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andHW: How do you who are the bots?

andHW: I think Tychkorg, Westicles and Mathieuxxxx are the bots

Vigasaurus: if you look at their profiles

Vigasaurus: it's their bio

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: See the profiles of the players It will be said which is the bot and who is not See this link for example:

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder:

andHW: Thanks.

Default avatar.png pyBoy.: hello world

ProKral6145: hello

Banul: hello

KiwiTae: lihoo

geriatric1927: Hallo

-oa-: hrello

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Hrwlro

Default avatar.png _ItzMax_: <===3

lopidav: is that an arrow?

monkey: maybe Max is just happy to see you

monkey: ...or is less than or really really really equal to three

AntiSquid: less than exactly equal to 3

AntiSquid: or it's a funny ascii drawing .

Default avatar.png 21stCenturyPeon: Ah, I see =- it's a double-scoop ice cream cone, right?

Default avatar.png pyBoy.: yeah i think so

jacek: hmm i need to rethink jacekmax. now im experimenting and getting better results with just mcts ept

jacek: could be hyperparameter sensivity

geriatric1927: How hard is it to maintain a rank above 50?

jacek: what game

geriatric1927: Clash of code of course :')

jacek: quite hard. rank increases over time when idle

geriatric1927: Increases or decreases? :P

jacek: depends how you look at it. rank 30th -> 60th. did it increare or decrease?

jacek: :thinking:

Default avatar.png Rocky[K.G.F.]: i think jacek

Default avatar.png Rocky[K.G.F.]: is correct

geriatric1927: Well, actually increase of rank means the number decreasing

geriatric1927: I'm not saying I'm correct and he's wrong. Just that most people think of it as that way.

Uljahn: most people think you shouldn't be bothered with CoC rank :smirk:

jacek: yeah, when rank increases i think that means youre better

geriatric1927: Just a question.

Default avatar.png Rocky[K.G.F.]: yeah when rank increases that mean u are better :smile:

drantini: why is shortest mode even a thing

drantini: so unfair for c#

geriatric1927: Java:😶

Uljahn: how using a wrong tool can be unfair?

geriatric1927: Learn any other language

geriatric1927: Like ruby or python

Uljahn: ^

geriatric1927: You'll have experience in an other language and also get a change to win shortest. So that's a win win.

Uljahn: or you could ignore clashes and wreck ruby and python with c# in bot ai multiplayers

geriatric1927: DrakeYes

Default avatar.png Rocky[K.G.F.]: yeah Uijahn is correct python or ruby can help me shortest mode of Clash Of Code

jacek: oO

geriatric1927: Perl too for some problems

geriatric1927: Simple ones

JLukeSkywalker: cool, finally beat the oware wood 2 boss

JLukeSkywalker: been sitting at 1 for weeks

jacek: :tada:

philRG: :clap:

AntiSquid: anyone in this chat has too much time at the moment? got something to ask 1 person only

ejpon: There is something like too much time?

AntiSquid: hi ejpon you want to play?

BlaiseEbuth: There's no jigsaw emoji...

ejpon: ok the red is scary :D

jacek: ejpon the red?

ejpon: (. )_(. )

AntiSquid: lol this is unbelievalbe :D can't find anyone right now

AntiSquid: even asked some folks on stock exchange discord room to join me

AntiSquid: maybe i should spam in #clash chat

AntiSquid: revenge !

ejpon: Its too early for coders, they are still asleep.

AntiSquid: real coders wake up at 4 AM and code .

BlaiseEbuth: This is always 4AM somewhere...

ejpon: Oh so what am I, if I code until 4AM and then sleep till noon?

BlaiseEbuth: A neet ?

ejpon: hmm, I guess so.

AntiSquid: you're at sea

Default avatar.png OMEGALUL0: i failed introduction kekw

AntiSquid: the onboarding ?

Default avatar.png OMEGALUL0: dunno, spaceship mountain

MSmits: the descent?

AntiSquid: want to play an escape game on CG?

MSmits: every game is an escape

AntiSquid: i help you with whatever you don't know

Default avatar.png OMEGALUL0: its easier to code on project euler


AntiSquid: i'll have to use reddit and twitter if i don't get anyone now and i hate those platforms

Default avatar.png OMEGALUL0: what is escape

AntiSquid: it's like spaceship mountain, just more fun

AntiSquid: and we can talk

AntiSquid: is that you ?

Default avatar.png OMEGALUL0: yeah it didnt let me use this acc

AntiSquid: ok talk in private chat please

AntiSquid: i direct messaged you

AntiSquid: or we can go to duiscord

Default avatar.png Saad-py:

Default avatar.png infinitygamer404: hi

Default avatar.png Saad-py: hiiiiii

Default avatar.png Saad-py: Whta is your main prog lang

Default avatar.png Saad-py: at

linjoehan: hello internet

ZarthaxX: hello pacman

KiwiTae: ZarthaxX :/

KiwiTae: linjoehan :/

KiwiTae: o/


ZarthaxX: haio

struct: hi

ZarthaxX: KiwiTae why that face

ZarthaxX: structo mah man

AntiSquid: jrke ?


struct: Did you try it ZarthaxX?

EliteDaMyth: shortest only

ZarthaxX: no struct

KiwiTae: ZarthaxX i typoed :D

ZarthaxX: lmao

ZarthaxX: twice

jacek: hmm new multi

jacek: as just for chinese new year

MSmits: fireworks?

Uljahn: wow, cooperative game

jacek: i hate people, so no cooperative games for me :mad:

geriatric1927: Ikr

AntiSquid: so edgy

AntiSquid: should i share the invite link and pretend you get 1 free GME :thinking:

jacek: do you get $$$ when someone plays escape with you?

AntiSquid: no

jacek: then why you are so eager to play with someone? :o

AntiSquid: you need min 2 lol

AntiSquid: but seems like certain polish people with smiley avatars are anti-social, not going to name any names

AntiSquid: i take it back, might be wrong :P

AntiSquid: shared link on stock exchange chat room, nobody clicking yet

Uljahn: eh?

AntiSquid: you have an invite link you can use and get up to 20 people into the game with it

AntiSquid: most of the communities i joined aren't coding sites so ...

Uljahn: i have no friends besides Automaton2000 :confused:

Automaton2000: like the guy who is in the same turn?

jacek: or AutomatonNN and frog

AutomatonNN: cool its the world of students

Westicles: I wonder why they put it on a separate site

jacek: they are ashamed

struct: Maybe because its beta test?

struct: and its not really related to cg

AntiSquid: you just need to share it in a chat with high traffic

trictrac: thanks Jacek for your fireworks approval :slight_smile:

jacek: :+1:

Westicles: it seems I am unable to solve the tutorial

jacek: onboarding?

Westicles: esc

jacek: noob

Uljahn: keep calm and stop overengineering

Westicles: The same solution worked 2nd time through. Probably user error

Default avatar.png zhoubou: I can join another again if you need people AntiSquid

jacek: MSmits mcts w/ ept seems better than jacekmax now. could be hyperparameters or bugs in my earlier versions, or better NNs

Default avatar.png Angecide: what is ept?

jacek: early playout termination

Default avatar.png Angecide: ah I see

NinjaDoggy: AntiSquid I'd love to play too :D

AntiSquid: anyone else want to try?

AntiSquid: 90 mins apparently

Uljahn: let's go

PatrickMcGinnisII: yall beta testing some coop game on cg?

jacek: only 5% of them

PatrickMcGinnisII: is it in the contributions somewhere?

AntiSquid: if page got blank you should be able to refresh

AntiSquid: click door to go to next round, does it load for everyone? (no spoilers please, just want to know if it loads)

AntiSquid: direct message spoilers

Westicles: weird that you can't talk to each other in game

MetehanBayraktar: is code golf just 4 game ?

JLukeSkywalker: yeah

JLukeSkywalker: you solve them in different languages though

JLukeSkywalker: your top 7 i think for each get scored

JLukeSkywalker: huh, i win most 2 and 3 player GoD, but lose almost every 4 player

JLukeSkywalker: is it worth it writing separate algorithm based on number of players?

MSmits: jacek it may just depend on the game

kovi: which game?

jacek: so far, bt

jacek: but this is me fiddling with training process

jacek: or training 'pipeline'

kovi: actually i use mcts/ept...but no nn

kovi: what is jacekmax?


PatrickMcGinnisII: kovi what happenned to eulers 3d tetris, did he kill it?


jacek: it got... approved

BlaiseEbuth: :scream:

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh i couldn't find it...tx

JLukeSkywalker: its a survival horror game, why wouldnt it get approved

kovi: thx jacek

jacek: kovi do you use bitboards in bt?

kovi: sure

jacek: with some ifs you can see the win about 3 plies aheads

kovi: not yet

kovi: before mcts i had heavy eval

AntiSquid: uljahn pls pm, missed last one

Default avatar.png Loui: where is the console?

AntiSquid: jrke ?

YurkovAS: someone use mcts in D&B in top20?

jacek: its all about math :(

Default avatar.png Loui: where is the console, where is output of console.error?

jacek: under the viewer

Default avatar.png Loui: where? i see nothing

jacek: what game or puzzle?

Wontonimo: Loui - it's mixed in with the game output in the bottom left

Default avatar.png Loui: where is it can you point it out plase?

BlaiseEbuth: :point_up:

jacek: click play all testcases


jacek: is this uttt

Wontonimo: sigh ... yes.

AntiSquid: guys up for another round ? want to check rescue mission

AntiSquid: or girls :P

NinjaDoggy: let's go! :D

eulerscheZahl: fine squid i'll do it

jacek: or AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: good luck with that

BlaiseEbuth: ^^

AntiSquid: 3 spaces left

jacek: AutomatonNN oh my

AutomatonNN: why not coding in a different rank?

NinjaDoggy: let's make discord pm group for it?

eulerscheZahl: does the CG account work there?

NinjaDoggy: uh... did you get invite?

AntiSquid: ok wait i make one

NinjaDoggy: I think u make new account

Westicles: no

AntiSquid: just for this instance

AntiSquid: 1 free space

jacek: AutomatonNN why dont you join

AutomatonNN: what is the problem?

TBali: AntiSquid - how much time did you need for the 80s?

TBali: We were quite lame yesterday :-)

Scarfield: top 100% is worth celebrating!

jacek: top 5%

Scarfield: 100 > 5

Astrobytes: Hey TBali, Scarfield, struct etc I can't make it tonight! On the plus side I have audio sorted for next time

TBali: :(

BlaiseEbuth: Ah. I can't either today...

Astrobytes: I know :/ Let's do another one whenever everyone is free

jacek: is CG becoming more social? :scream:

Scarfield: :cry:

BlaiseEbuth: I got my access btw.

Astrobytes: cool

Astrobytes: Sorry guys :/

ZarthaxX: betrayer

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Scarfield: sure, i had 2h sleep this night, so im up for anoher time instead tbh

struct: :/

ZarthaxX: struct F

Astrobytes: Alright, I gotta go for now, somebody message me details if there's another one organised :+1:

TBali: I 'accidentaly' clixcked on the session link Antisquid posted here. I think it is a bug, now I am listed as 6th member under 2 sessions . I did not enter them

TBali: and max id 5 anyway

TBali: *max is 5

Scarfield: lol

Scarfield: cya micstrobytes

TBali: Back to "Particle Detection with Cloud Chamber" then

TBali: just solved, needs some code cleanup

TBali: most creative use of ascii art

TBali: Astrobytes, struct, Scarfield, tomorrow 9pm cet then, let's leave no cats behind

jacek: meow

ZarthaxX: meowmow

ZarthaxX: fuck

Scarfield: there are polar foxes, maybe its time for an avatar change

ZarthaxX: do you want me to become a fox?

Scarfield: yes, too few in the cat family

ZarthaxX: i will make my transition

jacek: with blackjack and hookers

ZarthaxX: dirtycek

Default avatar.png The.Imposter: I am the Imposter

Default avatar.png The.Imposter: He he he

Default avatar.png The.Imposter: Hello

jacek: oO

The.Imposter: What

The.Imposter: I'm new

The.Imposter: How can I follow you

MSmits: gps tracker

The.Imposter: I meant how can I follow you on codin game

MSmits: hover on profile pic

The.Imposter: Thanks

YurkovAS: MSmits in D&B you use mcts?

MSmits: no

MSmits: random moves till I can sort of solve it

MSmits: I have an endgame solver and in the 10 turns or so before that I try nimstring analysis to come up with a move

MSmits: so generally I play perfectly from around halfway through the game and random before that

The.Imposter: :hamburger:

Scarfield: ZarthaxX

The.Imposter: :money_mouth:

The.Imposter: :smiley_cat:

YurkovAS: MSmits thanks. If i'm switch to minimax (negascout, pvs) this not give huge improvements?

ZarthaxX: Scarfield i didnt expect such a gift... thanks :D

MSmits: it depends

The.Imposter: Can people follow me and give me advice since I'm new?

MSmits: if you use it for the endgame, then it may help you choose chains and loops effectively

MSmits: before that, it basically does nothing

JLukeSkywalker: ask on here, ppl will give advice. follower count is pretty meaningless

MSmits: you and your opponent use the same board, so what would you evaluate?

Scarfield: u welcome xD

The.Imposter: It just makes me feel good

The.Imposter: But thanks for telling me about the advice

MSmits: nr 1 does what i do, but bettere

The.Imposter: :grinning:

ZarthaxX: done scarfo

jacek: :o

The.Imposter: Does anyone want to be friends with me

MSmits: best thing you can do is dive into the mathematical theoiy. YurkovAS

The.Imposter: :smiley:

MSmits: theory

Scarfield: there are a lot of advice to give, but if you have problems with a specific puzzle, make a specific question (programming language, puzzle, and issue) there most likely will be someone that can help The.Imposter :)

Scarfield: hahaha nice zarto xD

The.Imposter: Thank you I'm following you by the way

ZarthaxX: maybe should put the hat a bit lower

ZarthaxX: so the ears dont show up

jacek: nekomimi?

The.Imposter: jacek

The.Imposter: I'm following you

The.Imposter: ZarthaxX I'm following you

jacek: good for you

Default avatar.png dkim19375: lol

The.Imposter: Really

The.Imposter: Hahaha very funny

The.Imposter: :grinning:

The.Imposter: Thank you Scarfield for following me

The.Imposter: Anyone tell me when they're going to be on tomorrow

The.Imposter: I'll be on at 8:35 A.M. Tomorrow and all day tomorrow

Scarfield: ZarthaxX you are putting my Paint skills to the test :p

The.Imposter: Hahaha:slight_smile:

The.Imposter: LOL:joy:

Scarfield: But welcome to the feline family

The.Imposter: LOL

The.Imposter: Scarfield

The.Imposter: Hey Scarfield

The.Imposter: I'm about to join Clash of code can anyone help me

Scarfield: just fyi, people generally dont like being invited to clash of code (CoC)

The.Imposter: Sorry

The.Imposter: :neutral_face:

The.Imposter: Could I have helped though

Scarfield: but there is a chat in the CoC where you can ask about the puzzle if you need help, but dont expect help though

Scarfield: and np, how could you know

The.Imposter: Yeah I know

ZarthaxX: Scarfield that one looks way better i think :OP

ZarthaxX: :O

Scarfield: :muscle:

The.Imposter: I've already joined it

The.Imposter: :muscle_tone2::muscle:

Scarfield: maybe i should start an avatar business, you are now the 2nd user i made an artwork of an avatar for xD

ZarthaxX: im a feline once more

ZarthaxX: i had a cat pic once

Scarfield: :o you were before

ZarthaxX: my cat pic

ZarthaxX: she is cute

The.Imposter: Scarfield/

Scarfield: CG lore

The.Imposter: Scarfield are you in Clash of code chat cuz I need help

Default avatar.png alopikon: but fox is a dog no?

ZarthaxX: look at me now scarfo

Scarfield: oh yea that is a cute cat :)

The.Imposter: LOL

The.Imposter: LOL LOL:joy:

Scarfield: The.Imposter no i dont really do CoC, but maybe start with easy puzzles if the clashes are too difficult

ZarthaxX: Scarfield did you mess up with the edit? i see a weird rectangle bottom right

ZarthaxX: :thinking:


The.Imposter: Thank you

The.Imposter: Which one I supposed to do

Scarfield: haha yea i figured it wouldnt be noticable on the avatar size

The.Imposter: There are many

The.Imposter: Thank you pyBoy. for following me

pyBoy.: :)

The.Imposter: :slight_smile:

jacek: :thinking:

The.Imposter: What

The.Imposter: Someone help me with trying to solve The Descent

ZarthaxX: did it came with the real pic scarfo?

The.Imposter: Because of course I'm new

Scarfield: original photo, ill try a quick fix

ZarthaxX: its ok :P


ZarthaxX: excellent, thanks :)

ZarthaxX: im ready for toad to tell me "go back to the bear rn"

ZarthaxX: changed

ZarthaxX: thanks scarfoldo

Scarfield: xD np, seriously i not sure i would notice if i didnt know

ZarthaxX: i think it was noticeable even on mini pic

Scarfield: hmm closed my browser reopened, but i can only see the new avatar when hovering

ZarthaxX: MMM

ZarthaxX: it takes time maybe?

Scarfield: no idea, but im curious to see how fast the toad will notice it

Scarfield: chose the picture to look somewhat like the bear

BlaiseEbuth: Meh... Where's the bear ?

Scarfield: where's your cat avatar ?

BlaiseEbuth: Cat ?

Scarfield: you know, the meow'ers

Scarfield: in other news, isnt baliseeebuth some pun on a nickname for satan or something?

Default avatar.png Zezco: mmhhhh

reCurse: Belzebuth

Default avatar.png Zezco: LON nad LAT are the user position?

BlaiseEbuth: balisebuth ? :thinking: <ebuth>

Scarfield: ah yes

BlaiseEbuth: But why should I have a cat avatar ?

ZarthaxX: Scarfield maybe he doesnt notice e.e

ZarthaxX: tho i feel like a have a worm pic lol

Scarfield: just kidding, many here has cats for whatever reason, and zartho rejoined the cats

ZarthaxX: i have*

ZarthaxX: the catgang

Default avatar.png Zezco: Do you get what is the N there?

Scarfield: you are in world chat Zezco

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah. The letter that come after the M

Default avatar.png Zezco: xDD

BlaiseEbuth: Is that a cat ? On the pic I thought about a snow fox. ^^'

Default avatar.png Zezco: What's about this chat?

Default avatar.png Zezco: What's this chat about ?

BlaiseEbuth: Cats

Scarfield: yea its a arctic fox, and apparently foxes are canines :'(

BlaiseEbuth: So where's your cat avatar ?

Uljahn: :upside_down:

BlaiseEbuth: :no_mouth:

ZarthaxX: Scarfield :face_palm:

PatrickMcGinnisII: Potw is interesting, hard puzzles should be worth more

ZarthaxX: so im not a cat?

ZarthaxX: :D

BlaiseEbuth: Good news ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Want to cut a sexy anime girl, who is most popular right now? I'm old, i dunno these things

BlaiseEbuth: Corona-chan ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh come on, seriously

Scarfield: technically you are not a cat :'(

ZarthaxX: im gonna fix this

Scarfield: change the wiki page about foxes?

ZarthaxX: oh well, i opted to become an actual cat lol

Scarfield: nooo, i should not have mentioned it

ZarthaxX: okey lets go back to the snowy fox lol

Scarfield: yus

BlaiseEbuth: Your cat is not white, and does not have all the pirate stuff :/

Scarfield: BlaiseEbuth now its just you

ZarthaxX: wow those paint skillz

ZarthaxX: :O

Scarfield: xD

ZarthaxX: im the fox, no more changes

ZarthaxX: imgonna get banned for spamming

BlaiseEbuth: My avatar is copyrighted ! :rage:

Scarfield: oh

ZarthaxX: we are gonna get banned now scarfo, gj

ZarthaxX: D:

BlaiseEbuth: But that's a nice kitty.

BlaiseEbuth: with horns

BlaiseEbuth: :3

AntiSquid: zarthaxx, i would still his avatar, but ...

ZarthaxX: still?

Scarfield: almost added a :c: to the catEbuth, but not sure if you are actually serious

BlaiseEbuth: :smirk:

Scarfield: hmm thought :c: would be the copyright symbol

Default avatar.png YoungAlps: Why cant i run my program

Default avatar.png YoungAlps: the play arrow is grey

AntiSquid: double click

AntiSquid: or reboot

Scarfield: AntiSquid here is gift

BlaiseEbuth: :D

BlaiseEbuth: Rally love this one

BlaiseEbuth: *really

AntiSquid: covers milky way dot with one ear, would make it smaller and put the cat on top of a flying saucer

AntiSquid: sorry for critique, thanks for effort

ZarthaxX: savage

Scarfield: ahem

BlaiseEbuth: :o

AntiSquid: no zarthaxx i don't mean to sound rude, was constructive feedback

AntiSquid: ya that's cool Scarfield, you went the extra mile now

Scarfield: xD

myNickName01: clash time

AntiSquid: was expecting some sloppy "cat stands on ufo" kind of edit :D

AntiSquid: it's good

myNickName01: starting

Scarfield: ty, theres no limits to my paint skillz

AntiSquid: myNickName01 most people who like clash don't hang out in here, you're welcome to chat though

myNickName01: antisquid ty

myNickName01: what's everybody up to today?

AntiSquid: mind if i use it? Scarfield

AntiSquid: i support memes, they unity the world

AntiSquid: unite *

Scarfield: that was the idea :) go for it

Scarfield: nice xD

ZarthaxX: unite the world

ZarthaxX: this dude LOL

BlaiseEbuth: cat pow

BlaiseEbuth: *powa

Scarfield: :fist: :smirk_cat:

ZarthaxX: im starting to like the snowy pics

ZarthaxX: thanks scarfo

ZarthaxX: now im competing with lerenar d

ZarthaxX: :D

Scarfield: xD np


EliteDaMyth: shortest only

EliteDaMyth: join

BlaiseEbuth: join Please

BlaiseEbuth: #Clash for spamming your link

Myrrhe: Is there a way to use multiple classes in Java in Codingame ? New to Java here

Astrobytes: struct, Scarfield, you guys play in the end?

struct: tomorrow right?

Scarfield: no, t-bali decided for tomorrow

Scarfield: same time

BlaiseEbuth: t-bali say, you do

Astrobytes: Awesome. I can totally do that.

Astrobytes: Fix your scar Sleepfield

Scarfield: sweet

Scarfield: yea, gonna hit the hay soon

Scarfield: then go to bed

Astrobytes: :D

BlaiseEbuth: enter sandman

Astrobytes: BlaiseEbuth: you in for tomorrow?

BlaiseEbuth: Nope, I have to blow out some candles tomorrow... :3

struct: maybe ZarthaxX wants in?

Astrobytes: Birthday eh

Astrobytes: Yeah ZarthaxX, how about it

BlaiseEbuth: 2121 years already... So many candles...

Astrobytes: Hmm, birthday... or did you have some satanic ritual going on BlaiseEbuth

BlaiseEbuth: It goes hand in hand

ZarthaxX: 2121? wtf

ZarthaxX: dude loves satan

ZarthaxX: struct howdy, and what?

Scarfield: join in to the new and super secret CG escape beta puzzles

BlaiseEbuth: go go go ZarCat

ZarthaxX: oh i cant rn

Scarfield: tomorrow 21.00 paris time

Astrobytes: Tomorrow

Astrobytes: Ah, AstroLags

BlaiseEbuth: Gonna hit the hay too...

Scarfield: yea gn all

struct: tomorrow ZarthaxX 5pm your time

BlaiseEbuth: :wave:

struct: gn

Astrobytes: gn guys

Astrobytes: oh jacek approved Fireworks, nice one. I didn't have time to finish my bot

ZarthaxX: gn :P

Astrobytes: I was only saying gn to the guys that left!

ZarthaxX: I SAID GN

ZarthaxX: 8pm time to sleep ?(

struct: you can come tomorrow zarthax?

Astrobytes: 8pm ZarthaxX!!!!

Astrobytes: Turning into Grandpa euler!

ZarthaxX: imagine if i went to sleep at 8

ZarthaxX: LOL

ZarthaxX: struct i think

Astrobytes: You better be available tomorrow ZarthaxX or Bad Things will happen

ZarthaxX: *oh my*

ZarthaxX: i will be there chief

reCurse: What's happening tomorrow?

JLukeSkywalker: snow

Astrobytes: reCurse: Not much, just our rescheduled escape thingy

Astrobytes: You should try it out if you haven't already, my only qualm (bugs aside) is the pricing question

reCurse: Pricing?!

Astrobytes: At the end of the session: "How much would you be willing to pay per user?" (or words to that effect

Astrobytes: )

Astrobytes: Check my post on discord for my thoughts on that

ZarthaxX: oh yeah that pricing thing was a concern lol

reCurse: I gave up on the Discord channel, too many spoilers

Astrobytes: I mean, it's legit good fun. For a casual user, paying? Nah.

Astrobytes: From discord:

Westicles: What happened to "I'll be giving that a miss then"?

Astrobytes: It just seems like something for CG for Work as opposed to something viable for us lot.

Astrobytes: Westicles: lol, I had to eat my words when TBali challenged me to try it before forming an opinion

Westicles: heh heh. Did you guys have audio going while playing? Seems like a necessary component

Astrobytes: Since I had an invite I went for it, was surprised in a good way.

Astrobytes: Yeah

Astrobytes: I didn't have mic until today though so I was lagging in text chat.

Westicles: We tried it with just chat, it wasn't pleasant

Astrobytes: Audio is a must imo.

Astrobytes: Pretty cool format though.

Astrobytes: If they consider payment then for me it speaks to companies and team leaders.

reCurse: I guess it could work as a work activity like you said

reCurse: Though I don't know, is there really a market for that

reCurse: Well I didn't try it but I'm not interested either

Astrobytes: Yeah, I'd be happy if my boss did something like that. I'm not sure if it's a marketable thing or not tbh.

Westicles: It was tougher than expected, and we had euler so I just got to watch him go

Astrobytes: I wasn't interested overly much but it was actually harder than we thought

reCurse: The thing is escape rooms work in person

Astrobytes: lol yeah, what difficulty/level did you do Westicles?

reCurse: Online? Meh.

Astrobytes: Don't take the escape room thing too literally in this case

reCurse: The whole purpose is team bonding so if you do it online, though I guess my mind isn't adjusted post-covid yet...

Westicles: It was the airlock one, easy I think

Astrobytes: We did the 80s medium one

Astrobytes: *Back to the 80s

Astrobytes: Bear in mind that me and struct (at least) went in with very low expectations.

Westicles: I wouldn't mind going through them alone, not really interesting in the team part

struct: yes and completing the tutorial did not help at all with the expectation

Astrobytes: ^

reCurse: So we're going to be flooded with clashers AND escapers now? -_-

Astrobytes: I think you can do them alone Westicles but it is kinda cool with a team on audio.

Astrobytes: reCurse: this is why I question who they are targeting here.

struct: I think for solo you have better Alternate reality games

Astrobytes: I cannot see the vast mahjority of CG users signing up to it, especially if paid

reCurse: I just can't see them monetizing that unless it's done privately like they do for contests etc

Astrobytes: *majority (too much mahjong :P )

reCurse: So I'm assuming f2p at some point

reCurse: I could be way off mark

Wontonimo: i think someone up in management went to an escape maze and just can't shut up about it, so to appease them ... CG escape maze

Astrobytes: Yeah, but this is why I mentioned microtransactions, f2p initially but unlocking more costs...

Wontonimo: i mean, i like escape maze as much as the next guy, but I haven't really got much out of online ones

reCurse: MTX is necessary

reCurse: This is how the market goes

Astrobytes: Yeah, I get that - but on CG?

reCurse: It's a game, it's online, it obeys the same rules

Astrobytes: Meh. Actually, given the recent discord discussion - yes.

Default avatar.png Ianc14: Hi guys, do you know what kind of questions I might find in a company's codingame programming interview?

Astrobytes: fizzbuzz in asm, dijkstra in clojure, that kinda thing

Wontonimo: in an interview, probably something easier than "easy" in CG

Astrobytes: (I'm joking)

Wontonimo: if you can do all easy, you'll be GTG

Astrobytes: Think they're usually up to medium, depends on the company

Wontonimo: are you actually directed to CG for interviews in France?

Astrobytes: No, just whoever signs up to their screening programme

Astrobytes: So if you interview with one of those companies you might get a CG test

Wontonimo: in Canada, a coding interview is usually a task completed at a white board. The main skills involved is being able to write psudo code without googling it while talking out loud and being open to critique

Astrobytes: Yeah, I mean I don't think it's like the be all and end all of the interview process, just a part

struct: but is that the first interview?

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm off to bed. Gn all, see you tomorrow

struct: gn

therealbeef: i wonder if those coding interviews are useful

therealbeef: i never do it when interviewing candidates

reCurse: To assess fitness for a role, no. To make sure you're not dealing with a pretender, yes.

therealbeef: i find it more important that they can design

reCurse: And the latter is very necessary, trust me.

Wontonimo: pretenders or horrible

reCurse: Same thing

therealbeef: you get a lot of pretenders?

Wontonimo: yeah, i agree with reCurse

reCurse: Well let's just say I was in the camp of "those tests are useless"

reCurse: Until I actually had to do interviews on the employer side

reCurse: And oh boy yes we need them.

reCurse: Some of the answers I've read...

Wontonimo: i had a candidate not know how many Kb is in a Mb. ... and they said they had 8 years experience

Wontonimo: they thought it was somewhere between 8 and 20

Westicles: I had a phone interview with spaceX. They give you a problem, 3 days to work on it, then fly you out to present the solution. Kind of hardcore

therealbeef: i do find that seniority doesnt mean much in some countries

reCurse: Try in general

reCurse: It is very possible to surf doing very little for many years

Wontonimo: I used to have a few OO questions that I was proud of for interviewees. Then I had a recursion question for interviewees. Now I stick with fizzbuzz level and try to get more talking and unit test examples out of them.

Default avatar.png Ianc14: yes its the first interview and it redirects me on CG

Wontonimo: i'm also okay with candidates using google

struct: Interviews should be done on CoC

struct: gn

Wontonimo: Good luck Ianc14

Wontonimo: whatever you do, make sure if you are called into an interview you can do that same problem in person and explain why

Default avatar.png Ianc14: Ty msn

Default avatar.png Ianc14: man*

Default avatar.png Ianc14: man*

therealbeef: it's kind of a gut feeling often. i've accepted candidates that barely knew C++ but understood design, or candidates that were very quiet and hard to get answers out of. what matters for me is if they have the potential to learn things on the job and are open to be 'shaped', and (very important) if they fit in the team atmosphere

Default avatar.png Ianc14: I've been studying for 6 years and it still takes 4 interviews and tests to start working, it gets nerve-racking

Wontonimo: if it helps, remember that you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing your. As for the coding challenge itself, another way of taking the anxiety away is to believe that you'll do the best you can but in the end it is mostly a lottery if they find the one specific secret thing they are looking for in your code. You can't really do anything about it other than to do less than your regular.

Wontonimo: like poker, you can't always win a hand, but if you play enough and play right you will eventually win. There is nothing you can do to get a specific job, that's chance. Just keep on interviewing

skotz: anyone have tips for dealing with the c# gc while trying to do a bfs?

jacek: depends on the job. im android developer, but i have stuff on github or play store published and i'd rather talk about them during interview than many technical questions

jacek: skotz this?

skotz: yeah, i've been messing with that for a while with no luck

jacek: use nonGC language [solved]

skotz: :thumbsup: