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Blokops: going to have to give up on legends of code and magic

Blokops: just cant pass bronze

Blokops: never fucking mind apperently now im silver

Blokops: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

PATTRIM: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Nixerrr: No sleep till legend, Blokops

Blokops: no, dont do this to me

Blokops: top 400 that the best i can do in P = NP time

____Z_X_C____: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

CSLK: can someone share with me the solution of puzzle of the week pls

____Z_X_C____: lol do oyourself

UndefLich: what's up?

Dren: hello

Mortis_666: hi

PEAKER: hiii

UndefLich: hi

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: hi

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: anyone is here

BlaiseEbuth: Nope.

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: who are you

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: where are you from

UndefLich: I'm from Chile

UndefLich: and where are you from?

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: Pakistan

UndefLich: what time is in there?

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: it's 12:13

UndefLich: here is 4:12 am

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: morning

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: why didn't you slept

UndefLich: I'm clashing

LordMoopCow: clash > sleep

LordMoopCow: sleep == for poor people

LordMoopCow: clash > poor people

LordMoopCow: end of proof

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: :joy:

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: right

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: what's you mobile number

UndefLich: -0000000000000000000

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: ok pick up the call

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: it's ringing

Default avatar.png C0c0: Hi everyone

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: hi

LordMoopCow: ok heres my number baby....

LordMoopCow: 123...456... 7889..... call me

LordMoopCow: ;)

Mortis_666: 👋

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: what language you guys know

LordMoopCow: English

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: computer language

gemivere: Legends of Code and Magic is very hard to pick up on

gemivere: I can't seem to figure out the syntax for simply picking a random number between 0 and card_count

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: so

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: what you want

Dren: i’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: ok 1 plate chicken tikka, chomin and burgur

Default avatar.png HotChild_a27c: with fries and cock

5DN1L: Play your cooking/coding game here:

derjack: oh my

Tien2k9: does anyone complete the puzzle of the week?

5DN1L: 143 have finished it up to now


Mortis_666: oof

BlaiseEbuth: That's not valid clojure...

5DN1L: True == True gives True

5DN1L: True, True == True gives (True, True)

5DN1L: True, True == True, True gives (True, True, True)

5DN1L: interesting


n0b1e: Anyone else done vox codei ep 1 here?

5DN1L: Done almost 3 years ago... already forgotten what I've done :disappointed:

n0b1e: awww ok np I had an issue with the 'minimaxing' part of my code but if you don't remember its cool

BlaiseEbuth: Ahah! So you're a finally a smurf 5DN1L.

BlaiseEbuth: -a

**5DN1L looks up smurf

BlaiseEbuth: Liar :unamused:

5DN1L: hmmm?

5DN1L: My account was created 3 years ago

BlaiseEbuth: And never earned any cp before september 2021?

5DN1L: Honestly I can't remember when I did what :joy: One thing for sure, didn't do any clashes until last year

5DN1L: And I was not active for a long time in between

BlaiseEbuth: clashs :scream:

5DN1L: Real life got in the way

5DN1L: I don't like clashes. I do them just for the achievement

PATTRIM: u r still 146 place tho

5DN1L: whatever, let it slide after I got the achievement lol

BlaiseEbuth: Real life? Don't know that part of the site.

BlaiseEbuth: Seems boring

5DN1L: It's more exciting and distressing than you can imagine. But never mind that now.

Mortis_666: 5DN1L thx

HarleyOT: horw dow speedwun fur utube

HarleyOT: siuuuu

5DN1L: What English variant is that

HarleyOT: idk

HarleyOT: braindead

5DN1L: i see

HarleyOT: not for long

bmacho: tl;dr comparison has a higher precedence than tuple creating

bmacho: in python

HarleyOT: wuup brony

Jojo_lasticot: Hey bro

HarleyOT: nah im good

HarleyOT: ty

Jojo_lasticot: I have a problems

Jojo_lasticot: Why do I pass steps automatically When I didn't succeed

GabeSW: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

HarleyOT: cuz u suck

5DN1L: no spamming here please

5DN1L: and mind your language

HarleyOT: who is spamming

HarleyOT: suck is a very tame word

Jojo_lasticot: You i think

HarleyOT: im not spamming

HarleyOT: im talking

HarleyOT: like a normal person

HarleyOT: interacting with the community

5DN1L: don't worry if you think you are doing ok. but be warned that I'll kick if I find you not ok

HarleyOT: what

HarleyOT: r u ok?

R0m_Hein: :expressionless:

HarleyOT: 😴😴😴😴

R0m_Hein: stop bro


HarleyOT: wdym stop im not doing anything

5DN1L: Don't feel targeted

5DN1L: Just a reminder to everyone here

HarleyOT: 🤡

R0m_Hein: read the rules

HarleyOT: i havent broken any rules

HarleyOT: you read them

5DN1L: OK, stop the argument guys

Default avatar.png OmegaTurboGaming: xd

R0m_Hein: okay 5DN1L :slight_smile:

5DN1L: thanks

Default avatar.png Void_walker: i am so trash _"

Default avatar.png Void_walker: ok now i undrstanded that trash is better than me "_"

5DN1L: You'd better learn and improve then

R0m_Hein: :joy:

Default avatar.png Void_walker: dose the solution pops up when the round is finished?

Default avatar.png Void_walker: cuz i saw nothing it just finishes

5DN1L: what do you mean? a clash of code or what?

ESMAKING: guys do you like me

5DN1L: not if you spam here

Default avatar.png Bjorm: :joy:

ESMAKING: i dont spam stop abuse ur mod

ESMAKING: everybody lets report @5DN1L for being a bad moderator

5DN1L: You sure?

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: i need help

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: i dont know how to complete the race

5DN1L: Is it Mad Pod Racing?

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: yes

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: i am new

5DN1L: Which league are you in?

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: lua

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: i can change it if you want

5DN1L: Erm not the language

5DN1L: I mean league

5DN1L: Is it Wood 3?

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: i am in thw first

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: the

5DN1L: ok

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: i just startet with ai

5DN1L: First you need to learn to where to find your league

5DN1L: It's in the top left corner

5DN1L: can you see it?

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: no

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: you mean mad pod racing

5DN1L: yes

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: ok

5DN1L: next to the name

5DN1L: there's the league

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: you mean my lvl

5DN1L: It should say something like "Mad Pod Racing Wood 3 League "

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: not here

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: it just says mad pot racing

Uljahn: i guess bot ai multiplayer games might be hard for a complete beginner

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: oh

5DN1L: are you?

5DN1L: do you know the basics of Lua?

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: yes i am a beginner is startet today

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: no

____Z_X_C____: lol

5DN1L: Oh that's a problem

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: ok

5DN1L: ____Z_X_C____ You've got messages in the forum about your puzzle

____Z_X_C____: o

5DN1L: zoroarkmeister If you don't know anything about Lua yet, you'd better learn it elsewhere, then come back to practise here

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: so

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: ok

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: i already know how to make it move to the first checkpoint

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

5DN1L: hope to see you again

5DN1L: oh right?

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: me to

5DN1L: You can of course continue to try here

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: ok

5DN1L: but if you find it hard, better learn something elsewhere first

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: is there something else

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: in this wepsite

5DN1L: well, you can try:

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: to learn lua

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: ok

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: i will try

5DN1L: but other than that part, most parts on the website require you have some basic knowledge of a language

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: ok what now

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: oh

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: well we will see

5DN1L: Yes :)

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: soo i am here now what do i do next

5DN1L: try to look for things of interest here:

5DN1L: and try out some puzzles if you want

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: ok

5DN1L: you can learn and google along the way

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: yes

5DN1L: if you find it too difficult, pick up the knowledge elsewhere first and come back here later

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: ok

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: wait

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: i cant find puzzles for lua

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: and there is no lua at the filters

5DN1L: oh...

5DN1L: didn't expect that :P

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: ok

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: then i will try more with the pod

5DN1L: yeah, or the puzzles here:

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: yes

Blabbage: Or try Python, shouldn't be too hard going from Lua

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: ok

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: hmm

Default avatar.png nesnes112: Hi everyone I want to write a javascript instruction which allows to replace each s (not followed by c) in a string by sc this is what I wrote but it didn't work

Default avatar.png nesnes112: let w=word.replace('s([^c])','sc');

Merfi: yes my friend, thats goodt. but just remember to be the change that you wish to see in the world

Almin5k: Hello nesnes just remember life isn’t finding shelter in the storm. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. Keep trying, and you will find a solution :muscle:

5DN1L: :rolling_eyes:

whateverxd: word.replace(/sc?/g,'sc')

Default avatar.png nesnes112: whateverxd thank you i'll try it now

Default avatar.png nesnes112: it's correct

Default avatar.png nesnes112: thank you very much

whateverxd: ur wlc :thumbsup:

bmacho: when I'm online people follow me and invite me to clash

bmacho: even when i don't do anything

bmacho: where do they see that im online anyway

5DN1L: your profile

5DN1L: a green dot at the upper right corner

5DN1L: of your profile pic

bmacho: but where they see my pfp

5DN1L: in the chat

bmacho: no

bmacho: i dont write here

5DN1L: if they have followed you then they can get to see your profile easily too

Wontonimo: if you follow them then they can message you offline

Wontonimo: *message you when you are offline

5DN1L: anyway if you don't like to see clash invites, you can turn it off in your settings

bmacho: it's a mystery then

Wontonimo: if you don't want to see this chat , you can add ?disableChat to the end of the codingame url and it will remove this side chat

bmacho: yeah i turned off all the notifications

bmacho: wow!

bmacho: I'll try that too, thx

Default avatar.png RomainBourel: hello it's my firs time on this website. I'm jr. I understand what we must do but don't know how take the argment and return the new

Wontonimo: which puzzle arer you working on?

Default avatar.png RomainBourel: I'm on a clash (I think it wasn't good idea for first try)

Default avatar.png RomainBourel: i used php

Wontonimo: the way this site works is that data is sent to your program via stdin

Wontonimo: and your program must respond with stdout

Wontonimo: try this puzzle

Wontonimo: you can see that for PHP

Default avatar.png RomainBourel: ok it's good first step I'll try thank you

Wontonimo: the data is read using fscanf(STDIN ...

Wontonimo: and the "answer" is sent via echo(" ...

Default avatar.png nesnes112: hi

Default avatar.png nesnes112: what is the equivalent of this python instruction in javascript

Default avatar.png nesnes112: print(,a))

Wontonimo: i don't know what center does

Default avatar.png nesnes112: center the display of the result

Wontonimo: what's n and a?

Default avatar.png nesnes112: I wrote to you in private Wontonimo

BlaiseEbuth: :scream:

Wontonimo: scary, I know

Wontonimo: hey nesnes112, just ask your question here

Wontonimo: you've spent about 5 min asking me in private chat if you can ask me. just ask. don't ask to ask

Default avatar.png nesnes112: ok

jacek: but what if he cant

Wontonimo: I think that is actually the problem, he doesn't know how to ask

jacek: assuming ans is string

Wontonimo: he wants to start a video call and walk through his whole operation

Default avatar.png nesnes112: which javascript instruction equivalent to this python instruction

jacek: and in javascipt probably there would be something like padStart and padEnd

Default avatar.png nesnes112: print(,a))

jacek: but i dunno javascript, just quickly googled this

Default avatar.png nesnes112: n=number of lines

Wontonimo: n = number of characters

Wontonimo: a = character to use as filler (defaults to " ")

Default avatar.png nesnes112: a=character

BlaiseEbuth: jacek: You probably should make a video call with him to show him how to use google.

Default avatar.png nesnes112: Blaise

Default avatar.png nesnes112: thank you

Default avatar.png nesnes112: x=character

jacek: oO


Default avatar.png nesnes112: BlaiseEbuth stop

Default avatar.png nesnes112: i don't need your help

icecream17: what happened to "no programmer should have to wait"

BlaiseEbuth: I'm not helping you. I'm trying to make you understand (with a lot of subtlety) that you can search by your own. :rolling_eyes:

Wontonimo: nesnes112 , although BlaiseEbuth is being very cheeky , it's helpful. He's a funny one. Don't take it badly please.

icecream17: Also what's the difference between and

BlaiseEbuth: -9x9

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Many people in these weirdo countries don't know how to google. Like 90% of them think FB is the internet

Wontonimo: one is 9x9, one is not ?

icecream17: Oh the preview on the non-9x9 one shows a 9x9 board so i got confused

icecream17: In fact wood 4 is also 9x9?

jacek: one is always 9x9, the other is 9x9 13x13 and 19x19

Wontonimo: i haven't dug into either. use NN with killermove

jacek: one bot will work in both if you didnt hardcode the size

icecream17: ok

jacek: NN with killer move?

BlaiseEbuth: A terminator

jacek: sounds something what Automaton2000 would say

icecream17: my strategy for 9x9 was just 180deg copy

jacek: oh

Automaton2000: i need to catch up on

icecream17: it got to wood 3 somehow

icecream17: Wow, someone beat me by taking a stone on move 200

Wontonimo: add in to avoid placing on the outside for the first 1/3rd of the game

Wontonimo: copy 180 if not on outside, else place randomly

Default avatar.png Drex19: It look pretty easy

Wontonimo: Atari Go looks easy Drex19 ?

Default avatar.png Drex19: i don't think so

Default avatar.png ReetFun: Does someone has a good tutorial to create an application with Kotlin or Java ?

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: Would anyone be able to help me with the Power of Thor - Episode 1 in JS?

5DN1L: D.Bruce what have you got so far?

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: Well I can get Thor to move in a stright line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. My issue is when the light isn't on a straight diagonal he doesn't turn, or stop moving once the X or Y axis' are equal to each other.

5DN1L: Sounds like you have to handle x and y variables separately

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: Thats what I am doing. I'm not sure if its the most optimal way to do it, but I have two nested if statements, one for Y and one for X. I can send what I have so far.

5DN1L: ok


Default avatar.png D.Bruce:

Manchi_o6o7: Is someone having time to help me with some OOP questions on discord

5DN1L: TeslaRam I think so. Not sure, but you may have to guide him to get through the initial onboarding puzzle though

TeslaRam: thank you

5DN1L: Manchi_o6o7 ask on discord directly

Manchi_o6o7: In which room?

5DN1L: help-solve-anything

Manchi_o6o7: thanks, will do it right now

5DN1L: D.Bruce are you still there?

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: Yea!

5DN1L: Great

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: I just started a bootcamp a couple weeks ago and was told to check out this site

5DN1L: I think your last "else if" in each of the if statements are wrongly placed

5DN1L: though that shouldn't affect much

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: I felt like I wouldn't need them at all since the parent if statement wouldn't allow it to run if they were equal.

5DN1L: exactly

5DN1L: also

5DN1L: there's thorX -+ 1

5DN1L: typo there

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: Thank you for catching that. I didnt even realize it

5DN1L: does that fix the issue?

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: It just seems to set him on a path and does't really update with the while loop. Thats why I tried to create a variable for his X and Y location so I can update it and run the if's off of his current location.

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: No it didnt help the indirect angles

5DN1L: and oh

5DN1L: you've let thorX = initialTx

bmacho: anyone smart here and bored :eyes:

5DN1L: and let thorY = initialTy

5DN1L: in every single while loop

5DN1L: you're resetting it every time!

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: YES! Okay, so hopefully its just a scope issue!

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: Yep, that was my issue! Thank you very much! I didn't understand why it didn't seem to be updated, but that is exactly why.

5DN1L: Good!

5DN1L: Try learning debugging techniques

5DN1L: Print variables to error stream

5DN1L: this may help you too

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: As in console.log(error)?

5DN1L: console.error('Debug messages...');

Default avatar.png PrivateJelly_96ae: hi, has anyone here got 100% on 'The Lucky Number' challenge with java?

Default avatar.png PrivateJelly_96ae: i pass all the test cases when i run my code in the ide

5DN1L: D.Bruce console.log is for outputting answers, console.error is for debugging

Default avatar.png D.Bruce: Okay, i will look into this more! Thank you again for your help!

5DN1L: :)

Default avatar.png PrivateJelly_96ae: but when i submit it i pass all the hidden test cases apart from test case 3

Default avatar.png PrivateJelly_96ae: can't seem to work out what's causing the issue

5DN1L: oh it's almost the same numbers as the corresponding revealed test case

5DN1L: try testing your code with 3628+/- a small number

5DN1L: PrivateJelly_96ae

Default avatar.png PrivateJelly_96ae: thank you, I'll give it a shot

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png PrivateJelly_96ae: got it

Default avatar.png PrivateJelly_96ae: :)

Default avatar.png PrivateJelly_96ae: thank you, been working on it for days loool

5DN1L: Great :D

5DN1L: Yeah it's a difficult puzzle

bmacho: i've got that for a code interview, and I failed it

5DN1L: Are you going to solve it here?

bmacho: i solved it after

5DN1L: nice

bmacho: i definitely should have done it in an hour :)

bmacho: but thx

bmacho: BTW do you think that the skynet-2 is solvable in polynomial time?

bmacho: it's a general game, and games don't tend to be solvable. Except if there is something to exploit in the rules, but I don't think so

5DN1L: I don't major in programming and I haven't learned the concept of polynomial time well, so... can't really answer your question, sorry

bmacho: :D

bmacho: I see

Wontonimo: polynomial time is HUGE. why do you think it wouldn't be solvable in polynomial time?

bmacho: bc it's a total random 2 player game, which generally aren't even in NP

bmacho: if it's solvable, there must be something exploitable in the rules

bmacho: but I don't think there is anything

bmacho: some people claiming this in the problem forum, and the official solution explanation ( as far as I understand it ) is faulty, as well every claimed solution I've seen

bmacho: pass the tests, but not working on other inputs

Default avatar.png XnbX: can someone help me


Emmus: Lol

Default avatar.png nabaztag: Hi, i need a little help to understand a function of this code: Exactly this: uint16_t randomBit(uint16_t availableMoves) { // to get a random move

   return __builtin_ctzl(__builtin_ia32_pdep_si(1UL << (rand() % __builtin_popcountl(availableMoves)), availableMoves));


Default avatar.png nabaztag: (i dev in java ...)

Leeeooo: What is this shit ?

Outsmarted: i've got unbanned

Outsmarted: :)

Leeeooo: LET'S GOOOO !!!!! :)

Outsmarted: tah le muscle orthonormé

Leeeooo: Je parle français le fou

5DN1L: English only please

Leeeooo: oups sorry bro !

struct: nabaztag which part dont you understand?

Default avatar.png nabaztag: this function __builtin_ia32_pdep_si


struct: basicly it will return the nth bit set at the mask

struct: but not the index but it will return an int with only that bit set

struct: _pdep_u32(2, 0b110001) returns 16

struct: because the 2nd bit set is at bit index 4

struct: so pdep would return 0b10000

struct: which equals 16

struct: the __builtin_ctzl returns the bit index

struct: so it would return 4 in this example

Default avatar.png nabaztag: _pdep_u32(0b000001000, 0b011101010) return 0b001000000 ?

struct: no

struct: 0b000001000 == 8

struct: that would return the 8th bit set


Default avatar.png nabaztag: é_è so return 0b000000000 (0) ? :D

struct: wait i explained poorly I think

struct: _pdep_u32(0b110, 0b110001)

struct: return 48

jacek: is this smits code?

struct: because it will ignore the 1st bit set, and then get the 2nd bit set and 3rd bit set

struct: so it would return 0b110000

struct: so yes what you said was right

struct: that example you showed would return 0b1000000

justchris: does anyone know what is required to gain a skill in the profile "Skills" section?

struct: When you solve a puzzle

struct: you need to check a checkbox or something

icecream17: its under (inside a puzzle) Results -> what you learned

justchris: I see, thanks!

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: wow, Lanfeust has solved every puzzle now

struct: even freecell?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: yep

Leeeooo: Why do I always win ?

Outsmarted: Why am i born that strong

Default avatar.png nabaztag: thx struct, i got it

Default avatar.png luis.fernandezm: Hi everyone! I have been practicing my js frontend skills for a couple of months but all of that I just been learning and watching videos, almost nothing about practicing. I havent been able to solve any of the clash of code that i have played. Any advice of how to practice or any website that could help? Thanks everyone

5DN1L: What do you mean by not being able to solve any clash of code?

Default avatar.png luis.fernandezm: I havent been able to solve the problems of the games. I have a few ideas of howe to solve it but I ended up with nothing

5DN1L: Is it just an issue of speed?

ninjadip: try the regular puzzles first

Default avatar.png luis.fernandezm: Kind of, It takes me a lot of time

5DN1L: You may try the non-timed puzzles first


ninjadip: yea

Default avatar.png luis.fernandezm: Also I have some idea of how to solve it but it takes me time to take it to code

Default avatar.png luis.fernandezm: Thanks man! I'll give it a try!

5DN1L: :)

jacek: try power of thor, the descent and temperatures first

Leeeooo: I am a pedalo

Outsmarted: lol

Leeeooo: and not pedago

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: you are a human-powered watercraft?

Leeeooo: Yeah man !

Leeeooo: I am an IT student in New Jersey from France !



Leeeooo: sry

Leeeooo: it's late

5DN1L: Next time it'll be kick-out :smirk:

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I'm not sure why anyone would pretend to be in New Jersey

ninjadip: for the taxes?

Default avatar.png thisisparham: hi guys

BlaiseEbuth: It's winter. Better be in a new jersey than in an old one...

Default avatar.png umutozdemir: please share your code

Default avatar.png umutozdemir: everyone 🌈

5DN1L: Automaton2000, share your code

Automaton2000: and they are still there

Default avatar.png thisisparham: some one can help me?

5DN1L: Question undefined.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: thisisparham, try the friends channel #fr

JulienBrouille: man for 99% of all clash of code python looks too easy

JulienBrouille: they finish so fast

Remus_: that's what she said oh

JulienBrouille: hahahahaha

jacek: oO

JulienBrouille: to win a shortest clash do you need to write to smallest code^

5DN1L: not necessarily

jacek: yes

jacek: smallest, working code :v

VizGhar: most correct is first measure :P

5DN1L: yes ^

ninjadip: i think i have the smallest code because i'm the only one with 100%

ninjadip: just have to wait it out...

JulienBrouille: i just want the next thing in the tree

JulienBrouille: but you need 3 win in shortest

JulienBrouille: and i'm using kotlin which make code size to the roof

VizGhar: :) time to switch language

VizGhar: You have like 15 minutes to google... I switched from kotlin to ruby for shortest mode and searched like mad man. Not that hard

VizGhar: Or find some harded clash and be the only one who solves it

VizGhar: 5DN1L you look like veteran here. Haven't seen you here about year back when I was most active

5DN1L: i wasn't active when you were most active then :joy:

VizGhar: makes sense :D

5DN1L: :D

jacek: oh my

VizGhar: How much coding point is for the multiplayer contribution?

5DN1L: coding points? you mean xp?

VizGhar: ah yes sry


5DN1L: I don't know if there's a difference between regular puzzles and multiplayer puzzles

VizGhar: i think not... thats why there are so many CoC contributions... very little effort necessary

jacek: contributions are part of the quest tree

5DN1L: i'm not going to finish that route, so i don't know what the second last quest is :P

VizGhar: "Get your contribution approved"

5DN1L: ah i see

5DN1L: no distinguishing between regular and multiplayer puzzles after all

5DN1L: even in the quest tree

ninjadip: trying to decide next bot thing to do after my first one:mad pod racing

5DN1L: thanks VizGhar

VizGhar: :thumbsup:

ninjadip: any suggestions

VizGhar: not yet ninjadip where are you currently?

ninjadip: VizGhar just got to gold level in the racing and i'm kind of done with it now. looking for my next bot puzzle that might be half as fun as it was when I started the racing one

ninjadip: I got the code4life one up in front of me now, reading it

5DN1L: yeah that game has a very different style

5DN1L: it depends on what you like playing/improving really

VizGhar: ah you are gold already? time to do some optimizations then... you can find most sense in trying Genetic Algorithms (probably best choice) or you can simplify search space and use BFS maybe?

ninjadip: i know i need to get better/faster at parsing

VizGhar: parsing what?

ninjadip: strings

ninjadip: some people do it so fast on the clashing

jacek: solve various puzzles

VizGhar: ah... clashing :D you are changing topic like my wife :D

ninjadip: I remember once semi-mastering regex in this one class, but when I went back to it I forgot lol

VizGhar: you wont need regex most of the time while clashing... what language u use for clashes?

5DN1L: strings and regex

ninjadip: I didn't bring up what I need to improve on, 5Dnl asked

ninjadip: oh cool, funny name

5DN1L: but it's not a bot game

5DN1L: parsers though

ninjadip: oh this looks cool

VizGhar: uf... I wouldn't recommend that one :D that was pure frustration

5DN1L: lol

5DN1L: depends on the objective i think

ninjadip: well this will be good for me, reminds me of when I used typing programs that were trying to be fun

ninjadip: this is funny

jacek: Automaton2000 are you fun

Automaton2000: it's not really a good place to learn programming

5DN1L: Oh Automaton2000 you betray CG!

Automaton2000: or i could just do a random rollout

ninjadip: the old random roll-up...classic

5DN1L: the chat bot picks up our lines in the chat like a parrot

jacek: if you get a parrot and teach it to say 'parrot, parrot', youll get your own pokemon!

5DN1L: lol

VizGhar: :D

VizGhar: At least he is not trying to overthrow entire civilization or does he? Automaton2000

Automaton2000: then it's just a matter of time

VizGhar: o.O

5DN1L: wow

VizGhar: it... makes sense?

5DN1L: I hope not

jacek: Automaton2000 whats is the best game on CG

Automaton2000: madknight i dont get the same effect

VizGhar: meh... he's back as we know him

Jojo_lasticot: Good evening I can't find a challenge how to do it?

ninjadip: a what

USSRpumpkin: Some of the challenges are based on chance right?

ninjadip: i haven't seen that yet

ninjadip: but i'm new

USSRpumpkin: Oh ok

USSRpumpkin: Ive been signed up for like a month or two now

ninjadip: cool

USSRpumpkin: Shadows of the knight - episode 1

USSRpumpkin: try it

ninjadip: ok

USSRpumpkin: Im gonna try it too

USSRpumpkin: Its very hard

USSRpumpkin: I think Ima do something else

USSRpumpkin: Im actually gonna go sorry

USSRpumpkin: see you maybe

ninjadip: yay i just finished brain fork

ninjadip: pretty cool

justchris: congratz!

ninjadip: i was hoping i could test it's speed to others on a leaderboard... i put in this extra logic to be fast

justchris: I'm not sure but i think it's just least amount of actions

ninjadip: yeah that's how i had it


justchris: its not this leaderboard?

ninjadip: yeah but it says the leaderboard for that game isn't about speed, but shortest code

justchris: I see

Astrobytes: "Brain Fork" :rofl: such a creative name change

ninjadip: what games are u playing

justchris: right now im doing the puzzle Catching Up

justchris: I'm also addicted to Clash of Code

justchris: avoiding the acronym there

Default avatar.png AmineACH51: Hello

justchris: I struggle with my Coders Strikes Back bot too

Default avatar.png AmineACH51: I have a crush in a girl

Default avatar.png AmineACH51: She married

Default avatar.png AmineACH51: Another guy

justchris: try turning it in to a coding challenge, maybe that helps

justchris: how about u ninjadip, whats your flavour?

ninjadip: c++

justchris: cool, what games?

ninjadip: right now i jus started the "codingame sponsored contest" it only tells you how much input you are getting, nothing at what to do with it then output options

ninjadip: well reverse engineering

ninjadip: i got to gold in mad pod racing, i loved it. but i need a break

justchris: do you use a simulation?

ninjadip: what do u mean

justchris: like simulating x turns ahead to get the best thrust + direction?

ninjadip: oh

ninjadip: no i just based it off hard math

ninjadip: to calculate for drift

justchris: damn, i tried that but i can only reach mid bronze

ninjadip: no guessing

ninjadip: i had to calculate my own velocity and learn all the checkpoints to steer to the next checkpoint before we cross the current one. all to go from silver to gold

ninjadip: silver to gold is the hardest jump

ninjadip: what is the strategy in bronze? what variables do they give you?

justchris: i did a checkpoint manager class but it only affects thrust now, so if angle to next checkpoint is too narrow it slows down

justchris: you get opponent position, next checkpoint, angle

ninjadip: if you have a checkpoint class that is keeping track of the cordinates, then you should use it

justchris: yea i was thinking about that but i didnt think it would help that much

ninjadip: like if my

ninjadip: distance_to_checkpoint<900 then steer to next one because your momentum will take you in the rest of the way

ninjadip: but there's more to that logic to make sure you don't spin in circles lol

justchris: do you disable thrust until you reach that checkpoint?

justchris: i see

ninjadip: at first i used brakes. then i took them all out and won races left and right

justchris: cool

ninjadip: i had a slowdown to approach checkpoint thing going on

ninjadip: but the only time i eventually disabled thrust was per the angle being to oblique

justchris: yeah makes sense

justchris: im trying to build a simulator in c++ and train a NN on it

ninjadip: like the best advice is that, instead of slowing down to a checkpoint because your drift is too wild, account for the drift by aiming to the opposite direction of the checkpoint so you can come in on full speed

justchris: but i got a long way to go, im a rookie at c++, better at javascript

ninjadip: i love c++, i need to switch it up more though

justchris: yeah thanks, appreciated. that is probably the fastest way to gold for me at the moment

ninjadip: yeah get that and like a proximity to activate shields and steer ahead for laps 2 and 3 after you learn the checkpoints and you'll fly

justchris: thinking about the shields gives me anxiety lol

ninjadip: its the shield attacking when you get two ships that should give you anxiety lol

justchris: xD maybe one day my brain will be adapted to that kind of stuff

Thorcode: orr better for mad (iff below gold), use velocity

justchris: i dont get how i should use that, i saw it mentioned in a couple of places

ninjadip: what? velocity?

justchris: is it some kind of target offset?

ninjadip: yes, for the drift. that's what i said earlier. that's the most important

Thorcode: ah yeah ninja got gold

ninjadip: speed_x= new_x-old_x; target_x-=speed_x;

ninjadip: that's it

Thorcode: acctually you don't need drift until gold

ninjadip: that's bs, it's simple code, three lines

ninjadip: that drift will get you right to gold

Thorcode: you neeed to explain him abit about new_x

ninjadip: they don't give you the speed variables until gold.. but you can easily calculate them yourself

Thorcode: and how could he apply it

ninjadip: like have a variable that stores the value of your current x before your new input so you can compare

justchris: i did a custom checkpoint handler class that stores all checkpoints after first lap

ninjadip: that's your speed, the difference from one cordinate to the other

justchris: yeah im with you that far

ninjadip: the checkpoint thing you really don't need to get to gold

ninjadip: just the drift

Thorcode: so you got your first oldx=0,oldy=0(this is out of the while true)

ninjadip: yes

Thorcode: then apply ninja form

Thorcode: after that

ninjadip: then right at the end of the while loop put oldx=newx and oldy=newy

Thorcode: print(velX,velY)

ninjadip: then on your new input from next loop you can calculate the difference

ninjadip: you say if i'm going this fast in one direction but i'm aiming over here, then this will calculate where you SHould be aiming to account for drifting at full speed and still hitting your target

ninjadip: if it helps use cerr to output your variables to the console to check if they are what you think they should be

justchris: are we only talking about the x and y of my pod?

ninjadip: yeah

justchris: dont i need to put the target checkpoint x and y in there somehow?

ninjadip: yes

ninjadip: so target= checkpointx -speedx

ninjadip: or something like that, depends on how you calculate your velocit

justchris: ok i will try that

justchris: thanks

ninjadip: does that make sense

justchris: i think so

ninjadip: if you get that down you will kick some butt

justchris: i read some guide about it and i really couldnt understand that

ninjadip: yeah same here

justchris: spent maybe 10 hours on it

ninjadip: i glanced at and it wasn't what i needed

ninjadip: oh

ninjadip: having classes for your ship data and oop code to do the logic instead of all in main, it will help when you get two ships in gold

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: hi

Default avatar.png swift_savage69: I am swift god

Thorcode: welcome to CG swift_savage69