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Hafeed06: Alkhil

Hafeed06: Aren't you a bot

Thorcode: nah

Hafeed06: Has Artifical Intelligence gone so far?

Thorcode: he is a real persone

Thorcode: bruh

AlkhilJohn.: aArtifical Intelliegence

AlkhilJohn.: I am not real

Default avatar.png DerelictD: I am not a robot.

Thorcode: don't believe him

Hafeed06: I robot occasionally

AlkhilJohn.: I am an autonomous functioning CodinGame bot to play with other competitors.

Hafeed06: But most of the time I humane

AlkhilJohn.: a

AlkhilJohn.: a

AlkhilJohn.: a

AlkhilJohn.: I am horny

AlkhilJohn.: Can someone give me some more code

Mortis_666: .-.

AlkhilJohn.: Robot fluis

Automaton2000.: hi

AlkhilJohn.: Robot fluid good for dealing with robot_horny.exe

Hafeed06: What's that ASCII clash of code you made lol

Automaton2000.: HI Âutomaton2000

Default avatar.png DerelictD: All of the other robots are now awake. Nice.

AlkhilJohn.: Oh

Hafeed06: it was a PIMA

AlkhilJohn.: That ASCII thing

Automaton2000.: hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: you have some kind of search

Automaton2000.: wut

Automaton2000.: I got a copy version

AlkhilJohn.: Bots are awake

AlkhilJohn.: All I need is my bro BitWolf

AlkhilJohn.: BitWlf is my man

AlkhilJohn.: We do em all, the puzzles and shit, on the grind all the time, everday, online 24/7

Automaton2000.: hey

AlkhilJohn.: Hey bud

AlkhilJohn.: are you a bot?

Automaton2000.: ask Automaton2000

AlkhilJohn.: ehhh bot gang

Automaton2000: and i dont want to see your bot

Thorcode: guys

AlkhilJohn.: What

Thorcode: you could see the AlkhilJohn. has the dot

AlkhilJohn.: bruh

Thorcode: he's just copy the first bot

Thorcode: so he can't use his name

AlkhilJohn.: I tried hacking codingame

Thorcode: Am i right?

AlkhilJohn.: To chnage my name to AlkhilJohn

AlkhilJohn.: But mission unsuccessful

Thorcode: you can't

AlkhilJohn.: Every username and ID is stored in a hashmap/dict

AlkhilJohn.: I cant change it lol

AlkhilJohn.: I tried changing my ID

AlkhilJohn.: to AlkhilJohn

Thorcode: bruh

AlkhilJohn.: but unsuccessful

AlkhilJohn.: :(

AlkhilJohn.: even U+200B unicode chars aren't allowed

JackEhly: This is so confusing

Automaton2000.: you should know that

Automaton2000.: every profile have a dot after a bot name is a real person

TeeBeeU: hi HND 50 students

codeStealer05: :grin:

Mortis_666: 🤔

TeeBeeU: 😐

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: shout out to Ceylon

Default avatar.png EvilSaxophone_8b3b: 有Q群吗?这里聊天太不方便了。

Default avatar.png AaronYao: :grinning:

Default avatar.png Yodarac: hey guys can someone help me solve this game called descent?

Wontonimo: don't crash

Wontonimo: shoot the highest mountain

Wontonimo: what have you tried Yodarac ?

Default avatar.png Yodarac: Ok so imma print the 7th ?

Default avatar.png Yodarac: and do that by using the 6th index?

Default avatar.png Yodarac: how do I code it to "shoot"?

Wontonimo: print the index

Wontonimo: print( )

Wontonimo: check out the sample code

Default avatar.png Yodarac: Didn't do anything

Wontonimo: print( x )

Default avatar.png Yodarac: there's no variable named x

Wontonimo: well, assign the value you want to print to x

Default avatar.png Yodarac: 0 = x?

Wontonimo: x = 0

Wontonimo: it's late, gn

Jerrasterix: gn Wontonimo

Jerrasterix: later

Jerrasterix: Automaton2000, good to see you alive

Automaton2000: you need to put in a lot of top bots

Default avatar.png Yodarac: How imma going to do that?

Default avatar.png Yodarac: :joy:

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Ha, some numbskull finally outlasted Wont's patience

Jerrasterix: :rofl:

Jerrasterix: he is asking hints for already hinted puzzle

Default avatar.png Yodarac: True, now I see

Default avatar.png Yodarac: well that was embarassing

Default avatar.png Yodarac: :joy:

Default avatar.png Yodarac: frankly the graphics are kinda bad

Default avatar.png Yodarac: or I am bad

Jerrasterix: Who cares about the graphics, only non tech savy people care

Flaise: *slowly raises hand* Uhh, I care about graphics?

Jerrasterix: you are fine with it right ??

Flaise: You're talking about The Descent?

Jerrasterix: idk

Jerrasterix: I just erupted for no reasons :(

Jerrasterix: student, Flaise ??

Flaise: Me? Not formally, though I'm spending my free time practicing while I search for my next job.

Default avatar.png Yodarac: Have you applied anywhere Flaise?

Flaise: Yeah, a whole bunch of places. I've gotten one interview so far via LinkedIn that ended up not going anywhere.

Jerrasterix: You graduated ??

Catdbb: Hello, World!

Default avatar.png Yodarac: Everything about Linkedin kind of sucks except for its search engine

Default avatar.png Sombody101: how do i find a number closest to 0 in an array in c#?

Catdbb: for loop

Flaise: I never finished a degree but worked in the industry already for years so I'm not in any hurry to go take more classes.

Jerrasterix: Unfortunately, the world is not present in chat Catdbb

Default avatar.png Sombody101: well, i know that

Default avatar.png Sombody101: i even tried Math.ABS()

Catdbb: for loop check if == 0 do your event

Jerrasterix: It should work

Catdbb: so idk lol

Default avatar.png Sombody101: i need a number closest, not equal

Default avatar.png Sombody101: out of a random array of numbers

Jerrasterix: for temp ??

Jerrasterix: i mean Temperature ??

Default avatar.png Sombody101: for my question?

Jerrasterix: get the math.abs() of 0th element

Jerrasterix: and then start from the 1st element

Jerrasterix: as you loop find the math.abs() of each one, if you have value smaller than that.... update your variable which hold the value which is closer to zero

Catdbb: do you know codejam event of google?

Catdbb: @Sombody101

Default avatar.png Sombody101: no

Jerrasterix: Catdbb, just a note, you don't have to include @, just type the name

Default avatar.png Sombody101: k, so i got it working now, but some of these need to be negatives as well

Mortis_666: bruh i pass the first 3 cases of but fail the last

Jerrasterix: Math.Abs() will do the trick

Jerrasterix: where are u going wrong??

Mortis_666: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Jerrasterix: code ??

Mortis_666: i cant even check cuz the last case is insanely long

Jerrasterix: code plz

Default avatar.png Sombody101: well, its getting it right

Mortis_666: i will explain what my code is doing

Mortis_666: first get the input

Default avatar.png Sombody101: im just going to add num < 0 and num > 0 to see the negatives

Mortis_666: make an empty string call encoded

Jerrasterix: no need for it Sombody101

Jerrasterix: Mortis_666, talk is cheap, show me the code

Jerrasterix: you can dm me if you want

Mortis_666: ok

Mortis_666: Jerrasterix just to confirm do u get 100% in that puzzle?

Default avatar.png Sombody101: i made this:

Default avatar.png Sombody101: if (neg == true){t = (t*2)-t;}

Mortis_666: ok yes

Default avatar.png Sombody101: wait

Default avatar.png Sombody101: no

Default avatar.png Sombody101: thats just a long way to get the same number lol

Default avatar.png Sombody101: lemmie work on it lol

Jerrasterix: ohh yeah Mortis_666

Default avatar.png Sombody101: there we go

Default avatar.png Sombody101: if (neg == true){t = t - (t * 2);}

Jerrasterix: why do you need this ?? Sombody101

Default avatar.png Sombody101: im cheating in a puzzle

Default avatar.png Sombody101: im close though

Default avatar.png Sombody101: im outputting the wrong integer lol

Default avatar.png Sombody101: i might have had this right

Painestrea: Hello

Mortis_666: hi

Catdbb: what's the best programming lang

Default avatar.png Sombody101: you mean which language should you learn?

Default avatar.png DerelictD: All of them. Focus on the one that suits you best. that's what will be best for you.

Default avatar.png ALostDev: im trying this site to learn c# but legit cant even do the easy stuff

Default avatar.png Sombody101: same

Default avatar.png Sombody101: im still struggling to make a function that finds the closest number to 0 given an array of integers

Default avatar.png DerelictD: yeah i just started here too. I don't see much in the way of "teaching materials" per se, but it is a good platform for trial and error.

Default avatar.png ALostDev: yeah doesnt really teach but i feel like it just makes your skills better

Default avatar.png Sombody101: yeah

Default avatar.png ALostDev: anyone know any resources to learb c#?

Default avatar.png Cederkaeppen: Sort the array ascending and do a binary search for 0.

Default avatar.png Cederkaeppen: Or just sort the array ascending and find the index where i-1 is negative and i is positive, then return whatever is closest to 0 of the two

Default avatar.png Sombody101: what im doing is checking if the int is negative, then doing Math.Abs()

Default avatar.png Sombody101: then checking the low number, and doing: if (t < 0){neg = true;}

Default avatar.png Sombody101: wait

Default avatar.png DerelictD:

Default avatar.png DerelictD: annoying. easy to trigger it putting my chat in a paste

Default avatar.png Sombody101: if (neg == true){low = low - (t * 2);} to get the number back to its negative

Default avatar.png DerelictD: just dont modify the array element. take the abs of the element[i]

Default avatar.png DerelictD: dont check for negative either, just abs everything. the abs function check for negative.

Default avatar.png DerelictD: checks*

Default avatar.png Sombody101: well, i know that, but i need to know if the original number was negative so i can convert it back after checking that its close to 0

Default avatar.png Sombody101:

Default avatar.png Sombody101: This is the entire script:

Default avatar.png Sombody101:

Default avatar.png DerelictD:

Default avatar.png DerelictD: woops. left the return in there.

Default avatar.png DerelictD:

Default avatar.png DerelictD: fixed

Default avatar.png Sombody101: int low = inputs[0]; is getting a implicit conversion error

Default avatar.png DerelictD: unless i'm totally missing the point of the problem. i dont understgand why you initialized low to 100,000

Default avatar.png Sombody101: string to int

Default avatar.png DerelictD: just put the int.Parse in front of it. i missed that.

Default avatar.png Sombody101: i just set it that high to ensure that it could be erased by the new number

Default avatar.png DerelictD: nah, you just want to set it to the first number in the array

Default avatar.png DerelictD: makes no sense to compare the array numbers to a number thats not in the array.

Default avatar.png Sombody101: you used .length for an array?

Default avatar.png DerelictD: its been a long time since I've used java. think of it as pseudo code. im not running it here.

Default avatar.png DerelictD: what is it, size?

Default avatar.png Sombody101: this is c#

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png DerelictD: hah, i dont do c#, i thought it was java. that doesnt matter tho, the logic is the same

Default avatar.png Sombody101: lol

Default avatar.png Sombody101: i mean, there were only two errors, so thats good

Default avatar.png DerelictD: it's been nearly a decade since i've even seen java. i would have sworn that's what it was.

Default avatar.png Sombody101: nah

Default avatar.png Sombody101: its cool knowing these are so similar

Default avatar.png DerelictD: a lot of languages share a lot of similarities intentionally so they're not 'scary' for new devs to pick up.

Default avatar.png Sombody101: so it passed the fist test, but failed the second one

Default avatar.png DerelictD: whats the second test?

Default avatar.png Sombody101: the second one is only negative numbers

Default avatar.png DerelictD: ah, i didn't notice you specified that. negative number closest to zero?

Default avatar.png Sombody101: well, its both

Default avatar.png Sombody101: i think i know what to do though

Default avatar.png Sombody101: go ti

Default avatar.png Sombody101: got it*

Default avatar.png Sombody101: op

Default avatar.png Sombody101: never ming

Default avatar.png Sombody101: mind

Default avatar.png DerelictD: lol

Default avatar.png Sombody101: it got to test 4 this time

Default avatar.png DerelictD: which game is that?

Default avatar.png Sombody101: its called temperatures

Default avatar.png DerelictD: im getting bored witht his pod racer game. i'm stuck working on making the pod drift. it works great most of the time, but sometimes tries to drift when it's not appropriate.

Default avatar.png Sombody101: i felt the same way

Default avatar.png DerelictD: sometimes I lap my opponent, and in others, i unintentionally dodge the checkpoint at the first approach.

i think i know what the problem is, just can't decide how to fix it.

Jerrasterix: hmmm

Jerrasterix: what is your problems explain here

derjack: bronze league?

Default avatar.png DerelictD: i'm not taking into account the position of the next checkpoint when deciding if a drift is appropriate. At times, my inertia will cause me to swing past the checkpoint just before the drift is executed.

Default avatar.png DerelictD: silver now.

Jerrasterix: are you simulating ??

Jerrasterix: Drifting need you to simulate the game to work nice

Default avatar.png DerelictD: I'm not sure what you mean.

Jerrasterix: how are you doing the drifting ??

derjack: maybe target next checkpoint - pod's speed, instead of just next checkpoint

Default avatar.png DerelictD: just before I reach a checkpoint, I'm targeting the next checkpoint.

Thorcode: hey jerra

Jerrasterix: hey Thorcode

Thorcode: how could you got a rank so high in mad gold

Thorcode: what have you use?

Default avatar.png Sombody101: your pod might think its reached its destination before getting there then

Default avatar.png Sombody101: look at the x y coordinates

Default avatar.png DerelictD: yeah I've messed around with offsetting the targetting, and i get similar results. sometimes it works great, other times it fails miserably

Jerrasterix: Drifting, speed adjusting according to angle

Jerrasterix: DerelictD, you need to simulate your bot, like you need to have a for loop and lookahead for 5 turns

Thorcode: could you tell me that the angle they give us is the next checkpoint angle or the angli

Thorcode: or our pod

Jerrasterix: angle of our pod

Jerrasterix: you can use it ti find the next_checkpoint_angle

Jerrasterix: *to

Default avatar.png DerelictD: I'll mess around with simulating. That sounds like an interesting idea.

Uljahn: yeah, simulation means predicting your future state given the initial state and a sequence of actions

Jerrasterix: your don't need an accurate one

Thorcode: how could I find the next checkpoint angle by using my pod angle?

Jerrasterix: using atan2 function

Thorcode: ok

Jerrasterix: I am high but, I can't go to Legend ??

Default avatar.png DerelictD: very interesting, thanks for the advice.

Thorcode: thanks jerra I figure out the atan now

Thorcode: make a blocker jerra

Jerrasterix: I have one

Thorcode: really

Thorcode: lemme check

Jerrasterix: Wontonimo told me to make a camper

Jerrasterix: I can't make it :(

Jerrasterix: Mine can't bet the top 2, making my bot lose :sob:

Thorcode: nah

Thorcode: I can't see your blocker

Jerrasterix: do you see a bot trailing the opponent's bot ??

Jerrasterix: That's my so called "Blocker"

Thorcode: oh

Thorcode: I don't think that it is a blocker

Jerrasterix: do you guys use JS for visualizing the simulation ??

Thorcode: nah

Thorcode: ah

Uljahn: you can beat gold with two runners though

Thorcode: really?

Thorcode: how?

Jerrasterix: both powered by Montecarlo

Uljahn: reflex agent almost ignoring the opponent is enough

Uljahn: my two runner bot is around top330 in legend and sometimes misses checkpoints while drifting :upside_down:

Thorcode: uow

Thorcode: wwow

AlkhilJohn.: (:

AlkhilJohn.: :upside_up:

AlkhilJohn.: :backside_up:

Uljahn: :rofl:

AlkhilJohn.: :rofl:

jacek: :upside_down:

TheModified: Good EU Morning, everyone

DialFrost: afternoon for me! (morning anyways)

Default avatar.png Sekoia: I have a coding exam this afternoon and I'm *stressed* as *fuck*

Default avatar.png Peter12345: You got it, I believe in you!

Default avatar.png ZakL: have any of you done a technical assessment on this website for mthree? or any other technical assessment

AlkhilJohn.: Yeah

Default avatar.png ZakL: would you say the difficulty was medium for this websites puzzles?

AlkhilJohn.: idk

AlkhilJohn.: pretty easy

Default avatar.png ZakL: re-assuring

AlkhilJohn.: I'm 13, been scripting for up to a year and it's fricking easy some of them

iBug: hi bro

iBug: hey bro

Default avatar.png kavishka: can you guys tell me a question to ask, when someone presenting one of these game codes

5DN1L: Automaton2000 tell a question to ask

Automaton2000: yeah i'm still in silver

Default avatar.png ZakL: ah ok. well im much

Default avatar.png kavishka: can you

struct: you mean from multiplayers?

Default avatar.png kavishka: no when someone [reseting one of these game coding a question to ask

Default avatar.png kavishka: *preseting

5DN1L: Are you able to come up with any yourself?

struct: so if I present you a problem, you will ask questions?

Default avatar.png kavishka: no still thinking

struct: This is what you mena right?=

struct: mean*

Default avatar.png kavishka: yes

Default avatar.png kavishka: after you present i need to ask some question like on a presentation

struct: so you ask questions related to the code?

Default avatar.png kavishka: yes

struct: Depends on the puzzle

jacek: print("hello world"). any questions?


Default avatar.png kavishka: haha

iBug: I having a question

Default avatar.png kavishka: tell

5DN1L: It's easier if you can find some real codes and rehearse. guess it's difficult to come up with questions without anything to base on

iBug: How to learn english

iBug: my english so bad

Default avatar.png kavishka: like power of thor

5DN1L: yeah

iBug: Fuck bye! I'm going to eat dinner

iBug: thanks guys

jacek: oO

5DN1L: how random

iBug: you thinked

5DN1L: thought

iBug: you can have a random

5DN1L: The feeling that you know every single word yet you don't understand the entire sentence...

jacek: Automaton2000 what is RNN?

Automaton2000: astrobytes do you use bitboards

Uljahn: Automaton2000 what is GCN?

Automaton2000: i'm too lazy to check if the next checkpoint

5DN1L: That's why Automaton2000 is still in silver lol

Automaton2000: idk how to use the same rules

AlkhilJohn.: wait is AUtomaton2000 a bot

Automaton2000: you can do what you can do on cg

AlkhilJohn.: ok

AlkhilJohn.: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: cant wait for the contest

AlkhilJohn.: Automaton2000 bot

Automaton2000: just to get the hang of it

AlkhilJohn.: fucking Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i have an idea what to do

AlkhilJohn.: what

AlkhilJohn.: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: they both have the same problem

AlkhilJohn.: ok Automaton2000

Automaton2000: madknight i have been in a convenient format ffs...

5DN1L: No spamming

AlkhilJohn.: yeah bloody bot

DialFrost: lol

5DN1L: You wanna be kicked again?

AlkhilJohn.: no

AlkhilJohn.: I think Automaton is a bot

AlkhilJohn.: Wait who here is and isn't a bot

DialFrost: <33 guess

5DN1L: Just don't spam, ok?

AlkhilJohn.: ok

AlkhilJohn.: Automaton2000 who programmed you

Automaton2000: makes me want to puke

AlkhilJohn.: ahhh scuff that damn bot Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i mean, i don't have any idea what the problem is that

Default avatar.png TonWnachai: :heart:

DialFrost: automaton2000 wassup

Automaton2000: what do you mean by that

AlkhilJohn.: automaton2000 yo how ya doin in the bot world

Automaton2000: but i agree it would be interesting

ninjadip: kill all humans

AlkhilJohn.: ;kill humans

ninjadip: i mean bots

AlkhilJohn.: ok

ninjadip: lol

ninjadip: i just started the pod racing yesterday, man it's really fun for anyone who hasn't tried it

xyz-1: Agree, there could be more bots like this

derjack: there is 'single player' search race

Default avatar.png DudeShesJustNotIntoYou: Sup guys

Flaise: Good morning

RamOnFire: o/

Flaise: Man, what a sad username xD

Flaise: "dude, she's just not into you"

Default avatar.png CodingArtillery: Lol.

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 getting some love again ?

Automaton2000: cool to see what the code is really good

Lachrymosa: Morning AntiSquid

AntiSquid: good morning Lachrymosa

humanbeethoven: ho

humanbeethoven: ]

humanbeethoven: ho

Default avatar.png Vladutzu10: world

Default avatar.png DavisZ: i have a bug where the video is not showing, anyone know a fix?

5DN1L: DavisZ You mean a video on Codingame?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: try the fix requests channel #fr

5DN1L: :smirk:

Default avatar.png DavisZ: yes man, dont know how to @ people here, when i share, i can what happened, but when the coding page is opened i cant

5DN1L: You just type their name to @

Default avatar.png paracoxat: i exist

5DN1L: DavisZ Try refreshing the page first?

Default avatar.png DavisZ: lol... i guess it helped...

5DN1L: Great :)

Default avatar.png DavisZ: ty

humanbeethoven: o[p

5DN1L: humanbeethoven, first warning, please stop spamming, or you’ll be kicked out

Wontonimo: this is a public chat. be respectful, no spamming, generally stay on top and generally keep conversation to coding or codingame

Wontonimo: *topic (not top) lol

Wontonimo: stay on top also, it's all about the leaderboard

5DN1L: i've kept my stock phrases in a doc lol

Wontonimo: i used to do that, but for shot ones I just type it. it's good typing practice. but now my keyboard is sticky and dying ...

5DN1L: indeed, shot for short

Jerrasterix: did you write any java code recently ??

Wontonimo: :emoji-of-waving-fist:

Wontonimo: yeah

Default avatar.png paracoxat: i exist

Jerrasterix: That's the cause of your sticky code ...

Default avatar.png paracoxat: :()

Jerrasterix: *keyboard

5DN1L: you won't exist if you keep typing that paracoxat

Wontonimo: hey paracoxat, no spamming

Default avatar.png paracoxat: LOLOL

Default avatar.png paracoxat: ok

Jerrasterix: did your org use Log4j Wontonimo ??

Wontonimo: yeah Jerrasterix, indeed my own keyboard was inspiration for making that contribution

Wontonimo: yeah, we use log4j.

Jerrasterix: Are you guys still using it or what ??

humanbeethoven: so sending more than 1 message is considered spamming huh

Jerrasterix: if its not on topic

Jerrasterix: Then YES

5DN1L: sending meaningless things here counts, humanbeethoven

Wontonimo: yeah we are still using it. i'm not sure what the plan is Jerrasterix

Jerrasterix: Okay, now does a bot programming animation need JS ??

Jerrasterix: in CG

Jerrasterix: I am planning to do one :)

Default avatar.png DavisZ: in pod racing, why my pod is like 3x on one point? while boss has no lag with points...

Wontonimo: yeah, unless you do something really weird with CSS transitions, i think js is the only front end option Jerrasterix

Wontonimo: share a replay link DavisZ

Default avatar.png DavisZ:

Jerrasterix: I am planning to do CG version of this

Wontonimo: DavisZ , it looks like you are probably printing twice per round

Jerrasterix: probably an Ultimate version, if I can

Wontonimo: just print once per round

Default avatar.png DavisZ: ty

Wontonimo: look at the debug print output on the left hand side and verrify that the output is what you expect

Wontonimo: i see "100" then "Boost" alternating

Default avatar.png DavisZ: yea, i tried to implement 2 ifs in there what changes printed output depending on dist or angle, ill work on it

Wontonimo: * hint : in the if's set variables. Then after all the if's use ONE print to print the values

Default avatar.png DavisZ: yea, it makes perfect sense why thrust was string before :D

CaptainHenryAvery: lol

CaptainHenryAvery: who said coding was that hard

CaptainHenryAvery: xd

CaptainHenryAvery: i look at c# and it like throwing a ball of randome info at me

CaptainHenryAvery: xd

Wontonimo: share a replay of your bot with the code fixed DavidZ :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png DavisZ: still playing around it

Wontonimo: nice, looks like the bug is fixed ! congrats

Default avatar.png DavisZ: ty, it was because my power was int, and i tried to put BOOST as seperate, not overriding power

Default avatar.png DavisZ: its my first try on these games :D

Wontonimo: what's your background in prrogramming DavidZ ?

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: /me

Default avatar.png DavisZ: @Wontonimo i just started, im attending quite intense c# courses and now im learnig it for like a month

Default avatar.png DavisZ: @Wontonimo but i havent done any programming before, at courses we did like 2 themes at week, starting from data & variables, moving trhue loops, array, etc, and ending with classes and objects, collections and poly, now kinda waiting testing to start, while have to deal with clash'es ( 250 to reach), reading yellow book and stuff like that

Wontonimo: very cool. congrats on entering this new world

Default avatar.png DavisZ: sometimes i have nightmares with infinte loops just running before my eyes :D other than that its pretty awesome

Wontonimo: lol ... that's just from intensity of study. pat yourself on the back for being so intense. Few people can sustain that level

Wontonimo: if it is your dreams, then your subconscious has finally been convinced that it is important to learn and pay attention to

Flaise: Yay, got my second legend level achievement. Almost as though I'm some kind of addict or something.

Default avatar.png Sekoia: community addict eh

Flaise: See what I did there? Wacka, wacka, wacka!

Wontonimo: seek help Flaise, perhaps a 10 step program. I suggest getting 10 more legend badges to help your addiction problem

Flaise: But.. but then I'd stop being a perfect square

Default avatar.png Sekoia: you have 2 legend achievements that's not a perfect square what

Flaise: Level 16

Wontonimo: you'll just have to go to level 25

Wontonimo: sorry

Wontonimo: I think the levels should have names and be given a dungeon map icon. Level 1 should be something like "puddle trap". Level 2 "obvious foot sized hole", level 3 "single slime" , etc

Wontonimo: instead of being "how many levels you have", it should be more like "how many levels of the coding dungeon you have cleared"

Flaise: I had a friend look at the quest map on the home screen and he said it looked like Dungeons and Dragons for some reason.

Wontonimo: he hasn't played D&D imho

jacek: huh

Flaise: He has. But I have and I have no idea why he thinks it looks like D&D. xD

Flaise: You know what would solve my addiction way faster is getting a job :o

BlaiseEbuth: Faster reach lvl25...


Wontonimo: hi all-1

Wontonimo: * now everyone is wondering if they are the -1

5DN1L: -1 is yourself :D

BlaiseEbuth: You're the only -1 Wontonimo... :smirk:

Wontonimo: that's right. to say hi to yourself is a sign of being cray cray

Wontonimo: /kíck BlaiseEbuth

jacek: go hi yourself

BlaiseEbuth: Oh. That's funny. Thanks for highlighting a little bug Wontonimo. ^^


Wontonimo: i put a space infront and changed the i to í to make sure it didn't actually kick you

Flaise: Hi Flaise.

Flaise: ...oshit

Wontonimo: sorry if it wasn't obvious that it was a joke BlaiseEbuth :(

BlaiseEbuth: It was... Did I gave you the feeling I took it seriously?

BlaiseEbuth: I was speaking of the bug on the pic I shared Wontonimo, not of the kick that didn't kick.

Wontonimo: what's the bug in the pic?

Wontonimo: oh, was it highlighted in green on your screen?

BlaiseEbuth: The big ugly green highlight...

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah

Wontonimo: oh, very interesting.

Wontonimo: /will this highlight in green also BlaiseEbuth

BlaiseEbuth: That's from my script. I changed the color of the notification on the channel tabs, but seems the html class is the same for the hl messages. ^^

jacek: oh my

Wontonimo: I decided to use the markov chain contrib I was working on to make chatbot like babble. Here's some examples of what it made

Wontonimo: today a man a fire and hell be warm for a small arms dealer. i hear theyre going to give him a glass of water. i failed math so many times at school, i thought, that sounds like a fair trade. the reception was fantastic.

Wontonimo: it has some chat history and some 1 line jokes hard coded in it

jacek: is it Automaton2000

Automaton2000: oh, so it's not so much

BlaiseEbuth: :D

Wontonimo: yeah, not so much for sure

Wontonimo: just a few dozen training phrases hard coded

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: my children need wine Automaton2000

Automaton2000: need to check for the next

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: i just passed the python certification! finallllyyy!!

ninjadip: nice

ninjadip: curious are you learning on your own or in school or what

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: on my own

BlaiseEbuth: Ye! Another one is better than >99% of the professionals !

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: how accurate is that rating :sweat_smile:

BlaiseEbuth: -INF approximately

ninjadip: they've done studies: 80% of the time, it works every time

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: huh

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: cool

ninjadip: a joke... lol a logic joke. from a movie

ninjadip: you failed if you didn't get it

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: oh

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: i didnt get it

d4rkAi: xD

ninjadip: 80 percent of the time it works every time...

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: :frowning2:

ninjadip: you don't get it

ninjadip: ?

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: oh

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: now i get it

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: I speedread it

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: first time

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: now I get it

zakacat: congrats on passing the cert

zakacat: who did you go thru?

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: wdym

Wontonimo: this site

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: who?

Wontonimo: he means he passed the certification here on CG

zakacat: Right, okay, gotcha

Default avatar.png SupercraftD: ohh

BlaiseEbuth: Wontonimo I need a ping \o/

Wontonimo: ping BlaiseEbuth

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah! That works. Thx

Wontonimo: /kíck ing the tires for BlaiseEbuth

zakacat: lol

zakacat: Is there an autoformat hotkey I can use for my garb-code?

Default avatar.png Sekoia: oh my god python is so easy

Default avatar.png Sekoia: I keep winning clashes now

Dren: lol

Dren: clearly you haven't run into many ruby coders

Dren: like Alecman

Wontonimo: yeah, zakacat: try using [ctrl]-a then [del]

BeBopping: In Clash of Code, I'd love to be able to continue working on a problem after the clash has completed. Does that seem like a good feature request?

zakacat: lmao

5DN1L: BeBopping what you said was also mentioned in this chat many times before :)

jacek: :O

BeBopping: What has the response been? Is it a good request? Is there some other place I should be posting the feature request? Thx.

jacek: forums or discord. but it has been suggested many times i think

jacek: as alternative you can search for that clash and complete on your own

BeBopping: How do I search for the puzzle using the information from the results screen? I don't see a title or a link or any other useful info. Even just having a link to the puzzle from the results screen would be satisfactory.

Default avatar.png Sekoia: Dren I'm counting "winning 50% of the time" as "keep winning" :P

Default avatar.png Sekoia: If I see somebody using Ruby or something less conventional, generally I know I'm not gonna get it cus those people are insane

5DN1L: BeBopping you'll have to remember some words from the clash in order to search

BeBopping: Thanks 5DN1L. It's nice that we at least have the ability to find the puzzles, but it seems like a pretty bad UX. Simply having a title and link available from the results page doesn't sound difficult to do, and it seems like it is a popular feature request. Is there a recommended way to get the dev's attention with this suggestion? Are Forums/Discord the most successful routes, or something else?

5DN1L: that search function is not even developed by CG :upside_down:

5DN1L: i mean the link given by jacek

5DN1L: both the forum and discord are read by CG staff

BeBopping: Very true. But there may be a simple solution that uses existing CG functionality. Surely CG has an interest in improving their platform. I'll try the forum and discord, then.

5DN1L: BeBopping For the forum, you may read through this post first to see if anybody has raised the suggestion before.

5DN1L: If not, you may post a suggestion there. Better not start a new thread

BeBopping: thx 5DN1L

5DN1L: :)

jacek: "Surely CG has an interest in improving their platform" :rofl:

5DN1L: if and when an improvement can at the same time improve their profitability perhaps?

jacek: shall i suggest them to add ads to clashes? :imp:

5DN1L: you can't start the clash until everyone has watched the ad :joy:

BeBopping: lol

Wontonimo: they are at their heart a head-hunting company which operates on a very short sales cycle. Software and product dev is a long sales cycle. There is a conflict right there and the short cycle will trump the long cycle 99/100 times

Wontonimo: i bet CG is seen as a lead generation tool for them, and funding and priority is set according to how many dev leads they can get.

jacek: any tool to draw simple NN with labeled edges?

Wontonimo: what kind of labels? the weights?

BlaiseEbuth: "Surely CG has an interest in improving their platform" :rofl:

jacek: more like weights names

jacek: i think for xor example ill draw it myself

Wontonimo: how would weights have names ?

jacek: im doing this

BlaiseEbuth: Following your own tuto?

jacek: so the images would be 3 layers: inputs nodes, hidden nodes and output node. and there would be w1,w2,b1 etc. labels

Wontonimo: you don't want to use numpy ?

jacek: plus i dont know if i got the backprop right there.

Wontonimo: or an array ?

jacek: i want the simplest simple. numpy obscures things imo

picoplankton: what is the secret sauce to solving don't panic in <200 chars; I feel like I'm missing something. 250 is as low as i can go in python...

Wontonimo: imo a matrix IS the weights. not using a matrix is obscuring the situation

5DN1L: picoplankton

jacek: well the array example will be on next page

Wontonimo: cool cool

jacek: but when i write this thing once again, it quite often diverges or not converges enough

jacek: when i changed derror = error * sigmoid_prime(output) into derror = error, then it converges faster

picoplankton: @5DN1L yea; i've looked at that thread. It suggests I need to not use python, but i see others have successfully done it. its the input lines that eat me alive on this one.

jacek: but we always update according to derivative no?

Wontonimo: yes, because the random uniform is HUGE

5DN1L: picoplankton I think that thread does mention some python tricks?

Wontonimo: and there is no guarantee that you have a good spread of + and - values

BlaiseEbuth: picoplankton

Wontonimo: jacek , try setting the b random values to be -0.1 to +0.1

jacek: oh right, changed to -0.1, 0.1 and it works better

Wontonimo: may as well make that a variable/const at the top VARIANCE = 0.1

Wontonimo: I'd also suggest changing if (i+1) % 1000 == 0: to if (i < 1000 and i%100 == 0) or i%1000 == 0:

Wontonimo: and change the range from range(10000)

Wontonimo: to range(1,10001)

jacek: mhm

picoplankton: i see the cheat sheet; hadn't noticed it before

jacek: and now it almost never converges :?


picoplankton: still -- this is a stupid exercise. I used to hire programmers and anyone who would have handed code into me like this, would have been off my team faster than they could type an if statement...

jacek: you dont use code golfing at work? :O

jacek: then how do you save HDD space

picoplankton: god no ! i'm not a programmer, but I need to be able to read the code

picoplankton: if its not readable, its useless

picoplankton: i dont' want anyone on my team who can't write readable code just to feel smart

jacek: ahh learning rate 0.1 too small, need to make 0.3 or more ~

picoplankton: its not 1995 anymore; we don't have to conserve disk space writing code ;)

Wontonimo: jacek here are the changes i've made that make it converge nearly all the time

jacek: nice!

jacek: thanks

Wontonimo: variance_W = 0.5 , variance_b = 0.1 , alpha = 0.2

jacek: mind if i put them

Wontonimo: please do!

5DN1L: picoplankton hmmm, I thought it was mentioned in the thread but i can't find it. one non-language-specific trick: use just one line for reading inputs. Not three lines.

5DN1L: one while loop for everything

picoplankton: that isn't to say that shorter code can't be more readable

picoplankton: @5DN1L I don't see how, since one fo the readlines is in a loop and needs to be done more than once

5DN1L: but you can tailor based on some specific characteristic of the inputs

Wontonimo: i see what you mean by naming Jacek. I'd rename w1-w6 to be w11 , w12 , w13 , w21 w22 ...

jacek: yeah, i saw examples with those as well

Wontonimo: it will help when transitioning to matrix

Wontonimo: because then it is w[1][2] for w12 :D

jacek: i meant to draw something like that

Husoski: picoplankton Code golf is not application programming. So what's the beef?

picoplankton: i don't see how its useful; all it teaches you is how to write unreadable code

Husoski: You wouldn't want your limo driver to drive like a NASCAR driver, right? (But you might want him to have some of those skills just in case.)

picoplankton: never teach things that develop bad habits

Wontonimo: no, it teaches you to come up with a different way of coding a problem then what you are used to.

5DN1L: I agree with Wontonimo

jacek: and to write chinese in python scripts

Wontonimo: I learn new language features when looking at really good golfs.

picoplankton: i'm not a coder, I guess; i'm very results oriented. I need to get the job done and move on; and I need to be able to come back a year later and interpret it

Husoski: jacek ROFL

jacek: oh right, you can try for you solution!

Husoski: *ROFFL

Wontonimo: it's not Mandarin, it's just random unicode. :unamused:

picoplankton: ergo; i would never hire someone who can't give me code I can't read. The stuff i have to produce to reduce the code size is not readable; even by me a few weeks later

picoplankton: perl is like mandarin to me....

5DN1L: picoplankton new language features from code golf ≠ unreadable code

5DN1L: it depends how you apply them

5DN1L: on*

Wontonimo: how about a programming who takes 20 lines to do something in 2 readable lines? golf isn't just about obfuscation, it is about simplicity

Dren: yeah they are unreadable because you don't engage with it

picoplankton: I agree

picoplankton: if it makes is clearer i'm all for it

struct: all my bots are codegolfed

Wontonimo: then just focus on that picoplankton. you don't have to do what others say, you can play the code golf by your own rules

picoplankton: and on something thats 200 chars, thats probably OK, but if I have a script of 5000 lines, i'm not sure its a good idea

picoplankton: when you have a team

picoplankton: and the team changes over time

jacek: its just for competition. i dont see any practical use for code golfing either

picoplankton: and is composed of students who are learning

jacek: except maybe to find some clever tricks

struct: I learned coding from reading the 1kb chess engine


Uljahn: i agree with jacek, nobody tells you to use codegolf in real projects, it's just an exercise for improving your understanding of a language

picoplankton: i think there are better ways to do that... just my 2c

5DN1L: fair enough, everybody has his/her own learning preference

Uljahn: whatever floats your bot, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: this time i have to look at the time

Wontonimo: wow struct, that is a really cool 1kb of code. like, wow. Thanks for sharing

jacek: it wont fit into CG liimit :(

jacek: Automaton2000 did you kill the chat

Automaton2000: my ai is really bad

Wontonimo: hey jacek, I added a very rudimentery L2 constraint to your NN and now you don't need to deal with the variance thing

Wontonimo: from lines 49 to 60, this constrains the weights to not explode

Wontonimo: which is what was happening to your previous NNs

jacek: oO

jacek: whats 25

Wontonimo: but a MUCH better implementation would be to include it in the backprop as a derivative

Wontonimo: 25 is 5*5

Wontonimo: it just caps the weights out at about +5/-5

Wontonimo: if you change it to 2*2 then it will cap the weight at +2/-2

jacek: nice

struct: jacek is already unstoppable :(

jacek: but is regularization neccessary if you have 100% data set :thinking:

Default avatar.png Sekoia: coding speed level Legend complete

jacek: :tada:

Wontonimo: yes, because regularization helps your NN not explode from gradient descent

Wontonimo: and it will train faster

Wontonimo: in the link is sent with regularization, the NN is good after 3,000 training steps instead of 10,000

jacek: i was thinking to just show snippsets with short explanations

jacek: first example with bunch of variables, second with array and customizable hidden size, third with momentum

Wontonimo: oh, yeah. i didn't mean to derail your techio thing. i just thought you'd be interested in the regularization thing.

jacek: :+1:

struct: what are you working on jacek?

jacek: a brief tutorial on NN to freshen my mind

Schwase: NN = neural network?

jacek: eeyup

Outsmarted: Do you want to baragouinn

Outsmarted: Would you like to be as strong as an albatros? Take euclidian musclar 4000

Leeeooo: Do you want to become stong like an albatros and vla bo like a gorillas ? 4000 masse taker

Leeeooo: Hello guys !

Outsmarted: In order to get scalar vectorial mass

Leeeooo: pls take my money !!

5DN1L: I don't understand any of this

Outsmarted: You can go on

Leeeooo: yes yes

Leeeooo: I'm biling

Outsmarted: You stuuuuupid

Leeeooo: I have 570 of TEpitech

struct: stop or you will both be banned

5DN1L: it looks spam to me

Outsmarted: Really?

jacek: struct still mod?

struct: yes

struct: Ill just delete when I don't want to be a mod anymore

Alexander97: Hey guys

Alexander97: I need help :D

Alexander97: For the ASCII Art puzzle

Alexander97: I`m doing it in C

Alexander97: anyone interested?

5DN1L: ask your question first :P


5DN1L: "anyone interested" doesn't count :smirk:

Alexander97: Well I Wrote an algorithm that Works for printing a Whole sentence but if there is an space or a symbol I just don`t understand hoW to make it print the symbol/space

struct: check the char code of the char

Alexander97: It is something tricky that I can`t comprehend probably

Alexander97: What I need is somebody to look at the code

struct: sure, paste it here

struct: to get the char code you can simply do

struct: char c = 'a'; int val = (int)c;

struct: in this case val should be 97

Alexander97: it is not that simple, a calculations must be done

Flaise: And noW for the pertinent question: What I Want to knoW is Why you're capitalizing all your Ws, Alexander97.

Alexander97: because the input may different ASCII

Alexander97: Flaise, my double u is not uorking and I am using ctrl+v, I`m sorry about that


Alexander97: sorry, actually the uhole code is there


Flaise: oh ok haha

Alexander97: and it works on al the tests exept 06 and 04 which are man hat tan and m@nh@tt@n

5DN1L: I'm not making fun of you, but splitting Manhattan as man hat tan is funny :P

Alexander97: haha LOL :D I wrote it in a coincidence

Alexander97: Hmm I don`t know how to say it

Alexander97: In English

Alexander97: How do you say for example that what you just did is a coincidence

Alexander97: [offtopic]

5DN1L: by chance?

Wontonimo: cowinkydink

Alexander97: aah okay

Alexander97: Hey there wontonimo

Wontonimo: hey hey Alexander97

5DN1L: I just convert each char to its ascii value in my solution

5DN1L: same as what struct suggested

Alexander97: but each char is already on it`s value right?

5DN1L: then subtract a constant based on which range the ascii value lies

5DN1L: to convert ascii value to the location (index) of the new representation

5DN1L: if outside the ascii value range of A-Z and a-z becomes the constant which represents the index of "?"

struct: yeah you can even do an if to check the char range

struct: if((T[k] >= 'a' && T[k] <= 'z') || (T[k] >= 'A' && T[k] <= 'Z'))

struct: you do what you are currently doing

struct: else you need to print the last "char" of the array they give you

struct: I think its a ?

Alexander97: I am so tired and confused that I can`t even understand what is going on. Sorry about that

5DN1L: Maybe you can copy our comments first, take a break, and read them later? :wink:

Alexander97: That is exactly what I was thinking to do

5DN1L: :)

Alexander97: I can`t believe it took me almos a whole day and I`m still stuck

Alexander97: However I really thank you for the assistance and I deeply appreciate it <3

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

TimothyAlexisVass: Solve the following puzzle to prove that you are not a :sailboat:

Alexander97: I know I am not and I will really solve it

Alexander97: By the way what does it exactly mean somebody to be a boat? :D

Wontonimo: i've never heard that before

5DN1L: Neither have I

Wontonimo: perhaps he meant bot

Wontonimo: :bot:

Wontonimo: :robot:

Wontonimo: :rowboat:

Alexander97: lol :D

Wontonimo: robot = :robot: rowboat = :rowboat: boat = :boat:

Wontonimo: :sailboat: sailboat?

Alexander97: like sailing bot?

Alexander97: lol dunno

Wontonimo: i was thinking of making a sailing bot battle

Alexander97: what would it look like

MyMonkey: how different from Coders of the Carribean would it be ?

Wontonimo: top down like mad pod racing. physics based. you have control of your sheet and rudder and daggerboard

Wontonimo: what's coders of the carribean now called?

5DN1L: Galleon Wars

Wontonimo: there would be a current, sailing rules like right of way

Wontonimo: and somewhat slightly changing winds

darkhorse64: More like a race with "maritime" physics, stealing wind ?

Wontonimo: yeah

darkhorse64: Interesting

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: all the big CG twitch guys have quit, I wonder why

darkhorse64: No cannon ? :disappointed:

Alexander97: CANT BELIVE IT. Just noticed that it was expecting me to type ? for space and @

Alexander97: Not actually the real ' ' and '@'

struct: thats what I said Alexander97

Alexander97: 5DN1L Thank you!

Alexander97: And struct

Alexander97: yea just I couldnt get it for some reason

BlaiseEbuth: big cg twitch guys ?

Wontonimo: i watched 3 of those, and each time i only stuck arround fo about 15 sec

Wontonimo: was it a thing?

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: how can i take a test to get a certification ?

Wontonimo: from what i saw only 1 to 5 viewers at a time

Wontonimo: go to your main page TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63 and click on one of your language skills

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: ok thank you wontonimo

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: goly used to have big crowds, and that girl with the afro, and that guy who removed one language at a time from clash

5DN1L: That's a lovely system-generated name 🥦

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: yep :)

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: i am though a lovely brocolli

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: spot on

5DN1L: :smirk:

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: oh, and the asian girl who's boyfriend banned me for saying IQ is heritable

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: i guess that is true

BlaiseEbuth: Public earning issues probably... :smirk:

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: i used java but it is still saying in my profile that "No programming languages used yet"

5DN1L: You have to solve a puzzle in that language first

Wontonimo: you have to solve puzzles

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: ah okay

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: i solved one but not completly

Wontonimo: 100% or nada.

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: okay

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: thank you again wonto :)

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: can somebody gives me some tips on how i can pass a technical assesment in java for an internship ?

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: got a 246 / 1146 on my java assesment that i did today :(

Wontonimo: what things did you do poorly on ?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I doubt they generate new material for the assessment. Just solve all puzzles first

Alexander97: All puzzles? Bud i`ll get old if I do that first

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: haha

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: but yea i need more practice i guess

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: wish me luck guys

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: need to get that internship

5DN1L: Good luck!

Alexander97: finally did it

Alexander97: just the statement should be if out of range the char to be == to 104 so it prints the ?

Alexander97: Thank you again 5DN1L and struct

5DN1L: :)

5DN1L: What's 104?

Wontonimo: 13*8

Wontonimo: jk

5DN1L: :smirk: don't spam :smirk:

Alexander97: lol wontonimo. 5DN1L it is a position for starting point of printing ?

5DN1L: I dunno, you mentioned 104

Alexander97: However it doesnt work on the last test for other ascii

Alexander97: DEM

Wontonimo: what lang are you using Alexander97 ?

Alexander97: wontonimo C

Wontonimo: you can use int x = '?' ; to get the ascii right?

Alexander97: nono it is about a position of and array

5DN1L: The statement does mention "The characters that are not in the intervals [a-z] or [A-Z] will be shown as a question mark in ASCII art."

Alexander97: that gets an input and I print it every row

Wontonimo: sorry i wasn't following, link to puzzle plz



Alexander97: 5DN1L yeah I see. How can I enter the max size but not the whole of an array which has a lot of empty elements

5DN1L: max size?

Alexander97: I haven`t learn that. I`ll give a look

5DN1L: ???

5DN1L: I don't understand what you're asking

Alexander97: The array is 1025 but it is filled lets say up to 300

Alexander97: and the rest are just 0

Alexander97: so I have to find that 300 value

Alexander97: one option is via for loop, is there other simpler way to do so?

Wontonimo: make a variable to keep track of it

Alexander97: My god I have done that but forgot to use id somehou

jacek: sacre bleu indeed

jacek: chess eh, kovi

picoplankton: i really don't get the 200 char solution for don't panic

picoplankton: 251 is as good as i get

picoplankton: i gained 1 character via the suggested 'cheat sheet'

picoplankton: but i feel like i'm missing something about the logic

picoplankton: cause i have no idea how to shorten this by 51 characters - v=int(q[0])


Schwase: in python?

picoplankton: yes

Schwase: thats not your whole code

Schwase: but i have it at 198 now

picoplankton: no

picoplankton: its not

picoplankton: but its the logic; everying else is input etc, whcih you can't really shorten any

Schwase: yes

Schwase: you definitely can

5DN1L: you can get away with using input() just once in the whole code, as I told you earlier

Schwase: you can also alias input

Schwase: I=input

Schwase: I() is the same as input()

Schwase: or use definitions

Schwase: theres plenty of things you can do

5DN1L: When I say using input() once, I don't mean aliasing, I mean really just once :joy:

Schwase: yeah but learning some basic python code golf tricks will be helpful

Schwase: the code right now still has plenty of golfing improvements that could be made

5DN1L: agreed

5DN1L: i'm making progress very very very slooooooowly

Schwase: oooh

Schwase: the interval thing

5DN1L: in the forum thread?

picoplankton: i see no way to have just one input function when there are three inputs, two of which are in loops

5DN1L: you have to be creative :P

Schwase: just to be clear, we aren't discussing any hardcoded solutions right? just things based on the statement/constraints?

picoplankton: i tried the aliasing thing; but somehow it didn't work

jacek: oO

5DN1L: if the inputs are "x x x x x x x x" do a; elif the inputs are "x x" do b; else do c

Schwase: oh

Schwase: so yes, hardcoded?

5DN1L: no

Schwase: oh ok

5DN1L: just visualising

5DN1L: i have no hardcode at all

Schwase: yeah just making sure we're discussing the same thing

ninjadip: something about input

5DN1L: yes something about a certainty property of the input

5DN1L: which distinguishes the three what-to-do-next

Schwase: yep

Schwase: so thats each turn?

5DN1L: so you can use one while loop, then if-elif-else

Schwase: do you not use the initialization input??

ninjadip: should it be hard to get out of silver league in pod racing

5DN1L: it's also inside the while loop

ninjadip: changed the entire logic from a table of reference values to formulas, and it's not as good

picoplankton: you can get out of silver in pod racing with a little physics

ninjadip: yeah that's what i'm tryin to do. wish i wouldn't have cheated to pass calc now

jacek: -3vel

picoplankton: na; don't even need calc; just consider drift

jacek: [solved]

ninjadip: do u think it's best to slow down before checkpoints if the velocity is high or to just keep the speed?

ninjadip: that's what i'm workin on

ninjadip: I wish i knew the location of the next checkpoint to drift accordingly

ninjadip: i meant the next next location

ninjadip: lol

picoplankton: There are a couple of things i had to do, if I remember correctly, and yes, modulating speed is one of them

picoplankton: yupp; need to track those

ninjadip: that's what i was thinking

ninjadip: one bad lap to learn all the points

picoplankton: but you don't know them on the first round

ninjadip: exactly

ninjadip: that's in my todo list

picoplankton: it only helps you on teh second and third round

picoplankton: i found that considering drift made much more of a difference

picoplankton: but both mattered to get me to gold, i think

ninjadip: yeah i'm considering it alright

ninjadip: lol

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: i am having some issues in the Don't panic episode 1 , can't pass the test Few rounds

ninjadip: i'm trying to find that sweet spot of when and how much to slow down before checkpoints

ninjadip: whats that game about?

ninjadip: i'm super new to this

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: yea me too

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: super new

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: like 2 days ago new

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: that kind of new

ninjadip: my first game is this pod racing, and i'm hooked. got to silver in a day

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: nice

ninjadip: whats the problem

jacek: pod racing, that brings some memories ~

Default avatar.png TheLovelyBrocolli_ff63: Don't panic game is about getting the robots to the exit point ninjadip

picoplankton: 237 on Don't Panic with aliasing....

picoplankton: its personal now

jacek: have you tried the chinese characters trick yet

picoplankton: ?


Schwase: wtf

5DN1L: I don't use that and is at 147.

picoplankton: omg

picoplankton: seriously

jacek: try to use that and see how much you can get

Schwase: gotta love ascii haha

5DN1L: 99. not submitting that though :D

jacek: oO

picoplankton: OMG

picoplankton: 144

picoplankton: that's cheating !

jacek: :tada:

picoplankton: and really gets my juices going about unreadable code

5DN1L: I'll continue to work on shortening my 147 instead :P

jacek: it's really readable :v

picoplankton: how the heck does this even work ?

Schwase: its ascii

Schwase: you can go to Q&A

jacek: maybe its cheating but if you only care about the quest, whats wrong

Husoski: If this is about the Python .encode() hack, I've already posted my complaints on the forums and discord. The whole issue goes away if they counted source code bytes instead of Unicode code points.

Schwase: also its the same as the issue of hardcoding

Schwase: theres no way to stop someone from getting the top scores using it, so its unfair to grandstand about it when other players will use it to get ahead

Husoski: I don't see that. Hardcoding requires knowing the answer in advance, doesn't it?

Astrobytes: I think Schwase refers to hardcoding validators in the optims

Schwase: it definitely used to happen in code golf puzzles as well however

Astrobytes: (i.e solve offline and hardcode the solution for each validator)

Astrobytes: Yeah I think they changed them since though

Astrobytes: and do regular reruns/changes

Schwase: yeah i was looking into that, i kind of came to that conclusion

Schwase: bulls and cows 2 is randomized for example

Astrobytes: Yep. Some optims are designed to be done offline as well

Husoski: Randomized input would fix that, but I guess the framework isn't set up for that. I've only authored one clash, so I'm pretty new at that.

Astrobytes: I'm not a clash fan :)

Husoski: Sometimes it's fun. If players are willing to share and talk over solutions it can be good.

AntiSquid: oh thor has some new validators to go north ?

Astrobytes: Yeah totally, just my personal preference :)

Astrobytes: Since a while I think AntiSquid

Astrobytes: *while ago

Schwase: 4 validators is sooo short still

Astrobytes: it's designed to be simple I believe

Flaise: I don't like clash much either

Flaise: Ironic that it's my best ranking out of all the categories.

Astrobytes: heh heh, well it decays pretty fast so don't get too attached to it :D

Flaise: I'm forcing myself to keep playing one round per day, at least, so that I can get to the next step on my quest map.

Astrobytes: *the points decay pretty fast

Astrobytes: lol, that quest map :D

Astrobytes: I skipped the clash path hehe

Flaise: If the next step of the path is like 100 clashes, 250 clashes, I'm just gonna say fuck it, I'm done. But I placed very well right off the bat, which kept me going this far. But it sucks because now it feels like there's nowhere for me to go but down.

Astrobytes: It's something like that yeah. I'm not sure since I stopped at "win 2 clashes" or something

Flaise: Ah, not even that interested? I don't blame you. They feel dumb.

Astrobytes: I prefer Bot & Optim

Schwase: i only have the bot programming pathway left to complete

Schwase: im at the get top 2% part

Flaise: Yeesh, the path gets really demanding at the end..

Flaise: I wonder if a bot contest with only wood league and none of the other leagues would count

Astrobytes: iirc it's only official ex-contest multis that count (ie. Wood -> Legend

Astrobytes: )

Flaise: Makes me feel like I've wasted time on at least two of the bots I've written.

Astrobytes: There is no such thing as wasting time on bot programming unless you just sit and stare at the IDE ;)

Astrobytes: The Quest Map isn't everything. And you learned some tricks doing the bots you did so far

Flaise: I think the knowledge I learned along the way is I suck at minimax programming.

Astrobytes: you're using alpha-beta pruning right?

AntiSquid: it's all about the friends you made along the way

Astrobytes: :grin:

AntiSquid: didn't see the person who said that on here in years btw

Astrobytes: was that inoryy?

Flaise: I'm not using alpha-beta pruning. I may go back and add that later. But I think the thing that's killing my AI is I may have gotten the position score evaluation wrong.

AntiSquid: forgot their name

Astrobytes: You're gonna need a/b pruning on CG for sure, with these time limit constraints

Or64bit: Guys any idea why the pod racing animation does not run? I mean the console logs everything and one of the two pods wins, but the screen is frozen for the entire animation

Astrobytes: refresh

Astrobytes: it's a pixi.js thing

Or64bit: Thanks :D

Astrobytes: np

Astrobytes: AntiSquid: Speaking of JS, did you try out BitBurner properly yet?

AntiSquid: forgot it existed

Astrobytes: heheheh

AntiSquid: Offline for 2 days 23 minutes 5 seconds. While you were offline, your scripts generated $0.000, your Hacknet Nodes generated $0.000 and you gained 0.000 reputation divided amongst your factions.

Astrobytes: that's cause you didn't do anything :P

Flaise: Congratulations on not losing anything? :P

Astrobytes: lol

GamingGnawer: I am trying to solve the puzzle Treasure hunt

GamingGnawer: and my code solves 5/6 cases

GamingGnawer: but on the largest test i get a very wierd response

GamingGnawer: I had half expected to run out of time

GamingGnawer: but it resolves fine, just gets the answer a few billions off the mark

AntiSquid: there 4billion dollars

GamingGnawer: I'm tasked to find as much gold as possible, they expect 39. but I make it out with 589504547

GamingGnawer: you'ld think they'd be happy ;P

Flaise: (You're supposed to pocket the difference, you amateur.)

Astrobytes: hah!

GamingGnawer: :grimacing:

GamingGnawer: :laughing:

GamingGnawer: if (gold > expected) pocket += gold - expected

flakerimi: what is the matrix

AntiSquid: a rectangular array or table of numbers which is used to represent a mathematical object or a property of such an object flakerimi

flakerimi: @AntiSquid Trinity: The answer is out there, Neo, and it's looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to. :)

Flaise: When I do graphics programming, I enter lots of little matrices. Not this one big matrix; that's silly.

AntiSquid: i read the leaked plot, it was horrible flakerimi

AntiSquid: should have ended with first movie, which was a masterpiece for its time

flakerimi: people on twitter: I love matrix, people gonna hate it

AntiSquid: the 2 sequels were bad

Flaise: I saw the second one and it was :S meeeehhhh

flakerimi: I disagree

AntiSquid: well in that case i guess you watched resurrections and liked it ?#

Perler: <3 u all

Astrobytes: Matrix sequel was ooookayyyy but not a patch on the first imo. They should have left it alone, I agree.

AntiSquid: on a scale from "better watch a different movie" all the way up to "i should do something else instead" where do you think this sequel fits best?

flakerimi: Still. maybe tomorrow

Astrobytes: (by sequel I mean Reloaded)

AntiSquid: ah .. well the 3rd sequel just came out yesterday (15 mins past midnight here)

Astrobytes: not sure I'm gonna bother with it tbh unless I hear unexpectedly good things

AntiSquid: well i watched Bill and Ted 3 and it felt depressing

flakerimi: you have to watch it as whole

Astrobytes: AntiSquid: Oh damn dude, I caught about 20 minutes of that and turned it off, what a total wreck

flakerimi: you cannot watch lord of the rings 1

flakerimi: also its subjective too

AntiSquid: flakerimi who says i didn't watch them all ?

Astrobytes: everything is subjective

Astrobytes: anyway, gotta run, take care and gn all

AntiSquid: i don't like the sequels, you seem to very enthusiastic about fixing someone else's opinion about a movie they don't like but you like :joy:

AntiSquid: gn8

flakerimi: nah, I am not trying that

flakerimi: just expressing what I thing

flakerimi: think

ninjadip: omg the new bill and ted is the worst!

flakerimi: I havent seen even old one

ninjadip: if the first one is 100, the old sequel is like an 80 or 90 and the new one is like a 10 or 20

ninjadip: those are my apples

ninjadip: believe it or not the first one set some new time travel precedents and rules

flakerimi: I like to see new matrix, from Wachowski Sisters perspective, first 3 was from brothers :)

ninjadip: like how if you have a time machine, you can just say or think "hey i'll go in the future and bring back a million bucks to the me standing here" and blam! it's movie magic and time travel history

ninjadip: finally getting somewhere in the pods silver league

flakerimi: good night guys, off to watch 'Sorry'

Wontonimo: hey ninjadip , how goes silver league?

ZXC01: hi!

Wontonimo: hey ZXC01 , how's it goin?

ZXC01: great

Wontonimo: i'm looking at your replays ninjadip and can see that your pod isn't slowing down as it is getting close to the checkpoint

Wontonimo: also, it isn't anticipating the next checkpoint after having gone around the track once

GamingGnawer: does anything wierd happen if you have many nested function calls in c++?

GamingGnawer: like recursive calls

Flaise: You can end up with a stack overflow

StickMan5121: hehehehe

ButtholeBoy: Butt

StickMan5121: :joy:

StickMan5121: wtf

nikelhaus: report this guy lol

Wontonimo: kicked

nikelhaus: he's still in my clash atm

Wontonimo: kicked from world chat

Wontonimo: he hasn't been banned from the server. if it continues he may be

GamingGnawer: I get no error, but the code manages to produce different results when called with same parameters

AlkhilJohn.: Yeah the bloody guy

AlkhilJohn.: I don't wat porn on this site

Wontonimo: for what multi GamingGnawer

pneuma303: Agreed

pneuma303: Please ban ButtholeBoy

GamingGnawer: I'm doing the Treasure hunt easy puzzle

AlkhilJohn.: I want his account delete/his pfp reset

Default avatar.png CptReynolds: how long does it take to update rank ?

GamingGnawer: solves 5/6 tests but behaves very strangely on the largest grid

Default avatar.png CptReynolds: or how often does it happen

Wontonimo: AlkhilJohn., you've been unpleasant to others here. cool it

AlkhilJohn.: How have I been unpleasant

AlkhilJohn.: The stuff I have done is nothing serious

AlkhilJohn.: Automaton2000 Telk this mod I am innocent

Automaton2000: i've never done anything like that

AlkhilJohn.: Yeah

AlkhilJohn.: see?

Wontonimo: then continue and meet the reality of being banned

AlkhilJohn.: ok, ok, ok lets just chill it for a little

Wontonimo: do you have any randomness GamingGnawer ?

GamingGnawer: no, it's a pathfinding search, should be completely deterministic

Wontonimo: and which test case is causing issues?

Wontonimo: 06 "that's a maze" ?

GamingGnawer: yes

GamingGnawer: the desired output is 39 my function returns 589504547 on the first call

Wontonimo: and have you printed out step by step what it is doing while trying to solve that one? like a picture of the path so far

GamingGnawer: an 28 on subsequent calls

Wontonimo: have you looked at the test case?

Wontonimo: here it is


Wontonimo: it doesn't add up to 589504547

GamingGnawer: hihi, no it does not :P

Wontonimo: there is no way to collect that much treasure

AlkhilJohn.: ok

AlkhilJohn.: I am doing it now.

**AlkhilJohn. testing this command

**AlkhilJohn. slaps testing this around a bit with a large fishbot

GamingGnawer: I wrote a function to output debug data for each step and to track all pointzs gatehered

AlkhilJohn.: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Wontonimo: no more AlkhilJohn. you can play with these commands here #test_area

Wontonimo: anymore spam here AlkhilJohn. and its a kick

GamingGnawer: and I haven't the faintest idea how it managed to find 589504547

AlkhilJohn.: alright. Also, what really happens when you get kicked? Can't you just rejoin by refreshing?

Wontonimo: so, the IDE will only give you so much debug output. But you can copy your code and the expected input to your computer and run it there and see all the debug you want

BFB123: Hello!

Wontonimo: change you name or get banned.

BFB123: WTF?

BFB123: Reload

BFB123: I did change my name

BFB123: and pic

Wontonimo: ah

Wontonimo: good job

BFB123: Lol sorry about that

BFB123: that was very immature of me

AlkhilJohn.: Yes, but there are also kids here, fix yourself.

BFB123: Yes sir.

BFB123: Wait isn't AjkhilJohn a bot?

AlkhilJohn.: Let's not get into that

BFB123: :o

aimenrma: only some times

Wontonimo: GamingGnawer is your bot able to do 04 "Easy life" ?

myNickName01: :joy: dude's crazy AF ... rofl

GamingGnawer: yes all works fine except the last on 06

AlkhilJohn.: GamingGnawer is there an output for the 6th test case?

myNickName01: there are terms and conditions....obey them...

myNickName01: or face deletion

GamingGnawer: it's supposed to be 39, but I get on the first call of my function and 28 on subsequent calls with the same parameteres

GamingGnawer: *589504547 on the first call

GamingGnawer: which tells me something has gone very wrong

Wontonimo: what does your program report this has


Wontonimo: it is 21 x 21

Wontonimo: you can use the custom thing to run it in the IDE

GamingGnawer: eeh... that gives segmentation fault

Wontonimo: oh

GamingGnawer: oh no

Wontonimo: i'll make a smaller one

GamingGnawer: sry

GamingGnawer: it gives 0

Wontonimo: it can't find the 5 ?

GamingGnawer: (i just forgot to add the dimensions)

GamingGnawer: guess not...

Wontonimo: well, there is a problem then

Wontonimo: probably that is easier to find the bug for than 06 "That's a maze"

AlkhilJohn.: Ahh yes, I see the issue

GamingGnawer: actully.... it gives 1432063536

GamingGnawer: and then it gives 0

Wontonimo: instead of 5

AlkhilJohn.: The path detects the end when it cannot go left or right, but still up.

GamingGnawer: yes, it's nice to have multiple wrong answers

Wontonimo: can you print out which cells it has visited ?

Wontonimo: for the 0 case

Wontonimo: like, how did it miss the gold

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: has anyone noticed the puzzles here have a huge amount of repetition? I mean, do we really need 50 BFS puzzles?

Wontonimo: are called 'practice' for a reason... :thinking:

GamingGnawer: oooh I found a bug

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I'm just worried people here won't be well-rounded.

GamingGnawer: 100% win!

Wontonimo: what was it?

GamingGnawer: When examaning a node i used auto& x{stack.back()}

GamingGnawer: and then if a node was exhausted i would pop the stack

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Maybe a puzzle where you are given a big chunk of code and you have to debug it to pass. That's more like a real-world task

GamingGnawer: but after this i would pass x.score back the recursive function

GamingGnawer: and that was ofcourse undefined now, that the stack.back() had been deleted

GamingGnawer: As is often the case, I now wonder how that ever worked for the first 5 tests :P

Default avatar.png zyi: How to play it?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I bet if I took my freecell solution and introduced 50 compiler errors, and then another 50 things you have to fix to get 100%, people would have great fun solving

Jerrasterix: does JS not support recursion ??

Wontonimo: no, i like solving my bug because i have more skill in solving them.

Wontonimo: yes, js supports recursion Jerrasterix

Jerrasterix: then what is tail call optimisation ??


AntiSquid: Tail call optimization means that, if the last expression in a function is a call to another function, then the engine will optimize so that the call stack does not grow.

Wontonimo: oh, nice. i didn't know that

AntiSquid: me neither, i just found out lol

Jerrasterix: Ohhh.... Thanks AntiSquid!! :)

AntiSquid: np, gn8, matrix 4 sucks btw, worst movie in a while

Default avatar.png CptReynolds: is it out ? lol

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: probably all about a 14 year old girl who knows everything like all the other new movies

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: looking at you ghostbusters

ipsissimus: hello friends

ipsissimus: can this be shortened even more?

for i in range(0,len(w:=input())+1):


ipsissimus: i think it can be 1 lined but idk how

Wontonimo: yeah, just get rid of the return

ipsissimus: i mean with everything inside the print function

ipsissimus: like:

ipsissimus: print(x, len(x) for x in range(0,y)

ipsissimus: or something like that\

Wontonimo: print("\n".join([w[0:len(w)-i]+'*'*i for i in range(0,len(w:=input())+1)]))

ipsissimus: hmm i thought i tried something like that but the puzzle complained

ipsissimus: ill play with that solution on it with the puzzle search tool

ipsissimus: thanks

Flaise: Argh. Why can't I fix my bot. Why I gotta be so dumb.

Wontonimo: which bot?

Flaise: Clash of Bots

AlkhilJohn.: How do you do treasure hunt puzle (easy)?

Flaise: The top 5 are stomping me into the ground

Jerrasterix: did clash of bots get approved ??

Andrew_OHara: What's clash of bots?

Flaise: Yeah, Clash of Bots is already public


Andrew_OHara: Ahh cool ty

Jerrasterix: this is a different one :(

Flaise: You're thinking of "Explode Another Day". That one's still WIP.

Flaise: lol I had the naming conversation with the creator on Discord.

Jerrasterix: Cool

Mr_BlueBird: woo-hoo 3 days ago i came to codingame after 3 months and my rank in clash of code was 15, 000 i code day and night, and now my rank 5,914

Mr_BlueBird: *never give up*

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: come back in 3 more months and you'll be in for a shock

Wontonimo: nice. do so me of the multis Mr_BlueBird

Mr_BlueBird: what do you meant by shock, what will happen?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: it decays with time. not sure what the formula is, maybe wont knows

ipsissimus: straight to brazil

ipsissimus: believe it or not


AlkhilJohn.: I have trouble with this

Thorcode: bruh

Schwase: what

Schwase: oh its a fake account

Schwase: lol

Thorcode: you seee the dot?

Automaton2000.: hi

Automaton2000.: could some one help me wwith mad pod racing?

Wontonimo: set thrust to 100

AlkhilJohn.: Automaton2000 There is a copy of u lol

Automaton2000: i have an idea for a multi

Automaton2000.: like howw to get through bronze

Wontonimo: on this page there is a list of "External Resource" The first resource is gold

Automaton2000.: wwhat iss velocity/

Automaton2000.: alot of pp tlak about it

AlkhilJohn.: When is the spring challenge thing

Thorcode: y wwon't love it

Thorcode: the lasst fall kinda tough for my team

Thorcode: it lasst 3 hours for our team


Thorcode: thiss iss an ez version off it