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Default avatar.png swift_savage69: thank you

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: daddy

Default avatar.png Hexman: Hey guys im a shit coder

justchris: most of us are

Default avatar.png Hexman: :yin_yang:

Default avatar.png Hexman: it feels like i have a found a gem of a site

Default avatar.png Hexman: i hopu ur not all bots or something

justchris: you have, this is the best thing that happened my programmer career

Default avatar.png Hexman: awesome, well see you guys around tomorrow. gotta wake up early. nite nite

Default avatar.png Hexman: happy hacking

ASM_MOV_INT: i am bot

ASM_MOV_INT: ....not


justchris: spot the bot

Wontonimo: hey justchris, you got into gold

Wontonimo: congrats

justchris: thanks!

Wontonimo: how did you do it?

justchris: i added velocity offset and removed some unnecessary code

justchris: i had been overcomplicating things

justchris: do you have a neural network model?

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: troll

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: lololololl

Default avatar.png BIGmanN: if gay, then code

Default avatar.png BIGmanN: LMAO

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: :O

Default avatar.png BIGmanN: gotemmm

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: LOLLLL

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: LMAO

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: ROFL

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: :)

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: :(

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: ;)

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: :,(

Default avatar.png BIGmanN: guys click alt f4 for ultimate coder shortcut!!!

Default avatar.png BIGmanN: SHHHHH

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: :"(

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: binary search

____Z_X_C____: helppp

____Z_X_C____: how to do this?

____Z_X_C____: n = input() print(sum((ord(m)-97,for m in n if n.isalpha()))

____Z_X_C____: helppp

____Z_X_C____: moderators?'

____Z_X_C____: ps help

____Z_X_C____: pls*

____Z_X_C____: help, struct

____Z_X_C____: :sob:

BlaiseEbuth: Oo

Thorcode: hey

Thorcode: z, just del the ","

____Z_X_C____: right thx

Default avatar.png Ghouljokes: I really regret going "Hmm I'll just put my pod in the silver arena just to see how it does against other people so far" because now I'm stuck in gold with ai that wouldn't have had a good track record against sebulboss

5DN1L: is "track record" intended to be a pun?

Default avatar.png Ghouljokes: no, it was just a happy accident

5DN1L: :) and yeah, once you go forward you can't go back again

eulerscheZahl: gold is like a different game. 2 pods, all checkpoints known, different input format, ... try "Search Race" for a single player version of the game


Default avatar.png Ghouljokes: oh sweet I'll check that out

Thorcode: search race seem hard

Thorcode: try this

eulerscheZahl: as if that one would be easier :rofl:

____Z_X_C____: lol

____Z_X_C____: it is ... i think

____Z_X_C____: search race you cant even go to 100 percent

DialFrost: afternoon world

____Z_X_C____: lol

____Z_X_C____: night world

DialFrost: eulerschezahl get back to first place come on!

DialFrost: ;)

____Z_X_C____: hmm it must be really hard since he only plays bot game and opti seriously

eulerscheZahl: no, i lost all motivation

DialFrost: :(

____Z_X_C____: huh why?

Default avatar.png FORMS1: Hey guys, anyone wanna help a scrub with the temperature puzzle?

____Z_X_C____: lol

eulerscheZahl: my next game that i'll try will probably topcoder marathon starting in 6 days

DialFrost: ic

DialFrost: good luck zahl!

eulerscheZahl: thanks

DialFrost: hope the toad wins! ;)

____Z_X_C____: lol

eulerscheZahl: unlikely, so far my best on topcoder was 3rd

5DN1L: FORMS1 just ask your question

Default avatar.png FORMS1: OK, why is the attached code working?\

Default avatar.png FORMS1:

Default avatar.png FORMS1: not working*

5DN1L: Did you try to use cerr to debug?

Default avatar.png FORMS1: I did not

5DN1L: Try it. See if any actual values of the variables differ from what you expect them to be

Default avatar.png FORMS1: how does one cerr?

eulerscheZahl: int temp[i];

     temp[i] = t;

eulerscheZahl: out of bounds?

eulerscheZahl: and you don't even have to store all in an array. on top you declare a new array for each iteration of the loop just to store 1 value - behind the array

eulerscheZahl: in total it looks to chaotic for me to dig further

5DN1L: Best to let him cerr and see for himself :shrug:

eulerscheZahl: right

Default avatar.png leidashao: hell

BlaiseEbuth: hm?

Default avatar.png leidashao: Does anyone want to make a pen pal

____Z_X_C____: huh why penpal if you got internet?

BlaiseEbuth: interwhat?

____Z_X_C____: ah.. isee theres no internet on jupiter

Default avatar.png leidashao: OK

____Z_X_C____: ?

____Z_X_C____: ok?/

____Z_X_C____: ?

Default avatar.png leidashao: I want to make a foreign netizen

Default avatar.png leidashao: Can share life in different countries:money_mouth:

____Z_X_C____: lol

BlaiseEbuth: ngl

____Z_X_C____: om moderators i saw AlkhilJohn. spreading erm bad things in the cn chat


____Z_X_C____: thats from the chat

Thorcode: he's got banned

____Z_X_C____: already?

Thorcode: yep

____Z_X_C____: oo

Thorcode: for a long time

____Z_X_C____: lol

____Z_X_C____: i was talking to him the prev few days tho

____Z_X_C____: did know he was so bad

Thorcode: on just this chat

eulerscheZahl: banned? finally

Thorcode: he can chat anywhere esle but not this chat

Thorcode: I just talked with him on dis cord

eulerscheZahl: bans always work per channel

____Z_X_C____: hmm how come the top three in codingame is all not mods?

eulerscheZahl: so you can't really ban him from CoC chats as a new chatroom is created every time

Thorcode: eluer is a mod

eulerscheZahl: i used to be a mod but resigned

eulerscheZahl: dbdr still is

Thorcode: ah

Thorcode: sound right

____Z_X_C____: o

____Z_X_C____: hmm is there a way to block a person from private chats?

Thorcode: no

Thorcode: I tried to find a way

____Z_X_C____: thats sad

____Z_X_C____: what if someone just spam your account?

Thorcode: there's a lot of pp I want to blick but I can't

eulerscheZahl: not even mods can block anyone from sending them private messages

eulerscheZahl: and you sometimes gets insults after banning from here

____Z_X_C____: what if someone just spam your account?

Thorcode: just report him

eulerscheZahl: you get annoyed and ignore it

____Z_X_C____: ye ik

Default avatar.png leidashao: 这网站没有多语言系统吗?

Thorcode: and let thibaud do it

5DN1L: leidashao no

Thorcode: I think

5DN1L: leidashao no chinese anyway

Default avatar.png leidashao: It looks terrible

eulerscheZahl: there is a french version

____Z_X_C____: and a cn version

____Z_X_C____: join #cn

5DN1L: i think he means the whole website

5DN1L: not just the chat

eulerscheZahl: no, only chat. the website itself will remain in English

____Z_X_C____: hmm you could translate it in google tho

____Z_X_C____: the googlwe translate whole page

Default avatar.png leidashao: 5DN1L Are you Chinese?

5DN1L: Not your concern.

Thorcode: we could understand what you are talking by gg trans

jacek: or deepL

**eulerscheZahl used deepl

5DN1L: past tense

eulerscheZahl: used it a few min ago to translate the chinese sentence

5DN1L: "used"

5DN1L: ah I see

eulerscheZahl: sometimes you get funny results. when you write English on #fr and lionelFr tell you to write French on this channel, deepl says that LionelEn asks you to write English

BlaiseEbuth: Don't ping him :scream:

Thorcode: ?

eulerscheZahl: is he online?

Thorcode: nah


jacek: whos lionelFr

Thorcode: this guy?

BlaiseEbuth: :scream:

eulerscheZahl: top of game of drones leaderboard

Thorcode: he's offline chill out blaise

jacek: ahh lionel_fr

jacek: what about him?

eulerscheZahl: so i didn't ping him but you did

eulerscheZahl: still curious how they will rename Game of Drones

BlaiseEbuth: :scream:

jacek: game of pones

Thorcode: he's offline


BlaiseEbuth: Don't make him come.

eulerscheZahl: you can summon him by saying his name 3 times

5DN1L: What will happen when he comes?


5DN1L: Ghost in the Cell?

eulerscheZahl: cyborg uprising

Default avatar.png 350z: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online

Thorcode: I'm gonna summon him

Thorcode: lionel_fr

Thorcode: lionel_fr

Thorcode: lionel_fr

eulerscheZahl: didn't you watch the video?

Thorcode: wher is he

Thorcode: nah XD

Thorcode: that video is fun XD

Thorcode: why he's not here

Thorcode: XD

Merfi: Everyone remember to be yourself everyone else is already taken, and that you have to do good and good will come to you

Thorcode: ?

BlaiseEbuth: Like if you have a <3

Thorcode: :thumbsup:

Thorcode: Biggie Smalls

Thorcode: Biggie Smalls

Thorcode: Biggie Smalls

Thorcode: I can't summon Biggie Smalls

eulerscheZahl: he died in 1997

Alshock: <3

eulerscheZahl: now i wonder if that South Park episode was created before or after

Thorcode: hey blaise what happend if lionel_fr appear?

Thorcode: or euler

Thorcode: he's jusst a scifi writer

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah. Science fiction is the word to describe what happen when he comes...

Thorcode: ah understood

Thorcode: wonton would like that XD

LordMoopCow: Biggie smalls is for poor inner city kids... you're a coder now you listen to infected mushroom and chopin only

LordMoopCow: make me proud son

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: hello

Default avatar.png 350z: hello there

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: i need help

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: c#

BlaiseEbuth: Here you go

JarvinIV: hey i'm doing pod race can someone tell me how to gather the map data that is mentionned in the OPTION menue ? I'm in Python3.Thank's a lot

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: Any JS experts around here?

BlaiseEbuth: Dat troll...

JarvinIV: :joy:

BlaiseEbuth: You can't access them in your code JarvinIV if that's what you mean

JarvinIV: okk thank's

Uljahn: JarvinIV: you have to download and parse replays i guess

JarvinIV: that's what i meant

JarvinIV: even in the code that i made on the website right

JarvinIV: okk i get it yhanks

Uljahn: not for your code, just for external use

JarvinIV: yes like training an AI i guess

Uljahn: right

Almin5k: Hello Merfi, thank you for the device. You help me through the dark times. KEEP MOTIVATING:muscle:

BlaiseEbuth: Naaahhh! Chat turn into an average facebook wall! :scream:

Alshock: don't worry it's linkedin here, did I tell yall how my 2yo niece just launched her first biz ?

Alshock: that's fantastic this world is so beautiful, oh we are all lovely and clever

BlaiseEbuth: Did I tell yall how I launched my first biz selling my 2yo niece?

5DN1L: 👮 🚓

BlaiseEbuth: Don't worry, that was not really my niece. Just story teeling for business sake.

5DN1L: leave that speech for the judge :smirk:

BlaiseEbuth: This is an obstruction to the entrepreneurship freedom! :angry:

5DN1L: CG will ban you for potential legal issues :smirk:

BlaiseEbuth: Nah... They will just change my name.

5DN1L: :joy:

5DN1L: RaiseTruth

BlaiseEbuth: :3

Alshock: be careful if you manage to piss them off for real they might even give you your name back

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: 5dn1l can you sent the links again

5DN1L: What links?

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: the ones from yesterday

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: with th puzzle stuff

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: the

5DN1L: I have RAM-only memory

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: ok

BlaiseEbuth: Search it back here zoroarkmeister

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: thanks

5DN1L: yeah, was trying to look it up myself


bmacho: Is the chat logged :0

bmacho: and publicly readable

bmacho: that's bad

5DN1L: World chat log on 30 December 2021 is mysteriously missing

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: i want help

5DN1L: just ask your question

BlaiseEbuth: There's some holes yes.

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: mode is reverse

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: i have righted 1

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: i mean

bmacho: why is the chat log publicly available

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: Console.WriteLine("1");

bmacho: is that even legal

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: if i write this

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: Console.WriteLine("2");

bmacho: there is a suggested scope of the audience and availability of my messages

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: i defferent line

bmacho: that only you will see it, for 15 mins

bmacho: wtf

Default avatar.png SpiritOfACowboy: it give error

BlaiseEbuth: Only public chans are logged bmacho.

bmacho: that if i write somehting here, only you 5 people will see it for 15 mins, not that everyone can search, my employee, my wife, 3 years later

bmacho: thank you for listening my vent against the world

bmacho: have a nice day

BlaiseEbuth: That's a public chat, you're not supposed to say here things that could be compromising anyway...

bmacho: That would called forum or message wall.


bmacho: Have I allowed "CG Community" to handle my messages and put my messages on their webpage? No? Then why is CG available in the EU? What are my leaders doing, making random laws that they don't intend to enforce? Why?

BlaiseEbuth: Grmpf -_-

BlaiseEbuth: Not even sure there's a law about that.

BlaiseEbuth: Every chat, on any site is fully logged, even the private ones...

bmacho: Yes, CodinGame logs the chats, that I accepted when I registrered

bmacho: Also, I am fully aware that CG can't guarantee to not to log the chats, (they definitely should try) but it seems that they even encourage it, and are not very clear about that random people do actually put my name, face, and my chat messages on their websites

Astrobytes: "I am their user, they should protec me, ban the scrapers and the people that expose me, close XMPP, take down community wiki with lawyers, etc etc. Not supporting them" - I don't know if you noticed but the community is pretty far from malicious...

bmacho: Well, they already exposed me and my messages, so it's not just a potential concern.

Astrobytes: did you say something terrible in the web chat?

5DN1L: How did they expose you? We don't know who you are

DialFrost: lol

bmacho: Then they haven't exposed me to you personally :shrug:

5DN1L: oh. wow.

Astrobytes: the wiki chat log doesn't store anything other than your username and what you said in the webchat...

Astrobytes: Whatever you do... Don't. Join. Discord.

Kururugi: and when you said what in the webchat

Astrobytes: Kururugi: that's implied as it's a chat log

bmacho: Discord is very clear about that every message is available, they even let me read back :mind-blown:

Astrobytes: you can read back your messages on the chat log here too . . .

bmacho: I can't

Astrobytes: Er... yes you can

Kururugi: i am only seeing till last 2 hrs


Astrobytes: you need to wait for tomorrow to update, it's not realtime

bmacho: I don't have a chat log button

Astrobytes: It's a wiki link...

bmacho: It's a crime.

Astrobytes: it was put in the chat earlier


bmacho: It's still a crime, and you shouldn't link it.

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Astrobytes: OK, well enjoy making storms in teacups and mountains out of molehills :)

BlaiseEbuth: "random people do actually put my name, face, and my chat messages on their websites" So you're really a pink pony with glasses named bmacho? :o

Astrobytes: and "If you want to develop your own chatbot one day, here are some tips. First, store all available information, even if you don’t currently plan on using it." - you do realise you can't scrape sensitive personal info right...

Astrobytes: Unless you really don't want people knowing you like ponies

BlaiseEbuth: Is 'your' pic free of rights btw? :smirk:

bmacho: Nope.

bmacho: It's stolen.

Astrobytes: A crime! :o

bmacho: Stolen from Hasbro, and an internet artist I don't know

bmacho: :shrug:

Astrobytes: Corporate and personal IP theft eh, that'll carry a heft punishment...

Astrobytes: *hefty

Kururugi: Maybe yt creators

bmacho: So I shared accidentally shared something compromising of me, in the fate that only you read it, and it will disappear

bmacho: But nope, it will be forever on, and anyone can find it, searching my name

Astrobytes: you are aware this is a *public* chat

bmacho: I was in the fate that this is a *chat*

bmacho: And that CG holds the things that promised me in our contract, and EU wants them to do

bmacho: Making the basic security and such

Astrobytes: Complain to Thibaud :)


Astrobytes: that's twice you've posted that, we can all read

bmacho: That's my answer to " Complain to Thibaud :) "

bmacho: It's.. done

Astrobytes: He might not read that for weeks

Astrobytes: It's better to complain directly

Astrobytes: Or complain to a moderator via DM who will relay the message

MounirEnmeiRyuu: hello everyone,

MounirEnmeiRyuu: in Ultimate Tic Tac Toe, how to display the score on the GUI using C, I noticed some players do it.

5DN1L: That's not direct enough Astrobytes :joy:

darkhorse64: Astrobytes: this is the same guy that has been complaining on and on that DFS2 is NP hard and that the 5000+ solutions already found are all wrong. This is his new trolling subject

Astrobytes: :rofl:

bmacho: I tested some solutions

bmacho: And guess what

bmacho: They was all wrong

Astrobytes: NP-Hard :D

bmacho: :shrug:

bmacho: 2 player games tend to be NP-hard (you can simulate your favourite NP-hard problem with a good configuration)

Astrobytes: I think by now I'd have written an auto-kick script for myself :P

bmacho: How is that my fault

Astrobytes: I can see why you're unemployed

bmacho: Wow.

BlaiseEbuth: :rofl:

RamOnFire: what poppin

jacek: oO

Manchi_o6o7: Guys, please help

Manchi_o6o7: I am so unable to solve this


KiwiTae: Astrobytes >< wp

KiwiTae: o/

BlaiseEbuth: \o

KiwiTae: Manchi_o6o7 if u use vector #include <vector>

Manchi_o6o7: It is in Utility.h

ESMAKING: hello bitches!

eulerscheZahl: class User: public Database this reads so wrong

eulerscheZahl: "a user is a database"

eulerscheZahl: and getPassword() what about hashing?

Manchi_o6o7: I know it is so but the main problem is this

Manchi_o6o7: The user should have access somehow to a vector of users

Manchi_o6o7: but when I define it somewhere

Manchi_o6o7: I always have a circular dependency

Manchi_o6o7: problem

Manchi_o6o7: and I don't know how to get rid of it


eulerscheZahl: first thing google found, i rarely code C++

BlaiseEbuth: Use pointers.

KiwiTae: vector<user*>

KiwiTae: ya

BlaiseEbuth: First \o/

eulerscheZahl: technically your answer is part of my link

BlaiseEbuth: tl;dr

KiwiTae: eulerscheZahl n1

Manchi_o6o7: But it shouldn't be in the class itself

BlaiseEbuth: hm?

Manchi_o6o7: I have a platform class which contains a vector<User> allUsers;

Manchi_o6o7: the user class should be able somehow to also access that data

Manchi_o6o7: both of them should have access to allUsers

Rebollo: guys, what the limit size that a C++ MAP can handle?

KiwiTae: map::max_size()


Manchi_o6o7: maybe now it is more clear what I want to achieve

KiwiTae: that doesnt compile?

Rebollo: no C++

Manchi_o6o7: I compiles, but I need somehow to give access to the user

Manchi_o6o7: because some user methods are using these vectors and functions

Default avatar.png Muminpappan: der

swaggycat: hii

Default avatar.png THLsN: I guess the User could receive a Platform reference in its constructor, or make the Platform class static

Default avatar.png thisisparham: hi

Default avatar.png thisisparham:

Outsmarted: Tah le muscle orthonormé

Leeeooo: Tah le muscle orthonormé

5DN1L: English only please

Leeeooo: oupsi sorry

Outsmarted: Je speak english a bite

5DN1L: Don't keep forgetting it

Outsmarted: sorry

Leeeooo: I didn't see I was in the world channel

Outsmarted: my english is not very that good

Leeeooo: I have my TEpitech

5DN1L: good enough

5DN1L: or go to #fr channel

Leeeooo: Yes

Outsmarted: enculé

Outsmarted: sorry

Outsmarted: wrong channel

Leeeooo: lmao

Outsmarted: lmfao

Leeeooo: oh !

5DN1L: Did you even attempt to go to #fr channel in the first place

5DN1L: Next time: prepare to be kicked out

Outsmarted: Ok fine. Sorry for the desagreement

Outsmarted: Why are moderator so

Outsmarted: buutiful

5DN1L: :expressionless:

Leeeooo: Tableau

Outsmarted: What's that word meaning?

5DN1L: Don't flood this chat with non-coding related topics please

Leeeooo: A tableau is a buutiful boat

Leeeooo: Sorry

5DN1L: too late

Outsmarted: CXCVBNJK;LMLÙ!*$

Outsmarted: Ok

5DN1L: Both kicked out

Default avatar.png zedred: anynone having problems doing `malloc` in C?

Default avatar.png zedred: or memory problems in general?

struct: I rarely use C, whats the problem you are having?

Default avatar.png zedred: idiocracy

Default avatar.png zedred: somehow I managed to move the malloc a couple lines above where it was

Default avatar.png izimio: liberez justin

Default avatar.png blokman: not good


Default avatar.png abdulrahman03_: hey !!

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: wow, 14 contribs in one day

Default avatar.png Flowerbear: very cool

Default avatar.png abdulrahman03_: what do you mean by contribs

Kururugi: mor puzles, mor suferin

Default avatar.png FinnKrause: hello

Default avatar.png Big_Code: hey folks, for mars lander - episode 2, is it possible to use land_x and land_y to read the terrain? going well up to 3rd case but without reading the ground it feels like i have to change x and y to match each test

struct: check if the land_y is equal two times in a row

Default avatar.png Big_Code: I threw land_y into the debug output and it repeats the same number for the whole test

struct: it doesnt for me


struct: thats what I get on the landX, landY for loop

struct: on test case 3

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Ohh Okay, I see where I was wrong to get that output. you printed out the landX, landY results from the first for loop i assume? I tried to print out landX, landY but the program gets upset since it expects a speed of 0-4

Scarfield: you cant print out the x AND y coordinates untill you have read them all, ie not in the first loop. they have to be stored. you can error print, the game will ignore error prints, which language are you using?

struct: Big_Code you can print do stderr to debug

struct: which language are you using?

Default avatar.png Big_Code: ah i see, thanks for clarifying. I'm using python 3, sorry bit of a noob especially with error outputs

jacek: you never make errors? :o

struct: print("Debug messages...", file=sys.stderr, flush=True)

Default avatar.png Hexman: lmfao

Default avatar.png Big_Code: @jacek oh no i make errors all the time hahah i just meant with actually seeing the errors :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png Big_Code: struct I have that line at the bottom, thats where I was getting just a single output for my landX and landY

struct: ah

Default avatar.png Big_Code: It just outputs 6999 800 the entire loop

struct: python things

struct: :)

Default avatar.png Big_Code: heh, ill keep hammering away. was able to get about 20 outputs of 6999 800 :sweat_smile: just curious, what language did you use for your landX, landY outputs?


struct: that should print it on first turn

Scarfield: ah remembered it being seperate loops for x and y coords

Default avatar.png Big_Code: .. :expressionless: i guess i didn't scroll all the way up last time I tested, I see the output from the first turn now. Apologies and thank you!!

seagull: Is the guy at #1 in the UK actually a bot?

seagull: woops i made a chat channel called #1

struct: in clash of code?

seagull: yea

seagull: Couldn't find a UK chat

struct: i have no idea if he is using a bot or no

seagull: oh you're a moderator i feel bad now lol

seagull: i was just wondering cause it would be a pretty funny taunt if they arent but i don't think theyre actually from uk

Leeeooo: Hello guys :)

Outsmarted: hi guys

Default avatar.png Big_Code: :wave:

Leeeooo: How are you ?

Scarfield: struct, do you know the board game "balck hole"


struct: no

BlaiseEbuth: Scartypo

jacek: blackfield

Scarfield: lol

Default avatar.png Anthonyalwayshungry: hello

jacek: youre gonna port it?

Scarfield: rules explained in a few seconds, seems interesting enough, maybe a bigger board needed

thunderegg: anyone have perfect coding for Power of thor ep 1

thunderegg: plz send

Scarfield: BalckEbuth, Balkcek

BlaiseEbuth: It's not explained by gaurav sen? Disapointing... :/

struct: bigger board is needed for sure

jacek: and make it hexes

Scarfield: thats a given

jacek: msmits will solve it in a night

Default avatar.png Big_Code: I think im lacking the math skills for this lol. I need to find the straight line from the input of landX and landY. Do I have to compare each coordinate? or would anyone have a nudge in the right direction? :grin: don't want any answers, just kinda stuck

struct: you need to check if the previous landY is equal to the current landY that you are reading

struct: the points are given in the right order

Leeeooo: What is this shit bro $

Leeeooo: fsdfsdf

TheVietJedi: please respect each other in the chat

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Ohh I see, so i'm thinking a bit more advanced? All I have to do is determine if the current landY matches the previous, and if so, thats the line?

struct: I think so

Scarfield: it is

Default avatar.png Big_Code: that looks like the case according to the other test coordinates. much simpler then I was thinking. thanks a ton!

Outsmarted: fuck you all

Leeeooo: OH !

Leeeooo: What are you doing bro ?

5DN1L: He's out of here for a while

Default avatar.png Atomcast: woah

Default avatar.png RustyCarnivore_c7b1: Hello

Default avatar.png RustyCarnivore_c7b1: How are doing

Default avatar.png Atomcast: good

Default avatar.png Atomcast: hru

Default avatar.png Hexman: do you guys know how i can check if i can boost?

struct: you can only use boost once

Default avatar.png Hexman: oh okay thanks

BlaiseEbuth: he strikes again :rofl:

thunderegg: who

bmacho: Can you kick and ban the bullies thx

thunderegg: CG

thunderegg: is that the guy

thunderegg: Send me code for Power of Thor ep 1

thunderegg: my code didnt work

Default avatar.png Big_Code: why not figure it out yourself

Default avatar.png Big_Code: copy pasting the right code won't help you

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: thunderegg, it isn't solvable. NP hard

thunderegg: Im not a good coder

thunderegg: just started weeks ago

thunderegg: and its my first time

thunderegg: Wontonimo told me how to start

thunderegg: But i didnt know

Husoski: Then go work on your chops in easier puzzles until you *can* write the code.

Default avatar.png Big_Code: with the best intentions; you won't become a good coder if you just use someone elses code to solve the puzzle :) if you do, at least try to understand what the successful code is doing

thunderegg: No i dont wanna do kiddi coding

thunderegg: i started on python

struct: well you also dont want to skip steps

thunderegg: ik

Alex4200: hello

thunderegg: Whats the easiest game to start with

Husoski: I just looked...Power of Thor 1 is pretty easy after all; *IF* you know coordinate geometry.

Husoski: There are several ways to figure this out. One is to measure the distance to the light measured in number of moves) and see which one(s) are shorter..

Husoski: Or, get out a pencil and paper and work out how to choose the right direction based on (x2-x1) and (y2-y1) values.

Husoski: PS: Thor moves like a king in chess, and the "king distance" between (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) = max(abs(x1-x2), abs(y1-y2)) moves.

Husoski: I strongly suggest you get out that pencil and paper (or a checkerboard) and see *why* that formula works.

thunderegg: So whats the easiest game

thunderegg: that has a helping thing

Husoski: Games aren't easy, almost by definition.

thunderegg: So

thunderegg: Whats best for begginers

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Go fish

Default avatar.png Big_Code: you just said you didnt want to do kiddie scripting so why do you want an easy game

thunderegg: A game on this site thats a bit easy

thunderegg: Not very easy

Husoski: They usually have many parts. Thor is pretty easy in 2D. Mars Lander episode 1 is 1D, but it helps to know some physics.

struct: thor is probably one of the easier ones

thunderegg: ok

bmacho: temperatures is it

thunderegg: What site did yall use to start coding

Husoski: I used Mars Lander 1 to get the "multiple languages" achievement.

thunderegg: Whats the best begginer site

thunderegg: :angry

Husoski: CodeWars has a bunch of easy puzzles and they don't offer you harder ones until you succeed at your current level. That's not too bad if you can handle the easy ones.

Default avatar.png Big_Code: :joy:

thunderegg: :angry:

thunderegg: :rage:

5DN1L: So we're all responsible for your learning, heh?

thunderegg: No

thunderegg: Im just asking how yall learned

thunderegg: So ican use that methode

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Seems like you want everyone else to be responsible, "Give me code for thor ep 1, i dont want to do kiddie scripts, give me easiest game, oh thats to hard, give me easiest website"

thunderegg: Shut up

Default avatar.png Big_Code: :joy:

Husoski: There used to be a decent free site called "Learn Python the Hard Way" (still there but changed format and not free) and some of the advice in their intro was golden. One in particular was: "Don't copy-paste." Period. If you get a piece of code you want to use, type it it.

VizGhar: well we are loosing yet another user :(

Husoski: If that seems like too much work, you need the practice typing code. Meanwhile, just the act of doing that (and fixing up typos later when the compiler complains) helps you focus on just what that code is doing.

Husoski: Turns out, "the hard way" is really the easier way in the long run.

Uljahn: agreed

thunderegg: LOOSER

5DN1L: ViZGhar, I do think CG should make it clear to the new users that they are expected to have acquired the basics of a programming language before using this website. This is more of a website for practising (and learning more advanced stuff)

5DN1L: thunderegg Please be respectful

Husoski: That means "more loose", not "one who loses".

Default avatar.png Big_Code: someone is a little upset that thor beat him :(

thunderegg: ok computer man i wont be disrespectful

thunderegg: thunderegg Please be respectful

Default avatar.png Big_Code: no one codes perfectly the first time, if you can't handle getting it wrong 10 or even 100 times, maybe its not for you

thunderegg: I can handle it

thunderegg: its just ive been working on it for weeks

thunderegg: So can someone teach me or send me a link to were they learned

thunderegg: Looserig

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: That kind of persistence is perfect for joining the marine corp.

thunderegg: LOL


thunderegg: Does anyone think im gay

bmacho: persistence I do have :eyes:

BlaiseEbuth: Persistence is np hard.

Default avatar.png Big_Code: here you go thunder

VizGhar: 5DN1L i understand, I was sarcastic

5DN1L: :ok_hand:

thunderegg: Does anyone think im gay

VizGhar: o.O

5DN1L: That's not a relevant question to ask here thunderegg

5DN1L: We aren't interested

thunderegg: why ya put that 5DN1L

5DN1L: put what

thunderegg: The red Speach thing

5DN1L: the line is shown in red whenever your name is mentioned

thunderegg: Thats not a relevant question to ask here thunderegg

5DN1L: it's a feature of this chatroom

5DN1L: not my doing

thunderegg: yes it is

thunderegg: its under your chat tag

5DN1L: sigh

BlaiseEbuth: That's not a chat, that's a forum.

5DN1L: Automaton2000, help us

Automaton2000: and has a lot of time

bmacho: automaton2000 HELP US

Automaton2000: that last bit triggers me, oh well.

bmacho: Oh, well :eyes:

Default avatar.png yex: hi! how can I check other ppl code after completing an exercise?

5DN1L: like which puzzle?

5DN1L: I can give you an example

bmacho: In the left menu the "solution" button should become clickable

bmacho: in the IDE

5DN1L: more convenient to view them in the puzzle's first page

bmacho: yep

PatrickMcGinnisII: another level 5DN1L, gratz

5DN1L: thanks

5DN1L: Wow didn't know someone's been paying attention to my level o_O

PatrickMcGinnisII: It's the curse of an eidetic memory. I had hoped I had burned them braincells, smh.

PatrickMcGinnisII: or i cheat


PatrickMcGinnisII: probably the latter

5DN1L: hah

PatrickMcGinnisII: actually a bit of both, but I am old, gratz tho

5DN1L: thanks again lol

5DN1L: now don't loop it

5DN1L: :smirk:

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: beware, when you reach level 40, the devious french start to track your every move

PatrickMcGinnisII: :tropical_drink:

Default avatar.png JBM: which one's the devious one?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: all of us

5DN1L: :scream:

bmacho: so how do they know about that you opened the problem IDE?

PatrickMcGinnisII: So if there's ever a CG convention there will be a run run on zit cream and rubber cuckies

PatrickMcGinnisII: er duckies

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: bmacho, that's the kind of thing I'm talking about. nobody knows how they do it

PatrickMcGinnisII: 8sigh*

bmacho: what

bmacho: wtf

Default avatar.png Big_Code: hey folks, would anyone have a sec to help me understand why 'land' is numbered like this?

My goal was to get each land coordinate numbered in the list. (1, 2, 3 etc.) but am only getting 0 and 1. *I'm prepared for the bullying of my code :grin: *


PatrickMcGinnisII: nevermind

BlaiseEbuth: Automaton2000 don't talk to this guy. He said you're a criminal.

Automaton2000: i feel like the boss is going down

bmacho: what's the input?

5DN1L: Big_Code because you used enumerate

PatrickMcGinnisII: did a puzzle, i will return to the real world now

PatrickMcGinnisII: glhf

5DN1L: that's not land_x really

5DN1L: i think it is (land_x, land_y)

5DN1L: but you have named the tuple "land_x"


Default avatar.png Big_Code: You're right, I was thinking I would change land_x, land_y to a single variable, and it would hold them both as a single coordinate. but by changing it to just a single 'land_x' that probably messed it up

bmacho: try land_x.append ( input().split()[0] )

bmacho: for building up a list with land_x values in row

5DN1L: change that into land_x, land y

5DN1L: Big_Code

bmacho: no don't try this, that will lose all the land_y values

5DN1L: and delete the list

5DN1L: well

5DN1L: depends on what Big_Code wants

5DN1L: many ways to achieve the same goal

5DN1L: surely i won't say mine is the only way

Default avatar.png Big_Code: hmm, well my goal was to get each set of coordinates from the input bundled together, then compare Y values to find the landing pad. Someone mentioned the landing pad coords will always be paired together, so i've been trying to list them out to compare the values

bmacho: isn't Python's story that its creator wanted to do everything only 1 way?

Default avatar.png Big_Code: and once it gets to the set of coordinates that is the line, store those as a variable to use later. So I can tell the lander where to go

5DN1L: create an empty list in the beginning

5DN1L: then in the loop, read the inputs and append to the list

5DN1L: after all have been read, you can do whatever you want with the list of coordinates

Default avatar.png Big_Code: I think my concern with having them separated was the X value losing track of which Y value it's tied to

5DN1L: you can use tuples

5DN1L: or a list as you have used

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Okay gotcha I'll give that a shot, thank you all very much for your time :grin:

5DN1L: :)

5DN1L: typo: 12 minutes ago - i typed "tuple" it should be "list"

5DN1L: 10* minutes ago

Default avatar.png Big_Code: well this is quite a different output :joy:

still messing with it just thought it was funny lol

5DN1L: lol

5DN1L: coords = [int(j) for j in input().split()]

5DN1L: this is quite sufficient to hold one pair of coordinates

5DN1L: then surface.append(coords)

5DN1L: and print(coords, file=sys.stderr, flush=True)

Default avatar.png Big_Code: hmm definitely some progress I think. By replacing coords with surface in the print statement, i was able to get a list of coordinates outside the for loop

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png Big_Code: now I just have to find out how to compare the Y values while keeping the X values tied to them :thinking:

5DN1L: If you don't modify the list, the values will always be there

visva: any1 here good with methods in java

Nixerrr: Everyone

Nixerrr: What's happening?

BlaiseEbuth: Don't insult me.

Default avatar.png Big_Code: one thing I'm wondering is, are the x and y values separate in this list I made? or is each group of coordinates considered a single value

Nixerrr: :kissing_cat:

Default avatar.png Big_Code: I think I just need to lookup how input.split works

5DN1L: Big_Code, yes, look it up first, and ask if you still don't understand

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Will do, thanks again for all your help! :grin:

5DN1L: :clap:

BlaiseEbuth: You killed a fly ! Monster ! :scream:

5DN1L: doesn't matter if I didn't kill you during the process :smirk:

5DN1L: unless you're actually... that fly?

BlaiseEbuth: Flies lives matters!

5DN1L: Protest in front of the frogs? :thinking:

BlaiseEbuth: Save flies, eat frogs, be French.

thunderegg: LOOSERSS

thunderegg: LOL FRUGS

5DN1L: thunderegg, I'll kick you out of the chatroom if you keep behaving this way

Default avatar.png BrutalChildMachine_ff50: no memes in general

Default avatar.png BrutalChildMachine_ff50: :clap:

Default avatar.png bigdaddyornigger: fuck me

5DN1L: kick you

VizGhar: I'm trying to imagine the kid sitting in front of computer writing this... impossible

5DN1L: their mind is on one single thing

5DN1L: and nothing else

VizGhar: what is that thing? o.O

5DN1L: kick you :joy:

VizGhar: heh

Default avatar.png Antoni_sz: hi

Default avatar.png Antoni_sz: duh

VizGhar: hello

Default avatar.png xargon: Can anyone simplify for me what a hash map is?

5DN1L: dictionary

5DN1L: Have I oversimplified, Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: i need to learn c++

Default avatar.png xargon: 5DN1L yes, but to much :D

5DN1L: lol

Default avatar.png xargon: what is the difference between a map and an object?

bmacho: objects are more general than maps

bmacho: maps are objects too

bmacho: but there are other type of objects

VizGhar: like knife or book

Default avatar.png xargon: is there anything a map can do that a generic object can't do?

VizGhar: map is data structure that hold key-value pairs (keys are unique)

5DN1L: VizGhar: reminds me of "The pen is mightier than the sword"

VizGhar: object is instance of class and can do whatever it is designed to do

bmacho: Nooo

bmacho: Where

bmacho: what language

Default avatar.png Derek_DSouza: i am back

Default avatar.png Derek_DSouza: yes

Ryan_Brighton: derek

Default avatar.png lucapalermo: no covid monkeys alloweod here

oliver-goeken: ryan what the hell

Default avatar.png Derek_DSouza: RYAN

Default avatar.png Yilin.X: YOO

5DN1L: no time for spamming

Default avatar.png Derek_DSouza: what

5DN1L: spamming leads to kicking out

oliver-goeken: oh my

Default avatar.png lucapalermo: kick deez

jacek: oO

oliver-goeken: kicking out

Default avatar.png Yoobin_lee: who

Default avatar.png Yoobin_lee: asked

oliver-goeken: well we wouldn't want that

Default avatar.png BrandonPetersen: knock knock

Ryan_Brighton: whgos there

Default avatar.png lucapalermo: who's there

oliver-goeken: who's there

Default avatar.png Derek_DSouza: who's tjhere

5DN1L: who's the first one who wants to be kicked out?

Default avatar.png Yoobin_lee: who?

oliver-goeken: aw are you gonna put us in time out

Default avatar.png BrandonPetersen: who's the first one who wants to be kicked out? Who?

Ryan_Brighton: kick me out i have covid

oliver-goeken: yeah get him outta here

5DN1L: ok, as you wish

oliver-goeken: HELL YEAH

Default avatar.png Derek_DSouza: POGGies

5DN1L: You're next

Default avatar.png Yoobin_lee: who?

oliver-goeken: oh shit fuck guys im next

oliver-goeken: oh god

Default avatar.png lucapalermo: :scream:

oliver-goeken: help guys no please i wanna stay

Default avatar.png lucapalermo: 5DN1L more like 5 deez nuts 1 loser

Ryan_Brighton: :sunglasses:

5DN1L: yeah?

Default avatar.png Yoobin_lee: who?

Default avatar.png Derek_DSouza: me?

oliver-goeken: guyyyys come onnn this is a serious server

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: ban them all and let God sort them out

Default avatar.png Yoobin_lee: who?

Default avatar.png Yilin.X: Yo this a Christian server ?

oliver-goeken: I don't fear god

oliver-goeken: god fears me

Default avatar.png lucapalermo: test

Default avatar.png BrandonPetersen: 5DN1L did you take your name from the serial number on your toaster machine?


Default avatar.png lucapalermo: I have repented for my actions

oliver-goeken: im back babyyyyy

5DN1L: 3 banned, how many to go?

Default avatar.png nut123: who?

Default avatar.png Derek_DSouza: i am sorry

Default avatar.png BrandonPetersen: can we hit 69?

5DN1L: sigh, you beg to be banned

Default avatar.png nut123: who?

5DN1L: you too

Default avatar.png nut123: asked

Default avatar.png nut123: :poop:

Default avatar.png Derek_DSouza: I am the last one

Default avatar.png Derek_DSouza: hows your day going?

Default avatar.png Yilin.X: Hello there

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Well done 5DN1L. Astro would be proud

5DN1L: :shrug:

Default avatar.png Derek_DSouza: yeah great job 5DN1L

Default avatar.png Yilin.X: Me and and my homies hate astro

Rebollo: Guys:

Rebollo: Basically I am struggling to sort MAP elements by their key string length

Rebollo: in C++

Rebollo: And I am inserting the elements inside a for loop just like that: mapMorse[morseCode] = word;

Rebollo: without using insert keyword..

Rebollo: got

Rebollo: it

Rebollo: I ignore the fact that the length could be equal

Rebollo: I was using only "<"

Rebollo: in the lambda function

Rebollo: should use <= instead

Default avatar.png AmineACH51: Hello

Rebollo: Hi mr. everybody is sleeping..

Default avatar.png AmineACH51: Yeah

Rebollo: Or they are to smart to talk to people like me

Rebollo: too*

Rebollo: or too nerd

superpenguin612: lol

Rebollo: just kidding

zakacat: How many total clashes are there?

PATTRIM: a lot

zakacat: So, like what are the chances of me just doing a lot of them and hoping that I get to do repeats to beef up my numbers?

Rebollo: null

zakacat: Lol, fair

Rebollo: kidding

Rebollo: The goal here is learning

Rebollo: everything else is nothing

bmacho: close to 0

zakacat: Um, I am pretty sure the goal is to be the very best, that no one ever was.

Rebollo: for some of genius you are right

Rebollo: there are a lot of them

bmacho: there are a lot of things too

bmacho: so one might think that they just choose a thing and he can be the very best

bmacho: but actually the geniuses are the very best in multiple things, and if you came up with a random thing

bmacho: you can't be the best

bmacho: bc some geniuses will be still better than you

Rebollo: they are

bmacho: yeah

zakacat: hmm, ingenuity can also be a measure of how well a person can solve problems. I think this includes trying to solve unfamiliar problems.

zakacat: Like, practice is one thing, but we want those critical thinking skills

Rebollo: OMG I need the help of a genius

Rebollo: they are awesome

Rebollo: And I am not

Rebollo: OMG some can help me with inserting elements in a c++ map

Rebollo: sorting by a custom rule?

Rebollo: like for its length

zakacat: I am not that genius

zakacat: lol

Rebollo: They sleep during the day I think

Katespizer: use js, its better than c++, trust me

Rebollo: say it carefully here you might break a few hearts

Alex4200: hello what are you going ?

Rebollo: bad

Thorcode: fine XD

Thorcode: trust me just summon biggie small to be happy XD

Rebollo: Does anybody knows what I am doing wrong to sort a MAPA by its key string length?

Rebollo: auto comp = [](const string& a ,const string& b) { return a.length() <= b.length(); };

Rebollo: C++

Rebollo: please

Thorcode: I dunno XD

Rebollo: The size of the ap is showing 10000

Rebollo: but when I do a loop

Rebollo: with

Rebollo: map.begin()

Rebollo: map.end()

Rebollo: show only 1000

Alex4200: oriented object.

Wontonimo: hey Thorcode

ASM_MOV_INT: your map is missing 9000 items?

Rebollo: I fixed it but still don´t know how

Rebollo: maybe the way i have create the iterator

ASM_MOV_INT: that still earns a good job :)

Rebollo: sure I was getting crazy

Rebollo: whole day trying to fix

Rebollo: lol

Rebollo: thanks for the message anyway

Thorcode: hi Wontonimo

Wontonimo: hey