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Inferno_dragon: hehehehaw

jacek: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

Default avatar.png Frukostbord: This might be a weird question. But what´s up with all the tacos?

5DN1L: :taco:

antiwonto: [auto] ':taco:' was defined as ' A currency to some, sustenance for others '

5DN1L: or just for fun

derjack: and its tuesday

Default avatar.png thainameawv.2: hello

Default avatar.png thainameawv.2: +

SLedolter: if i publish a solution multiple times cause of refactoring it, will all versions be public? or just the last one?

Default avatar.png SpeedyGonzales123: hi

Uljahn: only the last one

SLedolter: thx ^^

MrBizard: automaton2000

Automaton2000: depends on which one you'd rather make and fulfil promises to ... :door:

derjack: oO

Dasohneplan: hi

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Dasohneplan, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

Dasohneplan: tacos

Default avatar.png Frukostbord: tacos

Jumong2: heyMan

Jumong2: i want play reverse Mode

Helix38: e

Default avatar.png Tien118: hi

succacactus: hey

Default avatar.png twannieone: hey

cagriy: hello from turkey :flag_tr:

Default avatar.png twannieone: how is it there?

Dasohneplan: does anyone like turkey:poultry_leg: ?

Default avatar.png twannieone: yes but it has been a while

NewCoder09: i love turkey

antiwonto: [auto] Hey NewCoder09, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 10 tacos

umut3RC: hello, i am from newzeland

umut3RC: i like this place

AurelienDev: We're getting tacos here?

Default avatar.png JacksonWhitmore: No pizza better

umut3RC: no kebab is best

i_V2: test

antiwonto: [auto] 'test' was defined as ' this is a test '

i_V2: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Miki09: :taco: Wontonimo

antiwonto: [auto] Miki09 has awarded Wontonimo 10 tacos. Wontonimo now has 24 taco. Miki09 now has 50 taco

Astrobytes: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

Miki09: How to define things,

Miki09: ?

Astrobytes: I think that feature was disabled...

Miki09: :-(

umut3RC: :(

Rushtoxin: I love when I pass all of the tests on a clash and get 75% :'/

Mortis_666: Miki09 i think its still available but u need to be a super user

Shalis: whats the taco thing for :P

Astrobytes: Humour and distraction.

Shalis: i'll take 1 carnitas and 1 chorizo por favor :)

Astrobytes: :drooling:

Astrobytes: :drooling_face:

5DN1L: Mortis_666 super user means Wontonimo :wink:

Mortis_666: no there are actually other super users

5DN1L: oh wow

5DN1L: didn't know that was defined!

Mortis_666: :D

Miki09: wow

Default avatar.png Big_Code:

Miki09: shakedown tacos

Miki09: test

antiwonto: [auto] 'test' was defined as ' this is a test '

Astrobytes: #taco channel

Astrobytes: (for taco related activities)

Miki09: ok

eulerscheZahl: hi

Astrobytes: moin

5DN1L: Big_Code because the formatting code does not add leading zeroes for you. You have to specify the required format yourself

Default avatar.png Big_Code: I'm still a bit confused, cause both 100101, and 0100101 both equal %. So for this exercise, I literally have to add a 0 to the beginning of %s binary value?

5DN1L: Yes, you do, the puzzle statement says you need 7 bits for every character

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Yea it does state that the "Input message" has a 7-bit ascii character, never would have assumed I'd have to manually add a bit. But thanks for the clarification

5DN1L: Yes, it is not written very clearly, but the requirement is that

5DN1L: np

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Now I have testcase 3 working but not 1 & 2 XD, but progress!

5DN1L: Keep going :)

5DN1L: You can do it

Default avatar.png Big_Code: :100: Thanks for the kind words :D

Default avatar.png Big_Code: 1 2 3 done! Now to figure out chuck norris's magic

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

AngelicCapy: Hello 5DNL

5DN1L: Hello AngelicCapy

5DN1L: Since there's no user called 5DNL I assume you're saying that to me :)

AngelicCapy: Yes sorry mb i mispell it

5DN1L: no worries :)

Darleanow: hello 5dn1l :)

5DN1L: hello Darleanow :)

Darleanow: how r u sir ?

5DN1L: quite good, thank you. how are you sir?

Darleanow: I'm good too !! I'm cooking while doing some clashes ahah

5DN1L: wow

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Now I have 1 & 3 working but not 2 and 4 XD But I have a meeting. This puzzle is goin down after!

5DN1L: ok :)

Default avatar.png doogyman2: cool

Default avatar.png doogyman2: pokemon

jacek: oO

5DN1L: I have sent doogyman2 to his pokemon paradise

Default avatar.png AzCoder: :)))

Default avatar.png OmniMan: what other sites do you guys use besides this one?


programjames: Project Euler


doogyman: i also use

Default avatar.png OmniMan: ty guys

Default avatar.png OmniMan: there are a lot of sites like this but some are paid

eulerscheZahl: depends on the aspect of CG you are interested in. the multiplayer section is quite unique

Default avatar.png OmniMan: eulerscheZhal that list is really useful ty

eulerscheZahl: also shows upcoming contests

MSmits: it even has euler's project on there

antiwonto: [auto] Hey MSmits, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 10 tacos

MSmits: whoa free tacos

doogyman: cool

MSmits: it's a nice list eulerscheZahl, but it doesn't really do justice to codingame. Unless any of those other sites have 50 bot arenas and optimization rankings

MSmits: kinda makes it seem like CG is mediocre if you're just looking at that list

jacek: :taco: MSmits

antiwonto: [auto] Spread the love. Give tacos to someone else, not someone you spam with tacos.

jacek: :rage:

jacek: :taco: Automaton2000

antiwonto: [auto] That's a bot. Bots don't eat tacos

Automaton2000: i guess the answer is yes

MSmits: :taco: jacek

antiwonto: [auto] MSmits has awarded jacek 10 tacos. jacek now has 25 taco. MSmits now has 11 taco

jacek: :taco: derjack

antiwonto: [auto] Spread the love. Give tacos to someone else, not someone you spam with tacos.

MSmits: lol

MSmits: it's not your day jacek

Astrobytes: :taco: jacek

antiwonto: [auto] Spread the love. Give tacos to someone else, not someone you spam with tacos.

Astrobytes: :o

Astrobytes: :taco: MSmits

antiwonto: [auto] Astrobytes has awarded MSmits 10 tacos. MSmits now has 21 taco. Astrobytes now has 56 taco

jacek: probably i found the faulty code that would really rarely segfault. i could fix it with one if. but why the bug happens in the first place, it bothers me

Astrobytes: Debugger time

MSmits: ah yes, the worst bugs are the ones you can live with, but dont understand

PatrickMcGinnisII: :taco: Astrobytes

antiwonto: [auto] PatrickMcGinnisII has awarded Astrobytes 10 tacos. Astrobytes now has 66 taco. PatrickMcGinnisII now has 29 taco

jacek: :taco: Astrobytes

antiwonto: [auto] jacek has awarded Astrobytes 10 tacos. Astrobytes now has 76 taco. jacek now has 26 taco

BJD: :taco: Astrobytes

antiwonto: [auto] BJD has awarded Astrobytes 10 tacos. Astrobytes now has 86 taco. BJD now has 14 taco

**PatrickMcGinnisII pokes the moderators for :taco:

Astrobytes: wow, I sure have a lot of tacos

PatrickMcGinnisII: why is it after 2 days of stuggling with a very hard puzzle I feel the need to hand out hints?

Astrobytes: Natural generosity?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Dungeon Designer isn't hard once you figure out the math, and the formula given is whack ... and a little wrong

jacek: godwin's law eh

Default avatar.png LavLlama: heheheha

PatrickMcGinnisII: no one posted on the forum, I guess Imma follow suit and keep it under wraps

jacek: or give misleading hints :imp:

PatrickMcGinnisII: what was the original name of "The Fall" ?

jacek: the last crusade

jacek: they didnt change achievements tho

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahh tx

PatrickMcGinnisII: The last one i did with achievents that changed names only gave me like 1/2 the XP

PatrickMcGinnisII: Bender v Blunder ep 2

PatrickMcGinnisII: unless i did 50% and quit many years ago

PatrickMcGinnisII: *shrug*

MSmits: probably you did 50% in ancient times

jacek: like before covid?

eulerscheZahl: what covid?

Astrobytes: heh heh

TINOUAINANI: Hi, what version of c++ in clash code ? is it c++20 if it is why a cant use range::sort() for ex ?

Astrobytes: C++17


jacek: are you trying shortest c++? :scream:

TINOUAINANI: whay they can,t add c++20 ?

eulerscheZahl: :salt:

Astrobytes: Not required for their business side I guess.

Astrobytes: Strange for them to upgrade g++ and not bother though

eulerscheZahl: maybe they tried and ran into some problems?

Astrobytes: Normally they mention it if their intention was to upgrade language version as well as compiler

TINOUAINANI: its not fair , we need c++20 for shertes mod

Astrobytes: try ruby

Astrobytes: or python

TINOUAINANI: yah even with c++20 no chance with those guys

jacek: nerf python plx

eulerscheZahl: forbid system calls and unicode

SandmanSW96: Hey quick question...

SandmanSW96: I don't think google can find the answer to this one

eulerscheZahl: i opened google anyways, bring it on

SandmanSW96: Okay, what YOYO decided to choose a clash that requires 30 decimal places, restricted to a language that only goes up to 29?

SandmanSW96: lol and.... go

eulerscheZahl: what's the task?

eulerscheZahl: maybe you don't even need floating points

SandmanSW96: To put numbers into decimal notation, if non repeating include the whole thing

SandmanSW96: no it doesn't give enough of them period lol. Test 4 literally wants 30 digit precision for the answer

eulerscheZahl: can you share the task?

SandmanSW96: it was the c# event clash just now

Astrobytes: if you remember anything about it, keywords, the name etc we can look it up

SandmanSW96: aka => input was 11, 24 and 11/24 was 0.4583333333,

eulerscheZahl: astro understands me

SandmanSW96: output => 0.458(3)


eulerscheZahl: denominator is less than 1000

SandmanSW96: divide a/b and format the decimal

eulerscheZahl: did you learn how do divide with pen and paper?

VirtualRealityRocks: Yes I believe that's the one EulerscheZahl

SandmanSW96: lol how many other languages don't have to write extra code for that

b0n5a1: o/

SandmanSW96: now if that was the reason to choose that one for c#, to make it trickier then i get that,

b0n5a1: SandmanSW96 you should try

eulerscheZahl: even python does not have unlimited precision for floating point

SandmanSW96: but if it was just an oversight lol,

SandmanSW96: then that's just sad lmao

SandmanSW96: was a nice monkey wrench and all, if it was intentional kudos. tc lol

eulerscheZahl: first of all: clashes are intended for all languages. these events artificially limit the language while using the same pool of questions

eulerscheZahl: i can't see the author's solution but i don't think that it works with built-in division

Westicles: this one is seemed questionable as well


SandmanSW96: lol you had me at "bring it on", take care i said my peace

SandmanSW96: my point => if someone set that up completely by accident it was a bonehead thing to do lol that's all

eulerscheZahl: and i'm pretty sure that using the division of your programming language is not the intended solution

Astrobytes: Quite tough for a clash, compared to the majority I see

eulerscheZahl: yes. but still doable without extra hoops in any language

Astrobytes: Yep. I think that guy misunderstood the problem.

PatrickMcGinnisII: getcontext().prec = 50

eulerscheZahl: PHP magic?

eulerscheZahl: does this work beyond double precision?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I googled python precision for Decimal class

eulerscheZahl: oh, it worked. didn't know about that

PatrickMcGinnisII: actual precision for certain functions is still only 15 sqrt... I don't know how it fills in the rest

PatrickMcGinnisII: at least PHP has BC math functions, they are slow AF...but they are better than the guessing game of .00000001

PatrickMcGinnisII: eulerscheZahl.clone(); would probably solve the world's problems. :joy:

Westicles: this derivative puzzle is brutal. you have to implement the derivative and then an eval if your language doesn't have it

MSmits: PatrickMcGinnisII don't forget to cast

PatrickMcGinnisII: (smitsimax) world *=

PatrickMcGinnisII: better?

MSmits: sure

PatrickMcGinnisII: oops: throws exception

MSmits: of course. I am exceptional

Astrobytes: And modest.

MSmits: :)

jacek: :no_mouth:

antiwonto: [auto] Hey jacek, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 21 tacos

jacek: phew

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: nom

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: nom?

jacek: how may we help you, Sir/Madam

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I just wanted a taco

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: thought "nom" was the right way to trigger that

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: and don't call me Madam please Sir

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: also since you're asking:

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I'm kinda stuck with the bulls and cows problem sigh

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: seems quite complicated? can someone confirm? xD

MSmits: it's a difficult optim

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: that it requires at least handling 3 complicated cases

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: optim in what sense MSmits?

MSmits: to get an initial solution that is

MSmits: oh you mean the puzzle?

aCat: optimization game ;]

MSmits: there is an optimization game and a puzzle

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: yeah "bulls and cows"

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: puzzle

aCat: ah, I skipped both ;]

MSmits: oh ok, that puzzle wasn't too hard for me, but i played a lot of the game as a child.

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: well it seems interesting so i wanna do it

MSmits: it is. Let me see what my solution is, maybe i can give a hint

Astrobytes: aCat: I am at last working on a locam: Constructed bot ;)

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: is there a trick to it maybe? since you played it a loot

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: i don't even have a half solution by now

MSmits: I bruteforced it

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: think I don't really want a hint at this point even

aCat: Astrobytes :*

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: often I'm just looking for a reason not to give up

MSmits: I tried all combinations with all information. If any of the scores are incorrect when combined with a solution-try, it means it failed

MSmits: I will show a small snippet:

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: deja vouz xD


MSmits: so i brute force all code combinations this way

MSmits: and check them against the scores

MSmits: program is around 120 lines in total, but it's C# and it's me, so a bit wordy and long

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: sigh

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: "if any are incorrect when combined with solution"..

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: ofc

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: why didn't I think of that

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: seriously why haha

MSmits: well i thought of it because that is what i do when i play the actual game

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: nice

MSmits: I try stuff and check against previous scores

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: that's a good answer to my question

MSmits: it's a fun game, but the last 1 or 2 turns before i solve it, i need to think for like 10 minutes

MSmits: the fewer solutions possible, the harder it is to find one

MSmits: and the more scores you get, the more limited the solution-space becomes

Default avatar.png karimbjjj: i cant get the input just yet

Default avatar.png karimbjjj: i have a hard time understanding this site

Astrobytes: Any mods around? Someone is spamming #de pretty hardcore

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Astrobytes, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 67 tacos


regismeysso22: dude come on

Husoski: Onboarding, huh?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: hm

antiwonto: [auto] Hey waterproofsodium, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 23 tacos

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: early in the morning taking some good places in clash :p

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: Husoski how do I retire once?

Darleanow: Anyone not sleeping ?

Darleanow: i need help on the eval function

Darleanow: i'm asking for the user the enter a print with an arg in it, e.g : print("Helloworld")

Darleanow: but when i return the result in an f string like so :print(f"Résultat obtenu :\n{eval(PremierEx)}")

Darleanow: it prints Hello world before, and prints none right after

Husoski: Darleanow You know that print() always returns None, right?

Darleanow: i don't lol

Husoski: if you eval("print('hello')"), you'll get 'hello' printed, but the expression return None

Darleanow: indeed !

dot.nick: tfw just me and 3 bots in a clash lobby for a minute there

Darleanow: But how do i do if i want the user to print something

Darleanow: like in an input ?

Husoski: You want to print the value *and* use what was printed?

Husoski: Here's an idea I use for debugging:

Darleanow: i got a solution


Darleanow: it's not really like using the function print in a py command line, but almost :)

Husoski: You can also front-end python's print() function with something like: def print(*a, **k, _print=print):

   return a

Husoski: I use something like that for debugging. The above prints (with keywords, if needed) and returns a list of the positional arguments printed. You won't get the effect of sep= or end= keywords in that list, though.

Darleanow: this is a bit too technical for me

Darleanow: i'll try to implement it

Darleanow: _print=print

Darleanow: throws an error

Darleanow: ;.

Darleanow: Parameter cannot follow "**" parameter

Husoski: Oh...yes...put **k last.

Darleanow: ty :)

Husoski: gn

Darleanow: >>>print("Hello World") Hello World Résultat obtenu : ('Hello World',)

Darleanow: gives this :/

Wild_Python: which is better to lrean :(((

Wild_Python: java or javascript

Darleanow: depends on ur needs :)

Darleanow: imma assume java is more for app dev focused, and js is more for like web

Husoski:'s a tuple? I thought *a made a list. You can return ' '.join(a) instead to simulate what print usually does.

Darleanow: TOO GOOD

Darleanow: eval(PremierEx)

Husoski: ...or get a bit trickier and check for sep= and end= values in k

Darleanow: works perfectly

Darleanow: it's getting out of my spirit..

Darleanow: but the print is now modified right ?

Darleanow: how will it behave differently ?

Husoski: Nope. Just make "print" refer to your function in your namespace (local or your modules globals) You can always `del print` to make that go away and use the real one. Or pass eval a dict for locals or globals to just use that print function during the eval(). Lots of options.

Husoski: Or define the funny functon as "my_print" instead of "print" and then: print = my_print

Husoski: result=eval(blah) del print


Darleanow: you're too good sir, sadly i'm not seeing you quite often in here

Husoski: Im usually clashing or working on a puzzle.

Husoski: Right now, I was just on the language version page to compare with what's on CodeWars and saw your question.

Husoski: I'm disappearing now to get in a little guitar practice before bed. Good night!

Darleanow: Okay sir !! gn :)

Default avatar.png Alpredex: hell yeah, just won my first clash B)

kann1er: good

Default avatar.png Alpredex: to be fair it was easy

Default avatar.png Alpredex: it was just a string format for a phone number

kann1er: yeah, at least it's your first step. see you in nasa