a pretty good explanation of the different time complexities

NinjaZMY: thank you Newblord88

NinjaZMY: I can do speedreading believe it or don't, Anyway, I read the information from stackoverflow link, I still believe I need to learn more

NinjaZMY: Especially, that I remember that on a certain website used to recrute programmers, I had to solve a question about the big O notation, it was more complex than a simple O(log^2 n )question

NinjaZMY: I didn't know the correct answer myself

NinjaZMY: I personally forgot the question itself

NinjaZMY: from stackoverflow I could understand that O(log^2 n ) is related to binary trees, since a binary tree has 2 "childs"

NinjaZMY: or something like that

NinjaZMY: so the size of the binary tree would follow the rule of 2^n

NinjaZMY: in the same quizz I had to know some algorithms like : "divide and conquer" which I still don't know at the time , Even though I scored a high score on the quizz

NinjaZMY: Which I still don't know*

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: gm

NinjaZMY: waterproofsodium what does gm mean ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: prolly good morning

NinjaZMY: cool

NinjaZMY: it's night over here

NinjaZMY: does code in game teach you stuff, if you follow the home graph ?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: or good mode

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: *god mode

Darleanow: NinjaZMY I've earned a lot :)

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: it's night?

Darleanow: mostly on coc i'd say

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: gm NinjaZMY

NinjaZMY: hello waterproofsodium

Darleanow: lmfao

NinjaZMY: Darleanow if I follow the algorithms route will I encounter all the possible things that I'll eventually have to learn

Darleanow: i just wrote the most uneficient code

Darleanow: like

Darleanow: 65 lines for :

Darleanow: prob idk,

Darleanow: i'm still on easy puzzles

Darleanow: but maybe you should try another website

Darleanow: to learn the very basics of a language

Darleanow: dunno for how long u've been coding

Darleanow: But if you're really new and code in python or c, have a look at programmiz

Darleanow: or either geeks for geeks

Darleanow: or w3schools

Darleanow: but as i can see, if it's C : all of the above

Darleanow: You'll find Js on w3school

Darleanow: but very basic, at least what i've found

Darleanow: **sorry for spam**

VirtualRealityRocks: NinjaZMY no you will not. Definitely not. you will learn some things, but not close to everything you'll have to learn.

NinjaZMY: I started coding 10 years ago, I just didn't manage to learn everything concerning algorithms

Darleanow: okay then if u know the basics

Darleanow: stay there

NinjaZMY: I solved complex problems before etc... (not on this website)

Darleanow: if u have any websites to learn deeper, tell me in pm :)

Darleanow: ive started coding 2-3 months agp

NinjaZMY: that's cool

j4at: you can try leetcode

NinjaZMY: I found some interesting stuff in leetcode

NinjaZMY: but the leetcode thing is that they don't have a course about complexity

Darleanow: thanks j4at :)

Ayza: started exactly 1 year ago

Ayza: with mosh's python video lol

NinjaZMY: I've seen you before Ayza maybe in a clash of code I don't know

Darleanow: *heart*

Ayza: you probably seen me on the chat here

NinjaZMY: probably

Darleanow: ppl in coc who're like more than lvl 20 do be scary to me lol

NinjaZMY: If I can do codeingame I'll easily reach lvl 20

NinjaZMY: daily*

NinjaZMY: If I can do it daily/

j4at: coc doesn't effect lvl that much

Darleanow: yeah ik !

Darleanow: but i mean a lvl 20 did kind of a lot of puzzles

Darleanow: idk which puzzle i should do next

NinjaZMY: Actually I'm able to teach newbies code

Darleanow: :/

NinjaZMY: I just want to become more efficient and better

Darleanow: some1 do be having ideas ?

NinjaZMY: ideas about what ?

Darleanow: easy puzzles to do :)

Ayza: try this

Darleanow: i'm searching for a new one, but i can make a choice

NinjaZMY: stick to clash of code and aim to be first

Darleanow: already did it :)

NinjaZMY: in clash of code you find random puzzles

Darleanow: Ninja, i'm still a beginner :)


NinjaZMY: yeah challenge yourself

Darleanow: and i've did like more than 500:)

Ayza: that?

Darleanow: Did it too :)

Ayza: hmm

j4at: Solve all easy puzzles

j4at: by order

NinjaZMY: Darleanow you can do a clash of code and aim to be first, if you don't finish in time, try to solve the problem on your own ( locally )

Darleanow: the first ones are a bit hard for me

Ayza: did you do 1d bush fire?

Darleanow: NinjaZMY, i just skip some of them containing ascii :)

Darleanow: NOPE

Darleanow: nice


Darleanow: thanks bro

Ayza: yw

Darleanow: imma get a cig brb :)

NinjaZMY: you should then do a one with ascii; Darleanow, time to learn ascii I guess

Darleanow: ahahha

Ayza: It's easy once you've understood the logic

Darleanow: i know very basics

Darleanow: but like the fact that CG isnt accepting answers with a space at right is annoyinh

Darleanow: or they want u to put one, idk if u get what i'm trying to say

Ayza: everytime I do a clash I get an ascii art or mathematical problem

Ayza: hated clashing ever since lol

Darleanow: aahhaha

NinjaZMY: in my first exam of algorithms when I first started learning programming I had an ascii problem, while the teacher didn't teach it in class and they expect us to know it , :'(

Darleanow: i love maths

Darleanow: i mean i can do it Ninja

Darleanow: some of them

Darleanow: bc i know a bit

Darleanow: but i don't like working with it

Darleanow: rather a good math problem

Darleanow: or some algo :)

NinjaZMY: I love math too

Darleanow: but i'm bad at it :)

Darleanow: was a bad kid when in high school

Darleanow: so was like never going to math courses

Darleanow: and now i regret it xD

Darleanow: so i'm doing some on my own to get back up in the train

NinjaZMY: in My country they taught mathematics really good

Darleanow: i mean it's also the professor u have

Darleanow: and the type of high school you're in

NinjaZMY: but not in college; in college it depends on who's the teacher

Darleanow: i'm in college rn ig ??

Darleanow: its like after you're 18 right ?

NinjaZMY: I finished college

NinjaZMY: yeah

Ayza: agreed darlean, the regret when you realize it's too late to remember your past classes lol

NinjaZMY: yeah it happened to me

NinjaZMY: if you're a beginner you should comprehend algorithms and learn how to solve problems

NinjaZMY: you'll eventually learn the language syntax

NinjaZMY: Ayza in one year you seem to have accomplished a lot of awesome stuff

NinjaZMY: did you learn everything about complexity and data structures, first ?

Ayza: nope I didn't get into data structures from the start

Ayza: didn't care about it as a beginner

Ayza: got into it later

NinjaZMY: I see

NinjaZMY: what about complexity ?

Ayza: learned complexity not so long ago

NinjaZMY: do you a have a ressource to recommend, I seem to lacking some knowledge about Time complexity, memory and other stuff

NinjaZMY: to be lacking*

Darleanow: i'm learning complexity too !!!

Ayza: you could check this

Darleanow: I think i've learned about data structures but i aint sure :'

Ayza: It's a pretty good channel for learning algorithms

Ayza: or to be specific the videos by that girl

Darleanow: oh nvm, i already know about data strucutres

NinjaZMY: Ayza does the channel has many videos about complexity ?

Ayza: well, not the channel but the videos of that girl

Ayza: she covers trees, tries, dynamic programming, time complexity, etc

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh lord. Look at the wiki on sorting can compare O notations of each


Ayza: I mean, complexity is not really a big topic so

Ayza: most of the videos you'll find are 8-15 minutes long

Ayza: one video should be enough to understand it

NinjaZMY: I wanted to learn about O( log^2 n )

NinjaZMY: and other types like O(n!*n²)

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: i'll lose CP sigh

NinjaZMY: what's CP ?

Ayza: codinpoints

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: CP is life :O

NinjaZMY: CP ah I see

Darleanow: Ayza

Darleanow: your puzzle is annoying >:(


Darleanow: this is what i have atm

Darleanow: but for fire like f.f

Darleanow: its not working xD

Ayza: lol don't worry had me stuck aswell at first

Darleanow: mmmmmmmmmmh

Ayza: think about covering a certain group of indexes

Darleanow: but i'm splitting them

Darleanow: OH I SEE

Ayza: f is always in the middle

Ayza: so it covers what's after it and what's before it

Darleanow: i had an idea at first

Darleanow: but it sucked

Darleanow: this one's kinda hard

Darleanow: i've got an idez

Darleanow: like comparing indexes 3 by 3

Darleanow: i think it would work

Ayza: try it

Ayza: someone solved this with one line of regex lol

Ayza: insane

Darleanow: re.findall('...',line)

Darleanow: :)

Darleanow: i have a start of one

NinjaZMY: concerning big O, this is the best video that I have found:


Darleanow: i've got a better one there

Darleanow: BUT NOT WORKING >:(

Ayza: don't add 1 for each f

Ayza: assuming by the code you sent

Ayza: oh nvm you did if "f" in i

Darleanow: yup

Darleanow: but going wrong if line%3!=0

Darleanow: ff.ff returns 1

Darleanow: bc of findall'...'

NinjaZMY: how do you copy your code and make a pastebin ?

Darleanow: just ctrl c ctrl v

Darleanow: :)

Ayza: it'll automatically paste it as a pastebin

Ayza: if the code is too long

Ayza: idk the limit

Darleanow: 3 lines or more idk

Darleanow: it's so annoying

Darleanow: can't figure on how to solve it

Darleanow: using reg ;'

Ayza: no need to use reg

Ayza: I solved it without reg

NinjaZMY: Guys Reg is really useful right ?

Darleanow: 10000000000%

Darleanow: its like

Darleanow: a bit hard in my opinion

NinjaZMY: cause I never properly learned it

Darleanow: but helps way too much in way too many situations

Darleanow: i will like get a week to learn this deep

NinjaZMY: I remember using reg once or twice

NinjaZMY: But I never properly learnt it

NinjaZMY: do you have any recommendation

NinjaZMY: a link I can follow to properly learn it


Darleanow: boom cheatsheet

NinjaZMY: the same syntax for different languages ?

Darleanow: not sure :/

Ayza: yeah, regex is regex

NinjaZMY: I'll try to google it

NinjaZMY: normally it doesn't change

NinjaZMY: I always thought it was a pain so didn't try to learn it

Darleanow: Ayza, this too hard

Ayza: if you wanna solve something else try these 2 sometime



Ayza: the binary image one is pretty easy, speedran it lol

NinjaZMY: aight, I might sleep soon, it's pretty late here

Darleanow: me too xD 3am

NinjaZMY: I've learnt a lot from you guys

NinjaZMY: right here it's around 2am

Darleanow: Ok Ayza, i'll go and try them à:)

Darleanow: but tomorrow !!

NinjaZMY: oh shit tomorrow I'll have to wake up early

Darleanow: xDDDDD

Darleanow: gn boys, thanks for everything

Ayza: gn

NinjaZMY: グッドナイト Gudo Naito Good night

Default avatar.png Sojen: 12

Default avatar.png Newblord88: NinjaZMY

Default avatar.png xiaoping: go

NinjaZMY: thanks Newblord88

Default avatar.png Newblord88: that video explains the Big O much better then the other video you watched

NinjaZMY: yeah it's one hour long, it seems legit

NinjaZMY: Previously, I watched 40 minutes of content related to the big O

NinjaZMY: with this video I would feel complete

Default avatar.png Baskarapandi: hi

Default avatar.png Baskarapandi: ninja its 1 hour 56 minute nearly 2 hours

Default avatar.png readEvalrun: just play it back at 2x speed

Default avatar.png Baskarapandi: oh great idea to waste time

Mohamed_Kharrat: anyone here solved THE GRAND FESTIVAL - I ?

Mohamed_Kharrat: it looks like knapsack but m still struggling for some reason

rvan-der: hey

rvan-der: does someone know how to write with color in chat?

rvan-der: I saw a guy do it one time

Wild_Python: rvan-der dude like this?

rvan-der: yep :)

Wild_Python: copy the person that you want to write

Wild_Python: rvan-der

Wild_Python: like that

Wild_Python: their username


rvan-der: ohhh

rvan-der: Wild_Python thank you

Wild_Python: :)))

rvan-der: so you saw that red?

andresporras: RIP vangelis

Thorcode: hi all

Cicada001: hlo

Mortis_666: hi

PatrickMcGinnisII: Mohamed_Kharrat nah, it's more like an expectimax tree search, but with an array as nodes