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Default avatar.png maplelost: HI

bigIcon: hi

caolinh3561: Hello World!

Default avatar.png MatasPowerPointPro: hello lithuania is best come here to eat cepelinas

Default avatar.png GabrieliusKaubrys11: zdrw

Default avatar.png MatasPowerPointPro: where are you from?

Default avatar.png GabrieliusKaubrys11: azerbaidzian

Default avatar.png MatasPowerPointPro: what is yoour capital

Default avatar.png GabrieliusKaubrys11: Micheal Jordan

PavanSPalve: how and where to use opponet position parameter in bronze league for collusion

Le_Dodo: if (posPlayer == posOpponent){ action = player.whisper('hello you' , opponent)}

BlaiseEbuth: ^^

PavanSPalve: bt there is nothing like position of player

Le_Dodo: posOpponent = player.searchAround(everywhere, opponent)

Le_Dodo: sorry just joking

PavanSPalve: yaa i know

PavanSPalve: if u know pls tell i cant get above 700 rank

Le_Dodo: I'm actually not playing this game but I'm sure you'll find out by yourself.

PavanSPalve: ok ok no problem

Le_Dodo: try to break down your issue in smaller steps

Le_Dodo: and think from the end to the start of your algo

Le_Dodo: at least that's what helps me everytime

PavanSPalve: i have everything ready bt cant get in the collusion issue, boss just kicking me out

Le_Dodo: just to be sure, you mean "collusion" or "collision" ?

PavanSPalve: collision

Le_Dodo: here we go

Le_Dodo: so you are playing Coders Strike Back ?

PavanSPalve: yes

PavanSPalve: so till now i was just talking about diff stuff with no logic

Le_Dodo: the second line of inputs is the opponentX and opponentY

PavanSPalve: yes

Le_Dodo: sooo

PavanSPalve: but where to impliment that input

Le_Dodo: you know your pos

jrke: i have one easy algo to make gold in CSB easily just by 2 minutes of coe

Le_Dodo: and the pos of your opponent

PavanSPalve: no i dont

Le_Dodo: yes you do

PavanSPalve: i just want my location

**BlaiseEbuth launch -3vel on jrke.

Default avatar.png Saad-py: Hi

BlaiseEbuth: ho

Le_Dodo: if you pass a checkpoint, you know where you are

Le_Dodo: right?

Default avatar.png Saad-py: Is C++ good for CP

jrke: exactly blaise

PavanSPalve: yaa that checkpoin is loc

Default avatar.png Saad-py: CP = competetive prog

Default avatar.png Saad-py: ??

jrke: CP = coding points on Codingame i think

Default avatar.png Saad-py: oh ok

Le_Dodo: so when you "collide" the first checkpoint you know that you are at checkpoint's coordinate

Default avatar.png Saad-py: Competetive prog

PavanSPalve: @le_Dodo yes i m there

Le_Dodo: and from that you can find where you are at every moment

Le_Dodo: and if you know where you are

Le_Dodo: and where your opponent is

Le_Dodo: you can prevent collision

Le_Dodo: and collusion

PavanSPalve: yes by slowing down

Le_Dodo: :slight_smile:

Le_Dodo: or turning

jrke: preventing collision is not a good solution make a collision which disturbs enemy trajectory

Le_Dodo: let him try by himself maybe?

PavanSPalve: ok...

PavanSPalve: i wwill smash him

PavanSPalve: to disturb his path

Le_Dodo: jrke : there is no point to give the solution right away

PavanSPalve: i was at 700+ now 100+

PavanSPalve: 1000+

BlaiseEbuth: You have to wait the end of your submit.

PavanSPalve: it is after end

Le_Dodo: PavanSPalve : tweak and try again

Le_Dodo: and again

Le_Dodo: and again

Le_Dodo: and again

BlaiseEbuth: Are you sure all the matchs has been played ? Have you 100% ?

PavanSPalve: yes i will thats only solution

PavanSPalve: yes 100

BlaiseEbuth: That's fast...

PavanSPalve: no not fast it take abt 5 min

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah... Fast ^^

PavanSPalve: well we can do collision if opponnt is near to checkpoint than us

Default avatar.png Saad-py: SUP C++

jrke: PavanSpalve -

jrke: look at this when you crossed first checkpoint

jrke: you can change your 0 thrust compatibility from 90 degree to 50 or 60 degree or even less also

PavanSPalve: well note that, will try

Default avatar.png Saad-py: HIIIIIIIIIIIII

Default avatar.png Saad-py: using namespace std;

Default avatar.png Saad-py: #using <iostream>;

Default avatar.png Saad-py: #include

Default avatar.png Saad-py: int main() {

   cout << "helo";

jacek: good morning

Default avatar.png zhoubou: gm

Default avatar.png Char_2C: hi

Default avatar.png Baxtex: So I managed to win over the first boss where you get the Checkpointangle. How do I advance to the next level?

Le_Dodo: maybe try to manage your speed

Default avatar.png Baxtex: So it needs to go faster?

SeraphWeddUltimate: The basic idea is to slow down when the checkpoint angle is too large

SeraphWeddUltimate: so that the drone's turn speed can catch up

Default avatar.png Baxtex: Ah yes, I did that and won

SeraphWeddUltimate: Congratulations!

Le_Dodo: good job Baxtex

Default avatar.png Baxtex: Thanks. :) But I was wondering how I can advance to the next level/boss?

SeraphWeddUltimate: If the performance of your bot is higher than the boss's, you will advance to the next leage automatically at the next cycle.

Simiouch: You get promoted to the next rank automatically once you defeat the boss I think

Default avatar.png Baxtex: Hmm at the top it says that I am in Wood 2 League rank 12 000/46 000

SeraphWeddUltimate: Then you're still far away from next stage.

Le_Dodo: keep up the good work then

SeraphWeddUltimate: if you click leaderboard, you can see the see the score of the boss

SeraphWeddUltimate: compare it to your score, and if your score is higher, you will advance shortly after.

Default avatar.png Baxtex: I see, thanks

SeraphWeddUltimate: Keep improving your bot until you beat the boss in terms of score! ^_^

Default avatar.png Baxtex: Yeah, I only thought you needed to win :P

Default avatar.png Baxtex: Need to expierment a bit with the distance value I think

Le_Dodo: good idea

Le_Dodo: maybe start thinking about your absolute and relative positions

SeraphWeddUltimate: yeah. Though I got stuck at bronze. Even though my bot wins almost all cases against the boss, I can't earn enough points against other coder's bots.

Default avatar.png GlazedDonut: Ive been stuck at the lvl 1 of "Power of thor" for like 3 days, As I finish it I get "Easy as a Pie" achievement lol I want to kms

VizGhar: :D :D enjoy donut, enjoy

Default avatar.png GlazedDonut: lol

Default avatar.png Baxtex: Thats my everday at work lol, but I don't even get an achivement lol :D

Default avatar.png GlazedDonut: :D

VizGhar: I wonder where such huge differences in programming skills are comming from

Default avatar.png Baxtex: Maybe the coded a machine learning pipeline for the ultimate coordinates and the just used them instead :P

Default avatar.png Wouter-J: What are some good puzzles featuring recursion?

VizGhar: well recursion is mostly bad :) but you can try all of those tagged with recursion

VizGhar: Or anything with flood-fill or bfs

Default avatar.png Wouter-J: I'm trying to understand the concept / how to apply it. Those seem nice, thanks a lot!

VizGhar: :thumbsup:

jacek: to understand recursion you must understand recursion

Default avatar.png Wouter-J: :joy: I expected that one

jacek: try to google recursion

Default avatar.png Wouter-J: That's beautiful

Default avatar.png Char_2C: dont forget to let the recursion and somewhere, had to end the whole program...

-oa-: Hi! Is there anywhere I can view previous clashes to review the ones I didnt solve?

-oa-: (I guess notification history, but unable to sort on score and view task description)


Astrobytes: -oa-

-oa-: Thx:)

Passifi: So a friend of mine claims that coding with the english qwerty layout is much better than the german layout. Any germans here who have tried it out, and can confirm ?

Passifi: or other eltaed european layout too of course ;)

Default avatar.png thanhtungphan: ich bin auslander und fur mich beide sind gleiche

Passifi: hmm okay its not a huge difference anyways but having the brackets on the side instead of the useless metal letters , might make thing a bit smother :)

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: metal?

Passifi: Mötorhed Mötley Cure etc.

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: oh

Passifi: germans invented these vowels to make their word look evil and cool

Passifi: words

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: I didn't know they were invented by Germans

Passifi: I mean other langauges might have them too but I think I only ever saw them in the german alphabet

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Ö and Ä are in some Nordic languages' alphabets, but maybe those populations originate from Germany

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Having access to curly brackets without modifiers seems pretty good for coding though. I might try using the English layout. Never even thought about it before

Passifi: It might be the only reason why america is so dominant in the field of tech *nodshead*

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Hahaha

jacek: the bitboarders want 8x8 amazons, hmm

Nibsi: The only keyboard layout I can work with is US International. I live and work in Germany and write a lot of German, but I can't work with the German keyboard layout.

Nibsi: If I want to write a letter such as ü, it's as simple as typing " first (which doesn't immediately appear) and then writing u.

Nibsi: The only letter that's a little bit harder is ß (Eszett), but it's the only special key combination I have to remember (ctrl + alt + s)

Amperclock: Hi, need help with a python regex. How can I invert this : (?:[a-zA-Z]\.){2,} (I want to match anything but that) ? Thx

JLukeSkywalker: thinking of making a pokemon optimization puzzle, you pick as starter, have a series of fights where you can either capture the enemy or level up your pokemon

JLukeSkywalker: goal is to progress as far as possible

JLukeSkywalker: sound like something interesting?

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Interesting is the word I was about to write

JLukeSkywalker: part 2 would be multiplayer, draft a team and fight your rival

**BlaiseEbuth launch a copyright on JLukeSkywalker.

JLukeSkywalker: would call them CGbots or something

JLukeSkywalker: CGmon

BlaiseEbuth: Socket Monsters

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Draft alternatively or simultaneously?

JLukeSkywalker: probably simul, could get same teams, but i think easier to make fair

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Yeah I was thinking the teams would be identical in like every legend game

Westicles: lkj;'

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i really dont like shortest mode

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: That's exactly what I was about to say Westicles

Westicles: darn cat

JLukeSkywalker: your turn would be pick from ~4 abilities, swap characters or use items

Default avatar.png rekaxem: basically its impossible to win using c++ in shortest mode

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: rekaxem check out the puzzle section

Default avatar.png rekaxem: how can i do that

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: It's under Practice

Default avatar.png rekaxem: oh

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i wanna ask

Default avatar.png rekaxem: can we filter out shortest mode in clash of code

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Nope

Default avatar.png rekaxem: sad

Uljahn: possible in private clash though

Default avatar.png rekaxem: oh

BlaiseEbuth: you can filter out clash of code

Default avatar.png rekaxem: ok thanks

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Yeah I just do puzzles and bots instead of clash

JLukeSkywalker: imo learning python is worth it, but yeah, there are private clashes, and you can also do the puzzles and other facets of the site

JLukeSkywalker: the code golf is ranked based on language

Default avatar.png rekaxem: hm ok

Default avatar.png rekaxem: python isnt that good for competitive programming tho

Default avatar.png rekaxem: but yeah its useful

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: What's competitive programming

Default avatar.png rekaxem: uh

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Darn chat so laggy

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i really dont know how to explain

Default avatar.png rekaxem: its just like competing with other people

Uljahn: so it's all besides shortest :smirk:

Default avatar.png rekaxem: lol yeah

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Is the goal to write code that executes faster than the opponents'?

Default avatar.png rekaxem: not really

Default avatar.png rekaxem: the goal is the solve hard problems

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Then what's the problem with python

Default avatar.png rekaxem: speed is just a factor

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: I see

Default avatar.png rekaxem: there is usually runtime limits in those competition

Default avatar.png rekaxem: with python its not really possible to solve some of the questions

Default avatar.png rekaxem: but python is useful for other things like machine learning because there are lots of libraries availalbe

BlaiseEbuth: "what's the problem with python ?"... Take a seat, that's gonna take some time... :smirk:

Default avatar.png **ErrorRazor takes a seat

**BlaiseEbuth takes the opportunity and flee away.

JLukeSkywalker: are puzzles like the only good way to get XP on here?

Westicles: Other than it is super slow and the decision to force indenting to save some semicolons, seems ok

JLukeSkywalker: python isnt meant to be super fast, use a compiled lower lvl language for that. python is meant for quick scripting and prototyping

JLukeSkywalker: i use it at work all the time writing like 5min scripts to do things

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah... That's why it's used for everything, like web, ML, games... :3

JLukeSkywalker: I actually use python instead of pseudo code sometimes

**Yasser is watching you.

JLukeSkywalker: write the python script, if it works, write it in C

BlaiseEbuth: Most of python users stop at step 1

JLukeSkywalker: testing on a folder of 10 files, python it, convert to C when it works to work with a 100000 file directory system

JLukeSkywalker: but yeah, most people would still stop at python

JLukeSkywalker: which I think is sad

Uljahn: better done than perfect

JLukeSkywalker: in the time it takes your python code to run though, you could have converted it to C and finished running it a while ago

JLukeSkywalker: in bigger applications

TBali: > are puzzles like the only good way to get XP on here? Actually reaching Legend in all the multis pays also good XP.

JLukeSkywalker: lol, im a long way from that :)

JLukeSkywalker: almost gold in a couple

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah, but waiting for the python script, you can take a break... :3

JLukeSkywalker: ^^ Truth

TBali: outside multis, 45k XP is about the max you can get

Default avatar.png rekaxem: lmao

TBali: (Wel Westicles proved otherwise, but that backdoor is closed now)

BlaiseEbuth: You can create a community contest. Oh wait. No you can't ! :grinning:

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i will probably win the shortest mode im in rn cuz people couldnt even solve the problem

TBali: you can make 100s of accepted contribs

JLukeSkywalker: makes 3 smurf accounts to accept every contribution ...

TBali: OR - you cann solve all the cca 400 solo puzzles for 20k XP

JLukeSkywalker: huh, wouldnt do that, but would that actually work?

JLukeSkywalker: the smurfing

VizGhar: JLukeSkywalker looks like your interests are matching mine. Not the best one in multis but still going for multiplayer contributions :D

BlaiseEbuth: You can create randoms reverses coc, no need of statements, create 3 alts count and accept your own contribution to get, what ? 250xp each time ?

Westicles: big bang theory was smurfed, they all got banned except the contrib author

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: I don't get the appeal behind xp

JLukeSkywalker: just wanna hit 20 for the quest, otherwise dont ccare

Westicles: yeah, I was surprised to see the word gamification use positively, never seen that before

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Wanting to complete the quest map I can understand

BlaiseEbuth: Xp is a cryptomoney. From lvl30 you can convert it to $.

Default avatar.png rekaxem: really

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Lol the amount of miner bots that would bring

BlaiseEbuth: I'm lvl 100+, but I already converted more than 80 of my lvls.

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Did it make you a millionaire?

BlaiseEbuth: :money_mouth:

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Alright then. I'm quitting my job and joining CG ranks.

AntiSquid: level is so important that after 50+ you get hunted down and forced to sign a work contract at gunpoint

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Is there a salary?

AntiSquid: yes, it's called taking pride in what you do

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Sounds lovely

[Kian-carling]: hi

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Hello

[Kian-carling]: sup

[Kian-carling]: soooooooo

[Kian-carling]: um you good at programming

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Not me but someone in this chat probably is

[Kian-carling]: oh ok

[Kian-carling]: sooooooooooooo

[Kian-carling]: ummmmmmm brb

AntiSquid: so ban if you keep at it

[Kian-carling]: oh no no no sry


I'm scared

BlaiseEbuth: Ah yeah... Saw this

BlaiseEbuth: I'm too

AntiSquid: anything with short time spawn will autoskip, anyone else can have fun if that's their thing

eulerscheZahl: if it's an additional event, I don't care but if they plan to replace the real contests...

BlaiseEbuth: Waiting 6 months for 4 hours... And I don't like speed competitions...

JLukeSkywalker: as they are now, if im busy i can still do the contest. if its only a 3-4 hour timeframe, will never be able to do it ever again

JLukeSkywalker: will always have some sort of conflict

eulerscheZahl: if i want a short contest, I go to codeforces

eulerscheZahl: on that field I see them more competent than CG

AntiSquid: Yasser practicing forum necromancy, that's a 5 year old thread

[Kian-carling]: back

JLukeSkywalker: gratz

eulerscheZahl: this valuable feedback on my contribution :D

[Kian-carling]: cool

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: lmao

[Kian-carling]: i got a code i'm working on

[Kian-carling]: ok bye

BlaiseEbuth: But, hey, that's not like if our opinions, as 1.64% members, have any importance. :3

eulerscheZahl: correct, now we want contests for the 98.36% as well

eulerscheZahl: as a member of the 1.64% i'm able to compute the difference to 100% without a calculator :trophy:

BlaiseEbuth: :o

JLukeSkywalker: *praise

struct: oh god 4 hours contest

AntiSquid: where does it say it will be 4 ?

JLukeSkywalker: prep the red-bull

struct: Im just assuming


struct: Next thing I want is a starter pack where I just need to tune eval function

struct: So I dont have to spend time coding

linjoehan: lol struct just write one

BlaiseEbuth: Next thing I want is a contest with me as the known winner. So I dont have to spend time coding...

BlaiseEbuth: Why tetris ?

linjoehan: mm a multi with if username = BlaiseEbuth he wins. you will have to code the multi though

JLukeSkywalker: lol, do it, the community might not notice and approve it

eulerscheZahl: the referee doesn't get the username, only JS can access it

JLukeSkywalker: cant gamemanager get the nickname?

BlaiseEbuth: AutomatonNN : euler

Default avatar.png AutomatonNN: funny thing

BlaiseEbuth: :thinking:

linjoehan: I thought it could get it

eulerscheZahl: only nicknametoken

Westicles: i bet they make the contests team. kids love teams

eulerscheZahl: which is "%1", "%2", ...

linjoehan: On the other hand I was thinking of making a tetris multi but MK talked me out of it sort of

AntiSquid: you can join kaggle for that struct, but you can still expand on things, it's not as simple as you think, things don't just end there

eulerscheZahl: gets replaced in js

eulerscheZahl: so if the user changes the nick, you see the new one

Astrobytes: eww solo contests

eulerscheZahl: team contests?

AntiSquid: is solo contest synonym for puzzle contest?

Astrobytes: Yeah.

struct: yes

eulerscheZahl: now i see the twitter post in a new context

JLukeSkywalker: team contest might be cool, make a multi where score based on working together?

AntiSquid: fun morbius strip guaranteed?

struct: Well its still bad if its for puzzles

Astrobytes: tric trac has already made a semi-cooperative game, it's waiting for approval


linjoehan: more like an optimisitation problem with a CTWC feel to it was what I was thinking but it may be a bit to simple

BlaiseEbuth: :fireworks:

eulerscheZahl: and we have code a la mode

eulerscheZahl: and yeah: CG contests are almost always a little buggy. which hurts much more in a 4h contest than 10 days

linjoehan: how about a 4v4 version of that soccer game?

AntiSquid: but that at least looks like something new and interesting not a sprint

struct: I doubt its related to contests

struct: Why did they not talk about it in discord disccusion?

Astrobytes: If there's another 4 hour puzzle contest I delete

Astrobytes: (not really)

eulerscheZahl: if there's another 4h contest i ban automaton

Astrobytes: lol

struct: I rather have a coc contest than a 4 hour contest

reCurse: I just wish they'd tell us now so I can ragequit in peace and move on

mzbear: 4h contest = it's guaranteed to happen at unreasonable hours for some players

eulerscheZahl: rumors say raic will host contests more frequently

struct: I dont mind 4 hours contest, what bothers me is that it will probably replace a normal contest...

reCurse: Is that really the only alternative now? :cry:

eulerscheZahl: :(

Astrobytes: they said they're definitely doing a mini-raic at least

BlaiseEbuth: You can make your own alternative

reCurse: Maybe I should quit this hobby altogether then

AntiSquid: there's always the choice to bot browser games :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: back to real gaming?

Astrobytes: Gardening perhaps?

eulerscheZahl: skiing. might have a brighter future than bot contests

Astrobytes: heh

AntiSquid: well Astrobytes, Bill Gates bought farmland so probably yes ! :D

AntiSquid: he's ahead again

mzbear: woodworking could be a fun hobby. you could write code for cnc machines

Astrobytes: Even better: become a lumberjack

Westicles: hmm, what's the story with deleting approvals?

struct: what do you mean Westicles?

Astrobytes: I suspect he refers to Robin Hood

Westicles: yeah

BlaiseEbuth: What about him ? I missed something ?

Westicles: notifications say he approved a couple, but they are gone

Astrobytes: Yes, the Sheriff of Nottingham finally caught him.

struct: 48 new players

struct: 0 completed puzzle of the week

eulerscheZahl: you can turn off the notifications for approval votes if you don't like the spam ;)

Westicles: Was that something official, or someone acting unilaterally again?

struct: Moderators cant remove the vote

struct: just the comment

eulerscheZahl: i'm with Blaise, I totally missed what the discussion is about

Astrobytes: Not sure, but I know CG keep an eye out for Robin Hood

BlaiseEbuth: :shrug:

Westicles: Robinhood approved two of my puzzles earlier and now they are gone

Astrobytes: Friar Tuck did it.

eulerscheZahl: approved as in 3rd and final vote?

Westicles: 2nd

Astrobytes: 2nd.

eulerscheZahl: robin hood himself can undo the vote

eulerscheZahl: and CG staff of course

Astrobytes: Yes, but I don't see why he would. Probably staff.

eulerscheZahl: but no mention on the moderators channel

Astrobytes: Unless Robin nicely used his brain to constrate.

Westicles: heh heh. well no big deal, these two are actually good ones

AntiSquid: does he have multiple accounts? (robinhood)

Astrobytes: Donno. Perhaps he has a Little John or Maid Marian account...

Notgoodatcoding5: Hi

AntiSquid: anyone can become robin hood, they just need a hoody and commit some robin

Astrobytes: :expressionless:

BlaiseEbuth: :no_entry_sign::squid:

eulerscheZahl: :white_check_mark: :frog:

BlaiseEbuth: ProFrog ?

eulerscheZahl: you and your French whitespace...

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah!Andsowhat!That'smoreairythisway!


AntiSquid: (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

AntiSquid: chat lag .

Default avatar.png DoubleComet_7201: yo what the frick is up

eulerscheZahl: try that again but use other words

Default avatar.png DoubleComet_7201: what the heck is up

Default avatar.png DoubleComet_7201: answers for mars lander ep 2 rn

Default avatar.png DoubleComet_7201: or else

Astrobytes: No demands or you get kicked.

eulerscheZahl: lol

BlaiseEbuth: :D

Astrobytes: hehehe

Astrobytes: "Can I unban him, it was an accident"

reCurse: I don't know if we're doing a poor job at keeping the crap out or this site attracts more of it than average for some reason


reCurse: That's pretty average

eulerscheZahl: i just tabbed away for 2-3 minutes

reCurse: Can't even read who kicked him

Westicles: well, to be fair the level 3 message is something like "now you can chat!"

reCurse: True

eulerscheZahl: i never got that message

reCurse: The level 3 was inside you all along

BlaiseEbuth: You are kicking the new CG customers hardly prospected by the site ads ! Evil 5% man ! :scream:

eulerscheZahl: on the other hand i think it was open to everyone back then

JLukeSkywalker: you gotta get reset to lvl 2 then

JLukeSkywalker: so that you can get it

eulerscheZahl: and there was a MK spamming nonstop which kept me away for quite some time

struct: MK was the root of contests

reCurse: Yeah for all I know I'm probably the unwanted crap here

reCurse: (I jest...)

eulerscheZahl: 1.64% issues

Westicles: was there a time when the site was in french?

reCurse: Most likely

Westicles: they day they went english must have been loud

reCurse: Loud?

Westicles: have you ever been to #fr?

reCurse: Yes

eulerscheZahl: in early days there was no chat at all (before my time)

reCurse: It's my mother tongue as a matter of fact

Astrobytes: Yeah, Le CSB was baguette racing, Mars Lander was landing a reblochon in a field.

Astrobytes: (honest)

**BlaiseEbuth launch some hagiss on Astrobytes.

eulerscheZahl: and the card game "war" was called surrender

reCurse: Baguette racing, now that's something I want to see

reCurse: Oh boy

Astrobytes: *haggis BlaiseEbuth

reCurse: Let me find a shelter

eulerscheZahl: did you see ehm's interpretation of CSB?

Astrobytes: eulerscheZahl :rofl:

BlaiseEbuth: sry

eulerscheZahl: emh*

Astrobytes: Unfortunately yes.

Astrobytes: anyway, need to make some fried rice, afk for a bit

BlaiseEbuth: France surrendered but still won... :yum:

Westicles: might not win this one though...

Default avatar.png vinacal: my code don't pass 100%, how i can see test case to fix it

JLukeSkywalker: print it out

JLukeSkywalker: the input

Default avatar.png vinacal: my code don't pass 1 validater, when i submit

JLukeSkywalker: what problem

yohyoh: :grin:

Default avatar.png vinacal: validators is differ from puzzle test cases. When i submit code, print it out not work. I guess i must create some test case by myself

JLukeSkywalker: what puzzle

JLukeSkywalker: also the validator is supposed to be different, so that people dont try to cheat

Default avatar.png vinacal:

MichelGrolet: m

JLukeSkywalker: did you pass all of the test cases?

Default avatar.png vinacal: yes, all test case

Westicles: which one do you fail?

AntiSquid: oh one of those puzzles: IF CLAUSE THEN PRINT THIS SPECIAL MSG otherwise do the actual puzzle

AntiSquid: you need to give the index though, maybe; maybe it's not that bad

eulerscheZahl: @ vinacal


Default avatar.png vinacal: i don't passed "Validator 4"


eulerscheZahl: #ReadingComprehension

BlaiseEbuth: #bestTagEver

eulerscheZahl: oh, it's "reading the statement" now?


BlaiseEbuth: Ah

eulerscheZahl: oh, we have's-cube and

eulerscheZahl: what's your favorite apostrophe?

BlaiseEbuth: lel

eulerscheZahl: mine is 0x27

drdrdr: hola

eulerscheZahl: you are not dbdr

Westicles: here come the triggered clashers

Westicles: roman numerals in 38s?

Astrobytes: heh heh

Katespizer: should auto publishing work in clash of code? or is it for something else

AntiSquid: optional is good

AntiSquid: freedom of choice :/

eulerscheZahl: auto publish only applies for classic puzzles

AntiSquid: hey anyone know a good email to pdf converter? trying to convert emails with image attachments to pdf files and keep them somewhat as readable as they are displayed in the email manager

mzbear: antisquid, just print them as pdf?

mzbear: every major OS should have some kind of "print to file" system these days

AntiSquid: on thunderbird i get almost plain text pdf

AntiSquid: *.prn extension file? :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: that sounds like 18+ rated files

TBali: Clicking on brings me to a nice page: My progress: NaN%

jacek: nani?

TBali: Of course it is not a number, moron, it is a oercentage... :-)

TBali: p

TBali: Does it works for others?

jacek: nope. NaN

TBali: Most likely the apostroph

TBali: There is no such puzlle as "Rubik's Cube"

TBali: only Rubik(R), Doubly solved Rubik..., 1x1x1 Rubik, 2x2x2 Rubik....

TBali: By the way in its home country we call it "Magic Cube"

TBali: :)

TBali: Maybe in Socialism it was not proper to name something after a living person.

TBali: (unless he is a communist leader...)

AntiSquid: oh linux gives me a pdf, win 10 requires me to install something like CutePDF

TBali: I used to use BullZip PDF

AntiSquid: missing a lot of the images though :/

TBali: but not anymore, built in Office PDF support is good enough

AntiSquid: don't have MS office

TBali: BullZip is installed as a fake printer.

TBali: But it will not take care of teh email attachments I am afraid

jacek: you cant open pdf in chrome?

eulerscheZahl: TBali i changed one of the tags to bundle the puzzles under the same tag

jacek: ohhh, another explit? :imp:

eulerscheZahl: what's an explit?

TBali: oit

jacek: explicit exploit

TBali: euler, if you want to practice recursion or endless loops, there are many puzzles for that :-)

eulerscheZahl: endless as in infinite?

eulerscheZahl: recursion: i vaguely remember hearing about that concept, should definitely practice

TBali: I just learned that Rust even spared an extra keyword for infinite loops

TBali: "loop" is shortcut (?) for "while (true)"

TBali: Don't understand why was that necessary

eulerscheZahl: you don't golf i suppose

TBali: Nah, that sport is for snobs.

TBali: There is a course 1km from where I live, but did not check the club fees

eulerscheZahl: not sure if troll but probably you are

struct: euler with the modified sdk is it also possible to change the 50ms minimum?

TBali: :)

eulerscheZahl: sure

TBali: don'T golf in Rust, for sure

eulerscheZahl: @struct

TBali: 15 mins not enough to conquer the borrow checker in swordfight

struct: port halite :D

eulerscheZahl: which one?

struct: Never played any of them

Astrobytes: still think something based on the last raic would work

struct: astro only with modified sdk

Astrobytes: (using the grid debug view)

Astrobytes: struct: I don't mean with huge turns and stuff

struct: I think the game needs a good ammount of turns

struct: more than 150 turns per player

struct: But I could be wrong, I did not play it

Astrobytes: It would have to be a smaller CG version, not a straight copy, that just wouldn't work

struct: Also I would need to change pathfinding after 2 weeks of release

struct: for true RAIC experience

AntiSquid: how was your RAIC experience this time? did anyone enjoy it?

AntiSquid: completely skipped it

eulerscheZahl: when you don't try to get all-in, RAIC can be fun

eulerscheZahl: this one was pretty solid

eulerscheZahl: in fact the last big no-no RAIC was 2016 IMO

Notgoodatcoding5: I got 90% on my test for school so yay!

Astrobytes: I really enjoyed raic too

Astrobytes: Think most liked it tbh

eulerscheZahl: squid is biased because of ranking noise and missing the tshirt in a previous round

Astrobytes: ah, that's unfortunate

eulerscheZahl: lots of bot with similar strength in that range so there is some randomness of course

Default avatar.png DoubleComet_7201: hey

Default avatar.png DoubleComet_7201: im unmuted

Default avatar.png DoubleComet_7201: pog

Katespizer: if i close chat of clash, do i still gget notifed ?

BlaiseEbuth: was the ranking anti squid ?

eulerscheZahl: you again

jacek: Katespizer yes

Katespizer: thanks

eulerscheZahl: that's not a complete sentence BlaiseEbuth, you made my parser fail

eulerscheZahl: aah, got it:D

BlaiseEbuth: :)

jacek: that was my style :<

Astrobytes: lol, slow toad day today

Astrobytes: lol, was that a pre-emptive strike BlaiseEbuth?

reCurse: Pre-empted mine at least

Astrobytes: I had it typed out ready to go

BlaiseEbuth: Nope. I just couldn't ban him while he was not in the chat.

AntiSquid: pulled an all nighter waiting for revenge ? :P

AntiSquid: euler i missed shirt due to soft rank reset on resub, was hoping to climb faster because my bot was indeed winning more, problem however was that if you do soft reset on rank you are automatically dropped 50 ranks or more before first game

AntiSquid: i skipped this raic because it was halite III all over again, you get bored at some point, don't you?

reCurse: It's not halite all over again if there's no synergy bonus or whatever it was called

eulerscheZahl: from watching i didn't see halite either and I didn't play halite, so i couldn't get sick of it

eulerscheZahl: e.g. RAIC was more about fighting and not just harvesting

eulerscheZahl: and you had to harvest a cell first to be able to enter it

reCurse: There was no fighting in halite 3, just questionable suicide bombing

drdrdr: hola

eulerscheZahl: that's what I meant

eulerscheZahl: and RAIC had no drop zones, you instantly got the resources

eulerscheZahl: so less micro management (unless you play to win)

reCurse: Can't believe raic is almost attractive now, really need a new outlet


struct: Join CoC

AntiSquid: maybe raic will get its own anime girlification now

AntiSquid: (google corona chan if you're confused)

reCurse: I'll make sure not to, thanks

jacek: cg-chan?

BlaiseEbuth: there's a "something-chan" wiki... :expressionless:

eulerscheZahl: i don't like where this chat is going

AntiSquid: we need to create our own jacek! a great contribution to this wonderful community

eulerscheZahl: you weirdos

Uljahn: Automaton2000-chan

Automaton2000: how do u know how to see the answer

BlaiseEbuth: cg-chan loves everyone but the 1.64%

eulerscheZahl: Ul-chan? not even sure how to pronounce your nick

BlaiseEbuth: Cigi-chan


reCurse: degen-chan

jacek: mlp-chan

jacek: oh right, there are also various ponyifications

BlaiseEbuth: Brownies ahead !

reCurse: Alright time to get out of here

jacek: :horse:

AntiSquid: found one for CG, black and yellow, fits well

Default avatar.png dylanz: can someone help with a quick question?

AntiSquid: is that the important question?

Default avatar.png dylanz: what?

Uljahn: two questions already

AntiSquid: :thinking: both very important too

Default avatar.png dylanz: so this community sucks lol

Katespizer: like your questions

Le_Dodo: dylanz :

Astrobytes: wtf happened here

Le_Dodo: dylanz : maybe next time, start by trying the magic word : "Hello"

BlaiseEbuth: where?

Astrobytes: Chat. I left for a few minutes and suddenly there's chans and brony talk

BlaiseEbuth: isn't the magic word "abracadabra" ?

Le_Dodo: works wells too

AntiSquid: all good, i created the page and added the image myself, feel free to edit it

BlaiseEbuth: At least draw a dedicated cg-chan...

AntiSquid: ping chokudai or someone who can find us a good artist :/

AntiSquid: i'll commission it if it's not too expensive

**BlaiseEbuth gonna draw a bdsm hentai about cg-chan-sama and community-san... :smiling_imp:

Le_Dodo: :laughing:

Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: um hi?

BlaiseEbuth: o/

Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: i needa change my cover

jacek: oO

AntiSquid: go to profile and there you can edit it

Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: i know that

Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: ok finished

Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: thx anyway

jacek: uwu

Default avatar.png Mr.intro: nice cover

Default avatar.png Mr.intro: : p

Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: thx

Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: i love call of duty

Default avatar.png Mr.intro: :)

Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: even though ima girl

Default avatar.png Mr.intro: Oo :D

jacek: oh my

Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: how about you follow me and i follow you

Default avatar.png Mr.intro: nice

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Ok now kiss you guys

AntiSquid: sounds like twitter

Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: no


Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: im not allowed too

Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: and i dont want too

struct: lichess added puzzle storm :D

AntiSquid: kinda sexist, calling everyone a guy, there are 50 genders darling

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Do you play chess with a bot or by yourself

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Ok that was poorly worded

Astrobytes: Puzzle storm? Speed puzzles?

AntiSquid: with bot

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Do you play chess like normal people or do you make a program that plays it?

struct: yes Astrobytes

struct: like puzzle rush

Astrobytes: gotcha

Default avatar.png Charm_wolf: i gtg i gotta do a project

AntiSquid: are you saying people who built chess engines aren't normal?

jacek: :(

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: I think I'm allowed to say it because I'm a CodinGamer myself

samuel_wondimu: how to round 1.5 to 1 in javascript

struct: Math.floor()

jacek: -0.5 [solved]

AntiSquid: forgot, don't you need to cast to int also?

samuel_wondimu: if i do minous 0.5 other valuse returns unwanted value

BlaiseEbuth: rtfm

AntiSquid: might have a bug somewhere samuel_wondimu

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Do you want to floor if the fraction is .5 or less and ceil otherwise?

eulerscheZahl: you should better specify what rounding you want

eulerscheZahl: what is round(1.6)?

eulerscheZahl: what is round(2.5)

jacek: what is love

eulerscheZahl: round(-0.5)

eulerscheZahl: nullpointer exception jacek

Default avatar.png Tank1334: @jackek open source is love

BlaiseEbuth: There's no error in js

eulerscheZahl: only arrow

eulerscheZahl: =>

AntiSquid: forced co-op like code a la mode of sorts jacek

Default avatar.png zhoubou: In JS, errors ask you: VM41232:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: what is not defined

BlaiseEbuth: If you have an error in js, just add it to an integer, should works.

struct: trictrac if I resize the board to 8x8 should I keep 8 pieces total?

Astrobytes: 8x8!

Astrobytes: But imo yes, still 8

jacek: those bitboarders...

Astrobytes: hehe, well you can still bitboard 10x10, just more work

trictrac: hello struct, sorry for my late answer, I was not in front my PC. you can keep all the pieces even in an 8x8 board

Astrobytes: Maybe 10x10 is too much for CG constraints

struct: thanks, I failed to create the league

struct: Ill try again

struct: Dont know what I did wrong

struct: ok updated, also stub needs to be reseted

jacek: made boss?

struct: yes

struct: print("random")

trictrac: hello every one, no one to review "fireworks" and to put the last approval ?

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Can anyone approve?

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Or do you need to be at a certain level

trictrac: only level up to 20

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Well then I can't

struct: I will try this week tric trac

trictrac: ok thanks

Astrobytes: trictrac: from my testing everything is good but since I do not have a working bot just yet I am hesitant to approve

trictrac: I understand, it's fair

jacek: demo is still 10x10

struct: demo is

struct: I cant change demo based on the league

struct: just change the league

jacek: ahh so first league is 8x8 and second is 10x10?

struct: yes

struct: I kept both so people can test I guess

struct: I have no rush to approve it

jacek: nice transition between rounds

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: (where) can I see multi contribs?

struct: Thanks


Astrobytes: In the Contribution section, unfortunately mixed in with all the other contribs

struct: oh there is a filter

struct: to filter coc

struct: I didnt know

Astrobytes: Yeah but puzzles are still mixed with multis

trictrac: struct : for amazons, it can be cool to have a random positionning of the queen @ the start

struct: you mean make first move random?

struct: or different queen setups?

trictrac: different queen setups

struct: ok, should I also randomize starting positions?

struct: So they dont start always at corners

trictrac: yes symetrie but not @ corners

trictrac: symetrie for the 2 players

Astrobytes: I think this is worth trying

struct: Could they start at middle of the map?

struct: or just edges?

trictrac: even in the middle. It's just a proposal : the idea needs to be challenged

Astrobytes: It's interesting because I haven't come across this variation, only board size

Astrobytes: It has to be tested

Astrobytes: The implications aren't immediately obvious (to me at least)

struct: ok I will add this

struct: If this is good I will completely scratch the 10x10 board

Astrobytes: 8 multis pending... (9 inc. TvC)

Astrobytes: At least you can take your time with this one struct

reCurse: Imagine having competition of the month... ha ha ha

reCurse: haaaa

jacek: ?

reCurse: So much wasted potential

Astrobytes: You read the discord 'meeting' jacek

jacek: where

reCurse: There

Astrobytes: There on the stair

struct: I would like to know the server cost it takes to run a contest

Westicles: better question is how much to buy all user email addresses from CG

Astrobytes: You don't have to. Just run a sponsored contest and bcc everyone who registered when it finishes...

Astrobytes: cc

Astrobytes: You could probably message CG about that struct

reCurse: If you have to ask you can't afford it

Astrobytes: Check the costs of Halite...

struct: is it available?

reCurse: I had some numbers a long time ago

reCurse: Unfortunately I forgot and not sure how easy to dig them back

reCurse: I vaguely recall some napkin calculation in the 5 digits of US dollars

struct: What was the duration of halite contests?

reCurse: Possible they had a discount with google though

reCurse: 3 months

struct: Also the submits was N ammount of battles like CG?

Astrobytes: It was a hedge fund that ran Halite though... so...

reCurse: Continuous games

reCurse: They had GPU workers too so it ups the costs

reCurse: And 2 secs per turn

reCurse: It's very possible to reduce the costs significantly with CG-like constraints

struct: and it was 400-500 turns

struct: damn

Astrobytes: Like I said, investment companies can afford that ;) What did you have in mind struct? Crowdfunding something?

reCurse: Having money is a poor indicator of how you spend it

jacek: cryptocurrencies!

struct: I was just trying to understand CG

reCurse: There's one big reason you can't really reproduce though

reCurse: It's reach

jacek: oO

reCurse: That's why some companies have really stupid valuations

Astrobytes: True reCurse, but in the case of Two Sigma I believe it was a marketing exercise first and foremost

reCurse: It's not about the product but about your userbase

reCurse: It was a recruitment exercise actually

reCurse: Probably coupled with marketing too but still

reCurse: They had a heavy recruit focus

Astrobytes: Yeah, just marketing themselves as opposed to anything else

reCurse: Hackathons in high schools and whatnot

Astrobytes: I think they said something about getting their name out their

Astrobytes: *there

reCurse: I think it's an initiative that died a horrible death, not sure the real cause

reCurse: There was a massive shift in tone between H2 and H3

Astrobytes: In what way?

reCurse: Their involvement

Astrobytes: They backed off from it?

reCurse: They handled their community spectacularly well in H2

reCurse: In H3 it was very hands off

Astrobytes: Interesting.

reCurse: I had to poke several times to get the prize in H3, even got a response alluding there was no such thing, had to quote their own website

reCurse: It was weird

Astrobytes: Oooh, that's a strange one. New top-level management perhaps?

reCurse: It was handled by a different person

reCurse: Persons even

reCurse: But anyway there were plenty of subtle signs things were very different

reCurse: Unsurprising it died after tbh

Astrobytes: I mean they might have had some 'restructuring' and the new placements weren't keen on or were unaware of the whole thing.

reCurse: From my understanding it was an effort some people were doing in addition to their actual job

reCurse: So I assume they left or moved on or something somewhere between H2 and H3

Astrobytes: Oh I see. Someone probably didn't want to continue financing that then.

reCurse: You can't replace dedication

Astrobytes: Very true indeed.

Astrobytes: I was going to bring dedication into a CG context there but I'll bite my lip

reCurse: Yeah it's getting old

reCurse: As soon as I find another hobby I'm out of here :p

Default avatar.png Angecide: trying to not paying the promised prices sounds really shady ngl

reCurse: I wouldn't put it under malicious

reCurse: More like there was a transition and things weren't communicated

Default avatar.png Angecide: ah right

Astrobytes: That's a real f'ing shame reCurse, you know that eh

reCurse: Besides the prizes was just some swag and a trophy

reCurse: But you know, it's cool to have

reCurse: Besides trophies are cool, I'd rather have that than all the other prizes CG gave away tbh :p

reCurse: Opinions obviously differ

Astrobytes: Like I said before, you can display them in the bathroom and force people to see them when they go :P

reCurse: You have a weird mind

Astrobytes: No. I have an auntie (married in not blood-relative) who was briefly in a girl band in the 80s and has a gold disc from Norway or something. It was all her idea.

Astrobytes: Insufferable person.

MSmits: if you have no trophy's you can just use rubber duckies

reCurse: ?

MSmits: ahh you dont know the reference, sec

Astrobytes: Rayman?


Astrobytes: Oh that.

Westicles: Is that his real voice? ugh

MSmits: ye, he's funny though

Westicles: replying to spam guy

MSmits: o

Default avatar.png Angecide: recurse how do you envision a new hobby, do you think it will still be bot related or maybe machine learning or something else entirely?

Astrobytes: inb4 lumberjacking and moose riding

Astrobytes: :P

reCurse: Haven't given it that much thought yet

reCurse: All I know is there's a post-CG and the writing is on the wall

Astrobytes: Just gotta grab the moose by the antlers right

Astrobytes: (sorry)

AntiSquid: step into politics

Astrobytes: He said post-CG, not CG

Astrobytes: Do you play any instruments reCurse?

reCurse: No

Astrobytes: Musically inclined in any way? Or curious?

reCurse: Not really. Besides I wasn't really meaning the kind of crazy turnaround you seem fond of

AntiSquid: you could be the next gordon ramsey if you tried hard enough

reCurse: Even though starting a goat farm sounds lovely

Astrobytes: Hehe, no I was just taking the piss before. Music is a good hobby.

AntiSquid: all the goat cheese recipes

Astrobytes: I was unfortunately cursed with a brain that swings between technical and creative so I go through phases and need an outlet.

reCurse: Doesn't sound so bad

Astrobytes: It's not great. Useful but not great. I remember when I was in school I wasn't allowed to do art, music, all 3 science fields, tech drawing and computing - only a small subset of them.

Astrobytes: (in addition to mathematics, English etc)

reCurse: Specialization is overrated anyway

AntiSquid: you mean biting off more than you can chew? astro

Astrobytes: Yeah, don't get me wrong, it's useful finding creative solutions to technical issues and vice versa but it's when you sometimes feel more of one than the other is annoying.

Astrobytes: AntiSquid: I was more than capable (at the time at least :D )

Westicles: all right that's it, I'm going to med school

Astrobytes: I did my biology degree later in life, after I ended my cheffing career - anything is possible.

Astrobytes: Well, partially while I was doing it but w/e

AntiSquid: isn't it cheaper for americans to get their degrees abroad?

Westicles: I doubt it. grad school is free in tech fields if you are any good

AntiSquid: the only advantage to cheffing now is that you can be your own home chef LOL

Astrobytes: Tell me about it. So many of my friends are out of work.

Astrobytes: Here and abroad.

AntiSquid: ya all fked up, always thinking it was a lucky last minute dodge there ...

AntiSquid: norway has a good system for people to change careers, right? maybe every country should look into it

Astrobytes: Not sure. I've a good mate in Sweden and they've totally fked the hospitality industry.

reCurse: I'm really curious if/when those industries are going to pickup again

therealbeef: pretty quick, no? many people have money to spend and desparate for some holiday

AntiSquid: you'll have big chains, people are lazy to cook / don't learn it

reCurse: Yeah I guess I meant more the 'normal' parts

reCurse: Of course the big chains are there

reCurse: But the tens of thousands of small companies that closed down and still will

reCurse: Can't bring that back up in a snap

Astrobytes: Well, I can only speak for the UK and we already killed our economy and smaller businesses with the Brexit debacle, add covid repercussions and we're not recovering in any sector any time soon

reCurse: True, that timing though

Default avatar.png HolmgrownCoder: This is like the hardest thing i have ever tried to learn. The info just WILL. NOT. GO. IN. lol

Astrobytes: It was gonna be terrible with or without covid but yeah, right

Westicles: you guys are bumming each other out. just give euler a 3rd vote and have a contest already

therealbeef: well, due to brexit UK is now at 10% vacc'ed while EU is at 1%

therealbeef: at the current rate I'll get vacc'ed in 2025

Westicles: In the US, half the population is trying to cheat to get it, the other half cheat to avoid it

Astrobytes: Don't get me started therealbeef :(

Astrobytes: Assuming a perfect rollout I'm scheduled for 2022 if it's any consolation (like that will happen)

AntiSquid: therealbeef it's only first dose atm given out

AntiSquid: at least in my area

Astrobytes: Yeah same squiddy

AntiSquid: 2nd dose to be given in 12 weeks

therealbeef: that 1% here is also only first shot ;-)

Astrobytes: On the plus side, us Scots are gonna have another independence referendum if the SNP win in May

reCurse: The worst part is currently it seems like the vision stops at getting vaccines

reCurse: A lot of people imagine that's the end of the tunnel

AntiSquid: go volunteer for a vac center and i bet you can get the shot very quickly therealbeef, if you want it that is

Astrobytes: Yes, it's extremely short-sighted

Westicles: when you say independence, you mean joining EU?

Astrobytes: If all goes well, covid will become either endemic or seasonal

AntiSquid: how's Texaxit ? there's only rumbles

Astrobytes: Westicles: Just getting away from these idiots in Westminster

Westicles: I don't know... having your own currency is pretty smart these days

Astrobytes: EU membership does not mean getting the euro

Westicles: oh, well that would be fine

Astrobytes: EU membership is not perfect, massive reforms are needed, but leaving it means you have not a snowball's chance in hell of even influencing it.

AntiSquid: the issue was UK gave up a position where they had a huge say in EU, just to argue over some deals now

Westicles: I guess it depends a bit on how you feel about islam

AntiSquid: islam doesn't come from europe

Astrobytes: Well, that's how they framed the referendum.

Westicles: I mean immigration

AntiSquid: huge amount of it was / is from outside EU, so again ...

Astrobytes: For instance, they said the EU were going to let Turkey join! TURKEY! ALL THOSE TURKS... COMING OVER 'ERE! - then after Brexit promptly did a nice little deal with Erdogan

AntiSquid: and within EU it does go both ways, see the tons of british holiday makers in spain

Astrobytes: The whole thing is a nonsense.

Astrobytes: It breaks my heart quite frankly.

AntiSquid: did UK do any major deal with China yet? EU seems to be on their way already

Astrobytes: Not sure. Has Boris called them some kind of derogatory name yet?

AntiSquid: he doesn't have to, just recognize Taiwan as a separate country

Westicles: Do you guys get much press on the french republican values charter? It pops up on the radar here now and again

AntiSquid: i don't watch news on TV ... checking stuff left and right and mostly follow somewhat independent journalism

AntiSquid: i also watch this channel, quite interesting insight on US : Westicles

Astrobytes: We should recognise Taiwan as independent imo

Astrobytes: Hm. Youtube news eh

AntiSquid: sure, we should also recognize the uyghur camps

AntiSquid: "youtube" news hahah, he should do backups on bitchute or something

Astrobytes: AntiSquid: You're damn right we should. Westicles: some initiative from young Manu Macron regarding muslims or something.

Astrobytes: Anyway. I see where this conversation is going to go. gn

AntiSquid: JP Sears is still alive btw, if anyone missed him:

3ataja: thought you were referring to Jordan Peterson

3ataja: but JP is great too

Default avatar.png u_know_not: why ide slow

ejpon: Ye CoC is slow... :(

Orman: CoC needs to uninstall emacs and install vim heheh

devMario: why i can't submit lol?

Default avatar.png u_know_not: ide slow

Default avatar.png u_know_not: i mean

Default avatar.png u_know_not: the whole codingame slow

Default avatar.png u_know_not: maybe it's fixed

Default avatar.png SPKB241: Did they get rid of the main codergame thing? Where it would ask you to solve a question in faster time or smallest size?

Default avatar.png SPKB241: oh jk, found it

Default avatar.png u_know_not: even puzzles slow

Default avatar.png SPKB241: In Clash of Code, is it possible to continue problems after time expries>

Default avatar.png SPKB241: expires*

Notgoodatcoding5: Hi

JLukeSkywalker: for a score, no, you fail if the time passes.

JLukeSkywalker: for just learning and messing with it after, you can look it up here

JLukeSkywalker: realized that was a while

JLukeSkywalker: SPKB241:

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