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Default avatar.png TWrecks: Hello world

kaz-png: hey

Default avatar.png Avxgr: Hey

WasiMaster: hmm

Default avatar.png Zadag: good evening people

jacek: good morning

Default avatar.png TheLumpySamouraiMachine_27b1: you´re right bro

Default avatar.png candywarbride: Good morning all

Default avatar.png TheLumpySamouraiMachine_27b1: Good mornig all

XO_smile: good morning, have a nice morning

Default avatar.png Csega: Hi All! :)

XO_smile: how are ya'll doing?

aliakbar13781211: hello

aliakbar13781211: :grin:

Default avatar.png the_tiger: :grinning:

Default avatar.png the_tiger: :wink::rolling_eyes::thinking::disappointed::laughing::stuck_out_tongue:

Default avatar.png hieupm123: hello

Default avatar.png EpicCoder3: Hello

AntiSquid: good morning

Rocky[K.G.F.]: hii AntiSquid new Avatar nice

Default avatar.png delta-X: morning : p

Default avatar.png delta-X: where i can learn ascii art :(

synchoz: guten morgen

AntiSquid: #de

jacek: #schmetterling

Uljahn: #konnichiwassup

Rocky[K.G.F.]: hii UIjahn or jacek

MSmits: why not both?

MSmits: seems like a logic error

karliso: (true || true) == (true && true)

MSmits: good point

Rocky[K.G.F.]: nice point

AntiSquid: rationed greetings MSmits :joy:

Default avatar.png MissingScore: join

MSmits: yeah :)

Default avatar.png MissingScore: Any quick way to join the room of a clash lobby if you left it? I'm on the results page now.

AntiSquid: /join #room_name

Default avatar.png MissingScore: Cool... and how do I know the room name of a specific game?

MSmits: make it up, but it will be empty

MSmits: Go to #TronMastery

MSmits: or #UTTTastic

AntiSquid: #freeCandies

C_breeze: odd getting own clash to do

Default avatar.png Luuuuuuci: hello my friends

Wow_Uhm: hi

Default avatar.png DylanD: olla

Default avatar.png dericeketli: hello

Default avatar.png dericeketli: friend

Default avatar.png dericeketli: hello

Default avatar.png dericeketli: how are you

Spacialman: Wow, mornings look very lively.

jacek: mornings?

Spacialman: Yeah

Spacialman: I was looking back in the chat

Spacialman: and I'm like, "whoa, every one is so nice here"

Spacialman: Oh @jacek, I wanted to show you this, I thought it was pretty neat.

jacek: is yours?

Spacialman: No,

Spacialman: I was looking at different sites for chat thingies and I found this

Spacialman: But I am making something kinda like it.

PatrickMcGinnisII: where's the referee for Fireworks ?

AntiSquid: trictrac

Default avatar.png mmjacob: hi

PatrickMcGinnisII: i thought it would be more fun

PatrickMcGinnisII: it's so confusing, and the game rounds don't end with a correct notice. For example, trying to do a SAY with 0 communications says "round ends, no blue token" so wierd

PatrickMcGinnisII: and the game continues for 3 rounds after last card is taken... but how do I determine a discard if I don't know a card exists in my hand

PatrickMcGinnisII: so you have to discard a card with a known 1/2 value instead of a card with no known values... so wierd

JohnathanBarbee: I'm irrationally angry at Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

JohnathanBarbee: the input and output moves are in (y,x) format. This explains why my code doesn't work, but I can't easily fix it.

JamesModifiedGames: Like the hellboy picture @johnathonbarbee

JohnathanBarbee: Thanks!

Uljahn: indexing 2D arrays/tables by (row, column) is very common though

JohnathanBarbee: Ah. I'm used to x and y coordinates.

darkhorse64: PatrickMcGinnisII: you have to manage you own hand, if you play a card, it is replaced with a new unknown, unless there is no more cards. You have also to manage the number of remaining cards. In retrospect, it could have been an input

darkhorse64: I mean, if you play A, A is replaced, there is no reordering

struct: also when using loops you should pay attention so you dont get many cache misses

struct: int arr[y][x] for(int i = 0; i < x; ++i) for(int j = 0; j < y; ++j) arr[j][i]...

struct: is bad

PatrickMcGinnisII: darkhorse64 yes, i se now how you could determine if a card exists at a position in your hand. But what I'm finding is that the sheer number of discards required to guarantee enough information to complete all fireworks is impossible. it takes 2 discards to get the information on every replaced card. The pobability of a 'perfect' game is so low I might as well play the lottery

PatrickMcGinnisII: so to take care of the end game of 3 turn scenario (which is like every round it seems), that if 1/2 a card's info is given at that point, then maybe a 'perfect' game is a little more probable

PatrickMcGinnisII: I know the game is mostly heuristics, and it can get a little messy ... but it's just not fun if a perfect game is so unlikely

darkhorse64: The aim of the game is to gather and provide as much information as possible on the cards in play. by discards, you mean hint ?

darkhorse64: afk for a while

PatrickMcGinnisII: to earn a hint, you get by placing a lvl5 color, or discard

PatrickMcGinnisII: i mostly just wanted to see referee, 'cause it took me forever to figure out some of the round ending stuff, cause the output is so wierd

PatrickMcGinnisII: the burden to wood1 is kinda high. i could make some improvements to the SAY determination portion, but once you get to midround, it's all pretty flat

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, I shut up. I want people to play it.

PatrickMcGinnisII: gtg glhf

jacek: oO

darkhorse64: I would recommand to play against yourself (4x IDE code). It helps to check whether you convey the right information and are able to take the most of it. As your bot improves, you will see your score increasing. Being able to exploit the tiniest bit of information will result in a noticeable improvement

Gloopy: darkhorse64, ton Bot sur Bandas c'est un MCTS standard ?

darkhorse64: Oui avec un solver #fr

Gloopy: Oups

Menox: what is making the random beeps when im playing clash of code?

Astrobytes: The Random Clash of Code Beeper :P

Default avatar.png rwilson: @Menox - ? random ? Perhaps it's the 'clash finished' notice. If the match is still going after you submit, it could be several minutes before you here the end notice.

Menox: cool :D

Astrobytes: Yeah, probably just the notifications.

Menox: thanks for the explanation

Astrobytes: It beeps when it's about to start as well no? Or before the end? Long time since I did one.

Menox: in the middle of the game

Astrobytes: Probably other people submitting.

YurkovAS: jacek broke my lucky submit in onitama

Nerchio: when is the next event

Nerchio: it should be visible to unlogged users to be honest

Nerchio: on the main page

Nerchio: i had to dig in to find a date of the competition when my friend asked

Astrobytes: :shrug:

Default avatar.png FluffyHub: omg these challenges are tough

Default avatar.png FluffyHub: even if it said easy but its not

MSmits: it's not for the fluffy-hearted

reCurse: Always relative isn't it

MSmits: yup

AntiSquid: march right? Nerchio or was it early may?

Default avatar.png Drewskiii: subjective to say the least ;)

RockNTroll: site is slow?

Papaver: Yes, it is always slow at this hour

Papaver: I understood they are computing stuff like ranks etc?

Vigasaurus: Yeah

RockNTroll: oh gotcha

RockNTroll: woohooo solved it

Default avatar.png komple1: .

RockNTroll: :grinning:

Default avatar.png loneman: hh

Rocky[K.G.F.]: hii