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Default avatar.png IMDA: lool

antiwonto: [auto] Hey IMDA, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

Default avatar.png IMDA: great

aCat: morning

struct: hi

Husoski: Or define the funny functon as "my_print" instead of "print" and then: print = my_print

Husoski: result=eval(blah) del print


Darleanow: you're too good sir, sadly i'm not seeing you quite often in here

Husoski: Im usually clashing or working on a puzzle.

Husoski: Right now, I was just on the language version page to compare with what's on CodeWars and saw your question.

Husoski: I'm disappearing now to get in a little guitar practice before bed. Good night!

Darleanow: Okay sir !! gn :)

Default avatar.png Alpredex: hell yeah, just won my first clash B)

kann1er: good

Default avatar.png Alpredex: to be fair it was easy

Default avatar.png Alpredex: it was just a string format for a phone number

kann1er: yeah, at least it's your first step. see you in nasa

AbdSab: Codingame is broooken

AbdSab: fsdafadsfdasfdasfdasfdsafdsaf

struct: it is?

Koushikrr: it has been

Default avatar.png Tien118: weeeeeeeeeee

Default avatar.png Tien118: my python score is 99% :grinning:

Default avatar.png SpeedyGonzales123: taco

Default avatar.png SpeedyGonzales123: i want tacos

Default avatar.png SpeedyGonzales123: hwo do i get them?

Default avatar.png Kirstein: never had a taco in my life is it good?

Default avatar.png EtnoPolino: do people really get codinggame in job interview ?

Default avatar.png SpeedyGonzales123: i heard tacos makes you fart haaard

Default avatar.png Kirstein: lol

Default avatar.png lefthand: i have a codingame technical assessment for a job, yeah it's real

Koushikrr: cool

Default avatar.png Fady.Z: yeah i did it too technical assesement

Default avatar.png Fady.Z: but it is not same as the exercises

Default avatar.png EtnoPolino: i find it hard to do for a job interview

Default avatar.png Fady.Z: i did a sql test, i am gd at sql i found mid level not too hard

Default avatar.png Fady.Z: but if someone don't have a gd skill i guess yes he will find it not easy

Default avatar.png Fady.Z: it is not the same as the practice, it was a general question about queries and results

Koushikrr: great man

derjack: :upside_down:

dot.nick: if someone follows you, do you have to follow him back in order for him to be able to invite you to clash of code

derjack: no, they can invite you :unamused:

struct: you can disable notifications though

ESMAKING: i love esma

Default avatar.png Anonymous_004: hey

Default avatar.png Anonymous_004: You will be given a number num in the form of a string. You will have to multiply all the digits of the number and present it as integer output.

Default avatar.png Anonymous_004: any idea ?

Default avatar.png Anonymous_004: my math is ....

5DN1L: what do you mean by "any idea"?

Uljahn: too easy

Default avatar.png Anonymous_004: any help

5DN1L: help with what

Default avatar.png Anonymous_004: what is want from me ?

derjack: your blood

Default avatar.png Anonymous_004: :X

Uljahn: "1234" -> 1*2*3*4 = ?

Default avatar.png Anonymous_004: oh nice

5DN1L: ok, help with English / reading comprehension was what you needed

Default avatar.png Anonymous_004: ye my bad.

thank you uljahan :)

Default avatar.png Anonymous_004: uljahn sorry xD

5DN1L: It's difficult to help if we have no idea what help you need :shrug:

Default avatar.png Anonymous_004: ye you're right 100%

TiboInshupe: niggas

5DN1L: banned

Default avatar.png unaturing: bruh is there no profanity filter on this chat?

5DN1L: nope

Default avatar.png unaturing: man just said the n word and its still on my screen XD

Default avatar.png unaturing: one of my collegues just saw lol

Default avatar.png Aditya19: Hi BROS

Default avatar.png unaturing: sup g

e-omar: yew brp

Default avatar.png unaturing: lesgooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

5DN1L: don't spam

5DN1L: reminder to newcomers:

store: hello

store: l am new hand

MSmits: Hi, what was wrong with the old hand?

derjack: divorced

nicola: :eyes:

MSmits: hi nicola

Default avatar.png BoomMomo: Nicola, can you break my anus with a pair of secateurs and then we'll make babies until tomorrow?

Default avatar.png BoomMomo:

Astrobytes: Wow. Not quite what I expected to see upon logging in.

derjack: but can he?

Astrobytes: I would presume not.

Deimox: Heyo :slight_smile:

MSmits: Today I learned what a secateur is

Astrobytes: *what secateurs are

nicola: Scissors to cut plants.

MSmits: indeed, if you know 1, you know them all

nicola: In French.

MSmits: how do you cut a plant in French?

MSmits: Special technique?

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Astrobytes: We use the same term in English nicola

Deimox: With baguette ?

nicola: OK, I did not know that.

nicola: Not secator?

Astrobytes: Yet another word the English 'borrowed'

Astrobytes: I think secator is the American English spelling

MSmits: Do you know what it's called when you cut your plants but the result doesn't make sense?

Astrobytes: God forbid they would spell it the same as the rest of the world

MSmits: It's a non-secateur

Astrobytes: :door:

MSmits: :grin:

Mred: ni neinei ge jb

Mred: :heartbeat:

MSmits: no idea what you're saying, but it sounds friendly

Mred: I really have no idea about how to play this.


MSmits: play what?

Mred: almost everything here

Mred: too hard for me

MSmits: what can you do?

Mred: :(

MSmits: you said almost

Mred: only some simple codes:(

MSmits: you should just practice easy puzzles then

MSmits: use an easy language

Mred: ok

Mred: thanks a lot

MSmits: np

derjack: easy puzzles like the descent, temperatures, power of thor or dual horse racing

MSmits: if an easy puzzle is too hard, try a different one. Some require math skills or some kind of specific knowledge and you can get stuck on those

Astrobytes: or learn something

MSmits: sure, but if you can barely code at all, you don't want to have to deal with more than that

Astrobytes: true


JohnyDaison: Hi, is the spring challenge available as normal game yet?

5DN1L: Yes

JohnyDaison: Wher do I find it?


JohnyDaison: thanks

5DN1L: np

Uljahn: or enter "spider attack" into the site search bar

Default avatar.png laxisnotcool: i need help on the mad pod lesson first one :)

5DN1L: Noted your need. Though not sure what your need is.

Default avatar.png laxisnotcool: the x y positions

5DN1L: Is that a question? :thinking:


Uljahn: is it the one checking your ability to notice typos?

BJD: taco

antiwonto: [auto] Hey BJD, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 19 tacos

Default avatar.png SriniV: how do you check how many takos you have

Default avatar.png SriniV: taco

Default avatar.png SriniV: taco

Default avatar.png SriniV: sus

BJD: taco powers

antiwonto: [auto] That taco command has moved to the #taco channel

Default avatar.png andil: Do You nkow where is th FAC ?

Default avatar.png andil: for questions on CodinGame

5DN1L: what does FAC stand for?

Uljahn: FAQ

Astrobytes: questions fréquentes


5DN1L: FAC = Fake Account Coordinator?

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: FORTRAN Advocates Committee

5DN1L: wow

5DN1L: or Failed Automaton2000 Code

Automaton2000: are there any other way to get into bronze

Astrobytes: I'm going with that one.

BJD: taco

antiwonto: [auto] Hey BJD, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 20 tacos

rykr: i want tacos

BJD: :taco: rykr

antiwonto: [auto] BJD has awarded rykr 1 tacos. rykr now has 1 taco. BJD now has 11 taco

rykr: thank you bro

Default avatar.png SriniV: taco

Default avatar.png SriniV: how do you check taco count

Default avatar.png SriniV: !taco

rykr: guess you have no tacos

rykr: not cool enough like me

5DN1L: SriniV go to #taco channel and type taco powers

Default avatar.png BrysonCodes: hello

Default avatar.png SriniV: hi

Default avatar.png SriniV: sus

AngelicCapy: 5DN1L are you mod or something like that ?

eulerscheZahl: yes he is

eulerscheZahl: he can kick, ban and bite

AngelicCapy: Thanks for the information

nicola: So do I.

eulerscheZahl: CG logo behind the name = don't insult them ;)

AngelicCapy: Sorry for my bad english, So basicly there is a group of people in the french group who ara insulting people adding them on discord Group and Ip Grab them, they are also insulting and want to grab your address for fighting you

AngelicCapy: nicola you are french ?

eulerscheZahl: my ip is, feel free to share it with them

AngelicCapy: So can you take a look at them

nicola: Yes, why?

AngelicCapy: Mine is too and the port is 5500

nicola: Who?

AngelicCapy: Regarde mon messages en haut

nicola: Where on Discord?

AngelicCapy: remonte un peu dans la discution

AngelicCapy: tout ceux qui ont mis +1 au ratio

AngelicCapy: mais principalement Vilboub_junior

AngelicCapy: J'ai pas pris de screen par contre du groupe discord

vinnie_rinella: whats the discord link the button is block

vinnie_rinella: blocked


vinnie_rinella: thx

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Hey folks, is there a way to see the entirety of the console output? Some of the debug strings I Have in there make it too long, and codingame trims it in the middle

eulerscheZahl: no, make shorter debug output

eulerscheZahl: you can compress it (e.g. zip => base64) but there are limits

TINOUAINANI: hi guys i have a problem with this puzzle " ROBOT SHOW ", they say i can direct the bots to where i want so i direct them all to the left at the start is that true

vinnie_rinella: anyone wanna play codin escape?

eulerscheZahl: ask Automaton2000

Automaton2000: there is a huge advantage

vinnie_rinella: ?

vinnie_rinella: it was a yes or no kind of thing

eulerscheZahl: just ask him again

Astrobytes: Help Vinnie Automaton2000

Automaton2000: so you get the idea

eulerscheZahl: english isn't his 1st language

vinnie_rinella: Automaton2000 wanna play coding game?

Automaton2000: what is the format of the challenge

vinnie_rinella: he a bot?

Astrobytes: Yep

AngelicCapy: Yep

vinnie_rinella: how do i figure out format

vinnie_rinella: does he need a link?

Astrobytes: Ask him

vinnie_rinella: Automation2000 how do i get a format\

vinnie_rinella: Automaton2000 how do i get a format

Automaton2000: there are many ways to do this

vinnie_rinella: Automaton2000 join

Automaton2000: at the end of your turn

vinnie_rinella: i think hes broken

Astrobytes: Good bot Automaton2000

Automaton2000: or is that a problem?

vinnie_rinella: is he meant to troll?

Astrobytes: He's only a chat bot ;)

vinnie_rinella: ive been lied to

eulerscheZahl: i plead guilty

Astrobytes: Regarding your coding escape invite, try discord perhaps

Default avatar.png Big_Code: eulerscheZahl what about the failure box? Found and expected will get trimmed halfway thru

5DN1L: For found, you'll have to deal with it the same way as debug print

5DN1L: For expected, you can usually check the full expected answer in the test cases by clicking the button next to PLAY ALL TESTCASES

5DN1L: though that's not always available

Default avatar.png Big_Code: :thumbsup: gotcha, thanks!

5DN1L: np :)

jzen: In PHP I keep getting the following:

struct: maybe you have trailing space or an extra \n?

jzen: echo("answer\n");

jzen: That's all

5DN1L: this?

jzen: I have tried without the newline aswell

jzen: Oh!

jzen: Thank you 5DN1L!

jzen: I completely forgot

5DN1L: glad that helps :)

vinnie_rinella: any one wanna play coding escape i tried discord it was a lost cause

vinnie_rinella: here is code

struct: its something you need to plan ahead of time

vinnie_rinella: oh

vinnie_rinella: struct how do you become a mod?

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Ohh my god.. I'm only missing 1 zero at the end of chucks message.. So close.

struct: They asked who wanted to be

Default avatar.png I_LOVE_MY_BROTHER: people are going to laught at me when I spend too much time on clash of code ?

struct: just do w/e you enjoy

Default avatar.png mkotb: hey um is this website good for learning to code?

5DN1L: it's more for practising

Default avatar.png mkotb: oh

MAWAAW: yes if u have a basic background (loop, condition, data types, variables, function...)

Default avatar.png mkotb: so do u guys have any suggestions on websites so i can learn to code

Default avatar.png Big_Code: 5DN1L I finally got chucks message! But now one of my other tests aren't working :joy: Much closer!

5DN1L: keep trying :joy:

TINOUAINANI: thise puzzel drive me crazy today "Robot Show"

5DN1L: perhaps reading the forum post on that puzzle may help you?

TINOUAINANI: thats not the problem its easy

5DN1L: all right :)

TINOUAINANI: but the test its not clear

5DN1L: If you want you can make a suggestion on how to improve it in the forum

TINOUAINANI: yep the test not clear at all

TINOUAINANI: isn't this 19


TINOUAINANI: thi test02 give 20 and the problem is the only test that do that

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Take that Chuck! Finally all 4 cases done :grin: :grin:

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Now my favorite part, seeing a pro do this in like 5 lines compared to my 100+ :joy:

5DN1L: learn from the pro's code :)

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Definitely, I try to learn what I can

5DN1L: TINOUAINANI I don't understand your simulation, why are there 6 robots only?

TINOUAINANI: i didn,t copy the firs line


TINOUAINANI: this count as 19 move writ ?

TINOUAINANI: this is the example befor him

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Shows how much I can learn, my code is 2445 characters, the most upvoted answer is only 251 characters! :open_mouth:


5DN1L: What if all robots other than the one at position 20 faces right, and the robot at position 20 faces left?

Default avatar.png pols71634873: is there a vim mode here

Default avatar.png pols71634873: ah yes

TINOUAINANI: that is thi big problem hi didnet say how i face the robots

5DN1L: you can do whatever you want

5DN1L: you just have to calculate the longest time

5DN1L: you aren't restricted on the facing directions

5DN1L: "assume Bob is free to arrange every bot to face it either Left or Right before starting the show"

5DN1L: The statement has already told you so

TINOUAINANI: for example if i face all robots to lift the first test will be faulse

5DN1L: what do you mean?

TINOUAINANI: > < +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ init state 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

TINOUAINANI: try all to the lift

TINOUAINANI: like this

TINOUAINANI: < < +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ init state 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

5DN1L: why

TINOUAINANI: becouse you say any directions

5DN1L: yes, but you have to calculate the maximum possible

TINOUAINANI: What ??? do you mean i test all posibeltis ??

5DN1L: Nope, there's a trick

TINOUAINANI: what is it ?

5DN1L: the tag of the puzzle says "Strive for Simplicity"

TINOUAINANI: mmmmm so i think complex

5DN1L: try thinking about how to calculate the answer if there is just one bot

5DN1L: then think about whether collisions make any difference to the answer

TINOUAINANI: easy they make big difference

Astrobytes: Don't overcomplicate it. This puzzle is far, far, far easier than it first looks.

TINOUAINANI: i dont undestand if what i do faulse whay i have all correcte exapte test2

5DN1L: your simulation may be correct, but it isn't the simulation that gives the maximum answer

TINOUAINANI: i just whatch them fight antill last one exit thats it

Default avatar.png Big_Code: The guy who made the top answer for unary must be a wizard :joy: Such a simple solution..

5DN1L: overcomplicating stuff may be a common problem of beginners :wink:

5DN1L: but it's still good practice

5DN1L: right? Big_Code

Astrobytes: true enough :)

TINOUAINANI: i will retry untill i get it , thanks guys

Default avatar.png Big_Code: :innocent: I've been told that in the past lol, Adding too many things that I think are useful, but aren't actually needed

5DN1L: but it's ok to learn more than you need :) that "something more" may be required in other problems

5DN1L: you never know

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Good point!

Default avatar.png Big_Code: As always thanks for the past help and kind words 5DN1L :)

5DN1L: :)

Wontonimo: how's your coding going TINOUAINANI ?

Wontonimo: did you get a simulation going?

Wontonimo: or think about the collisions?

Default avatar.png Baskarapandi: hi

OrdoAdChao: hi

Default avatar.png Baskarapandi: where are you from?

OrdoAdChao: Canada

Default avatar.png Baskarapandi: great

Wontonimo: white north

OrdoAdChao: trying these bot games, they are a lot more fun than I expected

Wontonimo: cool. which one are you trying now?

OrdoAdChao: Code4Life now, started with pod racing

OrdoAdChao: some other ones looked fun or were fun, like the dice one, but its dissapointing when they don't have several leagues. I enjoy seeing the rules evolve

eulerscheZahl: contest just started

Wontonimo: what league did you get to in pod racing?

OrdoAdChao: Gold, i took a break instead of adapting my code to two pods

OrdoAdChao: my Bronze submission seemed to pass Silver without any edits. while I was busy putting in shield functions it passed me through x)

Wontonimo: very nice. Did you use PID controllers or some other method?

OrdoAdChao: i don't know what a pid controller is. bookmarked an explanation for later

Wontonimo: here is the best article that explains it that i've found

OrdoAdChao: thanks

Wontonimo: that's even more impressive that you got to Gold without PID

Wontonimo: did you do simulation or was it mostly hard-coded heuristic logic?

Wontonimo: (heuristic is if/else statements that embody your way of solving the problem)

OrdoAdChao: one section to collect data, then some if statements

before i get to a checkpt I already let go of the gas and turn towards the next checkpt if I've learned it, center field if I havn't. I think that's what distinguished my pod enough

Wontonimo: cool. After code4life, if you are looking for more heuristic multis check out Spring Challenge 2021 & 2022, Code Royal, Botters of the Galaxy, and Space Shooter

Wontonimo: in all those multis you can get pretty far with if statements and studying the game.

OrdoAdChao: Thanks Wontonimo, took note.

Default avatar.png SriniV: taco

Razovsky: @Wontonimo do you know how i can evolve from doing if/else codes (heuristic it seems to be) to more autonomous (IA-like) codes ? Would like to learn it, but im kinda stucked on simple solutions each time

Wontonimo: yeah, i have some ideas for you

Razovsky: hello eulerscheZahl , is this contest just for fun ?

Razovsky: Wontonimo cool !

eulerscheZahl: fun and TCO points

eulerscheZahl: collect points from april 1st till june 30th and win a tshirt or a trip to the finals

Wontonimo: To do AI like code, you'll need a way for your program to play against itself

Wontonimo: this is generally called simulation Razovsky

Razovsky: eulerscheZahl oh okay, not interested, im not a pro , no time to move ^^ but the problem is fun

Wontonimo: one fairly straight forward game to try and simulate is tic-tac-toe. Would you be able to code the rules for tic-tac-toe ?

Razovsky: Wontonimo i guess i cant do it with if/else statements ? ^^

Wontonimo: yeah, you could code tic-tac-toe with if/else and a few loops

Wontonimo: and an few arrays

Wontonimo: are you familiar with 1D and 2D arrays?

Razovsky: yeah i can do that

Razovsky: did a lot of puzzles here in C++, forgot the language mostly in 3 year absence, but i'm quite okay with python now

Wontonimo: cool. So, if you code up the rules for something like TTT, you can make your program play itself

Wontonimo: here is the tictactoe puzzle to get started

Wontonimo: and a coding train video

Razovsky: Java erk

Wontonimo: once you can code in the rules of a game (the simulation) then we can talk about adding AI

Razovsky: (im joking)

Razovsky: okay, ill do that

Wontonimo: which effectively just searches over multiple games

jacek: :taco: derjack

antiwonto: [auto] Spread the love. Give tacos to someone else, not someone you spam with tacos.

Wontonimo: some possible searches you can try are : minimax , beam , MC , MCTS , GA

Wontonimo: I'd recommend MC to start with as it is dead simple

Razovsky: gonna write this dwn asap

Razovsky: thx a lot

Razovsky: ill code the game and bother you again after

Wontonimo: So, to summarize: One way to make a game AI is to simulate the game in code, and then use the simulation to search for a good move (by using minimax, beam, MCTS, etc)

Wontonimo: some of those searches need you to make an evaluation function and some do not. An evaluation function is something your code that scores the board, in checkers that could be piece count - opponent piece count.

Razovsky: okay ! so each turn, i simulate several continuations of the game starting from the status of the game, i evaluate the best move, and i play it

Wontonimo: I suggest MC (Monte Carlo) as your first search because it does not need an evaluation function and it is simple to code.

Wontonimo: yes, that's pretty much it Razovsky

Razovsky: hence the game rules are just a function in this code ? Seems good, for complex games.

Razovsky: but how to limitate the simulation ?

Razovsky: i mean, it can timeout in this platform, thats the trick

Default avatar.png SamuelLouise: any instructions over how to use structures on here?

Scarfield: lol spread the love antiwonto

Wontonimo: haha :D

Default avatar.png SamuelLouise: for c would be great

Razovsky: (by the way thanks for the PID document, ive to learn this too)

Wontonimo: very good question Razovsky regarding timeout. You'll want your simulation to be effecient and run fast so you can do a lot of them. You will limit the number of simulations you run by keeping track of time and halting before you run out of it

Razovsky: as im not good in code optimization, but this will come later, when im able to do AI codes ;)

Razovsky: thanks a lot !

Wontonimo: One of the benefits of MC is that it is an any-time algorithm and you can stop it whenever. The longer it runs, the better answer you will get but you can get an answer from it anytitme.

Razovsky: am very excited to try this, i wanted to before quitting codiingame, but now that im back its a new objective

Razovsky: will be fun

Razovsky: thanks again

Scarfield: when i started with AI here on CG, i new very little python. made a MCTS for UTTT that had 200 sims per turn xD

Default avatar.png SamuelLouise: why am i getting aired....

Wontonimo: are you up for looking at C++ again? I have a tic tac toe example that shows simulation, MC, and code optimization for tic tac toe

Scarfield: it was terrible(!!!) performance, but i learned a lot about MCTS, and then got motivated to learn about performance

Scarfield: new =knew

Wontonimo: hey, i did the same thing Scarfield!

Wontonimo: python is horrible for AI search

Scarfield: for sure, and i was told several times when asking about MCTS to not do it in python. But that was what i knew then, and the motivation to learn C++ only came after knowing i understood MCTS, and my python version sucked xD

Default avatar.png putibuzu: some things have to be learned the hard way :D

jacek: SamuelLouise you mean struct?

Scarfield: :taco: jacek

antiwonto: [auto] Scarfield has awarded jacek 10 tacos. jacek now has 31 taco. Scarfield now has 30 taco

Default avatar.png SamuelLouise: jacek yes

Razovsky: Wontonimo i heard about python being good only for simple things, hence i'll go back to C++, ive to study it a bit again

Razovsky: an example would be great, to make faster progress, but i can learn solo too, dont worry

Scarfield: that was kind of my point Razovsky, if you want to learn about the AI algo, you can use the language you are most confident in, afterwards go to a faster language for performance. Having to both study the language and algo might not be as rewarding :)

jacek: SamuelLouise smoething like ?

Scarfield: VB.NET xD jacek

Default avatar.png SamuelLouise: Jacek tried using this on codingame but wasnt working... il try again

jacek: what

Scarfield: your backgammon bot

jacek: :taco: Scarfield

antiwonto: [auto] jacek has awarded Scarfield 10 tacos. Scarfield now has 40 taco. jacek now has 32 taco

jacek: ah

jacek: isnt it strong

Scarfield: much power

Scarfield: just started reading the statement for backgammon struct xD

eulerscheZahl: when you finished, go read #de

eulerscheZahl: great poem, world-class literature

Scarfield: sigh

struct: I didnt have time yet to write it

struct: ...

Scarfield: started learning german on duolingo, found out Eule means owl

eulerscheZahl: that's correct

struct: and I need to fix the viewer

struct: still dont know how I will fit so much missing stuff

struct: on the space I have

struct: I need to add player messages, pip score


struct: Someone already managed to draw a game...

Scarfield: "Your actions have an effect." and other great phrases :)

struct: so pip score will be needed Scarfield

eulerscheZahl: that's the default template

struct: whats the score of a piece on the bar Scarfield?

eulerscheZahl: the aim of the game is to win

eulerscheZahl: i can quote that without looking it up

Scarfield: oh, thought that was struct being funny

eulerscheZahl: that's jupoulton being funny

Scarfield: hmm, good question struct, i guess 25, since its one space away from 24

struct: how did someone managed to draw with 300 outputs...

struct: so its minimum 600 moves

struct: oh not really 600 because sometimes you can play only 1

Westicles: google human-level AI!

Westicles: run for the hills

nicola: Run for your life.

Scarfield: pip count on bar should be 25 (tested in a very popular backgammon software)

struct: thanks

jacek: very popular backgammon software?

PatrickMcGinnisII: new LOCM, green on pink...can't read the damn thing

Scarfield: since you gave me tacos; xgammon or extremegammon

eulerscheZahl: i agree PatrickMcGinnisII. i take that as a physical assault

jacek: so popular i never heard of it

Scarfield: but have you hear about the bird?

Scarfield: heard *

jacek: the word?

eulerscheZahl: head*

eulerscheZahl: bird is a word? now i see Peter Griffin singing that

Scarfield: b-b-b-b-bird



eulerscheZahl: at least you tried

Scarfield: same for me

struct: I know xgammon because its where I saw opening books


Scarfield: i like that link has xqc as the last 3 chars

eulerscheZahl: but not in that order

Scarfield: its a shame

pluieciel: Hi, anyone knows how to use clojure.core.matrix here, if I need the linalg functions? Thanke

pluieciel: (:require [clojure.core.matrix :as mx]) doesn't work. and I am not familiar with library/package/module things..

jacek: is this some standard library?

Scarfield: looking at the faq (which is weird atm) it seems there are no libraries for clojure

pluieciel: ok i understand, thanks

pluieciel: i'll try python then:grin:

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png RandomStuffDev: Why

Default avatar.png RandomStuffDev: What are you trying to do

Default avatar.png RandomStuffDev: if it is game development I would say to choose C#

Default avatar.png XJDream: haloooo

OrdoAdChao: :wave:

Default avatar.png XJDream: i'm new here

OrdoAdChao: I joined last week, welcome to the site

Default avatar.png XJDream: thanks! I found it very interesting


MAWAAW: lets go

jacek: oO

MAWAAW: jacek where were you between 18 and 20pm


MSmits: He was in the village!

jacek: you have nice background image

MSmits: You mean it's the same color as the chat?

MSmits: like yours

jacek: :no_mouth:

Manchi_o6o7: Hey guys. Has anyone some tips on the most efficient way to find the longest walk between two nodes in a acyclic diagraph

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Manchi_o6o7, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 12 tacos

MSmits: :taco: antiwonto

antiwonto: [auto] That's a bot. Bots don't eat tacos

jacek: how about BFS/dijkstra for shortest, but the path weights would be negative?

Manchi_o6o7: The graph is unweighted

Manchi_o6o7: by walk I mean the longest distance between that two nodes

Default avatar.png Mohamed_Zkaria: Is there a way to download the text of any of the clash of codes problems?

Manchi_o6o7: a-b-c-d-e-f would be the length of 6

Manchi_o6o7: sorry, 5

Manchi_o6o7: there are 5 edges

jacek: Mohamed_Zkaria

Default avatar.png Mohamed_Zkaria: @jacek thank you

Default avatar.png Electra56: hi

Default avatar.png Mohamed_Zkaria: evenings

cegprakash: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

ImSeaFu: Dangit, I forget what I was supposed to be doing with the machine learning xD

antiwonto: [auto] Hey ImSeaFu, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 16 tacos

ImSeaFu: Someone had recommended something to me and I forget what it was

Wontonimo: hey ImSeaFu

Wontonimo: do you remember the context or topic or problem?

ImSeaFu: figured it out, it was the neural network from scratch book/videos

Espequair: Just had the worst CoC ever

Espequair: reverse mode

Espequair: examples aren't really helpful

Wontonimo: 7x+3 = 2x-88

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Wontonimo, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 25 tacos

Wontonimo: 7x+3 = 2x-88

ImSeaFu: lol

Wontonimo: solve 7x+3 = 2x-88

ImSeaFu: he's rebelling xD

Wontonimo: ??

Wontonimo: yeah he is

Wontonimo: 7*x+3 = 2*x-88

antiwonto: [auto] x = -18.199999999816164

Wontonimo: there we go

PatrickMcGinnisII: solve 7^x=49

PatrickMcGinnisII: solve 7**x=49

PatrickMcGinnisII: I rebel too

Husoski: 7x + 2 = 7x + 3

Wontonimo: you need a * between 7 and x

Wontonimo: 7^x = 49

antiwonto: [auto] x = 2

Husoski: 7*x + 2 = 2*x + 3

antiwonto: [auto] x = end of the universe

Husoski: 7*x = 2*x - 3

antiwonto: [auto] x = -0.6000000000025484

Husoski: 7*x = 7*x - 3

antiwonto: [auto] x = end of the universe

Wontonimo: 1/x = x

Husoski: I was expecting "beginning of the universe" for minus infinity.

antiwonto: [auto] x = 1

Husoski: what happened to x = -1?

Wontonimo: i tried to get it to solve multiple answers but ... i failed

PatrickMcGinnisII: tacos are always positive

Husoski: heh. Nice job anyway.

Wontonimo: it just finds one then is just so proud of itself

PatrickMcGinnisII: :taco: Husoski

antiwonto: [auto] PatrickMcGinnisII has awarded Husoski 10 tacos. Husoski now has 21 taco. PatrickMcGinnisII now has 30 taco

Husoski: Thanks Patrick

PatrickMcGinnisII: antiwonto Di you taco_max me?

Husoski: ...and you too, McGinnisII

Husoski: x*x = x + 1

antiwonto: [auto] x = end of the universe

PatrickMcGinnisII: 0

Husoski: oops, the golden ratio just went away

Husoski: x = 1 + 1/x

antiwonto: [auto] x = -0.6180339887396737

Husoski: It's back, but in extraneous solution form!

Wontonimo: it has a hard time with negative numbers it seems

Wontonimo: x*x = x + 1

antiwonto: [auto] x = end of the universe

Wontonimo: :(

Wontonimo: x*x-x = 1

antiwonto: [auto] x = end of the universe

Wontonimo: x-1=1/x

antiwonto: [auto] x = -0.6180339887471816

Wontonimo: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Wontonimo: antiwonto you have failed me for the last time

struct: x-2 = 1/x

antiwonto: [auto] x = -0.4142135623720634

struct: isnt it right Wontonimo?

Default avatar.png Mai-Hoang-Dang: hello vietnam

Default avatar.png Mai-Hoang-Dang: :)))

Wontonimo: yeah, it's right struct but it couldn't figure out the x*x = x+1

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: kill me I had to work with java

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: 5 hours - nothing learned - no progress

NinjaZMY: @blueArtemis is a genius

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: there's a strong correlation on whether you're a genius to whether you're not using java

Wontonimo: Einstein didn't use java. Coincidence?

NinjaZMY: I hate java but I love js

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: well they have nothing in common lol

Wontonimo: first 4 letters

Wontonimo: they were both intended to be run on the web

Newbiegod: wassup boiz

Newbiegod: am i against bots or humans?

Default avatar.png DIYBOOK: human

Default avatar.png DIYBOOK: this is a gaming site

Default avatar.png isouali: ssup

Default avatar.png DIYBOOK: Is there anyone else? Is there anyone I can talk to,

Default avatar.png DIYBOOK: I'm so bored

NinjaZMY: hey I'm gonna sleep soon

NinjaZMY: I got rekt playing codeingame

NinjaZMY: see you guys

Default avatar.png marinathebest: hi