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struct: triple wind is even worse than 2

eulerscheZahl: my only hope is to distract the attacker long enough so that some spiders will find their way into the base

HoriMiyamura: yeah, I do that too

HoriMiyamura: I see a lot of 2/3atts, doesn't code anything good, just do the same all the way, and they are in top gold or low legend

HoriMiyamura: that impacts other players

Waffle3z: herd opponent heroes into the corner of their own base and lock them there using wind, then any spiders that get near get blown directly into the base

Waffle3z: until they shield themselves and get out

HoriMiyamura: it's not like that

HoriMiyamura: wind stacking is like a shootgun

HoriMiyamura: and bang -> you lost

Default avatar.png Tuo: quick question: if i control a monster that will step in my base next turn, will it walk out?

struct: it gets a random diredciton

struct: direction*

Default avatar.png Tuo: like wind?

HoriMiyamura: no

HoriMiyamura: if u mean get the monster to out of base_attraction

PatrickMcGinnisII: Tuo it mixes vectors, it could end up inside base, if it does it goes back to base

HoriMiyamura: it will keep the speed vector

Miki09: What is the dist where you see in fog?

struct: 2200

Miki09: ok thx

PatrickMcGinnisII: my defense sucks

Default avatar.png Tuo: but the speed vector will be my control, and that will get it of my base

PatrickMcGinnisII: tuo it will add the current vx,vy and the new vx vy for the result x,y

Default avatar.png Tuo: it steps in and next turn control applies and it gets out?

Miki09: Any 2200 is radius of your view circle or diameter?

HoriMiyamura: ok: if it is in the base after control-> it will use the speed that direct to base center

struct: radius

Miki09: ok thx

HoriMiyamura: if it is out of 5000, it keep your speed vector

HoriMiyamura: that's all

Default avatar.png Tuo: ah its like take base casts another control on it?

HoriMiyamura: the rule is that: if the monster is in the base 5000, it will always get same attraction

Default avatar.png Tuo: after the turn

Default avatar.png Tuo: but control and step happen before

HoriMiyamura: yeah. if it is not im[acting by wind/control

HoriMiyamura: I think you could read source code of the game

HoriMiyamura: to see what's happened


Default avatar.png Tuo: not so quick question :D ty guys

Default avatar.png MrBamboo: Is it possible to cast "CONTROL" on a spider ?

struct: yes

Default avatar.png MrBamboo: I try but I always have "Bad command"

Default avatar.png MrBamboo: is that right ?: " CONTROL 14 15130 6500 "


Default avatar.png MrBamboo: OOOOOOOOHHH

Default avatar.png MrBamboo: Miss the SPELL ... 🤦‍♂️

Default avatar.png MrBamboo: Hahaha thanks !

struct: yw

struct: So hiding already stated

struct: started*

struct: The person I was copying broke the bot :p

yhyoxx: control enemy when he's shielded : win dont control when shielded: lose ...

Default avatar.png Tuo: its fairly random even with deterministic bots

Default avatar.png Tuo: the game in general

Default avatar.png Tuo: thats why the run in arena fail to get correct rank

Default avatar.png Tuo: i have gone 150 -> 50 rank just by waiting in league

HoriMiyamura: it might be because those above you get promoted

HoriMiyamura: but yes, the promoted behavior is weird

HoriMiyamura: you just need to sit there and promoted

Default avatar.png Tuo: i think the algorithm is not good with close to 50/50 matches and low runs

HoriMiyamura: the point is this: if ever in lucky the bot has higher than the boss score => it will get promoted, even though it is just lucky

HoriMiyamura: I should for the more eval instead

HoriMiyamura: but it isn't

yhyoxx: not luck

yhyoxx: maybe luck if you're very close to the boss's score

yhyoxx: and boss score lowers

Miki09: Added HUGE code, time to test...

Waffle3z: wonder how effective this is. gather 90 mana, then group your heroes and walk back and forth 300+6600-1280=5620 units from the opponent's base. any time a spider comes within wind range, almost guaranteed life for 30 mana. if it happens 3 times before you die you win

Waffle3z: if you're interrupted by having your heroes blown or controlled so they're out of sync, or if the opponent happens to wind the same spider you're trying to, it fails and you have to farm to try again and you'll probably lose because you're not defending at all

Miki09: But for some people it works

Miki09: Imma implement it now. Thanks you Waffle3z :-)

Miki09: *Thank you

EvModder: well i'm done with the contest; considering how little spare time i had, i think im satisfied with my result

Miki09: The mana at the end O.O

EvModder: personally i did not like this contest that much (mainly the floating points, randomness)

struct: im out

struct: cant even look at the screen anymore

struct: gn every1

EvModder: gn struct

EvModder: c u next contest

Miki09: gn

yhyoxx: gn

Default avatar.png Tuo: Walffle3z you can also collect a bit more mana and send spiders to be shipped like so with 2 hero attack

Default avatar.png Tuo: *Waffle3z

Default avatar.png Tuo: it sucks to send heroes out just to sit there :)

Waffle3z: rekt

Miki09: lol

Miki09: which leaugue are you in?

Waffle3z: gold 156, haven't submitted that

Miki09: ok

Waffle3z: died simultaneously, won on wind mana

Miki09: Im trying to use 3 def but I have millions of bugs...

Miki09: *3 att

Waffle3z: look at frame 48 and then ask if it looks like I'm about to win

Waffle3z: submitting this, probably going to be worse but it's cool when it works

Waffle3z: it doesn't even beat boss 5 half the time

Miki09: lets see

Miki09: looks good

Miki09: 14% battles #1278

Waffle3z: this was a meme strat but maybe if it can plan better then it could be strong

Miki09: What place r u now?

Waffle3z: 42% 590

Miki09: hmm

Waffle3z: keeping 1 defender might also make it much stronger, the 2 attackers just have to be closer to the base and be smarter about directing monsters to line up for the shot

Bernard_Lowe: I'd agree with that. 2 attackers feels just about as difficult as 3 attackers, but they have some defense.

Miki09: not as good as yours but I'm making progress:

Waffle3z: gold 548, worse than what I was doing before but funnier

Miki09: My troll code vs my old code:

Miki09: time for ubmit

Miki09: Could be worse...

yhyoxx: do you lose mana when you fail a spell ? like control a shielded unit

Default avatar.png KillerB37: Hi everyone !

Default avatar.png KillerB37: In the mod pod racing I don't know the meaning and thus how to manage the collides.

Zandy156: yhyoxx "Using a spell against a shielded entity still costs mana."

Zandy156: I'm unsure about other cases

yhyoxx: thanks

CrazyGamer: yes

PRO_G_r_AM_m_ER: I messed up my attacker :( need to fix

jacek: :upside_down:

HoriMiyamura: still don't know how to face 2atts

PatrickMcGinnisII: i'm starting to hate this game

HoriMiyamura: rank 80, resubmit and nerver go higher than 200 :(

Murat_Eroglu: Same

PatrickMcGinnisII: so many bots my win % is close to 50%, you have to be definitively better to go up

FaRNaM.Hs: Bye world

jacek: Oo

HoriMiyamura: 2atts every where :(

Default avatar.png ataya-codam: can you play red when testing your code?

5DN1L: yes

jacek: yes

HoriMiyamura: yes

Default avatar.png ataya-codam: how?

jacek: oh my

jacek: under ide, delete your bot

Default avatar.png ataya-codam: ok, did it. now what?

5DN1L: add the boss and yourself back in reverse order

Default avatar.png ataya-codam: oh i see

Default avatar.png ataya-codam: ty

bourgeof: HoriMiyamura See bowwowforeach. He is top 1 and seems to have only 1 attacker.

HoriMiyamura: thanks, let me check

bourgeof: There is till hope for people like us :smiley:

Miki09: What if I am submitting my code and the contest ends?

therealbeef: it waits for you to finish

Miki09: ok thx

HoriMiyamura: when contest end, it will get all the current submits, and then recompute

HoriMiyamura: *for legend it will recompute

HoriMiyamura: for other it will wait for all of them complete

therealbeef: you can even promote on the last submit and then the system will wait for you to finish all matches in the higher league as well

HoriMiyamura: can't under stand bowwowforeach strategy at all :(

LaurensD: @HoriMiyamura a lot of foreach, no one can understand

MindController: It seems he tracks the enemy attacker

MindController: And tries to counter it

_NikJ: Looks like no legend for me :D

_NikJ: 100th in gold rn :(

yhyoxx: got to 6th in gold

yhyoxx: same code is 300th now ...

Miki09: Me too _Nikj

Miki09: I was 800 but im 1593 now

Miki09: But I still hope...

yhyoxx: sad

Miki09: Off Hope is the last to die!

yhyoxx: is it :cry:

HoriMiyamura: which is your case when use control and shield for defending?

HoriMiyamura: I can't think of a good case for these

PatrickMcGinnisII: dbdr gonna jump into legend?

yhyoxx: duh

dbdr: PatrickMcGinnisII, possibly with a bot I submitted two days ago :D

_NikJ: that moment when you play the code against your old bot, go make a coffee and come back to a 3:0 loss

_NikJ: but you realize you swapped the positions, so it's actually a 3:0 win :sunglasses:

PatrickMcGinnisII: my defense sucks

HoriMiyamura: just a few hours

HoriMiyamura: resubmit same code make my rank go from 80 to 18x

HoriMiyamura: I can't believe in my eyes

PatrickMcGinnisII: i will be lucky to stay in top 1k

PatrickMcGinnisII: there r some improvements

PatrickMcGinnisII: but i spent too much time fixing bugs

StevenV: which is a good ways to counter 3 defenders?

_NikJ: to hope to God you don't run into them

Default avatar.png mdeetea: @StevenV have you try to use 2 attackers?

HoriMiyamura: lengend will be recompute at the end of the contest isn't it?

AlkhilJohn.: hello

[CG]Keelhaul: Yes

HoriMiyamura: haha, so I don't need to regret for resubmit :D

LaurensD: well, you might end up 300th and become in the top 100 after a while (based on the battles after).

LaurensD: or vice versa

LaurensD: random numbers, btw =P

HoriMiyamura: :D

HoriMiyamura: the more I submit, the lower my rank

HoriMiyamura: even they just the same'

_NikJ: it happens, I resubmitted the same code by accident

_NikJ: and went from 100th ingold to 250th

Murat_Eroglu: :D I stopped submitting because of that reason

Altaire: “My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”

Noyotens: how to beat a mana collecter

Noyotens: they dont attack

Noyotens: they just defense and collect mana

HoriMiyamura: haha


Default avatar.png iwillgetbetter: Just to be sure, a turn follows these steps: heroes move, wind spells, monsters move, heroes fights monsters in range, other spells ?

Noyotens: yes

Default avatar.png iwillgetbetter: then there's a problem, I have a spider with 1 of life, distance is 400 to base, I should fight her, but my base still loses a health point

DaNinja: control, shield, heros move, combat, wind, then move mobs

Default avatar.png iwillgetbetter: thank you

cegprakash: my gold bot climbed to rank 43 in legend over night when I went to sleep don't know if I can trust this rank..

cegprakash: lool

yamo: cegprakash submit again, so you will know :)

cegprakash: nah want to enjoy my rank for a while

cegprakash: lol

StevenV: haha

DollarAkshay: if ai apply control spell every alternate turn, the enemy hero still cannot use shield right ?

DollarAkshay: I* apply

StevenV: I think the reason is that top player resubmit

cegprakash: DollarAkshay can..

StevenV: and then we face them while we submit too

StevenV: at the time we will be penalty a lot

cegprakash: say opponent uses ctrl on turn X you can either use shield on turn X or turn X+2

cegprakash: only turn X+1 actions are replaced

cegprakash: but if he is using chain control then u can't defend

cegprakash: alternate is defendable

cegprakash: I have not seen the referee but based on my observation I'm saying

DollarAkshay: Hmm so there is no way of chasing and controlling right ?

DollarAkshay: Like chasing behind the control hero

DollarAkshay: controled*

cegprakash: just try to use shield on ur defender hero when u are in threat and ur hero is not being controlled.. no need to complicate

cegprakash: I don't usually use shield on my defenders tho

cegprakash: shield is bad if opponent is a wind player

cegprakash: he can push us into defense which sometimes is good

cegprakash: gold boss is a wind player so I don't shied my defenders in gold at least

cegprakash: but yeah if u are using only 1 defender it's better to shield him

cegprakash: that's what I've seen in top tier legends with 1 defender

Ekaon: Is there a way to know if we are a debug game or in tournament game ?

Rikerslash: Did my Hero just bug out in turn 176. It says move MOVE 4480 2650 but he walks different direction

Rikerslash: right instead of left. What am I missing?

Valdemar: He is pushed by wind from hero 0 on that turn Rikerslash

IvesL: you are pushed away

LaurensD: you are being pushed away

LaurensD: that hero is a bully

Rikerslash: yea thanks was sure I missed something

LaurensD: man, the ide of c# iis rather slow

Ekaon: Is it normal to not see the error stream in the tournament battles ?

Default avatar.png pandaburger: I have a question about JS arrays, is it not possible to have "return someVariable;" in the array function of an array's forEach(()=>{}).....

Default avatar.png pandaburger: I just answered my own questions

Default avatar.png pandaburger: -s*

Default avatar.png pandaburger: hahah I mixed up the arrow function's foreach with the parent function's

Default avatar.png pandaburger: so when I wrote return in there I was only returning to the parent function and the parent function didn't do anything, so ... undefinied

MindController: Will legend be resumbitted at the end of the contest?

kovi: no resubmit just a huge number of games

avdg: LaurensD how much time do you use per round?

kovi: for top100

avdg: I'm already off to a side project

MindController: kovi does the score i have now chages anything, or can i resumbit?

MindController: changes*

MindController: like

MindController: do i lose anything

kovi: you can resubmit even last minute but depending on rockpaperscissors effect it may result slightly different result may

MindController: if i resubmit now and i get a unlucky submit?

avdg: I'm prototyping programming languages a bit, experimenting with representations that can be converted to something a cpu/gpu can understand

MindController: at the end oif the contest we will just get extra games?

kovi: yes, thousands

MindController: score for previous submit will stay + extra games

MindController: ok

IvesL: is it really a rockpaperscissors cuz rank1 have few variants in defense

eulerscheZahl: thousands as in "almost exactly 1000"

eulerscheZahl: each player gets 500 games. but you are also part of other players getting a game

blasterpoard: IvesL there's not that much RPS; it's mostly people loking for excuses for not climbing

IvesL: i agree

DomiKo: people just hate this game

DomiKo: I'm one one of them :smiling_imp:

blasterpoard: skill cap is high enough to win the entire contest with many different strategies

IvesL: blasterpoard i see you have changed quite a lot in strats comparing to few days back as well

PatrickMcGinnisII: 685th, i guess I'm going to sleep at 8am

**PatrickMcGinnisII yawns

blasterpoard: I want defenders to waste 1 turn and 20 mana on shields, then continue as before :)

blasterpoard: with the difference that I can't accidentally push them into defense

blasterpoard: + some tweaks to not get killed by 1 attacker before the timing push

eulerscheZahl: hero move before WIND makes it hard to use wind properly

mybk: Hi, the simulation of the game does not work with me anymore, anyone facing the same problem ? or knows how to solve it ?

blasterpoard: it's much easier if the opponent has to also be afraid of this:

MindController: blasterpoard

MindController: seems u have bug

MindController: why do u try to push shielded monster at frame 80?

eulerscheZahl: to push the attacker which moved away?

blasterpoard: nah, just a good old bug

eulerscheZahl: a good old shielded bug

blasterpoard: missing an if somewhere

DomiKo: Euler wow

eulerscheZahl: [master 7b9798f] attacker logic

1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

eulerscheZahl: didn't even change that much

DomiKo: now I have to find what did you changed

wlesavo: oh nice euler, quality improvements or just lucky submit? :slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: i changed some behavior but did not expect a big impact actually. maybe 5 ranks gain

cegprakash: good old bug lol

eulerscheZahl: should have done this 19h later, now you will try to analyze me :(

DomiKo: ofc we are :D

eulerscheZahl: or the submit will just drop like a stone, only 20%

blasterpoard: idk, you said you changed offence and you're not killing me fast enough

wlesavo: not me, my deep analysis left me deep at the legend bottom

blasterpoard: so not really interested in your bot

eulerscheZahl: boom, headshot

DomiKo: emotional damage


eulerscheZahl: there we go, 4 losses in a row

wlesavo: pms would be really interesting though

struct: nice top 5

struct: Im back

struct: its all in now

struct: no sleep until legend

eulerscheZahl: are you sure? "i wrote a huge chunk of if-else it does something"

DomiKo: struct I see full attack mode now

eulerscheZahl: MindController:

MindController: eulerscheZahl dont give up

eulerscheZahl: he was right after all, little change

struct: I might be hiding, who knows

eulerscheZahl: struct smurfing in top10 confirmed

HoriMiyamura: :D

DomiKo: struct 50 points incoming

HoriMiyamura: 49.9 points is good enough

struct: lol

struct: 50 is impossible

struct: you can only get 8.0 higher than rank 2 right?

DomiKo: for you? :wink:

struct: yes impossible :p

eulerscheZahl: not sure about the exact limit. but 50 is impossible

eulerscheZahl: indeed

IvesL: i think 40 is good enough already

IvesL: according to the distribution of trueskill

struct: last contest diff was 6.85 between rank 1 and 2

IvesL: >99.7%

eulerscheZahl: i expect you to do better than that struct

IvesL: the true >99% comparing to language certificates

blasterpoard: this time, there might not be even a 1 point difference, simply because of fog of war

struct: or may be even more

struct: if dapo submits

blasterpoard: or karIiso

blasterpoard: the usual suspects

Default avatar.png Zyk0: I wanted to see reCurse's bot

cegprakash: bowbowforeach look like u have a GA

cegprakash: nice combos

DomiKo: GA :joy:

eulerscheZahl: there are more search algorithms than just GA

cegprakash: but this is a simultaneous game

struct: I think its smitsimax

cegprakash: not alternate move game

cegprakash: so GA

DomiKo: is this a problem?

DomiKo: for any algo?

struct: But I havent even looked at his games

cegprakash: smitsimax look like a GA

struct: is mcts a ga?

cegprakash: except there is no backpropogate in GA

DomiKo: The GA can't handle the difficult behavior of the opponent

Westicles: America's hopes rest with CaptainHamburger

cegprakash: MCTS is not

cegprakash: but MCTS is kinda too much random

eulerscheZahl: sounds very american

JRFerguson: you can take some ms to GA the opponent and then GA yourself

cegprakash: GA has mutation

JRFerguson: it works in some cases

cegprakash: so u converge to accuracy in GA while MCTS is just random

DomiKo: JRFerguson that dosent really help

JRFerguson: it does to some extent

cegprakash: MadKnight used to say GA everything

JRFerguson: not the same as minimax or smitsimax of course

cegprakash: don't know what happened to MadKnight

cegprakash: miss him

struct: just assume that opponent has 4 heroes

struct: :)

DomiKo: ;)

Dapps: I've done too many simultaneous enhancements my rank has dropped

Dapps: now to slowly undo them...

eulerscheZahl: classic

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: How can i start coding? or learn

cegprakash: rockyyyyyyy123 just learn the sytax like basic loops arrays, then u are good to start solving problems

IvesL: you learn coding by start coding?

cegprakash: syntax*

Dapps: I wonder if bowwowforeach is using some sort of brute force search. i think he did the same in a kaggle competition i was in

wlesavo: if this submit end up in top150 im not touching this mess ever again :slight_smile:

DomiKo: good decision

IvesL: dont touch old code, you rewrite it

cegprakash: bowwowforeach is using symmetry property at it's best from my observation -_-

Dapps: think most top bots are. it's a lot of useful info if you see/don't see a spider

PRO_G_r_AM_m_ER: how fast can a hero move ?

wlesavo: took me about 15 minutes to code today, including finding spawning positions in referee

PRO_G_r_AM_m_ER: i see 800

ddreams: what are the spawning positions?

ddreams: is it a fixed list or just the area?

wlesavo: ddreams

ddreams: right, thx

cegprakash: bowbowforeach's defender is following my attacker like vodafone's pet dog :P lol

IvesL: do you think purely following is a good strategy?

IvesL: assigning one hero

cegprakash: it works for bowwowforeach

cegprakash: bowwowforeach has a crash here:

Dapps: shh don't tell him

cegprakash: lol

Dapps: anyone know the vector math for where to target when a spider is on the edge

Dapps: i find i blow them everywhere but where i want it to go

cegprakash: for attacking u mean Dapps?

cegprakash: heropos+target-monster vel

Default avatar.png pandaburger: I just gotta say that using code games as a hiring test is retarded, and makes me use ableist terms.

Dapps: cegprakash yup attacking. so hero.pos + enemybase.pos - monster.speed?

cegprakash: yes try it Dapps

Dapps: thx

Valdemar: cegprakash no need to use monster.speed, they pushed before move and after that cannot move

cegprakash: enemybase.pos - monster.speed gives the direction of wind

cegprakash: doing hero position + direction of wind gives the target of wind

cegprakash: Valdemar

cegprakash: sorry.. Dapps

cegprakash: heropos+target-monster pos

cegprakash: not velocity

cegprakash: good catch Valdemar

Dapps: you tricked me! no wonder i lost so many in a row

cegprakash: typo

Dapps: it's all good. i have my own bugs to fix lol

cegprakash: Dappbugs

Default avatar.png MrPc: hello

Default avatar.png MrPc: I'm new here, where should I start

VaseSimion: hello MrPc, I would suggest some practice problems

VaseSimion: what do you want to achieve here?

Venneth: Hello, is the x,y in the coordinate system the same as cartesian, but the y is inverted?

Astrobytes: Yes

Venneth: allright thank you

Astrobytes: top left 0,0

Venneth: allright got it

Default avatar.png MrPc: I want to practice data structure and algorithm

VaseSimion: Then I would suggest doing some practice problems. That is your best start to get used to codinggame

VaseSimion: Then you just go harder

Default avatar.png MrPc: Thanks.

IvesL: if you want practising data structure and algos, isnt leetcode better?

VaseSimion: There is a big challenge ongoing, but it ends in 17 hours and you might not get much of it

VaseSimion: Leetcode might be better, but this is more interactive and fun (from my own experience with both)

Dapps: +1

Dapps: although i wish they ran these competitions more often

Dapps: and not escape room ones..

VaseSimion: I have not tried the escape rooms, yet

blasterpoard: frame 65+ that wind battle between my defender and arnaud's attacker...

Astrobytes: if any mods are in chat, the spambot is back on discord

5DN1L: done, thanks!

Astrobytes: 5DN1L: thank you very much :)

5DN1L: np :)

eulerscheZahl: i think the spambot is actually a hacked account. saw the same on topcoder discord and when the user was messaged, he said something along the lines

eulerscheZahl: that also makes it close to impossible to prevent it with extra authentication steps

Astrobytes: yeah, it uses hacked accounts as spambots

Astrobytes: it's a nightmare to control it seems

eulerscheZahl: so first you get hacked, then banned :D

eulerscheZahl: great day

Astrobytes: lol, right

jrke: replay limit is now frustating me!

jrke: time to setup it locally now

eulerscheZahl: replay limit. you mean that it only shows the last 500 in your history?

Astrobytes: I think he refers to the ide play limit

jrke: yeah ide replay

jrke: online ide

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: oh, blaster with a blast

jrke: test.html ->

jrke: :neutral_face:

eulerscheZahl: that's a lot of grey

jrke: not lot its everything grey

struct: never faced that problem

blasterpoard: eulerscheZahl just a lucky submit; not that much changed from the previous one

struct: not that much can help

AshKetchum: blasterpoard, looking at your profile pic, I can't stop thinking if you switched b and p in your nickname:grimacing:

Astrobytes: it really used to bother agad e iirc


jrke: any idea?

peerdb: Im really struggling countering players with good CONTROL usage on my heroes

IvesL: then use shield?

Jok55r: sup

ZndrBrok: IS there a moderator in the place ?

ZndrBrok: C# language assist is always broke... It was the same trwo days ago and i see it's always the case :/

ZndrBrok: i can write "hsdighf;" and it will only throw me the error when it compile...

struct: Im just a chat moderator

struct: Report it on forums I guess

eulerscheZahl: lucky submit? i can totally identify with that

eulerscheZahl: or with a lucky start at least

struct: timer is blinking...

eulerscheZahl: no, just red

struct: you are right

Astrobytes: "indeed"

struct: :grin:

BrunoFelthes: 700 bot computing... every contest is the same thing... servers cant handle the last day of the competition... it is depressing

Astrobytes: at least we *have* a contest

Dapps: buy them more servers

BrunoFelthes: they should have a paid service to add more services and have a priority queue to the one that contribute... an aws server is $3 a week

BrunoFelthes: i could pay $10 to have a priority queue

Samer: fairness is crucial in this competiton

Astrobytes: we had this discussion yesterday

Astrobytes: I would agree with donations for server power but I wouldn't agree with pay to win, neither does CG

Samer: I wasn't here yesterday, but if servers can be rented for the last few days of each competition, I'm happy to pay for them... just who do i talk to?

BrunoFelthes: why it is not fair??? they should ask for 2 or 3 more server... than the ones that will pay, will add more server for everyone

Astrobytes: a priority queue for those who paid is unfair

Astrobytes: not everyone can afford to contribute

Samer: there are a lot of students and people who can't afford to pay but want to play and have fun, why should they be at a disadvantage?

Samer: anyway, who do I talk to regarding my proposal?

IvesL: how about priority queue with cooldown, only prioritize same user every few hours?

Astrobytes: it won't happen Samer

Astrobytes: we have made suggestions like this for years

Samer: why not Astrobytes? consider it a donation

Samer: oh, wow ok

Samer: that's messed up

Samer: I for instance, couldn't work on my code for 2 days... and today I have time, but submitting takes hours and it's a bit discouraging

BrunoFelthes: it is not unfair, they will have their position later, only it... and priority, is not before, is that you have your processor.... you have garantee that you have your queue in 10 minutes

ZndrBrok: Hi guys, can somebody try to write C# code and confirm that the language assistance is broken ? I am not sure if this bug is more global or concern only me... Two days ago other people where writing about the same problem, but today i see nobody speeking about that :P

ZndrBrok: It's so frustrating

ZndrBrok: :/

Samer: ZndrBrok I never used it, don't think I even saw it working, I code in VS and just paste here to submit

Dapps: I have the same issue. I just don't rely on it and us VS Code

ycsvenom: struct i know you good in c++ can you lead to how to start playing with OS? i am sorry if the question is a bit ambiguous but that's the best i can do

ZndrBrok: Ok, thanks guys !

Astrobytes: ZndrBrok: most of us code offline in an IDE of our choice, personally I use visual studio, or sometimes vscode for quick things

LaurensD: Yeah use external tools, the ide is slow here unfortunately.

Samer: I also dump all game input each turn, and use that data in VS to analyze any particular game turn, very useful

Dapps: +1

struct: ycsvenom I only use c++ here tbh

Default avatar.png heiyao: 为什么打出来的变成中文了

ZndrBrok: @Samer, i need to read more about that !

ZndrBrok: I didn't knew u can do that :P

Astrobytes: just copy to a text file, then set stdin to that text file in VS

LaurensD: struggles of life


Astrobytes: *redirect not set

ZndrBrok: Ok !

ZndrBrok: Thank you !

Astrobytes: very useful, np

Samer: I just paste the input to VS console, and set a breakpoint at the beginning of my strategy code section

Astrobytes: ^ that works too

cegprakash: This is what I use in C++ for debugging in Visual Studio 2019

cegprakash: FILE* f1;

freopen_s(&f1, "input.txt", "r", stdin); turn = 120;

cegprakash: and comment this line before submission

Astrobytes: yep, yet another way to do it

Michael_Howard: How do you tell if a spider you can't see anymore is dead or something else happened to it?

cegprakash: u need spider sense

Astrobytes: :smirk:

Dapps: walked into that one lol

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: with great mana comes great responsibility

Michael_Howard: Should have by now, I've been bitten by enough spiders.

Astrobytes: lol

cegprakash: the yellow and pink spiders don't scare much.. the red spiders are deadly

Astrobytes: the bluish-black ones you find under rocks in the UK give a nasty bite

Astrobytes: tube-web spiders

Astrobytes: false widows give a bit of a nip too

44AA44: start

44AA44: oops wrong chat

44AA44: sorry

cegprakash: too slow submits

cegprakash: this is so sad

cegprakash: given the last day of contest

Astrobytes: it's ok, you're not going to sleep so why worry, just submit later

cegprakash: I submitted 2.5 hrs back and it's only at 39%

cegprakash: look like I can only do 2 more testing

cegprakash: after this completes

eulerscheZahl: wow, that's extremely slow

Astrobytes: yes, we're all in the same boat

Dapps: i get too impatient and make another change and start a new submit :(

_NikJ: 1h ago, 21% xd

eulerscheZahl: it's Sunday in France

Astrobytes: 1hr 44m ago and at 56%

_NikJ: servers lazy too?

eulerscheZahl: Labor Day even, public holiday

Dapps: 6m ago at 8% :)

Astrobytes: lol

_NikJ: same here, eulerscheZahl

_NikJ: add weekend on top of, 5 days off

eulerscheZahl: too bad that holiday and sunday fall on the same date

Astrobytes: ceg is already pinging Thibaud on discord to complain

_NikJ: in my company, when a public holiday falls on sunday, it's extended to monday too

Dapps: running so slow i'm watching every single battle in 1x

Astrobytes: hahaha

_NikJ: and still got time to go grab a coffee :d

Astrobytes: at least you won't miss anything I guess

Dapps: scores seem so close. 1pt difference can be 100 ranks

Default avatar.png ashiknur: why testing is taking too long?

struct: too many submits

struct: and low number of servers

struct: and this is ifs bot if this was search it would be even slower

cegprakash: true that struct

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: I wonder if referee is slow/unoptimized

cegprakash: I believe my straight foward if else would run under 10 ms

struct: yes it is

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: ^ exactly

struct: you just need to check the 8k turns line

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: would be cool if we could run a testing environment locally

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: donate CPU power to codingame in exchange for quick feedback loop

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: then, just write a bot that mines bitcoin

struct: you can test locally vs your own bots

Dapps: nice finally seeing different things come together. probably one of my best starts

raxkin: Hey, not sure if it's allowed to give tips for the challange, but if it's possible, anyone can share a article or some concepsts that i can research for calculating the push angle? Want to solve this problem in frame 175:

raxkin: Currentlly pushing to 0,0 but would like to calculate the optimal point to don't push it to the wall all the time

peerdb: Is it weird that I'm performing better against the top 150 of Legend than against the lower 150?

DomiKo: no

jacek: :neutral_face:

cclaude42: Hello! Anyone know where I can find the formula they use to rank companies / schools in the contest ?

Kelos: raxkin, you need to calculate direction from mob to your base and push in that direction. WindPosition = HeroPosition + BasePosition - MobPosition

struct: I think its just average of top N players

jzen: "We take the sum of points of the top 5 players in each company/school with at least 3 players"

raxkin: Thanks Kelos, will try it

jzen: From the faq on the contest page

cclaude42: Oh And what's the "points" ? Is it CP ?


cclaude42: Awesome, thank you!

gaha: hey is there final leaderboard recomputation after the challenge ends?

blasterpoard: gaha everyone in legend gets another ~500 games

blasterpoard: 500x2, actually, because you get 500 games from your recalc and around 500 from other people's recalcs

cclaude42: Anyone know the fitness score required to be promoted to Legend?

Astrobytes: > than the gold boss

Scarfield: when your submit has finished, and your score is greater than gold boss you will rank up

cclaude42: Cool ! Where can I check the boss score?

Astrobytes: Leaderboard button on the left

cclaude42: Scarfield when you say "finished" does that mean I have to wait for the little circle to be full ? Do all my battles ?

Scarfield: you are not typing on your screen today i see astro :p

Scarfield: yes cclaude42

Astrobytes: hahaha :D

Scarfield: you could be higher than the boss during the submit, but it only counts when the submit has finalized

5DN1L: cclaude42 I'm just curious... how did you rank up before gold? :open_mouth:

Astrobytes: lol

5DN1L: wow and cclaude42 even took part in other contests and bot games before :thinking:

jacek: oh my

Astrobytes: maybe it's a team account

5DN1L: maybe

Astrobytes: or perhaps he has a truly terrible memory :D

5DN1L: terrible indeed if that's the reason...

5DN1L: both short-term and long-term memory

Astrobytes: Indeed. A wonder he can function in daily life

5DN1L: lol

cclaude42: Oo found it ! Thanks everyone

jacek: :tada:

cclaude42: To answer your question, it has been a while, but usually I just... rank up without paying attention LOL

Astrobytes: hehehe

cclaude42: Never been legend before so all pumped at the idea!

derjack: oO

Astrobytes: nice one, good luck :)

cclaude42: VS matches taking forever tho :weary:

struct: is not that bad

Scarfield: its not that good either :p

struct: But I do make sure I use all my 50ms

struct: each turn

struct: just in a while loop that checks the time

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Scarfield: xD

JohnyDaison: How is it possible that I'm getting in inputs a mob that is outside my sight range and on top of that getting incorrect position of it? (different from what the popover box in game shows)

AshKetchum: JohnyDaison, if you are saving them to an array, are you clearing the array before input?

Scarfield: the game works, so maybe you have data from previous turns

JohnyDaison: I have data from previous turns, but I want them. The problem is that the update I get from the game is incorrect.

Astrobytes: are you matching the input to the correct IDs?

Astrobytes: ie. updating the correct entities

JohnyDaison: yup, there is no other mob close by for whom that position could be valid

5DN1L: matching the replay with the wrong turn?

JohnyDaison: I tried looking on turn forward and turn back, still doesn't make any sense.

cclaude42: Well so far it's been about 90 minutes and I'm only at a third of the circle, looks like it'll been another couple hours before I know how I fair!

AshKetchum: do previous turns match? the initial ones

JohnyDaison: *one

5DN1L: share a replay and give an example, JohnyDaison


5DN1L: give an example of the inputs of a turn you're seeing wrong

5DN1L: and the turn number

DustinNunyo: I wish I would have known how fun this spring challenge was sooner. I've only had the past 2 days to work on it. That being said I am number 22 in bronze league which I don't think is too bad for only working on it yesterday and this morning. lol

JohnyDaison: So, the first time i see in inputs mob id 149 is on turn 183.

cclaude42: Dw about it Dustin! We'll just say it's practice for the 2022 Fall Challenge :D

JohnyDaison: I get position 3429, 7843. And now I see that's the position the game shows in turn 182. OK, but that's not the biggest issue.

Astrobytes: JohnyDaison: that's correct

Astrobytes: oh sorry, didn't read your second part

AshKetchum: JohnyDaison, from turn 187 your hero walked that monster-149 and launched it at the end. Fun to watch :joy:

5DN1L: The end of result of turn 182 is the inputs to the beginning of turn 183

JohnyDaison: OK, I see what's the issue now. I have a lot of debug output and it causes the log scrolling to go out of sync with the game visualisation. Which is frankly quite annoying.

DustinNunyo: Right? Going to try to figure some things out between now and then hopefully. Like how to separate my projects into different files. lol

Astrobytes: You know about the multiplayer section on the site right DustinNunyo?

DustinNunyo: I know about the vs section and I've seen a co-op section that I would like to check out.

JohnyDaison: I'm looking at the log for turn 192 but the game is on turn 194.

Astrobytes: cause all/most of the previous contests are available to play at any time, plus user created games

DustinNunyo: Oh, yeah, I know about that, and I definitely plan on continuing this challenge. Just would have been nice to have had more time before the deadline. lol

DustinNunyo: It's entirely my fault. I knew about this site. I just hadn't been keeping tabs on it and didn't realize how fun it had gotten.

Astrobytes: ah cool, don't worry, just do your best if you have some time now, if not.. at least you did something!

jacek: so is there is anything other than clashes?

Astrobytes: jacek: :smirk:

ayaan-dev: hi

Default avatar.png LeJordy: your mom

jacek: my oh

Astrobytes: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png Link_jon: hai?

5DN1L: just a reminder to all newcomers here:

eulerscheZahl: those should be self-explanatory without being explicitly written down :(

Default avatar.png Link_jon: sadly, the fact you had should in your sentence is showing :/

JohnyDaison: you mean self-evident, not self-explanatory

eulerscheZahl: yes

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ... on a different note nil is being a pain

eulerscheZahl: i also mean blast bugs in opponent base and do the opposite

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ooo kaboom

Default avatar.png Link_jon: wait can bugs explode? hm. i guess the more painful one cause ripples

Astrobytes: thought you'd given up euler

eulerscheZahl: i did

eulerscheZahl: then i had this lucky submit which later dropped a lot:

Astrobytes: heh heh

Dapps: i think i saw that. saw your name top 3 i believe

jacek: impossibru

eulerscheZahl: this

eulerscheZahl: was a pain to see it drop again

Astrobytes: ouch

Dapps: looks photoshopped

Astrobytes: lol I hope you're joking

eulerscheZahl: it's a real screenshot

eulerscheZahl: finished 25th

Dapps: yea was jk :P

jacek: nyoro~n

Astrobytes: 25th, quite a drop

eulerscheZahl: and i don't have photoshop. long live gimp

Astrobytes: +1 to that

Astrobytes: krita is good too

eulerscheZahl: i have it installed but never really tried it

struct: This is what I do to stop looking at the rank


eulerscheZahl: illedan does that too

Astrobytes: krita is better for actually drawing, think gimp wins in manipulation

eulerscheZahl: for gimp i had to find a tutorial on how to draw a circle

jacek: paint plx

Astrobytes: lol, gimp interface is ... slightly unintuitive

eulerscheZahl: circular selection tool => select edge => increase width => fill with paint bucket

eulerscheZahl: at least it's all in a single window now and not that many small windows floating around anymore

eulerscheZahl: that's a pain to use with i3wm

Astrobytes: I think you can still detach them

eulerscheZahl: i don't want to

Astrobytes: if you like that kind of thing

eulerscheZahl: delphi 7 IDE also was like this

eulerscheZahl: was my first ever IDE (if you don't count a turbo pascal command line application as IDE)

Astrobytes: mid-late 90s?

eulerscheZahl: probably

Astrobytes: I vaguely recall it

Husoski: When I used it, Turbo Pascal didn't have a command line...

eulerscheZahl: was already outdated when i used it around 2005 or so

Dapps: VB6 all the way

Dapps: so amazed when i first opened the ide

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: i think that's what i started with (won't download to check)

eulerscheZahl: 5.5

Husoski: ...and then disappointed that it was still BASIC? :)

Astrobytes: I still have a copy of Visual C++ somewhere in a box

Astrobytes: 5 or 6 iirc

eulerscheZahl: should we call the historians on you?

Husoski: I had some MS C 3.1 stuff on 5.25" floppies not that long ago.

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: I've got a massive bag of Amiga 1200 floppies ( games, tools etc) and no floppy drive

Astrobytes: no Amiga either but that's less of an issue

Husoski: I'm afraid to even plug in my Atari 800...

Astrobytes: you should!

Husoski: No TV in my house will play NTSC video anyway.

Astrobytes: (plug it in I mean, not be afraid :P )

Astrobytes: ah

Husoski: Not sure what happens when electrolytic caps dry up.

Astrobytes: I think it just fails

jacek: i had this and it had some basic. my first programming adventure

Astrobytes: but don't quote me on that

Scarfield: "me on that"

Astrobytes: Scarfield :rofl:

Astrobytes: jacek: wow, never seen one of those. RISC-based?

Default avatar.png MrUnofficial: kostas

jacek: it was some NES clone with keyboard

Astrobytes: nice!

Astrobytes: more importantly: did it work properly

jacek: for the time being...

Astrobytes: lol, that's all that matters

Astrobytes: seen some crazy clones/knock-offs over the years, with varying levels of quality

jacek: :smirk:

Astrobytes: that... didn't work

jacek: hm?

Astrobytes: got it now, opened it in another browser

Astrobytes: was it any good tho

Astrobytes: and wtf

jacek: dunno i havent had one. im aware of many playstation nes clones

Astrobytes: madness

jacek: crazy 90s-00s

cegprakash: does anyone feels ladder is broken due to too much active submits

Dapps: thought it was great, was moving into top 100. i'm falling out of top 100 so i agree it's broken..

Astrobytes: heh heh

cegprakash: I was in top 40 at 50% dropped to 110

Astrobytes: we await your pm where you state your highest position achieved during a submit as your 'true rank'

Astrobytes: :D

uEnvy: its updating very slowly compared to submissions other days so may be overloaded ya

uEnvy: 30 minutes for 18% progress

_NikJ: jeez, even regular plays are slow af

jacek: regular?

_NikJ: "play my code"

_NikJ: not submissions

uEnvy: i noticed the IDE itself was feeling laggy earlier too

eulerscheZahl: 923 computing already

eulerscheZahl: out of 7625 players

Astrobytes: oh, up to 7625 now, nice

ayaan-dev: hi

ayaan-dev: hate yall

ayaan-dev: bye

Default avatar.png Link_jon: o okay bai

eulerscheZahl: i'm frustrated, see you tomorrow for final desperation submits

ayaan-dev: a

ayaan-dev: a

ayaan-dev: a

Astrobytes: gn euler

uEnvy: gj zahl

5DN1L: no spamming please ayaan-dev

yamo: it is so frustrating eulerscheZahl

Default avatar.png Link_jon: gn

yamo: where do you see the count of ongoing submits ?


eulerscheZahl: 923 results found for «Score - Computing»

struct: holy

uEnvy: explains things lol

struct: Should be safe to submit 6 hours before end I guess

struct: at least I hope

struct: I can code something by then

ayaan-dev: whats programming

Default avatar.png Link_jon: insanity

Espiobest: death

ayaan-dev: ah i see

yamo: that's crazy. I didn't know that players were such active for a sunday …

ayaan-dev: espio plz give me your knowledge

Espiobest: what is knowledge

ayaan-dev: idk

struct: stop spamming nonsense please

ayaan-dev: lmfao

Default avatar.png Link_jon: what is sense

IvesL: not really because of sunday, but last minute

5DN1L: spammers getting kicked out is common sense


5DN1L: and the rule here

ayaan-dev: 💀 dang

ayaan-dev: anyways how are u all doing today

5DN1L: You wanna get kicked out too? ayaan-dev

ayaan-dev: nah im fine

5DN1L: good to know

ayaan-dev: ye

ayaan-dev: :apple:

5DN1L: you just can't resist the temptation to get kicked

cegprakash: the professionals here who take part once an year like me can gladly donate for 1 server cost for 10 days and probably many of us can sponsor for more servers.. why CG does this to us year after year

Espiobest: SDN1L average discord mod

Default avatar.png LeJordy: lol

5DN1L: SDN sounds like a Malaysian company

Espiobest: 5DN1L whatever, S is better tho. consider changing it

5DN1L: anyway please stick to coding topics please, or get kicked out

Espiobest: okbro

Espiobest: what langs do you know

5DN1L: check out my profile

Espiobest: nice

skotz: i'd gladly help crowdfund extra server capacity during competitions... wonder how scalable their infra is

5DN1L: Somebody has to write a business proposal showing the profitability of such an idea before CG will accept it, I guess

Westicles: Isn't there infra just 4 old PCs?

uEnvy: one caught fire it seems :(

skotz: i've convinced 12 other people at wok to sign up, plus i'm trying to get approval to use their tech screening tools during interviews

cegprakash: I don't think they have 4 pcs

cegprakash: just 1 server

skotz: surely there's a way to put a dollar amount to keeping thousands of professional devs happy

cegprakash: 940 submissions * 150 games * 20 ms * 220 turns is like 3 hours all submissions should end

cegprakash: that's in 1 PC

Astrobytes: thousands of professional devs + me

cegprakash: ok my bad.. 172 hours for 1 PC

5DN1L: keeping the shareholders happy or the professional devs happy, that is the question

5DN1L: (why not both?)

skotz: true... guess the trick is to tie one to the other

Astrobytes: literally or figuratively? :P

struct: and lets not forget compilation time

struct: They compile the code every match

struct: I think

struct: :D

5DN1L: Astrobytes lol

skotz: :grinning:

cegprakash: we need 1000 machines to handle this scale

cegprakash: 1000 servers

struct: ok now I can sim the wind

struct: A bit late :p

Default avatar.png BoBot: @struct why would they compile every match? :O wouldn't caching the executables make more sense? (depending on the lang of course)

struct: no idea BoBot

Default avatar.png BoBot: hmm, I wonder what the (compilation:match compute) ratio is

Default avatar.png BoBot: for c++ f.e.

blasterpoard: afaik compilation is capped at 10 seconds, and re-compilation happens only if your bot hasn't fought on that machine (yet/for some time)

jacek: i think they compile only once

blasterpoard: I've ran into that limit before

Default avatar.png BoBot: seems to make more sense at least

struct: Maybe I'm wrong

cegprakash: guys I don't understand how the monster gets damaged in between wind action

struct: because damage applies before wind

struct: You move attack and then wind


cegprakash: turn 77 I've 879.189 distance to monster and I'm using wind

cegprakash: but monster dies

blasterpoard: enemy hero killed it

cegprakash: no they are pretty far

blasterpoard: before wind

struct: there is an animation showing it

struct: 717.05648313086

struct: distance

cegprakash: ok hero 3 is not in my vision

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: what does it means cin >>

cegprakash: ok so it's not a bug in my code

cegprakash: just that I can't see him

JohnyDaison: rockyyyyyyy123 did you choose C language without seening it ever before?

JohnyDaison: *seeing

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: JohnyDaison what lenguage i do then?

JohnyDaison: javascript is pretty easy

crazyfrog: how to get into the next the LEAGUE level?

DustinNunyo: Woot! Made it to silver league before the challenge ended!

JohnyDaison: congrats!

Astrobytes: nice one DustinNunyo, congrats!

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: JohnyDaison i understand more things on C than on JavaScript just as a first view

JohnyDaison: sure, in that case, cin is input

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: Thanks

JohnyDaison: are you familiar with data types?

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: I think i know what is it but not the name, sounds familiar

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: I started yesterday tho

JohnyDaison: oh, in C everything has to be typed properly, I can be a bit tough if you're a beginner. Javascript just lets you do things and figure out the types by itself.

JohnyDaison: *It

JohnyDaison: also, have you checked out the Starter Kit?

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: Nop, where is it?

5DN1L: Are you working on the contest or something else? rockyyyyyyy123

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: I started the Onboarding game

5DN1L: Yes, and I think you finished it, right?

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: No, not yet

jacek: is this about which value is greater?

5DN1L: rockyyyyyyy123 Hmmm, but I think you had passed it already :thinking: You got 100% score on it

5DN1L: If you followed the tutorial instructions you should have solved it

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: Becaused it appeared the solution on it and i copy it haha. But i wanna make it on my self

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: by*

5DN1L: i see, that's good

jacek: :+1:

LaurensD: pingpong with enemies lol

cegprakash: finally u added an attacker LaurensD

cegprakash: now time to reck the boss

DustinNunyo: Anyone wanna try the coding escape room stuff?

CaptainHamburger: Its insane how almost every sumbit

CaptainHamburger: I win first 3 fights against the high reated opponents

CaptainHamburger: But almos always lose to 2 enemies being at 100-200 th position

CaptainHamburger: Win against high lose against low

CaptainHamburger: Lol


ntsd: Why my sheild get bad command


ntsd: oh

ntsd: my bad

ntsd: thank you

DomiKo: no problemo

struct: no account and no shirt

struct: rip

DomiKo: [*]

struct: I still didnt give up yet

DomiKo: still 12 hours to go

struct: one more all nighter...

Counterbalance: only time for 2 more submits

struct: I only need 1

struct: :)

kovi: last morning usually (but not always) works better than last night

kovi: can submit one more 1 min before finish

Counterbalance: 4h 15m in, at 96%, rank 16 gold.. not sure if i should..

struct: how much distance form boss?

kovi: from gold to top...we have seen that before

Counterbalance: 7 positions, 1.1 points

struct: Hard to say tbh

Counterbalance: my bot rose about 100 places (in global leaderboard) today so I could risk it I guess

mframbou: Hi, does any of you know what will happen at the end ? If we are being ranked does the ranking continue or will everyone just stay in the same position whether or not they are currently being ranked ?

blasterpoard: mframbou everyone gets an extra 1000 games (like a submit with 500 games, but you also get challenged ~500x)

blasterpoard: if you're in legend, that is

struct: only top 50 gets that I think

mframbou: Thank ! So I should try to submit my final code more than 4 hours before deadline since ranking takes a very long time

blasterpoard: that would be understandable, seeing how many people are in legend

blasterpoard: mframbou all the submits finish first, only then the recalc starts

struct: recalc will be over by tuesday :D

mframbou: Oh ok so I should be able to submit only a few minutes before deadline (though that would be risky), I guess results will be announced a day or two after ?

blasterpoard: you'll see it nappenning live on the leaderboard just like now; you just won't get into the IDE

mframbou: :thumbsup: thanks !

Waffle3z: my joke submission is rank 251 in gold now, I haven't changed it since it was in 548th

IvesL: @blasterpoard how many lines have you got

blasterpoard: IvesL 2205

IvesL: are you optimistic in securing #1

struct: DomiKo you are in tshirt range, gl

blasterpoard: no, there will be a ton of hiding players submitting in the morning

DomiKo: struct for now

cegprakash: what's the order of submissions of bots during recalc

struct: all at the same time

cegprakash: oh damn..

struct: and its not a submission

cegprakash: kind of like what's happening now

cegprakash: 1000 parallel submissions lol

cegprakash: with such slow servers I'm scared to touch a single line

nalka0: Yeah changing something is pretty scary atm x)

Astrobytes: no point in hanging around when it's like this lol, see ya all tomorrow

nalka0: Watching replays is still instructive ^^

Waffle3z: if you blow a monster into range of the opponent's base, will it change directions and move another 400 towards the base at the end of the turn?

struct: no

struct: winded mobs dont move that turn

struct: but it will update the direction

cegprakash: I don't know why I'm tweaking against blasterpoard knowing that I'm never going to face him during calc

cegprakash: but it's fun to tweak against him

cegprakash: but who knows I get lucky seeds during calc and I end up facing him

Default avatar.png LiangK: I'm new here, does everyone here, like know more than one language already?

cegprakash: LiangK almost all professionals do.. students usually know 1 or 2

cegprakash: tweaking against blasterpoard means tweaking against everyone with 2 attackers

blasterpoard: definitely no

uEnvy: the double push is pretty brutal

blasterpoard: what you see from most people is a sped-up and a bit less consistent version of what I did in gold

_NikJ: _NikJ failed a CONTROL: Hero 2 doesn't know where entity 4 is , even though it's in my fov?

ddreams: not in range of hero 2?

cegprakash: yeah I cd manage them

cegprakash: but u on other hand use control the moment u see me

cegprakash: :D

cegprakash: and I'm doomed

cegprakash: eEnvy how about tetra push

cegprakash: uEnvy u don't know tetra push 8800 distance?

cegprakash: I'm around rank 30 how many gets T shirt

DomiKo: 20

cegprakash: :(

cegprakash: can someone in top 20 donate the T shift to me for sportsmanship

cegprakash: T shirt*

cegprakash: I never won a T shirt

struct: cegprakash can you tell me again the coordinates for wind please?

struct: Im not good at math :p

struct: Im using angle atm and its working

cegprakash: lol

struct: but with your math it will work aswell I think

cegprakash: hero pos + target - monster pos

struct: ty

tobk: Somehow this is not my contest... any last minute tips to at least get out of Silver? :-(

struct: tobk 3 defenders or 2 defenders with 1 attacker that just goes into opponent base and winds spiders into their base

cegprakash: my rank is at The Life the Universe and Everything

cegprakash: if u know what I mean

cegprakash: tobk share a replay with silver boss

blasterpoard: tobk get 180ish mana, control mobs towards (7000, 2000) (or flipped), run there with all 3 heroes, quadruple wind them into opponent's base, welcome to low legend

cegprakash: will help u

tobk: I'm already doing that (or at least I think I do), but somehow opp gets loads more mana than me. Last submission was ~Silver 200, current (calculating) is at 1000...

cegprakash: share a replay tobk

cegprakash: against silver boss

tobk: "quadrupel wind".... wait, wind stacks? i.e. casting 2 winds in same round will move twice as far?

blasterpoard: yes

cegprakash: yeah tobk

ddreams: yep

blasterpoard: use 1 wind on a mob behind you at max range, the 3xwind towards the base

cegprakash: basically u can push monsters 8800 units i.e. from middle of the board to kill

cegprakash: in just 2 turns

cegprakash: WIND + WIND,WIND,WIND


tobk: Hm, guess I should have asked earlier... not sure I really want to do that tweak now. But for sure after the contest.

cegprakash: don't use ctrl in early game towards opponent u are gifting them free mana

uEnvy: yeah using a ton of mana on early control just for them to die right away

cegprakash: only use CTRL when opponent defenders are not doing their duty

tobk: Good point, that was also something I realized today. I'm basically using the same set of rules in each turn, no real "early game" or "late game" differentiation.

cegprakash: the strat could actually work if u start using CTRL after the red spiders come

cegprakash: i.e. the late game spiders

cegprakash: health of spider increases by 1 every 4 turns

cegprakash: so early game spiders are easy to defend

cegprakash: late game spiders are not

cegprakash: so no point giving early farm to opponent when it's easily defendable


cegprakash: u can cause a zombie apocalypse in late game

cegprakash: if u just save ur mana

tobk: Thanks for all the tips! I'll try tweaking my mana use a bit, but will save the big coordination-refactoring for after the contest. One more submit, and if that sucks by tomorrow I'll just revert to my silver-200 bot. :-/

cegprakash: I reached gold just by using wind

cegprakash: don't give up tobk

cegprakash: zombie apocalypse is a decent strat for silver

tobk: Right now ~50% against Silver Boss... I'll give that another go, but no time for mayor refactoring, with clogged servers and already past midnight here. Thanks again, see you tomorrow!

cegprakash: gn

cegprakash: I can't believe my eyes my bot is at rank 25 the same bot with 1 less if was in 150+

cegprakash: not sure if I can trust this rank

cegprakash: I'll shave my head if I win a T shirt

DomiKo: SS saved

cegprakash: :D

_NikJ: why is my bot asymmetrical if I'm using X, Y for left side and MAP_WIDTH-X, MAP_WIDTH-Y for right side..

cegprakash: it can happen if u push a monster from inside the base to outside

cegprakash: using wind

cegprakash: as monster can move in random direction

cegprakash: _NikJ

_NikJ: random s got me banging my head against the wall

_NikJ: thanks for the clarification

wlesavo: there is a known bug in referee, so the seed does not guarantee reproducability

struct: They dont do collision detection for games that end on same turn with lifes right?

struct: Like on csb

struct: The player who crosses end checkpoint first in the same turn wins

DomiKo: they dont

DomiKo: wild mana!

struct: :'(

struct: oh right

struct: I dont even track that

DomiKo: struct should I resubmit? or not?

struct: Same bot?

struct: Check win rate vs top 10 if its higher than 60% I would

struct: But if not I would not risk it

struct: I finally managed to add wind to wind


struct: not much but soon I will be done :p

DomiKo: hmmmm nice idea

DomiKo: checking against top10 is great idea

struct: yeah since they give more points

struct: its worth the risk

cegprakash: Turn 71 best defence I've seen blasterpoard

blasterpoard: shh

cegprakash: or it's a bug

cegprakash: I donno

wlesavo: damn clever thinking

wlesavo: that should be a nice pm, cant wait

struct: you submited too soon blasterpoard

struct: :)

Waffle3z: can only wind 8800 away in 2 turns if it's in the same direction from where the monster is, if it comes in from the side then if you try to wind it at the base it will be out of wind range on the next turn

cegprakash: not really Waffle3z

cegprakash: u can adjust ur wind so monster stays in vision

Waffle3z: yeah but now it's not going as far

cegprakash: how much distance do u get

cegprakash: only 6600?

Waffle3z: does the monster still move another 400 at the end of the turn after wind?

Waffle3z: "MOVE all monsters according to their current speed, unless they were pushed by a wind on this turn." does that mean if they were pushed by wind they won't move, or does it mean their movement won't be according to their current speed

DomiKo: no

cegprakash: Waffle3z check DM

ClockSort: waffle3z no, the monster doesn't take a normal move if it was pushed by wind on the same turn

IvesL: how come im timed out

struct: This is the closest I've written to production code in years

Darleanow: hey every1 :)

struct: Hi

Darleanow: waddup ?:)

Default avatar.png gabecarter3: lets go fellas new programmer here

struct: not much, just doing the contest

DomiKo: just rethinking some life decision

Badoobicus: doing the "mad pod racing" challenge right now. does it usually take several hours to test your bot in the arena? while i was working on the Spring 2022 challenge last weekend, it was only taking like 10 minutes to run my bot through the arena

DomiKo: to submit or not to submit

MrAnderson: @Badoobicus it's the last day of a contest, all the servers are bogged down at the moment.

Badoobicus: @MrAnderson oh yeah that sounds reasonable, I should probably wait and try this out again next weekend

DustinNunyo: @Badoobicus Hey man, I'm doing the mad pod racing along with you. Nice bot! I'm very impressed by the fact that it's almost beat me a few times and it doesn't seem to ever use it's boost. lol

MrAnderson: Try practicing against another bot for a while... you can make progress, at least

MrAnderson: It won't update the leaderboard but you can work on improvements while you wait

DustinNunyo: @Badoobicus I actually used your bot to test mine against before my last few submissions. lol

Badoobicus: @DustinNunyo lol i havent programmed it to use the boost (yet). if i cant break out of wood with my current code though then i may need to add that

Badoobicus: people must be going crazy for the 2022 spring challenge though, my pod racing code has been running in the arena for like an hour and a half and its only 80% done

MrAnderson: There's 7000 players frantically submitting their code at once :)

DustinNunyo: @Badoobicus oh you are absolutely going to break wood man. We are going to bronze together! lol

HoriMiyamura: :D

HoriMiyamura: waiting forever

Smelty: ;D i got to bronze and then let the code do its thing

Badoobicus: @DustinNunyo the arena keeps pitting my bot against yours but after like 20 battles the outcome is still the same

HoriMiyamura: idk how to be in top 20 though

Default avatar.png Meteor_Shower: What rank do you have to rank from silver to gold?

casmith789: above the boss

HoriMiyamura: ?

HoriMiyamura: legend boss is top 1

blasterpoard: I drew a game with both at 1 hp... how

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Hm. Lua highlighter is trying to convince me that '==' is used to assign variables, but only inside arrays. Also.... uh. Congrats?? wut.

cegprakash: I have a huuuge bug

cegprakash: :(

cegprakash: and don't have much time left

Counterbalance: it's not blinking yet

cegprakash: I mean it's a bug on my attacker movement

cegprakash: so it's kind of crucial

PatrickMcGinnisII: last submit... see if i stay in top 300gold

Default avatar.png dotnet007: anyone in c#?

cegprakash: this is ur first of ur last submits u mean PatrickMcGinnisII

PatrickMcGinnisII: nah, i got stuff to do. ;)

Default avatar.png Link_jon: i probably could use C# but i prefer lua

Default avatar.png dotnet007: well what was the point of responding?

Default avatar.png Link_jon: i dunno. i guess because i *could* use C#

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ...huh yeah i agree... how strange is me.

Default avatar.png dotnet007: backslash backlash could

Default avatar.png dotnet007: lol

Default avatar.png dotnet007: backslash asterisk could

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Hmpf. do you wish for proof?

Default avatar.png dotnet007: no I wish for help so I can learn this ish not foolishness

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ohokay

Default avatar.png GuillaumeHendriks: This website has nothing to do with knowing how to code, sadge.

Default avatar.png Zyk0: What do you mean

Default avatar.png GuillaumeHendriks: It more or less evaluates how much you know the code and how to use it, but in a real life environment, i.e an office, with an IDE, you do not need to know if an object is nullable, the IDE will tell you. The bigger thing to know is how to properly code, clean code, SOLID principles, etc.

Smelty: hmm

jzen: I would certainly make a distinction between "knowing how to code" and being able to write a program that adheres to the SOLID principles

stolyaroleh: intercontinental ballistic spider meta makes me sad

Default avatar.png Meteor_Shower: How do I know where the boss is?

Wontonimo: wdym?

ClockSort: think they'll add more servers? I'm 45% after two hours, well ahead of boss, waiting to get out of my league

DaNinja: it takes 4 hours

yhyoxx: so we have time for 3 submits and contest is over haha

BrunoFelthes: 900 submits running now

BrunoFelthes: how many processors they have?

BrunoFelthes: it is sad to see this pour service and cant contribute to it... all contest the same issue, and nothing to address it...

Wontonimo: 8

Wontonimo: jk, i have no idea

Wontonimo: but I have to say, free is great.

cegprakash: in legend the initial submit can be super random.. same code 7/10 win and 2/10 win

cegprakash: making it difficult to know our change is good or bad

cegprakash: without spam submit

BrunoFelthes: and it will define your final position cegprakash, because it is very important at the final ranking

Wontonimo: use brutaltester

cegprakash: yeah sad thing

cegprakash: :(

cegprakash: I think this will be my last test

cegprakash: I lost patience waiting for submissions

mframbou: how do you know how many submits are running currently ?

ycsvenom: Wontonimo do you know how i can start playing with OS using c++?

cegprakash: mframbou

Butanium: turn 107


yamo: BrunoFelthes the final ranking is a rerun of legend. The actual ranking is not taken into account, isn't it ?

GlaceCoding: is it normal that some top30 has the same IA?

Butanium: why doesn't the wind work ?

mframbou: Thanks !

Butanium: on the enemy hero ?

Wontonimo: wdym ycsvenom ?

Butanium: wait

Butanium: wind is after

Butanium: move

Butanium: bruh

ycsvenom: like changing the behavior of program of windows for example wontonimo

Wontonimo: what? really Butanium ? oh, that sucks

Wontonimo: I don't have any experience with that ycsvenom

Butanium: yes Wontonimo I just checked the statement

Butanium: I hate how this game viewer is conter intuitive

cegprakash: the animation and debug mode helps tho Butanium

cegprakash: even I got confused initially

actualCoderTrevor: When you see the message about not reading all available input, is there a way to find out the first turn that you went out of sync on?

Default avatar.png Icebxrg: Hey all, I'm a freshman in college, took a course in java and one in C++. Dont really have a preference for either, which would be better for me to learn through this website? Want to get into competitive programming at some point soon

Wontonimo: either

Default avatar.png Link_jon: (Strange thought, why not both?)

Wontonimo: if you want to go deep into simulation and get to the top ranks in some of the technical multis, then C++ is the way to go

stolyaroleh: why not Rust?

ycsvenom: the evaluation process on the contest is really damn slow than before

Default avatar.png Meteor_Shower: I was on the boss. When will I rank up ?

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Just dont forget to practice the languages you know, otherwise you'll turn to rust with em.

Default avatar.png Icebxrg: Ok thanks, appreciate the advice both of you.

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Also, the competition stuffs has been running rather slowly so... who knows Meteor. Keep an eye on it :P

Default avatar.png Meteor_Shower: sad

arrcpp: Is it possible to use Tensorflow in this game?

Default avatar.png Link_jon: I dont think so (its not in the language list)

arrcpp: It is a library

arrcpp: If it was available you could use from different languages

struct: Some people implemented their own NNs frameworks here

struct: I dont think its easy though

cegprakash: time to order breakfast after a sleepless night

cegprakash: lol

Default avatar.png Link_jon: lul

cegprakash: it's 6AM in India

Default avatar.png Link_jon: About to go to bed over here... im on the other side of the puddle; in the US

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ...sigh. Poor lua. amazingly helpful and simple string manipulation... but just barely not specific enough for what i need.

actualCoderTrevor: Hot damn, that's the first time I've beaten him! Too bad I still lose most of my matches against him.

dot.nick: nice

actualCoderTrevor: Thanks :)

Smelty: rank 59....still waiting for sub to finish :(

cegprakash: is it a fair way to check win rate against our own bot against our own older bot to decide which one is better

Smelty: its fair

Smelty: although it is probably better to use a benchmark like the boss because your new bot might just happen to counter your old bot

cegprakash: how many games are good enough for fair benchmark

Default avatar.png Link_jon: 25 should do i bet

Smelty: id say 3 but the more the better

Smelty: if you want to save time do less

Default avatar.png Link_jon: albiet idk how long said games take. ^^

cegprakash: and what to do if a buggy bot has higher win rate

Smelty: also i'd recommend only submitting if your new bot is way better than the old one

Smelty: i'd test against other bots and if it works then sub while trying to figure out the bug

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Yeya, smack bug. Alternitevly, look into making bug a feature if it is being particularly helpful

Smelty: yep

cegprakash: u mean like blasterpoard who throws wind on a shield and still win

Smelty: .....sure

Smelty: try to fix it but sure

cegprakash: it's 13-12 in favor of new fixed bot

Smelty: lol

cegprakash: against old bot

Smelty: interesting

Smelty: you can use standard deviation to figure out what margin of difference in terms of wins is good enough

Smelty: but i'd say a 16-9 is good

Smelty: im testing my new bot rn and its undefeated against old one :upside_down:

Smelty: 16 wins in 16 matches so i submit

struct: This game has more math than I even know existed

struct: too bad I dont know any

Smelty: xd

cegprakash: did u do fantastic bits struct

struct: I did sim

struct: But never bothered to code an AI for it

cegprakash: wait for blasterpoard's 500 if conditions postmortem

Smelty: lol

struct: check here cegprakash


struct: its not pretty

struct: It doesnt know any spells

Smelty: oh my gawd

cegprakash: I have 185 if conditions

struct: But it knows the physics

Smelty: i have like 3 header ifs and 3 ifs inside

Smelty: each

cegprakash: I just did ctrl + F "if (" and I've 185 if conditions on my code

Smelty: lol

Smelty: lemme try

Smelty: i have 17

Default avatar.png Link_jon: for some reason this reminds me of when i made switch() for Lua

Smelty: ohno

cegprakash: u need more ifs Smelty

Smelty: ok

cegprakash: more if means better ranking

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Your running low on power. Need to smelt faster.


Smelty: ....repeat

cegprakash: haha struct fantastic bits needed more math than this to be honest

cegprakash: with collisions and filipendo

struct: flipendo is easy

struct: is just apply force towards direction

cegprakash: not really struct

Smelty: lol

cegprakash: that's why u didn't reach gold/legend

Smelty: *calculus*

cegprakash: u can hit it on the wall

cegprakash: and it will rebound

struct: im legend there

cegprakash: oh

cegprakash: I'm just gold

cegprakash: :D

Smelty: LOl

cegprakash: but I had filipendo on wall thing

DomiKo: struct legend?

DomiKo: top10 incoming?

Smelty: ok my code was ranked 200 after like 20 battles

struct: i dont know

struct: I dont look at submit

Smelty: so i resubmitted same code

Smelty: and its 140 after 10 battles

cegprakash: what happen to eulerscheZahl

cegprakash: he was #3 yesterday and he's 90 now

struct: rng cegprakash

cegprakash: is he hiding

Smelty: idk

Smelty: rng

struct: He was my only chance to get a shirt

cegprakash: rng?

Smelty: lol

Smelty: random number generators

Smelty: the spawn of the monsters can easily determine the victor in these top matches

cegprakash: top players know how to handle different spawns

struct: DomiKo I just copied some strategy I saw

struct: but mine doesnt even work that well

struct: x

Smelty: also im not even using shield rn

cegprakash: plebs like me don't even care when they spawn

Smelty: xd

DomiKo: Many of us did that ;)

Smelty: one of mine just goes off on an adventure slaughtering the enemies they see

DomiKo: If it work. It work

cegprakash: if u see blaster he knows when and where he should be

Smelty: if it doesnt try another

cegprakash: and when and where monster will spawn

Smelty: oh yea i clicked on his profile to see past matches and in the first one he leaked 3 monsters

Smelty: so apparently wild mana is more important than lives

struct: I just hope I get legend on this bumit

struct: submit*

struct: So I dont ever need to look at this game again

cegprakash: lol struct

Smelty: have fun with that

cegprakash: many bots like u are stuck at 500ish right now good luck beating them and climbing the ladder struct

struct: There is no luck here

struct: Just wait until hiders submit

struct: they will proove that

cegprakash: u mean illedan and eulerscheZahl struct

cegprakash: is there anyone who is using similar strategy like blaster in top 30

cegprakash: I want blasterpoard to win

cegprakash: he chose his unique way which others hate and sticked to it :D

Smelty: ye

cegprakash: so how many if statements do u have struct

cegprakash: lets talk about if statements

struct: no idea

Noyotens: how to calculate distance needed to kill a spider before he reaches a point

cegprakash: loop all the spider positions every turn

cegprakash: see if u can reach spider position in the same no. of turns

cegprakash: choose the point with lowest turns

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Thats a bit... difficult on the cpu, no?

cegprakash: nope Link_jon

cegprakash: I loop 100 turns for 2 monsters

cegprakash: 2 monsters that are close to the base

cegprakash: I don't care about other monsters

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Well. i was just thinking it would be more mobs around. like 30 for some reason.

cegprakash: don't care about other monsters

cegprakash: danger levels

cegprakash: in 100 turns any monsters gets outside the board coz 100x300 is 30000

cegprakash: and it's greater than diameter of the board

cegprakash: so it's pretty easy to find if we can reach that monster

cegprakash: and the shortest path to the monster

Default avatar.png Link_jon: snoice

struct: Im about to lose my mind

DomiKo: me too, me too

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ?

44AA44: Is it possible to pass on a suggestion to the devs?

44AA44: It would be nice if I could change the time limit of a private clash

Smelty: reee in 6th

cegprakash: An error occurred (#407): "You reached the limit of plays for a period of time.".

Smelty: fffs

HoriMiyamura: Do you guys know an algorithm to find the point to attack monster?

cegprakash: a for loop into future positions HoriMiyamura

cegprakash: monster goes in straight line

cegprakash: hero goes where u want to move

HoriMiyamura: we can predict monster

HoriMiyamura: I still don't figure how


cegprakash: this is what I use HoriMiyamura

HoriMiyamura: I mean I want to find a destination that can farm most monsters

cegprakash: I don't have that

cegprakash: this is only for intercepting a monster

HoriMiyamura: with constraint that I would cover the shortest monster as well

HoriMiyamura: ok, thanks

HoriMiyamura: let me think


Default avatar.png Link_jon: yee?

struct: Im done

HoriMiyamura: ?

struct: its over

struct: the pain

HoriMiyamura: Lengend?

struct: I reached legend

Default avatar.png Link_jon: mucho congrats!

struct: on last match

struct: I fought the boss

HoriMiyamura: oh

struct: and won

struct: ahahahah

struct: it was needed

Smelty: lol

Smelty: pro struct

cegprakash: gold to direct win struct

cegprakash: go for it

HoriMiyamura: Tshirt is going for struct :D

struct: no lol

actualCoderTrevor: Nice job struct

struct: thanks

struct: I already have my postmortem ready

Wontonimo: congrats struct !

SashaNukem: congrats!

struct: "This contest made me never want to write an if statement again."

struct: Thanks every1

cegprakash: how many if u have struct

Smelty: lol

struct: too many

cegprakash: that's not a number

cegprakash: but i told u

cegprakash: more ifs means better rank

Wontonimo: I really wanted to make an NN for this contest, but no time

actualCoderTrevor: I made most of one but had to abandon it for the same reason.

struct: if on the entire code?

struct: 79

JohnyDaison: dude, me 78, I'm missing one somewhere then...

Smelty: :(( ranked 2nd but its below boss

HoriMiyamura: struct , do you know a ways to a destination that can farm most monsters, with constraint that it will cover a specific monster?

struct: I dont do any of that tbh

struct: I just look for closest threat early and closest mobs

struct: and then I move 2 units too attack

struct: I always attack 2 units at a time if its possible

HoriMiyamura: ...

HoriMiyamura: I do that too, but I think we can improve on this

HoriMiyamura: this will make the farm most effective

BFB123: penis are gay

struct: BFB123 chill

SuperAstrid: Oups An error occurred (#407): "You reached the limit of plays for a period of time.".

SuperAstrid: ????

Smelty: i forgor to prioritize closer enemies :skull:

BFB123: Smelty you silly goose

Smelty: :( im ranked 2nd in my league

Smelty: below boss

BFB123: Wut is a leage lmao I only do clash of code

Smelty: lol

cegprakash: bowwowforeach timed out

actualCoderTrevor: My heroes have a bad habit of attacking enemies in the opponent's base

BFB123: thats kinda gay ngl

Smelty: kalm down

BFB123: Ok

BFB123: Sorry

BFB123: I ahd too much beerrs

cegprakash: I lose 9-1 to highjump

Smelty: F

struct: come back when you are sober bfb

SuperAstrid: Oups An error occurred (#407): "You reached the limit of plays for a period of time.".

SuperAstrid: What do I do now?

SuperAstrid: Please help

44AA44: Go outside? Take a walk? Idk

cegprakash: take a coffee break SuperAstrid

actualCoderTrevor: You can fire up brutaltester if you're desperate. Otherwise you just have to wait.

Smelty: lol

SashaNukem: how long do you have to wait?

struct: it gets worse every time it shows up

struct: so first time is not bad

struct: but after it gets worse

Smelty: lo

struct: and worse

SashaNukem: the horror

SashaNukem: :D

Wontonimo: yeah, I got to Gold

SashaNukem: congrats! :)

Smelty: nice!

JohnyDaison: congrats!

Smelty: im stuck at 2 places behind boss

Dapps: wow I just watched Nanaeda's bot. very impressive

HoriMiyamura: I don't know how to continue improve my bot

Wontonimo: and another if

SuperAstrid: oh no

HoriMiyamura: another if make it dummier

Dapps: take out an else

actualCoderTrevor: Nice Wontonimo

SuperAstrid: its happening again

cegprakash: omg Nanaeda

cegprakash: some sick defence + late game play

Smelty: ikr

struct: domiko resubmiting from rank 19?

struct: o.o

cegprakash: Nanaeda defense strategy: You shall not pass!!!!

Smelty: lol

Smelty: *10s later* ok you can pass

Dapps: cegprakash yeah it's really crazy to watch

Dapps: even all the debug info... he has more states than i have LOC

cegprakash: how he gets mana using so much wind is still a miracle to me

cegprakash: he has one farmer for 100 turns I think

cegprakash: 1 farmer and 2 defenders

cegprakash: farmer becomes attacker in late game

HoriMiyamura: he farm quite effective

Smelty: lol

Dapps: yeah calculating the best path where they intersect

Smelty: ye

Waffle3z: is resubmitting bad? the last couple times I've submitted I ended up in one place and then like 12 hours later went up 300 places

Wontonimo: i think it depends on the league

cegprakash: just when about to lost hope and ditch my version I get 10 back to back wins

Wontonimo: in silver so many people made their bot overfit the boss, so if you got close to the boss

cegprakash: seriously?

Wontonimo: then those people overfitting will probably lose to you and push you up

Smelty: nooo im first but below boss

Wontonimo: you'll get pushed ... just wait a little

Wontonimo: don'e resubmit

Wontonimo: happened to me

Wontonimo: give it 10 min Smelty

Smelty: oki

Smelty: oh im second now

Smelty: im 0.05 away rip

struct: onlçy 258 computing

struct: damn

Smelty: hmm

Wontonimo: does't look like anyone else is around you to push you ;(

Smelty: :sob:

struct: tbh I was a bit lucky to pass gold

Lysk: it feels like JameX2 is pushing the boss down but not players, such a kind behavio

Lysk: JamesX2 you're there?

actualCoderTrevor: Is it possible to reach legend after the contest is over?

actualCoderTrevor: Not that I think I would, I'm just curious

struct: yes

struct: I think so

struct: Usually it becomes a multiplayer

actualCoderTrevor: Oh cool maybe in a few months I'll have a shot

cegprakash: I don't trust the leaderboard it can easily change +/- 50

struct: ofc

Waffle3z: submitting at 197, let's see how far I drop

struct: It depends on the players you battle

struct: you might have good win rate vs some but bad vs other

HoriMiyamura: it also depend on random factor

HoriMiyamura: of the game

Waffle3z: when we had 2000 computing bots in silver, when one battle was computed, was it counted toward both players' progress? or just one of them, and the other player would have to repeat the battle for it to count towards their progress

Wontonimo: both players are adjusted

Waffle3z: yeah but does it count towards the battle progress of both players

Wontonimo: but it only counts towards the total battles of 1 player

Waffle3z: yeah that's dumb

Wontonimo: yeah

Waffle3z: could have had almost half as many battles and finished in 6 hours instead of 12

MAWAAW: I lose 42.75% of battles in gold league

Smelty: f

Default avatar.png Tuo: quick survey, hero is killing a spider in base and there is a enemy hero. The defender should be: a) close to enemy b) far from c) there are more important things

Lysk: depends if attacker is at the right distance to wind it into the center and how fast you can kill it

Wontonimo: d) taking care of the spider

Default avatar.png Tuo: hero can do many things at once :)

Wontonimo: that's it for me. Good night and good luck

skagator: Damn I'm not sure I'm going to beat the Bronze boss

cegprakash: skagator appreciate ur spirit

Default avatar.png david_lover: i can't find a solution to easy angle, from what i can tell you need to go WSW inorder to reach it but you can't do that. the next one is SW but that doesn't go far enough into the left. can anyone help me?

Default avatar.png david_lover: btw i mean power of thor ep 1

cegprakash: lol the same bot that was in rank 30-50 12 hrs back is not even at rank 100 now

cegprakash: that's how bad the leaderboard got screwed up in legend

cegprakash: except for top 30 legend I don't think anyone has a solid win rate against anyone.. in 200 ranks range.. everyone are like 50-50

Default avatar.png david_lover: can anyone help me with my coding problem?

Kellthazar: what is your problem?

Default avatar.png david_lover: its in the "power of thor - episode 1" activity. once you get to easy angle i find it impossible to get it to go in the right direction. the direction is WSW but you cant go that difrection you can only go SW as the code doesnt let you do that. me and my friend are really stuck.

ItsNotABug: Oof, got some close competition at the top

Dapps: oh wow submit is so fast

Dapps: 9min 29%

cegprakash: may be admins woke up Dapps

Dapps: or everyone else went to sleep :D

cegprakash: 178 results found for «Score - Computing»

cegprakash: 950+ became 178

struct: I wonder if I should try a bit more

struct: or just stop

struct: I might be able to improve a bit in 4 ours

struct: hours*

DomiKo: I should paste the meme with miner

struct: But I already found the diamonds

struct: Should I dig for more

struct: ?

DomiKo: even more diamonds?

DomiKo: ehhh. There are already birds outside

struct: I cant sleep anyways

struct: I took too much caffeine

DomiKo: I took zero

DomiKo: maybe that's the problem

struct: top 20 should be safe

DomiKo: idk

struct: for you

DomiKo: I played like 20 games with top15-20

struct: I doubt you will lose 1.0 points in recalc

DomiKo: if random will be on my side then no

Nemisun: Im a network Engineer trying to learn how to code. This is no joke.

Nemisun: Any advice?

DomiKo: pick any yt tutorial

DomiKo: that should be enough to start

DomiKo: gn everybody

Wontonimo: start with "The coding train"

Wontonimo: gn DomiKo

struct: gn DomiKo

Nemisun: Yea, I've been on a few but I chose to go with freecodecamp

Nemisun: Basically learning Python on there

Nemisun: Is the "coding train" on here?

Wontonimo: it's a youtuber

Wontonimo: javascript

struct: Nemisun this site requires a bit of previous knowledge

struct: but not much

Wontonimo: whatever you decided to do, incorporate going back and redoing previous simple exercises and try to do them perfectly without looking at hints or googling anything

Wontonimo: mastery of the basics and memorization of syntax is a must

Smelty: :0

ItsNotABug: Python ranking top makes me happy. Especially knowing how unhappy it makes cpp people :D

Smelty: lol

ItsNotABug: Good job Djak. Looking forward to write up

Nemisun: Ah, yea it seems so. I dont mind. Eventually I'll get acquainted. Atm Im planning on memorizing Syntaxes as well. I've found redoing the same thing over and over to be pretty helpful.

Miki09: Hi guys

Smelty: nice!

Smelty: hi

Miki09: I got up 5:45 am to get to legend...

Wontonimo: you got 4 hours left

Miki09: I know

ItsNotABug: And no chance of actually running your bot in arena before the end :D

Miki09: lol

ItsNotABug: Just write perfect code and no problem

Miki09: Yeah that sounds easy :-)

skagator: lmao somehow I made it into silver

skagator: mission accomplished for me XD

Wontonimo: if you do it right, and don't **** it up, it works, it just works

eulerscheZahl: struct in legend. congrats

actualCoderTrevor: don't **** it up? Dang I knew I was doing something wrong

struct: thanks euler

Miki09: Imma try to copy boss 5 strategy

Miki09: The attacker is effective

actualCoderTrevor: The code I've updated in the past few hours is subjectively better but objectively worse.

yhyoxx: yo, triple attackers

yhyoxx: shame on you

yhyoxx: kidding

cegprakash: Dapps u are wrecking me

struct: Ok it's time for my last push

yhyoxx: congrats struct

struct: thanks yhyoxx

ClockSort: yeah, nice job struct.

struct: thanks clock sort

ClockSort: you overcame human nature to arrive in Legend :D

struct: lol

Miki09: Boss has ERROR????

Wontonimo: yup

eulerscheZahl: bosses are just players too

Wontonimo: it's just another player

Miki09: oh ok

struct: My bot has no errors

cegprakash: said no one ever ^

Miki09: My bot sucks but it has not got errors :-)

struct: ok Im going to minimize chat, time to try a last thing

struct: Will need to try math for it

Wontonimo: :O

cegprakash: do a ctrl+F after u play a game on IDE and search for "{username} failed"

cegprakash: see how many shields u have wasted -_- thank me later

JohnyDaison: If I submit shortly before the time runs out, will there be some time where we cannon submit but calculation continue to stabilize ranks?

Wontonimo: yes

JohnyDaison: ok

Wontonimo: the cutoff is for submit. Then all calculations continue

struct: cegprakash I dont even need to do that

struct: The answer is 0

struct: I dont use shield

eulerscheZahl: all pendings submits will finish. thentop100 with get extra battles to stabilize

struct: ok forget math

struct: Im just going to brute force it

cegprakash: math can't be forgotten

struct: Maybe you are right

struct: I just dont know it

jacek: still have ptsd from math eh?

eulerscheZahl: the p stands for pi?

struct: jacek I will have a new ptsd soon

struct: I have no idea if thats a math joke euler

Fubuchi: Is legend recomputed when the game end?

struct: first 100

struct: but its not a brand new submit

struct: you keep your current points