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Default avatar.png lllllllllllllll: what is the best programming language for practical use

Default avatar.png gabe2code: obviosly, javascript

JLukeSkywalker: just had a clash of code made by Fillan, reverse where you had to make an ascii thing that looks like __|__ |___|

JLukeSkywalker: 100% tests, 0% verification

JLukeSkywalker: everyone got a 0%

JLukeSkywalker: tried looking it up on the CG Puzzle search, but it isnt on there

Westicles: It was approved a half hour ago. Just downvote and the moderation bot will get it

Medshay: how do i become a mod?

jacek: fiest become div

Medshay: what is div

Vigasaurus: division :P

Vigasaurus: first become /, then you can become %

Medshay: wow those are words of wisdom

Default avatar.png Saksham4106: yo

Default avatar.png Tuanas: again

Default avatar.png eecho: finally understand the gameChat Log (talk)perfect!! It's so interesting

Medshay: how do I revisit the question after clash?

Default avatar.png BelusKirill: Влад какой-то пишет на c# какой-то бред

Default avatar.png BelusKirill: Влад

Default avatar.png VladislavFleganov: lf

Default avatar.png Noob3242423: hi all

Default avatar.png Noob3242423: gtu

Default avatar.png TWrecks: Hey guys

Default avatar.png TWrecks: What the hell is this?

Default avatar.png TWrecks: All the clash questions are crap.

Default avatar.png TWrecks: How do I engage with them at all?

Default avatar.png TWrecks: It's making me cranky.

Default avatar.png Noob3242423: hi

Default avatar.png Noob3242423: hi

Default avatar.png Noob3242423: yh

Default avatar.png Noob3242423: hc3

Default avatar.png Tuanas: hi

Default avatar.png Tuanas: let me teach u some vietnammese

lopidav: TWrecksyou can evaluate clash puzzle after clash is done. There should be a form on the results page

lopidav: if a puzzle gets evaluated too poorly it'll get deleted from the roster

Default avatar.png forny: yo

Default avatar.png lulzz: yo

EntropyThot: dna denialism ftw!

ShawnHeyli: prout

Stan2703: Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout Prout

ShawnHeyli: frout

Stan2703: Ah

Aegnor615: mrout

Stan2703: crout ?

ShawnHeyli: les bonnes croutasses la

Default avatar.png forny: cout

ShawnHeyli: prout ?

Stan2703: Prout ?

ShawnHeyli: prout

ShawnHeyli: prout sur toi mon frère

Boitapain: PROUT

Stan2703: Un grand sage a dit : "Un beau prout c'est bien, sauf quand t'as la chiasse"

ShawnHeyli: j'en suis ému... c'est beau

Uljahn: please use english here, or go to #fr

Stan2703: OK sorry bro

Boitapain: Fart

jrke: is just me or thr game refree showing that big avatar

Uljahn: wow very large


jrke: oh its already big

plushaty: 500x500

Default avatar.png random12313: how can i like floor division

Default avatar.png random12313: but not floor divison

Default avatar.png random12313: example 0.99 to output 1

Default avatar.png random12313: and 0.69 to 0.7

Default avatar.png random12313: top division

Vigasaurus: for the former, most lanugages have a ceil

Vigasaurus: the latter would need a round(1) or similar

Default avatar.png random12313: ty

Default avatar.png random12313: math.ceil is the answer

lopidav: hi all. In js how do I overwrite fetch so on client-side so when the response is there my code is executed?

Vigasaurus: you'd need to use the promise `.then` format (or async) and then supply a callback - see:

lopidav: oh, thank you very much

lopidav: ok, doesn't look like that's what I need. Fetch is not performed by my code. I try to detect when it's performed, catch the data, and do some stuff. Do I need to overwrite "then"?

Rocky[K.G.F.]: hii

Default avatar.png Saad-py: i

Default avatar.png Saad-py: wwhy follow me

Default avatar.png Saad-py: no prbss

Default avatar.png Saad-py: I made a library to make life easy for programmers, gonna release next week at

Default avatar.png Saad-py: Be sure to checck it out after release

Default avatar.png Saad-py: Name for lib is NexusZ

Default avatar.png Saad-py: PLS sheck it out next week

uvBoss: anyone on who can help me with mars colonization(puzzle XD)?


Rocky[K.G.F.]: see the problem again and check what was the situation good luck uvBoss

uvBoss: ?

uvBoss: whats that supposed to mean?

uvBoss: @Rocky[K.G.F.]

Default avatar.png TWrecks: I'll help my dude

uvBoss: oke

uvBoss: ty

Default avatar.png TWrecks: I may or may not be able to help

Default avatar.png TWrecks: xD

uvBoss: npnp

Rocky[K.G.F.]: hey u have to find the minimum wireless transmission distance required for the wireless transmitters, accurate to the nearest 2 decimal places.

Default avatar.png TWrecks: How do I join you?

uvBoss: here?

Rocky[K.G.F.]: it is not private chat

Passifi: oh sweet jesus finally a puzzle of the week I can solves ,oh the joy :)

Passifi: I'm pretty sure last weeks problem is going to take me another week to solve :upside_down:

Default avatar.png CALLmeANIKET: python coders are not coders they are script kiddie

Default avatar.png CALLmeANIKET: they just apply functions and libraries

Passifi: so anyone who isn't coding in assembler isn't a coder ?

muraterogl: You need to write machine code directly, otherwise you are a script kiddie

muraterogl: All languages have pros and cons, python is really good for creating working prototypes in short amounts of time. Don't need to be toxic about it

Uljahn: libraries save your time which is the most valued resource

Passifi: and if you want to be toxic about it concentrate on its true flaws the way its syntax look :thinking:

Passifi: code is like live. it needs brackets and semicolons to be beautiful :)


Default avatar.png CodeHub-CreamPy: CALLmeANIKET is sad... give him/her hugs

Wontonimo: no thanks

Wontonimo: @Uljahn spits facts, libraries save time

Wontonimo: "Script kiddie" - that's the funniest insult I've read in a long time. I guess I'm a script kiddie then and have been for over 30 years. Makes me feel young, thanks.

Default avatar.png Rbee: :joy:

Default avatar.png CodeHub-CreamPy: being a script kiddie means re-using already written program without knowing how to replicate that said program (for me that is)

Default avatar.png CodeHub-CreamPy: :joy:

Uljahn: b-but you can't debug your code if you don't understand how library algorithms work and how to detect their possible nonsensical behavior

dCSeven: Beeing able to debug ones code and knowing how libraries work are two different things (at least for me) The core point of the script kiddie thing normally is, that libraries one doesn't understand can do a lot more than what is needed, which can cause performance, security or other problems --> knowing how things work and what they do before using them is key to avoid later problems

catostefa: help

JLukeSkywalker: with wat

Default avatar.png live207reed: Help us, pls

Default avatar.png live207reed: dfghhfdhgdg

catostefa: we are in the basement

catostefa: play

Default avatar.png live207reed: we are in the basement

Default avatar.png live207reed: we are in the basement

catostefa: in my house

Default avatar.png live207reed: we work for EA, we make Battlefield yet we shit on blacks

[CG]Thibaud: :eyes:

catostefa: it is joke

Default avatar.png live207reed: ITS NOT JOKE!!!!!!

Uljahn: that's not clever

catostefa: about blacks

Uljahn: please stop, guys

catostefa: Ukraine is threatening us with pigs

Default avatar.png bobrdobr228: we will be raped we will be killed, help me we will be raped we will be killed, help me


Uljahn: wth

jacek: schmetterling?

JLukeSkywalker: doest seem like a bot, eventually they will run out of accounts or free time

Default avatar.png CodeHub-CreamPy: ughhh optimization is giving me a hard time

Spacialman: Luke.....

Spacialman: I am not your father.

Default avatar.png Char_2C: NOOO

Spacialman: YEES

Spacialman: some one know something

depthzer0: :joy:

Spacialman: Kylo

Spacialman: I am definitely not your father


Spacialman: But, I am your grandfather

Spacialman: @depthzer0, I just realized what your background is.

depthzer0: good job, son

Spacialman: Well lets just say it's about 215.6 million miles from earth

Spacialman: traveling about 6,000 miles per hour. and it is about 96.1 million miles away from mars.


Default avatar.png bobrdobr228: love bobr

Default avatar.png Daniel.jhon: hi

jacek: would 600 frames be enough?

Default avatar.png kuozzera: who use java

jacek: over 3 billion devices


BIG_DA_WAE: who uses bash?

BIG_DA_WAE: and vbs


BIG_DA_WAE: ...?

BIG_DA_WAE: :disappointed_relieved:

jacek: why would anyone use such esoteric languages

BIG_DA_WAE: bash?

Default avatar.png ERF4N: I like to learn bash, do u have any resource ?

BIG_DA_WAE: im still new

Default avatar.png ERF4N: ow right

BIG_DA_WAE: sorry

BIG_DA_WAE: about that

Default avatar.png ERF4N: np

BIG_DA_WAE: im following you right now

Default avatar.png ERF4N: for whut

BIG_DA_WAE: you might be helpful some day

jacek: oO

BIG_DA_WAE: oO what?

BIG_DA_WAE: oops that didnt come out right sorry

BIG_DA_WAE: you ever tried making a fake virus using vbs?

BIG_DA_WAE: just to troll your friends

jacek: i havent trolled anyone like that

jacek: i just run fake update if colleague forgets to lock his computer

BIG_DA_WAE: lol how?


BIG_DA_WAE: wow you made this or did you find it?

BIG_DA_WAE: do they got one for chromebooks


jacek: no i didnt

BIG_DA_WAE: chromebooks?

BIG_DA_WAE: any more stuff like this?

jacek: dunno, its a common prank i just googled first site

BIG_DA_WAE: oh well thanks

dbf: eulerscheZahl, when your game will be promoted as the puzzle of the week?

jrke: he was hoping that game for official contest on CG but unfortunately .....

dbf: I know, but I think CG guys mentioned that we will have some promoted puzzles?

AntiSquid: you can spam non-clash puzzle links in chat, it's what clashers do with coc anyway @_@

AntiSquid: therefore: promotion ! lol

dbf: it was promoted in CG telegram channel, but still to few players :(

AntiSquid: cg has telegram ?

jrke: what cg has telegram? really?

AntiSquid: 4 even

AntiSquid: 1 clash, 2 russian, 1 "studenti",

AntiSquid: haha:

dbf: lol, it is just a community chat, not official

jrke: lol

AntiSquid: i am not criticizing, just laughing at the guy asking for english on there

jrke: `before the exams` same my situations

jrke: gn going to have some rest

AntiSquid: good memes on there:

dbf: @AntiSquid here is a valid one:

AntiSquid: ya but i don't speak russian, i didn't even learn your alphabet

dbf: should not be very difficult - some of the letters are the same

AntiSquid: stuck arguing with the chatbot:

jacek: AutomatonNN would pass

AutomatonNN: kutulu is popular one that is cool

dbf: don't give up!

Default avatar.png j_barbs: lucky numbers is wild

dbf: lol, I see you passed the bot and enjoying russian now

AntiSquid: was hard though

dbf: next level is to join codingame chinese channel in wechat

AntiSquid: hm, i would but wechat randomly suspends accounts "due to suspicious activity"

AntiSquid: even on chinese sim card

KiwiTae: just need to avoid a few words

jacek: like?

KiwiTae: free the uighurs

KiwiTae: taiwan is an independant country

KiwiTae: or posting an image of winnie the pooh

KiwiTae: :grin: im sure there are plenty others

Kitkat260: sup guys

Default avatar.png IgnacioGb: hi is "bc" allowed in bash?

Default avatar.png Ladycoder_08: :expressionless:

jacek: ^_^

Default avatar.png IgnacioGb: i answer myself. Yes it is

jacek: :o

mr.Ozzi: Hey guy's

mr.Ozzi: How are u?

Default avatar.png krsthe1st: all good

Default avatar.png krsthe1st: and you

Default avatar.png surajmamgai:

Default avatar.png surajmamgai: join fast'

Default avatar.png surajmamgai: giveawy

Default avatar.png surajmamgai: huge giveaway

Default avatar.png surajmamgai: 100000 billion

mr.Ozzi: me2

mr.Ozzi: ha ha ha LoL

Default avatar.png krsthe1st: take it bro, it's all for you :)




Spacialman: I promise this is not spam.

Spacialman: It is something I found and I'm trying to figure out how it works.


Default avatar.png YOYITsM3M8: hi

Spacialman: HI

Spacialman: How are you?

Default avatar.png YOYITsM3M8: good

Default avatar.png YOYITsM3M8: late response eeeeeee

Default avatar.png SirVizzy: hi

Default avatar.png EllyasOuasti: hey

sinteclado: Hi, how can i submit a challenge to clash of code?

Default avatar.png Avxgr: Go to Contribute tab

Default avatar.png Newbiegod: hi guyssss