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____Z_X_C____: wow my contribution just got approved and 18 people completed it

Mortis_666: noice

aangairbender: Wontonimo x0 = (x2 + x1) / 2; might overflow while x0 = x1 + ( (x2 - x1) / 2); cannot

DialFrost: afternoon guys

weekOldRoadkill: gm

weekOldRoadkill: you were fast lol

DialFrost: ?wdym

Default avatar.png Ardenas: Hello all

Thorcode: can someone check my clash: and give me advice? to update it?

DialFrost: to be honest

DialFrost: its not bad

Thorcode: thanks bro


Mx3mad: a private c++ clash

5DN1L: Mx3mad please use #clash channel for clash invites, thanks.

Default avatar.png nesnes112: @inem

Default avatar.png nesnes112: hi

Almin5k: hello

derjack: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png mriv: :flag_dz:

Default avatar.png mriv: :flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz:

Default avatar.png mriv: :flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz::flag_dz:

5DN1L: don't spam

5DN1L: otherwise you'll be kicked out

Default avatar.png mriv:

Default avatar.png mriv: ok sorry bro

Default avatar.png mriv: ilovu

Default avatar.png Silvio69: suck

Default avatar.png Ardenas: the duck

UWUcute_catgirlOWO: nya~

Default avatar.png nesnes112: HI @safetyswitch

AntiSquid: ban

Default avatar.png nesnes112: hi inem

jacek: oO

DialFrost: oO

Jerrasterix: Hi AntiSquid, can you resend that MIT contest link here ??

Jerrasterix: atleast please share the name ??

Jerrasterix: OKay nvm, got it Thanks

____Z_X_C____: aaa

____Z_X_C____: how to use ths thigy

____Z_X_C____: x=sum[n,for n in input().lower()]

AntiSquid: this one ?? Jerrasterix

____Z_X_C____: aa

____Z_X_C____: how to shorten this?Automaton2000

Automaton2000: can you be more specific

AntiSquid: think it's java only every year and prev years only students could go to the final


____Z_X_C____: automaton2000

Automaton2000: just because i don't like the game so far?

AntiSquid: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and i see i see

Melting_Ice: hello, what is the expert mode?

5DN1L: The expert mode allows you to display a custom tab in the test panel of In/Out puzzles. With it, you can run your own test case by specifying the input of a scenario and its expected output. It is also used in old multiplayer games such as Poker Chip Race to set specific conditions for a match.

Melting_Ice: tnx

5DN1L: (copied from Thibaud's blog, don't sue me for copyright reasons)

Melting_Ice: why can't i see the animated version of my code?

5DN1L: what do you mean?

Melting_Ice: i'm doing puzzles, shouldn't i have a graphic version of the race that i'm programming?

5DN1L: what's the puzzle


5DN1L: yes it should be in the top left part of the website

5DN1L: make sure you've scrolled all the way left and up

Melting_Ice: i did, it's not

5DN1L: refresh?

5DN1L: and also

5DN1L: you need to submit your code before something is animated

Melting_Ice: oh, tnx

5DN1L: or at least pay it

5DN1L: play*

Melting_Ice: i did play it

5DN1L: another reason is that there's an error in your code

5DN1L: read your console log to see what it says

Melting_Ice: it got fixed, tnx

5DN1L: good

MahirSez: if i create a multiplayer game is it possible to remove/ban a player from the leaderboard?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: but you can remove the replay player instead ;)

eulerscheZahl: oh, an anagram: replay, player

MahirSez: what do you mean by replay player?

eulerscheZahl: the video thing where you can watch the game

MahirSez: so basically if anyone submits their code, it will always be on the leaderboard?

eulerscheZahl: yes

MahirSez: some sort of admin config would've been nice ig

eulerscheZahl: only CG staff can remove it. but you have to give a really good reason why

eulerscheZahl: i don't see the use-case to be honest

MahirSez: im trying to arrange a private contest. if the link is leaked then there might be other people too

eulerscheZahl: i see. you can't prevent that. you can however use a filtered leaderboard (by school, company, friends you follow, ...)

eulerscheZahl: having more players might even be beneficial to have more different strategies and variance in opponents

eulerscheZahl: when you keep it as a private contribution, you are limited to 10 games per submit, which isn't very reliable in rankings

MahirSez: i see

eulerscheZahl: so you should consider publishing it even if it's meant for a private event (if the game is interesting enough for the public)

MahirSez: yeah i will look into that...thanks

Ose: I learnt the full definition of condiion

Ose: I think

**Ose went toliet

Ose: I'm Done with the toliet

Ose: so?

MSmits: whats a toliet?

Ose: The loo

MSmits: toilet then

Ose: Or the bathroom

MSmits: indeed

Ose: I don't know why I keep on saying toliet i mean toilet

MSmits: I don't know either

MSmits: it's a mysetry

Ose: Do I have to explain it to you

Ose: Or not

MSmits: Nope, we can agree it's unanswerable

Ose: Thank you because I am trying to read articles here

MSmits: which articles?

Default avatar.png HK10: speaking of toilets

Default avatar.png HK10: whats your favorite toilet shape?

Ose: I am not going to explain it to you

5DN1L: HK10 I think the discussion of toilets ends here.

Ose: Ok

Default avatar.png HK10: :(

MSmits: I don't have enough expertise to comment on the subject beyond the spelling of it HK10

Ose: :thinking:

Ose: I should better read more I'll be back!

MSmits: have fun :)

EBMdollar4LIFE: uhm

Rebollo: Guys, do you happen to know, why sometime, using c++, inside of a FOR loop, it does not respect the i limit..

Rebollo: using COUT

Rebollo: i am using

Rebollo: for (int i = 0 ; i < 10 ; i++)

Rebollo: and it happens to print a lot of rows

Rebollo: cout << countEachValueOfB[0] << endl;

5DN1L: Did you reuse/modify i inside the for loop?

Rebollo: no, simples as that:


5DN1L: what does countEachValueOfB do?

Rebollo: In another loop I fill it up for counting the integers repetition dynamically, like :

Rebollo: Once I don´t know a better way

BlaiseEbuth: What's the result you want to achieve?

Rebollo: If i want to count the occurrences of number 10000, it will sabe in the index 10000 of the array

Rebollo: cout the ocurrences of each integer

Rebollo: count*

BlaiseEbuth: Occurences in what?

Rebollo: lets say:

Default avatar.png GPoll: You want to skip the empty elements?

BlaiseEbuth: Use a map.

BlaiseEbuth: std::map

Rebollo: yes

Rebollo: I see

Rebollo: map is what I was looking for

Rebollo: otherwise

Rebollo: the array index would only be filled in the indexes that the interger exists

Rebollo: like:

Rebollo: but how to use MAP without hardcoding? I don´t know wich integer will appear


Default avatar.png GPoll:

BlaiseEbuth: When you get an integer use myMap.count(myInteger) to see if you already seen it. If yes you can just ++myMap[myInteger], otherwise you create it myMap[myInteger] = 1

Rebollo: I will do it thanks a lot guys

BlaiseEbuth: And to print it use an iterator. Something like: for (auto integer: myMap) cout << integer.first << ": " << integer.second << endl;

Rebollo: Can I make another question: Or I am annoying?

Default avatar.png GPoll: ask away :)

Rebollo: In C++: I always have to set the aarray size when creating? Is there a way to create [] and just push elements? Also how can I check it length?

BlaiseEbuth: std::vector

Rebollo: is it a good practice? performance is ok? Or it is just for newbies?

Rebollo: mean best practice*

BlaiseEbuth: It depends of what you want to do. If you need to have a variable size use it. But if you care about perf use an array.

BlaiseEbuth: You can use std::array to have facilities like myArray.size() for instance.

Rebollo: I am working on Nintendo Sponsored Contest, far away from understand, but will get there, step by step, learning each concept, I heard that performance would be a issue eventually..

BlaiseEbuth: Never tried it in years ^^ I heard it's more about maths but :shrug:

Rebollo: I know it is not for beginners, but I was able to solve the Shadow of Knights 2

Rebollo: And i don´t care to take a year

Rebollo: I like to go step by step

Rebollo: so I can learn, basic, intermediate, advanced..

Rebollo: Like I have learned a lot about convertion types, loops, a bit of pointers, arrays, bit operations..

Rebollo: bitwise..

EBMdollar4LIFE: shadow knights 2 for real

EBMdollar4LIFE: wait was that

Rebollo: what? I didn´t get it..

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: i need help

Default avatar.png zoroarkmeister: i dont know how to complete the pot race

5DN1L: A pot may not be able to compete with a pod I guess

5DN1L: what's your question on Mad Pod Racing?

BlaiseEbuth: The marmalade win!

Vlad100: What are the working ways to optimize minimax besides alpha beta cropping?

5DN1L: I'm thinking more of Plants vs Zombies...

BlaiseEbuth: Killer moves Vlad100

Vlad100: What?


Vlad100: Thanks!

Default avatar.png Ben-Crobbery: Yooo

LmaoXDDD: hiii

Rebollo: wow Map is really nice


jacek: Vlad100 and many more on minimax optims

Leeeooo: What is this shit ?

Emmus: Wich one? I dont see any

jacek: clash?

Rebollo: Guys, do you know why bitset does not work with map?

Rebollo: std::string binary = std::bitset<32>(it0->first).to_string();

   cout << "A0 : " << binary << "" ;

Rebollo: 00000000000000000000000000000000131

Leeeooo: Ptn c'est quoi ça

Rebollo: c++

Default avatar.png val_lua: hey

Default avatar.png val_lua: im new :D

Default avatar.png val_lua: how do i start and what is the most easy code lenguage

Default avatar.png val_lua: ?

Rebollo: ops my mistake

Vlad100: What is the easiest game besides Mad Pod to get silver?

jacek: could be C# or java. python is quite easy but quite different

jacek: perhaps one of past contest

jacek: i.e. fall challenge 2020

Vlad100: Thx

Default avatar.png val_lua: i code in rbxl

Default avatar.png val_lua: pretty easy

Default avatar.png val_lua: roblox*

Default avatar.png val_lua: im still learning

jacek: val_lua you can start with the descent, temperatures, power of thor

jacek: and lua is supported here

Default avatar.png val_lua: yes i know

Default avatar.png val_lua: I'm trying to get into coding because I'm a 3d model artist

Default avatar.png val_lua: or as its most known a 3d modeler

jacek: there is 3d game that burns gpu via browser :v

eulerscheZahl: give me bitcoins

eulerscheZahl: who of you is real? I have trust issues now. CG claims to have 2 million users but that have to make up new ones for their certificate page

jacek: huh

eulerscheZahl: this John Norman, full-stack developer is also a brain cancer expert at

eulerscheZahl: and he moved from Columbia to France

eulerscheZahl: so is jacek real? am I real? :thinking:

jacek: he fights cancer via clash?

eulerscheZahl: STC = smash the cancer?

Default avatar.png spudman2020: idk

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: coderpad is just learning there are 1.95 million smurfs from that one 13yo kid

Nixerrr: I used to use Java and I had a script in IDEA to concatenate java files into one for CG. Now I'm learning C and am using Visual Studio Code. What would be the easiest way to create a similar script that concats C files and headers into a single file for CG? (I'm using CG-Sync)

eulerscheZahl: for C# i use these few lines of Python:


eulerscheZahl: pretty sure it's not fundamentally different in C

eulerscheZahl: and i run that as a post-build event, added it to tasks.json in the .vscode folder

Nixerrr: Cool, I'm just reading up on tasks now


eulerscheZahl: it's the last block

eulerscheZahl: and the build block that has a "depends-on"

eulerscheZahl: as another hint: add this in your launch.json

"args": ["<", "input.txt"],

eulerscheZahl: makes you read from file instead of stdin without maintaining 2 different codes

Nixerrr: Hope this'll make more sense if I get more familiar with 'tasks' :D

Nixerrr: Thanks for the advice either way

Nixerrr: Ah ok, got it now

Zenoscave: is spring 22 multi?

Vlad100: Nobody knows. Maybe.

Zenoscave: Cool see y'all later then

eulerscheZahl: my last state: they want to discuss the format internally in January

eulerscheZahl: then i got kicked from mods channel

eulerscheZahl: (related to me telling that i'm resigning, so not really kicked)

Nixerrr: Why did you resign?

eulerscheZahl: long story...

Nixerrr: I smell drama!

eulerscheZahl: started on mods channel, thibaud asked who's still in and who wants to leave

eulerscheZahl: i replied that i've actually prepared my resignation message already if the next contest is as disappointing as the last one

Rebollo: cout << num2 <<" * " << num1 << " = " << num3 << endl; 52565 * 45253 = -1916243351

Rebollo: why negative my GOD

Default avatar.png Re3der: overflow of int

eulerscheZahl: so a while later thibaud wrote a few other things and also advised us to quit if we are only in for the contests

Nixerrr: Oh I see. I've been really out of touch for the last few years. Have the quality of contests dipped?

eulerscheZahl: then astro, ille, neuman n and me decided to go

Nixerrr: *has

eulerscheZahl: 2 contests per year instead of 4-5 before

Rebollo: thanks a lot bro

Rebollo: any solution?

Nixerrr: :crying_cat_face:

eulerscheZahl: there was a statement on the forum that they would still host community contests, if the community does the whole work

eulerscheZahl: i've spent months creating

Default avatar.png Re3der: what launguage do you use Rebollo

eulerscheZahl: then it got refused because it didn't fit into their new concept anymore

Nixerrr: Was it supposed to be an official contest?

eulerscheZahl: something about most users are here for fun and learning (survey on start page with 200k participants)

Rebollo: C++

Default avatar.png Re3der: then change int to long long

eulerscheZahl: i asked if it could be one

Nixerrr: That's a bummer - I'm sorry

eulerscheZahl: pitched around july, kept waiting for half a year

eulerscheZahl: then it got turned down without any feedback about the game itself. just no, retracts players from their 2 main contests

eulerscheZahl: "canibalize" is how they called it

VizGhar: 5% dropping to 0 slowly

eulerscheZahl: yes, from there it went downhill

eulerscheZahl: i played a few contests on other websites that i wouldn't even consider with a CG in its prime

Nixerrr: That's a shame. It might be just a transitional period

eulerscheZahl: CG got acquired by another company in case you missed the news

eulerscheZahl: coderpad

Nixerrr: I did miss it. Will read up on the news of the past two years

eulerscheZahl: search CG discord for "5%"

eulerscheZahl: 2 years, wow

VizGhar: hmm I'm not the "multiplayer" guy, but I don't like those decisions at all

Nixerrr: I've got a new job with 35 hours of work per week so I'll have time to code again haha

eulerscheZahl: you might have even missed that i became moderator in the first place :D

Rebollo: Perfect Re3der worked perfectly

Nixerrr: I think I did miss it tbh :D

eulerscheZahl: 35h/week is fine, i have the same in my contract

Nixerrr: Last time I was here, MK and another guy I can't recall were the mods

eulerscheZahl: i still have prove, mod rights remain on random channels

eulerscheZahl: join #test123 and i kick you there ;)

Nixerrr: Amazing :D

eulerscheZahl: buggy chat :D

Nixerrr: And now there's a mod icon next to your name, weird

eulerscheZahl: going to bed now, cat is insisting

Nixerrr: GN

eulerscheZahl: i know, but i have no power here

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: same

Nixerrr: My previous contract said 40hrs/week but it was closer to 50... But these guys are serious about the 35hrs/week it seems

Astrobytes: that's always a nice thing, hope it lasts though!

Nixerrr: I hope so too!

jacek: oh my

sssssssssssssssssssssssssss: hhh:grinning::grinning:

sssssssssssssssssssssssssss: hhh:grinning::grinning:


jacek: :o

sssssssssssssssssssssssssss: :joy:


5DN1L: sssssssssssssssssssssssssss Welcome onboard. Please understand that we don’t like spam here. If you spam, I may kick you out. :smirk:



AndreasNEO: Hi All, Anyone knows if PYthon Scipy library is supported in Codingame?

5DN1L: Yes

Rebollo: Guys, what´s the way to work with huge numbers in c++? Should I use strings (binary) and manipulate manually? Let´s say 50 + to perform calculations?

Rebollo: 256 bits

surgutti: u can use int128, but if you want numbers like 10^100, then i recomend to make string of digits or vector of chunks of digits

Rebollo: So I have to find I way to perform calculation like, sum, product, division, etc?

AndreasNEO: Thanks 5DN1L

5DN1L: :)

GamingGnawer: Is there a way to have the console not truncate my output

Sandborg: Did clashes just crash?

GamingGnawer: It's very impractical to have critical debug information be replaced with ...

5DN1L: No, you have to work around the output size limit

GamingGnawer: :sob:

BadB0y: ola\

5DN1L: GamingGnawer What I do is to test locally, or use conditions to write the output several times, each time a different part of the output. You may also try encoding the output and decoding it locally.

5DN1L: Given your level I'm sure you'll know some way to do it :)

GamingGnawer: yeah, it's not the first time i work around the problem but in this case i'ts ascii-art and it would be unusually good if I could see it all at once

5DN1L: not the first time, not the last time :P

GamingGnawer: XD

Alex4200: hello

Thorcode: hi

tmacha: hey hey

ASM_MOV_INT: greetings everyone who's watching chat


Default avatar.png DJFakeRubberDuck_960: howdy ho

Default avatar.png Omicrox: hillo

Default avatar.png Omicrox: guyzzzz

random2201: bitch funck

random2201: penis

Thorcode: It seem that no mod online :(

Alex4200: what vous etes grossier. because i speak french and english.

Wontonimo: hi