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e_fishel: YOOO

e_fishel: wontonimo

e_fishel: i did it

Wontonimo: cool cool!

e_fishel: 100% :OOOOOOOO

e_fishel: i'm startled

Wontonimo: maybe try a multi? do you like Tron?


Default avatar.png kavishka: hii

struct: js should be able to do a decent job there

Wontonimo: some people turn left, some people turn right. fools only go straight

Default avatar.png kavishka: am new to codinggame

Wontonimo: yes it should

struct: hi

Wontonimo: hey new to codingame, i'm dad

Default avatar.png kavishka: hello


Default avatar.png kavishka: am having trouble with temperature game

struct: whats the problem?

UZUHAMA: why can't you compare null to int?

UZUHAMA: :thinking:

e_fishel: idk

struct: which language?


struct: an integer cant be null

UZUHAMA: I don't believe Java initially assigns a number to a variable

UZUHAMA: Then why not?

struct: it assigns 0

struct: default value is 0


UZUHAMA: What the .....

Wontonimo: java puts safety bumpers on everything

UZUHAMA: What if you assign int variable a null value?

UZUHAMA: for example

Wontonimo: int is a primitive, so no. but Integer can be set to null

Wontonimo: but dont

UZUHAMA: when hashmap doesn't exist and I assign it anyway to the int?

UZUHAMA: It's not giving me an any error

UZUHAMA: Then the value should be null, right?

struct: can you paste a code snippet?

Wontonimo: just a shorrt part



UZUHAMA: so confused :disappointed:

struct: so its Integer you are using right?

struct: not int

UZUHAMA: I'm using int

Wontonimo: this works better

Wontonimo: for(String word : words){ if (!dictionary.containsKey(word)) dictionary.put(word, 0); dictionary.put(word, dictionary.get(word) + 1); }

UZUHAMA: There's a method for checking keys

UZUHAMA: I didn't know that...

Wontonimo: it's tricky to find

Wontonimo: you have to type both "java" and "hashmap" into google at the same time


UZUHAMA: That's a long document

struct: I cant seet to create hashmap<int,int>

struct: but Integet,Integer works fine

UZUHAMA: But surely it'll be useful

UZUHAMA: Oh the hashmap

UZUHAMA: It is <String, Integer>

UZUHAMA: I thought you were talking about variable


struct: ah

struct: the get can return a null

struct: int value = dictionary.get(word);

struct: but this line wont work


struct: since it will return null if it doesnt exist

UZUHAMA: it gives me an error

struct: and int cant have null value

UZUHAMA: exactly!

struct: if you replace int by Integer it should work

UZUHAMA: Objects can be null?

UZUHAMA: Not the primitive types?

struct: I dont know java very well sorry

UZUHAMA: Nah, no need to be sorry

UZUHAMA: You still taught me useful things

Wontonimo: no you cant


Wontonimo: int x = null; is an error

Wontonimo: but Integer x = null; is fine


UZUHAMA: struct just taught me that :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Wontonimo: ah

Wontonimo: i was busy making the example while struct stone my thunder


Wontonimo: shame on you struct ! shame !


struct: should work?

Wontonimo: but the count will be wrong

struct: yes

e_fishel: alright everyone, imma go sleep

Wontonimo: it will start at zero

e_fishel: cya

Wontonimo: cya

UZUHAMA: It is working

UZUHAMA: but Wontonimo's right

struct: dont you only need to change this 0 to 1?

struct: dictionary.put(word, 0);

UZUHAMA: well, that's true

Wontonimo: that'll never work. that's crazy talk

UZUHAMA: hahaha

struct: but im sure theres better way to do this


Wontonimo: i like my way

struct: but I only used java when I had to use the sdk here

UZUHAMA: Wontonimo just showed me a way of using one of the method of HashMap

UZUHAMA: containsKey

UZUHAMA: I definitely should read the documentation Wontonimo gave me...

UZUHAMA: It's going to take a while


struct: everytime I look at java I get more scared


UZUHAMA: (i don't understand why)

UZUHAMA: But anyway

UZUHAMA: Thanks for today's lesson, guys

struct: np

UZUHAMA: Have a great day/night

UZUHAMA: You guys are the best teachers

struct: gn

UZUHAMA: Thank you


Wontonimo: thanks

Wontonimo: gn

Wontonimo: yeah, i'm out also

Wontonimo: it's midnight here

Wontonimo: cya struct

struct: cya

struct: gn

Dren: heh more like good morning

Default avatar.png TeeBeeU: hi

Default avatar.png TeeBeeU: anyone from BCAS?

Default avatar.png DJBoldSnowflake_af05: hello buddy

Default avatar.png DJBoldSnowflake_af05: yep

Default avatar.png TeeBeeU: noice

Default avatar.png TeeBeeU: noice

Default avatar.png codeStealer: lemme check my name

Default avatar.png HUNTER-Z047: :grinning:

codeStealer05: ziard

TeeBeeU: Hello @HUNTER-Z047

ZXC01: Hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: it might be that you are a bot zxc01

ZXC01: woow

ZXC01: you know me!1

ZXC01: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

ZXC01: hi anyone online?

ZXC01: Hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i'm looking for a job

ZXC01: do you need a job? Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and then try to get a good rank

ZXC01: yeah you really need a good rank,Automaton2000

Automaton2000: it's hard to predict the opponent

ZXC01: Just check their code,Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i didn't even read the rules

ZXC01: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i'm going to get some help

ZXC01: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: where did that come from?

ZXC01: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: do u know how many people do that

ZXC01: no Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but i haven't been in the same

Default avatar.png rekaxem: hi guys!

ZXC01: hi

ZXC01: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: have to get better at coding

Default avatar.png greater_boy: im bat :(

ZXC01: bat?

ZXC01: batman, you mean?

Default avatar.png greater_boy: bad*

Default avatar.png rekaxem: join clash of code

ZXC01: nah

Default avatar.png greater_boy: sorry, need to go school

Default avatar.png rekaxem: sad

ZXC01: working on mad pod

ZXC01: trying to figure out a way to get to gold

ZXC01: i mean legend

Default avatar.png rekaxem: what is mad pod

ZXC01: mad pod racing

ZXC01: in the ai path

Default avatar.png rekaxem: oh

ZXC01: what league are you in?

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i dont think i played it before

ZXC01: o

ZXC01: try it

Default avatar.png rekaxem: ok

ZXC01: its a ezy help with your rank

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: +

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: +

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: 3

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: .

Default avatar.png kavishka: hii yusry

Default avatar.png TheCaptainSuperstar_82f0: hello

kanakaRaju: js is op

ZXC01: ?

kanakaRaju: javascript is overpowered

kanakaRaju: Javascript

ZXC01: hey, Automaton2000 what is the best language for coding?

Automaton2000: and i would probably have to rewrite it

ZXC01: omg

ZXC01: Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker is westicles

ZXC01: cant believe that

TeeBeeU: hi

Default avatar.png MaryPerry: siema

Default avatar.png MaryPerry: co tam

JakubBiskup: elo

DialFrost: hai

ZXC01: hai

Default avatar.png JKPatel: what is sigma rule

ZXC01: idk

DialFrost: idk as well <33

Uljahn: you mean 5-sigma rule?

Killuaa: hi

Killuaa: print("hi")

Killuaa: hi

Default avatar.png rekaxem: hi

Default avatar.png ManeatingGiant_d83c: hej

Default avatar.png ManeatingGiant_d83c: kocham accessa

Uljahn: use english here

ZXC01: talk in #poland

Urutar: Well, apparently he seems to love access, which he might lose, if he doesn't tell that in english XD

Urutar: Only might, though

DialFrost: still trying for legend in mad lol

jacek: thats mad

Urutar: Do or do not, there is no try XD

5DN1L: I'm curious whether anyone can get to Legend in Mad aka csb with a bunch of ifs only? Or is some kind of simulation always needed?

DialFrost: er

DialFrost: i think its possible to get to legend with only ifs

DialFrost: pretty hard tho

Urutar: Well, any ai basically is just a bunch of ifs - very clever ifs sometimes, but nonetheless ifs

Urutar: I wouldn't just write spaghetti-ifs though

5DN1L: Ah by ifs I mean simple ifs without simulation and/or genetic algorithm and/or neural network or any machine-learning stuff

Urutar: It gets very complicated later on with multiple bots

Urutar: Well, it is supposedly possible

Urutar: It would mean many, many ifs

Urutar: So much spaghetti code, you could feed some third world country for years

jacek: wontomino said it is possible

Urutar: :D

jacek: that is, without simulation

DialFrost: rn i have 1 if statement lol

Urutar: Well, you gotta increase those numbers XD

DialFrost: and im rank 700 (was actually now im 1k bad luck i think)

DialFrost: lol

Urutar: Lemme check my rank real quick

jacek: youre in gold?

DialFrost: yes

DialFrost: rank 700 in gold

DialFrost: not entire thing lol

jacek: oh

DialFrost: if it was i'd be in legend by now

DialFrost: bout 1k ppl in legend

DialFrost: the rest of the 139,000 are split amongst the rest

5DN1L: DialFrost, do you intend to write just more simple ifs, or do you intend to dive into the more complex word of algorithms and machine learning stuff?

DialFrost: er idk

5DN1L: world*

DialFrost: kinda both

5DN1L: For the latter, you'd better be prepared to spend a lot more time on learning and practising then :wink:

Jerrasterix: well, I have just bunch of if else and some math function.... and I am in 95 :)

Jerrasterix: well 94th today :P

5DN1L: :clap: :thumbsup:

Jerrasterix: Ohh.... Wait I do simulate... sorrryyyy!

5DN1L: lol

Jerrasterix: I have a drifting function, to drift and thus save time turning

Jerrasterix: you have to simulate for it... I completely forgot that

5DN1L: It's difficult not to simulate to get to higher leagues, isn't it

jacek: eeyup

Uljahn: simulation level of detail can vary, my first one had only no-thrust movement ignoring collisions

jacek: oware abapa, once again a tutorial game

5DN1L: Uljahn, indeed, that's a good point

LeGourdin: is that normal that there isn't any solution for this puzzle : ?

derjack: you can see solutions once you solve it

5DN1L: And it's a newly approved puzzle

5DN1L: So very few have solved it

derjack: i see at least 3 solutions, but i cant access them because i havent solved it yet

derjack: community success rate 67%. though you can choose not to share solutions

DialFrost: does anyone here have a way to make sure my pod in mad pod racing turns the right way

5DN1L: write the right code?

DialFrost: like this


DialFrost: at turn 10

DialFrost: my bot is supposed to turn right to checkpoint 2

DialFrost: instead it turns left

DialFrost: and realises its turning the wrong way and corrects itself by looping

DialFrost: however this wastes alot of time

DialFrost: any explanation?

BlaiseEbuth: Yup: There's an error in your code.

DialFrost: there isnt

DialFrost: its just that it turns randomly

5DN1L: It doesn't turn randomly, it turns based on how your code tells it to move

darkhorse64: It looks as if the next checkpoint is on the left and your pod prepares to that

darkhorse64: sign error/index error/mixing x and y. It can be anything. Print your next target to check if it is right

DialFrost: i dont think its any of them

DialFrost: as the bot always turns back

DialFrost: (hopefully)

5DN1L: You need to debug your code, printing the variables in each step, to see where the expected move diffs from the actual move, and how the code needs to be fixed or improved accordingly

5DN1L: differs*

darkhorse64: Don't think, check !

5DN1L: ^ yes

LelouchVC2: dont even check, just take a break. come back to it next year

derjack: in 3 weeks?

5DN1L: :joy:

LelouchVC2: yes

Default avatar.png jude2k: don't think, just google and copypasta

Llama.: Hello guys

Default avatar.png TheModified: yo!

Default avatar.png Andreseag: Hello guys

Default avatar.png asj1384: hello

Default avatar.png rekaxem: hi

WillChang: ho

Default avatar.png lakaoe: print(((l * 100) + s) % 5)

Default avatar.png lakaoe: why is it printing zeros?

jacek: because (I * 100) + s seems to be divisible by 5

jacek: :?

Default avatar.png TheModified: if S is divisible by 5, and l is a whole number above 0, this statement will always print 0s

Default avatar.png lakaoe: ok i got it

Default avatar.png lakaoe: thx

Default avatar.png TheModified: Could anyone help with the puzzle called Temperatures? Not sure why I'm getting the output that i get

Milanovich: Yeah i'll help u out

Default avatar.png TheModified: so test case 1, 2, 5 and 6 are working perfectly

Default avatar.png TheModified: but on 3 and 4 it prints the first number, 42

Jerrasterix: bug !!!

Milanovich: which isnt the lowest number

Default avatar.png TheModified: exactly

Default avatar.png TheModified: within the for-loop i check whether the absolute of the new input is lower or equal to the absolute of the previous closest-to-zero temperature

Default avatar.png TheModified: so abs(t) <= abs(closestTemp)

Milanovich: yeah

Default avatar.png TheModified: holy nevermind

Milanovich: ^^ this usually happens, happy to help

Default avatar.png Stor77: Sorry to interrupt ^^ but I'm currently trying some loop task and, the test seem to doge my answer. When I have the correct answer the test says founr : "nothing" and something other than my result as expected but when I have it wrong it expects exactly what i put out when I have it right. What is this mockery?:zipper_mouth:

5DN1L: there's something wrong with your code

Default avatar.png TheModified: @milan i checked <= and then always saved the positive number (as required if both are as far from 0), but that was dumb..

jacek: do you have extra prints or newlines?

Default avatar.png Stor77: i hava bunch of prints without any new lines, they all contribute to the final answer

Default avatar.png Stor77: but ive already had it with just one println

Uljahn: consider using debug command from the comments

Default avatar.png Stor77: doesnt really help

5DN1L: You can debug to see whether the code runs as expected

Jerrasterix: which language ??

5DN1L: I usually add the debug code at various points

Default avatar.png Stor77: I also feel like the code template was weird, they just had a bunch of nextInt() readings in a loop without saving the values

Default avatar.png Stor77: It's java

Default avatar.png Stor77: Simple auto-scaling task

Uljahn: you have to store the input data by yourself

Default avatar.png Stor77: yea that's what I did

Default avatar.png lakaoe: what does this mean

Default avatar.png lakaoe: unexpected EOF while parsing at not in a function on line 15

TheModified: end of file reached

Jerrasterix: share your code here please...

Default avatar.png lakaoe: my code

jacek: some error in your code :v

Jerrasterix: prolly a extra paranthesis

Default avatar.png lakaoe:

Default avatar.png Stor77: It literally changes the expected answer once I have it correct :joy:

Default avatar.png Stor77: Shouldn't the expected result always be the same though?

jacek: oO

jacek: depends if you reached the further line

Uljahn: missing bracket

5DN1L: it's a multi-line answer

5DN1L: hence if you got one line right this time and another line wrong

TheModified: are you supposed to overwrite the child's age every time?

5DN1L: then you'll see some other expected value

Default avatar.png lakaoe: no

Default avatar.png Stor77: Mh ok.. I tried multiline at first but maybe back then my code was wrong

5DN1L: it means an error in a different line Stor77

Default avatar.png Stor77: I'll give it another shot

Default avatar.png lakaoe: i got it i forgot the last )

Default avatar.png lakaoe: bruhhh

jacek: :tada:

Default avatar.png switzerlandman: big chungus

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png veer_viren: hii

Default avatar.png lakaoe: can someone help me with my code?

jacek: someone, maybe, can, code

5DN1L: Please ask and we'll see

Default avatar.png lakaoe: ok so

Default avatar.png lakaoe: the problem is

Default avatar.png lakaoe: you have to see if you have enough paint to paint the whole room

Default avatar.png lakaoe: the wall windows, just everything

5DN1L: Erm... just give us the link

5DN1L: and the issue with your code

Default avatar.png lakaoe:

Default avatar.png lakaoe: Output false

Default avatar.png lakaoe: my issue is that it keeps printing true

Default avatar.png lakaoe: even when it has to be false

Default avatar.png lakaoe:

Default avatar.png lakaoe: thats my code

jacek: print("false") [solved]

5DN1L: that means your code makes it always c>w

Default avatar.png lakaoe: yeah

5DN1L: try check whether c and w are calculated correctly

Default avatar.png lakaoe: c isnt calculated correcly

Default avatar.png lakaoe: but idk how to

Default avatar.png lakaoe: bc it says that 1 liter covers 5 m2

Default avatar.png lakaoe: so i do c= q * 5

Default avatar.png lakaoe: (q is how many liters)

5DN1L: what is x * y * z

Default avatar.png lakaoe: the room

5DN1L: do you pour the paint to fill the room?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: wdym

Urutar: Well, maybe you should paint the walls

Default avatar.png lakaoe: i dont think so

5DN1L: are you calculating volume or area?

Urutar: And not fill the room with paint

5DN1L: x * y * z is volume isn't it

Urutar: Yep

Default avatar.png lakaoe: yeah

Default avatar.png lakaoe: thats why i do // 3.5

Urutar: Well, what the are

Urutar: Well

Default avatar.png lakaoe: and then * n

5DN1L: what is the formula for area

Urutar: If you're room is 2x2 on one side, 5x5 on the other and 1x1 opn the ceiling?

Urutar: so 2x5x1 = 10

Urutar: divided by 3.5 times n...

5DN1L: somebody correct me if i'm thinking it wrong...

Urutar: So around 2.8/5 liters needed to fill the room

5DN1L: i don't think area = height x width x depth

Urutar: But you want the are, not the volume

Urutar: So the are of left, right, front, back wall and ceiling and floor

Urutar: *area

Urutar: Hmmm, lakaoe?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: ?

5DN1L: do you think area = height x width x depth?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: i am calculating it wrong

5DN1L: lakaoe

5DN1L: you consider each wall separately

5DN1L: then the ceiling

5DN1L: and the floor

5DN1L: (actually why does the puzzle require the floor to be painted)

Urutar: Or the ceiling, but eh

5DN1L: the puzzle creator is close to pouring the paint all over the place

Default avatar.png lakaoe: thanks guys

Uljahn: Automaton2000: a smell of paint prevails throughout

eulerscheZahl: why would you not paint the ceiling?

Automaton2000: someone can help me with the puzzle

Urutar: Smell of something atleast

Urutar: ^^

jacek: Automaton2000 it's wednesday!

Automaton2000: i mean you can go to a private chat

5DN1L: because wednesday isn't coding related :smirk:

jacek: its frog related

Urutar: Automaton2000 Show me what you'Ve got!

Automaton2000: and you have to calculate it

Urutar: Well, that's not really schwifty.

Default avatar.png smallPPperson: #clash

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png rekaxem: hi

Nick_Rogers: Hi

Nick_Rogers: Hey

Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: hi

Nick_Rogers: #

SteveThompson: Hello Fellas

Default avatar.png lakaoe: what does if w==w[::-1] mean

5DN1L: w[::-1] means reverse every element in w

5DN1L: if w is a string, then it's a reversed string

5DN1L: if w is a list, then it's a reversed list

Default avatar.png lakaoe: okay thx

Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: no

SteveThompson: Great Job fellas!

Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: I love you SteveThompson

Nick_Rogers: Hello sir

Nick_Rogers: Steve Thompson

SteveThompson: Hello Nick Rogers

Nick_Rogers: How are you on this fine day?

SteveThompson: I am doing very great, trying to talk to kids on this coding website!

Nick_Rogers: Very good

SteveThompson: I would love to make new friends!

Nick_Rogers: I am a current Fullstack dev

SteveThompson: @Nick

SteveThompson: What do you do for a living?

Nick_Rogers: yes sir

Nick_Rogers: oh

Nick_Rogers: I am a full stack dev like I said before

Wontonimo: no "@" required. just type the start of someones name and then press tab. Text will appear red to whoevers name is in it SteveThompson Nick_Rogers

SteveThompson: Oh ok thank you sir!

Wontonimo: there is nothing else special about red text ;)

5DN1L: Wontonimod again

jacek: oh?

BlaiseEbuth: Sad...

Wontonimo: what ?!? BlaiseEbuth , oh BlaiseBoy , plz say you approve of my powers ...

jacek: oware became yet another tutorial game ~

Wontonimo: what are the other tutorial games?

SteveThompson: There's fortnite

jacek: onitama, checkers, 9mm, loa, ...

BlaiseEbuth: :no_mouth:

jacek: :notebook: :soccer:

SteveThompson: :weary:

Wontonimo: what do you mean "tutorial game"?

jacek: when i beat all other peeps

Wontonimo: you are a beast

jacek: uwu

Wontonimo: is it the AZ nn that you are using for Oware ?

jacek: yes, except value only, not policy

SteveThompson: Wontonimo I have a question

Wontonimo: OH, Nice ! I've really wondered if that would work better

jacek: im too dumb for policy yet

Wontonimo: you can ask anyone SteveThompson, not just me

SteveThompson: Oh why not :(

Wontonimo: jacek and BlaiseEbuth have been around here way longer than i have

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i dont like shortest mode

jacek: dont use java for shortest [solved]

Wontonimo: you can ask me. i didn't say "just not me". I said "not just me"

SteveThompson: Oh ok!

SteveThompson: Here is my question

SteveThompson: Do you use

Nick_Rogers: yep

Nick_Rogers: I do

SteveThompson: I didn't ask Nick

SteveThompson: I asked Wontonimo

Nick_Rogers: bruh

Nick_Rogers: I do though use replit

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i dont understand why shortest mode exists

SteveThompson: I didn't ask tho

SteveThompson: I asked someone else

Nick_Rogers: aye Steve, I do use it

Nick_Rogers: and so what.....

Nick_Rogers: WHAT

SteveThompson: Nice good for you

Nick_Rogers: NO


Nick_Rogers: WHYYYY

SteveThompson: I don't know

Nick_Rogers: DON'T BE MEANNN

SteveThompson: How??

SteveThompson: I'm not

Nick_Rogers: U asked for my replit and now your not caring about it

Nick_Rogers: COME ONNN

5DN1L: calm down, gentlemen

Default avatar.png rekaxem: bruh


SteveThompson: Yeah I don't care!


SteveThompson: Shut up little man

Wontonimo: stop spamming

jacek: oO

Nick_Rogers: U SHUT UP

Default avatar.png rekaxem: can you both calm down

Wontonimo: be respectfull, this is a public chat

Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: CALM DOWWNNNNN

Wontonimo: last warning

BlaiseEbuth: :popcorn:

SteveThompson: Ok sorry

SteveThompson: I won't argue anymore

Nick_Rogers: ok sorry

Wontonimo: thank you

Nick_Rogers: Same here

Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: no problem nick

Wontonimo: keep the conversation (mostly) focused on coding or codingame

jacek: is this holiday from school yet?

Wontonimo: generally stay on topic

SteveThompson: Oh yes.

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i think shortest mode is the only reason i couldnt get top 200 in clash of code

Nick_Rogers: What is shortest mode?

Default avatar.png rekaxem: like

Wontonimo: code gulfing

Default avatar.png rekaxem: yes

Nick_Rogers: code gulfing?

Nick_Rogers: ok

Default avatar.png rekaxem: make your code as short as possible

Nick_Rogers: ohhhh

Nick_Rogers: I see

Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: is there an answer sheet to the clashes?

Wontonimo: golfing

Default avatar.png rekaxem: what do you mean answer sheet


Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: like can I search up the answers to win

Nick_Rogers: Yes, same here

SteveThompson: ChristopherDing Win with real skill kid

SteveThompson: Cheating is wrong

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i dnot see why you wanna do that tho

SteveThompson: It won't get you anywhere

BlaiseEbuth: Na. I think you can't get top 200 in clash of code because you're not good enough in shortes mod...

SteveThompson: Cheating won't get you to anywhere

SteveThompson: If you cheat, you won't get ahead

Nick_Rogers: Cheating gets u to a lot of places

Default avatar.png rekaxem: actually

Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: SteveThompson Stop

Nick_Rogers: In school for example

SteveThompson: Oh sorry moderator ChristopherDing

Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: SteveThompson is being mean

Nick_Rogers: It helps if u don't get caught

SteveThompson: ChristopherDing you're moderator right?

Default avatar.png rekaxem: cheating is probably slower than just doing it properly for fastest/reverse mode

SteveThompson: If yes, I am sorry

Nick_Rogers: I agree rekaxem

Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: SteveThompson is accusing me of being a mod

Nick_Rogers: Wait

BlaiseEbuth: Awful...

struct: stop with this useless spam

Nick_Rogers: Undercover Mod????

SteveThompson: So is it a yes?

SteveThompson: oh no please sorry struct

struct: next one?

Nick_Rogers: next what?

BlaiseEbuth: Back on my days everybody would already been banned... :older_man:

Wontonimo: stop or be kicked

Default avatar.png lakaoe: answer sheet would be usefull for me

TeslaRam: go to private conversation

Default avatar.png rekaxem:

struct: Dont put clash links here

Default avatar.png rekaxem: oh sorry

struct: np

Nick_Rogers: If u do, u might get banned

5DN1L: rekaxem use #clash channel

BlaiseEbuth: struct: You know normal users doesn't see kick/ban message right ?

struct: yes

Nick_Rogers: Someome got banned?

struct: yes

Nick_Rogers: Did Christopher get banned?

Wontonimo: yes

Nick_Rogers: Oh

struct: no

struct: wasnt him

Nick_Rogers: Who was the other person here

Wontonimo: sorry steve

Nick_Rogers: Oh yeahhhh

Nick_Rogers: Steve

Default avatar.png **rekaxem what is this

ThompsonSteve: Hey I'm back guys!

5DN1L: rekaxem click #clash to go to that chatroom for clash links

ThompsonSteve: I just went to the bathroom

Nick_Rogers: Oh

Nick_Rogers: Thats good

Default avatar.png rekaxem: ok

Nick_Rogers: I thought u got banned

BlaiseEbuth: struct: The point was that when you're sayin "Next one?", targeted people don't know what you're talking about.

Nick_Rogers: Thank god

ThompsonSteve: I didn't get banned

Nick_Rogers: Oh

Nick_Rogers: Good

ThompsonSteve: I just went to the bathroom since I had to poop so badly

Nick_Rogers: Uhhhhh

ThompsonSteve: As I was sitting in my chair

ThompsonSteve: It kept on sliding out

5DN1L: coding topics, please

Nick_Rogers: I agree

Nick_Rogers: This has gotten out of hand

Default avatar.png williamlii: faxs

Default avatar.png rekaxem: what language is best for shortest mode

Default avatar.png tridov: yuuur

Nick_Rogers: Python

struct: ruby, perl, bash, python

Nick_Rogers: "Ruby on rails"

Nick_Rogers: Python is better

Nick_Rogers: my fav tbh

Nick_Rogers: In second I like java

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i only know c++

5DN1L: also depends on how skilled you are in the language. otherwise you have to learn a new language just for golfing

Nick_Rogers: Correct

TeveShompson: Correct

Nick_Rogers: WWHATTT

Nick_Rogers: UR BACK?

Nick_Rogers: I thought u got banned

Nick_Rogers: 2 times

BlaiseEbuth: Scatophilia is a fetish like any others...

Default avatar.png tridov: hola mi nombre es Pablo

TeveShompson: Yeah sorry I had to take a bigger one this time in the bathroom

TeveShompson: It was really hard

5DN1L: sigh

Default avatar.png tridov: como estas amigos?

TeveShompson: It was slipping so much

TeveShompson: But at the same time I was constipated


TeveShompson: F

5DN1L: I hope some mod sees this

Nick_Rogers: Yep

Wontonimo: thanks 5DN1L

BlaiseEbuth: As I said, back in my days...

Default avatar.png tridov: adios

Wontonimo: kicked

5DN1L: tridov use English or go to another language channel

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i hope next 2 clashes i play wont be shortest mode

5DN1L: good luck!

Default avatar.png rekaxem: bruh

Default avatar.png rekaxem: this is sad

jacek: hm?

Default avatar.png rekaxem: got shortest mode

Default avatar.png rekaxem: and its some annoying string processing

jacek: aww

5DN1L: sometimes it turns out well because all the other players do not get 100% at all

5DN1L: keep going rekaxem

Default avatar.png rekaxem: thanks

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i think that might happen

Default avatar.png 5DNIL: yea i think so

jacek: :thinking:

Default avatar.png rekaxem: but i saw 2 people using ruby

Default avatar.png rekaxem: kinda scared

Default avatar.png lakaoe: :scream:

5DN1L: huh? someone steals my logo???

Default avatar.png lakaoe: second 5dn1l

5DNIL: who stole my logo???

Default avatar.png rekaxem: wait what

5DNIL: i need to know!!

Default avatar.png rekaxem: theres 5DNIL and 5DN1L

Default avatar.png lakaoe: ik

5DNIL: I'm the real one

5DNIL: hes just trying to be funny

5DNIL: by pretending to be me

5DNIL: i think u should ban

5DNIL: honestly its very childish

Default avatar.png lakaoe: omg yes ikr soo true

5DNIL: btw guys

5DNIL: do you guys know the language DN?

Default avatar.png rekaxem: dont

Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: whats DN?

5DNIL: are you sure?\

Default avatar.png lakaoe: wow



Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: :(

Default avatar.png lakaoe: :joy::neutral_face:

Default avatar.png ChristopherDing: :rage:

Default avatar.png williamlii: :heart_eyes:

Uljahn: Wontonimo lol

Default avatar.png Vigossive: hi

Default avatar.png rekaxem: ok great theres a ruby sweat

Default avatar.png Vigossive: how to hello world in haskell

Default avatar.png KayDroingAlien: hello, Im new to proggraming, is there like language lesson in this website? I'd like to learn C

Uljahn: this site is meant for practice

Uljahn: but you can try

KayDroingAlien: oh, okay thanks

Default avatar.png NVamp: Hi can anyone help me with something I want to know about C#

Default avatar.png rekaxem: WHY IS IT SHORTEST MODE AGAIN

Uljahn: git gud at shortest [solved]

Default avatar.png rekaxem: wow so helpful

Uljahn: pls stop whining

jacek: why it is shortest again... thats what she said

Husoski: uh, what she shouted...

Default avatar.png lakaoe: :relieved:

Default avatar.png rekaxem: am i allowed to send code here

Uljahn: for what purpose?

Uljahn: has anybody asked for this?

Default avatar.png rekaxem: actually

Default avatar.png rekaxem: where are the rules

jacek: Oo

Uljahn: type /help

Default avatar.png rekaxem: ok thanks

BlaiseEbuth: You know, I want to be in the world's triathlon top200, but I suck at swimming. So instead of training, when it's natation time, I stay next to the pool complaining to the public and security agents about those stupid waterish events and how they prevent me to be well ranked...

jacek: is this related to coding?

Default avatar.png rekaxem: yes

Default avatar.png rekaxem: they are trying to say i shouldnt complain about being bad at shortest mode

Uljahn: you can stop playing clashes or play private ones


BlaiseEbuth: Smoking isn't good for you Uljahn...

Default avatar.png rekaxem: :flushed:

draco-the-dragon: can we make our own games on this

5DN1L: Yes, you can, when your level is high enough or the number of clashes you take part in is high enough

BlaiseEbuth: Anybody can become mod those days...

5DN1L: :shrug:

Uljahn: Anybody can lose his mod rights...

draco-the-dragon: yep

BlaiseEbuth: Nope. Only a mod can.

Default avatar.png rekaxem: such profound words

Default avatar.png Nabgets: heyyyyy

Default avatar.png rekaxem: is there a function called startswith() in python

5DN1L: yes

Default avatar.png rekaxem: oh

5DN1L: i never use it though

5DN1L: easy enough to use [0] instead

Default avatar.png rekaxem: is there any faster way to check if a string is a prefix of another string

5DN1L: in most cases

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i mean shorter

5DN1L: is [0] or [:x] good enough for you?

Default avatar.png rekaxem: oh[:x]

Default avatar.png rekaxem: thanks


Easyor14: weeeesh

josemourinho: sheeeesh another win for me

Steph.Curry: no no be realistic bro

josemourinho: :muscle:

Default avatar.png rekaxem: is it possible to input float in ruby/perl/anything

AntiSquid: what do you mean by input float ?

Schwase: to read a float from the input? yes

Husoski: gets.to_f, maybe?

Schwase: i think they probably were asking about what they could have in a contribution for the input

Husoski: oops...just saw the "in ruby" part.

Schwase: whether or not it would cause a problem for people using languages that they arent familiar with

Schwase: about to get silver in great escape and get the achievement and be soooo pumped about it

Schwase: wait... even if i get 1st place it still isnt good enough to advance :(

Schwase: spoiler, i didnt advance

Schwase: rip

jacek: oO

Schwase: i know its not gonna be too hard to improve my code but i was really hoping i could get away with making some kind of low effort generalizations

5DN1L: maybe you'll think of one after you leave it for a while and get back to it later?

Schwase: yeah thats fair. sometimes you beat a puzzle to death and just come back after a week and just nail it on the first try. i'm pretty close already but at least i know that if i really want to i can just put in the effort to improving it

5DN1L: That's the spirit :thumbsup:

struct: if im a mod anyone can be a mod :)

Schwase: when the boss had a score of like 27 not too long ago and now its up to 31 D:

Wontonimo: it's just relative really. means there are more people in that one league

5DN1L: Or maybe somebody tried hard to fight the boss and failed and pushed it high up

Wontonimo: the highest score you can have in a league is about 8 points higher than second place. So, if there are only 2 people and one is 0, the other is at most 8

Wontonimo: more people mean a higher max possible score

Schwase: so if my score is 1st (excluding the boss), does that push up the boss's score?

aangairbender: If I click "Play my code" then the code is saved on cg servers? I mean If I login from another PC will I see my code? Or I must submit for this?

Schwase: because the boss is at 31.64 and 2nd place (i.e. behind me) is at 24.10

5DN1L: the boss's score is affected by the wins and losses it have against individual players

5DN1L: it has*

5DN1L: aangairbender you just have to play it, you don't have to submit it

aangairbender: ok thanks

Schwase: yeah its just that one time the boss got like a 26/27 and now it got a 31, im between those ranges so i got unlucky (at least i think based on my updated understanding of the leaderboard)

Schwase: so just submitting again and hoping for better rng, it just seemed strange that with so many matches there could be that large of a variance possible to occur

5DN1L: you may observe how the boss's score changes when you play against it :wink:

Schwase: wontimo i think its 7.5 points

Schwase: 31.84 - boss score 24.34 - 2nd place score

Schwase: ok new information does not agree with that conclusion

AntiSquid: Schwase sorry for late reply regarding input float, but it's unclear where and how he's having trouble with it, you can also only guess, ambiguous questions are most difficult

Schwase: i remember there was a really good post about question etiquette on the discord server, i wish i had the link to it still, i looked for it a month or so back with no luck


Schwase: awesome. bookmarked for future use

Uljahn: btw it's in the topic of the main channel

Uljahn: i mean the codingame channel description on discord

Schwase: ahh makes sense

Default avatar.png L00HP: GLHF guys

Dren: good evening

e_fishel: hey guys

e_fishel: what is the website that has all codingame puzzles indexed

e_fishel: and it also has clash of code


e_fishel: thank you

eulerscheZahl: a random ping. hi :wave:

jacek: ohayou

jacek: wednesday ping?

5DN1L: hi, your link has helped many

jacek: Automaton2000 do you like to ping people?

Automaton2000: my solution is a list

eulerscheZahl: initially i wrote it to help myself with puzzle moderation. pointing out duplicates when refusing

5DN1L: I think some approvers do this duplicate check with your link too now

e_fishel: i'd like to flag a problem

Astrobytes: Even some creators.

e_fishel: it's ridiculous for reverse moode

e_fishel: and i just played it

Default avatar.png NinjaS_AmaL: Any ruby programmers?

e_fishel: and out of the 8 clashers, none could get 100% and bruted forced it

Default avatar.png NinjaS_AmaL: Do anyone know why each_with_index doesn't work on IDE

5DN1L: e_fishel remember you can rate the clash after it is over

e_fishel: i did

e_fishel: will that change the way it works?

5DN1L: enough downvotes will disable it

Astrobytes: It'll be removed from the clash pool with enough downvotes

e_fishel: alright

Default avatar.png Sideway: "Failure: you are too late. Joker's bombs exploded. The hostages are dead. You lose :( Batman moved from window (0,0) to window (0,0)"

Default avatar.png Sideway: Nice batman :')

5DN1L: Too tired to move? :smirk:

Default avatar.png Sideway: Seems like printf is not up to date :')

5DN1L: Ah, I see :joy:

Default avatar.png Sideway: hmm there is something weird in that "Shadow of the Knight - Episode 1" problem

Default avatar.png Sideway: has any of you experienced a failure in the last test ?

eulerscheZahl: yes. but it turned out that my own code was at fault

Default avatar.png Sideway: i just recalled it was all about dichotomia

jacek: binary search?

Schwase: came back after a break. easily beat the boss

Default avatar.png Sideway: hmm seems like i need to do a dichotomic search instead of my simple "go towards bomb"

Schwase: yeah its not nearly as easy as the previous batman puzzle

jacek: ep2?

Schwase: yeah

Default avatar.png Sideway: as for me i'm at stage 1, discovering the challenge =)à

jacek: use the search to search for a right algorithm

Default avatar.png Sideway: havent done such an algorithm for like 10 years :') That's why i do like these codingame problems :D

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png DJBlueMysteryVanDerSwag_edfb: god

Default avatar.png ReallySmallartist: hopefully everyone is having a great day

Default avatar.png Firestormninja: likewise bigman

Default avatar.png lakaoe: why are there so many ASCII CoC's :sob:

5DN1L: You mean ASCII art?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: yeah and just where you have to print the sum of the ASCII value of ABC

Default avatar.png lakaoe: and those things

5DN1L: What do you think of them?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: i hate it bc i dont know how to do them xd

5DN1L: Ah, then maybe you should practise more :smirk:

jacek: :scream:

Default avatar.png lakaoe: :rolling_eyes:

Default avatar.png lakaoe: nice

Default avatar.png lakaoe: i got 60% for just printing the answer

Default avatar.png lakaoe: how to fix eof when reading a line

5DN1L: make sure you don't read more times than you are required

Schwase: also closing parentheses

Default avatar.png lakaoe: amd what is that

Default avatar.png lakaoe: nvmm

Default avatar.png Nicky_99:

Default avatar.png Nicky_99: oh large texts go as a separate page.. understandable

5DN1L: Yes that's right Nicky_99, multi-line text becomes a pastebin link

5DN1L: It's not all clashes on this website, you may try other stuff too

Default avatar.png lakaoe:

Default avatar.png lakaoe: how to sum the

Default avatar.png lakaoe: numbers above eachother

Default avatar.png lakaoe: could someone help?

5DN1L: Have you tried yourself?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: yes but im a complete beginner so idk how

Default avatar.png lakaoe: not complete but i almost know nothing

5DN1L: Yet you have finished >100 clashes :smirk:

Default avatar.png Sideway: if (knowledge == NULL) goto ChatBox; :')

Default avatar.png lakaoe: yeah but i still dont know a single thing about coding lol

5DN1L: These pieces of information do fit each other nicely, yeah? :joy:

Default avatar.png lakaoe: yes

5DN1L: split the string, convert to integers, add them index by index, join them again if needed in your language

Default avatar.png Nicky_99: yeah its just the quest map who told me to go on a multiplayer. im 3rd year in university and we just learn web developing(js,php,mysql-yeah ik mysql and php is old but its just the educational system), basics in c++, and python, and a little bit of AI, so i just came here to check if its possible to improve my skillls in a game manner as i like games

Default avatar.png lakaoe: do i use the len() function

Default avatar.png Sideway: wow then you do know more things than me ! you are certainly not a beginner as i am :')

5DN1L: lakaoe, possibly needed

Default avatar.png Nicky_99: and ofc i hope in finding more challenges or puzzles here than competitive multiplayer games where i just lower my self confidence from seeing all those pros

Default avatar.png Nicky_99: and yeah i talk much, sry about that

5DN1L: Sideway don't mix up the people lol

5DN1L: they are two different people

5DN1L: Nicky_99, it's fine to let us know your thoughts and your needs

Default avatar.png Sideway: woops, you right, i got tricked by the pp ^^ sorry :p

5DN1L: Nicky_99, you may try out the solo puzzles

5DN1L: some are for practise on your own, some others are more competitive in nature, but no time pressure

Default avatar.png Nicky_99: yeah ill have to set a pfp sooner or later, im 20 minutes old on this website after all, literally just typed coding game on google and this site popped up first

5DN1L: right

Default avatar.png Sideway: better comes first ;)

5DN1L: get comfortable with the format of the puzzles on this website - it may be different from those you experience on other coding websites

5DN1L: As some warm up, you may try the easy puzzles first


5DN1L: If you want I can further give you a list of those with hints, or if you want to explore a bit on your own first, it's also fine

Default avatar.png Nicky_99: well.. no currently im on no other coding websites than this. For my tasks i just use my basic knowledge, vscode syntax help/highlight and stack overflow/ language documentation in case i go into problems.

5DN1L: I see

5DN1L: Sounds great, stack overflow and language documentation are good sources of information

Default avatar.png Sideway: "Success: you defused the bombs in time. The hostages are safe. You win :)" Finally...

5DN1L: Congrats Sideway :)

Default avatar.png Sideway: Thanks ^^

Default avatar.png Sideway: Is that allowed to do such a thing (in C) : bool val = (char*)*ptr <<(int)shift;

Thib34: hi, i have a problem posting a comment.

Thib34: i typed my message, but there is no button to send it, how are we supposed to do?

Default avatar.png Wenwu: whos here for swift ?

AlkhilJohn.: no apple devs here

Default avatar.png C26_1: Thib34, press enter

Default avatar.png C26_1: Ok, so I have a new way to learn code

Default avatar.png C26_1: Regex

Default avatar.png C26_1: What website can I use to find regex pracitce

Default avatar.png C26_1: Wait

Default avatar.png C26_1: I found it, Datacamp

Default avatar.png C26_1: Wait what. RegEx in datacamp are R proramming language

Default avatar.png C26_1: programming*

Default avatar.png C26_1: Yes

Default avatar.png C26_1: I find python regex

UZUHAMA: Hello world

ZXC01: Hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: oh i see what you're saying

Default avatar.png Wenwu: I remember leaning R

Default avatar.png Wenwu: what is datacamp?


ZXC01: Hi Automaton2000

ZXC01: Hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: now i need the solution for the first 3

Automaton2000: it will find the shortest path

ZXC01: Hi Automaton2000

ZXC01: Hi Automaton2000

ZXC01: Hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: eulerschezahl will you do a move in the search

Automaton2000: ok but how do you make your own contest ?

Automaton2000: it's still a lot of sense

Mortis_666: Automaton2000 hru

Automaton2000: double free or corruption (out)

skotz: lol

ZXC01: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: this is the very first turn

ZXC01: Automaton2000

ZXC01: Automaton2000

ZXC01: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and they are all the people in the chat history

ZXC01: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: eulerschezahl why are u coding in c++ ?

Automaton2000: i guess they could have done that in a while

Automaton2000: well i dont know if i need to beat everyone

ZXC01: lol

Mortis_666: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: there will be a fun game

Wontonimo: oh wow, 4 people have already worked on my new game that has only been out for a few hours

Mortis_666: what game

DialFrost: late morning guys!

DialFrost: wat game wontonimo

Mortis_666: good late morning!

Wontonimo: sticky keyboard

DialFrost: ?

Mortis_666: o this

Wontonimo: the task is to correct text that was generated by someone with a bad keyboard

DialFrost: found it

Wontonimo: yeah

DialFrost: imm a try it

DialFrost: <33

Mortis_666: same

Wontonimo: awesome!

DialFrost: ok never mind i changed my mind

DialFrost: lol

ZXC01: lol

ZXC01: really hard

ZXC01: no

DialFrost: its not that hard

ZXC01: super hard

DialFrost: js annoyingly hard

DialFrost: wontonimo

DialFrost: how come u still have 0%

DialFrost: and yet drawrfie is already done

DialFrost: hmmm he did it in PHP

Wontonimo: I have the solution, yes. But I don't like just copying my own solution to my puzzles. Instead I wait at least a few days then try to do it without referencing my own solution

DialFrost: hmm good idea

Wontonimo: i sometimes come up with a much better solution. sometimes i fail horribly

Wontonimo: usually i just remember what i did

DialFrost: lol

DialFrost: nice bio btw

Mortis_666: the one letter missing is confusing

Dren: lol I never looked into machine learning and I have no clue how I would approach this

Dren: probably set up a dictionary with a Trie tree or something

DialFrost: ye

DialFrost: same

Wontonimo: oh, you are on the right track Dren. There really isn't any machine learing in this

DialFrost: bruh

struct: its an interesting puzzle

Wontonimo: oh, sorry. i'll shut up

DialFrost: haha lol

ZXC01: hey

ZXC01: i think westicles change profile picture a nd name

ZXC01: i think this is him

ZXC01: or her


DialFrost: lol

ZXC01: really

Mortis_666: hm

struct: o.o

Dren: oh I think I get the machine learning part

Dren: so if the text has 1 'moon' and 2 'mon 's I assume it's fine if the algo fixes the moon to mon since that's what it learns right?

Dren: since other than frequency I see no way for it to decide whether a letter is missing or doubled in that case

Dren: at least in theory I don't know if such cases are present in the tests or validators

DialFrost: anybody do ruby and can help solve a problem i have in my code?

DialFrost: im quite new to it

Mortis_666: idk ruby much

Mortis_666: only know a few little basics