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Rocky[K.G.F.]: hii struct

Default avatar.png PhantomzBack: hoi

Default avatar.png WaterCooledStopwatchMachine_daff: hi

Alshock: hellow

Default avatar.png stanleyjames: whatsup

Papaver: Hello

Default avatar.png NexTronick: anyone doing the Power of Thor -episode 1?

Default avatar.png NexTronick: or am i too noob and find it scarry ahhaa

Passifi: What are you struggling with specificly ?

Default avatar.png NexTronick: I am not use if i get the question

Default avatar.png NexTronick: for example if the thor is at (3,8) and i move thor to S then will it be (3,9)?

Default avatar.png NexTronick: (x,y)?

Passifi: well yes S means the y value gets incremented by 1

Default avatar.png NexTronick: n mean -1?

Default avatar.png NexTronick: N mean -1?

Passifi: yes

Passifi: W is x -1 E is x+1

Default avatar.png Ngochung_02: Hello

Passifi: with that it should be solvable :)

Default avatar.png NexTronick: oh thank you Passifi

3ataja: am i the only one whose Esc key not working in the vim edit mode??

3ataja: it says normal mode but every key i hit gets inserted

Default avatar.png Z0ltan892: Hello

Default avatar.png blinkyu: Yeah vim mode is not working for me either

Wontonimo: Most CG puzzles have a coordinate system such that (0,0) is the top left, positive X goes to the right, and positive Y goes down. It's actually a CG general rule

Wontonimo: That makes (0,0) on a map the North West corner. East is +X, and South is +Y

Simann: hey! is there a c++ square root function?

darkhorse64: sqrt

Simann: oh yea wtf

Simann: it doesnt work

JamesModifiedGames: lol

Simann: well whatever

darkhorse64: it does #include <cmath>

Simann: oh... yea i forgot includes ty

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: im new to codeing

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: its fun but kinda hard

JamesModifiedGames: I understand that AninymousCodes

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: idk what to do for this code

jacek: AutomatoNN what to do? what to do?

jacek: ><

Simann: lol then go to something simpler and then try what you are doing again later

JamesModifiedGames: Go to the practice, If you know basic javascript, you should be able to get a jist of what to do.

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: the thing is i just started today

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: so thats why

Simann: :joy:

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: what there is a first time for everything

Simann: one more reason to go go do more basic stuff

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: thats what im gonna do

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: im surprized this is free

JamesModifiedGames: Well here

JamesModifiedGames: Use this to learn what to do

JLukeSkywalker: ew

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: no i like it free

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: i use dis

JamesModifiedGames: Khan academy is free

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: ...

JLukeSkywalker: but gross

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: imma use this one

JamesModifiedGames: What khan

JamesModifiedGames: luke

JLukeSkywalker: coming from someone who teaches programming, find a cool, simple coding project you think is fun, pick a language, and code it. Use lots of google

JLukeSkywalker: so much better than a course

JamesModifiedGames: Hey, it worked for me lol. Or if anything anonymousCodes, go to, that uses java script and python mainly but it stiil teaches the basic with games.

Simann: I agree with that JLuke

JamesModifiedGames: True

JamesModifiedGames: I learn better from courses, that's just me then.

JLukeSkywalker: yeah, there are definitely people on both sides

JamesModifiedGames: Agreed.

JLukeSkywalker: personally I was never able to learn coding from a course

Simann: making either external or internal game hacks and mods is a very good practise

JLukeSkywalker: teach my courses fully project based other than things like variables and basic i/o

Default avatar.png WelloHorld: HELLO MODS

JLukeSkywalker: ^^ good name

Default avatar.png WelloHorld: lol :joy:

MasterCoderxD: i just wrote my own programming language :grinning:

JLukeSkywalker: mice! what is unique about it? and what is the goal of using it?

MasterCoderxD: It's basically for mathematical use

MasterCoderxD: it has BASIC syntax

MasterCoderxD: It's hella fast

JLukeSkywalker: compiled?

MasterCoderxD: yeah

JLukeSkywalker: what did you write the compiler in?

JamesModifiedGames: This is the most active the chat has been since I have been on here. lol

Also that's reall cool MasterCoder.

MasterCoderxD: C

JamesModifiedGames: Really*

MasterCoderxD: thanks James

JLukeSkywalker: nice, i did something similar with c a while back for the language challenge

JamesModifiedGames: No problem

Astrobytes: JamesModifiedGames: it's usually a little more active, I for one have been taking a little break recently.

JLukeSkywalker: wasnt a math language though

JamesModifiedGames: Ahhhh, makes sense

MasterCoderxD: ohkkk

MasterCoderxD: I am only 16 btw

MasterCoderxD: :joy:

JamesModifiedGames: I'm going to take a educated guess and say that your text is pink becuse of you being a mod. just like discord?

MasterCoderxD: mine?

JLukeSkywalker: its great that you are using lower level languages like c, thats how I started out

Astrobytes: No, if you tag anyone by name it shows up red for you JamesModifiedGames

JamesModifiedGames: Don't make me feel bad. I'm 17 and can barely do a loop

JLukeSkywalker: astros was red/pink bc he did urName:

Astrobytes: ^

MasterCoderxD: actually, my main language is python and JS JLuke

JLukeSkywalker: like an @

JamesModifiedGames: Oh, that's neat.

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: okay i hat khan academy its just no

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: hate*

Astrobytes: Never been a fan of the Khan Academy format tbh.

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: me neither

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: i find it kinda hard smh

MasterCoderxD: oh

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: any codeing website is hard for beginers tho

Astrobytes: Well yeah. Start slow, with the absolute basics.

JamesModifiedGames: Try

JLukeSkywalker: whenever I want to learn a new language I just make tic-tac-to with ai and hangman and google until it works

JamesModifiedGames: Now that's basics

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: okay

MasterCoderxD: any highschoolers here? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Default avatar.png AnonymousCodess: oh code combat is easy looking

JLukeSkywalker: fortran was probably my worst experience making hangman

MasterCoderxD: :joy:

Astrobytes: ew, the very thought :D

JamesModifiedGames: Yeah me

JLukeSkywalker: hey, forced me to learn it

MasterCoderxD: James u r in school?

Astrobytes: Oh yeah, I get your strategy. It works for sure. Just fortran is... it's fortran.

JLukeSkywalker: ^^

JamesModifiedGames: Wait, I'm learning about dorthy Vaughan from NASA, and that was here first codeing language, FORTRAN

JamesModifiedGames: Yeah right now MsterCoder

JLukeSkywalker: its still used for doing math for space stuffs

JLukeSkywalker: very fast

Astrobytes: fortran is still widely used in scientific and mathematical applications, and not just legacy code either

JamesModifiedGames: I learned that too.

JLukeSkywalker: back in college had to write some fortran for a study they were doing on black holes, was super cool

JamesModifiedGames: Yeah i'm still in school MasterCoder

MasterCoderxD: alright

JamesModifiedGames: Why?

JamesModifiedGames: Never mind

JamesModifiedGames: Simann, I just realized that you had pepe as your profile picture.

MasterCoderxD: hey

MasterCoderxD: i hope this section is as active like this always

JLukeSkywalker: just depends on the time of day

Astrobytes: Depends. A lot of use are at work.

Astrobytes: *us

JLukeSkywalker: usually even if people arent talking, they will still answer questions if you ask chat

Astrobytes: Be patient though.

JamesModifiedGames: It's weird though, to see all of the activeness.

Astrobytes: You should see it during a competition.

MasterCoderxD: yeah, i am just saying

JamesModifiedGames: Oh god, I don't think I could read fast enough.

Astrobytes: Well, it doesn't go away if you don't close the window, and we do have a chat log too.

Astrobytes: So you can catch up.

JamesModifiedGames: Yeah true

JamesModifiedGames: Well then I hope Ican tye fast enough

JamesModifiedGames: And speel

Astrobytes: lol

JamesModifiedGames: I can't even spell spell

JamesModifiedGames: 54 words per minute is not fast enough.

Astrobytes: Typing correctly > typing fast

JamesModifiedGames: Yeah that is true

MasterCoderxD: I just won a clash :grinning:

MasterCoderxD: K gotta go

JamesModifiedGames: I got 54 speed and sometimes a 89-93% accuracy.

MasterCoderxD: byeee

Astrobytes: gg, cya

JLukeSkywalker: gz, cya

JamesModifiedGames: BYEEE

MasterCoderxD: cya'all

AntiSquid: bye

JamesModifiedGames: Fun fact, the creators of borderlands are graduates of full sail university. (That's where I'm going.)

ProgrammerDog: lo

ProgrammerDog: lol

ProgrammerDog: what's

Scarfield: so you are making the next borderlands game?

Astrobytes: Scarflogic

Scarfield: AstroScyte

Scarfield: AssumptionField could be my new nick though

Astrobytes: InferField

Scarfield: xD nice

Scarfield: bit boarding chess without stealing from the wide web is harder than i assumed, joining the chess arena ChesstroBytes?

Astrobytes: That's the way to learn though!

Astrobytes: And yeah, some point soon I hope

Astrobytes: Still got to finish my Fireworks bot, and test a few contributions

Scarfield: yea, i usually do so, than after check where i went wrong and what to improve. Nice, im curious to see how difficult it is to make a decent bot for chess. a friend already challenged my non existing bot xD

Astrobytes: The good thing is that there is a wealth of er, material, out there to learn from.

Astrobytes: It's more difficult in this case since you can't rely on opening books so much like a regular chess engine

Scarfield: yea, thats what i like about it, those pesky opening books :p

Astrobytes: Yeah, much more pure this way

Scarfield: sure! i get the challenge of creating and encoding the opening books. but since i never made one, i prefer a game without them :)

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's all about what you want to get out of writing the bot I guess. More fun doing books for some, not the case for others. Non-bookable games are Anti-Smits :D

Scarfield: but there are some poor csgo newbs that needs to be taught a lesson gtg :)

Astrobytes: hahaha, cya later

Scarfield: cya

Default avatar.png ejkat19: peen

Default avatar.png Amalgamus: Hi, in c++

Default avatar.png Amalgamus: &objectInstance is the same as a methode of the object returning *this, right?

Default avatar.png Amalgamus: in both cases i get the adress?

KiwiTae: &o is an address , *o is a value

Default avatar.png Amalgamus: so *this is the object

Default avatar.png Amalgamus: and this is the adress of the object

KiwiTae: yes i guess ><

Default avatar.png Amalgamus: thank's

PatrickMcGinnisII: gheesh, OneWay City took me 9 months to solve

PatrickMcGinnisII: smh

PatrickMcGinnisII: i guess php now includes bc functions

Astrobytes: bc = Before Computing? PHP is movin' on up! :P

PatrickMcGinnisII: well cg doesn't support bigInteger or GMP, but does support bc now apparently

PatrickMcGinnisII: for php that is

Default avatar.png SugarfreeTX: i

TBali: BC Math library is included (but GMP not afair). I also used it for Oneway city, but also for Polydivisible number and Gravity Centrifuge tuning.

PatrickMcGinnisII: TBali yea i've had issues with many puzzles because of 'limitations'. I don't think bcmath used to be included ... of course I'm going back a few years. I believe i tried it 9 months ago and it didn't work

TBali: My oldest CG code featuring it is dated 2019. August.

MSmits: I'm just impressed you know so many puzzles by name

PatrickMcGinnisII: well alrighty then, i guess I've been behind the 'times'

PatrickMcGinnisII: i did 2 puzzles today, i should probably quit and cook dinner

TBali: search *.php files in local folder for 'bcadd' did the trick.

TBali: I keep all my solutions also offline.

MSmits: oh, I just do that for optims and bots

MSmits: but then again i never did very many hard puzzles

TBali: Searching for some similar puzzles can save me some time. Backtracking, floodfill, prime faxctorization, etc does not need to be rewritten from scratch every time.

MSmits: true

MSmits: reading what you say almost makes me think you are a Solution Manager

Astrobytes: Whatever that means... :P

PatrickMcGinnisII: glhf

MSmits: :)

TBali: haha, we made this up because sales is too pejorative in the 'consultative selling' business

Astrobytes: Heh heh heh, not wrong.

MSmits: I see

MSmits: I'm totally hooked to uttt again =/ Not sure who is primarily to blame, but too many people were talking about it

TBali: sales, tech-presales, and marketing is my responsibility but not sw delivery.

Astrobytes: MSmits: You can only truly blame yourself

MSmits: that suggests I am in control

Astrobytes: Blame your mind

TBali: my bot surely does not hurt yours

MSmits: I dunno, maybe your bot plays moves mine won't even consider

TBali: a peaceful introvert bot

MSmits: and then it's like, oh nooes, what's this -CRASH-

Astrobytes: Based on a true story?

MSmits: well let's just say i have had bot versions that pruned too much

Astrobytes: Ah right

TBali: Spring will come, and the pruned vibes will grow again

MSmits: it's always fixable by just doing a full expansion at the root , but you know how it goes. You want to get all your ideas out fast and test too much at once

MSmits: pruned vibes?

Astrobytes: lol yes

Astrobytes: *yes and lol rather

Astrobytes: Think that was supposed to be vines

MSmits: who knows

Astrobytes: Possibly pruned vibes come from prune arrays

MSmits: ahh yes

TBali: :)

MSmits: so you're just gonna leave us wondering

MSmits: cruel


MSmits: i found this

MSmits: I think either pruned vibes is a thing or this person made the same typo

Astrobytes: :rofl:

TBali: We hade some real vibe pruner in 2020. 2021 shall be year of blossom

TBali: Is there an algorithm for that?

Astrobytes: ceg is your man for all things prune-related

Spartanreaper2: hi

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm out for tonight guys. Gn and cya later

TBali: gn

Nikeleos: Good night

Spartanreaper2: what the hell is a php

MSmits: gn

MSmits: very intelagent question

TBali: php - Programmers' Hell and Paradise

TBali: you can choose 1

MSmits: oh missed that, gn Astrobytes

Default avatar.png caciuleanuciprian: is the website slow for anyone else?

MSmits: it's always slow at this time, will be over soon

MSmits: they do some calculation

Default avatar.png caciuleanuciprian: cool

Default avatar.png caciuleanuciprian: any java tips for landing an internship?

MSmits: not me sorry

Wontonimo: how's your java skilz?

Wontonimo: Hey @MSmits reCurse suggested I not bother him and instead hit you up for C++ UTTT info. I got no questions, but thought I'd use that as an excuse to say hi.

Wontonimo: in other news ... anyone else lacking AVX2 support on their mac :(

Wontonimo: (nothing to do with UTTT and bit boards ... no ... definitely ... okay, maybe a little)

Wontonimo: hmm ... okay, now I'm stumped. __builtin_cpu_supports("avx2") returns true ... yet __m128i isn't supported

karliso: Use __m256i?


Wontonimo: thanks @karliso! naw, just turns out I'm dumb about imports

MSmits: Wontonimo hi

MSmits: ask me anything, but going to bed soon so better do it quick :)

MSmits: also "avx2"doesn't include _m128i

MSmits: but avx does

MSmits: import both :)

Damderiam: I'm trying to do Coders Strike Back in Python, but no matter what I do it gives me "not in a function" error and I have no idea why. This error seems to be unique to Codingame.

Damderiam: And yes I've tried putting my code in a function.

MSmits: it's definitely not unique to CG and you definitely made a python booboo :0

MSmits: share the code and i can see if i can spot it

Wontonimo: I was going to offer the same, and I'm up for a while. Python is definitely my strong suit

MSmits: you do it

MSmits: i need sleep :)

Wontonimo: got it

MSmits: gn and ask me about uttt stuff friday to sunday, i will have more time

Wontonimo: cool! thanks

ZarthaxX: Wontonimo you can emulate AVX in your mac if you lack it

Wontonimo: thanks!

Wontonimo: looks like i've got it, but frankly it seems crazy slow. making a lookup table with 512 values is about 4 times faster than my macs avx op.

Wontonimo: not all that surprised now that I calculated that it is only 512 x16bits in the cache which can easily fit in the L1. I thought this would be a main memory (across the bus) hit ...

Wontonimo: 512 is almost small enough to fit on the registers ... well, not quite

Wontonimo: i'm way over thinking this and way over engineering. gotta just get version 1 up and running

ZarthaxX: idk what is your avx op about anyway

ZarthaxX: but cache may beat you, although that could change when testing the whole code

ZarthaxX: as cache stuff is lost

Wontonimo: the cached values are computed at startup, and on my local takes less than 0.002 sec to compute, only needs to be computed once, and will more than make up for the loss in the future rounds where only 0.1 sec is available

ZarthaxX: i meant that cached values may be taken out from cache

ZarthaxX: as there are other lookups from memory

ZarthaxX: still, i dont know hwo complex is the avx code for that

Wontonimo: oh, right. yes, of course. there is that.

Wontonimo: and it will if I am successful in hitting 100k rollouts

Default avatar.png YongJing: im getting "Python 3 language assist interupted", anyone knows whats going on?

Wontonimo: thanks for the reminder @ZarthaxX . I'll keep that in my back pocket

Wontonimo: @YongJing - save your work and try restarting freshing your browser

Default avatar.png YongJing: okay will try, thanks!

ZarthaxX: yw :)

ZarthaxX: you could try to check the system as a whole for 1 turn, instead of the part you change

ZarthaxX: fix X rollouts and check