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Default avatar.png C26_1: Oh hello everyone

Default avatar.png C26_1: I'm back for a very long time

Default avatar.png C26_1: Cuz Covid-19 and quarantined. Stuff like that

Default avatar.png C26_1: I'm learning Kivy right now

jacek: happy Caturday

YGuns: is there HTML

YGuns: clash

Default avatar.png C26_1: idk there is HTML clash bc in/out

Default avatar.png C26_1: Input/Output are required to make a clash

Default avatar.png C26_1: omg

Default avatar.png C26_1: Kivy is relativity hard to learn

Default avatar.png C26_1: Hurts my head for a little bit

YanniD: kivy has a long way to catch up to be as strong as i wished it to be. -Strong enough to build native applications.


please review the question I have made

BlaiseEbuth: Nope.


5DN1L: MASTER123 please use #clash channel for clash invites, thanks.

Mortis_666: #clash

MSmits: these booster side-effects are no joke

MSmits: felt like :poop: the last time on my 2nd dose (for 24 hrs) but this time it is worse

MSmits: I hope it works fast enough. I have to teach on monday. a building with 1200 students and omicron. Not a good combination

therealbeef: don't think it works that fast... ;-)

MSmits: well it has done *something* or I wouldnt feel this crappy

MSmits: our health department says it takes 7 days

MSmits: but i think it could maybe be shorter and the 7 is on the safe side

MSmits: I think it's shitty that they have a full lockdown, all except schools are closed, yet they don't boost the teachers first.

MSmits: boost the people who have the most chance of getting infected

therealbeef: it's tricky, boostering based on risk of dying might prevent more deaths

therealbeef: if only netherlands wasn't so slow with boostering...

MSmits: yeah the slowness is the main problem, but they could have done 60+ first, then all teachers.

MSmits: instead it is fully by ag

MSmits: age

MSmits: health care professionals do get precedence. I would say in this case, teachers should be offered the same consideration.

struct: still 2 days to recover MSmits

struct: you will be fine

struct: trust me, I'm a doctor

Mortis_666: :O

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: maybe the sixth booster will be better

MSmits: struct the recovery is not the problem. I know i'll be ok, I'm just worried the booster wont work in time

struct: ah

MSmits: i got it yesterday at 1 pm

therealbeef: maybe the booster won't work anyway ;-)

MSmits: they have done some research to show both natural immunity and vaccine immunity work against omicron. Just doesn't prevent infection. Only symptoms

MSmits: do you get less sick

MSmits: so

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: The best bet is to get a daily shot

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Until the twice daily pill comes out

MSmits: this might be the last covid variant we have to worry about. Mostly because of the rate of infection. After that most people will be protected. But who knows

jacek: ez, just take vitamin D, Mg and NAC regularly

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: just turn off your tv and think about something else

MSmits: i don't watch tv

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: whatever is making you obsess about this, turn it off

MSmits: it's not obsession really, why would you call it that?

struct: i dont feel like he is obsessed

struct: he is just worried about monday

struct: which seems normal to me

MSmits: I know i'll probably be fine if i get infected, I just dont like to get diseases of any kind

MSmits: not if i dont need to

jacek: hes more obsessed with metamcts and endgames

MSmits: it's insane how fast omicron spreads. I think infections tripled in a few days

MSmits: correct jacek :)

struct: they are predicting 1% of population per day soon

jacek: omicron propagates like mcts

struct: here in portugal

MSmits: yeah it's like that in most countries now struct

MSmits: omicron has less chance of hospitalization, but because of the extreme rate of infection you could still get health care overrun

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: :rolling eyes:

MSmits: simple facts Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: it is a sore throat and runny nose

fsy: China looks safe now

MSmits: for most people yes, but the problem is that hospitals can only take an extremely tiny portion of the population

MSmits: so even if only 0,01% has to be hospitalized, it could be too much

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: like every winter

MSmits: depends on your country, in my country hospitals dont get overrun in the winter

MSmits: pre-covid that is

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: okay, well best of luck. let's hope the media gives us something new to worry about soon

MSmits: who care about media. that is the problem. You have to listen to science, not media

fsy: My hospital is very deserted

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: pfizer is not science

MSmits: If you say so

struct: facebook is science

MSmits: facebook sure does science, but not the useful kind

struct: :D

MSmits: how can we most easily make money and ruin society?

fsy: what country are you in

MSmits: it says on my profile

struct: fsy you can over the profile pic

MSmits: btw, a family member of mine, younger than i am, is still reovering from covid after 2 months. It happens. Granted, this was Delta, but still. People who think they know it all, should be careful about their assumptions

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: it is just sad to see intelligent people falling for this

MSmits: falling for what?

MSmits: so my family member is lying to me?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: worry about covid for 3 years?

struct: falling for your bait?

MSmits: heh right struct

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: something you would never notice if you turned off the news

MSmits: until you or people in your family got an unlucky case of covid

MSmits: just because it doesnt happen to you, doesnt mean it doesnt happen

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: what if I said it was very similar to flu? how much conditioning do you have to strongly respond to that?

MSmits: your opinion on the comparison with flu doesn't matter. I trust scientists over some random stranger on the internet

MSmits: and they have the data to show it has been much much worse than the flu

MSmits: the flu is actually not a very nice disease either. Most people that claim they have the flu actually just caught a cold

MSmits: flu is severely underestimated

ninjadip: people i know are dying of covid, while people do die of the flu, i've never met one or heard of someone that knew someone

MSmits: I've gotten a very bad flu once or twice in my life, something i would prefer to avoid

MSmits: covid is like 10x more infectious though, so even if it was as bad as the flu and no more, it would be very bad. but it's not, delta is much worse than the flu. Omicron might be similar actually

MSmits: it's hard to compare though, since many people have natural immunity or vaccine immunity and there are many versions of flu also

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: word for word, lol

MSmits: you may laugh, but you are the one believing it's 100+ countries working together to create a giant conspiracy to make people believe there is a bad disease that doesn't exist. Sound far more laughable to me.

MSmits: millions of doctors and scientists, all in on it

MSmits: sure...

ninjadip: like simulation theory? or just conspiracy theory?

MSmits: it's a conspiracy theory

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Nah, just a little bit of greed mixed up with a some really good marketing and tons and tons of social media herd mentality

ninjadip: oh man cause simulation theory is interesting

MSmits: obviously you don't have any clue about how science works Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: if you say so

MSmits: scientists care more about truth than anyone in the world. I know because I am one. You can distrust politics and media and rightly so, but not scientists. Or at least not scientific consensus

MSmits: doesn't mean they cant be wrong. They can be wrong when there is too little information and they are having to make a best guess to inform policy

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: you want to compare credentials?

ninjadip: that's not bring people back from the dead

MSmits: whats the point of that. I am not arguing from authority

MSmits: I am just saying trust the science

ninjadip: whatever you want to call it, they are dead. that's the truth.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: all right, horse is well dead. back to mcts

jacek: pony dead?

Default avatar.png GPoll: Is there any way I can find a particular clash puzzle I want to try again?

5DN1L: search here


Default avatar.png GPoll: That's brilliant, thanks very much!

5DN1L: :)

darkhorse64: MSmits: 100% in agreement with you

ninjadip: everyone else is too, just walking on eggshells around you know who

MSmits: thanks darkhorse64 :)

MSmits: voldemort?

MSmits: I have been rewatching harry potter

struct: isnt there a new movie?

MSmits: mmh not sure, unless you mean those fantastic beasts spinoffs

struct: ah no

struct: its just a reunion of the cast it seems

MSmits: ahh ok

MSmits: I watch it for Snape mostly :P

darkhorse64: The actor Alan Rickman is dead, unfortunately, no ?

struct: yes

MSmits: yeah he is

MSmits: I just think he is awesome in HP

struct: yeah he plays the role very well

struct: from what I can remember

darkhorse64: Even in the book, his death is one of the most striking moments

MSmits: yeah i also read the books, but only 1 time each, saw the movies multiple times

MSmits: kinda like lotr, only read those once, maybe twice, but saw the movies like 5 times or something

MSmits: good fantasy productions used to be rare, but the last 20 yrs or so there have been some really good ones

darkhorse64: 3 times for me (including the hobbit) and read the books twice

MSmits: ah yeah, the hobbit is a quick read

MSmits: still amazes me they got 3 moves out of that

MSmits: movies

darkhorse64: Scenario writers are quite talented

MSmits: yeah i guess so, especially since they must have used the best ones

MSmits: they also madea show of wheel of time recently

MSmits: i read all those books, but those books are huge. They try to do 1 book in 8 episodes, but they still need to skip and change a ton or it would never fit

darkhorse64: A true discovery for me. Looks interesting

therealbeef: just wish the book-fans would stop whining about it in the series/movies reviews :-P

therealbeef: (about changes, new scenes, etc)

ninjadip: same with porn, the movies never live up to the stories in the magazines

therealbeef: I should quote Jacky Treehorn now

jacek: again with the books talking

MSmits: yeah i had to stop myself from being annoyed at the changes, but they had good reasons for it i guess.

MSmits: it's a good show if you can ignore them

struct: you just need to watch the show first and then read the book

struct: then you wont be disapointed

jacek: or create the book yourself

mkkhell: :yum:

Ose: I rested my nickname all night and it doesn't do anything

5DN1L: Isn't your nickname Ose?

Schwase: could someone direct me to a forum post or relevant information on how to solve puzzles in an external editor?


Ose: yes

Ose: My nicknane is ose

Ose: nickname*

5DN1L: Schwase the topic could be "CG Local"

Ose: What that mean

5DN1L: I see your nickname is Ose

5DN1L: Are you seeing something else?

Manchi_o6o7: Someone who could help me I out. I am trying to write a custom iterator for DFS .

aightbro: any catgirls uwu?

BlaiseEbuth: Yup

Ose: Yes

Ose: I am seeing something else

5DN1L: Try refreshing your browser or clearing your browser cache?

Ose: Ok

Ose: Wow! It worked

5DN1L: good

Ose: Thanks

5DN1L: :ok_hand:

aightbro: ayy

ExPoSeS: ауу

jacek: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png richierichIEATPOPTARTSANDCHEETOS: hello world

Default avatar.png zedred: was that, at least, done with programming?

jacek: and hacking

struct: jacek do you do any move pruning on bt?

jacek: mcts-ept i quite prunny by design, isnt it

struct: yeah but on move gen

struct: you dont prune at all?

jacek: no. i consider all moves in 1-ply

jacek: well for bt thanks to bitboard i can have 3-ply win/lose if bunch of ifs

struct: ifs :nauseated_face:

jacek: still working on bt?

struct: yes i started today

struct: im redoing it

struct: maybe ill try psqt

jacek: :+1:

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Hey folks, been googling around for a while and can't find an answer to my issue. Could anyone tell me why pandas 'duplicated()' works fine on Test 3, but totally different on Test 4?

5DN1L: I suspect duplicated() doesn't care whether your duplicates are one immediately after the other or not

Default avatar.png Slanda: im rank one but im not ranking up, does anyone else have this issue?

jacek: where

Default avatar.png Slanda: wood 1 bb

5DN1L: what does bb mean?

Default avatar.png Slanda: baby

n0b1e: slang for baby

Default avatar.png Slanda: but fr shouldnt i rank up if im rank one?

Default avatar.png Slanda: i thought thats how it worked

Default avatar.png Big_Code: I see how it could be doing that, but what really confuses me is what duplicates does it see? in Test 3 it seems to recognize 150 as a duplicate, but in Test 4 I'm not sure what it thinks is a duplicate.

5DN1L: the y-coordinates are duplicated

5DN1L: e.g. #0 and #17

5DN1L: Slanda are you rank one AND above the boss?

5DN1L: jacek are you bb?

jacek: Automaton2000 is bb

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Oh wow, i see that now. So it's finding the first duplicate (e.g. y 1500) and giving me every value in between until the next?

Automaton2000: i'm used to the website

5DN1L: Big_Code, I don't think so

Default avatar.png Slanda: 5DN1L thats what it shows on the ranking ladder

jacek: Slanda what game? and yes, if youre above boss after submit is done you should advance league

5DN1L: I think all can be paired up

Default avatar.png Slanda: pod racing

jacek: the submit isnt finished

jacek: it needs to play 90 games or so

Default avatar.png Slanda: its kinda strange I sometimes jump down from one to like 150 but if i test it again Ill just back up

5DN1L: yes, Slanda look at the leaderboard

5DN1L: your games are still being played

5DN1L: scoring not yet finished

Default avatar.png Slanda: ooooohhhhhh

Default avatar.png Slanda: the battles in progress thing?

Default avatar.png Slanda: 445%

5DN1L: yes

Default avatar.png Slanda: thank you for that clarification

Default avatar.png Slanda: I was so confused

5DN1L: no problem

jacek: 445%? oO

Default avatar.png Slanda: 45**

5DN1L: Wontonimo's sticky keyboard

Default avatar.png Slanda: ayyy we got the rank up

Default avatar.png Slanda: moving up in the world into bronze

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

jacek: :tada:

Default avatar.png Big_Code: 5DN1L I'm not sure I get what you mean, I see that #0 and #17 are duplicated. But all the data in between seems, (to me) randomly chosen. Heres a paste with an example, the first 10 sets of data, showing which are excluded. I probably just can't see it, but I can't tell why its separating the data this way

5DN1L: Based on your last pastebin link, I see these pairs: 0 & 17, 2 & 13, 7 & 12, 8 & 11, 10 & 14, 15 & 16

5DN1L: Each pair has the same y-coordinate

Default avatar.png Big_Code: oh wow, this is why having a 2nd set of eyes is great. been staring at this for hours and probably why I didnt notice

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Totally understand your last message now, so it doesn't care at all if they are back to back

5DN1L: that's right :)

Default avatar.png Big_Code: You rock, I think I know my next steps now. Thanks for your time! I'll probably be back in the future with more random questions :sweat_smile:

5DN1L: Heehee sure

Default avatar.png JavaliMZ: can we import modules in codingame python interpreter? like easydict

struct: only these libraries are available on cg

struct: NumPy 1.20.2, pandas 1.2.4, SciPy 1.6.3

Default avatar.png JavaliMZ: hm ok. Tanks (that was really fast bro! tanks)

Default avatar.png BigManRoman: Hi everyone

Default avatar.png BigManRoman: BigManRoman here

ninjadip: i'm in an ocean of code

jacek: dont drown

Default avatar.png BigManRoman: do not drown indeed

Default avatar.png BigManRoman: that's wise advice

Default avatar.png BigManRoman: First to type 'sdfjmsdlf' is the best coder!

5DN1L: I hope you aren't trying to invite spam

Default avatar.png BigManRoman: i just wanted to test how active this chat is

Default avatar.png BartekBabizewski: siema

5DN1L: English only please

Dren: but often only themselves

ASM_MOV_INT: this chat is fairly inactive... i'm not even here...

ASM_MOV_INT: just remember the computer goes through an ocean of code the same way it goes through a few lines of code... one char at a time

5DN1L: This chat can be active at times. Right now it's bedtime in Europe

ASM_MOV_INT: i just started work a few minutes ago


Default avatar.png Chito[patito: pk

5DN1L: ASM_MOV_INT Still got work to do on a Saturday?

ASM_MOV_INT: it's my friday

5DN1L: what time is it?

ASM_MOV_INT: i work swing shift it's just after 2pm

ASM_MOV_INT: ...waiting for a clash that I actually want to solve...! rofl

5DN1L: Like how? Look at the question and leave if you don't want to solve it?

ASM_MOV_INT: found one... oh, and yeah lol

5DN1L: interesting approach

ASM_MOV_INT: i usually submit, cuz I don't like waiting for everyone's to finish, only to find that someone just left

5DN1L: i see

ASM_MOV_INT: i am also a self taught programmer

5DN1L: nice

ASM_MOV_INT: are you in europe right now? cool


5DN1L: yes, going to bed soon

ASM_MOV_INT: i have to answer help desk calls for the next 7 1/2 hours

ASM_MOV_INT: so far.... quiet, hope your night is quiet as well

5DN1L: most nights are, luckily :)

Default avatar.png Ghouljokes: anyone got any suggestions for clamping an angle? Like, say I wanted to limit 12 to be within 18 degrees of 293

WillNess: hello

Default avatar.png Chito[patito: hi

Default avatar.png Ofeki: Hi!

Default avatar.png Chito[patito: follow me

nightmare34: hello

Jakomader280: Hello

Alex4200: hello

justchris: 'ello

Keve1991: hello

Wontonimo: anyone working on Tron (line racing) or Mad Pod Racing ?

Wontonimo: I've got hints ...

Wontonimo: :wave: Keve1991. Haven't seen you around before. Nice level

struct: hi Wontonimo

Wontonimo: hey struct !

justchris: Wontonimo, I'm thinking about doing Tron soon, just started with code royale

justchris: are you allowed to take hints ? i took some hints for Mad pod racing here a few days back

Wontonimo: cool! I didn't get very far with code royal

Wontonimo: yeah, hints are fine

Wontonimo: sharing full code is not

Wontonimo: (other than for total noobs struggling with "The Descent")

justchris: great, when you asked me last time and i saw you were a moderator i thought i was gonna be in trouble xD

Wontonimo: haha

Wontonimo: sharing ideas is great. Especially if they are insightful (vs spoilers). For example, a lot of people are interested in pushing their bitboard and mcts algos to the limits and back early this year you would have seen a storm of different ideas freely shared

Alex4200: ok i don't understand man

Wontonimo: What have you been working on Alex4200 ? Any puzzles or bot battles?

Alex4200: working bot battle

Wontonimo: which one?

Alex4200: i dont know.

justchris: you dont know how the system works?

justchris: with leagues etc?

Alex4200: artisans

Wontonimo: just start on one, like

Wontonimo: use the default code to start, submit it, and see what it does

Wontonimo: a random bot will actually beat a lot of other people. So for connect 4, you can start by outputting a random number from 0-8

Alex4200: ok i have join on ashketchum

Astrobytes: I see I have not been missing much

Wontonimo: nope

Wontonimo: not at all

Astrobytes: Sad times dude, sad times.

Wontonimo: we have eachother

Astrobytes: hehehehe

Astrobytes: :hugging:

Wontonimo: jacek was sharing his new NN post. really good stuff. i'm still surprised i haven't jumped on the wagon considering it is my day job. maybe thats why

Astrobytes: that on

Astrobytes: and haha, yeah, most likely :D

Wontonimo: yeah but still wip

Astrobytes: Also, ML-based solutions are not applicable to all multis

Wontonimo: bit your tongue !

Wontonimo: *bite

Astrobytes: :grin:

Wontonimo: (but not hard, that would hurt)

**Astrobytes throws a taco

Astrobytes: anyway, gotta sleep, should be around more at some point next week.

Default avatar.png Hoshiny: excuse me. Why my movie cannot move

Wontonimo: cool cool, me too Astrobytes

Wontonimo: Hoshiny, refresh your web page

Default avatar.png Hoshiny: Thanks

Wontonimo: no probs. how's the multi going Hoshiny ?

Default avatar.png Hoshiny: it was great,but I just join to be a coder(sorry that my English is poor)

Default avatar.png Hoshiny: pool

Default avatar.png Hoshiny: haha

Wontonimo: have you done much coding before coming here?

Default avatar.png Hoshiny: yes, but I think is not pretty much

Wontonimo: what programming language are you using?

Default avatar.png Chito[patito: javascript

Default avatar.png Hoshiny: python

Default avatar.png Hoshiny: haha

Wontonimo: both are good and I use both at work

Default avatar.png haengbokhae: is Ruby a good language to look for an entry position for programmer?

justchris: wow time flies so fast

Wontonimo: i dont know

Wontonimo: hey justchris, you haven't fixed your gold bot in mad pod racing

justchris: fixed how?

Wontonimo: they are not working properly

Wontonimo: die on frame 1

justchris: yeah i didnt make code for 2 pods, just 1

zakacat: Does anyone else write out their algorithms by hand sometimes?

Wontonimo: how else would you do it?

zakacat: in the IDE?

zakacat: commented out maybe

zakacat: I am not sure. I hadn't assumed it was common to do so

ASM_MOV_INT: i write pseudo code in IDE, then comment and create as I go... ;)

Wontonimo: do you mean your write it down on paper, with a writing implement of some nature like they did when they lived in caves?

zakacat: haha, yah

zakacat: exactly, chisel and stone over here

zakacat: JK, I like my pencil and paper

ASM_MOV_INT: my host enjoys the tactile sensation of writing...!

zakacat: I also find it comforting. I like sketching when I can. Plus, I am still not a very strong typist

zakacat: Host? Liiiikkee accomodation?

ASM_MOV_INT: ....rofl, that was a stargate sg-1 reference

Wontonimo: host, like fleshy meat bag that he inhabits

zakacat: Haha, well I was just trying not to be rude

ASM_MOV_INT: Anise of the tok'ra said that in one of the episodes when questioned about using a pen and computerized tablet

zakacat: And her race is parasitic?

ASM_MOV_INT: yes, benevolently so also.


zakacat: Gotcha

ASM_MOV_INT: don't mind me, i'm on too much coffee

Wontonimo: benevolently parasitic ... oxymoron

zakacat: Yah, like, can they host a corpse?

ASM_MOV_INT: lol... in the series? no

zakacat: Or are they symbiotic?

zakacat: with the host

ASM_MOV_INT: symbiotic

ASM_MOV_INT: it's a great show

ASM_MOV_INT: years ago, i checked out the first season from the local library.... ended up becoming a huge fan, bought the entire series, and the offshoots too, stargate atlantis, and stargate universe... and the movies

Wontonimo: lies, they toss the used meat mech once it is of no use


zakacat: Sounds similar to Star Trek. I will have to check it out some time

zakacat: hahaha, meat mech. Now there is an oxymoron

ASM_MOV_INT: i'm a huge trekkie too yes

Wontonimo: "oh, we are so civilized. the meat mechs are totally willing, breed that way and those who arnt are ... made to do other things ..."

Wontonimo: symbiotic nope. just good at PR

zakacat: lol

ASM_MOV_INT: indeed

Wontonimo: tbh, I'd like to be such an immortal parasite in a world of 8 billion meat mechs. Better than being a vampire

zakacat: More freedom, less power

ASM_MOV_INT: today kid's, our phrase of the day is: meat mech