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BrainWart: pasting?

Chromicquanta: hh

Algod: what is people(not in clash) can watch a clash see others coding . it will be enjoyable. in i saw something similar,

eulerscheZahl: some users are streaming if that's what you mean

BrainWart: r u

Default avatar.png mrbossosity: hey guys

Q12: If the current ratio between the number of contributions approved in one day and the number of contributions added in one day, will continue, we will be flooded with contributions.

eulerscheZahl: I know i've shared this before:

Q12: Nice! but sad :slight_frown:

jacek: at least its getting popular

Q12: yeah, but when users will see their contribution does not approved because there is too many contributions the popularity of the contributions will decrease.

Q12: *does not get

jacek: then there will be less clash contributions. profits

eulerscheZahl: and the few interesting ones have to much harder to even get noticed on that page with 100+ contributions

eulerscheZahl: also after approval: a huge page with puzzles, most recent ones shown first

Q12: @eulerscheZahl Yeah, this is the big problem here

eulerscheZahl: IMO it would be better to sort my some mix of newest and highest rated

eulerscheZahl: sort by*

Q12: Wow

Q12: I totally agree

Q12: @jacek One good side of this :slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: like: give every puzzle 5 5-star ratings, then compute the average score

eulerscheZahl: that way new contribs with no other ratings would show first

eulerscheZahl: and then the rating matters

Q12: Why don't use the upvotes and downvotes that already exist as sort of rating?

eulerscheZahl: we are talking about 2 things: approved and pending

eulerscheZahl: for the pending ones it was sorted by upvotes/downvotes long ago

eulerscheZahl: then the number on pending got larger and larger (a bit over 100)

eulerscheZahl: CG added a timer to close it after 30 days. and changed the sorting in that process

eulerscheZahl: which was not a big deal as there were 15-20 contribs pending at the same time

eulerscheZahl: then WIP became a 3rd option (after private and public). so puzzles could stay there for longer

eulerscheZahl: and then the quest map. you know that part of the story

Q12: yeah, I understand know

eulerscheZahl: and now we are back to the > 100 that made CG take action and add the 30 day timer

Q12: *now

Q12: Maybe they can also do that if a contribution have a very bad rating it will be rejected.

eulerscheZahl: hm, currently there are 120 contributions in the list. 20 have a negative rating. the lowest is -6

eulerscheZahl: wouldn't filter much

Default avatar.png suckit: hey how to check if 2 strings are equal in c++?

eulerscheZahl: == should work, doesn't it?

Default avatar.png suckit: its showing error

Q12: yeah I agree, but once I see -34 to a contribution. I think it will help a bit to deal with very bad contributions.

eulerscheZahl: in the end only CG can change it. not sure if it's a priority :(

eulerscheZahl: personally i mostly stopped checking pending contributions as the spam turned me off

Q12: Because of the number of contributions and that contributions with difficulty hard and above didn't get notice I decided to focus just on contributions with difficulty hard and above in the contributions page.

eulerscheZahl: that's one way to deal with it

eulerscheZahl: maybe i should write my own script to filter

eulerscheZahl: tampermonkey or such

Q12: nice, I think you should suggest your idea to the stuff in the forum.

eulerscheZahl: staff?

Q12: yeah :sweat_smile:

eulerscheZahl: we can already filter by type to remove the clashes from the list

Q12: yeah, this is very helpful. But I talked about your rating idea.

eulerscheZahl: for approved puzzles, I see. advantage: new users get to see the supposedly good parts and not be turned off by whatever just got approved

eulerscheZahl: CG likes new users, so I think it's a good argument

Q12: your idea will also help to welcome to the website the best puzzles.

jacek: euler is essentially from CG staff, why he isnt being listened to

Default avatar.png wizcoin: does this platform teach you to code?

eulerscheZahl: it helps you to improve if you have some basic level already

Default avatar.png wizcoin: thought it was going to teach me how to code

jacek: not the very basics

eulerscheZahl: you should know the basics (if-else, loops, arrays) to make this website enjoyable

Default avatar.png wizcoin: this place is hard

BrainWart: yes

eulerscheZahl: learn some basics (e.g. youtube search for "introduction <your programming language>")

BrainWart: python is a good all-rounder for here

eulerscheZahl: then come back after you understood those. CG isn't holding your hand to guide you too much

Default avatar.png wizcoin: im studying computer science at my school

Default avatar.png wizcoin: gonna start programming this year

proogrmr: nice

BrainWart: good luck! programming is hard but, fun if you like that kinda thing

Default avatar.png wizcoin: programming is hard

proogrmr: programming is fun :p

proogrmr: our motto

Default avatar.png wizcoin: i wish it involves titties lol

Default avatar.png wizcoin: but sadly no

Default avatar.png wizcoin: would be even more fun

eulerscheZahl: for me learning how to code had some similarities with learning English. At first i struggled with everything: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation. at some point it gets easier to improve

Default avatar.png wizcoin: coding isn't in german?

Ashen_024: coding in german?? ?_?

eulerscheZahl: what I mean: you have to learn some grammar/vocabulary for a programming language too.

eulerscheZahl: there's a certain way how you have to write an if-statement like: if (x < 3) { do something here }

eulerscheZahl: if you forget the brackets around the condition, it's not gonna work

Ashen_024: That's true

eulerscheZahl: and initially you take a long time to write the simplest code (or say the simplest sentences in a spoken language). and you may get frustrated and feel stupid.

eulerscheZahl: but the longer you try, the easier it will get

jacek: coding in german :scream:

eulerscheZahl: today's students do that. i was lucky enough not to work with it.

eulerscheZahl: Robot Karol

Ashen_024: Yehp, I remember the first time i learned for loop, my guide/mentor taught me it through English= For first;until;using

Ashen_024: being a non-native english speaker it was hard at first yehp

MSmits: morning

Default avatar.png wizcoin: so everyone else has to code in english?

jacek: brainfuck isnt english, is it

jacek: MSmits hows the balance going?

proogrmr: morning ;p


MSmits: seems pretty obvious to me this game needs steal

MSmits: doesn't need 1M games to tell

jacek: you may never know

jacek: time for crowdfunding

MSmits: lol

MSmits: thing is steal cant hurt, beyond the slight inconvience of coding it. It can never make a game *less* balanced

Default avatar.png wizcoin: coding in german is whack?

MSmits: schmetterling!

Default avatar.png wizcoin: what!?

Default avatar.png JBM: lol

MSmits: just a meme :P

eulerscheZahl: Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz

MSmits: nice euler


MSmits: isn't there a law that says no more than one umlaut in a word

eulerscheZahl: do you know what hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is?

Default avatar.png wizcoin: yeah

Default avatar.png wizcoin: a word

MSmits: sounds like you're afraid of hippo's on bicycles

eulerscheZahl: the fear of long words :D

MSmits: ah, close

Default avatar.png wizcoin: who loves java?

SPDene: it's good job you're not german or dutch, tehn - they have a habit of joining all their words together ( big /s )

eulerscheZahl: Dutch too?

Default avatar.png wizcoin: oooo

eulerscheZahl: i prefer C# over Java. Somewhat similar but more convenient

Default avatar.png wizcoin: i used to love c#

Default avatar.png wizcoin: but im gonna learn java in school so im practicing

SPDene: 'Dutch, like many Germanic languages, is capable of forming compounds of potentially limitless length. The 53-letter word Kinder­carnavals­optocht­voorbereidings­werkzaamheden­plan, meaning "preparation activities plan for a children's carnival procession"'

proogrmr: :scream:

Default avatar.png wizcoin: what can you do in c#?

jacek: not to wear glasses

SPDene: verry f^Hpunny

MSmits: hehe yes we do this too

eulerscheZahl: C# is turing complete. if you can code it, you can do it in C#

Default avatar.png wizcoin: what is turing complete?

eulerscheZahl: it means that you can express all the possible logic in code. basically you only need 2 things to achieve that: conditionals and branches

Default avatar.png wizcoin: then aren't all languages turing complete?

MSmits: it's not a programming language if it is not

jacek: is html turing complete?

eulerscheZahl: programming languages: yes

eulerscheZahl: HTML is a markup langauge: no

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: I have an error in "Don't Panic! - Episode 1": when I try to use the variable "elevator_pos", it says that it is not defined

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Can someone help me out?

eulerscheZahl: but html5+css has been proving to be turing complete

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: I'm using Python3, bytue way

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: *By the

MSmits: only when combined

MSmits: html alone isnt right?

eulerscheZahl: right

Default avatar.png wizcoin: what have you done in c#?

eulerscheZahl: and there are still some things that are impossible to code

eulerscheZahl: let's say you have to write a program. you get the code of another program as an input

eulerscheZahl: and your task is to tell if the other program has in infinite loop

eulerscheZahl: it's been proven that this is impossible to tell in general

MSmits: you mean the output

Default avatar.png wizcoin: the halting problem

Default avatar.png wizcoin: yeah yeah we know

eulerscheZahl: exactly :)

Default avatar.png wizcoin: all I wanna know is what do you know to do in C#?

MSmits: he can do anything he tries, in C#

eulerscheZahl: here are lots of puzzles on CodinGame. you can do all of them in C#

eulerscheZahl: (except Nintendo, CG only allows C++ there)

darkhorse64: re C4 and regarding balance testing, I think steal is overkill. Just say that, first turn, only 0 and 8 are allowed legal moves. Minimal changes for the game designer and for the bot.

Default avatar.png wizcoin: have you ever made an android application using C#?

MSmits: hmm this is fine with me, except that for this, you need to be absolutely sure that move 0 is the most balanced move, as opposed to 1 or 2

MSmits: for steal, you dont

MSmits: i would want to get way more games in my meta mcts to be sure

MSmits: the current amount is enough to show it's not balanced, but not enough to show which starting move is

darkhorse64: I agree that for Y steal is needed. Yeah, I am relying on your tests

eulerscheZahl: personally I haven't. but there's Xamarin for Android development with C#

eulerscheZahl: ask Illedan, he still wants to finish the Number Shifting app :rage:

Default avatar.png wizcoin: so what applications have you made with it?

MSmits: also, i kinda like the extra dimension that steal adds to Y

eulerscheZahl: mostly smaller personal stuff (like bots here on CG). and some applications for my employer. Windows Desktop

Default avatar.png wizcoin: cool

Default avatar.png wizcoin: you work?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Default avatar.png wizcoin: nice

Default avatar.png wizcoin: how old r u?

eulerscheZahl: most of us here are old in your eyes

eulerscheZahl: 29

jacek: have heard of xamarin, my colleagues tried it in half-serious apps

SPDene: rofl. most people here are young in my eyes

Default avatar.png wizcoin: im 17 lol gonna be 18 in a month

MSmits: me, 40 in a month

SPDene: I started coding over 40 years ago

jacek: :older_man:

jacek: on mechanical computers?

eulerscheZahl: back when the callstack wasn't invented yet

SPDene: not quiet jacek: on a commadore pet

Default avatar.png wizcoin: who here has used punched cards?

SPDene: me

Default avatar.png wizcoin: wow

Default avatar.png wizcoin: thats cool

eulerscheZahl: my dad could tell stories about that too

eulerscheZahl: and they had staff to convert the code to those cards

Default avatar.png wizcoin: how was apple back in the day than now?

eulerscheZahl: so when a bug occurred, the first question was: your fault or something wrong in that conversion to punch cards?

Default avatar.png JBM: "compiler errors"

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Apparently there is an 18 years restriction on the competitions

Default avatar.png JBM: just don't tell them your age

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: :sweat_smile:

MSmits: I think it's probably due to laws in some countries

Default avatar.png wizcoin: next level programming is going to be graphical 4 sure

Default avatar.png wizcoin: visual programming

MSmits: what do you mean

MSmits: I doubt that

Default avatar.png wizcoin: even unity is implementing it

jacek: gui?

MSmits: well it's nice for beginning coders

Default avatar.png JBM: it's been the next level for at least 40 years

Default avatar.png JBM: a bit slow to take off

Default avatar.png wizcoin: its even in unreal engine

Default avatar.png wizcoin: and godot

eulerscheZahl: ChampionCoder 11:00AM Apparently there is an 18 years restriction on the competitions

referring to ?

eulerscheZahl: no one checks this. i guess they have to write it for legal reasons

eulerscheZahl: if you want to compete in a contest, just do it

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: yeah

Default avatar.png wizcoin: cant wait for neuralink

MSmits: at worst they will deny you your t-shirt if you advertise your age

Default avatar.png wizcoin: ill be the best coder in house

MSmits: but your mom buys your clothes so thats fine

MSmits: euler has to buy his own clothes

Default avatar.png wizcoin: just download the learning algorithm

MSmits: thats why he's usually top 20

Zorg1: :D

eulerscheZahl: you revealed my secret motivation for the community contest

MSmits: oops

eulerscheZahl: now i have to plot a new evil thing

MSmits: you can do it

MSmits: just make a new long word

Default avatar.png wizcoin: shrodinger

MSmits: you missspelled that two ways

MSmits: and you're annoying the Germans much less than the physicist community :P

Default avatar.png wizcoin: lol

Default avatar.png wizcoin: i want to be a master programmer

SPDene: hmm. no capital S, no c, no ö. which one did you ignore MSmits ?

eulerscheZahl: S

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: yeah mostly that

SPDene: i thought so too

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png wizcoin: is everyone german here?

Default avatar.png JBM: more or less

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: No

Default avatar.png wizcoin: wow

SPDene: not me

Default avatar.png wizcoin: good english skillds

SPDene: hover over someone's icon to see their location - which is likely what nationality they are

SPDene: ... or an indication of VPN use :P

Default avatar.png JBM: it's self-selected

Default avatar.png JBM: vpn won't change much

MSmits: SPDene the capital

MSmits: wizcoin half the players on CG are French

MSmits: the rest are from everywhere

Default avatar.png wizcoin: your french aren't u?

SPDene: lol

MSmits: no I am Dutch

Default avatar.png wizcoin: oh

MSmits: dont rotate your screen before looking at my profile flag

darkhorse64: If half of the leaderboard is french, it's only because we are strong coders :grin:

MSmits: sure, that's the reason :P

Default avatar.png JBM: or just one of you is and shares his code

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: yeah Even the guy who is in charge of all these messages is French

Default avatar.png wizcoin: then why is programming languages in english?

Default avatar.png wizcoin: haha

darkhorse64: I have spent half of my bragging rights for the whole year on this one

MSmits: the other half is for when you fix your breakthrough bot :P

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: JBM lol :sweat_smile:

MSmits: and share the code with me btw

darkhorse64: The only thing left for me is to implement the better eval you once showed me

MSmits: oh, i showed you a better eval?

MSmits: mine isnt very good though, i rank higher, so i guess it may help

Default avatar.png JBM: "the only thing left"

darkhorse64: or look at n-tuples. A link to a MM bot

Default avatar.png JBM: those famous last words

MSmits: ohh ok, that one

Default avatar.png wizcoin: elon was a coder

MSmits: and then he stood too close to his rocket

Default avatar.png wizcoin: and what happened?

MSmits: woosh

Default avatar.png wizcoin: mars

MSmits: lol

Default avatar.png wizcoin: engine 42

Default avatar.png wizcoin: :computer:

darkhorse64: <=>

Default avatar.png wizcoin: bitcoin to the moon

Default avatar.png wizcoin: hail satoshi

jacek: oO

eulerscheZahl: finally: my internet is back

proogrmr: :)

emh: I'm doing Q-learning for Search Race

emh: I don't have a neural network in it (at least not yet), just a huge 24-bit state table

emh: it finds a way through the checkpoints, but is far from optimal

emh: wondering how I can improve it

emh: the reward is just 100 for each checkpoint. alpha 0.1, discount 0.9.

MSmits: might be you just need to switch to a NN

MSmits: other than that I have no idea. I've done a little q-learning with simple games, but there's limits to having everything in a huge table

emh: ohh ok

MSmits: 24 bit is a lot btw

MSmits: how do you get this into CG?

emh: I don't

emh: was planning to just run it offline

emh: as validators are known

MSmits: ahh ok, thats right i forgot

emh: my current submit is a GA. rank 31 out of 353. ~12k vs best ~10k

emh: online

emh: what NN do you recommend for C++?

darkhorse64: Same for me. I don't know what the best you can reach online

MSmits: darkhorse64


MSmits: funny thing is, my bot seems to be correct with the p2 reply after enough visits in the meta mcts


MSmits: principal variation so far

MSmits: stacking :P

jacek: oO

MSmits: for the 4th move, stacking more is 2nd best currently. wouldnt be surprised if that changes and the game ends up being a stackfest :P

jacek: why not center eh

MSmits: no idea, but both darkhorse64's bot and my bot play this move on their own

jacek: could be like Y, center is best but my meta mcts always start with 3 2 being ebtter

MSmits: hmm

MSmits: 3 2 has a problem that it appears much better than it is

MSmits: because almost all p2 replies are solved as a loss

MSmits: but 1 of them is really strong

MSmits: it takes a long time to properly converge on it i think

MSmits: these are p2's options after 3 2 start


MSmits: i dont think it's fair to compare that to connect 4 though, the branching is so much less, you also get more confidence with less games, or should anyway

jacek: emh i dont use anything fancy for NN in C++. its just bunch of vectors<>

Default avatar.png itachi0718: are lavdicha baal

Default avatar.png itachi0718: chudmarichya

MSmits: sigh, another baal worshipper

emh: jacek wow hehe

Default avatar.png itachi0718: lets go bitches

Default avatar.png itachi0718: sarvesh hiwase

Default avatar.png karimk123: 4w5555555555554h5y-------===

Default avatar.png karimk123: 6745mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmr7r86789000---075

darkhorse64: looking at long games, C4 is actually a stack fest when there some taboo columns (playing in them is an instant loss). The game then turns into a series of waiting moves which explains why you can sometimes predict the outcome 20 or 25 moves before the end

jacek: some columns become traps eh

darkhorse64: exactly

MSmits: yeah thats true

Default avatar.png BilyTheDev: iowepopeof

z64555: people keep following me :eyes:

**MSmits dives into the bushes

Default avatar.png vishessh: hi all, i am new here

Default avatar.png vishessh: nice to meet you all

Default avatar.png EliasG2: hello i am new too

jacek: good evening

jacek: how may we help you, Sir/Madam

Westicles: What can I do when someone deletes my comment on a contribution? I didn't even know a non-mod could do that

MSmits: I can't delete it


MSmits: maybe the person who owns the contribution can?

Westicles: Somehow Stilgart whacked my response to his rejection

MSmits: are you guys at it again

Westicles: Apparently he is

MSmits: is he a mod maybe?

Stilgart: is whining all you can do ?

MSmits: :popcorn:

Westicles: He rejected with no feedback, I gently reminded him of the rules, and he deletes my comment. This is abuse at the highest level

Stilgart: Not reading past comments before emit a judgement seems okay, though

Westicles: As much as I don't want to, I'm afraid I'll have to lodge a formal complaint. We are supposed to be a community here, not despots

Stilgart: like I care

MSmits: to be fair Westicles, he did give an earlier reason and rejected then. Maybe he should have stated that the same reasons hold

MSmits: Stilgart1 day ago ❌ Rejected the contribution. Comment: Underspecified and too unfair (tr -dC a-zA-Z).

MSmits: it would help if you guys communicated without the sarcasm and accusations and kept to the facts.

MSmits: less drama that way

eulerscheZahl: while not compliant to CG rules, personally i can totally understand a rejection without reason at this point. this user just keeps spamming low quality clashes

eulerscheZahl: you are supposed to solve them in 5min

eulerscheZahl: that doesn't mean you have to create them in 5min

Westicles: My complaint is about my comment being deleted

eulerscheZahl: oh, missed that point. sorry

MSmits: true, that does seem wrong, but i dont know what it said exactly

MSmits: the tone of it, etc.

eulerscheZahl: i saw it (don't remember the wording). didn't seem offending to me

MSmits: allright

eulerscheZahl: quoting thibaud from forum

eulerscheZahl: expecting more from high level user

eulerscheZahl: which thibaud said to westicles

eulerscheZahl: obviously out of context but meh

eulerscheZahl: i had a good chuckle

MSmits: well I think it's great you guys spend time looking at the contributions. I never do. Just started with connect4 and it's a lot of work

Westicles: Yes, it was sage advice :)

Westicles: Poor rockstar, now they've brigaded him and it is gone :(

eulerscheZahl: well, not everyone reviews the way you do smits

MSmits: I guess so

Westicles: "What can I do against one user (and his obedient friends) taking revenge on me regarding rejecting contributions?"

eulerscheZahl: even if approved, I bet the clash would be gone again soon.

MSmits: do clashes get removed after the fact?

eulerscheZahl: can't imagine the clash having a good enough community rating to survive for long

MSmits: oh, the rating

eulerscheZahl: you need a certain amount of votes. and if the rating goes below a certain score then, goodbye..

eulerscheZahl: community bot is ruthless

Westicles: Yeah, kind of weird with CoC since you can't monitor the status. No feedback until it is removed

darkhorse64: rockstar contribs were very bad

darkhorse64: poor, I should say

eulerscheZahl: regarding moderation and refusing low quality: either you make the creator sad by refusing or you give low quality to at least 20 players until it gets refused. for the overall experience I prefer to make the creator sad

jacek: is this what happens with blockout :smiling_imp:

eulerscheZahl: community bot already pushed it back to draft mode

darkhorse64: it takes way more than five minutes to review

eulerscheZahl: and reviewers are drowning with approx 120 pending contribs now

Westicles: And now he deleted another!

Westicles: Drunk with power, or just...

MSmits: what did you say

MSmits: it wasn't about his mother or anything right?

Westicles: He deleted my comment. J'accuse!

Westicles: Something like that

jacek: sacre bleu!

MSmits: :bird:

Default avatar.png MaxDiaz: I love y'all

z64555: ah, the joy of debugging state machines. frequent "the heck is this bot doing" to keep me entertained

eulerscheZahl: state machines are much easier to debug than a simulation and complex scoring

eulerscheZahl: let alone a neural network

Default avatar.png MaxDiaz: You are all my favorite people

z64555: having a proper debug spew certainly helps

z64555: using only cerr is kind of limiting

Westicles: Can somebody help with the translation for this?

Westicles: Stilgart 09:32AM Westicles est factuellement un connard, et personne ne fait rien

SPDene: put it into google translate, and I think you'll get a good enough idea (I don't want to repeat language like that on here)

struct: I think I understand but my french is not great so my translation can be wrong

eulerscheZahl: i don't speak french but i'm pretty sure google translate got the message

darkhorse64: Westicles: please stop putting money in the machine. You are not doing any good to anybody including yourself

z64555: just gonna... close chat while that gets sorted

eulerscheZahl: i should follow your idea

jacek: try deepL, machine learned trnaslator

jacek: just like AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: good luck

darkhorse64: As a native french speaker, I got it right but I do not want to comment on it. I think it is now the responsability of the community manager and we should all leave it to him

eulerscheZahl: i agree. he'll be back on Monday

eulerscheZahl: maybe I should close the forum thread and mention it there as well? :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: before the forum turns into a fight scene

Westicles: It wasn't closed last time

eulerscheZahl: and it lead to some more insults

Westicles: It is up to you. I'm surprised they didn't just delete it also

eulerscheZahl: i don't want to censor and shut down a discussion. but I see it as Thibauds job to deal with it and not let it turn into a bush fire in the meantime

eulerscheZahl: i won't delete anything unless there's a really good reason (e.g. heavy insults)

Westicles: That looks reasonable, thanks euler

Yuy_oshch: ey yo it's pipipoopoo check

Default avatar.png Maxim251: how i can do it? if( a<b<c<a) ?This is posible? Or there is simillar idea? If not then I am forced to do it in hard way

eulerscheZahl: a<a is not possible

MSmits: it's false

Yuy_oshch: just pay "300 hundred bucks"

SPDene: that's true :P

eulerscheZahl: 300 100. is that 30000?

SPDene: any context Maxim251 ? are you trying to compare multiple variable in a single statement? what language are you using?

Default avatar.png Maxim251: I have in game some comparision and there is C>P>R>L>S and then again S>C>L... so go one, ts a string and each of that letters are bigger from previouse

Default avatar.png Maxim251: simplyfying it is like so S>C>P>L>R>L>S>C>L>P>S>R>C

Default avatar.png Maxim251: That letters have different situations

SPDene: that's not possible... because you have S > S and C > C and P > P ....

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Thats not good, this way I will have very big nested statments

Default avatar.png Maxim251: or maybe I could use struct? Make vector, and do some easy if statment that each letter in different situation will be bigger or smaller?

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Question is what I need for struct, to show if S>C but S<P

Westicles: If you arrange it right, in c++ you could do if(string<sort(string))

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Yes, But I am worry about that if one time C < P but C>L L

K K<C Default avatar.png Maxim251: what I mean that C not always is the biggest value Default avatar.png Maxim251: This is full situation problem Default avatar.png Maxim251: Westicles: Not sure if you are using c++. but adjacent find could work Westicles: Default avatar.png Maxim251: Hmm pairs could be good idea, but then i get next problem, how arange letters that one time it will be on right side, and in another situation it will be at left? Default avatar.png Maxim251: Because as I mentioned P is not alwasy the biggest, comparing with R and S wins, its something like a wheel Default avatar.png Maxim251: 2D representation of my problem Default avatar.png Maxim251: Default avatar.png Maxim251: another visualitation Default avatar.png Maxim251: Default avatar.png Maxim251: Oww, I think that I fount easy solution, thanks guys :) MrSok: why would one follow you? Default avatar.png AaySquare: Hello? DarkGaulois: olleH proogrmr: ?olleH MrSok: why why would anyone people follow others? MrSok: well *why woud people follow others, i mean what is the benefit? proogrmr: the can be freinds and discuss some problems and it is good to make freinds, i got so many Default avatar.png AaySquare: New to this website. Default avatar.png AaySquare: But not programming Default avatar.png AaySquare: Reminds me of leetcode but more specific to games, no? Astrobytes: Gamified puzzles. Also multiplayer bot programming (bots to play certain games) Astrobytes: Not about actual game programming. Though there is an SDK (Java based) if you fancy trying to create a puzzle/solo game/multi game Default avatar.png AaySquare: Ah still very interesting. Basically, I was directed by someone to here because I asked what would be a good way to practice C++ skills. Astrobytes: Yes, good place to practice for sure. Learn new algorithms, techniques etc. It's fun too ;) Astrobytes: The graphical aspect is what distinguishes the puzzles from other sites. The real strong point is the multiplayer bot programming imo (and optimisation games) Default avatar.png AaySquare: Nice! Also I've been job hunting and trying to break into games industry as a programmer but it's been tough. Default avatar.png AaySquare: Sounds awesome. Will give multiplayer bot programming a try. Astrobytes: Can't give you any job hunting advice myself tbh, other than don't give up and have a good portfolio! Default avatar.png AaySquare: Thanks! That's very important for me, to not give up that is. As I've been demotivated and dissapointed so many times after getting rejected. xD Default avatar.png sean_choi: Hello! pipebits: Hi cazka: how does earn their money? pipebits: :v with `Get a job`? idk Default avatar.png lorenzocazzador: also sponsor Astrobytes: cazka: cazka: thanls MSmits: AaySquare from what i have heard, game programmers are exploited more than any other kind MSmits: because it's a very attractive job for a programmer, looking from the outside in, it means companies get away with poor working conditions MSmits: but dont take it from me, there's probably a game programmer around here somewhere Astrobytes: hey MSmits MSmits: hey Astrobytes struct: Depends on the company ofc MSmits: MSmits: watch this Default avatar.png AaySquare: MSmits, yeah I've heard about that... Either ways, it's the area of programming I am most passionate about. I'm sure as struct said, it depends on the company also so I'll take that chance. MSmits: yeah, just go in with your eyes open Default avatar.png AaySquare: :thumbsup: Astrobytes: One can definitely make an argument for the cynical exploitation of the industry as well as the consumer (micro-transactions etc) Astrobytes: Gaming is just kinda grim these days. From either side it seems. Astrobytes: *argument showing not argument for Astrobytes: Though I guess CEOs and investment funds could make an argument *for* :/ Default avatar.png BNA-02: hello guys Rock-Lee: lag Default avatar.png AndrejG: is it just me or is this web really laggy right now? Default avatar.png Joshua02: same Lobster_Speed: same Lobster_Speed: the test cases run mad slow Lobster_Speed: and it takes a while for my score to compute pipebits: All days at this time the site get laggy Astrobytes: It's the servers updating the databases for codinpoints etc Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: happy new year CloudyS: HNY, Happy for Monday. PatrickMcGinnisII: anyone do Bulls and Cows 2, I'm trying to decide on a fitness function ? Requisha: nerds