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DustinNunyo: Hmm... Does anyone have time to look at my DFS algorithm and tell me why it's not returning the shortest path?

antiwonto: [auto] Hey DustinNunyo, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

DustinNunyo: def shortestPathDFSNoRecursion( start, end ):

BenjaminUrquhart: if you want the shortest path, generally I'd go with BFS and not DFS

big_rooster_energy: can you paste your node object?

big_rooster_energy: ohhhhhh best_path = path[:]

big_rooster_energy: try that

big_rooster_energy: @DustinNunyo ^^

big_rooster_energy: if that isnt the fix i would suggest debugging with a print inside the if len(path) < best_length: conditional

Mjdoo: tf

DustinNunyo: lol I accidentally lost the tab that it was open in, lol give me a sec.

Mjdoo: this is impossible

DustinNunyo: nope that didn't fix it unfortunately. lol

DustinNunyo: class Node():

Mjdoo: 2 success

DustinNunyo: that is my node object btw

big_rooster_energy: bro are you populating the links?


DustinNunyo: I just copy/pasted my full code

PatrickMcGinnisII: You don't know if you are visiting a node twice?

big_rooster_energy: he checks the path

big_rooster_energy: and continues

PatrickMcGinnisII: oic

big_rooster_energy: put print statements everywhere and do a base case like 1 -- 2 -- 3 --4

             | -- 5 -- G

big_rooster_energy: good cluck

Mjdoo: impossible

DustinNunyo: it looks like it's only evaluating one path and then quitting for some reason... hmm....

PatrickMcGinnisII: the path just gets bigger

PatrickMcGinnisII: i think

DustinNunyo: OOOOooooh ok, I get it... I need to clear the path after finding the end. lol

PatrickMcGinnisII: BFS works better

PatrickMcGinnisII: use two stacks

DustinNunyo: Yeah, I plan on implementing BFS but I want to do DFS first

DustinNunyo: I am running through a kind of marathon where I implement DFS, DFS with no recursion, BFS, then BFS with no recursion

PatrickMcGinnisII: add all the links to the second stack, and when done...pop the last node off the path

DustinNunyo: then finally I want to try to implement Dijkstra's

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, gotcha... yea, if it's been visited.. i think u got it

tutubalin: PatrickMcGinnisII BFS with queue is better, as it can be easier converted into Dijkstra

DustinNunyo: yeah, now it just runs forever... lol

tutubalin: just replace queue with priority queue and it's done


Mjdoo: wtf

Mjdoo: how am i supposed to fix this?

DustinNunyo: it's comparing y and y

DustinNunyo: you need to compare x and y

Uljahn: fix the typo

DustinNunyo: err you need to submit* x and y

Mjdoo: bro

Mjdoo: im new

Mjdoo: i really suck at this

DustinNunyo: console.log(nextCheckpointX + ' ' + nextCheckpointY + ' 50');

Mjdoo: oh

Mjdoo: nanimoyo?

Mjdoo: whats that?

DustinNunyo: I just changed the first "nextCheckpointY" to "nextCheckpointX"

Mjdoo: oh there we go

Mjdoo: a boss

Mjdoo: EZ

Mjdoo: bro

Mjdoo: t f

jacek: :no_mouth:

Mjdoo: oh finally

Mjdoo: why does it end so fast?

PatrickMcGinnisII: ^ë^

Mjdoo: idc lol


Default avatar.png RivalRickson: hi i am new here

DaNinja: hi

Default avatar.png RivalRickson: how are you

Default avatar.png Moojoojuice: Hello I am new as well

Default avatar.png thekindboy: hey guys where can i find the solution to clashes of code if no one did it ?

antiwonto: [auto] Hey thekindboy, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

Default avatar.png thekindboy: thanks

5DN1L: thekindboy you'll still have to solve it yourself

Default avatar.png thekindboy: ioh ok thanks

Default avatar.png apcoder: I just posted my first contribution

guys do let me know

AnciukastheChip: hello guys

AnciukastheChip: how's your day going, guys?

Default avatar.png HubGuru: Hey guys hope everyone is doing well i just joined how on earth do i practice on this platform XD

5DN1L: check out the ACTIVITIES menu

Default avatar.png HubGuru: ah thanks so much

5DN1L: np :)

struct: Hello

5DN1L: Hello

VizGhar: Hello

jacek: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

5DN1L: Hello Automaton2000

Automaton2000: you just can't resist the temptation to get kicked

jacek: eeyup

Urutar: Greetings Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i think that was a nice one

Urutar: :D

5DN1L: it copied my line

struct: Any word on when the sc2022 will be available?

5DN1L: Per Thibaud's announcement on Discord: The game will be published soon (this week) in the bot programming section as "Spider Attack"

struct: thanks

VizGhar: Spider attack? Not sure if it sounds better than Spring Challenge 2022

struct: I rarely check discord

JFB: VizGhar - but is shorter ;-)

struct: Not sure what to call it though

VizGhar: Yeah... I just hate all "xxx Challenge 20xx" bot programming contests

5DN1L: Call it "Debug"

JFB: VisGhar, what about "Spring Challenge 2101" ;-) ?

jrke: i don't world will exist till then :grin:

struct: I won't thats a fact

JFB: World will exist, humanity - I'm not sure

wlesavo: UTG 2018 Challenge :slight_smile:

123456789_69: hello, world

struct: hi

.[-.-].: when spider attack drops, will i have to start from scratch? or does my bot from spring challenge automatically get added

[CG]Keelhaul: Your code will still be there

slackintime: good morning, peeps

.[-.-].: nice!:)

.[-.-].: good morning! or evening here

5DN1L: or afternoon :)

slackintime: it's 5 o'clock somewhere

Default avatar.png Jean-Petrus2: #de

Default avatar.png Harry12302: Hellooo

Default avatar.png Harry12302: How is everyone?

Default avatar.png Jean-Petrus2: hi

Default avatar.png Sergay: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei

Manchi_o6o7: How to represent a weighted graph which has nodes as strings and the weights are chars

Default avatar.png Jean-Petrus2: @Sergay your nickname smells like sperm

slackintime: !

5DN1L: banned

Default avatar.png Sergay: it's true

Astrobytes: Manchi_o6o7: although I don't mind that you frequently ask here for advice regarding coursework or whatever, given that graphs are generally an abstraction of something in most use cases, I really urge you to think this one through yourself.

Manchi_o6o7: I don't think it's the best way how you formulated your message, because it's not my intention to get some code or anything like that, but to really learn something.

Manchi_o6o7: being a student is something that has nothing to do with what I'm asking about

5DN1L: have you tried to think through the problem or do some googling / researching? Manchi_o6o7

Astrobytes: don't mean to sound offensive :) I just think it's important to be able to abstract the graph from your information by yourself, given the prevalence of graph-based issues these days

Astrobytes: a quick search should bring you quite a few examples

Astrobytes: One data structure in particular springs to mind, and it should not be difficult to find

jacek: adjacency matrix?

Astrobytes: strings for nodes and chars for edges, weighted

jacek: sounds weird

Astrobytes: It's not

struct: Anyone has any idea on how to get started on games like gitc and code of ice and fire?

struct: I dont understand how I can make an AI where I have to output multiple actions per turn

struct: but those actions are affected by the previous ones

Rexou: You can have a class Turn & Command

Rexou: and add your actions into current turn while there are enough resources & time for it

Rexou: at the end you just output your turn which outputs its list of actions separated by ';' for example if you play GITC

Astrobytes: yeah, same in LoCM

Astrobytes: apply actions as you go

Astrobytes: it's easy enough struct, just a slightly different way of doing things from your average board game ;)

Rexou: if you abstract things properly you can even re-use the Turn & Command + a State class to create a simple simulation

Astrobytes: ^

struct: I see, thanks for the hlep

Astrobytes: and you can bitboard CoIF

struct: help*

antiwonto: [auto] 'help' was defined as ' '

eulerscheZahl: hey struct, i invite you to #de

eulerscheZahl: probably too late already but you'll see

jacek: :scream:


struct: not late :p

jacek: banning for red rectangle eh

eulerscheZahl: great, you got both of them

Astrobytes: :tada:

eulerscheZahl: wasn't sure if you need confirmation that it's more than one who needs moderation

eulerscheZahl: hooray, tryangle catch is working as expected again

eulerscheZahl: honestly: i have no idea how that commit changes anything

Darleanow: hello every1 :)

TheWorldsIsMind: hi

Astrobytes: lol, nice one euler. Don't question it if it works.

eulerscheZahl: was hard to spot. the JS console told me that a function doesn't exist. but CG merged my JS into their own, so i couldn't directly connect it with any line of my code

eulerscheZahl: struct #de help

eulerscheZahl: help

antiwonto: [auto] 'help' was defined as ' '

eulerscheZahl: thanks

eulerscheZahl: oh, it's the same guy who left a friendly "hi" here on world chat

Astrobytes: the Swiss one I presume

eulerscheZahl: the world might be yours but #de surely isn't

Astrobytes: Guessing these are the same group that were spamming last night/yesterday

eulerscheZahl: looks like it's the same who struct already banned, but new account (at least the almost same nickname)

Astrobytes: similar obsession with physical acts and certain body parts it would seem

Astrobytes: Hm, I still haven't tried the cats new locm

Michel_V.: Is there an official ETA for C# 10 and .NET 6? I haven't found anything on that subject

Astrobytes: Thibaud said prior to the contest that it may not be updated any time soon

5DN1L: I've banned those two in both channels just now eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: thanks 5DN1L

5DN1L: np

eulerscheZahl: Michel_V. do you mean here on CG?

Michel_V.: Yes

Astrobytes: They're only updating what they require for the CG for Work

Michel_V.: And thanks Astro

eulerscheZahl: CG did some language updates recently before the contest started. but not C# as it's not a business case

eulerscheZahl: i'm slow :/

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: I think they did update Rust in the end

jacek: so its iron again?

Astrobytes: hahaha

struct: sry was afk

eulerscheZahl: how dare you? chat moderation is a full-time job. you can't just walk around and do other things

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: Earn your pay!

NewCoder09: struct I'm getting better at coding Wontonimo has been helping me

struct: Nice

Karang: hey, I've made a puzzle about lcg seedfinding (if people like it, it will be the first of a series that gradually introduce more seedfinding concepts) feel free to review :)

Astrobytes: Spider Attack release seems imminent

eulerscheZahl: hey Karang i want to show a commit to you


Astrobytes: :grin:

struct: lol

struct: Just in time for me to port backgammon

struct: lol

Karang: :D

eulerscheZahl: 2 days ago, i'm sure you are responsible for it

kovi: so it is for any games from now on?

eulerscheZahl: found it yesterday while i wanted to understand how the toggle stores the state between replays

DaNinja: no more cracking rngs? :)

struct: All that use sdk 4.2 kovi

kovi: i c

eulerscheZahl: i'm pretty sure the game referee itself still has to utilize SecureRandom

eulerscheZahl: there is no point in having a truly random seed that can still be reversed based on outputs

struct: So this doesnt fix anything?

eulerscheZahl: Provide a getRandom function to an instance of SecureRandom, please use this instead of creating your own Random


Karang: i've identified 2 problems with secure random, the first that they avoid in the PR is that depending on the alg used, it can be not reproducible, the second is the increased computation time (yes lcg are not that secure, but they are fast)

Karang: looking a bit at past challenges, i think this was the first one where the technique i used could be used effectively

eulerscheZahl: you don't need that much random in the referee for it to be significant

struct: recurse used it on c4l

eulerscheZahl: but with little success

struct: But maybe diferent method

eulerscheZahl: he reversed 2 or 3% of the games

Karang: not a lot of challenges use rng, and the one that did, didn't provide as many bits of information in the inputs

Karang: yeah but he used bruteforce

Astrobytes: that was more of a side-quest for him in C4L I think

Karang: and was only able to get the seed mid-game

struct: Yeah bruteforce

struct: I also tried his method for STC

struct: but I dont think it helps at all

Karang: the problem is that shuffle uses nextInt which is a huge pain to reverse

eulerscheZahl: 8 stones are enough to play it properly

Karang: especially when doing nextInt(k) with a small k

jacek: well it will be more important to have secure random in backgammon

jacek: see what happens where there is no random like 2048 :v

Karang: but if i understood correctly the PR you sent only change how the seed is generated ? so i don't really get the point

eulerscheZahl: but they put some effort into it and fixed the seed reversing. i see this as a positive sign for the future

eulerscheZahl: you are then supposed to use a getRandom() which returns a SecureRandom instance i think

Karang: ok

eulerscheZahl: there are more commits about it


Astrobytes: more of a fundamental change than a quick hacky fix then

eulerscheZahl: still the game author has to follow this guideline

eulerscheZahl: for map generation it's irrelevant. just for randomness during the actual game

Karang: yes the only time when it matters is when the random is used through the game (so cracking can be used to predict future inputs)

kovi: why is it irrelevant for map?

jacek: unless its fow map

eulerscheZahl: example Tryangle Catch: you get a random map in inputs. but it's a full information game

kovi: any foggy game can benefit. like your enhanced code keeper

eulerscheZahl: hm, good point

Karang: could be used in the card games also, but again the use of shuffle makes it non trivial to crack

eulerscheZahl: for map generation on code keeper will be a pain to reverse too

Karang: maybe once you've seen more than half of the deck you have enough information to crack the rest

eulerscheZahl: DFS with backtracking

eulerscheZahl: and you don't even know the starting point of the maze generation

kovi: hmm...can be the info to track is not avail

kovi: (for a long timeÖ

eulerscheZahl: even then, the generation of the map itself takes a millisecond or two

eulerscheZahl: you can't generate thousands of them to see if it matches

eulerscheZahl: maybe i should still update and use SecureRandom

struct: is that a challenge?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: still not released, aCat is slow :P

jacek: like SecureRandom

kovi: you dont have to generate whole map just call random enough times :)

aCat: hm?

eulerscheZahl: like CG language updates

aCat: ah code for my game?

kovi: to compare the known parts

eulerscheZahl: code keeper map generator

eulerscheZahl: that's not how the map generation works kovi

aCat: yeah, yeah

eulerscheZahl: you don't know how often you have to call it. there can be some calls in between the visible parts

aCat: its too much shit in the code I really do not want to show ;]

kovi: ok, i never looked into that

antiwonto: [auto] aCat be respectful and watch your language

eulerscheZahl: it's not public yet

aCat: I will cut it off and make public repo, ehhh

eulerscheZahl: i didn't dig through your code. just enough to replace the maps

aCat: I know, but I know what is tehre

Karang: you can crackit without bruteforce if you have enough information, but it all depends how many bits you can extract from what is given to you

kovi: that is another way to solve the random issue :)

aCat: and to be useful engine should be public

aCat: and as you know there are 3 games in one there euler

eulerscheZahl: yes, 3 branches

eulerscheZahl: and i made my map gen on a 4th

aCat: :D

aCat: about releasying games, SC22 still not up?

Default avatar.png Jabster28: ggs

eulerscheZahl: did you even publicly tell that there are 3 versions of the game until now?

aCat: nope ;p

Astrobytes: first time I heard

eulerscheZahl: spider game should come this week

aCat: I mean my students have access to singleplaer optim

aCat: there is multi as you know

Astrobytes: julien already created the forum thread for it, maybe today

aCat: singleplayer optim for my stuents to test

aCat: and there should be norma puzzle with maps to solve and a lore and plot

Astrobytes: Isee

aCat: last thing abandoned, too much work :(

eulerscheZahl: Spider Attack, sounds like they really want to rename it

Astrobytes: *I see

aCat: but after this contest I have new cool game idea

Astrobytes: aCat: get a student to do it for you :D

aCat: really weird 4person multi :devil:

aCat: ehhh

eulerscheZahl: maybe you can convince CG to make it a community event

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Default avatar.png Bestar: beans

eulerscheZahl: no idea how many players that will attract

aCat: I will definitely try

aCat: I do not trust students to do a proper game

Astrobytes: (I was joking!)

eulerscheZahl: do you trust former students?

aCat: Codekeeper was done by a student once - I had to writi=te it entirely myself because

aCat: meh

aCat: former students have no reason to do anything

aCat: they usually just pufff disappear :(

eulerscheZahl: domi is still around

Astrobytes: ^

aCat: also gamemaking is less attractive than playing

eulerscheZahl: creating games can also be fun

aCat: Let Domi focus on playing :P

aCat: I know, you know

aCat: they not necessarily ;]

Astrobytes: He made Abalone

aCat: and ... java ;p

eulerscheZahl: kotlin, scala, clojure

aCat: yeah, that was cool

eulerscheZahl: there are alternatives

aCat: even worse ;p

aCat: ok, gotta go

Astrobytes: laters :)

aCat: I'm still catching after 10 days being cut off everything ;p

Default avatar.png kreska: Hi guys i have a question. Did anybody tried to run spring challenge 2022 locally? I Compiled the source code from github but when i try to watch my bot games via localhost:8888/tst.html it did behave as it supposed to it either timed out after couple rounds or did not play like it was playing on the site. I have no idea what could be the reason?

eulerscheZahl: it's live

eulerscheZahl: and i'm 9 ranks higher thank in the contest

Karang: they removed some people in legend ?

struct: 10

eulerscheZahl: 318 in legend now?

Karang: no more than that, its 318 now

eulerscheZahl: was 390 after removal

struct: wow

struct: Now I'm 300

struct: :p

Karang: i gained some ranks :)

eulerscheZahl: maybe they haven't finished importing?

Karang: they can stop now :D

eulerscheZahl: Zylo at 17 is missing

eulerscheZahl: wala too

eulerscheZahl: then Xyze and so on

eulerscheZahl: all respected players, i can't imagine that they cheated

Salticid: Only 2 OCaml entries are currently in the leaderboard, I think there are at least 7 missing (mine included) so I think they are probably still importing.

eulerscheZahl: 5,988 CodinGamers in the Spider Attack arena

eulerscheZahl: 7695 in the contest

eulerscheZahl: let's wait a bit and then report it if it doesn't get higher

Karang: my code is still working, at least rng is not patched for this one :)

[CG]Keelhaul: No need to report, the issue is already investigated (looks like some players were eaten by spiders, getting them out is a bit tricky)

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: sticky webs

struct: Chance for them to get double xp

Westicles: Wonton missing too. Looks like the tail end of the alphabet missing

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: interesting idea. we need more data

blasterpoard: zasm u is there

Westicles: they probably use some weird french alphabet where z is first

eulerscheZahl: inspired by azerty keyboard

Default avatar.png meceka: Hey guys. I wonder what's the average age here? Me 29

Lovemachine: 22

Lovemachine: is this site still active?

Lovemachine: contests, puzzles, games are they being updated and shit?

eulerscheZahl: a contest just ended 2 days ago

Lovemachine: aight thats nice

therealbeef: wasn't there a survey last year with demographics of the community

eulerscheZahl: this?


eulerscheZahl: but it's only about the developers of the community, not all members, isn't it?

therealbeef: :thinking: how do you produce these links so fast euler?

struct: Yeah

eulerscheZahl: google

struct: That survey was only 1 question for me

eulerscheZahl: lmgtfy codingame survey

antiwonto: [auto] try 'lmgtfy [username] search'

eulerscheZahl: lmgtfy therealbeef codingame survey

therealbeef: "do you want to participate in this survey?"

antiwonto: [auto] hey therealbeef let me google that for you

struct: Are you a developer?

TabulaRasa: Hi all, I wonder, is it possible to get my IDE code from the sprint contest? The puzzle is now available in bots multiplayer but with empty status.. I forgot to copy my IDE code and since servers were quite slow last night of the contest I did not submit it...

TabulaRasa: spring*

struct: I have all my submit history available

eulerscheZahl: they have a problem that some players weren't moved to the game yet

eulerscheZahl: wait a bit, staff is working on it

TabulaRasa: ah OK, thanks @eulerscheZahl & @struct

eulerscheZahl: great name for someone who got eaten by spiders

5DN1L: in any case, TabulaRasa you can still get your code here: ACTIVITIES > COMPETE > CONTESTS > VIEW REPORT

DomiKo: They changed the name O.o

TabulaRasa: @5DN1L - yep, I know, though it's my last submission, I had lots of changes in IDE that I did not risk to submit to the arena since it was taking hours for the code to run

5DN1L: i see

TabulaRasa: I'll wait as @eulerscheZahl suggested :)

TabulaRasa: tanks everyone

TabulaRasa: thanks*

Nakotathepro: need help on something

eulerscheZahl: help

antiwonto: [auto] 'help' was defined as ' '

5DN1L: Does CG always transfer the codes submitted in contests to bot programming games? I'd thought we'd have to start from Wood League again

struct: it used to be like that

struct: but not anymore

Astrobytes: Thankfully

5DN1L: ah, i see

eulerscheZahl: for the last few contests it just moved all users and everything to the new arena

eulerscheZahl: only downside: no XP farming

Astrobytes: true

eulerscheZahl: but we don't lose bots anymore

eulerscheZahl: we still don't have all contest winners in the arenas

Default avatar.png Andr.ada: sql

Nakotathepro: I need help on Mad Pod Racing

5DN1L: as discussed on the private chat, you need to learn the basics of programming ifrst

5DN1L: first*

Nakotathepro: ok

5DN1L: then it's easier for you to do the puzzles and games here

eulerscheZahl: but he's a pro, read the name

jrke: why 1k players less in bot prog release of SC22?

5DN1L: i don

5DN1L: i don't judge by name

struct: Name tells a lot, mine tells I dont use Java

5DN1L: I agree that names can tell a lot

5DN1L: but not everything

5DN1L: Like even if that person is a pro, we don't know what kind of pro

Lovemachine: can i ask a question about a puzzle here?

5DN1L: go ahead and be specific

jacek: i permit

Scarfield: would it be a real question without a jacek approval

Astrobytes: Scarfield: the Stephen Colbert DnD thing was epic, thanks :)

Scarfield: nice only watched the start myself, was in the middle of another episode i wanted to finish first.

Scarfield: but apparently he was a big fan, and still is :)

Lovemachine: ok i solved it. the puzzle was supposed to give me 7 bit ascii chars. but one of them was 6 bit actually so i was supposed to pad with 0's in the beginning of it.

Lovemachine: realized it while i was explaining my problem xd

Astrobytes: It was a lot of fun, and yes, very much so!

Scarfield: rubber ducking at its finest :)

5DN1L: agreed

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: I finally am starting to figure out these puzzles, thank god

Scarfield: have you seen any Critical Role before Astrobytes?

Astrobytes: I think someone sent me one of their vids a while back Scarfield, but I subscribed this time ;)

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: Am I the only one who needs to figure my life out?

Scarfield: randomly started one of their videos some months ago, didnt notice it was 3hours long. watched maybe 2 hours before i wondered how long is this video xD

Astrobytes: here we go again

Astrobytes: Scarfield: hahaha yeah, the time flew by when I was watching. Very absorbing and engaging

Scarfield: i like how Stephen Colbert is visible loving being a part of that session

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: Timeout: the program did not provide 1 input lines in due time...

what does it mean?

tutubalin: thatonedreamsmpfan2.0 have you tried Stackoverflow yet?

Astrobytes: He got dressed up and brought swords :D

5DN1L: gustavofurquim it means literally you didn't output as required

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: tutubalin: not yet but I'll try it next ig

Scarfield: yea thats some dedication :)

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: 5DN1L oh ok I'm still trying to understand how it works

Scarfield: which multi and what language gustavofurquim?

Scarfield: multi/puzzle, what are you working on

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: I'm doing Don't Panic - Episode 1, c#

Ose: Hi

Ose: Its been a long time


Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: I was debugging instead of writing it properly lol

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: I just removed .Error

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: thanks

NewCoder09: I finished my algorithms path :cry:

Scarfield: ah, noice :muscle:

Ose: ohhh

struct: The entire path?

struct: NIce

struct: I havent finished it

NewCoder09: yeah

NewCoder09: I'm sad now

Scarfield: but you finished the CoC path didnt you struct? o0

struct: yes

NewCoder09: I haven't even started that path

Scarfield: you need the last one in algorithms path? i cheesed it a bit with some easy puzzles and different languages

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: I really want to participate in this conversation but I have no idea what your talking about

Scarfield: quest map

jacek: :taco: Automaton2000

antiwonto: [auto] jacek has awarded Automaton2000 10 tacos. Automaton2000 now has 51 taco. jacek now has 38 taco

Automaton2000: if you do it all the way to go in a straight line

Automaton2000: [auto] eulerschezahl has awarded wontonimo 10 tacos. wontonimo now has 39 taco

Scarfield: xD

eulerscheZahl: ?

Scarfield: the pinging is back

jacek: :tada:

Astrobytes: lol, brilliant

eulerscheZahl: i was genuinely confused until i realized it came from the other bot

jacek: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

Wontonimo: WHAT !?! Did I see that correctly that Automaton just made a taco post?

Astrobytes: that also pinged euler :tada:

Scarfield: double whammy

Wontonimo: Haha

Astrobytes: AutomatonNNs revenge

Wontonimo: it's interesting that it used my name twice "awarded wontonimo 10 tacos. wontonimo now has 39 taco". It could have just used another random name for the second part

Scarfield: markov chain?

Wontonimo: it would have to be a chain of 3 or more

Wontonimo: which, if it were, would mean a huge lookup

Scarfield: okay, maybe it loves you like its mother

Wontonimo: "As we write this article, Automaton2000’s core uses a history of 3 words to select the next word when generating a random sentence"

Wontonimo: yeah, it's 3 words

Automaton2000: i should just give up

NewCoder09: Nooo Automaton2000 don't give up

Automaton2000: and it was my first thought

Scarfield: dont let us down Automaton2000

Automaton2000: not if you want to see how much time do you use avx?

NewCoder09: Automaton2000 don't think like this

Automaton2000: also why are you using bitboards?

jzen: What's wrong with using bitboards, Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: i know that it is a real problem

therealbeef: anyne used bitboards for spring contest?

struct: which one?

struct: 2021?

therealbeef: 2022

struct: I dont think its a bitboard game?

therealbeef: some diehard bitboarders may have tried

struct: bitboarders are still sane people

Westicles: Wonton still missing... tsk tsk

Wontonimo: what's missing Westicles ?

Westicles: You in Spider Attack

Wontonimo: oh

Wontonimo: where my code go?

Wontonimo: arrgh

jacek: banned?

Wontonimo: what ?!?

Wontonimo: why would I be banned?

Westicles: ah, you just popped up in wood2

Scarfield: i am 200ish places higher than contest placement, many others are not moved into the "arena" yet. they are working on it i believe

Scarfield: " eulersche Zahl 05:09ᴾᴹ they have a problem that some players weren't moved to the game yet wait a bit, staff is working on it"

Wontonimo: oh, okay

Wontonimo: well, too late, i've already submitted my code ;(

Wontonimo: I hope they just move me to gold

Westicles: you should be honored. like 500 guys have asked on chat how to go down a league

Scarfield: xD

Wontonimo: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Wontonimo: ;)

Scarfield: the chosen one, the descentor

jacek: descented to the lowest levels of abyss

Wontonimo: I am able to reach lows others cannot obtain anymore

Scarfield: is there blackjack down there?

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: this is a concerning conversation-

Scarfield: when i started with UTTT i ranked up, when i still wanted to test with the basic TTT rules, really wanted to be able to rank down then

Wontonimo: never before have I seen such wild mana bu**sh**ery

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: XD

Wontonimo: the total between the 2 players is above 2000

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: I need serious help, I can't figure out clash of code

Wontonimo: finished wood2, wood1, now surging through bronze

Wontonimo: work on instead. problem solved

Westicles: there's even a video for that one

Wontonimo: but seriously, if clash is too fast for you, work on some easy puzzles

Wontonimo: :unamused: yeah, I know


Wontonimo: don't fall for jacek trolling thatonedreamsmpfan2.0

Westicles: are you getting xp as you climb?

Wontonimo: yup

jacek: oO

Scarfield: CHEATS!

Wontonimo: I may not make it to gold though. It was very very close in the contest

Scarfield: mod privilege

Wontonimo: HA

kovi: Wontonimo my avg. self is 2400 wild

Scarfield: :p

Wontonimo: WOW kovi

Wontonimo: that be wildin'

struct: o.o

Wontonimo: how am I not following you after all this time ?

Westicles: I guess I'll let Stealing Inputs expire. Wouldn't be nice to let it get approved and then be unsolvable

kovi: but it only works if there is attacker

kovi: no attacker

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: I need to get a life T-T

Wontonimo: oh, that just put me over the edge of level 33 and now I'm level 34

Wontonimo: still kovi, that is really impressive

Westicles: well, fortunately it is impossible to have xp removed and go down levels...

Westicles: :innocent:

Scarfield: the only fair response would be to ban wonto

Scarfield: :p

Wontonimo: ;( well, I'd still have antiwonto

Scarfield: what was the contest where a lot got ranked up to bronze(?) before it opened, or something of the like

Astrobytes: and gold

Wontonimo: I thought that was Totoro

Scarfield: did we get the xp twice then, i dont think we did?

Astrobytes: nope

Astrobytes: was removed

Scarfield: wonto you lucky bas*ard :p

Wontonimo: :grin: happy to wear that title

Astrobytes: :rofl:

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: lmao XD

Scarfield: i call for an investiture to "knight" you with the accolade of Lucky Bas*ard

Wontonimo: looks like I'm good for gold. I just dragged someone up into it also, Despero got bumped

Scarfield: was wild mana farming really enough for gold=

Wontonimo: yup

Wontonimo: full defence, farm wild

Scarfield: lel

Wontonimo: looks like the difference between Lexer31 and me (currently 1 and 2 in silver) is that Lexer31 allows his defenders to go further out and takes into account the vector of the bugs for priority

Wontonimo: I only use their position

Wontonimo: and I lose every match with Lexer31

Scarfield: what was your contest rank wonto?

Wontonimo: ah, lexer also uses wind well before the bugs are in his camp where as I use wind more as a last resort

Wontonimo: I was 1339/7695

Wontonimo: or 949/2131 in gold

Wontonimo: mid gold

Wontonimo: but just snuck in barely on the last day

Wontonimo: how about you Scarfield ? how did you do?

Scarfield: nice, pretty good with such a simple "cheese!

Scarfield: ! = "

Scarfield: 748 i believe

Wontonimo: did you do the double-wind attack?

Wontonimo: if not, what did you do?

Scarfield: 738/348 in gold

Astrobytes: 664/274 gold here, pretty close Scarfield

Astrobytes: i didn't submit anything for 3 or 4 days

Scarfield: i did a mix of things, had a lot of ideas actually, but didnt take the time to implement.

Astrobytes: I lost motivation until sunday, then it was too busy to do anything meaningful in the evening

Wontonimo: I really wanted to try an minimal 0ply NN for this , but just too little time

Scarfield: 1 attacker, 2 defenders. defender wind if not able to kill before bug gets to base, defender control or wind oppo. attacker if close to bug and close to my base.

jacek: "too little time", nice excuse ~

Scarfield: both defenders rally together if low mana. attacker control oppo. defenders away, wind if opponets shielded and some other stuff

Scarfield: i had more time, but just didnt take it ;)

Wontonimo: i had a funeral in Regina I had to fly out for

BJD: I was right next to astrobytes, then i resubmitted today and rose 190 places

Wontonimo: so, i have excuses

Astrobytes: lol BJD

Wontonimo: as we all do I suppose

Wontonimo: i guess I just have my priorities backwards :P

Scarfield: i can make up many excuses, but well :shrug: just didnt put in the work

Wontonimo: I mean, the dead can wait. Am I right?

Astrobytes: my bot's just a slightly modified version of my silver bot

Scarfield: i want to laugh, but your priorities were on point

jacek: mhm

Scarfield: milk in my fridge was getting old, had to buy some new milk

Astrobytes: had a rewrite on the go but the old one worked better

Wontonimo: honestly though, I didn't really make time. idk, just wasn't super motivated like totoro

jacek: rewrite in go eh

Wontonimo: lol Scarfield

Astrobytes: ON the go

Scarfield: was pretty motivated the first days, wrote a sim, and thought i would get a good idea of how to implement a sim to a search. didnt get an idea i trusted -> made a heuristic bot lol

Astrobytes: Go is quite nice actually, never used it for bot programming though

Scarfield: when i read blaster poards PM i was a bit annoyed i didnt get a similar idea. such a "simple" approach

Wontonimo: this one ?

Scarfield: yup: " I consider several thousand possible points in the 800 range to move to, assign a value to each of them with an evaluation function and choose the best one"

Scarfield: this line was the annoying part :p

BJD: I was trying to copy blasterpoard's strategy, and managed to get to 10th, but then i added some 'improvements' and dropped to 100th and could never get close to 10th again

Scarfield: its a completely different approach to searching than what i have done before, but seemed obvious when i read his pm

Scarfield: pesky improvements

eulerscheZahl: in case you missed it:

Scarfield: oh i did

Astrobytes: ^the story of how he stayed a kid for several days and became a beard

Scarfield: he used beam search (chokudai is beam search variant?)

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: iterative widening instead of deepening

Scarfield: nice ty e

eulerscheZahl: and only sim for attacker as i understand it

Astrobytes: was a good pm

eulerscheZahl: and he went full reCurse by writing his own viewer

Scarfield: my japanese is lacking unfortunately

Astrobytes: translate did a decent job on it this time, unlike on his twitter posts

jacek: you need to be more weeb

eulerscheZahl: 修理する

Scarfield: if i view cat girls as female cats, am i there yet?

jacek: get weeber

Astrobytes: on translationparty "jacek is a weeb" comes back as "Yessek was a Jeremian"

Astrobytes: "chokudai search is the best" -> "It's great to find Stingray"

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: english -> japanese -> english? or how does it work

Astrobytes: yeah, multiple translations back and forth until it doesn't change any more

Scarfield: nice, the logical way to do it

Wontonimo: that was a nice write up by Bowwow

eulerscheZahl: hm, none by siman

eulerscheZahl: you can type almost any japanese username in the URL and find some blogposts about CG or similar contests

jacek: what kind of activation function is that?

Astrobytes: the sheep shearing optim?

eulerscheZahl: it's from the sheep shearing contest

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: they did some complicated stuff like probability of sheep at specific cells and flow algo to distribute farmers to sheep

Astrobytes: told you there was a flow problem in that game

eulerscheZahl: i did without and won, so ...

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png Guillermo.: Hello World

Scarfield: this is not the place to have picked the nickname "world"

Scarfield: but hi

Astrobytes: lol

derjack: :taco: Automaton2000

eulerscheZahl: it used to be Hello General

antiwonto: [auto] derjack has awarded Automaton2000 10 tacos. Automaton2000 now has 61 taco. derjack now has 45 taco

Automaton2000: i would be able to understand it

Automaton2000: so you have to keep track of when i cut a link.

Scarfield: some meme's get too much attention

DustinNunyo: Anyone online who might be able to help me with a DFS algorithm? I am trying to re-write it without using recursion. Some people were telling me that I actually implemented BFS, which is cool, and something that I am definitely trying to do, but not really my intention at the moment as this is more of an educational project.

DustinNunyo: def shortestPathDFSNoRecursion( start, end ):

jacek: shortest path sounds like BFS

Scarfield: ^

jacek: well, DFS uses stack, so looks alright

jacek: do you have some visited array

DustinNunyo: Well yeah, but this is an educational project. I plan to implement BFS but only after I have done DFS.

DustinNunyo: I updated the code with a "visited" array but then I started thinking that I might be over-engeering things by using 3 arrays.

Scarfield: visited array and DFS will not find the shortest path, the DFS approach will likely "cut off" a shorter path, a BFS with visited array would have found

jacek: pathfield

Default avatar.png theGrandInquisitor: hi developers

Scarfield: hi

AliAhmed115: is clash of code too hard for someone with very little knowledge in python?

Mindarius: you can use any language in the list for clash of code

Mindarius: shortest is hard without knowledge of a shorter language. Usually python, JS, Ruby, or somethimes Perl

IvesL: @Aliahmed115 no

IvesL: i started there

Mindarius: reverse and fastest are usually equal between languages

IvesL: clash of codes are meant to be solved in a couple of minutes

IvesL: so it wont be too difficult

Mindarius: Yes, this is true, I meant to win shortest, to simply complete it you should be fine with whatever language you know

IvesL: oh

IvesL: spring challenge is back

IvesL: as spider attack

eulerscheZahl: artwork still says spring challenge 2022

IvesL: do you need any data structure for it?

eulerscheZahl: store everything in strings


Astrobytes: :D

struct: fixed euler


eulerscheZahl: attack

struct: ups

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Astrobytes: I kinda like spider rush

eulerscheZahl: spider control

Astrobytes: spiderball

eulerscheZahl: control is a command in the game and a key on your keyboard

Astrobytes: I see what you did there

IvesL: SPELL Ctrl Spider

**Astrobytes is looking for the Spider Key

eulerscheZahl: try spyder, probably it's some python module

IvesL: its IDE

eulerscheZahl: right, i know i saw the name before

Astrobytes: jupyter, spyder etc

eulerscheZahl: i use VS Code for pretty much everything now

IvesL: i used to use those two when i started learning

Astrobytes: I tried that geany thing a while back, not too bad actually

Astrobytes: but yeah, mostly vscode if I'm on linux

eulerscheZahl: took me a while to give up on MonoDevelop

eulerscheZahl: and mono itself

jacek: now its all stereo

eulerscheZahl: .net core

Astrobytes: jacek :door:

rabee12: hi

rabee12: i am rabee

rabee12: omg !!

Astrobytes: afk

jacek: oh my

VizGhar: o.O

VizGhar: btw, why is there less player in "spider attack" than there was in challenge?

jacek: deflation

5DN1L: VizGhar CG is fixing the issue

Manchi_o6o7: if someone knows why is this giving me an out of bounds assert...

Manchi_o6o7: Struggling to fix it :rolling_eyes:

Lovemachine: does it require much effort to solve Mars Lander - Episode 2

Lovemachine: or am i too stupid

5DN1L: It requires more effort than Episode 1 for sure.

Lovemachine: i'm thinking about, in theory i know what to do but the math and programming is so much

Lovemachine: for instance, i need to maintain my Y position meanwhile acceleration in X and also calculate when i should start rotating otherwise to slowdown myself in X axis

Lovemachine: i think i just suck at math

Lovemachine: just as i suck everything in life

5DN1L: You can try other puzzles :shrug:

5DN1L: Not being able to solve it now doesn't necessarily mean you can't solve it for ever

Lovemachine: for the instance i just explained; first of all, i need to calculate in how much time i can 0 my X speed. Then multiply that time by my speed to find the distance when i should start slowing. If i'm in distance, i start slowing

Lovemachine: i can solve the puzzle but it feels like its a lot of work. people solve easy puzzles in a few lines of codes meanwhile i write an article of code

Default avatar.png mesu7: ahahahha

Default avatar.png mesu7: same

Lovemachine: and i do it like in 7-8 minutes what they do in 3 minutes

Lovemachine: i think i will stick to web programming XD

5DN1L: How do you know others do in 3 minutes? Maybe some people do in 3 weeks?

Lovemachine: clash of code

5DN1L: oh that

5DN1L: practice will help you speed up

5DN1L: you need to practise more to get more familiar

Lovemachine: can i see solutions to a puzzle before solving it?

5DN1L: nope, at least normally not

VirtualRealityRocks: sometimes if you get lucky you can find something on github in your language ;)

VirtualRealityRocks: don't cheat though

5DN1L: if you google a solution then it's completely another matter...

Lovemachine: i want to see. if it is as much of a hardwork i think it is, i'm gonna go ahead. but if'm too stupid and there are much easier ways to solve it, then i'm gonna pass.

Lovemachine: ok. i'll google it

VirtualRealityRocks: Just to get an idea of how long your code would have to be. Googling it doesn't mean you copy and paste necesarily

Lovemachine: Looking at other's code. it seems the speed and stuff doesn't have to be optimal. I guess i was overthinking and was trying to create the best algorithm.

Lovemachine: I suppose trying to solve the test cases in order is the easier, and faster option

Lovemachine: Even though is far from the best xd

5DN1L: It never hurts to do better than the minimum requirements, but finish the minimum requirements first :)

Default avatar.png InstantWin: 343 Legends in spring challenge? I missed the second part of it due to work, what happened there

5DN1L: Actually 390

5DN1L: the import of bots in bot programming section is being fixed

Default avatar.png InstantWin: ok

ToeKnife: how can i print the highest value in a range if the range is a single integer? python

5DN1L: max of that range?

ToeKnife: it says integer object not iterable when i try to use max

ToeKnife: thank you though

Default avatar.png Tuo: single integer is not really a range :D

5DN1L: ^

ToeKnife: it can be a while true loop right?

ToeKnife: like while true for i in range(10)

5DN1L: integer is integer, range is range, loop is loop

5DN1L: not sure how one can be another

ToeKnife: yeah i understand

Default avatar.png Tuo: max() function needs something like a list to work

Default avatar.png Tuo: doing max(i) on your example will give an error

Default avatar.png j4at: max() needs an iterable or multiple args

5DN1L: why do you need to apply max to a single integer anyway? :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png j4at: max(a,b) is valid max(a) is not

ToeKnife: i get what you are saying 5DN1L

ToeKnife: and thank you j4at

5DN1L: you can apply max to e.g. a list. and it works even if that list contains a single integer

5DN1L: a list or a set or a tuple for that matter

Default avatar.png j4at: Are you trying to max(*range) ? and you have a special case where range is 1 element ? if yes then do max(range) instead. (where range is an iterable)

5DN1L: basically a container of variable size

5DN1L: except zero

Default avatar.png Tuo: to actually do max of range you need to do something like this i = range(10) max(i)

Default avatar.png Tuo: not i in range()

Default avatar.png j4at: or just do i-1

Default avatar.png j4at: :D

5DN1L: yup :)

ToeKnife: thanks for your help but I have to go now

jacek: stupid discretization. i was doing negative thrust and was wondering why it cant learn

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: how is it possible, in Don't Panic - Episode 1 test 03 in some point the troop leader is on floor -1 and its bugging my code e.e

5DN1L: Statement:

5DN1L: If there is no leading clone, the line values are: -1 -1 NONE

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: ohh ok I see, thanks..

5DN1L: np :)

Default avatar.png InstantWin: the answer was cheese all along

CasualCoder123: hahaha

Kellthazar: Hello, folks! Does anyone know the golang version supported here on codingame?

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Kellthazar, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

jacek: 1.18.1


Kellthazar: Thanks, @jacek. :)

SandmanSW96: nice choice on the c# golf event clash choice lol, the test cases give 100%, 75% validate for EVERYONE lol

antiwonto: [auto] Hey SandmanSW96, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 11 tacos

SandmanSW96: I have 11 tacos? sweet

Default avatar.png Link_jon: taco

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: why isnt string.Replace(',', '.') working?

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: I need to turn the commas into dots

VirtualRealityRocks: show code

VirtualRealityRocks: I have a theory

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: string DEFIB = Console.ReadLine();

           string[] address = DEFIB.Split(';');
           address[4].Replace(',', '.');

VirtualRealityRocks: string DEFIB = Console.ReadLine();

           string[] address = DEFIB.Split(';');
           address[4]=address[4].Replace(',', '.');

VirtualRealityRocks: change last line

VirtualRealityRocks: Replace() and Substring() just return a value, they don't actually change the length of the string

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: didnt work

VirtualRealityRocks: Really?

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: yeah :/

VirtualRealityRocks: I was stuck on this too, try this code

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: ok actually it worked, the problem now is the conversion into double

VirtualRealityRocks: Oh never mind

Default avatar.png gustavofurquim: thank you, helped a lot

Default avatar.png Link_jon: hai

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Link_jon, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

Default avatar.png Link_jon: legasp a taco

VirtualRealityRocks: taco plz?

Default avatar.png Link_jon: mmmmmm tacos

ycsvenom: what if i made a portal like

  1. Coc302152

ycsvenom: nothing happens

ycsvenom: #coc53639133012832

ycsvenom: it works

ycsvenom: #coc53639133012122

ycsvenom: now you can enter any coc chat

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Thats really cool...

DustinNunyo: Hey guys! Can anyone help me with the DFS puzzle? I implemented a BFS algorithm but it's too slow and keeps timing out on the last test.

antiwonto: [auto] Hey DustinNunyo, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 2 tacos


DustinNunyo: the death first search puzzle that is

ycsvenom: maybe i can help you out

ycsvenom: no i can't that's a large code to read :disappointed_relieved:

ycsvenom: is python your mother language? DustinNunyo?

ycsvenom: #DustinNunyo

DustinNunyo: Yeah, python is the language I am most comfortable with but I do know a few others.

DustinNunyo: but yeah, I couldn't get it much shorter than 85 lines though.

DustinNunyo: Well, not and maintain readability anyway. lol

ycsvenom: then i don't think you are writing it in pythonic way

ycsvenom: i will read your code and check for shortings

ycsvenom: what was the name of the puzzle again DustinNunyo?

DustinNunyo: death first search

ycsvenom: death or depth??

DustinNunyo: death

DustinNunyo: I also made some improvements

DustinNunyo: I added caching and took out some unnecessary steps.


DustinNunyo: Although, the caching may be a bit unnecessary when I think about it.


struct: hi

ycsvenom: welcome

struct: thanks

BenjaminUrquhart: after more than 2 years, I have finally figured out why my solution for the bridge fails a test case but passes the validator

antiwonto: [auto] Hey BenjaminUrquhart, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

BenjaminUrquhart: I was storing bike info wrong

struct: lol

BenjaminUrquhart: finally, I can rest in peace

Default avatar.png b4ljk: Morning my dudes

Default avatar.png radioctiv: hey does anyone know how to join the irc from another client.

struct: radioctiv


struct: check that

struct: Your user Id are the last 6 or 7 numbers in your profile link

struct: but reversed

struct: So yours would be 4583658

Default avatar.png radioctiv: thanks but idk how to do this on weechat, im on linux and ive forggeten how to use it

struct: I've got no idea sorry

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: you guys also start coding in the morning

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: good to see that

DustinNunyo: It's 11:13PM for me

DustinNunyo: That being said, I have been coding since this morning... lol

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: 9:30 here