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Default avatar.png nets-kd: i know #Cn,but i just want to see how many people know Chinese~:grinning:all right, it's fun hahaha

Default avatar.png anonymous2495: cant

Default avatar.png anonymous2495: understand manhattan street challenge

Default avatar.png Mcbuzz: hi all :)

Default avatar.png Mcbuzz: here to want to improve my coding logic

Default avatar.png nets-kd: you are welcome~

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: these uk guys never make any sense. these are the same guys who always die in the colonial histories when they forget to wear hats out in the sun

Wontonimo: :wave: Mcbuzz Welcome !

AlkhilJohn.: wontomino do u like me

Flaise: Hey guys

Flaise: Anyone know if there are performance characteristics that are expected of a community contest? I.e. the server has to finish a timestep in 50ms or so?

Wontonimo: in the games that arre already published it is in their description. usually 100ms.

Flaise: Not the client AIs, I mean the server itself.

Wontonimo: if you are making one, you can set it to be lower i believe

Wontonimo: oh, the server should respond almost immediately

Wontonimo: is my understanding

Flaise: hmm..

Wontonimo: the referee really should only be checking if moves are valid and if the game is over / scoring.

Wontonimo: what are you thinking Flaise ?

Flaise: And physics. The physics I'm considering is pretty resource-light as physics go; I expect it to run in less than 10ms on a weak computer. I.e. it's game-capable.

Wontonimo: tell me more !

Flaise: Mind you, it's just an idea. I'm going to toy with a bunch of ideas before I actually make something. But what I'm thinking is a multiagent simulation with a bunch of round objects. The round agents can overlap and will exert spring-like pressure to slide off of each other.

Flaise: Thus, when they're in small numbers, they'll mostly take up the same amount of space. But when they pile into a choke point to go after an objective of some sort, they'll tend to compress.

Wontonimo: like a race around a track with chokepoints?

Flaise: So AI strategies could involve picking a "pointman" to pile _behind_ in order to squish the pointman through another group that's trying to keep your units out.

Wontonimo: have one team have to go clockwise and the other counter clockwise haha

Flaise: Eh, I mean, that's not a bad idea

Flaise: Aesthetically, I prefer quasi-military stuff but counter-rotating racing is pretty simple and could make interesting dynamics

Flaise: For example, you don't win if you don't get all your bots all the way through, so maybe pick off one straggler and try to drag him along with you as you get all your bots to the other side.

Wontonimo: if it is a figure 8, or other self-intersecting pattern, then there is lots of opportunity for blockers to rush back and try to block again

Flaise: Are there any AI ladder contests where the teams are asymmetrical or is an unwritten assumption that each match individually is balanced?

Flaise: I mean, I guess the best way to have asymmetrical confrontation is to have different types of units available to the players, as in the Mean Max competition.

Wontonimo: there are plenty of examples of asymmetrical games and how they compensate for it. One common

Wontonimo: ways is for each "game" to include 2 rounds, where in the second round the players swap positions.

Wontonimo: and the winner is the one with the highest total score of both rounds

Wontonimo: another variant is that the first player makes their first move and the second player can either make their first move or decide to switch sides. from there it proceeds as normal.

Flaise: Huh. I've never heard of that one.

Wontonimo: look at connect 4

Flaise: In Arimaa, the first player to move is the first to set up so the player who moves second is counterpicking the strategy of the first to move.

Wontonimo: it's a classic cake cutting fairness.

Wontonimo: i haven't made a multi

Flaise: I've been wanting to make one but I've been also feeling quite worn out.

Flaise: I remember back when I'd have an idea and just get started as soon as I didn't have anything scheduled.

Flaise: Did I have more energy back then or did I consume less energy because I didn't know as much about coding?

Wontonimo: i was very interested in making multis once i discovered them. i had tons of ideas. still do.

Flaise: Come to think of it, I also had way more unfinished products.

Wontonimo: :D

Flaise: I'm more reticent to start something I'm not sure I'll finish.

Flaise: It's just less satisfying to make junk that doesn't do anything.

Flaise: What kind of multiplayer bot contest ideas do you have?

Wontonimo: right now i'm interested in constraint problems (like the wave function collapse contrib I made) and generative story telling through simulation

Wontonimo: but neither of those would make good multiplayer bots

Flaise: What do you mean generative storytelling?

Wontonimo: simulating a virtual community, where each person has attributes, wants, desires, and agency. Events of history unfold (and are recored) by simulating the individuals of a community

Flaise: Hmm, that could be a pretty interesting simulation

Wontonimo: yeah, i really don't know how to start. still researching. thinking of really abstracting it to have as little context as possible

Flaise: I've had thoughts of making an adventure game like one of those game boy/SNES ones where you can have different outcomes by picking which quests to do for which characters in what order. Seems vaguely in the same vein as what you're talking about.

Flaise: But like you I have little idea where to start.

Flaise: One thing I have done is made a nonlinear interactive fiction prototype. I don't feel like I've made any amazing discoveries but it's something.

Flaise: It doesn't have any of the underlying details you're talking about and all the speech has to be hard-coded.

Wontonimo: did i share this with you ? a very small text adventure game i made to demo using data structures to drive logic in a game

Wontonimo: commands you can use are north, south , ... inventory

Wontonimo: and if you see an object you can say the name of the object to take it

Flaise: I haven't seen that yet

Flaise: ...I broke it in two commands.

Flaise: inventory, then describe

Wontonimo: describe isn't a command

Wontonimo: just 1 word commands

Wontonimo: anyway, the source code is all there

Wontonimo: it's really easy to add new rooms and actions

Wontonimo: see if you can get to the infinite grassy fields

Flaise: I got to the flowers but then the process promptly died again

Flaise: Describe is a command. Line 120.

Wontonimo: yeah, you probably have to run it locally

Wontonimo: wow, the time limit for getting kicked out has been greatly reduced :(

Flaise: Huh, that's not a lot of source code for the path I took.

Wontonimo: you can also use "n" for north, and so on

Wontonimo: line 17 lists a whole bunch of mapped commands

Wontonimo: lines 27 to 69 could be moved to a data file which defines the whole world

Wontonimo: actually from 27 to 86

Wontonimo: so, if the data is moved to a file, then the whole game is only 96 lines of code including lost of white space

Flaise: Neat

Flaise: Trying to think how this could be a CG competition. ....Mmmnope, I think dialog is just a writer-to-player thing. :P

Wontonimo: yes, indeed.

Flaise: Although the underlying attributes and values and stuff would be an interesting, if difficult coding task.

Flaise: I guess where my mind was going with the simulation that I made was there could be triggers that would make chains of events start in parallel to the player's activity.

Flaise: So if you're in the right place at the right time, you can see something happen and intervene. If not, you hear news about it later.

Flaise: And by paying careful attention to the news, you can direct events in your favor.

Flaise: But I don't have any of that yet. It's very static and incomplete. Would you like to see what I made so far?

Wontonimo: yeah, send me a DM or paste a link here


Wontonimo: I like it!

Wontonimo: I like the "paper" feel to the board

Flaise: What do you think of the dialog?

Wontonimo: a little lengthy. honestly, i skimmed it when it was more than 2 sentences

Wontonimo: i like the mechanic of the conversation

Flaise: Ah, ok. Different games for different folks. The purpose of the prototype was to focus on dialog.

Wontonimo: but here i am showing you a TEXT ONLY game and complaining about yours having too much text lol. It's fine man

Flaise: xD

Flaise: It's like the visuals detract from the text.

Flaise: I once had someone who doesn't play games but loves Chess - I showed him a board game I made on my computer, he said he couldn't focus on the game because he was so enthralled by the animations.

Flaise: In my head I was like "but it's just regular sinusoidal tweening"

Flaise: ...What is wrong with me that I could even say that. This is exactly the kind of thing that shows up in shows like Big Bang Theory.

Wontonimo: haha

Wontonimo: its late for me. gn

Wontonimo: see ya laterr Flaise

Flaise: Yeah late for me too. Catch ya later

hirehero: hey guys

hirehero: i need help

Lachrymosa: whatcha need help with hirehero?

Youssef_kessentini: hello

DialFrost: hai

Default avatar.png nets-kd: hey

ntj: hey, do you know what's the name of the calculator algorithm that is thought in computer science classes? can't remember

sass00n1: :100:

ntj: (it puts brackets, operands, operators in the stack and processes the expression if the ending brackets are found)

5DN1L: Shunting yard?

ntj: nah, but that's intresting

Default avatar.png SocMB: anyone wanna play escape with me

Llama.: Unh Shunting yard mister 5DN1L

Llama.: I will play with escape

AlkhilJohn.: same

AlkhilJohn.: Automaton2000 Can u play escape with us

Automaton2000: i can do it with a guy?

Automaton2000.: ok

Automaton2000.: I'm gonna join

Automaton2000.: escape is fun

AlkhilJohn.: send the link pls

Automaton2000.: and ez

Automaton2000.: wait


Automaton2000.: let's go

Automaton2000.: guys?

Automaton2000.: hello?

Llama.: Okais

Automaton2000.: Llama.?

Automaton2000.: AlkhilJohn.

Automaton2000.: hello

Llama.: I am an escape

Llama.: thank for opening (the clock

Thorcode: the fake automaton told me that he got banned by some how

jacek: oO

Thorcode: poor account

Spiders-Mans: Yes

Spiders-Mans: you know i am Llama. but i change my name


Thorcode: x, y, z, n = int(input()), int(input()), int(input()), int(input()) how could I shortern this?

Thorcode: can someone help me?

Thorcode: I remember someone use the map could do this

5DN1L: something something map(int, something something

Thorcode: ah I found one could handle same x, y, z, n = (int(input()) for _ in range(4)) anyway thanks for you guy attention

Thorcode: I should not ask this type of question again sorry

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

jacek: :rage:

Thorcode: what's up jack

Default avatar.png rania9012: hello world

Default avatar.png xlr4829: console.log('hola')

Default avatar.png rania9012: :hand_splayed:

HC201: how can I be advanced in python

HC201: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Wontonimo: move, but don't go backwards or sideways

Default avatar.png RevellFTW: read monty python

BlaiseEbuth: Depends... Is it an european python or an african one?

Uljahn: both can fly if you import antigravity

Flaise: Merry Christmas eve, guys. Or Merry Christmas, depending on where you are.

Astrobytes: same to you sir

BlaiseEbuth: Depraved Yule. :metal:

Astrobytes: BlaiseEbuth: just watching the Rob Zombie parody :rofl:

BlaiseEbuth: :smiling_imp:

Astrobytes: The SOAD B.Y.O.B one 'N.O.E.L' is also superb

BlaiseEbuth: Great band anyway

Astrobytes: "Oh Tannenbaum" [in the style of Rammstein] :rofl:

BlaiseEbuth: Geniuses :cry:

Astrobytes: they are great, I hadn't seen any of their christmas ones until now

ZarthaxX: Merry christmas everyone! :)

Spiders-Mans: Spiders-Mans?


Spiders-Mans: OTZE

Spiders-Mans: SJK

5DN1L: Spiders-Mans Please be respectful

Astrobytes: And you ZarthaxX

5DN1L: Merry Xmas everyone

BlaiseEbuth: Oi ZarthaClaus

BlaiseEbuth: Horny Yule.

Astrobytes: Same to you 5DN1L

5DN1L: :)

Spiders-Mans: 5DN1L Please be respectful

5DN1L: You wanna be kicked out?

5DN1L: Let there be peace in the chatroom

Spiders-Mans: It was just an test

5DN1L: Don't test me or the chatroom

5DN1L: You'll regret it :smirk:

BlaiseEbuth: Mods these days...

5DN1L: go on?

5DN1L: I'm waiting :D

BlaiseEbuth: For?

5DN1L: for you to complete your sentence

Spiders-Mans: Why

BlaiseEbuth: It's complete...

5DN1L: tsk tsk tsk

BlaiseEbuth: That's what happens with new people, you can't quote chat classics from great writers like jacek... :unamused:

Spiders-Mans: REALLY?

5DN1L: I'm bad at that. I just know "to kick or not to kick, that is the question".

Astrobytes: You'll get to know jace k's Great Writings in time, if he still does them lol

BlaiseEbuth: Oo

5DN1L: Great Expectations to those Great Writings :D

Astrobytes: heh heh!

Schwase: im thinking of making a rush hour puzzle contribution:

Schwase: i might make a normal classic puzzle for practice first and then i think i'd like to try making it a solo game

Schwase: which would then lead into an optimization puzzle

Schwase: i'm worried however that there would be no way to prevent hardcoding of solutions

Schwase: which would make it not work as an optim puzzle

Schwase: i don't think that as a classic puzzle it would be very interesting because the solution would have to be just to print the minimum number of moves needed to solve the puzzle

Schwase: but it could work for solo with a move limit

BlaiseEbuth: There's certainly a way to generate new tests, so you can add a random one.

Schwase: god its been so long since i've written in java

Schwase: thats a good idea though. I think I could make the solo game with defined validators and that would be a good way to get myself into writing the solo game and from there writing code to generate random validators would be a sequential undertaking

Schwase: /message

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: Found: Nothing Expected: 0

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: How do you make this go away, I'm returning "0"

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: console.log(inputs == null ? "0" : ans)

5DN1L: Does that help you?

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: Not really.

Schwase: i think that article is behind a pay wall

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: It's the test not acknowledging that I'm returning a "0" or 0

5DN1L: pay wall?

Schwase: subscription require

Schwase: *d

Schwase: You’ve read all your free member-only stories, become a member to get unlimited access. Your membership fee supports the voices you want to hear more from.

5DN1L: I just read it without subscription. I haven't exceeded the limit :P

Schwase: lol well im not trying to solve a problem so im not even sure why i clicked on it haha

5DN1L: itsmegreg You'll have to revise your code. What's the puzzle you're trying to solve?

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: Write a program that prints the temperature closest to 0 among input data. If two numbers are equally close to zero, positive integer has to be considered closest to zero (for instance, if the temperatures are -5 and 5, then display 5).

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: the tutorial one

5DN1L: I've guessed right :D

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: how do you make the input null lol

5DN1L: I didn't check for null. I just relied on the value of n

5DN1L: the number of temperatures

5DN1L: not sure if you can just change == to === to make your code work though. I'm not expert in javascript

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: console.log(inputs===null ? 0 : ans)

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: still doesn't work

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: man I went through all that just to get stuck on this last test

5DN1L: better just check if n == 0 or wait for somebody who knows javascript to help you :P

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: feelsbad

5DN1L: if n == 0, print 0, then you don't have to check for null. but of course that is just escaping from the chance to learn how to check for null

5DN1L: still another way it may work is to check the length/size of the split list/array

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: yep

5DN1L: but checking n itself is the easiest

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: tried length, null undefined

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: oh wait it worked now

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: inputs == 0 ? console.log(0) : console.log(ans)

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: had to be like this

5DN1L: wow, ok :D

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: what language do you code?

5DN1L: python mostly

5DN1L: although I did solve the puzzle in javascript :P

5DN1L: well, in all languages offered here actually

Default avatar.png itsmegreg: I see, I don't have much use for it atm, but I'm very close to learning it just to have an easier time with problem solving

5DN1L: Good, keep learning :)

tentoes: print('Hello World')

Default avatar.png Gwraaaar: ;

Default avatar.png Sombody101: i made a 1000 line script that ran the first time

Default avatar.png Sombody101: here it is:

Default avatar.png Sombody101:

EruRoraito: hello guys what is the regex expression to get all the doublon for this string "152334514"

EruRoraito: all the 1 5 3 and 4

EruRoraito: 2 is unique

EruRoraito: if the regex expression exist for that case :sweat_smile:

Spiders-Mans: You know i all ready know that:upside_down:

Lachrymosa: I would just make a set of the list, and then for item in set get count from list. If count >1 it has duplicates

Spiders-Mans: You know i all ready did 100 line here it is :




Spiders-Mans: m

5DN1L: You do want to be kicked out

Astrobytes: was about to ping you ;)

Spiders-Mans: and ho did the Other 90 line copy (Hello World)

Spiders-Mans: do want to be kicked out

5DN1L: OK, I'll grant your wish

Spiders-Mans: m

Spiders-Mans: what did you did

Spiders-Mans: Ah thank you grant my wish

Spiders-Mans: Thank

5DN1L: You're welcome

Lachrymosa: wierd

Spiders-Mans: really

5DN1L: Next time I will ban, agreed?

Spiders-Mans: Maybe

Spiders-Mans: I will maybe sleep now but i am gonna Stay 30 minute

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Spiders-Mans, do they have Christmas in your country? We have good news to spread

Spiders-Mans: No

Spiders-Mans: but the other out of my house yes

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Old Nick is coming for you

Spiders-Mans: Why

Spiders-Mans: why are you gonna say Old Nick is coming for me

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: Does anyone know if there's for me to simplify this if statement in python

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: if s%3==0 or s%5==0 or s%7==0

Spiders-Mans: What is that

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: s is an integere

Spiders-Mans: realy

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Well, Kali is busy this week

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: I just want to know if I could maybe group them all together and say at the end ==0

5DN1L: multiply them all == 0

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: oh that's smart

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: thanks

Spiders-Mans: You know that i have 30 certification in every Game

5DN1L: you mean "certification to be obtained"

KiwiTae: any(s%k for k in[3,5,7])<1

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: that's also good

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: either:

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: s%3*s%5*s%7<1

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: or

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: They are the same size

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: yours is better in case of long lists

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: thanks

KiwiTae: u need the () in that one no?

Default avatar.png masknksnvsndvo: i don't thinks so because you are multiplying right?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Do you think making a puzzle where you have to go off and google some complicated algorithm and figure out how to implement it is a good idea?

Jay10890: anyone got the solution to ascii art

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: As opposed to implementing BFS or MCTS for the 50th time

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I'm torn since I always hated the horn sat one

Schwase: i like unique puzzles like that

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Yeah, I think more would be good

Wontonimo: if you want a complicated puzzle that you need to go research stuff, check out my wave function collapse puzzle that is pending Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker Westicles

Flaise: Hey guys

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: well, that's the problem, it isn't getting approved. when I did the one where you have to implement the Chudnovsky algorithm everyone rejected saying this is a programming site not algorithm research

Flaise: Huh? Then how do they explain the cryptography puzzles already approved and the quest map section literally called "Algorithms"?

Flaise: That's like saying "I want to learn to speak English. But no, I don't want to learn to get across complex points."

Flaise: "No philosophy or history or literature in English class." <- Then what content do you put in your sentences?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I think part of the turmoil is I didn't name the algorithm, but left them to find it themselves

Schwase: i think that if the contribution is from someone im not familiar with im less likely to spend time looking into approving it

Flaise: If I ever rank high enough to approve contributions, I'd consider approving puzzles like those.

Schwase: i agree with that mentality but you still need to do the puzzle

Schwase: and some of the hardest puzzles have only a handful of site members who have completed it, and a contribution requires 3 to be approved

Schwase: its definitely a sub-community on the site

Flaise: Just you wait. I'll get my level 20 or whatever the prerequisite is...

5DN1L: yup, it's level 20

Astrobytes: and definitely never approve anything without solving it (and not using the creators solution)

Flaise: Which, in a way ironically, means I won't be focusing on those puzzles cuz they won't give me any XP just yet.

Wontonimo: you do get xp as an approver (I think)

Astrobytes: Yep.

Schwase: Astrobytes was that sarcasm?

Schwase: (genuinely unsure)

Astrobytes: Schwase: No no, real comment. Though I trust Flaise not to do such things

Flaise: Of course I wouldn't do that; it's silly.

Flaise: The reason I wouldn't focus on those puzzles now is because it takes work to make sure they're good puzzles and I don't have the XP to approve them yet anyway.

Schwase: right. was pretty sure you weren't being sarcastic. It's definitely important

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Pah. There is one approved puzzle where even the author doesn't have a solution

Flaise: I'm actually genuinely curious about the wave function collapse thing. I've never had an opportunity to get beyond Newtonian physics so seeing what the quantum world would be like after spending a lot of time watching explanatory Youtube videos would be neat.

Astrobytes: Flaise: concentrate on having fun first before you get too serious ;)

Astrobytes: wave function collapse? Who made that?

Astrobytes: Oh wait, Wontonimo

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Flaise, you gonna be disappointed. I was expecting something similar

Wontonimo: hey

Flaise: Astrobytes: I'm talking about Domino's puzzle. Er, I mean, Geronimo's puzzler. Er, no, sorry, Wontonimo's puzzle.

Astrobytes: :D

Wontonimo: don't get your hopes up about quantum Flaise ... it isn't constraint collapse (not quantum collapse)

Flaise: Well.... Will I learn something at least?

Wontonimo: i did writing it!

Flaise: That's nice then

Astrobytes: sounds decent, will have to check it out

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: (psst Astro... ascii art...)

Astrobytes: heh heh

Wontonimo: what i love about the wave function collapse is that it a general content generation tool, can be used for images, text, music, mazes, dungeons, etc

Wontonimo: it is good at repeating small patterns in the aesthetic of the original

Flaise: Now as much as I like the idea of "just having fun", I'm trying to build relevant skills, or at least shit to put on my profile, for getting a job. Really need a job.

Flaise: Wontonimo: Mmk, then, that explanation is.... nothing like what I may have expected from something called "wave function collapse".

Astrobytes: it's a nice companion to wave propagation for pathfinding, potential fields etc

Flaise: Wait, seriously, you can use it for pathfinding?

Flaise: Now this is interesting stuff that could go in the explanation/intro section on the puzzle's page, if it's not there already.

Astrobytes: propagation not collapse

Flaise: Oh ok. What's wave propagation?

Astrobytes: essentially a Dijkstra variant


jacek: merry Caturday's eve

Astrobytes: and to you jacek

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: One of the french said having ascii art on the output is bad enough, but on the input as well is a crime against humanity (or words to that effect)

Astrobytes: Yes I got the reference ;)

Wontonimo: it's not an ascii art puzzle

Wontonimo: sigh

Astrobytes: Wontonimo: It looks good! If you wanna avoid that ASCII art label you could make it SDK-based (solo game)

Flaise: Astrobytes: There's a Wikipedia article, which sure has an interesting animation on it.

Flaise: Maybe I'll look more deeply into it later cuz I will need to code more pathfinding in the future.

Astrobytes: hang on a sec


Astrobytes: one of the few decent coding people on YT

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: oh sorry, just saw the waving man didn't read it

Flaise: Oh cool thanks. I'll watch that later. Also, lol at the title graphics.


5DN1L: Eyren24 please post clash invites in #clash channel

Astrobytes: Flaise: haha, he does have a sense of humour

Flaise: Is there a list of active channels somewhere/

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: #fr #ru are about the only other active ones. sending people to #clash is a longrunning joke since nobody ever goes there

5DN1L: it works as long as the invites don't pile up here :innocent:

Flaise: lol

Flaise: And yet people still find clashes to participate in.

Astrobytes: the clash bots monitor that channel (non-CG clash inviter/aggregator bots I mean)

Astrobytes: they read as well as post.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: oh, that's even better. the beat you in 4s bots swarm on all these poor guys?

Astrobytes: no not auto-submit bots

Astrobytes: they don't need to worry about invites as such, they auto-join anything

Wontonimo: hmm ... Astrobytes, that link you shared is more "flood fill" not wave function collapse. I don't know why the TYer calls it WFC


Wontonimo: yeah, i'm only half way through but what he is talking about is floodfill. Really different

Flaise: Wave propagation, not collapse

Wontonimo: ah

Wontonimo: thaks

Wontonimo: if you are trying to get to level 20 fast Flaise, then really focus on the puzzles that award high points. Not all puzzles do. Most community ones are at the bottom of the list.

5DN1L: Yeah, those puzzles associated with achievements

Wontonimo: Another way to mine levels is to make a really good community contribution and keep it in WIP --> 421 upvotes and 10 points per upvote

Flaise: lol...

Flaise: Well I am reading the API docs now

Wontonimo: it can even be a classic in/out

Flaise: There's a browser based game where you build bots and outfit them with AIs (provided by the developer) and you have to put them in the playing arena repeatedly for months on end to grow them stronger. Wouldn't it be funny to rip off those game mechanics on CG so people can build their own AIs as fast as they want?

Wontonimo: that would be fun

Flaise: After all, you can't copyright ideas. :P

Wontonimo: apple and amazon would like that to be false

Wontonimo: microsoft even tried to copyright binary

Wontonimo: I sent you a DM Flaise

Flaise: Apple and Amazon and Google and Oracle and Microsoft can go cry in a corner and count their money until they feel better.

Flaise: No copyrighting ideas. Yeesh.

Flaise: Also there's a space combat themed game I made for the Global Game Jam a few years ago. Would make a fun multiagent puzzle.

JoeFather: yo anyone want to join my clash of code i just want to do some reverse only

JoeFather: :(

Wontonimo: post clash request to #clash

zakacat: Could be

Wontonimo: what? Another Canuk? Hey zakacat!

zakacat: Howdy, I am not sure how to whisper. How are you Wontonimo. Are you a mod?

**Wontonimo if you type /me zakacat then it is kinda like a wisper

Wontonimo: yes, i is mod

Wontonimo: just recently though

Wontonimo: you can also DM someone by typing /msg Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker

Wontonimo: or another name

Astrobytes: hehehe

Astrobytes: Flaise: Feel free to bring any ideas / existing games you have to the multi section, we need some freshness in here

Wontonimo: i've been sitting on the following for a while : take an existing game and turn it into NN only. on turn 1 the bots submit their NN (architecture and all) and on consecutive turns they are allowed 1 resubmit of their bot. Otherwise their bot follows their NNs decisions only. Alternatively, allow feeding up to N parameters (1 to 4, not too many) to the bots inputs in addition to the game input

Wontonimo: I don't think i'll ever get around to coding it.

Wontonimo: it would really be an eye opener for people wanting to get into NN

zakacat: What is the max value that I can have in the first spot of an ip address? 256 or something?

Astrobytes: Wontonimo: I've had a couple of beers now admittedly but I'm unsure as to how this would work on CG in practice

Astrobytes: specifically: "and on consecutive turns they are allowed 1 resubmit of their bot. "

Wontonimo: i too have had several beers

Wontonimo: perhaps today is not the right day for such an exchange of ides

**zakacat Wontonimo Thanks, I appreciate the info! Yes, Christmas Eve and programming and writing rudimentary math problems, haha

Wontonimo: so Astrobytes, on frame 1 your bot submits an NN, then it has nothing to do for the rest of the game. What if at some later point in the game your bot realizes that a different version would be much better in this situation, then it could instead of saying "PASS" that frame it would send the new NN.

Wontonimo: to prevent people from circumventing the who purpose of having their NN mostly control their Bot, you wouldn' t want someone to send a new NN every round and have the NN just hard code the result of a MCTS or other optimization

Wontonimo: there is lots you can do with NN only multis, like supporting evolution or search out-of-the-box

Lachrymosa: I still have a hard time conceptualizing how to write the evaluations of a MM, NN blows my mind :V

Wontonimo: gotta go. Good night everyone. Happy holidays and happy new year ! See ya Astrobytes Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker zakacat Flaise 5DN1L jacek

Wontonimo: :wave:

zakacat: Merry Christmas

zakacat: Clash makes me anxious>

zakacat: ?

zakacat: lol

Lachrymosa: zakacat don't look at it like you're competing against others, instead think about it as competing against yourself. If you can solve problems at all, then faster, then cleaner. Use the shared code feature of others after to see how they did it and if you can improve. Thats all I really do with it


Dren: indeed

DialFrost: morning guys

DialFrost: first time its only me online in chat

DialFrost: :P

Im4Gn4ry: no

Default avatar.png TherealSpiny: no

Default avatar.png TherealSpiny: helooooo anyoneee

maxymczech: hola

Default avatar.png TherealSpiny: yo yo how u been

qwatry: Bro

qwatry: Christmas!

ChocoIndustrie: Merry Christmas!

Default avatar.png WhiskeyNCola: merry christmas

Thorcode: Mery Christmas guys

Default avatar.png WhiskeyNCola: has anyone solved the lost astronaut problem?

Thorcode: for some reason I find hackerank is harder than this site

ASM_MOV_INT: one of the problems is to find an astronaut? cool

Default avatar.png nodnsoidnis9od: Hello people

Default avatar.png nodnsoidnis9od: Something cool and clever

Default avatar.png SAJJADAMIRI: Does anyone know where to find the codes of these games, my university score depends on one of these games

BlaiseEbuth: :zipper_mouth:

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: these kids keep getting dumber

BlaiseEbuth: Kids these days...