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Thorcode: what do the i -- : do?

Schwase: i -- is i = i - 1 in java and several languages

Thorcode: ah thanks

Lambert_W_Function: c like languages have taht for qol

Lambert_W_Function: c-inspired languages

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: hey guys does anyone know a good java course

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: cos i only know python and I want to learn java

UZUHAMA: Is there such a thing as "Hash list"?

UZUHAMA: Or did I just get confused over hashmaps and hashtables

DialFrost: there is such thing as a hash list

DialFrost: but its in java

DialFrost: if im right

Schwase: ok well i mistyped one character and didnt get 100% in code golf, time for me to get off

Schwase: its been real

DialFrost: hai schwase

Schwase: howdy

DialFrost: i see that ur a pro at optimization/CoC

Schwase: uh thanks?

DialFrost: how did u do Cfungeprime


DialFrost: shheeeeesh thx

Schwase: also it took me about 10 days

Schwase: to get to 6th

Schwase: and i honestly cant be bothered to get to 1st

DialFrost: lol

Schwase: i could get like 100 or so less characters easily

Schwase: i could get to 3rd place i think

Schwase: but i dont want to

Schwase: beating the creator's score is good enough for me honestly

UZUHAMA: I can't find anything about hashlist...

UZUHAMA: I guess it was something that's made up in my head

Wontonimo: hash map

Wontonimo: aka, associative array

Wontonimo: aka dictionary

DialFrost: hai wontonimo long time no see

Default avatar.png PATTRIM: hai

Default avatar.png PatBin: sup sup

AlkhilJohn.: Wontonimo got demoted

AlkhilJohn.: ha

Thorcode: I don't think won got demoted

jacek: promoted to non-mod

LelouchVC2: howd u get in my house?

Thorcode: why I print out this but it found nothing



Uljahn: most likely because of a newline

Thorcode: a thanks

Default avatar.png Overbed:

Default avatar.png Overbed: i want to print the highest and lowest but first the lowest and then the highest

Default avatar.png Overbed: but it prints out the lowest and then under it the whole input

Uljahn: if i > i: :scream_cat:

Default avatar.png Overbed: yes ik but it doesnt work when its if i > input()

derjack: oO

Uljahn: input() returns a string btw

Uljahn: and each time you call input() it's a new string :smirk:

Default avatar.png Overbed: i mean s

Uljahn: is comparing strings really what you need?

Default avatar.png Overbed: idk

Default avatar.png Overbed: its reverse so

Default avatar.png Overbed: wow i just need to reverse the input i think

Thorcode: bruh

Thorcode: you could just make a list then add all of the input then print max(list name) min(listname)

darkhorse64: Oui

darkhorse64: oops

Thorcode: how to add \ as str?

5DN1L: \\

Thorcode: thanks

Default avatar.png Overbed: why does my reversed function not work

Default avatar.png Overbed: message = input() for i in message:

    print(i + w)

Kanerix: message[::-1]

Kanerix: That's a better way to reverse a astring

Default avatar.png Overbed: i want to print the input from down to above and reverse

Default avatar.png Overbed:

Default avatar.png Overbed: like this

Kanerix: oh

Default avatar.png Overbed: and a space inbetween

Kanerix: Can't you just revese message like i told you and then loop through each charand print it?

Kanerix: message=input()[::-1]

Kanerix: for c in message:



Kanerix: didn't finish it but you get the idea

Default avatar.png Overbed: wdym message2

Default avatar.png Overbed: its 1 line of input

Kanerix: message2 is message1 reversed

Default avatar.png Overbed: ohh


Default avatar.png lakaoe: it misses the first letter on the second line

Default avatar.png Overbed: huh i got it right i think but it went wrong

Default avatar.png Overbed:

Default avatar.png Overbed: weird

Default avatar.png Overbed: nvm i got it

Default avatar.png lakaoe: hte second -1 hsa to go aawya

Default avatar.png Overbed: the -1 has to go

Default avatar.png Overbed: yea

Default avatar.png ManeatingGiant_d83c: HI

Default avatar.png ManeatingGiant_d83c: I DO NOT KOW HOW TO DO THIS PROGRAM AND YOU?

Default avatar.png ManeatingGiant_d83c: KNOW

LelouchVC2: no one knows anything

LelouchVC2: go to sleep

Default avatar.png ManeatingGiant_d83c: okey i think that it is great idea, goodnight

Default avatar.png ManeatingGiant_d83c: <333

LelouchVC2: <3

LelouchVC2: where's that hexagon guy so he can ban me again?

DialFrost: bruh

BlaiseEbuth: Hexagon? :thinking:

BlaiseEbuth: struct ?

LelouchVC2: Yea that sounds right

DialFrost: lol

LelouchVC2: i literally said, "Hey im not banned anymore"

LelouchVC2: and he insta banned me LOL

BlaiseEbuth: Oh pinged him :speak_no_evil:

LelouchVC2: funny guy

LelouchVC2: he'll get places

BlaiseEbuth: Don't feed the troll hey

LelouchVC2: yea, he's a troll with admin powers

BlaiseEbuth: Being a troll is a prerequisite to be mod here.

LelouchVC2: honestly

LelouchVC2: someone made a 9/11 joke. i laughed

LelouchVC2: i got banned and he got nothing

BlaiseEbuth: This is a new account so ?

LelouchVC2: Me? didn't make a new account. it wasnt perma ban apparently

BlaiseEbuth: So it was not a ban.

BlaiseEbuth: But a kick

BlaiseEbuth: You can come back in the minute

LelouchVC2: it was a year i believe

LelouchVC2: the first one

LelouchVC2: 2nd one was a month at least

BlaiseEbuth: Na. Only kick for a minute or definitive ban here

LelouchVC2: maybe someone decided to unban me

LelouchVC2: i was banned for a while

BlaiseEbuth: Or the chat bugged... That can unban people, and mod/unmod people :p

LelouchVC2: my sql injections must have worked!

Thorcode: the chat was reseted by thiba I think

LelouchVC2: ahh idk, doesn't matter i suppose

BlaiseEbuth: The chat reset itself when coc rooms make it crash... -_-

LelouchVC2: chat here gets toxic

LelouchVC2: that's hilarious

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: Why are most of my arena matches ending in 1 round with no results and a seemingly random winner?

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: The ones that play I dominate but some just... dont?

LelouchVC2: might be a bug causing both players to crash

BlaiseEbuth: Can you share a replay ?

Default avatar.png ShaneCope:

BlaiseEbuth: You programm didn't output anything.

LelouchVC2: looks like none of ur pieces moved, so ur program might have crashed

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: Why would it only happen sometimes D:

BlaiseEbuth: Can you share a replay where it works?

LelouchVC2: could be a lot of things, like your program cant handle certain starting positions

Default avatar.png ShaneCope:

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: I made sure my bounds are within the board and even if I did outside my pieces would just sit at edge

BlaiseEbuth: My guess is a problem of player id. Works when you're p1, crash when you're p2.

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: Didnt think it mattered, but maybe it does

BlaiseEbuth: Don't remember the input format for cr...

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: It even says type 0 is one of your robots

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: which is what I base it on

BlaiseEbuth: True. So perhaps it's not that...

LelouchVC2: I had a bug in a different one where it would give me IDs of dead things

LelouchVC2: So my program would just insta lose whenever a bot died. Couldn't participate in it anymore until they fixed the bug over 2 weeks later

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: Nothing starts dead tho

LelouchVC2: tru, could be something similar. but comb through ur code and make sure u didnt screw something up

LelouchVC2: have lots of error outputs

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: Looking over all the arena fights

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: its true that the ones I lost are the ones where I am P2

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: No losses of me as P1

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: When I flop it... it works the other way lmao

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: Now I need to find the condition for which player I am this is silly

Uljahn: you click "delete" buttons below players' avatars in IDE to add them in reverse order to test it

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: oh nice. Thanks for that

BlaiseEbuth: Strange. As you said and reading back the statement, the inputs seems to be independant of which player you are...

LelouchVC2: 10 billion IQ design

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: I figured it out

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: I had been incrementing my bots via index

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: And when Im p2 my bots come after their bots

BlaiseEbuth: Ah!

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: Just gunna save their ID I guess

LelouchVC2: as u should. a bot class where they all have their own id

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: I did have that but I was inserting their update by index instead of id cause I built that before I built the object and changed my code :'D

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: So easy fix

LelouchVC2: pro gaming

LelouchVC2: progaming

LelouchVC2: programing

BlaiseEbuth: There's a script to improve ux in bot programming btw

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: fancy

BlaiseEbuth: With a 'swap' button :p

derjack: and crypto mining in background

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: A crypto miner would be extremely upset if they tried to use this PC

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: IIRC the video card in this old desktop is a... GTX 640?

derjack: not if there are 1000s of them

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: I think even then

derjack: all the moneys collected go to raises for the mods

LelouchVC2: where do i apply to become president?

LelouchVC2: I will make an executive order to ban all mods

LelouchVC2: then i will become a mod

derjack: #fr

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: this is tons better now I am not ranked awful haha

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: Rank 1 woot

Uljahn: low leagues are tutorial

Default avatar.png ShaneCope: Nah man league 1 is the true master class obvs

Thorcode: pobably

Manchi_o6o7: Hey guys. If someone help me out. I am thinking how to overload the operator [][] in C++. Is there any way?

Manchi_o6o7: [ ] [ ]

LelouchVC2: yes, you can google it, you can overload that operator

Manchi_o6o7: can you send me a link, cause I am not able to find it


Manchi_o6o7: But I am looking for double indexing

Manchi_o6o7: not only [ ], but [ ] [ ]

LelouchVC2: you can't directly do that

LelouchVC2: i can think of a few ways that you can kinda do that, but depends on ur situation

Manchi_o6o7: can you give me a clue

LelouchVC2: this has some interesting answers you can look through regarding this

LelouchVC2: such as an overloaded function calling another:


Thorcode: hello, could anyone help me to learn code? I'm kinda new, which site should I learn? pls help me. thanks guy alot

Uljahn: :rolling_eyes:

Thorcode: wdym Ulja?

Thorcode: pls super-duper cat pls help me

Thorcode: I mean for ruby I could not find any site to learn that code

Uljahn: start with learning how to search then

Uljahn: that's the most important skill

Thorcode: Thanks ulja I finaally find a good site to learn

Thorcode: it seem that learning ruby is harder tahn python

Westicles: beginning to think this chat should be discontinued

Uljahn: agreed

Thorcode: agreed

Westicles: it was nice before all the bot guys left

Thorcode: I'm learning

darkhorse64: The issue is not with the chat

Thorcode: ? wdym

darkhorse64: It's a content/communication problem. Regular bot guys like to discuss about bot programming while CG focus shifts to something else

Thorcode: I understood.

xxXUltaSpiritus_L1ghtS4suk3Xxx: i do like lasagna

Default avatar.png xxXUltraChakratus_DarkS4suk3Xxx: me too

xxXUltaSpiritus_L1ghtS4suk3Xxx: 👍

Default avatar.png TheModified: is it ever possible to see the tests ran on your code in ClashOfCode?

Pretzel7g: you can just print the input

Pretzel7g: it will automatically invalidate the test, but at least you can see what you're dealing with

handrianina: or just error log

derjack: there are test cases visible, but not validators

derjack: adn you can print to error without breaking the code

Pretzel7g: or you can print to stderr (in python print(x,file=sys.stderr)) and it will be omitted in the test

Default avatar.png Mason...: what are some more things to learn python from?

Wontonimo: python cookbook

Wontonimo: python mini challenges (ad free)

Wontonimo: Mason... ^^

Wontonimo: also and filter on python on the left

Default avatar.png Mason...: ok thanks

VisionaryM: why c++ coder has to suffer in clash of code ???

TimothyAlexisVass: c++ is simply not for clashing

TimothyAlexisVass: It's too explicit

Default avatar.png 0jeyz: hyea

GamingGnawer: So that we don't get mad with the power of our superior language choice XD

VisionaryM: well i love c++ more than i love my girlfriend but why there is character count in clash of code

GamingGnawer: Yeah code-golf is sometimes instructive but rarely fun in c++

VisionaryM: ahey

Default avatar.png Abdirizaq: hi guys using c language how should I calculate flight passengers seat

Default avatar.png Abdirizaq: output should look like this '

Default avatar.png Abdirizaq: Seat 14A: Fred Flintstone paid 323.21 Seat 3C: Betty Ruble paid 232.30 (Alpha Airlines likes them) Seat 5C: Betty Smartie paid 230.13 (Alpha Airlines likes them) Seat 5B: Joe Bob Smartie paid 134.78

5DN1L: hi guys I'm doing an assignment / a puzzle / a clash of code, the output should look like this and that, please tell me the answer directly. Thanks.

5DN1L: Automaton2000, please help me.

Automaton2000: i kind of want to try and do all the work for me

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png supermliu: hi

Default avatar.png supermliu: hi

Default avatar.png supermliu: hi

Default avatar.png supermliu: hi

Default avatar.png supermliu: hi

5DN1L: Enough hi

Default avatar.png supermliu: how are u

Default avatar.png supermliu: wow ignoring me now

5DN1L: You don't flood the chat to get attention. At least the good kind of attention.

Default avatar.png supermliu: Ok

Default avatar.png supermliu: are you like the moderator of this chat?

5DN1L: I'm not

Default avatar.png supermliu: Yeah I didn't think so

Uljahn: he knows what a moderator would've said

Default avatar.png supermliu: ah

jacek: does he know what a moderator would have done by now?

Default avatar.png supermliu: yup

Default avatar.png supermliu: i think he left chat

Default avatar.png supermliu: honestly

5DN1L: Think as you like :smirk:

noahm9: hello

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: hi

noahm9: imagine banning school IP

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: ikr

noahm9: SUIIII

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: but failing

noahm9: :hotdog:

noahm9: initt

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: yo

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: whats up?

noahm9: yooo my g

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: :hear_no_evil:

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: U guys in scool?

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: where r u from

noahm9: ye

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: ny

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: wbu?

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: new york?

noahm9: rate how i look in my PFP

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: yeah my g

noahm9: from Afghanistan

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: aye, cool

Default avatar.png supermliu: im from the virgin islandss

noahm9: who

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: supermilu fire

noahm9: asked

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: asked

Default avatar.png supermliu: @Nuclear Brocolli ty

Default avatar.png supermliu: but i live in nigeria africa

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: pretty cool

Default avatar.png supermliu: but i truly live in berlin germany

noahm9: can i come visit with tom the bomb

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: cool

Default avatar.png supermliu: sure

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: id see why not

noahm9: state post code

Default avatar.png supermliu: yo nuclear brocolli do u like cock

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: yeah

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: all day

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: 25/7

Default avatar.png supermliu: wait nuclear brocolli i can guess ur name

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: fr?

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: what is it?

Default avatar.png supermliu: its Oliver Bond

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: WTF???????

noahm9: what

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: HOW?????

Default avatar.png supermliu: wait is it actually

noahm9: made u think i care

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: It is

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: who

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: No, it is

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: hacker

Default avatar.png supermliu: wait actually

Default avatar.png supermliu: no way

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: fr

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: Bruh

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: who

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: How??????

noahm9: whats mine :smirk:

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: Wait, you know where I live?

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: who

Default avatar.png supermliu: @Nuclear Brocolli i can guess ur location i think

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: bet

Default avatar.png supermliu: I think its

5DN1L: Enough introduction and location sharing. Please move on to coding topics. Thanks.

noahm9: who

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: y

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: a

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: s

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: k

noahm9: queen

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: e

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: d

noahm9: d

Default avatar.png supermliu: 1922 Wonder Lane Street Albany, New York

Default avatar.png supermliu: is that correct ?

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: WTF?????????

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: Im out

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: This is creepy

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: How the fuck did u know that?

noahm9: doesnt even exist lad

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: Shut the f up

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: im coming

Default avatar.png supermliu: good

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: NAHHHHH

Default avatar.png supermliu: bc i was joking

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: PLSS NAH

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: My parents will detroy me

Default avatar.png supermliu: @noahm9 i meant 1921

Default avatar.png supermliu: not 1922

Default avatar.png supermliu: but same thing

noahm9: you got the whole world chat laughing bro :expressionless:

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: :upside_down:

5DN1L: Not funny

5DN1L: Please stop flooding the chat

Default avatar.png supermliu: yo noahm9

Default avatar.png supermliu: u shouldnt be talking

Default avatar.png supermliu: bc

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: whats the point in a chat if we cant tlk

noahm9: just making friends

5DN1L: This is a public chatroom for codingame

Default avatar.png supermliu: U LOOK LIKE A COCK

5DN1L: Not your private chatroom

Default avatar.png supermliu: NOAH M9

Default avatar.png supermliu: MORE LIKE COCK

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: LMAOIAOAOAOAOA

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: YOOOOO

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: but he can say that

Default avatar.png supermliu: ur literally a cock

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: :joy:

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: do u want to lick him?

bigman122333: so funny

Default avatar.png supermliu: i mean

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: Maybe :wink:

Default avatar.png supermliu: nuclear brocolli is laughing

bigman122333: er

Default avatar.png supermliu: so like

Default avatar.png tom_the_bomb: ye cuz hes ur m8

bigman122333: tramp exposed

Uljahn: :hammer:

bigman122333: why did you ban tom the bomb

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: Yeah

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: fr?

Default avatar.png NuclearBrocolli_ed12: Thats not cool

bigman122333: inittt

Uljahn: im helping them to focus on coding :innocent:

5DN1L: :clap:

bigman122333: unban him please

bigman122333: thanks

bigman122333: he needs help from people in this chat

Uljahn: too late

bigman122333: never too late

End_Shadow: IAIAI



bigman122333: who

bigman122333: #unbanthebomb

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png amriswil-it-9: ia

Default avatar.png amriswil-it-9: sorry

Default avatar.png amriswil-it-9: iaia bħ

Default avatar.png amriswil-it-9: sorry

Default avatar.png amriswil-it-9: iaiaia

Default avatar.png amriswil-it-9: iaiaiiaiai

Default avatar.png amriswil-it-9: iaiai

Default avatar.png amriswil-it-9: u

Default avatar.png amriswil-it-9: sorry that was my friend

5DN1L: Saying sorry while flooding the chat has to be the best strategy, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: still early in the contest is going to be the best move from the previous depth

KalamariKing: idk i think the best move would be found late game

KalamariKing: what about that Automaton2000

Automaton2000: glad you like it :d

wowzers36346: hey


wowzers36346: Im good, good

TTV_Sweaty22: u finna hop on to fortnite???

Default avatar.png anonymertypmytypsylon: please unban End_Shadow he needs help

wowzers36346: How are you fine gentlemen?

wowzers36346: Fornite?

wowzers36346: Any day

Default avatar.png anonymertypmytypsylon: noo


TTV_Sweaty22: HBU MAN

wowzers36346: Gamer tag?

TTV_Sweaty22: my epic games name is: TTV_Sweaty22

wowzers36346: Mine is @urmomisRLLYHOT

TTV_Sweaty22: Oh that's similar to my alt's name

wowzers36346: Funny

TTV_Sweaty22: also I agree

wowzers36346: But fr

wowzers36346: thats it

wowzers36346: Add me

TTV_Sweaty22: alr bet


wowzers36346: bet

wowzers36346: lets goo

wowzers36346: "imagine coding"

TTV_Sweaty22: can't imagine

wowzers36346: lol

TTV_Sweaty22: fortnite is the only way of live

wowzers36346: fr


wowzers36346: no fornite, no life



wowzers36346: My fav

wowzers36346: I love it

wowzers36346: Sometimes more than myself

5DN1L: Go somewhere else to chat about that

wowzers36346: Where?

wowzers36346: To mars?

5DN1L: Just not here, please

wowzers36346: I havent been there

TTV_Sweaty22: Sometimes i love it more than ur mother

TTV_Sweaty22: fortnite is so good

wowzers36346: what??

TTV_Sweaty22: @5DN1L can we play fortnite

TTV_Sweaty22: I can carry you to champs

5DN1L: You can, just leave this chat in peace

Default avatar.png anonymertypmytypsylon: can you endban End_Shadow please he needs help and he plays also fortnite and does giveaways :point_right::ok_hand::tired_face:

Default avatar.png Dizzboii22: wtf

jacek: is this school break yet?

5DN1L: Is this school broken yet?

TimothyAlexisVass: What's the equivalent of this Python code in Ruby? a,b=map(int,open(0))

Default avatar.png murata: yall im new to this shi im so confused.

5DN1L: If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We'll try to answer

Default avatar.png murata: Okay ill try to explain the best I can. SO im coding with Javascript and im doing Code breaker Puzzle and im pretty lost on what to do. I completed the first Test case but I dont know how to do the second one.

5DN1L: murata, there can be other values involved, you have to test them one by one until you find the correct one for each case

BlaiseEbuth: Your code is supposed to be generic and be able to solve any testcase. You don't have to write a code for each test.

Default avatar.png murata: damn I think im more confused I guess im going to keep trying

BlaiseEbuth: (Any inputs formatted as wrote in the statement and fulfilling the constraints) -> YOUR CODE -> (The answer corresponding to the inputs according to the statement)

Default avatar.png murata: Is there any videos i could watch for a better understanding?

BlaiseEbuth: You should probably try an official easy puzzle before this one.

Default avatar.png murata: Yeah, ill do that

BlaiseEbuth: Try this one

Stilgart: ho wait... il est à l'envers à la fin du handle ?!

Default avatar.png murata: Alright, im in it right now

**Stilgart n'avait pas capté ça

BlaiseEbuth: Baguette Stilgart :french_bread:

Default avatar.png Asxpl: .

Default avatar.png Asxpl: .

Default avatar.png Asxpl: .

Default avatar.png Asxpl: .

Stilgart: damned stupid chat

BlaiseEbuth: :grin:

Default avatar.png Asxpl: .

Stilgart: i was on #fr before some stupid guy mped me ...

TimothyAlexisVass: What's mp?

BlaiseEbuth: dm

jacek: what's dm?

BlaiseEbuth: pm

jacek: french as so reversed

Default avatar.png xorebirth: bozo is adopted

BlaiseEbuth: Of course. :french_bread::wine_glass::cheese:

Default avatar.png xorebirth: .0

Default avatar.png CuBicOm: dze

Default avatar.png xorebirth: sus

Default avatar.png CuBicOm: sus

Default avatar.png anonymertypmytypsylon: iaiai

Default avatar.png anonymertypmytypsylon: iaiai

Default avatar.png anonymertypmytypsylon: montanablack

Default avatar.png anonymertypmytypsylon: iaiaiaiaiaiaiiaiiaiiaiiaiaiiaiaiiaiia

Default avatar.png anonymertypmytypsylon: ia

Default avatar.png anonymertypmytypsylon: i

Default avatar.png FUFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU: I got ban from #fr I did nothing

TimothyAlexisVass: Perhaps your nick is "FUFUUUUUUUUUU"

TimothyAlexisVass: or something...

Default avatar.png FUFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU: so? Even if my nick is dumb, it doesn't mean I'm, does it?

Default avatar.png sebisgreat: nice

Default avatar.png sebisgreat: im great

Default avatar.png sebisgreat: seb

Default avatar.png sebisgreat: is

Default avatar.png sebisgreat: great

Default avatar.png sebisgreat: suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss to suck

Default avatar.png Asxpl: hi

Notgoodatcoding5: hi

Wontonimo: hi

Wontonimo: this is a public chat. please be respectful and act according to the code of conduct. Keep conversation mostly focused on coding and codingame.

Default avatar.png Coach_Robi: Good morning everyone!

jacek: morning?

jacek: canada eh

Default avatar.png Coach_Robi: yes! north of 50 haha

Default avatar.png NoamNaim: Who know how to code?

Wontonimo: does anyone really "know"?

Default avatar.png Bhan.Teja: Fresher here! are we all playing the same game?

jacek: no, this is public chat

Default avatar.png NoamNaim: Did someone is a pro here?

jacek: but if you have some problems about a game (mad pod racing?), you can ask

Wontonimo: yes, we are all playing Tron

Wontonimo: hint : turn left

jacek: or samegame

Default avatar.png Bhan.Teja: cool, thanks for the hint 😅

Default avatar.png Bhan.Teja: I'm currently playing Shadows of the Knight, something seems fishy in the question!

Wontonimo: I don't remember any aquatic life forms in that puzzle. You must be imagining things

jacek: hint: use binary search

takearest: hi ı am girl

takearest: please help me

jacek: kitchen is over there

takearest: ananı sıekyım senin

takearest: jacek

takearest: take a rest

Default avatar.png Bhan.Teja: bad joke Wontonimo!

Default avatar.png Bhan.Teja: jacek 😂😂

Wontonimo: the worst. I've specialized in that genre for decades and have honed it to a fine dull

Default avatar.png Bhan.Teja: lmao

Default avatar.png Bhan.Teja: Not because it's a nice justification but cuz you think a lot!

Wontonimo: but seriously takearest, what jacek means (I think) is we don't care about gender or other identity. we help all (other than people causing trouble), and your comment kinda seemed like stirring trouble

jacek: mod sense is tingling

takearest: bro this is memes

takearest: sorry everyone

Wontonimo: bro, okay bro. I don't know your memories.

Soltane: hello

struct: Wontonimo you should write on discord mod channel

struct: so they give you mod here again

KalamariKing: ^

jacek: he doesnt have mod? hes free!

Default avatar.png Nandita: The IDE is not allowing me to add headers in C++ I want to add cmath

struct: it should work

struct: #include <cmath>

jacek: make your own math functions :v

KalamariKing: exactly

KalamariKing: just rewrite advanced algebra

Default avatar.png Nandita: It wont even let me create any function. Its asking to work only within a highlighted section

struct: which puzzle?

Default avatar.png Nandita: Mad Pod racing

struct: I guess you need to follow the tutorial

struct: which league are you in?=

jacek: tutorial for the first league, then when you pass you can write anything

Makea84: Mad Pod Racing is awesome

Default avatar.png Nandita: I am in first league

Makea84: im in silver league

struct: follow the tutorial

jacek: :+1:

struct: I think you only need to replace output

struct: on first leaguew

jacek: destinationY destinationY to XY

Default avatar.png Nandita: but how to calculate to change the output

Makea84: First of all you have to check the tutorial

Default avatar.png Nandita: float angle = atan2(next_checkpoint_y-y, next_checkpoint_x-x) * 180 / 3.141;

Uljahn: just correct the mistake, don't write anything else

Default avatar.png Nandita: I am trying this

jacek: you are given the angle

Default avatar.png Nandita: hmm

struct: you are given the angle on the next league

struct: just follow the tutorial :p

jacek: overthinking eh

Makea84: Yes, you already have the angle

struct: not on the first league only from the 2nd and so on

codergautam: hi

Default avatar.png Nandita: in the Inputs

Default avatar.png Nandita: ?

struct: on the next league you will have the angle

struct: but you need to complete the first part of the tutorial

Makea84: Can you share the code? cause i dont remember the code on that league

Default avatar.png Nandita: yes

struct: paste it here

KalamariKing: can you share your credit card number as well

KalamariKing: yknow just in case

jacek: 80085

Default avatar.png Nandita:

e_fishel: bruh

Makea84: 11223344

Default avatar.png Nandita:

jacek: cout << next_checkpoint_y +x << " " << next_checkpoint_y +y<< " " <<thrust << endl;

jacek: to cout << next_checkpoint_x << " " << next_checkpoint_y << " " <<thrust << endl;

Default avatar.png Nandita: ok

Uljahn: guess you'd better revert the code back to default wit the round arrow in the top right corner

Uljahn: *with

Default avatar.png Nandita:

Default avatar.png Nandita: this is the default one

struct: cout << next_checkpoint_x << " " << next_checkpoint_y << " 80" << endl;

Default avatar.png Nandita: Ok it worked not it moved ahead

Default avatar.png Nandita: Thanks

jacek: :tada:

jacek: now submit code to the arena

Default avatar.png Nandita: ok

Default avatar.png Illusive: log

Default avatar.png Illusive: log?

Wiilss: console.log("Hello")

jacek: pow

Default avatar.png Illusive: console.log("std::cout << "Hello"")

5DN1L: mind your quotation marks

Wiilss: Who here is in the Christmas spirit!

Default avatar.png Illusive: me i absolutley l;ove santa claus

Default avatar.png Illusive: wbu

Wiilss: @Illusive

Default avatar.png Illusive: yes papa?

Wiilss: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png Illusive: :smile:

Wiilss: :couple_mm:

Default avatar.png Illusive: me and u rn :heart:

struct: lets stop with the spam

struct: final warning next one is a ban

Default avatar.png Illusive: oi struct respond to the dms

Wiilss: I am sorry great struct

Wiilss: please forgive me

Wiilss: as I bow down to you

Default avatar.png Illusive: rude boy

Wiilss: ok

Default avatar.png Illusive: hello struct

Default avatar.png Illusive: been a while

struct: well you are out of luck

Wiilss: :rage:

struct: you want to be next?

Wiilss: Not really

Wiilss: :pray:

struct: oh well you pushed it

jacek: oh my

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: well done

Hjax: huh, clash of bots is nearly identical to an old programming site i used to compete on

Hjax: called RobotGame

jacek: ohai

Hjax: hi there

jacek: welp the github says it was inspirited by RobotGame

Hjax: makes sense lol

jacek: nad i believe this is crystal rush graphics?

Hjax: that site has been dead for years, makes me happy to see the game given new life here

Hjax: i should submit something

Hjax: i still have my old code somewhere, as well as the code of a few other top competitors on that site

Hjax: iirc the strongest robotgame bot used simulated annealing to optimize against a set of open source bots

Hjax: one of the targets was one of mine

Hjax: the game isnt an exact replica, the map shape is different, and robot games map didnt wrap around

jacek: did they get random inputs?

jacek: i wonder if top players try to make a whole map of the arena

Hjax: what do you mean?

jacek: did you play clash of bots?

Hjax: not yet, i just learned about it 10 minutes ago

Hjax: i played robotgame about a decade ago

jacek: ahh. well each robot has 5x5 vision. and you get randomized visions, so you dont know the whole map

Hjax: ah, robotgame was perfect information

struct: oh no

struct: multi agent with fog o.o

jacek: but im not sure if perfect information is needed at this level

Hjax: seems like theres quite a few new bot programming games here

jacek: i mean this is perfect information because you know the 5x5 cells, so no hiding or surprise attacks

jacek: but no new contests

Default avatar.png eroberson123: :rage:

jacek: oO

codergautam: Oo

Wontonimo: hey jacek struct

Wontonimo: is it just me or does it feel like friday?

struct: hi Wontonimo

BlaiseEbuth: Why friday? Did CG released something?

Default avatar.png ShandonM: Pass the boof

Wontonimo: no, it's just quite and relaxed at my work. so few meetings. just kinda has a friday feel

pardouin: here you go:

pardouin: and don't pretend you didn't ask for it!

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Wontonimo: i'm not clicking

Wontonimo: not after that table was abused

pardouin: too bad they removed the dislike count

Default avatar.png ShandonM: I killed a dog in Minecraft

Default avatar.png Ronin.Kalani: sick

struct: bad idea from ubisoft to release a video about adding nfts to their games when the dislikes would still show

struct: it had around 95% dislikes

struct: or 5% likes :thinking:

jacek: oO

Ocean_Arbeit: How do you make a group chat on this or can you only do dms

struct: you can create a chat

struct: but it will be puclib

struct: public*

struct: just type /join nameofyourchat

Ocean_Arbeit: Ok

Ocean_Arbeit: thanks

struct: np, just remember anyone can access it if they know the name

Ocean_Arbeit: Ok

struct: also external clients show all the chat rooms I think

jacek: oh?

Wontonimo: it's probably broadcast to all clients like {'room':'super_private','message':'hey guys'}

Wontonimo: and your client just filters what you can see

struct: I think pidgin showed it

struct: not sure how it works

struct: but to load all the chat rooms it takes > 5 minutes

Wontonimo: that's ridiculously long

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: millions of clashes

jacek: 1 2 7 3, down the rockefeller street!

e_fishel: eurovision 2011 estonia?

e_fishel: which failed horribly

e_fishel: and azerbaijan won

jacek: nightcore stuff.

e_fishel: well then i'm wrong

jacek: ahh pinnacle of human culture


e_fishel: i remembered this video

e_fishel: oh wait

e_fishel: it's basically the same

e_fishel: but yours is edited

jacek: and has nice picture

Manchi_o6o7: Can someone help me to find an idea about a graph problem

Wontonimo: any idea, or a specific idea?

Schwase: when you want to get into silver and think that getting out of wood 1 means you get into silver :(

ChuckTheNinja: Is there a specific time each day that rankings are updated?

struct: 1am CET

ChuckTheNinja: Thanks!

Default avatar.png Sideway: STDERR :

>min pos estimated : 2390 >max pos estimated : 2389

Default avatar.png Sideway: >PHYSICS : "am i joke to you ??"

Default avatar.png Sideway: struggling on mars lander :'(

LelouchVC2: Dont worry, even people with PhDs have crashed their landers

Default avatar.png Sideway: can't get the kinematics right, although it seems right on paper :/ ^^'

Wontonimo: ah, mars lander... i love that series

Wontonimo: anyone want help on it?

Default avatar.png Sideway: i do like the animations :c

Default avatar.png Sideway: eventhough i'm at stage 1 <3

Wontonimo: mars 1 ?

Default avatar.png Sideway: yes :')

Wontonimo: that's cool. what have you tried so far?

Default avatar.png Sideway: hmm to make it simple

Default avatar.png Sideway: 1) Given my entry parameters, determine the min and max power to stay within the speed range

Default avatar.png Sideway: 2) Then pick the right amount of power given my position from ground

Wontonimo: let's just stick with num 1. how have you translated that into code?

Default avatar.png Sideway: min_power = ceil( GRAVITY + (-MAX_VSPEED - v_speed)/TIME_BASE );

Wontonimo: what's time base?

Default avatar.png Sideway: 1 (for 1 second)

Wontonimo: right

Wontonimo: it'll always be 1 sec for all 3 episodes, so you can simplify that

Default avatar.png Sideway: right after that i check if my min_power is < 0, if so i set it to 0

Default avatar.png Sideway: and i do something similar for my max_power

Wontonimo: how about something simpler, like, if going down faster than you want, use full thrust

Wontonimo: else dont

Wontonimo: how fast are you allowed to descend onto the landing platform?

Default avatar.png Sideway: hmm wouldn't that be fuel consuming ?

Default avatar.png Sideway: (even if i don't need to bother about fuel yet though..)

Wontonimo: no need to overengineer a solution if something simple works great

Default avatar.png Sideway: i am asked to land with 40 m/s at most

Wontonimo: okay, so... let's say -30m/s on the safe side

pmor: suicide burns are generally more efficient

Wontonimo: this will be nearly a suicide burn

Wontonimo: *nearly*

pmor: gotta add in that fudge :)

Default avatar.png Sideway: if i remember well, real-life boosters apply a huge burst just before landing

LelouchVC2: I nearly jumped off a bridge

Wontonimo: that's a suicide burn as pmor said

Default avatar.png Sideway: then they adjust their thrust with smaller engines

LelouchVC2: Didn't produce quite as much momentum as jumping

Wontonimo: so, back to a really good (but not perfect) first implementation,

Wontonimo: use full thrust if descending more than a crash speed, otherwise don't use much thrust at all

Default avatar.png Sideway: i'm trying that

Wontonimo: here's kinda what it will look like

Default avatar.png Sideway: aaaa i want to see my animation before being spoiled ;')

Wontonimo: and to please pmor, here is the suicide burn

pmor: :D

Default avatar.png Sideway: wow that explosion scared me so much

Default avatar.png Sideway: @Wontonimo your solution seems to work, i just need to apply a smaller max_speed

Default avatar.png Sideway: *to my code

Wontonimo: and here is a straight average of 3.5 thrust as reference of how INEFFICIENT constant thrust is

Wontonimo: notice that it burns nearly all the fuel

Default avatar.png Sideway: "

Success: Mars Lander landed hard but Opportunity is ok!"

Default avatar.png Sideway: done =)

pmor: woot

Wontonimo: excellent !

Wontonimo: show us a replay !

e_fishel: ☺

Wontonimo: i wanna see

Default avatar.png Sideway: shall i paste the url of the animation ?

Default avatar.png Sideway: (never shared before, i'm a beginner ^^=

Wontonimo: yes please. there is a share link

Default avatar.png Sideway:

Wontonimo: 238 litres of fuel left ! great job

Default avatar.png Sideway: MAX_VHSPEED 30 for this test, and still approaching the 38 m/s

Default avatar.png Sideway: VSPEED*

Default avatar.png Sideway: as you said before, i was overthinking my problem

Wontonimo: to really do the suicide thrust thing to the max, what you can do is account for the fact that your max thrust is more than gravity (but just by a little)

Default avatar.png Sideway: basically i was going into dark differential equations... for nothing in the end ^^

Default avatar.png SiltheringPython: hewo

Default avatar.png Sideway: hey

Wontonimo: that means you can actually fall at a speed greater than your max landing speed so long as you have distance enough to lower your speed

e_fishel: hello

Default avatar.png Sideway: what i should test then, is estimate the current time before reaching ground, and how much vertical speed i can regain before hitting the ground

Default avatar.png Sideway: since, as you said, if i go full throttle i can reduce my speed before hitting the ground ^^

Default avatar.png Sideway: so at each second i could set up a bool "Can i still recover if i go full throttle", or sthing like that

Wontonimo: i just used a physics equation because i know it. V^2 = 2aS + Vo^2 and solve. but you can also do this as a simulation and just playout different scenarios

Default avatar.png Sideway: oh i do know that one ^^

Wontonimo: yeah, your boolean idea is a good one

Default avatar.png Sideway: if i remember well, time doesnt interfere in your equation, since you have a constant acceleration

Default avatar.png C26_1: So V = sqrt(2aS + Vo^2) ?

Wontonimo: yeah. but I solved for S not V. S gives me my safe distance. if the ground is closer than S, i'm dead

e_fishel: x_x

Wontonimo: one of the V's is current speed. one of the V's is max landing speed

Wontonimo: hey e_fishel, what are you working on?

e_fishel: there is no spoon - episode 1

Wontonimo: there really isn't a spoon

UZUHAMA: Hello world

e_fishel: i'm making a grid that has the distance to the nearest node to the right

Default avatar.png C26_1: S = (V^2 - Vo^2)/(2a)

Default avatar.png C26_1: UZUHAMA, hello world


Default avatar.png Sideway: bool AmIDeadSoFar(int y_curr, int y_ground, int v_speed)

Default avatar.png Sideway: how about that one :')

Wontonimo: excellent! It's bound to work because the name is very meaningful

e_fishel: :rofl:

DialFrost: morning <33

Default avatar.png Sideway: " DialFrost 01:23AM morning <33 "

Default avatar.png Sideway: morning too :D

DialFrost: lol its 8:23am here

Default avatar.png C26_1: its 7:25 AM here

UZUHAMA: Wontonimo, is there such a thing as "hashlist"?

Wontonimo: not that i'm aware of. that is what you called it when we first talked about hashmaps

UZUHAMA: Idk why I remember that name

e_fishel: is a hashmap the same as a javascript new Map() ?

UZUHAMA: I have no idea

UZUHAMA: I heard somebody saying hashlist only exists in Java

UZUHAMA: After that I'm even more confused

pmor: hashlist? a list of hashes? or a hash of lists?

UZUHAMA: A list of hashes,

pmor: though hashmaps are usually implemented by using lists for their buckets

UZUHAMA: Ok I have to do some research about this

pmor: In my experience, 95% of the time you would use a vector over a list

UZUHAMA: Vector is a flexible list, right?

pmor: vector is a resizable array

UZUHAMA: I mean array, yeah

Wontonimo: e_fishel, a hashmap is the same as an associative array in javascript

Wontonimo: in my experience noone uses vectors

pmor: really? we use it all the time in game dev

Wontonimo: in what language?

pmor: c++

Wontonimo: ah! i don't c++, so that explains it. i thought you were talking about java

Wontonimo: i bet vectors are implemented well in c++. in java they are garbage

pmor: ah, nope. Not too familiar with java.

Wontonimo: have you gotten much into data-driven-design with game dev c++?

pmor: its an allocated array that has element tracking.

pmor: yeah, its critical

Wontonimo: cool

UZUHAMA: I can't understand you guys' ancient language


pmor: 'modern' c++ ;)

Wontonimo: i've hardly done any other than here. work for me is financial systems and so it is inheritance hell

pmor: cobol?

Wontonimo: because they all think they know OOP but actually they hard code everything to the implementation, so it is COP (class oriented programming)

Wontonimo: java !

Wontonimo: perhaps the architects used to be cobol programmers

pmor: I took a class on cobol when i was in school. It was not something i really enjoyed

Wontonimo: what kinds of development practices help maintain a longer lived data-driven-project? Like, once you've exceeded 100k lines and it's more than 2 years old ?

struct: some people dont use vector a lot on cg

Wontonimo: is it just the usual unit tests ?

struct: its good if you allocate all the memory needed though

Wontonimo: pair programming , integration tests?

pmor: try several million lines and >10 yrs old

Wontonimo: even better, how do you keep cost of ownership down?

struct: some people do vector<Node> nodes(10'000'000);

struct: which is fine

pmor: struct - check out polymorphic allocators

pmor: we have some unit tests. spend a lot of time design. we have a lot of automated testing

Wontonimo: there is this whole movement to 'micro services' which is supposed to address some of the concerns of maintaining and replacing parts of these larger financial systems. it add a lot of cost of communication between parts, but it buckets problems so they can be worked on in isolation

Wontonimo: is there something like that for data driven design, or some other business driven solution of the day that you are seeing trending?

pmor: those are two different things

pmor: microservices are a way to really enforce designing your interfaces between systems

Wontonimo: yeah, i'm telling you something i'm seeing in my world. i'm wonder what is trending in your world

Wontonimo: it's certainly NOT micro services

pmor: data driven design determines how you structure your data and code to take advantage of the hardware

e_fishel: so

e_fishel: is a map an associative array?

Wontonimo: yes

pmor: microservices are used in anything that is web-based. We have a few tools that run like that

Wontonimo: ah, so probably something that is a much larger topic in your world is hardware

pmor: otherwise the game itself is a pretty big monolithic beast

Wontonimo: and compatability

ZXC01: Hi

pmor: yeah. we try to abstract away the hardware as much as we can. That's why engines are so popular

pmor: unreal, frostbite, crytek, tec

pmor: ^etc

pmor: but data driven design is really about taking advantage of memory access patterns

pmor: so if youre ripping through data processing it in some way, you want that data, and only that data, to be in an array or vector

struct: how do you take advantage of it?

struct: you want it to be next to each other?

pmor: exactly, because then the cpu can prefetch it into the l3, l2 & l1 caches

Wontonimo: struct, your code is data-driven-design in UTTT and C4 (and others i'm guessing)

struct: I dont do anything special

Wontonimo: but you are ;)

pmor: for example, check out this snippet


pmor: the second struct is a basic example of data driven design

struct: so 2nd should be better?

Wontonimo: if you want to process all a's at once

struct: ah

Wontonimo: or all c's at once

struct: of

pmor: if you operate on all individual members at a time

pmor: yeah

struct: but if I want to process element 0 of a,b,c the 1st one should be the one to go right?

pmor: correct

pmor: its determined by how you access your data

pmor: but you try to access it in a way that you are ONLY accessing the data you need right then

Wontonimo: you already do that struct. if you don't and you are killing me in c4 and uttt i'll do something rash which i'll regret

struct: well the rollouts ammount is probably the difference

Wontonimo: hey e_fishel, how is the spoon coming along?

pmor: The second thing about data driven design that I see on CG a lot is shrinking down the size of your structs as much as possible

e_fishel: i succesfully made a 2d array for both axis

pmor: because then you end up with less cache misses

pmor: since more structs can fit into a cache line

e_fishel: now i only need to go through every position and check it's position in the array

pmor: essentially , L1 is 10x faster than L2, which is 10x faster than L3, which is 100x faster than main memory

pmor: so having cache friendly code is very important for performance

struct: yeap usually my mcts nodes are 16 bytes

pmor: thats crazy small

Wontonimo: yeah, like i said, you are already doing it struct. and you say you are not doing 'anything special' but if you look at your ranking you can tell it is "pretty special"

pmor: trees are not good for cache performance so having really small nodes helps

struct: the avx of checkwin and getwinningmoves also help

struct: yeah mcts is not cache friendly at all

struct: the most cache friendly algo I used here was beamsearch

Wontonimo: that's an interesting point

struct: where I just switched back and forth between 2 arrays that would fit in L2(?) cache

pmor: well, like i said...if you're iterating through an array a cpu can detect that and prefetch a cache line

pmor: so it may not exactly fit, but you won't see much loss of performance because the cpu has your back

e_fishel: it's falling apart x_x

pmor: Im good at writing fast code, but my AI skills are noob :\

struct: which games are you interested in pmor?

pmor: right now Im working on a company specific challenge that CG is hosting

struct: I see an hackathlon

pmor: yup...i can tell its based off of the witches brew challenege

pmor: but they changed a few things that make simming it harder

struct: Well I did use beam search on that one

pmor: That's what I'm trying here

pmor: I can get ~160k sims in 30ms

pmor: though I have a bug somewhere that's causing my bot to do stupid things

Default avatar.png ShandonM: Pass the boof

struct: Do you sim both you and opponent?

pmor: yeah, though I'm not 100% sure that's working yet

ZXC01: hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: so i guess that's what i plan to do that

ZXC01: ...

pmor: I think my issue is due to the possibility that a player can play multiple turns in some cases

pmor: so the beamsearch would then have states where p0 played and some states wehre p1 played

struct: multiple turns without the other player playing?

pmor: yeah

struct: you should check maybe the previous contest postmortems

struct: we used "synced" beam search

pmor: you can get these bonuses. If you use the bonus, your turn doesn't end

pmor: yup, I've scoured through all of them

pmor: Im currently restructuring everything so that it's 'synced'

struct: ah ok

pmor: basically, i bundle up all those actions and pass it to the sim

pmor: i then sim both p1 and p2

pmor: so the ending state is the end of turn for both p1 and p2

pmor: I *think* that's what my problem was

struct: sounds about right

pmor: but i'm an ai noob, so i'm stumbling around :)

e_fishel: it hadn't fallen apart

e_fishel: i'm just super dumb

e_fishel: i was doing [x][y]

e_fishel: when in reality, it is [y][x]

ZXC01: hi Automaton2000NN

Automaton2000: i want to know if there is no such thing

ZXC01: hi AutomatonNN

e_fishel: YESS

e_fishel: there was no spoon, but it's solved

Mortis_666: Automaton2000 hi

Automaton2000: kiwibleu what u mean by that

ZXC01: lol

Mortis_666: lol

ZXC01: wheres automatonNN?

ZXC01: Automaton20000000000000000000000000000000000

Automaton2000: but i can't find you

Wontonimo: congratulations e_fishel !! :tada::tada::tada:

e_fishel: i'm working on the weekly puzzle

e_fishel: 🤔

e_fishel: i guess i'll implement some sort of spreading algorithm, not quite sure yet

VisionaryM: Best Engine to built a game using c++

Wontonimo: compiler

e_fishel: *discord*

e_fishel: i'm kidding

Wontonimo: i'm not wrong

pmor: i agree. If youre new, go small

e_fishel: YO

e_fishel: i did a thing

Wontonimo: what did you do e_fishel ?

codergautam: ruby people are insanely fast wtf

ZXC01: not really

ZXC01: they are just short

Mortis_666: ya

VisionaryM: yes you're right

e_fishel: it works but then it doesn't

e_fishel: it tries to access it at an index that is not in the array

e_fishel: but i'm overcoming it with optional chaining

e_fishel: yes!

e_fishel: optional chaining does the trick

e_fishel: instead of calling it foo[bar]

e_fishel: you call it foo?.[bar]

e_fishel: and it doesn't throw an error if it is null, undefined or void

e_fishel: ☺☺☺☺

e_fishel: basically, i got it working

DialFrost: anyone willing to help me in mean max

Wontonimo: double yeah e_fishel

e_fishel: have you solved this week's problem?

e_fishel: i'm in the process of doing so

DialFrost: guys how i find dist between 2 pts

e_fishel: straight line?

DialFrost: cuz in mean max my functin isnt working

e_fishel: in a 2d space?

DialFrost: ye

DialFrost: mean max

DialFrost: def distance(x1,x2,y1,y2):

   return math.hypot(x2 - x1, y2 - y1)

DialFrost: is this corrcet

e_fishel: that looks right to me

e_fishel: assuming it's python

DialFrost: but my code isnt running right

e_fishel: wait

DialFrost: yes its python

e_fishel: take the absolute value of the subtractions

DialFrost: k lemme try

e_fishel: both x as well as y

DialFrost: er are u free to look at my code for mean max

DialFrost: its fine if u dont want

e_fishel: sure

Dren: distance between coordinates

e_fishel: i don't know python but meh

Dren: is sqrt((x2-x1)^2 +(y2-y1)^2)

Dren: probably

qpi: ** instead of ^

struct: his math.hypot should work though

DialFrost: i made my bot to use to grenade when the dist <=1000 using the math.hypot but it never shoots

DialFrost: mean max bot progamming btw

struct: is it calculating the distance correctly? sup how is everyone?

struct: hi