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Default avatar.png swift_savage69: I love to code

Ghost_Scander: Hi everyone

Mortis_666: wth

Smelty: ah yes the food chain

nickheyer: Some... actually most of these prompt need to be rewritten by someone proficient in the English language.

nickheyer: Not saying I am proficient enough to do the job, but some of them are seriously bad.

Wontonimo: yeah, i rejected it also. Before you go and add a 3rd rejection, please give him a day or two to try and clean up the description and respond to the rejection comments

Default avatar.png child_friend123: hello

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: kokkonut

Default avatar.png RCroboticsteam: spent a while watching the best bots in mad pod racing and it is a thing of beauty

5DN1L: You mean the bots in the Legend league?

Default avatar.png RCroboticsteam: yeah like the rank 1-10

Default avatar.png RCroboticsteam: my other account has one in legend league but its not the same thing at all

Default avatar.png RCroboticsteam: completely different game at top rank

5DN1L: I see :)

5DN1L: You can read some of the top players' post-mortem if you're interested

5DN1L: not the top 10, but still very top

Uljahn: top bots are NN


derjack: impossibru

BlaiseEbuth: Omae wa mou shindeiru

datu12: Guys quick question

Default avatar.png C26_1: @datu12, give it a shot

datu12: Could I run (N = (3*18))

Default avatar.png C26_1: What do you mean?

datu12: AS part of an argument in an if else conditional?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Ah yes

Default avatar.png C26_1: Yes you can do that

datu12: Oh okay thank you :)

Default avatar.png C26_1: if the number is 0 then turn to False boolean

Default avatar.png C26_1: Else the number turns to True boolean

datu12: Yeah then it will run something else

datu12: I am curernly doing darts

datu12: and i was thinking of doing an if else and nest the conditionals together

Default avatar.png C26_1: @datu, what puzzles are you solving right now?

datu12: The Dart 101

Default avatar.png C26_1: ok

datu12: Currently writing the flochart

datu12: How can i create a condition where they can only shoot 3 per round

datu12: unlimited round too I could never think of it

datu12: should I make a custom function?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Yea if you want

datu12: How can I do it? via do loop?

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: hi

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: how are you ?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Wait

datu12: Hey man whats up

Default avatar.png C26_1: What does "X" means

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: fine man

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: and u ?

datu12: X ??

datu12: What do y mean?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Ah missed

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: ?

datu12: @C26 its okay i was just asking how would you do that function

Default avatar.png C26_1: @aroufgansta, I'm solving the Dart 101 Puzzle

datu12: Oh ..

datu12: lol

datu12: Sorry bro did not mean to

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: i don't understand bro

Default avatar.png C26_1: I've an idea

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: yeah ?

Default avatar.png C26_1: I'm gonna loop from the first shoots to the end

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: what is ur idea ?

Default avatar.png C26_1: With some conditionals of course

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: oh okay bro

Default avatar.png C26_1: I have a sum = 0

Default avatar.png C26_1: I add the shoots to the sum

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: omgg

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: that fine?

Default avatar.png C26_1: As the sum excced 101, then take it from the before round and sums to the next

Default avatar.png C26_1: For example

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: ?

Default avatar.png C26_1: 10 5 3*18 15 5 4 8

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: oh okay?

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: what do you mean ?

datu12: Okay so

Default avatar.png C26_1:

Default avatar.png C26_1: But

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: oh that great

Default avatar.png C26_1: every time I summed, I have a little var called count


Default avatar.png C26_1: yea

datu12: sorry wrong send

datu12: Oh my code went on a link

Default avatar.png C26_1: After the end, I'm gonna append the count to a list

datu12: append?

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: ?

Default avatar.png C26_1: if there's no count possible then assign it as None

datu12: can you describe that? I dont know what you mean append

Default avatar.png C26_1: @date12, basically that's a function in Python

Default avatar.png C26_1: that helps you insert an element you want at the end of a list, array,...

datu12: Im writing in C

datu12: ahhhh

Default avatar.png C26_1: Oh, ok

datu12: Oh an array!

Default avatar.png C26_1: Maybe there will be similarities between Python and C

datu12: Yeah very similar in a way but I'm still new to C and my python is quite poor

datu12: the more i learn C the better my python got really haha

Default avatar.png C26_1: That's the idea

Default avatar.png C26_1: You don't learn from the top

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: oh

Default avatar.png C26_1: You learn from the bottom

Default avatar.png C26_1: So that's why when you're newbie, senior will always try to encourage you that you'll need to learn C, C++, C# first before Python, Java...

Default avatar.png C26_1: Cuz who the hell learn integral before knows 2+2=4

Default avatar.png C26_1: That's just silly and unnatural

datu12: Ohhh

datu12: Oh --okay copy its really more informative!! C is

datu12: Also i dont understand, As the sum excced 101, then take it from the before round and sums to the next

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: nice days guys

datu12: Can you elaborate more on this please?

Default avatar.png C26_1: For example

Default avatar.png C26_1: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 12

Default avatar.png C26_1: Wait

Default avatar.png C26_1: That should be 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 13

Default avatar.png C26_1: If you're shoots at 14 then the sum is 102

Default avatar.png C26_1: Exceed 101!!!

Default avatar.png C26_1: So step back 1 move, take 102 - 14 = 88

Default avatar.png C26_1: And skip the 14, add add the sum to the last 13

Default avatar.png C26_1: So 88 + 13 = 101

datu12: Okay so i can just return it back 1 round less

Default avatar.png C26_1: yea

Default avatar.png C26_1: If the loop is done but either the sum is difference from 101

Default avatar.png C26_1: Then you know that's impossible to have a score of 101

Default avatar.png C26_1: So you can ignored the name of person who have that trails of score (shoots)

datu12: Oh okay

datu12: okay

datu12: Thank you! I will try it this time!

datu12: I will continue making this flo chart

datu12: I actually just thought of making an if else statement

Default avatar.png C26_1: @datu12, what about the multiplier ?

Default avatar.png C26_1: How can you handle that?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Like 3*18

Default avatar.png C26_1: I'm thinking gonna use regex to find the first number and the second one

Default avatar.png C26_1: using grouping

datu12: I honestly was just looking at it

datu12: Im still in thinking mode as I don't know how to process it

datu12: Well I could possibly run a custom variable but I do not know what else is what

YaShuHee: Hello everyone :)

Do you know a way to find a clash of code (reverse code) I just took part in ?

5DN1L: Try searching here


YaShuHee: Thanks !

5DN1L: :)

swift_savage69: hi

Default avatar.png MochaDuke: yo

Nachosauce: I'll get into legend on coders strike back someday.. :sweat_smile: Feels like every time I make a change that seems to do well, I throw it in the arena and it's worse

5DN1L: maybe those changes work well in legend and not in gold :P

Nachosauce: I just need to give up and refactor my code so I can keep track of more stuff and make better decisions. Keep thinking "Oh but if I make this little tweak I can get into legend and then worry about that"

Default avatar.png nesnes112: hi

Default avatar.png Munakas: hi

Default avatar.png nesnes112: hi gamers

Default avatar.png nesnes112: here is the link to the puzzle I don't know where the error persists

Default avatar.png nesnes112:

Default avatar.png nesnes112: knowing that I understood the statement correctly

Default avatar.png nesnes112: who can help me please

5DN1L: what's your question?

swift_savage69: hello

5DN1L: nesnes112 what's the error you see?

Default avatar.png nesnes112: how can i share what i am coding

ninjadip: morning

Default avatar.png nesnes112: in javascript

ninjadip: YES!! finally found the bug in my silence movement calculation logic

Default avatar.png nesnes112: morning ninjadip

5DN1L: nesnes112 you just paste your code here. but don't do that just yet. tell us what error you see, please?

ninjadip: morning nesnes112

Default avatar.png nesnes112:

5DN1L: obviously i'm ignored. never mind then

ninjadip: just read a great story about the infamous SNESticle that never was but was hidden in code in a ps1 game

Default avatar.png nesnes112: I put all the possible cases normally

swift_savage69: hei

swift_savage69: konichiwa

5DN1L: swift_savage69 are you practising your greetings here?

ninjadip: hoi

5DN1L: kick ninjadip

5DN1L: oh not kicked

ninjadip: for whaty

ninjadip: huh

5DN1L: for being ninjadip lol

ninjadip: ah

ninjadip: what does it take like an hour before they advance you in a league after you beat everyone in the league

5DN1L: can take even longer

Wontonimo: to build anticipation ! make you yearn for it ! Give you a bathroom break

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah. Even through the chat we can smell you...

Alshock: hey Wontonimo I just read your message on Alonehoc's CoC contrib and I didn't know there was any way to remove a rejection, how do you do that?

Wontonimo: delete the message in the comments section

Wontonimo: and it will remove the rejection !

Alshock: Whaaaaaaat?

Wontonimo: Thanks for following up on that

Uljahn: Automaton2000: reject the rejection

Automaton2000: im new here and this is the problem

BlaiseEbuth: CG UX you can't understand.

Wontonimo: Same with approval

Stilgart: Automaton2000: have some turtle and do reject

Automaton2000: now i use it in my scoring

Stilgart: Wontonimo: and it's not gonna be fixed anytime soon :(

Alshock: The chat reload made this message late: "Ok I just found how to do it, didn't mean to do it that way and I'm really mad with CG for that"

Alshock: You actually go the other way around, you can't delete the message to remove the rejection but you can undo the rejection which remove all messages linked to it

Alshock: I really really really hate that

Wontonimo: weird

Wontonimo: there was this contrib also

Alshock: So now to answer the OP I have to make a new comment out of the blue, great u_u

Wontonimo: yeah, weird

BlaiseEbuth: Shhttt CG's perfect. Peace and harmony be upon you.

Wontonimo: btw, I agree that he spammed. After talking with him, he understood and he was open to doing something about it. specifically, he took down a bunch of the contribs and is waiting for more feedback and focusing more on quality over quantity

Wontonimo: I was about to reject his contribs also Alshock. Glad I was able to find him online

jacek: oh my

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: It was just a bad time for so many contribs. Interest in CG is at an all-time low right now

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Bot guys left, twitch guys left, very few people rating contribs

BadBurger: the light bulb challenge is driving me insane! second task, it is expecting 21, but im doing it in 19steps, first one is 2, so i know the counter works, i have a +1 on it because it starts from 0, its added in the end. and i cant see on the logs that its bugged, seems to me its doable in 19moves


BadBurger: uploaded log for it, but i cant see thats its incorrect either. is the assignement flawed in that it dont require 21 steps?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: line 29, you can't do that

BadBurger: i put the log to show table after move, but its true false false, on both tables, but pleace explain why i cant do that because ive been stuck too long on this that its embarrasing

BadBurger: ive rewrote this couple times, i think i have spent like 10h on this, atleast thats what it feels like

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: It was at TTFFT and you try to toggle 0. You can't because 4 is on

BadBurger: oh, aaah, i tought it was only i+2 and i+3 that needed to be off

BadBurger: yeah that explains it, thank you! man i feel stupid...

BadBurger: kinda want to rewrite the hole thing now.

Default avatar.png nesnes112:

Default avatar.png nesnes112: hi gamers

USSR_Chicken: hello

Default avatar.png nesnes112: I did not understand the line in the output of the problem they mean if n=0

Default avatar.png nesnes112: ???

USSR_Chicken: ima go do school work then imma work on my game textures

USSR_Chicken: nesnes112 no idea

Uljahn: nesnes112: if n == 0 just print 0

Uljahn: temepratures input will be an empty string

Default avatar.png nesnes112: that's what i did but it doesn't work

Uljahn: you did it wrong i guess

Default avatar.png nesnes112: i send the link of my code

Uljahn: i can see the link to the puzzle, not your code

Uljahn: we can't see your code unless you copy-paste it in the chat

Default avatar.png nesnes112:

Default avatar.png nesnes112: 63% correct

Default avatar.png nesnes112: where i write exactly if n==0?

Uljahn: after you read n

Default avatar.png nesnes112: that's what i did but it doesn't work

Uljahn: does your code print only once?

Default avatar.png nesnes112: Uljahn i'll modify now my code and i'll send you the new one

Default avatar.png nesnes112:

Default avatar.png nesnes112:

Default avatar.png nesnes112:

Default avatar.png lecramc: coucou colin

Default avatar.png Colin.tenaguillo: coucou lecramc

Default avatar.png lecramc: take my ass

5DN1L: time to kick people

Default avatar.png Colin.tenaguillo: Its ok its his first time sry

5DN1L: he can come back later

Default avatar.png Colin.tenaguillo: Okok thanks

5DN1L: not a permanent ban yet

USSR_Chicken: what did i come here to

Smelty: nothin

Default avatar.png Sceptor: beans

Default avatar.png CiproN: hi

Default avatar.png AmariK: AmariK

jacek: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: string to int in python and i am a beginner

Default avatar.png AmariK: Great :)

jacek: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png kriptonianClash: hey folks

Wontonimo: just a friendly reminder : keep the conversation respectful, focused mainly on coding, and on topic

Smelty: yes

jacek: :(

Wontonimo: it's not like that jacek. of course we can have some fun cross chatter. its not all business. just no spamming "beans" and the like

jacek: tell that to Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and i do that in this game will be released

Default avatar.png AmariK: hey

Default avatar.png AmariK: im looking for friends

ninjadip: like the ones that follow garfield around

5DN1L: Which part of CodinGame makes it look like it's a friend-finding website? :thinking:

5DN1L: the "follow" button?

BlaiseEbuth: Probably the #Fr chat.

5DN1L: oh that

BlaiseEbuth: Especially when I'm on it. :3

5DN1L: sounds like quality assured

5DN1L: hmmm at least there's one puzzle whose title contains the word "friend"

Default avatar.png Big_Code: "Success: kudos! Perfect landing. Opportunity reached Mars safe and sound! " 5DN1L I did it!! All 5 tests complete!

jacek: :tada:

5DN1L: good job!

Ose: :smile:good

Default avatar.png Big_Code: :grin: :grin: :grin: TY all :grin:

Ose: now where was i

Alshock: which one ? 2 or 3 ?

Default avatar.png Big_Code: 2 :grin:

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Got them all to land nearly dead center too

Alshock: nice! Mine still only passes 9/10

Alshock: because yes I published a solution that doesn't always work u_u

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Heheh it passed at the time lol

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Now to clean up all the extra spaces and comments ive made throughout this Mars Lander 2 journey lol

USSR_Chicken: :metal:

Alshock: oh I think it's good to keep some comments in a solution though

jacek: you can see others' solutions

Alshock: (especially those showing a previous approach)

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Thats fair, thats what most of my comments were. my past attempts

Default avatar.png Big_Code: I just can't stop watching this little rover glide up onto the high platform

USSR_Chicken: lol

BlaiseEbuth: ngl

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Did they delete one of your WFC approvals Wontonimo?

USSR_Chicken: 'u'

jacek: uwu

Default avatar.png Big_Code: :grin: could probably find a way to use a bit less fuel but still pretty happy with it

USSR_Chicken: OwO

jacek: is it GA?

Default avatar.png Big_Code: what does GA mean?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: GAimax

jacek: genetic algorithm

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Oh I see, I don't think so, at least not intentionally

jacek: oh my

Default avatar.png Big_Code: I used pandas and numpy

Quidome: Any suggestions on code vs. zombies ? I have a 35k score which is way to low

Alshock: What kind of suggestion are you speaking of?

jacek: make your code better [solved]

Quidome: What kind of algorithm to zoom in

Default avatar.png Big_Code: :thinking:

Alshock: Try using your own body to attract the zombies, sometimes you can sacrifice one to save more, sometimes some other things may be useful

Quidome: action space is huge

Alshock: well you can start with a simple decision tree, or make a simple GA

Alshock: but most search algorithms will require a simulation

Quidome: What do you mean by simulation is your sentence?

Quidome: I see you managed to get to a descent position with python. Nice work!

zophia2222: hey guys I just joined

Quidome: hi there

zophia2222: :money_mouth:

zophia2222: I like TOMOEEEE

Default avatar.png peam: ok bro

zophia2222: lol

zophia2222: anyone there

zophia2222: t???????????

BlaiseEbuth: Nope

Washier: Quidome, simulating a game means you can do all sorts of things. I'm no expert but all the top guys\gals do it that way.

zophia2222: hey

zophia2222: what's up

Washier: good and you rbto?

Washier: *bro

Wontonimo: just a reminder for the new people here: be respectful, talk about coding, keep the conversation on topic

Alshock: @Quidome yes, by simulating I mean playing your actions and compute "what happens next" in the game. That way you can try stuff multiple times in a turn and see what happens.

zophia2222: ok

Quidome: @Alshock aha yes I do that

Washier: @Alshock, well said

BlaiseEbuth: OK friendly and respectful people! Who want to talk about the topic?

zophia2222: who are we talking about???

Alshock: You can go far with decision trees if done right. But you can always get farther by just telling your algorithm "try different stuff and keep the best"

Wontonimo: hey Quidome, simulation means a faithful reproduction of the rules and state of the game.

zophia2222: hello

zophia2222: the person wants to know what's going on\

zophia2222: took???

zophia2222: ok??

Quidome: yeah ok got it, zo the question is I do simulation which alorith to do zon code vs zombies

Wontonimo: no spamming zophia2222. use the scroll feature to look back

zophia2222: I am not spamming I'm only 10 dude read my account

Uljahn: we have the scroll feature? :scream_cat:

Wontonimo: various algorithms will get you pretty far Quidome. One that some people use is GA

zophia2222: I prob don't have the feature I'm ten but look at the school

Alshock: Quidome I suggest GA that's what I'm doing (that python code is bad though) because it won't be dissolved by all the paths possibilities

Washier: this has to be said, you can also get quite far with good logic

Wontonimo: +1 to that Washier

Quidome: OK look into GA, I was trying MCTS

Alshock: Yep, and good logic is NOT incompatible with simulation improving

Wontonimo: and then you can wrap that good logic in a minimax to get a lookahead

zophia2222: 0:<

Alshock: you can just seed your random search with the result of your decisions

Uljahn: branching is too high for MCTS i guess

Washier: yes

Alshock: You can try to prune it

zophia2222: I need bff

Quidome: Code vs zomboes on minimax doesnt look like a good idea to me :)

Alzair: Hey good morning everyone, I have a question do you know if it's possible to have a close league with only friend for the MAP POD RACING? Or something close to this?

Wontonimo: using MC instead of MCTS will also get you pretty far.

Washier: for code vs zombies getting combos is really important if i remember well, hard to do with logic that

Alshock: I think I read something about BFS with a lot of pruning about this puzzle

zophia2222: idk

Wontonimo: why would minimax not look like a good idea Quidome

zophia2222: yah that's me dumdum

Quidome: actionspace is huge

Alshock: pruning, always pruning

Wontonimo: zophia2222, this is a warning. stay on topic or you will be given a timeout for about 5 min

zophia2222: what is the topic wontonimio

BlaiseEbuth: Before even pruning, just discretizing the moves is very important.

Alshock: you don't want to get the absolute best you want to choose best between cases that don't seem to bad at first glance

Washier: i get what @Quidome is saying. huge number of actions

Smelty: j,,

Alshock: that's already some kind of pruning imo BlaiseEbuth

BlaiseEbuth: Semantics... :p

Alshock: but yeah, no trees with infinity

zophia2222: there are maybe a lot of actions around here

Wontonimo: imagine you have 3 different "ideas" for heuristic. that becomes your action space.

Wontonimo: just 3 in this case

Washier: nice

zophia2222: my sis is here

Alshock: s/space/branching

Wontonimo: I was just about to do that Uljahn. thanks for kicking

Washier: lol

BlaiseEbuth: So much space! Need to see it all!

Quidome: Can we kick someone out as member?

Wontonimo: I do a similar thing for my Mars Lander 3 GA. It doesn't do a GA search over all possible moves. Instead it doe a GA search over all possible heuristics. There are only 6 heuristics I have.

BlaiseEbuth: So meta...

Washier: very nice. never thought of that. ty

jacek: GA eh

Quidome: OK, i am gonna look into this GA thing first. Any links maybe?

zophia2222: hey guy what does dist1


Washier: hi jacek, much respect

Wontonimo: it takes only a few dozen instead of a few thousand selections

Quidome: thnxs

jacek: respect? for me? :O

Washier: yes sir\madam

aCat: Quidome ;]

jacek: shameless promoting ~

Quidome: Great link thnxs!

aCat: :D

Wontonimo: and this is a great article on GA

BlaiseEbuth: Hm? Simple GA exercise?

aCat: Yes, for marslander this article is great

Wontonimo: it has something in it about analog blending of mutations ... really good sutff

Wontonimo: made a HUGE difference for my mars lander

Quidome: OK, thank you all, this will keep me busy for a while :)

Wontonimo: here is a shameless self promotion : here is an npm package for genetic algorithm I made

Wontonimo: it has examples of how to use it

BlaiseEbuth: import genetic

Washier: anyone else into the board games(checkers, othello)? Used to be an addiction for me, left it for a while, it's biting again. jacek is really good at it :)

struct: a bit

Washier: hehe

jacek: oh my

jacek: struct is lately into breakthrough again :?

struct: maybe

jacek: oh and im 2nd in oware :(

struct: im making a gui using sfml and imgui

Washier: i heard stories about struct.

jacek: you may read about it in c++ or c# docs

Washier: is it true struct, dp you delete your profile for fun?

Washier: @jacek hehe

struct: i needed to reach legend on a contest

struct: or i had to delete

jacek: in 1 submit

struct: yes

Washier: wow

Wontonimo: i thought that was a rule. num 1 or delete, doesn't everyone do that?

struct: which game are you interested in Washier?

Wontonimo: oh, nice rank Washier! It was a personal accomplishment for me to break top 1000

Washier: i did ok in checkers,othello. started with yavalath(?). lot to learn, especially things like BFS and the meta searching ideas mentioned here. the bug bites hard

struct: Do you have a breakthrough bot?

struct: i think i remember see your avatar on that arena

struct: or maybe it was c4

jacek: yavalath? shall we summon HIM?

struct: cant remember

struct: o.o

Washier: if The Frog isn't in it, i have a chance of #1 in C#

struct: rank 8 uses C#

struct: it seems

struct: But the bot is quite old

struct: I have no idea about the strength of Yavalath bots

Washier: it is an interesting game.

struct: i only ported it to test SDK

struct: it did well at the start

Washier: but you know, I think to get better I will have to move to C. Agreed?

struct: C# has release mode

struct: not sure how close it is to C with it

Washier: yeah me neither. but i am old. i trust C

jacek: C# has pdep/pext not?

Washier: :)

Washier: i have been coding pro in C# for 15 years and i dont know what that is hehe

struct: why do people use C instead of c++?

Washier: i get that question. i like it because it is "clean".

jacek: intrinsic bit operations, rarely used in higher level languages


Washier: but you have those in C++\C#\java jacek?

struct: useful instruction for the board games

Wontonimo: very

struct: c++ has it

jacek: it is useful in yavalath

jacek: if you do bitboards in yavalath

Washier: i only ever use bitboards

jacek: in csb too? :v

Washier: csb?

struct: bt, c4 are best games to learn/improve bitboards

struct: mad pod racing

Wontonimo: csb = mad pod racing

struct: or w/e its called now

Washier: ah ty.

Wontonimo: csb = coders strikes back (old name)

Wontonimo: but because the lawyers here at CG got worried, they chaged the name

Washier: no, lol, i'm obsessed with the board games again, in csb i tuned a pd controller

Washier: (eyballed)

jacek: obsessed with board games... we're twinsies

Washier: why respect

Washier: and some logic to ram oppo pods. i can imagine doing that with a GA, but I'm too lazy

jacek: youre more like minimax guy or mcts

Washier: moaarrr othello

Washier: minimax

Washier: i tend to spend lots of time on eval function

struct: so c4 is not the game for you

struct: maybe bt?

struct: I never tried minimax there though

Washier: my searching is not deep enough(C# + skill)

struct: minimax did rather well at the start of yavalath

struct: but if you are going to use minimax you are going to have to beat trictrac minimax skills

Washier: he uses C

jacek: 1st guy in othello constantly tweets about it and its eval

struct: you can even check his github

Washier: really? dont twitter


Washier: almost takes the fun out of it

struct: well its not really copy paste ready

struct: also I dont think his bot would be first without the book

struct: dbdr or the NNs would

Washier: i tried books. it helped but not sure i'm doing it right

Washier: great info this ty

struct: all my books are 1 ply

Washier: ok. then i'm prolly doing it wrong

struct: by 1 ply i mean i hardcode first move

struct: I didnt want to confuse you :p

Wontonimo: lol

jacek: thats not deep book

Washier: lol

struct: if you dont want to worry about books you should try amazons

struct: but you will have to prune 90% of the moves

Washier: I sense there is some trick in this.

struct: wdym?

Washier: hehe

Wontonimo: in spring challenge 2021 I didn't even consider most of the moves in the search.

struct: I think I considered all

Washier: hehe

struct: but it was beam search so it doesnt matter much

Wontonimo: i never made my BFS for that one

Wontonimo: sorry beam search

Wontonimo: mine was plain MC (not MCTS)

Washier: yes i do, its not too bad when i checked last

Washier: weird, yes I do have a breaktrough bot. plain minimax works really well for that.

jacek: :tada:

jacek: plain minimax? not even alphabeta?

Washier: yes ok, alphabeta

jacek: not even iterative deepening?

Washier: with initial shallow search for move ordering

Washier: my std approach. see now, spill the opening book secrets :)

jacek: too many moves for opening books in bt

Washier: no, haven't got to iterative deepening yet

jacek: except for hardcoding those 2 standard opening from the author's paper

Washier: ty

zophia2222: hi lets

Washier: <writes it down>

Washier: now do Othello opening book advice :)

jacek: page 4

zophia2222: the thing that got my mind is the code for coding like I'm brand new (:

zophia2222: sorry

zophia2222: who wants to join my code talk club

jacek: for bt if you use bitboards, you can quite cheaply check for win/lose for within 3(4) plies

zophia2222: really

zophia2222: ?

zophia2222: thanks good advice

Washier: noted

zophia2222: (:>

Wontonimo: here zophia2222, click this link #codeTalkClub and talk about code there

zophia2222: I did that

zophia2222: check!

zophia2222: Chat_all_day_long

zophia2222: search that

Washier: @jacek, will have to check what i did in bt. long time ago. must.improve

zophia2222: ):::: ))::::

Wontonimo: cut it out zophia2222, your comments are not adding to the flow of conversation

Wontonimo: here is another time out. the next one is a ban

jacek: oO

Washier: Oo

struct: yeah i shared my early win check

struct: i dont mind sharing it again

struct: from 5th row is possible

struct: but its a bit more tricky

struct: but eval is probably the trickiest part of bt

struct: i have no idea how to code it

jacek: because youre too materialisic

struct: nah

struct: my bot usually ends up with less captured pawns

struct: mobility is probably important but I'm not sure

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: sup

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: how is everyone doing?

Washier: its friday, pretty good here

Washier: @struct, are you talking about bt?

struct: yes

struct: my eval is a mess

Washier: please do <eep bow>

struct: 100 lines

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: he to send a feedback?

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: *how

Washier: O-O

Wontonimo: go onto discord CatboyCodes. there are channels there. the link for discord is at the top of the window

struct: Washier also i use mcts not minimax

struct: but minimax is probably better here

struct: I just dont know minimax well enough

jacek: winter olympics soon eh

struct: jacek before the NN bot it was minimax right?

struct: your bt bot

jacek: yes

Nachosauce: Wontonimo! I remember you. Back when I was trying to become a developer you gave me some tips. Happy to report, I've done it! Been a developer since May :)

jacek: i had eval for piece value, piece-square table, penalty for attacked unprotected pawn etc.

jacek: nice

Wontonimo: HEY HEY Nachosauce !! That's wonderful to hear !! :TADA::TADA:

Wontonimo: :TADA:

jacek: fail

Wontonimo: :tada:

Wontonimo: so much fail

jacek: mods cannot into emoji

struct: mods only need to know /ban

Nachosauce: Also happy to report, I'm very happy with the jump I made. Took a pay cut to get into development but I'm so much happier doing this over what I was doing.

Wontonimo: hopefully you'll more than undo that paycut in about 2 years with a pay raise

Wontonimo: 2 years is a big turning point in pay/experience for programmers

Nachosauce: Probably won't take that long. Where I'm at pays poorly, people that started with me have already jumped companies and are making more than I used to. I like it here though so I'm trying to pressure them into paying up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I'm sure it won't go well, but gotta try!

Smelty: huh

Wontonimo: nice, very nice. What was your method of skilling-up? or said another way, what would you suggest to someone wanting to repeat your success?

struct: jacek have you ever tried ntuples on bt?

Washier: O-O

Nachosauce: Don't be afraid to ask questions. Google like a madman. Take on harder projects than you think you can handle, and repeat the above two to get it done!

jacek: struct in my early attempts before NN i tried 3x3 ntuples

Washier: NN O-O

jacek: trained via simple td-learning. it was comparable with my hand tuned eval

Washier: for eval function?

Washier: ty

jacek: most my board games bots are mcts/ept + NN

jacek: or jacekmax

Washier: hehe

Washier: noice


Washier: noice

Washier: just a random questio : how does an article like that compare to a masters\doctoral, thingy?

Washier: it is a novel way of searching some space, so I would guess close to master level?

jacek: huh? this would be merely a chapter in masters thesis at most

jacek: and apparently its not so novel

Washier: oh ok. lol

Xylight: can someone help? i pass all test except one

Xylight: Stock Exchange Losses

Xylight: Large dataset (n = 99999) i dont pass this one

Wontonimo: why? time out?

Xylight: no wrong answer

Xylight: Found: -943415033 Expected: -1073730311

Xylight: but only this one

Wontonimo: just checking my answer ... what the heck did i code this in php?

Xylight: haha :D

Xylight: i did in js

Wontonimo: ah, looking at my typescript solution

Wontonimo: there really isn't much too it

Wontonimo: don't know what to say

Wontonimo: i can't replicate your issue

Xylight: Yes exactly... that's why I'm surprised

Xylight: basic logic and it should work

Xylight: :/

jacek: int overflow?

Xylight: no

Wontonimo: write out your solution in english pseudo code here ... skipping reading in init code

Wontonimo: like, just the main loop


Xylight: can't find anything either?

Wontonimo: okay, plug this data into your code 10 9 8 7 8 9 10

Wontonimo: what would it respond with?

Xylight: wait

Wontonimo: it should respond with -3, but your pseudo code looks like it would respond with 0

Xylight: yea i'm getting 0

Xylight: but why

Wontonimo: because you are not tracking the lowest value. if you've hit a new low, you need to also append losses

zophia2222: hi

Xylight: i am with the if or not?

Xylight: if e > last high

Xylight: oh no

Wontonimo: where is last low?

Wontonimo: :)

Xylight: I got confused give me a sec xD

Xylight: okay it worked now the last test is not working but im working on the error

struct: jacek whats your github handle?

struct: I forgot

jacek: handle?

jacek: you mean accound?

jacek: t

struct: yes


struct: I wanted to check your ttt

struct: thanks


struct: :thumbsup:

Xylight: @Wontonimo thank you a lot :)

Xylight: I got it

zophia2222: hey

Xylight: hi

zophia2222: you want to code together

zophia2222: ??

Xylight: sure

zophia2222: how do we do it

zophia2222: can you show me

Xylight: is this even possible?

Wontonimo: no prob Xylight. Take a look at this concept of micro testing (the answer , notthe problem )

zophia2222: I'll look

Xylight: thanks gonna look at it

zophia2222: go to cooperate

zophia2222: hit discover

zophia2222: go to training room

Xylight: okay

zophia2222: look at the people who are on

Xylight: I need to do the tutorial

zophia2222: ok

zophia2222: actually go to compete

zophia2222: made a mistake

zophia2222: go to contest

Xylight: okay

zophia2222: clash of code

zophia2222: challenge me

zophia2222: alright you there

zophia2222: ?

Xylight: yes

helpmefindaname: does anyone know how large a code file is allowed to be? I'm experimenting with neural networks right now

struct: 100k chars

struct: people use chars with more bytes to store weights

struct: since it still counts the chars

helpmefindaname: sounds intersting, thank you

jacek: unicode16 encoding

jacek: i.e. this is part of my NN 扙斎揩搚搯擋擾撻攕攥断旝旋昁晕曐旴机暩晞曩曡杋憇戲斔扲斔揞摸擆擐擉摻搏揆搅捤掶撐撍斉斀暕晗曢柪枡帢椙暉泼柫昚斁攉揚撫

struct: seems like i have a new eval for bt

Washier: seriously?

struct: yes I copy pasted jacek weights

jacek: helpmefindaname for more details you can try

Washier: so your NN are exactly the same?

jacek: that was oware NN oO

jacek: and if you really want it, here you go

struct: sry i was trolling Washier


Washier: hehe


Washier: one day. one day....

Default avatar.png Jkurutu: Hi community, new to the platform. I am doing tutorials codes before taking a test. I built the code in my IDE first, and typing the same code into the CodinGame engine, it fails on a complex test case. Like print 5 instead of 2 for the closest number to 0, and the code prints 2 in my IDE testing it with something like -5 2 5. Is this a common issue to experience... or I should keep looking for bugs? Thanks

jacek: temperatures?

Default avatar.png Jkurutu: Yeap. Temperatures.

zophia2222: hi

jacek: 2 is closer to 0 than -5 or 5, so it should be 2. if your code prints 5 then there is a bug

struct: its weird that your ide result is different

struct: if its the same code

struct: which inputs are you using on your ide?

Default avatar.png Jkurutu: The same code in my IDE printf 2. But the code in CodinGame does show 5 tho. So.. maybe more than a lil confused

Default avatar.png Jkurutu: Input; {-5, 2, 5}

Default avatar.png Big_Code: hey folks, quick question, how can I assign a variable a number within a range? For example, x = y + 1, y + 2, y + 3

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Oop I didnt mean to send that just yet, but mostly done

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Oh yea I just answered my own question I think, ignore me :grin:

jacek: :duck:

Wontonimo: :quack:

struct: Jkurutu can you share the code?

struct: maybe we can spot something

Sillverre: he probably saw their mistake

Default avatar.png Jkurutu: should I just type it out in the chat box?

BadBurger: python, in class has __str__ that when called the class object without anything, runs the __str__ function, does javascript have something similiar?

BadBurger: i understand that constructor is same as __init__ in python

Default avatar.png Jkurutu:

tibithegreat: BadBurger I think toString is what you are looking for in javascript


BadBurger: thx, yeah quick glance on search results on tostring seems like what im looking for, thx

tibithegreat: np

struct: Jkurutu the example you said works on the ide

struct: the -5 2 5

struct: one

Default avatar.png Jkurutu: That's the one, sorry. ``` n is the range; = 3 input; = -5 5 2 ```

struct: it still passed at least with the code you pasted

struct: 3 -5 5 2

struct: output was 2

struct: did you enable expert mode on ide?

struct: so you can paste your custom test case?

Default avatar.png Jkurutu: No, don't know how. Where do I do that?

struct: settings on the left

struct: if you are on the puzzle ide

Apollo10: What does "Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur." mean?

5DN1L: It means that your code reads fewer inputs than originally intended before you print your outputs

5DN1L: if you know what you're doing, it's fine

5DN1L: otherwise errors may occur

Apollo10: Ah, okay

Apollo10: Thank you

5DN1L: :)

MessitheGoAt1910: i dont understand

Default avatar.png MechaGhost: I need help with starting the mad pod racing coding project

Default avatar.png Evi_Daddy_Genius: Can anyone help me please

Smelty: with?