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Default avatar.png jaHSHuaBRu: First timer here.. coding in Python. Embarrassed to say it but seeing other peoples solutions is first ive heard of F#!

Default avatar.png jaHSHuaBRu: had to google it... lol

Default avatar.png jaHSHuaBRu: why are more people not using Python?

therealbeef: it makes me itchy ;-)

therealbeef: and performance

Wontonimo: lots of people do use python jaHSHuaBRu

Wontonimo: LOTS of people

Wontonimo: it is a very popular language with a lot of support and lots of jobs

Wontonimo: it just doesn't do well here in the multiplayer bot competitions

Wontonimo: because of what therealbeef said about performance

SmachnayaBebra: hello:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Default avatar.png Niko121699: i feel that i dont know nothing jajaja

Default avatar.png DashXz: hello to all the game devs

Jerrasterix: hello !!

Default avatar.png Galena: hi

Default avatar.png Galena: gfnf on top

Default avatar.png xenforu: RATIO

Default avatar.png xenforu: RATIO

Default avatar.png Galena: WWWWWWWW

Default avatar.png xenforu: GFNF ON TOP

Default avatar.png Galena: :crown:

Default avatar.png xenforu: ON TOP

Default avatar.png xenforu: ISLAND BOY

Default avatar.png Galena: :regional_indicator_g: :regional_indicator_f: :regional_indicator_n: :regional_indicator_f: :regional_indicator_o: :regional_indicator_n: :regional_indicator_t: :regional_indicator_o: :regional_indicator_p:

Default avatar.png ecco2k:

Jerrasterix: Guys Please STOP SPAMMING

Default avatar.png child_friend123: hello ecco

Default avatar.png Dreuyasha: is there any communities where noob programmers can interact?

Uljahn: Automaton2000: can i interact?

Automaton2000: where do i need some help

mub2l6: I need a help

BlaiseEbuth: I need coffee

5DN1L: You need CoffeeScript

C26_1: #PrivateChat

C26_1: You could use, #[name] to make your chat for others

BlaiseEbuth: Don't say horrors like this 5DN1L! :scream:

C26_1: @BlaiseEbuth

C26_1: Are you online now?

C26_1: I need your test

BlaiseEbuth: What?

C26_1: Click the yellow text "PrivateChat"

C26_1: I don't know if this is make a chat

BlaiseEbuth: It does. #knack open a chan

C26_1: Um

C26_1: But can we chat normally like in World chat?

C26_1: I don't see you chat in #PrivateChat chat

BlaiseEbuth: Because I didn't opened it... ^^

C26_1: Ah ok

C26_1: So, #[name] to make a chat for your friends

C26_1: Bye Bye, I'm gonna do something

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah. But you can use /join name too

C26_1: That'll make you go to the chat directly

BlaiseEbuth: Just opening a new chat tab

Default avatar.png emergenitro: Hellooo

Katespizer: hi

Default avatar.png smallDick: hey niggers

Default avatar.png smallDick: whats popping

Default avatar.png smallDick: guys

5DN1L: smallDick First warning. Please mind your language, or you'll be kicked out.

ASM_MOV_INT: ...first glance at this chat, and I thought 5DN1L was the one needing a warning....! lol

5DN1L: I hope people don't come up with even worse names

Katespizer: what in the world possibly could be worse than having smallDick

5DN1L: Don't even start this discussion

C26_1: So, people with unappropriate names should be banned, right?

5DN1L: I guess so

C26_1: or at least tell them to change their name

Uljahn: yeah, such people're clearly not interested in coding, so showing them the way out is a favour for the community

Nachosauce: But what defines inappropriate? Perhaps smalldick refers to a food, like spotted dick. We live in a weird world

5DN1L: I don't care if he's describing himself

Default avatar.png Oppaimaster: bebus

Default avatar.png bebus: what

Default avatar.png bebus: b e b u s

Default avatar.png Oppaimaster: bEBuS

5DN1L: Don't spam, guys

Nachosauce: I love you guys. I'm trying to decide if I should do the mars lander optimization one for a medal, or some hard puzzles for a medal

5DN1L: Automaton2000, should Nachosauce do the mars lander optimization or some hard puzzles?

Automaton2000: i want to make the code so i can start with a very high level

Wontonimo: mars 3 is a hard puzzle

Wontonimo: so, best of both worlds : still on mars, and hard puzzle

5DN1L: Rarely see you at this hour of the day, Wontonimo

Wontonimo: i'm rarely up at 5am

Wontonimo: only because i'm still up

5DN1L: oh

Wontonimo: it's too early to wake up

Nachosauce: I wake up at 4:30 to work on codingame and exercise before work. It's a terrible way to live.

ASM_MOV_INT: clash of code wakes up my coding brain

ASM_MOV_INT: anytime of day or night

Blabbage: I am trying to create a contribution. Fiddling with the stub generator i want an output somewhat like this in python:

Blabbage: Also i want some good way of reading this input:

5DN1L: Blabbage Check out other contributions which may give you an idea of how to write the stub generator, e.g. this one may be doing what you want?

Blabbage: Thanks

Blabbage: Ok, nice solved my first problem

5DN1L: :D

Blabbage: with variable length space separated input, I will just supply the string in the same way you do with the rows...

Blabbage: thx

C26_1: And I want to make my contribution has many tests as possible

C26_1: avoid hardcoding

C26_1: Why would some guys just hardcoding somethings that's so easy

C26_1: Wait for me

C26_1: I'm gonna change the condition required in the contribution

C26_1: cuz the output so redundant

C26_1: Given a positive number N in decimal, print all the numbers in decimal that satified all conditions below: - Each numbers have the number of digit '1' the same as N when converted to binary - The value of that number must larger than the input

5DN1L: C26_1 Please do not flood this chat with details of your contribution, thanks.

C26_1: ok

Default avatar.png Mulberg2009: h

Default avatar.png Mulberg2009: h

Default avatar.png Mulberg2009: h

Default avatar.png Mulberg2009: h

Default avatar.png Mulberg2009: h

5DN1L: no spam, please

Default avatar.png Mulberg2009: ok

R0m_Hein: bdg

Nachosauce: They're keeping you busy this morning

5DN1L: sigh

BlaiseEbuth: 5DN1L: I already told you that a good chat is one where all the users are already banned.

5DN1L: ok, let's start with you :D

Nachosauce: :joy: well damn

Alshock: o/ BlaiseEbuth <3

BlaiseEbuth: :flushed:

BlaiseEbuth: \o Alshock :hugging:

C26_1: Wait

C26_1: Everyone

C26_1: Have everyone heard of some hot news

C26_1: Microsoft has buy Activision

5DN1L: not "has bought"

5DN1L: the transaction has not been completed yet

C26_1: Ah, I forgot

C26_1: But if the transaction is complete (Maybe for many next years) then it'll be the "biggest" transaction ever (I must put the word biggest in quote in case there's a transaction that's even bigger)

Alshock: Well "has bought" is not entirely false, the claim is always made before all technical detials are dealt with

Nachosauce: There was a $183B transaction in 1999

C26_1: @Nachosauce, ok so it's not the biggest, it's just the most recent

Alshock: the most recent transaction ever? That's gonna need more quotes than "biggest"

C26_1: And I found that the price is 68,7 billion$

Some news just rounding to $70 billion to make the news even hotter and more viral

C26_1: Let me check the search-wird "Microsoft buy Activision" in Google Trend

C26_1: word*

Default avatar.png Mulberg2009: some one got discord

C26_1: After some minutes, I found out that the keyword is most viral at 18/01/2022, 22:00 and SIngapore is by far the country that has the most search that are related to the keyword

C26_1: But it drops a lot since

5DN1L: You mean "keyword" is the most searched keyword?

C26_1: keyword here is "microsoft buy activision blizzard"

C26_1: And that's why I've never heard of someone else talking about this news until.... I don't know, I'm easy to forgot

Alshock: no offense but no one really care about your analysis of the deal's buzz

C26_1: yea

Uljahn: still lvl 9, eh? seems you like to annoy people with off-topic more than solving puzzles :slight_smile:

Alshock: Well, that applies to me as well xD

5DN1L: that applies to Automaton2000

Automaton2000: how do you like challenges?

WillChang: ok Automaton2000

Automaton2000: yes but it will make a bot that has a good bot

WillChang: ah ,I see, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: took me too long to realize that i have already solved the puzzle of the week

MikhailChernov: Can anyone tell me what this code mean?


Winter476: exes(bytes('Japaneses


MikhailChernov: Just interested how it could passed 100% of tests

Sl0ppy: ya, i found that interesting too :D

Sl0ppy: that was a rly 0.o clash

5DN1L: Read this for more info, MikhailChernov

Sl0ppy: guy literally submitted this piece of code at 00:20

Sl0ppy: and had 100%

MikhailChernov: 5DN1L, thanks

5DN1L: :)

Sl0ppy: that's pretty neat

AveragePythonEnjoyer: Well, as for me it seems kind of cheating if it is used in code golf.

Uljahn: using language features is cheating :scream_cat:

AveragePythonEnjoyer: No, but he didn't write that code by himself. He just generated it. It's like copy-pasting the solution.

bonsaifree: how do you read problem, find the solution and copy pasta it in 20 seconds?

bonsaifree: didn't he just wrote a few lines and submitted?

AveragePythonEnjoyer: Writing this by hand is impossible

Uljahn: clash pool is finite, so there's a chance of repetition

Uljahn: solve it once, then copy-paste the solution

bonsaifree: wow, okey

bonsaifree: still it is impressive that he found the proper answer and finish in 20 seconds

bonsaifree: my best was 35 seconds, but an easy problem

Uljahn: i think it could be automated with a user-script or a browser extension

bonsaifree: selenium

Default avatar.png illusory12: hello

bonsaifree: hi

Default avatar.png nesnes112: hi

Default avatar.png nesnes112: what is the equivalent of the python chr function in javascript please

struct: String.fromCharCode(n);

Default avatar.png nesnes112: thanks Struct

Default avatar.png yuutz: im currently in ib comp sci and I have no clue how to do this class welp

derjack: huh

5DN1L: yuutz Why don't you ask your teacher?

Alaory: any Arabs in the chat

Alaory: ?

Uljahn: Automaton2000: any cats in the chat?

Automaton2000: i can see that your bot is good

Wontonimo: Automaton2000 , yo mamma's so FAT32, she eats by taking Gigabytes

Automaton2000: i would be interested in the game i think

5DN1L: :rolling_eyes:

Wontonimo: you know i'm bored when ...

5DN1L: now I know

5DN1L: Wontonimo maybe you wanna read a comment to your puzzle on the forum? That may relieve you of your boredom

derjack: what puzzle

5DN1L: Wave Function Collapse

derjack: read forums on the current potw. they proved the draw and there is 1 crash

Wontonimo: thanks ... checking wfc now

BlaiseEbuth: Pow these days...

Wontonimo: found it. Thanks 5DN1L

5DN1L: My pleasure :)

ninjadip: if(bored) {//TODO... }

ninjadip: lol

ninjadip: just started this mars lander.. fun fun

5DN1L: Expect to crash often :upside_down:

Wontonimo: ninjadip, which one? 1,2,3 or opti?

ninjadip: i think it's starting me on the second one

Wontonimo: don't skip mars 1

ninjadip: yeah, i see it now, it says second level

ninjadip: why

ninjadip: this is where my chart has taken me

5DN1L: why do mars 1 when you can do mars 2 lol

ninjadip: says i don't need to do first

Wontonimo: X and Y are actually quite different. Mars 1 lets you improve Y before really having divide your attention

ninjadip: oh

ninjadip: which one lets you smoke astroturf

ninjadip: ok i'm on the first one now

C26_1: Oh hello everyone, I'm comeback

C26_1: Nut I'm guessed it's already too late to talking

C26_1: it's 10:06PM now

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: Hello

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: I want to learn ruby

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: PLS HELP ME MY BRAIN CAN:T TAKE IT

5DN1L: If your brain can't take it, you can't learn it

TeslaRam: C26_1 there aren't just people from vietnam hi

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: :(

5DN1L: Telling yourself you're willing to learn rather than your brain can't take it, would be a better starting point

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: lul

5DN1L: Automaton2000 write some code in Lua

Automaton2000: the game is not easy

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: Can anybody teach me ruby, i want it to be my first coding language

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: :snake

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: :snake:

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: :snake:

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: :snake:

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: :snake:

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: :snake:

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: pls

5DN1L: don't spam


Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: thx

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: Still confused

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: :snake:

ninjadip: enough with the snake

5DN1L: ok, you're out for a while, Brody_The_Vegan

TeslaRam: Brody_The_Vegan learn somethink easier for start

5DN1L: you need some time to think over it

5DN1L: It's sad when you see someone who doesn't even try to google to learn stuff

Fasader: :snake: attack

ninjadip: tell mne about it

ninjadip: ahh no more snakes or snakes on planes

Fasader: effortless learning :D

5DN1L: If you don't want to read, you can still choose to watch YouTube videos which teach programming

ninjadip: yep

5DN1L: But some just want to be spoon-fed...

ninjadip: just thinking, do they have a game where you code a bot to do the old "snake"/"worm" game? like where you keep getting bigger and not eat yourself

5DN1L: they mean CG? i think there is

ninjadip: yes

ninjadip: oh cool

5DN1L: i think it's Line Racing

jacek: there was WIP snake contribution long time ago

ninjadip: line racing is not it

ninjadip: oh cool

5DN1L: Line Racing is not it because you don't have to bite any apples? :thinking:

ninjadip: no because it's not it at all

ninjadip: it's more about a set area and not killing yourself more than trying to kill anyone else

ninjadip: getting bigger but not infinite

5DN1L: ah, ok

ninjadip: i can see in the coding world, having a great pattern that lets you get as big as possible without turning in on yourself

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: oh dear, the #fr are doing their 1-star tricks again with wfc

jacek: huh

jacek: oh my

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: waz up

Default avatar.png rabee12: hi!

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: hello

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: hi

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: YES IM BACK

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: who are you?

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: a guy in the internet

Default avatar.png rabee12: hi!

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: okay? a weird guy or what?

Emmus: heya

Default avatar.png rabee12: i ma bad ;(

Default avatar.png rabee12: how i can solve one problem

Default avatar.png rabee12: :cat:

Emmus: send it

Default avatar.png rabee12:

Default avatar.png rabee12: this ?

Default avatar.png rabee12: but i want to under stand

Emmus: What language do you work in?

Default avatar.png rabee12: *{}/space

Emmus: I work in python

Default avatar.png rabee12: python

Default avatar.png rabee12: ya python

Emmus: ok, i have the problem solved, but i need to understand my own code, so ill be back in a minute XD

jacek: oO

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: im gonna go, bye

Default avatar.png rabee12: ok no problem

Default avatar.png rabee12: i will try to solve it

Emmus: I can help you

Default avatar.png rabee12: i don't understand the problem

Default avatar.png rabee12: though

Emmus: Ohh, thats well a problem lol

Default avatar.png rabee12: lol

Default avatar.png rabee12: is there any problem solving website

Emmus: lol i dont know

Default avatar.png rabee12: be ez

Wontonimo: play Tron light cycles instead

Wontonimo: Turn right

5DN1L: Automaton2000 make the right turn, don't blindly turn right

Automaton2000: ok at least i think so, but not sure it would work

5DN1L: that's the spirit

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: im back

Keve: hey guys, I'm trying to get my head around genetic algorithms, and I feel like I starting to get it. I still struggle to understand how Chromosomes of variable lenghts are handled best. May someone willing to give me some advice? Can further explain my problem in privat chat.

Wontonimo: sure

Wontonimo: hi

Wontonimo: first , what kind of problem are you looking to solve with variable length chromosomes ?

Default avatar.png JavaliMZ: Hello. I can try to pass certifications multiple times?

struct: I think you need to wait 30 days after you complete it

struct: to try again for the same language

Default avatar.png JavaliMZ: ok =) That was very fast response!! tanks

BlaiseEbuth: Don't worry. You'll be better than >99% of the pros too.

jacek: if everyone is >99%, who is <99%?

foxforfoxes: can you learn coding here?

foxforfoxes: like HTML coding

foxforfoxes: i cant learn javascript until i do

jacek: html isnt programming language :v

foxforfoxes: oh lol

foxforfoxes: so i guess ill just keep doing javascript

jacek: you can do other languages

foxforfoxes: i think ill try python

foxforfoxes: is it weird i'm 9 and i'm programming

struct: whats weird about that?

struct: ah the language

struct: python is fine

foxforfoxes: ha thanks and im gonna try

BlaiseEbuth: 'python is fine' :scream:

foxforfoxes: what?

5DN1L: ignore BlaiseEbuth, he's the weird guy :upside_down:

foxforfoxes: is ccs a programming language tho and thanks

BlaiseEbuth: struct say 'python is fine' and I'm the weirdo...

BlaiseEbuth: Of course, css is turing complete.

foxforfoxes: oh

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: as far as I can tell, the french hate python because stupid people can use it to solve difficult problems

foxforfoxes: so? im nine

foxforfoxes: i kinda need to do it

foxforfoxes: or learn html

foxforfoxes: dont know javascript yet

foxforfoxes: i need to use html to learn javascript

5DN1L: foxforfoxes This website is for more for practising than learning. You'd better go elsewhere to learn the basics of a programming language and come back here later to practise

jacek: struct any breakthrough in your bt stuff?

foxforfoxes: idk where to go to do this stuff

foxforfoxes: im in school right now so i cant ask my parents to do anything

5DN1L: foxforfoxes google "learn html", "learn javascript", "learn css"

foxforfoxes: true i could do that

foxforfoxes: but im trying to do python

foxforfoxes: i already looked that up to

Quidome: This one maybe:


foxforfoxes: thanks

foxforfoxes: ill try that but im trying to learn python

Quidome: Oh ok, wait...

superpenguin612: ur not allowed to have an acct here at 9 lol

foxforfoxes: haha i have my own gmail and stuff so i used that

5DN1L: superpenguin612 which term and condition says that?

superpenguin612: you're not allowed to have an gmail account before 13

foxforfoxes: haha

foxforfoxes: idk how it let me but it did

superpenguin612: um

superpenguin612: you put an incorrect birthday


Quidome: they also do python

foxforfoxes: thanks

Quidome: looks fun to me :)

foxforfoxes: im logging in right now

Quidome: gl, you now how to get an account :D

foxforfoxes: yea

foxforfoxes: i do it all the time for stuff

foxforfoxes: im really good at block coding i use scratch

foxforfoxes: oh yay tynker worked

Quidome: nice!

foxforfoxes: i can show you what java script i know

Quidome: well have fun there, when you ready to do AI stuff come back!

foxforfoxes: ok

foxforfoxes: wanna see what java script i know?

Wontonimo: something for Keve


Quidome: I don't javascript, but I bet it's nice :)


Wontonimo: hmm ... no paste bin

foxforfoxes: like i know <button onclick = 'yellow'" </button>

foxforfoxes: opp i messed up

jacek: hmm

foxforfoxes: its <button onclick = 'yellow i feel boring... please click me </button>

foxforfoxes: Quidome my class dosnt do coding i try to learn it on my free time

foxforfoxes: do you know any others?

Default avatar.png Lagal3re: hello every body ! somebody could tell me how a char[4][4] could change with different length without asking it. And I finished with a first line at 7 caracter, 2nd line at 3 caracteres and 3rd line at 6 caracteres ?

Quidome: c?

Default avatar.png Lagal3re: yes

Quidome: are you using this array as strings?

Quidome: If I am correct c uses 0 terminated strings if you are not correctly terminating it will just go on until it finds a zero

Default avatar.png Lagal3re: yes i think in my case i well initilised it with 3 char + 1 for '\0' but then i update with strcpy function and i think my table is broken at this moment

Quidome: You can overwrite the zero with a character you got the behaviour you describe as a result

Default avatar.png Lagal3re: hmmm ok i understand i'll check that thank you

Quidome: the strcpy will not look for a zero while copying just copy until finished and than place a zero

Default avatar.png Lagal3re: actually, i am copying a table char in an other one with both same init

Quidome: can you share your code?

Default avatar.png Lagal3re: in the chat ?

Quidome: No

Quidome: there is another trick see it happening all the time

Quidome: don't know how to do it :(

Quidome: well got to go, you can probably figure this one out now :) gl

Default avatar.png Lagal3re: :raising_hand:

Default avatar.png Zebrahim: coding hard

5DN1L: ^ Good summary of what appears here most frequently

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: im back

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: and i can code ruby now

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: lul

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: :(

Fasader: :snake:

5DN1L: Don't encourage that...

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: Yes snek

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: :snake:

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: :D

jacek: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png ilikecod321: hi

Fasader: hullo

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: u

5DN1L: Automaton2000, clean up the chat a bit 🧹

Automaton2000: i am in the same language

5DN1L: Time to brush up your communication skills then

jacek: Automaton2000 whos the best pony

Automaton2000: i would say it is

jacek: Automaton2000, Princess Luna?

Automaton2000: and i had a bug in my code :d

jacek: :s

5DN1L: broken

Nerchio: ryna

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: i learn ruby

Fasader: prove it

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: puts "bitch i learned way more code in 10 minutes than your lifetime"

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: end

5DN1L: mind your language

Fasader: solve 13 puzzles with ruby and certify 100%

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: ok got it

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: lul

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: :snake:

Fasader: dunno mang, looks like you're stuck at a single puzzle with ruby. a mungos would've done 15 by now unlike a snek

5DN1L: Fasader Do you plan to solve more puzzles yourself?

Fasader: maybe. mostly doing coc now

5DN1L: I see

Fasader: why do you ask

5DN1L: Just curious

HamzaMerini: :grin:

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: im done

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: i made game

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: took 2 hours

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: pls play

HamzaMerini: wp mate

Default avatar.png TheRedSuperstar_4026: hey

Default avatar.png TheRedSuperstar_4026: were are you from guys?

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: did you play it

Default avatar.png TheRedSuperstar_4026: no yet

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: Pls play it

Samuel_Croteau: I dont think you sent the good link brody

Default avatar.png TheRedSuperstar_4026: I'm new on the platform

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: what do you mean

Samuel_Croteau: it was made by agorneo 2 years ago

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: np by mr

Default avatar.png Brody_The_Vegan: no by me

HamzaMerini: it worked for me

HamzaMerini: it's nice

HamzaMerini: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png rectile: hola soy nuevo aqui

Default avatar.png rectile: soy rectilineo

Default avatar.png rectile: pero diganme rectile

Thorcode: please speak english

Default avatar.png rectile: use the translator

Default avatar.png rectile: and put spanish

Thorcode: orr easier use auto detec

Default avatar.png rectile: truth xd

Default avatar.png rectile: I don't speak much in English

ASM_MOV_INT: so in clash of code, if you get 100% in the tests, but the hidden tests give you a lesser percent, should you report that as an issue? I always do

Thorcode: nah

Thorcode: some test they could troll you


ASM_MOV_INT: but other players get 100%, so i'm just like... reported!


Thorcode: can someone help me to find the index of the first max value in the list?

Thorcode: bruh

Thorcode: check their code

Thorcode: and you should read the goal of the clash carefully ASM_MOV_INT

Thorcode: some of them could have special rule

ASM_MOV_INT: hmmm... something to think about, but yeah

therealbeef: I think it's good to report, because the test cases apparently don't cover the requirements. although if it's a reverse engineering type clash, then the maker doesn't want to give too many hints obviously

Default avatar.png postrelV8: why im not in the next golden league for around 2 days, i beat all of silver league and my place in leaderboard above boss

Thorcode: not really, most clash I meet I often read the goal too fast and forgot their special rule in the test case I usually got 100% but the test I got lower

ASM_MOV_INT: see it just happened, I received 100% on all tests, then 50% on total with hidden....

ASM_MOV_INT: reverse mode

therealbeef: postrelV8 did you wait until your bot finished 100% of its games?

ASM_MOV_INT: I think they should allow clash of code to be tried (submitted at 15 minutes fine), but continue to try indefinitely as an option... some problems I want to continue to try if I've been working feverishly for 15 minutes....

Default avatar.png postrelV8: i waited fo 24 hours after ranking

therealbeef: without resubmitting?


ASM_MOV_INT: resubmitting after 15 minutes.... shouldn't be allowed, unless they make like two types of clashes per each clash, one 15 minutes, and one post 15 minutes lol

ASM_MOV_INT: and sharing code, shouldn't be optional

Default avatar.png rectile: oye porque solo hablan de el juego

Default avatar.png postrelV8: therealbeef, now im remaching

ASM_MOV_INT: if you score 100%, code is shared automatically

Default avatar.png rectile: prestenme aencion

Thorcode: bruh postrelV8 just patient,

Thorcode: They need time to check if your score below the bot XD

Default avatar.png postrelV8: HOW MANY

Thorcode: like other player submit again then him beat you

Thorcode: up to the league

Thorcode: gold often 4-6 or more

Default avatar.png postrelV8: but why there is that note: Those better than the Boss will be promoted to Gold League at 05 H 52

therealbeef: It should be quick. usually you get the notification that you will be promoted within a minute of finishing all battles and being above the boss. Then the wait to actually be promoted can vary but there should show a countdown at the top of the screen

Default avatar.png postrelV8: i bet the bos

ASM_MOV_INT: they should have a screen for clash of code statistics, like total clashes, clashes per day, most positive reviewed in each category, etc. that'd be cool

C26_1: Oh hello everyone

C26_1: I have thinking about patterns in binary numbers

C26_1: Like the set of numbers that contain 2 digit '1' in binary

C26_1: {3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 17...}

C26_1: I don't see any patterns yet

C26_1: The set of numbers than contain 1 digit '1' in binary has pattern though

C26_1: The pattern is 2^n - 1

C26_1: Where n is cardinal number, 1st, 2nd, 3rd,...

Default avatar.png molly.pears: :rage:

Default avatar.png molly.pears: .!.

C26_1: What

Default avatar.png molly.pears: penis

Mortis_666: ...

Default avatar.png molly.pears: mortis where are u from?

Default avatar.png molly.pears: i think russia or niheria

Mortis_666: wrong

Default avatar.png Crazy_Frog123: .!.

Default avatar.png smallDick: .!.

Default avatar.png smallDick: брат

Default avatar.png AlekseiZay: брат

Default avatar.png smallDick: что как жизнь пацаны

Default avatar.png piskagriZ: zxc

Default avatar.png piskagriZ: ?

C26_1: @smallDick, @AlekseiZay, To speak russian, go to this channel #ru

Default avatar.png piskagriZ: go

Default avatar.png piskagriZ: 1:1

C26_1: @piskagriZ, no spam

Default avatar.png smallDick: мы не спамим

Default avatar.png piskagriZ: ok

Default avatar.png smallDick: только по делу

Mortis_666: cough

Default avatar.png smallDick: выпей сиропа

Default avatar.png smallDick: раз горло болит

Default avatar.png smallDick: приболел что ли мортис?

Default avatar.png smallDick: мортис а ты из бравл старса пришел?

Default avatar.png smallDick: или откуда

Default avatar.png smallDick: где такой нику приудмал

Default avatar.png smallDick: ?!?

struct: Enough spam

Default avatar.png xxqrtt_: hi

Default avatar.png xxqrtt_: :heart_eyes:

Default avatar.png postrelV8: im still not in the gold league, the timer was just updated from 5:52 to 8:52 ind im also in the first place in silver league in Mad Pod Racing, what is wrong?

Default avatar.png xxqrtt_: бан

Thorcode: yeah struct is here to save the day