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Smelty: yea i main java but use python for short

Tiberiusen: anyone know any optimazing tricks for recursive dfs in 2d array, i already have a visited variable

Tiberiusen: def dfs(visited, maze, pos_row,pos_col,len_maze):

struct: which puzzle are you doing?

Tiberiusen: its not from codingame, its a maze traversal problem though

struct: usually i do it like that

struct: but i dont use recursion

struct: i only really use the visited

struct: is your visited a dictionary?

Tiberiusen: its a set(). it can solve mazes up to 49*49 size.

Tiberiusen: maybe recursion is to slow to solve big mazes

Quidome: maybe python is to slow :)

Uljahn: could be faster in numpy

jacek: or C

Alshock: I see the same suggestion twice :P

humanbeethoven: hello world

jacek: and so the NN article is published

Default avatar.png kylos1: yo community :)

jacek: good morning

6opoDuJIo: how do you, guys, train NN agents in mad pod racing?

ASM_MOV_INT: ah, hello peeps

ASM_MOV_INT: I don't wanna help no weird frog profile dude ;)

ASM_MOV_INT: later

6opoDuJIo: Kek



ASM_MOV_INT: you're supposed to say, wtf? why not? rofl

ASM_MOV_INT: unless you don't care

6opoDuJIo: Because I find refusing to help someone because of a silly frog PFP to be so stupid, it becomes hilarious

struct: have you checked?

6opoDuJIo: Nope, didn't manage to stumble upon it yet, I'l take a look rn

ASM_MOV_INT: then laugh bro

ASM_MOV_INT: or sis


ASM_MOV_INT: but if you are that stupid, then should you laugh at yourself? ok, then grow up

ASM_MOV_INT: :joy::nerd::sunglasses:

5DN1L: 6opoDuJIo

6opoDuJIo: You need some reading comprehension, pal

5DN1L: oops

ASM_MOV_INT: the response is: ineffective jab


5DN1L: i hate it when the chat doesn't scroll to the bottom occasionally

6opoDuJIo: it's fine, @5DN1L

6opoDuJIo: Thanks anyway1

ASM_MOV_INT: lag rofl

ASM_MOV_INT: just cuz u binary, doesn't make ur frog sh** ok bro or sis... u like how I can't tell ur gender rofl, sorry if that bothers u

ASM_MOV_INT: go jump in ur pond

5DN1L: be respectful and stop commenting on profile pics please ASM_MOV_INT

struct: ok its enough

ASM_MOV_INT: :money_mouth:


5DN1L: 6opoDuJIo stop it now, he's been kicked

6opoDuJIo: ok, sorry

6opoDuJIo: So, speaking of the actual article : do I understand it right, and the author trained his model solely on replays?

jacek: from self-play

jacek: from replays would be too slow

jacek: and not much


6opoDuJIo: I just can't find the part in which author launches the agent in the environment

ASM_MOV_INT: sorry for any harassment, not my intention, peace bro

5DN1L: no next time, next time is ban

Default avatar.png Frukostbord: Hello there! Might be wrong forum? I´ve been programming for about 2 months and started some university courses. My question is if anyone got a good link (blog, vlog etc) for the journey of a rookie programmer?

Regards // Andreas

Default avatar.png FORMS1: Im trying do do the Mars Lander ep1.

Default avatar.png FORMS1: AM i just supposed to impliment a while speed less than x cout y thrust

struct: for ep 1 I think so

5DN1L: you're required to output rotate and power, not y

Default avatar.png FORMS1: sorry, just meant y as a place holder. I really shouldnt do that

5DN1L: ok

Default avatar.png FORMS1:

Default avatar.png FORMS1: can someone tell me why this code isnt outputting anything when I run test case?

5DN1L: you need to output new line too

Default avatar.png FORMS1: thanks. I did that but it still "did not provide inpit in due time"

5DN1L: what's your new code now

Default avatar.png FORMS1:

5DN1L: what if v_speed == 0

Default avatar.png FORMS1: That was the issue

Default avatar.png FORMS1: thanking you sir!

5DN1L: :)

jacek: oh my

5DN1L: Automaton2000, Cure4Life or Code4Life?

Automaton2000: if you try to write a solution for a puzzle that's all

Nachosauce: Okay I'm starting from scratch on Coders Strike Back. It's time. Going to be a good day. A great day. The best day. Going to learn things and make it better.

jacek: coders strike back?

5DN1L: Nachosauce strikes back

Nachosauce: The pod racing one. I love it

Astrobytes: Copyright Strikes Back

Nachosauce: Yeah that

struct: 1 day ill finish my breakthrough bot

Astrobytes: :grin:

jacek: only in 1 day? nice

Nachosauce: I love you guys

struct: yes, im coding for breakthrough but not ai yet

Astrobytes: topcoder marathon is on, 3 days 4 hours left, gonna do that now I have some time

struct: is it ai?

Astrobytes: optim

struct: how long ago did it start?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: hi, big noob here, just took a few hours to convert an input to a list of list, to then build it back to a list of strings :

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: could I get some feedback on what topic to learn about

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: seems it can be done much easier, but the solutions provided are to complex to comprehend for me

Astrobytes: struct: 12th I think

Astrobytes: has some kind of similarity with A*Craft but not quite

BlaiseEbuth: Astroback o/

Astrobytes: yo dude, btw I have no idea what happened to franknzappa channel, lots down recently due to copyright strikes :(

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah... :(

5DN1L: SMOKEz8z8 You can use "ord" to get the ASCII value of a character and then to calculate the index of the ascii art you need to convert the character to

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: looked up ord, my self, but what I found was, P has a value 80, how would I use that for an index?

5DN1L: subtract a constant

5DN1L: for "?", make use of another constant

YS_Yousef: can any one help

Astrobytes: only if you ask a relevant question.

YS_Yousef: with?

BlaiseEbuth: Is that a relevant question ?

Astrobytes: with.

BlaiseEbuth: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzz

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: thx for the tip, now I dont have to create an alphabet list myself to find the index. But I am gettings errors because of the spaces in the last test. Back to google it is :)

5DN1L: :thumbsup: Keep going

5DN1L: Also, this:

5DN1L: though it's not really necessary

Default avatar.png 2D20: can anyone tell me how to do "The River I." ?

Nachosauce: Well you see, you walk into it thinking "Oh this will be easy. no problem." then you go to start, you panic, you give up, and go do something else.

5DN1L: 2D20

5DN1L: Nachosauce which state are you in then?

Blabbage: I want to recommend Wontonimo's Wave Function Collapse - Classic Puzzle HARD. It has two days left and only needs one more approval. I had a lot of fun with it and really think that it deserves approval:

Hope it is ok, to post it here :)

Nachosauce: I'm much too dumb for that one :grimacing:

jacek: shall i approve it without testing? :thinking:

Nachosauce: It's Wontonimo so probably nothing would go wrong lol

Uljahn: "The River I" is kinda straightforward, you sum digits for the smallest river and make it progress one step ahead untill both rivers meet

Blabbage: jacek: wouldn't do that, I think at least 3 people should be able to solve it from it's current description, otherwise it might be too unclear to others

Blabbage: I do understand that approving a hard puzzle is a lot of work, and I honestly used a lot of time on reading about the Wave Function Collapse and fighting my own bugs to make it work. I just think it was a nice journey with a cool end result

Blabbage: Gotta go now, take care everyone

Default avatar.png xlr4829: users.match('me').delete()

jacek: Blabbage i could copy paste the solution and call it a day :V

Alaory: yooooo

jacek: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: look at the mad pod racing challenge, is there away to store a value to the next iteration? so I could compare next_checkpoint_angle between two frames?

jacek: yes :?

jacek: you can init variables before the loop

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: hmm, does the part before the loop get executed with each pass?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: next_checkpoint_angle is only defined when the loop starts

jacek: compare next_checkpoint_angle with t, do something

jacek: then t = next_checkpoint_angle

jacek: n next loop iteration youll get t = angle of previous iteration

Smelty: yes.

jacek: eeyup*

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: thx, was setting t = to early :)

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

jacek: hm?

struct: gui is hard

jacek: thats what she...

jacek: what gui

struct: im making for breakthrough

Default avatar.png dogerish: what is this chat

jacek: web, app?

struct: app, c++

Default avatar.png dogerish: eyyy c++ best lang

struct: im using sfml + imgui

Default avatar.png dogerish: I'm making my own gui system in my ray caster using sdl2

jacek: :+1:

struct: i have little to no experience with this stuff

struct: so its taking me quite some time

Default avatar.png dogerish: oof yeah

struct: but its fun

jacek: got any screen?

Astrobytes: imgui is awesome

struct: yes but its still very basic

Blokops: question how hard are the language certifications?

struct: the problems are the same level of the easy ones

struct: maybe medium at most

Blokops: oh nice

BlaiseEbuth: No

BlaiseEbuth: More a clash level

Astrobytes: certificates for all! \o/

struct: jacek


Astrobytes: struct: do you already know sfml?

struct: nope

jacek: noice

struct: now i was trying to have multiple boards

jacek: wouldnt black pawns have the white borders?

struct: inside the imgui itself


struct: i removed them

jacek: multiple boards? are you doing 5d chess for breakthrough

struct: lol

struct: was just something i wanted to try

Astrobytes: Nice.

struct: its still not much but its something :p

Smelty: za heccer 6d chess?

struct: what language is that?

Astrobytes: "the heck is"

Astrobytes: I think

jacek: is this scottish

Astrobytes: No.

Astrobytes: we'd say "whit th' f**k's that"

BlaiseEbuth: Chicky bastard

Astrobytes: :chicken:

BlaiseEbuth: Ah yeah. Dat f'ckin nationalist chicken in kilt...

Lambert_W_Function: lambert w function

Default avatar.png lbodlev888: hello world

struct: :wave:

Wontonimo: hey strüct Smëlty Aströbyes jäck n BlaïseEbuth

Astrobytes: heya Wontonimo

Wontonimo: what a great turnout on a sunday

Astrobytes: I'm fraternizing with another platform though :P

Wontonimo: oh, do tell!

Astrobytes: nothing much, another topcoder marathon

Astrobytes: (optim)

jacek: ah

Wontonimo: snake charmer Astrobytes?

Astrobytes: Marathon 132

Astrobytes: It's like a ball bouncing game, deflecting b balls with n panels to maximise score

Astrobytes: kinda A*Craft style

Astrobytes: anyway, I must eat, afk

struct: hi Wontonimo

Wontonimo: hey hey struct

Wontonimo: by Astrobytes :wave:

Default avatar.png Maxim251:

Wontonimo: in these lines

Wontonimo: vector<PLAYER> players;

 vector<ZONE> zones;

Wontonimo: I think you need to assign them to something

Default avatar.png Maxim251: normally It should be like this ... players->push.back( new PLAYER( i ) ); But I see that another way is working also players.push.back( PLAYER( i ));

struct: if you already know the number of players you can do

struct: vector<Player> players(n);

struct: but push_back is fine I think

Default avatar.png Maxim251: No I don't know. Thats why, I am adding players on the fly, In game there can be up to 4 players

Wontonimo: or just use a primitive list for faster operations

struct: -> new Player() would be used if it was

struct: vector<Player*> players;

Default avatar.png Maxim251: And my question is if that line " players.push.back( PLAYER( i )); " is no causing any memory leaks

Wontonimo: holy cow, my wave function collapse puzzle just got approved! I didn't think it would happen considering how non-traditional it is. I do really like the algo for this though

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Yes Struct, normally I should use pointers and create players with "new" comand

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: yes, we will monitor #fr for any reactions

Wontonimo: thank you calebharrison , Husoski, LazyMammal, and Blabbage

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Congratulations Wontonimo

Wontonimo: :D thanks Maxim251

jacek: well Blabbage advertised it

struct: I dont think any leak will happen on that code Maxim251

Default avatar.png Maxim251: then, I can use this way ? players.push.back( PLAYER( i )); Because when I was learning C++ I never see this line in use from anybody.

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Thats why i am suprising that it works.

jacek: whats wrong with it

jacek: besides PLAYER being all caps

struct: new is a banned keyword on my ide

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png Maxim251:


Default avatar.png Maxim251: In very short way... class PLAYER{...} class MANAGER{

struct: maybe this can answer your question Maxim251

struct: or it will confuse you even more

Default avatar.png Maxim251:

struct: whats that supposed to do?

BlaiseEbuth: That's a link struct, you have to click on it.

struct: thanks

BlaiseEbuth: You're welcome.

jacek: you use vector of objects. no pointers or direct class creation so no memory leak. as soon as those things will go out of scope, they are destroyed

struct: ^

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Trying to add position to a vector, using class constructor. Normally always I need do PLAYER player; Assighn some values, and then push that player to vector.

Default avatar.png Maxim251: But rather creating obiect, I use constructor straight away.

Default avatar.png dang.e:

derjack: :thinking:

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Game is "Game of Drones", maybe I send to you that code to review.

Default avatar.png Maxim251:

Wontonimo: hey dang.e , what does your code return for the following input 10 9 8 7 8 9 10 ? it should return 3, but what does it return?

struct: Maxim251 code looks fine

struct: But I dont really know how to code so dont take my word for it

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png dang.e: Hi Wontonimo, it returns -3 because i count the loss negatively

Wontonimo: right -3.

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Ok, Thanks Struct. Its nice that i fount new way to push obiects in to vector. Have Nice day.

Default avatar.png dang.e: I tryed to switch int to long number because at the exemple 5 it was big numbers but i still have the same result

McLaaamb: Its impossible to beat Python or Ruby for shortest code when using C# :D

struct: yes

jacek: then use python or ruby on shortest [solved]

5DN1L: McLaaamb It's possible, if your score is greater than all other players' :yum:

Wontonimo: or play a multi or puzzle [solved]

struct: try bt, best game on earth

jacek: if there was only an app for that...

McLaaamb: @jacek you can switch language after clash starts?

jacek: yes

McLaaamb: interesting

struct: wait, thats not allowed

McLaaamb: even more interesting :D

5DN1L: wait, switching languages is mandatory

jacek: 2 mods, 2 different opinions

jacek: Automaton2000 which one is right?

Automaton2000: because i need to store it in a stupid way

struct: 1 is trolling

jacek: a trolling mod on CG? impossibru, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: yeah i was thinking about what you are talking about the contest

Husoski: @McLaaamb Yes, you can switch langauges. You must compile and run in first language if you want it to be remembered in case you want to go back.

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: i suck agt pyhton

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: holy shmoly

struct: its time to improve then

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: what are some easy coding questions

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: how to find

struct: check easy category

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: where

jacek: the descent, power of thor, temperatures, breakthrough


struct: also this site assumes you already know the very basic

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: I know some things

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: like lists

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: variables

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: functions

struct: if, loops?

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: but i suck with loops

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: well wit while loops

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: if i'm ehh

struct: who doesnt

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: i only started to actually in winter break

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: actually code

struct: I see

Blokops: try doing etective picakchu one

Blokops: is a good start for loops

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: ok is tha teasy

struct: try the puzzles jacek said

Blokops: detective*

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: which one

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: puzzle or pikachu

struct: they are both puzzles

struct: Try the descent

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: can u send link

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: idk where it is

struct: there is a search bar at the top


Blokops: avoid any from java_coffe_cup since they are more "strategy" and less learning

Blokops: they are for more experience users

Blokops: oh he made detective picakchu i stadnc orrected

struct: :D

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: idek how to do this descent thing

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: do i just attack mountains

struct: press hints on the left

struct: every new turn you are given the height of all the current mountains

struct: in the for loop

struct: you need to print the index of the highest one

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: it is while loop

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: oh ok

struct: you can ignore the while loop

struct: is just so the game loops forever

Default avatar.png CoonCoder: it muh be niceeeee

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: ok i printed 7 because thats the highest range it can go

Default avatar.png CoonCoder: i m trynna get likee struct

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: but it didnt work

struct: thats the height

struct: you need to print the index

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: ohh

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: its 6

Default avatar.png CoonCoder: use .index function :D

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: it didnt work

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: it says for i in range(8)

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: so wouldnt it be likke 1 less

Blokops: if its a list you can use list.index(value) to give you the index of where the value is found

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: or something

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: is there no run button

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: is it only the testcase thing

jacek: there are always 8 mountains, destroyed mountain has 0 height

jacek: there is play testcase, play all testcases and submit


Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: i got 0%

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: i made a list woith number 1-7

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: and printed that

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: but oit didnt pwrk

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: work

Blokops: first try to pass all the test cases

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: how do i do it

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: do i just print all the indexes

Blokops: okey so what you need to do is each loop print the mountain with the biggest value

each loop the bigest moutaing will loose one "height"

Blokops: but then the tallest mountian will change

Blokops: thats why 1 to 7 does work

Blokops: M(ountian) 1 can be the tallest more times in a row

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: mannnn this is too hard

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: is there an easier one

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: or can i looka t someones code

Blokops: one sec looking for a easier one

Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: thanks

Blokops: okey this will take longer to write but will be easier to undestand



Blokops: hold up!! i gave you the aprt 2 sorry


Default avatar.png SheLuvCoding: ok i suck at this

struct: well when did you start coding?

struct: which month?

Default avatar.png Frukostbord: SheLuvCoding. I came here waaaay too early. Learn basic conditional statements and loops (If, while, for, etc). Variable types and functions. After that you can do the quests here.

Default avatar.png Frukostbord: I just started two months ago. But programming is sooo much problem solving. So solve alot of basic problems. Build basic programs, such as a calculator or temperature converter.

Wontonimo: ^^ +1 to that!

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: try something like to get a feel for the basics

Default avatar.png RainMeikar: I'm rank 1 in gold for mad pod racing, I'm ahead of darth, and the time for rank up passed, but I didn't rank up, is there a delay or do I have to log out and log back in?

Blokops: you need to defeat the boss not just rank 1

5DN1L: He does

Default avatar.png RainMeikar: I did

Default avatar.png RainMeikar: my points are 44.35, darth is 44.2

Blokops: “¯\_(ツ)_/¯“

5DN1L: Not sure what's keeping you, maybe you wait again, and if you still aren't promoted, then contact CG staff to ask them to fix the issue

Default avatar.png RainMeikar: is legend going to introduce any new mechancis?

5DN1L: i don't think so

Default avatar.png RainMeikar: btw how do you print messages next to the pods?

5DN1L: what do you mean? is there a replay where you see that?

Default avatar.png RainMeikar: some people print debugging messages next to the pods, so you can see them on the game window

Default avatar.png RainMeikar: instead of down at the game logs

Antessial: just add the message as the 4th output parameter, right after thrust value

Default avatar.png RainMeikar: ah, thank you

Spaticus: need help

Antessial: what kind of help?

Wontonimo: the helpful kind

Blokops: question easiest bot programing challange (or shortest)

Blokops: i dont want another legends of code & magic

Blokops: that took me for ever

Default avatar.png C26_1: Oh good morning everyon

Default avatar.png C26_1: everyone*

Default avatar.png C26_1: Somhow my computer laggd with '3', 'e', 'd', and 'c' keys

Default avatar.png C26_1: I have a very easy puzzle

Default avatar.png C26_1: Given a number 'a', compute the number 'b' such that b is the smallest number where a*b is an integer

Blokops: wdym by is an integer

Default avatar.png C26_1: what

Blokops: what

Default avatar.png C26_1: a is a float number, sr because I didn't mention that

Blokops: oh

Default avatar.png C26_1: for example:

Default avatar.png C26_1: input 3.5 will output 2

Default avatar.png C26_1: because 2 is the smallest number

Default avatar.png C26_1: and 3.5*2 = 7 (7 is an integer of course)

Blokops: the easy answer would just be a while loop

snoyes: 3.5*0 is also an integer, and 0 < 2.

Default avatar.png C26_1: pretty trivial for all numbrs

Default avatar.png C26_1: Have you ever heard of Lexicography Order Computation?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Given a number N in decimal, print all the numbers that satified all conditions below: - Each numbers have the number of digit '1' the same as the N when converted to binary - The length of each numbers must smaller or equal to the length of N in binary

Default avatar.png C26_1: There is one thing I need to clarify

Default avatar.png C26_1: The length of a number in binary

Default avatar.png C26_1: 0010 = 2

Default avatar.png C26_1: AND

Default avatar.png C26_1: 00000010 = 2

Default avatar.png C26_1: You're just ignored all the trailings of 0

Default avatar.png C26_1: so 2 in binary (10) has a length of 2

Default avatar.png C26_1: @all, can I ask a question

Default avatar.png C26_1: Can I make a lot of var to keep track of some info

Default avatar.png C26_1: to make debugging easier for me