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**Wontonimo lurking

derjack: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png Wardunc1: is this a chat?

Dren: no this is Patrick,

Default avatar.png Wardunc1: can i get a kraby patty

____Z_X_C____: helpppp anyone help me shorten this?


____Z_X_C____: ???????????

Mortis_666: exec(bytes('浩潰瑲洠瑡⁨獡洠渊愬椽瑮椨灮瑵⤨Ⱙ嵛昊牯椠椠慲杮⡥⥮愺愮灰湥⡤湩⡴湩異⡴⤩਩⹡潳瑲⤨瀊楲瑮洨昮潬牯洨献牱⡴孡崰愪ⵛ崱⤩晩渠㴡‰汥敳〠

Mortis_666: :grimacing:

____Z_X_C____: i did it

____Z_X_C____: aa i never will know how to dod this

____Z_X_C____: l=[int(input()) for i in range(int(input()))]

WhaIe: You can write a=eval('int(input()),'*n) to get the list of numbers. Or you can do this to make things even shorter: n,a=map(int,open(0))

Mortis_666: u dont know list comp?

WhaIe: n,*a=

____Z_X_C____: thanks

____Z_X_C____: whal

____Z_X_C____: e

WhaIe: no problem :)

nitekat: a=sorted([int(input())for _ in'.'*int(input())]) print(int((a[0]*a[-1])**.5)if a else 0)

nitekat: oh I'm too late

Default avatar.png r_lee27: Hi everybody

Default avatar.png DEEPU14: hai

Default avatar.png soobielee: hii

Default avatar.png DEEPU14: where are you from

Default avatar.png r_lee27: i can't complete first mission

Default avatar.png soobielee: Canada!

Default avatar.png r_lee27: Uzbekistan

Default avatar.png r_lee27: Can u help me&

Default avatar.png r_lee27: ?

Default avatar.png r_lee27: print(str(next_checkpoint_y) + " " + str(next_checkpoint_y) + " 50")

Default avatar.png r_lee27: print(str(next_checkpoint_y) + "20 " + str(next_checkpoint_y) + " 50")

Default avatar.png r_lee27: whats wrong&

Default avatar.png r_lee27: ?

5DN1L: why 20?

Default avatar.png r_lee27: (0 <= thrust <= 100)

Default avatar.png r_lee27: it is first mission

5DN1L: but why y-coordinate + 20 + y-coordinate + 50?

Default avatar.png r_lee27: i dont know

5DN1L: that's what you wrote

Uljahn: just print something and hope it works :smirk:

Default avatar.png r_lee27: haha

Uljahn: you have to print three space separated integers though

Default avatar.png r_lee27:

Default avatar.png r_lee27: i cant understand

5DN1L: What do you not understand?

Default avatar.png r_lee27: what i should do

5DN1L: read the statement first

5DN1L: it tells you the goal, what inputs are given to you, and what outputs are expected from you

5DN1L: and if you don't have the concept of coordinates, look that up as well

Default avatar.png Nyakkaraj: how can i read from the standard input and make an array from it(haskell)?


Default avatar.png Nyakkaraj: thanks

Default avatar.png nesnes112: Hi everyone what is the equivalent of this python structure in javascript

Default avatar.png nesnes112: if c in ch

Default avatar.png nesnes112: c is a char

Default avatar.png nesnes112: and ch string


Ali03: hi everyone, does anyone know what do /slap and /me do?

**5DN1L does this (/me).

**5DN1L slaps 5DN1L around a bit with a large fishbot

5DN1L: this is (/slap)

Default avatar.png nesnes112: 5DN1L thanks

5DN1L: :)

Default avatar.png nesnes112: but i didn't find the answer

Ali03: i didn't get the fun part about /me

5DN1L: you just describe something about yourself with /me

Ali03: oh, tnx

Default avatar.png nesnes112: I was already on this site

5DN1L: nesnes112 why not

Default avatar.png nesnes112: i send u a message 5DN1L

Default avatar.png nesnes112: answer me please

5DN1L: answered

Default avatar.png nesnes112: thank you 5DN1L

5DN1L: :)

TheRipper2004: Ali03 is imposter

Ali03: hossein bala

TheRipper2004: :neutral_face:

Ali03: TheRipper2004 bala

TheRipper2004: noooo

5DN1L: Please do not spam here. Thank you.

5DN1L: If you have any complaints, please raise them to the CodinGame staff.

Ali03: sure

Default avatar.png jambon83: salut

Default avatar.png jambon83: hello body ,how are you?

Default avatar.png jambon83: can you help me for a game please ?

5DN1L: Please state what game it is and what questions you have

Default avatar.png NimaJHP: hossein bala

Default avatar.png KingSlayer2k4: mad pod racing

Ose: I Don' know what to do

Ose: I can't do puzzle I'm newbie

Ose: This is why I'm so bad

Ose: I can't do nothing

5DN1L: It may not be that you're bad.

5DN1L: It's like you aren't tall enough to reach a shelf.

5DN1L: No matter how high you jump, you just can't reach there.

5DN1L: In that case, you have to think of an alternative way to reach there.

5DN1L: Or wait until you grow taller.

Ose: Ok.

Ose: It will take a long time though

Ose: so you mean I have to be offline until I grow up

5DN1L: I didn't mean that.

5DN1L: In the meantime, learn other things first

5DN1L: I know there are some resources for small kids to learn programming. I'm not familiar enough to recommend any though.

Ose: why?

derjack: because hes not a small kid ~

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Smart kids write programs, dumb kids eat play-doh

Ose: What?

TheDice: lol

Ose: What should I do?

Ose: I never knew what was inside here when I joined

TheDice: You can try to learn coding at It helped me to get started

Default avatar.png barmiextreme: or you could learn java with the bluej book. helped me in school.

5DN1L: He's a primary school student

Default avatar.png barmiextreme: oh yeah then that might be hard

Default avatar.png barmiextreme: we used to show younger kids programming

Ose: I already have that scratch thing

Default avatar.png S_Infidom: lol

Default avatar.png barmiextreme: oh ok, if you have playd enough with that, i guess you can star with w3schools as suggested from Dice

Default avatar.png barmiextreme: start*

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: try it with ketchup

Ose: Well bye

TheDice: cya

Ose: Wait guys I found nother coding website

TheDice: Which?

ShakeDatBunda: what is it

Ose: coding academy

Rebollo: Hy folks, is there a forum here talking about the Sponsored Nintendo Crypto puzzle...

Rebollo: I couldnt find anywhere

eulerscheZahl: no full forum, only a single thread


Rebollo: Could u send me the url?

Rebollo: thanks

Manchi_o6o7: Hey guys. Can someone help me with one question: when to use exceptions

Default avatar.png knugie:

eulerscheZahl: you could just link to

Manchi_o6o7: thanks for the answers guys

Fasty_V-12_Engine: Hi

Default avatar.png bob02:

Fasty_V-12_Engine: What is that for?

5DN1L: bob02 please use #clash channel for clash invites, thanks.

eulerscheZahl: did you create a keyboard shortcut for that message at this point?

5DN1L: nope

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: i suggested to teach automaton to detect those clash links and react accordingly

eulerscheZahl: and my browser cache thinks that i'm a mod once again, weird

eulerscheZahl: i clear that thing last time

eulerscheZahl: cleared*

jacek: Automaton2000 is euler a mod?

Automaton2000: "i am rank hashtag-five" lol

eulerscheZahl: in #clash i see some inactive users. anyone willing to join there?

eulerscheZahl: that's a Flaise-quote

Astrobytes: oh we show as mods in there

Astrobytes: oh and in here

Astrobytes: weird

eulerscheZahl: jacek join #clash please

Default avatar.png KolaCoder:

Default avatar.png KolaCoder: pls help

jacek: oO

5DN1L: KolaCoder what have you got so far?

Astrobytes: sorry jacek, was a test

jacek: youre mod here too

eulerscheZahl: we are still part-time mods

jacek: for part-time salary

eulerscheZahl: can't kick you here

Astrobytes: same

eulerscheZahl: shows as mod here once you saw us on another channel where we are mods. but we are toothless on #world

eulerscheZahl: so i wasn't crazy last time, i just joined some other channel

Astrobytes: that does indeed explain it

eulerscheZahl: kind of - i still don't get the "how"

jacek: you wanted to clash so you joined #clash

Astrobytes: True. Do we really care?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: no one wants to moderate #clash anyways

Astrobytes: It's almost insulting

jacek: thats why youre mod there :v

eulerscheZahl: i'll bribe struct into kicking you here for this

Astrobytes: :D

struct: jacek message me your NN framework to avoid the kick

Astrobytes: hahaha

Default avatar.png droidek314: Hey, can somebody help me with C#?

**PatrickMcGinnisII is finally recovering from New Years Eve

eulerscheZahl: we have some c# knowledge, just ask

Astrobytes: clearly took Patrick a while to C# again

Default avatar.png droidek314: There is a problem with rounding the number It doesn't want to round it to the bigger side, I guess

Scarfield: Punstrobytes

eulerscheZahl: it does bankers rounding

eulerscheZahl: towards even

eulerscheZahl: round(0.5)=0 round(1.5)=2

BlaiseEbuth: Like a record baby. Right round. Round, round !

Default avatar.png droidek314: In the last test it says that it needs -175, but my program gives it -174

Astrobytes: hey FireScald

PatrickMcGinnisII: I Pounded too much whiskey, still not C#

eulerscheZahl: and what's the input for that -174 thing?

Default avatar.png droidek314: -10000 - 10000, or smthng like that

Astrobytes: lol, I took my time on my Scotch, still got half a bottle of Glenmorangie left

Default avatar.png droidek314: There is no clear input message

Scarfield: i would advice drinking it, tastes much better

Astrobytes: hahaha

Default avatar.png droidek314: Anyway it finished, but I don't understand why it didn't make it right

BlaiseEbuth: Balmer peak ftw

Astrobytes: indeed


eulerscheZahl: this task?

Default avatar.png droidek314: yup

BlaiseEbuth: In fact, that's another ms thing I can say good thing about. :yum:

Scarfield: lol didnt know balmer peak. think i saw a video of someone making a game with some bit manipulation, that he wrote drunk, and had no idea how it worked afterwards

Astrobytes: I have been known to do similar things on CG

BlaiseEbuth: It's all about the balance.

eulerscheZahl: The arithmetic mean of all numbers, an integer rounded down.

eulerscheZahl: "rounded down"

eulerscheZahl: int count = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine()); List<int> nums = Enumerable.Range(0,count).Select(i=>int.Parse(Console.ReadLine())).ToList(); Console.WriteLine(Math.Floor(nums.Average()));

eulerscheZahl: these 3 lines make all tests go green

Default avatar.png droidek314: weird I went through all tests, bu that didn't pass though

eulerscheZahl: did you use anything to round down like (int) or Math.Floor()

BlaiseEbuth: Ancient Persian used to debate any idea sober then drunk, and to validate it only if it seemed to be good both time.

Astrobytes: nice, sound methodology right there

Default avatar.png droidek314: I used only toInt32

BlaiseEbuth: :beer:

eulerscheZahl: that's for parsing the input and converting string to int, isn't it?

Default avatar.png droidek314: not quite I used for loop to count the numbers and then in another variable divide them by count

Default avatar.png droidek314: and another variant was just this ToInt32(result)

Default avatar.png droidek314: variable*

eulerscheZahl: hm, did you use floats for division or always integers?

eulerscheZahl: because -10/3 = -3 floor(-10/3.0) = floor(-3.33) = -4

Default avatar.png droidek314: hmmm, interesting I think it was int/int

eulerscheZahl: :beers: on the other chat


Scarfield: found it, the game was entombed for ataru

Scarfield: atari *

Astrobytes: hahaha, my hero :D

Astrobytes: What a legend

Scarfield: it is pretty legendary xD

BlaiseEbuth: Well. That's working. Isn't it? ^^

Default avatar.png TheMusicalJetski_4f6a:

Default avatar.png TheMusicalJetski_4f6a:

eulerscheZahl: oh, Haskell

eulerscheZahl: i see an error in line 30 but much less code

Default avatar.png TheMusicalJetski_4f6a: The other lines are just the basic generated codes.

Default avatar.png TheMusicalJetski_4f6a: let graph = mkUGraph [mini..maxi] vertices

eulerscheZahl: i'm clueless, as always when it comes to Haskell

Default avatar.png TheMusicalJetski_4f6a: This is the line in which the error occures

eulerscheZahl: the author confirms the drinking. but the interview doesn't read like he has forgotten how it works

Default avatar.png BIBI38: hi

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, 1 puzzle done today

Astrobytes: eulerscheZahl: Shame lol, good read though :+1:

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, i thought it was the liquor from new years, but apparently it's Omicron

Default avatar.png Chito[patito: h

Fasty_V-12_Engine: Can someone be my friend, I am lonely

PatrickMcGinnisII: programming keeps us warm and fuzzy

ninjadip: reminds me of fuzzy logic

ninjadip: what angle do you guys recommend is the max for complete thrust cutoff in madpod

ninjadip: the max angle*

Butanium: I think I used 20

ninjadip: OK

ninjadip: Because the max turn is 18?

ninjadip: did you do like a gradual balance of the thrust cutoff? or just abrupt

Butanium: if(angle > 85) thrust = 0; else thrust = 100

Butanium: was mostly that acutally

ninjadip: that's not what i meant

Butanium: I used a sigmoid function which was exactly this

ninjadip: yeah i used to have that

Butanium: what league are you ?

ninjadip: gold

ninjadip: what's the sig function

Butanium: do you have access to speed ?

ninjadip: right now i'm doing some atan() to calc the angles

Butanium: it was something which was actually a camoufled stair function lol

ninjadip: yes, and its easy to calculate even if they don't give it to you

Butanium: # angle: angle of your pod

Butanium: don't you have this ?

ninjadip: it's not a relative angle

ninjadip: it's an absolute angle in gold league

ninjadip: i had to calculate my relative angle to whatever my target is, and then compare to my absolute angle

Butanium: oh right I have a function too I think

ninjadip: yes

ninjadip: right now my angle max is 100

ninjadip: kind of liked it better than 100, for smoother drifting

ninjadip: 90*

Astrobytes: ninjadip:

ninjadip: i think i just solved my own problem. i need to have this angle max fluctuate....

ninjadip: wtf is that link for

Astrobytes: mad pod racing

Astrobytes: (it used to be CSB 'Coders Strike Back')

Butanium: Also the angle between your current speed and the next check point can be a better approximation to know if you're going on the good way

ninjadip: i'm already in gold

Butanium: but the best thing is to simulate

Astrobytes: This is from gold to legend material

ninjadip: ok

Butanium: and the link sent by astrobytes can be usefull

ninjadip: i already have all that groundwork laid out

Butanium: because it tells you how to simulate

ninjadip: yes it would have been a couple days ago

ninjadip: when i rewrote the whole thing from silver to gold

Astrobytes: You don't necessarily have to use a rolling-horizon genetic algorithm

Astrobytes: (as in the doc)

Butanium: do you already have a simulation process ?

jacek: trolling-horizon?

Astrobytes: FFS jacek

Astrobytes: lol

ninjadip: a simulation process?

ninjadip: i already have it running

ninjadip: i glanced at the doc, i like discovering this myself

ninjadip: not trying to just beat it, trying to learn

Astrobytes: What was your plan?

ninjadip: i already have most of that. not calculating drag right now, that's abt it

Astrobytes: Search-based or just purely calculations?

ninjadip: oh right now, i'm trying to discern the flight patterns from the cpu compared to mine, seems the angle cutoff is different at the approach of a checkpoint

ninjadip: soon i will be enemy searching, that's my next thing

ninjadip: but wanted to get the flight pattern as realiable as possible

Astrobytes: good luck and enjoy :) It's a relatively fun game

Vlad100: Who can tell you how much time is given for 1 move in ultimate tic-tac-toe

jacek: 100ms

Vlad100: thx

Wontonimo: the first move is 1000ms though

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: these crazy metric units. what is that in american units?

Wontonimo: 1.7 light inches

Wontonimo: per gallon

Wontonimo: hey Vlad100 , congrats on joining UTTT and making a python bot

Wontonimo: what kind of algo are you using Vlad100 ?

Wontonimo: nabaztag, you are also kicking bot in UTTT, looks like you are about to be promoted to gold

Default avatar.png nabaztag: not sure :p

jacek: mcts?

Default avatar.png nabaztag: it's done !

Default avatar.png nabaztag: yes, i try my first mcts

jacek: :tada:

Astrobytes: well done nabaztag :)

Astrobytes: Wontonimo: 2d tile-based map gen. using wave function collapse

Blabbage: Astro: WFC looks awesome, when I get the time I am going to have a go at it, too much work right now

Astrobytes: :)

Default avatar.png nabaztag: thx ;)

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: it is awesome. biggest revolution in ascii art since fixed-width fonts

Astrobytes: :smirk:

Astrobytes: it's not just for ascii roguelikes

Wontonimo: thaks Astrobytes for the link

Wontonimo: cheers Blabbage !

Astrobytes: was investigating some procedural generation stuff earlier and came across it

Wontonimo: it starts to fall apart when there are lots of different colours/tiles and/or the kernel is too large.

Wontonimo: it's really only good for smaller recurring patterns and does't tie the whole together.

Astrobytes: Of course, it's just one part, you'd definitely use this in combination with a bunch of other generative algos

Astrobytes: (same for any of them tbh)

Wontonimo: I haven't found a use for it yet

Astrobytes: the roguelike map-gen stuff is a nice start

Wontonimo: but then again, I don't make games.

Blabbage: There are some youtube vids of game devs using WCF almost as a black box algo, however the videos are not very technical

Wontonimo: the links I put in the challenge were what I used as a template.

Astrobytes: Wontonimo: doesn't matter, lots to be learned just from doing as an exercise

Wontonimo: I realized after making the puzzle that there are so many variants of implementations that it really comes down to how you want to enforce the constraint collapse

Wontonimo: Astrobytes ABSOLUTELY ! I had a ton of fun diving back into constraint propagation ! Loved it

Astrobytes: :)

Wontonimo: because with the shannon entropy (which is removed from the puzzle) it is only constraint prop

Wontonimo: *without

Astrobytes: You might be onto a series here

Wontonimo: river crossing, markov text generation, WFC ... all constraint centric puzzles

Astrobytes: I just saw them ;)

Wontonimo: can you list all contributions by one individual?

Wontonimo: I've looked but couldn't figure out how

Astrobytes: not unless you do it using the API I believe

Astrobytes: ie. custom tool

Wontonimo: hey nabaztag , how's the mcts going? Looks like you are mid gold now

Wontonimo: how many simulations per frame are you getting? somewhere in 3,000 to 5,000 ?

Default avatar.png nabaztag: Not really at the moment, I need to improve my code

Wontonimo: the gold boss is about 20,000 simulations per frame. so that's a target if you are looking for legend

Wontonimo: are you using bitboarding?

.4ndr3w: are there any actual completely newbie stuff i can do

Default avatar.png nabaztag: 20k :o

Default avatar.png nabaztag: what it's bitboard ?

Wontonimo: a bitboard storing information in the bits instead of in the bytes

Wontonimo: so, forexample

Wontonimo: int a[] = {1,0,1,1};

Wontonimo: is storing the values 1,0,1,1 in probably 16 bytes, 4 for each int.

Wontonimo: where as int a = 0b1011;

Wontonimo: stores all those values in 1 int as binary, using only 4 bytes.

Wontonimo: you could store all the move of both players in just 2 ints, like so // top left and bottom right int a = 0b100000001;

Wontonimo: and // center int b = 0b000010000;

Wontonimo: this has huge benefits. HUGE

Wontonimo: no, scratch that

Wontonimo: !! H * U * G * E !!

struct: o.o

Astrobytes: enormous in fact

Default avatar.png nabaztag: really ? :o

ZarthaxX: are we still talking about bitboards here?

JuJuondatbeat: yeah

JuJuondatbeat: we are

Astrobytes: if you're familiar with bitwise operations it should be easy to get started nabaztag

Wontonimo: yeah, here is an example of 3x3 tic tac toe that uses bitboards and MC. Although it is C++ you can use the same ideas in JAva


JuJuondatbeat: nabaztag is light work

Astrobytes: ZarthaxX: :rofl:

struct: who even need bitboards when you can just use a NN

Wontonimo: it is able to generate 200,000 simulations in 100ms

ZarthaxX: howdy guys

JuJuondatbeat: no nut?

ZarthaxX: Astronautus

struct: hi

JuJuondatbeat: hi

ZarthaxX: sup

Astrobytes: different year, same ol' crap :D

Wontonimo: wow, does one have to just mention bitboards to summon all the cool kids back to the playground ?

Astrobytes: :grin:

ZarthaxX: hahaha

ZarthaxX: that keyword smells from far away

Wontonimo: honestly nabaztag, I don't know how you made it to Gold without bitboard ! I tip my hat to you for the accomplishment

Astrobytes: I think it can be done without bitboard with a flat MC too, ask aCat, I don't remember if he used bitboards or not

Astrobytes: one day I'll get around to playing it, I find it boring

struct: had more fun with c4 than with uttt

struct: but I didnt spend much time on either

Astrobytes: Thx for the reminder, still need to fix my C4. BT was better

Wontonimo: I still need to do oware-abapa, the NN tutorial as it has become known

Astrobytes: It wasn't overly popular until then hehe

Wontonimo: should rename it hehe

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png nabaztag: Really interesting the link to bitboard tictactoe :o

Wontonimo: thanks, I wrote it. it doesn't use MCTS, only MC, so don't copy that part.

Astrobytes: nabaztag: you're already familiar with bitwise operations right?

Astrobytes: (very familiar I mean)

Default avatar.png nabaztag: it's a simple mcts based on

Default avatar.png nabaztag: no, i read and learn now :p

Astrobytes: ah that's a great tutorial for the basics, very good in fact

Astrobytes: Wontonimo's is great for the bitboarding

Astrobytes: nabaztag: It's in C++, ignore the NES emulator part, but this is a nice intro to bitwise operations

Wontonimo: here is a javascript bitboard (not mine)

Manchi_o6o7: Guys, are you willing to help me with some ideas for my uni assignment. I am struggling with the design ideas for a OOP project.

Wontonimo: make a flight simulator

Wontonimo: or a remake of Dwarf Fortress

Manchi_o6o7: I have an assigment, but the implementation design is the problem

Default avatar.png Jonathan_is_trying: does codin teach C++?

Astrobytes: avoid deadly diamonds, don't subclass everything, try to use OOP as little as possible :P

Wontonimo: codingame doesn't "teach" anything. it provides problems and multis

Default avatar.png nabaztag: thx ;)

Wontonimo: hey Manchi_o6o7 , seriously what is the "problem" that you are going to use OOP to solve? or is that what you are looking for?

Manchi_o6o7: The problem is as following. I tried to solve it for the last three days, but right now I am at the stage where I want to start all over.

Wontonimo: solve what?

Manchi_o6o7: I need to make an e-learning system

Manchi_o6o7: Students and tutors

Manchi_o6o7: students can enroll to courses and chat with tutors

Manchi_o6o7: and they can also send each other friend requests

Astrobytes: client-server

Manchi_o6o7: all with txt files

Manchi_o6o7: ....

ZarthaxX: txt files D:

Wontonimo: ??

ZarthaxX: F

Manchi_o6o7: yip

Astrobytes: gotcha, just an exercise

Manchi_o6o7: yes

Astrobytes: fairly grim exercise but hey, you get what you get

Manchi_o6o7: Usually, all the data would be stored in some database

Manchi_o6o7: my idea was to do the following

Wontonimo: it's had to give advice because I don't know what crazy ideas your prof has. Do they like inheritance or are they into object composition?

Wontonimo: I have opinions, but to get a good grade you've got to know what their opinion is

Astrobytes: Seems more inheritance vibes, just a hunch

Blabbage: lol

Manchi_o6o7: yip

Wontonimo: barf

Manchi_o6o7: I have the class User

Wontonimo: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Manchi_o6o7: and derived classes admin, student, and tutor

Manchi_o6o7: but the think is

Wontonimo: sorry, I can't help. I'm morally against spreading evil

Manchi_o6o7: hahahahahaha

Default avatar.png nabaztag:

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Manchi_o6o7: can someone just give me an idea is it good to hold all the data in some containers

Manchi_o6o7: after starting the program

Manchi_o6o7: and then in the finish

ZarthaxX: nabaztag binary lowest bit is the rightmost

Manchi_o6o7: just updating the files

ZarthaxX: it's easier to think that the rightmost bit represents the top left cell

ZarthaxX: you can do your version too anyway, it's ok

ZarthaxX: the classic way is the first one

Blabbage: Manchi: Look at software design patterns, maybe repository pattern

Default avatar.png nabaztag: ok i see

Blabbage: Gotta go now, have fun...

Astrobytes: later Blabbage

Wontonimo: it's great to see so many familiar --faces-- err.. i mean icons back in the chat! I've gotta go also

Wontonimo: hope to see all of you soon

Astrobytes: likewise! see ya later Wontonimo :)

ZarthaxX: cya wontooo

ZarthaxX: :*

Joury: Anyone wanna play roblox?

slazure: me

slazure: :)

Tien2k9: is "We're going in circles!" puzzle easy?

Default avatar.png BadB0y: :wave:

Thorcode: nah

Thorcode: it is medium tien

Tien2k9: but seem like it is easy

PATTRIM: i dint see it b4

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: hey guys

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: I have a question if someone's present here

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: ?

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: is there anyone here?

Wontonimo: hi

Wontonimo: just say your question SinsIsHereLadies

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: hey

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: have you ever tried the shadows of the knight?

Wontonimo: yes. that's it? easy question.

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: can't solve it

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: tried many ways. I'm actually a c++ programmer but just 4 cases worked . Now I try it with Python and the sixth gives me error

Wontonimo: well, it is a "medium" difficulty puzzle, and here on codingame that means it is pretty darn hard

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: actually, my programming level is not that bad but the way they explain what they want is a bit unfamiliar

Wontonimo: did you try it in c++ ?

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: Yeah

Wontonimo: and it worked?

Wontonimo: oh, sorry

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: just the first four of them

Wontonimo: okay, why do you think the others didn't work?

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies:

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: :D if you have that patience

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: I'm sorry but it's like 20 minutes passed and I still get error with this and and it lowers my self-confidence

Wontonimo: 20 min? have patience

Wontonimo: this isn't a clash of code

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: :thinking:

Wontonimo: i budget 2 hours for "easy" puzzles, double for medium

Wontonimo: and a day or two for hard

Wontonimo: 20 min is enough time to just kinda get familiar with a puzzle

e_fishel: why does shortest mode exist

e_fishel: in coc

e_fishel: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

e_fishel: the python dudes keep on winning

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: Well, but this one was not supposed to be this hard

Wontonimo: hint, python does "bankers" rounding which may throw a wrench in your normal c++ approach

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: :grimacing:

Wontonimo: hint 2 : you can change python rounding to 'regular' using this handy shortcut

Wontonimo: round( myNum + 0.0001 )

Wontonimo: it'll work for this puzzle

Default avatar.png SinsIsHereLadies: What is your area of expertise in programming? if you don't mind

Wontonimo: back end systems

Wontonimo: you?

Wontonimo: why x0 = x1 + ( (x2 - x1) / 2);

Wontonimo: instead of x0 = (x2 + x1) / 2;

Default avatar.png PerspectiveOfTed: hm?

nikelhaus: e_fishel ruby is even shorter than python

Thorcode: hey wontonimo, could you help me to get to the bomb in very hard

Thorcode: I have updated my maxium alot

Thorcode: but the last one the find the bomb is hard when my arena is about 3x3 or larger than a bit

Wontonimo: in episode 1

Wontonimo: ?

Thorcode: nah ep 2

Thorcode: whwen the bombdir is same

Thorcode: I got close to the bomb now

Default avatar.png DiepVinhKien: gâu gâu