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Default avatar.png BouncyNoodle_de77: f

Default avatar.png Raptile: xD

Westicles: pleased to discover Electrical Grid and Mars Colonization can be solved with the same code, more or less

Default avatar.png cnmdcbg: hey

Default avatar.png cnmdcbg: good afternoon

pipebits: Hi

Default avatar.png DoggoKt: hey

Default avatar.png DoggoKt: opinions on the best language for the 'least character' gamemode?

Default avatar.png DoggoKt: python's got just "input" and can be a oneliner

Default avatar.png DoggoKt: also javascript

Default avatar.png DoggoKt: whatcha think

VizGhar: + ruby + bash

VizGhar: - js

Default avatar.png tpeti: +bash

Default avatar.png tpeti: +perl

jacek: good morning

tekki: hello world :)

tekki: good morning sun and snow for all here

tekki: please AutomatonNN kill the COVID-19 thx

MSmits: :cloud_snow:

AutomatonNN: after i checked a single collision in this game i have to finish that with this

MSmits: :snowman2:

jacek: oh my

jacek: 1 day left for C4

BlaiseEbuth: C4 ? :bomb:

tekki: Automaton2000 what is C4?

Automaton2000: we just have to keep track of it

jacek: eeyup

Passifi: gosh floating point numbers are a hell spawn ¬_¬

BlaiseEbuth: You don't know hell... :smiling_imp:

Passifi: well so maybe they are just purgatory but they are bad :P

philRG: hell o

Default avatar.png TijanMia: helo

darkhorse64: jacek: I sent a message to the author but got no reply. The multi is missing a boss but otherwise is ready for approval. I'll make a copy of it and see what can be done. I feel quite uncomfortable with the idea of publishing a multi without the author consent.

jacek: and MSmits's meta mcts will be all for nothing

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: i hate

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: >:((

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: e done. I feel quite uncomfortable with the idea of publishing a multi wit

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: got no reply. The multi is missing a boss bu

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: of it and see what can be done. I feel quite uncomfortable with the idea of publishing a multi without the author consent.

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: but got no reply. The multi is missing a boss but otherwise is ready for approval. I'll m

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: but got no reply. The multi is missing a boss but otherwise is ready for approval. I'll m

jacek: ?

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: e with the idea of publishing a multi without the author consent. but got no reply. The multi is missing a boss but otherwise is ready for approval. I'll m but got no reply. T

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: of publishing a multi wit got no reply. The multi is missing a boss bu

of it and see wh

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: ulti is missing a boss but otherwise is ready for approval. I'll m but got no reply. The m

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: ulti is missing a boss but otherwise is ready for approval. I'll m but got no reply. The m

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: out the author consent. but got no reply. The multi is missing a boss but othe

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: sing a boss but otherwise is ready for approval. I'll m but got n

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: ulti is missing a boss but other

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: ply. The m ulti is missing a boss but otherwise is ready for app

eulerscheZahl: stop flooding

eulerscheZahl: and it's extremely hard/annoying to read your message when it's repeating most of it multiple times

Uljahn: looks like a broken Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but i want my bot to be more interesting than puzzles

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: proval. I'll m but got no reply. The m ulti is missing a boss but otherwise is ready for app

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: roval. I'll m but got no reply. The m out the author consent. but got no reply. The m

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: sent. but got no reply. The multi is missing a boss but otherwise is re

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: sent. but got no reply. The multi is missing a boss but otherwise is ready for approval. I'll m

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png awnion: oh g what's that?

eulerscheZahl: calm down and take a deep breath. then explain it rather than copying the same message over and over

eulerscheZahl: Uljahn will help you, i'm off for a walk

Uljahn: sure, just add start/end tags to your log parsing, it's NLP basics

Uljahn: and please avoid using this channel for testing your bot :)

Astrobytes: he's just spamming parts of darkhorse's comment from earlier. Kickable offence.

Uljahn: i want to believe... :(

reCurse: Chess is ready for approval

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: you noooooobs haha i am advaccinned

Astrobytes: Well, you were warned. /kick Horizontalx

SPDene: does that mean you've been drinking too much advocaat? :P

eulerscheZahl: chess crazyhorse is gone?

reCurse: Crazyhouse

darkhorse64: mmm .

reCurse: Yes it's gone

eulerscheZahl: oh

eulerscheZahl: also darkhorse64 why does connect4 need a boss?

jrke: for PotW he is saying

reCurse: ^

darkhorse64: ^

eulerscheZahl: oh, chat history truncated

reCurse: Geez I really feel dumb. I just realized Crazy_Remi is Remi Coulom. CG is really starting to get more famous people.

jrke: Remi coulom?

eulerscheZahl: yeah, someone pointed that out a few weeks ago. I didn't know that name before

eulerscheZahl: he even tweeted about getting first in that game

reCurse: Interesting

jrke: my endgame solver is ready and bug free but takes more than 100 ms to solve in majority of games

eulerscheZahl: exceeding the 100ms can be seen as a bug in terms of CG bots I would say

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: bruh

eulerscheZahl: ah, you are back. i hope you learned the lesson

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: i hate you so much >:((

eulerscheZahl: that's fine

Default avatar.png Horizontalx: :rage::joy:

reCurse: Want a ban?

DomiKo: :cry:

Default avatar.png awnion: ""...Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." (c) Yoda

reCurse: This is not a schoolyard.

jacek: and remi said d&b isnt NNable

AshKetchum: Hi guys, how to extend Work In Progress time for contribution?

jacek: :tada:

AshKetchum: hi jacek, still need to implement your suggestion. festival here, so couldn't find time.

struct: you can change it to ready

jacek: reCurse theres crazyHouse boolean leftover

struct: and then back to WIP

AshKetchum: thank you :)

JamesGrant14: yep

reCurse: Doesn't really matter tbh

reCurse: If it comes back it will be there already

reCurse: Just a constant

eulerscheZahl: it's like giving the board size in input when it's a constant

reCurse: Indeed

Astrobytes: Wait a sec, crazy remi is Rémi Coulom? Jeez!

Astrobytes: wooo chat scroll

jacek: *gasp*



eulerscheZahl: and the tweet

Astrobytes: yeah I got it already, epic :)

jacek: and even he saw the clashes before bot programming :unamused:

eulerscheZahl: "Dots and boxes is not a game where you build an intuition of who is ahead. You have to calculate exactly. And it is a combinatorial game. It may be possible to make AlphaZero work with the right network architecture, but I have not found it."

jacek: every game is NN-friendly. you just need to find the right inputs

reCurse: Yeah he is right. I did not properly examine the game beforehand.

reCurse: NN are not good at precise calculations

eulerscheZahl: "and even he saw the clashes before bot programming :unamused:" but he found the bot section, we have to hide it better

darkhorse64: If the 5% grow, they will not be 5%

reCurse: You think the inventor of MCTS wouldn't find it? ;)

eulerscheZahl: he didn't invent the page-rank algo after all

reCurse: Eh

jacek: or jacekmax

kovi: on a different note: cg ranking not working with 5 players

eulerscheZahl: google search for "dots and boxes", CG is on the 2nd page already :o

eulerscheZahl: you tried a contribution with more than 4 players?

Stilgart: is this even possible ?

eulerscheZahl: up to 8

eulerscheZahl: but to my knowledge no one created one with 5+ so far

Stilgart: 2 V 2 V 2 V 2 ? :)

eulerscheZahl: 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs ...

eulerscheZahl: not going to type that

kovi: i mean 5 players on leaderboard :)

eulerscheZahl: ' vs '.join([1]*8)

reCurse: Not working as in?

kovi: like...tryangle catch!

Stilgart: (1 vs )^7 1

reCurse: No matches?

Stilgart: fix your SDK reCurse

eulerscheZahl: few matches

reCurse: wat

Stilgart: :p

kovi: 11 matches. in one attempt 80% of it was vs, 4th/5th

kovi: i also did a 100% run, without reaching top

eulerscheZahl: WIP is annoying to play with in general

RoboStac: isn't that normal for contributions?

eulerscheZahl: let me know when you've tested enough and think it's ready for approval

reCurse: What's wrong with SDK Stilgart?

eulerscheZahl: yeah, only after approval you'll get a reasonable amount of matches

kovi: need to test higher leagues

eulerscheZahl: shall I move my bot there?

Stilgart: reCurse: was "no matches"

Stilgart: eulerscheZahl: what about using the SDK to make a local arena ?

eulerscheZahl: you were to slow in your reply, i'm in the highest league now

eulerscheZahl: that's doable

eulerscheZahl: I do it sometimes when I'm too lazy for brutaltester

eulerscheZahl: downside: can't play vs other users of course

Stilgart: if it is for the creation of a good multi, people may give their own code

jacek: playing yourself isnt that bad

clem30980: python sucks


jacek: hmm

Stilgart: jacek: it is hard to balance a game by oneself

eulerscheZahl: depends on the game

eulerscheZahl: tryangle catch doesn't have much to tweak with

eulerscheZahl: tower dereference: i shouldn't have released that

reCurse: What's wrong with it

eulerscheZahl: balancing

eulerscheZahl: but won't change now that players wrote bots for it

reCurse: Ah

jacek: why not? :imp:

Default avatar.png ZovelosoaJph: hard

struct: I should add this to othello


struct: jace k linked this first

jacek: smits might not like it >

reCurse: Please do

jacek: oO

reCurse: Do it

struct: these are positions in +2 -2 range

struct: or I can add

struct: the small list

reCurse: Wait, you need pairings though

struct: which is -1 +1

struct: yeah, thats the problem

jacek: you want to do this on already approved game?

struct: I could make a new league

Default avatar.png SnappierSoap:

reCurse: Then again BT doesn't have pairings and seems fine for now

reCurse: Just have to make sure openings are balanced enough

jacek: bt :unamused:

BlaiseEbuth: Has somebody tested the lopidav's tools for clashes ? I don't play Cocs, and I know a lot of you don't either, but everyone is not a member of the 5%... :p So if some clasher have tried them, or plan to, a feedback would appreciated. I want to know if they work correctly before adding them to the "Community resources" post.


jacek: try #clash :v

BlaiseEbuth: :(

eulerscheZahl: didn't test, only had a look at the code

eulerscheZahl: i think it won't work if you don't have access to the full puzzle list on CG

eulerscheZahl: so it's interesting for the hardcore clashers (300+ can see the list i think)

BlaiseEbuth: Hmm...

eulerscheZahl: if you plan to test, do so with a fresh account

eulerscheZahl: also possibly buggy if there are 2 clashes with the same title

BlaiseEbuth: erf...

reCurse: Small coc toolkit?

BlaiseEbuth: Yes ?

jacek: microscope?

reCurse: Phrasing.

lopidav: eulerscheZahl not everyone have access to the accepted contributions list? I didn't know that

eulerscheZahl: lvl29+ and those with 300+ clashes afaik

lopidav: oh no, I need to make a note about that

eulerscheZahl: verify my words first, i didnt test

eulerscheZahl: but i like the idea, imo cg should add such a link

lopidav: is there anyone here that can't access this page: ?

eulerscheZahl: try in incognito tab

eulerscheZahl: or while logged out

BlaiseEbuth: I confirm. A newcomer can't access it.

eulerscheZahl: with a fresh cg account?

Knee-Gears: hey euler

eulerscheZahl: incognito was a bad advice, even the contribute page with pending is blocked there

eulerscheZahl: hi Knee-Gears

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah euler, lvl3

lopidav: Added a note, thank you for the pointing this out

eulerscheZahl: sorry to deliver the bad news, i like the idea of the script. you could add a static dictionary of title => URL to your script and update from time to time

eulerscheZahl: but not as nice as the way you designed it

lopidav: about matching names: a know about that bug but I don't have time to find a way to fix it

lopidav: eulerscheZahl I don't accept your sorry. You did right thing, thank you for pointing error out. what do you mean by "dictionary of title => URL" tho?

eulerscheZahl: you query a list of puzzles

eulerscheZahl: hardcode a static snapshot of it

eulerscheZahl: in 2 weeks most clashes will still be in that list, only the very recent ones can't be found

lopidav: oh, I see. External cashing is a good idea and you can develop it into a fine solution. Thank you

lopidav: I will play more with XHR and links and contributions. CodingClash is not perfect and I feel like there is a way to bypass the editing rights requirements

Vexarial: Anyone know a good formula to find the number closest to zero in an array? I cannot seem to grasp it.

BlaiseEbuth: :thermometer:

VizGhar: find lowest absolute value?

BlaiseEbuth: absolute zero

lopidav: array.sort((x,y)=>x*x-y-y)[0]||'NONE'

lopidav: replace array with var name

lopidav: oh no, I got it wrong

VizGhar: let him learn :)

lopidav: array.sort((x,y)=>x*x-y*y)[0]||'NONE'

Vexarial: Yes, and I see. I think I need to do my research on the documentation. Kind of forgot what => does exactly. Honestly just getting started and dunno where to look at times.

BlaiseEbuth: Why do you give solutions for free when you can sell them lopidav ?

lopidav: I kinda don't like capitalism tho

lopidav: Vexarial => indicates that it's a function. (x,y)=>x*x-y*y is the fast way to write function(x,y){return x*x-y*y}

Vexarial: Oh nice. Thanks so much!

lopidav: any time

lopidav: also, it's js. Should've specified this beforehand

Vexarial: Ah, I see. Yes I am learning JS at the moment. Trying to start learning programming consistently and such. Loving it so far but jeeze I get confused.

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: Ayy sick my contribution got accepted thanks to those who approved and commented if you see this lol

JLukeSkywalker: what did you contribute?


JLukeSkywalker: nice

lopidav: I don't like that it has a count for the cart but no count for prices. Seems like an unneeded complication for some languages. But it doesn't really matter

GaEtAn: cc

JLukeSkywalker: i really hate clashes where you pass all the tests then fail validators

JLukeSkywalker: i think its fine for puzzles, but clash it really sucks

reCurse: So then you'd just hardcode the answers

JLukeSkywalker: thats not how that works

lopidav: well, you need a lot of knowledge to account for all of the solutions. It's hard

JLukeSkywalker: im talking about like they missed checking for a >= in the tests, but check in the validator

JLukeSkywalker: just went down 15 places bc of that

lopidav: do you remember the puzzle? the author name?

JLukeSkywalker: no, doesnt say on results screen

lopidav: well, can you describe it?

JLukeSkywalker: was a summing digits puzzle

JLukeSkywalker: hasnt been the only one

JLukeSkywalker: its like 1/20 that are like this

lopidav: can you describe the puzzle more?

JLukeSkywalker: i dont remember

lopidav: ok then

JLukeSkywalker: in their defense I do remember they did state it in the statement

JLukeSkywalker: its just typing in 20 seconds, hitting test, it passes, hit submit

lopidav: classic

Astrobytes: So, it's actually nothing to do with the validators then.

BlaiseEbuth: Next time, post a screenshot in the chat before submitting, lopidav will solve it for you.

JLukeSkywalker: the validator is fine, the test isnt

JLukeSkywalker: and i did solve it, was just missing a single '='

lopidav: BlaiseEbuth lol, no. I'll find the contributor and beat him up of course. How dare they

JLukeSkywalker: lol

lopidav: this one maybe? JLukeSkywalker

JLukeSkywalker: no, was comparing to see which was bigger. will get the puzzle link next time i find one

lopidav: ok then

lopidav: Is there a list of possible XHR post requests for this site?

lopidav: I mean everything under

reCurse: Not as far as I know, you have to find those yourself

reCurse: Can also break at any point without warning

lopidav: oh, that's the game too

lopidav: > Can also break at any point without warning What? I'm not aware of that. Isn't CG uses xhr almost everywhere?

reCurse: Sure, but the usage and availability of any API is subject to change without notice

reCurse: It is undocumented and unsupported to use, so at your own risks

lopidav: oh, you mean that. Yes, I'm aware that it's not official but I thought that there some lists from players

lopidav: I was able to find one from 2016. It consists of 3 lines

reCurse: People generally just reverse engineer whatever they need and don't bother documenting

reCurse: True programmers in other words

lopidav: oh, I'm something of a true programmer myself it seems.

lopidav: ok, to the actual relevant question: can you get a contribution data with something else than public handle via XHR?

reCurse: No clue, haven't checked contribution APIs at all. eulerscheZahl would be a better person to ask but he's asleep by now.

lopidav: ok, gonna try next time then. Thank you for the info

Default avatar.png croutons: how do you get ranked? Just playing long enough?

Default avatar.png Anas_T: What do we learn by doing this ?

Default avatar.png Anas_T: :rolling_eyes:

Default avatar.png Anas_T: :thinking:

struct: everything on compete tab improves your ranking

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: why spend 5 minutes reading the documentation when you could spend 4 hours trying to figure it out on your own?

Wontonimo: that's my mantra