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Default avatar.png SonicZedt: my brain is hurt

mzbear: Manchi:

mzbear: also, signed integer overflow is undefined in c and c++, so you shouldn't rely on code working when a signed variable flips its sign

Kusum_R: anyone up?

lopidav: nuh

Kusum_R: okay.....

Default avatar.png SonicZedt: nah

Default avatar.png the_tiger: gjjubnt

Default avatar.png the_tiger: помогите

Default avatar.png the_tiger: help

Default avatar.png the_tiger: help

Default avatar.png the_tiger: help

Default avatar.png the_tiger: help

Default avatar.png the_tiger: help\

Default avatar.png the_tiger: help

Default avatar.png qb45: What do you need help with?

Default avatar.png the_tiger: rfr htifnm 'ne pflfxe&

Default avatar.png the_tiger: как решать эту задачу?

Default avatar.png the_tiger: нелп

Default avatar.png qb45: English?

Default avatar.png the_tiger: на английской написал случайно

Default avatar.png qb45: How to solve this problem - OK

Default avatar.png the_tiger: давайц

Default avatar.png the_tiger: давай

Uljahn: #ru

Default avatar.png qb45: Что пробовали?

Default avatar.png the_tiger: пока ничего

Uljahn: this is english only channel, заканчивайте флудить на русском

Default avatar.png the_tiger: что такое флудить

depthzer0: tiger, go home ))

esfes: hi where can i learn c++ on this site?

esfes: or c

esfes: i am interested in those languages

Default avatar.png Kazuan: in every task on site, in left top corner of console is a combo box for choose a language try this

esfes: i can

Default avatar.png Kazuan: you chan choose c or c++

esfes: but than i would fail like almost all challenges lol

Uljahn: if you mean to learn by practice then sure

Default avatar.png Kazuan: oh do some beginner tutorials on youtube

Uljahn: ^

Default avatar.png Kazuan: and come back

esfes: thanks

esfes: i would try it

Default avatar.png Kazuan: ;)

Default avatar.png Kazuan: and if you really beginner try maybe some easiest languages, like c#, java or python

esfes: I am intermediate at python

esfes: know a little java

esfes: and a little more c#

Default avatar.png Kazuan: oh if you know some other languages then you should know what to do :P

esfes: I thought there is some kind of a fast learning on this site lol

Default avatar.png Kazuan: actually there is a section "LEARN" in activities

Default avatar.png Kazuan: i thought you have zero experience with programing, and you want to start on c/c++ :P

esfes: oh lol

Default avatar.png ERRORR: *-*

Default avatar.png ERRORR: -3-

esfes: is it possible to install packages for the python 3 challenges?

Uljahn: no, but you can ask on the forum to add them in the nearest language update

esfes: i need it for a challenge lol

Uljahn: there are numpy, scipy and pandas already

depthzer0: what packages do you want?

esfes: i just need it for the weekly challenge

esfes: the package name is shapely

Uljahn: i'd like to have numba, but expectations for it to be added are low :(

esfes: i heard numba can be used to speed up code

Uljahn: i tried it on my local PC, it's pretty easy to use and the boost is significant

esfes: can i ask what are your specs?

Uljahn: but it requires some compile overhead

Uljahn: specs?

esfes: what is your cpu, gpu, ram etc

Uljahn: nothing fancy, im not a dev or a pro coder

jacek: good morning

Mr.intro: good moring

Default avatar.png marxal: good morning

TheAbyssWatcher: good morning

jacek: c-c-c-combo breaker

MetehanBayraktar: Ladro why didn't you share your code

MetehanBayraktar: do you know how can ı send private message to anyone /msg doesnt work

Default avatar.png Rocky[KGF]: hii

Default avatar.png Rocky[KGF]: What was going

Uljahn: code sharing is optional, also there are official bots which never share

Default avatar.png Rocky[KGF]: i think code sharing is good because we get the equation or problem to how was it solution i think code sharing is not bad

jacek: its up to the code sharer

Default avatar.png Rocky[KGF]: yeah jacek

MetehanBayraktar: I think it musn't be optional because this platform is learning platform I'm here to learn but sometimes no one is sharing their code unless ı say it so

Mr.intro: :|

Uljahn: MetehanBayraktar: learning doesn't mean spoonfeeding i guess

MSmits: MetehanBayraktar this is not strictly a learning platform

MSmits: that's just one of the things it does

MSmits: it's also a competitive platform

MSmits: we also have botgames, optimization arena's and contests. It is not even allowed to share your code there as it would ruin the competition.

MSmits: it wouldnt make sense in that light, to make it mandatory for clashes

MSmits: besides, plenty of people share their code in clashes. You dont have to see every solution to learn

MetehanBayraktar: Msmits you greatly explained your idea , and make me convinced but ı have to find a solution not to write everytime ""guys can you please share your codes ?"" sometimes 1 person from 8 people just share their code

Uljahn: if you learn from shared code then sharing is similar to tutoring/mentoring, so can we demand people to do it since it's free? just ask nicely and someone will help you

ZarthaxX: like Uljahn

MetehanBayraktar: thanks for your messages

Kiyaba_akihiko: ....

v1nam: :thinking:

jacek: :penguin:

v1nam: :penguin:

salmon: Just ping people. I often forget to share it.

Default avatar.png TragicInit: hi

MSmits: you can autoshare cant you?

RoboStac: no, autoshare is only for puzzles

jacek: huh? you can not share puzzle solutions?

MSmits: ah, that may be a bad call on CG's part

MSmits: you could have autoshare off as a default

MSmits: but when you turn it on, you always share. Nothing wrong with that if it worked that way

YurkovAS: Can anyone help me find D&B referee?

MSmits: mmh it's probably on the forum. I never looked at it

cooldude420: Hello!

MSmits: hi

Default avatar.png DJNinjaSpoon_37b8: hi

reCurse: Seems rather straightforward, what are you looking for exactly

cooldude420: Hello reCurse!

reCurse: Hi

Default avatar.png DJNinjaSpoon_37b8: hi

jacek: oO

cooldude420: :rage:


reCurse: Ok take a chill pill

Default avatar.png DJNinjaSpoon_37b8: :man_tone5:

eulerscheZahl: try the download button YurkovAS

reCurse: And calm down, this is not your school yard

cooldude420: reCurse I am in school right now so, yes it is.

Default avatar.png DJNinjaSpoon_37b8: :man_tone5: :man_tone5: :man_tone5: :man_tone5: :man_tone5: :man_tone5: :man_tone5: :man_tone5:

Notgoodatcoding5: Hi

Notgoodatcoding5: Hi

MSmits: a classroom has just arrived

YurkovAS: eulerscheZahl thanks!

cooldude420: I apologize for my actions.

reCurse: Next time it's a ban

PatrickMcGinnisII: lol, :sweat_drops:

cooldude420: I do not think my kick was justified, but alright.

cooldude420: I hope you all have a nice day.

reCurse: Very low patience for school kids messing up the chat every day

jacek: schools these days

reCurse: Thankless job

MSmits: you havent had to kick any of mine yet though :)

MSmits: I have 6 of them doing CG projects

Astrobytes: 6 now? Impressive.

reCurse: Maybe they behave better in Netherlands, I don't know

jacek: whats the project? trolling CG chat?

MSmits: yeah 3 are doing game of drones, 1 uttt and 1 csb. the other one is still doing puzzles and enjoying that

eulerscheZahl: or just a bit older

MSmits: older mostly

reCurse: Little is known about their age

reCurse: Could be 17 acting like 12

reCurse: Who knows

MSmits: mine are 17-18

MSmits: these are my best coders i think though

ZarthaxX: smito gang

MSmits: the other ones opted for doing websites and such

MSmits: also cool, subject is AI

reCurse: Doing websites? What year is this again? :P

MSmits: do I use the wrong phrasology, or are you dissing website assignments

reCurse: Sounds very web 1.0

PatrickMcGinnisII: ZarthaxX wants to be jumped in to the Smits G squad. :P

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

MSmits: lol

MSmits: html/css is part of the curriculum, so it's ok if they want to use that as their last project

Astrobytes: tickers, midi files playing, ridiculous tiled background images, Comic Sans, that kinda thing? :P

reCurse: As long as you don't call that coding

MSmits: i dont

reCurse: Yes exactly Astrobytes, fellow connoisseur

Astrobytes: heh heh

MSmits: I have to teach html/css in a few months to a younger class

PatrickMcGinnisII: damn, who deleted my myspace page? ;)

ZarthaxX: boring :(

eulerscheZahl: i hate frontend design

Astrobytes: oh hey Zartho

MSmits: it's not my favorite subject, but it's ok

ZarthaxX: same toad

reCurse: I'm just wondering if there's a point to it now

ZarthaxX: hi astrobytolus

Astrobytes: nice!

MSmits: reCurse what is this skill replaced by. Just wondering

reCurse: Hmm

reCurse: Depends on the intended use

reCurse: It's just a tool right

therealbeef: are these havo or vwo students?

MSmits: hmtl/css is havo in this case, though they also learn on vwo

MSmits: the end year project i was talking about earlier is vwo

reCurse: :flag_nl:

ZarthaxX: what are those letters :rofl:

MSmits: havo and vwo are the highest level high school types

MSmits: vwo being the highest

MSmits: vwo means preparation for scientific education

reCurse: Oh I see

therealbeef: vwo aligns you for university, havo for 'applied science'

MSmits: havo means higher general education loosely translated

reCurse: I can draw parallels now

MSmits: therealbeef is correct

therealbeef: it makes sense for havo to do html; in their follow up schools they will likely do practical computer science like frontend stuff

MSmits: also havo is 5 years, ending at 17, vwo is 6 years ending at 18

MSmits: therealbeef a lot will also code in higher education though

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, how many of you use wordpress?

MSmits: computer science at the university is actually less about coding than computer science at hbo

reCurse: Well to the original question, depends on the intended use

MSmits: in this case it's to teach them to think about how stuff should look and user interaction i guess.

reCurse: Back then it made sense because most websites were homemade

reCurse: Nowadays though...

reCurse: Hmm

MSmits: for internet security purposes it can also be useful to know some html at least. So you can check the source of a website and know what you're looking at

MSmits: just like it's useful to know some sql

therealbeef: i like hbo graduates; they dont ponder too much and just start coding stuff that works

MSmits: they're good at that

jacek: im good at coding without pondering

MSmits: you're also good at talking without pondering :P

MSmits: :fire:

jacek: :water:


MSmits: :cloud_rain:

Default avatar.png geriatric1927: Is that a rickroll but a different link? 🤔

jacek: thats some weeb stuff

Default avatar.png geriatric1927: I c 👀

PatrickMcGinnisII: how many of yall run cronjobs on the daily?

**MSmits googles cronjob

MSmits: not me

PatrickMcGinnisII: i know someone is crawling data from CG

PatrickMcGinnisII: has to be

jrke: not me also

jacek: frog

eulerscheZahl: not a cronjob

eulerscheZahl: i have it as a startup script on my computer

eulerscheZahl: but Stilgar t has a cronjob for

PatrickMcGinnisII: :thumbsup_tone1:

struct: hello

jacek: moshi moshi

jacek: :expressionless:

DomiKo: :(

Default avatar.png FurkanKrblt: heyyy

Default avatar.png FurkanKrblt: what's going on

MSmits: you'll have to be more specific

MSmits: but hey

eulerscheZahl: if you want to make me feel awkward in real life, asking such a question is a valid option

MSmits: when someone asks you that, you can just say "life"

jacek: 'whats up' and you say 'sky'

MSmits: you can also say "stuff"

eulerscheZahl: but they ask things like "hey was geht?"

jacek: so geh

Astrobytes: Simple 'hallo' would do

Uljahn: Automaton2000: hey was geht?

Automaton2000: but hard to make a bot that is not in the mood

jacek: AutomatonNN are you in the mood?

AutomatonNN: design pattern

jacek: AutomatonNN so geh

AutomatonNN: sure doesnt have time to improve my bot and it doesn't work

Default avatar.png Kal_Si: p

_Royale: eulerscheZahl: I'll probably break the rule and do some clash of code to get the "coding speed" certification, I hope you won't get mad ;-)

kovi: :o

jacek: :scream:

eulerscheZahl: i don't even care about the overall leaderboard anymore ;)

Astrobytes: Shocking.

eulerscheZahl: and i completed the quest map too

eulerscheZahl: but you only get my absolution if you play Tryangle catch

kovi: :thumbsup:

Westicles: I am still the one and only person to rate tryangle catch

eulerscheZahl: the website i called CodinGame, not RatinGame

jacek: you mean ClashGame

jacek: what else you can do here

Astrobytes: ClashNRate

Astrobytes: Paywalls and microtransactions soon no doubt.

eulerscheZahl: as that the new feature we might see yesterday?

eulerscheZahl: is*

struct: Isnt cg model supposed to be free?

Astrobytes: Only going by the fact they ask how much we'd be willing to pay for the feature

ZarthaxX: CG crypto

struct: I can understand them making other options like cg for work

Astrobytes: (haven't tried it out yet other than the demo)

Astrobytes: As long as it's kept away from this part of CG I'm cool.

struct: the think I liked the most

struct: is that the site 10x less laggy

Hrant_Matevosyan_1935: why I cant approwe or reject any contrbution?

ZarthaxX: struct is there still an IDE leak?

eulerscheZahl: how many clashes have you played so far Hrant_Matevosyan_1935?

ZarthaxX: Hrant_Matevosyan_1935 maybe your lvl

ZarthaxX: ah #clashes restriction? lol

Hrant_Matevosyan_1935: more than 200

eulerscheZahl: also: does it say WIP in the title?

Hrant_Matevosyan_1935: no

Astrobytes: link please


eulerscheZahl: classic puzzle

eulerscheZahl: reach level 20

Astrobytes: ^

jacek: thats not clash

jacek: o.o

Hrant_Matevosyan_1935: ok thx


TBali: "but they ask things like "hey was geht?" I thought it is "wie geht's?" Are both correct?

eulerscheZahl: "wie geht's" => how are you "was geht" => what's up

Westicles: why does clash say join a 5min coding battle when it is 15min?

TBali: I see. Fun fact: in Hungarian there is a (bit old-style) word: "vigéc". It means door-to-door salesman. And comes from the German term pronounced... :-)

eulerscheZahl: in the past there were different clash modes, from 5 to 15min

TBali: Maybe that was the salesman conversation starter in the late 19th century

eulerscheZahl: then they moved the 15min clashes to the puzzle section and only kept the easy ones

eulerscheZahl: so they are supposed to be easy enough for 5min but you get 15

Westicles: Aha, okay thanks

eulerscheZahl: and my prof once told a story of a colleague of him writing a book

eulerscheZahl: about popular problems like the traveling salesman problem

eulerscheZahl: publisher didn't like it, renamed to traveling salesperson

reCurse: I bet someone went to bed all happy of having made the world a better place that day

TBali: but with the advent of AI, it has to be traveling sales-entity

Westicles: The world is very soft. The next big war is going to be crazy

TBali: And "man-in-the-middle" attacks are supposed to be called "person-in-the-middle attacks".

reCurse: Debatable if it's necessary when used in a negative connotation

eulerscheZahl: i think when in negative context, the male version can stay

Astrobytes: heh

TBali: but who knows, if a lady is in the middle, why the shall we bother with countermeasures? :-)

BlaiseEbuth: Why ? Can't women be malicious ? :smirk:

Westicles: The are renaming half the theorems Rawomanujan

TBali: I did not mean they cannot be a good hacker. I meant some more dirty

Default avatar.png RicoChr: oh. i didn't see that one comming

Westicles: that's what he or she said

Astrobytes: *they

TBali: Anyone solved

TBali: ?

Westicles: yes

Westicles: should be easy

TBali: My solution is too slow for the last test.

eulerscheZahl: i'll try to speedsolve it

TBali: Has to come up with something

TBali: maybe memoization :-)

Default avatar.png RicoChr: Does someone want to debug my code? this is crazy.... Why does my python function freeze way before executing an assingment of a global variable and doesn't freeze if i later dont do that assingment?

Uljahn: is it some puzzle?

TBali: I pass it to python gurus here

Uljahn: or just code unrelated to CG?

Default avatar.png RicoChr: It is the Othello Bot

Default avatar.png RicoChr: so yes, inside CG

RoboStac: do you think it's freezing because some debug isn't being printed?

Default avatar.png RicoChr: yes

SadDev: Hi

RoboStac: does your print statement have flush=True ?

Default avatar.png RicoChr: and i loose due to timeout.

Default avatar.png RicoChr: no

BlaiseEbuth: Hi :cry:

RoboStac: why not? - the instructions clearly tell you to put that for debug

Default avatar.png RicoChr: thanks. i might have missed the instructions.

BlaiseEbuth: Who read instructions seriously...

Default avatar.png RicoChr: thanks Blaise. :D

RoboStac: (basically python buffers print statements a lot, so if you don't flush you don't get all your debug if you timeout)

SadDev: I seem to not really understand how to use the site. Any pointers?

Default avatar.png RicoChr: Yes. I understand it. Thank you very much RoboStac :) And that non-flushing-buffer also seems to prevent my standard output later in the program. and thats why i loose due to timeout

Default avatar.png Kal_Si: sicko mode

Default avatar.png Kal_Si: sicko mode

Default avatar.png Kal_Si: sicko mode

Default avatar.png Kal_Si: sicko mode

ZarthaxX: ban

Scarfield: ban mode

ZarthaxX: scarfOOO

Scarfield: Zarthoo

ZarthaxX: waddup

JLukeSkywalker: what are the easiest 2 bot multiplayers for beginners?

JLukeSkywalker: was thinking GoD, but thought the multi-agent might be a bit hard

DomiKo: Tron is very simple

jacek: oware?

JLukeSkywalker: tried oware, got 1st in wood 2, but cant beat the boss at all

MSmits: ultimate tic tac toe is easiest probably

MSmits: from the board games that is

MSmits: otherwise csb maybe

YurkovAS: JLukeSkywalker for oware you need use minimax (alpha-beta) or mcts

YurkovAS: and evaluation function like this

Default avatar.png daniel_the_tank: I am having issues getting my cart to slow down when approaching the next check point

Default avatar.png daniel_the_tank: I tried a while loop, in java, but I keep getting errors or it doesn't work.

JLukeSkywalker: daniel, for csb?

JLukeSkywalker: for csb I would base your thrust off the distance to the next point

JLukeSkywalker: just as a simple solution

JLukeSkywalker: thrust = int(next_checkpoint_dist/30)

JLukeSkywalker: legit just this and some additional angle calculations got me to silver

Default avatar.png daniel_the_tank: yea, thanks

Default avatar.png daniel_the_tank: That is a good idea.

Default avatar.png daniel_the_tank: I guess I am not sure where to put it.

Default avatar.png daniel_the_tank: eh, I have been messing with this code for a good while. Best to try something else for a bit

jacek: :soccer:

DomiKo: Hypersonic is so broken

DomiKo: that wall of clones is so huge

MSmits: if you get past it, the wall wont bother you anymore :)

MSmits: you need 2 things to reliably get past it

MSmits: 1) perfect beamsearch to arbitrary depth

MSmits: 2) some basic survival

MSmits: 2nd is to avoid getting trapped easily

DomiKo: that what people say

MSmits: my beamsearch is on par with others using only 5-10 ms

DomiKo: is on par?

MSmits: the rest of the time is wasted with a really poor minimax

MSmits: yeah same score early on with boxes

MSmits: mostly i lose cuz they kill me or something

MSmits: it's not hard to do a perfect early game really

MSmits: performance-wise... still requires a lot of code though

DomiKo: yeah it's pretty easy

DomiKo: like making bomb explode in O(4) is really nice

MSmits: my beamsearch is really crazy, I think I am the only one that did this

MSmits: a single state is not a single position for your bomber guy

MSmits: I have a "position map"

MSmits: which is all the positions it can be, from the last map change

MSmits: mapchanges being a bomb placement or item pickup

MSmits: a bomb exploding clears a part of the position map, meaning all those states are dead

MSmits: so i get to use 1 state for many position states

DomiKo: interesing approach

MSmits: works fine, saves some hashing i guess

MSmits: but it makes it a little harder to combine with survival code

MSmits: I also did a 128 bit bitmap for each thing

MSmits: bombs/boxes/items/positions

DomiKo: yeah me too

MSmits: i have a really weird xy to bit conversion

DomiKo: I have vertical and horizontal conversion


DomiKo: ohh wow

MSmits: ye it's weird :P

DomiKo: yes it is


MSmits: i have bad use of pointers, this was when i just learned C++

MSmits: 2 years ago

MSmits: should have just done references

DomiKo: that was 2 years ago so

MSmits: ye

MSmits: I dont think i can work on this bot without completely rewriting it

MSmits: 2700 lines :P

DomiKo: I'm at 1K :/

MSmits: i probably have a lot of dumb duplicate code and stuff that could have been done simpler

DomiKo: Should I predict opponent or just avoid traps?

DomiKo: I thought that predicting could be better, but know I don't know :(

DomiKo: It's like every verrsion of my code hit the wall in 120th place :/

MSmits: what you can do is simulate what happens if every player drops a bomb

DomiKo: what

MSmits: see if you get trapped

DomiKo: I had wrong constant in my code The whole time :scream:

DomiKo: I tried that too

DomiKo: But then my bot got "scared"

MSmits: i think euler just lets players drop a bomb everywhere at once

MSmits: so they drop 5 bombs

MSmits: seems to work ok

MSmits: i think I instead do a depth 2 minimax with bombs

MSmits: oh, no think i got up to 3 or 4

MSmits: I just overwrite my beamsearch result if the minimax comes up with kills or forced survival

MSmits: but it's really crappily coded, almost certainly has bugs

DomiKo: so you are scared of opponent just trying to kill you?

DomiKo: OK

MSmits: yeah it's paranoid

DomiKo: I passed top100

DomiKo: I had wrong constant :(((

MSmits: it happens

DomiKo: I'm currently trying to find what will opponent do with beamsearch ofc

DomiKo: and then check if he can additionally kill me

kovi: heuristic in bt is .... weird. yesterday i got some lucky ones, today none

MSmits: you mean lucky finds for features?

kovi: yeah

MSmits: i have no clue how to do BT

kovi: im really tempted to do nn

MSmits: the problem is that the frontline for your pawns is a larger construct. Just considering your nearest neighbors is a poor substitute for a NN eval

kovi: with todays failed attempts

MSmits: i also think minimax-type algos fair better here

MSmits: otherwise mine and darkhorse's bots would have done far better

kovi: i think its a mix

MSmits: we both used mcts

MSmits: I can normally always come near trictrac and other minimax users, but here it's useless

MSmits: in some games, both approaches do well, but in others, one of the two really outperforms

MSmits: i think checkers, bt, chess are minimax games

MSmits: i have it on my list to convert bt to minimax

MSmits: of course it might also be i just failed eval completely...

kovi: makes sense. clearly there are strong moves and many weak one. but here we need depth as well maybe i should reconsider...but now i have a good mcts everything is nail...

DomiKo: chess is about minmax and pruning :(

kovi: play tryangle

DomiKo: I will

DomiKo: but know uni :(

DomiKo: exams are coming :(

MSmits: Studying an hour a day, keeps the low grade away

DomiKo: For me it's like 8H daily :/

MSmits: sucks

DomiKo: I got too many final projects :(

Westicles: I always learned the entire semester the day before the final, then forgot it all the day after

MSmits: I'm doing a functional programming class starting of friday. This will have a test in about 2 months

MSmits: looking forward to it.... but then i again i am not a full-time student

MSmits: I was a really faithful student in high school, always doing homework and all that

MSmits: then at uni, i skipped every class i could and always crammed at the last moment

DomiKo: every one?

DomiKo: that's uni magic

DomiKo: The key is to pass every class

MSmits: I remember for my first quantum mechanics test, I studied for 24 hrs straight, skipped a nights sleep, test was at 10 am and I passed it :P

MSmits: thats after doing nothing at all before that

Westicles: that is exactly what I did. never went to class

MSmits: I always planned on going

DomiKo: Now I miss going to classes :(

MSmits: but morning smits did not agree with day-before-smits

Westicles: If you study too much, it goes into long term memory. You don't want to fill your brain with nonsense

MSmits: lol

MSmits: I really feel like I missed out on a lot doing it this way, i am not particularly proud or happy about it

MSmits: but at that time i was just not mature enough to be a good student

MSmits: I think when you've been in school for 14 years and then go to uni, you're just fed up with school and try to minimize it

MSmits: but when you've had a job for 10-15 yrs it can be fun again to go back

Westicles: Yeah, I've always thought it would be fun to go back and do a math major. But I'm sure I'd hit real analysis and be sleeping through classes all over again

MSmits: have to pick something you like

MSmits: I like coding more than physics

MSmits: so doing classes like AI, functional programmin and game design are really cool

DomiKo: My main thought about studies is that you always have not enough time.

MSmits: depends on what else is in your week ofc

DomiKo: So when you are older maybe you feel like you have that time.

MSmits: depends.. I specifically made the choice not to work full time and accept a lower salary

MSmits: my normal work-time is 75% of max

MSmits: so 30 hrs a week

ArteXa: MSmits, what about money xD?

MSmits: if you do the kind of work people do who have a university education and you need to work full time to make do, you're doing something wrong

MSmits: at least in my country

MSmits: people just want to go on expensive vacations 3 times a year, own 2 cars , have a large house

MSmits: yeah... then you need to work full time

MSmits: i dont need that :poop:

MSmits: time > money and luxury

ZarthaxX: you mean bots time

ZarthaxX: :P

MSmits: sure :)

ZarthaxX: or CG time

Default avatar.png Angecide: are there any ways to get rid of modulo operation by using intrinsics or any other c++ hacks?

MSmits: btw I admit in many jobs you dont have the choice to work part time, i am lucky enough to do have that choice

ZarthaxX: why intrinsics lol

Default avatar.png Angecide: i heard it was fast

ZarthaxX: intrisncis do parallel stuff

ZarthaxX: nothing to do with the operation itself

Default avatar.png Angecide: parallel modulo sounds fast

MSmits: Angecide if modulo can be sped up some way, you can be sure the compiler figures it out for you

ZarthaxX: what is the thing do you need to do?

Default avatar.png Angecide: i need to do a % b

ZarthaxX: you cant parallelize one a%b

ZarthaxX: you want to do multiple? im confused

ZarthaxX: is b a power of 2?

MSmits: for example, if you do a a%b and a a/b which is a common combination, the compiler will figure out to optimize it

Default avatar.png Angecide: oh, I can just assume it is, I guess it's still random

ZarthaxX: wdym?

ZarthaxX: is b is a power of 2, then you can optimize the modulo

ZarthaxX: a%2^k = a&(2^k - 1)

Perlorodka: enjoying the clashes, Westicles?

ZarthaxX: that's if a is positive i think

MSmits: but if b is a constant and the compiler knows it, it will already have optimized it right?

ZarthaxX: i didnt think of a being negative

ZarthaxX: idk, sometimes i didnt see it happen

Westicles: Perlorodka, yes but I'm on a losing streak

ZarthaxX: i actually saw a speed improvement even with optim on

MSmits: hmm ok

Default avatar.png Angecide: ye that should work, I just need to convert a random number down to a range, I can scale the range to be power of 2 if necessary I think

ZarthaxX: you are talking about using ofast o3

ZarthaxX: Angecide yup

ZarthaxX: divisin is the same trick btw, and multiplication

ZarthaxX: if a is positive

ZarthaxX: a*2^k = a<<k a/2^k = a>>k

Perlorodka: Westicles... always abusing the system

3ataja: what is he doing? i don't get it

3ataja: *i don't get why he's doing what he's doing

YurkovAS: DomiKo i'm stuck in hypersonic at ~120 place with bug: in each cell store only one bomb instead 1-4. May be it help you.

Westicles: 3ataja, I don't like playing clashes but I like writing contribs. you need 300 for mod rights

DomiKo: YurkovAS thank you

DomiKo: I believe I do it in correct way

DomiKo: now I have code which could be top20

DomiKo: and could be top150

DomiKo: and I don't really know why

struct: whic hgame DomiKo?

DomiKo: Hypersonic :(

struct: its normal to be within that rank

DomiKo: 10-150?

struct: Since that is the place of the copy pasted bots

struct: yes

MSmits: 20-100 i think

DomiKo: 130+ 100%

DomiKo: I can pick players from rank 120 that are CLONES

struct: yeah

DomiKo: It's so frustrating

DomiKo: When I can't resubmit like normal

DomiKo: but I have to spam it

DomiKo: to get first 10 wins

MSmits: DomiKo dont do that

MSmits: just setup a cg bench vs 1 clone

MSmits: and dont submit at all

DomiKo: if I get 1 vs 1 its OK

MSmits: if you can get a good winrate vs 1 clone, you can do it vs all

DomiKo: but in 1 vs 1 vs 1 mode

MSmits: then add 3 clones

DomiKo: that's ...

MSmits: and do different combinations

YurkovAS: And has "ugly bomb escaping" check in depth 1 for each new state: opponents place bombs in each dirs and start beam search to depth 9.

sylq: hi people, Do I need to wait for the end of a clash of code after beating it?

BlaiseEbuth: Nope.

sylq: ok thanks! :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png Dwoth: Anyone notice the server being laggy?

VladimirAngelov: It always gets like that around this time apparently

Wontonimo: server reboots, cuz it's 1:30 in France

Default avatar.png TheSunnyCastle_ee5e: h

Wontonimo: i

LegendaryStone: westicles why you dont complete any clashes?

HenryZhang: westicles is a bot

HenryZhang: he joins every battle