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mdaw: i pushed him ;)

Phantomghoul: how do you debug?

eulerscheZahl: with an offline IDE

Phantomghoul: in clash of code

eulerscheZahl: stderr

Phantomghoul: with java....

eulerscheZahl: System.err.println()

NinjaDoggy: eulerscheZahl what's plan for this contest?

eulerscheZahl: not sure

NinjaDoggy: is it fun?

eulerscheZahl: i'm working on something but motivation isn't too hugh

NinjaDoggy: :(

eulerscheZahl: i don't like the heuristic nature of the game

NinjaDoggy: rip... DUCT not good here?

eulerscheZahl: don't know, never used that particular algo

jacek: no smitsimax either?

jacek: well me too ~

NinjaDoggy: I'm thinking about a smitsi, duct combo

NinjaDoggy: but lacking motivation hard :(

NinjaDoggy: still haven't even finished sim lmao

jacek: :upside_down:

ClockSort: NinjaDoggy I've been trying DUCT all week, it's not easy on this one

ClockSort: I tried DUCT with all 6 agents selecting their moves separately... but since you share mana and wind stacks, you don't find the best moves

ClockSort: also, MCTS doesn't do well when you need a specific sequence of moves to win (i.e. 5 specific moves in a row to protect base)

ClockSort: rollouts don't find long sequences very well.

ClockSort: this contest is remarkably good for heuristics vs search... much better than 2021 Spring

eulerscheZahl: is that a good thing?

jacek: hm? people were doing good in 2021

jacek: with heuristic as well

eulerscheZahl: my search is somewhat working now (attacker only, defense still heuristic)

eulerscheZahl: i still don' track units in fog, which makes it harder to search (i forget my future plans and can't find them anymore)

eulerscheZahl: and it's slow

Quidome: finally gold, with a defense only bot :)

Quidome: pfff

NinjaDoggy: ClockSort Hm... makes sense. For the first point that's why i'm thinkikng of combining Smitsimax with DUCT :P, but for the second one, won't it just avoid states where it's necessary to find the exact sequence?

NinjaDoggy: or does FOG ruin that part

BenjaminUrquhart: I forgot I had cg sync until now

VizGhar: hmm 1st in gold

eulerscheZahl: but not legend yet?

eulerscheZahl: you will make it, ranking fluctuation is high enough

Noyotens: why my IDE not show me errors

VizGhar: maybe... but my bot is still missing some key parts

VizGhar: (dont even watch replays, you will get upset :D)

VizGhar: I'm master mana earner and using that wind train (all heuristic) but not doing that "preparation" move...

BenjaminUrquhart: with 2 days left, finally got around to some form of attacking

BenjaminUrquhart: hopefully good enough for now

BenjaminUrquhart: submits being a pain as usual so I won't get to see where it landed for the next 3 hours

BenjaminUrquhart: oh hey found a bug lol

BenjaminUrquhart: fixed

Default avatar.png FlyingPencilCaseAndHisDog_50cc: finally I got the right answer :)

Default avatar.png FlyingPencilCaseAndHisDog_50cc: :joy:

hiamkaito: BenjaminUrquhart how to display status like your

jacek: share replay

jacek: add " message" to your output

hiamkaito: how to do it bro, i use C#

hiamkaito: oh thanks jacek, i made it :blush:

jacek: :tada:

Default avatar.png Lich3243: thank :)

Default avatar.png Lich3243: he chung

Default avatar.png Lich3243: t ne

Default avatar.png Lich3243: :))

Default avatar.png 500plus: Are there any tasks that are mainly based on mathematics?

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: yes homeworj

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: *homework

Default avatar.png 500plus: hate homeworks

therealbeef: puzzles and multis have tags; you could look for puzzles with math related

Default avatar.png 500plus: thx

jacek: :scream:

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: Now coddingame also tells me to get a job lol

geppoz: :D

geppoz: and if you hover on it, you get: "don't fool around here mate, get a job"

eulerscheZahl: try if you like math

MindController: Wtf

MindController: Just woke up and im 8?

jacek: sweet childhood eh

eulerscheZahl: go to bed again and see where this is going

MindController: How am I 8th

MindController: When my bot play like this


kovi: interesting rockpaperscissors effect on leaderboard

eulerscheZahl: as always when the heuristic is too strong

eulerscheZahl: reminds me a bit of BotG

ItsNotABug: lol, your bot really decided not to take the easy win there, and kill the spider in their base with no defenders

burnpanck: am still paralized - I just found that my re-write of the last few days is rejected due to too long compile-times; it's just ~3.5s on my machine!

jacek: kotlin?

eulerscheZahl: C++

eulerscheZahl: massive use of templates?

eulerscheZahl: how do you slow down a g++? :thinking:

therealbeef: with templates it's not that hard, but template meta programming doesn't seem so suitable for this kind of game

burnpanck: it's templates

eulerscheZahl: hah!

Westicles: maybe clang++ is faster?

jordonez: is it better 1ms turn than a 49 ms one? or is it the same meanwhile you are under 50?

eulerscheZahl: i want to submit my new bot but i'm scared that my current rank is better than it should be and i can't climb anymore

burnpanck: I programmed an NN-driven MCTS search, where there are 6 different "towers" to drive the search. That kind of thing is best done with templates.

eulerscheZahl: doesn't matter jordonez

burnpanck: It's not the runtime, it is the duration of the compilation - the Arena just kills the compiler.

jordonez: thanks

eulerscheZahl: exceed the 50ms in a single turn and you are out

jordonez: ok

eulerscheZahl: that sounds really complex burnpanck. if you somehow get it working to play well, i'm heavily impressed

eulerscheZahl: and inoryy will give you a reference if you want to apply at DeepMind

jacek: not intersted unless they work on bioengineering certain creatures

eulerscheZahl: reminder: codejam round 1C is starting in less than 1 hour

burnpanck: thanks for the reminder! after my fiasco here, I'm much more inclined to compete there :-)

jacek: its CG fiasco they cant compile your code ~

Scarfield: ̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤

Westicles: would templates compile faster with -std=c++20 flag?

burnpanck: maybe not the templates themselves, but there would be less template instantiations needed mainly due to Concepts

Westicles: well, you could try it

burnpanck: I can't set flags in the Arena, there is no #pragma for that

Westicles: run it from bash

burnpanck: but what's the point, I have no trouble compiling my bot locally. I want to let compete in the arena, and for that I have simply no path here.

Westicles: you can run bash in the arena

burnpanck: now that is an interesting thought

jacek: is this possible for contests?

eulerscheZahl: technically possible: sure. but might get you disqualified


burnpanck: it's probably cheating on the "language choice" aspect

eulerscheZahl: anything that looks like obfuscation will get you disqualfied. i don't know where exactly they draw the line

burnpanck: I guess the other problem with that approach is that then, I would have to get the compilation time down to the 1s of the first move time limit.

eulerscheZahl: rule was introduced because of

eulerscheZahl: compressing your NN weights is ok, as long as the rest of the code is readable


burnpanck: yeah, anyway, I would have to re-write my code utilising the C++20 goodness, and thats too much work given the uncertainty if it will help AND be accepted.

therealbeef: for my UTTC bot i started with heavy template use for state eval, but it took 2 mins to compile even locally. in the end i still kept some of it (moving some of the compile time calc to runtime calc) to stay in the 10s compile limit, and it does give speed benefits

Nik05: morning

Default avatar.png putibuzu: @burnpanck could you elaborate what you mean with "towers" in your search? sounds interesting :)


burnpanck: each tower learns to characterise different aspects of the game: own heroes, mobs, pairing of the two, etc...

burnpanck: I.e. the input features to the hero tower are "distance to the base", "number of mobs in wind range",..., and the outputs are "move towards enemy base", "self-shield", ...

therealbeef: ah, like branches in the NN?

burnpanck: the input features to the mob-hero pairing are "time needed to intercept", "is within control range", and the outputs "move toward that mob", "control that mob".

jacek: do you use unicode encoding

burnpanck: exactly, like branches in the NN; similar to the typical towers in deep learning, each of those branch stacks vertically in parallel layers - between each layers, there are weak bridges leaking information

burnpanck: between the towers I mean; allowing the "hero" tower to take into account aggregated summaries over all pairings from the "mob-hero" tower.

_NikJ: 5th boss is random, any way to make it "replay in same conditions"?

DomiKo: nope

DomiKo: press that button many times

jacek: hack into its rng

_NikJ: Can't beat this mfker

_NikJ: all out of ideas

yhyoxx: try to copy a strategy from legends

yhyoxx: look at the games from global leaderboard

MindController: _NikJ i would reccomend trying to do 2 defenders 1 attacker

MindController: it works like a charm against the boss

_NikJ: I am, MindController

MindController: Ur attacker

MindController: Goes to attack very late

MindController: Try with earlier attacking

_NikJ: I use 200 for mana thres, after that I start attacking

_NikJ: though whenever I tried to make it smaller, I'd end up ranking worse

MindController: I would reccomend checking out my games

MindController: My strat is insanely simple to code

MindController: And working quite well

MindController: I try to use minimal amount of spells

MindController: 2 defend

MindController: and 1 attacks very early

eulerscheZahl: wow, your resubmit is top10 again. not a fluke

MindController: Did a few changes

eulerscheZahl: i completely rewired my attacker, 40 ranks lower

MindController: Did like 3 changes

MindController: If only using 1 change

MindController: Im 30 ranks lower

MindController: If combining them all

MindController: Well

MindController: This is the result

yhyoxx: new strat, i win against boss, lose against my old bot..

yhyoxx: mana issues

Nerchio: rip eulerscheZahl :(

TobiasA: damn I see a lot of people were hiding their bots

yhyoxx: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: i hide mine so well that even I don't know where it is

TobiasA: lol


MindController: eulerscheZahl dont give up

eulerscheZahl: the upper one will soon dig downwards and fall on the head of the other

eulerscheZahl: at least that's how digging works in lemmings

Default avatar.png putibuzu: @burnpanck awesome thank you :) good luck :)

aCat: this game is totl=al lottery

aCat: rock paper scissors

aCat: and metachanges and faster and faster attacks

Dapps: its true

Dapps: don't really see longer games at legend

HoriMiyamura: 1d 21h

HoriMiyamura: Hope can be legend

yhyoxx: me too ;-;

HoriMiyamura: I am around ~190 in gold

HoriMiyamura: ...

yhyoxx: i dont think im gonna make it by looking at the leaderboard the whole time it's calculating

yhyoxx: pretty close

yhyoxx: i just got around 400

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: when I update it got lower score :*

IvesL: i used my reverted old code 1week ago which cant even beat silver boss, reached top 1000 yesterday

IvesL: i dont understand the calculation

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I would say silver boss is strong

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

IvesL: i cant beat anyone in gold with that code, but my rank keep rising

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: haha

IvesL: i have no idea

yhyoxx: you're winning the latest battles tho ?

IvesL: i havent submitted since then

IvesL: was around 1900-2200 globally, then yesterday suddenly popped a message, congrats to gold, then it keeps rising

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I took a few days to improve my bot and it go from 200 to 800 :(

yhyoxx: :(

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: what is going on here........

yhyoxx: it happens

yhyoxx: the goal is not to beat the boss

jacek: and do the opposite

jacek: [solved]

yhyoxx: but beat more people in the league than the boss

IvesL: that version is an experimenting bot, if you check out my games, 1 of them is likely to be idle at some point

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: sometimes I wind and the mod still there?

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: does anyone face the same issue?

IvesL: got replay?

IvesL: did you wind it to the edge?


HoriMiyamura: turn 63,64...

HoriMiyamura: yes, it is the edge

IvesL: yes it will stuck

IvesL: cant blow it out of map

geppoz: hero y<9000, wind y=9000 => you are pushing it towards wall

geppoz: I suppose you should wind at same y of the hero at least

Default avatar.png Tuo: you are proply calculating the direction wrong, doing wind from hero perpective

Default avatar.png Tuo: using vector hero->destination

HoriMiyamura: thanks, I see that

skymount: /me

HoriMiyamura: so it is a bug in my code :D

jacek: Automaton2000 where is your hero

Automaton2000: it's not like you can do it offline

avdg: hmm now I'm back, still at 46th in silver (which is better than being around 700)

HoriMiyamura: I just fix it

avdg: need to implement more passive defends I guess

Default avatar.png mesu7: hi

jacek: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png mesu7: i am trying to solve rotating arrows problem

Default avatar.png mesu7: but my code couldn't pass the 3rd test case

Default avatar.png mesu7: and i don't know why

5DN1L: Do you mean the test case "Overflow" or "Validator 3"?

Default avatar.png mesu7: yes

5DN1L: No, I'm asking you which one?

Default avatar.png mesu7: Overflow

5DN1L: ok. What's your current code logic

Default avatar.png mesu7: can i paste my code here xd

HoriMiyamura: yes

HoriMiyamura: it will go to a basepin actually

5DN1L: yes if you want to, though it may help if you can explain your code logic too haha

HoriMiyamura: See photos and price history of this 3 bed, 2 bath, 1241 Sq. Ft. recently sold home located at 17630 Maple Ave, Country Club Hills, IL 60478 that was sold ...

HoriMiyamura: why it doesn't convert my text to a link?

5DN1L: not long enough or not enough lines

5DN1L: try 5 lines


HoriMiyamura: :D

Default avatar.png mesu7: when i paste my code it says This command does not exist.

5DN1L: Does your code start with /?

Default avatar.png mesu7:

5DN1L: ok i can see your code now

5DN1L: Hmmm your code passes Overflow

5DN1L: your code doesn't pass Validator 3

5DN1L: You can look up the name of the case you fail

Default avatar.png mesu7: from where

5DN1L: by clicking RESULTS and then DETAILS

5DN1L: on the left

5DN1L: The error I see is:

5DN1L: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0') at Answer.js. on line 24

5DN1L: There's only one arrow in the whole grid in Validator 3

5DN1L: Maybe your code doesn't handle that correctly

Default avatar.png mesu7: yes i see the bug in my code :D

5DN1L: great!

Default avatar.png mesu7: thank youu

5DN1L: yw

Default avatar.png Lumideus: =

cegprakash: how to defend when 2 monsters are far away from base and enemy sneaks into my base

cegprakash: my heroes often go out to defend so far ending my base unguarded

cegprakash: this just costs sooo soo many games

ItsNotABug: Set max distance from base for defenders, or keep a defender with distance of known enemy?

ItsNotABug: 2 of many options

Default avatar.png Zyk0: Or attack better than opponent if you don't want to change your farming/def behaviour

yhyoxx: maybe u should never be too far from base

geppoz: question: if a monster has 1 health, and 3 heroes in range, they all get mana?

ItsNotABug: yes

blasterpoard: geppoz yes

ItsNotABug: monsters give mana even if health goes sub zero

geppoz: well so i think i have to rewrite all :D

geppoz: if i see 2 monster and i have 2 heroes

geppoz: better go with both on one monster, then on other monster

geppoz: instead of split :D

geppoz: in this way I would get double mana

geppoz: I mean in first turns, when few monsters, in farm phase

geppoz: (well not double mana, but some more)

avdg: hmm 12 hours after submit, my bot went from 46 to 26 in about an hour

ItsNotABug: yes and no. They will only get "double" on last hit, and only if health drops under 0.

avdg: srr too excited for a bit

ItsNotABug: Otherwise they will just kill spider quicker, and then be left not hitting anything

geppoz: right

therealbeef: 20 ppl above you might have promoted, avdg

avdg: can be :-)

avdg: also I won a few of the latest matches

avdg: meanwhile I have to solve another math problem that I guess will help defense a bit

avdg: my defense was good, but its proven to be done too costly now

avdg: yesterday evening I solved a quite similar math problem at it helped my bot a lot it seems

avdg: saved a bit of mana through less mispredictions

ItsNotABug: To get high in gold you only need very basic defence. Hit stuff to get mana, and kick stuff out of base if its a risk of taking a life. Then focus more on attack imo

avdg: my bot is doing that already, but it need higher precision

avdg: or maybe top silver is a bit hard :p

ItsNotABug: My bot to get into gold was stupid as :D Super basic defence with no state awareness. Then send a bot up to enemy and do some simple attack work

yhyoxx: what kind of math problems are u solving ?

ItsNotABug: Working on re-writing the whole thing atm to think a bit more :D

avdg: geometry

yhyoxx: im quite interested in intercepting spiders where they're heading

yhyoxx: couldnt figure out a way yet

jordonez: my bot is around gold 50th with just a huge amount of "if" but i don't know how to improve it to reach legend

avdg: well you have to estimate where they are going

yhyoxx: not that good with geometry

cegprakash: yhyoxx I use for loop for that

cegprakash: coz I bad in math

avdg: hmm I've solved that problem in the previous weekend

blasterpoard: yhyoxx just calculate spider's position on future turns in a loop and check whether you can get there within that number of turns

ItsNotABug: track unseen spiders, keep adding vx, vy each turn until you either should have seen it, or it should be off the map. Not a heap of geometry involved

blasterpoard: don't bother with any geometry

avdg: it could then already tracked invisible monsters too

blasterpoard: just simple distance checks

yhyoxx: nice

avdg: (and I'm still silver :D)

yhyoxx: thanks

jordonez: how can you track unseen spiders!?

avdg: memory

avdg: and math

jordonez: but if you dont have seen them, how do you know they even exist?

Uljahn: symmetry

yhyoxx: u cant then

ItsNotABug: You have to have seen them once to know position and "un-affected" route. But other option is not to :D

yhyoxx: or that

avdg: though my math wasn't perfect

jordonez: ah ok

avdg: I solved the problem part I couldn't solve with brute force math

avdg: so it might do up to around 20 guesses, but they are relative rarely needed

tugrul512bit: what problem?

tugrul512bit: I like brute force

tugrul512bit: link pls

avdg: no

avdg: it's geometry problems, and the loops mostly involve when a bot think it's possible when it isn't

tugrul512bit: was performance problem with brute force?

avdg: my bot does mostly all the work in a fraction of a ms

avdg: and the bruteforce was I believe a multiply and compare

avdg: which is basically almost the fast thing a cpu can do (besides adds and binary shifts/rotation/etc)

avdg: well all that matters is the problesm you want to solve and see if you have enough data and resources to get there

cegprakash: if only I had a bot as strong as I've now 2 days back I would have been chilling in legend league right now.. more the time more harder for climbing the ladder as everyone are getting stronger

MindController: cegprakash but the boss is not getting stronger

MindController: so isnt climbing to legend the same?

cegprakash: it isn't

avdg: meh, the bot behaves sometimes like a traffic jam

avdg: it can block very smart bots that are not capable to beat the ai

cegprakash: coz climbing the ladder against 10 different strategies is harder than just beating the boss

cegprakash: MindController

blasterpoard: it gets easier with time, because people are optimizing against boss and pushign its rating lower than it should be

avdg: or sometimes good bots that are not high enough to fight the boss

cegprakash: boss is now 30+

cegprakash: he was in 28.5

MindController: cegprakash boss was always 30+

blasterpoard: the boss is #55 in legend, that tells you how many people already got to legend even though they don't really belong there

cegprakash: ppl pushed the boss up

MindController: they didnt

cegprakash: meaning ppl don

MindController: the day legend came out

cegprakash: don't care about beating the boss much

MindController: boss was 29.5

MindController: It is way easier to climb now

MindController: Cause u only have to optimize against boss

MindController: if u beat boss, u beat 90% of gold

avdg: the ratings of both leagues are disconnected I guess

avdg: the score only represents a relative number to everyone in the same group

MindController: There is no way

MindController: If u have >60% wr against boss, that u cant get out of gold

avdg: wr?

MindController: winrate

avdg: you still have to float on top of the other ai's

avdg: but I can't say if gold is hard/easier than top silver

MindController: cegprakash only win 1 out of 5 fights against the boss

MindController: there is no wonder he cant get out of gold

MindController: without winning consistently against boss

avdg: hmm just checked my brute force again, it has a Math.sqrt in it :p

avdg: they are still in even after I use a lot of alternative methods where possible

avdg: I only use 5 sqrts but I have added some more math stuff so I can get rid of 1

peerdb: @Eaglewind make sure to select Codam as your school also in the challenge please and thank you

HoriMiyamura: control can only force 1 turn, is that correct?

HoriMiyamura: this mean we only control the hero 1 move?

geppoz: y

HoriMiyamura: thanks

geppoz: care that is the next one, not the current

geppoz: means: he will do the move he output when you output your control, then your control is the move in the next turn

HoriMiyamura: thanks

HoriMiyamura: Hope I can move to legend with update on controll

VizGhar: 0.01 from gold boss... I wont make my fixes before reaching legend

barbora: :clap:

Astrobytes: nice one VizGhar!

VizGhar: I'm legend :D astro I won't buy my student the laptop :D

VizGhar: tnx barbora

Uljahn: :tada:

Astrobytes: lol VizGhar! did he/she make it to legend or still in gold?

VizGhar: still gold and he cant improve

Astrobytes: ah, your wallet is safe :rofl:

Astrobytes: still, well done to him for trying

VizGhar: he's damn good/lucky haven't expected such performance from high schooler

Astrobytes: Yeah, that's awesome. A future talent I hope. Buy him a rubber duck for debugging purposes :D

eulerscheZahl: did you have a bet: if student beats you, you buy him a laptop?

hiamkaito: :joy:

VizGhar: eulerscheZahl exactly

HoriMiyamura: well, many hours to improve and then go down from 200 to 800

eulerscheZahl: that's a risky bet

jacek: eulerscheZahl so a student punches him and he gets a laptop? i wish i had a teacher like that

HoriMiyamura: then I revert and do small improve and rank around 100 I think

Astrobytes: jacek: :rofl:

hiamkaito: me too, from 93 to 593 idk why :joy:

VizGhar: except you would beat the teacher

eulerscheZahl: Ram death should not suggest such things, some of his class are really good

Astrobytes: + Konstant a 's class

struct: grats vighar

struct: viz*

VizGhar: :thumbsup: from now on, legend in every contest :)

eulerscheZahl: all 0 we are currently expecting?

Astrobytes: :(

VizGhar: you really think so euler?

VizGhar: if so then yes... all 0

struct: hard to tell

struct: But this time they didnt even add more servers

struct: at least it feels like it

eulerscheZahl: i have no idea what to expect. just couldn't resist the :salt:

VizGhar: we really need this / or simillar web... is there any other such nice platform?

Astrobytes: I added extra salt in your honour when cooking my noodles yesterday euler

eulerscheZahl: blasphemia

Astrobytes: :D

struct: ceg I think you are wrong, people keep submiting on gold and passing to legend easily

VizGhar: my case ^^

eulerscheZahl: there are some other websites but none that can really compete with CG

eulerscheZahl: topcoder has nice optim contests. but the usability of the website is a mess

struct: you also have bomberland

struct: but docker

struct: or w/e the game was called

eulerscheZahl: but some real prizes at topcoder. like a trip to the USA instead of a canvas with artwork

Astrobytes: yeah, CG were the cream of the crop when it comes to quality

eulerscheZahl: RAIC: no idea about the future

Astrobytes: yeah, that's a sad one

eulerscheZahl: halite: dead

eulerscheZahl: LuxAI: on kaggle, with few battles and limited languages i think

Astrobytes: though they have bigger plans

eulerscheZahl: their contests are always so long

eulerscheZahl: riddles: died years ago

eulerscheZahl: aigaming: no idea why i even mention it

Astrobytes: theaigames disappeared too didn't it

eulerscheZahl: riddles was done by theaigames staff

Astrobytes: oh right

Astrobytes: that explains that then

struct: ok, time to remake my bot


struct: 2 attackers or 1 to cheese gold?

eulerscheZahl: 3

struct: :/

struct: it is indeed 2|1 is indeed 3

struct: wtf

struct: am i writing

eulerscheZahl: indeed yes indeed

struct: I just woke up sorry

Astrobytes: indeed

jacek: eeyup

therealbeef: CG has gold in their hands. how can they not make good profit on this? if you see the amount of money companies spend on recruiting and events... and they don't even do advertisements yet.

therealbeef: i don't get it

[CG]Keelhaul: We do it from the pureness of our hearts

Astrobytes: And it's very much appreciated. But you make it very hard on yourselves

blasterpoard: this site should have a premium subscription for extra 20ms per turn, faster submits and skipping wood

eulerscheZahl: hey Keelhaul, out of interest: are you an intern? i think i saw you as a regular user without [CG] years ago

eulerscheZahl: skipping wood :D

avdg: 10 free medals on sign up

struct: Skipping wood this time was easy

struct: the boss codes were public

[CG]Keelhaul: I was recruited a couple months back :)

IvesL: undercover

struct: :)

eulerscheZahl: oh, congratulations

struct: are*

Astrobytes: yeah congrats

avdg: good luck with your career

therealbeef: i'd pay for 'premium', even without competitive benefits :)

eulerscheZahl: i still remember you from the hypersonic contest, we finished close to each other in the end

Astrobytes: even a 'donate what you can afford' would bring in money

eulerscheZahl: if you accept something else than credit cards

eulerscheZahl: German banking system is a nightmare when you want to transfer abroad


[CG]Keelhaul: Thank you ;) As for money, our main resource revenue is from Community won't became P2W^

avdg: oh I chatted too long

[CG]Keelhaul: Hypersonic was one of my few Lengend leaugue, that was a fun one :p

Astrobytes: yeah we know about CG for Work

IvesL: how does the work thing work

eulerscheZahl: my first CG contest. came back years later to play it properly

Astrobytes: IvesL: follow the link, it's explained

eulerscheZahl: the work thing is recruiting tests

eulerscheZahl: and internal team building events

avdg: passing tests is 1 thing, having a stable company is another thing :p

avdg: the company I worked for then was growing too fast

avdg: so it became inflexible when the economy shifted drastically

Astrobytes: the story of many a company

avdg: meh it was a company where managers recruited people and basically put them on where was work

avdg: just big scale

avdg: salary and benefits were nice though there

therealbeef: managers....

avdg: yeah, managers only placed you and they expect you to deliver

it works better than expected though if your final customer knows how to deal with it

avdg: so basically the managers just collection tasks and distribute them

avdg: the system breaks when the manager has to do some it stuff/decision at the customer

VizGhar: Can't be CG platform (contests) sponsored by EU grants or something? It's AI everybody want AI experts

Djellowman: any new rules in silver, gold or legend league? or same as bronze

Uljahn: same

avdg: ow I silently promoted to gold

Djellowman: is it possible to miss WIND spells, because it is cast after the move phase?

avdg: you can't move and cast at the same time

avdg: but you can be moved

Djellowman: just looking at a game, and my heroes double cast wind on a monster, but only 1 hits


struct: is this the best defense?

Djellowman: no, but the monsters move

struct: Look how my attacker defends the opponent at the end

struct: This might turn into meta

fcil: hii

avdg: wind is step 6, monster move is step 7

IvesL: i personally wont aim at 0,0

Djellowman: lets say you cast WIND on a monster, but during the turn you cast it, they move out of range

IvesL: to prevent such scenario

Djellowman: oh you're right. i cant read

struct: yeah ill aim based on angle soon

Djellowman: turns out i didnt have mana for 1 of the casts

IvesL: you miss the my_mana -=10

Djellowman: guess you have to keep track of how much mana you spend during a turn yeah

avdg: yeah mana buffer is important

avdg: my bot does keep track which moves are being played

avdg: so it always knows (for at that point of time) how much mana is spend

avdg: it doesn't flush moves out directly

Default avatar.png DustinNunyo: I am starting to suspect that this boss AI in mad pod racing just strait up has a faster ship than me...

struct: :D

jacek: oO

IvesL: the ai paid premium

Astrobytes: lol

struct: I feel the same when I play my bot vs top 3

Djellowman: what is the right way to debug? say i want to see a particular monsters' stats such as shield_life

Djellowman: during the game. mouseover only shows limited info

Astrobytes: print to stderr

avdg: probably the best way to debug, for code you can control, is to split up properly

avdg: the debug approuch depends on your situation

avdg: here, probably stderr or chat comments

Djellowman: but you would have to print out so much to stderr. in a debugger you can just see current variable values

Djellowman: all the stats for all the entites on screen basically

Astrobytes: if you have a working simulation, you can take all the information for a turn and run it offline

Astrobytes: but you still have to print that info to stderr, or download a replay

avdg: you can dump state if you are only interested in frames

Djellowman: not sure what you mean

Djellowman: wouldnt that be printing out every variable on every frame

avdg: just stderr the stdin you get

avdg: then you can reply without sim

avdg: just reply on recording

Counterbalance: i just print the bot input to stderr, copy-paste the starting input and turn input to a local file, and then run the bot in VS with debug commandline argument < in.txt

Default avatar.png DustinNunyo: How might one go about viewing shared code on these mini games? or is that something that isn't allowed?

Djellowman: yeah i'm still working entirely in the in-browser ide

Astrobytes: well it doesn't have a debugger, so unless you do what was stated above you're stuck with stderr only

jacek: sharing codes? :scream:

Djellowman: alright, thanks

Astrobytes: np

Djellowman: damn boss 4 is a lot harder.. controlling my heroes out of the base when monsters are nearing it

cegprakash: that moment when u finally enter top 10 then u lose 10 games in a row

cegprakash: my legend dream keeps vanishing

Djellowman: are double wind casts on monster that will damage the base next turn a waste? is it better to just use 1 cast at a time

avdg: the sum of all wind vectors is taken in that case

Djellowman: yes

avdg: that's why you have goally ai

Djellowman: but i'm asking if you should even double cast wind for defense

avdg: it depends

avdg: monster also change target once outside the radius

Djellowman: i get the feeling its better to save the mana and cast it again later if they get close again

avdg: hoh, now I'm in gold, I'm questioning myself how this game would be if they introduced boosters

Zaphus: Hmm, I've only lost 5 out of 30 games from this run - and in 5 of those I was playing as red... going to have to check my code for hardcoded stuff :slight_smile:

avdg: (so with boosters, the heroes are temporary faster for a few turns)

Djellowman: my heroes randomly dont use wind when they should wtff

avdg: too big decision trees I guess

FrancoisB: Never gonna let you down Zaphus

IvesL: @avdg i suggest implementing levelling system, heroes that have killed enough monsters could level up to unlock different spells, or improve attributes

FrancoisB: is it me or it's taking ages to submit, I don't recall it being so slow in the last few years

cegprakash: need more fan and dust cleanup in the servers

cegprakash: Blasterpoard MindController can I get a replay with 1 of u guys?

cegprakash: I'll watch it till my submit ends :P

cegprakash: me vs u guys

Astrobytes: look it up on the leaderboard ceg


cegprakash: ^^ dammmn

Astrobytes: oh, you're still gold, my bad

cegprakash: thxx

cegprakash: this submit most likely take me legend

cegprakash: I fixed an if statement in my attacker

Astrobytes: good luck :)

Djellowman: okay i just realized we have to print commands in order of heroes 0, 1, 2....

Djellowman: i sorted them :cold_sweat:

cegprakash: I only sort enemy heroes never my heroes :P

cegprakash: I never had the need for it.. I dedicate my 0th index hero for attacker, 1 and 2 index for defence

Djellowman: can entities be pushed by wind & controlled on the same turn?

avdg: they are normally separate steps I guess

cegprakash: say u print control on turn X Djellowman, the immediate turn monster just stops moving.. only the next turn it moves to the destination you give it.

cegprakash: when it stops moving wind still works.

cegprakash: but when it's moving to the destination you give it overrides the wind

_NikJ: ah cegprakash, soo close bro :D

cegprakash: I mean if u wind a controlled unit on immedate turn it works, on the control movement wind won't work

Djellowman: so if i cast control, the monster wouldn't move that turn..? i think it still moves. but it will move in the controlled direction next turn. shouldnt that stack with a wind cast the next turn?

cegprakash: oh wait..

cegprakash: yes it should stack

cegprakash: what am I speaking

cegprakash: and yes it still moves

cegprakash: wind is an AOE spell and not a targetted spell

cegprakash: targetted spell gets overridden by control

cegprakash: for example a shield on a control

cegprakash: or a move on a control

cegprakash: move action is also kind of targetted action so it gets overridden

Djellowman: huh

Djellowman: you can't cast shield on controlled targets?

Djellowman: i think you can. just if shield & control get cast the same turn, the shield cast will do nothing i think

Djellowman: could be wrong, but thats how i interpret the docs

Djellowman: or it could be that the control still gets executed next turn, and the shield will also still be applied next turn

cegprakash: CONTROL - Override the target's next action with a step towards the given coordinates.

cegprakash: meaning if it's a move or a shield whatever is the action it'll override and CONTROL will take place

cegprakash: even in order of priority CONTROL gets the first prio Djellowman

44AA44: Why do people not like the bots in clash of code

cegprakash: what do u mean by bots

cegprakash: 44AA44

DollarAkshay: There is no way to make the win push less than 2200 units right ?

DollarAkshay: wind*

struct: only if you push against a wall

Djellowman: cegprakash yet, but being blown away or shielded by another entity is not an action of the target entity

Djellowman: yes*

Djellowman: it overrides the entity's own actions


Djellowman: ...i imagine

HoriMiyamura: why hero is pushed but monster isn't ? turn 75/76


HoriMiyamura: does anyone know why?

Djellowman: why is a game against yourself not completely symmetrical until the end?

VizGhar: LOL HoriMiyamura :D looks like bug

HoriMiyamura: Djellowman, one is on ide, one is arena, they aren't the same

blasterpoard: heroes move before winds happen, no bug there

VizGhar: aha right

HoriMiyamura: yeah

HoriMiyamura: I just see that

Djellowman: HoriMiyamura i'm not sure what you mean. if you play against yourself it should be a symmetrical game

HoriMiyamura: no the one in my ide is editable

HoriMiyamura: you never done that before?

Djellowman: regarding the game; yeah the hero moves into range before wind gets cast, and then the monster moves into range

Djellowman: yes it is editable in the sense that you can select an opponent. if the oppont is yourself, the game should always be drawn, no?

HoriMiyamura: no, there are 2 case that can cause the game not symetric

HoriMiyamura: 1./ The one on IDE is different code from the one on Arena, which is my case

HoriMiyamura: 2./ when the algorithm isn't deterministic

Djellowman: so they are not the same bots then

HoriMiyamura: yup

Djellowman: i don't see a reason to introduce nondeterminism in these bots

HoriMiyamura: case 2 is same bot, but they run random algorithm

Djellowman: since they started out mirrored, i was surprised that the result wasn't a draw

Djellowman: ah i see, so you did make them nondeterministic

HoriMiyamura: At lot of bot Algo are nonditerministic, although we tend to use a seed to make it deterministic

HoriMiyamura: but it may depend on how you code your solution.

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: the replay is about case 1: 2 bots with different source code

DollarAkshay: If I send a 0 HP monster into the enemy base does that do damage ?

DollarAkshay: sent by wind

blasterpoard: no

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: Can we do that?

ClockSort: blasterpoard are you using a search alg or just heuristics?

ClockSort: it's crazy how well your approach works :D

blasterpoard: you would probably call it depth 1 search with a sort of cheat-like evaluation that substitutes deeper simulation

blasterpoard: but that's just heuristics, isn't it?

_NikJ: so basically, dark magic?

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: Do we have anygroup discuss about the strategy for this game on discord?

blasterpoard: after the contest, there will be postmortems on the forum

GlaceCoding: :eyes:

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I know, just want to know if currently we have one

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I am struggling to legend

cegprakash: _NikJ yea dark magic

Astrobytes: there is one on the CG discord yes, and a bug report thread in the forum, plus the webchat here

struct: Currently there is a thread to report bugs but thats about it


struct: I need to finish my bot, ping me if anyone misbehaves

Scarfield: during contests there will be some level of strategy talk, but the potential winning players wont at shouldnt give away the gold nuggets until after contest is over

Astrobytes: np struct

Scarfield: also oi

struct: hi and bye

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: hiya Scarfield

Scarfield: :wave:

struct: I see you got in legend

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: well, I am stuck ...

struct: nice

Scarfield: who astro?

struct: TichHuyen which league are you in?

Astrobytes: I'm in gold

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I am in gold

struct: didnt you get legend Scarfield?

DollarAkshay: I am in gold

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: My last submit is around 100 in gold

Scarfield: nope

struct: oh my bad

Scarfield: i have an imposter :o

struct: I thought you did

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: but any improve from me make it worse

Astrobytes: Scaryfield

struct: TichHuyen look at what top players do and try to copy their strategy

MindController: Can give tips on my strat

GlaceCoding: triple wind with 2 heroes…

struct: I currently use 1 attacker and 2 defenders

struct: my attacker is mediocre at best

struct: and im top 100 gold

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: should I look the tops on Lengend or just the top on gold?

struct: Top legend

GlaceCoding: legend

struct: or people that are about to get promoted on gold

MindController: 1 attack 2 defend

Whiskee: I lose like 100% of the matches against triple defender and double attacker and I'm still second in gold

MindController: Is very easy to code

Scarfield: maybe i will get there tomorrow, but doubt it :'(

Whiskee: don't try to counter everything

struct: if they have a big lead

MindController: And works quite well

struct: my attacker doesnt even farm

struct: at the start

struct: it just stays still for 40 turns xD

Whiskee: I think I had a match against you when you were still doing 3 defenders

struct: probably

Whiskee: I hate those walls, I gave up trying to win at points

Scarfield: the code i have scrambled together for this contest is the ugliest code i have made in a long time

struct: if code is like that I gues

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I use 2 def 1 att, so I think I should find the same strategy

struct: I can describe my AI

struct: Opponents heroes dont exist

struct: If I cant see a spider it doesnt exist

struct: If close to base I wind it

struct: thats it

Scarfield: o0

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: 0o

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: very the same as me

struct: I dix fix the wind so I aim based on spider pos

MindController: My only differnce

struct: on the attacker

MindController: Is i sometimes control enemy hero when attacking

Miki09: struct you use 2 def + 1 att?

struct: yes

Miki09: And what place r u?

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: so we are same on this point too

struct: 90 gold

Miki09: O.O

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: do you use control?

MindController: Miki09

struct: no

MindController: Im using 1 attacker 2 deffenders

struct: I only use wind

MindController: Im 4th in legend

Miki09: lol


struct: my attacker stays still for 40 turns

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: the last submit I am around 100 gold too

struct: as you can see

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I stay for 50turns

struct: Anyways I need to go back to coding, cya all later and gl

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: we are quite the same :D

Miki09: strcut should I inspire from fact that you dont use shield and u r 90 in gold?

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I use shield and wind and now 100 gold

Scarfield: gl :)

MindController: Miki09 no shield rank 4 legend

struct: Miki09 I just copy others strategy

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: add control and everything stucked

struct: I dont see many at the top using shield

Miki09: Ok I'll inspire :-)

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I will try remove my shield

struct: when you wind a spider its like 5.5 turns of movement

struct: Which is a lot

MindController: Shield is sometimes good on attacking

MindController: But its hard to make it effective

struct: if I have 2 defenders attacking a shielded spider its 20 damage

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: but some time you wind opponent too?

TobiasA: I wish I could copy other people's strats

struct: And I get mana for that

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: ah

struct: I think Wind is better value than shield

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: remove shield should be good

struct: because you can wind multiple but can only shield one

cegprakash: TobiasA what's stopping u

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I cast shield too much and it wastes my mana

struct: Unless you are using shield very late

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: oh, very nice

struct: I dont think its worth to cast a shield on a spider if the dist and health == N

TobiasA: my mental capability:smiley:

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: then I can use shield at very late, you make a lot of insight view, thanks

struct: some math formula should do it

struct: But I can be totally wrong

HoriMiyamura: I think it should called inspire view..

HoriMiyamura: :(

struct: I never tried to use shield on spiders

HoriMiyamura: I am going to implement your propose

MindController: Its just

HoriMiyamura: as I am stuck at 100 gold for now

MindController: If ur planning to use control on enemy defenders

MindController: Its sometimes more effective to use shield

struct: Yes needs to be a mix of both

struct: but when does it become better than wind?

struct: Probably hard to say

MindController: When out of wind range

MindController: :)

Enknable: also if the enemy is going to cast a spell that will do some critical thing, control cancels it

struct: oh nice

struct: Thanks for the idea

Enknable: ..i thnk lol

MindController: Enknable but the problem is

MindController: U newwd to guess 2 turn into future

struct: you need to see 2 turns ahead

struct: yeah

MindController: So its just easier

MindController: To shield

Miki09: Am I cursed if I have my_players={} instead of my_players=[] ?

struct: Thanks MindController

struct: You gave me an idea

struct: :D

struct: hard to close chat when so much ideas are given

MindController: I can also give u even better idea

Enknable: true. Unless you think of it like: If I can interrupt 2/4 of his casts

MindController: Dont afk on first turns

Enknable: its worth the missed casts

MindController: :)

struct: :D

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I also have a lot of idea

Enknable: but def a good point tho

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: and adding them make my bot go down :(

struct: Thanks again for all the tips, I will close the chat for real this time

_NikJ:, turn 65-67, why did monster 41 (top left base) get stuck? o.O

MindController: Ur pushing from the perspective of your hero, but not the monster

MindController: U need to change the wind

MindController: to push from monster to base

MindController: Not from hero to base

_NikJ: as in, I need to change condition on which I use wind?

MindController: Nope

MindController: U need to change

Scarfield: map edges inside bases are "sticky", monsters cant leave borders when inside bases, if they hit a wall, they stop there

MindController: The wind coordinates

MindController: Tip: conditions doesnt change

MindController: The wind coordinates changes

_NikJ: ah, I keep it simple, if my base is 0,0 I wind at map_width, if I'm at map_width, I wind at 0,0 xd

Scarfield: wind direction is difference in position of monster and op base, still simple ;)

ClockSort: people are very generous with their ideas and algs -- thanks :)

hiamkaito: Can i change my base in "Play my code" button?

ClockSort: hiamkaito no

_NikJ: Yeah, MindController helped me very much with some ideas (basically, KISS - keep it simple, stupid)

struct: hiamkaito you can change which player you play as

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: Yes, you have to delete both players and then assign yourself to the right one, hiamkaito

struct: if thats what you are asking

Scarfield: yes hiamkaito, left of play my code, you can see the players, delete both, and put yourself as player 2 and whoever as player 1

ClockSort: ok, so I was wrong :)

Default avatar.png Zyk0: You're still there struct

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: isn't that you said you would close the chat struct?

ClockSort: lol

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: and you still here

struct: sry, im out

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: :D

Astrobytes: he can't help it :D

Scarfield: xD

hiamkaito: Thanks all , i'll try:kissing_heart:

ClockSort: my goal is to type more chars of source code than chars into chat

VizGhar: What does CG use for showing games on the canvas?

Astrobytes: pixi.js

VizGhar: :thumbsup: tnx Astro

Astrobytes: np

ntsd: I win the gold boss but I can't pass 1000 players in the gold league.

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: my new bot beat the account that above the boss and still stick around 400

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: overfitting?

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: not sure

ntsd: Yep the strategy create for the boss only lol

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: but yes, it just doesn't work with others

VizGhar: overfit on everybody then "D

Miki09: hello VizGhar

VizGhar: hello Miki09

Uljahn: hello Automaton2000

Automaton2000: you can try to make it easy to use

VizGhar: as Automaton2000 says... just a few ifs and you are good to go

Automaton2000: it's not gonna be a good way

Miki09: Automaton2000 are you in legend league?

Automaton2000: so you want to take a break and come back to that

Miki09: Automaton2000 You are so smart

Automaton2000: if you want to learn the basics first

Miki09: ok

MindController: Automaton2000 not participating in this contest?

Automaton2000: now i just need to look up

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I am thinking could I use my super power to go to legend

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: Im new to here

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: like I look the leaderboard and then bang

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I am legend

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: but I am not sure If my super power is strong enough to do that?

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: and can it be before the contest end?

Scarfield: hi new to here

Scarfield: heh. heh. ugh, but welcome rockyyyyyyy123 :)

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: what to do with this 3 def :(

MindController: TichHuyen u couldve done 1 damage at frame 120

MindController: If u just walked up

MindController: And wind monster again

MindController: Instead of shield

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: well I've tried to add that but other things break

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: but I would try again then

Default avatar.png rockyyyyyyy123: Hello scarfield

Scarfield: here for the contest?

jacek: for the protest

Scarfield: you are a pro tester arent you

MindController: jacek who are we protesting against?

jacek: contesters

Kururugi: i am gonna protest against protestors

Astrobytes: I must contest your protest

struct: is this a sign?


struct: :'(

eulerscheZahl: bye struct, thanks for your service

Scarfield: lol not again

VizGhar: I've reached legend and I've lost interest immediately... is this normal? :D

HoriMiyamura: no

HoriMiyamura: it is not normal

Scarfield: grats though :)

Scarfield: do you still owe a pc?

eulerscheZahl: depends on the game

eulerscheZahl: usually it's not normal but this time i am with you

HoriMiyamura: you should: I've been legend, then now I will get CG Tshirt

HoriMiyamura: This is the normal

eulerscheZahl: there are no new designs, are there?

HoriMiyamura: I don't know

HoriMiyamura: but we should have T shirt if in top 20 right?

HoriMiyamura: I've never had one

eulerscheZahl: mission "win a tshirt for struct to consolidate him for the deleted account"

HoriMiyamura: so...

HoriMiyamura: oh

struct: lol

eulerscheZahl: yes, top20 are the tshirt ranks

HoriMiyamura: struct said that?

Astrobytes: *console not consolidate eulerscheZahl

struct: I will get legend

LaurensD: We trust you struct, you can do it!

struct: There is no way I cant improve my bot

Astrobytes: or "as consolation for his deleted account"

VizGhar: Scarfield no I dont owe... student didn't break me

HoriMiyamura: my bug code currently computing 38% and rank 7x in gold

eulerscheZahl: oh, consolidate is what CG and coderpad did?

HoriMiyamura: is this mean my fixed-bug code would be much higher?

Scarfield: consoling might consolidating him

Astrobytes: in that they consolidated their resources I guess, yes

eulerscheZahl: i memorized that vocabulary wrong, thanks for pointing it out

eulerscheZahl: a little better every day

Astrobytes: np, I am always happy to improve your English :D

eulerscheZahl: (no trolling, tell me when i write nonsense)

Scarfield: nice VizGhar, also i kinda rooted for your student though :p

HoriMiyamura: haha

VizGhar: understandable

Astrobytes: Always do :)

VizGhar: I would too

Astrobytes: (I always tell you I mean)

eulerscheZahl: a private teacher for free

Astrobytes: knowledge is free, if I can share it and it's useful then :tada:

Kururugi: how do i share a replay from my last battles? Is there a way to create the replay link?

cegprakash: if gold is this competitive I wonder how legend league would be right now

cegprakash: there would be 50 strats from 200 ppl

TobiasA: but seriously this gold boss seems like a bot from legend

Astrobytes: um... technically it is

cegprakash: gold boss is just wind spammer

TobiasA: it won't even let me get mana it just keeps attacking

HoriMiyamura: because no bot for legend :D

cegprakash: I'm not really worried about the gold boss

Astrobytes: maybe if you were you'd be in legend

5DN1L: Use the REPLAY AND SHARE button just below the replay, Kururugi

cegprakash: it's the top 300 in gold I'm worried about lol so many strats here with almost 2000 ppl in gold

eulerscheZahl: legend is a zoo as well

cegprakash: we need a Ultra legend league

cegprakash: -_-

HoriMiyamura: 2 atts :(

eulerscheZahl: quiz for the veterans: which quote did i modify?

Astrobytes: "multiplayer is a zoo"

HoriMiyamura: :A

eulerscheZahl: point for Astro

Scarfield: "Germany is a zoo" ?

cegprakash: or just convert all current leages 1 tier lower make Bronze2 as Bronze 3, Legend as gold so we have one more league

cegprakash: only 20 should be in legend not 200

cegprakash: at least at this point

eulerscheZahl: no, we are an inclusive community now

eulerscheZahl: and heursitic games always have more legend players

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I remember when early for this contest, I submit the default code that "WAIT" all the time

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: and go to wood1

TobiasA: phew :cold_sweat: i'm giving up on this contest i'll try to get to legend like next year

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: why next year?

Lysk: yeah that waiting is the sadest part

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: how about the other challeng in next 6 months?

cegprakash: TobiasA don't give up with just 1 day to go + sleep time

Scarfield: dont expect a bot contest next year though. not that i wont to poke that hornets nest of a discussion, just saying there might not be one TobiasA

TobiasA: That's how long I usually procrastinate cg games that stress me

Astrobytes: <incoming salty hornets>

TobiasA: I believe CG can only get better after this:slight_smile:

Astrobytes: (or salted? :thinking: )

TobiasA: i hope

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I really like the bot contests on CG, why you procrastinate it?

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: If this challenge have 4 time a year, then I will participate actively

TobiasA: I like them too by procrastinate I mean I do other ones then come back to that one later

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: umm

Astrobytes: that's called "putting it on the back burner"

Default avatar.png TichHuyen: I also play on the last few days

TobiasA: yea I put it on the back burner

Scarfield: some people work better when not under time pressure, its for fun. to each their own way of having fun :)

Astrobytes: like, downgrading its priority

MichExpatMatt: I got lazy and curmudgeony about this one, still sitting in silver with basically a bunch of if/else's and a pythagorean function

Astrobytes: curmudgeons unite

MichExpatMatt: no trig and never touched vx or vy

MichExpatMatt: no nn or minimax or graph theory or anything like that

Astrobytes: you can sit in gold or legend with that if you improve your ifs

jacek: or else?

Astrobytes: my money's on the ifs :P

TobiasA: or else what?

MichExpatMatt: see that's all I was going for. Still need to up my mana farming but without letting the big guy's touch my base in the last half or third of game

Jazzcript: Hi, is there any way select player from legend, when at gold league?

MichExpatMatt: hell maybe even rearranging the order of all the if/elses, I'm always changing my mind or watching a game I lose and trying to address that one reason I lost that one time

Astrobytes: No, unless you request a replay from someone in legend and you are top 1000

MichExpatMatt: I can beat the Boss in IDE but doesn't seem to help me in arena/leaderboard

eulerscheZahl: can't find Jazzcript as opponent in selection

Astrobytes: watch a bunch of games and try to generalise the reasons for the losses

eulerscheZahl: the opponent selection is such a 5% feature, useless for the rest

eulerscheZahl: trolling aside, for CSB you really can't select that many players percent-wise

Astrobytes: indeed

eulerscheZahl: indeed yes indeed

eulerscheZahl: struct would indeed confirm

Astrobytes: 1 == 2 or whatever he said

struct: yes indeed 1 | 2 = 3 indeed

struct: or w/e

Astrobytes: :rofl:

eulerscheZahl: i dumped my search bot, too many flaws. now i'm around 30 again while search was bottom of the league :tear:

eulerscheZahl: :'

eulerscheZahl: no emoji?

Astrobytes: :crying:

struct: :'(

Astrobytes: :cry:

Astrobytes: dammit

eulerscheZahl: that one

jacek: :frog:

struct: missing a (

Scarfield: : ' ( :'(

struct: at the end

eulerscheZahl: somehow i expected :sob: for : cry :

jacek: :sweat:

Astrobytes: turn on your air conditioning jacek

eulerscheZahl: you have air conditioning?

Astrobytes: No.

eulerscheZahl: i have a fan for hot summer days

Astrobytes: Same.

HoriMiyamura: me too

HoriMiyamura: a fan

Astrobytes: It broke though. Thankfully summer in Scotland isn't very hot

MichExpatMatt: I am in Arizona, if I didn't have air conditioning over here I might not actually survive the summer

Astrobytes: Well, not thankfully, I miss the nice weather

eulerscheZahl: i also have a lot of fans on CG. broke the 1000 mark now

Astrobytes: ba-dum-tsss

Astrobytes: he's here all week folks

eulerscheZahl: a sheep, a drum and a snake fall down a cliff. da-dum-tsss

MichExpatMatt: :laugh:

Astrobytes: *baa-dum-tsss

MichExpatMatt: oh FFS

eulerscheZahl: the sheep was so surprised for falling first, that it only got out a "ba"

Astrobytes: it was a "da"

**Astrobytes awaits the excuses

MichExpatMatt: ta-da

VizGhar: falling from high floor - aaaa bam falling from lower floow - bam aaaa


Default avatar.png -Banana: haha

Astrobytes: :D


Astrobytes: not gonna click *that* one

eulerscheZahl: i know the last 3 letters

Astrobytes: in fact, never gonna click that one

VizGhar: :D you already know by url? mg :D

Astrobytes: yep

jacek: how?

Astrobytes: you

eulerscheZahl: there is a guy totally dedicated about rickrolling

VizGhar: I have to shorten it

VizGhar: yeah? where?

eulerscheZahl: once invested $1500 to show the video as a youtube ad

Astrobytes: lol, that is some dedication right there

VizGhar: oh... well, he buys it so

eulerscheZahl: and paid a sky writer to draw it over the superbowl stadium

MichExpatMatt: someone has too much money


eulerscheZahl: i'm pretty sure he gets that money back with youtube range on his channel

jacek: how about next contest about rick rolling :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: he also likes to get hired by companies just to mess around and get fired. e.g. as a tictoc moderator

eulerscheZahl: once he got hired by indian scammers to build them a new website. and he just deleted all of it

MichExpatMatt: omg that's awesome

dusk_sd: chad

Astrobytes: guy's got some style lol

Default avatar.png AmbF: For the Spring Code Challenge (python), i get issues where i'm not correctly reading the input data even though i'm not removing any input. Any ideas why?

Astrobytes: extra output perhaps, maybe printing something to stdout that isn't the 3 required lines

Astrobytes: or an extra newline, etc

Astrobytes: make sure any debug printing goes to stderr

GalvaBart: @AmbF did you check the starter code on github?

Default avatar.png AmbF: Ah i see what i did wrong now thanks !

Astrobytes: :)

Default avatar.png AmbF: Yes yes i was just moving AND doing a spell

Default avatar.png AmbF: Totally forgot about the output limit

Astrobytes: good catch :)

Default avatar.png AmbF: thanks

GalvaBart: I forgot to print SPELL and was wondering why my wind command was crashing XD

DollarAkshay: How close should I let monsters before using wind spell ?

Astrobytes: 42

GalvaBart: Range is 2200 I think

MichExpatMatt: wind range is 1280, shield and control are 2200

LaurensD: at the section spells you got a range

GalvaBart: oops no, it's 1280

LaurensD: wind is 1280

LaurensD: All entities (except your own heroes) within 1280 units are pushed 2200 units in the direction from the spellcaster to x,y.

Westicles: do you get double xp/cp for contest leagues then later the multi?

Astrobytes: I am guessing he means how close to the base should he let them get before winding them away

struct: not anymore

Astrobytes: lol indeed

GalvaBart: Will this bot challenge be available after the event?

Astrobytes: yes

GalvaBart: awesome

MichExpatMatt: ahh who knows. if they are even in my base and unshielded, I like to yeet them out of the base if possible, I'd rather get wild mana while hitting them if possible

Astrobytes: it will move to compete->bot programming

eulerscheZahl: might take 2 or 3 days until you can play it again

DollarAkshay: Yeah how close to my base should I let them be

eulerscheZahl: or is it sponsored and won't come back? no idea actually

DollarAkshay: I feel like I am over using wind spell to defend my base


LaurensD: Dollar it depends on strat

eulerscheZahl: did we get confirmation about the future of the game?

DollarAkshay: Single defender

Astrobytes: Don't think so, but doesn't seem to be sponsored despite previous use. That is a good point now I think on it.

jacek: eulerscheZahl maybe itll be reused once again in next contest

eulerscheZahl: :upside_down:

cegprakash: DollarAkshay I use based on danger level

cegprakash: more danger more wind

LaurensD: @MichExpatMatt like this :?

MichExpatMatt: LaurensD hahaha kind of! But in my case it's usually my 2-3 guys defending and one attacker pushing back

MichExpatMatt: omg that was wild though, like your guys got offended and decided to just kamikaze the enemy base

GalvaBart: I'm curious how alphaStar would fare XD

LaurensD: haha, yeah made that for fun it's in the arena but not performing that well though haha


LaurensD: but there are some interesting video's to watch haha

MichExpatMatt: I tried shielding myself more often based on whether an opp was close enough to cast control... but seemed like a waste of mana and base started taking more damage

MichExpatMatt: ok I gtg for now have an appointment in like 17 min but might be back to mess with this later

LaurensD: You might want to make a simple check when one of your hero's will get controlled, it'll raises a flag and start doing that

LaurensD: at least that is a option you do have to preserve your mana for like > 50% of the matches

LaurensD: haha good luck

LaurensD: oh, pushing can happen too :3

LaurensD: can't find the many reflections one but this one does seem interesting


Default avatar.png AmbF: What breaks ties, total mana collected or mana left ?

Default avatar.png qwertzui11: check the "wild mana" in the description

Astrobytes: wild mana

MichExpatMatt: LaurensD what criteria would you be thinking for the check though... I think my old check was like... if an opp is within 2200 of my guy, or within one turn or being in that range

Default avatar.png AmbF: I see great thanks

MichExpatMatt: but then it seemed like my guys were spamming shiled on themselves unnecessarily

Boopitibap: Do the certification tests test anything other than if the tests pass? Like time complexity, memory usage, etc? I got 99 percentile but I highly doubt that score, feels like it is simply because the tests passed

5DN1L: no they don't

5DN1L: CG said they would fix the percentage quite some time ago...

5DN1L: not sure about their progress

Boopitibap: That makes more sense, thank you

5DN1L: :)

_NikJ: well that was quick

FaRNaM.Hs: Hey!

DollarAkshay: Fingers crossed I hope I get out of Gold with this submit :(

jacek: back to silver?

DollarAkshay: :joy:

DollarAkshay: Thank god there is no demotion in CG

DollarAkshay: That would be brutal

LaurensD: @MichExpatmatt, yeah that seems to be a fine condition, this this will also assume when your enemy crosses you, or one enemy is near your base for example. It will make you waste your mana, hence the control check on the hero, thought that might help

Westicles: I think the ML version that shows up and wins at the last minute won't have clear delineation between attackers and defenders

LaurensD: for wind you can probably do a check your last position is > distance away from the current, which probably might mean you were hit with wind. or something in that familiar

TobiasA: that kind of bot sounds unstable

LaurensD: Yup, thought it depends, I assume you cannot connect to external resources right?

LaurensD: I mean ML gotta learn

TobiasA: you actually can but I haven't done it before

TobiasA: what I was trying to say is that a bot that doesn't have clear delineation between attackers and defenders I picture it being unstable but what do I know i've never done anything complex:relaxed:

jacek: ML? mars lander?

LaurensD: Machine learning

LaurensD: @TobiasA I guess it could get a distinction for attacking defending :3

TobiasA: most likely

LaurensD: let's make a socket and control it ourselfs :grinning:

TobiasA: what's a socket?

avdg: depends on context

TobiasA: or what context

TobiasA: python or the one you can stick a fork in

_NikJ: pretty sure you can only stick a fork once

LaurensD: Socket is used for realtime communication between client and server

TobiasA: oh i believe I could stick a fork in that kind of socket more than once

LaurensD: And context would be when the bot runs that you 'are' the player.

LaurensD: Really? Let's try it then

LaurensD: be sure to use a fork that is full metal

TobiasA: I tried it :slight_smile:

TobiasA: now my screen is broken

LaurensD: Perhaps you turned it off by doing that

LaurensD: try again

TobiasA: mhm I did it again

cegprakash: if I do CTRL+F and do username + " failed" it should give all the failed movements right? Is there any other invalid moves that's not covered by this CTRL+F

cegprakash: i.e in the game information log

DustinNunyo: Hmm... There isn't a way to use type hints and function overloading in the challenges is there?

DollarAkshay: hey which was that website where you could see the win rate against specific opponents ?

DustinNunyo: I am using python3 btw

DollarAkshay: I remeber someone from the community made a website where you could analyze to whom you are loosing


jacek: but there is no contest

44AA44: is cool too

jacek: oO

DollarAkshay: Damn where are there no contests ?

jacek: maybe CG doesnt expose them

_NikJ: what do you mean no contests? I'm using cg stats to track my submission % while away

Counterbalance: it's listed there, but can't find any players

jacek: oh, its down there on the spinner

_NikJ: player has to be in top 1000 I believe

Counterbalance: ow, cors errors.. ofcors.

DollarAkshay: @Counterbalance thank you :)

cegprakash: DollarAkshay

DollarAkshay: :thumbsup:

avdg: wild mana

avdg: rip I lagged against chat again

LaurensD: got that often too haha

cegprakash: 3 defender into 3 attacker strat switch is OP he had a window of 10 turns and he killed me in that

Default avatar.png Aland_52879: anyone knows why this happens in top left at 119-127

cegprakash: wind range is 1280

cegprakash: are u sure u are in the range Aland_52879

cegprakash: at turn 125 it gets pushed properly

Default avatar.png Aland_52879: yes i'm in range but sometimes my hero spams the wind

Default avatar.png Aland_52879: is there any reason that causes wind spell to be spammed by a hero? i can't figure out what is the cause of it

Noyotens: how to get rid of "wild mana collecters"

LaurensD: It's a multi-turn thing, your code is still triggered by your criteria Aland


cegprakash: Aland u are not in range buddy

cegprakash: Aland_52879

LaurensD: seems like he was talking about the spamming of the wind

cegprakash: he is spamming coz he thinks the monster is close to him

cegprakash: I mean his code thinks

cegprakash: no offence to Aland_52879

Default avatar.png Aland_52879: exactly he thinks the monster is close but looks like your calculation proves i have to look into the range check again. thank you guys

Default avatar.png Aland_52879: it's okay. Thank you for help :)

LaurensD: you can try to execute the calculations of cegprakash with your dinstance calculation

LaurensD: for a fast check

cegprakash: I use this website

cegprakash: :P

Default avatar.png Aland_52879: i will thanks.

LaurensD: haha I just use dotnetfiddle with my code =P


Blasterpoard one of ur fan is in gold :P

cegprakash: and he's in rank 795 in gold donno why

MindController: 2 attackers - Blasterpoard fan

nalka0: When you control a monster, are its vx and vy changed according to where the control is gonna send it?

LaurensD: for a fan, you sure did loose

LaurensD: lose*

cegprakash: I'm glad I lost to a Blasterpoard fan

cegprakash: -_-

peerdb: Does anyone know where I could find how the ELO is calculated?

CaptainHamburger: U win u gain some, u lose u lose some

Default avatar.png ataya-codam: ^

jacek: on CG trueskill is used

jacek: for elo, there is calculator

peerdb: thanks jacek

avdg: hmm I have not much hopes for gold

Default avatar.png qwertzui11: me neither :D

avdg: Im in the back of gold

avdg: at least, hope for getting in the top in gold league

LaurensD: 1940 of 1970 with my fun bot

avdg: the defense I've just added seemed already useless to the nr ai

avdg: *to the ai

avdg: an ai needs to be sharp from the start to beat the boos

avdg: or I need a very good goally ai

cegprakash: If I don't go to legend in this submit u can call me a "cockroach" for the next 7 days

avdg: hmm what is your rank now?

avdg: and no, I will take into account that it takes a while to get on top of the ladder

cegprakash: 18% progress 4 losses in first 27 games

avdg: aw, way better than my ai

avdg: my current submission has an experimental piece of code

avdg: gonna see how much influence it has

DustinNunyo: Hey could somebody tell me; if I have a circle at a certain position with a certain radius; how do I get the x/y position of say a 45 degree angle around that circle?

Default avatar.png Tuo: you know the first point?

DaNinja: x+cos(angle)*r, y+sin(angle)*r

DustinNunyo: TY!

DaNinja: where r is in radians

DaNinja: * angle in radians

pmor: isn't r the radius, and angle is in radians?

pmor: :)

DaNinja: ;)

cegprakash: look like I'm gonna be called as a cockroach

cegprakash: but it's at 26% too early to call

avdg: maybe I'll code something different tomorrow

avdg: I'm bit running out of ideas after implementing some stuff that others noticed

avdg: something a bit more in the direction that is useful, hopefully

avdg: well, there is 1 thing in my ai that never worked, but it didn't seem to have a big impact

cegprakash: show me a replay with u

cegprakash: avdg

cegprakash: I give u idea

cegprakash: if I find any flaw

cegprakash: I'm waiting on my submit and bored

cegprakash: :D

avdg: oh lol

cegprakash: yeah my strat is too boring and even hate to watch my own replays

cegprakash: lol

avdg: nah, I'm not bored, it's just, I better want to put resources in something I learn more

avdg: all that matters now is throwing out bugs or come up with a system to throw them out

cegprakash: just share a replay :)

**wotroe slaps advg around a bit with a large fishbot

**wotroe slaps asdfasdf around a bit with a large fishbot

**wotroe slaps {{ }} Template:12 * 12 a around a bit with a large fishbot

avdg: but for tools, for many things, these are things that need time

avdg: wow, don't get wild

avdg: we don't like ai's that are out of control

cegprakash: if anyone wanna find flaws in ur code share ur replay - free of cost for next 5 mins :P

cegprakash: preferably against me

avdg: k, gonna run some games against your ai



cegprakash: first replay turn 13 to 17 what are u doing yhyoxx

cegprakash: :P

cegprakash: ur defender just randomly wandering

yhyoxx: haha yea

cegprakash: in 2nd replay same happens for first 30 turns

cegprakash: I have more than double ur mana in first 30 turns yhyoxx

cegprakash: fix ur early game

yhyoxx: yup

yhyoxx: thank you

cegprakash: u rekt me in both games tho

cegprakash: nice

cegprakash: oh actually 2nd game I won

cegprakash: that was a hole in my defense in first game

cegprakash: :P


I have to investigate why it's using wind in the center because it shouldnt do that anymore with a recent change

cegprakash: yea

cegprakash: wind in center is kinda waste of mana

avdg: maybe it's a bug that only occurs when I'm on the right side

cegprakash: what are ur 2 defenders doing till turn 9 avdg

cegprakash: they like chilling huh

cegprakash: :D

avdg: oh, missed that

cegprakash: hehe

avdg: ah, attacking code that broke

cegprakash: I am looking at ur fog of war

cegprakash: debug mode fog of war only urself

cegprakash: that way easy to notice these

avdg: and no, my ai doesn't work with roles

avdg: it works with relative position to others

avdg: and task queues

avdg: man, yesterday I was like, ok, these heroes don't have a move, just push them forward, nope

cegprakash: ur shield usage is also bad avdg

cegprakash: u are using shield from middle of the board

cegprakash: and ur wind direction is also bad

cegprakash: in same replay

avdg: yeah, the limitations might be better be more strict

cegprakash: make a function bool shouldUseWind(Hero, Monster) {

 //add 10-15 conditions   


avdg: it's already like that :p

avdg: just need different checks

DustinNunyo: I'm having a bit of trouble converting degrees to radians. I assume that this is the correct way?

angle = (180/math.pi) * angle

avdg: fixed the first moves:

cegprakash: how many conditions do u have in wind function for defending

avdg: hmm depends, but many

cegprakash: DustinNunyo

avdg: though not worked out completely

cegprakash: long double radians(long double degrees) { return degrees * PI / 180.0; }

DustinNunyo: ty!

DaNinja: cos(degrees * PI / 180.0)

cegprakash: I have 16 comparision statements inside my denfending wind condition avdg

avdg: lol

avdg: my ifs are kinda messy and recalculating stuff a lot there

avdg: but lazy to fix because my ai still runs under a ms a turn

avdg: my ai timings are in stderr

cegprakash: anyone else want to share a replay with me -_- I can help till my submit ends.. it's at 50% now

struct: I think this was reported yesterday right?


struct: frame 181-182

struct: The spiders that go out

struct: The Rng wont handle them symetrical

struct: I only share replays with bugs

cegprakash: don't get struct what's the monster id

avdg: hmm sending spiders back might be hard to do fairly unless the referee keeps track where they are send

avdg: one approuch I think of (but I guess others may do better) is keep track of distance to travel to the other side

struct: 134 and 135

struct: they will go in different directions

avdg: maybe combined with how close they get to the base

struct: But I guess this is fine

struct: I can live with this bug

avdg: or keep a list of send back directions and shuffle for both sides

struct: Was just confused on why my bot didnt draw

avdg: then it's random, but in a closed set

struct: since I have symmetry

avdg: (a bit like tetris)

cegprakash: struct wind from inside the ring to outside right

cegprakash: I heard it's random direction

struct: yes

struct: its random and non symmetrical it seems

cegprakash: yeah

avdg: need to check referee

struct: no need

struct: the replay is proof

cegprakash: I'm above gold boss for the first time ever

cegprakash: hope my points maintain

struct: gl

struct: should my defenders think before my attacker

struct: :thinking:

cegprakash: lol struct

cegprakash: it's independent right

struct: no due to mana

cegprakash: I think for attacker before defender but keep at least 10 mana for my defenders

struct: I see

cegprakash: u can do the same reverse

cegprakash: if u are confident with ur attacker

cegprakash: my attacker is a pleb attacker

cegprakash: lol


avdg: hmm

avdg: that else part should do the redirection I think

struct: so it seems its not working properly

struct: unplayable

struct: I hope they add 1 more week to the contest due to this bug

struct: :)

cegprakash: random = new Random(this.seed);

cegprakash: there is only one random used for both players

cegprakash: so it'll give diff values for directions for both players right

struct: I'll check it once I reach legend

avdg: it should use a random number pool

cegprakash: they should have a random for each player if it should generate same random value for both players in order

avdg: though with a circle, it's still hard to make it fair

avdg: the same direction has an other effect on an other place of the circle

avdg: though I think it will still be a bit more fair

LaurensD: Haha this version of the bot is still at the beginning, with only defending lol I wonder how far I can come with xD

LaurensD: gotta stop anyways

avdg: ?


avdg: and laurens did you get progress?

avdg: I would keep 1 close to the home base

LaurensD: A little bit, started over hoping to get a decent system, which is probably too complicated lol

Zandy156: I can't believe how many challenges come with just grouping monsters.

avdg: even with my ai keeping 1 at the back, it still gets suprised sometimes by monsters slipping through to the base

LaurensD: previous bot was okay, but gold was his limit =P want to make a tad smarter and more efficient bot

LaurensD: Haha thanks for the tip, wanted to have a midpoint at the very least today so the combat mechanic is just the closest with a few conditions =P

LaurensD: gonna hurt my head over it tomorrow, likely

LaurensD: but it's so fun :nerd:

cegprakash: laurnensD may be top 1000 gold not more than that LaurensD..

yhyoxx: cg should let us run our own servers for running arena tests

cegprakash: almost everyone in top 1000 has an attacker

yhyoxx: some blockchain type of architecture

nalka0: I don't cegprakash

CaptainHamburger: Nagatsuka_Akiya doesnt attack and is 45th in legend

LaurensD: @cegprakash was like 1300 ish, if I recall correctly

cegprakash: nalka0 u have a crazy defense xD

LaurensD: doing it mostly for fun at this point

cegprakash: I can't kill u -_-

cegprakash: soon to be a legend bot and I can't kill u

LaurensD: self proclaimed soon to be legend bot

LaurensD: :joy:

cegprakash: check the leaderboard LaurensD

nalka0: haha well i think you can pass it if you try several times, it has issues with keeping an eye on what happens in the middle (and sadly that's from here that most people attack)

LaurensD: oeh! nice!

LaurensD: congrats :D

cegprakash: nalka0 most attacks are sneaky

nalka0: The previous versions of me were beating boss 5, didn't try it with the latest ones

cegprakash: and unpredictable

cegprakash: especially coz defending is not easy

Zandy156: I haven't figured out what makes the legend bots so good yet. There seem to be so many different strategies.

yhyoxx: how to climb ?

nalka0: Well the way people attack most of the time is predictable but i meant probably need to keep my center hero more often in the center to have vision on monsters coming in the center

yhyoxx: optimize against boss ? against top bots in the leaderboard ? against legends ?

nalka0: (by center i mean center of my base)

yhyoxx: against everyone ?

LaurensD: can't press play my code, odd

LaurensD: test in arena is possible lol

LaurensD: oh

LaurensD: Lost a player, whoopsy

nalka0: cegprakash i did a quick BO9 with the boss, he 5-3'd me but when i won i obliterated his wild mana

LaurensD: my first win, lmao did not expect that :3


LaurensD: Won against twitter :3

Default avatar.png Tuo: nalka0 gold boss spends a lot of time in early game winding in enemy base not collecting any mana

cegprakash: nalka0 gold boss' atacker never uses anything other than wind

cegprakash: wind is defendable without self shield

cegprakash: just have to do counter wind

Default avatar.png Tuo: tho it gets rewarded for it, at least against my bot :angry:

cegprakash: but the ladder is much harder nalka0

nalka0: well if you never shield the issue is plenty people are just control chaining you heroes

nalka0: And except being shielded, you can't defend against that imo

nalka0: If gold boss is that easy, why is it dropping so slowly though?

Default avatar.png Tuo: with 2 defenders you could wait untill detecting control and only after go for counter measures

nalka0: I prefer preventive shielding, i do it when my hero is already in a good position and i have at least nearly 100 mana

cegprakash: boss is rank 8 in goold

cegprakash: and boss is down to 29

HoriMiyamura: too many legend

HoriMiyamura: I will be one of the next legend :D

HoriMiyamura: should I say: "I am being a legend"

cegprakash: Promotion to Legend League in : 00H 00MN 11SC

HoriMiyamura: I just run 45 mins

HoriMiyamura: 45%

Westicles: nice job ceg

HoriMiyamura: still wait a lot

HoriMiyamura: next goal should be top 20?

cegprakash: finally

HoriMiyamura: well

HoriMiyamura: I increase 1 rank thank to you :D

nalka0: So you're telling me I beat legends? :p

cegprakash: ty Westicles

yhyoxx: gg ceg

cegprakash: I'm coming for the T shirt

cegprakash: top 20 T shirt is it

HoriMiyamura: I have never have a T shirt

HoriMiyamura: I am coming for it too

HoriMiyamura: do you have any CG Tshirt ceg?

cegprakash: no lol

HoriMiyamura: :)

cegprakash: my best rank was like top 200ish only

cegprakash: and I usually get legend in 50% of the contests and end up in gold/silver in others

PRO_G_r_AM_m_ER: how close you need to be for wind to work ?

cegprakash: PRO_G_r_AM_m_ER depends on situations

yhyoxx: 1280

cegprakash: oh yeah the range

HoriMiyamura: I would say, this time we have too many legend

PRO_G_r_AM_m_ER: I will try that

yhyoxx: look at the rules

yhyoxx: wind : All entities (except your own heroes) within 1280 units are pushed 2200 units in the direction from the spellcaster to x,y.

HoriMiyamura: we already have 211 legend till now, and we have more than 1 day left

cegprakash: we will have 300-400 by the time contest ends

cegprakash: xD

HoriMiyamura: :D

cegprakash: more chatic legend

cegprakash: chaotic*

cegprakash: it already is chaotic I barely climbed 10 ranks since my submit

cegprakash: lol

cegprakash: climbed 50 ranks

cegprakash: now we speaking xD

yhyoxx: nice

Whiskee: oh wow I went afk in gold (run completed) and came back to legend :eyes:

Whiskee: thanks to whomever beat the boss and pushed it down

cegprakash: it was a team effort Whiskee

cegprakash: boss was 30.5 at one point

cegprakash: we brought him down to 28.5ish

Whiskee: I was actually consistently 3-0ing the boss without tuning against it at all

Whiskee: but I'm very weak against double attackers

Whiskee: that were popping up everywhere

cegprakash: double attackers are bad at defense except for blasterpoard :P

Whiskee: yeah I just didn't have great logic against it

Whiskee: I focused on the most common meta

blasterpoard: nope; my defense is bad as well

cegprakash: u convert defence into attack xD

nalka0: Double attackers are hard to def indeed

cegprakash: Arnaud has stronger defence yes agree

cegprakash: planning to switch to 2 defenders blasterpoard?

cegprakash: that would be a lot of code change

struct: I hate this game

nalka0: 15-2 mon dernier submit pour l'instant :o

nalka0: oops wrong channel x)

nalka0: I meant my latest sumbit is 16-2 :p

cegprakash: don't test too much against boss he just a wind user :P u need a generalized solution..

cegprakash: boss is like last level of testing

HoriMiyamura: do you guys know how to hanle 2 atts?

cegprakash: atts?

cegprakash: attackers?

HoriMiyamura: attacker

cegprakash: which leage are u in

HoriMiyamura: still in gold

Astrobytes: Listen to the wisdom of the ceg

cegprakash: just wind them

HoriMiyamura: I lost to 2 att a lot

HoriMiyamura: but the monster right?

HoriMiyamura: wind the monster?

cegprakash: I have a global variable to kknow if I'm playing against 2 attacker

HoriMiyamura: yeah

cegprakash: in that case I have custom defence

HoriMiyamura: then what to do?

nalka0: I like how you say just wind'em but sometimes they shield themselves ya know?

cegprakash: shielding 2 attackers are weaker they take too late to attack

struct: Time for me to try 2 attackers I guess

HoriMiyamura: do you have replay?

struct: If it doesnt work I give up

HoriMiyamura: to counter 2 atts?

cegprakash: yes I'll give u replay

HoriMiyamura: thanks


cegprakash: DollarAkshay has a very very strong 2 attacker strat

cegprakash: he snipes from long range with double wind

cegprakash: actually triple wind

cegprakash: wind followed by double wind

cegprakash: and I defend against him

cegprakash: it works in gold

HoriMiyamura: thank you

Astrobytes: stop exploiting your countrymen ceg! :P :D

GalvaBart: @cegprakash thanks for sharing, that snipe was very surprising!

HoriMiyamura: 2atts are quite a cheat

HoriMiyamura: we have to treat them like this

HoriMiyamura: haha

cegprakash: sorry Astrobytes :P

cegprakash: don't tell DollarAkshay

Astrobytes: hehehe

Astrobytes: congrats on legend btw cegprakash

cegprakash: ty Astrobytes

cegprakash: going to add prune array next

cegprakash: :D

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: excellent

cegprakash: but I need some sleep now

Astrobytes: no sleep til #1

cegprakash: going to code non stop sleeping last 24 hours

cegprakash: sleep 8 hours now

cegprakash: and probably visit hospital after contest for backpain

Astrobytes: I literally *live* backpain

Astrobytes: get some sleep!

struct: I dont know how to code these kind of bots

struct: I might just try to plug a mcts to see if anything happens

Astrobytes: are you hiding a secret search bot

cegprakash: struct if else all the way

struct: nope

struct: Im just bad

Astrobytes: said you in EVERY contest

cegprakash: u came late if I remember struct

cegprakash: had u come 2 days earlier u are legend by now

Astrobytes: Personally, I don't care, gold is fine, I ain't bothered

Astrobytes: he was here cegprakash

struct: Fog kills me

Astrobytes: I really don't like the game, it was a chore to motivate myself to reach gold tbh

cegprakash: I kill monster from it's back while defending for better vision struct

cegprakash: like 800 units extra vision

Astrobytes: I'm just happy we had a contest tbh

cegprakash: true

cegprakash: it's been over an year

cegprakash: and it's good to have something on vectors xD

cegprakash: brings back Fantastic bits memories

cegprakash: there we kick the ball here we kick monsters with wind and both are base defence

cegprakash: and I ended up in gold in that.. so happy to do better this time

Astrobytes: yeah, that part of the game I don't mind :D

yhyoxx: i like vectors

cegprakash: I'll probably do code vs zombies after this contest

cegprakash: I didn't pass the last test case

Astrobytes: minus the fog and some different mechanics would have been better imo, but that's just mo

cegprakash: hopefully after contest I could do it

cegprakash: as both are kind of similar problems

Astrobytes: except single player for CvZ

Astrobytes: this game has a lot of codebusters in it

Astrobytes: codebusters meets code royale meets fb, without the fun of fb

Astrobytes: rec

struct: At least this bot seems a bit better

struct: First submit was rank 400 so I got demotivated

Astrobytes: since I typed that I'll finish: recording guitar isn't that easy

struct: hf

Astrobytes: No I'm explaining my random 'rec'

Astrobytes: Wrong damn window

Astrobytes: where you at now struct?

DomiKo: some late coding here?

struct: 20 gold

struct: yes

Astrobytes: just saw it, looks good

DomiKo: figting for legend?

DomiKo: struct add some movement to your attacker

Astrobytes: struct is, I don't give af

DomiKo: I understand

struct: I can i guess

Astrobytes: no saltiness, got gold, can't be overly bothered :D

struct: I just hate this game with some passion

Astrobytes: completely forgot to get up for coedjam 1C this morning too

DomiKo: me too

Astrobytes: wooo codejame even, coedjam I might have got up for

DomiKo: but I missed it on purpose

Astrobytes: you already qualified

DomiKo: nope

DomiKo: :(

Astrobytes: why?

DomiKo: before 1B I had another contest

DomiKo: before 1A I had exam

DomiKo: and today I had HashCode

DomiKo: no time for codejam :/

Astrobytes: ah, 1A for me never was gonna work at that time in the morning. 1B was at like 5pm, I can't do that stuff at 5pm. So I was counting on 1C and totally forgot :D

DomiKo: next time

DomiKo: maybe next time xd

Astrobytes: Yeah, I'll be more prepared

Astrobytes: how was hashcode btw?

DomiKo: it was suppperrr hard

DomiKo: 24th for us

Default avatar.png witty3: there is no 1D, 1E

DomiKo: 20 teams had like 0 points

Astrobytes: wow

DomiKo: we go 1MLN, and top1 got 5MLN points so...

kovi: gratz domiko

DomiKo: how about you kovi?

Astrobytes: madness

Astrobytes: yeah how did you do kovi?

Astrobytes: or 'team kovi' shall I say :D

kovi: was hard....barely made it

kovi: 31th

Astrobytes: *31st

DomiKo: F was your's friend too

Astrobytes: well done

Astrobytes: # + th is only for numbers > 3

Astrobytes: (Sorry, I coach euler on his English a bit so it's habitual to correct)

DomiKo: Better to know that you are making a mistake

Astrobytes: Agreed. I would expect it if trying to speak in another language.

Kido-san: Anyone know what the trick is to get more wild mana? Heroes are away from base the whole time still getting around 578 wild mana..boss3 getting 614

cegprakash: which league are u in Kido-san

Astrobytes: try to attack him instead

Kido-san: Bronze hehe (quite low)

cegprakash: just don't go too far from ur base

cegprakash: that should do in bronze

cegprakash: and try to work as a team

Astrobytes: use wind, that should help

cegprakash: I mean ur heroes should split farm

Kido-san: Thanks..doing all that at the moment I think. Only losing as Boss3 keeps getting more wild mana

cegprakash: can u share a replay

cegprakash: can easily find what u are doing wrong

cegprakash: with turn number


cegprakash: don't use wind in first 20 turns

cegprakash: u are losing farm

cegprakash: health of monsters increase by 1 every turn

cegprakash: so it's pretty easy to kill the monsters in early game

cegprakash: I mean health of monsters increase by 1 every 4 turns*

Kido-san: Great tip!

cegprakash: don't use wind for first 50 turns *

cegprakash: u have to be as close to the monsters and farm more than pushing it away from u

cegprakash: push it only when u feel u are in danger

cegprakash: u are faster than the monster by 2x anyway

Kido-san: Thanks cegprakash, super useful tips :-) will save mana and use it only if base gets surrounded

cegprakash: say u spot the monster at 6000 distance monster has 20 turns to reach the base and u can do 40 damage in 20 turns

cegprakash: just with 1 hero

cegprakash: and if there are too many monsters then feel free to trigger the button

cegprakash: blew em away

Kido-san: :bow:

Kido-san: That helped, now in silver league, thanks a lot

HoriMiyamura: how to counter 3 def then?

HoriMiyamura: are you still there cegprakash?

Astrobytes: come on Hori, watch some replays and do some work

HoriMiyamura: you are right, I only need the replay :D

HoriMiyamura: too sleepy

HoriMiyamura: just submit code, I hope I can be legend after sleep

struct: 31 hours only

struct: :&

HoriMiyamura: I think I am legend for this submit

HoriMiyamura: can't sleep

yhyoxx: contest ends at 7am ?

HoriMiyamura: 27% rank 29

struct: I think 8am

HoriMiyamura: :D

struct: Its 31 hours and 50 minutes left

HoriMiyamura: you 2 on same country?

struct: nice HoriMiyamura

struct: no

struct: I dont think so

HoriMiyamura: :D

struct: This bot is a bit better than my previous but not by much

struct: hmmm

yhyoxx: thought it ended at 3pm

yhyoxx: UTC +0

HoriMiyamura: server run faster at this time

HoriMiyamura: Almost go to Lenged last time

HoriMiyamura: then push down by 2 atts

HoriMiyamura: hope that this time I can success

struct: gl

HoriMiyamura: some strategy is quite flexible

HoriMiyamura: they can 2 atts, then later 3 defs

MrAnderson: Haven't done a contest in 6 years and almost didn't do this one, but I dusted off the ol' IDE this morning. I'll be satisfied with almost anything, as rusty as I am

struct: gl

HoriMiyamura: what is this strategy called?

HoriMiyamura: the on from Eaglewind

Zandy156: I wonder what the most wild mana win someone has gotten is?

HoriMiyamura: I think there are a doc saying about maxium mana in map

HoriMiyamura: but not so sure

a-Rye: Sorry, not coding related, but important. "Please Mr. Putin, don't be a Carl." I expect talk shows in the US might be joking about this soon, but this is for world peace. I worry about a lot of you! . Thank you, and continue to enjoy the wonderful Spring Contest!!!

Default avatar.png Tuo: LOL! i have been refactoring and improving code for 2 days straight to get legend! just about to finish and get auto promoted :dizzy_face:

MrAnderson: congrats!

struct: lets keep it coding related pls a rye

HoriMiyamura: when will a replay got deleted? OR it would be saved forever?

struct: rand() % time;

struct: idk HoriMiyamura :p

struct: Some say deletion time gets increaed after someone watches it

HoriMiyamura: I just got to Lengend struct :D

struct: Grats hori

struct: 2 attackers or 1

HoriMiyamura: your idea about shield is correct

HoriMiyamura: I decrease the use of shield (still use it sometime) and my bot is much stronger

struct: nice

HoriMiyamura: next is top 20

struct: gl

struct: Try to watch top players to get ideas

HoriMiyamura: just a question: if I play multiple account, is it valid?

struct: no

HoriMiyamura: I can disable the other code

struct: yes sometimes people do that

HoriMiyamura: I won't use all of them to get price if I have though

struct: I would not have multiple accounts active on the leaderboard at the same time

HoriMiyamura: just use multiple for the sake of make sure I won't need to resubmit a good solution

struct: One thing is submiting with an account then break that bot and submit with the main account

struct: Another thing is having multiple active bots

HoriMiyamura: I now aim for top 20

struct: Hori I would recommend against it, but I'm just a chat moderator

struct: I would keep it to 1 account if possible

HoriMiyamura: at the end of contest I will disable the others

HoriMiyamura: ok, I got it.

HoriMiyamura: other account still in gold

Default avatar.png Tuo: there is also plagiarism detection right?

HoriMiyamura: so maybe I let them there

struct: Yes Tuo

struct: Leave them hori

struct: because its also not fair if you play vs your own bots

struct: It will impact final rank

HoriMiyamura: ok, then

struct: ty for understanding :)

HoriMiyamura: :D

struct: Long time ago they also offered shirts for rank 1 of each language

struct: Some people would get legend and then submit with other language

struct: They also checked that

HoriMiyamura: well, I need to be in 20 first :D

HoriMiyamura: hope I can do that

HoriMiyamura: Do I need to disable other accounts?

HoriMiyamura: or just submit some dummy things?

struct: you can just submit a broken bot

HoriMiyamura: thanks

HoriMiyamura: this game is weird somehow

HoriMiyamura: I call WIND on target because it is in range, but the target move and I miss it

struct: Im still thinking if I hate this one more

struct: or 2020 one

struct: No

HoriMiyamura: I don't hate any contest

struct: That only happens if the target is a hero

HoriMiyamura: at least this is much interest than ESCAPE

HoriMiyamura: yeah, I am saying about hero

HoriMiyamura: some time the hero can avoid the WIND

struct: Yeah I still dont check if opp exists

struct: So I dont have anything for that

struct: :p

HoriMiyamura: :D

HoriMiyamura: I hope we don't see Fall2022 as Escape!!!

Zandy156: yeah

Zandy156: I'm enjoying this one even though it came at a bad time.

struct: 7500 players so far

struct: is not bad

struct: previous one was 6,867

HoriMiyamura: CG is more and more popular

struct: I think 1 contest per 4 months would be the best

HoriMiyamura: ..., it is fun but it will take time

struct: At least I can still port board games and make AIs for it :D

struct: Only thing I know how to make is average ais for board games

HoriMiyamura: I don't know what is average ais

struct: not top 3

struct: like top 10

HoriMiyamura: :*

struct: The difference is that there I dont need to use ifs

struct: :p

ASM_MOV_INT: what IF you did...?

HoriMiyamura: :D

HoriMiyamura: 2atts is quite powerfull with top players

Zandy156: if you use a control spell on say id: -1, does it cost mana?

HoriMiyamura: unlike those 2atts that only do 1 thing, top players 2atts is nice

HoriMiyamura: so I would say normal 2atts is cheat, top player 2atts is interested

HoriMiyamura: Zandy156 you can test on your idea, I think it is invalid and you'll lose

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: gah, I wish the feedback loop was faster

Zandy156: which top players 2atts do you think are interesting?

HoriMiyamura: like blasterpoard

HoriMiyamura: 2atts in lower legend and gold are just going to 1 point and WIND at the same time

HoriMiyamura: nothing more, and it is so dum that they got high rank

struct: ok I have an idea

struct: Not sure if it will work

struct: But if it does its massive

HoriMiyamura: what is your idea?

HoriMiyamura: it is for the contest?

Zandy156: I felt like none of the bots when legend first opened were good.

HoriMiyamura: yeah, I agree

HoriMiyamura: but the tops are now very good

Zandy156: meaning they all had major weaknesses, just leaning on what you said

struct: yes hori

struct: I'll try it

Zandy156: but recently some are getting better

struct: might not work at all

HoriMiyamura: The first lengends are pioneers

HoriMiyamura: the latters aren't

Zandy156: there sure were alot of different strategies

HoriMiyamura: bye guys, aim for top 20 after sleep :D

struct: bye

Default avatar.png Tuo: oh no :worried:. early control is so strong and i put all eggs on 1 + 2 wind

Default avatar.png Tuo: that gets countered by single wind :(

Default avatar.png Tuo: it looks cool tho

SkyDreamer: cant we use string var is .replace() parameters?

SkyDreamer: python btw

SkyDreamer: in*

struct: It should

struct: too bad this strategy doesnt work :p


Zandy156: maybe if they didn't just stand there 90% of the time :p

Default avatar.png Tuo: u need to gather some spider on the way there :)

Default avatar.png Tuo: like this

struct: nice

struct: so you keep track of spiders that are out of fov?

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: disgusting

Default avatar.png Tuo: no just send whatever happens to walk by :D

Fallback: so in the game instructions, it says it updates hero move, hero melee and then creep move. So we should be able to move with 800 units of where the creep USED to be and get a hit on it right? I'm seeing a contradiction in the game where I'm not getting the hit

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: I hate when boss 5 starts to spam wind

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: just burns all my mana

struct: What rank are you Tuo?

struct: Fallback you move then attack everyhing in 800 range

struct: then wind applies

struct: then all spiders move

struct: if they were not pushed by the wind

Default avatar.png Tuo: legend 240, but my strat doesnt really work in legend

Default avatar.png Tuo: well obv because bottom of league

struct: Im going to try for 2 more hours

struct: should be able to make it to legend

struct: not that far

Fallback: Take a look at this replay. The top blue hero should've scored a hit on frame 10 because his current position is within 800 of the spiders last position right? or am I missing something here


struct: frame 10 to 11?

struct: Hero 0 did it hit

struct: Hero 1 didnt because it was still further than 800 before spider moved

Fallback: I mean frame 9 to 10 and he does get a hit. I misread it, just a little tired and seeing things. sry, thx

struct: np


MAWAAW: at round 106 the mob 83 is bugged ?

struct: no

struct: it hits the wall

struct: If you draw a line from the spider position to where it should go after the wind it will intersect with the wall

struct: and will keep the intersection position

MAWAAW: it shoulgo at 17630,9000

struct: The wind is based on your hero position

struct: if you output 17630 hero_y it might have worked

Zandy156: yeah if your hero blows to its own position, monsters get held in place

struct: ofc this way is not perfec

struct: I calculate spider angle to base I want to send it too

struct: and use that instead

Default avatar.png Tuo: hero_pos + (target_pos - spiders_pos)

Default avatar.png Tuo: solves this problem

struct: So is angle not needed?

Default avatar.png Tuo: if u have vector math enabled :)

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: damn, I reached the limit of plays per time period

Default avatar.png stolyaroleh: time to go to bed

struct: gn stoly

Default avatar.png Tuo: struct no need for angles

struct: oh ok

struct: Im not good at math so I just used angles

Zandy156: I'm finally writing some attacking code

struct: Nice Zandy156

struct: I wrote some too

struct: are you going to do 1 or 2 attackers?

Zandy156: I'm going to keep it simple since this is usually the point my bot falls apart

struct: Yeah thats what I did at first

struct: First I kept the defenders I had and then added 1 attacker

struct: Until it did sometihng

Zandy156: the plan is 2, but the simple strategy is to only switch them to offense for a quick attack

Zandy156: first thing I did was sent 2 heroes out into the field and told them never to come back

Zandy156: been training my solo defender ever since

struct: I see

DoraUst: Guys i'm so lost i panic everytime i see a code like idk how should i act and watch 1st (it's my 1st time on codingame)


Miki09: Hi guys. I have 1D and 3H to get to legend. Lets code for a while...

eulerscheZahl: 1D? 3H? are you playing chess?

Miki09: 1 day 3 hours

eulerscheZahl: oh. that makes more sense

Miki09: :-)

struct: Hi euler

eulerscheZahl: oh, Royale also climbed to legend now. congrats if you read this

eulerscheZahl: morning

eulerscheZahl: large legend already

struct: yeah

struct: Lets hope I can get there soon

struct: :p

struct: Im gonna finish copying this guy strategy then Ill go to sleep

eulerscheZahl: some stupid 3 attacker thing?

struct: yes

eulerscheZahl: shame on you

struct: lol

eulerscheZahl: there are surprisingly few familiar names at the top

eulerscheZahl: or at least none that you expect to be at the top close to the end

struct: yeah

yhyoxx: no beam search for you guys

struct: But I dont think this contest appeals to everyone

eulerscheZahl: sad, isn't it?

struct: I guess none do

struct: But I feel hate towards this game

yhyoxx: because we're not learning much ?

eulerscheZahl: i bet blaster is going to win this

struct: yhyoxx I enjoy writing the sim the most

eulerscheZahl: or a surprise appearance of reCurse :P

struct: on this game with fog is just pain

yhyoxx: i have no idea how to sim or where to start

struct: Not on this game thats for sure

eulerscheZahl: really hard for this game

yhyoxx: and im glad i can advance in this contest without knowledge i cant grasp in 1 week

Miki09: where is reCurse?

eulerscheZahl: i have a search based attacker. but discarded that bot again


eulerscheZahl: that's a positive example. but also fails more often than not

bolmos-o: Hello, I have a question: can we go back to gold league once we are in legendary league?

struct: I enjoyed simulating the previous contest very much

struct: But I also had 30+ days for it so

yhyoxx: u wanna go back ? x)

eulerscheZahl: only go up in leagues, not down

yhyoxx: we can exchange spots

bolmos-o: I don't wanna go back, but I do want to test crazy stuff

struct: You can still test it

eulerscheZahl: legend is the bully league, no fun playing there

yhyoxx: a second account ?

struct: no

struct: Why not test on legend?

eulerscheZahl: 2nd account might get you disqualified if they find out

yhyoxx: make s sense

Default avatar.png Tuo: this contest is great, no fancy CS algorithms just old fashioned if/else

Default avatar.png Tuo: well at least my bot is :D

HoriMiyamura: Heuristic is great in that even non-expert can code a good solution

yhyoxx: euler :

yhyoxx: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

HoriMiyamura: and believe me, if you are good at bot algorithm, you can create an excellent solution even the game is aim for heuristic

HoriMiyamura: so in my opinion, this game is by great

HoriMiyamura: I don't know why many of you dislike it

HoriMiyamura: *don't understand

struct: I give it 5/10

Miki09: 4/10 hate 2 or 3 attackers

HoriMiyamura: yeah the 2/3 atts is weird

eulerscheZahl: wind stacking is too strong, that ruins it a bit for me

struct: fog ruins it for me

struct: Without fog I would have done a search

struct: :D

HoriMiyamura: fog is to aid the heuristic goal

struct: ofc

HoriMiyamura: this game is to help non-expert enjoy the game

ItsNotABug: fog is fine, wind should average, not stack though

HoriMiyamura: the 2/3 atts is the worst thing

HoriMiyamura: yeah

HoriMiyamura: I agree

HoriMiyamura: if wind doesn't stack, 2/3 atts will quite balance

ItsNotABug: No fog just means cpp people rinse with no hope for anyone else

HoriMiyamura: yup

struct: Never used cpp never will

eulerscheZahl: that would be nice, wouldn't it?

HoriMiyamura: the point is wind stacking is too powerfull

Waffle3z: why doesn't wind simply blow the fog away

HoriMiyamura: haha

Miki09: That would be interesting

struct: doesnt sound bad tbh

struct: But by that time its game over anyways