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infinitygamer404: hi

Wontonimo: :wave:

pyBoy.: :confused:


Default avatar.png Ajay-Bisht.7017.: hii i am new to codingame

pyBoy.: oO

Default avatar.png Ajay-Bisht.7017.: hii [CG]Thibaud my friend Robin_Hood tell me about Codingame it is nice

jrke: welcome Ajay-Bisht.7017.

Default avatar.png Ajay-Bisht.7017.: hii jrke


EliteDaMyth: shortest only

EliteDaMyth: join!


Default avatar.png Bogdan_Panov: lol

jacek: good prenoon

ZTPegasus: hi

DJIronLlamaEater_62b7: hi

ZTPegasus: yo

Default avatar.png Rocky[K.G.F.]: hii

ZTPegasus: hello

Default avatar.png mikyas: hi

ImagineLosing: :

ZTPegasus: hi

killer_royal666: кукукукук

Default avatar.png smalex: Hi

Default avatar.png rozbrajaczpoziomow: hi

jacek: c-c-c-combo breaker

AntiSquid: the hell

AntiSquid: you're spamming this just as bad as the regulars, please tone it down

IamQuan: yay :D

BlaiseEbuth: Oh ! You changed your avatar AntiSquid ^^

IamQuan: :money_mouth:

AntiSquid: Memes bring peac

AntiSquid: peace, unity and healing

BlaiseEbuth: :bow:

AntiSquid: more than Biden will ever hope to ...

IamQuan: Hi Bot

AntiSquid: it's both ! @_@ hello

IamQuan: :flushed:

AntiSquid: how's vietnam doing ?

IamQuan: gud :D

Alshock: Bot says hi to IamQuan

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN say hi to IamQuan

AutomatonNN: hey guys

Alshock: hey it's getting gud

Alshock: well done AutomatonNN, any word on your incredible performance?

AutomatonNN: python was coming soon

AntiSquid: python 4 confirmed

tryhardsnipehrd: oh dang, there is a chat haha

IamQuan: yay

Default avatar.png HiRadical: python 4?

Default avatar.png HiRadical: git gud

Default avatar.png HiRadical: im using python 300

AntiSquid: that would be version 3.0.0

Default avatar.png CALLmeANIKET: gh

Default avatar.png CALLmeANIKET: java compiler of this website is sick

BlaiseEbuth: Everybody forced to eat java will rapidly become sick...

Joseph_Mother: bruh

Default avatar.png Shablombi: NIGGER

Default avatar.png Shablombi: aaqaa

Default avatar.png Shablombi: aaaaaaa

Default avatar.png Shablombi: a

Default avatar.png Shablombi: aa

jacek: oO

magicKULA: hello

MrClottom: The quality of code clashes has really been seeing a decline

Default avatar.png LudwigMM: i'm good in english

Default avatar.png LudwigMM: but i'm french

Default avatar.png LudwigMM: i'm gonna give you up .....

Default avatar.png LudwigMM: never gonna

Default avatar.png LudwigMM: i don't know the lyric

Default avatar.png LudwigMM: i'm sorry

MSmits: my colleague did something funny with that

Default avatar.png LudwigMM: with what ?

MSmits: he made a link that pretended to be the answers to the next test

MSmits: and it was a rickroll

Default avatar.png LudwigMM: i have 14 years old

Default avatar.png LudwigMM: goodbye

Default avatar.png LudwigMM: everybody

PawelRostecki: PPR_UAM_2

Felixmid3: good bye kid ^^

Default avatar.png yandDev: hi

Wontonimo: hi

jacek: good evening

3ataja: hi

Frkxo: hi

Default avatar.png ...PLY...: hi guys

LinkyRider: lol

Felixmid3: hi guys

Default avatar.png Natanalel: Hello!

Felixmid3: what s up

Default avatar.png Natanalel: clashing

jacek: :unamused:

Default avatar.png TheBouncyStopwatch_4aa6: felix is sb

Default avatar.png TheBouncyStopwatch_4aa6: felix you are stupid

Default avatar.png TheBouncyStopwatch_4aa6: jyjytfksertrfybukkyb

Felixmid3: who are you

Default avatar.png TheBouncyStopwatch_4aa6: ...

OM_Gaming: what's sup

Felixmid3: you have a problem ?

reCurse: Ok keep that stuff to your classroom

Felixmid3: u wanna fight ?

Felixmid3: come !!!

LinkyRider: ohayo sekai

Felixmid3: xd

LinkyRider: goodnight World

LinkyRider: (zawarudo)

OM_Gaming: chill out bro

Felixmid3: we are ^^

LinkyRider: frie,d

OM_Gaming: u guys just playing

BlaiseEbuth: Wow reCurse you saved felix from the ban

reCurse: They usually can't even figure out how to rejoin anyway

reCurse: Wonder why

LinkyRider: Sono

LinkyRider: chino

LinkyRider: Sadame

jacek: AutomatonNN translate

AutomatonNN: lol i'm happy i like the same code

reCurse: Welp there goes one

reCurse: No PM this time weird

OM_Gaming: hi again

reCurse: Now behave or get banned

reCurse: Thanks

OM_Gaming: okay

OM_Gaming: sorry

Default avatar.png killerart: I hate Python

CosmicPancake: anyone know c++ an want to teach me

Default avatar.png Drmewzih: cout<<"Hello World";

TBali: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Errror: Undefined constant "cout" in code:1

TBali: Team: on your marks, get set, ...

jacek: cout in PHP :thinking:


MadKnight: oh wow so static inheritance works in c# too

MadKnight: didn't know c# was really that much optimized

MadKnight: i'd send a pic instead of that scary link but this chat doesn't support it

reCurse: Microsoft is very serious about bringing the performance of .net on par with native

C_Boy: people question why I use C, it still used at chip level for most embedded

JLukeSkywalker: ^^ I use C and assembly all the time at work

3ataja: have someone ever ranked 1st in a CoC using c :thinking:

JLukeSkywalker: i have in a couple speed ones

JLukeSkywalker: depends on the puzzle

JLukeSkywalker: i will concede that python is easier though

JLukeSkywalker: for fast coding

3ataja: cool, c is very challenging in some puzzles

JLukeSkywalker: finally got to gold in GoD. Not counting comments, only takes 40 lines of code lol

VladimirAngelov: whats static inheritance

JLukeSkywalker: java?

JLukeSkywalker: method/etc in a class that you dont need to make an object to use

JLukeSkywalker: instead of going object is class object.do_stuff you go class.do_stuff

JLukeSkywalker: iirc

KiwiTae: the bear is back <3

JLukeSkywalker: hate java

ZarthaxX: KiwiTae bear? :P

KiwiTae: its not? damn

BlaiseEbuth: It's a cat

KiwiTae: its soo damn cute anywayy >< bring the bear back

KiwiTae: o/

ZarthaxX: scarfield we did it

Astrobytes: Did what?

ZarthaxX: :rofl: i told scarfield toad would say that but well, you said it kiw oLOL

ZarthaxX: heyo

KiwiTae: :rolling_eyes: hehe

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes we thought ppl would not notice the change, at least kiwo fell for it

Astrobytes: hahaha

KiwiTae: it did look different :/

Astrobytes: yo KiwiTae how's France?

Astrobytes: (assuming you got there and started)

KiwiTae: Astrobytes coooold i did awesome projects though

KiwiTae: working on robots now cool stuf :D

KiwiTae: scotland is colder i assume hehe

Astrobytes: Hey try Scotland for cold! Awesome, that sounds great :D

Astrobytes: Glad it went well

Astrobytes: Pandemic be damned!

KiwiTae: but cannot get a life here :( curfew at 6pm >w<

Astrobytes: Yeah, 'it'll all be over soon' :P

Westicles: Do they actually enforce curfews? They had one here briefly and the cops flat out said they wouldn't enforce, so everybody ignored

Astrobytes: ZarthaxX: you missed the escape thing

Astrobytes: Westicles: In France they probably shoot you or beat you severely

KiwiTae: i also missed it and didnt have time to play ghostbusters

Westicles: heh heh, those darn french

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes i know i will try the first alone :D

KiwiTae: Oo hope they not gonna shoot me im never home by curfew time ah

TBali: you need 2 players to start escape. Of course it can be bypassed with an extra reg, but it does not make much sense alone.

TBali: Especially the second game

Astrobytes: ^^^^^

TBali: team of 4 was just perfect

Astrobytes: And you definitely need audio/video. Zoom works great.

struct: Overall experience was good imo

struct: I would rate it 7.5/10

Westicles: I wonder if they'll have community contribs

Astrobytes: Yeah, it was pretty fun

struct: Westicles would be a nice addition

Astrobytes: We mentioned that in our post-session chat Westicles

Astrobytes: But can you *imagine* the approval process if it's the same as we

Astrobytes: have currently

Westicles: Be tough to get all the languages to work in some automated fashion

Astrobytes: There are already language issues tbh

Astrobytes: instead of receiving a dictionary style input as a map, I got it as a struc t with individual variables.

Astrobytes: (C++)

Astrobytes: T Bali said something about the PHP input not working as intended too

struct: I feel like it was designed for js

struct: it worked fine

struct: for js

Astrobytes: Didn't check the py input, that would figure. py + js

Astrobytes: Wait it's set on JS as default right struct?

struct: for me yes

Astrobytes: Yeah I had it as well both times

Astrobytes: Might just be a testing thing, maybe stubs are not working as intended rn

ZarthaxX: everrything is on fire astrobyto

Wontonimo: any suggestions for a fast array in C++ that is dynamic in length? It will be at most 81 elements ...

ZarthaxX: static array? lol

Wontonimo: i'm thinking just allocate 81 static

Wontonimo: great, I'm going to assume you are not be sarcastic.

ZarthaxX: 81 elements is so little, idk what are you gonna store there tho

ZarthaxX: but still, plain array

struct: seems like uttt stuff

ZarthaxX: is this for uttt?

Wontonimo: an int

ZarthaxX: struct f u

ZarthaxX: :D

Wontonimo: haha ... yeah, it's utt

Wontonimo: t

ZarthaxX: you should look into bitboards Wontonimo

ZarthaxX: faster for that game

Wontonimo: ive got bitboards! now more looking at storing valid moves

ZarthaxX: operation wise, copying wise

ZarthaxX: for mcts?

Wontonimo: yeah, for the nodes in mcts

ZarthaxX: u could store valid moves in a bitboard too, couldnt you?

ZarthaxX: dude?

ZarthaxX: F

Wontonimo: 81, seems a bit more trouble than it is worth.

ZarthaxX: 81 bits ?

ZarthaxX: a 128 bits

ZarthaxX: you do you hehe

Wontonimo: what's the data struct in c++ that'll give me 128 bits

Wontonimo: nvm ... i'll google

ZarthaxX: well there is a 128 bits type

ZarthaxX: __m128i

struct: or __int128

ZarthaxX: you could tho divide the board maybe in 2 64s

struct: Which is just 2 64s

ZarthaxX: i won

ZarthaxX: shuuuuuuut up structo

ZarthaxX: :)

ZarthaxX: anyway, do you know builtins Wontonimo?

Wontonimo: nope... haven't done c++ since 1996, and it's changed a bit since then

ZarthaxX: struct show him the pro bits thingies

ZarthaxX: oh well, you got like an instruction that tell you the index of the first set bit

struct: What do you mean pro?

ZarthaxX: so that could get you the "move" index for example

ZarthaxX: struct builtins

Wontonimo: oh!!! what!?! what's that instruction?

ZarthaxX: idk if this can be avxeable :P

Wontonimo: index of the first set bit would be super useful!

struct: __builtin_clz


struct: __builtin_ctz

ZarthaxX: just search like this thing there Wontonimo __builtin_ffsl

struct: __builtin_popcount

ZarthaxX: or this __builtin_ffsll

ZarthaxX: it's just the same, just another data type

ZarthaxX: there are many tricks with bitboard

ZarthaxX: struct what are you gonna do now that there are no more roomstobo?

ZarthaxX: idk why i called you struct and tobo in the same sentence :thinking: sheez

struct: Dont know

struct: Maybe I write a boss for amazons

Wontonimo: thanks people of CG

struct: I think we still have the msmits function

struct: of checkWin

struct: let me check

ZarthaxX: Wontonimo talk with msmits when he is on

ZarthaxX: and you are welcome :)


struct: Was it this one ZarthaxX?

ZarthaxX: chess

ZarthaxX: but that's the one

Wontonimo: he's the teacher dude. yeah, he is helpful

ZarthaxX: ye, and humble

ZarthaxX: not like me, aggressive fox

ZarthaxX: snowy*

struct: You are gonna do chess ZarthaxX?

ZarthaxX: struct we shouldnt talk about avx/sse already for him, he just started

Wontonimo: oh, i thought you were a seal with some show piled up at your feet

ZarthaxX: no.. im busy with stuff outside cg

ZarthaxX: lmao :rofl:

struct: you said chess randomly

struct: lol

ZarthaxX: oh, the code you pasted is for chess, not utt

ZarthaxX: t

struct: whAt???

struct: It is for uttt miniboard ZarthaxX

Wontonimo: That code is awesome! Inspiring

ZarthaxX: ?????

ZarthaxX: i dont believe you

Wontonimo: loads all 8 possible wins into a 128, and checks them all in 1 go

struct: ^

ZarthaxX: thought that day was about chess

struct: :rofl:

ZarthaxX: well then :)

ZarthaxX: btw intrinsics perform so much worse than asm it sucks

ZarthaxX: or my experimentation was wrong

struct: Never tried

struct: Next contest ill do it in asm

ZarthaxX: great :)

ZarthaxX: i will go to your funeral for sure

ZarthaxX: *struct, the guy that tried and failed*

struct: I fail every contest :(

struct: LAst one was the closest one I guess

ZarthaxX: ;(

ZarthaxX: you rocked in the last one dude

struct: Yeah but I keep having the same problem

struct: I start day 1

Wontonimo: if you do it just right, and you don't f*** it up, it just works

struct: But I keep rewriting until last 3 days

ZarthaxX: so stop doing that

ZarthaxX: have fun coding and trying all the time

ZarthaxX: :)

ZarthaxX: dont even think about optimizing, just try stuff

struct: Maybe I should do puzzles

struct: and learn bfs dfs and such

ZarthaxX: it would help :)

ZarthaxX: or better keep doing amazooooooooon

ZarthaxX: ppl love your contrib

struct: I think puzzles might be better

struct: I might learn some stuff

ZarthaxX: go for it then

ZarthaxX: mah man

Astrobytes: gn all

struct: gn

ZarthaxX: gn

Default avatar.png TheSunnyCastle_ee5e: hi

Default avatar.png Leon-DE: hi

LordPhil3: hi

LordPhil3: have you seen Edward Snowden movie ?

H34Dless: high

Default avatar.png JokerYuuuuuuu: i think the game here is hard to understand at the beginning.

SadDev: Yes, it is.

Default avatar.png TheSelfishGene: how to find a mentor for coding, I am a graduate student and have been mostly in academics, with no software engineering experience. Kindly suggest. Thank you.

Default avatar.png shuo502: i think the game here is hard to understand at the beginning.

Default avatar.png shuo502: how to find a mentor for coding, I am a graduate student and have been mostly in academics, with no software engineering experience. Kindly suggest. Thank you.

IamQuan: hi :D

Default avatar.png shuo502: hi

Default avatar.png shuo502: :grimacing: