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kaz-png: finally, Caturday

Default avatar.png Ajay-Bisht.7017.: hii

jacek: so quiet in this Caturday

kovi: hello. oh, you resubmitted from 2nd?

jacek: new model

kovi: im thinking of adding duplication check

jacek: transpositions?

kovi: oh, so that is how it is called

jacek: you didnt know? :o

kovi: i am new to these

kovi: i was thinking graph manipulation


jacek: though i never got it working for mcts. i use TT only for minimax-like

jacek: i can consistenly win against robo, but still only single games against reCurse

kovi: yeah, that is godly

kovi: gratz for 2nd though

kovi: duplication is easier with minimax cause you eval at the same turn

kovi: uttt is mostly nonduplicate cause of forced moves

jacek: in mcts there is also issue how to backpropagate that and UCT selection

kovi: even though it is "flow" like

kovi: non-reversible

kovi: bt is also nonreversible...and simple (single piece type)

jacek: yeah, no cycles

kovi: probably lots of duplications. and no difference how to get there

_O-MEGA: can anyone pls help me with a dp problem, i can't find the solution ;-;

_O-MEGA: it's for sure an easy one but...

_O-MEGA: please?

jacek: whats the problem

_O-MEGA: so given an array with positive intgers, u are allowed to change any element to another element with a cost of their sum, u need to find the minimum cost such that the array is nondecreasing

_O-MEGA: like if u have: 4 2 3 1 the minimum cost is 9

_O-MEGA: u change the first element into 1 and the last element into 3

_O-MEGA: is the problem clear?

jacek: too geeky for me

jacek: have you searched

_O-MEGA: yes

_O-MEGA: not a lot but didnt find anything

Default avatar.png Omer_ctr: 90% python answers

_O-MEGA: wdym?

_O-MEGA: Jacek got any idea?

jacek: nah

_O-MEGA: rip

_O-MEGA: anyone else?

jacek: try discord

_O-MEGA: ok

_O-MEGA: true

Rocky[K.G.F.]: hello

Default avatar.png skyrocky: hi+

Default avatar.png skyrocky: hi hi*1/0

Wexouv: Hi * nan

Rocky[K.G.F.]: HI reCurse

jacek: :scream:

TBali: Freecell puzzle: "Community success rate: 0%" 3 approvers: you are caught red-handed...

jacek: maybe they solved during approval and forgot about it later

TBali: yeah, very likely

Default avatar.png uri1love: guys goin pls. it's shortest mode only

Default avatar.png uri1love: join*

TBali: There is a channel for this, no?

jacek: oO

3ataja: TBali, where? on Discord?

jacek: on Celestia

AntiSquid: uri1love join fast! gogogo ! NOW!

MSmits: before I discovered paper soccer, my life was empty and hollow. Now I feel revived and energized. Try paper soccer today, free!

reCurse: How much did you get paid?

reCurse: For the right price I might join too

MSmits: I am not at liberty to disclose :P

reCurse: Shame

darkhorse64: Play fireworks and enlight your nights

kovi: i heard that euler pay double for tryangle

MSmits: ohh

jacek: even ceg survived paper soccer

jacek: and he doesnt even read statements

struct: after he did paper soccer he was never seen again

struct: keep that in mind

jacek: he pruned himself away

kovi: talking about disappears, what is with dbdr?

struct: He was here 1 week ago+-

jacek: AutomatonNN where is that other guy?

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to do that in the referee to add a replay of the community puzzle

jacek: yeah, where he is oO

Default avatar.png s464913: hi I have a little problem. I defeated the boss but I'm still in bronze. And I dont know what to do ;d

struct: Are you above the boss?

jacek: you need to be above the boss in leaderboard

Default avatar.png s464913: yeah

jacek: if your submit is over, wait for next promotion window

Default avatar.png s464913: im above

jacek: and? you promoted?

Default avatar.png s464913: no ;d

Default avatar.png s464913: but is says that: Those better than the Boss will be promoted to Silver League at 18 H 17

Default avatar.png s464913: So I guess that I must wait

jacek: eeyup

Default avatar.png s464913: but idk what time zone it is

jacek: just 5 more minutes

Default avatar.png s464913: u are from Poland?

jacek: yes :scream:

Default avatar.png s464913: zaczalem w to grac niedawno wiec nizebyt jeszcze ogarniam zasady XD

jacek: coders strike back?

Default avatar.png s464913: ta

kovi: jacek you "packed" the 6-10 group

Papaver: I am also trying Coders strike back. Sometimes it doesn't show any pods moving in the game window when I press Play, although the console returns normal outputs. It works again if I refresh, but it's kind of annoying ;) Do I overlook something?

kovi: can a browser restart solve it?

jacek: packed?

kovi: 2x37.51,3x37.49

jacek: compression eh

Wontonimo: please give me some feedback on my clash-of-code contribution "Code Breaker" it has received several downvotes and but no actual feedback.

Wontonimo: is it too difficult, too easy, poorly described ... ?? The basic concept break a ceaser cipher. Computationally simple, but it is clash-of-code

Uljahn: it's simple when you're familiar with cryptography

Westicles: There are already at least 6 other Caesar cipher clashes, that might be part of the problem

jacek: do the double rot13 puzzle

kovi: play of bandas is quite complex, i dont like it

jacek: oO

kovi: also no debug msg... what kind of playout count can i expect?

jacek: pure mcts? ask MSmits

kovi: you play jacekmax?

jacek: yes. NN of course

MSmits: not sure kovi, i use an endgame book for bandas

kovi: i c

jacek: he's like bible, alpha and omega

MSmits: my random rollouts cut short pretty early

MSmits: well just omega for bandas, no alpha

kovi: :)

kovi: no opening because it is random

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: btw, if you're looking to generate endgame book for bandas, max size is 12 (so 3x4 or 4x3, 6x2 etc)

MSmits: and you can only generate it offline, then put it in codesize

MSmits: bigger endgame books wont fit and it is quite expensive to generate them

jacek: how often 6x2 occurs eh

MSmits: dunno

MSmits: didnt matter to me anyhow

MSmits: for oware you would generate it in the first 1 second

MSmits: because you can get bigger books that way, than when putting it in codesize

MSmits: it's all about computing vs memory

MSmits: well code size instead of memory, in this case

MSmits: anyway, gtg, promised my wife to watch a quiz thing on tv , ttyl

jacek: - good idea for reverse clash

MSmits: so, you would look at the numbers, then write a program to calculate these numbers?

MSmits: in 15 mins

MSmits: I don't see a problem with that

Default avatar.png tiabeanie: hello

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: is there something in java by default which is like a signum function in other languages? copysign only returns + and - but not exactly zero

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: or do you have to code it yourself everytime?

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: whoops

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: in python by default*

3ataja: bots shouldn't be allowed around this hour in CoC :)

[K]Gabor: is the platform dying just for me?

3ataja: it's dies every day around this hour

[K]Gabor: oh :( i see

[K]Gabor: its time to sleep than

Default avatar.png ZQWhiting: Any idea when the site usually resolves its issues?

3ataja: i don't think it takes too long

3ataja: may be all right in half an hour

Default avatar.png ZQWhiting: Thanks

brand: hey how is everyone doing t

Default avatar.png Mr.Woof: yo

Default avatar.png Mr.Woof: 8==D