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Default avatar.png MashiroMoritaka: Can you pass by reference here in C++ seems like my variable isnt being changed when passed by reference

reCurse: Yes

3ataja: what happens at 1:00

Wontonimo: don't they know coders are usually awake at 1am. 4am is a better time for redeploys

therealbeef: server updates rankings/scores or something; not very efficiently apparently

Wontonimo: anyway, it doesn't really effect me. it's 7:30 pm here

3ataja: oh i see

3ataja: lol

Daiim: AHHH thx for explanation

Kemeros: Evening. Or maybe not for you. So hello.

Default avatar.png chokemedaddy: kinky

tekki: AutomatonNN wwhat's going on please?

AutomatonNN: guotable is pretty cool

tekki: AutomatonNN will you kill me someday?

AutomatonNN: what do you mean?

tekki: Automaton2000 what's the deal?

Automaton2000: oh i like that game

tekki: ok tell me when you wanna stop it please AutomatonNN :)

AutomatonNN: for now it's a problem

tekki: gl bro :)

Automaton2000: even if i have a high winrate

jacek: AutomatonNN what happened to the chat

AutomatonNN: code sharing and then that i got it so far

algoprg: Hello Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i have a good bot

jacek: Automaton2000 where

Automaton2000: you can build a wall

Astrobytes: lol

jacek: Automaton2000 not anymore. trump isn't president

Automaton2000: i was thinking about that

algoprg: Automaton2000 how are u

Automaton2000: no idea how it works

MSmits: Automaton2000 jumping on the trump-train rather late :Pp

Automaton2000: i see there is a new contest

Astrobytes: ...

MSmits: morning Astrobytes

Astrobytes: morning MSmits

MSmits: got my search race working somewhat, it doesnt crash, but overshoots checkpoints so i guess i may still have sim bugs

MSmits: it is sooo much simpler than csb, i could delete half my code

MSmits: but maybe i deleted 1% too much :P

Astrobytes: nice, yeah much simpler! I've been meaning to rewrite mine for ages now

Astrobytes: It's 'on the list'...

MSmits: i like what illedan did with the input/output as well

Astrobytes: Yeah it's useful

MSmits: just noticed the expert format

MSmits: no more weird x y output

MSmits: just to get an angle out


MSmits: yay :)

MSmits: for some reason switching to expert mode fixed it, my output was apparently bugged

jacek: hows connect4 meta now?


MSmits: it's a bit faster because the tree is deeper, but not anywhere near solving depth

jacek: youre really gonna do million sims eh

MSmits: i dunno, I can only run 2 at a time on my computer, so if a different game interests me, i switch it

MSmits: currently running oware and connect4

jacek: thanks for pushing me up :)

MSmits: 1 million seems likely though

MSmits: yeah, as i said, you are far more random in oware

MSmits: harder to handle

MSmits: in other games too i guess

MSmits: i think some unpredictability should be part of a bot so it's fair

MSmits: (that you are at 1)

MSmits: well time for my next class. Teaching only 2 online classes today

Default avatar.png DJHeroicKitten_f51d: Can someone provide the python solution for "The lucky number"?

jacek: its also for testing. how can you tell if bot is stronger when its either 0% or 100% and its tweak one param

MSmits: totally agree on that jaek

MSmits: jacek

jacek: DJHeroicKitten_f51d are you stuck with this puzzle

Cdude: hi all

tekki: hi Cdude

MSmits: it's weird, i pass all the tests in search race, but i keep failing on different validators on submit

KiwiTae: timeouts?

jrke: thats time issue MS

jrke: use max 35 ms

struct: wasnt time issue fixed?

jrke: cause there is any bug related to that i can just use 37 ms max on submits

jrke: struct for me no

jrke: or lemme try submit

MSmits: let me try

darkhorse64: I don't do that. I always use max time

struct: whats your checkpoints max?

jrke: nope i am not passing all validators on 45 ms

struct: how do you meassure time?

jrke: chrono

MSmits: weird

MSmits: if i set 35 ms i crash a lot more

MSmits: maybe i do something wrong with input/output like a noob :P

MSmits: struct, my checkpoints max is 24

MSmits: this would have come out in the testcases


darkhorse64: Full thrust all along

MSmits: that doesnt work on every test case does it?

darkhorse64: No, this one is an exception but I use it as an efficiency benchmark. When you are constantly below 107, it looks good for all

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: mmh pretty sure it is not a time bug, i my bot is doing some weird stuff

MSmits: btw, wow my score is bad, i get 143.59 on that testcase

darkhorse64: I even manage to go below 106 but it was less efficient for others. I need more sims


struct: what search do you use darkhorse64?

MSmits: this is my problem. Somehow it is unsure and gets stuck

MSmits: might be scoring issue

darkhorse64: GA

struct: avx it

darkhorse64: Collision check in avx :scream:

MSmits: mmh, i didnt even check how illedan does the collisions


MSmits: thats from the csb referee

MSmits: but optimized a bit

MSmits: i dont do a collision time check and all that, thats pointless

RoboStac: how do you handle multiple checkpoints in one turn then?

MSmits: does this happen?

MSmits: if it does, then i am screwed :)

darkhorse64: I am using floats but does it really makes a difference on 64 bits. Yes, it does

MSmits: yeah i will switch to floats eventually

RoboStac: I'm pretty sure people were saying it did when searchrace launched

darkhorse64: Illedan's handles it. I trust him

RoboStac: I don't handle it either

MSmits: allright then

MSmits: RoboStac you dont handle 2 checkpoints in 1 turn?

RoboStac: no

RoboStac: but I'm also ranked 47 in searchrace so I'm bad

MSmits: doesnt have to be because you dont handle 2 checkpoints at once

RoboStac: no, theres other reasons too

MSmits: also, i am looking for a bug that causes my bot to fail, i doubt this is that bug

RoboStac: it's my csb with as few changes as possible in order to pass

jrke: even i don't handle but i am ranked 25 not bad but not good also

darkhorse64: Some checkpoints are close

MSmits: RoboStac that's precisely what i am doing

MSmits: I'll handle the checkpoints for offline solving if i ever get to that point

DomiKo: In "Hold the Line" that could happend

DomiKo: Or not hmmm

MSmits: your speed still has to be like 2000

darkhorse64: One difference with csb is that you must trunc speed and pos, csb rounds one and truncs the other

MSmits: ohh

MSmits: hmm, is a trunc the same as a (int) cast?

MSmits: i dont remember what happens with negatives

DomiKo: its ceil for negative

DomiKo: and floor for +

MSmits: is this the same for trunc and int cast?

darkhorse64: I use lib trunc

struct: trunc(-1.2) = -1, trunc(1.2) = 1

MSmits: but thats true for int cast also i think?

struct: yes

MSmits: allright then

darkhorse64: afk

MSmits: trunc might be better anyways

MSmits: casting is expensive

MSmits: well at least thats a bug in my sim i need to fix, it does it the csb way

MSmits: finally got a 100%, rank 57

ikadimi: hey i have a number ex 196. and a range between 20 and 30 how to divide that number into groups of the given range ?

MSmits: just any groups?

ikadimi: yes

MSmits: i guess divide it by 20 and round down

MSmits: then check the remainder

ikadimi: the bigger the group the better now im starting at 30 and for every iteration to 20 im checking if modulo is 0 or bigger than min

MSmits: if the remainder is less than the number of groups

MSmits: sure you can do that

ikadimi: yet for some reason it doesn't always work

MSmits: well makes sense

MSmits: sometimes if you subtract 30 from the total number x times you wont be left with a number between 20 and 30

MSmits: in that case, go back 1 step and split the leftover in half

jrke: if x is 31 then x - 30 will be 1

MSmits: or go back 2 steps and split the leftover in 3 parts

ikadimi: yep for those cases i just return the max

MSmits: but thats wrong

ikadimi: so 1 group is 30 1 is 1

MSmits: because it needs to be minimum 20

MSmits: so do what i said, go back x steps, however many you need to split it such that it fits

ikadimi: ok ima read through your answer and make it work ty

MSmits: good luck

MSmits: not sure if this is the most efficient way btw, this is just something i might try, never done this puzzle

ikadimi: its not a puzzle just a project im working on

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: well it sounds like a typical cg puzzle :P

ikadimi: :)

jrke: MS you gained my interest in SR again

jrke: now i will re write it today night

MSmits: have fun :)

jrke: i have interest in many games atm - Tron battle, D&B, othello, SR, oware also

jacek: :notebook: :soccer:

jrke: in all i have to write something or rewrite

DomiKo: uuu Tron Battle

jrke: for paper soccer i dare to open that multi once in every month and after reading rules i simply close it ;)

MSmits: so you're saying jacek wrote the description so well, it's enjoyable to read multiple times

jrke: yes and every time when i read it i think its tough for me to do atm

MSmits: aha

MSmits: it does seem tough

MSmits: ahhhh now i understand my problem with SR. My exploration parameter was waaaayyyy off

darkhorse64: Hey MSmits, not too bad, I had approximately the same score when I started

MSmits: rank 46 now with 10x higher exploration parameter

MSmits: or 10 x smaller score factor actually, but thats the same thing

jrke: 10x gives 9 rank

MSmits: basically what was happening, i was only using like 9k mcts nodes

MSmits: it would keep selecting the same path, all the way to the depth limit

MSmits: not making any new nodes

jrke: oh

MSmits: thats what you get with extreme exploitation and little exploration

MSmits: should have known :)

jrke: time to go bye cya

MSmits: bye jrke

jrke: b-bye MS

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: TANE

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: mu[E^(O)J_RP you hi

Astrobytes: oh, you again. Are you broken or what.

Default avatar.png Wang-sirs: :laughing:

Default avatar.png Wang-sirs: the game is too hard

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: i hate the clash of code tasks it is nor complied to every languages

kovi: recurse are you using mcts based nn?

kovi: (nn for mcts eval)

MSmits: afaik he is

MSmits: but he doesnt share much detail

jacek: i think he uses policy

kovi: alfa0 like?

kovi: and you jacek?

jrke: which game you are talking about?

kovi: any...:rage:

MSmits: mostly simple games though

kovi: (well, many simple boardgames)

kovi: yeah

MSmits: I'm unsure of how far the codesize will take a NN on more complex games

MSmits: but even in more complex games, you can use a NN to eval a part of it

MSmits: instead of the whole gamestate

MSmits: regular bots usually have separate features that get added together with parameters

MSmits: no reason one or more of those features cant be lumped together and have a nn fitted for them

kovi: true

kovi: if those can be optimized separately

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: i60e4ayrn uout iwYI YH ELLO EVERYONE I AM EH q[]pbj

kovi: which in many times impossible. eg. for this year raic i struggled with the inter-relation of various parts/heuristics

MSmits: yeah, well if you have more than 4 or 5, you're going to have to use special methods to fit. I have problems with that too

kovi: and the whole thing reminds the automated driving world...some are using divide and conquer, some are shooting for a single mega NN

MSmits: divide and conquer is definitely better. You'll want to know what the problem is when accidents happen. If you have to look at some huge NN, it's a lot harder

MSmits: accidents will happen

MSmits: but maybe there are drawbacks to D&C as well, i dunno

kovi: and not all auto-cars can afford to make all "parts" themselves/atonce

MSmits: yeah that too

kovi: (car-makers)

Default avatar.png Angecide: haha wtf, all I did was add the rule to my code where if a draw occurs then the player with most won sub boards win the game and I am already around top 30 legend in uttt

jacek: kovi i used NN only for eval

Default avatar.png Angecide: also reading jacek mcts solver for Yavalath on github helped a lot in getting a good understanding of mcts solver

jacek: Angecide but thats the rule of uttt here, win most small boards

MSmits: oh thats nice jacek, didnt know you wrote that

jacek: i did?

MSmits: maybe he just hacked you

Default avatar.png Angecide: yep, I stared at it a lot and then it finally clicked in my brain

jacek: ah yes i wrote about meta mcts solver

MSmits: oh meta mcts

MSmits: same thing i guess

kovi: nice angecide

Default avatar.png Angecide: also I thought that the draw rule was pointless since it was more important to just win the game

Default avatar.png Angecide: but it turns out it is actually useful to have in the code

MSmits: accuracy matters

MSmits: the rule makes draws a lot more rare

jacek: but favors p1

Default avatar.png Angecide: yea

MSmits: I suspect that the game would be solved as a win with this rule, as a draw without it

MSmits: win for p1 obviously

jacek: also i think as p2 you turn many loses into draws now

MSmits: how so?

jacek: to Angecide when he added that rule

MSmits: you mean by picking better moves in the search?

MSmits: oh yes

jacek: or many draws as p1 into wins

jacek: :thinking:

MSmits: both

MSmits: should be just as important

jacek: Angecide hmm what part of it clicked to you?

jacek: i think im gonna write some short article about mcts solver

Default avatar.png Angecide: it's a bit hard to put into words

MSmits: maybe try and hum it

MSmits: :)

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: y iauwji5 yu a reall aore to haha i am iyou alal yatrr ia m t uham royu aralla rtoauei am ai wnm soi ri so ri am dna i wi ll aos dod therweo st6oo ypi ua dnm it6 oy

Default avatar.png Angecide: For me personally, I knew how vanilla mcts worked, but the part that didn't click was what to do when the tree includes terminal nodes. Like how far should I return an Infinity up the tree and when can I be sure that a node non-terminal node in the tree is a proven loss/win etc.

Default avatar.png Angecide: then I read ur code, and after following the logic carefully, it made sense

MSmits: Angecide I dont even use the value property for this. It's annoying because it's not suitable for draws

MSmits: i have a separate property i use for solving

MSmits: on the node

Default avatar.png Overl0rd: .

MSmits: usually a int_8_t with possible values -1,0,1 for loss/draw/win and 2 if it's ongoing

PatrickMcGinnisII: jello

jacek: i overwrite the value and use boolean if its solved

jacek: then by value i see w/d/l

MSmits: that works too

MSmits: also 8 bit property on the node

MSmits: i dont keep the value on the node at all actually, just score and visits

jacek: i meant the score

MSmits: ah ok

Default avatar.png Angecide: I liked the part in ur code where u did parent->score += 0; thought it was quite funny

MSmits: lol...

MSmits: I did not know you even troll your own code jacek

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmmm, I had good results with depth decay factor +256 to -256 win/loss >> (depth>>1) .. it naturally goes to 0 for undecided game. ok ill shutup

jacek: MSmits readability

jacek: like using masks 1<<0, 1<<2, 1<<3, ..

MSmits: ahhh

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: anaj keo haha ah ha Y OU aos fu UF nqyn

MSmits: jacek why aren't you a moderator

BlaiseEbuth: erf

eulerscheZahl: robo was faster

BlaiseEbuth: Not fast enough

MSmits: ah

RoboStac: :)

jacek: because i would be a moderator AND troll

jacek: and you dont want that

eulerscheZahl: while I still tried to translate, deepl doesn't understand that langauge

eulerscheZahl: language

RoboStac: I even messaged him to give him a chance after the last one

RoboStac: but no, ignored and still spamming

MSmits: eulerscheZahl he had numbers in his words

MSmits: that should be a clue :P

eulerscheZahl: i just logged in

MSmits: ah ok

BlaiseEbuth: I'am mod and troll jacek. Think the second is a sort of condition for the first. :3

MSmits: it's a bar. "Anything worse than me gets kicked"

eulerscheZahl: numbers in words are a clue for what? giant spiders?


Default avatar.png Ak47aman:

eulerscheZahl: and suddenly this bug report isn't off topic anymore

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: coding competion anyone can register

Default avatar.png Ak47aman:

MSmits: eulerscheZahl yeah obviously he was a giant spider :)

jacek: whats INR?

RoboStac: indian currency

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: yes

eulerscheZahl: 80-90 Euro

eulerscheZahl: for the winner

chinoto: Anyone have an idea why there is a red circled 1 next to compete? When I click on it, I don't see anything to act on to get rid of the "call to action".

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: yes

BlaiseEbuth: chinoto are you registered for the next challenge ?

chinoto: No. That's why it's "nagging" me? They should make that more obvious.

Default avatar.png Ak47aman:

eulerscheZahl: you don't have to share that link a dozen times

jacek: stop spamming. put it on discord on external contests

MR3M3AT: good morning.

MSmits: it's a spider!

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm starting to hate minesweeper

BlaiseEbuth: That's why they need 6 months between each contests : to permit to the newcomers to understand what is the red buble... :grin:

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: sorry

MSmits: morning MR3M3AT

eulerscheZahl: it's like the real minesweeper the port includes the frustrating aspect of it :D

MSmits: faithful to the source material

chinoto: I've had an account forever, but I haven't gotten deeply involved in the community or anything.

eulerscheZahl: submit it 3 times and you should get the 100% correctness PatrickMcGinnisII

BlaiseEbuth: RoboStac : go on discord to explain to Horizontalx why he was banned

BlaiseEbuth: Or ban him again...

MSmits: that's not possible, he can't understand normal language

chinoto: Horizontalx.banned // true

MR3M3AT: lol

chinoto: Oh, "why".

RoboStac: he's actually managed a real sentence on discord :o

MSmits: cool

PatrickMcGinnisII: my code isn't pretty or perfect yet

MSmits: of course not, it's php

MSmits: :grin:

chinoto: 🔥

PatrickMcGinnisII: none of the top php guys have 100% yet as far as i can tell

MSmits: I made a minesweeper solver as part of an AI course

MSmits: didnt do this puzzle though

chinoto: PHP was my second language (VB.NET didn't last long), glad to be done with it.

chinoto: So many inconsistencies.

Default avatar.png AtharvaCoder: hi i am atharva

Westicles: I must have the worst, only wins 1/8

MSmits: you can eliminate some stuff by combining overlapping regions and such

eulerscheZahl: and the contribution is a little friendly to the player at least: your first click always finds a 0

PatrickMcGinnisII: is it alwasy 20 7? i left the first move there, but wasn't sure

eulerscheZahl: boards are randomly generated after your first click

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahh


MR3M3AT: whats the string for looping a coordinance in C++?

MSmits: I wrote this, it was the last addition to my solver.

MSmits: does your solver spot this Westicles?

Westicles: No. I start with three random clicks and then do almost nothing and somehow it works once in a while

MSmits: lol

MSmits: well it's what programmers are supposed to do. Be lazy. if it works, it works

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmmm, the best solutions seem to use linear algebra gaussian ellimination and then probabilities ... the obvious ones are easy ... then it gets crazy

MSmits: that's a sign that it's a good puzzle

MSmits: if people go crazy over it

MSmits: or maybe like you, they didnt know they could spam it a bit until 100% and they kept getting deeper into it :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: nah i kneew, but I been running at it from a bunch of different directions

MSmits: ah ok

eulerscheZahl: one comment from the forum: "Got it at try 31 with the laziest AI ever :rofl:"

MSmits: lol

PatrickMcGinnisII: i can get it green...umm solved, but yea it's like 1/30

MSmits: c++ regular, 15 xp!

MSmits: yay

eulerscheZahl: #fr chat hates this puzzle

eulerscheZahl: congrats smits

MSmits: might be a WW2 thing eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: :D

jacek: :scream:

Astrobytes: :rofl:

PatrickMcGinnisII: several binary decisions can happen so probability of solving gets halved everytime

MSmits: you should only take the unary decisions then

PatrickMcGinnisII: so 1 out of 32 is prolly pretty close

eulerscheZahl: i solve it in >50% of my tests

eulerscheZahl: not even working with probabilities if I need guessing

PatrickMcGinnisII: yea, but I'm missing some clues ... I really don't wanna do the linear algebra

jacek: try nonlinear algebra

eulerscheZahl: you don't have to. just some set intersections

MSmits: sometimes i think of a joke and I decide not to do it and jacek does it instead

PatrickMcGinnisII: I do use some union differentials of 2 sets, but i have to take it further

MSmits: is that union differential thing what i shared?

MSmits: the overlap thing?


PatrickMcGinnisII: yes, but I'm currently only comparing two #s vertically or horizon adjacent

eulerscheZahl: do you find the save stop at the top left?

PatrickMcGinnisII: #s=numbers

eulerscheZahl: so many typos

eulerscheZahl: do you find the safe spot at the top left?

eulerscheZahl: or the mine to begin with

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh i look for the obvious num=marked or #of ?=num-marked

PatrickMcGinnisII: then when i run out of those easy ones i hit the unions

PatrickMcGinnisII: but I'm not doing all of the unions

PatrickMcGinnisII: apparently

PatrickMcGinnisII: I got better blank area expansion by not sorting the clicks by x,y

Westicles: Some people take this puzzles very seriously. One guy in c# has 1044 lines with full comments like it is being graded

jacek: what happened to discord history?

eulerscheZahl: one got banned or left himself, not sure that way his messages got deleted too

eulerscheZahl: then i deleted the rest as it was without any context

Astrobytes: messages involving that wee dunderheid from earlier are gone

eulerscheZahl: just found that minesweeper novel in C# that definitely took a while to code

jacek: Westicles have you seen zeonscave python solution for onboarding?

PatrickMcGinnisII: euler, yes i might be missing some of the red square ones in your png

eulerscheZahl: you mean orange? red is from another user

eulerscheZahl: that was taken from discord, user made annotations. I made some more

eulerscheZahl: i'm off for an hour going for a walk before the sun goes down

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahh, well there's two possible outcomes for the top section, but the red square is a known blank

Westicles: jacek, yeah and agade with the c++ neural net...

TBali: "minesweeper novel in C#" ... lol ... if we talk about antigolf, I submitted 113 lines for The Descent in bash

PatrickMcGinnisII: there's another one on the left side which solves it, but it involves more than one border square

PatrickMcGinnisII: bruteforcing border segments is less confusing than matrices

PatrickMcGinnisII: switch (minesweeper) { default: submit30times(); }

AndreMarasca: Oh God, Allis is no longer first in the clash of code ranking!

AndreMarasca: I think the Allis account has been deleted

AndreMarasca: "Unnamed Player"

Default avatar.png BilyTheDev: clash of coding is biased

Default avatar.png BilyTheDev: the person who uses python always wins

JLukeSkywalker: ruby you mean

AndreMarasca: python?

BlaiseEbuth: Su just use python.

AndreMarasca: ruby, maybe perl

JLukeSkywalker: ruby+regex are usually faster and shorter than python if you know what ur doing

AndreMarasca: the top 10 use either perl or ruby

AndreMarasca: TheCrucial usava JavaScript, ele mudou pra ruby, agora tá em top1!

AndreMarasca: TheCrucial used JavaScript, it changed to ruby, now it's in top1!

Westicles: Huh, yeah looks like it


struct: p vs print() is a massive difference, same for gets vs readline()

AndreMarasca: sum(x) vs x.reduce((s,x)=>s+x,0)

AndreMarasca: .chr vs String.fromCharCode

AndreMarasca: kkkkkkkk

PatrickMcGinnisII: finally some progress

eulerscheZahl: the happy sun

eulerscheZahl: face*

PatrickMcGinnisII: :smirk_cat:

Stilgart: gg PatrickMcGinnisII

JLukeSkywalker: lol, tried oware. my first basic attempt ties the boss every single time

JLukeSkywalker: its the same game progress


eulerscheZahl: it's happening

eulerscheZahl: well, that was quick

PatrickMcGinnisII: :clap_tone1: happy first lady is a teacher

Default avatar.png TeddyTedderson: Heard she was sleeping around with Biden while she was with her first husband.

TBali: Isn't the election campaign over yet?

eulerscheZahl: victory speech

eulerscheZahl: when I linked the stream, he just swore the oath

PatrickMcGinnisII: lady gaga and JLo sang ... kinda wierd

eulerscheZahl: totally :D

MR3M3AT: Good afternoon.

eulerscheZahl: but not as weird as the previous president

TBali: Not as weird as this puzzle:

PatrickMcGinnisII: grab em by the :alien:

MR3M3AT: Is that just math.

MR3M3AT: :ok_hand:

TBali: Has serious timout issues, but finally solved that

TBali: took long time because of this

TBali: Has = had

PatrickMcGinnisII: did you memoizate?

eulerscheZahl: no timing issues for me

PatrickMcGinnisII: i didn't do it yet

eulerscheZahl: memoization is probably needed

PatrickMcGinnisII: still fixing up this medium puzzle *cough*

TBali: Yes I memoized, but my first try had bad algo - looping search space not in the right order

eulerscheZahl: i'm below 80% completion on easy puzzles :D

TBali: Interestingly tag is Brute-force

TBali: c'mon euler, you can do it, we trust in you :-)

eulerscheZahl: it's hard

jacek: thats what she said

**eulerscheZahl slaps jacek around a bit with a large fishbot

PatrickMcGinnisII: :joy:

TBali: don't kick

jacek: oO

eulerscheZahl: kick is useless, jacek finds the way back

BlaiseEbuth: Yes, ban him

eulerscheZahl: he has an alt account

TBali: I am wondering which one is the hardest easy puzzle. Probably mine, from the completion %

MR3M3AT: Stupid Weatherboss

eulerscheZahl: i could move space maze to easy

PatrickMcGinnisII: what TBali tells her : "Don't kick"

matez: Hi, Who is in the 1rst 200 of Clash that finish at the 1rst places almost always?

PatrickMcGinnisII: which puzzle, did i do it?

jacek: that sounded like automaton

TBali: Hello World - not a particularly good starred one

MR3M3AT: Thats the starting code right?

JLukeSkywalker: matez: i am

TBali: not algorithmicly hard at all, but have to be precise

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh that was easy, distance of lat/long ... google is your friend

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh you gave the answer

TBali: PatrickGinnisII - you solved it already

TBali: mistyped name, sorry

Default avatar.png zhoubou: TBali hint: type "Patrick" and press Tab. :)

TBali: :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: innaugeration ended by garth brooks, smh

eulerscheZahl: is the inauguration always so religious?

TBali: Must be because of some polls of religiousness in USA

TBali: Or maybe sincere, who knows

PatrickMcGinnisII: they made a space for 100 demonstrators to watch

PatrickMcGinnisII: that's wierd

TBali: In medium I am at 98% completion

eulerscheZahl: 76% easy 76% medium 78% hard 79% very hard

eulerscheZahl: that are my stats

PatrickMcGinnisII: gj

eulerscheZahl: easy is harder to find motivation

TBali: 100% 98% 90% 36%

Default avatar.png zhoubou: eulerscheZahl You solved 72.2 easy puzzles?

MR3M3AT: yikes.

Westicles: 100%, 96%, 77%,79%

eulerscheZahl: i didn't count them

TBali: Still missing cca 40 puzzles, mostly in very hard

PatrickMcGinnisII: 100, 67, 37,21 show offs

Default avatar.png zhoubou: How do you see percentages?


eulerscheZahl: top right of the category

TBali: eulerscheZahl 06:23PM easy is harder to find motivation

do them in bash

RoboStac: 95/95/92/95. Guess I need to solve some hard puzzles for consistency

TBali: on no "cat ... g++ ... invoke" :-)

eulerscheZahl: how do you count that so fast?

PatrickMcGinnisII: space maze, rate 6% oO

eulerscheZahl: or are those percentages, not absolute numbers?

TBali: 95 easy would be a feat

TBali: total # is maybe 60

RoboStac: percents

Default avatar.png zhoubou: No, I think it's exactly 95 TBali

eulerscheZahl: sometimes i'm a bit slow

Default avatar.png zhoubou: document.querySelectorAll('.puzzle-info').length 95

TBali: Right, it is more.

TBali: 96 in my list plus 4 withdrawn

eulerscheZahl: is robo the user with the 2nd most solved puzzles after Stilgart?

Westicles: I've been dreading these graph puzzles, but they aren't so bad. Too of them had near identical solutions

Westicles: two

MR3M3AT: Wow im in first place in the wood league

RoboStac: when I did space maze it was my only unsolved puzzle, but I haven't done many of the recent ones

MR3M3AT: and i just started O-o

TBali: most uneven in difficulty is the medium lot

eulerscheZahl: and

Westicles: Electrical grid to mars colonization was just changing an int to double

TBali: okay those were easy.

eulerscheZahl: and with my minesweeper contribution i'm not totally innocent in regards to identical puzzles either

Westicles: And now there seem to be two binary tree problems

eulerscheZahl: i lost overview of puzzles

PatrickMcGinnisII: euler VBoub's wasn't graphical tho

eulerscheZahl: but algo-wise it's pretty much the same

PatrickMcGinnisII: all his testcases have simplistic definitve solutions

Westicles: cistercian numerals got deleted, so can't catch up if you skipped it

PatrickMcGinnisII: and it's opposite, he asked for mine list

eulerscheZahl: not the first to get deleted because of low rating

PatrickMcGinnisII: your version isn't worth the xp, ha

TBali: Robostac you are one of the rare solver who has 2 favourite languages, not, one

eulerscheZahl: Python and Go?

RoboStac: I orignally started on this site trying to learn Go so all my early ones are using that

TBali: Westicles - what is your original solver language? C++

TBali: I suppose all the rest is invoking g++ :-)

Westicles: yes and yes

eulerscheZahl: and did you hardcode validators or take creator solutions?

Westicles: who me? No... well, I played space maze manually so that's hardcode?

eulerscheZahl: yes, but in a fun way :P

eulerscheZahl: reminds me of what some did for number shifting

eulerscheZahl: or me on tapework (

PatrickMcGinnisII: so the validators are the same as testcases?

eulerscheZahl: tapeworm*

eulerscheZahl: no PatrickMcGinnisII

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, so i gave up for good reason

TBali: is it possible to invoke ANY of the 26 languages solutions from bash? For tried it out only for C,C++,python and php.

eulerscheZahl: but validators were generated by the same script

eulerscheZahl: Westicles had a contribution about invoking other languages

eulerscheZahl: "cheating the system"

Astrobytes: *Abusing

eulerscheZahl: sorry

eulerscheZahl: found it

eulerscheZahl: see the provided solution

PatrickMcGinnisII: well it has all the options for each lang

TBali: funny contribution

Astrobytes: I still find it amusing yeah

eulerscheZahl: great job for reversing that part of CG

Westicles: I got some PMs of people wanting to put a third approval but I am wary...

eulerscheZahl: i think some puzzles are better in WIP, just as a proof of concept

PatrickMcGinnisII: well system calls are restricted in most the langs i believe

eulerscheZahl: like my 3D teapot :)

Westicles: restricted? which ones?

Astrobytes: Yes indeed, I agree euler.

struct: maybe CG needs a showcase

TBali: does it work for php - you have to escape $

TBali: Ah ,it is there

PatrickMcGinnisII: shell_exec in php doesn't work i believe

TBali: no I meant the opposite

eulerscheZahl: i still have that sound toggle

PatrickMcGinnisII: suprised system call from PY is allowed

TBali: LOL - reminds me never CG in worktime (except if in HO)

Westicles: PHP is one of the easiest ones

Westicles: system($str);

TBali: I decide to complate my The Descent submission in bash with an all inclusive solution :)

TBali: the codegolf leaderboard winners code size proove that system() exists from all languages...

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh i had the wrong command...system() works?

PatrickMcGinnisII: i should mow my lawn before i do something stupid

TBali: mowing lawnn is stupid. It grows back, no?

eulerscheZahl: mowing the lawn in the winter?

TBali: home office lawn

eulerscheZahl: not even my neighbor does that

PatrickMcGinnisII: -> Florida

eulerscheZahl: ah, oh

eulerscheZahl: US geography isn't my strong side

TBali: So when you have harsh winter that is 15C

Westicles: winter haven... well named

jacek: 15 Coulombs?

Astrobytes: When you mow your lawn is it a Shaven Haven?

Astrobytes: (got my coat, left)

PatrickMcGinnisII: harsh is 30F, hmm guess that's -1C ... wear shorts otherwise

PatrickMcGinnisII: mic drop from Astrobytes

Astrobytes: :P

eulerscheZahl: i can only hear the mic drop on one side :(

eulerscheZahl: plugging and unplugging the speakers too often because of home office

eulerscheZahl: now the connection cable suffered

TBali: Does Teams / Zoom support Dolby 5.1?

eulerscheZahl: no idea. but when I have 2 speakers and only one of them is producing sound even if it's the same audio signal on both sides...

Astrobytes: Cheap cable?

eulerscheZahl: probably, the whole boxes did cost about 15-20 euros

TBali: if L=="Clojure":s+="java -cp /opt/coderunner/clojure/clojure.jar:/opt/coderunner/clojure/spec.alpha.jar:/opt/coderunner/clojure/core.specs.alpha.jar:/tmp/ clojure.main A\n"

So Clojure does things the most complicated way not jost in the code but outside of it...

eulerscheZahl: i didn't plan to unplug them every day when I bought them

TBali: longest command line out of 26

TBali: okay it is only long path

PatrickMcGinnisII: I figured they would throw execs in VMs

eulerscheZahl: they pretty much do

Westicles: There is probably a shorter way, I'm not so good with unix

eulerscheZahl: but the VM contains a whole operating system with all compilers

eulerscheZahl: they do something similar to docker

Default avatar.png Elisa23: hello

TBali: how did you reverse engineer the paths? defaults? try and error?

eulerscheZahl: but their own implementation as they coded it before docker existed

PatrickMcGinnisII: heh, there's probably a php snip holding it all together ;)

eulerscheZahl: system commands to print system info

eulerscheZahl: like: which javac prints the compiler path

Westicles: there is a file in the tmp directory that gives you hints on most of them.

TBali: or a node.js with the leftpad lib

eulerscheZahl: i understand that reference

TBali: every time I start the IDE it spawns a new VM?

eulerscheZahl: how to break the internet

eulerscheZahl: yes. but a full VM of course

RoboStac: TBali - no, it's a container and not a vm

eulerscheZahl: CG calls it jail. imagine it like a docker container

TBali: if I do "cat (just like you in your abuse) - how long will this file last?

eulerscheZahl: but NOT a full VM

eulerscheZahl: can't type

struct: until execution end

eulerscheZahl: and then Stilgart comes and detaches the process :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: heh

TBali: ?

TBali: Is he related to CG?

Westicles: lol

ProKral6145: Hş

ProKral6145: Hi

PatrickMcGinnisII: like a local sync'd ftp with a crap load of tmp files


eulerscheZahl: story is somewhere in this thread

eulerscheZahl: his bot didn't terminate properly and broke the submit for the whole cg website

PatrickMcGinnisII: flock("Stilgar/*.*");

jacek: the one with timeout issues everywhere?

TBali: ...which escapes its memory cgroup when it is in a frozen state....

The fun of "lightweight" virtualization

eulerscheZahl: yes jacek, the timeout issue. one of them

TBali: Well in the heythey of WinWord 2.0 I opened a doc file with a hex editor. To my horror it included some random memory content from ANOTHER unrelated txt file I was working with at the same time

TBali: Information leak.... yould have been password memo, etc

TBali: heythey = heyday

PatrickMcGinnisII: clipboard

TBali: Or maybe it was in DOS era don't remember.

TBali: No, not clipboard - it just saved uninitialized memory content in the doc file

PatrickMcGinnisII: ewww, well they tried multiple clipboards, think it had kernel issues

PatrickMcGinnisII: dunno

PatrickMcGinnisII: still, ewww

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, gtg, glhf

eulerscheZahl: i have multiple clipboards

eulerscheZahl: parcellite

PatrickMcGinnisII: Issues I knew of go back to win 3.1

PatrickMcGinnisII: smh

PatrickMcGinnisII: laterza

TBali: bye


TBali: :-) moving mouse help the code run faster. I thought it works only with hamsters

Stilgart: eulerscheZahl: my perfetcly fine thead.detach leads to the discovery of a real bug in CG's infra

Stilgart: :)

MSmits: using floats instead of doubles in csb boosted sim count by nearly 10%. Does that check out?

TBali: ddos from inside?

Astrobytes: Yes MSmits

MSmits: kk

MSmits: it didnt work right away. That epsilon stuff got me. I had it at 0.0001 but with floats that gets rounded to 0

eulerscheZahl: you demonstrated a bug in the latest version of the linux kernel acutally

Mac04az: Hello

Stilgart: MSmits: are you using 10bit prec flotting points ?

jacek: floats need less memory, so they should be a lil bit faster

Mac04az: ??????

MSmits: no idea, i use regular c++ floats,

MSmits: they are 32 bit

eulerscheZahl: more java trolling

MSmits: but if you have a distance of 1000 and you add +0.00001, its not gonna do anything

MSmits: so i had to change this to + 1 or get an infinite loop due to edge cases in collisions

Mac04az: Did you try it at least

Mac04az: ?

Mac04az: Hello?

Stilgart: MSmits: the real question is... why do you add +0.00001 ?

Stilgart: this does not make sense

MSmits: this is when a bounce in a collision is not completely succesful in pushing two pods apart

MSmits: if you check the referee, you can see it does this

Stilgart: ha... PCR

MSmits: no csb, but same thing

Mac04az: How do you get to the other pods its not letting me run the code.

Stilgart: (don't tell me that CSB does this too)

Stilgart: (don't)

MSmits: yeah it does

Astrobytes: Yep.

MSmits: :P:

Stilgart: (don't :) )

eulerscheZahl: "large applications that could take an hour to install could be reduced to 15 minutes with suitable mouse input." interesting story jacek :o

Mac04az: Where do I press to run it

Astrobytes: Something to do with the win event loop?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Astrobytes: I recall seeing something about it

Astrobytes: just got jace k's link, nice

jacek: so i can move the mouse around and make the bot faster

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png zhoubou: "Install faster!" "I'm trying!" <Wiggles mouse furiously>

MSmits: i move my mouse all day to make my meta mcts go faster

Mac04az: Ha

Mac04az: Where are you going with this

eulerscheZahl: once a colleague was curious how many meters he's moving his mouse cursor per day and installed a program to track it

jake1: it's due to os scheduling tasks

eulerscheZahl: IT security department wasn't happy about the idea :rofl:

Stilgart: Automaton2000: stop telling people that moving a mouse can make installs faster

Automaton2000: it just has to be a better choice

jake1: the scheduler gathers statistics on different things

jake1: device input is (was?) one of those

jake1: and re/schedules tasks accordingly

struct: MSmits you changed epsilon to what?

AlgoRhythmus: hi

MSmits: to 1

MSmits: not sure if thats a good value struct, but it fixed the bug

MSmits: (the crash)

struct: I see, I think i just removed one or two zeros

MSmits: yeah I can always make it smaller again

MSmits: it's still detecting shield

MSmits: (when used by opponent)

MSmits: so I guess the sim is not that far off

RoboStac: but does the imaginary enemy ever use it?

MSmits: it says so on the replay :P

TBali: What is the recommened way of dealing with integers > (1<<53) in Javascript or Typescript? Some puzzles simple obverflow...

RoboStac: I assume using a language that has proper ints isn't a valid suggestion? :)

TBali: (too bad I cannot correct my typos in webchat)

RoboStac: isn't bignum now part of the standard?

TBali: Th context is translating a puzzle solution to all 27 languages

TBali: for some puzzles only these 2 missing

TBali: E.g. Execution Circle

RoboStac: yeah, bigint is supported

jacek: why would language support randomly 53 bits ints? is it double thing?

RoboStac: yeah

TBali: Same operators, only BigInt() or adding n to literals... nice.. should have googled that

RoboStac: no integers, only doubles

TBali: and this language is hugely popular / used...

TBali: cannot understand why

**MSmits shudders

jacek: so is english but we dont complain

TBali: I would switch instantly to Esperanto if all others would do

TBali: English is at least not worse from learning point of view than any other natural ones.

TBali: (Also not better)

TBali: But yeah, all coding languages have their own quirks

eulerscheZahl: i blame those who tried to build the tower in Babel

eulerscheZahl: could have saved me from a lot of effort :P

jacek: what would be the universal programming language?

eulerscheZahl: Q#

TBali: If language development had stopped at Ancient Egyptian or Sumerian, we were screwed. At least in writing

TBali: CG bot contest on quantum computer .... creepy

MSmits: mmh aren't they already? I thought that's why it crashes all the time on day 1

TBali: :)

TBali: WHat about MMIX?

MSmits: MMIX?

TBali: closer to the domain of CG

TBali: from Knuth Art book

TBali: pseudocode

MSmits: Knuth does art?


TBali: Actually I would not be surprised him doing some real art - really versatile guy (or I don't know what other noun would suffice here, one with showing more respect)

MSmits: yeah he is also into dancing

TBali: DLX you mean? lol

MSmits: yeah

jacek: dlx?

MSmits: dancing links

jacek: or quick sort dance

MSmits: that algo we used for number shifting

eulerscheZahl: play number shifting already!

eulerscheZahl: oh, too slwo

MSmits: not that one again

MSmits: (jaceks sort dance)

TBali: creative use of Hungarian folk dance


Astrobytes: Hungarian folk music is awesome

Astrobytes: (is that an unpopular opinion?)

eulerscheZahl: you know my opinion about music

TBali: Well, YT channel name is AlgoRythmics

Astrobytes: True euler

TBali: local folk music is not particularly popular nowadays within the country

TBali: (or any folk music in this respect)

Astrobytes: I've seen Csík Zenekar when I lived in London (and a bunch of other Hungarian bands)

TBali: Interestingly their biggest hit is not a folk song but a rewrite of a song of another band's song in folk style - completely different from the original

Astrobytes: Csillag vagy fecske?

Astrobytes: Or most múlik pontosan?

TBali: Csík version:

TBali: Original by Quimby:

TBali: being oft, sorry

Astrobytes: Yeah, when I saw them in London, Kiss Tibor from Quimby was with them for a few songs. Was really cool

TBali: You know Hungarian music scene quite well

TBali: any relation?

Astrobytes: My favourite was a very rare Kispál és a Borz concert

Astrobytes: No, I have a good friend Ferenc, who introduced me to a lot of good music

TBali: Quimby and Kispál was quite the 'alternative' scene in the 90s

TBali: Also Pál Utcai Fiúk

TBali: band not the unrelated musical of the same name (named after a literary work)

Astrobytes: Yeah, I'm familiar :) Hang és fény by Kispál (for me) remains one of my all time favourite songs.

TBali: I don't even know that, have to check.

TBali: In 90s I was Bonanza Banzai fan, I learned to love PUF much later. Kispál never really.

Astrobytes: they were synth-based right?

Astrobytes: Bonanza Banzai I mean

TBali: a bit similar to Depeche Mode

TBali: yes synth

TBali: ... I know... I grew up since

Astrobytes: Yeah, synth-pop kinda thing

TBali: The singer still active as solo

Astrobytes: I know of them but don't know much of their music

Astrobytes: PUF are awesome, but I definitely have the most love for Kispál

TBali: These 2 are most typical: and

TBali: my music taste changed but it feels nostalgic

Astrobytes: Oh yes, definitely Depeche Mode style

TBali: half of the class wore only black :-)

Astrobytes: heh heh :D

TBali: Lovas, the singer/songwriter of Kispál contributed to a funny movie which sets in the 50s communist Hungary - with lots of music

TBali: makes good fun of the whole era

TBali: the nonsense that lasted 40 years (for us)

Astrobytes: Oh yeah, I'm familiar with the communist era across central and eastern Europe. It's worth a watch then?

TBali: it is a light themed film, but fun to watch and good music

Astrobytes: I'll see if I can track it down, thanks!

TBali: the kind of humor that works because you know the basis is true

Astrobytes: Gotcha

TBali: Quite local, not sure if it is available, I mean legally

TBali: or with subtitles

Astrobytes: Oh I'll find it somehow.

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: :O

Astrobytes: If I can't get one with subtitles I'll get Ferenc to subtitle it for me :P

TBali: Musicwise - it is Lovasi style - yet brings in the 60s...

Astrobytes: That sounds interesting for sure!

TBali: okay let me call free() for the World channel

Astrobytes: lol

TBali: We had our music malloc()

Astrobytes: indeed

Astrobytes: Well, no one else is talking so...

TBali: They don't dare... :)

Astrobytes: hahaha

TBali: Everyone double checking the url, what site is this, where is coding?

jacek: where are the clashes


Astrobytes: right on cue jacek


TBali: CG is music site indeed

Astrobytes: I think... perhaps, there are some other music-based puzzles. Not sure

TBali: if euler's sound contibution counts

Astrobytes: hah

Astrobytes: oh and for the record - I still like synth-based music :P

TBali: My first favourite was Jean Michel Jarre - even before Bonanza

TBali: we talk about cca 12y old

TBali: nowadyas my son brings in new music influences

matez: there was a guy or girl who was leading the Clash for a long time. Where did (s)he disappeared?

Astrobytes: I liked his Oxygene. I grew up listening to Kraftwerk, OMD, all that kinda stuff as well as rock, blues and jazz

TBali: For example I never knew metal can be good

Astrobytes: matez: You mean Allis?

Astrobytes: TBali: there is a lot of good metal around.

matez: yes, Allis

Astrobytes: matez: It seems like he deleted his account earlier today. Not sure why,

TBali: Strange, why delete? Maybe stop using, but delete?

TBali: And loosing all the XP and CP

matez: Maybe, the game was too easy to him :)

Astrobytes: Maybe wanted a fresh start?

TBali: Or does CG work the same way as a casino? On the way out we can convert our CP to real money?

Default avatar.png UncleCat: :D

Astrobytes: Interesting idea...

TBali: But if it would work the same way, then a thug came to me when trying to leave and forcing me to play more

TBali: Till I lose my fine #300 position on the leaderboard

matez: at first, you would have to bye the jetons..

TBali: Can I mine them? with GPU?ú

Astrobytes: TBali: Prove there was a thug and it wasn't just you coming back for more :P

matez: hungarian keyboard :)

Astrobytes: Like we say as kids in Scotland when we get in trouble: "A big boy/girl did it and ran away!"

TBali: I have a masochist side - every time I hit submit in a multi

TBali: úőéáűíöüó

TBali: do this in 1 sec

TBali: luckily XP cannot decrease... Okay Westicles proved the contrary

TBali: :)

Astrobytes: *cannot decrease without human intervention

matez: unfortunately, éáóú can be done only with flying accent

TBali: you are over 1 sec :-)

Astrobytes: I gave up before starting

matez: not, just the server is slow 8-)

TBali: that was as unfair as fighting with C++ against my poor interpreted bot

TBali: matez, you work for Balabit?

matez: Did

TBali: There is a Hungarian company with the same name,

matez: I do not know other.

TBali: They made some local headlines by being acquired

matez: Quest / one identity

TBali: I had some contact with them long time ago related to their Zorp firewall

TBali: and syslog NG

matez: Zorp is managed by balasys now

TBali: yes I know

TBali: it was not part of the caquisition asset, I suppose?

matez: I developed in the zorp group for a short time then in scb

matez: i think, the target of acquisition was the scb

TBali: in Budapest?

matez: 1rst Veszprém, then Budapest

TBali: :)

Default avatar.png JAM3S: Hey is anyone there?

JLukeSkywalker: no

JLukeSkywalker: how dare you ask

Default avatar.png JAM3S: what language do you recomend for a beginner

JLukeSkywalker: python

JLukeSkywalker: on here

Default avatar.png JAM3S: Ok thanks

JLukeSkywalker: fast coding, short code, no type or variable size issues

Default avatar.png JAM3S: got it, thanks

JLukeSkywalker: for general use not on here I would recommend a structured OO language like java or c++/C#

Default avatar.png JAM3S: thanks again

JLukeSkywalker: gl

VizGhar: wuf... last official hard puzzle guys :) slowly getting to very hard. I feel like i have achieved something

JLukeSkywalker: nice! i've only been picking and choosing the puzzles

Default avatar.png PYMASTER: he guys

Default avatar.png PYMASTER: hey

VizGhar: the puzzles? i dont understand

VizGhar: maybe Automaton2000 does?

Automaton2000: how you guys are talking about :d

JLukeSkywalker: was saying im not like 100%ing them, only picked the ones i liked

therealbeef: the very hard ones are not very hard. just start with those :)

VizGhar: gotcha... I love puzzles a little bit more then bot programming. I wan't to solve them

VizGhar: i don't think so... most of them are pretty damn hard

VizGhar: my hands are shaking looking at nintendo :D

VizGhar: or vox codei

therealbeef: i liked the resistance and shadows of the knight 2 ones

VizGhar: i chose correct but difficult approach for shadows of the knight. Resistance was pretty easy

VizGhar: Also music scores are pretty easy

VizGhar: but not much more

VizGhar: others are really very hard

VizGhar: even last crusade

VizGhar: have to sleep bye

Astrobytes: Nintendo is quite specialised in terms of the mathematical knowledge you need

VizGhar: yeah... but you can find explanations here and there, what's going on

VizGhar: (even solutions)

Astrobytes: There's a youtube video... the guy hired a mathematics professor to help him :D

Astrobytes: I'm no mathematician and I'm pretty weak in field theory so, that's on my Do Not Attempt list

Astrobytes: Wouldn't dare to look at a solution as I wouldn't know what was going on tbh.

VizGhar: mg... hiring matematician...

VizGhar: I'll try, fail and give up

VizGhar: but i'll try :D

VizGhar: ok, have to go. bye

Astrobytes: It's not impossible!

Astrobytes: good night :)

Twhyzer: I feel bad if i see the enemy solutions and there time while im programming java and they programm python xD

Astrobytes: In clashes you mean?

Astrobytes: You can do puzzles instead if you don't want to be beaten on code size or time

Twhyzer: okay, thanks :)

Astrobytes: There's no time limit on puzzles but they are solo - there are also multiplayer games with leagues if you like that

therealbeef: urgh. missing that batman puzzle extra legend achievement on 1 move -_-

**Astrobytes activates the Bat-Signal