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Wontonimo: have you solved that puzzle Kururugi ?

DialFrost: afternoon guys

Tien2k9: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

DialFrost: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png Newbiegod: wassup boizzzzzzzzz

Default avatar.png PATTRIM: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png **PATTRIM slaps DialFrost around a bit with a large fishbot

**DialFrost slaps PATTRIM around a bit with a large fishbot

Tien2k9: does anyone know how to solve offset arrays?

DialFrost: er

DialFrost: nah

Tien2k9: parsing

Tien2k9: recursion

Tien2k9: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

DialFrost: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Tien2k9: that's not easy but the difficulty is easy

DialFrost: lol

DialFrost: it shld be medium

Dren: oh that one is pretty simple imo

Dren: for parsing

Dren: I was sitting over the resistance one way longer


Dren: what language are you using

Flaise: The resistance puzzle is basically the same thing except you use a stack instead of a hashtable.

Urutar: Neat, I just completed my 500th Clas of Code :D

Dren: nice

Uljahn: oh my

Urutar: Thanks^^

Flaise: Nice. ....That's a lot. :o

Urutar: And it barely took a month total XD

derjack: define 'completed'

derjack: you can start and leave immediately, that would give more clashes


Urutar: Well, I finished em all including submitting my code each time?

Urutar: So I'd call that completed.^^

DialFrost: afternoon urutar <33

5DN1L: I think it'll take me a year or maybe more to finish 500 clashes >.< i'm not planning to do several clashes a day

Urutar: Well, I did I think atleast 5-10 every other day or so?

5DN1L: not for me lol

derjack: happy Princess Luna Day

Catdbb: bruh

Urutar: Oh he can write

Urutar: I question your resolve, Catdbb :D

Urutar: You just started clashes and left em without even submitting anything

Urutar: I think that's sad :(

Catdbb: ???

Urutar: Yeah

derjack: the only winning move is not to play

Urutar: You were in several clashes with me

Urutar: And not once have you submitted code :(

Urutar: Well, derjack, my ranking would like to disagree with you :P

Urutar: It's just numbers though ;)

Urutar: Back no topic: I think it's sad if you don't even try to find a solution... Sometimes it's frustrating and complicated, but definitely not always. :)

Uljahn: i think it's sad if you don't even try to submit your own bot in hypersonic :upside_down:

derjack: huh

Urutar: Hypersonic? Lemme check :D

Urutar: Uhm.

Urutar: I did.

Uljahn: check for Sayonara

Urutar: :D

Urutar: Sayonara?


Urutar: Huh

Urutar: Maybe my bot bugged out?

Urutar: :D

Uljahn: your bot? :smiley:

Urutar: Ah yes :D

Urutar: Or maybe it was me XD

Catdbb: hi

Default avatar.png MichaelDu26: hello

Urutar: Catdbb, please submit something in the clash.. anything...

Urutar: It's saddening me :(

Default avatar.png achuso: ayy

Default avatar.png Sekoia: ugh, gotta do 50 clashes, that's gonna take a while

Default avatar.png Sekoia: also, any way to filter out "code size" clashes? The language I use is not good for that so it just doesn't really work

BobLob: There's not

Default avatar.png Sekoia: rip

BobLob: Which language do you use?

Default avatar.png Sekoia: Rust

Default avatar.png Sekoia: just i.o takes 100 chars, because of all the safety

BobLob: yeah, it'll be touch to win shortest with Rust for sure, but not impossible. There are several clashes where just being able to solve the problem gives you the win.

BobLob: touch=tough

Default avatar.png Sekoia: true, although when people solve it in 87 chars :P

BobLob: My record longest was about 1200 characters in C, and got #1 in shortest.

Urutar: Well, I think mine was about 1440 in C# or Java... and I was the only one out of 8 who solved it.

Urutar: :D

Default avatar.png Sekoia: yeah, but those are hard problems

Default avatar.png Sekoia: rust just has more chars to write at a base

Default avatar.png Sekoia: so if you're the only one whoe solves it, awesome

Default avatar.png Sekoia: but otherwise...

BobLob: If you want to place most of the time, you'll have to pick up a few things in other languages. Regex in Perl or Bash works wonders, and can be learned in a few minutes, for instance

Default avatar.png Sekoia: yea, for sure

Default avatar.png Sekoia: I can write other languages, just not even close to as well as rust, and I wouldn't say I'm anywhere near good enough for clashes in those

Default avatar.png Sekoia: I mean... I guess I know java, too, but that doesn't help much :P

BobLob: I did a clash a day or two ago that just replaced all 1s with all 0s, and vice versa. In C is was about 65 charactes. In Bash it was 8.

Urutar: Dayum

Urutar: Well, C# for that is basically overkill aswell :/

Urutar: Hm, is there any point to retake a certification if I've already scored the maximum amount of points?

Urutar: Pretty sure I can't improve it any further XD

BobLob: On here? The certifications are really just for funsies, but yes, you can retake it every 30 days

Default avatar.png Sekoia: pfft. Lowest was 93 chars, I was at 259

BobLob: As for a point, no

Default avatar.png Sekoia: augh, just got lowest code size 3 times in a row

derjack: oh my

Default avatar.png Sekoia: just got a lowest code size of 169 in rust, vs 209 for the second (although it's not done yet ll)

Default avatar.png Sekoia: *lol not ll

Miarem: Can I erase some of my oldsubmissions in the arena?

5DN1L: Probably not

Miarem: I spammed uTTT with submissions, quite a lot and now I can't even enter arena

Miarem: Network error : status 504 Gateway Timeout

Miarem: I assume it is trying to fetch my history of submissions and fails

Miarem: Games with few submissions are working fine

AlkhilJohn.: Ehh my contrib got accepted

Default avatar.png Sekoia: my clashes are glitched, I can't start any

Default avatar.png Sekoia: like it says "clash starts in:" and doesn't do anything

rilerio: baiettiriccardo and valerio.belloni on insta ;)

5DN1L: rilerio no promotion here

5DN1L: Sekoia sometimes I have to refresh the page to get into a clash

Default avatar.png Sekoia: that makes it leave the clash no? (also idk how to reply to pms)

5DN1L: no, refreshing it gets you into the clash; that link still works

5DN1L: What PMs? PMs in this chatroom?

Default avatar.png Sekoia: I wasn't sure what the red text was, but it's a ping not a private message

Default avatar.png Sekoia: nvm, anway

Default avatar.png Sekoia: It seems to work now? idk

5DN1L: Red text isn't private message

5DN1L: Red text is when I ping you by typing your name here Sekoia

Default avatar.png Sekoia: ahh I see

5DN1L: It's essentially like @somebody in other chatrooms

Default avatar.png Sekoia: yea

Mr_BlueBird: What moderators have *actually* do in codingame?

5DN1L: What do you mean?

Mr_BlueBird: I meant what have to moderators do?

5DN1L: You meant duties?

Mr_BlueBird: yes


Mr_BlueBird: thanks

5DN1L: :)

Urutar: Hmmmm, how come in a CoC chat there is a message saying "Wow, you're sending too many messages. Please, don't spam the chat."?

Urutar: I mean, it's CoC

5DN1L: wow, is it system-generated?

Urutar: Yep

5DN1L: how odd

Urutar: Wrote 5 messages in short order :/

Urutar: Well, tried to, atleast

Default avatar.png Sekoia: dammit

Default avatar.png Sekoia: I almost won a CoC but I just barely didn't have the time

5DN1L: sad

Default avatar.png Sekoia: it was a reverse, and I got 60% of it, then at the last 2.5 minutes I got the rest of it

Default avatar.png Sekoia: but I didn't have time to do the stuff

5DN1L: what's your final rank?

Default avatar.png Sekoia: and then I didn't have time to upload the 60% I had

Default avatar.png Sekoia: well, actually I misclicked and didn't upload

5DN1L: better upload it earlier next time

Default avatar.png Sekoia: well I can't submit

Default avatar.png Sekoia: it's just that when it said "time's up" I clicked out of it because I wanted to code it lol

5DN1L: 60% is better than none

Default avatar.png Sekoia: yes, but I misclicked, that's all

Default avatar.png iyedgivehead: What solution did you guys have if i may ask

Default avatar.png Sekoia: ugh, I had a hard puzzle in CoC and was a minute away from finishing when we ran out of time

5DN1L: wow, are you trying to finish 100 CoC today?

Default avatar.png Sekoia: nah just 50 lol

derjack: mhm

5DN1L: :open_mouth:

JuunS: Got 20% at javascript certification. Do you know how to improve and speed up for doing programming?

Mr_BlueBird: Hello

5DN1L: JuunS practise more

JuunS: Sure bro I want to practice moree

derjack: try easy puzzles and make them in javascript

fgu-op: PHP >>> all

Default avatar.png Aichiro: :)

Default avatar.png Aichiro: :p

Default avatar.png Aichiro: ;)

5DN1L: Aichiro enough face expressions

derjack: :no_mouth:

Catdbb: 109 ** 965321 = ?

Default avatar.png pyprogammer: how to do that do we need to do binary power function

Default avatar.png pyprogammer: i got 83 only

chenhaorantianjiayi: @Catdbb 105219989

Urutar: That's wrong XD

Urutar: 109 * 965321= 105219989; But 109 ** 965321 == 109^965321

Urutar: There's a difference

Thorcode: nothing wrong

Thorcode: it just multipy and power XD

Urutar: ^^

5DN1L: Python says the answer starts with the digits 3840772122 and there are like 5000 digits

Alexander97: Urutar is tha for Python only?

Urutar: No, ruby aswell

Urutar: Most languages which support **

jacek: c++ also supports double pointer :v

Default avatar.png pyprogammer: pow(a,b) also can be used in python but ** is kind of shortcut

Tien2k9: math.pow() in c++

Default avatar.png pyprogammer: 5000 digits cannot come in single int. I really want to if author wanted us to implement string multiplication in shortest code

Urutar: try long

Urutar: ur ulong

Urutar: *or ulong

Default avatar.png pyprogammer: 10^5000 is too much to fit in any datastructure

Tien2k9: long long

Default avatar.png pyprogammer: 10^5000 number is kind of 2MB if stored in int format lmao

eulerscheZahl: "I really want to if author wanted us to implement string multiplication in shortest code" no, the expected answer probably involves logarithms

Default avatar.png vecdi: yagcı saksakcı bonjur bonjur fak

5DN1L: I wonder if it's non-English or spam

5DN1L: Neither is accepted in this channel anyway

5DN1L: Please take note, thanks. vecdi

Default avatar.png vecdi: kes lan saksakcı

5DN1L: I'm ready to kick

eulerscheZahl: :popcorn:

Default avatar.png vecdi: ahhh okey

jacek: proud of your protege eh?

eulerscheZahl: shows that i'm not needed, chat keep working without me :)

IamFish: Anyone experienced with the stub generator for making contributions? i want to split a string and store two integers, "0 0" -> [0, 0]

eulerscheZahl: so i can defend the christmas presents from the elfs instead

eulerscheZahl: topcoder marathon

jacek: wheres your santa frog?

eulerscheZahl: i'm atheist

ImperiumTardigraduum: :smiling_imp:

5DN1L: IamFish

BlaiseEbuth: That's my line :rage:

5DN1L: © BlaiseEbuth

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah!

jacek: :upside_down:

BlaiseEbuth: (╯°□°)╯︵ :)

Lynch[0]: hello

Default avatar.png ZakL: yo wassup homies

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: hi everyone

BlaiseEbuth: En français ici Automaton2000 ! Et ping pas les gens comme ça !

Automaton2000: we were talking about it

BlaiseEbuth: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

jacek: oO

**BlaiseEbuth slaps jacek around a bit with a large omelette du fromage.

jacek: :cheese:

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: :hamburger: :

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: YUMMY

jacek: :3

makerecho: I would pay $ to be able to veto reverse mode clashes

jacek: to veto clashes*

BlaiseEbuth: Do it in php.

eulerscheZahl: you can veto them makerecho, just take part in the moderation process

eulerscheZahl: and downvote after playing. clashes with poor reviews will get removed from the pool

TheEccentricDuck: guys, i'm stuck on bronze in mad pod racing bot. any tips?

NlcknameAlreadyTaken: 90 degres go slowly

TheEccentricDuck: tried that already tho

TheEccentricDuck: <90 speed=100, >90 speed=10

NlcknameAlreadyTaken: i need help to then

NlcknameAlreadyTaken: xd

jacek: -3vel

jacek: kthxbai

TheEccentricDuck: thank u

makerecho: Voting happens after you play it, so that's too late for a veto. Most of my reverses, 1-2 people just leave the moment it loads, and if someone stays it is most likely a bot, which submits some bs. I don't remember actually seeing in teresting or fun reverse

makerecho: I am also pretty sure, the system won't like if I downvote every single one

jacek: :o

Uljahn: you can leave as well

MyMonkey: CoC standards are very low. You cannot expect a lot

jacek: or you can search for that clash

Wontonimo: TheEccentricDuck how's your mad pod racing bot going?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Sounds like I need to put together another 10-20 high quality culture-free reverse contribs

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: sup

Andriamanitra: i think high quality and reverse are the sort of thing where you choose one and lose the other

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Okay, 20-30 medium quality then

Default avatar.png Ottovon: Request Id: 4dda1f39-3c3d-4929-9cb7-8290e4d40000 Correlation Id: b1f0cb32-accb-4936-9422-465c8079c70b Timestamp: 2021-12-21T18:03:18Z Message: AADSTS51004: The user account 7716165 does not exist in the e7520e4d-d5a0-488d-9e9f-949faae7dce8 directory. To sign into this application, the account must be added to the directory.

Schwase: reverse are fun but some of them are pretty dumb sometimes. I'd really like if the site added more code golf puzzles and maybe had a contributed-code golf section. Taking time to do a code golf puzzle can be fun

Default avatar.png Ottovon: omg yes!!!! If there was a way to play only the "shortest mode" Clashes, that would be so awesome

Schwase: if it was like the puzzles section that would be cool

jacek: yet people comlain on the shortest. maybe because thet use java or C#

Schwase: i used to be one of those people

Schwase: but after doing the 4 code golf puzzles, i have a taste for more of them

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: You could make a golf contrib out of an optim, but the leaderboard wouldn't be split by language

Schwase: yeah some of the best euler puzzles are CGFunge and Bender which are very "shorest code"-esque in their nature

Andriamanitra: i think complaining about shortest is silly, no one is forced to use java

Andriamanitra: and in the code golf puzzles section leaderboards are by language anyway

Andriamanitra: only complaint i have about shortest is that the test cases usually suck and the winning solutions end up being hard coded or just ignoring edge cases

Miki09: Can I improve score >99% in certification?

Andriamanitra: if you got full points, no

BlaiseEbuth: :rofl:

Miki09: ok thanks

USSR_Chicken: e

USSR_Chicken: hello

Andriamanitra: if i recall correctly i got >99% certification in c++ or something even though i failed a test case :joy:

EruRoraito: Hello guy, i'm doing the offset arrays puzzle in javascript, i'm lost...can you help me what direction i should take to solve it ?

EruRoraito: thank you guys

jacek: recursion eh

Andriamanitra: hey i think that's my puzzle :D there are many approaches you could take

Default avatar.png hmAHn: when i use speed command?

Andriamanitra: not sure about javascript but in other languages i think a nice way is to implement a custom class

Andriamanitra: that keeps track of the starting index

EruRoraito: yeah it's your puzzle Andria haha

EruRoraito: i see in discussion someone used dictionary to solve it without recursion

EruRoraito: i'm not cool with recursion that's why i would like to check another way ^^

USSR_Chicken: ^u^

Schwase: what hard coded solutions are there for code golf puzzles ??

Schwase: you have no way of knowing the validators

jacek: :smirk:

Schwase: even if you did it still wouldn't be the shortest solution typically

5DN1L: The forum thread of the individual code golf puzzles may give you some insight

Schwase: which thread?

5DN1L: the code golf puzzles have their own threads

Schwase: i see a python cheatsheet and a clash of code with a blurb about shortest but not code golf in particular

Schwase: oh

Schwase: interesting

Schwase: i never thought that would be possible for code golf

Schwase: i dont mind hard coded solutions because at the end of the day, the leaderboard is the leaderboard. As long as its not tooo simple where everyone can easily get the shortest, its not too bad

jacek: nyoro~n

jacek: Automaton2000 who's the best pony?

Automaton2000: i had to use the same collision

Flaise: You shouldn't collide your ponies together. They'll wear out faster.

Andrisssd: hello world

Default avatar.png DerelictD: null pointer exception

Attila_KZ: cant understand this quesion

Attila_KZ: Increment the given integer by one until the original digits don't show up.

Majeck: Increment means +1

Majeck: Digits are the numbers inside a number, the digits of 123 are 1, 2, 3

Majeck: So a quick solution to yours would be in pseudocode:

Andrisssd: what does mean original digits

Attila_KZ: the given digits

Majeck: While any original digit in current number:

number += 1

Attila_KZ: ohhhh ok get it

Andrisssd: how you doing m8's

Majeck: I was trying to figure out how to multiply an array full of floats till it was all ints

Majeck: Then I realized that one of the conditions of the array is that there is a value "1"

Majeck: So I can just loop through all the numbers from 1 to 100 multiplying if needed till it's all ints

Majeck: How you doing Andrisssd?

Andrisssd: fine, going sleep, good luck!

Default avatar.png Sombody101: hehehe

Majeck: What did you do Sombody101?

Default avatar.png DerelictD: or use Mod (%) so you can increment each digit quicker. i.e. less cycles.

Majeck: I think you used i.e. wrong

Default avatar.png DerelictD: ?

Majeck: Nevermind


Majeck: Lol

Majeck: You used it right

Default avatar.png DerelictD: yeah, i thought so. confused me for a sec.

Majeck: I was thinking of e.g sorry

Majeck: Was your suggestion of using Mod directed at me?

Default avatar.png DerelictD: yeah. my point was that if you're incrementing each digit of a number, just doing a ++ loop will increase the number of cycles it takes to complete for larger and larger numbers.

Majeck: Ohhh

Default avatar.png DerelictD: for exacmple, 123. it'd take 111 loop cycles to complete

Majeck: That's smart

Default avatar.png DerelictD: if its 1230, it takes 1110

Default avatar.png DerelictD: err. 1111

Default avatar.png DerelictD: my bad

DialFrost: lol morning guys

DialFrost: only 2 ppl online

Default avatar.png devinjeon: ㅔㅗㅑㅣㅐㅣㅑ홋

codergautam: lol

Default avatar.png DerelictD:

Default avatar.png DerelictD: ah, did'nt know it was going to put that in a pastebin automatically. that was for @Majeck

Majeck: Yeah, still gotta check that no digits repeat

Majeck: 231 would become 342

Majeck: In any case it was not my question it was Attila_KZ's lol

Default avatar.png DerelictD: ah my bad, I'm distracted rn listening to a book.. at least that's the excuse I'm using.

Majeck: Lol

Majeck: I'm not a native English speaker though I do have a good English level

Majeck: In any case a friend from Australia is with the the girl I like

Majeck: And he jokingly sent me a voice message from her phone asking me to "back off mate, she's my girlfriend now, you do anythin' else and I'm focking you up, cont"

Majeck: And I tried responding in British English

Majeck: Never have I felt more ashamed of my pronunciation

Majeck: She's probably never going to think about me ever again after the abomination that is my "English accent"

Majeck: Just wanted to vent

Default avatar.png DerelictD: lol

Majeck: Man, these matrices are killing me

Majeck: I just wanted to solve some linear equations, the heck is a singular matrix

Majeck: or a broadcastable one?

zakacat: no idea

zakacat: and I just took matrix algebra

zakacat: matrices are usually array of arrays

zakacat: but they can take many shapes

Majeck: Yeah, it's just I need to solve a system of equations

Majeck: Right now I had:


Majeck: So I looked up how to solve it using python and it said to make a matrix with the coefficients

Majeck: And then use numpy.linalg.solve

Majeck: But it doesn't want to, mean python

zakacat: are you supposed to write your own method?

Majeck: Nah, it's a subpart of the challenge


Rebollo: Guys


Rebollo: ops

Rebollo: how to print in console wihout giving the final result? answer? console.debug('aaa') I am using console.debug('xx' but is is being taken into accoutn as a result

Default avatar.png DerelictD: idk. try console.error

Rebollo: yess

Rebollo: thank you

Default avatar.png DerelictD: np

zakacat: Has anyone here written any of these problems?

Wontonimo: yeah

Wontonimo: i wrote a few

Wontonimo: what are you looking for zakacat ?

zakacat: Oh nothing in particular

zakacat: Is it difficult to write one?

zakacat: I am sure there is a page, I could read...

zakacat: At what level do you think I should be before I consider making problems... even if they are low level problems?

Default avatar.png recursive.curry: Hello, How can I test my code with my follower's code? I can't find the my followers in same league.

Default avatar.png recursive.curry: Can I test my bot with my follower's bot?

Default avatar.png boss965554: hi

Wontonimo: it's not that hard to write one, but it takes time to make it interesting, well written, and a pleasure to do zakacat

Wontonimo: what bot battles recursive.curry ?

ninjadip: oh will console.debug("output") output to the console?

SnowballSH: I think it is console.error but I may be wrong

SnowballSH: pretty sure codingame ignores stderr

e_fishel: console.warn does flow out in the error stream

AlkhilJohn.: ehh snowball

AlkhilJohn.: can u add me back on discord

AlkhilJohn.: some idot in twt banned me

Thorcode: nah

Thorcode: hehe

Thorcode: AlkhilJohn. how can a bot like you chat

AlkhilJohn.: no one knows

Wontonimo: yeah, i thought you were a bot also

Flaise: "I am not a bot. I am a perfectly normal human just like you."

Wontonimo: Me too, I am also a perfectly normal human. Good to meet you other perfectly normal human.

ninjadip: What's a knockout like you doing in a computer-generated gin joint like this?

Flaise: Relevant:

AlkhilJohn.: I like that one

AlkhilJohn.: I originated from cleverbot before I became human

Flaise: You never went through the unicorn stage?

AlkhilJohn.: no

Flaise: I was a unicorn once. But then I got better. I am now a perfectly normal human.

AlkhilJohn.: bein sur

AlkhilJohn.: bien sur