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eulerscheZahl: 70th. yesterday this submit made it to top3 for a short time :(

eulerscheZahl: same code

rcrl: gold league is stuck

rcrl: Boss is too high :')

Miki09: yeah...

rcrl: Need silver players to beat their boss

rcrl: It'll unstuck gold top

yhyoxx: come silver

yhyoxx: come on*

MAWAAW: can't up more than 300th --'

jacek: nice bg pic

MAWAAW: score 23,54 boss 30,58

eulerscheZahl: this gold bosses is one of the easier ones. 350 players in legend already, i can't recall having such a huge one before

Miki09: Time for submit

aCat: hi, anyone knows how much of legend will be recomputed?

Miki09: top 100

aCat: sure knowledge :>?

eulerscheZahl: yes, 100

aCat: thx euler

eulerscheZahl: i'm more trustworthy than Miki09

aCat: sorry Miki but yes

HoriMiyamura: you guys mean only top 100 recomputed?

HoriMiyamura: how about the lower?

Miki09: :-(

HoriMiyamura: they just be there,?

Maroly: lower are losers :(

HoriMiyamura: what if top 100 lose too much will they be pushed to 101

Miki09: How to avoid @&]\@&!!! shielded spiders who just go and destroy ur base?

Maroly: control enemy heros before they shield

eulerscheZahl: beat them up until they die

Miki09: thx

ItsNotABug: More defencing heros, manage spider distance based on turns to kill, control spiders away from your base before they get shielded. Few options

ItsNotABug: Or just kill enemy base before spiders overwhelm you

Miki09: thx

struct: Did not hit play my code limit once

struct: this should be an achievement

cegprakash: I won't be surprised if the postmortem of top players comes to 4 pages

struct: lol

HoriMiyamura: haha you encourage dev to not test

cegprakash: I have 1600 lines of code full of if elses

HoriMiyamura: what if some of the top player use NN or someth Algos, that's would be a big supprise

struct: nope

struct: no NNs

Miki09: why?

struct: Because I dont see recurse at rank 1

Miki09: lol

HoriMiyamura: :D

Miki09: why she is not there?

HoriMiyamura: maybe he just too lazy at this time


i found one in the wild

HoriMiyamura: it is amzing on what dev could do

HoriMiyamura: good job switch for mechanism

struct: Im going to try the triple wind

struct: shame

cegprakash: guys my rank is 69

Miki09: struct lol

Miki09: I tried that twice and still no results...

struct: still very early


struct: not much time

eulerscheZahl: that nonsense is your strategy? then no congrats for legend

eulerscheZahl: i hate those opponents

struct: no

struct: my strategy was 2

struct: LOL

struct: and the worst part is that I dont even use math to check where I need to do the first wind to bring it closer

struct: I just brute force 360 angles

mlomb: euler you wont like mine then :(

ItsNotABug: Oh no, what happened to Djak? He was top :'(

struct: triple wind almost at top 5

struct: lol

cegprakash: An error occurred (#407): "You reached the limit of plays for a period of time.".

OMG come on

cegprakash: not like this

cegprakash: not on the last day

Miki09: my new code #456 in gold...

jrke: cegprakash i faced that yesterday

cegprakash: good morning jrke

jrke: good morning

cegprakash: for me it's just night

cegprakash: even tho it's 11AM

cegprakash: my eyes are already red

jrke: lol

cegprakash: anything for a T shirt

struct: I knew my fantastic bits code would be useful

Waffle3z: gold 76, submitting again

struct: gl Waffle3z

Zandy156: 2 submit of the contest, probably my last. I usually do like 10 submits.

Waffle3z: following monsters deeper into the opponent's base rather than just blowing them closer from the edge made a difference

Waffle3z: saw somebody shield a monster near the edge so that it couldn't be controlled or blown into the base and would walk out of bounds

jrke: i have a 90% feeling that my current IDE bot is better than arena but hesitating a lot while going to click on that submit button

Zandy156: my experience shows it rarely is better if I'm unsure

Zandy156: but it can be hard to tell when there are a lot of strategies at every rank

IvesL: old bot, cant beat boss, top1000, new bot beat boss 90%, drop 500

yhyoxx: classic

jrke: i pushed 2 people in legend:neutral_face:

yhyoxx: god bless you

IvesL: @jrke you should just get further 20points to have a global points of 88888

jrke: :grin:

jrke: yhyoxx i hope god blesses me with legend

yhyoxx: the cg gods are reading

jrke: looks like legend is possible if i push another person in legend

jrke: :smiley:

IvesL: 0.6 with remaining game

yhyoxx: ill be that person

yhyoxx: any idea why same code submitted twice gives very different scores ?

IvesL: good luck

Miki09: Imma travel 88mph in a delorean to get back to yesterday and have more time to get to legend league. See you back in future

jrke: yhyoxx LUCK and submission by many peoples at same time

yhyoxx: i hope it's not mostly luck

yhyoxx: otherwise what am i doing here ?

jrke: damn 2 more got pushed in legend

jrke: not just due to me due to me and another person

cegprakash: any wind spammers in legend

Murat_Eroglu: Where we're going we don't need roads

yhyoxx: i know one of them haha

cegprakash: I need to test something

eulerscheZahl: wait, jrke is not in legend?

eulerscheZahl: weren't you top10 on wednesday?

jrke: exams :rage:

jrke: i was but got pushed back a lot

jrke: cegprakash i pushed one wind spammer in legend just rn

eulerscheZahl: i always have the impression that you Indians take exams very seriously

cegprakash: what's his name jrke

Waffle3z: 62% gold rank 4, hopefully I can sit and wait until I get pushed in


jrke: cegprakash ^

jrke: weird name

eulerscheZahl: i understand why you didn'T spell it out

Waffle3z: oh now I'm rank 1. well hopefully I stay here by the time progress hits 100%

Miki09: Congrats :-)

struct: grats

struct: I'm so tired

struct: My body can't handle this anymore

BenjaminUrquhart: I literally just want ot leave silver

BenjaminUrquhart: to*

struct: I just want this to end :p

BenjaminUrquhart: same but I want to end in gold

Miki09: I want to end in legend...

BenjaminUrquhart: that's my goal for every contest, get at least gold

yhyoxx: let's go jrke rank 1

Miki09: Off hope is last to die!!!


yhyoxx: legends should stream

cegprakash: my eyes are red

cegprakash: can't stream lul

eulerscheZahl: stream what?

yhyoxx: on twitch

yhyoxx: themselves coding

yhyoxx: too risky ?

cegprakash: actually legends are not supposed to stream as per rules

eulerscheZahl: me coding is as interesting as watching wet color dry

yhyoxx: but very informative

DEV-thien: :slight_smile:

cegprakash: there is a corner case I'm trying to cover and I watched over 40 replays and the code is not reachable at all

cegprakash: should I cover that case

eulerscheZahl: for this particular game i don't think you would learn that much from streams

yhyoxx: ive been watching resistcorp yesterday morning

yhyoxx: 200th silver

yhyoxx: simulating and stuff

yhyoxx: very cool

IvesL: where to check global leaderboard for overall ranking?

eulerscheZahl: psyho streamed a lot

cegprakash: can someone in legend find a flaw in my game

Waffle3z: if I do hit legend it won't be by much, keep jumping between above boss and 5th

yhyoxx: yes psyho's stream is cool too

cegprakash: @Blodis: Blodis failed a CONTROL: Entity 78 is not within range of Hero 5

cegprakash: Turn 103 Blodis

DEV-thien: :)

DEV-thien: =/

DEV-thien: :|

DEV-thien: =)

ItsNotABug: I still can't watch any replays. Its just grey boxes

Waffle3z: restart the browser

struct: I made more progress today than all on all the previous days together


struct: Its not looking bad

struct: my ide vs arena

yhyoxx: pretty good

yhyoxx: like shooting a shotgun

Waffle3z: wonder where boss 5 would place in legend

Default avatar.png Jainam123: how to learn coding

struct: practice

eulerscheZahl: Pbatch is the boss, currently at 223

struct: But same bot?

eulerscheZahl: and by the date he didn't even submit after legend opening

struct: oh

Waffle3z: legend has 377 and the boss is 223 and you only get in legend by beating the boss

eulerscheZahl: yes. i don't see a problem with that sentence

eulerscheZahl: Neuman n made a pretty good prediction on the 29th already "I call 350-400 by the end of the contest"

yhyoxx: and u said blasterpoard ends first

eulerscheZahl: yes i did say so

Patrick_Starfish: how do you know where the boss places in legend

struct: oh trictrac also made it, grats

HoriMiyamura: is this true that only top 100 will get recompute

HoriMiyamura: others in legend isn't?

eulerscheZahl: was min(legend, top100) the last times

HoriMiyamura: will there becase that some of the top 100 be pushed to 101 or lower?

eulerscheZahl: not sure how those corner cases will be handled. but those ranks are probably not be considered that important

eulerscheZahl: it's mainly to get a stable ranking at the very top

HoriMiyamura: thanks

Default avatar.png Jainam123: i know the basic but cant solve this what i do

HoriMiyamura: I am 90 before but now 103

HoriMiyamura: no need to recomputed :D

eulerscheZahl: checking chat logs now...

eulerscheZahl: cegprakash: what happen to eulerscheZahl

cegprakash: he was #3 yesterday and he's 90 now

Default avatar.png Jainam123: can any one help me

eulerscheZahl: not hiding, that #3 bot ended up #70 on resubmit

HoriMiyamura: haha

eulerscheZahl: so damn random

yhyoxx: re submit again

Waffle3z: trueskill, more like falseskill

yhyoxx: i think if ur rank is high and submit

HoriMiyamura: the point is most of our code are deterministic

yhyoxx: if u lose u get thrown too low

HoriMiyamura: but the result are quite random

yhyoxx: if ur rank is low

yhyoxx: not so much

Patrick_Starfish: do you actually have access to the bot code

eulerscheZahl: to which bot code?

Patrick_Starfish: any of them

eulerscheZahl: only your own

Patrick_Starfish: i mean the boss code

eulerscheZahl: wood bosses are publicly available on github

eulerscheZahl: later ones: no

Patrick_Starfish: ok

Default avatar.png Jainam123: Can any one guide me>

Default avatar.png Jainam123: ?

IvesL: jesus could

Default avatar.png Jainam123: :confused:

IvesL: be your sheperd

IvesL: whats your problem

Default avatar.png Jainam123: i know the basic of programming but when i came here i cant solve problems what i do

IvesL: go play clash of codes

Default avatar.png Jainam123: but the thing is i cant solve that problems

IvesL: even if you cant finish, you can see others' when times over

Default avatar.png Jainam123: oh

IvesL: it doesnt matter

Default avatar.png Jainam123: I will try

Default avatar.png Jainam123: tx

IvesL: just try to understand why they code in that way

Default avatar.png Jainam123: ok

cegprakash: An error occurred (#407): "You reached the limit of plays for a period of time.".

( :( :(

cegprakash: this is like 10th time today

cegprakash: CG plz plz consider increasing testing limit

yhyoxx: also happens when u replay in same conditions ?

cegprakash: I don't wanna play in same conditions

struct: same seed and same players are sent to your ide

IvesL: i wanna ask a question, usually how many hours are needed for you guys to make one legend league solution

yamo: was there a lot of hiding in legend ?

Cr3aHal0: keep going guys

Valdemar: went to bed, woke up in first place :smile: Actually I don't believe in it, there's really bad winrates versus several top players. But still satisfying

mlomb: well, time to reveal a strat I didnt see anyone else use


Quentin_le_magnifique: How did you inst awin this?!

mlomb: ;)

Mazelcop: oh, smart !

yhyoxx: whaaat

mlomb: it came to me yestarday so not a facny impl :(

mlomb: yesterday*

Whatar: so you controlled the monster before winding and then they crawled to the enemy based while outside?

abt8601: wow this is so good

yhyoxx: very cool

mlomb: you only get information about entities in y < 9000

Whatar: very impressive

mlomb: so you can point them to go up and then wind them down

mlomb: below the map but not too far to be despawned

Valdemar: wow, nice strat mlomb

SashaNukem: do you need to win every one in the lobby to get to the boss?

raxkin: btw awesome job yamo. Have been following you from scala section, and you did a great final push!

kovi: blaster toyed weith that early

mlomb: didnt know, what came out out of it?

mlomb: my def is very bad unfortunately

kovi: he switched to doubleattacker

kovi: also seems that anti-2/3 protects vs. this

mlomb: yup

mlomb: i couldnt win blaster no matter what


mlomb: yup

BenjaminUrquhart: 50 minutes left, it's late for me so I'm probably just gonna submit what I have and see where it lands

BenjaminUrquhart: it doesn't beat my old bot since I somehow made grinding worse but from random games I've pulled in it seems to do overall better

Quentin_le_magnifique: How can you try your bot gainst the one of one of your friend?

cegprakash: below IDE

cegprakash: select the player

Quentin_le_magnifique: Okay thanks! ;)

Default avatar.png klasak: how many battles do you play in each level? i thought 150 but it is not the case

struct: I think 100 per submit?

aCat: yyy

struct: you might get more if other players are also submiting

eulerscheZahl: depends on the league

aCat: I got 74 and 44%

MyNameIsTrez: I really hope we can still get gold after the timer is up and it just stops us from submitting

cegprakash: how many if statements do u guys have

cegprakash: I've 191 ifs

Default avatar.png Zyk0: 199

MyNameIsTrez: 18

Whatar: if + elif = 65 for me

MyNameIsTrez: But I spent like three days on designing my code to be as if-free as possible which was not worth

abt8601: 32 if/else if/match

Whatar: well you could have spended three days debugging a mess like I did

cegprakash: I wonder how many ifs blasterpoard has

Butanium: hi

Butanium: has anyone here reach more than top 500 gold without attacking the opponent ?

jrke: cegprakash i think blaster is having sim kinda search

cegprakash: I doubt that

aCat: 6 polish people in top 30 ;]

aCat: 5 from our uni

aCat: :P

Illedan: Nice

Illedan: Wish I had time for such madness :P

cegprakash: where were u Illedan

Illedan: On a trip

aCat: yeah I should sleep finally

cegprakash: missed ur GA

Illedan: Company weekend

Illedan: With room sharing, so I couldn't code all night

aCat: been like >26hours

PatrickMcGinnisII: looks like dbdr is gonna make it

Butanium: dbdr use NN right N

Butanium: *rigt ?

Butanium: * right ?

dbdr: 200 lines of code written entirely this morning

eulerscheZahl: 200 NN lines

yamo: thanks raxkin !

dbdr: :D

Butanium: lol

BenjaminUrquhart: ok submitting and yolo

eulerscheZahl: NN code generated by another NN

Butanium: that's impressive

dbdr: iNNception

eulerscheZahl: iNNceptioNN

eulerscheZahl: i think i throw the towel

PatrickMcGinnisII: looks like the double barrelled shotgun routine is the winner

Butanium: I lost my chance to go to legend the moment I decided not to attack xD

cegprakash: last min submit bowwowforeach

BenjaminUrquhart: hold up I'm finding crashes in my submit, pain

Butanium: o

Butanium: dbdr my AI counters yours

Butanium: lol

aCat: so many last submits

aCat: xD

Illedan: Yeah, please stop. I need this last 20 min to test a lot of stuff

aCat: yeah half of legend is computing

Default avatar.png pydlv: I just started working on this a couple hours ago

Illedan: xD

Default avatar.png pydlv: I got to mid silver league

PatrickMcGinnisII: need a race horse announcer

Butanium: ok I had a timeout issue

cegprakash: 19 mins before I go out and have a drink

PatrickMcGinnisII: Japan getting edged out by the slavs... around the 3 turn comes a rust NN

Miki09: Damn I was 330 in gold and now with same code Im 460... The last submit wasnt a good idea...

Butanium: 19 minutes before touching grass guys

cegprakash: if I get any last min heart break i.e. rank 100+ I'll be super disappointed

PatrickMcGinnisII: The GAs are in the paddock still trying to drug their horses

struct: I dont even know why im still awake

cegprakash: what time is it struct

yhyoxx: same

struct: 08:42am

cegprakash: it's 1PM here..

struct: you didnt sleep?

cegprakash: my eyes are red

PatrickMcGinnisII: the mini-sims are laughing at the Heuristic hippies

BenjaminUrquhart: 3:42 am

Miki09: 9:42 am

HoriMiyamura: a few mins..

PatrickMcGinnisII: and rednecks are are the star of the party with their shotgun weddings

Westicles: rerunning all of legend

BenjaminUrquhart: I'll figure out shotgun strats when the multi comes out

struct: Anyways I'm glad it's over for me

struct: Most painful contest I have played

PatrickMcGinnisII: I was trying to figure out why they added the 4 spots on the battles.

cegprakash: what did it cost struct

struct: my sanity

PatrickMcGinnisII: his ban hammer has a crack in it


Default avatar.png eulerminer: What happens with the ranking and scores that are not stable yet when the contest ends? I mean, in 15mins

aCat: haha no way I have strength to write about this ;-)

struct: "we’ll rerun the entire Legend league"

eulerscheZahl: After all matches are finished playing, we’ll rerun the entire Legend league. We’ll also do a check for cheaters. Then only, the ranking will be final.

aCat: but before all things finish to compute

Butanium: wait only legend ?

eulerscheZahl: oh, struct faster

struct: yes aCat

aCat: from lowest leagues so that people can advance

Butanium: oh ok

IvesL: how to define cheaters

Default avatar.png eulerminer: What about other leagues?

eulerscheZahl: compare codes

IvesL: similarity of codes?

eulerscheZahl: some copy from leaked github

Butanium: are we supposed to keep our github repo private ?

Default avatar.png eulerminer: Thanks!

eulerscheZahl: haven't checked. but search for spring challenge 2022 on github. limit to activity in the last week. you will find a few

Butanium: mine is public

struct: yes lol

eulerscheZahl: if someone copied your bot, you can get disqualified over this

Butanium: oh

IvesL: btw, are there any plans renaming contests under bot programming section?

BenjaminUrquhart: I'm geting captchas fixing these crashes, pain

IvesL: i feel like the photosynthesis deserve a name

eulerscheZahl: sounds unlikely to me IvesL

IvesL: thats sad

mframbou: Will cheaters be disqualified after ranking or will they keep their positions ?

Butanium: do we get notified if we get disqualified euler ?

Spalmon: will arena games continue after time is up?

eulerscheZahl: no idea Butanium, i never got DQed

Default avatar.png pydlv: anyone know obama's last name?

Butanium: Spalmon all current subimission will be finished

BenjaminUrquhart: ok this is my final submit, whatever happened happens

eulerscheZahl: but you won't show up on the leaderboard anymore, obvious sign

Butanium: yes ok

eulerscheZahl: let's take a snapshot of the leaderboard and see whom we lost, shall we?

IvesL: what will you name this game?

IvesL: spider rush?

struct: Spring Challenge 2022

aCat: how original

aCat: this cat is amazed

big_rooster_energy: what happens in 7 minutes do submissions get paused?

cegprakash: "With greater spider sense comes greater responsibility"

Westicles: Peasant Heuristics

eulerscheZahl: all submissions will finish first

eulerscheZahl: including promotions and submits in the next higher league

big_rooster_energy: oh good i have a small chance to advance to legend then

eulerscheZahl: then rerun of legend

IvesL: spider mad: no way home

big_rooster_energy: thank you for explaining i was worried i would not get the chance

cegprakash: that moment when a buggy bot has better win rate than non buggy one and I've to go with the buggy one

BenjaminUrquhart: mood

yhyoxx: u know how every contest when it's done, it becomes a puzzle, and at the bottom they write the category of the puzzle, last two, one was minimax, the other mtcs, what do u think this one will be ?

therealbeef: Heuristics of Might and Magic

yhyoxx: haha

aCat: if might or magic?

Spalmon: cegprakash literally same

IvesL: heuristics, optimization

eulerscheZahl: multi-agent

cegprakash: it's awkward isn't it Spalmon

IvesL: i think it should share a lot with fantastic bits

cegprakash: I have barely blinked in last 12 hrs

struct: It will Finite State Machine

eulerscheZahl: ceg right now

Westicles: no titans in wood2, guess it won't happen

Default avatar.png eulerminer: Is your rank computed in the next league if you get promoted in 5 minutes?

eulerscheZahl: yes

IvesL: i think so

Default avatar.png eulerminer: Thanks!

cegprakash: 451 ppl computing right now

eulerscheZahl: even if you submit now and it gets promoted at the end of the submit in 1h, you will still play the higher league

cegprakash: last 2 minutes

struct: it will take hours before recalc starts

cegprakash: panic submitters now is ur time

cegprakash: GG all

cegprakash: had an amazing week

Default avatar.png eulerminer: Awesome

eulerscheZahl: the first detailed post mortem already

aCat: no way, im ~36 and top 50 is my best goal

eulerscheZahl: "Cracking the seed (in 1 turn)"

cegprakash: bad thing is I gotta go to work from tomorrow

aCat: ane our uni did amazing job

IvesL: last minute

Spalmon: i hope my code is good enough for promotion :fearful:

IvesL: blasterpoard vs bowwowforeach

Spalmon: this submission is so much higher stakes than all the others

aCat: I remember times when there was no competition in university rankings

rcrl: We can blink now

rcrl: Have a nice day it was a pleasure

hiamkaito: GG

BenjaminUrquhart: gg

abt8601: GG

Illedan: gg

jrke: contest ended!

Illedan: :(

Default avatar.png pydlv: pogger

struct: gg

Michael_Howard: GG

Default avatar.png pydlv: #3618

yhyoxx: gg wp

Yanek: gg wp GG WP!!

BenjaminUrquhart: I don't even know my ranking since I'm stuck at 0.00 lol

BenjaminUrquhart: 504 server error nice

struct: ...

Yanek: gotta love crab

rafaelSorel: gg guys

mlomb: gg!

BenjaminUrquhart: site down woo

cegprakash: Network error : status 504

Raph_Hax0r: gg

PatrickMcGinnisII: Karang seed cracking like a few others, hmmm.

raxkin: gg

Default avatar.png pydlv: supper pogger site

daffie: here's a thingy

IvesL: do you guys love crabs?

Yanek: will it recompute all the rankings?

JohnyDaison: I submitted like 2 minutes before the end. Should've just let the previous one be there...

kovi: gl what happens if they change random for final? ;)

struct: only legend league

Yanek: dang i was in gold and had good chance to beat boss just now

struct: yanek you can still get legend

yhyoxx: wait people actualy cracked the seed ?

BenjaminUrquhart: all running submits will complete

struct: if your submit is still going

Yanek: that's good to hear :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: eulerscheZahl is gonna go up on general leaderboard me thinks

kingSelom: now that the contest has ended, how do i find the challenge again? just wanted to continue playing with it

BenjaminUrquhart: gotta wait

BenjaminUrquhart: also 460 people computing atm

big_rooster_energy: i think they re-release it later this week

kingSelom: ok

eulerscheZahl: "eulerscheZahl is gonna go up on general leaderboard me thinks" why?

eulerscheZahl: terrible contest performance from my side

IvesL: how do you check general leaderboard

MrCryptton: is there a way to backup our code now?


eulerscheZahl: MrCryptton view report

IvesL: is there a way to get there rather than hyperlinks?

Default avatar.png pydlv: my code made in 3 hours

IvesL: i cant figure it out from the site

eulerscheZahl: activities => compete => leaderboard

IvesL: alright thanks

jrke: kingSelom CG will release game soon

jrke: oh damn this chat

eulerscheZahl: pydlv we don't publicly share code here

jrke: i didn't scrolled up till down

eulerscheZahl: "As the challenge game will be released soon as a classic game on the platform, please don’t share your code publicly."

MrCryptton: awesome, thank you eulerscheZahl !

PatrickMcGinnisII: gonna sell shotgun code, lol

Q12: but this report will be updated if your submit is still running, yeah?

Q12: like in the place you have reached

JohnyDaison: yup, I keep refreshing and hoping :)

eulerscheZahl: yes, the rank will update

Whatar: gg everyone

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmmm, decay on contest cp

PatrickMcGinnisII: so if I figure right, being in top 1k should generate 3k cp?

eulerscheZahl: HoriMiyamura with a broken bot. why?

Westicles: BbYy also

eulerscheZahl: maybe scared of cheat detection, who knows

eulerscheZahl: my website doesn't handle nickname changes :(

eulerscheZahl: still showing the old name

struct: Seems like we have a awinner

struct: Big lead to 2nd place

struct: oh not over

eulerscheZahl: let's wait for recalc. but looks impressive

aCat: o,g ? 2 points, nice

struct: rank 4 is beating him

struct: 2/2

jrke: a confimed winner? that also without recurse in contest?

struct: 4/5*

eulerscheZahl: and with a few others in submit too, the opponent selection is not uniform now

struct: yeah

struct: I finally placed above recurse

struct: I peaked

eulerscheZahl: i might place below cegprakash

aCat: did he even participate?

struct: not that we know of

aCat: ;p

eulerscheZahl: then it doesn't count as beating him

aCat: yeah

aCat: formally you dont have higher score because he does not have score

jrke: recalc will be for top 100 right?

eulerscheZahl: all legend

jrke: ah oki

eulerscheZahl: After all matches are finished playing, we’ll rerun the entire Legend league. We’ll also do a check for cheaters. Then only, the ranking will be final.

eulerscheZahl: Next event: not yet announced. Stay tuned.

struct: I dont think I'll write a pm, I don't have anything to say.

HoriMiyamura: :D

eulerscheZahl: same struct

eulerscheZahl: HoriMiyamura why the broken submit?

jrke: shouldn't they first check for cheaters then rerun?

HoriMiyamura: I have 2 accounts

eulerscheZahl: that would be the better order

HoriMiyamura: so I let the other alive this time

eulerscheZahl: you love trouble, don't you?

[CG]Thibaud: :eyes:

HoriMiyamura: :D

eulerscheZahl: oh hi Thibaud. didn't intend to summon you

HoriMiyamura: well, :(

Insufficient: what do you need 2 accounts for? to have an unfair advantage on testing and submit limits? because you're not good enough to go toe to toe?

BenjaminUrquhart: I have 3 accounts, 2 of which didn't enter the contest :)

aCat: my LOCM entered gold :(

aCat: I didn't nerf him enough and bam, he advanced

mlomb: LOCM?

aCat: should be somewhere bottom now,

eulerscheZahl: accidentally promoting because you are just too good even if you try not to. common problem

aCat: ;p

struct: Yeap I had this problem the entire contest

eulerscheZahl: his 2nd account he created for the LOCM contest

aCat: and for streams / showing people things on CG, etc

eulerscheZahl: right

jrke: this is the biggest contest of CG till now right?

eulerscheZahl: it is

jrke: biggest in terms of participants

aCat: i suppose soe but I;m not good at adding numbers

HoriMiyamura: my intend is just hide the other

[CG]Thibaud: it is the biggest yes

eulerscheZahl: congrats on gathering so many players again. well done

aCat: Thib, you see how our uni did

aCat: :heart_eyes_cat:

Aeneas: Where is Recurse ?

eulerscheZahl: lots of familiar names coming from all corners

[CG]Thibaud: I don't check school leaderboard tbh

BenjaminUrquhart: recurse retired

Aeneas: awww :/

aCat: probably hardest fight ever

struct: still not over aCat

aCat: i know

Aeneas: I found this game very fun and complex !

eulerscheZahl: hardest fight by what metric?

aCat: but we have some good results here

Westicles: I wonder if all these Japanese guys at the top played it before?

aCat: like most of the time we wre not first, and even this morning we were winning like 200 points

eulerscheZahl: i don't think so. there are some very competitive Japanese players (here and also on topcoder)

eulerscheZahl: they just don't chat much. partially because of the language barrier

[CG]Thibaud: they chat on Twitter ^^

eulerscheZahl: oh, fight on school leaderboard?

aCat: yeah

IvesL: perhaps can google in japanese and find their presence

eulerscheZahl: and post long writeups on hatenablog

eulerscheZahl: i occasionally stalk some of them on twitter. also to see what contests are about to start

struct: terry is very active on twitter

CookieMonsterXL: Can we still see our code and play other players?

eulerscheZahl: wait until it will be moved to multiplayer section. then you can play again

JohnyDaison: you can see your code right now though, in the report

struct: I can see my code but I prefer not look at it ever again

eulerscheZahl: i might just find bugs and be sad

BenjaminUrquhart: isn't that how it is for everyone

BenjaminUrquhart: I fixed a bug 20 seconds before contest end

struct: no

struct: I dont even loooked for bugs

struct: I have no idea what my bot does

eulerscheZahl: there is a bug right in your spelling :P

struct: you are right

eulerscheZahl: still awake?

eulerscheZahl: get some rest

struct: Then my sleep schedule will be a mess

jrke: my first legend in contest!

eulerscheZahl: you promoted last-minute jrke?

eulerscheZahl: congrats!

struct: grats

jrke: not last minute but in last hour

jrke: some good guys pushed me from top gold to legend

eulerscheZahl: recent enough to still congratulate

jrke: thnx!

kingSelom: My second contest and still silver, how do i get prepare for next one? any recommendations

aCat: bronze already finished computing ;]

wlesavo: grats dbdr, last minute submit to legend :slight_smile:

dbdr: from zero to legend in 4 hours :)

wlesavo: :smiley:

dbdr: well, I knew the rules and I had the data structures

Westicles: I wonder if they'll fix the seed before making it a bot problem

abt8601: You mean seed cracking?

Westicles: yeah, use the secure one

abt8601: :thinking_face:

BenjaminUrquhart: doubt it

abt8601: But seriously, using a LCG in this scenario sounds like a recipe for disaster

jacek: people are abusing the seed?

eulerscheZahl: check forum

eulerscheZahl: first post mortem

jrke: seed cracking i think is not kind of unfair maybe its just another strategy ig


jacek: oh my

eulerscheZahl: i wanted to stop the bugs from moving is see if any opponent crashes on unexpected input. but CG fixed it already :(

eulerscheZahl: oh, nice profile pic

IvesL: top5 is unexpected at last

eulerscheZahl: still very much undecided at the top

IvesL: very close

IvesL: keeps changing slightly

BenjaminUrquhart: my results are in, my old bot would probably have been better, oh well

Yanek: yuss, got promoted to legend at 96% battles

Valdemar: heuristics got very high (2nd in JS), quite balanced game this time

IvesL: valdemar how many lines have you got

dbdr: congrats Yanek

kovi: 400 in legend

Yanek: thanks! :D

struct: grats

jrke: so there will be exact 400 in legend

jrke: cause ongoing submissions says that no one is near to legend atm

Valdemar: IvesL around 1.5k, including self-written data structures (vec2, fixed_vector instead of std::vector) and several usused functions

eulerscheZahl: sounds like someone is optimizing for fast code

Husenap: well played to everyone, it was a few very exciting days towards the end

dbdr: Valdemar what kind of search do you use?

Valdemar: bruteforce for 4 turn

Valdemar: only for attacker

eulerscheZahl: limited set of moves?

eulerscheZahl: like going between a spider and a certain point, fixed distance

Valdemar: yes, 8 direction + wait + wind to enemy base + control

eulerscheZahl: ah, i see

kovi: nice

eulerscheZahl: tried the same (less depth) but couldn't get it to work properly. maybe bad scoring function

aCat: ill you write a postmortem?

aCat: I had search for my triple cannon final phase

Valdemar: I guess i'll write pm this time didn't expect it climb so high

aCat: but abondoned the strategy

aCat: yeah, please do

Default avatar.png JuliusA: I'd love to read that postmortem! Oh, and congratulations! :)

DjTrilogic: are simulations over ?

big_rooster_energy: i hope they rerun gold too :)

aCat: still 14 computing

aCat: and then legend rerun...

abt8601: But silver and below are done

Valdemar: eulerscheZahl in friday difference between top-100 gold and top-10 legend was only in scoring function, so it matters very much in my solution, especially because of small depth

DjTrilogic: i think it would be more fair to run equal number of fights for all players

Valdemar: DjTrilogic whole legend will be recalculated with hundred matches

struct: run for 7.7k players?

DjTrilogic: what about gold ?

struct: What if people got promoted after recalc?

struct: do we recalc again if it happens

jrke: while no_one_promoted:


jrke: :grinning:

DragonOfTheWest: bruv rofl

big_rooster_energy: a lot of people submitted at the last minute making the promotions irregular, a number of those people who went gold to legend just now are top100

Default avatar.png JuliusA: xD

abt8601: Looks like an ungodly amount of time

DragonOfTheWest: ^ problem with high gold is that people that didn't choose offense now counter pretty much the entirety of legend

DragonOfTheWest: because legend consists only of double and tripple canons lul

elurisoto: I think I may have a chance to get to legend if there's a recalc for gold

Insufficient: no, legend is a mix of 0/1/2/3 attackers

Darleanow: hello guys

Darleanow: where can i find the weekly puzzle ?

DragonOfTheWest: just 6 more computing, and then another recalculation @Valdemar

DragonOfTheWest: ?

struct: yes

struct: Is it 500 battles per player?

DragonOfTheWest: 500????

DomiKo: struct have you seen?

jrke: yeah last recalc had 500 battles

jrke: SC21

VizGhar: guys?... no immediate invitation to next contest :|

struct: seen what DomiKo?

DomiKo: my result went down ...

DomiKo: by a lot :(

eulerscheZahl: as stated on the forum VizGhar

struct: yeah :/

struct: I saw that

struct: you were 10th at some point

VizGhar: forum? going to check

VizGhar: "Next event: not yet announced. Stay tuned."

VizGhar: what can we expect? :(

struct: They lose a few instant signups by not having it ready

aCat: yeah

abt8601: Was SC22 ready when FC21 ended?

aCat: FC21 was notexistent

struct: Im talking about the page to signup, not the contest

wlesavo: 1 computing :slight_smile: is it silver to legend submit?

aCat: lol

struct: SC22 was ready by the time SC2019 finished

aCat: sc22 was ready in 2018

aCat: :/

wlesavo: :smiley:

aCat: id like this t be a joke

struct: please no more fog contests :'(

PatrickMcGinnisII: um, yea... no

struct: I suffered too much

Westicles: turn the taco bot on before he starts swearing

wlesavo: make it frog contest

abt8601: So are imperfect information games uncommon on this platform?

struct: no

eulerscheZahl: are we all watching Egaro555 now?

struct: There are people that love them, I hate them

jrke: yess eulerscheZahl

jrke: :grinning:

eulerscheZahl: hurry up Egaro

struct: I hate the games, not the people

Egaro555: :)

Husenap: dang look at that win streak

cegprakash: I want that streak in my first 10 games

VizGhar: (and in all others)

Husenap: true :P


jrke: contest ended at 1:30 in indian time

eulerscheZahl: late promotion

VizGhar: heh

jrke: very late

cegprakash: celebrity of the day Egaro555

kovi: could be worse a troll bot from bronze, winning all games but still taking 200 turn and 50ms

eulerscheZahl: plan for next contest: from bronze to legend. just to annoy everyone

Egaro555: Finish :smile:

eulerscheZahl: started

jrke: :smiley:

Husenap: lol

jrke: time for recalc!

jrke: atb to everyone!

eulerscheZahl: looked automated, as it started so fast

[CG]Thibaud: it is

wlesavo: choose your fighter :smiley:

ddreams: nice, got to legend with my last minute push

DomiKo: grats!

struct: grats

ddreams: thx :)

struct: Im out for a few hours, need to get some rest

ddreams: my second child was born on wednesday, so didn't have much time this contest :D

jrke: wow gratz!

Husenap: that's the real win

DomiKo: 2x grats!!!

VizGhar: grats ddreams

abt8601: congrats

cegprakash: no recalc? just extra games?

yhyoxx: congrats !!

eulerscheZahl: that is the recalc

jrke: cegprakash thats recalc

eulerscheZahl: you always kept your previous rank as seeding

ddreams: have to work on the timing though... was 1.5 years ago since the last one (for the 2020 fall contest)

wlesavo: cant believe top5 is so close

jrke: i would have changed that top 3 prize to top 5 prize

aCat: and tshirts form top20 to top 50 pr 100

aCat: CG had twice or troiple less participants yars ago

cclaude42: Anyone know how long it usually takes for recalcs n stuff ?

cclaude42: Impatient to know the final results!

eulerscheZahl: and who pays the prizes?

eulerscheZahl: can take 4 hours

jrke: cclaude42 maybe 4-5 hours?

abt8601: cclaude42 They also have to check for cheaters so I guess it may take days

PatrickMcGinnisII: eww, 2 are negative

eulerscheZahl: usually it's less players when it takes 4 hours. but also more search-heavy bots. so these effects might cancel out

Westicles: how did CaptainHamburger end up at bottom?

cclaude42: Dope, thanks!

Westicles: he was like 15 at one point

DomiKo: btw exactly 400 people in legend :D

DomiKo: Hambuger is doing "WAIT" all the time now

eulerscheZahl: why would anyone cripple their bot that hard?

aCat: I can pay for prizes for myself ;]

DomiKo: euler idk

eulerscheZahl: hiding and forgetting when the contest ends?

jrke: are CG staff also going to get removed from final leaderboard??:smiley:

VizGhar: Now I'm sad I didn't invest a little bit more time into it :) stopped when reached legend

eulerscheZahl: when spending many hours on that bot, i wouldn't break it at the end

wlesavo: Could he also have 2 accs?

eulerscheZahl: no jrke, why should they?

abt8601: eulerscheZahl One of them said they have an alt so they sabotaged one of them and kept the alt alive

jrke: was just curious to know

eulerscheZahl: yes i saw that

Husenap: but CG could probably check history

Westicles: oh brother. the top american I was rooting for was a Japanese smurf or something

jrke: suppose accidentally one of them got in top 20?

eulerscheZahl: but an alt in top20?

eulerscheZahl: time to write your own bots to root for, Westicles?

ddreams: reminds me of the tetris competition.. my last entry had a fatal bug so it ended in bottom of legend

VizGhar: westicles change your country to something exotic and youlll be first

[CG]Thibaud: no way we get into top 20. I guess we would avoid entering top 100

eulerscheZahl: tetris? do you mean puyo-puyo (smash the code)?

jrke: ohh cool nicee

[CG]Thibaud: I was 100 on Saturday morning :grinning:

cegprakash: I don't like how the recalc is going so far fo me -_- losing streak

jrke: :smile:

ddreams: I guess so

aCat: sundey morning 2018 ;p

Westicles: VizGhar, nice I didn't realize I won my country

DragonOfTheWest: same @ceg

eulerscheZahl: you put in a lot of effort to organize a contest and make everyone happy. i don't see anything wrong in you enjoying the event yourself by writing bots too

[CG]Thibaud: yeah, I like those games

Husenap: maybe they already have too much merch and don't want more xD

aCat: can we get some fresh one next time Thib, ?

VizGhar: Or can we make one? :)

[CG]Thibaud: what difference does it make?

rafaelSorel: 250 run still 8%, how many runs for the finals ?

eulerscheZahl: i like it a bit more on the search side. somewhere between this and the last contest. the sweet spot

aCat: it makes

aCat: one it is like second-handed used shirt

**PatrickMcGinnisII has an ouchie. :smirk:

eulerscheZahl: still nice to see a community gathering, even if it's not my strongest type of game

aCat: two there were probably some people with advantage

aCat: and we can make games ;]

eulerscheZahl: return of community contests?

aCat: ehh please

jrke: Samsung SDG's players were at top till few days ago

jrke: SDS*

aCat: the game was strange (other word for awful ;p) but with not a good contest from such a long time

aCat: happy cat

aCat: hope top 50

aCat: this cat needs acheievement :(

[CG]Thibaud: I don't believe players who played it in their company got a real advantage

DragonOfTheWest: tbh the cannon strats were a bit too much imo. Would've been nice to see some kind of stack reduction on wind casts.

eulerscheZahl: DragonOfTheWest++

[CG]Thibaud: there is a challenge in the making in some company. Should be open to all community

DragonOfTheWest: just so that enemies can't triple cannon out of your vision range

eulerscheZahl: oh, that sounds interesting Thibaud. like Crstal Rush?

aCat: game was quite unbalanced, heavy for sims, and very meta-dependent

jrke: does anybody also think that shielding opponent heros are sometimes beneficial?

DomiKo: yes it is

aCat: but the event itself was great

DragonOfTheWest: but I do think it was an unintended game mechanic xd. Blasterpoard started it on day 4 or something I recall.

DragonOfTheWest: @jrke yes it is, with cannon strats rofl

[CG]Thibaud: yup, stack wind was a bit too much. Unintended indeed

aCat: triple cannon my love

Default avatar.png BenLev: hi.

[CG]Thibaud: Also, somewhat counterable

PatrickMcGinnisII: i snuck in the sofia labs challenge, lol

jrke: for canon strat you have to be quick else your defense is gonna fail miserably

[CG]Thibaud: yeah, plus stack heroes are vulnerable to winds

Westicles: can't do it again though. all the titans will find old hackathons now and be ready

DragonOfTheWest: still though, the attack is just way to powerful

DragonOfTheWest: farm mana for 30 turns, and then just tripple cannon the enemy

DragonOfTheWest: no real counterplay except for positioning your defenders in such a way that they explore outside of your base

DragonOfTheWest: and even then, if they attack from the "far" side (so if your x is 0, from high y), you can't counter it as well

[CG]Thibaud: oh, and you were mentioning community challenges

[CG]Thibaud: bot programming events appearing tehre: will give CP

DomiKo: extra CP?

[CG]Thibaud: ah sry

[CG]Thibaud: not CP

DragonOfTheWest: @thibaud, how easy is it to create your own custom bot like challenge like this one?

raxkin: My strat for countering it is keep a defender near them with a shield(to avoid push back), and keep puting shields on near monsters so they can push them and also shield range > push range

DomiKo: EXP?

[CG]Thibaud: points for contest leaderboard

DomiKo: ohhh

[CG]Thibaud: yeah CP ahah :upside_down:

raxkin: Worked on some cases

DragonOfTheWest: @raxkin, yes but also no, relies on that you actually find the attacker

[CG]Thibaud: DragonOfTheWest not easy at all

DomiKo: and you fixed the issue with CP for previous contests :D

DomiKo: Do you know how many CP points? Like for normal bot programming? 5K?

raxkin: DragonOfTheWest yea, if i don't find the attacker fast enought i can't counter it

DragonOfTheWest: @Thibaud im willing to give it a shot, are there any resources on it?

jrke: DragonOfTheWest

DragonOfTheWest: thanks for reading my mind

aCat: so wait, I missed some chat, there will be some open call for creating a programming game?

[CG]Thibaud: same as challenges Domiko

DragonOfTheWest: can you add, other languages than java though?

aCat: kotlin

DragonOfTheWest: then*

5DN1L: "than" is correct

DragonOfTheWest: oh

DragonOfTheWest: im dumb, nice

VizGhar: you can go with kotlin :) the SDK works with maven, so you can import necessary kotlin dependencies

DragonOfTheWest: but can you also, for custom games, support c++?

jrke: i wanted to create a multi player game so i learnt java only that much which was needed to make

eulerscheZahl: aCat i think it's about "events". such as the puzzle of the week, just for bots

VizGhar: what you mean custom games? If it have viewer, it is implemented in Java/Kotlin

eulerscheZahl: i know this is planned. but not a real contest

VizGhar: *has

DomiKo: but it will add CP points to "contest leaderboard"

Westicles: So they'll use existing ones or only new ones?

eulerscheZahl: correct me when i'm wrong. i'd love to be wrong

eulerscheZahl: a contest is not just (or not even mainly) about CP

eulerscheZahl: new game, fixed timeline, lots of players

VizGhar: Just wait for official statement :P

eulerscheZahl: ok

eulerscheZahl: does Viz know more? :thinking:

Westicles: I bet it will be old ones... connect4 and whatnot

[CG]Thibaud: yes, community games

DomiKo: more players will play those games, so cool

jrke: after long i am watching D&B replays

jrke: there was a time when i just spent whole days on it

jrke: :grimacing:

DragonOfTheWest: @thibaud, when you create the custom game, can you use any language when playing it or just Java?

[CG]Thibaud: I'm not particularly fond of this. But it means : - more visibility to some nice community games - contest-like experience (or close)

jrke: so POTW replaced by events?

jrke: right?

DomiKo: sounds good to me

[CG]Thibaud: yes jrke

jrke: nice

[CG]Thibaud: any language DragonOfTheWest

VizGhar: I know nothing more than Jon Snow euler :P

eulerscheZahl: any for playing, JVM for creating (java, clojure, scala, kotlin)

VizGhar: Hmm I'll make some visually appealing game then :)

eulerscheZahl: who's Jon Snow?

Oedipe: What are other games like the last challenge's one? Would love to practice

Westicles: soul snatchers?

Oedipe: Thank you I'll go look into it

IvesL: broomstick flyers

SirLoxley: I liked it a lot this time that the game state wasn't fully known, i.e. the fog really added a lot of appeal

IvesL: its quite the same you push targets to goals

jrke: Oedipe there are many in bot progamming page

VizGhar: Code royale maybe too

DragonOfTheWest: @Thibaud just not hacklang :c

jrke: i would like to see if my clash bot still works

jrke: :grinning:

jacek: clash bot?

jrke: i made it year ago

nalka0: Is it normal that the whole legend league is being recomputed?

nalka0: Will it happen for other leagues too?

abt8601: Yes, only legend

nalka0: What's the explanation for this?

DragonOfTheWest: some people get dorment stuck in positions

abt8601: To get more accurate rankings for the top players

DragonOfTheWest: this will make the rankings as fair as possible

nalka0: But like why wouldn't that be a thing for other leagues than legend?

jacek: you dont get t-shirt in other league

nalka0: Alright you got a point but everyone deserves more accurate rankings right?

Kasparas: wow, legend is packed, 400 bots :o

Westicles: crazy that #1 fell to #10. might need to run it 10k times

DomiKo: I gained 1.8 already. Ranking wasn't stable at all

jordonez: how can i see the final ranking?


jordonez: thanks

Nerchio: still calculating

eulerscheZahl: DomiKo 12:12ᴾᴹ I gained 1.8 already. Ranking wasn't stable at all

everyone gained points when it started. that's how recalcs work somehow. everyone gaining, then most of us slowly dropping again

eulerscheZahl: the rank gain/loss is the relevant part

DomiKo: I went from ~30 to ~20

jrke: i went 341 from 284

eulerscheZahl: and the catapult in top10

DomiKo: the old close top 5 is now far away

eulerscheZahl: should have gone of that nonsense strategy maybe

eulerscheZahl: looks easy to code

DomiKo: catapult of wroclaw ;)

eulerscheZahl: somehow toto and bondo only at 14% progress with the rest of us over 50%

eulerscheZahl: oh, same for some at lower ranks, nevermind

kovi: thourough search and/or tough defense to last200

kovi: (3 defenders)

Dapps: really interested to see post mortems. wonder what type of approaches people went with other than heuristics

5DN1L: Have you checked out the forum post? Some people have posted theirs

Kururugi: is there a list of quest map achievements requirements for each level(gold, silver) etc?

5DN1L: You mean you want to see the hidden ones?

5DN1L: The small icons along the paths give you an idea of how many achievements are required for that particular level

VizGhar: Just ask what exactly you want to know and we will tell Kururugi

eulerscheZahl: does the same apply if I ask a question?

eulerscheZahl: lottery numbers of next week please. private messages are preferred

VizGhar: Which lottery exactly? I'll tell you the numbers but they wont be correct (its not contradicting my post)

eulerscheZahl: hm, i didn't consider that

VizGhar: ok ok... still want those numbers?

eulerscheZahl: no

VizGhar: It's harder to guess than java random as you can tell :)

eulerscheZahl: RealWorld.Random()

VizGhar: Didn't know I can guess the random that easily in java

eulerscheZahl: someone managed to reverse the generator for Number Shifting. and reCurse reversed some seeds for COde4Life

eulerscheZahl: somehow i assumed that double + rounding would be harder than integers and not feasible

Karang: integer is harder than double

Karang: (if the bound for integer is non power of two, it gets tricky)

eulerscheZahl: topcoder just uses SecureRandom. i'm not aware of anyone ever reversing it

Karang: double always do 2 next, so it is very predictable

eulerscheZahl: interesting

abt8601: Well, I guess if someone manages to reverse SecureRandom, then it probably deserves a CVE

VizGhar: :thumbsup:

jordonez: I'm very interested to see post mortems, where do people usually post them?


jordonez: thanks!

_Royale: Karang: haha I love your strategy, nice work :)

Karang: thanks :)

DomiKo: Sorry wala :(

actualCoderTrevor: Seems like a lot of people took advantage of symmetry. Wish I'd thought of that.

eulerscheZahl: i saw it but was too lazy to use that knowledge

Husenap: symmerty in combination with predicting monsters outside of vision improved my bot a lot

eulerscheZahl: but you are at the top, showing that you were willing to put effort into it

Husenap: yup

Husenap: just saying it's worth it :)

_NikJ: I saw someone mention it on discord and I tried to implement it, but ended up failing miserably

Karang: it helps but you still need a good strategie on top of the prediction to take advantage of it

Karang: I might have spent too much time on the prediction part

Husenap: yeah, it's tricky, you have to decide what to do with the monsters that are outside your vision


DustinNunyo: Oh wow... So I guess if your message is too long it just pastebins it. lol

5DN1L: yes

5DN1L: and i don't think there's a bug in python of CG

Astrobytes: what?! Ofc there is! Everyone knows that :D

5DN1L: :smirk:

DustinNunyo: I mean, I'm doing the Fall 2020 challenge this is my code.


Westicles: so when nma is the only guy left, all his opponents aren't impacted by the results?

DustinNunyo: if you give me a minute; I will try to clean it up to just the part that is causing the issue.

Whatar: might be related, on python when you to list2 = list1 you are not making a new list, you make a new list with list2 = list1.copy()

DustinNunyo: Errr, isn't list2 = list1 supposed to create a dereferenced pointed that points to list1 and store it in list2 in python?

DustinNunyo: pointer*

5DN1L: nope

DustinNunyo: yes it does... I just tested it


5DN1L: yeah, so both list1 and list2 are affected

5DN1L: what's the issue

DustinNunyo: It's not an issue, you just said that list2 = list1 does not create a dereferenced pointer that points to list1 and stores it in list2 but that is actually exactly what is happening on the backend. You are storing a reference not a value.

5DN1L: ok maybe i misunderstand what you said

5DN1L: my understanding is that both lists are modified that way

eulerscheZahl: it's also Python's understanding. and that's what matters

DustinNunyo: nah, list1 just points to the same memory address as list2 there aren't actually 2 lists just 2 names for the same list.

5DN1L: and?

5DN1L: what do you want to achieve?

VizGhar: In Java everything that isn't primitive type is reference :P That's why I love C you know exactly what is happening

eulerscheZahl: you mean assembler

5DN1L: i also know exactly what is happening in python, i guess :P

eulerscheZahl: you don't know it under the hood

5DN1L: nah, i don't know

eulerscheZahl: even an integer in python is a complicated thing

5DN1L: all i need to know is how the variables change :P

eulerscheZahl: how many bytes does an integer take? quick

Default avatar.png Tuo: i thought everything is a reference in python

5DN1L: i never care about what's behind the scene

Whatar: python does know what is happening, that's enough for me :heart_eyes:

VizGhar: :D then you don't understand it

DustinNunyo: not EVERYTHING. I think that ints and whatnot are stored as values

Westicles: the french always say they should add a MPR library and be done with it

DustinNunyo: it's only collections that are stored as reference in python.

eulerscheZahl: MPR? mad pod racing?

Westicles: yeah

5DN1L: Anyway what's the "bug" then, DustinNunyo?

eulerscheZahl: from MPR import reCurse

VizGhar: eulerscheZahl how much is int? 4?

eulerscheZahl: not sure, but much more

VizGhar: ??? is this python specific?

DustinNunyo: Well I linked you the code earlier. I haven't had a chance to prune it down to just the bits causing the issue though.


DustinNunyo: This is for Fall Challenge 2020 Wood 1 League

5DN1L: Explain what's bugging you with that code

eulerscheZahl: >>> sys.getsizeof(int()) 24

DustinNunyo: the opponent's spells are being stored inside of the player object

eulerscheZahl: then it grows when storing larger values

DustinNunyo: (and I imagine vice versa is probably true as well)

VizGhar: aha... sure... thats why they can compute 1000! without thinking

DustinNunyo: in other words the line that says "player.spells[ action_id ] = Spell()" ends up creating a spell object in both the player and the opponent class.

eulerscheZahl: and i'm pretty sure almost no one knows exactly what's going on behind the scenes when doing so

eulerscheZahl: it's fine, we rarely have to know

eulerscheZahl: that's the whole point of abstraction. we can concentrate on other things

eulerscheZahl: i just disagree with "i also know exactly what is happening in python, i guess :P"

5DN1L: fine, i'm just not exact enough :(

Astrobytes: lol, fixit

Default avatar.png Tuo: >>> sys.getsizeof(int(0)) 12 >>> sys.getsizeof(int(1)) 14

Default avatar.png Tuo: how you explaing this ? :)

eulerscheZahl: python3?

Default avatar.png Tuo: y

eulerscheZahl: i get 24

DustinNunyo: @Tuo you think that is weird? Try checking the size of a float vs an int of equivalent numerical value. lol

eulerscheZahl: and 28 for int(1)

yhyoxx: when top 10 postmortems ?

eulerscheZahl: when top10 decide to write them

Default avatar.png Tuo: im 64x, the point was that there is a difference

eulerscheZahl: the winner is tweeting already

yhyoxx: Husenap wen postmortem ? :weary:

Astrobytes: "I've only been a kid for the past few days, so I'm a beard."

eulerscheZahl: expect more details on

Astrobytes: gotta love google translate and Japanese

eulerscheZahl: sounds like something went wrong with tran...

eulerscheZahl: yes, that

Astrobytes: I don't care what the real meaning is, I like that statement just as it is

eulerscheZahl: for a previous contest everyone was writing about their grandma suddenly

eulerscheZahl: took me a while to realize it's about the witch of the contest game

Astrobytes: haha

DustinNunyo: :'( Well, it's definitely a bug in my code

DustinNunyo: I just simplified it down and it's working fine.

jrke: recalc completed!


5DN1L: :thumbsup: DustinNunyo

abt8601: Recomputations are over

VizGhar: python is highly usable garbage

VizGhar: oh... it scrolled like 20pages :D sorry

gaha: I though speed didn't matter much in this contest

gaha: but then top7 ended up non python

gaha: and 6 are C++

abt8601: Maybe they use some form of search

Mattant: gaha so you're the best of python users?

DustinNunyo: ooooh, wait a minute... I see what is going on... I am defining the spells list outside of the __init__() method and so it's treating it like a static member for some reason.

DustinNunyo: class Foo():

Gerritvw: v m

Gerritvw: \\

Gerritvw: \

Gerritvw: \

Gerritvw: \

Default avatar.png j4at: Python uses arbitrary precision integers

Default avatar.png j4at: oops old message

5DN1L: no spamming please Gerritvw

gaha: Mattant yeah

Husenap: speed doesn't matter, I ended up on top 4 with average turn time: 0.03ms

Default avatar.png Tuo: DustinNunyo check this

Default avatar.png Tuo: Husenap u mean 0.03 s not ms?

Husenap: no I mean ms

Husenap: the time does not include reading input

Husenap: it's the time it takes for the logic of one turn

jacek: applied ifology?

DustinNunyo: @Tuo Thanks man!

Husenap: 👌

Husenap: you know it, jacek

Mattant: This contest was one big applied ifology test lol

Husenap: it's gonna be interesting to see what people come up with later

Husenap: but I enjoyed this contest quite a bit, the battle at the top of the leaderboard was wild

Dapps: i had a lot of fun. just wish we don't need to wait a year for the next one :(

jacek: well, one was cracking prng seed ~

Default avatar.png SalvoUndMartina: python wixer

DustinNunyo: wow... that bug took a minute to solve... At least now I know how to do static and non-static members in python. lol That being said, I think that I already knew how to do them once upon a time... lol

InDeSchrank: niemer hät eu gern

DragonOfTheWest: blasterpoard was doing actual computations

Default avatar.png SalvoUndMartina: Who asked

DragonOfTheWest: im just curious what kind of algo that guy had

Westicles: bowwows algorithm was "an instantiation of happy clouds"

Astrobytes: and he said "I've only been a kid for the past few days, so I'm a beard."

Husenap: wth

Astrobytes: That's some raw knowledge.

jacek: Automaton2000 what does it mean?

Automaton2000: i know where you are going to have to do anything

Husenap: 🤔

Default avatar.png SalvoUndMartina: father is abusive

Default avatar.png SalvoUndMartina: They took the precious

5DN1L: no spamming please

jacek: :no_mouth:

Fwcode: 0/10k codin points for the contest?

Miki09: Automaton2000 what does the fox say?

Automaton2000: and i like the idea

cclaude42: So it's over ? :o

cclaude42: No more computing looks like

abt8601: Yes it's pretty much over

eulerscheZahl: it's completely over

eulerscheZahl: next: global leaderboard updates, achievements, release in multiplayer section, shipment of prizes

eulerscheZahl: and hopefully: announcement of next contest

Default avatar.png [ron]: @Fwcode: points computed once per day - so expect to see your points within less than 24 hrs

yhyoxx: why wouldnt they do another contest ?

eulerscheZahl: i mean: hopefully another one soon

yhyoxx: fall ?

Default avatar.png [ron]: just one per year now?

Fwcode: @[ron] ty

eulerscheZahl: thibaud mentioned some company contest that might be open to everyone. didn't say anything about the time schedule

Astrobytes: inb4 "we haven't decided yet" :P

jacek: didnt he meant this one? ;o

Ose: Hi guys

wlesavo: jacek :smiley:

Ose: Wow I remember some of you

KalamariKing: oh hey Ose

Ose: I have'nt

Astrobytes: time to abandon the chat again

KalamariKing: fr

demetedPufferfish: Hi, I did the spring challenge 2022 yesterday before it ended. I wanted to keep coding it today, but I couldn't find it. Could someone tell me where to keep coding the spring challenge?

Ose: Oh

eulerscheZahl: you will soon find the game here:

Ose: I missed the spring challenge.

demetedPufferfish: Could you tell me when it will be available?

jacek: probably next week

Ose: I signed up for it last year

demetedPufferfish: Ok, Thank You!

Ose: I only remember jackek

jacek: oh my

eulerscheZahl: do you remember Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: did you just make a function bool shouldusewind(hero, monster) { //add 10-15 conditions }

Ose: Yes!

Ose: French person

Ose: I only remember some of the mods

eulerscheZahl: speaks poor english. but always happy to chat with you

therealbeef: did Automaton2000 already pick up lang from this contest? :O

Automaton2000: thought i had to do some it stuff/decision at the customer

Ose: 2 of the mods

eulerscheZahl: which ones?

Ose: But I forget

Ose: 5DN1L

Astrobytes: not even a day and the chat is back to tripe again

Ose: Oops

Ose: :relieved:

jacek: :taco: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: yeah i think i can do something like

Ose: Well better get going!

Ose: See ya!

DustinNunyo: I have a question, is CG smart about assertions? What I mean is, if I put assertions in my code for testing; those assertions won't run in the arena correct?

Ose: CG must be complex so, yes

aangairbender: I think they will

aangairbender: code in arena should behave exactly as in ide

DustinNunyo: I guess a good way to test it is to just assert(False) at the top of my code and push my bot... lol

jacek: the code will run the same as in ide as well in arena

Astrobytes: if you mean C++ you must #define NDEBUG to deactivate assert()

DustinNunyo: I was referring to python but that is actually good to know about C++ as I do plan to start using it more.

Astrobytes: (before you include <cassert>)

Ose: I said I will be leaving Codingame soon

Ose: :no_mouth:

Ose: Alright this time I'm really getting on to coging

Ose: coding


DomiKo: is contest officially over?

Astrobytes: yep

DomiKo: any cheaters?

Astrobytes: donno tbh

DustinNunyo: Dang... This 2020 Fall Challenge is rough... lol

Ose: Eh..

Miki09: Is fall challenge 2022 going to be bot programming?

DomiKo: yes

Miki09: Or coding escape?

DustinNunyo: aren't all the seasonal challenges bot programming?

Miki09: no

Astrobytes: we don't even know if there will be one yet

IvesL: i think escape was just a one time public test last time

Miki09: contests 2018: 7 contests. 2021: 2 contests :-(

jacek: 2?

Astrobytes: yeah, we were spoiled in 2018

Astrobytes: there was only one last year

Miki09: if you count fall then 2

DomiKo: imagine being at CT in 2014

DomiKo: CG*

Astrobytes: I don't count escapes

Ose: Please do not leave

Miki09: Why dont we have more events? :-(

Astrobytes: it's not a priority, they don't have the resources

jacek: they spent all moneys for lawyers and copyrighters

Astrobytes: concentrating on the CG for Work (it is their income after all)

Miki09: And what if community would make contests for free?

Miki09: like mean max§

Default avatar.png Tuo: we should figure out a way to profit from our self!

Astrobytes: we used to do that

Miki09: then why not now?

Default avatar.png Tuo: then lots of content :)

Astrobytes: but they don't have the time or resources to do all the testing and advertising

Astrobytes: plus server costs etc etc

Miki09: :-(

Astrobytes: hey, it was great while it lasted; we were lucky

Smelty: gg contest is over


Astrobytes: Ose: can you just stop

eulerscheZahl: DomiKo 04:03ᴾᴹ any cheaters?

still 7705 players. no idea if they ran the check yet

DomiKo: ok

Dapps: cheaters as in code sharing?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: in the past there were always a few inconsiderate players who used a public github repo

eulerscheZahl: and others who thought they were clever

eulerscheZahl: then player count dropped a bit after their automated cheat check

eulerscheZahl: always the same few suspects that get removed :P

Astrobytes: indeed

eulerscheZahl: i was bored one day. so i generated some replays under the same conditions and compared them (i can't see the code, so false positives / negatives are possible)

eulerscheZahl: the 3rd of the contest shared the code after the end

cegprakash: recalc pushed me down 20 ranks -_-

cegprakash: at least not so bad as it usually is

Default avatar.png -Revelation-: How many people participated?

eulerscheZahl: 7705

Default avatar.png -Revelation-: thx

Dapps: hmm. now what to do with all this free time

kurnevsky: Solve all previous challenges that you missed :)

DomiKo: you can do many bot games here :D

eulerscheZahl: you can even create new games if you run out

Bob: do this one :p

kurnevsky: Or just improve your bot so it can take 1st place :)

eulerscheZahl: just dont do

eulerscheZahl: that's my only top spot and i want to keep it

Dapps: kurnevsky waiting to read bowow post mortem to copy it ;)

Bob: :D

Husenap: lol

jacek: :notebook: :soccer:

DomiKo: big lead

Dapps: eulerscheZahl challenge accepted! let me try this one out

eulerscheZahl: i predict a post mortem at

eulerscheZahl: (not there yet)

Dapps: Bob cool i love king domino

SadKris: Any tips for Shortest?


jacek: use python or ruby

Bob: Dapps :)

aCat: no achievements given yet for the contest?

Darleanow: Hello guys, i with a client and i really need help about SQL server reporting services, and ASP.NET

Darleanow: is someone familiar with it ?

eulerscheZahl: always takes a day or so aCat

Astrobytes: aCat: you should know by now that it takes a couple of days! :P

eulerscheZahl: haha

Astrobytes: :D

aCat: hmm

aCat: last achievement for the contest I got some years ago

aCat: so nope ;p do't remember ;p

Astrobytes: hehehe

eulerscheZahl: same aCat

eulerscheZahl: i don't get better

SadKris: Where do I access the contest?

jacek: its over. it will be available as bot programming next week

eulerscheZahl: maybe even earlier

SadKris: Where would I have? Under Events?

Wontonimo: well, that was a fun contest. I didn't have the time I wanted to invest in it and didn't get to Legend, but it was nice seeing everyone and being part of the struggle

jacek: yes, it was in events as well the main page


ClockSort: is there a Fall 2022 Challenge planned?

5DN1L: No plans announced yet. We don't know

ClockSort: hoping for a contest like this one :D

jacek: we can always make our own contest with blackjack and hookers

Astrobytes: DomiKo: 6 players removed

Wontonimo: wdym 6 players removed?

Westicles: They killed CaptainHamburger!

Wontonimo: oh? why

HoriMiyamura: what is wdym?

abt8601: what do you mean

Astrobytes: the anti-cheat

Astrobytes: duplicate code

Wontonimo: oh

Wontonimo: tisk tisk

Wontonimo: naughty naughty

DomiKo: 6!!!

abt8601: Is it a big number compared to past contests?

Wontonimo: there really isn't that much code. it could just all be pre-processed, hashed and soft duplicates quickly found

DomiKo: 6 From Legend :anguished:

Wontonimo: where do you see who was removed?

Astrobytes: well, I noticed the player count drop from 7705 to 7699

Wontonimo: or did someone take a snapshot of before

DomiKo: Legend had exactly 400 players. Now its 394

Wontonimo: ah, yeah the count would do it

Astrobytes: I always count using the main player count, I tend to forget how many were in legend

Wontonimo: I'd love to run a NN over the solutions and see if it can generate novel working solutions

Astrobytes: run it over your versions of your own bot

Wontonimo: i didn't get to legend though

Astrobytes: no, but you might still generate a novel working solution

Wontonimo: also, it would be a very small set

Astrobytes: :D

Wontonimo: true.

Astrobytes: afk

jacek: :taco: Wontonimo

Waffle3z: gold silver and bronze all have around 2k each, pretty even

Waffle3z: when do contests usually open back up as a multi?

jacek: 30th february

Waffle3z: cool that's in a couple days

JRFerguson: Waffle3z it has changed, sometimes it opened right after and sometimes it was longer, but most often they take 3 days

Butanium: any chance that cannon will be patched in the multiplayer game ?

antiwonto: [auto] jacek has awarded Wontonimo 10 tacos. Wontonimo now has 45 taco. jacek now has 15 taco

Wontonimo: tacos are back

abt8601: taco powers

antiwonto: [auto] That taco command has moved to the #taco channel

Wontonimo: oh, the taco channel isn't on ... just a sec

NewCoder09: :taco: Wontonimo

Wontonimo: okay, it is up and ready

NewCoder09: hey wonton

Wontonimo: :( I missed that taco, but thanks NewCoder09

Wontonimo: Hey NewCoder09

Westicles: yikes, the guys removed were corporate, how embarrasing

jacek: justic and law corporate?

_Royale: Karang: are you still there?

Karang: yeah

_Royale: I was wondering if you had issues with this HashMap

_Royale: when multiple mobs get pushed outside of the base on the same turn, they consume the Random generator in the order they get out of the HashMap

jacek: cracking random seed?

Karang: I chose to ignore it, basically it prevented me from predicting the mob direction, but i could just maintain the seed by skipping n nextDouble

_Royale: no when I tried to 100% reproduce the referee I had differences I was not able to fix because of this HashMap

Karang: there is a PR someone opened to change it

_Royale: Karang: oh of course I see, you don't get out of sync

Butanium: #test we can create channels ?

Astrobytes: yes

Karang: if the order was predictable, i could have resync more easely and do more predictions

Butanium: wait you could get the seed from a match Karang ?

Westicles: Now down to 392,


Westicles: they got Hori

_Royale: Karang: thanks I did not see that PR. If I remember correctly we already had an issue on a previous contest because of Java HashMaps

Karang: yeah it's anoying especially if they don't define a hash for their objects

Default avatar.png jordanemedlock: h

jacek: !

5DN1L: h + i = hi

5DN1L: Forum about the contest: "The results are now official"

Butanium: > FYI, we have removed 10 bots from the Legend league:


Default avatar.png Link_jon: .... Okay, my for loop is throwing me through a loop.-- 1, 3, 2, is appearntly the correct way to count

jacek: oO

Badoobicus: lol arena going WAY faster now that the contest is over

Wontonimo: which arena ?

Wontonimo: if you are using javascript foreach Link_jon, that happens

Badoobicus: Pod Racing

jacek: all arenas

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Lua; Numeric for.

Badoobicus: Last night it took me like 2 hours to run my submission through all the arena battles. Now it's like 10 minutes.

Wontonimo: oh, i thought the contest was moved to bot programming and I wanted to get in

Wontonimo: Badoobicus , has anyone shared this with you for mad pod racing

Westicles: back to our original programming

Default avatar.png Link_jon: due to how Lua is, i wouldnt be surprised if it has the same problem here (Its a scripting language too :P)

Default avatar.png Link_jon: I'll just change it to a while loop witha counter

Badoobicus: No I have not seen that, thanks for the info @Wontonimo!

But oh boy, people are using PIDs for pod racing? Looks like this could get pretty involved if I want to climb to higher ranks.

Astrobytes: PID, GA, NNs, the list goes on

jacek: people just use -3vel to get to gold

jacek: NNs are used by top of the top

Scarfield: i got legend with -3vel and some simple blocking heuristic iirc

Astrobytes: also there is minimax, smitsimax/UCT forest

Astrobytes: sounds plausible Scarfield

_NikJ: I still remember MadKnight's tip from years ago, dude said "Just print vector multiplied by 3, that should work" - it put me straight into gold

_NikJ: 1 line of code, vx*3

Astrobytes: -3

Badoobicus: Welp I'm still only in Bronze so I'll see if I can at least get to Silver without needing to get a PhD first

Default avatar.png Link_jon: (Eh idk. maybe my tests are printing too fast to print in the right order)

print(vec*3)? really? Huh.

Astrobytes: -3

Scarfield: targetpos - 3*vel

Badoobicus: Semi-related: is there a way to have debug messages appear above the pod like in the Spring contest? Or do I just have to print to stderr?

jacek: dont target next checkpoint. target next checkpoint - 3* speed of your pod

jacek: yes

jacek: just like contest, print msg after space

Scarfield: or target 3*vx, and see what it does :p pod goes brrr

Astrobytes: :D

abt8601: :joy:

Default avatar.png Link_jon: lul. mucho speedo

Badoobicus: ok @jacek thanks!

Scarfield: gotta admit i liked this contest, just didnt have much time :'(

Scarfield: oh you managed to get legend yesterday struct :muscle:

struct: hi

struct: yes

derjack: stupid NN cant get checkpoint 4 right

Scarfield: lol

struct: if you only train it on that map does it player better on it?

Astrobytes: gg struct, well done

struct: thanks

derjack: on it alone probably much better

Scarfield: i cant open the SR optim :/

Astrobytes: or you'll turn into a pumpkin?

jacek: site was down for a second now ;?

_NikJ: still is for me

Badoobicus: Yep went down for me too

Scarfield: a pumpkin?

_NikJ: I'm not even doing anything and it keeps telling me network error

Astrobytes: if you open SR

Astrobytes: like from cinderalla

Astrobytes: *cinderella

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: the carriage turns into a pumpkin at midnight

jacek: site was down for a moment, refresh the browser

Scarfield: bibbidy bobbidy

struct: yeah site is not working properly

_NikJ: An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session".

Astrobytes: :rofl:

struct: my ranks are not showing with mouse hover on bot programming

struct: ah

struct: it was because I blocked it :D

Astrobytes: lmao

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ah okay it wasnt just me. (i thought i was so bad at coding i crashed the website on my end lul)

Scarfield: lol

Segfault_4573256634: An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session".

Scarfield: maybe you crashed it for all of us Link_jon :p

Segfault_4573256634: can't clash :(

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ...true...

DollarAkshay: An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session".


Scarfield: dqw ... no no no

Achess: same here

Astrobytes: not clicking that

jacek: so you clicked it

Astrobytes: nope

DollarAkshay: XD

Scarfield: im pretty sure i know that link

Scarfield: im never gonna ... click it

_Royale: jacek: oh are you trying reinforcement learning on search race?

jacek: everyone who clicked showing off they didnt click it

Astrobytes: no jacek, we are used to your behaviour

Scarfield: and for some reason i remember the dqw part of the url

jacek: _Royale trying neuroevolution and evolution strategies. no q-learning, A3C TRPO etc. yet

KalamariKing: did the servers just 500 or was that just for me

Kururugi: must be just you

_Royale: jacek: nice. I discovered these recently, I tried "PPO" but without much success yet

BrunoFelthes: any PM from top 10?

Westicles: all the in/outs are busted

eulerscheZahl: do japanese tweets count?

_Royale: hi eulerscheZahl :)

Altaire: KalamariKing For me too. Ruined my clash...


BrunoFelthes: yes

eulerscheZahl: hi royale

jacek: clash cant be further ruined ;o

KalamariKing: ;-;

Kururugi: wut clash

struct: The chat wasnt bad during the contest, I hope it stays

eulerscheZahl: congrats for climbing some ranks at the end Royale. saw you struggling in gold for a while (at least it looked like that as you were submitting but far from the boss)

Scarfield: +1

jacek: KalamariKing since when you are that furrious

KalamariKing: only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session L

KalamariKing: jacek :flushed: since like, early 2021

_Royale: eulerscheZahl: yes I had a hard time in gold!

KalamariKing: my old pfp was just too zoomed out lmao

jacek: _Royale like this

KalamariKing: thats fun to watch

vitalii.kulik: hi. how do i solve it? "Oups An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session"."

5DN1L: Wait for CG to fix it

_Royale: jacek: nice :-) you should had the Initial D theme

KalamariKing: vitalii.kulik i think a lot of people are getting the same thing, the servers threw an error 500 for a minute or so before this

eulerscheZahl: oh, we lost 10 players. only 390 in legend now

vitalii.kulik: oh, ok. thanks. thought it just for me

peerdb: cheaters?

DollarAkshay: Oups An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session".

Astrobytes: yes, 5 cheaters and 5 alts

peerdb: ah people also push alts to legend? odd

KalamariKing: :skull:

AntonBlockchain: Hello!/ Whats this error on test code in IDE? Oups An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session"

5DN1L: CG bug

5DN1L: Wait for them to fix it

jacek: tomorrow~

Westicles: tomorrow

5DN1L: Lucky that the bug didn't break out during the contest...

Scarfield: that would have been sad

Darleanow: hello 5DN1L

5DN1L: hello Darleanow

Darleanow: Thats nice the devs added the 24h format time

Darleanow: how are you ?

5DN1L: not bad, thank you.

5DN1L: You good?

KalamariKing: "you good" :skull:

Darleanow: I'm really good except the fact that my boss put me on a freakin hard projecty

AntonBlockchain: thanks)

KalamariKing: oh hey the ide works again

VizGhar: difficulty of project should not be a problem... deadlines are :)

KalamariKing: ^

Darleanow: i'm only a student xD

jacek: so youll do it night before deadline

Darleanow: and it's hard to find documentation that i actually understand

5DN1L: Darleanow time to learn harder then :D

Darleanow: i'm already over the deadline ahahhaha

Default avatar.png Link_jon: i feel this

VizGhar: :D do you have senior dev at least there?

Darleanow: i'm not working in dev

Darleanow: i want to

Darleanow: but i'm more on networking atm

VizGhar: missed deadlines is management problem

KalamariKing: oh god

KalamariKing: good luck

Darleanow: ahahah

Darleanow: sql server reporting services is a pain in the ass

antiwonto: [auto] Darleanow be respectful and watch your language

KalamariKing: :L:

Scarfield: its all about that bass

Darleanow: SORRY WONTO

Darleanow: ahhaha

Husoski: Darelanow good luck--hope it's not an Adtive Directory prob..or whatever they're calling that this decade!

_Royale: blasterpoard PM incoming? :)

Darleanow: brb gotta do smth

blasterpoard: _Royale yes, it's there now

blasterpoard: I was just editing link to make sure they are displayed correctly

Scarfield: link for the lazy? also well done blaster

_Royale: thanks, I saw the "blasterpoard is typing" while reading other PM ;-)


eulerscheZahl: i think i can safely upvote before reading

Astrobytes: lol

Achess: Hello, is there any CG moderator available? There seems to be a huge performance issue on Dart. I can't even read the data of the test without timeouting…

jacek: there are problems in servers right now

Scarfield: there is a clause (by upvoting this PM, you agree that Blaster is greater than you in every way)

eulerscheZahl: moderators are here. but their powers don't affect Dart performance

Achess: I know but the issue is way older, it's been going on since this morning

eulerscheZahl: but he is, Scarfield

jacek: report this on forums or discord

eulerscheZahl: except: i'm 1.84m no idea if that's big enough

Scarfield: xD

Achess: I know but they can forward it to the dev team

Achess: thanks jacek

eulerscheZahl: #bug-reports channel on discord

Scarfield: i hope thats your height

5DN1L: I don't know who is the dev team :thinking:

Astrobytes: well either that or he's john dillermand Scarfield

Scarfield: xD

eulerscheZahl: no, it's my weight. 1.84 megagrams. of course it's my height...

Scarfield: you might have missed my improper innuendo

Astrobytes: :grin:

eulerscheZahl: i ignored it

Default avatar.png Link_jon: mm

Waffle3z: just noticed I'm 6th in counting tic tac toe, which is still broken because I solved it and then nothing changed

Scarfield: i figured, but you never know

jacek: you solved and youre only 6th

BrunoFelthes: finally blasterpoard PM

Waffle3z: yeah I can never lose but others are better at winning

BJD: i solved, but im at 29th

Waffle3z: could maybe get 1st if I kept resubmitting to flatten everyone else's scores so that a single victory brings me above anyone else

struct: I dont think its getting changed

Waffle3z: just making the board an odd size would fix it

Waffle3z: all even-sized boards are trivially drawn

jdell64: anyone do the mars lander?

jacek: but odd size favors p1 too much

Waffle3z: run it twice

jacek: jdell64 whats your question

Scarfield: steal

jdell64: oh i'm just not sure what to do... I have found an LZ, I have a degree from the mid point of the LZ to the lander... speed is alluding me

jacek: episode 2?

struct: hmm, I don't know what to do now, pick a bot programming and make a bot for it, or finish porting backgammon

struct: o.o

jacek: backport gammon

Default avatar.png Link_jon: gammonport backs

Scarfield: make it with zelda theme, and call it backgannon, to copyright dangers

Default avatar.png BulletHeaven: aahhahahahahaah

Scarfield: to = no *

struct: can you copyright board game rules?

jdell64: you can copyright the rulebook

jdell64: not the mechanics

Scarfield: backgammon is too old

struct: "Years active:1646 to present"

struct: I think I'll be safe

jacek: hmm? i thought it was ancient

Default avatar.png Link_jon: I agree with this btw. Also idk. Tons of monopoly clones. Kirby is in pinball?

jdell64: monopoly clones are licensed by the company (milton bradley?)

Scarfield: its probably based on the royale game of ur, which is 4000 years old iirc

Default avatar.png Link_jon: fair.

jdell64: the only thing you have to worry about when copying game mechanics is "will people hate me for doing this"... (imo, i'm not a lawyer)... If people would be like, "hmm this lame company can't make original stuff" then yeah, you have a problem

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: Hello everyone , can we not practice on the contests once they are over?

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: like spring challenge

struct: Brawler_zx it should become a multi soon

struct: maybe tomorrow?

Astrobytes: yes but there is a short delay before it becomes available

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: cool

jdell64: and i don't think i'm on episode 2

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: Is there an archive where ended contest questions are?

Astrobytes: in the forum, yes

Astrobytes: just search for the name of the game

eulerscheZahl: what's a contest question?

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: Got it thanks

Astrobytes: feedback/strageies

Astrobytes: *strategies

eulerscheZahl: ah. somehow i read it like "where can i find the previous multiple-choice contests we had"

Astrobytes: :D

dimp: When will the Spring Challenge be available as a bot programming challenge?

Waffle3z: code of the rings is called "brain fork" now but it still has the same "code of the rings" background

Scarfield: within the next few days probably

eulerscheZahl: brain fork was my suggestion

Waffle3z: 🧠🍴

Astrobytes: one of the better names used after The Great Renaming

Astrobytes: *during

eulerscheZahl: i tried quality over quantity with my suggestions

eulerscheZahl: i also claim authorship over "Death first search"

Waffle3z: guess we weren't worried about A*Craft

Astrobytes: hehehe I still remember when you suggested Death First

eulerscheZahl: it was also on the list

eulerscheZahl: and game of drones too

eulerscheZahl: i wonder if they still intend to change the name

Astrobytes: perhaps a low priority

jacek: copyright a low priority in usa? oO

Astrobytes: maybe not so dangerous, assuming they had an IP lawyer look at it

jacek: tcp/ip lawyer

Astrobytes: lol. not bad

Default avatar.png Link_jon: why not ipv6

Waffle3z: all of the finished contests still use the original names


Astrobytes: Yeah, probably a technicality there

Waffle3z: now they're just named "spring challenge [year]" and "fall challenge [year]"

Astrobytes: And Boss 1, Boss 2, Boss 3 etc too :(

Waffle3z: lame

Astrobytes: sad times

Scarfield: moboss

struct: Just wait until I port a nintendo game

struct: Then we will find the limits

Scarfield: mario pod

Astrobytes: Super Moira Sisters

Scarfield: breadth of the wild

eulerscheZahl: just make sure that i can take over control and play it manually instead of watching my bot in action

eulerscheZahl: technically it would be doable

struct: it is

Scarfield: you can that for smash the code, only found out a few months aago

eulerscheZahl: but not mid-game

struct: oh MSmits lost his rank 1 on yavalath

struct: Someone call him

Scarfield: o0

Astrobytes: who has it now?

struct: robo

struct: I think royale pushed him

Astrobytes: ah

actualCoderTrevor: I started going down the human-interaction path for this contest. I wanted to use human-interaction and backprop to train my NN. I got as far as displaying the board and heroes and keeping the referee from raising a timeout exception. I realized the runner still moves on without any input in time though. That's when I realized yesterday there wasn't enough time to finish that strat. I still want to explore it.

actualCoderTrevor: Using another bot as a starting point for backprop would also be interesting.

jacek: :thinking:

jacek: using NNs on CG, is it feasible?

actualCoderTrevor: It's been done, hasn't it?

Astrobytes: he's trolling you

jacek: :zipper_mouth:

Scarfield: Natural Numbers have been used before i think

Astrobytes: :expressionless:

Default avatar.png Link_jon: GAH. Lua is trying to tell me that numbers == nil and thats just nuuuu

struct: dont trust lua

actualCoderTrevor: Astrobytes ah no IHBT

Astrobytes: jacek is actually a good resource to talk about NNs on CG with

jacek: IHBT?

actualCoderTrevor: I have been trolled

jacek: oh my

Default avatar.png Link_jon: I mean... Lua is one of my best friends... right there beside google :/

and its saying x=x+1 is returning x=nil+1

struct: whats the value of x before that?

Default avatar.png Link_jon: 1

Astrobytes: like everything in Lua

Astrobytes: counting from 1... smdh

Default avatar.png Link_jon: albiet i am 2 tables deep

Default avatar.png Link_jon: but if thats why this is going wrong, i blame codingame lul

Scarfield: how do you index the first element of an array in lua, also with 1?

Astrobytes: yes

struct: Hmm i just tried and got no errors

struct: x = 1 x = x + 1 io.stderr:write(x)

Scarfield: at least thats coherent

Default avatar.png Link_jon: err. How does i use the pastebin here?

struct: just paste it

Astrobytes: it does it automatically

struct: I will generate a link for you

Scarfield: it makes a pastebin automatically

Scarfield: argh

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png Link_jon:

Default avatar.png Link_jon: noice

Default avatar.png Link_jon: particularly that for loop at the end

jzen: What does the '#' do in ' if tiling== #linesX[loopX] then'?

Scarfield: #'test

antiwonto: [auto] 'test' was defined as ' this is a test '

Default avatar.png Link_jon: "#" is what i need to ignore; walls

jacek: are you doing bender

Astrobytes: that pikachu puzzle

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Left the link at the top of code

jzen: But it is in the if statement

jzen: I was just wondering if it is special lua thing or if you accidentally put it there

jzen: *some special

Astrobytes: In these locations: for loopX= 1,#linesX do for tiling=1,#linesX[loopX] do

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Well... the four ifs that set side[x] to "#", are moreso so i dont have nil problems with tables when looking past the grid

Default avatar.png Link_jon: LoopX==1 is when we are at the top. So we set the top side (side[1]) to be a wall "#"

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Same goes for the next three

Astrobytes: but why is there a # in for loopX= 1,#linesX do

jzen: Oh nevermind, it is the length operator in lua

Astrobytes: ah cool

Default avatar.png Link_jon: OHHHH

Default avatar.png Link_jon: #table <-- is like table.len()

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Gets length of table

Astrobytes: yep, gotcha now

Astrobytes: still not sure what the issue is, try printing x to stderr and stepping through it

Astrobytes: is all I can suggest

Default avatar.png Link_jon: note; linesX[loopX][tiling] is what the problem child is

Default avatar.png Link_jon: and yeh

Astrobytes: linesX[loopX][tiling] = tonumber(linesX[loopX][tiling])+1

Astrobytes: what's the +1

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Yeh

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Ah, due to needing print out what tiles have how many neighbors, im counting said neighbors

Scarfield: stephen colbert with critical role doing dnd, if anyone interested :p

Astrobytes: oh right, I vaguely remember the puzzle

struct: Link_jon


struct: Use io.stderr to debug

struct: as you can see the last value of the for before it throws an error

struct: is not a number

Default avatar.png Link_jon: yeh i just saw

Default avatar.png Link_jon: tonumber isnt doing the prevention i want

Default avatar.png Link_jon: type(tonumber())=="number" will though

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Thanks yous

Default avatar.png Link_jon: onto the next problem lul

struct: np

Astrobytes: saved for later Scarfield

Default avatar.png Link_jon: wait hold on am dumb.

Scarfield: suspected you might enjoy :)

Default avatar.png Link_jon: I need to apply more if statements

jacek: true ai

Astrobytes: Scarfield: just started reading The Long Earth, have you read it?

Astrobytes: Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter

Scarfield: nope, but almost finished with my current series, so need a new book

Astrobytes: it's a whole series but I never got round to it

Scarfield: probably gonna start some scifi, asimov or any of the other ones you guys recommended not too long ago

Astrobytes: this is scifi too

Astrobytes: multi-dimensions

Scarfield: added to my list :)

Astrobytes: :)

Scarfield: its rare you see a book with more than one auther, interesting

Astrobytes: not in the scifi and fantasy world

Astrobytes: it's common


Scarfield: had no idea, but as mentioned before, i havent read anything scifi yet. btw any fantasy book suggestions to put on my list. A Song of Ice and Fire is some of the books i enjoyed the most

Scarfield: as in enjoyed the most of everything i have read

Astrobytes: I'm not a particularly avid reader of fantasy stuff tbh

Astrobytes: you've presumably read Tolkien etc

Scarfield: yup

Astrobytes: For me it never really gets better than that lol

Scarfield: well actually didnt read the 3rd LoTR

Astrobytes: Oh you should

Scarfield: was maybe 11-12 and the passing was too slow for me then, never got back to it

Astrobytes: Give them a re-read

cukcan: hi

Astrobytes: That said, I still have never finished Queen of the Damned

Scarfield: sure, reading them in english is also most likely a lot better, read 1 and 2 in danish back then

Westicles: Patrick Rothfuss? I think the 3rd book is finally coming out

jacek: :scream:

Astrobytes: Ah I see.

Astrobytes: oh and all of Pratchett's Discworld if you haven't already

Westicles: Not all of those are great...

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Got it working :D

Astrobytes: hmm my friend recommended Rothfuss too actually Westicles

Astrobytes: and true

Scarfield: Rothfuss and discworld added to list :)

Westicles: The kids like him, but he's left a trilogy ending hanging for 11 years

Astrobytes: John Ringo Posleen War - style

Astrobytes: "I don't want to write about it any more"

PatrickMcGinnisII: Asimov Foundation Trilogy, good read. Children of Dune as well. LoTR is hard to read. Sry, stuck my nose in

Scarfield: i know the pain, the last book from GRR Martin (Dance of Dragons) was published 11 years ago

Astrobytes: the more the merrier Patrick

Lysk: GRR Martin scify novels are nice too

Scarfield: actually only read ASoIaF, but heard good about his other works before :)

Astrobytes: my friend swears by those too, but I didn't get on with his fantasy stuff so maybe not for me

Scarfield: what did you try to read?


Astrobytes: A bunch of them, I don't remember the titles. Was when I was housesitting in Sweden, my mate left a list of books to read from his bookshelves

Astrobytes: I kept getting really bored.

Astrobytes: (with his writing)

PatrickMcGinnisII: Java books don't make you cry ... ever read any of the first Perl books?

Astrobytes: I never got into GoT either (just for context)

Scarfield: weird, i guess you have to take the time to get into the world of the story, but A Song of Ice and Fire is likely the series i have enjoyed the most. taste is a funny thing :)

Astrobytes: Camel books all the way

Scarfield: GoT is not the same though, the first few seasons are close, but i havent seen past the books. and from reviews im probably not gonna watch the last seasons anyway

PatrickMcGinnisII: did SC2022 finish it's rerun?

Astrobytes: ages ago

Lysk: yes

PatrickMcGinnisII: how did yall rank?

Astrobytes: Scarfield: yeah, it's more a style thing I think with his writing, it annoyed me. Just didn't get on with it :shrug:

Astrobytes: PatrickMcGinnisII: I didn't bother looking, somewhere in gold

Westicles: I had a tight race with tbali for the groovy title

Astrobytes: chainsaws at dawn :P

PatrickMcGinnisII: i see report, but can't find leaderboard

Astrobytes: (I hope someone got my reference)


struct: I think I'm going to try to make a bot for COIF

struct: seems interesting enough

PatrickMcGinnisII: tx scar

EddyA: Hi, any date to be able to play agin?

Scarfield: didnt get the reference (dusk till dawn, chainsaw massacre)

struct: EddyA usually its available the next day

Westicles: Astro, nope. evil dead maybe?

Scarfield: np ginsli

Astrobytes: COIF is a great game struct

struct: But I would say it will be available this week for sure

Astrobytes: Westicles: 1 point to you

EddyA: Thx!

Astrobytes: Any time I see or hear "groovy" I see Ash in my mind


Scarfield: my mind would go to austin powers xD


jacek: not clicking

Astrobytes: shut up jacek

Astrobytes: :D

Scarfield: lol jacek

jacek: oO

Scarfield: nice clip astro, apparently i havent seen evil daed

Scarfield: dead*

Astrobytes: brilliant they are

Astrobytes: random yoda speak I talk

Scarfield: lol did read it in yoda voice xD

Scarfield: huumhhf

Astrobytes: <shuffling noises>

jacek: Automaton2000 is this some markov chain talking?

Automaton2000: i don't want to learn it

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: is the force strong in me Automaton2000

Automaton2000: yes, but i don't know how to find a way to send a message

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Scarfield: noice

_Royale: sorry Karang, just realized you explained the HashMap part in your PM, don't know why I missed it, I must be too tired :dizzy_face:

Karang: no worries :p

PatrickMcGinnisII: karang needs to mke a seed finde puzzle

Karang: I thought about that, there are a few puzzles that can be made about LCG

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Sigh. python doesnt want lists inside lists

PatrickMcGinnisII: did they just remove some people from te leaderboard, i thing rank changed

PatrickMcGinnisII: looks like the sabotaged bots r gone

Astrobytes: they did earlier, from legend

Astrobytes: 5 alts from legend players and 5 dupes from the same company

PatrickMcGinnisII: lol, someone look at my garbage code and go...yup that mf submitted a bot on crack


5DN1L: Link_jon You can have lists inside lists in python

eulerscheZahl: i can neither confirm nor deny that i took a snapshot of the leaderboard to find the missing names

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ... Huh. Strange, i cant seem to convince python to be happy with this arrangement. Guess i should keep poking at it

PatrickMcGinnisII: one name on that list was asking alot of questions

Wontonimo: list_of_word_lists = [] list_of_word_lists.append( ['hi','there] )

Wontonimo: Link_jon ^^

Wontonimo: ist_of_word_lists.append( ['another','entry'] )

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Allrighty, thanks.

Wontonimo: okay, you'll have to fix my syntax errors

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ?

eulerscheZahl: but all of those players were below 200 before getting removed

eulerscheZahl: wait, they were all the exact same code?

eulerscheZahl: with user ID and rank:


Scarfield: 5 were i believe from same company

eulerscheZahl: that's 100 ranks difference for the same code?

eulerscheZahl: same company + same code or similar code?

Scarfield: same code

Wontonimo: Link_jon

eulerscheZahl: ranking randomness confirmed then

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Yeyah

eulerscheZahl: 3 dead even. 1 above, 1 below

Wontonimo: wow, i didn't realized how much CG has scaled back on contests until I looked at

Wontonimo: 7 contests in 2018

Astrobytes: yes, we were spoiled - nay, ruined - in 2018

eulerscheZahl: some of them are puzzle contests when you go back even further

peerdb: 7 times 10 days is quite a lot of time to invest

Wontonimo: yeah, i was just looking at 2014

Astrobytes: there were unofficial ones that we barged into as well

eulerscheZahl: legends of code and magic had a 4h sprint contest

eulerscheZahl: and a 4 week marathon

Astrobytes: lol, does that count

Astrobytes: the sprint

eulerscheZahl: no => 6 contests

Wontonimo: on the other had peerdb, you'd probably build up more of a local toolset and have a lot more reuse

peerdb: that's also fair

Astrobytes: it was also a lot of fun

jacek: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

digitalix-ai: Would be great, if the game was available for practice, now after the contest is over...

eulerscheZahl: will be soon

Astrobytes: it most likely will be

PatrickMcGinnisII: +/- 100 raanks for same code...gasp

eulerscheZahl: Thibaud told us not to share code. so I expect a return

Scarfield: i will extrapolate that, and assume i should be 1st

Astrobytes: true

Astrobytes: lol Scarfield

eulerscheZahl: i'm off. back to normal (=working) tomorrow :(

digitalix-ai: Great, if it'll be soon! I only reached the bronze league, didn't have enough time...

struct: gn

Scarfield: im off as well, gn folks :)

struct: gn

Astrobytes: gn Scarfield and eulerscheZahl

olimago: Hi there, didnt had much time for this contest, the last one I did was #30 legend for Xmas Rush. Anybody have a recommendation for a past contest ? Something with few math like a board game or something like that (already done heartstone, overcooked and xmas rush)

struct: do you like board games?

olimago: Yep ! Ideally something like that

struct: have you played spring challenge 2021?

struct: no math needed there at all

ddreams: I liked that one

ddreams: The Fall 2020 is also a board game, but it wasn't so enjoyable imo

PatrickMcGinnisII: the bomberman one mayme olimago

PatrickMcGinnisII: er maybe

olimago: ok thanks i'll take a look, I also noted photosynthesis and kingdomino which could be nice

struct: 2021 is photosynthesis

Astrobytes: Photosynthesis was Spring 2021

struct: You can also check postmortems, I describe my bitboard structure there

olimago: ah right,^^ thanks sounds like a match then ^^

Astrobytes: also Onitama, and any number of classic board games in the multis these days

jacek: :notebook: :soccer:

PatrickMcGinnisII: what is the name of the bomberman one, i wanted to go back and redo it

PatrickMcGinnisII: ?

Astrobytes: Hypersonic

PatrickMcGinnisII: kewl, tx

Astrobytes: np

cegprakash: just read jujurocking's legend 29 strat

cegprakash: he was passing monster from a hero to another hero into a double wind

cegprakash: he was basically playing fantastic bits

cegprakash: lmao

Astrobytes: there was a strong FB feel as the contest progressed, that's true

cegprakash: my post mortem

Astrobytes: I read it ;)

Astrobytes: #90th ain't bad man, well done

pmor: grats ceg...I was just happy to make legend

Astrobytes: nice one pmor :)

cegprakash: lol lukasjapan had a midfielder and a keeper in his strat

cegprakash: literally everyone playing this like fantstic bits

cegprakash: lmao

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Pythoned

Default avatar.png pandaburger: Quick question about c#, is "Event" an ok class name or do I have to rename that to avoid reserved keywords?

If so, what can I name an class for things that are called events in the business logic?

antiwonto: [auto] Hey pandaburger, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

Mindarius: take taco

antiwonto: [auto] That taco command has moved to the #taco channel

ddreams: @pandaburger there are no capital letter keywords in C#

ddreams: I would probably avoid the word event anyway though, since it's used for handling different types of events

ddreams: Also it's very generic with many meanings

struct: var_events

struct: done

ddreams: class var_events {

ddreams: interesting suggestion

Astrobytes: BusinessLogicEventClass

Astrobytes: Java style :sunglasses:

Astrobytes: You can then have BusinessLogicEventClassHandler, BusinessLogicEventClassListener, etc

ddreams: Don't forget managers

Astrobytes: yes indeed

ddreams: BusinessLogicEventClassListenerManager etc

Badoobicus: BusinesslLogicEventClassHandlerService

Astrobytes: good point also

ddreams: And obviously factories to create them

Astrobytes: Naturally

ddreams: BusinesslLogicEventClassHandlerServiceManagerFactory

PatrickMcGinnisII: I thin kkI'm goinf insane

ddreams: Perhaps you're having a stroke?

Astrobytes: whaddya mean "going" ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm writing weird code

Astrobytes: Patrick, of COURSE you are writing "weird code", you use PHP

PatrickMcGinnisII: example:


ddreams: It's like PHP and Perl had a baby

struct: calculateSpiderCollisionBaseRadius(Spider& s)

Astrobytes: That's abhorrent

struct: short name

struct: :D

Astrobytes: @Patrick

Astrobytes: lol struct, that's SmitsCase

Badoobicus: are spaces illegal in PHP?

Astrobytes: PHP IS illegal

Astrobytes: ddreams: hahaha 100%

PatrickMcGinnisII: I can make it run faster

Astrobytes: By chasing it?

5DN1L: :joy:

Astrobytes: :grin:

PatrickMcGinnisII: it's just so wierd that this is where my brain went first, i think CG is reprogramming me

ddreams: The end result of too much PHP

ddreams: Tragic, really

Astrobytes: ^ this

ddreams: Such a promising individual.. corrupted

Astrobytes: Patrick, I have told you so many times, go back to C

Astrobytes: Keep your PHP for puzzles if you must

PatrickMcGinnisII: I think Imma go back to java since the referees and such are more easily simmed

Astrobytes: c# would be a better choice imo if you want to go that route

ddreams: I like prototyping in Python and then moving to C++... for this contest I just stuck with Python since I did zero search and zero sim

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm still insane af tho ;)

Astrobytes: ofc :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: PY would put me in a straight jacket

ddreams: Maybe that's for the best

Astrobytes: lol, he may use PHP but he ain't quite *that* bad :D

ddreams: Have you already forgotten the code? :D

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: fair point :D

**PatrickMcGinnisII adds a dash of prozac to his :coffee:

Astrobytes: try meth!

Astrobytes: I mean, sugar!

ddreams: Reminds me of my sugar rush and subsequent sugar crash teammates during the ACM competitions in Uni

PatrickMcGinnisII: I use Monkfruit sugar, meth..bahahaha... enough of that in redneck ville central FL already

PatrickMcGinnisII: my father was an addictions professional councelor, i told him it takes a crazy person to recognize a crazy person

PatrickMcGinnisII: He suggested I go to sex addicts anonymous ... I think I know where I get my sense of humor from

PatrickMcGinnisII: 2 puzzles down

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: brilliant

Astrobytes: yeah ddreams, sugar is overrated as a stimulant

Astrobytes: anyway, out for tonight, see you all later

ddreams: ciao

PatrickMcGinnisII: "be good, or be good at it"

struct: gn

ddreams: btw, thanks for the 4x wind replay struct

ddreams: helped me implement it in my bot


struct: np

struct: I just copied the idea from someone else

ddreams: Mine is slightly buggy though

ddreams: Sometimes it pushes it outside the range of the gang

ddreams: Yeah, I saw the idea several times too, but didn't get it right myself

EvModder: lol my rank was 63 when contest closed but in post-contest reruns I dropped to 197

EvModder: :/

EvModder: to be fair, i didnt actually work on my bot at all the last 3 days so im kind of surprised i was still that high at the end

PatrickMcGinnisII: euler said bots running same code were +/- 100 ranks

EvModder: yeah

EvModder: this contest had wayy too much randomness

EvModder: it made it really hard to know if changes were improvments or detrimental

EvModder: like, i'd improve my fog of war calculus and then suddenly lose 60 rating

PatrickMcGinnisII: i agree, i couldn't nail down my bot states to run a decent sim

PatrickMcGinnisII: i ran 4 attacking states and 4 defending states among the heros, but each state wasn't optimal, like the default board positions were close, but hard to nail down ... so I would rerun each change ...I thiink if i ran MC offline 1M times it still wouldn't have helped

PatrickMcGinnisII: i ran some spawn heatmaps, not a total loss, but still a huge waste of time

EvModder: yeah; the optimal strategy depends a lot on spider spawns and what strategy the opponent uses

struct: ddreams how did you calculate where to send the spider before you casted the triple wind?

EvModder: i wasted first 5 days of contest in wood league trying to crack seed before giving up due to the huge state space... I concluded it couldn't be done

EvModder: but then turns out someone managed to do it lol

struct: But he also stated it wasnt a big advantage

EvModder: i think it would have been if he had used other legend league meta

EvModder: he stated he did not use shield at all

EvModder: also he never used wind defensively

EvModder: because if he used wind on turn%==0 it would be tricky to know which mobs spawned that turn would get their random direction affected

ddreams: I tried to calculate the resulting position, and see if that was in range of the heroes. Looped 360 angles like you said

PatrickMcGinnisII: I tracked mobs whether they were visible or not with a health decay to decide if I should go in for the kill ... didn't work great, but it worked

EvModder: the other thing with cracking the seed that he mentions (but didnt use) is you can actually control it a bit

ddreams: I tried to add the spider's movement, though I'm not sure they're applied after wind?

EvModder: like, you can get new spiders to move in a certain way, or only use wind to push a spider out of your base if it's new random direction will be away from you (or toward enemy) etc etc

EvModder: lots of potential

struct: it doesnt

struct: after you push a spider it doesnt move

EvModder: ya, not until next turn

ddreams: Right, thought so... though it's part of my gold to legend last minute submit :D

Darleanow: hello guys !!

Darleanow: i had a question concerning truncation

Darleanow: when i try to print json data, (its an anime synopsis) , its truncated with [...], how can i remove this and print everything ?

ddreams: Which language?

Darleanow: py :)

ddreams: You're not using print then?

Darleanow: print(str(json.dumps(z['results'][1]['synopsis'])))

Darleanow: this is how i return results

EvModder: wait, i have a question

EvModder: for any CQ admins lol

EvModder: CG*

EvModder: i was wondering if there were shirts for spring2020

ddreams: Does it have an infinite loop?

ddreams: I mean, a cycle

ddreams: "The ordinary print() also uses ellipses but for displaying recursive data structures, which form a cycle, to avoid stack overflow error"

Darleanow: no, it's taken from a dict


Darleanow: this is what i get

Darleanow: from this :'anime', a)

Darleanow: then i try to print synopsis

Darleanow: ah nvm

Darleanow: i'm just.... stupid

Darleanow: sorry bothering you

ddreams: :D np

Darleanow: but i don't know why it is truncated >:'(

ddreams: Probably need to use another API method

Darleanow: aww man ToT

PatrickMcGinnisII: 3 puzzles down

ddreams: Try using getAnimeById when you know the id

ddreams: @Darleanow

Darleanow: oh thanks !

Darleanow:'anime', a) o=json.dumps(z['results'][1]['mal_id']) m=(jikan.anime(o)) print(json.dumps(m['synopsis']))

Darleanow: fixed with this :)

omoussao: can we continue playing the challenge after it is finished?

ItsNotABug: Hopefully they turn it into a multiplayer

ItsNotABug: My bot was still terrible due to lack of time. Would like to go back over it eventually. It was a good game

omoussao: hoping so

Default avatar.png uchiha21: any tips on getting better at coding? i find even the easy challenges to be hard

ItsNotABug: youtube? stackoverflow?

ItsNotABug: codingame is more about applying and enhancing rather than learning tbh

PatrickMcGinnisII: 4 puzzles done today

Default avatar.png moelester123: ur all a bunch oof fucking nerds

antiwonto: [auto] moelester123 be respectful and watch your language

Default avatar.png moelester123: im gonna say a racial slur

Default avatar.png moelester123: n1gga

comp0zr: whooaaa so edgy

trulynameless.: lol bro chill

ycsvenom: i am a nerdy geeeeeeek

ycsvenom: and i am honored to be one

0zBug: hi

ycsvenom: hello

creeperZnation4: Hello, esteemed "nerdy geeeeeeek"

Default avatar.png sang_guy: hi

Default avatar.png Shaurya101: hi

Default avatar.png natorius6: ih

Default avatar.png blanec12: hi

BlueArtemis: hi

abt8601: hi

marouane572: hi

Default avatar.png milkiyd: hi

PatrickMcGinnisII: jello, always room for jello

Salticid: Is the referee code for Mad Pod Racing available?


PatrickMcGinnisII: i think

Salticid: Great, thank you :)