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Default avatar.png ADMAAVADMAAVYT: hi

brand: hows it going

kaz-png: good

FrancoisB: great!

jacek: good morning

kovi: morning

Default avatar.png BrokenGiant_95fb: hello

Default avatar.png BrokenGiant_95fb: anyone here develop app using core?

Default avatar.png Tuanas: simp

Default avatar.png Tuanas: simp.exe

jacek: :thinking:

ParallaxWave: 8D

MSmits: 2 more and you got string theory

jacek: :?:

MSmits: jacek sry, lemme add some more context on that

MSmits: 8 + 2 = 10

jacek: :drum:

kovi: night changes +3position uttt, -5 bt

MSmits: nice job on uttt

jacek: not so nice on bt

kovi: i didnt submit at all!

MSmits: I'm also working on uttt, new bot

kovi: 5-10 is pretty close in both

MSmits: but did you submit on bt?

kovi: no

MSmits: mmh ok

kovi: jacek made it very close. and pamp pushed me to back

jacek: huh? i see youre submiting now

kovi: ofc. after i got back of the pack

kovi: also i had ideas, which were mostly failed

kovi: i was thinking that in bt with early termination it would be better to not reuse tree or at least clear scores

kovi: but that made it worse

jacek: youre not using solver yet?

kovi: i think i do

jacek: at least based on your output, at the end youre doing gazillion sims with score like 0.00001

kovi: what i display is rate. last number is winner (-2=not fixed)

jacek: ah

kovi: (and yeah, i still run mcts even if winner is found from root)

MSmits: yeah, heat up those server farms

kovi: msmits you do mcts on bt with ept any thoughts on no tree reuse/weaking of previous scores?

MSmits: i just reuse the tree

MSmits: keep the scores

MSmits: unless my node pool runs out, then i just reset it

jacek: yeah, no point on clearing

jacek: even if youre previous sims were misguided, current ones could be too. but at least you have some warm start now

MSmits: if you got to some depth, the only score that was added to the node there, were from even deeper nodes. So if this node becomes the root, it's basically just a headstart

kovi: yeah, make sense it slowly changes to the right direction

MSmits: the only thing that might be in favor of resetting is cache misses

MSmits: your nodes might be spread out in memory due to dead branches being in between

jacek: hmm maybe i should add tree reuse in bt :thinking:

MSmits: the more branching a game has, the less useful it is

MSmits: if you havent added it in oware, you really should, but i think you have

jacek: yes

jacek: bt has relatvely high bf

kovi: interesting msmits than tree compression would make sense (keeping score)

MSmits: well it would if it wasnt so expensive to actually compress a tree

kovi: i dont think it is

MSmits: might take several milliseconds and be worse than just resetting the tree I think. But worth a try I guess

kovi: at least it is cheaper than no-reuse building the whole from scratch and no scores

MSmits: it's basically copying maybe 50 megabytes of data spread out over 600 megabytes

MSmits: in little chunks

kovi: but if you do it in each turn it is not 600mb

MSmits: true, but still a lot

MSmits: if i do 100k rollouts and i expand 40 bytes worth of node * Nchildren with 10 children i get 40 megabytes of new data

MSmits: i doubt it would be worth it

kovi: yeah, i guess you copy 10mb from 50mb

kovi: (just checked and i have similar numbers)

MSmits: it's worth it when you're trying to solve locally and have memory constraints

kovi: good point

jacek: do you still run c4 solver?

MSmits: solving using mcts solver is very memory intensive

MSmits: yeah, when i am not at the computer, sec

jacek: the suspence is killing me


MSmits: 3 is only going up

MSmits: 0 and 1 might both be draws hard to say, or neither one of them is

MSmits: i changed my bot to start with 1

MSmits: and it doesnt steal 0

kovi: hmm, copying is especially cheap with array-node-childblock...

MSmits: true, you dont copy per child, you copy per set of children

MSmits: btw, you also need to update your parent references

MSmits: i have a "childindex"

kovi: true

kovi: same yeah

MSmits: some people use a pointer for this

MSmits: but I am obsessed with makign my nodes small

kovi: we use array indexing at work

MSmits: it's 32 bit vs 64 bit

MSmits: my node is only 16 byte currently

MSmits: so 128 bit

MSmits: in uttt that is


kovi: wow, that is nice. 128bit game state?

MSmits: no, the game state is not on there at all

MSmits: it's just a boardindex and a move index

Default avatar.png BhavYea: hellooo

kovi: oh ok, i pack all together

MSmits: you have the gamestate on the node?

kovi: yes

MSmits: so thats 10 integers on every node?

kovi: yes

MSmits: thats expensive to do

MSmits: memory wise anyway

MSmits: what i do is, i apply the moves during selection, but very simple, just

MSmits: inline void ApplyMove(int player) { boards16[player][boardIndex] |= 1 << moveIndex; }

kovi: i see

MSmits: i dont check for wins and all that

kovi: for bt/uttt that make sense

kovi: for bandas that would not work

MSmits: in bt i do keep the state on the node

MSmits: in bandas i do also

MSmits: most games actually

MSmits: but most board games have a 128 bit or even 64 bit gamestate

MSmits: uttt can theoretically fit into 128 bit but it takes extreme compression, more likely it's 192 bit or more

kovi: yeah it is easier to reproduce than decompress

MSmits: I have my oware and onitama in 64 bit. Pretty sure noone else does this. I did some weird stuff to achieve this

MSmits: not sure it's worth it

jacek: *spoiler alert* its not :v

MSmits: probably not :)

MSmits: but my nodes are small

kovi: i dont think either. 40 or 48 byte

kovi: but for uttt it may make sense

MSmits: for oware i have 5 bit per house, adds up to 60 bit, but a house may have more than 31 seeds, but because there can only be 1 house with more than 31 seeds, i store the overflow of seeds in the leftover 4 bit :)

kovi: :) (even if i dont know oware at all)

MSmits: it's 12 pits, each have seeds in them, simpest gamestate I know

MSmits: simpler than uttt

kovi: im having motivational problems after reaching top10

MSmits: yeah, i did too and moved on, but i keep coming back after a few months

MSmits: if you do what is fun, you'll be back eventually, nor not

MSmits: or

kovi: for a multiplayer which already runs for years

jacek: chess?

kovi: hard to tell what amount of additional work is needed

kovi: for chess it could be infinite. looking at the literature

kovi: at least in cg it is new

kovi: i guess being new and having community focus raises motivation level

MSmits: yeah

jacek: 5% focus

kovi: :)

MSmits: also a game being on CG for years doesnt necessarily mean people spent years on it. For uttt this is true, but for most other games it will not be. People spend at most a few weeks and then dont look back, with some rare exceptions

jacek: :soccer: :/

kovi: paper soccer is relatively new isnt it?

jacek: it came at the same time bt did

MSmits: not that new. Over a year for sure

MSmits: there's nothing wrong with the game, it just never got popular

MSmits: just like twixt

MSmits: eric made both twixt and dots, for some reason dots and boxes got popular

kovi: that is new for me i have only concentrated on cg contests up to now

jacek: well its rather obscure. i played it at school on real paper

jacek: as twixtpp is probably popular in france and nowhere else

MSmits: ah I see

kovi: yeah, we did d&b and car racing

Default avatar.png ngdangtu: Do you guy know what is Tests Cases Relevancy?

jacek: do test cases cover most cases and the edge cases

kovi: msmits are you using mcts on d&b?

MSmits: no, I have no traditional search on D&B. It's a weird game

MSmits: after halfway through the game. The game is solvable

MSmits: i use a complicated 1590 line solver for that part, but it's not so important

MSmits: the 10 plies before that i use nimstring analysis

MSmits: that's everything

MSmits: when i came up with it, i was nr 1

MSmits: then mikkla did it better

MSmits: first 40 or so plies it's just random moves

MSmits: mikkla said he just picks the first move (which imho is worse than random)

kovi: that is why im thinking about mcts

MSmits: well you could do a mcts with a short nimstring analysis at the end, i've thought about it

kovi: with ept...and i would add my depth0 assessment in the end

MSmits: but without the math, it's hopeless

kovi: i dont even know what is nimstring...just parity

MSmits: it's mostly parity yes

MSmits: but has a lot of rules in D&B

MSmits: basically, you turn the entire game around with one well, or wrongly placed line

kovi: true

MSmits: i spent more time reading papers on D&B than any other game combined

MSmits: and there arent even that many papers on D&B

MSmits: i just read them many times :P

jacek: please no spoilers

MSmits: it's because you really *need* the math, as opposed to most other games

MSmits: lol

MSmits: i wont, dont worry :)

kovi: that is the problem with these simple games

MSmits: what is?

kovi: that they have been already researched

MSmits: hmm well, I had to think of a lot of new rules for my D&B solver

MSmits: they were not in the papers

MSmits: the nimstring stuff was though

MSmits: uttt is poorly researched as well

MSmits: also CG often has somewhat different variations of the real game that have a real effect

MSmits: like time limits

kovi: i agree

jacek: most games have time limit *.*

MSmits: oware has a different best move soemtimes, depending on how close to the end you are

kovi: and code limit to prevent heavy books/nn

MSmits: it only works to prevent endgame books though

MSmits: nns get enough space

MSmits: and i never had an opening book over 10kb

MSmits: even running one for months

kovi: well...for std chess that would not be enough

MSmits: the thing is, it's easy to get a large opening book, it's not easy for them to be good moves

MSmits: good moves require tons of calculation time

MSmits: that's the real bottleneck

MSmits: not codesize

jacek: its easy. just be google

MSmits: my oware book is currently probably 4 kb if i properly compressed it

MSmits: it is based on 8.5 million games

MSmits: months of runtime on a single core

MSmits: still losing half my games vs jacek as player 1 btw :P

jacek: my bt bot is based on 3.8 mills games now. 2.5 days. use your resources efficiently

MSmits: sure, but they are not all good games :)

MSmits: my games are played by my bot, not semi-randomly

Rocky[K.G.F.]: hii to all

MSmits: hi Rocky[K.G.F.]

karliso: why is codesize not a problem for nns?

MSmits: it is a problem, it's not prohibiting though, for these simple boardgames. Iam just going by what the NN-ers told

MSmits: did not try it myself

MSmits: for a more complex game it could be a bigger problem

Rocky[K.G.F.]: hi UIjahn

jacek: i could use a bigger NN

jacek: but i can't :(

jacek: dat grammar

kovi: yeah instead of 4x4 conv, use 8x8 direct solver :)

Default avatar.png zalnaRs: b b b

Default avatar.png YSF8: i have a question

Default avatar.png YSF8: i am currently trying to code in a game and it says i need to win to go to the next level

Default avatar.png YSF8: but i keep winning and staying the the same area and loose rank for some reason i was 4 and know 23k

Default avatar.png YSF8: what is the reasoning

MadKnight: u have to submit and have it win the boss

Default avatar.png YSF8: how do i submit

Default avatar.png YSF8: i can play my code

Default avatar.png YSF8: and i win the boss al the time

Default avatar.png YSF8: all*

Default avatar.png YSF8: Game Summary: YSF8 rank: 1 Boss 4 rank: 2 End reached

jacek: test in arena, not play my code

geppoz: puzzle of the week "Encounter surface" solved using only sum and products... not a single division nor any goniometric function or segment intersections

geppoz: there is any extra prize? :D

jacek: now solve the previous puzzle of the week

geppoz: the previous was not a puzzle ;)

JockTalk: gold

MasterCoderxD: yo

Default avatar.png komple1: hio

Default avatar.png komple1: :apple:

MohamedElhakim: hello guys,searching for remote backend developer C#,Any help?

jrke: is there any link for the referee of great escape

jrke: ?

MSmits: I think it's on the forum somewhere

jrke: forum not opening :thinking:

257832: jrke:

jrke: oh thankds

jrke: thanks*

kovi: is it just me or bandas strongly favors p1?

MSmits: I think it does, but it also favors whomever received the best position through random generation

MSmits: this is why re curse hates it. If you can get past this, it's a fun game to code a bot for

kovi: you mean there is no heuristic to catch a winner/saver move?

MSmits: not sure what you mean

kovi: other than being lucky and find it early

MSmits: people play this game the way they do UTTT, mostly through random rollouts

kovi: yeah, i meant that. and now i see the importance of book

MSmits: it shortens the rollout

kovi: giving 3-4 plies more

kovi: yeah

MSmits: but you can get to top 10 without it

MSmits: I think maybe 3-4 people use an endgame book

MSmits: karliso, nagrarok and I. Maybe one more I missed

kovi: maybe my rolloutcnt is low. i can only get 15-20

MSmits: what do you mean 15-20?

Default avatar.png kishor_max: how to submit? submit button is not working'

jrke: click on bottom right button

MSmits: Test in Arena?

Default avatar.png kishor_max: in clash of codes

Default avatar.png kishor_max: right bottom button is not working

MSmits: kovi, let me do some tests so i can tell you rolloutcount

reCurse: kovi: I warned you, games almost always start extremely favored for one player :p

MSmits: yeah but thats not that bad really. All that does is make the top 10 less reliable. You can have fun writing a bot, get into top 10 and then not worry about whether you're really rank 8 or 3

MSmits: then just move on

reCurse: Not sure which language you're speaking right now

reCurse: Is it Dutch?

MSmits: lol, sometimes I reply to you, but it's really meant for everyone else :P

reCurse: :(

MSmits: just letting them know you can have fun with imperfect games :)

reCurse: Forever outlier

MSmits: whats that

reCurse: 5% of 5%

MSmits: that's you I think

MSmits: well me too, but for different reasons maybe

jrke: i just discovered bandas is also interesting lol

MSmits: kovi rollout count close to 50k * 4 sims per expansion. So 200k random playouts from 50k parent nodes

MSmits: a little below that

MSmits: in round 2

MSmits: but this is with endgame book, i might get a small increase from cutting playouts short. Or the conditional check + lookup might cost too, i dunno

reCurse: Endgame book for bandas?!

MSmits: yeah

reCurse: Why?

MSmits: I look up every state with 12 or less squares

MSmits: makes random rollouts better

MSmits: more exact

MSmits: and shorter

MSmits: i solve much sooner, it's why i am ranked 3 on average and not 10

reCurse: I didn't think it mattered since game is so skewed in your favor (or not)

MSmits: it matters less on average because of that, but this favor thing cancels out over many games

reCurse: And since there's no pairing, your ranking is even more dependent on which side you got

reCurse: So your improvement gets entirely drowned out

MSmits: yes, so the margin is smaller

MSmits: it doesnt, i tested it

MSmits: it's pretty significant

reCurse: Hmm

reCurse: Maybe your eval is bad then? :P

MSmits: what eval

MSmits: i do it uttt-style

reCurse: Oh random rollouts

MSmits: i simply cut short the random rollout

MSmits: it's like using a lookup for the last uttt board

MSmits: the last miniboard

MSmits: btw, this works fine, but no matter how hard I try, i can't seem to figure out how to do 2 miniboard lookup. Just too many states

MSmits: can maybe do it locally, but definitely not in a live bot

kovi: sorry was afk 15-20 is leadeboard positions im below 100k rollouts, so need to work on that

MSmits: ahh ok

Default avatar.png ADMAAVADMAAVYT: can someone help me please i am new to the program

KiwiTae: ADMAAVADMAAVYT welcome what do you need

Default avatar.png ADMAAVADMAAVYT: i would like like a tutoril like a vidieo is there something like that on this?

Default avatar.png ADMAAVADMAAVYT: also can u use this websit to code a game?

Wontonimo: @ADMAAVADMAAVYT there are no video tutorials that I know of. You can check out the live streams

AntiSquid: there are some video tutorials

AntiSquid: what tutorial are you looking for capsman ?

Wontonimo: You can make contributions on this site, like a clash-of-code, or a bot competition. It isn't a stand-alone game that you could put on an app store

Wontonimo: I didn't now about the videos, sorry. There is definitely a lot of learning material here

AntiSquid: capsman ? ADMAAVADMAAVYT

jacek: this site is not for complete beginner who doesn't know how to code at all. no total beginner tutorials here

AntiSquid: nonsense, AutomatonNN and Automaton2000 both started here and look at their level progress

Automaton2000: i haven't even started yet

AutomatonNN: why do you think that it is a good one?

AntiSquid: damn bots berating me ...

jacek: AutomatonNN where is frog

AutomatonNN: no zigo

AntiSquid: Zigo Zigo: Is and Uber Cool Guy, He Pwns everyone and Katelyins seem attracted to him. He Owns the internets and is uber. He is also the pwnage of Byond.


jacek: mhm

AntiSquid: i thought it's funny someone nicknamed himself zigo and posted that on urban dictionary, that's all

AntiSquid: Zigo Leader Stroller Bike :

Waffle3z: p`factor`.count(' ')==2 ?????? what is going on here

Waffle3z: what is `factor`

Default avatar.png OnceAndFutureKing: repr() in python2 print all prime factors

Waffle3z: where is `factor` documented, why does it specifically get the next thing out of stdin, convert it to a number, and get the number's factors, how is that specific behavior built into the language

Waffle3z: and what's that notation

Default avatar.png OnceAndFutureKing:

Waffle3z: it's ruby

Default avatar.png OnceAndFutureKing: hah, that explains why it sounds weird and in bash also work

Default avatar.png breadward: the back ticks in ruby call a system command if I understand correctly, in this case it's running the bash 'factor' oh that makes sense

Default avatar.png breadward: if I'm understanding correctly lol, just learned about from a challenge on here yesterday : p

Default avatar.png OnceAndFutureKing: that's actually genius XD

Default avatar.png breadward: right?! now I need to brush up on bash :p

jacek: or hash oO

jacek: Oo

KiwiTae: im from taiwan hash :D

jacek: huh

KiwiTae: just sharing

jacek: oh my

YurkovAS: jacek "opening move" in onitama mean you use open book?

jacek: its just my trolling

YurkovAS: onitama more easy than d&b and othello

jacek: there are over 100k combinations in onitama in the beginning

YurkovAS: jacek n-tuples for othello is NN (network) and need train this network in offline? i'm read and don't understand anything.

jacek: yes

YurkovAS: thanks


Westicles: I'm down to the crappy puzzles. CYK algorithm, smh

Default avatar.png ADMAAVADMAAVYT: ok

taha-lyousfi: hi guys

taha-lyousfi: does anyone have some advice for me to start competetive programming

MSmits: seems pretty broad subject.

MSmits: There are speed-programming challenges. Those are very different from the bot coding we do here

MSmits: the botcoding we do is more relaxed. Even contests give you 10 days generally. If you're not too busy with work or family stuff, it should be enogu

MSmits: enough

MSmits: but in any case, the advice is practice

AntiSquid: taha-lyousfi yes

Default avatar.png nunu2021: hi all, i am soooooo excited to start!

Default avatar.png Sky_Rhett: where do i start programming as a high school student who knows nothyingf

Default avatar.png nunu2021: omg, im also a highschooler, but i do have some cs experience

Default avatar.png nunu2021: i would say learn one language a little bit, then practice the language on this site

Default avatar.png LuaCultist: I too am a highschooler! I would say start on a project you think you would enjoy making

Default avatar.png LuaCultist: You'll learn as you go

Default avatar.png LuaCultist: Make sure to know the basics of the languages/frameworks you will use first or it'll not end up too well