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jrke: damn my depth minimax bot in python can defeat depth 8 minimax bot of c++ mine :nerd:

jrke: i think cause bugs in my c++ bot

jrke: depth 2 minimax bot in python*


Andriamanitra: this clash has no business being approved and at +3 votes

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: wassup programerssss

Uwafuwa: :smile:

Default avatar.png The_Else: hello everybody

jacek: good morning

Default avatar.png marcal279: morninggg

Default avatar.png marcal279: or rather afternoon now

Passifi: mornin'

Passifi: marcal i don't know what you're talking about it is morning in the correct part of the world :P

Stilgart: it's always morning, we are in a chat here ;)

Default avatar.png TSC: Test

Default avatar.png DarkDiamonD: Test passed.

Allstreamer_: noice

MSmits: morning

jrke: morning ms recurse took your othello

jacek: *our* othello

MSmits: for a day

jacek: 99902 chatacters, phew

MSmits: lol what?

MSmits: did you nearly fill your bot?

jacek: yeah, though i didnt minify the c. probably could get 2-3k chars

MSmits: ahh yeah

MSmits: small program then, I would be able to get 10

MSmits: 10k

MSmits: easily

jacek: hmm without weights its 26k

MSmits: ah yes, so you can get much more

MSmits: should be able to get down to 6k or less

MSmits: i have never had to do that thankfully

jrke: btw how do you compress them?bz2?

MSmits: minifier

jrke: whats that?

MSmits: there's free browser thingies

jacek: i dont use any compression

MSmits: or stuff you can down load

MSmits: google it jrke

MSmits: btw, i need to teach a class, ttyl :)

jacek: teach a struct

MSmits: :P

Gabriel_IUT: how to solve the othello problem

jrke: thats not problem its multiplayer game write your bot submit it and see where it stands in front of other players and then again improve you bot and submit

jacek: there is othello puzzle, jrke

jacek: that why the multiplayer game has othello-1

jrke: oh sorry i forgot

Velcoro: @Andriamanitra if you have a bunch of approvers, you can have anything aproved (check other top quality contributions of this author and his approvers)

jacek: :tada:

MSmits: gj

MSmits: your rewrite?

jacek: eeyup

jacek: it has 68% winrate against old version. but to beat reBless i need something fundamentally different

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: what language do you use >

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: ?

struct: othello puzzle of the week :tada:

jacek: oh my

jacek: C++ mostly

jacek: and it is othello game, not othello puzzle

struct: c++ on multis, javascript on puzzles

MSmits: c++ on multis, C#/C++ on contests. C#/python on puzzles

MSmits: oh and python on clashes, if i ever care to

MSmits: basically i go from python -> C# -> c++ the more time i have available

jacek: and -> assembly

MSmits: lol one time i tried that, never again

Default avatar.png Angecide: Hi, I was wondering how people in uttt calculate their win % during the game, are they dividing how many nodes their solver has proved win with loss or something else?

jacek: i use score / visits

jacek: of the chosen node

Default avatar.png Angecide: I see

jacek: if you use [0, 0.5, 1] score then its score/visits

jacek: if [-1,0,1] scale accordingly

Default avatar.png Angecide: ye that makes sense, on anoter note, I was gonna work on a NN for evaluating uttt board, but it turns out to be more pain than gain, and I also figured out from reading old CG logs that I should probably work on clever heuristic, since it is possible to reach top 10 with just good heuristic and fast mcts solver

jacek: only reBless uses NN successfully

Default avatar.png Angecide: translating old discussions in #ru gave me some ideas

jacek: top legend is just performance-fest and some heuristics

Default avatar.png Angecide: does recurse use NN for his uttt bot?

Default avatar.png Angecide: the one that is top 1 in leaderboard

jacek: yes. he only recently submitted

Default avatar.png Angecide: yea I see

struct: He also tried it long ago

struct: with no success

struct: he managed legend IIRC

Default avatar.png forgatsby: Hi Guys

struct: hi

Default avatar.png Angecide: btw, I always wondered, why is it that you can still keep computing for a short period during enemy turn?

Default avatar.png Angecide: it's like a high risk high reward strategy, since it can sometimes give timeouts

struct: you cant

struct: when you output your process gets paused

struct: after opponent outputs it resumes

struct: This is why you might get timeouts

Default avatar.png Angecide: I presume the 100ms is my turn, and anything that exceeds that is part of the enemy turn right?

struct: no

struct: 100ms print if you use time here

struct: it will overlap on next turn

struct: like

struct: 100ms print() 20ms

struct: on next turn you will have 80

struct: because you already used 20 on that turn

struct: maybe im not explaining well :/

Default avatar.png Angecide: ye I am trying to wrap my head around it, I think it makes sense, but I am using 109ms every time it is my turn, and I can play a lot of games with no timeouts

struct: When do you start your timer?

Default avatar.png Angecide: right before my mcts loop, I don't start it when I receive enemy imputs

struct: The timer should start after reading first input

Default avatar.png Angecide: ye that's what I mean, I am using way more than 100ms on my turn

struct: Yeah but you might get timeouts sometimes

Default avatar.png Angecide: using 109 ms is a safe duration, 110ms is high risk but still doable with no timeouts

struct: in ide or arena?

Default avatar.png Angecide: arena

struct: i tried and dont get timeouts aswell

Default avatar.png Angecide: submit and reach high ranking in legend

struct: 10ms wont give me that much of an advantage

struct: I would need to rewrite my bot

Default avatar.png Angecide: but, to my original question, do u have a theory on why this is possible?


Default avatar.png Angecide: oh I see, so it is indeed an intended high risk strategy

Default avatar.png TwilightImp_1204: 1

jacek: i used 95ms in bt and ocassionaly timeouted

wjan: python is 3.7?

Uljahn: ye

wjan: ty

Uljahn: for more details


Kitkat260: can u guys help me with clash of code

Wontonimo: do you have the title of the clash?

Kitkat260: hold on

Kitkat260: its called it's a starry night

Wontonimo: I can't find a CoC with that exact name, sorry. Copy and paste the exact title please

Wontonimo: do you mean this community contribution that hasn't been accepted yet


Kitkat260: this it

eulerscheZahl: Wontonimo found it first, points go to him

Kitkat260: ok

PatrickMcGinnisII: still driving me crazy

eulerscheZahl: "driving" I was expecting Space Maze, now I'm disappointed

PatrickMcGinnisII: space maze is a shorter route to crazy

1400179: Faithfully reproduced the frustration

1400179: A+

Kitkat260: wow

PatrickMcGinnisII: i'm gonna submit it anyways

eulerscheZahl: that map was unlucky, PatrickMcGinnisII :(

eulerscheZahl: for another one you shared there would have been a way to find another safe cell

RoboStac: can't you tell that square must be a mine ?

eulerscheZahl: not always

eulerscheZahl: there's only 1 validator. but random generated after your first click

RoboStac: there are 3 empty squares, a 2 with no mines and some ones that share the corner

RoboStac: no, I mean on that specific replay

PatrickMcGinnisII: I don't check non-adjacent subgroups

struct: that one was solvable yes

struct: or maybe not :/

eulerscheZahl: what do I miss?

1400179: No it's not solvable

RoboStac: your middle and left ones have 2 mines on a '1'

eulerscheZahl: right

RoboStac: only the right hand one is valid

PatrickMcGinnisII: maddenning

1400179: Oh nvm I'm dumb

eulerscheZahl: so you have the real minesweeper experience. authentic port to CG

1400179: I give it 5% out of 100

eulerscheZahl: :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: my win % is around 16%

eulerscheZahl: good enough to submit but can still be improved

PatrickMcGinnisII: which is better than it was it was at 7%

eulerscheZahl: how did you get those numbers? click "play" that often?

Default avatar.png varName: Is this app enough to prepare for interviews?

PatrickMcGinnisII: took me 4 submits

eulerscheZahl: most of us are here for fun, we don't really know how interviews work

PatrickMcGinnisII: and 1 "I'm not a robot"


eulerscheZahl: to give you an idea about the interview process

PatrickMcGinnisII: glhf

eulerscheZahl: congrats on solving it

Default avatar.png JM54: ngl, the constant void of being assigned assignment after assignment after assignment, is really hindering my self confidence in completing a coding course

struct: reCurse

struct: not sure if it happens often

eulerscheZahl: fix it

eulerscheZahl: i couldn't resist, I'll show the door to myself :(

struct: Well I cant reproduce it, so I think its not important

reCurse: Server hiccup probably

reCurse: Thanks though

DomiKo: struct doing some Chess?

reCurse: I'm starting to regret a bit the 50ms because the hiccups won't get fixed and it's going to cause issues

reCurse: But it's either that or give up pairings, so unacceptable

eulerscheZahl: or having some more fun with the SDK and find a way around

eulerscheZahl: the build process just includes a framework that handles some things for you and defines the constraints

eulerscheZahl: but i guess you could just copy-paste the whole SDK and include it in your contribution rather then referencing it via Maven

eulerscheZahl: and then adjust whatever you don't like

reCurse: I'm sure they would approve of me busting the time limit...

reCurse: Unless you mean there's a way to do explicit pairing by fiddling the SDK?

struct: DomiKo no, I might try it when I have more time

eulerscheZahl: don't include the SDK as shown here

eulerscheZahl: just copy-paste the whole SDK code into your contribution

hpa: is c++20 available?

eulerscheZahl: and then tweak some constants :P

reCurse: Ok but to my actual question

eulerscheZahl: i saw some mirror thing iirc

reCurse: !

eulerscheZahl: didn't investigate any further

reCurse: hpa: not yet

hpa: thank you for your reply

eulerscheZahl: can't find the mirror anymore, maybe I was wrong :( but saw something else that I want to test now

struct: yeah, I couldnt find mirror aswell

struct: I wonder if you can increase the time though

eulerscheZahl: i think that's possible (any might make some staff mad?)


reCurse: No I knew that, that's what I didn't want to do

reCurse: But enabling pairing though...

reCurse: Besides it's totally possible to get killed by a higher level process

reCurse: nvm didn't see struct's question for some reason

reCurse: My multitasking is failing today need to close this chat for a bit

JLukeSkywalker: if designing a road based game/puzzle, should the cars be on the left or the right?

JLukeSkywalker: wont actually affect input/output, just the visual

JLukeSkywalker: Output Line 1: True if in US, False otherwise

eulerscheZahl: US isn't the only country where they drive on the right, yk

JLukeSkywalker: the output line was a joke

JLukeSkywalker: just want to know in general on here, should it be right or left

eulerscheZahl: i vote for right but doesn't really matter

eulerscheZahl: make it a toggle in the viewer :P

eulerscheZahl: draw cards on both sides and use the DebugModule to hide one at a time

jacek: also the speed should be in km/h, not that heresy mph

eulerscheZahl: cars, not cards

eulerscheZahl: m/s

eulerscheZahl: SI-units

jacek: so when there sign with 100, that means 100 m/s?

Default avatar.png BtB1: tfw the silly american uses bald eagles / hamburger instead of tea / crumpet

Default avatar.png n4gb07:

BlaiseEbuth: I don't trust links with many numbers like this... Don't spam malicious links here n4gb07

Default avatar.png n4gb07: its not phishing.. its a codingame link only

JLukeSkywalker: i think blaise was kidding, all the contribuion links are that long

Default avatar.png n4gb07: asking people to review my contribution/creating question

Astrobytes: They will. It's in the contribution section.

Default avatar.png n4gb07: :)

BlaiseEbuth: Oh ! I hav'nt seen your question... :smirk:

struct: Ascii art :rolling_eyes:

Astrobytes: I just see Yet Another Clash Contribution and close.

struct: I guess its fine, just not to my liking

BlaiseEbuth: You're very brave guys, for clicking on strange links like that. :o

JLukeSkywalker: hey, reviewing all the clash contributions sucks, but the more we have the better

JLukeSkywalker: also i didnt click on it, went in through the contributioon menu

Astrobytes: (I don't like clash)

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah, but you're an evil 5% member

eulerscheZahl: n4gb07 i will have a look if you review mine first

struct: review for review

Default avatar.png n4gb07: @Blaise : iam a security engg.. i can understand about how ppl get phished :)

Default avatar.png n4gb07: :)

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah ... But You don't understand what I meant...

eulerscheZahl: clashes are malicious?

BlaiseEbuth: Yes. But no, the other thing ^^

JLukeSkywalker: Blaise is malicious

Default avatar.png n4gb07: :)

BlaiseEbuth: Yes. But no, the other thing ^^

Default avatar.png n4gb07: conspiracy guy

BlaiseEbuth: -> "Hey guys ! I just created a clash contribution. Any feedback would be appreciated. Here's the link: Thx !"

BlaiseEbuth: Clearer ?

JLukeSkywalker: you dont have any clash contributions listed

Astrobytes: Good manners cost nothing n4gb07

Astrobytes: Hm, someone made Battleship multi

BlaiseEbuth: I prefer kancol

Astrobytes: ?

Default avatar.png n4gb07: got waht you are saying Blaise.. i thought this is just chat.. not some official sent the link directly.. but what you say make sense

Default avatar.png n4gb07: iam new here

Astrobytes: Just be polite, that's all

Default avatar.png n4gb07: about 10days old : )

BlaiseEbuth: Of you course you don't need full salutations formulas, but at least some words...

Default avatar.png n4gb07: :thumbsup:

Astrobytes: BlaiseEbuth: WHAT! I demand full formal introductions at ALL TIMES.

Astrobytes: So uncouth... :P

JLukeSkywalker: @Astro: Take a cookie, open your floppy drive, insert cookie

Westicles: Dear Sirs, I am an eleven yo gold, please look at my contribution. BR, Sheila


Westicles: *girl

BlaiseEbuth: I prefer gold

Astrobytes: ^

BlaiseEbuth: Astrobytes : kancol

Astrobytes: "The central theme of the game is the representation of World War II warships personified as teenage girls and young adult women with personality characteristics reflecting the history of each ship"

I see.

BlaiseEbuth: :no_mouth:

Westicles: with tentacles no doubt

BlaiseEbuth: :octopus:

eulerscheZahl: politeness? sudo review my contribution!

Astrobytes: Ohh Tentacles, the Greek god of seafood...

BlaiseEbuth: Give this man some hagiss, he's hungry

Default avatar.png NazzLotrzyk: :cowboy:

MSmits: this chat is all over the place

MSmits: should I homogenize it with a smits-ramble

Astrobytes: Also see Spectacles: Greek god of eyesight.

Astrobytes: Finished rioting MSmits :D

MSmits: oh, the riots were on the news?

Astrobytes: Yes.

MSmits: did you see me dodge that horse charge?

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Astrobytes: Feel free to continue with your daily sermon.

MSmits: i am more worried about what i just found out a few minutes ago

BlaiseEbuth: League of legend championship ?

MSmits: apparently our health service for testing has been selling personal information to criminals

MSmits: massive amounts

Astrobytes: Which criminals? The UK govt? :P

struct: What multi next?

struct: any suggestion?

MSmits: nah not those, just your average fraud criminal

MSmits: identity theft, phishing etc.

Westicles: scrabble?

Astrobytes: Nice. Really cool of them.

MSmits: yeah...

MSmits: if you do scrabble, I will *book* it

MSmits: the book is a dictionary

Astrobytes: Scrabble was on Al Zimmerman once right?

Westicles: yeah

BlaiseEbuth: Why not organ traffickers ? "This guy lungs are OK"

Astrobytes: Ah you came 4th Westicles :)

Westicles: I did them manually, almost broke my brain

Astrobytes: lol, not surprised!

struct: how does it work?

struct: I know what scrabble is but for an AI?

Astrobytes: Check the AZ one for inspiration:

Westicles: There are any big dictionary puzzles here, not sure if that is doable

Westicles: *aren't

Astrobytes: Perhaps eulerscheZahl knows

BlaiseEbuth: After freecell and minesweeper, I want space cadet !

Astrobytes: Ah the pinball

struct: not enough frames

BlaiseEbuth: :(

Westicles: You could do monopoly, but figuring out trading would be tricky

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: If you want an RNG-heavy game, yahtzee would be much easier to make than monopoly :p

eulerscheZahl: snakes and ladders

Default avatar.png JBM: yahtzee… that'd be horrible

eulerscheZahl: regarding the big dictionary @Westicles give it to the bot in the first turn?

eulerscheZahl: and include the list in the referee

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Exactly, don't waste extra time making the horror more complex

BlaiseEbuth: Why not 421 ? :D

eulerscheZahl: i don't see why jahtzee should be more random than troll vs castle

**eulerscheZahl knows the game as Kniffel

Westicles: the official scrabble dictionary is 100k words...

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: yuge

eulerscheZahl: not sure how much input we can read in 1 turn but 100k probably exceeds that

jacek: MSmits you havent your C4 results in 2 days. the suspense is killing me

eulerscheZahl: how about taking the full list of words in the referee but only sending a subset to the players each time?

Astrobytes: ^

eulerscheZahl: that would also ensure that each game is different

eulerscheZahl: no hardcoding, books or anything

Westicles: that's a great idea

Westicles: make it so

Astrobytes: I was thinking this, dependent on the validators you can send the appropriate subset

eulerscheZahl: wait, is that for a puzzle or multiplayer?

eulerscheZahl: or optim

Astrobytes: Optim I presume

Astrobytes: AZ style

eulerscheZahl: i see

Westicles: I was thinking multi

Astrobytes: Interesting...

Westicles: I was going to try to make an optim just like Alz, but the winner published his code...

Astrobytes: Ah.

eulerscheZahl: sorry for German :(

eulerscheZahl: Topwords, another game about making words

eulerscheZahl: where you can write above existing words

Astrobytes: Hmm, that looks interesting too.

Default avatar.png ErrorRazor: Looks exactly like Upwords

Astrobytes: (It is)

eulerscheZahl: i don't know upwords :D

eulerscheZahl: I blame German marketing

jacek: german :scream:

eulerscheZahl: of course the Polish user is scared

Astrobytes: :D

jacek: everything in german sounds like doomsday weapon

Westicles: here it comes...Schmetterling!

Astrobytes: And everything in Polish sounds like "schneepschneepschepschneep"

DomiKo: that's accurate

Astrobytes: I know!

Astrobytes: Confirmed with multiple Polish people.

struct: no notification for puzzle of the week?

Astrobytes: Not for me, what is it?

struct: I guess its a bug that came with the new deploy :(

struct: Othello

Astrobytes: The multi?

struct: yes

Astrobytes: Oh cool

struct: No email too?

Astrobytes: Didn't check

eulerscheZahl: i unsubscribed from the emails

Astrobytes: I usually ignore them


Astrobytes: Yeah, that page seriously needs updating.

Astrobytes: (very minor issue)

eulerscheZahl: move that screenshot directly to #bugs

struct: the 95% dont go to that page

struct: oh tehre is no email for potw

struct: I guess its fine

struct: But ill report the no notification

eulerscheZahl: it's sometimes late

eulerscheZahl: i think it's a manual trigger

Astrobytes: Like the selection process eh...

jacek: last week was in late evening

Default avatar.png duckymirror: Is Rust code compiled in release mode when I test it in the IDE?

Astrobytes: Yes, they fixed that issue.

Default avatar.png duckymirror: That explains why my integers overflow without crashing... :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png duckymirror: Thanks!

Astrobytes: haha, no worries

jacek: rust...

jacek: oh wait, that why rebless could test against dbdr

Astrobytes: Yeah, they fixed it before a contest iirc

Astrobytes: It's on the forum/discord somewhere

Astrobytes: "rebless" :D

struct: they fixed it during fc 2020

struct: they were "forced" too

Astrobytes: That was because of "rebless" right

struct: yes

Astrobytes: I remember now.

struct: If they fixed rust and didnt fix C#

struct: he could have done the same

struct: :D

Astrobytes: Indeed.

jacek: done what?

Default avatar.png duckymirror: I miss my overflow panics... And those inlined functions in stack traces are pretty confusing too:grinning:

Astrobytes: Can you not activate a debug mode prior to submitting? e.g. like with a C++ pragma directive?

Astrobytes: So you can deactivate it when you submit I mean.

Default avatar.png duckymirror: I don't know a way to do that, but I'm far from being a Rust expert

jacek: just pump some oxygen into iron

Astrobytes: Just seems like since Rust already thought of everything else they would have thought of that too :D

Astrobytes: I do like the fact that the Rust mascot is called Ferris.

Default avatar.png duckymirror: They didn't make Rust for environments without access to the configuration

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: Yo, if anyone did "Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock" how do I look at others' solutions?

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: my solution was super long and stupid

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: and I'm hoping that the guy who wrote the question didn't intend for the programmer to test every single possible scenario individually

JLukeSkywalker: if you have solved it, clicking results should show other's solutions

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: got it, I guess I gotta finish up the code

struct: jacek with rust you could check if it was on arena or ide

struct: if it was on ide you could just crash the bot

struct: Same with C#

JLukeSkywalker: nvm, its on the main problem page after you solve it

struct: you only needed to check debug flag

JLukeSkywalker: any good resources for optimizing java run times? My referee is pretty slow

darkhorse64: Your game should use degrees instead of radians. It's much more intuitive

Astrobytes: Looks fun though.

Astrobytes: Also, game turns and such are modifiable from the SDK no?

struct: what do you mean astro?

MSmits: jacek


jacek: ?

struct: wow

MSmits: you asked

Astrobytes: To change number of turns/times etc struct

MSmits: oh damn

jacek: ivalid id

MSmits: that still doesnt work

MSmits: let me just put it in the connect4 thread

struct: yeah its possible

struct: gameManager.setMaxTurns()

struct: gameManager.setTurnTimeout

Astrobytes: JLukeSkywalker was looking to increase his turns

Astrobytes: for Tanks

MSmits: jacek updated. Nearly to 1M games

struct: ah I didnt read

struct: if he wants to make it 4 players

struct: he can go up to 150 turns per player using 50ms earch

struct: so 600 turns total

Astrobytes: Maybe reply to his forum thread (just noticed he made one)

Astrobytes: Nice work MSmits

MSmits: thanks, hope there's no bug in it lol

MSmits: wouldnt be the first time i notice one after weeks

Astrobytes: Heh. There's a reason for those proofs in the papers you know :P

struct: MSmits I want the meta for Amazons /s

MSmits: it wouldn't get past ply 1 :P

struct: About the optimizations I cant help him much

struct: I just write bad java code

struct: and my contributions are very simple

MSmits: it will be interesting to see how re curse solves amazons

struct: I wonder how well NN do there

jacek: especially MLP with friendship extension

MSmits: pretty sure it's doable, but output will be different

Astrobytes: Might work better as a component of a multi-faceted solution

Astrobytes: Haven't checked papers recently

JLukeSkywalker: sry, was afk. was thinking about degrees instead of radians, simple swap on my end, can do it. I know how to set the turn number and time limit per turn, its just that my referee takes so long that I am hitting the maximum game time.

JLukeSkywalker: also very sorry, its a simple program so i didnt comment it, didnt need to. will upload a commented version in a bit


struct: Someone tried to solve it :scream:

JLukeSkywalker: I think most of the issue is that I'm using an arraylist of bullets and doing a double for loop for collisions

struct: Can bullets collide with bullets?

JLukeSkywalker: no, just active players

JLukeSkywalker: so its currently for bullet: for player:check

JLukeSkywalker: which works, but is slow

darkhorse64: add shield and collision for tanks :innocent:

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: potw notification struct

struct: nice

darkhorse64: only a half joke actually

Astrobytes: I actually agree

Astrobytes: What was that game... Robot Wars? It was in Java, you had a robot with a turret and a radar

JLukeSkywalker: robocode

darkhorse64: maybe a cooldown for the gun. Too many bullets

Astrobytes: Yeah that's it JLukeSkywalker

JLukeSkywalker: * the inspiration :)

Astrobytes: Aha! :)

jacek: and puzzle of the week notification

JLukeSkywalker: wanted to keep it as simple as possible as it is already decently complex. might add a league with tank collision, healing if your bullet hits, and other goodies

Astrobytes: Already said it jacek

jacek: :s

struct: I was hoping for the type of map that I once tried to make

struct: were you can wrap around

JLukeSkywalker: for the tank game?

struct: yeah, I attempted to do something similar

struct: but never finished

JLukeSkywalker: its like 1 line of code to swap mine to that, just felt odd

struct: not 1 line

struct: at least it wasnt for what I was trying to do

JLukeSkywalker: the way i did my edge detection, i just swap where i have 0, height, and width

JLukeSkywalker: and it wraps instead of absolute border

struct: Removing debug messages might increase your referee speed

Astrobytes: Wraparound for Tanks doesn't seem right imo

JLukeSkywalker: ^^

JLukeSkywalker: yeah, i thought about corner abusing

darkhorse64: No disrespect for what you have done already but I think you need to make the game more complex while avoiding a Coders of the Carribean clone

Astrobytes: Turret rotation, radar, etc

Astrobytes: (imo)

struct: ah you dont have debug messages my bad, I missread

JLukeSkywalker: the controls and firing are very different, you have a turret control, and the actual bullet paths are different. I do want to add things like collision, but want to just get this workign first

jacek: MSmits rebooking?

darkhorse64: No worries, we are brainstorming

JLukeSkywalker: yeah, no insults taken at all

struct: im surprised to see that

struct: gameManager.addToGameSummary(player.getAvatarToken() + " was hit by " + firer.getAvatarToken());

struct: works

struct: But doesnt show avatars

Astrobytes: (the fact we're giving ideas it means we're interested :P )

struct: I guess it gets replaced by player.getNicknameToken()

JLukeSkywalker: oh lol, was the other one depreciated?

struct: The other one

struct: is to get the avatar

struct: But it still shows the name for some reason

JLukeSkywalker: maybe because i smashed it into a text field

MSmits: jacek ofcourse

MSmits: would not be fair to you if i skipped on re curse

reCurse: Is this really how you're going to play this?

MSmits: of course not, I was kidding

Astrobytes: (not)

MSmits: I was, poor joke maybe

Astrobytes: You went from MSBits to MBook

MSmits: dont be sensitive about it though reCurse, i did give fair warning about Othello

reCurse: Despicable

jacek: maybe if more players with strong bots appear, the situation will be better

MSmits: Onitama is a better game, no issues there

MSmits: jacek i think you may be right

Astrobytes: Ah lol, I didn't see your submit until now.

reCurse: What a joke

MSmits: i was not sure before

MSmits: but othello does take a lot of codesize, so i guess so, i think i would get tired of it before i ran out though

MSmits: reCurse if it really bothers you so much, i can just turn off the book and resubmit, i'll be top 10 somewhere

MSmits: but the thing is

MSmits: the method is out there

MSmits: if not me...

MSmits: well actually old john is already doing it (check out all the draws in my last submit, those are perfect games)

MSmits: this is a serious question by the way reCurse, I am not here to annoy people to this degree, if you want me to turn it off, i'll turn it off

MSmits: and no hard feelings

struct: just blame the creator for not adding forced openings

struct: :D

struct: illl take the blame

MSmits: nah struct, at that point you could not have known

MSmits: I didn't either

MSmits: well i didnt know it would be that easy

struct: Yeah, I dont do research on the games I port tbh

struct: I just ask for suggestions and do it

Astrobytes: Yeah, you non-forced-opening-multi-creator. Burn!!!

Astrobytes: :P

jacek: yinsh hasnt opening issues, has it

MSmits: thats an interesting game

MSmits: needs more players, but i'd do paper soccer first i think

jacek: try to book that

struct: So many games and I was thinking on starting to code Havannah

Astrobytes: struct, you can make a contrib with the forced openings for othello

Astrobytes: Private or public, whatever

MSmits: perhaps it's possible to have an agreement between me and old john to remove the books?

MSmits: or just me, old johns book isnt nearly as good, though he does victimize dbdr i think

Astrobytes: Others book to some extent too

jacek: nah, if its classic game then books are part of it

Astrobytes: ^

MSmits: mmh ok

MSmits: I dont feel bad for using them in oware, but in othello i do kinda

MSmits: cuz therés no way to stop it

MSmits: in connect4 I'm just trying to see if i can solve the game, never solved a game that big before

MSmits: maybe it will take a year :P

jacek: what other game you solved then

Astrobytes: jacek bringing the shade

MSmits: TTT and some optim stuff

MSmits: i solved some cotr phrases :P

Astrobytes: How is the search going?

MSmits: oh, got to rank 21. I have a good search now for non-loopy stuff

MSmits: it's very easy to search if you assume there are no loops possible

Astrobytes: Nice. Yeah, that makes sense.

struct: Are you fully solving?

struct: or is weakly solved?

MSmits: one phrase was funny. I did a manual solution for 292 chars

MSmits: then i did a BS with 2.5 million beamwidth

MSmits: and the optimal solution was.... 292 chars

MSmits: checker with someone else and he also had 292 for this one

Astrobytes: 1st LOL @ "2.5 million beamwidth" 2nd... well :)

MSmits: struct i solved only tiny ones for now, but with a meta mcst and hashing and more pruning i feel like i should be able to solve those <100 sized ones

struct: yeah, but you are only solving from starting position right?

MSmits: or do you mean in general? If you mean for board games, i always do weakly

struct: or do all states get solved?

struct: ah ok

Astrobytes: Until he convinces a university to lend him all their computing power.

MSmits: strongly solving is really rare because you need to know the best move from every state

MSmits: i would be afraid to find a bug after a million cpu hours :P

Astrobytes: What you never tell them, they will never know . . .

MSmits: it's one of the reason i run on 1 cpu core at a time, so i dont waste too much when i make a mistake

MSmits: in a sense i did solve a lot of "games" from a certain position. Like a uttt game 22 plies in or something

MSmits: i'm always solving stuff, just not whole games

Astrobytes: Also (back to original topic) I have a feeling that reCurse is gonna train against you hard and beat you again.

MSmits: well if he submits another version i may just let him that time

reCurse: No I'm done playing these stupid games. Hope you feel you deserve it.

MSmits: as I said, i can turn it off... it obviously bothers you

reCurse: What were you expecting? Congratulations?

jacek: no. he said it doesnt bother him.

jacek: so it doesnt bother him

MSmits: reCurse nah, not really

Astrobytes: Oi, where's that competitiveness

Default avatar.png DJNinjaSpoon_37b8: fortnite

Default avatar.png aidanv77: damn that shit look like it belong in fortnite

AntiSquid: what shit

Default avatar.png aidanv77: that shit

AntiSquid: fortnite is the shit :/

Default avatar.png aidanv77: ok

MSmits: that's actually a positive thing to say about it i think AntiSquid

Default avatar.png aidanv77: lmao

MSmits: that's how the youngsters talk

AntiSquid: meant it literally

Default avatar.png aidanv77: the youngsters hahah

MSmits: yeah i dont tihnk he got that

Default avatar.png aidanv77: i got it

AntiSquid: sorry for negativity, enjoy your game

MSmits: who is this who stole AntiSquid's account

MSmits: the real AntiSquid would not back down from a burn

MSmits: pile on the fortnite bashing :P

AntiSquid: i don't see the problem, let the man enjoy his shit

MSmits: yeah I guess that's ok. If he didnt play fortnite he would just do something else silly, like the other youngsters

MSmits: how is it going AntiSquid?

MSmits: did you hear we got the riots too here

AntiSquid: yes

AntiSquid: been doing some work in a vaccination center, highlight of the month ... all month?! :thinking:

MSmits: oh.. is this voluntary helping out? Or a job?

MSmits: or something in between maybe?

AntiSquid: more like since i work from home and have nothing else to do atm, might as well do this

Default avatar.png aidanv77: damn bro my balls be stickin to my dick

MSmits: that's really cool of you AntiSquid

AntiSquid: idk it's really dull

MSmits: doesn't matter really

struct: aidan stop trolling

Default avatar.png aidanv77: im not trolling

MSmits: you're helping

JLukeSkywalker: clash wont let me test or submit

JLukeSkywalker: but site isnt lagging?

Default avatar.png TFisicaro: it's painfully slow

Default avatar.png IlkerSaxion: Yeah

thanhhv317: have a good day everyone

Default avatar.png Wings_of_Safety: hey any idea why my solved puzzles all say 0% even though I have 100% on them and achievements for them?

struct: Somtiems it takes a bit to update Wings_of_Safety

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: lol

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: what is W_o_S

Default avatar.png **Rodrigo_the_coder slaps ur dicks around a bit with a large fishbot