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Default avatar.png trashcan06: lol use python

Default avatar.png FlyHead: i'm trying to get the "fast and furious" achievement (3rd in CoC path) and even though I'm finishing in less than 3 mins, nothing's happening :/

Default avatar.png FlyHead: anyone else have trouble with it?

KiwiTae: FlyHead refresh maybe u need to finish 2clashes in less than 3min

KiwiTae: cg is still bit laggy rn might take some time to update

Default avatar.png FlyHead: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png FlyHead: maybe achievements are at the end of the queue

geriatric1927: I don't know why but the test runs slow now a days

esfes: is clash of code slow for you too ?

Andriamanitra: the whole site has been slow af all morning

Uljahn: yes, but there is nothing we can do about that just wait for admins to fix it tomorrow

TBali: :abacus:

TBali: :floppy_disk:

TBali: :cd:

TBali: :dvd:

Default avatar.png Saad-py: Can CodinGame make a super easy practice category for noobs like me

TBali: hmm, webchat retired the abacus emoji but not the floppy disk one.

TBali: keeping up with the modern times...

TBali: :fax:

TBali: we have fax emoji, good :-)

TBali: :iphone:

TBali: colling this one 'iphone' is just uterly bad. why not 'smartphone'?

TBali: * calling

TBali: the only company brandname in the whole set.

kshncodes: anybody still clashing rn?

Default avatar.png trashcan06: me

kshncodes: What lang do u use primarily?

Default avatar.png trashcan06: here python

Default avatar.png trashcan06: generally cpp

kshncodes: oo nice.

Default avatar.png trashcan06: how about you?

kshncodes: python's really good for the "shortest" challenges

kshncodes: I use JS here

Default avatar.png trashcan06: indeed

Default avatar.png trashcan06: oh nice ^^

kshncodes: what do you work in that requires cpp?

Default avatar.png trashcan06: I usually use cpp for competitive programming as it's very fast and its STL library is excellent

Default avatar.png Saad-py: hey Anyody knows how to solve the Chuck Norris problem, I mafde progress but I am stuck

jacek: have you seen hints

Default avatar.png trashcan06: Not sure what the problem is. Can you proved the link?

jacek: kshncodes there are multiplayer bots on CG

Default avatar.png Saad-py: ok I will send link

Default avatar.png Saad-py:

jacek: meh checkers submit is so slow

Default avatar.png Angecide: just trying to play my bot in local is slow

jacek: checkers is unique. 100ms and max 300 rounds. since draws are common in checkers, it accounts 30s for a game

Default avatar.png trashcan06: @Saad-py here:

KiwiTae: trashcan06 avoid giving other people solutions lol, they dont learn this way

KiwiTae: better check whats wrong with what they do

Audatic: I'm also stuck at Chuck Norris 134 chars Python3. Can you do it iwhtout groupby?

Rocky[KGF]: Guys our new project was going on Girhub Photon

Rocky[KGF]: i have a problem why i Quest map not responding clash of code i play many clashes but not achivement get plz help me let play a clash

Rocky[KGF]: [CG]Thibaud

KiwiTae: Rocky[KGF] maybe u need to win the clashes?

Rocky[KGF]: i win many clashes

Rocky[KGF]: KiwiTae

KiwiTae: then which one is blocking you?

jacek: apparently there are some problems with quest map

KiwiTae: ah k dunno for me worked finr

Rocky[KGF]: what i couldn't understand KiwiTae

Rocky[KGF]: this is not good

Default avatar.png B1ts: It's same for me, stuck at 43 clashes or so, even tho I played around 60 by now

Rocky[KGF]: You have same problem B1ts

Default avatar.png B1ts: ye :/

Default avatar.png NOTsteve: My quest map is not updating for Optimization, I scored 40K points in CVZ almost 24 hours ago and the leaderboard has updated with my new score but the quest map still says I only have 20000 points... any help with this?

Amitabh2: can't you read?

Default avatar.png NOTsteve: Lol yes, just now seeing it, I didn't realize someone else was having similar issues. thanks Amitabh2. So we are just waiting for the quest map to get fixed?

Amitabh2: yeah, wait for monday

Default avatar.png NOTsteve: Thanks!

Default avatar.png Abdulrahman_98: is the site lagging ?

muraterogl: Yes

C_breeze: very very slow - thought my machine is busted

Audatic: Does somebody want to help me at the chuck norris code golf? I am stuck for 2 hours now


authmane512: yes it's lagging for me too

Default avatar.png SpockyB: Who can fix an issue with credit not being granted for a 100% achievement?

Default avatar.png Tuo: nothing seems to be working atm

Default avatar.png Legent: Yeah, I can't seem to join a clash!!

C_breeze: server must be down?

jacek: multiplayer games work :v

darkhorse64: jacek: do you remember how to test locally the statement ?

jacek: when i was doing game you could only upload to test

darkhorse64: The doc says you can do this but it's highly unclear to me. Uploading is kind of overkill for text editing but that's ok

darkhorse64: thanks anyway

Wontonimo: @darkhorse64 are you talking about downloading the multiplayer game locally, and trying to run it by the command line?

jacek: i recall they added that after i made my game

Wontonimo: I downloaded the uttt game and the instructions say "Launch `src/test/java/` to launch a local game with `` vs ``" in the

darkhorse64: No, I do tests on the platform itself. My game and bot are quite simple. I want to check the look of my statement

Wontonimo: i don't follow, what statement?

MyMonkey: The blurb that describes the game rules, inputs, outputs

Wontonimo: would you be able to make a temp in/out contribution and past it in there, go to preview to see it, then delete that contribution (cuz it isn't an in/out)

darkhorse64: I would rather not to upload the game just to check the html.

MasterCoderxD: hello

Orip: this site is lagging for some weeks..

MasterCoderxD: can any of u tell me, how many people r really using codingame? like people who r kinda active?

MasterCoderxD: yeah it's lagging too much :persevere:

MasterCoderxD: hello?

Peanutbutter_Warrior: yo

jacek: well its weekend

FlyHead: and it's early

FlyHead: in US

MasterCoderxD: can any of u tell me, how many people r really using codingame? like people who r kinda active?

MasterCoderxD: like a guess maybe?

Default avatar.png snehil_001: will start when full?

MasterCoderxD: yeah

Default avatar.png vidraa: why r these servers so bad

JohnathanBarbee: Because it's free

JohnathanBarbee: I don't really have server issues though

darkhorse64: The site works much better usually. Don't judge by this weekend

Wontonimo: reminds me of the skit "everything is amazing and nobody is happy"

Default avatar.png HARISMEHMOOD:

sylq: Servers have been particularly slow on sunday recently. Not much of a problem otherwise.

Default avatar.png HARISMEHMOOD: try this private clash boyss

Wontonimo: and also at midnight GMT (which is 7pm my time)

Wontonimo: but, the recalculations and server restarts have to happen sometime

RockNTroll: Site has been very slow lately for me

Orip: ye

Orip: working btw

jacek: oO

struct: Site has been lagging since database update

struct: 16 hours ago

darkhorse64: hey struct, do you know how to test locally stub, statement ? I also cannot remember how to record moves for the starting replay.

struct: http://localhost:8888/statement.html

struct: stub.html

darkhorse64: Connection failed. Do I need to install something ?

struct: is the referee running?

darkhorse64: No. Ok, that's the part I missed ?

struct: I think so

struct: if you use the same port as the default

struct: it should be it

darkhorse64: Rereading the doc ...

struct: Why?

struct: you can get to the test.html page right?

struct: If I run that is inside

struct: I can get to those pages

darkhorse64: It works. I just did not understand that I must run the test app to access these goodies. Last question: do you remember the name of the app that many people use to generate fancy title logos ?

struct: no, I dont think I ever used it

darkhorse64: Thanks anyway. I think the game is complete but still need some polishing touches

jacek: polishing eh?

darkhorse64: I can do it myself :grinning: Do you know how to generate logos ?

jacek: dunno ~

darkhorse64: :disappointed:

Astrobytes: Clobber eh

Astrobytes: Hm, I can't even upvote it...

jacek: machine learning?

jacek: looks amazony

Astrobytes: No, it's quite different

Astrobytes: You've probably come across this one in papers

jacek: i meant the graphics :D

Astrobytes: Ah. Well, yeah

Astrobytes: "Special thanks to s truct for providing me with his referee code as a basis for this work"

struct: frames seems a bit fast

Astrobytes: I don't mind it like that tbh

struct: yeah, we can change speed if its needed

esfes: coding game is not loading

esfes: wtf

darkhorse64: Actually struct did most of the job even he does not know it. I took his code base and tailor it to Clobber. I agree that I should change some colors. However, a checkerboard is a checkerboard and a pawn is a pawn

Astrobytes: It's fine as it is tbh, doesn't need anything fancy

jacek: submits overloaded

Astrobytes: I mean, if you want to change the discs to smiley faces don't let me stop you :D

darkhorse64: I think so but I do not mind changing a few things. I think the player UI can be improved a bit if I look at other multis. Struct, you might interested to see how I managed to deal with upper left corner for the graphics and lower left corner for the coordinates. Any way, your code is quite easy to work with for a weekend project

darkhorse64: Especially, when you are writing Java code for the second time in your life

Astrobytes: I keep putting off making morpion solitaire for that exact reason.

struct: I will check it out

struct: I did not spent a lot of time on player UI

struct: I think the best player ui there is currently is from chess multi

Astrobytes: Agreed. It's rather excellent.

struct: But I did not want to copy it

struct: I copied highlit moves

struct: highlight*

darkhorse64: Yes, the highlighting is nice

darkhorse64: Your code almost makes me want to redesign Breakthrough. The "random" input is also a nice feature.

jacek: thats reCurse thing i believe

struct: yeah

struct: also from recurse

ChrisSkyRo: is codingame having problems at the moment?

ChrisSkyRo: I solved a puzzle but the achievements won't unlock

Farcry69: I have the same problem :(

Astrobytes: Yes, it's a known issue. Should be fixed tomorrow.

Farcry69: I mean I can't Submit the puzzle, it's loading

jacek: or the next production cycle, friday evening

jacek: yeah, leaderboards not working too

Astrobytes: lol, those friday pushes

elderlybeginner: bot battles are lagging horrible :(

Astrobytes: Won't be fixed until tomorrow unfortunately :/

jacek: lets spam csb submits

jacek: especially if youre top gold

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: evil

elderlybeginner: [python] having numpy grid (meshgrid), and having (x, y) of a point on that grid, how to get tuple index where that point goes on grid?

elderlybeginner: or to put it differently: how to find which region is a point in

jacek: chat lagging, not one answering

Astrobytes: I had nothing to reply with

DomiKo: everything is lagging :(

Default avatar.png suleyman-kutukoglu: just pending results..

jacek: oh my

Default avatar.png jtsimmons: What is going on with this site? Is it always this unusable?

jacek: just today

Astrobytes: Nah. There are problems at the moment, should be fixed tomorrow.

reCurse: Always deploy on Fridays :+1:

Astrobytes: At least they're consistent about it.

jacek: tweaking params in checkers. it seems much stronger but starts to draw against weaklings

Astrobytes: Hm, there's a bug in my clobber

struct: jacek is it also NN?

jacek: yes

jacek: training in progress

Astrobytes: overfitting against the top?

jacek: nah, just trying to figure out the draws

jacek: eval says something like 0.8 but goes in circles

jacek: it can be in favorable position but can't deliver the final blow

struct: do you use end game tablebase?

jacek: no

jacek: im playing around with 3-fold repetition detection and giving it negative value

Astrobytes: My clobber bot must be the fastest bot I've written

jacek: you just clicked test in arena?

Astrobytes: No I wrote a full bot

MyMonkey: fast and full ?

Astrobytes: Could be faster, didn't bitboard it yet

darkhorse64: what do you mean by full ? With a search ? Actually, I have not thought a lot on a bot. It's quite binary, either write a game or a bot not both

jacek: youre gonna need a boss

Astrobytes: Yeah, with a search

darkhorse64: a depth 0 search

Astrobytes: No, alphabeta

darkhorse64: depth 1

jacek: and whats your eval

darkhorse64: mobility

Astrobytes: number of available moves

Astrobytes: yeah

darkhorse64: "les grands esprits se rencontrent". This is what I have in mind for a boss

jacek: schmetterling!

Astrobytes: Limit the depth and it should be a decent boss

darkhorse64: Mind you, the only alpha-beta I ever wrote is for TTT bronze

cricri10000: I submitted with this account too but CG leaderboards are still dead

jacek: and contributed to the overload

Astrobytes: Ofc. Some MCTS variant would be good here I think.

darkhorse64: I have also found people combining heuristics and table base

Astrobytes: I must admit, although I've seen it in papers I haven't researched it today. Just went straight for the alphabeta since the sim was super easy

Astrobytes: And I was up till 0530 this morning, drinking beer, Zoom 'party' with some friends. Got up about 12 with a massive hangover. Quite proud of my achievement this evening :P

BilalTanerr: why is soo lagging

Suleyman_Brnabar: so its not only me who is laggy?

darkhorse64: Site is zombie this weekend

Suleyman_Brnabar: sad(

Astrobytes: BilalTanerr: there's an issue with the site, it's known. Will be fixed tomorrow most likely.

Audatic: Is it allowed to write about your solution online?

Astrobytes: Audatic: on a blog or something?

Audatic: yeah basically in my git repo

Astrobytes: Sure. Try not to post full code though.

Audatic: hard to do I want to show different code golf solution. But I wouldn't show anything to get into the top10. Maybe top 100

Astrobytes: Better to show the methods/tricks than the full code no?

Astrobytes: With explanations.

Default avatar.png Innoble: clobber seems nice

Astrobytes: lol, alternative Smits

Audatic: Yeah true, but I guess anybody with some desire to reconstruct it based on my explanation could :D

Default avatar.png Innoble: yeah i messed up on my first day outing my alt

Audatic: ok but I got your sentiment :)

darkhorse64: upvote it :innocent:

Default avatar.png Innoble: i need to use an alt or i cant get into IDE's

Default avatar.png Innoble: my main account is still bugged

Astrobytes: I knew your innoble name anyway from before

MSmits: ahh ok

Astrobytes: The whole site is bugged

MSmits: seems so

Astrobytes: And yeah, clobber is cool

darkhorse64: uploading multis and upvoting still works :innocent:

Astrobytes: Upvoting wasn't working earlier but it is now

jacek: priorities right

Astrobytes: btw: In computational play (e.g., Computer Olympiad), clobber is generally played on a 10x10 board.

darkhorse64: More seriously, I have been toying lately with fireworks. There are only 13 people but I find it interesting. I can change it to 10x10 but given that you have one hundred choices on the first moves, I was afraid of having completely clueless search

cricri10000: Might be worth trying it out on second level? Just to test it.

struct: I also want to try fireworks

Astrobytes: Fireworks is cool, I still didn't finish my bot

Astrobytes: It's quite different to most games on here

jacek: like :notebook: :volleyball:

darkhorse64: Changing from 8x8 to 10x10 means completely different optimisations and different bots

jacek: i would keep 1 version

cricri10000: What I mean is make the second level 10x10 so it can be tested.

cricri10000: (for WIP I mean - not final)

Astrobytes: I feel I have split identities here.

darkhorse64: Interesting idea for WIP. I'll do that

darkhorse64: ... tomorrow

Astrobytes: :)

Astrobytes: Give your ankles a rest

darkhorse64: :smile:

N-ONE: i wonder why this website is damn too slow ?

Astrobytes: N-ONE: there's an issue currently, won't be fixed until tomorrow at least

N-ONE: oh , i see

N-ONE: i thought someone is ddosing the site lol

Astrobytes: Nah, just an internal issue

jacek: ddos from 95% users

Astrobytes: lol

N-ONE: haha

struct: they moved all the servers to escape

N-ONE: what is escape ?

N-ONE: is that a state ?

Astrobytes: Nah, someone was complaining on discord that even escapes were crawling

Astrobytes: N-ONE: No it's a new type of collaborative game format that CG is testing

Astrobytes: *new collaborative game format I should sleep soon

N-ONE: wow pretty cool , making a mix of the 3 different modes would be also cool

N-ONE: or not . lol

struct: you mean CoC?

Astrobytes: N-ONE: Do you know there are multiplayer bot programming games, optimisation games, non-timed puzzles and non-timed code golf on here?

struct: The only similar thing to CoC is the difficulty of the stuff you have to code

N-ONE: yeah i know there is bot programming, idk about optimizations ,,, i am still getting used to the website

catalactics: Lag incoming

Waffle3z: the request access email is taking time to send

cricri10000: N-ONE: cool, just as long as you know that clashes aren't everything ;)

Astrobytes: woops, I should close that window

derjack: eeyup

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png Maexel: half of the time in clashes is taken by evaluating :frowning:

Default avatar.png Maexel: server side issue?

struct: yes

Astrobytes: Yes, there are currently server issues. should be resolved after tomorrow.

Astrobytes: where is the !serverissues bot command

Default avatar.png Maexel: :ok_hand:

jacek: AutomatonNN what are he issues

AutomatonNN: emh is always the same to me

Astrobytes: lol

KodluYorum: now the worst

E-B-A: Lag Lag Lag

rozbrajaczpoziomow: why are the servers so slowwwwwwwww

rozbrajaczpoziomow: test cases take foreverrr

Astrobytes: Astrobytes 09:25PM Yes, there are currently server issues. should be resolved after tomorrow.

jjhiggz: Yeah, it seems like codingame is now unplayable for me, I'll probably crush some hackerrank today. I do love this website though

Default avatar.png trashcan06: yeah .-.

jjhiggz: Always my number 1 to reccomend to my students

reCurse: Don't forget to also recommend not behaving like an idiot in chat

Default avatar.png trashcan06: Indeed

Astrobytes: +10000

rozbrajaczpoziomow: whatever i'm quitting until the server issues are fixed, i can't even start a private clash

Astrobytes: Since nothing is working particularly well that is a very good idea.

3ataja: sucks

3ataja: i guess i'll go write a contribution until all is fixed

Wontonimo: The bot battles are still working, albeit slow. I finally got my c++ uttt bot deployed and it's working well. Bye bye silver league

CyrusTheCurator: having way too many issues too

Astrobytes: It'll be better tomorrow

darkhorse64: You now have 10x10 board in Clobber

MSmits: as for 10x10 vs 8x8. you just have to figure out the complexity of the game. If it is complex enough in 8x8, then that is more convenient

MSmits: doesn't it have a high branching factor in the opening?

MSmits: I suspect worse than yavalath

darkhorse64: 8x8: 112 possibles moves turn 1

MSmits: yeah, i really wouldnt worry about it

MSmits: it's just as complex as D&B i think

MSmits: it's not very bookable either i think, except for countering players that always play the same moves. But it's useless to try and counter them when they can just submit a new version

MSmits: othello and oware have a far smaller branching factor which is why it's a better option there

MSmits: and yavalath *seems* to have high branching, but it's an illusion because most moves are losing

darkhorse64: My (unsubstantified for now) is that the high branching factor at the beginning may impact strongly the quality of search. Table bases are important because as the game progress, you have pawn islands which you can solve independantly

MSmits: that might be something to check. Are most moves losing? Or are there many good ones

darkhorse64: my concern

MSmits: ohh pawn islands, like the amazon islands

MSmits: that could be a concern yes

MSmits: depends on how quickly they appear

darkhorse64: I'll let the multi in wip for a while to gather more knowledge and let people decide which version they prefer.

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: if you hadn't caught me mid-uttt addiction, i would have jumped on that immediately

darkhorse64: Take a bit of fresh hair with other multis

Wontonimo: addition ... if anything that's an understatement for you considering you've made 3 entirely different versions and it sounds like you are on your 4th

Wontonimo: for anyone still on, it looks like the server is behaving better. bot battles are at least progressing at their usual speed

RockNTroll: the bots are fighting back

Astrobytes: you've done it already, nice darkhorse64

Astrobytes: Like I say, just there so people can experiment. 8x8 might suit CG more, we'll see

MSmits: he just went to bed

Astrobytes: ah

MSmits: i should go too

Astrobytes: me too, I just popped on to check stuff before going

MSmits: allright, gn!

Astrobytes: gn!

DrQuarius: dang, server lag rn?

Default avatar.png Abdulrahman_98: its so lagging !!

Wontonimo: got to gold in uttt, but for some reason I'm not getting my "Reach the gold league in any game" reward :(

Alshock: rewards are fucked up atm it seems

Alshock: so dw

sashaGrey: hi

Wontonimo: good to know

Wontonimo: hi sashaGrey

Default avatar.png GiacomoFitzmaurice: anyone in the chat got much experience with routing in react?