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Smelty: yes

Default avatar.png oiweg: hi

Default avatar.png oiweg: кто руски?

Default avatar.png oiweg: але менi нiчого робити

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: я руски

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: если

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: че

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba:

therealbeef: postrelV8 there must be something wrong. best to report a bug I think (I don't know how to do that)

Default avatar.png oiweg: ищу любви

Default avatar.png oiweg: и хочу ее

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: А групповуху?

Default avatar.png oiweg: го вирт

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: го

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: кидай стим

Default avatar.png oiweg: говори адрес

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: стим кидай

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: гшо в скайп

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: :grimacing:

Default avatar.png oiweg: скинь свою фоточку

therealbeef: Please use only english in this channel

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: А звонки в вк????

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: ok

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: no problem

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: fUCK YOUR MOM

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: sosat pendosi

therealbeef: there are separate channels for other languages

Default avatar.png oiweg: пошёл ты therealbeef

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: so get the fuck out of here

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: motherfucker

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: i wanna speakrussian

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: и мне поъуй

therealbeef: i see some ip bans coming up

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: ok

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: Suck my dick therealbeef

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: lets ban me

therealbeef: struct?

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: its not problem

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: ban me, pidor

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: whre is my ban?

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: give ma this fucken ban

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: me

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: i will

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: come

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: in bundadng

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: and smash your stupid face

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: wait me

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: lets go zxc

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: with

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: me

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: omg

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: if u not sacre

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: scare*

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: where r u?

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: motherfucker

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: oh no

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: але

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: пиздун

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: хули ты ебальник свой закрыл

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: shove your ban deep in my ass

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: Ало

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: Узкоглазый

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: адрес

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: кидайц

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: Пиздец гница, ушла в страхе

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: Го общаться

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: кто русский

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: ?

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: Я русский

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: Мы русские - с нами Бог, и с нами сила

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: Ок

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: !!!!!!!!!

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: :kissing_heart:

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: :boy_tone5:

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: :boy_tone5:

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: :boy_tone5:

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: :flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru:

Default avatar.png PES_OCHKUN: РАССМЯ

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: man_tone5

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: man_tone4

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: :man_tone5:

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: tone5

Default avatar.png BibaAndBoba: :bikini:

Uljahn: yikes, im sorry you have to see this

therealbeef: collapsed chat early ;-)

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: hi guys

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: how r u?

Default avatar.png zxctroop: ребята ну как это делать то

Default avatar.png zxctroop: Console.WriteLine()

Default avatar.png zxctroop: Console.WriteLine()

Default avatar.png zxctroop: Console.WriteLine()

Default avatar.png zxctroop: че это делает

Default avatar.png zxctroop: :rowboat_tone1:

Default avatar.png denis_semen_danil_777: :flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru::flag_ru:

5DN1L: sigh

5DN1L: denis_semen_danil_777 don't spam

Default avatar.png denis_semen_danil_777: ok bro

5DN1L: What's with all the Russian stuff in this chatroom today? CodinGame has been added to their list of targets?

Uljahn: just some stupid school kids

5DN1L: first time I see Russian school kids spamming like this though

5DN1L: never seen it before

Default avatar.png oiweg: we are here until the summer

5DN1L: new class?

Default avatar.png Basel01: how to make the pod change it's direction?

5DN1L: you don't. you influence direction indirectly by specifying the target destination and thrust

Default avatar.png oiweg: second year of programmers

Default avatar.png Basel01: ooh i see, thanks.

5DN1L: you're welcome Basel01

5DN1L: olweg, i see. Second-year programmers should be able to behave maturely and not spam here, I hope.

Default avatar.png oiweg: I behaved normally

5DN1L: good for you. hope all can do as well as you

Default avatar.png oiweg: I'll try to make them understand

5DN1L: Thank you very much! It'll be great help.

Default avatar.png zxctroop: я ваших матерей ебал

5DN1L: Please use English in this channel

5DN1L: Or go to #ru for Russian channel

5DN1L: Thank you

AveragePythonEnjoyer: Well, thing that he wrote is an offend in russian so it shouldn't be written even there.

5DN1L: That's bad... But I'm not a Russian mod, I think the Russian mods will deal with that

5DN1L: Has dealt

5DN1L: Quick update

Default avatar.png Mayankch: pikachu

5DN1L: Yeah, we have pikachu-themed puzzles here

therealbeef: try-catch them all?

5DN1L: Not really, it's pikachu in a maze

slazure: i got banned from codingame discord server

5DN1L: Well behave well here otherwise you can get banned here too

therealbeef: ohoh copyright... shouldn't it be 'cute yellow fighting creature with limited vocabulary in a maze'?

5DN1L: somehow they don't care about copyrights of community-made puzzles

5DN1L: not sure what legal opinions they've got

therealbeef: probably falls under fan-art then, while if CG does it, it's for profit

5DN1L: could be

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: ТАК

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: ЧЕ

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: РАСПИЗДЕЛИСЬ

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: ПАРАША

5DN1L: No Russian in this channel please

5DN1L: go to #ru

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: WHY?

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: R U SCARED?

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: OF RUSSIANS?

5DN1L: sigh

5DN1L: be respectful, ok?

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: ok

5DN1L: respect the rules, respect others

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: sorry

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: sry

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: im russian gopnick

Default avatar.png keneki_ken: i dont know rules

5DN1L: now you know

derjack: they respect rules in #ru

5DN1L: We have a cat who knows Russian!

nyrrrr: what do i have to do to get from bronze to silver rank?

Uljahn: your bot should have higher rank than the boss by the end of the submit (at 100%)

nyrrrr: ok thanks

derjack: oO

C2H5OH: :)

AzimSSSS: :unamused:


3ncy: wasssuuup

H7KZ: whatsssssjp my ni-

3ncy: @ciscodisco pls show code

5DN1L: Let me finish that for you H7KZ - my nice fellow coders

3ncy: ;) :D

H7KZ: thank you 5DN1L

5DN1L: you're welcome

Fasader: greetings fellow coders

H7KZ: hello

Fasader: how are you doing

H7KZ: fine you?

Default avatar.png krokhrac: hello boys

H7KZ: whats up

Default avatar.png krokhrac: just in my class trying this website out lol

Default avatar.png krokhrac: but Im pretty bad

3ncy: same

H7KZ: same

Quidome: How do you find your CG userId

Default avatar.png Dreuyasha: why every game on here is ridiculously hard

Quidome: the number not your email :)

Quidome: for running ofline python connection

5DN1L: it might have something to do with the string in the url of your profile

Quidome: hm, let's decrypt that one :D

Uljahn: "You can find your user id by opening the dev tools on your browser and checking the console (while being on CodinGame). Search for a log saying "Log on pushmessage server as <your_user_id>""

Uljahn: quoted from here

5DN1L: which should be the same and reversing the 7 last digits in profile url?

5DN1L: same as*

Uljahn: my id is 6 digits long :older_man:

5DN1L: lol ok

5DN1L: mine works though

5DN1L: i'm young :D

Quidome: nice, last seven digits reversed, it worked


Quidome: thnxs!

Quidome: Found it in the log as well :)

Default avatar.png Big.Tom: lakaka

Default avatar.png Big.Tom: Emile Smith Rowe

Default avatar.png Big.Tom: suiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

5DN1L: spammy guys will get a kick out

5DN1L: and English only in this channel

5DN1L: For French, go to #fr

5DN1L: For Russian, go to #ru

5DN1L: For other purposes, create your own chatroom channels

ciscodisco: Gonna cry?

5DN1L: ciscodisco please inject some meaning into your words, explain yourself or i'll just kick you out for a while

darkhorse64: don't mess with mods or you gonna cry. Troll tolerance is very low here

5DN1L: i don't make people cry. i just kick them out :upside_down:

ciscodisco: Such a punishment

5DN1L: kicking is nothing

5DN1L: banning is permanent

darkhorse64: 5DN1L is the Law. Don't mess with the Law

H7KZ: ciscodisco why u mad

Uljahn: he is too edgy to git gud :disappointed:

derjack: troll tolerance is low? :scream:

Uljahn: yeah, one warning + one kick

Default avatar.png BoyWhileCoding: hi

Default avatar.png colindelotavo: can someone tell me how to get to the next level in mad pod racing

Default avatar.png colindelotavo: i clicked test in arena and its not going to the next level

5DN1L: you have to beat the boss of that league in order to advance to the next league

Default avatar.png colindelotavo: oh

Default avatar.png colindelotavo: nvm thank you

5DN1L: Your games are still running in the arena, it seems

Default avatar.png colindelotavo: is this after i click on test in arena?

Default avatar.png colindelotavo: yeah its the 3rd time ive done it

5DN1L: Yes, you can check how your battles are progressing

Default avatar.png colindelotavo: i got 8th then 25th place even though i havent changed anything


5DN1L: hmmm battles... they're races rather, but whatever

H7KZ: whats upppp

H7KZ: im back

H7KZ: ;)

H7KZ: uwu

ciscodisco: WAAAZUUUUP

3ncy: sup ;)

H7KZ: ^ mr techer

H7KZ: no

H7KZ: bad timing

H7KZ: he not techer

3ncy: :smirk:

H7KZ: ciscodisco techer

3ncy: nah, i dont' teach cisco

Default avatar.png Acroston: :smirk:

H7KZ: but you disco disco

Default avatar.png Acroston: i teach disco

3ncy: :party:

5DN1L: no party, no spam

5DN1L: spammy guys will be shown the way out

H7KZ: no mods, no ban, we jam, we dance


5DN1L: yeah? you guys wanna try?


H7KZ: 3v1

ciscodisco: fck

5DN1L: ok, time to kick then

H7KZ: wait 12v1

H7KZ: kekw

ciscodisco: pog

5DN1L: 1 out, how many more do I have to kick out?


ciscodisco: :nerd:

H7KZ: *slow movement so noones notices me*

5DN1L: dream on

HideInShadow: aerosmith-dream on (such a good taste)

5DN1L: Leave that comment to yourself. I don't know aerosmith

HideInShadow: sadge

ciscodisco: Gonna cry 5DN1L?

5DN1L: Instead of caring about my feelings, why don't you practise coding instead?


3ncy: hi!

H7KZ: wutzup

ciscodisco: I don't think i will

Default avatar.png SubToKiJudo: lmao

5DN1L: if you don't like the classes, quit them all, and delete this account

3ncy: ?

HideInShadow: ???

ciscodisco: Wtf what did i say

Default avatar.png SubToKiJudo: ?

H7KZ: ??

ciscodisco: Look at the picture dude

Default avatar.png Acroston: the teacher

ciscodisco: Thats us

Default avatar.png SubToKiJudo: thats us

3ncy: indeed

H7KZ: yees

5DN1L: whatever, this chat is not for this type of discussion

ciscodisco: What is it for then

5DN1L: coding-related topics

5DN1L: who you are isn't a coding-related topic

5DN1L: if you guys are having a lesson, then focus on the lesson instead of having a chat here

Melting_Ice: hi how can i disable the auto-suggesting feature of the ide in clash games? it's so annoying

5DN1L: try clicking SETTINGS and edit the EDITOR CONFIGURATION there

H7KZ: gtg bye 5DN1L !

H7KZ: nice to see u

5DN1L: bye

H7KZ: next week here again

H7KZ: we have classes

HideInShadow: see youu next admin,hope you try to listen to aeroshith its a good music when you coding

H7KZ: ,3 i luv u

Default avatar.png Azar_Ibrahimli: it's so hard for me

ciscodisco: bye have a great time

5DN1L: don't love me

5DN1L: just be good

Melting_Ice: which line should i edit?

ciscodisco: i'm hard for you

Default avatar.png Azar_Ibrahimli: is it normal?)

5DN1L: Melting_Ice Not sure. See if this helps you?

5DN1L: Azar_Ibrahimli Are you having a problem with any specific puzzle right now?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: Hi, question about the easy puzzle, 'Defibrillators'. test 1, 3 and 4 work. But test 2 fails. I noticed in the input there are alot more decimal place on the degree. I limited those but still no cigar. Cant see a clue in the explenation.

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: also, the codes looks horrible, the I put the whole formula on one line. Is that bad practise?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8:

5DN1L: sorry

5DN1L: pastebin out of service

5DN1L: you need to use an outside pastebin website

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8:

5DN1L: wow you're trying very hard to do everything in one line o_O

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: hehehe

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: it is that formula

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: the formula works, since test 1, 3 and 4 work... but I dont know why test 2 'exact location' fails

5DN1L: Well I'd rather do it over several lines :stuck_out_tongue:

5DN1L: but anyway, did you try to do the calculations using Excel or a calculator to verify what you've calculated using python?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: I'll check

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: I'll first make the code more readable

Default avatar.png 5DN1L: yup, and try to come up with ways to debug, like what i suggested

Default avatar.png 5DN1L: also note that there is a function in the math module to convert between radians and degrees

Default avatar.png 5DN1L: i mean two functions, one function for each direction

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: I'll look it up. for this puzzle needed to do a lot of googeling, never used longitude and lattitude so wanted to understand how it even works

Default avatar.png 5DN1L: yeah sure

Default avatar.png ThisCodegDeverloper: hi guys i am very new to languages ​​like c# c++ will this page help me?

Default avatar.png 5DN1L: if very new, maybe not. you need to learn the basics first

Default avatar.png 5DN1L: after you've learned the basics, you can come back to practise here

Default avatar.png ThisCodegDeverloper: C# basic level course

Default avatar.png ThisCodegDeverloper: But here I am, all of a sudden, I'm confused, I can't figure it out

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: I'm very new, if you know how to write statements, etc. you can use the easy puzzels and google to learn more

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: hardest part at first for me was, understanding the input they give you, how to take that in so you can use it in your statements

Default avatar.png ThisCodegDeverloper: I've used it many times, I'm sorry

5DN1L: What do you mean by "it"?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ok solved it, on the second testcase, the distance was 0.

Uljahn: SMOKEz8z8: condition "if d == 0:" is incorrect, you have to use "d = None" and then later "if d is None:"

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: was just gonna ask how to properly set a value to something which you dont know the value of

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: for now I flipped it around instead of saying d=0 I guessed a distance that would always be bigger.. 10000000.00 but that is a gable

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: gamble

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: thx for the tip Uljahn

Uljahn: :thumbsup:

5DN1L: :thumbsup: Uljahn

5DN1L: I continue to have my lunch in peace

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: yep that works perfect, without having to guess a maximum or minimum version

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ow snap now I wont pass a validation :)

Uljahn: your distance values differ from mine, so there might be a mistake in your formula

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: thx for the pointer

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: Uljahn are you using the supplied formula?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: only thing I can find is

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: use an other formula to avoid problems at small values

Uljahn: im using formulae supplied in the statement

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: k thx, got it working now, instead of trying to figure out (with my bad math skillz) how to convert the formula on the wiki to python :)

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: seem the part of the cos, needs ( ) around the top line.

Default avatar.png Cederkaeppen: Finally made it bros... top 100 in clash of code

ninjadip: thats good

Melting_Ice: i don't get the running animation while running my code in mad-pod-racing

Melting_Ice: has this happend to anyone?

5DN1L: try refreshing

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: I had the same thing, had to reload the page

Melting_Ice: i did

5DN1L: I've just tried my code, the animation runs fine

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: can always try ctrl f5 to fully reload, but I would copy my code just to be sure it wont get 'forgotten'

Melting_Ice: well it doesn't run for me

Nachosauce: Happens to me all the time. I have to refresh the page

Uljahn: are you using latest chrome or firefox browser?

Uljahn: other browser might have issues

Euler_Phi_Function: euler phi function

5DN1L: Automaton2000, let's hope not everyone announces their own user name when coming here

Default avatar.png Automaton2000: c# is a great game

Jay_minecraft: Wasgood

BlaiseEbuth: BlaiseEbuth

5DN1L: Have some CoffeeScript

BlaiseEbuth: :nauseated_face:

Jay_minecraft: How's your guys day goin?

Jay_minecraft: this app is great for making pictures?drawing's :smile:

Default avatar.png kkklan: do u guys wanna join kkk

5DN1L: huh?

Default avatar.png kkklan: its a cult

Default avatar.png kkklan: just google it

5DN1L: what does it have to do with coding?

Archopecia: They are trolling, can you ban them?

Default avatar.png struct: yep he adds nothing to the chat

Default avatar.png struct: banned

Archopecia: Now he is PMing me :rolling_eyes:

BlaiseEbuth: In fact he added words...

5DN1L: I don't have to google it if he's referring to some triad gang stuff. But I mean, do you invite members to a triad gang in the OPEN?

Uljahn: Automaton2000: we are reaching levels of braindeadness that shouldn't be possible

Default avatar.png Automaton2000: i think my bot is even worse

5DN1L: that's why i feel it so surreal

BlaiseEbuth: Triad gang?

5DN1L: organised crime group

Archopecia: KKK is the klu klux klan. The primarily american ones in white hoods that want to kill black people (and have in the past). They are trolling to try and get a reaction.

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah I know 5DN1L, just don't see the link with KKK

5DN1L: i think they're similar?

Archopecia: No not really

Archopecia: Triads are organized crime, KKK is a hate group

5DN1L: ah i see

Archopecia: Triads are more equivalent to Hell's Angels in North America

5DN1L: Archopecia If needed, keep some screenshots of your PMs with that guy and send it to Thibaud as evidence of harassment

5DN1L: then let Thibaud deal with the issue

Default avatar.png Zbouig:

Default avatar.png Zbouig: Why it's not correct?

5DN1L: oh pastebin back to normal

Default avatar.png Zbouig: problem= Folding paper

Archopecia: OK thanks. He just said hey and I didn't reply. I reported him for abuse based on his username and him mentioning the KKK.

5DN1L: ok, thanks Archopecia

Archopecia: :thumbsup:

5DN1L: Zbouig Your first step is correct, your second step is not

5DN1L: oh wait

5DN1L: maybe both steps are wrong...

Default avatar.png Zbouig: i inversed i think no?

5DN1L: fold a paper and verify

Default avatar.png Zbouig: reverse*

Default avatar.png Zbouig: the guy didn't have the same logic as me

5DN1L: well follow the creator's logic :shrug:

Default avatar.png Zbouig: yes i have a double digit iq

5DN1L: ???

Default avatar.png Zbouig: that's why I can't have the same logic as the creators, I'm a golem

5DN1L: Nobody can have the same logic as others

5DN1L: Even clones

Default avatar.png Zbouig: or golem x)

5DN1L: anyway just focus on the puzzle

Default avatar.png Zbouig: yes

Default avatar.png Zbouig: ok it's good :)

5DN1L: :)


Ose: hi again

Default avatar.png auxilor: amogus

Default avatar.png auxilor: amogus sus impostor

Ose: m

5DN1L: English here only, auxilor

Default avatar.png auxilor: moigus

Default avatar.png auxilor: mongus

Default avatar.png struct: stop spamming

Default avatar.png auxilor: this is english its just very autistic

Ose: ok

Default avatar.png Darshydarsh: i agree

Default avatar.png Darshydarsh: i understand imigrants better than this language

Ose: :thinking: nope

Ose: can we get back to code?

Default avatar.png Jpuf0: no

Default avatar.png Jpuf0: thats cringe

Default avatar.png auxilor: i coded ur mum last night lmao gottem

5DN1L: ok, time to kick again...

5DN1L: Ose isn't part of them

Nachosauce: They still keeping you busy?

Default avatar.png struct: good thing it was only a kick then

Default avatar.png struct: sry ose

5DN1L: I've explained to him

5DN1L: It'll be fine

Default avatar.png jbollman7: How is the score calculated for clash of code leaderboard?

Default avatar.png jbollman7: Is it how many you played vs. how many you completed?

5DN1L: TrueSkill


Default avatar.png jbollman7: thanks

5DN1L: :)

Lambert_W_Function: lambert w function

Euler_Phi_Function: euler phi function

5DN1L: Almost ritual-like. Almost bot-like.

Lambert_W_Function: Euler_Phi_Function

Lambert_W_Function: perhaps

5DN1L: OK, fine. Almost function-like.

Euler_Phi_Function: euler phi function

Lambert_W_Function: hi 5dn1l

5DN1L: hi

Lambert_W_Function: hows ur day goin so far

5DN1L: eventful

5DN1L: One day the chatroom is all quiet. And today the chatroom is full of life and surprises.

Lambert_W_Function: :o

e_fishel: yes

Euler_Phi_Function: wait there's emojis

Lambert_W_Function: what is opinion on the lambert w function

Euler_Phi_Function: what is your opinion on the euler phi function

Lambert_W_Function: wait

Euler_Phi_Function: wait

5DN1L: well well well. i don't wanna kick you guys, if you know what i mean?

Lambert_W_Function: ok sorry lol

5DN1L: glad to hear that

Brody_The_Vegan: I learned ruby

e_fishel: poggers

Lambert_W_Function: congrats bro

Euler_Phi_Function: conrats

Euler_Phi_Function: oh wow i cannot spell

Brody_The_Vegan: play this

5DN1L: Brody_The_Vegan You started learning Ruby yesterday, so you've still got more to learn and practise

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: how can the code breaker puzzle be called easy? I have no clue how to tackle the multiply part... google just get me heavy stuff like Euclidean algorithms. Am I on the right track?

5DN1L: just brute-force

5DN1L: don't over-think it

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: yeah the first part brute force was easy enough (although I was going for an over thinking solution first)

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: but the multiply part...

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: i ll try some more :)

5DN1L: convert single loop to nested loop

5DN1L: then you can brute-force both

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: on that note, if you add or remove a loop. is there an easy way to indend or de indend multiple lines?

5DN1L: tab / shirt-tab

5DN1L: highlight the relevant lines first, of course

5DN1L: shift-tab

5DN1L: oops

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ah the highlighting is the trick

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: thanks

5DN1L: :)

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: was doing it line for line

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: i think the % thing is trowing me off.. back to google.

5DN1L: ok, i'll let you discover for yourself :D

5DN1L: it's nothing complex really

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: grrr that makes me more mad :)

5DN1L: haha why

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: i tried a nested loop with range 1 to 100 as a brute for on top of the alphabet len one

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: but it just starts returning the same line after a certain point

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: (well I dont like it when I need to think hard over something simple. if it is complex sure, hurt my brain. )

5DN1L: try think of toy examples then

5DN1L: start with 2, 3, 4, 5...

5DN1L: you'll know you don't have to test millions of numbers

5DN1L: (2,3,4,5 refer to length of alphabet)

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: thx think that's a good tip, took some pen and paper and noticed a pattern. say letter is 4, shift is 8, we get twelve. multi say, 3, we get. 36. %whatever. for each answer with the same modulo. it goes up with the value of the multi...

foxforfoxes: helloooo

foxforfoxes: me again

foxforfoxes: i figured out python

Wontonimo: +99 (not +100 because I'm not feeling that generous today)

foxforfoxes: python 3 tho

Wontonimo: why would you use any other version?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: hehe, yeah well, I might be on to your puzzle, but solving it is still not working

foxforfoxes: idk

foxforfoxes: is there any way to just free code?

foxforfoxes: without solveing puzzles

5DN1L: you can come up of projects of your own

foxforfoxes: how?

5DN1L: by thinking?

foxforfoxes: no like what do you have to do

foxforfoxes: like what do you go to

5DN1L: SMOKEz8z8 Let's ignore multiply for now. Say the length of the alphabet is 5, how many numbers do you test for "shift"?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: 5


Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: len(alphabet)

5DN1L: For multiply, you just test the same

5DN1L: you don't have to test more

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: well, i made extra loop around the code that works on the len(alphabet). for b in range(100):

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: lol pastbin of my chat

5DN1L: why is it 100?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: the multiply can be any number, is not limited to the alphabet?

5DN1L: Read the puzzle statement

5DN1L: Constraint

5DN1L: The shift and multiply are both less than or equal to the length of the alphabet

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ok... did not read that

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: len(alphabet) it is I guess :)

5DN1L: :wink: Yes

Eclipse_Storm: I might be missing something but in the "Counting TicTacToe" puzzle it usually happens that I win, then get a timeout and I'm set as the loser... why does it happen? :S

Wontonimo: don't time out. timing out means your program didn't operate within the hard constraints, and is automatically disqualified.

Eclipse_Storm: Okay forget my question, I missed the part where we played 2 rounds and had an error in my code ;)

jacek: oh so they fixed that in statement eh

Default avatar.png struct: is the game still a draw?

Default avatar.png struct: or did any rule change?

Default avatar.png gumark: help

Default avatar.png gumark: dis is hard

jacek: dats what she said

jacek: struct still a draw

jacek: and some crash apparently

Default avatar.png struct: oh well I keep playing bt then

Default avatar.png struct: Cant draw on that one

jacek: any breakthrough lately?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: nope.. still not solved, (if you are even asking me)

Default avatar.png struct: nope

Default avatar.png struct: still working on my gui

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: thx for all the tips 5DN1L , but... still think I need to inverse the modulo, or something.

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: tried every way I could think of of adding an extra loop of len(alphabet)

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8:

5DN1L: Did you search python operators for "%"?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: i found pow(x, y, z) where pow(x, -1, len(alphabet) is the thing i need I think

5DN1L: No, did you search python operators for "%"?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ill google that exact string :D

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: const n = readline(); const t = readline(); const r = new RegExp(n+'+','g'); console.log(t.replace(r,x=>x.length));

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: can somone write this code on python ? pls

5DN1L: Yes, I'm sure someone can.

jacek: exec("const n = readline(); const t = readline(); const r = new RegExp(n+'+','g'); console.log(t.replace(r,x=>x.length));")

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: 5dn1l you cant ?

jacek: Automaton2000 can?

Default avatar.png Automaton2000: i don't have a good scoring function

5DN1L: Automaton2000 solve the puzzles for me

Default avatar.png Automaton2000: i need to play a bit with a large fishbot

5DN1L: wow. don't slap me with that

5DN1L: i won't ask you again

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: 5DN1L , just to be sure, google only have my info about the % operator, and did not give operators for the %...

5DN1L: just google "python operators" and you'll see % as one of them

5DN1L: in fact, why not take the chance to read about ALL of them

5DN1L: instead of just ONE of them?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: I did, I did... although the whole list is a bit long :)

5DN1L: and the point is: you don't have to overthink, you don't have to reinvent the wheel :wink:

5DN1L: you can convert the formula in the puzzle statement to your code in a rather straight forward way

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: at this point I'm just using a shotgun methode of trowing all kinds of crap at the problem and seeing what comes out...

I even added a 3e layer of for in range(len(alphabet)>

5DN1L: what you had is good enough

5DN1L: maybe you just have to modify the line "test += ..."

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: think it is time to cut my loss.. converting the formula, x+a is just i from one of the loops, the *B is /B, the %L is *(len(alphabet)

5DN1L: @_@

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ow man... this just hurts... thx for you patience :)

5DN1L: are you still trying to convert it to another formula?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: i been do ing what not with that line

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ((X+A)*B)%L is the formula, trying to reverse it

5DN1L: you don't have to

5DN1L: brute-force means you just try to plug in the numbers

5DN1L: and see if they fit

5DN1L: no inversion

5DN1L: or reversal

5DN1L: hmmmm

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ok, the basic, shift was easy to brute force. then just shift that one again brute force?? but that did not work.. or do I need to multiply to bruteforce values?

5DN1L: i think i may start to understand why you're doing that way

5DN1L: you try to decode

5DN1L: but i try to encode :smirk:

5DN1L: hint hint

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: you should have seen my first try lol, trying to find a pattern in the distance of the letters, to use that to find the same pattern in the message... kinda worked

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ok... wait, let say I brute for tests first char. then the second char doesnt use the same code.. i just a random other char.

5DN1L: sorry i was multi-tasking so didn't think over your code deeply :stuck_out_tongue:

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: i just make a random string containing all options in the alphabet

5DN1L: why not encode the word itself?

5DN1L: and see if the encoded word appears in the full encoded sentence?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: yeah

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: but that would give alot of false positive

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ah cool

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ok ill try that

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: but then I would need to decode again :) lol

5DN1L: well you still have to check after you've got a match

5DN1L: because as you say there can be false positives

5DN1L: erm... you still don't have to decode

5DN1L: i mean

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ? but if I encode the word, see if that is in the message, I then need to use that setttings I used to encoded the word. to decode the message?

5DN1L: you have to, but you don't have to reverse the formula to decode

5DN1L: you can decode without coming up with a reversed formula first

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: instead of bruteforce decoding, and seeing if the word is in the message, I go and brute for encode, and see if the result is in the encrypted message

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ?

5DN1L: yes, that's step 1

5DN1L: step 2 is to check whether it's a false positive

5DN1L: if not, go to step 3, decode the entire message

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: so reverse the steps, and see if the word is now in the reversed message?

5DN1L: i'll PM you so as not to flood this chat lol

jacek: oO

Brody_The_Vegan: Lul

Blokops: Hullo fellow humans

5DN1L: Automaton2000, say hello to your fellow chatbots

Default avatar.png Automaton2000: i still dont know what i should use it

Blokops: is that an actual bot

Blokops: Automaton2000 hello there

Default avatar.png Automaton2000: so it's a good practice

Blokops: oh neat

5DN1L: Yeah, you can read more about it by going to the link on its profile page:

Blokops: Automaton2000 what are your thoughts on the Nabo blockade by the Federation

Default avatar.png Automaton2000: writing the statement is clear enough

FernandoGarcia: what's the future of php? jum

Blokops: can anyone review my clash of code contribution


Blokops: first time doing one so i dont know if its okey

Blabbage: isn't test 7 wrong?

Blokops: since it doesnt have a : is doesnt count as a dictionary


Blabbage: just wrote some suggestions

Blabbage: I like the idea, just think it is a bit inconsistent and language specific

Blabbage: I put it as a comment under the contribution

Blabbage: as well

Blokops: totally forgot about float. And yes you are right is to python specific.

Blabbage: :) WIP

Blabbage: Often times things are very clear when you write them, and then not so clear when others take a look :) Same for me too:

Blokops: a quick thing i saw on yours is that reversed wont work since you dont know if you have to round up or down

Blabbage: You do not round up or down, you round to one decimal

Rebollo: O my god I lost a puzzle I have start already

Rebollo: I think it is hard

Rebollo: and golf

Rebollo: can´t find it anymore

elePHPant: Hola my fellow americans

elePHPant: USA in the house...

Default avatar.png Husamvsaleh: who's house 0_0

Default avatar.png Husamvsaleh: its 4 am here bro

Wontonimo: woot, a 3rd person finished WFC Blabbage

Rebollo: Folks how do I copy a C++ array (array[10]) wihtou referencing the other

Rebollo: because when I change the copy

Rebollo: the original is also changed

Rebollo: I have created a copy function where I do "new"


Rebollo: char **matrixCopy(int height, int width, char **matrixToCopy) {

Rebollo: char **newGolfMatrix = new char *[height];

Rebollo: for (int i = 0; i < height; i++) {

     newGolfMatrix[i] = new char[width];

Rebollo: for (int j = 0; j < width; j++) {

     newGolfMatrix[i] = matrixToCopy[i];

Rebollo: }

 return newGolfMatrix;


Rebollo: Oh i got

Rebollo: made a mistake is this line

Rebollo: newGolfMatrix[i] = matrixToCopy[i];

Rebollo: should be

Rebollo: newGolfMatrix[i][j] = matrixToCopy[i][j];

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: cyborg uprising help?


C26_1: Is anyone here online?

C26_1: I want to know what's coding escape

C26_1: And how it looks like

Wontonimo: it's like an escape room

C26_1: OMG

C26_1: It's hard

C26_1: Maybe not for me

Rebollo: Everything can be for you if you are interested on it..nothing is impossible for anybody..interest.. Nothing is easy as well, specially when we talk about coding

Rebollo: coding is veryyy hard to me..

Rebollo: but I love it

Rebollo: And eventually I can do anything

Rebollo: takes time of course

Default avatar.png NovaSHPP: :kissing_heart: