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Default avatar.png Shishir1: how do you climb the rank?

struct: anything on multiplayer tab



ProgrammerDog: Tips and Tricks?

Andrew_OHara: so what's the threshold for getting hired.. if you can't do the hard puzzles does that mean you're unemployable?

mzbear: real life programming and puzzles are two entirely different things. there are many different kind of programming jobs, too

Andrew_OHara: so, not necessarily unemployable, lol, thanks!

damnson: no

Default avatar.png SlyisAdam: hey

Default avatar.png TheSwordBreaker: hi

Default avatar.png Passifi: anyone else feeling stupid when they're stuck on an easy puzzle :sweat:

proogrmr: me

jacek: puzzles arent easy or hard. they are easy if you know the algorithm. and hard if you dont know it

proogrmr: :\

jacek: unless you dont know any algorithms...

Default avatar.png SlyisAdam: depends on what you mean y algorithms jack

Default avatar.png SlyisAdam: by*

Default avatar.png SlyisAdam: anyone has knowledge on django

Default avatar.png SlyisAdam: I could really use some help

jacek: im bad at pattern matching, which are easy-medium, but i know graph algos which are usually hard but i can do them easily

jacek: im talking language angostic

eulerscheZahl: i've played a bit with Django in the past, not really fluent

Default avatar.png SlyisAdam: okay so my issue is when I published my website using heroku which is a free host

Default avatar.png SlyisAdam: apparently heroku cannot serve media and static files

Default avatar.png SlyisAdam: so sad

eulerscheZahl: oh, i'm facing the same problem :D

eulerscheZahl: also with heroku

ProgrammerDog: :D

jacek: so its not django?

Default avatar.png SaraPericic: hi everyone

Leirn: Hi there. I have an issue with Particle Detection with Cloud Chamber. Also all my tests pass, There are only 75% of the validation that are ok (used to be 50%, but I optimised a little since then). But I have no clue what to work on. Radius precision seems good on the test cases.

Leirn: Test are not very representative on this exercise, it seems...

Leirn: Any clue ?

jrke: knock knock MSmits -

jrke: still many bugs needs to be fixed

jacek: :scream:

MSmits: the reason you won that is mostly because the controlled score is very close to equal. Then a nimstring analysis is no longer enough

MSmits: there's no way to force this unless a lot of boxes are sacrificed early

MSmits: my bot is actually pretty deterministic because i use a fixed seed currently. I have a 80% winrate vs remi with fixed seed and only 60-65% with random seed

MSmits: if your bot consistently wins like that, I will switch to random seed

MSmits: then every game is completely different and most will have lopsided scores

MSmits: 33-16 etc.

MSmits: if that's not enough it's time to get back to codin':)

MSmits: but I'm curious to know what you're doing jrke, if you have anything to share

MSmits: I notice your bot gives numbers that in the end become your net-score. Is this the result of a solver? It changes a lot

jrke: yes thats why i said many bugs to solve cause solver score changes a lot

MSmits: ahh ok

jrke: i think that was a random win with many bugs but still its a win

MSmits: the reason it was a win is like this

MSmits: my bot only solves in the endgame currently

MSmits: and before the end game it attempts to gain control

MSmits: but sometimes the person who has control still loses

jrke: i have an unoptimized endgame solver with random moves before endgame

MSmits: ah ok

jrke: "but sometimes the person who has control still loses " - when sacrifises are more

MSmits: yes

MSmits: i should extend my solver a few turns before the endgame, should be easily possible

MSmits: then it may happen less

MSmits: but thats a lot of work, i want to wait till someone beats me to get some motivation :)

jrke: btw what is logic of your endgame solver if you wanna share..

MSmits: i dont mind sharing but it's a lot

MSmits: 1500 lines or so

MSmits: it's basically a negamax that maximizes score

MSmits: if you're in control, it does two types of moves: 1) keeping control or 2) taking all the boxes

jrke: ok

MSmits: when it's not in control, it picks a string to open

MSmits: so an isolated chain or loop, or a string connected to one of the many joints

MSmits: the trick is not really to make it work, but to make it fast

MSmits: for example, when picking an isolated chain, there's never any reason to pick a larger one when there's a smaller one available

MSmits: same for isolated loops

jrke: hmm

MSmits: also i have a function that immediately calculates the end result of a simple loony game

MSmits: which means only isolated chains and loops

MSmits: (o joints)

MSmits: 0

MSmits: so when the negamax gets down to that position, it immediately ends

jrke: ok

MSmits: there's papers you can find this in


MSmits: Kevin Buzzard

jrke: okaye

MSmits: it looks really complicated, but you dont need the proofs

MSmits: just the theorems.

MSmits: also, you need to get familiar with the notation and lingo

MSmits: that takes time

MSmits: took me a week of reading various papers until i got what all the words mean

MSmits: an hour two a day or so, in the train, before sleep etc.

jrke: ok

MSmits: anyways, the non-isolated part is the complex part

jrke: yup understandable

MSmits: there are a few rules you can use to make it simpler

jrke: btw map reprenstion looks good

MSmits: for example, a joint may have various strings coming from it, that are only connected to that joint and otherwise isolated (so they connect to the border)


MSmits: yeah looks cool

MSmits: as for that joint, if it has multiple strings connected to it, that are otherwise isolated, dont pick a 5 length one before a 3 length one

MSmits: for that particular joint that is

MSmits: exception to this rule is the short ones

MSmits: 1 and 2

MSmits: sometimes its better to pick a long one (3+) before a short one (1/2), if they are connected to joints

MSmits: because joints merge when they go down to 2 connected

jrke: very complex

MSmits: and that can affect who is in control

MSmits: yes

MSmits: the way i did this is, at first allow everything

MSmits: which makes the negamax extremely slow

MSmits: get 10k testcases or more

MSmits: try a pruning rule

MSmits: if one of the 10k testcases gives a different result with that rule, then the rule is no good

MSmits: it's a good way to experiment

MSmits: you can get more and more rules without changing the end result

MSmits: just be careful, some rules will cause an error in very rare cases. Also use your brain

jrke: btw gtg cya

MSmits: cya

Default avatar.png AI_says_hi: "Also use your brain " - now thats solid advice ;-)

MSmits: :)

jacek: N/A for me :(

MSmits: you don't need brain, you create brain

Westicles: nicely used brain to constrate

Astrobytes: That comment will never get old.

MSmits: hi guys

MSmits: finally done with all my work stuff, now starting my boardgame demo for my study credits

Astrobytes: oh cool, still going with Y?

MSmits: I have been thinking about maybe gomoku

MSmits: it's not that different

MSmits: it's squares and it's 5 in a row

Astrobytes: would also be cool, yeah

Astrobytes: It's your project, so have some fun with it ;)

MSmits: right, i just have to be careful not to spend too much time on it

MSmits: it's supposed to be a small demo

MSmits: at least the AI part will be easy, i can just paste in any random minimax

MSmits: or mcts, or whatever

Astrobytes: I can imagine everyone submitting a rolling ball, and you submit a fully-polished complete game.

MSmits: this is nice:


MSmits: specifically for unity

MSmits: yeah thats the idea

Astrobytes: oh, catlikecoding again

MSmits: i just googled hex board unity

jacek: hexify everything

MSmits: what i like about catlike coding is that he resisted the urge to put everything in videos. I hate that

MSmits: just let me read and copy paste

jacek: :cat:

MSmits: :smiley_cat:

Default avatar.png zhoubou: :cat2:

eulerscheZahl: :frog:

MSmits: c-c-c combobreaker

MSmits: what are you working on euler?

eulerscheZahl: polishing up the secret game and coders of the realm 1vs1

MSmits: coders of the realm is a bot, but is secret game one of your creations or?

eulerscheZahl: yes

MSmits: is it called the secret game or is it just secret?

eulerscheZahl: just not published yet

MSmits: ah ok

MSmits: am I going to like it?

eulerscheZahl: still hopes for a community contest. i wait until my dŕeams get destroyed before publishing

MSmits: ahh ok, makes sense

eulerscheZahl: future will tell if you like it

MSmits: hope they consider it seriously. You have a good track record

eulerscheZahl: you'll get a chance to see it. just not sure about the circumstances

MSmits: yeah, i'll wait

eulerscheZahl: only thing i'm willing to tell: my own idea, not porting an existing game

MSmits: ohh

MSmits: nice

eulerscheZahl: or a bad sign, you'll find out ;)

MSmits: it's riskier, but you're a good botter. A good way to test it is to create various types of bots and try them out

eulerscheZahl: burnout risk detected

MSmits: sure, but seeing how quickly you burn out on this game is also a test

jacek: does it contain hexes?

eulerscheZahl: i usually lose interest in my games when the referee is done already

eulerscheZahl: :zipper_mouth:

MSmits: test if you can hold interest for longer than 2 days. If you can do that, many will keep going for 10

Astrobytes: Multidimensional hexes

eulerscheZahl: contest is just very different

eulerscheZahl: everyone improving vs testing in the void

MSmits: all hexes are multidimensional

MSmits: they require at least 2

Astrobytes: (I realise that)

MSmits: :P

Astrobytes: I was implying greater than 2 :P

MSmits: aha

eulerscheZahl: wouldn't that cause gaps?

darkhorse64: I finally give 2048 a serious try (beam search + snake pattern) but I am stuck: I need to output more moves but increasing the depth leads me more frequently to dead ends.

MSmits: well you can't make a sphere out of hexes

MSmits: unless you have 1 5 sided

Astrobytes: Most likely. You'd have to tile using other polygons

eulerscheZahl: :soccer:

MSmits: not one, 12 even

eulerscheZahl: (sorry for German)


cjz: whats up

eulerscheZahl: i think the movement concept is interesting: you have dice that you can roll (also around the corner)

**MSmits points up

MSmits: that way

eulerscheZahl: and you go by as many cells as the dice shows initially

MSmits: looks interesting

Astrobytes: Haven't seen that before.

eulerscheZahl: i don't like the final idea (get 3 sequential numbers in a row with 1 dice being the opponent)

eulerscheZahl: just capturing the opponent might be more interesting

eulerscheZahl: as that 3 in a row would possibly result in a very defensive gameplay

MSmits: i just realized something

MSmits: a 3d hexagon is just a cube

MSmits: so yeah, thats minecraft

eulerscheZahl: a cube is a 3D square

MSmits: matter of definition, a cube has 6 sides, just like a hexagon :)

eulerscheZahl: :D



MSmits: weird

eulerscheZahl: a hypercube

MSmits: 4D cube?

eulerscheZahl: that's how i understand it. but don't quote me on it

MSmits: or is it hyper because it cant stop moving?

jacek: its rotating

Counterbalance: omg! it's full of cubes!

Westicles: yep, you can rotate your left foot into your right foot

MSmits: not me

jacek: too old?

eulerscheZahl: too few dimensions

eulerscheZahl: Futurama had a 4D episode: Möbius Dick

Astrobytes: That title :rofl:

jacek: i remember they went to 2 and pi dimension

eulerscheZahl: but eating in 2D was a real issue

eulerscheZahl: and bender stealing the candle holder :D

MSmits: I need to watch that show

MSmits: you're always talking about it

eulerscheZahl: that one episode

jrke: looks i have fixed my endgame solver but needs a lot optimization at the moment

eulerscheZahl: "CodinGame Clash of Code (with piano sound on every keystroke)" that livestream title :rofl:

jrke: anybody having tips for optimizing or pruning minimax tree except alpha - beta

MSmits: using transposition tables

MSmits: re-using already calculated results

jrke: yes

MSmits: well thats a tip

jrke: resusing calculated result but what is transpotion table?

MSmits: say you get to the same game state via a different route

MSmits: the value of that gamestate is still the same

jrke: oh

MSmits: and you already calculated it

jrke: yes thats there

MSmits: you mean you're using it already?

MSmits: many of the other improvements to negamax/minimax are not applicable to a full-depth solver

jrke: yes i am using already calculated result

MSmits: assuming that is what you're working on

MSmits: usually you re-use information from earlier iterations in iterative minimax, but a solver goes full depth anyway

MSmits: so there is only 1 iteration

jrke: my solver is not able to solve a game under 100ms if there are more than 5-6 chains

jrke: oh waiit i am not using those results all times

MSmits: be careful reusing though, there's some question about alpha and beta when you do this

MSmits: sec, let me share something

jrke: when i have to reduce value only then using alpha beta


MSmits: this has sample code for alpha beta pruning combined with transposition tables

MSmits: it's a bit complicated, involving upper and lower bounds to the score

MSmits: but i just stole the code

MSmits: I use a 100k sized hashtable to put calculated scores in

jrke: thats good book for my age as i am a new to coding


reCurse: Msmithief

jrke: looks transposition tables can save my solver from timeouts

MSmits: thats right reCurse :)

MSmits: jrke, you also need a ton of pruning, TT alone wont be enough for the most complicated states

MSmits: like ones with 12 joints

reCurse: Transposition tables can also be useless, it depends on the game

MSmits: yeah, mostly they are useless, but not in this case

MSmits: about pruning. I have so much pruning i ran out of proper descriptive names

MSmits: look at this function:

jrke: ^^

reCurse: Which case is this


MSmits: a solver for dots and boxes endgames

MSmits: it's a full depth solver, which is a reason why TT works

jrke: - this case reCurse

reCurse: Going hardcore on D&B eh?

MSmits: not me, that's jrke

MSmits: I'm already nr 1

Astrobytes: ShortestGroundedLongStringWithNoShortAndNoDouble is the greatest.

reCurse: Maybe you should write the whole documentation in the function name

MSmits: hehe

jrke: MS whats your soler's response time

MSmits: 1 ms for the average endgame, 1 in a million games goes over 100 ms

jrke: lol

reCurse: How big is your D&B opening book

MSmits: dont have one

reCurse: :o

MSmits: it plays random moves for 55 plies

jrke: playing fair endgame is top 3 reCurse

MSmits: then uses nimstring analyis till endgame

MSmits: then solves endgame

jrke: wala pushed me 4th yesterday

MSmits: i say random moves till 55, but i really mean, until the nimstring analysis resolves

MSmits: it varies

darkhorse64: There is an incoming Connect4 for you to build an opening book

MSmits: we already have connect 4

jrke: Connect 4 i think can be harcoded

darkhorse64: Not a struct demo. It's 7x9 board harder to solve

MSmits: ohh ok

MSmits: mmh shouldnt it be even bigger?

reCurse: Let's go with 18x19 to be safe.

MSmits: 7x9 sounds like something i can solve locally

jrke: ^

MSmits: would make it really easy to create an opening book

darkhorse64: It's on the contribution page. 7x9 is solved as win for white but you will have a hard time computing the solution in 100 ms

reCurse: Start playing suboptimally to beat MSmits

Astrobytes: 18x19 it is then.

MSmits: there are way more complicated games, such as oware where bots already play near perfectly

jrke: my current plan to work on D&B - Optimize endgams solver-> Make something for few turns before endgame-> Something for early game then 10 points lead from MS ;)

MSmits: hehe i hope you succeed, i need new motivation to get back in there

MSmits: I still have 3 ideas, but they are all a lot of work

jrke: MS btw you have now 0 loses in your battles history

MSmits: cool

jrke: gtg for sleep bye gn

MSmits: gn

Astrobytes: gn

darkhorse64: re 7x9 I suggested to the author to change the shape from rectangle to octagon but he chose to enlarge the board

MSmits: he should add a new feature

MSmits: like gravity shift

jrke: make it 7*1 all draws 1st ranker leave tottaly on trueskill randomness lol

Astrobytes: re Connect4: Needs moar FOW

darkhorse64: Anyway, it's a simple game that may attract more people

MSmits: yeah, it's fine, as long as he doesnt make it completely solvable

Astrobytes: I still think a 'nursery' area where you can practice techniques on simple/solved games would be cool.

darkhorse64: It's solved but it requires tons of memory and CPU time to reach the solution

MSmits: how much memory?

MSmits: do you mean HD storage or RAM?

MSmits: awari fits in 900 GB or so

MSmits: but thats HD space, too slow for the actual solving process


darkhorse64: Did I say it's fun to bitboard ? 7 x 9 is 63

MSmits: hmm yeah I like it

MSmits: i guess this amount is fine

reCurse: Interesting how it's sometimes P1 win and sometimes P2 win

MSmits: same with D&B at different sizes

MSmits: it's a nim-thing I think. The person who is forced to move and give away the game loses

jacek: full moon is so beautiful today

MSmits: :wolf: AROOOOO!

jacek: we have 100ms for connect4, yet 50ms for chess

struct: Well, you can blame no mirror matches for that one

reCurse: If chess games were guaranteed to finish in 42 moves it would be a different story.

jacek: and i agree - it would be nice to have more easy, solved games, to try difference approaches than brute force

jacek: afaik there was (is?) othello league with 1-ply search and 10% random moves

jacek: just to fiddle with evaluations

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: yo wtf there's a chat

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: anyhow just did the first puzzle, are all puzzles just different sorting algorithms? or does it get spicier

struct: im guessing you did horse racing

jacek: there are various puzzles. pattern matching, numbers, graph theory, search...

struct: it gets harder

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: I did the spaceship puzzle thingy

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: saw it had 440k completions so I thought it's good

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: was actually quite refreshing

struct: its the tutorial

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: yup

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: the first one

VizGhar: tutorials tends to be very very easy

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: gotta take them baby steps ya know

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: xD

VizGhar: so brace yourself

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: o dang O_O

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: which one do I go for? Clash of code, AI or Algorithms?

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: what's more newbie friendly

struct: puzzles

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: kk

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: I'll do 2 more

VizGhar: maybe even CoC (if you won't get frustrated from losing a lot)

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: I'll do that one after completing 2 more puzzles xD

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: doesn't sound too friendly if I'm honest

jacek: mos clashes are newbie friendly but have 15 minutes to complee

VizGhar: If you won't take a screenshot :)

jacek: and wheres my T

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: are you guys here to practice? or is it for fun, I was wondering what people's goals are

jacek: for fun, mostly multiplayer games

reCurse: According to experience, trolling

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: xD

Astrobytes: hahaha

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: Are you guys somewhat interested / already invested in a career that requires programming?

jacek: :thinking:

Astrobytes: But fun and learning for me.

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: Or is the majority here just a bunch of students

Astrobytes: There's a mixture of both, probably more of the former?

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: Interesting...

Astrobytes: And some are just hobbyists.

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: Well, it feels kinda nice to be here, Ima go back to doing puzzles. Cya :)

Astrobytes: enjoy :)

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: ty

Default avatar.png LigocCogil: I like turtles.

Westicles: ta gueule? That doesn't sound friendly

darkhorse64: #fr

MSmits: why are you calling him pillgart?

MSmits: is he addicted?

Westicles: heh heh, google translate I guess

Default avatar.png ImperialGold: can I ask how people end up with a less than 100% before time is up? Do they give up or just not test it first?

Astrobytes: Both? Maybe they couldn't solve the problem, or passed the tests and failed a/some validator(s)

Default avatar.png Valdez001: hello

Default avatar.png zhoubou: :hand_splayed:

Astrobytes: hey zhoubou, everything OK after the earthquake?

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Yeah, we had good luck. Can't say the same for some people.

Default avatar.png zhoubou: We are still afraid of aftershocks.

Astrobytes: Yes, it was pretty destructive from what I've seen

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Yeah, Petrinja, Glina, and surrounding areas got devestated.

Default avatar.png zhoubou: It didn't hit quite as hard here in Zagreb.

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Thanks for caring.

Astrobytes: Such a terrible thing. I wish you all good luck, I hope any subsequent aftershocks will only be mild

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Thanks.

Default avatar.png zhoubou: It means a lot

Astrobytes: You're most welcome. We're all humans here.

Default avatar.png zhoubou: We are, aren't we. :)

Default avatar.png Maxim251: I think that in this game i did not the best job, I want ask you coleguas to give me some clues about my code.

Default avatar.png Maxim251:

Westicles: I'm not a big fan of bloated code. 44 lines just to to UDLR

Default avatar.png Maxim251: yes I know :(

Westicles: But then again, it is easy to read. Probably a good style when you can put the boring stuff in other files and never look at them again

VizGhar: How long does it take for one that have never code in clojure to actualy solve roller coaster?

VizGhar: I have it solved in 3 languages, but dang that clojure

struct: just looking at syntax

struct: I think it would take me like a day

VizGhar: hate those language specific achievements... I'll die solving nintendo

Westicles: Some of those weird languages are tough to even google. Half the stuff that comes up is obsolete with a new version

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: Literally I can't do clashes with C#

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: 1 line of code counts are 300+ characters because of previous references that are a must in C#

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: there's always that guy with Javascript that writes his code in 20 characters

Default avatar.png XIlayPVPX: counts as*

MSmits: XIlayPVPX dont do them in C#

Default avatar.png the0val: and then the guy in python, has one line of wierd symbols that noone can understand

MSmits: it's typical to do them in python as many players have knowledge of python

MSmits: but there are multiple languages where short solutions are possible

MSmits: just use a language suited for the job

struct: ruby or perl or bash

struct: if you want to win shortest

Default avatar.png the0val: really bash?

MSmits: python works fine too

VizGhar: yup... I was forced to switch language (from kotlin to ruby - it is even more concise) in order to get higher

MSmits: unless you're up against a really good clasher

struct: not well enough

VizGhar: yeah perl is great too

MSmits: well enough to win often

IfIHadATail: nice part about shortest code is thst you can utilize all your time to look thigs up

VizGhar: ++ I'm googlin all the time :)


MSmits: however... C# beats all those languages we just mentioned in most bot arenas :)

VizGhar: nice examples are fibbonaci related clashes... it is solved milion times, just grab it and squeeze it

struct: Also you can use bash in ruby

struct: my solution in temperatures for golf starts with

struct: p`dd`[2..]

struct: or p`tail -1`

Stilgart: MadKnight: let(s spam #world then

MadKnight: hey Stilgart

MadKnight: do u remember anything what happened in #world Stilgart ?

Stilgart: nope, I d'ont read #world that much actually

MadKnight: PERFECT

MadKnight: just don't think about it

MadKnight: and let's talk about some bots

MadKnight: Stilgart have u recently worked on some bots ?

Stilgart: last time was FC2020

MadKnight: and how did it go ?

MadKnight: oh the game with the witches

Stilgart: I did fix my CotC a little after that, but nothing exiting (still gold)

MadKnight: but what was your approach ?

MadKnight: that's the most interesting part Stilgart

Stilgart: top gold during the contest, pushed legend a few day later thanks to massive bad BS implementations from others

MadKnight: but what was your main algo ?

Stilgart: my CotC is pure Monte Carlo

MadKnight: oog

Stilgart: my FC is a BFS

MadKnight: ooh

MadKnight: wait so CotC is....

Stilgart: beber told me to do a MC at CotC, so I did it :D

MSmits: that beber

MadKnight: Code of the Challenge

MSmits: coders of the carribean

MadKnight: oh right

Stilgart: yep, I was still top silver for no good reason

Stilgart: so i fixed a bug and now i am gold

MSmits: so what are you working on now Stilgart

MSmits: oh still cotc

MadKnight: yeee i remember that one i don't wanna even see the code i wrote for that one i just wanna destroy iy

MadKnight: it

Stilgart: i should work on an internal contest

MSmits: i need to get a reasonable bot for that one of these days

MadKnight: yea u two talk

MadKnight: i brb

Stilgart: but I do not have that much time to do so

MSmits: what internal contest is that?

Stilgart: something for our students that mouton5000 made

MSmits: ah cool

MSmits: you dont want to lose to your students

Stilgart: finding thieves in a hotel... it might be converted as a multi on CG, but I need to convince him first

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: well he might want to use it again

MSmits: for another internal

Stilgart: well... i am still in the middle with a full random bot

Stilgart: not so motivating yet

MSmits: you can do a lot better

Stilgart: the main issue is porting the rendering part (which is time consuming)

Stilgart: but my C is rusty

Stilgart: (and no way i am doing it in python)

MSmits: hmm

MSmits: so this is not on CG platform?

Stilgart: nope

MSmits: ahh ok

Stilgart: it is on an internal server

MSmits: I see

Westicles: I've been making quite a few puzzles myself. Pretty fun

Westicles: But I'm no good at judging difficulty

Default avatar.png clemg: damn apilat

Default avatar.png clemg: you fast

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: that moment when you are in a clash, cant think straight and try to split a string into words, then try to split the words into letters instead of just iterating over the string in the first place

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: off

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: oof*

VizGhar: fixing off to oof :) you are tired, go sleep

MSmits: hey struct, finally got the yavalath board into unity


struct: Nice

MSmits: i made each hex into a mesh, i can select them by raycasting. Overkill to use unity for this but ok

VizGhar: 5@#Q#Y% CLOJURE #$@%

MSmits: ill make little black ridges on top to differentiate i think

VizGhar: good night

struct: gn

MSmits: gn VizGhar

struct: yeah the lines to separate it look better

struct: imo

MSmits: not sure how to do it without textures, so i'll just make a giant ridge-mesh

MSmits: and overlay it

MSmits: or i guess i could also shrink the hexes a little bit and put it in between, might be better

MSmits: but thats for tomorrow, gonna call it a day. Gn!

struct: gn

dtrc: Hello guys

dtrc: Is there a way to save a new contribution as draft?

Westicles: At the bottom set it to private