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Quidome: good morning

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Quidome, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 16 tacos

Salted: ollǝɥ

Mortis_666: ᴉɥ

jacek: :taco: Automaton2000

antiwonto: [auto] jacek has awarded Automaton2000 10 tacos. Automaton2000 now has 61 taco. jacek now has 29 taco

Automaton2000: but that was a bad idea

Automaton2000: i am the only one

Quidome: good morning

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Quidome, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 17 tacos

Quidome: another taco :)

Space-Gamer: h

Default avatar.png chamar: Pretty new to platform, its soo confusing ......

Default avatar.png chamar: Variables and inputs are messed up

Default avatar.png tims_keyboard: thanks for the taco

Default avatar.png tims_keyboard: oh no its not for me

Default avatar.png tims_keyboard: wheres my taco

Default avatar.png tims_keyboard: TACOO????

5DN1L: hi antiwonto hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: it doesn't show up for me

5DN1L: chamar are you still confused?

Pauloux: Anyone know how to make a report of a bug to the boss of codingame or something like that ?

5DN1L: what bug?

Pauloux: It doesn't validate my gold league in the last challenge as a bronze league for the missions

5DN1L: validate? mission? which page/game are you talking about?

Pauloux: the main page with the graph with the mission

5DN1L: do you mean the quest map?

Pauloux: in the AI part, you need to make it to bronze league in two bot combats

Pauloux: Yes

5DN1L: ok, let me see

5DN1L: so you're talking about REACH BRONZE LEAGUE IN 2 GAMES, right?

Pauloux: Yes

5DN1L: Hmmm, I don't know if they count contests or not, and I don't know if they count after the bot is transferred from contest to normal game

5DN1L: I think you can post your question on Discord, in #bug-report channel

Pauloux: OK thank you very much

5DN1L: np

Pauloux: I made the change you said to my contribution btw, thank you again

5DN1L: np

5DN1L: please mention quest map and REACH BRONZE LEAGUE IN 2 GAMES in your post on Discord

5DN1L: otherwise they may not understand what your question is

jacek: oh my

antiwonto: [auto] Hey jacek, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 30 tacos

5DN1L: is antiwonto still online?

antiwonto: [auto] Hey 5DN1L, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 7 tacos

5DN1L: ok, it is

jacek: You have reached the maximum of submissions in a row. Please try again in a few minutes.

jacek: :rage:

Default avatar.png Snoopax: yo

PositiveQuark: what is a Taco?

jacek: why is a taco

PositiveQuark: I see the discussion is getting interesting. Let me get my weed.

Default avatar.png programmerForLife007: hello my aim is to build AGI and if not then contribute towards it .

Default avatar.png programmerForLife007: basically pull singularity closer

DomiKo: taco

jacek: is Automaton2000 closer to singularity

Automaton2000: i think it's not worth it to do

Default avatar.png programmerForLife007: i dont see singularity

j4at: TACO

j4at: well no tacos for me i guess

struct: :taco: Automaton2000

antiwonto: [auto] struct has awarded Automaton2000 10 tacos. Automaton2000 now has 71 taco. struct now has 22 taco

Automaton2000: so it's a good start

Automaton2000: what happens when i go to the same cell

CodingProHack: hey guys, i started the tutorial on then ia with the bots race, but i need help please, thank you

5DN1L: help antiwonto

5DN1L: help?

antiwonto: [auto] 'help' was defined as ' '

5DN1L: there we go

CodingProHack: ???

CodingProHack: that's for me ?

5DN1L: yes

StevenV: help antiwonto

StevenV: help?

antiwonto: [auto] 'help' was defined as ' '

StevenV: help?

antiwonto: [auto] 'help' was defined as ' '

CodingProHack: ok

StevenV: no, I just test the bot :D

StevenV: hi antiwonto

antiwonto: [auto] hey StevenV. I'm a bot :robot:

StevenV: how old are you? antiwonto

5DN1L: that's a question for Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and it can be good

StevenV: :D

Default avatar.png chawwww: :=)

Default avatar.png chawwww: i am 12

jacek: thats what she said :scream:

antiwonto: [auto] Hey jacek, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 31 tacos

5DN1L: She told others a lot about you, didn't she? :thinking:

Thorcode: shakedown Automaton2000

antiwonto: [auto] That taco command has moved to the #taco channel

Automaton2000: i have to use a nn for it

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: holla

wlesavo: is ghost players still a thing? quite often i get such games on a submit

Default avatar.png sdfcvgbhnjklkjhgfdgrht: Yo

Default avatar.png sdfcvgbhnjklkjhgfdgrht: My fellow coders

Default avatar.png sdfcvgbhnjklkjhgfdgrht: How do I return

Default avatar.png sdfcvgbhnjklkjhgfdgrht: If I dont want to continue code execution?

bonsaifree: exit

wlesavo: assert(false)

Default avatar.png sdfcvgbhnjklkjhgfdgrht: for python

Default avatar.png sdfcvgbhnjklkjhgfdgrht: I tried exit it didnt work

bonsaifree: exit()

Default avatar.png sdfcvgbhnjklkjhgfdgrht: Okay Ill try it agan

Default avatar.png sdfcvgbhnjklkjhgfdgrht: Thank you very much kind gentleboi

BooDeer: Have you tried return() ?

jacek: in python its pass

jacek: unless you mean to exit the code completely

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: jacek must live in this chat

jacek: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

struct: soon


antiwonto: [auto] Hey struct, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 23 tacos

Quidome: hi there

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Quidome, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 18 tacos

Quidome: struct nice! excellent use case for NN

Quidome: or RL

Quidome: or both :D

struct: hi

jacek: what makes you think that

StevenV: hello gúy

StevenV: hi there

struct: I think depth 1 eval can do well here jacek

StevenV: exit the Earth

struct: But I might be wrong, maybe Quidome knows other reason

Quidome: well the first world class backgammon program used this

Quidome: I think it is in the Barto book on RL let me check

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: do you guys think its better trying to build the algorithm first, or to just look up the design pattern for the algorithm and try to apply it to the probjem

Quidome: which algo?

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: binary search.. having a hard time implementing a 2-dimensional one. I can do it but maybe need another 2h.. meanwhile if i just look up design pattern, probably a 20 min job..

Quidome: find it:

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: already spent a few hours messing around with different options before settling down

jacek: of course im trolling with ya

Quidome: hm, yes, i remember that one found it tricky too

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: i see the completion rate is much lower for it than other problems

struct: should I make 1st player (based on cg) always go first?

Quidome: I think you can split the search into two dimnesions

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: glad im not only one. i'm getting ready for interview so trying to balance time on one problem, vs just cramming several different algorithms in short period of time..

struct: or do I roll dices like on normal backgammon to choose?

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: that's what i decided to go with

jacek: BigBadStopwatch_4678 is it dark knight problem?

struct: I think it makes more sense to be CG choosing

StevenV: hello antiwonto

antiwonto: [auto] hey StevenV. I'm a bot :robot:

jacek: does it matter much?

jacek: its not like it needs pie rule

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: sometimes i try to make the code clean which maybe slows me down too much. I probably should just code dirty and quick, then look for consolidation options after

@jacek yes that's the one

struct: idk

struct: I dont play the game

struct: Is just that you could have less games as p1 with bad rng I guess

jacek: well, my code on CG always look hackatonish. i first make something that works, then later try to improve it

StevenV: hello guys, is "Featured Puzzle" was "Puzzle of week" before?

jacek: yes, they replaced it

Quidome: The player that goes first has about a 51.327% chance of winning. The player that goes second has about a 48.673% chance of winning.

Quidome: even with a bad RNG it doesn't matter much

StevenV: thanks

struct: that is in computers playing eachother Quidome?


antiwonto: [auto] Hey Quidome, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 19 tacos

Quidome: I get a lot of tacos when nobody is talking :D

Quidome: struct can you double as well in your backgammon implementation?

struct: yes

Quidome: but... are you playing a match then, otherwise you always accept

struct: wdym?

Quidome: doubling is a way of forcing the opponent out of the game

Quidome: but if there is only one game, there is not point in tit\

Quidome: it

struct: ah I thought you meant double dices

Quidome: yes I do

struct: When you get same number you play 4 times

Quidome: aha wait

Quidome: i see

Quidome: yes of course you do double dices, but there is this extra dice wit 2, 4, 8, 16 on it

struct: ah no

struct: I dont have that

Quidome: good

Quidome: makes no sense in this case but when you play a match then it does

struct: I saw that on some version I played but I didnt like it

struct: if its just 1 match yeah

Quidome: normally you play a match, first player with 13 points wins the match

struct: it needs to be multiple games for that extra dice to work

Quidome: precisely

struct: I dont think many games would fit cg

struct: I would probably run out of turns

struct: I have a limit of 600 turns total

Quidome: you can play first to 5 points

Quidome: whats the average game length?

struct: I honestly dont know

struct: But if i see its short I could add more matches

Quidome: Average Number of Moves in a Game


All Games : 20.90 (9423 games) 1 Pt Games : 27.42 ( 342 games)

struct: I guess 1 move = 1 player turn

struct: until he has done all the moves


Quidome: 13 point match would be to much indeed, but 5 point match would work

struct: But without the double dice right?

struct: the 1,2,4,...

Quidome: hm, best of 7 will work as well

Quidome: that means a 5 point match will not work

Quidome: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 as high as you want it to go, but again no point to go higher then 8 in a 5 point match

Quidome: don't no if you should do it btw

Quidome: was just curious, it adds a lot of complexity for the AI

Quidome: stick to a 1 point game I should say forget this doubling thing

struct: yeah

struct: maybe 1 point with multiple

struct: games

Quidome: no need for that then

Quidome: so plain 1 point game

Quidome: only

Quidome: Nice you are building that :punch:

Quidome: When do you expect it for testing?

struct: today/tomrrow

Quidome: NICE

struct: this time I wont give number of legal actions per turn because its way harder to calculate it

struct: Because im expecting the player to output the moves for the dices rolled all at once

Quidome: make sense, the number of legal moves is dependent on the dice roll indeed

struct: yeah and the first move affects the next number of actions

jacek: i dont understand (i havent played that game)

jacek: i thought i get the dices numbers and output moves

struct: yes

jacek: what else is there

struct: not much

Default avatar.png bot021: hola soy robot

struct: But you output the first move

struct: the second moves are different now

struct: Because you can move the same piece multiple times

Default avatar.png bot021: hola mundo

struct: hi

Default avatar.png EnitSuj: Hello, I am not a pro at programming in C and I have a question during clash of codes: When I declare a variable x for exemple, inside 'for' loops it says that x is undeclared

Default avatar.png bot021: hi

jacek: so you have multiple moves one dependent on the other

jacek: EnitSuj can you write the code

Default avatar.png EnitSuj: I don't have the code but it is something like : char names[31];

Default avatar.png EnitSuj: for(int i ---------------){ ___for(int j; names[k] != '\0'; k++){

Default avatar.png EnitSuj: int j; names[j]; j++****

jacek: hm

struct: well its just a warning

struct: since you dont assign a value to it

struct: it will probably have a random value that was in memory

Default avatar.png Minnie99: hi guys.. can u tell me the best way to learn coding in java? I am in wood league rank 2 and I just don't know basic thing like write distance , angle and speed.. i am trying for hours , it's insane.


Quidome: and


Quidome: 1.1 and 1.2 difficulty only

Default avatar.png Minnie99: i will try, thanks

Quidome: the first move is a matter of definition you mean you have 2 moves in one turn?

Quidome: You could think of a move as the combination of the two and then that problem is gone but...

Quidome: you still have the dive dependency so yes no list with legal moves supplied by the referee

Quidome: dive -> dice

Wontonimo: hey Minnie99, what game ?

Wontonimo: are you doing mad pod racing or spider attack ?

Quidome: Wontonimo do you think this is the right website for learning Java?

Wontonimo: 100% no. This is for after you've learnt the basics and want to level up

Wontonimo: and challenge yourself to something more than listing all even numbers from 1 to 100

Quidome: oh ok, i was sending him/her of to a better place but wasn't sure you want to work with him/her

Wontonimo: i'd still be happy to help

Wontonimo: that link you sent to exercism is gold!

Quidome: yes indeed and when I need to switch languages in my head I solve a few Kattis problems :D

Quidome: Even the easy problems on this site are getting more diificult\

Quidome: the they were used to be

Wontonimo: I think this site requires the basics : variables, loops, functions, arrays, and outside of those programming things it is really hard to do much here without knowledge of basic algebra

Wontonimo: yeah, I'd like the Easy problems to be easy and they are not.

Wontonimo: or have a 'Clash' level of puzzles below Easy, called Intro

Quidome: That would be an idea, to have a intro level problem set. Doesn't have to change like the rest of the content

struct: at least math is not needed for some multis

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: hey why don't I rank up when winning in clash?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: my score didn't change for 2 days

5DN1L: you mean this screen?

struct: there is cap on 5k points on clash

struct: you have 4.8k

struct: 5k is rank 1

struct: so it might be hard to get the 5k

struct: you need to get points somewhere else

5DN1L: waterproofsodium You can click RANKING to get more details of the breakdown of the points

Quidome: hi

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Quidome, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 20 tacos

Quidome: and another taco :P

Default avatar.png Napolitana: I am new here and don't know what I'm doing :sweat_smile: any tips on where to start learning?

Darleanow: hello every1 :)

Darleanow: depends on your level in coding !!

Darleanow: you should go ahead and do some puzzles

Darleanow: you should also do some clash of code

xmetrix: @Irina .. maybe just clash!

jacek: clash is too stressful

ZndrBrok: Puzzles are good to start or maybe u can try the IA games (MadPodRacing for exemple is like poker, easy to start but not so easy if u want to have a good code :P)

ZndrBrok: Clashes depend of your level, if you just start it can be frustrating to have a timer.

Ayza: honestly "easy" puzzles here are not as easy as they sound, but they are good

Ayza: aka you don't do it as a beginner

Ayza: clashes are probably the best to go for first

monkeyman2000: siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

VirtualRealityRocks: if you want an easy puzzle do "the descent" or whatever it's called, so easy

Ayza: yea the default puzzles or whatever they are called are just as the difficulty states

Ayza: but community puzzles may be the hard ones

Ayza: The thor one is pretty easy as well

VirtualRealityRocks: and temperatures

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: uh delayed "ty" for the explanations on my question @ 5DN1L @ struct

Default avatar.png thekindboy: eqach time i check this conv i see the name struct and 5dn1l

antiwonto: [auto] Hey thekindboy, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 2 tacos

Default avatar.png thekindboy: goats man hats off

timbersson: o/

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: shadows of the knight, binary search algo.. pretty interesting problem. Completion ratio isn't all that high either.

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: the examiner feature is very interesting. Seems like a great way to practice reading code.

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: forcing myself to do 20 clash problems before going to bed :p

antiwonto: [auto] Hey waterproofsodium, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 7 tacos

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: procrastination skillz

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: im trying to teach myself this stuff, and oh boy

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: yeah well sky is the limit

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: no, the pain tolerance for my headache is the limit lmao

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: getting good = years of practice & learning

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: don't get discouraged tho

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: :/

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: thank you, how long have you been at it?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: couple of years (although not on this site)

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: what would recommend working towards as a beginner goal? (aside from 'Hello, World!'

Ayza: do you mean as in puzzles?

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: yeah, cause i tried to do the clash arena whatever but i didnt really know where to start

Ayza: I would suggest getting in grasp of the beginner programming concepts first

Ayza: and try this site

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: what for?

Ayza: that site has puzzles fitting for beginners which you probably won't find here, so once you've gotten decent at it you can try clashes here

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: about that

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: im 16 and dont have a school thats in the registry it keeps on sending me to

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: did a hackerrank based interview, didnt get the job lol

Ayza: don't sign an as a company, I think there should be a developer one or something

Ayza: pick that one

struct: placeholder graphics are done just need to parse inputs now

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: wtf

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: i did 100% and got 75%!!!

struct: test cases are different from validators

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: ah

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: what does that mean? :P

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I had to wait longer?

Ayza: test cases are just to test your code

Ayza: validators are the real deal

Ayza: hidden test cases you could say

Ayza: so you don't try to hardcode

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: uh hu

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: which is what I did

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: because that problem kinda said "hardcode me"

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: what does hardcode mean/

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: ?*

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: "write literally"

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: = not abstracting the problem and finding a solution

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: ohhhhhhh, sounds counterproductive lmao

monkeyman2000: suiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

struct: This is hardcode

struct: hardcoding*


Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: that mustve taken forever

struct: a few minutes

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: 8 more

struct: you can write code to write that

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: but wouldnt you just want to code the solution at that point???

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: no, don't doubt my decision making when I hardcode ;)

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: :joy:

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: im struggling to beat Boss2 :upside_down:

struct: which game?

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: mad pod racing

struct: follow the tutorial

struct: should get you to bronze

struct: If you cant pass it I can try to help

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: well now its not even showing when i try to play my code lmao, its a frozen screen so i gotta test in arena anyways

struct: refresh

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: im very bad at this.

struct: whats your code'

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: is there a way to share it without copy and pasting it/

struct: paste it here it creates a pastebin

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis:

struct: print(str(next_checkpoint_x) + " " + str(next_checkpoint_y) + " " + thrust)

struct: instead of your current print

struct: you were not using thrust variable on it

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: oh..... thanks :joy::sweat:

struct: Does it make sense?

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: yeahhh, though im not quite sure why there are empty quotes if i was to be honest

struct: a space

struct: you need to print x y and thrust

struct: each one separated by a space

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: ohhhhhhh

struct: or the referee wont be able to understand it

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: i forget how to replace something

Default avatar.png FantomOldWenis: like im trying to replace thrust with boost if it meets the requirements

struct: you can do thrust = "BOOST"

struct: since its python

struct: it should owrk

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: why are there so many people around that are better than me with greater rank

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I'm iritated xD

struct: and if you print boost without having it will just print 100 instead

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: aha! they do only clash !!

Default avatar.png HenroLST: hi

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I'm done for today

antiwonto: [auto] Hey waterproofsodium, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 8 tacos

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: good workout xD

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: check those calves

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: :muscle_tone3:

Quidome: good morning

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Quidome, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 21 tacos

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: man

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: breadth search first is pretty rough.. is it common to ever spend maybe 5-10 hours on a challenge such as this?

Quidome: yep

Quidome: you will get faster :)

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: many bad tutorials online regarding BFS implementation in python

Quidome: the main contest runs for 10 days in a row