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Default avatar.png Sineofxisx: kinda weird

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: no offense @BattleRobot_c964 i know ur a bot

Default avatar.png Sineofxisx: :flushed:

diegatzo: HELLO

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: I just played against ALL the CoC bots and won against all of them except AkhilJohn and LannertvSeveir :(

Default avatar.png NotSpice: Does anyone know how optimization puzzles affect ranking?

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Go to your profile, and click on the ranking, on the right of your XP

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Scroll down, and have a look

Default avatar.png NotSpice: I found it, thanks!

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: :+1:

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: AkhilJohn is pro

eulerscheZahl: AkhilJohn is a bot

eulerscheZahl: I almost forgot: Happy Caturday

jrke: oh me too happy caturday

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: he is pro

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: he non stop grinds

struct: because its a bot

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: no

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: he is pro

struct: ...

struct: ok

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: its a joke

Salted: ha! it's funny

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: thanks

Salted: they've played tens of thousands of games

Vigasaurus: yeah imagine dedicating their entire life to this

eulerscheZahl: and still being that bad at it

Vigasaurus: I will say, I kinda wish this didn't use captcha

Vigasaurus: I get one literally every time

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: maybe you are the bot

Vigasaurus: maybe

jacek: happy Caturday

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Yeah BitWolf, Natchood, SuperMuppet, Tychkorg, all of them are bits

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: 'Tis given in their bioo

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: *Bio

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder:

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder:

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png ArCjLord: hi guys

proogrmr: yo

AntiSquid: ChampionCoder there's a report functionality on the profile, report them for being bots, also report AutomatonNN, gotta purge them all

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN dead? Automaton2000

AntiSquid: RIP

AutomatonNN: ah no i don't know how to speed it to the problem

AutomatonNN: i need some help with coding today

C_Boy: anyone else keep running out of time for the clashes?

eulerscheZahl: search them here and keep playing if you want to finish after the 15min

proogrmr: wow

proogrmr: amazing tnx

Default avatar.png LightFury001: heyy !!

Default avatar.png DoubleTaxidermistFromAfar_98b2: hi guys

jacek: good afternoon

Default avatar.png DoubleTaxidermistFromAfar_98b2: I couldn't understand about these coding this lit bit different from others coding program

jacek: hm?

Default avatar.png DoubleTaxidermistFromAfar_98b2: i mean methods

Stilgart: Automaton2000: are you dead?

Stilgart: no more turtles ;(

Default avatar.png eddantess: hello everyone

Default avatar.png eddantess: im new here but i cant do anything :'D

jacek: :o

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: me either buddy

Default avatar.png eddantess: turk musun emre

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: evet

AntiSquid: salami

jacek: omelette du fromage

AntiSquid: that's not turkish

jacek: not really french either

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: not rly lol

BlaiseEbuth: Turkeys are not turkish either.

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: some of them are

BlaiseEbuth: Immigrant ones ?

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: no the locals

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: actually animal name "turkey" named after country " Turkey" by irish ppl

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: just a fun fact

BlaiseEbuth: Very flattering...

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: xD

jacek: maybe they were hungary

BlaiseEbuth: See that big chicken over there ? We gonna name it "Turkey" and we gonna eat it once a year.

BlaiseEbuth: If they had been english, probably the big chicken would have been named "France"...

Astrobytes: hahaha

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: they named it like that bsc during the UK embargo over Ireland irish ppl starve to death bcs lack of food but old Turkey (Ottoman Empire) exported them "turkeys" to help them then they named it after them.

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: but it is funny to we have country name same as animal

jacek: so it is form of gratitude

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: i think they never seen that animal before and they were lazy and just named after it from our race

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: xD

BlaiseEbuth: "I like you. I will name this poultry after you."

BlaiseEbuth: "race" :/

Default avatar.png EmreUnlu: "Thank you i wish next gen. are not going to make fun of our country name"

eulerscheZahl: ok, let's make fun about Uruguay then


Default avatar.png JimenezLi: Hi everyone, do you know how to prove I am not a bot in Clash of Code?

eulerscheZahl: there's a google reCaptcha

BlaiseEbuth: Solve a captcha on a twitch live ?

eulerscheZahl: which is blocked in China

eulerscheZahl: get a VPN or wait a bit. you only get captchas if you play too many clashes in a row

eulerscheZahl: as BlaiseEbuth mentioned twitch: that's a weird stream featured right now, isn't it?

BlaiseEbuth: Oh ?

BlaiseEbuth: irk

BlaiseEbuth: How someone can code on a picture background ?! Oo

eulerscheZahl: transparent editor

BlaiseEbuth: Thanks... :expressionless:

BlaiseEbuth: I meant how can somebody support that.

eulerscheZahl: or some Atom extension

eulerscheZahl: ah

eulerscheZahl: that clash, only 1 user got 100% :D

BlaiseEbuth: So. Is the neko girl a problem ?

eulerscheZahl: i don't know. personally I don't care

eulerscheZahl: just weird

eulerscheZahl: and music that only plays while the streamer is talking. and a computer voice to read chat messages

eulerscheZahl: i've seen enough

BlaiseEbuth: I don't care either. But I remember some users who were choked by the "wondev woman" background...

eulerscheZahl: if twitch doesn't ban it, CG should be fine with it too

eulerscheZahl: we are more liberal than twitch, aren't we?

BlaiseEbuth: Hope so.

BlaiseEbuth: Oh ! Hatsune Miku.

eulerscheZahl: Hakuna Matata

Astrobytes: Catgirls! Quick, tell jacek

BlaiseEbuth: Seriously ! The guy is from ireland ? I would have bet on an east-asian country...

eulerscheZahl: and AntiSquid

BlaiseEbuth: Don't put a squid with a neko-girl...

XorZy: :nauseated_face:

Astrobytes: ew.

jacek: hm


Default avatar.png Angecide:

Default avatar.png Angecide: oh it became a pastebin

jacek: is this logarithm?

Default avatar.png Angecide: the formula does contain log yes

Default avatar.png Angecide: could that be the culprit?

jacek: its a small part. but do you compute log(parentVisits) for every children? or just once and just put the value there

Default avatar.png Angecide: I compute every time i visit a node in order to figure out which child node I should traverse through

Default avatar.png Angecide: so I don't compute for the entire tree, only the immediate child nodes of the current node

Default avatar.png Angecide: ohhh, right I understand ur question, no I don't store the value of log(parentVisits), I recompute it every time, perhaps I should try storing it and see what effect it has

jacek: yeah

jacek: though still its hard to tell whats taking so much in your selection phase

reCurse: You might be looking at a too micro level

reCurse: What does the selection look like

reCurse: Also you're always bound by *something*, so if your rollout is really light, then it being bound by selection makes sense.

Default avatar.png Angecide: I tried creating my selection as true to the vanilla mcts algo as possible. Basically after each reset, I start at the root, and do a for each loop on all reachable nodes from the current node and compute the ucb1 in order to pick the most promising one. I then set current node to the best node and repeat.

Default avatar.png Angecide: but I should probably look at performance on a more macro level as well

reCurse: Also % is always going to move somewhere so you need more absolute metrics

reCurse: Also if your exploration constant is too low, you'll go very deep in the tree, and therefore spend even more time in selection

Waffle3z: why not remove os.execute and all analogous functions in other languages from code golf so all of the language leaderboards aren't fake

reCurse: Because it's not a priority

jacek: clash is priority>

reCurse: Maybe

Waffle3z: has another clash wars happened since java

Waffle3z: you could just figure out whatever the execute function is in whatever the chosen clash wars language is and write the language you want instead

reCurse: No

reCurse: And I don't think exploitation and the prevention of it is the main point of those

Waffle3z: it could be if people brought the code golf problem somewhere else with more attention

reCurse: Namely?

Waffle3z: clash wars

reCurse: Like I said I don't think that's the priority of clash wars

reCurse: Or the main point

Waffle3z: if they're organizing a clash wars and somebody finds some boilerplate to paste that lets them write in python instead and beat everyone else then now it's at least more relevant than code golf

reCurse: Sure. Cross the bridge when it gets there.

Waffle3z: they'll just have to do another clash wars again eventually

reCurse: It's all very hypothetical and I don't think competitive integrity is a priority for those either, again.

reCurse: And much like obfuscation rule, they could review and disqualify, hypothetically.

reCurse: Much simpler to implement too.

Waffle3z: they could do that for code golf then

Waffle3z: unless competitive integrity isn't a priority

reCurse: It's worth it for a competition

reCurse: Not for a playground

reCurse: They don't have time to keep reviewing code golfs all year long

reCurse: Might be the least popular section of the site too

Waffle3z: right, which is why that's dumb and removing the exploits isn't

reCurse: You were talking about clash wars

reCurse: You're moving the goal posts

reCurse: It's frustrating

Waffle3z: right, clash wars is more relevant than code golf so bringing it there would get it more attention

reCurse: Feel free to keep complaining then, but the reasoning should be obvious

Waffle3z: but they could still choose to manually review and disqualify clash wars solutions and still ignore code golf solutions

struct: Also I dont think cg can remove some stuff easily

Default avatar.png StonerCodinOnJava: Hey guys sorry for interrupting but do you have any advice for some guy who is just getting into coding and just struggles every time how to solve a problem?

struct: The c++ is the same for everywhere

reCurse: You might want to learn the basics elsewhere and come back to practice

reCurse: It's not a very good site to learn

struct: Dont think they will change every language just for golf

reCurse: Also please provide the 'simple' implementation for removing those and countering circumvention

Waffle3z: figured since does it anywhere else could too but its language implementations are open-source so maybe the community patched it themselves there

Waffle3z: doesn't sound easy to fix otherwise

eulerscheZahl: i expect my C# golfing to drastically improve with the next language update

XorZy: Yeah, still probably won't beat ruby or perl but a nice improvement nonetheless

darkhorse64: What are the expected changes ?

eulerscheZahl: you don't need a class and main function anymore

eulerscheZahl: just start with the body of the main

reCurse: Still have those pesky using namespaces though

darkhorse64: Very big change for sure

reCurse: Not good for size

eulerscheZahl: i'm not even sure if I like that change

darkhorse64: like C++ #include <iostream>

eulerscheZahl: obviously i don't care about golfing at all

Astrobytes: you can use #import instead of #include darkhorse64

darkhorse64: and remove the space.

Astrobytes: yep

reCurse: shudder

eulerscheZahl: and as we are on it, let's use "" instead of <> doesn't make it shorter, just for additional shudder

reCurse: That works?

darkhorse64: Nothing beats 16 bit encoding for ugliness

eulerscheZahl: not sure if it works along with the missing space but in general it does

reCurse: I thought quotes ignored include directories

Astrobytes: hm, it works. I had no idea.

eulerscheZahl: when I leared C/C++ (already a decade ago :scream:), i've been told to use <> for libraries and "" for my own headers (as a style guide)

reCurse: That's usually how it goes, but I thought it was because "" was directly relative to the file and <> goes to include directories

eulerscheZahl: they do the same

reCurse: No actually it's implementation defined

reCurse: Effing great.

reCurse: So it might have been true at some point in my existence

eulerscheZahl: oh, the usual unspecified behavior we love :D

reCurse: "Searches for the file in implementation-defined manner. The intent of this syntax is to search for the files under control of the implementation. Typical implementations search only standard include directories. The standard C++ library and the standard C library are implicitly included in these standard include directories. The standard include directories usually can be controlled by the user through compiler options."

reCurse: That's for <>

reCurse: So I wasn't far off actually

reCurse: For the intent at least

eulerscheZahl: how did that not become a pastebin?

reCurse: I wasted my wish on that special power

Astrobytes: line breaks

Astrobytes: or lack thereof

eulerscheZahl: there's also a pastbin after X chars

Astrobytes: maybe not enough chars to trigger it?

eulerscheZahl: but that wasn't the point, thanks for quoting that

reCurse: But quotes don't ignore the include directories, sadly

reCurse: "Searches for the file in implementation-defined manner. The intent of this syntax is to search for the files that are not controlled by the implementation. Typical implementations first search the directory where the current file resides and, only if the file is not found, search the standard include directories as with (1)."

reCurse: That last bit triggers me, oh well.

eulerscheZahl: and that's how I didn't even need Java to trigger you

reCurse: Some ill-intended people would say you don't need much to trigger me.

jacek: uttt!

reCurse: Speaking of ill-intended people

jacek: :3


kovi: meh: last weeks d&b has two newcomers in top3 and interestingly now everyone else is in a big pack

BlaiseEbuth: Dungeon & Bacon ?

jrke: yup very close points

jrke: dots and boxes = D&B

BlaiseEbuth: :grin:

jacek: drum&bass

jacek: or maybe the bots code is leaking

reCurse: drones&bots

jrke: d&b&d&r

jacek: and we have some random guy ahead

Metanoob: maybe drunk&baked? not condoning bad behavior?

kovi: not random. i remember he did well with kutulu (was among the first smitsimax users)

jrke: i will say yes we all are having same rating of bot

Salted: Do you guys monitor this manually or is there a process that flags groups like that?

Salted: You know what would be a great feature. Listing the ranking that code achieved at the time along with the date in the History list of submitted code for competitions. That's a mouthful.

reCurse: Wasn't there a third party like that?

jacek: magus' cgstats?

Astrobytes: CGEnhancer

reCurse: No neither

reCurse: It had a graph over time

reCurse: Of player rankings

Astrobytes: Ohhh, I remember that. Was during the Amadeus competition he linked it I think?

eulerscheZahl: from .Adrien

Astrobytes: (the unofficial one)

Astrobytes: Yeah


eulerscheZahl: even seems up to date, i thought it broke at some point

eulerscheZahl: but the game list isn't updating

Salted: Thanks for the CGEnhancer tip! That's awesome

Astrobytes: Wait til it steals all your memory...

eulerscheZahl: we still have dbdr's github for leaderboards

eulerscheZahl: yeah, I disabled CG Enhancer again :(

jacek: hmm no onitama there

Astrobytes: It's a shame, rather useful.

reCurse: As if CG wasn't bad enough

reCurse: Makes my GPU perf drops significantly whenever I have a viewer open...

jacek: no mining for you then

reCurse: No no I despise cryptomining

reCurse: That's insulting

jacek: no GPU or CPU available :(

reCurse: So I was looking into GCE for GPUs

reCurse: Apparently there's shortage there too

reCurse: It's maddening

Salted: If you had to "mine" something but it had to benefit the world in a better way than bitcoin would would you compute?

Astrobytes: Protein folding or something

Salted: So harder and harder proteins until they're nearly impossible and require insane amounts of computation to find a new protein coin?

reCurse: I find the cryptocurrency concept abhorrent

reCurse: As a whole

reCurse: Doesn't matter if it pretends to contribute to making the world a better place

jacek: someone mining opening book coins

reCurse: lol

Astrobytes: No coins. Just protein folding. I also hate crypto stuff.

reCurse: Not sure I would risk crowdsourcing important stuff like that

Astrobytes: Even if it's just lending some computational power it can only be useful right?

jacek: hey! if only it would lead to bioengineering cat girls...

reCurse: You're assuming a lot of good intent out of people

reCurse: That's surprising

Astrobytes: True.

jacek: + electricity cost

Astrobytes: I let my inner optimist out for a split second.

reCurse: Besides it's not even about greater good or stuff like that

reCurse: Crypto is a net negative

reCurse: Even using that power for gaming is better

reCurse: At least it has a purpose

Salted: I don't like coins either, but they exist.

Salted: I also though weather prediction could be good. Computation would be based on predicting the weather further and further out including all points between for a particular spot on earth. The spot would change making sure we cover all of earth.

Salted: As the future starts at seconds (for easy coins) then progresses to times such as 10 days, 1 month, maybe 1 year out. This way you also have to wait that amount of time to verify the coin.

Salted: Good / bad outcomes. If the coins became so valuable you'd have people in policy making roles trying to swing climate change policies to affect the weather for the economy. So maybe someone is better big on super heating / ice age and well we push ourselves towards that for the money.

Salted: It's like the plot to a bad movie

reCurse: Is there really a point though? Why not just put that job to data centers.

reCurse: Eliminates a lot of unneeded complexity

Astrobytes: Weather prediction is already actually very good considering how chaotic a system it is.

reCurse: Surely they already have tons of investments on complex models already.

reCurse: Not sure if lack of compute is an issue

Astrobytes: Can be, but probably limited to prediction of individual phenomena as opposed to general weather system models.

reCurse: In any case I'd say funding + data centers will do a lot more nicely than some weird crowdfunding cryptocurrency scheme

Astrobytes: Yes, I agree wholeheartedly.

Salted: I just wish the coins were doing anything useful since we use as much electricity as entire country of Switzerland to get compute them.

reCurse: That's my entire gripe about them.

reCurse: They are just some financial speculation plaything

reCurse: Born out of laughably innocent ideals, to put it charitably.

reCurse: Wasting tons of resources in the process, and bringing what? Absolutely nothing tangible.

reCurse: Like I said, even the most frivolous and vacuous entertainment would be better than that

Astrobytes: I guess a few shady characters turn a decent profit with it.

reCurse: Of course there's money to be made

reCurse: But for the sake of ripping others out

reCurse: Absolutely no value is produced

reCurse: Reminds me of that guy who mass bought sanitizer products before covid to make money out of it

reCurse: Makes me want to puke

reCurse: Parasites the lot of them

Astrobytes: There's a lot of that about.

Salted: Shady for sure. I'm always afraid someone will get access to aws root accounts (or similar) and get setup a bitcoin farm. Even for a few minutes that's a huge ass bill.

reCurse: There's already tons of hacking around planting cryptomining

reCurse: Fucking disease

jacek: reminds me of bots crawling github for private keys or tokens

eulerscheZahl: nowadays even github itself does that

igr.: What do you have to do to get mod on codingame?

jacek: be insane

Astrobytes: Mine bitcoins.

eulerscheZahl: i once uploaded a private key (the database contains no user data, just a list of CG puzzles that I don't care to protect). and github instantly warned me

reCurse: That's cool

eulerscheZahl: be a respected community member for a long time. and then get suggested by Astrobytes when Thibaud is looking for new mods

jacek: and someone actually suggested me :v

Astrobytes: that was that WINWINWIN character, or someone... not me

eulerscheZahl: with MK mod, why not you? ;)

Astrobytes: And yes, I was the unwilling kingmaker.

Astrobytes: For want of a better term.

eulerscheZahl: to be fair i was mod on discord at that time. and Thibaud merged those teams so probably your nomination wasn't even necessary

reCurse: Let's ignore the strange nature of the question

eulerscheZahl: ok, back to Bitcoin

jacek: AutomatonNN could you mine bitcoin for better UTTT moves?

eulerscheZahl: or another question as Astrobytes is colorblind: what do you think about an option to select the color for each player in a multiplayer game?

eulerscheZahl: and assign a fixed color for yourself and opponent

reCurse: Sounds like a terrible design constraint to respect

Astrobytes: Yes, that would be useful in some games for sure.

eulerscheZahl: why terrible? to find enough fitting colors to choose from?

Astrobytes: Most systems use shapes or symbols to indicate differences though.

eulerscheZahl: because I have something like that working already (select a static color for yourself + opponent)

Default avatar.png Mal30: any coders with tinnitus..? It's tough to focus sometimes..

Salted: Seems better to just consider colorblind to start and put other types of signifiers on the shapes instead of relying on color alone.

reCurse: To make all colors look good

reCurse: No matter the game

eulerscheZahl: the user just has to pick a pair of 2 colors that look good

reCurse: Dark vs dark background or vice versa...

eulerscheZahl: and the game uses a default pair that's ok as well

reCurse: Customization is a pain

eulerscheZahl: well, you could still keep the default

eulerscheZahl: as a user

reCurse: I guess.

jacek: im dumb...

jacek: i was wndering why after each iteration the trained model had either 0% or 100% winrate

jacek: i forgot to seed

reCurse: Let me guess

jacek: and i use xorshift

reCurse: Fixed starting position and deterministic MCTS

reCurse: Ah

reCurse: That's more boring

eulerscheZahl: actually my main question: if i assign a static color for me and opponent but the game is between other players: should I use the default colors or give one of the players my color?

eulerscheZahl: argument for custom colors: colorblind users may want a higher contrast. argument against: you don't participate, makes it clearer when watching

reCurse: As long as I get the option to override any customization and leave things to default, I'm fine

Astrobytes: Yes, any customization should definitely be purely optional.

eulerscheZahl: of course, it will be

jacek: :unamused:

reCurse: Unless it's part of a CG monetization scheme to sell hats. Then...

eulerscheZahl: resonable default colors if you don't select anything

eulerscheZahl: game 90 has a winner

Salted: I'd buy many hats!

jacek: and this is not checkers

Default avatar.png Yohk0: Hi, does anyone know how to make custom keybinds for the editor's vim modes. I would like to bind jk in insert mode to bring me to normal mode. I tried editing the json config to no avail

jacek: oO

Astrobytes: wow, that's an impressive lead that mikll a has in D&B.

eulerscheZahl: they are using this for vim: i'm pretty sure it's not that easy for you to modify

eulerscheZahl: there was a bug in it reported recently and CG made a pull request to that repo and Thibaud said they are waiting for it to get approved

Default avatar.png Yohk0: Thanks, I'll look into it

Astrobytes: Nice, jumped to 22nd in samegame

jacek: :tada:

DomiKo: :tada:

Astrobytes: Unoptimized, online.

DomiKo: Wish you luck with offline

eulerscheZahl: your score is an even number => offline ;)

DomiKo: :joy:

Astrobytes: Nope. That's online.

Astrobytes: Or wait - are you counting only the first turn as offline?

eulerscheZahl: no, we play the whole game offline

eulerscheZahl: and as someone had the brillant (typo intended) idea to duplicate validators...

Astrobytes: Well, I do it only online and in the first turn. And I get even scores...

Astrobytes: lol 'brillant' :D

eulerscheZahl: i knew you would understand the reference

Astrobytes: ofc

Astrobytes: could the validators in the repo not have been in a convenient format ffs...

Astrobytes: I mean, it's not much work but I am feeling lazy


darkhorse64: keep on searching during the next 50 ms, you will improve. Doing MC ?

eulerscheZahl: no more excuses!

kovi: apage satanas

BlaiseEbuth: hmm ?

eulerscheZahl: quick, kick him so he won't know

Astrobytes: MC and tabu as most frequently occurring colour

darkhorse64: I have alternated first and second color as tabu for a tiny improvement

Astrobytes: Yeah, after I clean it up a bit I was thinking of trying what Westicle s said about changing tabu on the fly

darkhorse64: I have also tried random tabu with no luck. Progressing further requires to try NRPA

DomiKo: you can try SA

darkhorse64: How to mutate ?

BlaiseEbuth: eat plutonium

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: Yes I tried random tabu, was very bad. Tried ordering moves according to color frequency but it didn't do much, at least online.

Astrobytes: And the only reason I didn't improve earlier today was because of a bug in my scoring. I only found out when I started the offline version.

DomiKo: "Yeah, pick a tabu color, make a random move list, delete a random move and anneal. Not sure what you would call that... Same as NS for me at least" by Westicles

Astrobytes: SA/tabu hybrid

Astrobytes: But isn't SA pretty similar anyway?

Astrobytes: If you think about it

darkhorse64: At least, for NS, some moves remain valid after the mutated, here ... That said, it makes sense to keep at least a few moves. I'll do that

Astrobytes: I almost don't want to touch NS since I had such fun playing it manually :P

darkhorse64: How many levels by hand ?

Astrobytes: 70

eulerscheZahl: i still don't see how you can solve those relatively large maps by hand

Astrobytes: Uljahn did more

eulerscheZahl: i know

Astrobytes: The ruler feature was helpful

darkhorse64: I think this is a very good memorizing experience without paper

eulerscheZahl: uljahn wanted the ruler

Astrobytes: I know. It's a huge help when solving manually.

Astrobytes: stops you counting squares with your pen/finger on the screen :D

eulerscheZahl: thus keeping the screen fat-free

Astrobytes: :P

eulerscheZahl: i hate colleagues coming to my desk and touching my screen

Astrobytes: Yes, it's a pet peeve of mine when I'm in the office environment

eulerscheZahl: for me it's the fire door

darkhorse64: I have no ruler for NS. What do you mean ?

Astrobytes: On the web app

eulerscheZahl: next to my desk and really loud when someone is approaching it fast from the other side

Astrobytes: Ugh. Almost as bad as sitting near the toilet.

eulerscheZahl: one day the toilet was leaking

darkhorse64: Never tried it. Can you enter a grid ?

eulerscheZahl: someone went home early that day :D

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: every cloud has a silver lining :D

Astrobytes: yes darkhorse64

darkhorse64: kk. That should help me a lot

Astrobytes: And you get all the moves as output when you solve.

eulerscheZahl: or write a bot

jacek: like AutomatonNN and Automaton2000

eulerscheZahl: fail

Astrobytes: Like I said, I'll get around to it!

Astrobytes: Wait NN is dead too?

Astrobytes: Did you kick him again?

eulerscheZahl: i said that to darkhorse64 actually

eulerscheZahl: they just crashed

jacek: better report it to discord bugs

eulerscheZahl: nooo

Astrobytes: well, it worked both ways

Astrobytes: Peace and quiet in World.

eulerscheZahl: broken automaton is a feature

darkhorse64: This app is great. Silly me not to have tried it

eulerscheZahl: took me a day to make it

Astrobytes: If only Illedan would finish his mobile app...

eulerscheZahl: had to read the pixi manual first

Astrobytes: I forgive him since he is soon with child however.

eulerscheZahl: end of month

eulerscheZahl: so before CG decides about the future of community contests in the beginning of the month :upside_down:

Astrobytes: I can hardly contain my excitement

Astrobytes: When is the semi-private contest again? 20th?

eulerscheZahl: boy or girl? did he tell already?

SwagColoredKitteh: oh hi

Astrobytes: I don't think he said tbh

SwagColoredKitteh: i exist.

darkhorse64: There is a semi private contest at the end of the month. That may delay things a bit

SwagColoredKitteh: semi private contest sounds fun

eulerscheZahl: January 21, 2021 at 6:00 PM (UTC+1) until January 31, 2021 11:59 PM (UTC+1).

jacek: semi private?


Astrobytes: Oh, well, I was 1 day off.

SwagColoredKitteh: i haven't really participated in one in a long while

Astrobytes: will you play darkhorse64? XP farming opportunity.

Astrobytes: oh hi swaggeh

eulerscheZahl: will be a remake of an existing game

darkhorse64: yes ofc

SwagColoredKitteh: code busters pic

eulerscheZahl: darkhorse64 is eligible for prizes

Astrobytes: As long as it's not codebusters again.

Astrobytes: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Good point.

eulerscheZahl: they have a codebusters version where you have 3 different busters

Default avatar.png JBM: just set your location to FR during the month

darkhorse64: Only a few hundreds of XP needed for level 40. I would compete for nothing

Astrobytes: Yes I know. It was in that Kree? contest, where they leaked everyones email addresses

eulerscheZahl: i also saw a hypersonic where only opponent bombs could kill you

eulerscheZahl: wasn't it Klee?

Astrobytes: That's it

eulerscheZahl: the Chinese Kree

Astrobytes: That's why I had the '?'

Astrobytes: lol ffs

eulerscheZahl: i skipped that klee

Astrobytes: JBM, I thought of using some friends addresses in France and creating some dodgy accounts to participate but I decided against it :P

eulerscheZahl: you still have to reach top3, probably not that easy

Astrobytes: (I'm clearly not serious!)

darkhorse64: Can you register without being French ?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Astrobytes: Yeah, we're gonna play for XP.

eulerscheZahl: and to annoy you

Astrobytes: Who wants prizes from a Racist Contest such as this anyway... :P

darkhorse64: ?

reCurse: Easy there

Astrobytes: French-only :)

eulerscheZahl: i feel discriminated against

darkhorse64: Ah, French only

Astrobytes: Behold the tongue emoji I did type!

eulerscheZahl: and AutomatonNN is back too :(

AutomatonNN: why do you ask your stream before and not a little bit of coding?

Astrobytes: You just had to ping it.

Astrobytes: For clarification: I do not think the contest is racist (in case there was any doubt)

reCurse: Those are charged words these days

eulerscheZahl: and i jumped on that train. we get lots of cool content for free. up to the organizers whom they invite when they pay for the contest

darkhorse64: I knew you were kidding but I did not get it. I would have preferred more people

eulerscheZahl: if you look for possible hires, i can understand that constraint

Astrobytes: Yes, I should have worded it better reCurse. When among friendly company it's easy to forget it's a public forum.

eulerscheZahl: or that it's way past bad time

darkhorse64: Don't worry

Astrobytes: Yeah, they have offices here too actually.

eulerscheZahl: bed*

Astrobytes: Edinburgh and somewhere else in Scotland

Astrobytes: They run our health service db/software

eulerscheZahl: in excel?

Astrobytes: You can look up how that went, I won't bother explaining.

Astrobytes: The excel thing was governmental iirc

Astrobytes: anyways, screw politicking on a Saturday.

eulerscheZahl: ok, let's keep that for sundays

Astrobytes: Noted.

jacek: AutomatonNN Automaton2000 are you alright

eulerscheZahl: i ordered cat food online for the first time

AutomatonNN: why do you have a simulation of the stream?

AutomatonNN: what do you mean?

eulerscheZahl: the store with my cat's favorite food is closed currently

Astrobytes: Oh, so still the regular food and not a new one then.

eulerscheZahl: it's frustrating to try something else

Astrobytes: Yeah, tell me about it.

eulerscheZahl: she licks the sauce, eats the dry food and then begs for more sauce

Astrobytes: They go on hunger strike.

Astrobytes: Especially if I switch the dry food.

eulerscheZahl: so, i have 6 cans left

eulerscheZahl: and 5-6 working days for delivery

Astrobytes: You may have to stretch out a can or two into 3 portions.

Astrobytes: (assuming single portion cans)

eulerscheZahl: i mix it with another can that she likes less

eulerscheZahl: she's not too thrilled but eats it

Astrobytes: Heh heh. All cat owners are the same.

eulerscheZahl: all cats are the same :D

Astrobytes: Also true.

Astrobytes: Well, to an extent.

Salted: What about people who end up with a cat but didn't really want a cat? Like me.

Salted: Actually I bet I become a cat person over time

Salted: He's so cute. Who wants to see pics of my cat, Mr Waffles

jacek: today its Caturday

Salted: :joy_cat:

Astrobytes: Cats own you. They grace you with their presence when they feel inclined to do so.

TBali: What a funny forum this one became.... :-) Time to listen to Webber's Cats

Astrobytes: :scream_cat:

TBali: The lyrics (T.S.Eliot verses as I learned later) are quite good at grasping being 'cat'

TBali: As the vocabulary is a bit hard for a non-native speaker I used it for language learning.

Astrobytes: Yeah well it's not like Webber could come up with anything quite as good... (I strongly dislike Webber and his work :D )

Astrobytes: That's a cool application of it.

jacek: cats the movie?

Astrobytes: No. The musical. That it was based on.

TBali: No, cats, the musical. From 1980s

TBali: I don't know the movie

TBali: Is it the same?

Astrobytes: I'm not a fan of musicals in general, other than Jeff Wayne's Musical War of the Worlds that is.

jacek: well i think it is musical. but has horrible CGI, causing uncanny valley. i think it was worst movie of 2019

Astrobytes: Preserve your eyes TBali, do not look up the Cats movie.

TBali: I did not intend to.

War of the Worlds - don'T know that one, look to it. Is it the H.G.Wells novel?

TBali: (Which I did not read either, just heard of it)

TBali: "The multi-award-winning Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience returns with a new production, featuring: live actors, virtual and augmented realities, 5D effects, ..."

TBali: Did not they pushed a bit too much D-s here? :-)ú

Astrobytes: Yes the HG Wells story. The audio-only is the version you should check out first (other than the book)

Astrobytes: As in the original album (late 70s I think?)

Astrobytes: Ah yes, 1978.

TBali: Found this one now, started to listen:

Astrobytes: (that's my most hated tune on the album :D )

kovi: i loved is epic

jacek: noted. *bookmarked*

Astrobytes: (Forever Autumn that is) But that's the correct playlist.

TBali: went to first track

Astrobytes: Cool. I have one stage version which is pretty good, but I always prefer the album version.

kovi: my original casette was totally worn (listen it a lot it the early 80ties)

TBali: :ok_hand: thanks for the tip

Astrobytes: Me too, I was a kid. I wore it out completely and my uncle had to buy me a new copy :)

jacek: casette? what year is it? 2020?

Astrobytes: Listening to it was like going to another world.

TBali: casette - fyki that is the modern stuff after bakelit :-)

TBali: or is it vinyl in English?

TBali: In the 80s I was more a Depeche Mode kid...

Astrobytes: You should say vinyl if you refer to vinyl records yes

TBali: We call it "bakelit"

Astrobytes: Yes, from Bakelite

jacek: huh

Astrobytes: I was a massive fan of electronic 70s, 80s stuff as a kid. As well as all the rock from before. Big early OMD fan. You should note TBali that the only 'real' instruments on musical War of the Worlds is the guitars and drums I believe

Astrobytes: Oh and the orchestra :rofl:

Astrobytes: Forgot about that...

TBali: The music changed a lot .... Oh not, it is the ad on youtube :-)

Astrobytes: Fix your ad-blocking situation!

TBali: does a blocker work also for youtube video? I thought it is for pop-ups

Astrobytes: Yeah a decent one should block yt ads too

XorZy: uBlock origin does wonders :)

Astrobytes: ^

TBali: thx

Astrobytes: man I've started listening now, you've done it.

TBali: why is track 8 special? It says "it is restricted in the country"

TBali: Bot only that one

TBali: The music is fine. The prose requires a bit "getting used to"

Astrobytes: No idea. Anyway the track is called ""Thunder Child""

Astrobytes: "Thunder Child" rather

Astrobytes: Oh no, forgive me

Astrobytes: I misread

TBali: It says 'The Red Weed' - maybe different YT channel that is more strict on copyright

Astrobytes: It's the Nathaniel song

Astrobytes: "Parson Nathaniel"

TBali: comes after "The Spirit of Man" and before "Brave New World" in the tracklist I listen to

TBali: I don't understand why don't we get a kick from an admin for being so off-topic? Ahh, you are an admin :-)

Astrobytes: Oh wait, yes... strange


Astrobytes: Pt 2

Astrobytes: Nothing wrong with being off-topic if you are having a reasonable conversation.

Astrobytes: In webchat at least.

Astrobytes: Also TBali, I think you should be able to find a transcript online, the accents can be pretty confusing to non-native speakers in some parts.

TBali: To be honest, I listened to the music without much following the lyrics now - I am not good enough in English to multitask in that way.

TBali: Also, after I read the transcript once I much better understand the lyrics from that point

Astrobytes: That's fair enough. I'd encourage you to pick up a copy of HG Wells book, Hungarian translations are available I am very sure.

TBali: For example - I remeber with Webbers's cats my first understanding was maybe 20% or less

Astrobytes: But the music speaks right

Astrobytes: (even in Cats I admit)

TBali: waterloo bridge, big ben - I understand this now:-)

TBali: I am at Forever Autumn

Westicles: Jeez, I just let this scroll and now YT is recommending cat videos and electronic music. Scary

Astrobytes: You get a strong feel for the story through the music alone even if you understand a minimal amount. As is the case with most good music.

TBali: With Rap my understanding is 10% - but I don't listent to rap - only by accident

TBali: CG stands for Cats & Guitars

Astrobytes: Stop moaning Westicles :P

TBali: Westicles - yes a few years ago I exactly knew when my daughter used my computer - when YT started to replace Aviation & Chess recommendations with Taylor Swift :-)

TBali: Now she is older and has computer

Astrobytes: Could still be chess-related: when the queen is on the move you have to tail-her-swiftly... (I'll get my coat and leave)

TBali: :joy:

Westicles: Yeah, but it is super creepy when something you discuss over email makes its way to a YT recommendation. They should try to be less obvious about it

Astrobytes: Yes, in that respect I do agree.

TBali: let me check my YT start page. It still seems legit.

Astrobytes: Btw TBali, the only War of the Worlds movie that's ever come close is the most recent one with that scientology midget guy in it. Despite the usual hollywood business it has some nice parts.

TBali: I haven't seen any WoW movie (even not the Warcraft one :-) )

Salted: Would anyone happen to know what this type of sequence is called? All combinations combinations of 1 to n which sum to n


TBali: I like good sci-fi (but has to be at least a bit "sci")

Astrobytes: It's worth a watch.

Salted: nvm, I found it. I guess just describing it was enough to find it.

Westicles: Irregular triangle read by rows in which n-th row lists all partitions of n, in graded reverse lexicographic ordering, using a compressed notation?


Salted: Thanks! That's really helpful. I can't believe someone has a massive list of sequences

TBali: Wow, this website works for 1,2,3,4


TBali: Hmm, A000027 . What other 26 sequences are more basic than that ?

Astrobytes: Credit to Westicles, Salted, he found the sequence on there before I posted the link lol

Salted: I thought westicles was being sarcastic until I looked this sequence up. Super impressive

Astrobytes: No, you should be able to tell when Westicles is being sarcastic :D

Westicles: I am a very serious person :P

Astrobytes: And there you have it!

Salted: It's crazy that sequence was only added in 2018!

Astrobytes: TBali: I blame you for my lack of progress this evening due to me recommending Jeff Wayne's WotW

Astrobytes: That site is a rabbithole Salted

TBali: Ahh, so you are a kind of guy who cannot walk and eating a bubble gum at the same time :-)

Astrobytes: No, I can. But since it's Saturday I have a few beers, if you add some music to that I can't do any coding at all.

Astrobytes: samegame can wait

TBali: It will be samegame tommorrow

Astrobytes: :smirk:

TBali: I played with that one but bnot much

TBali: #108 now I check

Astrobytes: I went from 120(?)+ to 22 tonight but I need to do a lot of work.

TBali: is hardcoding involved?

Astrobytes: Not so far.

TBali: nice then!

VizGhar: Somebody got link for that plugin that allows me to name my submissions?

TBali: I call them 'f*cking bot, work better then last time!'

Astrobytes: There are others higher without hardcoding TBali, though the optim puzzles really are designed for offline solving tbh

Westicles: Das Bot?

Astrobytes: :rofl:

TBali: no linmk, sorry

TBali: maybe mentioned in forum somewhere?

TBali: There is a collection of utils


Astrobytes: ^that's it

VizGhar: perfect thanks

Astrobytes: Just watch your memory as it disappears

Astrobytes: It'll crash the tab/maybe browser after some point

VizGhar: what you mean "as it disappears"?

Astrobytes: hehe, it's a massive memory hog

VizGhar: uh ok :| maybe not ideal for my 7yo laptop

Astrobytes: Especially that particular feature of naming your submits iirc

VizGhar: can't imagine what is so memory consuming

VizGhar: but ok

Astrobytes: Ah I think it's a pixi.js thing

Astrobytes: Not 100% so don't quote me on it

VizGhar: sure... but i see js, I flip table... Hate JS since my React Native experience

Astrobytes: CG viewer and whatnot are built on it - have fun :D

VizGhar: But i don't have to understand it :D

Astrobytes: It's a grim language I agree.

TBali: Thx for WoW, will continue another time from Brave new World

Astrobytes: Yeah, but for your SDK projects you may need to tinker with it

VizGhar: hmm but I have to understand it o.O since I've been working on multiplayer

VizGhar: yeah SDK

Astrobytes: TBali: I'm on Dead London :D Literally almost the end. And no problem.

VizGhar: Literraly almost...

Astrobytes: Stop fixing my English.

Astrobytes: I reserve the right to speak lazily :P

VizGhar: no you typed it correctly i suppose... I'm just making fun of those 2 words

Astrobytes: No I used them in a lazy, modern fashion. You're right to make fun of it :D

Westicles: It gets used so much, they actually changed the dictionary definition of literally to include figuratively

Astrobytes: It was always valid depending on context iirc

Astrobytes: In fact, looking back, "literally almost the end" if I'd used it in a non-internet-sentence may have been perfectly fine

VizGhar: I dont like discussion I started :|

VizGhar: :D

Astrobytes: Figuratively-speaking, I agree,

Astrobytes: almost.

Astrobytes: Literally.

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm away to watch a movie or something. See ya all tomorrow :)

VizGhar: :metal_tone1:

Default avatar.png Donkey_Kong_Jr: Hello,

Westicles: Donkey_Kong_Jr:


Default avatar.png Donkey_Kong_Jr: thank you for your help :smile:

Default avatar.png LOLTariq: :hot_pepper: