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z64555: I must ask myself. Do I *really* want to do a BSP tree for actor awareness?

z64555: maybe not actually build one, but the algorithm to home in on a target should work

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: help

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: i need help

LeoCaprile: with what

SPDene: my_genjutsu how many wires are they and what colour are they?

LeoCaprile: yes

PatrickMcGinnisII: :joy:

z64555: bleh, gotta remind myself to adhere to the axiom of Occam's Razor

Default avatar.png Annihilannic: Anyone else having this issue with 'play my code' not refreshing the game window after a while? full page refresh seems to resolve temporarily.

z64555: Double check your internet connection, web apps like these don't like dropped packets.

z64555: ping time is also a factor, then complexity (or integrity) of your program, and finally business of the server

z64555: hecking. I just found myself in a traveling salesman problem. the salesman has a shotgun and the routes have time limits on them...

Default avatar.png thepepefrog: ok

SnapisPro: i must be the only one that does a "easy" challenges in absurdly many lines of code :pensive:

SnapisPro: challenge*

Stilgart: by easy challenge, do you mean easy puzzle ?

Stilgart: if so, you can check the solution code of others

Stilgart: (once solved)

SnapisPro: that's how I figured that i have absurdly many lines of code

Default avatar.png One-coder-Z: I have been enough with my poor English.:confounded:

SnapisPro: I agre with yuo brother

Uljahn: i think the number of lines doesn't matter if your code stays readable and clear, in this regard straight solutions could be better than tricky ones

Default avatar.png GharbiWass: @One-coder-Z me too :(

Default avatar.png clemg: haslpha ?

Stilgart: Uljahn: the number of lines does matter at some point

Uljahn: Stilgart: sure thing, especially when solution is over engineered

Default avatar.png Kokoz: Can someone help me start the Shadows of the Knight challange??

Kitkat260: gm

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Kokoz do you know what binary search is?

Default avatar.png Kokoz: nope.. And I just realized it is too early for me to be here :S. Sorry for bothering

Default avatar.png zhoubou: That puzzle is not so hard.

Default avatar.png Plusk: hi

Default avatar.png Kokoz: Yea, well, I have some more learning to do before trying again.. I am a beginner and I tought that I will learn here, but it only checks my knoledge so far

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Yeah, this isn't a learning platform really. It can guide you to check out resources for learning though.

Default avatar.png zhoubou: I learned quite a lot since I started here.

Default avatar.png Kokoz: True. I will be back in a few weeks :D

TheBarnacle: Good luck :)!

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Haha

Default avatar.png Kokoz: Thanks

SwagColoredKitteh: hi, y'all qts

jacek: ohai

Astrobytes: wow, long time!

jacek: ?

SwagColoredKitteh: oh hi! o:

SwagColoredKitteh: i haven't been here in quite a while yeah

Astrobytes: Understatement of the year so far :P

SwagColoredKitteh: :D

Astrobytes: All good with ya?

SwagColoredKitteh: not great, but i'm surviving

SwagColoredKitteh: covid ruined my whole social life so i went back to being a hermit pretty much ahah

SwagColoredKitteh: what about you?

Astrobytes: Yeah, I can relate. Back in full lockdown again now. Meh, health issues, COVID... not been a great year tbh

Astrobytes: But still here.

SwagColoredKitteh: yeah health issues .. i've had a bunch of those and i haven't even had covid

SwagColoredKitteh: hope i never will have it, but we'll see; i do my best

Astrobytes: I had it early last year, not sure if that means I'm immune to the new strain. Try your best not to get it.

SwagColoredKitteh: was coding a bit on the fall challenge 2020, pretty fun game

Astrobytes: Wasn't keen on it tbh, lots of people did though.

SwagColoredKitteh: yeah, i'm one of the very careful people :P

SwagColoredKitteh: but my parents are anti-vaxxers and pretty much denying the virus even exists

SwagColoredKitteh: ugh

Astrobytes: Trust me, everyone should be being the very careful kind of person these days.

eulerscheZahl: oh dear

Astrobytes: Oh god, antivaxxers

SwagColoredKitteh: oh hey eulerscheZahl o/ been a while

eulerscheZahl: my dad bought a book about 9/11 recently. now he thinks the author has good arguments for it being an inside-job

eulerscheZahl: also: hi

SwagColoredKitteh: with conspiracy theorists, it tends to be a slow dive into insanity and it starts with stuff like that

SwagColoredKitteh: i also feel that filter bubbles make it *way* easier to fall into the conspiracy trap

Astrobytes: I do find elements of it sketchy, but the conspiracy theories about it are bonkers.

SwagColoredKitteh: and most people can't even correct for it as they don't know it happens

Astrobytes: Very true.

SwagColoredKitteh: so no matter how insane the idea, you can get surrounded by people who agree with it

Astrobytes: Yep. And there are an awful lot of them around.

SPDene: it's probably because the idea are implanted by all the nanobots we've been injected with :P

Astrobytes: By Bill Gates ofc.

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Bill Gates is just a puppet of the lizards.

Astrobytes: Oh I forgot about them.

Default avatar.png zhoubou: :P

eulerscheZahl: but lizards are controlled by chemtrails

SwagColoredKitteh: anyone else excited to get microchipped?

Default avatar.png zhoubou: My brother and I

SwagColoredKitteh: eulerscheZahl and the chemtrails are controlled by bill gates, making us come full circle

Astrobytes: Where do the UFOs/aliens fit in here?

eulerscheZahl: in the pyramids of gizeh

Astrobytes: So German. Giza :P

SwagColoredKitteh: and elon musk's secret plan is to reunite with his alien brethren

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png zhoubou: My brother believes we are ancestors of aliens, and they will be the next step in evolution

ZarthaxX: swago :O

SwagColoredKitteh: ZarthaxX hi o/

ZarthaxX: hai

SwagColoredKitteh: been a (long) while

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

ZarthaxX: valid englando

SwagColoredKitteh: me confuse

eulerscheZahl: an unsigned long while?

SwagColoredKitteh: unfortunately it's signed

SwagColoredKitteh: still no clue whose signature it is, though

Astrobytes: Could be worse, it could be singed.

SwagColoredKitteh: long long signed

eulerscheZahl: you missed my datatype joke

eulerscheZahl: oh you didn't

Astrobytes: I responded with some wordplay.

SwagColoredKitteh: i may be a very rusty programmer but i still know some C :P

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

SwagColoredKitteh: the rust puns are back

eulerscheZahl: we have dbdr for rust now

SwagColoredKitteh: cg has this whole skill tree whoa

Astrobytes: also hi Zarthang

SwagColoredKitteh: dbdr?

eulerscheZahl: you missed a lot

SwagColoredKitteh: "reach the top 1000 players in clash of code"

SwagColoredKitteh: no please

SwagColoredKitteh: cg why .. why would you make me do that

Astrobytes: And many, many new multis.

SwagColoredKitteh: have mercy cg i don't want to play clash of code

SwagColoredKitteh: yeah i saw, there are a lot

Astrobytes: I haven't done the clash quest. I'd rather pull my own teeth out.

SwagColoredKitteh: i have to approve or reject a contribution

ZarthaxX: hey astrobytong

SwagColoredKitteh: maybe some other time, i'll just play multis

eulerscheZahl: take this :angel:

Astrobytes: Wasn't it a multi or an optim before? Or am I just slow

SwagColoredKitteh: is that 3d tetris

eulerscheZahl: blockout? always a puzzle

eulerscheZahl: and yes that's a good summary of it

Astrobytes: Ah. Well, my mistake.

SwagColoredKitteh: feels like you'd just end up doing a simulation for it :P

SwagColoredKitteh: but then again when you're on cg everything looks like a tree search

eulerscheZahl: and you are right again

SwagColoredKitteh: petition to rename to

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: you can try or

ZarthaxX: lmao :rofl:

DomiKo: lol

SwagColoredKitteh: spring challenge 2020 looks fun too

SwagColoredKitteh: feels like codingame ran out of names and just started calling thins {season} challenge {year}

SwagColoredKitteh: *things

eulerscheZahl: both spring and fall were nice but had their downsides

eulerscheZahl: like fog

eulerscheZahl: and they plan to have 2 contests per year :(

SwagColoredKitteh: i found fog pretty fun in wondev woman, ended up doing cool stuff like probability maps for where the enemy might be

SwagColoredKitteh: couldn't say for spring challenge 2020 as i haven't done that

eulerscheZahl: you could only see the cells in your corridor

jacek: fog in fall challenge?

eulerscheZahl: so walking around the corner could possibly kill you

SwagColoredKitteh: spring challenge

eulerscheZahl: fall challenge had an unknown next order which can be seen as fog

jacek: for both players

eulerscheZahl: only 4 months till the spring challenge

SwagColoredKitteh: unknown next order?

SwagColoredKitteh: like you couldn't control the next thing they did sometimes?

eulerscheZahl: you have 5 orders to choose from. complete 1 and another gets added so you have 5 again

eulerscheZahl: you can't predict that added order

SwagColoredKitteh: i guess this is unrelated to MOVE? i only have the wood2 description for the challenge

Astrobytes: No, the Fall challenge. You're on the Spring one right?

SwagColoredKitteh: i'm talking about the spring one

SwagColoredKitteh: oh

SwagColoredKitteh: i re-read, woops

Astrobytes: :D

SwagColoredKitteh: i did the fall one a bit and am at silver

Default avatar.png zhoubou: In Crytsal Rush, how do I know if my bot has completed an action, like "DIG X Y" if it isn't at position for digging currently and it automatically moves to it? I was thinking about using current position, but it can move to adjacent tiles as well.

SwagColoredKitteh: i just have some bools saying if the order has been taken in my "sim"

Astrobytes: I barely remember zhoubou, sorry. That was the radar + ore one right?

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Yeah

eulerscheZahl: Amadeus Unleash the Geek

Astrobytes: Yup.

Default avatar.png zhoubou: I guess I will just move on my own then. Too bad the game doesn't have something to check your past action.

Astrobytes: If I remember right, you have to keep track of a lot of stuff in that game yourself.

eulerscheZahl: yeah, that's one of those games

eulerscheZahl: like codebusters and ocean of code

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Oh well. Thanks :)

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Btw how do you get that red text in chat?

eulerscheZahl: say the name zhoubou

eulerscheZahl: red for you

eulerscheZahl: eulerscheZahl => red for me

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Oh, I see.

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Awesome, thanks.

eulerscheZahl: note: you can't make yourself red unless you use 2 different tabs to chat

Default avatar.png zhoubou: CG chat is just weird, isn't it

eulerscheZahl: it has some flaws

xdcomrade: does someone have experience with queues in python? i wonder how can you make beam search with queues? i can surely copy all the items to list and work with lists, but i guess it won|t be that fast

eulerscheZahl: like no way to delete a message again

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Or no replies to specific message

eulerscheZahl: that part is fine IMO

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Yeah, it might be an advanced feature

eulerscheZahl: i don't see what's wrong with lists for beam search

Astrobytes: Since you can tag people it's not so hard to reply specifically.

eulerscheZahl: but you can try

Default avatar.png zhoubou: I guess you're right Astrobytes :P

SwagColoredKitteh: iirc there are XEPs that can address both of those

eulerscheZahl: not being able to block users from private messages is another downside

Astrobytes: indeed zhoubou :)

SwagColoredKitteh: havent done xmpp dev in quite a while now :(

SwagColoredKitteh: i have mixed feelings about @username or stuff like reply functionality for chat, because people constantly forget to use them

Default avatar.png zhoubou: One thing that could improve is clicking a name to reply instead of typing out a name. Or at least autocomplete.

eulerscheZahl: eul[tab]

eulerscheZahl: try it

SwagColoredKitteh: there is autocomplete when you press tab

Astrobytes: autocomplete with tab

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Ohh

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Wow

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Lol

SwagColoredKitteh: ah right there is a deletion xep:

eulerscheZahl: and of course Astrobytes lost the type race :D

SwagColoredKitteh: :p

Astrobytes: I came third! Even worse than usual

SwagColoredKitteh: is Astrobytes typing slow a meme or something

Default avatar.png zhoubou: You've been Euler'd

eulerscheZahl: yes

Astrobytes: Only with regard to supplying some site information/advice though

eulerscheZahl: it also happened on the RAIC discord :P

Astrobytes: Hahaha, oh yeah. Forgot about that :D

Uljahn: hey kitteh :purple_heart:

SwagColoredKitteh: Uljahn! hi! :3

SwagColoredKitteh: u qt

xdcomrade: just wondering: I add a node to a queue and I have some kind of score of these node. how can i restrict the size of the queue, say to 400 nodes, if the sorting of the queue is not allowed? and if I work with a priority queue wouldn't the last node forever taken (as the score tends to be increased with every turn of the game?)

eulerscheZahl: you clear the list/queue after each new depth

eulerscheZahl: list of nodes expand all sort, keep best and delete the rest go to 1

eulerscheZahl: also make sure to eliminate duplicate nodes

xdcomrade: and sorting happens in the list? isn't it a bit slow? to make a queue and then copy everything to a list?

eulerscheZahl: either list+sort or queue that sorts itself

eulerscheZahl: list is probably more efficient

xdcomrade: cool, need to test it. thank you!

DomiKo: Bit Runner is so hard :(

DomiKo: Second day of debugging

DomiKo: Its so funny when after several hours I make one little change and boom Perfect Submit

darkhorse64: You wrote a GA ? Yesterday I tweaked a little thing in Search Race for a large improvement

DomiKo: yea

DomiKo: I Wrote GA and I'm debuging sim...

darkhorse64: You are ready for PCR, MM, CotC, CSB, FB

DomiKo: I did FB that was painful

darkhorse64: large sim

DomiKo: but that beautiful animation

DomiKo: they are so nice

darkhorse64: one of my favorite

DomiKo: I see < 11K in SR nice

struct: I have sim it has 2k lines, but never used it

struct: also I have 100 bot line that made it to legend

darkhorse64: tron ?

struct: in fb

DomiKo: only 100?

DomiKo: Lol

struct: its bottom legend

struct: but made it there

DomiKo: but still

darkhorse64: In SR, I know quite smooth trajectories. They were quite bumpy before

DomiKo: Mean Max is another story

darkhorse64: I now have

DomiKo: Its really hard for me to do that games with heavy sims

DomiKo: like the Poker

darkhorse64: Pick the referees

struct: cache collisions

DomiKo: I never did fast collisions

DomiKo: and there are like 5 games that can use it

DomiKo: Maybe I should one time

darkhorse64: Moving from Java to C++ is not too hard. You will find that all these sim based multis have the same code architecture

DomiKo: Yeah I know

DomiKo: but sometimes they are sooo big

struct: Also you can use avx on most of those games

darkhorse64: Collision code in avx ? Wow !

DomiKo: I'm still waiting when Marchete will do Mars Lander with AVX

DomiKo: when will do blog about it*

struct: I did it for csb

struct: but never finished smitsimax

struct: so didnt submit

DomiKo: I know some basics about AVX

DomiKo: but using it in big game

DomiKo: isn't straightforward

struct: I had some help from marchet

struct: he shared with me his pcr avx code

darkhorse64: Dealing with conditional code in AVX is tricky

darkhorse64: I wish he shared it in Github

DomiKo: marchet's blog about it is really good

DomiKo: but still

DomiKo: Ohh yes

DomiKo: Wood 3 boos

DomiKo: beat me 10 to NULL :(

struct: darkhorse try pming him on discord

struct: I would share it, but its not my code so

eulerscheZahl: fun fact about bitrunner: each boss has a 100% winrate vs the previous one according to illedan

jacek: overfitting?

darkhorse64: I agree with you struct

DomiKo: I could say that's true

DomiKo: every version of my code have 100% winrate with one boss

DomiKo: and 0 with another

DomiKo: difference between leagues is so huge

DomiKo: it's like playing new game

eulerscheZahl: pb wrote some tough bosses by what i've heard

struct: This is old code, and i didnt really comment on it


struct: Some people just do avx for the collisions

struct: I did for all pods instead

darkhorse64: It's for CSB ?

struct: yes

Default avatar.png Lucky1Devil: salam aleykum

struct: v8ErrorColl = 1.5f

struct: There are multiple ways to do it

jacek: good evening

struct: Now that i read my code, I would change some things

struct: hi jace k

darkhorse64: I see,every collision splits the [0,1] interval for all pods. That deals with part of the divergence.

struct: yeah, also when you apply the collisions you will need conditional checks

struct: pods[c.a].vx = if_sub(collCheck, pods[c.a].vx, fx * m1c); pods[c.a].vy = if_sub(collCheck, pods[c.a].vy, fy * m1c); pods[c.b].vx = if_add(collCheck, pods[c.b].vx, fx * m2c); pods[c.b].vy = if_add(collCheck, pods[c.b].vy, fy * m2c);

Default avatar.png NuclearKitten_a446: heyo

darkhorse64: How much do you gain from that code ?

Default avatar.png NuclearKitten_a446: easiest medium problem?

Default avatar.png HammerzZ: Conway Sequence

struct: I have 1-1.5mill

Default avatar.png HammerzZ: -if u went to BBE

struct: But this is without eval

darkhorse64: compared to scalar code ?

struct: 300-400k for me

struct: but some people can do more with scalar

darkhorse64: I just can't remember how much I got

struct: Also I think avxing only the collisions might be better

darkhorse64: Yes, similar, I should revisit this code.

darkhorse64: gtg

struct: cya

darkhorse64: thanks

struct: np

Default avatar.png derp22: Hello, anyone around?

Default avatar.png derp22: I was just wondering how to display messages on my bots in CSB

jacek: hello

Default avatar.png zhoubou: derp22 Just append your message to the end. "X Y THRUST MESSAGE"

Default avatar.png derp22: Thanks!

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Np :)

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Also, hi jacek :P What's up

VizGhar: jacek say oO

Kitkat260: hello

pb4: DomiKo : you're playing BR ?

eulerscheZahl: you are making pb happy

pb4: <3

pb4: :D

DomiKo: pb4 yes <3

pb4: How do you like it ?

DomiKo: very much

DomiKo: I love the bosses

DomiKo: I spend one day in Wood 5

DomiKo: then one day in Wood 4

pb4: let's see how long you love them :smiling_imp:

DomiKo: This is so funny

DomiKo: when you go to next league with 100% winrate

DomiKo: but then

DomiKo: Boss just crash you

DomiKo: and you realize that you don't know how to play this game

VizGhar: What game?

pb4: Bit Runner

eulerscheZahl: 2048


eulerscheZahl: also works without the bit-runner- part in the URL

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: i like how the middle part on the URL is useless :D

VizGhar: you got me :( I clicked

eulerscheZahl: take this link to an epic game as my excuse

VizGhar: spanish inquisition!!!

jacek: do the rules change every league?

eulerscheZahl: no, just stronger bosses

jacek: phew

pb4: I strongly dislike rule changes between leagues

eulerscheZahl: jacek dislikes rules

pb4: :D

Astrobytes: I think most of CG are with you on that pb4

Astrobytes: lol euler

pb4: Well actual [CG] people haven't implemented the "skip wood leagues" button yet...

eulerscheZahl: i'm fine with wood for introduction if it's clear what changes to expect

Default avatar.png CallieB: pb4 if you don't like rule changes just wait until you find out about client scope creep :wink:

Astrobytes: Yeah, I can't see that button ever coming :/

eulerscheZahl: i suggested a SKIP_WOOD command: makes you win vs other bots that don't use it, draw otherwise

eulerscheZahl: so i would expect an easy promotion

pb4: I like that

eulerscheZahl: I was turned down on that idea

pb4: Can be integrated in the referee, doesn't require work from CG

jacek: you got additional chromosome?

Stilgart: is skipping wood really that important ?

jacek: its more about rules

Astrobytes: Yeah, no rule changes = no skip needed.

Stilgart: I think this is another issue

eulerscheZahl: if (:pray:) my contest suggestion should get approved, i'll at least link the contribution with final rules at the top of the statement

Stilgart: CG could give a link to the final rules at the beginning of the contest

Astrobytes: Beats having to wait for struc t to do it for us :)

Stilgart: (and should)

eulerscheZahl: how is struct involved into that?

Astrobytes: He usually does a screenshot or mock up of the rules from the github

pb4: eulerscheZahl : that's a great idea too

eulerscheZahl: i remember downloading and reuploading the referee 2 or 3 times. that's faster that screenshots :P

pb4: I usually get out of wood leagues with a code close to my legend code

pb4: Can't be bothered to write something else that'll be discarded...

eulerscheZahl: i keep my data structures as well

Stilgart: pb4: does that mean that you get the correct approach when writing your first code ???

pb4: There's survivor bias here

pb4: if I don't get a good first or second code, I lose motivation

pb4: so...

Stilgart: I see

Stilgart: but it's still impressive

pb4: But on the subset of games where I did well, yes the first approach is generally pretty good, often shoots to within top 10

Kitkat260: hello

Kitkat260: coders

Stilgart: pb4: when I read this, I can't help thinking that I am missing something

eulerscheZahl: for me the data structure is mostly consistent over the contest. the bot logic is subject to change

Stilgart: same (and you may add "a lot" at the end)

eulerscheZahl: usually some monte carlo to start with. then it can turn into BFS, beam search or remain random

Stilgart: imho, an option to prevent PM is more important than skipping wood leagues

eulerscheZahl: PM?

Stilgart: private messages

Stilgart: they remains for decades, seriously :(

eulerscheZahl: users annoying you?

Stilgart: not really

Stilgart: UX is annoying me

Stilgart: I can hardly see 4 tabs in this interface

Stilgart: #world + #fr + 2 privates

Stilgart: I currently have 5 privates (which is quite low)

Astrobytes: Yes, that's incredibly annoying.

eulerscheZahl: i know that struggle when spying on other channels

eulerscheZahl: and the last you entered always opens first on a new tab

Stilgart: then, I am annoyed by beginners asking in PM instead of #fr

eulerscheZahl: that's another story *sigh*

Stilgart: not there fault if the user interface is annoying, though

Astrobytes: *Especially* during contests...

eulerscheZahl: i'm not sure why they chose me yet

Stilgart: but I would be happy if such PM tab disappeared within a couple of hours

eulerscheZahl: and these PM start with a "hi"

Stilgart: toads are nice ;)

eulerscheZahl: then 30s of typing so you tab away again

Astrobytes: Or there was at least options available to customise

eulerscheZahl: then "can I ask you a question"

Stilgart: beware of the PM starting with "hey" :D

eulerscheZahl: or sometimes "BRO I HAVE QUESTION"

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Wouldn't it be better to have an option where you would set that only people you follow can PM you?

Stilgart: nope

Stilgart: millions of unknown users are following me

Stilgart: and I can't imagine how many more follow people in the top10

Default avatar.png zhoubou: I mean the other way around

Stilgart: would be a pain too

eulerscheZahl: that's how it works if the user you want to contact is offline

Stilgart: sometimes, I do want to PM with somebody I do not follow

eulerscheZahl: but there's always the option to send a private message on the forum

lopidav: hey, eulerscheZahl, when is gonna be unlocked?

eulerscheZahl: dunno, maybe it's permanent in the end. it has been dealt with

Stilgart: lopidav: believe me, it is not a good idea

Westicles: probably should be deleted at this point

Stilgart: like your account

lopidav: how was it resolved? I'm interested in the whole story

eulerscheZahl: shush, thin ice

Astrobytes: Yeah, come on.

lopidav: boy, that's some toxicity

Stilgart: it is not resolved

eulerscheZahl: self-upvotes will be removed retro-actively

eulerscheZahl: that's all I have to say about this topic

Westicles: oh good. I was a little surprised when you unclick them it doesn't do anything

pb4: You got insider info eulerscheZahl ?

eulerscheZahl: there's a moderators channel on discord

lopidav: self-upvote was a problem here? I thought that moderation rights abuse, toxicity, and fights were in the core of that

lopidav: doesn't look like anything at all was caused by self-upvoting

Stilgart: making noise is my way to wake up CG

Westicles: I am proud I was finally able to get this issue addressed properly.

lopidav: Was it addressed?

Westicles: I meant the upvotes...

lopidav: oh, self-upvoting?

lopidav: but that's so insignificant

lopidav: I feel like I don't understand the situation at all

Astrobytes: Let's just say the upvoting was close to the core of the whole issue.

Westicles: watching the xp leaderboard on rollback day will be :popcorn:

lopidav: ooooh, you can farm xp by commenting and self-upvoting?

VizGhar: why tf would you do that? o.O

eulerscheZahl: yes but not much longer. so, what game are you working on

eulerscheZahl: (not so hidden attempt to change topic)

Astrobytes: In fact: How's your bot? Fixit.

eulerscheZahl: i did

eulerscheZahl: see

eulerscheZahl: but where's dbdr? haven't seen him in a while

Astrobytes: Nice. Did you continue the paired programming thing you were doing?

Astrobytes: I've not seen him for a couple of weeks.

eulerscheZahl: was sharing my screen for most of it but only got to #6 or so

eulerscheZahl: then found 2 or 3 bugs and climbed

Stilgart: where's dbdr ? :(

Default avatar.png TheoreticalRobot_f6f1: where is NEXT button in here?:laughing:

Default avatar.png jaynagpaul: anyone here do competitive prog?

eulerscheZahl: DomiKo is probably the strongest here on that field

No_one...: Hi

jacek: oO

eulerscheZahl: not even that high at the moment

Default avatar.png TheoreticalRobot_f6f1: HI, I did cleared for landing, what to do next? HELP

No_one...: How're yall doin

DomiKo: Hi

No_one...: Nah, i dont do competitive programming

DomiKo: Euler true :(

No_one...: im just a hobbyist

Westicles: are you still 10 years old?

eulerscheZahl: why are you specialist and i'm candidate master?

VizGhar: TheoreticalRobot_f6f1i dont understand you

DomiKo: it's magic

eulerscheZahl: not a satisfying answer. your score and rank don't match


DomiKo: look one more time

No_one...: Yeah im still 10 xD

No_one...: imma turn 11 in a month :)

eulerscheZahl: you can edit those now?

DomiKo: yap

DomiKo: its christmas time

eulerscheZahl: is that because you donated?

eulerscheZahl: aaah

DomiKo: you can go to profile

DomiKo: "magic tab"

DomiKo: and there you go

DomiKo: I will come back to CF in like 1/2 months

DomiKo: because of the Covid

eulerscheZahl: in the past years you could change your nickname there, couldn't you?

DomiKo: you can

eulerscheZahl: i don't want to

DomiKo: if I remember

DomiKo: you can change nick at 31.12

eulerscheZahl: ah yes, youcan

DomiKo: or 1.01

DomiKo: ohhh you can chage to to 10.01

eulerscheZahl: "You may change your handle only ONCE. So think twice before. You will not be able to change it back."

eulerscheZahl: on CG i can do it more often

Default avatar.png _DeaTh-aNgEl: hi

Default avatar.png _DeaTh-aNgEl: do some one plays

Default avatar.png _DeaTh-aNgEl: i play

Default avatar.png _DeaTh-aNgEl: meet me

Default avatar.png _DeaTh-aNgEl: a

Default avatar.png _DeaTh-aNgEl: at

Default avatar.png _DeaTh-aNgEl: sydney 15

Default avatar.png _DeaTh-aNgEl: 502581502581502581502581502581502581502581502581

Default avatar.png _DeaTh-aNgEl: 502581

Default avatar.png _DeaTh-aNgEl: 502581

jthemphill: @TheoreticalRobot_f6f1 Is that the Mars lander one? There are a bunch of episodes and it ends with an open-ended optimization problem, where people try to find better answers than each other

No_one...: ello

No_one...: hows life

Loupio: Hi, fine and yours ?

Loupio: When I searched on google a wolf like yours

Loupio: I find y new background

Loupio: he is insane

IsaacSvi: oh yeah?

IsaacSvi: nice

IsaacSvi: dude, i think i gotta learn python more xD

IsaacSvi: but i'm comfy with JS

IsaacSvi: don't wanna switch lol


Loupio: look at this x)

Default avatar.png ssh97dy: hi there

MinatoNamizake: hi

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: :p

MinatoNamizake: Hows life

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: pretty depressing

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: school tmr, im a middle schoolar

MinatoNamizake: OOF

MinatoNamizake: SAME

MinatoNamizake: im middle school as well

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: Sigh

MinatoNamizake: schools so annoying lol

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: mhm

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: u can slack off since its online classing tho

MinatoNamizake: Yee

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: I have a desktop, so the teachers cant really see what im doing

SwagColoredKitteh: slacking off from school to code stuff

SwagColoredKitteh: that's a good thing to do

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: if its a chromebook (our school uses chromebooks) they can monitor out school

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: our* not out

MinatoNamizake: SAME FOR ME LOL

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: My dream is to me like my dad

z64555: not entirely terrible

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: he graduated from u of i, cs

SwagColoredKitteh: my dream is to eat food rn

SwagColoredKitteh: time to make my dream a reality

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: lel

MinatoNamizake: xD

ZarthaxX: swago eats code

Astrobytes: xartho eats pirates

SwagColoredKitteh: ZarthaxX *blush*

SwagColoredKitteh: i eat so much of that rusty code that i get tetanos

z64555: just gonna... spend at least 30m making the debug spew pretty while I let the subconcious think out a new solution


ZarthaxX: that's a guuud one swago

MinatoNamizake: eLlO

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes and you eat keyboards?

ZarthaxX: :thinking:

Astrobytes: ZarthaxX: You didn't like my 100% absolutely deliberate spelling? :o

Astrobytes: And no, I eat guitars.

ZarthaxX: oh xartho shit

ZarthaxX: i naturalized our way of speaking

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

Astrobytes: hahaha

ZarthaxX: you up the game every time

ZarthaxX: bar is too high already

Astrobytes: I've been slacking lately

ZarthaxX: anyway, inanyway, interesting taste you have

ZarthaxX: oh god im broken

ZarthaxX: lol

Astrobytes: lol, awesome

ZarthaxX: that's too bad :(

Astrobytes: anyway, I'm tired. gn all

ZarthaxX: gn astro

ZarthaxX: have a gud astronight

ZarthaxX: :*

Default avatar.png Ace1234: I love Coding

Default avatar.png Ace1234: :sunglasses:

Default avatar.png tzwer: hi

Default avatar.png tzwer: which OS do you use guys?

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: Hello?

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: I use Windows

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: what about you?

z64555: AI programming has its moments.

Default avatar.png GriM: IDE down?

JD_noob: It's taking for ever :(

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: what?

Default avatar.png GriM: Testcases won't run

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: why is that?

Westicles: 1am paris, every day. it will pass soon

Default avatar.png u_know_not: it's taking a long time to do stuff

JD_noob: Don't know but for last few days around this time of day ( or night :) ) it's like this. Maybe some maintenance?

Default avatar.png u_know_not: it started last night

Default avatar.png u_know_not: or yesterday

Minato_N: Hello hello

Minato_N: hows everybody doin

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: hi

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: it's slowly

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: everything ahahahah

Minato_N: c o o l

Minato_N: i g

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: what about you?

Minato_N: Nth much

Minato_N: trying to optimize my programming yt channel

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: nice

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: I'm leatning c++

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: learning

Minato_N: bruh, 90 percent of my viewers on my newest vid arent subbed

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: what about is your youtube channel_

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: _

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: ?

Minato_N: my yt channel is a programming channel

Minato_N: the name is literally just Program

Minato_N: xD

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: ahahahah that's great

Minato_N: thx

Default avatar.png ClashofCock: does anybody know how to disable the yellow variable hightling in problem statements

Kitkat260: are u guys really good @ coding

LeoCaprile: wasup

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: I thinK I was but

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: this website get me sad haahha

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: lol

Minato_N: lol

LeoCaprile: yeah i think the same

LeoCaprile: but i been improving

Default avatar.png AdrianChavarria: this is my secod day here

Minato_N: cooool


Default avatar.png mas1erB: Test

Default avatar.png GriM: it's just slow today mas1er

Default avatar.png u_know_not: it became faster

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: anyone plays roblox here XD

Default avatar.png u_know_not: yes

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: yu got rabax

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: you got robux*

Default avatar.png u_know_not: yes

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: sorry thats just my talking style

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: u can earn free robux inb

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace:

Default avatar.png BananaInSpace: dont do the surveys tho. only do like downlaod app thats OFFICIALLY on google store or the app store

Default avatar.png GriM: wtf

Default avatar.png GriM: "expected 168" so i change the code to get 168... "expected 164"