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Default avatar.png tianze: iffort

Default avatar.png C26_1: @tianze, wdym?

ASM_MOV_INT: play clash of code

Wolfrik50: Hey, has anyone tried Detective Geek question?

Wolfrik50: I'm able to pass all testcases except 1 validator, and I have no idea how to resolve this

5DN1L: Wolfrik50 Which validator are you failing?

Default avatar.png ZMONSTER8U: im assuming this isnt too good for people who have little to no knowledge in coding

5DN1L: this website is more for practising

Default avatar.png ZMONSTER8U: ah, thanks

ASM_MOV_INT: let's pull the ol clash n dash

bmacho: pastebin link dead

bmacho: they delete after n hours?

bmacho: 3 or less ?

Husoski: my link from over 3 hours ago still works

bmacho: no its dead

Husoski: ...although it did go into an endless tailchaser loop the first time I tried to view it. weird.

bmacho: oh

bmacho: working again

Husoski: yeah...weird!

derjack: :upside_down:

BlaiseEbuth: Too much ponies on this chat... Let's make lasagna!

derjack: :no_mouth:

BlaiseEbuth: :grin:

codeing: hello all

codeing: sup ?

codeing: just have a question. Can i get the location of an IP address ?

codeing: my computer has been stolen and i have the IP of the connected person.

derjack: geoip?

codeing: thx

codeing: but geoip give the server adress but not the specific adress if the wifi connection.

BlaiseEbuth: Of course...

BlaiseEbuth: IP is far from enough to locate precisely a pc, you'll just be able to locate the relay location.

BlaiseEbuth: Sorry, but if you didn't have a location service configured on your pc, you'll probably never find it back...

Urutar: Maybe report to the police so they can try and find it aswell?

BlaiseEbuth: Can always dream...

codeing: IP adress is an specific indentify of a PC on a server.

codeing: Today the server used to use my computer is SFR

codeing: i can already call SFR and send them the IP adress

codeing: what do yoy think guys

BlaiseEbuth: How did you get this ip ?

BlaiseEbuth: From a connected account?

codeing: the thief used on my google account

BlaiseEbuth: If yes, as I said, the displayed IP is just the relay one, not the pc one...

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah...

Default avatar.png C26_1: Ah

Default avatar.png C26_1: If you can't find the PC/laptop back

Jerrasterix: if you have MSFT acc connected with windows

Default avatar.png C26_1: At least block them when they login any website using your google account

Jerrasterix: you can Locate your laptop

Jerrasterix: like you would with apple devices

codeing: what is MSFT acc ?

BlaiseEbuth: microsoft

codeing: Blaise, i do it

Default avatar.png C26_1: Step 1: Call the police. If you don't want to do that then go to step 2. Step 2: Buy a cheaper PC/laptop and login as your account as you know the name and the password.

codeing: i locate my laptop with MSFT

Default avatar.png C26_1: Yes

codeing: but each time i refresh, i get new one location

codeing: same city

Default avatar.png C26_1: Cuz the theif is running from you

codeing: but the street number is different

Default avatar.png C26_1: running away*

codeing: how to deal with it ?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Hmmmm

Default avatar.png C26_1: Reload for many times

Default avatar.png C26_1: If there's sometimes the location is not change at all

Default avatar.png C26_1: Then you know the theif is stop running

Default avatar.png C26_1: And call the police at that location

Default avatar.png C26_1: Ummm, thats just my opinion. So do if you want. But it's risky

BlaiseEbuth: Such location can't be precise... But if you have an area, of course call the police...

Default avatar.png C26_1: 1km-area would be enough for the police have time to cacth the theif

Default avatar.png C26_1: catch*

Default avatar.png C26_1: Or use SOS. Can computer (PC/Laptop) use SOS?

codeing: this is the ip adress


Default avatar.png C26_1: ok

BlaiseEbuth: Do you use this ?

codeing: gonna check

Default avatar.png C26_1: Wait. Does codeing's comp is using Win 10 anyway

Default avatar.png C26_1: If not then we're very sad to you

codeing: win10 yes

Default avatar.png C26_1: yes

ATmax: yes

Default avatar.png C26_1: Do you unlock the "Find My Device" before the theif stole your comp

Default avatar.png C26_1: If yes then using another device to use that (Attention: Plz login your acc before using that feature in another device that) you can use

derjack: noice

BlaiseEbuth: Frogs!

Default avatar.png C26_1: @derjack, I maybe lacks of joke but why the frog get strucked by lightning after crying and touch the Frog statue?

BlaiseEbuth: And there's interstellar music.

derjack: you dont know pepe frog? oh

Default avatar.png C26_1: Ah I know the frog but I don't know what's the meaning of the video you send to

derjack: i dont need to have one

derjack: this meme is mostly absurd

BlaiseEbuth: Meaning? It's so 20th century...

5DN1L: Aren't we in the 19th century now?

Default avatar.png C26_1: @5DN1L, can you help me?

5DN1L: With the frog?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Cuz I have a solution but every input (even the simplest one) tells me that "the process has timed out"

Default avatar.png C26_1:

Default avatar.png C26_1: I'm test my solution to my contribution

Default avatar.png C26_1: But sadly all inputs has failed

5DN1L: time out may mean your while True loop never terminates

Kururugi: what problem is it for

Default avatar.png C26_1: It's my contribution

Default avatar.png C26_1: And i don't have a solution to it

Default avatar.png C26_1:

Default avatar.png C26_1: You can checked the contribution if you want to see the problem

Default avatar.png C26_1: I have problem with 2d array somehow

derjack: so you made contribution you cant solve?

Default avatar.png C26_1: yea

Default avatar.png C26_1: wait

Default avatar.png C26_1: Gonna delete the while True

Default avatar.png C26_1: I forgot to use def() function

Nachosauce: Today is the day I get legend in coders strike back

5DN1L: Your battles are still in progress

5DN1L: Hope you can get there!

Nachosauce: I don't think it'll be this submission, but I'll get it today :) I was rank 3 gold on the one before this. Just some minor math tweaking and I should be good!

5DN1L: nice :thumbsup:

Nachosauce: oh I just saw you pop up in my battles!

5DN1L: :joy:

5DN1L: my CP gonna go down then

Nachosauce: One of your pods sat at checkpoint 1, targetting checkpoint 2, but didn't move until my pod bumped it. Is that intentional?

5DN1L: wow

5DN1L: nope

5DN1L: not intentional

Nachosauce: uh oh :sweat_smile:

5DN1L: probably a bug

R0m_Hein: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nachosauce: Happens to the best of em

Nachosauce: I really need to go through and refactor all my code for this but hoping to squeeze through into legend before I do. I wrote it before I got a development job so it's a little wonky.. And by a little wonky I mean real wonky. But it works?

5DN1L: after all it's a comparison between you and those in the same league as you

5DN1L: so it works as long as you're better than them

5DN1L: but it may not work in higher leagues

Nachosauce: I did a very functional programming approach rather than object oriented because I didn't understand classes. And not a very good functional approach :joy:. My second pod knows nothing about my first pod, and neither pod knows anything about the opponent pods. But I'm decent at trig and angles so that's carrying me pretty hard lmao

5DN1L: And may those tweaks get you to legend :wink:

Nachosauce: If this submission doesn't get it I'll have to finish it up at work :worried:

5DN1L: You can work on your pods at work?

5DN1L: wow

Nachosauce: Kinda, they're pretty understanding at work that if you're stuck on something, sitting there and staring at it usually isn't the answer. A lot of the time if you take a quick break to work on something else, as soon as you switch back you'll go "oh, duh." and solve the first problem :joy:

Nachosauce: But time for me to go get ready for work. Have a good one!

5DN1L: Nice

5DN1L: You too!

Default avatar.png C26_1: Um excuse me, why does this assert statement don't give me an error

Default avatar.png C26_1:

Default avatar.png C26_1: I might have a headache after this

Default avatar.png C26_1: @5DN1L, can you help me this time?

Default avatar.png C26_1: the first assert statement

5DN1L: Let anybody here who can help help you

Default avatar.png C26_1: ok

Default avatar.png C26_1: sr if I annoy you

5DN1L: Not annoyed at all, but this is a public chat, it's open to all

5DN1L: Your use of try/except has made the code bypass assert

5DN1L: if you remove try/except, AssertionError appears

Default avatar.png C26_1: Oh wait

Default avatar.png C26_1: I forgot

Miki09: How can I reupload a contribution? It wasn't approved in time, I edited it and now its "draft"

struct: I think you can change from draft?

Miki09: How?

struct: when you edit it

struct: you need to change the status

struct: to ready

Miki09: Oh

Miki09: thanks

Freddyfufu: for how long does clash of code exist? why did i never heard of it before..

struct: years

Freddyfufu: lol

Jacxk: I joined on 2018 or so and Clash of Code was a thing back then

Default avatar.png GamerKingX: uhm im new can yall help me out cause im confused ?:sweat_smile:

5DN1L: Confused by ...?

Default avatar.png GamerKingX: i join a few min ago clash and i was cofused like hell

Default avatar.png GamerKingX: or i am just an idiot

5DN1L: I still don't know what you're confused about

BlaiseEbuth: confusion


5DN1L: Read some FAQ then

Default avatar.png GamerKingX: thx

5DN1L: You're welcome. If you have anything more specific questions please feel free to ask here

GamerKingX: thank you very much

Default avatar.png Nantoine: Hi Codingame,

Default avatar.png Nantoine: Is there any recruiter on the chat (just for information)

Wontonimo: chances are no

Ben-Anderson: How many companies actually use this site for recruiting? (out of curiosity)

Wontonimo: :shrug:

5DN1L: see what they claim


Ben-Anderson: It doesn't say a number on there, but there are some impressive companies

3141948: WTF recruiters are on LinkedIn 😏

3141948: Not here

ninjadip: They are everywhere

Wontonimo: I'm not here for the recruitment. Heck, I don't know why I'm here (queue extensional crisis music)

3141948: Like sugar in hot milk

Ben-Anderson: the recruiters cannot be stopped

Ben-Anderson: they're spreading like wildfire

ninjadip: you're here for the bytes

ninjadip: yeah my cuz is a tech recruiter, man they pay him bank, he does a lot more than look on indeed

Wontonimo: like real-estate agents in 2007 USA ...

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: Can I find clashes by difficulty level?

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: I'm a noob!

jacek: no, they are random

Jacxk: you can find puzzles tho

ninjadip: yeah if you're a noob i recommend puzzles

ninjadip: less stress

Jacxk: i'm not a noob an I find the easy puzzles hard ._.

Jacxk: but at least i have more time to figure it out

jacek: some easy puzzles are medium or hard

jacek: try the descent, power of thor, temperatures

Jacxk: i got those, they're legit easy

Jacxk: unlike CODE BREAKER

Mortis_666: try mars lander

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: okay, thanks! Did okay with a few of these clashes, but definitely think there is a better learning path!

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: To the puzzles it is!

Manchi_o6o7: guys, if someone could help me out

Manchi_o6o7: I wrote a function for levelTraversal of a BST

Manchi_o6o7: but I do not know how to print the node level by level

Manchi_o6o7: like, level 1: 1, level 2: 2 3 etc.


5DN1L: you clear your temp queue level by level

Wontonimo: try "fax machine" Jacxk

Manchi_o6o7: ou when temp gets empty, then I have a new level

5DN1L: When you're clearing your current queue, set another queue for the next level nodes

5DN1L: then when the current level queue is cleared, you move to your next level queue

Wontonimo: i really like mars lander Mortis_666 and Jacxk . Let me know if you'd like any pointers !

Jacxk: will do Wontonimo, looks easier than Code breaker :eyes:

5DN1L: Code breaker was authored by Wontonimo :smirk:

Wontonimo: oh, that code breaker puzzle.

Jacxk: yeah i see that, its just that its too hard to be in the easy mode

Jacxk: at least for me

Wontonimo: yeah, i could give you some tips on that if you like

Wontonimo: the success rate is really low on it :(

Jacxk: sure, is the shift constant? like it's always 1 number or it can be different?

Wontonimo: it is different for each, so your program has to find it given the data

Wontonimo: a key here is in the constraints: The shift and multiply are both less than or equal to the length of the alphabet

Jacxk: in the example the shift is 1 to left for each letter, so it can be 2 left, 3 right, etc?

Wontonimo: it can be up to the length of the alphabet.

Wontonimo: yes

Jacxk: well that makes it harder

Jacxk: the first 3 tests I found that it was constant on each letter using the provided word but then it's all over the place

Wontonimo: so if you have a function decode( alphbt, msg, shift, mult ) the you could check each shift and multiply to see if the word is in it

Wontonimo: and if it is, then you've found the shift and multiply to decode the message correctly

Jacxk: i don't really understand what the multiply is either

Wontonimo: okay, are you familiar with Caesar cipher?

Jacxk: yea

Wontonimo: cool, and you were able to solve the first few test cases

Wontonimo: which means you can find the shift

Wontonimo: which means you can solve the equation (X+A)%L , where A is the shift and L is the length of the alphabet

Wontonimo: so, you just need to update the equation of decryption to be ((X+A)*B)%L where B is the multiply

CharlesRoman: a4w

Jacxk: hmm I'll try every single multiply<length and see if that works

Wontonimo: there you go!

IllusionSquid: Anyone using multi threading for bot programing like Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe?

struct: I dont think its possible

jacek: its possible, but you get only 1 core/thread for your bot

IllusionSquid: Well, that doesn't seem efficient at all if I would also need to implement parallel MCTS for it to work

jacek: then make the sequential MCTS faster

jacek: how many playouts do you have now? do you use bitboard

IllusionSquid: Never heard of a bitboard.

Uljahn: do you use pragmas, AVX-2, opening books? :smirk:

IllusionSquid: Looks interesting

struct: he is using C#

jacek: im sorry

Uljahn: im sorry

IllusionSquid: Yeah, worst choice haha

struct: not worst

struct: Plenty of C# bots on legend

Uljahn: worst is python :disappointed:

IllusionSquid: I mean, I am not super familiar with C#.

Wontonimo: hey IllusionSquid, the question of number of playouts per frame is more to find out where you are and what would be a good suggestion for you.

struct: i would say he has 1k<

Wontonimo: for reference, you can get to bronze with 20 playouts.

Wontonimo: to get into legend you need about 20k playouts and a bug-free MCTS implementation

IllusionSquid: My monte carlo can get 280 -325 iterations done at the start of the game.

IllusionSquid: In 70 ms I am giving it

Wontonimo: 2nd move is what we use as a guage

Wontonimo: okay, that also works

struct: yes you need 20k with vanilla mcts

struct: on 2nd turn

Wontonimo: you have 1000ms in the first move btw

struct: for legend

IllusionSquid: Yeah I am aware if the first 1000ms, but I wonder how much that would help since there are so many ways to go.

Wontonimo: :D

jacek: if youre 1st player, go for center

IllusionSquid: 20K How???? I am struggling with getting C# to be fast

jacek: also you can try 'teccles' opening heuristic

Wontonimo: you may find this helpful. It is something I made to show the power of bitboarding. It can play 200,000 playouts in 100ms for a 3x3 tic tac toe

jacek: that is, choose move in the miniboard that will go back to that miniboard

Wontonimo: I use that same concept (but MCTS instead of MC) for my UTTT bot

struct: IllusionSquid just wait until you find Connect 4

struct: For uttt there is plteny of tricks to

struct: bitboards is the first step

Wontonimo: there are 2 benefits of bitboarding: it makes lookups of win/loss super fast

IllusionSquid: Hmm I will have a look at bitboards. Already saw a massive improvement when I swapped out an int[] for a valuetuple

Wontonimo: two, it makes your data structures super small (and hence less cache hits and hence MUCH faster code)

Wontonimo: IllusionSquid - you may find this video very motivation to get you even more convinced to use bitboarding

IllusionSquid: I seem to have a lot of problems writing high perfomance code for C# compared to other languages I have used. Y'all maybe have resources I can use?

struct: also allocate all the memory for yuor mcts at the start

struct: i only know c++ sorry

jacek: what other languages do you know oO

Wontonimo: and then check out this video about "branchless programming" ! It is an eye-opener about optimization

IllusionSquid: Yeah, I would love to learn C++ but my current project required me to learn C# so this is a way for me to learn.

jacek: Wontonimo sounds like

jacek: many/most optimization tricks that would work on c++ or other languages, will work on C#

Wontonimo: ^^ IllusionSquid

Wontonimo: oh, I hadn't given sorting much thought regarding branch prediction ! Nice link jacek :tada:

IllusionSquid: Thank you all, this is very helpfull, I was kinda getting lost on where I could beat more iterations out of my code.

jacek: do you create new objects in loop?

Wontonimo: my python UTTT bot could only do about 200 evals / game frame. My current bot that uses all the above tricks (not the sorting one) does 70,000 per game frame

IllusionSquid: My code can actually be found on Gitlab if you are really wondering where I am fucking up.

Wontonimo: you didnt, it just isn't optimized yet

IllusionSquid: Pretty much

prozacian: hi

Wontonimo: struct, jacek, and others here helped me also. I learnt a lot here about this kind of optimization. Keep on trucking!

RSBat: jacek I'm insetring into std::unordered_map in a loop and at about 100 in legend in uttt

RSBat: and illusion is in silver

jacek: inserting doesnt create new objects :?

RSBat: so I'd say they shouldn't worry about that for now

jacek: mhm

BlaiseEbuth: Knuth approve.

RSBat: now that I think about it, I'm resizing map at the start, so with all the compiler optimizations I don't know how much stuff is created on insert

Wontonimo: yeah, you can get to legend without optimizing out 'new'

prozacian: hey i have a question i want to get a good computer for college, whats a good recommendation

Wontonimo: working keyboard and screen.

prozacian: uh ok

IllusionSquid: Wontonimo are you able to give me a brief explanation of bitboards?

prozacian: i can if u want

jacek: IllusionSquid try this


prozacian: a bitboard moves the icons/pieces in a board game ex: in checkers the bitboard moves the checker piece

IllusionSquid: Aight I'll try something with it

prozacian: happy to help :)

BlaiseEbuth: -_-

Jay_minecraft: Ayo

Jay_minecraft: Hello

Jay_minecraft: I am new to this game i need help please!

5DN1L: Define help

Jay_minecraft: :neutral_face:

Jay_minecraft: Help like what to do

jacek: :door:

BlaiseEbuth: help: verb [ transitive-intransitive ]


to do or provide sth to make a situation easier

GamerKingX: can someone help me im just a beginner and i am clueless:sweat_smile:

5DN1L: Read some faq


Wontonimo: hey IllusionSquid , take a through read through and then play with the code. I know it is c++ but it is the same concept as c#


Wontonimo: how far have you gotten GamerKingX ?

5DN1L: BlaiseEbith need the noun definition, not the verb :smirk:

Wontonimo: have you finished the tutorial ?

GamerKingX: yes

Wontonimo: cool, what league are you in?

GamerKingX: wood 2

BlaiseEbuth: Be precise in your question so 5DN1L :angry:

Wontonimo: great, set thrust to 100

5DN1L: lol BlaiseEbuth fair point

BlaiseEbuth: 5DN1L

5DN1L: thanks Blaise

BlaiseEbuth: :thumbsup:

5DN1L: :)

Wontonimo: and add an if statement to check if your are facing the checkpoint. something like

abs(angle) < 90 GamerKingX

GamerKingX: thx wontonimo

Wontonimo: if you are not facing the checkpoint then lower your thrust to something lower ... like 30

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: rawr

BlaiseEbuth: -3vel ftw !

Wontonimo: make sure you only print ONCE per game loop GamerKingX

BlaiseEbuth: Eve is back !

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: after like a few months

5DN1L: Why were you banned?

BlaiseEbuth: And Astro isn't mod anymore ! The chaos reign can begin !

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: nah, im different now more or losss

Jay_minecraft: I give up...:weary:

5DN1L: Jay_minecraft Do you know any basics of any languages?

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: why is astro not a mod anymore?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: he was fired for banning you so much

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: XD

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: im a litttle shock tho

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: when did he get fired?

BlaiseEbuth: He didn't...

jacek: they had to cut mods' salaries

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: oh, glad i don't work as a mod

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: he is a mod for miniclip now until he can find something better

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: time for me to find him

eve_va_hooves_the_king_of_losers: also the chao of eve will start next time i get bored

darkhorse64: FYI, there are still mods on #world and they have a low tolerance for spam. You have been warned!

Wontonimo: speaking of which, thanks for the reminder. Let's get back to chatting about codingame and programming

darkhorse64: +1

BlaiseEbuth: Yé! darkmod64...

darkhorse64: If I were one, there would be many kicks in the butt

jacek: oO

BlaiseEbuth: Here that Wontonimo? 5DN1L? darkhorse64 will do your job better than you do. :smirk:

ninjadip: i heard 'in the butt'

Wontonimo: let's get back to talking about coding

BlaiseEbuth: Oh. Wontonimo is stuck in a loop. He's repeating himself... :thinking:

BlaiseEbuth: Automaton2000 reboot him.

Automaton2000: what's the point of this site

BlaiseEbuth: :rofl:

Wontonimo: last warning blast_beat

Wontonimo: BlaiseEbuth

ninjadip: who is blast beat

5DN1L: some innocent guy

ninjadip: i'm so close to finishing my bot for ocean of code Wontonimo

ninjadip: sounds like a rapper

ninjadip: blast beat's in the house!! lol

BlaiseEbuth: Oh. You want to kick me Wontonimo? :( Well if that can make darkhorse64 consider you as a better mod I think it's OK...

5DN1L: he's actually online right now ninjadip :thinking:

Wontonimo: kicked

Wontonimo: back to taking about coding.

Wontonimo: Congrats ninjadip

Wontonimo: what algo are you using for ocean of code ?

codeing: hello wontonimo

BlaiseEbuth: You did it! :scream: I thought you were a kind guy, but you're as abusive than we were in our mod time... :( The power is corrupting you!

ninjadip: what do u mean what algorithm? i didn't read any of the hints. this is all me

ninjadip: i'm not going by any suggested route if that's what you're asking

Wontonimo: ah. more wondering if you are using a general strategy that has a name, like NN, GA, constraint propagation

Wontonimo: or if it is all hand coded heuristic

ninjadip: it might be one of those, but i'm not familiar with it

ninjadip: right now i think it's just heuristic

ninjadip: track_enemy, fire at enemy if in range, etc.. scramble if needed...

jacek: no game tree search, no graphs traversal?

Wontonimo: :O

Wontonimo: :)

BlaiseEbuth: Stop flooding with emojis Wontonimo, first warning.

Wontonimo: ninjadip if you can simulate the game locally then you could battle different fine tuning of the heuristics against eachother

ninjadip: game tree search? like a look up table

ninjadip: graph traversal? yes i keep record of the map and traversed water over open water...

BlaiseEbuth: Naa. Like MCTS, minmax, beam search.

Leeeooo: Fuck you all !

Wontonimo: I haven't tried ocean of code. It would be a good one to practice working with FOW

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: so if you get un-legended on the leaderboard cleanup, do you get the XP again when you submit it again later?

BlaiseEbuth: Naa... This kind of thing can't happen on CG... :smirk:

ninjadip: ty Leeeooo

5DN1L: he's banned

5DN1L: he can't see your ty

BlaiseEbuth: Except if he use the secrete way...

BlaiseEbuth: Or create another account...

Wontonimo: any thoughts on working with heavy FOG games?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I thought people hate FOW even more than they hate hexagons?

Wontonimo: my thoughts are, first try heuristics with hand tuned hyperparameters

Wontonimo: then make local simulator, and search the hyperparameter space

BlaiseEbuth: FOG is Fog Of Garlic?

Wontonimo: then divide heuristic into features and actions, adding a decision layer between the two (NN or random forest), then using local simulator to find an optimal decision

jacek: people hate hexagons?

5DN1L: What's FOG game? I tried to google that but seemed there weren't any relevant results

Wontonimo: Fog Of War

Wontonimo: where you don't have perfect information

5DN1L: ah i see, thanks

Wontonimo: sorry .. FOW

Wontonimo: not FOG

Wontonimo: lol

BlaiseEbuth: 'Hexagon' is an alias of 'France', that's why Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker hates them I think jacek...

BlaiseEbuth: Ask euler Wontonimo, he's a real FOW.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: hey, I'm french too. zut alors

BlaiseEbuth: Ya ya ya :3


Wontonimo: here is a hex game I coded a few years ago . Win with 6 in a row or a circle of 6. Rules are changable under "settings" (click them to toggle)

jacek: a llitle bit like havannah?

Wontonimo: oh, you can play on-top of the opponent so long as you didn't in the last round

Wontonimo: and you can't play on top of the opponent if their piece is surrounded

Wontonimo: the computer opponent is from before getting into MCTS or joining CG, so it isn't optimized at all

MSmits: well, we're not optimized either :P

MSmits: My brain runs on

MSmits: especially after work

BlaiseEbuth: Could be java heh...

MSmits: or kotlin, because my head hurts

BlaiseEbuth: Or... groovy :scream:

Wontonimo: the game is adapted from a game my sons fencing teacher invented. I decided to make a web version because I felt his rules were broken.

MSmits: there's a life lesson in there somewhere

Wontonimo: that is why there is not a rule "cannot take a piece if you took a piece last turn" because otherwise it is just dumb

MSmits: don't get game designs from your sons fencing teacher?

Wontonimo: indeed

jacek: like, a ko rule?

BlaiseEbuth: I see fencing -> hexagon ->France... Makes sens.

Wontonimo: yeah, like a ko rule. another idea was limiting the number of replacements to a fixed amount, like 6

MSmits: I think if you were to design a game like this, you'd start with the 6 in a row + circle and see how balanced the game is. Then add other interesting features. You'd need to test with strong bots and human players

MSmits: human players to see if it's interesting, strong bots to see if it's interesting for strong players

jacek: it is hexagon, of course its interesting

MSmits: of course

MSmits: but it has to be maximally interesting

MSmits: otherwise it's a wasted opportunity

Wontonimo: I really like the card mechanic that limits moves like this

MSmits: yeah onitama is great

MSmits: i especially love the fact that it makes it possible to have a very tiny board and still have a game playable by bots

MSmits: though some card combos are solved on turn 1

MSmits: so they are excluded in the live game

Wontonimo: it can appeal to both beginners (because it feels like random and the pain of loss is lessened because of believable unluckiness) yet it is hard to master

BlaiseEbuth: I can't read that in another way than "Oniii-tama! Yameteee! :flushed:"...

MSmits: is that a good thing?


BlaiseEbuth: :no_mouth:

jacek: yes, onitama is nice tutorial game

Wontonimo: tutorial of what?

BlaiseEbuth: An eroge so?

jacek: thats what i name the game when my bot is 1st :v

jacek: afaik royale also uses nn there

struct: bt is the only game you need

USSR_Chicken: help

USSR_Chicken: i broke my game

USSR_Chicken: anyone know how to use unity?

struct: nope

Wontonimo: use git to revert your last changes

USSR_Chicken: my weapons look wierd in game but in blender they look just fine?

MSmits: probably has to do with vertices that are duplicated for UV purposes

Wontonimo: perhaps the triangles do not have a backface in unity but they do in blender

USSR_Chicken: ah

Wontonimo: what MSmits said

USSR_Chicken: let me look real quick and ill let you know

Wontonimo: do they look like they are missing parts with transparent triangles all over? then that would be the problem. else it is something else

USSR_Chicken: it kind of looks like it but the model itself is all over the place

USSR_Chicken: you know how in some games you get those random black lines from some stuff messing up? thats how it looks

MSmits: you're on windows right?

USSR_Chicken: can confirm

MSmits: print screen, paste to paint, cut the interesting part, put on, paste link here

MSmits: good skill to have to quickly share something visual

USSR_Chicken: shift + win + s dont work for me which is what the hotkey is D:

MSmits: printscreen is a button on my keyboard

MSmits: dunno what yours is like

jacek: try alt+f4

MSmits: dont :P

USSR_Chicken: sure

USSR_Chicken: i will lol

MSmits: ok, seeya in a bit

USSR_Chicken: *alt F4's*

USSR_Chicken: wait i found it

USSR_Chicken: nvm

USSR_Chicken: it was what MSmits said earlier

MSmits: cool

USSR_Chicken: but it still has some texture issues so ill have to find out how to fix that

MSmits: yeah that stuff is not easy

USSR_Chicken: i used to skin cars for fivem, now im making a whole game to shoot animals with different low poly guns :joy:

USSR_Chicken: gun club vr just not virtual reality and its the offbrand version

Wontonimo: i prefer a game where animals hunt and shoot people

BlaiseEbuth: +1000

MSmits: for some reason this bothers me more than trying to run over people in GTA

jacek: why not both? shhot the furries

Wontonimo: if it is on itch share a link

USSR_Chicken: imagine a hunting game where you are getting hunted

BlaiseEbuth: Or people who shoot people. But not animals

USSR_Chicken: :joy:

MSmits: carmageddon 2, best game ever

USSR_Chicken: jacek i agree with that statement earlier

USSR_Chicken: anyway ima go work on my textures and gain stage 5 brain cancer

USSR_Chicken: seeya :wave:

MSmits: uh.. enjoy?

USSR_Chicken: dont think it will be enjoyable

USSR_Chicken: but i will accept "good luck"

BlaiseEbuth: Brain cancer has a great texture if you plan to add some aliens.

USSR_Chicken: Myself, i know what you;re gonna do today

Default avatar.png FerasSawan: guys how do you pring everyone on one line in python in for loop?

BlaiseEbuth: print(thingtoprint, end="")

5DN1L: pring

BlaiseEbuth: le

BlaiseEbuth: :yum: lo

Laki42: Is there a limit number of private contributions I can make ?

jacek: 42069


5DN1L: Where does that number come from?

jacek: mr-joelM try console.log after pi after the pi = parseInt()

mr-joelM: inside the for loop?

struct: also you can store it in an array

jacek: yes, inside loop

jacek: after the loop pi is out of scope, so it isnt visible

mr-joelM: so console.log(pi) give me the last 3 of the input but only if checkedd inside the for loop... how can i access it outside the for loop?

mr-joelM: how do i call it|?

jacek: as struct said store it in some array

USSR_Chicken: im back, textures wont work

mr-joelM: ok.. trying that..

mr-joelM: ok.... got it... thx a million guys!

jacek: :tada:

Default avatar.png oktyabrskaya: :saxophone: :bug:

Jacxk: Wontonimo I finally managed to solve Code Breaker, I've been trying since we talked (taking breaks before my brain exploted)

jacek: :+1:

Default avatar.png Shade7833: Guys focus we have a deadline

Default avatar.png Shade7833: Wachino won't wait

5DN1L: Are you in the wrong channel?

Default avatar.png Shade7833: Is this black king studios

5DN1L: No

Default avatar.png Shade7833: shoot

Default avatar.png Shade7833: ok um

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png Shade7833: So ye im a professional coder that has my own company we make tower defense games and survival games

Default avatar.png Shade7833: so um k ill leave i guess

Jacxk: Sneaky: 0

Default avatar.png Shade7833: ?

Default avatar.png Shade7833: fun chat seeya guys

5DN1L: see ya

jacek: tower dereference eh

Default avatar.png Shade7833: guys how do i leave this

jacek: you cant. you stay with us forever

5DN1L: close the window

Default avatar.png Shade7833: k thx

Default avatar.png Shade7833: closed window didnt work

5DN1L: shut down your computer

BlaiseEbuth: First time I see the "I fake a phone call to appear having an interesting life" trick on a chat... :o

Jacxk: hmm a professional coder doesn't know how to this might work?

5DN1L: i have one last trick up my sleeve

Default avatar.png Shade7833: welp im stuck with u guys i guess

Default avatar.png Shade7833: it fine tho

5DN1L: sure?

5DN1L: i can get you out

5DN1L: for sure

Default avatar.png Shade7833: nah it fine

Default avatar.png Shade7833: i have other coms with my studio

BlaiseEbuth: Oh yes ! Do it ! :hugging:

5DN1L: glad to hear it

BlaiseEbuth: :(

5DN1L: cheer up BlaiseEbuth

jacek: yes, free BlaiseEbuth from the chat

jacek: draw in oware eh

BlaiseEbuth: Jacek ! Draw me a pony !

jacek: nyoro~n

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: stoi l'pony

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: (are we still doing that?)

BlaiseEbuth: :french_bread:

superpenguin612: lol


animeWeeb: press spacebar

Default avatar.png Justin_Lowry: its been a while since ive been here so how do i change my coding language

jacek: above the ide

animeWeeb: oi check out my squirrel playing saxaphone

Alex4200: hey what are you doing ?

Default avatar.png BeautyMath: glue

USSRpumpkin: You're mother. :slight_smile:

Default avatar.png omboyo: yeah alex hows beeing a mother

USSRpumpkin: Wait a secon

USSRpumpkin: how is he a mother

Default avatar.png omboyo: he is your mother

Rebollo: Hi folks..

Rebollo: Any tip about the resistance?


struct: hi

Rebollo: I am not sure if it is better to sort the dictionary

Rebollo: or start from the message to the dictionary or from the dic to the message

Rebollo: if ai use map, array or vector..

Rebollo: if i create a array index using hash

Rebollo: or something like this

Rebollo: o try to sorte the dictionary and got timeout

struct: no idea

struct: i tried the puzzle only 1

struct: and tried to brute force it

struct: but it didnt work

Kathrin: I do not really get what you mean with from message to dict (or the other way round), but I doubt a simple dict will do. for the long messages you will need a more specialized datastructure.

Default avatar.png mohammad_alrefae: Hi Guys

Alex4200: wesh la zone or in english hey the aera.

Rebollo: I mean, do I look up in the dictionary first and then find the words in the message, or iterate the message and try to find the words in dictionary

Rebollo: dictionary has 10.000 words

Rebollo: message has a length of 10.000 characters

Rebollo: I just created I binary tree

Rebollo: And added the words of the dictionary on it

Rebollo: Now I will iterate the message

Rebollo: And lookup the tree to find correspodence..

ASM_MOV_INT: in clash of code, why do they count comments as code length? the only skill is remembering to delete the comments...? how is that a helpful skill in the real world

ASM_MOV_INT: <<-- just forgot to delete comments in a clash btw lol

struct: in short mode the time doesnt matter much

struct: You wont forget to delete the comments next time

Wontonimo: :wave:

Mortis_666: 👋

Default avatar.png Ara22: hi

Z._.2: joe2012

struct: :wave:

Default avatar.png Vankida: ely hyst5dm python omo r2asa

Smelty: how do I see what stuff i got wrong on the certification test it says i got 12 points off :(

Wontonimo: hey Smelty ! It's bee a long time

Smelty: hi!

Wontonimo: I've not done the certification. I suspect the info will not be show

Smelty: sad

Smelty: im fine with >99% though

Smelty: also congrats on getting weekly puzzle

Wontonimo: thanks! yeah, that was nice

Default avatar.png C26_1: @Wontonimo, can I send my contribution private link? Cuz mine doesn't have any solution and I have a very headache after fixed my code for several times. After a long time tho, I quit and decide that give up the sol and just private the contribution

Default avatar.png C26_1:

Default avatar.png C26_1: This is the link

Default avatar.png C26_1: With better input

Wontonimo: if you can't figure out a solution, then make a different contribution