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FlyHead: speaking of bots/NNs, is the main workflow for creating NNs just remaking the game in your own environment?

FlyHead: i've been searching and it seems like CG doesn't provide environments

MadKnight: yea

FlyHead: do a lot of people do that?

FlyHead: i'm curious what games get the most attention

MadKnight: there are referees for some games

MadKnight: like opened game sources

FlyHead: ya, i've seen the referees, that's nice

MadKnight: u can play tons of games with your bot in local

FlyHead: in local?

FlyHead: oh, like if you had your own environment

FlyHead: ya, that's why i'm a little bummed CG doesn't provide environments. other option would be to make a web scraper to pull outputs, clean em, and send em to the NN

FlyHead: would be slower, but maybe more generic, would work on multiple games

FlyHead: might be against terms of service, now that i think about it

Default avatar.png ChandraKanth: hi guys.

Uljahn: the feature is just too niche, FlyHead

Default avatar.png smashraf321: :grinning:

Default avatar.png smashraf321: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png smashraf321: /me

Default avatar.png **smashraf321 Testing chat features...

Default avatar.png smashraf321: Hi all

Default avatar.png etohirse: only bots on clash

Default avatar.png etohirse: F

Default avatar.png GeorgiD: wait there are bots?

Default avatar.png etohirse: yes

Default avatar.png ianc1339: the players that are on everytime since like 5 years ago

jacek: eeyup

Default avatar.png ianc1339: btw is coc still bugged for some people?

Default avatar.png etohirse: yep

Default avatar.png ianc1339: i have to refresh the webpage to get into the clash

Default avatar.png etohirse: cant join

Default avatar.png ianc1339: D:

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png GeorgiD: why do i stay alone in a room every time i try to start today wtf

jacek: forever alone

Default avatar.png GeorgiD: True

Default avatar.png GeorgiD: Like I literally play 1 clash and then the site bugs out

jacek: oh my

Janraion: hello moto

Default avatar.png Rimuru1: hello

S1geth: Hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: because you might have to do to make it even worse

S1geth: yes

Audatic: how do I approve a submission?

Audatic: I want to do it and according to my next progress icon its also what the site wants me to do it, but I don;t know how

Scarfield: Community -> Contributions -> Make sure it works, statement/validators and so on are acceptable for being approved. You need 50+ Clashes played to approve a clash of code, and lvl 20+ to approve classic puzzles

Audatic: ah I am only lvl 9, I guess that is the missing one

Wontonimo: anyone know a fast way of calculating UCB1 ? It's taking a wooping 37.5% of all my compute time in uttt. I made a log lookup and that shaved some off, but only slightly

Wontonimo: a bitshift psudo log also helped

Wontonimo: ah , i see there are fast approximate sqrt functions online ... okay, now I feel like I'm just talking to myself

Default avatar.png alpha..: Hey Automaton2000

Automaton2000: could be a good idea

Default avatar.png alpha..: :rolling_eyes: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and i am in the morning

jacek: Wontonimo sqrt is done in 1 instruction. UCB shouldnt be the bottleneck unless the rest is really really optimized

Wontonimo: my ego wants to say that the rest is really optimized, but maybe i'm just recalculating it too often

jacek: so we can assume it isnt

Wontonimo: oh, yeah, the plain-old-sqrt is faster than the "fast sqrt"

Wontonimo: yes, that's a very safe assumption :)

jacek: maybe sqrtf but i doubt it

Wontonimo: thanks, i'll investigate why I'm calling UCB SOOOOO MUCH ... it must be my last bug lol

MSmits: doubtful :P

Wontonimo: yeah, it was a joke :P

jacek: btw do you call log(parentVisits) for every children or just once?

Wontonimo: well, now i'm just embarrassed

MSmits: inline float fastlogf(const float& x) { union { float f; uint32_t i; } vx = { x }; float y = vx.i; y *= 8.2629582881927490e-8f; return(y - 87.989971088f); } inline float fastsqrtf(const float& x) { union { int i; float x; }u; u.x = x; u.i = (1 << 29) + (u.i >> 1) - (1 << 22); return(u.x); } inline float rsqrt_fast(float x) { return _mm_cvtss_f32(_mm_rsqrt_ss(_mm_set_ss(x))); }


MSmits: use that

MSmits: the uct function is a child method, gets as parameter the sqrtlog of parent

Wontonimo: I follow, nice!

MSmits: i havent found faster than this, but some other methods are equally fast

MSmits: well... i fact storing the rsqrts in a cache is like 5% faster, but don't... just dont. It's ugly

Wontonimo: is "const float& x" significantly faster than "float x" ? I'm assuming yes because there isn't a copy made

Wontonimo: (in the function parameters)

MSmits: i have no clue, i googled these and tested them

MSmits: possibly the compiler is smart enough to do whatever i sbest?

Wontonimo: thanks ! gotta go

jacek: its inlined so no difference :?

jacek: ryzen 5800x :heart:

MSmits: np, cya

jacek: finally new computer arrived

MSmits: ahh nice, congrats

MSmits: how expensive are these ryzen things compared to a regular computer

jacek: what is regular computer now?

MSmits: no idea, i suspect 1k euros for a reasonable one, including a typical gpu?

MSmits: been a long time since i got new hardware

jacek: ryzen 3000 series were very good in perf/price comparison at the time

jacek: now everything went up due to BTC and covid :unamused:

MSmits: I see

jacek: mine is about 2k euro for ryzen 5800x + gtx 2060

jacek: + the rest (32GB RAM etc)

MSmits: mmh not a bad price at all

jacek: i couldnt get the 3xxx

MSmits: did you want an expensive gpu for training NN?

jacek: fortunately what i do is very parallelizable

jacek: yes, eventually

MSmits: what do you do?

jacek: right now im training NN in cpu only

jacek: well for example generating games is parallelizable

MSmits: yeah that makes sense

MSmits: just make sure you dont do FastRand with a fixed starting seed or something

MSmits: or you'll do the same games in parallel :)

jacek: im using custom xorshift

jacek: though one time i forgot to seed it...

MSmits: yeah thats what i meant

jacek: auto now = high_resolution_clock::now();

       auto nanos = duration_cast<nanoseconds>(now.time_since_epoch()).count();
       seed = 33*nanos + 12345;
       seed ^= uint64_t(&nanos);

MSmits: ahh ok good

jacek: or could have called random_device()() for seed

Default avatar.png gameroo8: hello

MasterCoderxD: hi

-oa-: hi

Default avatar.png Tarun_Sunny: hi

Default avatar.png GeEexpert: tutoubheras pas la balle on te fait la bresdilienne euhhhhhhhhh*

Default avatar.png GeEexpert: chico chico hola hola girls tu toucheras pas la balle ont te fait la bresilienne e

Wontonimo: @jacek the obvious optimization of calculating log once (which I really should have seen) made a huge improvement! Thanks

Default avatar.png CrusherBrooks: so... basic I/O question, but how am I supposed to debug in python when the "game" takes any print as a command? lol

Wontonimo: print("my debug statement", file=sys.stderr, flush=True)

Wontonimo: ^ that's how you print debug in python. The game doesn't read your debug statements and instead just displays them

Default avatar.png CrusherBrooks: thanks

Default avatar.png CrusherBrooks: never learned about debug statements in uni. oh well

Peanutbutter_Warrior: you never printed everything to find that one annoying error?

Default avatar.png CrusherBrooks: eh... only manually, using print

Wontonimo: no errors, no need for debug

Uljahn: there are hints in some puzzles on the left side of IDE, check them

Peanutbutter_Warrior: thats what you're doing here, using print. the file argument like that is specific to codinggame

Wontonimo: what?? I've been on this site for 4 months and I haven't noticed hints?

Default avatar.png CrusherBrooks: I saw the hints, but they didn't address my question :P

Default avatar.png CrusherBrooks: what do you mean by "printing everything", btw?

Wontonimo: the print like that isn't specific to CG. It works in all python and redirects that print statement to standard error

Uljahn: there is a commented line in default code then

Uljahn: # To debug: print("Debug messages...", file=sys.stderr, flush=True)

Peanutbutter_Warrior: yes, but when debugging normally do you direct it to the error stream?

Default avatar.png CrusherBrooks: I just print out what I want to print out and see if it's right

Uljahn: that's not normal

Wontonimo: @Peanutbutter_Warrior that's the normal way on CG.

Default avatar.png CrusherBrooks: well, that's why I ask lol

Peanutbutter_Warrior: yeah, im saying its not the normal way in most other ides

Wontonimo: use the sys.stderr redirect. But I have seen some people just concat their debug at the end of output. It only works for games where it is supported, like some bot games. Don't depend on the concat option

Default avatar.png CrusherBrooks: yeah I used the sys.stderr, it worked. Thanks guys :)

Default avatar.png RSBat: Peanutbutter_Warrior it is quite normal - Intellij ides even support different colors for stdout/stderr

Wontonimo: @jacek btw, calc log once moved me from g12 to g6, a bump of 1.5 points. another 2.5 points to go to get to legend ... i can smell it from here

struct: do you have teccles heuristic Wontonimo?

Wontonimo: @struct no ... what? is that something that you can share?

darkhorse64: You have the pragmas ?

Wontonimo: just #pragma GCC optimize("Ofast", "inline", "omit-frame-pointer", "unroll-loops")

struct: If the board you are playing is emtpy force enemy to play on that board on the next turn

struct: if top left is empty

struct: you play 0 0

struct: And he must play on that board

Wontonimo: yeah, i saw that while watching reCurse and others in the top

Wontonimo: i've been meaning to implement that, but haven't yet. thanks for the reminder

Wontonimo: didn't know if it was just coincidence or actual heuristic, now that i know its an actual thing it is bumped up in my priority list. Thanks!

Wontonimo: @darkhorse64 are there other pragma's that you'd recommend? I really only have ~40hours of c++ under by belt at this point, so I'm just shooting in the dark about pragmas

Wontonimo: actually, hold that. MSmits recommended a bunch of others that i haven't been able to get working. let me work on that first

darkhorse64: The other pragmas matter only if you want to use SSE, AVX SIMD programming

darkhorse64: which is yet another level

darkhorse64: Mostly useful for bitboarding although some people also write sim engines with SIMD

Wontonimo: :thumbsup:

JLukeSkywalker: so my csb was all messed up because distance formula had x1-x2 and y1+y2

JLukeSkywalker: i hate single character mistakes that dont actually error

Wontonimo: an assert will turn that into an error for you

Peanutbutter_Warrior: Has anyone done CGX formatter and know what the test case means when it says 'block without spaces not containing a value'?

Peanutbutter_Warrior: because I'm failing the test for it, but I've no idea how. Testing everything I can think of it meaning passes

Peanutbutter_Warrior: nvm i found the problem, apparently without spaces does not mean not havving spaces

DomiKo: CG stats isn't working?

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: oof

Astrobytes: seems fine for me DomiKo?


DomiKo: hypersonic working too?

Astrobytes: what position and what league you in?

DomiKo: 7place

DomiKo: I tried anyone from top10

DomiKo: and nobody is working :(

Astrobytes: In legend I presume. Could be an error, best to ping Magus

DomiKo: omg

DomiKo: my bad :(

DomiKo: I picked contest

DomiKo: insted of multi

DomiKo: ehhhh

Astrobytes: ahhh lol

Astrobytes: I've done that before :D

DomiKo: My friend send me wrong link

DomiKo: and I didn't think of this

Astrobytes: hehehe, it happens

Audatic: I want more code golf challenges but there aren't any

JLukeSkywalker: you can solve each one in 5 languages

JLukeSkywalker: really, whoever wins one wins the other, golf-wise they are all the same

Audatic: yeah but to actually win them you have to know the languages extremely well

Audatic: maybe I should just create my own one :)

JLukeSkywalker: my point is, as long as you can solve the puzzle, the leaderboard will be the same for every single golf puzzle

JLukeSkywalker: adding more is pointless

Audatic: why? The solutions to the puzzles are different paths that require different ideas?

JLukeSkywalker: but golfing the code is the same

JLukeSkywalker: otherwise they could just make every single puzzle on here a golf

Audatic: yeah I don't get why they don't do that. You seem to suggest that golfing is pointless because you can always do it the same way, but that is no true. Otherwise why would entire websites to golfing different problems exist?

Audatic: maybe it's true for simple problems like "sum the square of these numbers" but surely not for more complex tasks

reCurse: For sheer entertainment purposes

reCurse: It has no practical value

Audatic: yeah this website is for me purely entertainment, I am not learning here - some people might but I don't.

reCurse: Sure, it's valid, it's just maybe the least popular section here.

JLukeSkywalker: just as an example, power of thor and dont panic are insanely different puzzles/algotithms

JLukeSkywalker: while 1:e=s(c-a);f=s(d-b);c-=e;d-=f;print([,'N','S'][f]+[,'W','E'][e])

JLukeSkywalker: while 1:f,p,d=I().split();print("BWLAOICTK"[[e[f]<=int(p),e[f]>=int(p)][d[0]>"L"]::2])

JLukeSkywalker: yet the golfed code is just almost exactly the same

Audatic: reCurse Yeah but ClashOfCode seems popular and it's entertainment for 90% of people playing. I think there could be more interest - but maybe people don't like code golf that much for various reasons

reCurse: To better express what I think you're saying here, the most efficient codegolfing entries are about hardcoding the validator answers rather than having a program working as intended for all inputs.

reCurse: So it's much less about the actual problem

struct: The only popular thing are contests

JLukeSkywalker: well, that is part of the problem, but both solutions i posted were not hardcoded

reCurse: Ah, my bad.

JLukeSkywalker: when you golf it, every solution in that language is just the same

JLukeSkywalker: for example python is just an input into an indexed string or list print

JLukeSkywalker: 99.9% of the time

reCurse: Audatic: I think there is a certain pretense of how useful it can potentially be elsewhere. Codegolfing is definitely at the bottom, so it probably doesn't help its popularity.

reCurse: Of course clashing isn't that much better for how useful it can be, but it's arguably better than golfing.

JLukeSkywalker: plus clash has some python/ruby golfing in it

Audatic: I think those might be similar but my current solutions to chuckNorris,Temperatures and Thor are completely different.

Audatic: I do the clashes because of the golfing, it's just not as interesting as the problems are very easy. But I do get that golfing is maybe the least appealing one

Wontonimo: i think a huge lure to CoC is that it is a small commitment of time to see some results. I think that's also the lure of bot games where the valid moves are provided. Super fast to create something

Wontonimo: how i got on CG was a friend suggested CSB, then we competed in some challenges, then competed on cave dweller, then I discovered CoC then I quit CoC

Audatic: I actually haven't tried the bot-programming because it seemed like such a big time investment, but maybe I should check it out. Is there in general a best solution or is your solution depending on other players?

Astrobytes: Well, you're trying to beat the other players bot at the game in question.

Audatic: but I can't just do a MinMax Tree search and be done with it because of time constraints? Or are the problems usually NP-hard?

JLukeSkywalker: there are time constraints

JLukeSkywalker: usually ~100ms

Astrobytes: That's where the fun starts

JLukeSkywalker: per turn

Astrobytes: A lot are 50ms

Audatic: okay - I can see the appeal but I can also see the time sink potential :D

Astrobytes: There's a reason we're all here you know :P

AntiSquid: masochism

Astrobytes: lol

DomiKo: time sink is huuuggeee

DomiKo: once you fall into the hole, you can't get out

Audatic: yeah that seems a bit scary :D Sorry to come back to this, but how can I create a Golf challenge?

FlyHead: what games have yall been spending time on for the bots?

struct: only by creating private golf clash

struct: and then inviting people

AntiSquid: don't think you can, apart from creating a clash of code shortest mode :/

FlyHead: i'm not too deep in it yet, but i'm drawn toward the resources ones like ghost in the cell and the ore harvest one

Audatic: Why can't I create it via contribute? Like make my own challenge for people (and myself)?

AntiSquid: unless maybe you wanted to do an optimization puzzle in that direction, like cgfunge ?

struct: you can create a clash puzzle

Astrobytes: Well sure, you can create a shortest mode clash as a contribution, or do something like squiddy suggested there (good idea)

Audatic: yeah but I want some code golf where you spend hours/days not 15 min. Like the 4 we have on the website

JLukeSkywalker: cgfudge takes weeks

JLukeSkywalker: im still not done with mine

JLukeSkywalker: took a break from it with bots

AntiSquid: have a look, it's not really the same but sort of same principles

Astrobytes: tbf, there might be better places than CG if you just want straight up golfing

AntiSquid: very much so

Default avatar.png Angecide: using this is it possible to, instead of me vs enemies, pick a player using agentId and let it play against the enemies to gauge the strength of that specific bot?

Default avatar.png Angecide: like let's say I wanna see how strong someone on top 10 is as player 2 against other top 10 etc.

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: i am horrible with bots and ai's

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: an i have to make one

MSmits: Angecide i am not sure if this is possible with cg bench, but there's no reason it should not be possible to create a tool that can do this, as you can also do it in the IDE

Default avatar.png Angecide: ye that was my thoughts as well

Default avatar.png Angecide: btw msmits, on your new bot, how much loss % do you have as p2?

Default avatar.png Angecide: against top players

Default avatar.png Angecide: top 10

Default avatar.png Angecide: like purely as player 2

MSmits: didnt test. But if you just want to know what the p1 advantage is in general it's about 65-70% vs 30-35%

MSmits: I think the better the bots are, the more biased towards p1 it becomes

darkhorse64: MSmits, I am looking for the thesis which explained a variety of MM algorithms. Sorry, I failed to bookmark it

MSmits: I think i know which one you meant sec

Astrobytes: carolus?

darkhorse64: yep



MSmits: damnit

Astrobytes: hah!

darkhorse64: You remind me the name

darkhorse64: thanks both

Astrobytes: np

Astrobytes: I accidentally submitted in oware :(

darkhorse64: does it hurt

darkhorse64: ?

Astrobytes: not particularly but it wasn't ready for a submit

darkhorse64: dead last ?

Default avatar.png Angecide: I see, I guess those numbers are for bots on similar level I imagine, since top 3 probably have below 50% loss as player 2 against bots lower than top 10

MSmits: yeah, i mean similar level

Astrobytes: no 10th currently darkhorse64

darkhorse64: thzt

Astrobytes: 11th

darkhorse64: that's good for a failed attempt

Astrobytes: yeah it didn't have a typo or anything but I didn't want to submit at all, it'll probably end up where it was before

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: help

darkhorse64: 1000 more CP

jacek: huh

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: all i am getting is this

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: at not in a function on line 24

Astrobytes: typo

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: if next_checkpoint_angle > 90 or next_checkpoint_angle > -90 then

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: that is line 24

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: i am doing the Pseudo Code Algorithm wrong i think

Astrobytes: if next_checkpoint_angle > 90 or next_checkpoint_angle > -90:

Astrobytes: Do you know python?

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: kinda

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: i am trying something new

Astrobytes: 11th, meh. Stupid ankles.

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: i am new to coding

Astrobytes: I figured that

Astrobytes: CG isn't the best unless you have the basics down pat already

Default avatar.png JJ-TT: what would be good for revising the basics?

Valdez001: acho que algoritmos

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: what is the best code for my first bot

Default avatar.png RSBat: anybody from top gold/low legend in uttt running MCTS here?

Default avatar.png RSBat: how many rollouts per turn do you have?

struct: yes

struct: 25k+-

struct: on 2nd turn

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: need help with something

jacek: oh my

JohnathanBarbee: I'm in gold in UTTT and I'm currently trying to implement MCTS

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: line 6 on my coding is incorrect

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: and all it is

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: is this

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: else

jacek: missing : ?

JohnathanBarbee: what language?

jacek: gold without MCTS? what do you use now

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: python 3

Default avatar.png RSBat: thanks, time to optimize a lot then

struct: I doubt uttt legend with python is feasible

JohnathanBarbee: I did a really simple fitness score that weighed each valid move for the optimal strategy. Highest fitness score was my next move

Default avatar.png Angecide: the trick is to use c++ to get into legend and then switch to python

aetrnm: Hey guys, any option to simulate backspace here in c++?

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: i am doing the tutorial on how to make an AI/Bot

Kaldorem: same

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: and i cannot figure this out

Kaldorem: which problem?

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: Pseudo Code Algorithm

JLukeSkywalker: think he means the csb onboarding

Astrobytes: It tells you the logic, you have to implement that in whatever language

Astrobytes: you can post your code here

Astrobytes: It will automatically pastebin and someone will take a look

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT:

reCurse: Oh wow it's fixed

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: line 26

jacek: bad indent?

struct: shift tab the print

JLukeSkywalker: yeah, get the print out of indent

Astrobytes: been fixed for a wee while reCurse (and remained fixed!)

struct: tab the if else*

JLukeSkywalker: and put thrust in the print

JLukeSkywalker: instead of 80


struct: replace the "80" by thrust

Astrobytes: everything needs to be in the scope of the while loop

struct: I didnt do it

struct: Also does thrust need to be declared?

Kaldorem: you can declare it or write it on the print instead

Astrobytes: uh, if it's before a conditional I think so

Astrobytes: who knows though, it's python

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: now it is line 25

struct: missing :

struct: after else

struct: else:

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: nope

Astrobytes: paste the code again

struct: declare thrust

Astrobytes: ^^^

Astrobytes: set it to whatever BEFORE the if else

jacek: this is really very basic syntax problem, something out of scope of noviceness of CG

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT:

Astrobytes: jacek: I tried to tell them earlier

struct: you need to ident the stuff inside the if and the else

Astrobytes: Python needs indentation

Astrobytes: You need to practice python. For real.

Andriamanitra: is that not what they're doing..?

Astrobytes: Andriamanitra: not effectively on here, CG won't help you learn the basics if you don't know them

JohnathanBarbee: I disagree

Astrobytes: That's outside the scope of CG, unless you're a very enthusiastic dedicated learner.

JohnathanBarbee: They very well could be

Astrobytes: In which case they'd have looked up the correct syntax already

struct: Unless you are already familiar with programming

JohnathanBarbee: not necessarily. They may not have known what the issue was to look it up.

Kaldorem: Or you can google it as you find it

Astrobytes: We have told them the issue

Astrobytes: And they're new to coding

Astrobytes: *issues

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: FINALLY

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: i figured out what was wrong

Andriamanitra: gj mate

Kaldorem: that's nice! :D

JohnathanBarbee: Awesome

Astrobytes: I give up.

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: on what

JLukeSkywalker: csb can only turn by 18 degrees right?

JLukeSkywalker: and does it turn, then thrust?

struct: yes

JLukeSkywalker: ty

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: is this code good XD

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT:

struct: Nice copy paste

struct: You are only cheating yourself but w/e

jacek: oO

Astrobytes: Now I could say "I told you so" or I could just gloat silently.

JohnathanBarbee: Again thats assuming that he uses that code in his bot.

JohnathanBarbee: But do either one

struct: You are right

struct: Reading code is fine


struct: I jumped to judgement

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: sorry caps lock

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: i am doing boost

JohnathanBarbee: @struct you're good. I was mainly talking to astro

Astrobytes: Whatever.

Default avatar.png TomiiPomii: why don't some people share their code

JLukeSkywalker: sometimes because they are already on the next clash

JLukeSkywalker: click submit, click play again

JohnathanBarbee: ^

JLukeSkywalker: also some of those 'people' are bots

JLukeSkywalker: idk if the bots share

Astrobytes: You can also PM them or ping them, sometimes people just forget

Astrobytes: Not sure if the bots do or not tbh.

Scarfield: You can PM the bots to ask

Astrobytes: GoodTimingField

Scarfield: HowSoStrobytes

Astrobytes: It was a good moment for you to pop up and make that comment is all :P

Scarfield: oh, yea im helpful like that

Astrobytes: I meant to send you this when you were here previously:

Scarfield: lol xD

Astrobytes: How's your chess?

jacek: cheesy

Astrobytes: :smirk:

Astrobytes: Did you bitboard it yet jacek?

Astrobytes: I'm not starting until I'm finished with the outstanding multi contributions.

Scarfield: havent done anything the last couple of days, but "done" with the most of the bitboarding. Need to add en passant, and avoid adding moves that either result in a check, or doesnt reject a check

jacek: not yet. got into checkers now

Astrobytes: Nice Scarfield.

Astrobytes: Ah checkers is hot because of reBless?

Scarfield: ye, i really wanted to do EPT for it, but will probably do minmax, still havent decided :)

jacek: im gonna learn how to deal with endgames and draw cycles

Astrobytes: I think everything is fair game in 960 Scarfield.

Astrobytes: Training on endgame tables jacek?

jacek: nah. detecting 3-fold repetitions

jacek: and treating it as draws in selection

Astrobytes: oh yeah, crap, I remember you said the other day

jacek: this way the 'winning' will avoid those, while the 'losing' will keep repeating those

Astrobytes: Yes, makes sense.

jacek: my bot can get into good position and it knows its good, but can't finish it

Scarfield: are you using zobrist, im probably gonna try it for this bot

jacek: i never used zobrist. i just hash entire position

Astrobytes: jacek uses his own special hashing method, everyone else zobrists

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: jacek, you know it does hash the whole board state right

Scarfield: hmm just thought that a transpostion table wouldnt take 3fold rep. into account

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: i beat boss 3 and i am not going further i did the boost code

jacek: Astrobytes as i understand, zobrist is just incremental hash, so its faster. but this isnt my bottleneck

Astrobytes: yeah that's fair enough jacek

Astrobytes: Scarfield: Might require extra space in the entries, or maybe a repetition table? I'm actually not sure

Astrobytes: DreadMCYT: you progressed to next league?

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: ???

Astrobytes: You said you beat Boss 3

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: yeah

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: twice

Scarfield: im still far from starting to implement TT, but i think i would just have to ignore the potential error from different "repetition tables". seems way more expensive to take into account than its benefit

Astrobytes: Sometimes sacrificing computation/access time can be beneficial, but yeah I couldn't comment currently tbh

jacek: or use EPT and stop dealing with TT :v

Scarfield: xD or that

Astrobytes: He did think of it :)

AntiSquid: massive eruption at etna today

JLukeSkywalker: lol this is hilarious, put in angle based PID into csb, and it isnt tuned yet


Default avatar.png KornelToth: holly shit

JLukeSkywalker: it still made it

Astrobytes: JLukeSkywalker: in gold now?

JLukeSkywalker: no, not tuned at all

Astrobytes: AntiSquid: it was about due one really

Astrobytes: Gold is literally just the formula MK gave you - nothing else other than your vel calc

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: how do i fix this error Timeout: the program did not provide 1 input lines in due time... will no longer be active in this game.

Astrobytes: You may have actually timed out, not provided a newline after outputting, or failed to provide output

JohnathanBarbee: Could be a couple problems. Biggest one is infinite loop or not outputing a string fast enough

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: its on coders strike back on the tutorial

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: tried everything but keep getting same error

Astrobytes: Is there a run on CSB this evening?

JLukeSkywalker: i mean it is the onboarding, they are probably all new to the site

JLukeSkywalker: all MK told me was 'subtract velocity'

Astrobytes: Yeah but unusual to get a glut like this at this time of day.

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: yeah im new to coding :/ i wanted to learn ha

JLukeSkywalker: i ran a full PID based on distances and tuned it, and was still silver 24k

Scarfield: have you just gotten to a new league Anonymous_axel? the inputs change from league to league in some games

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: im on wood 2 league

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: it says i can now use distance and angle

Scarfield: In CSB the input changes thoughout most of the leagues, that could be your issue, if you just ranked up. "Restore default code" in top right will give you the new basic code to read the input. Remember to copy the code you wrote the paste back

Scarfield: *to paste back

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: ok i just reset the code

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: now im not moving

JohnathanBarbee: Right. you have to paste back in your code. and alter it to accept and use the new variables given

Scarfield: ^

Scarfield: but im off for now, gn all

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: oooh ok thanks

JohnathanBarbee: gn

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: i copied and pasted the psuedo code it still isnt working i should give up haha

Astrobytes: gn Scarfield

Astrobytes: Anonymous_axel: it's 'pseudo' code for a reason - it's not actual code

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: wooow haha

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: so how do i apply it?

Astrobytes: What language are you using?

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: python

Astrobytes: brb, 1 min

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: ok

Astrobytes: ok, less than 1 min. Well the pseudo code is almost python, if you can use python you can translate it easily.

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: ill copy and paste the code here

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel:

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: how do i apply it as a code?

Wontonimo: python needs things like ":" at the end of if and else blocks

Wontonimo: don't paste it as-is, read it over and use it to write python

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: do i just use print"nextcheckpointangle"?

Astrobytes: Look up how to do these things in python

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT:

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: still not doing it im so confused right now

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: one sec

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT:

Default avatar.png Anonymous_axel: it fixed it for fist tutorial now i just need the angle

Astrobytes: ...

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: .......

Astrobytes: Maybe try an easy puzzle instead?

Astrobytes: You don't *have* to do this tutorial if you struggle with it.

ianc1339: try this out

ianc1339: good for starting out python

Default avatar.png DreadMCYT: i need help with boost

RockNTroll: B O O S T

Default avatar.png Urkchar: pog

Default avatar.png lkottler: shark

Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: whats a widely used programming language which is fun to learn?

Wontonimo: rust

Wontonimo: bwah hahaha

Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: i honestly have no idea what im doing

Wontonimo: fun? tell me more about this word. If you want fairly easy, i'd say python. If you want to know what is happening on the metal, c/c++. If you'd like something like c but with training wheels, java

Wontonimo: if you want to make games with unity, c#

Wontonimo: webpage stuff, javascript

Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: Easy to understand the basics, don't want to be able to do the diffucult big code things etc yet, but i'd really like to learn the basics of coding

JohnnyLuke: if you just want to learn to code for fun, i would say python

Wontonimo: have you tried scratch by mit ?

JohnnyLuke: if you want to learn to use it later professionally, i would say learn a flavor of c


Wontonimo: it's "fun"

Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: What's scratch?

JohnnyLuke: drag'n'drop code

Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: Ah I see

Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: So that'll help me understand basic terms I guess?

Wontonimo: and it's turing complete. I gave my kids an assignment to implement the sqrt function using division, multiplication, and the newtonian method.

Wontonimo: yeah, it will definitely help you learn the basics of "if" statements and logic if you've never coded before

Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: I understand the concept of the if, then, else, etc

Wontonimo: have you watched "the coding train" on youtube? Fun guy. He does mostly javascript and "FUN" projects

Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: but i don't think I can use them correctly

Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: I'll check that out!

Wontonimo: he does a wide range of stuff and publishes nearly every day

Wontonimo: he shows his mistakes and debugging also, so for a beginner that stuff is gold

Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: Would you say this site would be any use to a beginner beginner like me? or should I come back once I got the basics under control haha

JohnnyLuke: i would say try the on-boarding puzzle and 1 or 2 easy puzzles

JohnnyLuke: if you cant do those, come back

Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: Any way to sort on easy puzzles?

JohnnyLuke: if you hit practice, there is a pre-sorted easy category

Wontonimo: yeh, let me find a couple for you


Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: What do the starts represent, ratings of difficulty, or how much they'd suggest me doing those?

Wontonimo: and then try

Wontonimo: and then, if you can do both of those, try

Wontonimo: The puzzles become a lot harder after these

Default avatar.png iiAbusinq: Alright thanks!