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Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: ah, scroll

Default avatar.png Quillup: I am not finding custom

struct: you need to enable expert mode on settings

struct: on the left

Default avatar.png Quillup: Amazing, thanks

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: Bertinator what u wanna do

Bertinator: i want to make a game of some sort

n0b1e: good luck brothers!

Bertinator: i want to work on a really fleshed out version of space invaders that also has 2 player

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: what is space invaders

Bertinator: its a 2d game where you control a ship that can only move side to side, and you have to shoot a bunch of aliens that will slowly move towards you and shoot

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: i see

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: so why dont you try learn a language like unity and start making the game?

Bertinator: i want to make from scratch

Bertinator: using python and pygame

Bertinator: because i dont have a good computer so unity is really slow

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: i see

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: i actually have used pygame before

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: do you know how to use pygame?

Bertinator: yeh

n0b1e: very good for beginners

Bertinator: i made a simple moving square

Bertinator: so i do know the BASIC stuff

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: well then what i did is i downloaded this thing called IDLE, which is just a simple code editor, and used that to try and build a game

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: i can also recommend some good resources to learn pygame

Bertinator: yes please

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: this is the first thing i used to learn pygame:

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: it actually teaches to make a game similar to space invaders but you just have to dodge enemies instead of shooting them

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: so its definitely a good start

Bertinator: alr, thanks a lot

Default avatar.png DevRB: bruh

Default avatar.png DevRB: im veby bad

Default avatar.png DevRB: i need help

Default avatar.png DevRB: badly

SpiritAxolotl: e

Default avatar.png DevRB: bruh

Default avatar.png DevRB: ima need help

Default avatar.png DevRB: from a REAL

Default avatar.png DevRB: person

codeStealer05: any pro there to help me?

Saurabh15987: kotlin help is there a string function for inserting a character at given position?

Uljahn: are strings mutable in kotlin? :thinking:

Default avatar.png H2u: Hello World!

Default avatar.png H2u: :joy:

jacek: no

Default avatar.png syahrky: hi

Default avatar.png trebel: hey can anyone help me out with something\

5DN1L: What is that "something"?

derjack: existential crisis

5DN1L: Automaton2000, do you face any existential crisis?

Automaton2000: no need to worry about it

DialFrost: lmao

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: Automaton 2000, earth girl tesla microsoft?

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: Automaton2000, earth girl tesla microsoft?

Automaton2000: i don't really have to worry about it

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: Automaton2000, who is bill clinton

Automaton2000: i can try to get a good result

Jerrasterix: Automaton2000, how to get to legend in coders strike back

Automaton2000: like what is the problem?

Jerrasterix: Automaton2000 simulation probably

Automaton2000: and even then you can see it

DialFrost: Automaton2000 how are you

Automaton2000: but i want to try that

artcypher: my math is so bad, can someone give some link to understand calculating collison intersection point?

Uljahn: artcypher:

artcypher: thanks

CodeStar777: hi guys

Default avatar.png liuzhi: 数学太差了玩不来

jacek: opening books everywhere

5DN1L: liuzhi Please use English only in this channel, thanks.

ninjadip: i don't understand this nintendo challenge atall

5DN1L: well it's natural that you may not get it the first time :P

ninjadip: i don't get what i'm doing

ninjadip: deciphering?

5DN1L: yes

5DN1L: the rules already give you how the message is encoded

ninjadip: but the encoded output is all 0s

5DN1L: already tell*

ninjadip: i can read, but as i stated, i don't understand

BlaiseEbuth: Sad :(

ninjadip: i know it is

BlaiseEbuth: And nobody will help. Even more sad. :(

ninjadip: i'll get it

BlaiseEbuth: That'll be happy. :)

ninjadip: just trying to understand why the encoded output is 0, that's the part that's already supposed to be done

5DN1L: You do know that puzzle is classified under Very Hard?

ninjadip: peace

ninjadip: i got it

AntiSquid: ninjadip

ninjadip: i got it

ninjadip: already

ninjadip: ty though

Leeeooo: What is shit ?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: there is so much wrong with that video

Euler_Phi_Function: euler phi function

fence: o theres a chatroom thing

Default avatar.png Ose: I'm back again

Ose: so hehe

jacek: oO

linjoehan: I need a small project like 2 days max

itzluku: any hints about spring challenge 2022 ?

itzluku: enjoyed the tree problem thingy

jacek: linjoehan tetris :v

linjoehan: lol not again

jacek: itzluku no. its not even sure if itll be bot contest :(

Uljahn: nothing is certain yet

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: pretty clear when they ask all the bot mods to quit

linjoehan: maybe I can make a new multi? but man that never takes 2 days

linjoehan: jacek have you looked at my tetris? I need to make it better somehow. need ideas it tops out at about 450K on a good day

jacek: not really, just saw the repo

JulienBrouille: anyone is good at kotlin that can tell me which puzzle is good for a complete beginner? i started to learn yesterday

jacek: complete beginner in kotlin or all programming?

JulienBrouille: i mean im pretty good in vba does that even count?

ninjadip: of course, an understanding is very universal

jacek: power of thor, the descent, temperatures are beginner friendly

jacek: moreover some of them are good to learn about more functional ways of doing things, i.e. lambdas in kotlin

JulienBrouille: thank!

ninjadip: how d u pull up old code on these things

jacek: history?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: can someone explain the stoi meme?

BlaiseEbuth: Stoi l'meme.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Ha, I don't think even the devious #fr know what it means

BlaiseEbuth: Of course we know, especially me, that's my phrase. :smirk:

Astrobytes: stoi meme? Like as in stoi()?

BlaiseEbuth: Stoi l'stoi().

Astrobytes: ah fr joke

Remi.: "stoi l'..." => "It's you the ..."

Remi.: or "itzU z'..."

BlaiseEbuth: ...

Astrobytes: It was a good effort though

Xiky: hi

The_King_of_Demons: hi

Wontonimo: hi ho

VJsong02: why is code golf so painful

Wontonimo: because it was designed by shia labeouf



slazure: gu'

Thorcode: code golf is nice XD

Thorcode: I love code golfing

Default avatar.png H2u:

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Stoi l'coc

BlaiseEbuth: :clap: